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THE democrat.
f]y Russellville Printing
Association. _
\ I, onmuniiationg on business should bo
addressed to
B, F. JOBE, Business Manager,
If 11--.1IViiu-. Arknnsu,-..
—No fakirs in Russellville.
_Several hard showers of rain
■ have fallen ; :nce last Friday.
_Our farmers pick the wet
(lays to come to town now. A
good Sl^ll.
_yiake up a club for the Dem
ocrat—six copies for seven dol
lars and fifty cents.
—The special session of the
4.H,ii Congress adjourned on the
21th ult. at 5.45 p. m.
_Wc are pleased to hear flat
tering reports front the select
school of Miss Williamson.
—Cask Seep—For sale by M.
Roys at the stove and tin shop,
two choice varieties. 8-lrn
—Pope county, if no disaster
happens to the crop, will make
more wheat this year than she
, has made for many seasons.
—The people of Pope peunty
are making a grand efl'ort to get
out of debt, and very few are now
buying goods on time.
—There is no town in Arkansas
that can give a better account of
the manner in which thanksgiving
day was observed, than Russell
—No more convict labor at the
Ouita Coal Mines. The company
have found this class of labor un
profitable, and unsatisfactory.
—Send along your jobwork.
The Democrat office is prepared
to do any work at the very lowest
rates offered by any office iu the
—Comity court,—Judge Frank
Thatch,—meets at Dover on next
Monday. Probate court on the
3d Monday in this month.
—The school of Prof. Haddock
will be opened again next Monday
morning at the Institute building.
Ilis terms arc reasonable and liis
abilities as a teacher arc question
ed by none.
—Mr. J. II. Robinson of the
conitnitfsiou iiouee of Kirthmil,
Humphrey Ac MitchelL St. Louis,
Mo., came up on the train Mon
day. No better house in St. Louis
than this.
—We had the pleasure of meet
ing our young friend Dr. Jno. H.
Potts the other day. Dr. Potts
lias just returned from Medical
• College where he graduated with
distinction, and delivered the
valedictory address.
A patent editorial stove, which
only burns a basket full of poems
a day, is out.—Exchange,
i Send us half a dozen of the dar
lings at once, and draw on us at
—Look out for the professional
card of Messrs. Davis & Bayliss
next week. They are old and able
representatives of the legal pro
fession, and we are proud to have
them represented iu our advertis
ing eolhmns.
—Nothing reflects the intelli
gence and enterprise of the peo
* pie of a couutry so well and truly
as the local newspaper. Roman
uvi uui», uiiu n«mi 1:1 ^uui ouu
scriptions thick and fast, that we
may he able and encourged to
further improve, beautify and util'
izc the Democrat.
—The services at the Cumber
land Presbyterian Church by Rev.
II. Smith, were well attended last
Sabbath, both in the morning and
evening; and the discourses which
were brief, but pointed and well
connected, were listened to by an
attentive and intelligent congre
—Subscribe for the Democrat.
It is only one dollar and fifty cents.
Times are bard, it is true; but a
well sustained newspaper will do
a: much, or more, to infuse new
life and vigor, and to bring addi
tional population, wealth and pros
parity to your county, than any
thing else. Remember this, and
* don’t stint the growth and blight
the prospects of our county, by
being too penurious to subscribe
for our paper.
—Read the address, published
in another column, of Dr. G. W.
Lawrence, our excellent commis
Moucr to the American Centen
nial. From a perusal of the nd
Iress it will be seen that our
Commissioner is thoroughly
awake to the importance of our
date having a fair representation
t the centennial. His views arc
* >iToet and his suggestions should
' heartily endorsed by our people.
—Fair Warning.—The local
3eribblcr of a newspaper is a sly
follow, and lias many ways ol
finding out things which are hid
den to the public; and if the
sneak-thief who stole the oil can
out of the ante room of the school
house don’t return it before next
Wednesday, we will certainly give
h is name to the public and let
him take the consequences.
—We publish elsewhere a let
ter from B. F. Butler, giving his
views on the rights of the colored
man under the late congressional
enactment on this matter, which
may perhaps be worth notice as
coming from such an extreme man
as the writer. It will be seer,
that even lie does not claim that
it gives the colored man any ad
ditional rights, but is only in
tended to enforce the observance
of what rights lie claims the col
ored man iiad already, before the
passage of the act.
—Elsewhere will be found the
proceedings of a meeting held at
Bellefontc, Boone county, on the
22d lilt., for the purpose of con
sidering the propriety and prac
ticability of a railroad from Har
rison to Dardancl/e. We are glad
to know that the citizens of the
fine county of Boone seem to be
awake to the importance of this
enterprise. Move and better thor
oughfares of travel and transpor
tation is wh<t we need to bring
Arkansas “tfut of the kinks,” and
we are glad to sec this matter agi
tated. We can have one of the
best states in the Union in ten
years if we can get this spirit of
public enterprise properly awak
ened up and set at work. We
wish afl success to this and every
other public enterprise.
—Misses Tcnnie Williamson
and Mollie Thompson will accejJfc
many thanks for the sweet and
fragrant geraniums sent to our
sanctum on last Wednesday even
ing. We can assure our fair
friends that their dainty floral
offering brings cheer and encour
agement to us in our humble ef
forts to make the Democrat wor
thy, at least in a small degree, of
support and friendship it is re
ceiving; for to know—as these
qflowi'cts botokon—that t lie
refined and intelligent fair ones
deem our paper worthy of remem
brance, is indeed gratifying, and
is the greatest compliment we can
receive. We accept your offering,
ladies, with pride; and trust that
the pages of the Democrat may
never he sullied with any word or
thought that will cause it to lose
your good will and friendship.
—Really we don’t like to be
considered importunate on the
subject, but we are getting a little
ashamed of the small array of
professional talent represented in
the advertising columns of the
Democrat. Not a little town in
the state, which does not reflect
through its newspaper, more pro
fessional talent than Russellville.
We want it distinctly understood,
however, that it is not because
Russellville is destitute of profes
sionals. We have them—lots of
them; and v/e are constrained to
believe, too, that they are too sen
t m liiflo tin it* nnrtif titwlnt* n
bushel, and we expect every day
to receive about a column of pro
fessional cards. They are a little
careless, you know.
—We would like to have it un
derstood once for all that the col
umns of the Dxmocuat is no place
for correspondents to- indulge in
personalities, or to gratify their
own personal inclinations by pa
rading before the public their per
sona! correspondence. This is no
part of journalism; we do not use
the columns of this paper for our
own personal correspondence,
or settle personal matters through
the paper, and we shall certainly
not permit others to do so. All
communications of this discre
tion will most assuredly fipd the
way into our waste basket.
—Sec the People’s Ticket pub
lishedjin to-day’s paper, and head
ed by Mr. J. 15. Erwin. We don’t
know how it was put out, but it
is a good ticket; although, we
think it could be improved by
making a few changes. There
lias been but little said about the
election and we have heard of nc
other candidates named, except
the name of our young friend and
fellow townsman, Capt. >11111 Hus
st 11. whom we suggested last wee!
for the Mayoralty. We wouh
like to see good men elected am
would relish the fun of a race. 1
there is any opposition tickc
there is no time to lose in puttiuf
it forward.
For the Democrat.]
“They Say.”
They say—ah'. well suppose they do.
And can they provo tho story true?
.MetLinks ’twere doubtful and In vain
To try to make the story plain;
Because “Tlicv Say” Is ever near,
Ami their reports lor all to hear.
‘They Say’ walks Into friendship’s bower.
Roots out our love—destroys power:
Bids sweet content and pence begone,
Then leaves it* victim quite alone.
Ah! what a dream is “They Say.”
* He never, nettr whispers nay.
But should yop flm)|“They say” wrong
[ i#i is constant slniidcrouksong,
Credit not the wretch again,
Who hath given so much pain
i And remember such is life—
Ever filled with fear and strife.
M arch Sflth, 1875.
: Written for the Democrat.]
To Pauline.
I hardly thought my little squib,
Would provoke from you a reply,
But to my great surprise it did,—
You confess you’re pleased, so am I.
Now as you dub mo **;Sir Harry”
A knignt I’ll he, like those of old,
And at my foes thrust and parry,
Notlike ijuixot, but Alarmion bold.
And by your leave, I’ll constitute,
Myself your true and faithful knight,
If any your beauty dare dispute,
He must break a lance with me in fight.
If wc only kneweach’other,
We’d talk, play euchre, Rogue-et-no(r>
’Stead our heads with rhyming bother,—
Long as wc pleased, then A u Re voir.
True it is I very well know,
From conditions of place or birth,
Honor, fame, do not always flow,
Alore than talents, or modest worth.
But I’m a little curious,
And would like to know how you look,
But ’twould be rather serious
Ur I’d ask questions like a book.
Or like an inquisitive yank,
That’s ever bent upon a trick,
Ur to play you an ugly prank,—
But then you’d think me bad as Brick.
Allow me now to say goodnight,
And for fear in matter minus,
These lines may prove, I’ll expedite
Them all to a Analjfoto.
Silt IlARttl .
March 27th, 1875.
Additional Pencilings.
—Weather warm.
—Cloudy with showers.
—No frost for the past six
—Rained hard Tuesday night
and Wednesday.
—Improvements on east‘end of
Main st. in the way of ditching.
—Mr. Jas. E. Valentine, of
West Point, Ark., called • on us
last Tuesday.
—The planting of corn will be
impeded by wet weather, the
ground being very full of water
from late rains.
—J. B. Erwin has removed to his
new stand in the Tucker Iniilding
on corner of Main and Buchanan
streets, where his many customers
will find him with more commodi
ous quarters.
—Sec the new advertisements
in to-day’s paper—those of the
Little Rock & Ft. Smith R. R.,
under the management of the
gentlemanly and accommodating
Hartman; and Messrs. Kirtland,
Humphrey & Mitchell, the popu
lar commission house of St. Louis,
represented in our part of Arkan
sas by the affable Robinson.
Thanks, gentlemen, for your pat
—We must remind gentlemen
correspondents that the object in
our soliciting correspondence is
not to fill up. Wo can find mat
ter enough to occupy all our space
without soft silly nonsense, and if
| you have nothing better to eom
l munirate, don’t write at all. If
1 you have anything of interest to
the people to communicate, write
it in a plain, concise manner, and
don't try to sec how long a story
you can make out of nothing.
Our space belongs to the people,
and we want it devoted to matter
which will interest and benefit
—Mr. J. L. Shinn, our worthy
chairman of Jthc executive com
mittee of the Russellville Printing
Association, under whoso auspic
es the Democrat is published and
maintained, lias just returned
from Little Rock, and informs us
that several of the enterprising
firms of the City of Roses have
promised to forward their busi
ness advertisements. Send them
along, gentlemen, we await your
orders with patience, and assure
J you our paper is circulated and
read in a scope of country from
which you may receive a lucrative
A very liberal contract, which we
have just completed with the Weed
1 Sewing Machine Company, will en
j able us, we hope to place their cel
ebrated machine in many families
throughout the country. So line
an opportunity to secure a first-class
| sewing machine seldom occurs.
May we not expect the friends o(
lids paper to make an earnest, unl
. ted effort to extend greatly its circu
lation and thus help to Increase Its
! Iniluoncc. Wc will liberally re
i ward those who work for us. Read
er, can you not form a dull in your
• in ighborhood and secure tlii- sew
ing machine premium. A few hours
of well-directed effort will obtain it.
Postmasters in the smaller towns
and villages can, with a little
thought and effort, easily send us
the requisite number of names.
Has the parsonage a sewing ma
chine? If not, call upon a few la
dles and gentlemen of the congre
gation. Tell them your plan ami
ask them to help. In the congrega
tion 50 names can with little ditll
culty be secured. Send us the $75
and we will forward for one year
this paper to each of the 50 subsorlb- i
ers, which will pay thorn the full
value of their subscriptions, and in
addition, we will make a present,
to any person you may designate, of
a beautiful sixty dollar Sewing
Machine. . How easily a club t in
be formed in the Masonic or Odd
Fellow s or Temperance. Societies or
in the Orange? Is there not de
pending upon your society some
poor widow to whom a sewing ma
chine w ould he for years to come a
blessing? Pass the subscription
paper, fifty persons subscribing
for this journal at $1.50 each, will
secure for themselves, without any
extra change, the paper for one year
and a most valuable present for some
needy family. Try it, friends.
Don’t wait! Begin the work tit
once. Send us word that you have
undertaken the formation of such a
Remember, the machines are war
ranted to he’perfectly new, latest
improved, and in perfect order.
—Wanted.—A girl to do house
work. Apply to
Tiros. J. Russell.
■-—q-»c- w -
[Advertisement. 1
“Hard Times, Come Again No
All persons desirous of securing
useful, honorable, and highly, ritor
itable employment, adapted to per
sons of any age, sex, or social posi
tion, entirely free from competition,
and without limit, should read
•Man’s Narrative,
the story of a poor mechanic who,
while in bad health, without means,
and with a family on his hands, dis
. « * t i • »- 1. ... . 1 ..
UUVt'ltu it mnim x»x »» m" •« ■*«-> »»»•'*'
a fortune in a few years, and tells
so plainly how It was done, that any
one who reads his narrative can be
equally successful. Commenced In
the number for January, 1H75, (now
ready )of the POPU I, Ait JOURNAL,
a large forty column literary paper,
filled with the choicest productions of
American and foreign authors. Mag
nificent list of costly premiums.
rcuceburgh, Indiana.
We arc now prepared to furnish
the Dr.: toon at and the St. Louis
Midland Farmer both, twelve
months for the email sum of one
dollar and seventy-five cents. The
Midland Farmer is a handsome
eight page Agricultural journal
issued monthly, and is replete with
well-written agricultural essays
statistics, maikct reports, Ac., Ac.
Specimen copies may be seen at
this ofliee.
We will send to any one for
warding us $3.50, the Democrat
and Arthur’s Illustrated Horae
Magazine for twelve months, and
will give free to every subscriber
for the two, a splendid premium
engraving. $2.50 a year is the
price of Arthur’s Magazine—so
that your own county paper will
cost you only $1.00 a year, and you
will get the premium engraving
iw.t - - - - -t. —’ .-• i
For Mayor:
Lewis Allen, d. W. Tucker,
Koliert Bonds, B. w. Cleaver,
George E. Howell.
Cotton Factors,
No. 114. N. Commercial St.,
Orders from Merchants solicited uiul
attended to with care and prompt
ness. [10-ly-l
iT that tliere will be an election
held at the Mayor's oilier in the town
of Russellville, Arkansas, between
the hours prescribed I s law, on the
(1th day of April IS7, lor the elccilon
j of town officers viz: Mayor, Record
er, and Jive Aldermen.
Given under my hand and
[L. 8.1 seal this «hid day of March
market report.
Ophck op the Democrat,)
Thursday, April 1, ’75.)
And or.n be relied upon as correct.
Low ordinary, Oe.
Ordinary, IO}011
Low middling, 12}@13. t
Coffee, prime Rio, 260727
Choke, 27} @28}
Fair Brown, [email protected]
Coffee C, 14
Coffee A, 16
Crush, 18.
1*. R. 80085
C. H. 87}@90
Riee, choice, 12}
Soda, 10012}
Pepper blk. 50e
Salt, bbl. $3,25
sack, 2,50
Meat, clearsides, salt, [email protected]}
“ rib “ 11}@I2
“ shoulders, 10}
Flour. XXX pr bbl. [email protected]
Corn meal prbu. 8501,00
Prints, 8 to 12}, IJomcstics, brown
4-4 8 to 12}, bleached 10 to 20
Jeans, 30 to 65. Flannels, 40 to 60.
Drills, 15 to 18. Ticking, 20 to 40.
Colton yarn, $1,65.
Checked Osnaburgs, 15018 j
JJnseys, 25030
Beamless bag# 2 bu. 50
; “ “ 2} 60
“ “ 3 75
Brogans, 1,5002,00
“ Plow 2,25
“ Boys 1,5001,75
“ Ladies 1,7502,00
“ Boots 4,0005,50
Ladies eloth hoots 1,5003,00
axes, -i ,juia i, to.
Nulls, 6,5007,00
Horse shoes 25c.
“ “ nails 25010
Castings 9 to 10
fron 6 to 10
Cast Avery .} 5,50
“ “ P 5,50
“ “ 2 7,00
&eel “ Pony 9,00
“ Brinley “ 8,50
Dbl Shovel 7,50
Hull Tongue 75 to 1,00
Large receipts of butter. We
quote nice choice, 20c. Inferior, no
sale. Eggs plenty at 10c.
Chickens 1,50 to 2,00 prdoz. Tur
keys 60 to 75c. Veni
son hints none in market
Cholce country lard 11 to 124c. Beef
choice 3 to 5, Mutton 5c. Potatoes
seed,, Irish, 1.00 to 1.25 per bu. Pel’
trie.! 2ne. Dry flint hides 12}. Coon
skin I<t to 15. Fox skin 10 to 15.
Mink 25 to 75.
Time Changed!
On and after Monday, October 19,
trains on this road will leave Argen
ta daily, except Sundays, at 9:30 a.
in., Memphis time, and
Arrive at Clarksville, 5:00 p. ni
Leave Clarksville, . .0:15 a. in
Arrive at Ahgexta.2 :00 p. ni
Close connections made at RUSSEL
V1LLE witli daily line of stages for
Dardanclle and Danville, and at
Clarksville with stages for Ft. Smith
and Van Huron. And Fayetteville
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Time from Clarksville to St. Louis
Q-& xzQTcrrra®,
so houhs,
Connection made at Argenta witli
tlie Memphis A Little Rock Railway,
iiim hum; ii'/u at i-*i» uvootus,
of the Cairo & Fulton railroad with
trains north and south. Through
Bills of Lading giron from Ft. Smith
Van Boron, O/.ark, Clarksville, and
all points on the road to New York,
Boston, Providence, Philadelphia,
St. Louis, Memphis, New Orleans,
Ac. Kates low, and transportation
S'l'S'lSP- ..■' ! -L. J'JJ'.IM™™
“Tlie way to Wealth, if you de
sire it. is its plain as tlie way
to market.”—Fhankun.
Agents anted
to canvass in Pope and adjoining
counties, for the new book “SUC
SiOAIFV Thls co’mtry ,ma
9 WB I H 3u I money for evory
and body. Money In
HOW T a a n E, in tlie
to Mill, in tlie
Make lt.{&,i.*C£:
den, in Wheat, in Corn, in Stock, in
Poultry. This Book shows how Bus
iness Men, Farmers, Workingmen,
Young Men and Women, all may out,
save, loan and urn-: it. Just the
book needed, and will sell fast. Ad
dress for circulars and terms, J. C.
McCVRDY & CO., (Successors
to Zeigler & McCurdy,) 180 W. 4tli
st., Cincinnati, O.; Fifth Avenue &
Adams st., Chicago, 111.; 020 Olive
street, St. Louis, Mo.
N. B.—Tun Pkom.k’h Standard
Edition of tui: Holy Biblk, pub
lished by us, is (lie tlnest, cheapest
and best. Agents make from $50 to
$80 per month selling it with other
hooks, without extra expense.
Offer tholr professional eorvieos to the
Special attention given to Surgery amt
tUc tli-ixon • of ivuiueu.
Calls to night or dliy promptly attended
to. (7—If. 1
■ otUuc «u Buchanan street.
Pons Circuit Court,)
To May term, 1877). f
Tlios. W. Hamblen, plaintiff, against
Daniel Gilmore, defendant.
The defendant, Daniel Gilmore if
warned to appear in this court, with
in thirty days, and answer the com
plaint of the plaintiff, Thomas AV.
Hamblen. February 22d, 1875.
[5-4t] A; J, BAYLISS. Clerk.
John H. ITailo plaintiff, against AAr.
B. Young administrator of AV. c.
McCune’s estate, Margaret Mc
Cune, Scott MeCuuc, George live
and his wife Willie Kya. J. B. Mc
Cone and Mary McCunc, defen
The- defendants Margaret Mc
Cii'to Scott MoCune, George Rye,
AVJjiie Rye, J. B. McCone, and Mary
MoC'une are warned to appear in
tliis court within thirty days, and
answer the complaint of John F.
Haile the plaintiff. March 5th, 1875.
[7-4t] A. J. BAYLISS, Clerk.
Is hereby given that bfvirtuoof
an execution issued and to me di
rected by the circuit clerk of Con
waj’- county Arkansas, I have levied
upon and will expose for sale by
public auction on Monday the 5th
day of April 1875 in front, of the
Court house door of Conway county,
Arkansas, between the hours of 5)
o’clock a. in. and 3 o’clock p. in. of
said day all the right, title and inter
est in and to part of section 35, town
ship 6, north of range 17 west, con
taining 13 acre®, levied upon to sat
isfy a jugdement in favor of AV. B.
Gibson & Co., and against said J. B.
Jones. Terms of sale cash.
[7-3t] Sheriff of Conway < '(>., Ark.
C. IL Campbell, Plaintiff', against
Air. B. Young, administrator of AV. C.
George Rye and his wife Willie Rye,
Scott McCune, J. 11. McCune and
Mary McCune, Defendants.
The defendants Margaret McCune,
Scott McCune, George Rye and his
wife, Willie Rye, J. B. McCune and
Mary McCune, are warned to appear
in this court .within thirty days and
answer the complaint of the plaintiff,
C. R. Campbell.
March Oth, 1875.
7-It A. J. BAYLISS Clerk.
i nr, m rnrrw ninwmarg
in Pope Circuit Court, to May
term 1875. L. J. Petray as adminis
trator de bonis non of the estate of
I>. D. Petray, deceased, Plaintiff
against J. L. Shinn, M. 11. Guest, 8.
A. Buck, Joseph Ivens, W* L. Arch
ibald and M. Cook, Defendants.
The defendants WL Archibald and
M. Cook arc warned to appear in this
court within'thirty days and answer
the complaint of the plaintiff L. J.
Petray as administrator de bonis non
of the" estate of D. D. Petray deceas
ed. March Sill, 1875.
A. J. BAYLISS, Clerk.
Mayor's Office. Russellville, Ark./
March Oth, 1875. f
Bo itOrdaincd by the Mayor ami Board of
Aldermen of the town of Russellville:
Sec. I. That hereafter it shall be
unlawful for any person to keep a
drinking saloon or dram simp in the
town of Russellville for the sale of
ardent, vinous or fermented liquors
In quantities less than one quart.
Sec. II. That any person whoshall
keep'a drinking saloon or dram-shop
in violation of this ordinance, shall
lie deemed guilty of a misdemeanor
and on conviction thereof, shall be
lined in a sum not less than five nor
more than ton dollars for each of
Sec. III. This ordinance shall be
in full force and effect from and af
ter it publication.
B. W. CLEAYER,Mayor,
attest :—II. F. White,
[7—4t] • Recorder.
in »i —|—— B—j r IT—————
ilTin IJECI CJ! living in this Stntc,
| An'HfcfcLw 1 eau bo supplied with
The only Paper published in Cabarrus
Fall of Local News from CubtrruB and
Surrounding Cotintiep.
Only $2.00 a Year, $1.00 for six months,
Postage Free.
Hfg^Sond Postal card for specimen copy
Address ( itab. F. HARRIS,
Kditor and Proprietor, Concord, N. (’.
onccenrjiBB^iBnau .-.lucmnmw •>’ *■ *«««wmi
New and Rare.
The Celebrated
Raised in the Isle of Wight.
Tho Important points of superi
ority claimed for this CORN are
these: 1st. This corn will yield from
two to tiiroe times as many bushels
per acre on the same soil and with
the samo culture. 2d. The corn is
heavier in weight, has a larger ear,
thiner husk und makes Corn Meal
for family use sweeter and more nu
tritious und valuable for feeding
Stock. 3d. That it will grow and
produce a profitable crop on ground
where other corn will not grow to
maturity. 4th. it ripens earlier und
is not liable to be caught by f rost.
5th. The grains arc very large,
pure white, flinty; and it is claim
ed that an ordinary yield is from t>o
to 100 bushels on medium land.
Do not Buy Fbom Seedsmen,
Old Fashioned Corn,
But send 1)11 and get one Pint
Of The
With full directions for planting
and cultivating. Tho coni will lie
sent prepaid on receipt of price.
Address, L. L. OSMKNT,
Cleveland, Bradley Co., Teun.
Pursuant to Hie provisions of i
certain mortgage executed on th«
7th day of March A. i). 1874, by
Alva Russell, Ann Russell his wife
and Janies \Y. Russell, of Russell
ville, Pope county, Arkansas, unto
Leon Gans, of Philadelphia, state of
Pensylvania, which mortgage is du
ly recorded, on Book L, page 128 and
12!) in the clerks office, of Pope
county, I, by authority vested in
me, by virtue of a power of attorney
from said Leon Gails, will on the
27th day of March A. I). 1875, sell to
the highest bidder, for cash, the fol
lowing described real estate,to wit:
one lot on Main street, commencing
fifty nine feet west, from the south
west corner, of Main and Jefferson
streets, and running west, parallel
with Main street forty feet, thence
hack, parallel with Jefferson street
one hundred feet, thence east, par
allel with Main street forty feet,
thence north,'one hundred feet to
the place of beginning, with ail np
pnrunancee thereto belonging, in the
town of Russellville Pope county
Arkansas, on J. L. Hldnn’s block,
being the property described in said
mortgage and said sale being to sat
isfy the same
R. R. POE.
February 17th 1875.
In Probate Court of Pope County,
Arkansas. To April Term 1875.
In the matter of the estate of Wal
lace II. Hlckox, deceased.
Elijah King, administrator dc bonis
non of the estate of Wallace 11 Hick
ox, deceased, having filed in t lie Pro
bate Court of Pope County, at the
January term thereof 1875, his pe
tition and affidavit for the recovery
as assets of said estate, of
four thousand, nine hun
dred and fifteen dollars and
ninety-five cents of Pope county
scrip, deposited with the county
clerk of sakl Pope county, by IV. J.
Patton, and claimed by Margaret
Llickox, a non-resident of this state.
Therefore the said Margaret Hick
said petition and affidavit.
February 16th 1875.
A. J. BAYLISS, Clerk.
tmmgrajfm:- m "W » nfwrrt mwr-r ~-»rgrs •t'twp
To the Editor of the Democrat:
Fseeemed Friend:—Will you please in
form yuiir readers that I have a positive
and all disorders of the Throat and Lungs,
and that, by Its use in my practice, I have
cured hundreds of cases, and will give
?1 ,000 0 0
for a case it will not benefit. Indeed, so
strong is my faith. I will send a Sampls, fre*
to any sufferer addressing me.
1*1 ease show this letter to any one you may
know who i3 suffering from these diseases,
and oblige, Faith Lully Yonrs,.
09 WILUJV11 s>f., New York.
First Uortjags Premium Bond
These Bonds arc issued for the
purpose of raising funds for the erec
tion of n building in the City of New
York, to lie used for a
Porpotua! World’s Fair,
a permanent home, where every
manufacturer can exhibit and sell
his goods, and every patentee can
show his invention; a centre of in
dustry which will prove a vast bene
fit to tlie whole country.
For this purpose, the Legislature
of the State of Now York has grant
ed a charter to a number of our most
wealthy and respectable merchants,
and these gentleman have purchased
no less than eight blocks of the most
valuable land in the City of New
York. The building to be erected
will be seven stories high (150 feet
in height), surmounted by a magnifi
cent dome, and will cover a space of
11 acre*. It will be constructed of
iron. Brick and glass, and made flre
! proof. The bonus, which are all for
if20 each, are secured by a first mort
J.itgC on ill'' l.UHl uuu uuiimiig, iimu
for the purpose of making them pop
ular, the directors have decided to
have quarterly drawings of $160,000
each; this money being the interest
on the amount of the whole loan.
Every bondholder must receive at
least $21.00, but he may receive
Or $35,000, or $10,000, or $5,000, or
$3,000, &c., &c.
purchased before April 6th, 1876,
will participate in the
Held April 5th, 1875.
These drawings take place every
iiiRKK months, and eventually every
boiiy will participate in them.
Address, for bonds and full infoi
Financial Ao«Kts,
23 Park Row, Now York.
Post Oflice Drawer till.
Remit by draft on N. Y. City banks,
registered letter or P. O. Money or
Postponements Impossible un
der i l»is plan.
■BTL-_»--»p-ir-i n tt - • -—^»-• • - awn —a—i
Any person suffering from the above dis
ease |i re«j ties tod to address Dr. Pkick, and
a trial bottle of medicine will bo forwarded
bv Exp rot* a
The only coat being tin* express charges,
which owing to my largo business, arc
small. ^
Dr. l*rice h»>mti 1“ the treatment of
[ a study for years, and he will warrant a
euro by Urn imoof hi remedy.
Do not fo.il to send to him for n triul bot
tic; it costs nothing and ho
no matter of how long standing your case
mat ho,or how many other remedies may
have failed.
Circulars nud testimonials sent with
Bo particular t<• give your Express, as
well as your l\>a|Oiiioo direction, and
Add row,
1»H. Oil AS. T. Pi: I CM,
fli WiUi^u- Sii'ifty XtU' York.
I mar ll-ly
BubMIs, fops county, Ark.
•?A.n Advocate of Liberal
—And a complete record of—
Current Events!
Bc^li in and out of our county and Stale,
And devoted tc
The DemoCbat Is thoroughly in
dependent in its course, under no
pledge or covenant to support the
schemes or fortunes of any man or
set of men, always having at iieart
first, the good of the people of l’ope
county, and of the state of Arkan
sas. It claims no right to load or
direct in politics, or any other
sphere; hut it does claim the right,
and will fearlessly and at all time's
assert it, to speak its own opinions,
on all matters coming within the.
scope of its duty as an independent
Journal. Wliuivvei [miiHliluitwtf"*
maintains in the affairs of this
county or State, will be voluntarily
accorded by the people who support
it. In short the Democrat wishes
to be judged solely upon its own
merits as a local and state newspa
per, having for its chief object the
di-semination of the news of the day
with such comments upon current
topics as seem appropriate and are.
conscientiously entertained by its
management. It will heartily sup
port all movements, political or
otherwise, which promise to fur
tlmr, and unhesitatingly oppose
those which would jeopardize, the
interests of tlie people. In every
department it will be as enterpris
ing as its patronage will justify.
Scnsible>mcn will approve the busi
ness management that limits expen
diture to tiiebounds of income; on
ly fools or enemies expect a degree
of excellence, in all points that can .
alone bo attained by the possession "
of resource - and income.
1 year (in advar.ee).$1 GO
Six Months..., 7J
Letters for publication and com
munications relative to the editorial ,
department should be addressed to
• lug
Communications front advertisers, ,
or upon any business count cu d w 1th
tho oillice should be addn -satl to
li V. JOUE,
buwitu‘4* .\iai,u0w4''

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