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t Holiday Sale
Presents both
■ Durable and*
I Suitable
I For all.
I l'r" -fell irmtilo fe
It is a pleasure as well as a source
If satisfaction to make presents
bint fill the every-dav wants of
■L • »
riends. See what we have to offer,
md select something that will
ilease and cause your friends to
ippreciate your good will.
Scarfs, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50 cents, and up.
Four-in-hands, nice, 50, 65, $1.00 and up.
Plain Ties at any price you want them.
HOODS for the babies, perfect beauti&r/at
65 and 75 cents. w
ZEPHYR SHHWLS, plain uMi Shawls
and Fascinators at lowest prices.
20, 25, 35. 40. 50, 65, 75, 85, $1.00
and up. Our Dressed and Undressed Kid
Gloves are the best, and just the thing for a
nice present.
If you have a lady friend you wish to
make a present of a nice Dress, remember we
have it at prices that will please you.
)on’t forget the poor! In the way
if substantial presents, we have
•’lour, Sugar, Coffee, Meat, Molasses,
to, all of which will be appreciated
the needy.
Merry, Merry Christinas to all.
Mil Mercantile Co.
tioiux Knit.
[ail.leave Uuc*ellvill«, 10:10 a. tij
City Express •* u 4 :#0 a. in
Going W«it.
[ail.leave Rnssellville, 12:00 m :
K; Ix^rm •• u 10:M d. in
it ton G 3-4 to G 7-8.
wbo iu and pay your subscription,
[watches $14.t)0 and up at 11. <J.
■the Holidays are over then look
5jbe candidates.
eand see our $11.00 bed-room suit
ted.—A good cow witli young
Lull at this office.
> Bollinger <fc Boss' for drugs, sta
1, etc.
is Lucy T'hach was the guest of
idle friends last week.
ng machines at your own ju ice at
. Krwins.
»! Wood! To suit tlie purehas
ave orders witli J. L. Tucker.
Weimer's Liver Medicine—tlie
die world.
[I,. F. Deshong is able to be out
ifact his friends note witli jdeas
IjpU your eggs until you
F Webb is considerably better
pk and doubtless will soon Ik*
Ire drugs, uuiiits, oils, etc. cull
B.O. Howell of Martin towu
ni a visit to Poinsett county,
g home. Jn-t Monday.
■t for a aloe line of holiday
»>m*s Bessie and Clara Evans of
Belle came oyer .Saturday visiting
tes and returned Monday.
room resilience for sale or rent.
r to this office.
1J your subscription and get a
1st tlie bed room set and rocking
Some one is going to get a liaud
h'ew Years gift.
W five-room resilience for rent,
^to Wo. Brooks.
k^HiKMoi hat is indebted to Mr. B.
Bgws, tlie enterprising liveryman
.■Smith, for one of tlie liandsom
ndur* seen this season.
he artist, J..bn II. (fanner, and
i baby’s picture made now.
airy Howell returned from i ay
le last week and at once went to
frith the Ka. ket store. Henry is
business and enterjirise.
4*Teeter have for sate jkm and
}’ hay and oat straw, all baled.
a* street committee are putting in
te-'l. ) crossings on Oak street and
t aii|.|.o»e repair tlie wall and
6**ar Main before they (juit.
k out for next week for ear load
laker wagons. Jno A. Erwin.
—David M. Weir lias succeeded his
brother, C I>. Weir, in the restaurant
busine-s. Having come to stay he re
quests his friends to patronize him when
in town.
Weimer's Bronehiline is guaranteed to
cure ill kinds of sore throat. Try it.
—Among the assured candidates for
sheriff next year is David B. Richard
son of this place. He is well known
throughout the county and his friends
will support him cheerfully.
—Old*papers suitable for wrapping
paper for sale at this ottlee at 25c per 100.
—Mr. D. Frazier Moore desires it to
he known that he disavows any connec
tion whatever with horse swapping in
which patties by this name are implicat
ed. He is not a horse trader.
You will find an endless' variety of
nice things at H. C. Wilkey’s for Christ
—Sheriff Johnson lias purchased at
considerable expense a pair of trained
blood-hounds for use in running down
Violators of the law. Mr. Johnson is to
lie commended for his enterprise.
For Salk.—Six room residence at a
bargain. Apply to C. K. Crook or this
—The long tail Cutaway lias not made
its advent in arena of Russellville society
Russellville chivalry is equal to most
things, but it has not yet mustered cour
age enough for a long tail < utaway.
II. C. Wilkey has a beautiful line of
silverware ou display for the holiday
—The amount of cotton received here
the last week up to Saturday night was
34* hales. Total receipts for the season
up to Saturday night, 6350 hales. This
is a very large increase over last year.
Cash paid for eggs by John Brasliear
at the Miller old stand on Jefferson
—Hon. M. T-. Davis and wife were in
the city Sunday, the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Erwin. Mr. Davis left Mon
day for the seat of Ids Consulate in Mex
ico and his w ife returned to Dardanelle.
J. W. Wells will have a tine assort
ment of holiday goods. Don’t fail to see
his line.
—Quite a delegation of colored folks
from the old north state arrived in town
Saturday last seeking homes in a better
country. Among them was a specimen
not frequently matched for altitude, be
ing 6 feet ami 6>s inches.
For Salk.—Stove or fire wood, sawed
and split in lengths to suit purchaser.
J. T.. SlUNN.
—Harrison Fruit Grower: We are
placed under many obligations to our
old friend, J. A. Xorris, the pioneer or
chard 1st of Rope Co., for favors rendered.
We got to ride his educated mule and
see him perform free of . barge.
—Harrison Fruit Grower: Mrs. Gable,
of Atkins, has three varieties of as fine
pears as ever grew in the state. Mr. J.
Priunu,near Atkins, also raises tin*;
■tears and it is certainly too late in the
day for any one to say that psars can t
1 lie successfully grown In the Arkansas
I river bottoms.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local application* a* th«y cannot reach th<
di*ea*ed portion of the car. There is only on*
way to cure deafness, and that i* by conatitu
tional rente*he*. Deafnewi i* caused by an in
Hamcd condition of the mucous lining of th*
Eustachian Tube. When this tube i« inflamed
you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hear
ing, and when it i* entirely closed, Deafness u
the result, and. unless the inflammation can l*
, taken out and this tube restored to it* normal
condition, hearing will he destroyed forever:
nine ra^e* out of ten arc caused by catarrh
which is nothing but an inflamed condition ol
the mucous surf aces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any
case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for
circular's; free.
V, J. CHENEY ft CO* Toledo, O.
JM^Sold by* Druggists 76c.
For Christmas novelties call at
John Krwiiis and see those made
by Mrs. Bessie Sbinn. Prices
—A Merry Christmas to all.
Special sale Dec. 22d at Erwins.
Mrs. J. M. Ball has a severe attack
of la grippe.
New car Studebaker wagons just in at
—Miss Emma Parish went home Sat
urduy and returned Sunday night.
Remember Dec. 22 is special sales day
at Erwins.
—We were pleased to receive a call
from Mr. J. E. l’itts, of Dover. Tuesday.
Be sure to attend the special sale at
Erwins, Dec. 28*1.
—At the C. P. church next Sabbath
Rev. U. J. ilea roll's subject will lie “The
Great Gift.”
Don’t forget to have those photographs
made ready for Xmas.
—Mr. .1. B. Appell, of Searcy county,
was in town trading Tuesday, and paid
us a pleasant call.
Look at Bollinger & Ross’ before buy
ing a Christinas present.
—We are glad to be able to record the
improved condition of Mrs. Myra Brad
ley and the prospects of her early recov
Santa Claus will get a part of Ids pres
ents at Bollinger A Ross’.
—Eld. J. H. Lawson, of Logan county,
will preach at the Christian church to
night (Wednesday"). Everybody invit
Come to the Furniture store in Shinns
brick if you want bargains.
—Mrs Mary Ilearon has about recov
ered from a severe indisposition and was
able to resume her place in school yes
I never let any eggs pass. Call and
get price. John M. Brashear.
—The Demoshat will appear as a half
sheet next week thus enabling our em
ployes to participate in the holiday fes
Condensed milk ten cents a can. Ev
ery can guaranteed, at C. I). Rowan A
—Attorney George W. Sninn, of Lit
tle Rock, was in the city this week vis
iting relatives and looking after legal
FOR SALE—River bottoip land on
time for $20 per acre. Apply to Law
rence Russell.
—Mr. and Mrs. George E. Howell will
spend the holidays in Atlanta.Gu., guests
of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Reynolds. They
left yesterday.
Studebaker Bros, took 35 prizes at the
World’s Fair—Buy the Studebaker wag
on from Jno A. Erwin.
—Mr. H. C. Wilkey has been made
agent in Russellville for the sale of H.
Hirschberg’s non-changeable spectacles
and eye glasses.
For Sale.—Stove or fire wood, any
length. Leave orders with Smith A
Brown, or G. A. Morris.
—Capt. J. M. Ilarkey left Tuesday for
southeast Arkansas on a business trip,
going thence to Texas to spend the holi
days with his daughter.
D. Rowan A Bro. is headquarters
for candy, oranges, raisons, tigs, and
sweet goods of all kinds.
—Mr. L. T. Farmer of Lamar and Miss
Nellie Battenfleld of London were wed
ded Tuesday evening. The Democrat
extends congratulations.
Have you seen those shirts at the Bac
ket going for 18c and 25c, positively
worth five times the money.
—Mr. S. A. Todd, who has been for
the last few months connected with the
the firm of R. M. Oates A Co., as book
keeper, left Tuesday for his home in
South Carolina.
J. W. Wells lias a good stock of\
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Window
Glass, etc-, at Bottom prices.
—Rev. P. B. Summers will preach at
the M. PL church south, Christmas day
at 11 a.m. All pustorsof other churches
and their congregations are invited to
he present and participate in the ser
Don’t forget to call for a sack of that
Cream Patent flour to hake your Christ
mas cakes. For sale by C. 1>. Rowan A
—Mr. II. C. Wilkey has purchased a
jot on tilt' biac* ui dcurrsvu,
on which lie will erect a brick business
house as soon as arrangements can lie
perfected. The lot lies between Boswell’s
and Weir’s;
The Weimer Drug Co. sells drugs
cheaper than anyone,and keeps the larg
est stock. Go there for anything in tiie
drug line.
—The officers went out on Norristown
mountain Monday and arrested Alf
Johnson, a colored man, on information
from Texas to the effect that he was
wanted there for an offense committed
against the laws of that state.
If you do not want a dun through |
I the postoffice, pay us what you owe 1
us. Loye & Roys Hardware Co.
Hare you a watch that needs repairs 1
or some broken jewelry which you wish
mended? if so, take them to 11. C. Wil-1
key, the Jeweler, and have them repair
ed in first-class order.
Mil'er Bros, have on hand some real
II designs in center tables, wall
bracket-., etc., of their own make. These
gentlemen are skillful workmen and
eminently worthy of the patronage of
the public.
We have something new in Christ
mas goods. Come and examine.
Love & Roys Hardware Co.
I Keep the cook in a aood humor by
getting Hall & Smith to patch the cracks
in your stove, saves fuel and buying a
new stove. Or they will exchange a new
one for your old one at once.
—The sheriff's convention in Little j
liock last week was an intelligent and
and influential body of men. It is a
pleasure to know that in these distin- I
fuishiug traits none ranked higher thau
Vine's worthy representative, Mr. W. J.
Special Notice-—People who
owe me must pay me. I will not
promise to carry any one over.
Settle and save further trouble.
Yours truly, .J. \V. \Vtills.
My stock of holiday goods will be
ready for inspection on the 15th iust.
Kverylnsly invited to call and see ruy
line. J. W. Well*.
—Several of Dardanelles chief citizens
and legal lights, were in town Monday,
interested in (tie liquidation of the Shinn
judgement against the pontoon bridge
company. Among the number were
Hons. W. D. Jacoway, I. C, Hall, J. C.
Parker and Maj. Gee.
Knott Bile Bonus cure Batmiamm
iLAST 111
THE FAMOUS invites you to call
and see their line of Xmas Goods.
36 Solid Gold Rings, all sizes, with
elegant sets, worth $3.50, marked
4 /. | KA We OURSELVES warrant tliem
to UU8C t Soiid Gold. Buy one for a present
for vour Utile daughter.
Lad ies' Pure Gold Pens with pearl
handles, from $1.80c up.
Ladies’ Gold Chains (5 years war
ranty), elegant assortment of styles,
only $1.98.
A full line of Cuff Buttons, Collar
Buttons, Bracelets, Scarf Pins, Fob
Chains, Ac., at VE,iY prices fortius
We have got 'em, by the thousand.
Ladies' elegant Silk Handkerchiefs,
l*3c and up. Men’s Silk Hand'chiefs
OOf, nnfl |,|. Those Ladles’ Drawn Work Linen
’ ” ttl,u ur ’ Hamlkerehiets are going fast. Prices
from O to 60 cents.
Our line still complete, hut going
fast. We mention our 30-in. Zaara
Melange, worth l^c, and free from
starch, and nice patterns, only Sets,
Our justly celebrated Famous Ging
hams, cheap at 10c, to close at 7c a
yard. Buy while you can!
1000 pairs Men’s, Ladies’ and Chil
dren's Shoes, bought from a manu
facturer who needed the ready cash,
at a discount of 25 per cent. This
means to you that we can now sell
you a shoe 25 per cent below our
neighbors. Call and see us.
YTours for a Merry Xmas,
When you want vour teeth fixed call
at the old reliable Russellville dental
parlor upstairs in the Shinn building.
All work first-class and turned oil' under
a strict guarantee.
—Mr. Dave MeAually by telegram
was summoned to the bed side of his
brother, Oscar, in Louisana, and left on
Monday night’s train. From the tele
gram it was learned that lie had been ac
cidently shot, but how badly was not
stated. We hope not serious.
It needs no special message from the
President to tell the people of this com
munity where Bollinger A Ross’ New
Drug Store is. Look for their sign.
—We would be very much obliged to
any one who can to give us the exact
date when the last survey of the railroad
from across the Boston mountain was
made, and by whom it was made. Also
when the first one was made. We will
thank anj' one for this information.
Small Bile Beans cure Constipation. 25c.
Karl’s Clover Boot the great Blood
Purifier, gives freshness and clearness to
the complexion and cures Constipation,
25e., 60c. 11.00. Sold by Wm. Bkooks.
—Mrs. Lillie M. Jessup, formerly Mrs.
Miller, nee Willis, died on the 10th inst.
at El Paso, Texas, whither she removed
with her husband several years ago.
The news of her death will be received
with sorrow by her many friends and
relatives here and at Dardanelle and
>V. (>. Weirner, Notary Public, at the
First National Bank, takes acknowledg
ments, writes deeds and conveyances
and tloes all other kinds of notarial work
—Little Lura, the the two year old
daughter of Mr. Jo Brown, of Martin
township, and grand daughter of Mr.
Harry Poynter, happened to the misfor- .
tune on last Saturday of getting serious- i
ly burnt, having her clothing almost en- i
tirely burnt off of her. Her attending
physician says she is doing very well.
We are headquarters on glassware
(queensware, lamps and lamp goods,
I wooden ware, etc. Love <k Roys
! Hardware Co.
—The Santa Claus exercises will lie
promptly on hands this year the same as
all the years gone. At the Methodist
ehttreh south it will he a wind mill, at
the C. 1’. ehttreh a Santa Clan* work
shop, at the Christian church a bout, at
the Baptist a pyramid and trees, at the
M. E. a Xmas tree, and all to take place
Saturday night, the23d. Active prepar
ations are going on all round for the
limit abundant success in the celebration
| of the Christinas festivities of 1893.
We are agents for John Deere
plows of all kinds, Oliver chilled
plows and repairs. Love & Roys
Hardwyre C'o.
—The following were elected officers
of Ualla Creek lodge, A. F. & A. M. last
Saturday night: G. T. Brown, W. M.; j
E. W. Black, S. VV\; J. I>. Oates, J. W.; 1
E. A. Bell, Treas.; II. D. Brown, See.;
C. G. Brown,S. 1>.; E. A. Harkey, J. D.;
K. I’. Barcfleld, 'I'y!*»»• These officers
will bo, installed on "the 27th Inst.
The Woimer Drug Co. will move to
the Craig building on Jefferson street
after January 1st and will fit up the
handsomest drug store in the State.
That’s the firm to do your business with.
—What is to lie thought of any one
who would mutilate a hymn or song
book in a church, or deface and scribble
on it. These hooks cost somebody mon
ey and they are devoted to a sacred pur
pose. It looks like every instinct of
good breeding would suggest to any one
young or old not to desecrate them
The Little Rock weekly Gazette is now
published twiee-a-week at the old price
of $1.00 per year and at that rate plight
to secure a largely increased subscription
list. If you are not taking it let us
send in your subscription.
—l>r. C. C. Sims, of Dardanelle, who
has been in the practice of dentistry at
that place since Dr.O’Kelly left,has rent
ed the Dr. O’Kelly office here over the
Peoples Exchange Bank and will fit it
up and he ready to offer his service-, to
our people in that line by the 1st of Jan.,
Remember when you want a first
class cook or heating stove, that we
are agents for Charter Oak cook
stoves and Round Oak heaters.
Lote & Roys Hdw. Co.
—A tire at the Whitesides gin in "Hol
ly Bend township hist Thursday night
burnt about 20 bales of cotton, 12 of
which belonged to .John Coulter, col.,
and the rest to various other parties.
Lon Pearson; on warrant at the instance
of Coulter, was apprehended tin the day
following and brought to town arid gave
bond to await action by the ease.
Mrs. T. 8. Hawkins. Chattanooga,
‘SAVED MY LIFE.’ I consider it the
I test remedy Jor a debilitated system I
ever used.” For Dyspepsia, Liver or
Kidney trouble. 75cts. Sold by Wm,
®—At the Cumberland Presbyterian
church on Christmas morning a sun rise
prayer-meeting, led by Miss Ella Bonds,
will be held under the auspices of the
Socity of Christian Endeavor. The sub
let will be“What can we give to Christ.”
Every body invited. Especially Endeav
orers, Leaguers and all persons interest
ed in Christian work.
The Weimer Drug Co. is going to keen
the most complete stock in the country.
If vou want anything go there and you
will besure to find it. hut don't forget
your money. Nothing will he allowed
to leave the house before being paid for,
lint lower prices than any one else is the
motto of the concern.
—Harrison Frnit Grower: A Cloud,
not a vapor cloud, hut a gentleman from
Iowa, has settled on the Boston moun
;ain and will shower his influence for
food on the people of Freeman Springs.
Mr. Cloud is a brother-in-law of our old
Friend, J. S. Church, who is encouraging
ots of good citizens to try the Boston
mountain for the purpose of raising
When you come to town, do not
"orget that you are still owing us,
ind that your account cannot he
settled by telling us it is hard times
We know that, already, and our cred
tors won't take it for pay—neither
will we. Love & Roys Hdw. Co.
Small Bile Beaus cure 8lek-headache. ,
—No place a- large as Russellville, "
with the tine opening for such an in
I’estinent ought to he without a first-class
•oiler flouring mill. Just as soon as it
foes in there will lie wheat enough plant
'd in Pope county and contiguous terri
ory to keep its racks hot day in and day
)ut. The time is here now for this en
erprise, and for the change in agricul
,ural custom to make it boom.
) -r
/ have received several sweet little letters from mu little friends of
Russellville, yet there are others / would like to hear from. Don't fail to
hang up your little stockings in some convenient place, as / wiU have
thousands of children to call on Xmas Eve.
Call on Mrs. Alexander and Miss Bonds, as they have charge of my
stock of Toys at the RACKET. Your True Friend,
.... 1
BARGAINS l tn all departments
\ from a 1 cent
BARGAINS paper of Pins
DADPAIAIC / to a Suit
PAHuAIWd I of Clothes.
- r ■ ^
Kum! o"Kum to the Racket's bugle call j
' , ::<^Wrn one, kum all!
Kill II! o TRuth to the Racket Store;
T >- , o° # We'riedone uou good, we'll do
Kum! 0« ,/pouwore.
—————— 8 1 . i » >
CUT DOWN „«St£g*
Holiday Goods!
Holiday Goods! |
Holiday Goods! stairs^*m .
* to can bn uw/& '
I Remember the sweeping sale ijtetift
continues in every depart- *‘
ment at the ^B[*j
Great-Racket. |
The well-known Kyc Expert of 80 K. 14th 8h New Y
680 Olivo Si., St. Louis, Mochas ap)>omtcd II
agent tor his celebrated Non-Changeable c
Glasses. These Glasses are the gree*
spectacles, and every pair pure'
any time a change is neccssa*
lenses), they will furnish the
free of charge. H. <Wilke*
all who wish to satisfy the
glasses over anv and all <
them at H. C. WILKKY
,:The Best in the Wo
_ -Son-Chane.a «pfddlert
our - special Tsa
Will include everything in the Furniture line-Parlor
and Bed Room Sets, Folding Beds, Bed-Lounges,
Safes, Bedsteads, Window Shades. Cardets, Rugs,
Pictures, Baby Carriages and Sewing Machines.
This is no humbug, so come and see for yourselves.
It is said that John H. Ganner having
visited the best galleries in the largest I
cities during his recent trip through I Ili-1
nois and Missouri, is better prepared now
than ever to furnish the people with a
first class picture. He guarantees to
turn out as tinea photo as can be made
in the state. Give him a trial.
—The following are the otHcers-elect
of Ashby lodge 535 Knights and Ladii
of Honor for the ensuing semi-annual
term: J. F. Munday protector, Henry
Steuckel vice-protector, J. F. I’uckett
secretary and financial secretay, J. 1^
Battentield treasurer, 11.» . Wilkev chap
lain, J. H. Battentield guide, R. 1 >. Love
guardian.— Gardner sentinel, Messrs.
Gardner, Love and Garden trustees. In
stallation Friday night.
H. C. Wilkev, the Jeweler, has made
the business of spectacle ami eye glass
fitting a scpecial study, and is now pre
paredto fit complicated defects of vision
on short notice. He tests each eye sep
arately and gives the required lenses
necessary, in any style frame required
Give him a trial and if not suited it will
cost vou nothing.
ttmatl BUe Beaus prevent Constipation.
—George Rrdoks from New Hope
community was taken to the insane asy
lum at Little Rock by his brother a week
or ten days ago. His insanity was a
very recent occurence and tin* wise
course of speedy attention was adopted
by ins relatives. We aro pleased to learn
that the asylum authorities seemed to
think that his case would yield to treat
ment and that lie could lie shortly re
stored and returned home sane and
Mr. J. W. Albright lias purchased
the Van Boswell outfit of tonsorial tools
and opened a shop on Jelterson street,
one door south of Rowan & Bro. Kvery
tliinir lieing new and first-class he is
letter prepared than ever to give satis
faction to his customers. He invites all
his old friends to call and os many new
ones as possible. Shaving, UK:.
Curs for Colds, Fevers and General Debility.
Small Bile Beana. S6c. per bottle
—To-night (Thursday) a sparring ex
hibition will bo given in Craig’s trail
over Ilaugherty & Winn's store, by John
Johnson, better known as the Terrible
Sweede, anti Mell Reilly, of St. Louis,
Marquis of Qtieensbury rules. There
will also be sparring between two color
ed local champions of Russellville, and
others. A wrestling match will also he
seen, best 2 out of 3 falls, catch as catch
can between two *' Russellville's strong
hoys. A dm* I toe—- or-or.
at 7:30 sha ■
H. C.'
of ladies
| for yout
1 have an elegant Hue of holiday goods
consisting of toilet cases, odor cases,
manicure cases, collar A cuff boxes’
shaving ets, traveling cases, albums,
mirrors, picture frames, miscellaneous
books, box papers, scrap book, cups and
saucers, vases, dolls, a nice lot of toys
and many other articles too tedious to
mention, at lower prices than I ever sold
them. Kespeetfully,
J. W. YV KI.I.S.
—The current issue of the llar-ison
f ruit Grower lias a strong article expos
ing the fraudulent pretentions of the
State l.inc Nursery. The article iscon
eluded with this proper suggestion:
“Our State and County papers should
join in exposing any man or set of men
who will attempt to swindle the
and weaken confidence in an it
which promises so much for the d
ment of the State—“The Orchard
World.' We have numerous t
nurseries all over the State and
urge our readers to patronize the.
erally but beware of the unreliable i.
dealer who gets bis trees where evei
can buy them the cheapest.”
Shiloh's Cure is sold on a guarai
It cures Incipient Consumption. It
the liest Cough Cure. Only one cent a
dose, -acts, SOctt, and $1.00. Sold bv
Wm. Bkooks.
—The business house of our friend, J.
B. Evants, failed to open Monday last
and a placard in front advertised the fact
that it had changed hands. The George
Taylor Co. to whom he was largely in
debted bought him out and will proceed
to realize their debt out of his assets.
The last three or four years had been es
pecially disastrous ana made it imoossi
hle for him to carry on his business and
manage his accumulated indebtedness,
and he toop this step under the enforce
ment of surrounding circumstance*.
There will lie many real sympathizers
with Mr. Evants in this financial trouble.
He has been one of the leading business
men of tins place so long that bis absence
•out of the business circle will cause a
feeling of awkwardness among business
men. Mr. Evants embarked in business
with Mr. W. 11. Humphreys in 1884. The
co-partnership lasted three years when
he bought Mr. Humphreys’interest and
has since been alone. No man sustaine'’
a better reputation for honesty uud
tegrity and deserves a more get1
sympathy. His liabilities were
$17000, with nominal assets at a’
same amount.
-- -
— ““•*#

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