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Qj'lt yivurf us much pleusure to learn thai
tho stock of the Colchester Manufacturing
Co. is in good demand. Near ouu half of
it is already sub-crilicil, n ml there is little
doubt that the balance will bo promptly
1'ioni t lie Bo.Mon Mcir.wlilo Journal.
Lowell Minnifacturies. A l.tlc niimlor of llio
Lowell Courier coni.ilncil a ( .tillable nilicla icl.iling
to llic stiil'ulics of I.oucll. 'I'lio piuspcrily of lliii
place ami lis r.ipiil incre.i'e hi iviiilih iuij piipuli.
lion, ai c.aliiiu.n iincxsiinplcil in lummy. Ii is but
n few je.iw s'uii'o lli.il p.ul of Clielni-furd, now
railed Lowell, w.n titiiio-t di'slitule of houses mid
inhabitants. In 1S20 ilui u hole population was
nnli 200 ill hi' niiwnt nine tin; popui.iuon is
.11 tlx puwnt nine tin: population is
coinpmrii in in.uuu iubhim viiuil m i-iu.nuiU .
maiiuf.u'uirie. in l.imrll win ; m ISl... I'"' jH
p.ir.iliicly lillle nasi
hoHeier, until 1S20,
..I.e., Mpis. I'm irk 'I'. J.icksun, iV.iili.in Apple.
lon.nnil Kill Hoot of IJo.lon, cine. eel inlon iIcsIrii
to foim u l.otnp.inv lui inu purpose 01 ih.iimii.iuiiu
ing coiion mmii. ai tue pic-em mi 0 iiif iuiiuwiii- .
lii 1 110 FIUIU Ol lilt: ju.iinii..v.ut .v.
C.ipiial Slock uncMcd
Number ol" Mills elected
Spindles in opposition
Kennies cmplojed
Males ,
Yards nfrloib made prr week
v.. ..i. r,.lmli m.iiln dpi" nnmiiii
5,1 1G
Si!)!s00 1
v!r-e r!m
tl 1. ..f .nll.u, VI mil" lit nnr :innum 13,(i7,(i00
I UUIIUS III iuti" ----- , -oo
Yards of coiion iljril ami printed pr. week 23-j.OOO
Tons of Anilirnchu Co.il expended per an, 9,-Ui
Burets of CI. u coal 500.000
Coids of wood per annum ; ,WU
Gallons ol Oil Jl's-'
A.n.nn ti-.i-raiif females Hear oriMild t?
A iei.i"e amount nf.iaes paid pr inunll. S10G.0 00
Cou.uniplioaof Staicli perannnm 510,000
i i.i:,i,, i, ilinubine named Manul.ului ics,
i.' ., :r.l the cMCii-iie I'ovviler Mi
il 000 000. Ami ill the iinmeiii.iic viciu iy, ui.iss
Wo.ks and a Furnace f.ippl.ng every Uesciiptmn
of casting. Also, a Worsted M.ll fi.rmeily the
Hnrd Woolen Mill, under ihedneciion of Mr. M.
H. Simpson, oppcialcs 12000 imnMcs, employs
125 peiFon. cmUiraes l.OUO.OOOIbs of wool, and
11,230 soUoni of oil, per annuni. . , ', .
The Locks and Canals' Machine .-hop, included
among the 27 MilKe.in fuinli u.aHiineiy com
nlele for a mill of 3000 spindle, m four inunihs
,r..mO..mi e, n, ,our """
,, whSi Utiiil ud icbuild mill at iliat ii,n
i i...i. I . ,m,i.i . .ire nhv.ixs "I eoiniii.inu,'
Will the members of the lluriiiiSton Fire
Company bear in mind that the annual
tneeling'takcs place on Wednesday next?
Sue Advcrtisotnent.
Snr.ur in Vi.umovi' The whole num
ber of sheep taxed m the grand lift H
1 ,014.5 10. Rutland county has the largest
number of any county in tli namely,
197.281. Addison county 1C.1 09.r., Wind
sor "l54.2fi0. The amount of money at
iiilcrcsl as exhibited In the grand list is
t! 034,137 JinnU hlock taxed 081,731
dol'lars.-n t'lmiir.-
7);s(msin";"VViic.-The Thoniaslown
'(Me.) Chronicle says llioro is a report that
n schooner, belonging to Kennccbec, has
arrived in Booth bay, and tiiat the crew
and about nil the pasongeri, twenty-rigid
in number were frozen lo deaih.
Si.eiohRiug. Yesterday a horse ran
up Broadway with a sleiffb attached lo
him, and when coming to Walker street, a
sleigh full of people was crossing, and on
approaching them he made one bold leap
nud went directly over the middle of the
SleHi, taking with him the centre scat,
the occupants of which either jumped or
threw themselves back, and to the utter
surprise oTall on board, as well as of the
numerous beholders, not an individual was
injured in the least The running horse
pursued his coors-e. and was captured near
Grand sweet. .Aiu of Commtnc.
The Hon. Sam. Beard-ilry ol Ulica, ha
been chosen Attorney General ol the slate
& rV . A f
oi nuw
The Cincinnati papers announce the
tloalh of General Jamks Fi.Mii.tv, alius
residence in that city, on the nighi of Mon
day the aClh of December aged sixty-five
Sulivan. -Yesterday, Dmiel .Sullivan,
convicted in the Court of Over and Termi
ner, of manslaughter in the 2nd degree, in
killing his wife Ellen on the I3lli SVptcm
Imr ln"st. nficr an interesting address from
His lion. Judge Edwards, was i-eutenced
7 years imprisonment in the Slate Prison al.j
hard labor, as a punishment for Ins crime.
(yOttr. V I.IKj.
Ciiusct of the Indian Disturbance in Jlor
ida Scat of the War. The Baltimore
American gives some particulars contained
in a letter from Talahassee. which come
very opportunely at this moment; whilo
those who ware preparing in the North to
take up their winter quarters quietly at St.
Augustine, are suddenly turned from their
purpose by the disastrous intelligence just
received from that home of the invalid.
It appears the Scminoles. by the treaty
of Way 9th 132, agreed to relinquish
their present territory at Tampa Bay and
at the end of 3 years lo retire to the prai
ries of Arkansas. The 3 years expired in
May last but as the Indians ehowed no dis
position to move, it was judged expedient
by the officers entrusted with their remov
al to givo thcmO months longer to prepare
for their journey. By the treaty the cattle
and horses were to be surrendered and paid
for. Accordingly ihe Indian agent adver
tised tho Indinas to bring them in to be
sold on the days of Dec. 1st and Dec. 15th
Charles, tho head chief, assented to the
measure but others determined to die arms
in hand on tho soil of their forefathers.
Hicks, the successor of Nairn Malhla, had
been shot some time previous for too great
subservience to the white men. Nino
warriors now entered the council, and dis
charged nine bullets in the heart of Charles,
his successor, far the Eame cause. Louis,
nppoinicu in ins piui-u, "wviiiiiiim i
take no steps fur his removal. The sel-i
tiers in that neighborhood uro chiefly
Oliier M. Whipple; ilie l.owell Bleacliprv ; I- an
nel mitU; Caul and Whip I' aeioi y ; I'lan.n? A n
chine; Keel Machine J liii-t an.l baiv .Uills-lo-i.
... ' !.;, ,,!,, ,1 MO hands, ami a capital of
im- iiri l 1 1 1 1 " .
lit rdtiiicn, whose cattle grazo in tho pine
woods. Nunansville, where their women
and children nro collected. '25 miles from
Tnllahasso, on the mall rout thence to St
Augustine, Canloment Rrook, or Camp
King, whore 5 companies of U. S. troop
are, not however 150 in nunibor, is CO
miles south of tin?, near Orange Lake on
the banks of tho Ohawaha, the principal
tributary or the Sf Johns. Pcnsacola,
where orders had been sent for reinforce
menls, is 103 miles distant from this.
- "" uiumuui s-, uru iiiuuiiioii aim
urmen io mo tcetii. jjach bavin" a pair of
,,,,,i, , , , , ,'
pistols and double birrell'd gun, and a rifle
between every two. The horses are of
various kinds, some prancing steeds, some
email inuian ponoys or mules. The men
are good marksmen, but lotally unacquain-
I tCU Wit I manoeuvre? Mudlln ti'l
furnish 200. Tho whole force mustered
Will. It IS thiiltrrhl fimnnnl l Pflfl mm,
Tim Seniinulcs reckon 5000 warriors, in
c,U(J'n2 tIlc llcSrn mixtures.
Ilcnling Room? wHhaul tonad or coal.
There is nothing even in this day of in
ventions with which we have been more
pleased, than a ileal lutlo affair recently
invented, and now fur sale in this city
for healing rooms wil limit tho aid of wood
or coal. The apparatus to which we -efer,
consiiHof a lamp, a boiler, and a radiator
or stove1 They are so constructed as to
produce any required degree of'hcat, mere
ly by burning the steam of rum, whisky, or
any other ardent spirit. The steam is
generated in the boiler by the heat of the
lamp, and is forced through blow pipes in
to the radiator or stove, where it heats a
current of air which is made to pass thro'
it. The boiler, tfith the pipes attached to
it by the aid of a self-acting blow pipe,
the power of which is one of the greatest
known to art, is in this apparatus made lo
... ...,, . atmn&nhrp n cpll
"B io prmiuee great heat at a trifling ex-
portable, and is indeed a very pretlv orna
ment not unfit for a centre table. It occu
pies not more than a square fool, & weighs
about twenty pounds. A company has
been formed for the manufacture of "these
articles. We witnessed one of them a few
days ago. The quantity of heat sent forth
was attnnlshing. Thev arc accompanied
wiui no aanger,
We shall sneak nirain of
this neat, ireful and economical invention.
jY. Y. Trans.
Oj"TIic members of Ihe IJuxF.r. Engine
Co. are requested to meet at Howard's to
morrow evening, at 0 o'clock, fur the trans
action nf business,
In Iltinlimjlonon llie Ilih insl Mrs Lucinda wife
of jIr Ceoiije Small, aged 43,
rBlHNDKRS his complimeiits lo Ins old
JL cu.-tomers and the public and rc-pect.
fully informs them thai In; shall return lo
Burlington about the middle of March,
when he will be happy to attend to any
orders in his line.
.Vio York Jan. 1030.
FTNUIA ItfJIilillR Al'RONS-Ladies'
D. and Children's sizes; and India Rubber
Cloth Over Shoes. Just rcceivi-d by
Burlington Jan. 2J, IU3G.
Dislrict of Chillendi'ii ,-s. (
The Honorable the l'rnbale Court within
-,Q l(, cri.dlor- ulhcrs cn1 d
and for the District of Chtttenrlrn
, Ulc Ci.late , ixiuda,, Allen lale of
WillKion in said District, deceased.
Whereas tho Atlmiuisirator di; bnnis non
of said deceased, has made application lo
this Court, to extend the tune IiiiiiIimI for
making payment of the debts of said tie-cea-ed,
twelve months from this date, and
the 6 day of February next, being assign
ed for a hearing in the promise, at I ho
Office of thu Register of lhn Court, and
it having been ordered that notice thereof
be given, by publishing this decree three
weeks successively in tho Free Press a
news paper pruned at Jiurlington, before
Ihe time fixed for iiearin".
Therefore, you aro hereby notified, lo
appear before said Court, at'lhe lime ami
placo aforesaid, then and there, to make
objection if any you have, to the said time
of payment being further extended as a
foresaid. Gicn under my hand at Williston this
101b dav of January A. D 1D;JC.
GEO. Ii. MANSER, Itchier.
Mulberry Seed.
IEPA few pounds of tho genuine While
Jlulborry Seed, warranted to be last year's
gimvuj, lureaiu ui ims umce.
THE Lectures I o Medical Students in
this institution will begin on the 9ih
day of .Marcn, 183G, and conliiiuo fourleen
weeks. Lectures on Naiural Philosophy
and Chemistry will be given by Prof. G.
W. JiKM-.mci ; on General mid Special
Anatomy, on Physiology, on Pathological
Anatomy and on Suriierv. bv Prof. K. R
I'iiei.p ; on Theory and Practice of Medi
cine, on .Materia Mndica and Phniinacy,
and on Obsletricks, by Prof. Josupii
Fees for all the course orLeclurcs giO ;
charge for contingent expense-- i2; gradu
ation fee gl5. G. W. BENEDICT.
Dean if the Medical Family.
fc-The North Siai, Montpeher Watch
man.Mnlono Palladium, Montreal Gazette
Franklin Journal, Rutland Herald, Jien.
nington Gazette, and llraltlebnro Phoenix,
will give the above four insertions and
send Uillsi io G. W. lir.t;nicr.
HAVE this day received a lew bales.
aa I' .'A .n nn nv.s ..r .,,
quality. liucl;sUiii iMiltups nml Moccasins,
Wadding, JWorroceo nhucs, Kid taudals,
Turlington Jan. '3G.
of the ursscnt Vol. of
.AM) L.tlllCs' AMU MIT!
Devoted lo Ihe disicminnlion if Usrful
A'niiwlcdgc. llislor'ual, liiwfraphiail and
J'iciiliouo Ivrilnv'S, la Aimis, Jiloral
Readings Sentiment, Urit, and Poetry.
Eight quarto pages, at $1, in advance.
The present Proprietors of tho Gem ond
Ladles' slmukl have procured new type,
and design lo innkc the cighlh volume slill
more worthy the palronago of those who
have so long sustained it. Without ma
king any very high pretensions, wo shall
endeavor lo offer sufficient inducements to
htornry men in t Ii is region of country, to
make our columns, in part at least, the
medium of their communications lo the
public, at the same time that, a fostering
earc will be extended to youthful and na
tive genius. If no more successful than
our predecessors, we shall bo able, as they
have b?cn, to occupy a reasonable propor
tion of each number with original matter.
In making selection, wo shall aim al
culling the chnicrst nernassian flowers from
modern writers and standard works, as
well as pieces in prose of a useful and en
tertaining character. One point we wish
to havo distinctly understood! Njithing ol
a sectarian or controversial kind will find
admittance so far as ordinary care can
guurd against it. Each number shall con
tain at least one story or lale, and in this
department we shall generally havo regard
to a good prnctical moral, as well as exci.
sing incidents.
As to the permanency of the work we
have no fears. There are paying subscri
bers enough to support it, and we have
had too much experience) in such inatteri
to drain off our life blood by sending Ion"
to those who never pay Tho terms will
be the same as for the last volume One
dollar to mail subscribers, One dollar fifij
cents to those in the city who have it icfl
at their doors in advance.
Any person who may obtain five subscri
bers, and remit five dollars, in odvancs
free of postage, shall receive six capics,
Any person who shall remit us ten Hol
lars, in advance, free of postage, shall re
ceive twelve copies and one bound volume
at tho ond of thu year.
No subscriptions received for less than
ouo year.
The volumno will commence with the 2d
Saturday in January, l".iG, and contain 2G
numbers, !J pages each, including title page
and index. SIIEPARD& STRONG.
Handles, in "reat variety and large
quantities, for halo low, wholesale and
retail. WOOD & ABBOTT.
Sace Your Swingle Tow.
quantity wauled immediately,
uebk bv AunofT Wood Si Co.
THE rooms over our Siore formerly oc
cupied by J. Maeck Esq.
Dec 25. LYMAN fli GULilJ.
TALES of the PEERAGE and the
PEASANTRY. Edited by Lady
aDcre, 2 volumes. For sale by
Sept 33 Smith & U xr.muxoMfe.
BY an aei ..I llie Legislature of the
Sute ol Ve'iiiniii. passed at Ihe last
session thereof, Ezra MecHi, Jabez Penni
man. Samuel ilickok. E. T. Englesbv,
Alvan Fonlo, Sidney Barlow, and Sion E.
Howard, and iheir associates, were incor
porated for the purpose of manufacturing
Cotton and Woollen Goods within the
County of Chillenden. The said corpora
lion have fixed the capital slock of said
Company for the lime being at $73,000.
and have divided the same into 750 shares
of S 1 00 each.
The undersigned, appointed a commillce
lo obtain subscriptions lo the capital slock
of said company ugreeable to the by-laws
thereof, hereby give nclice that they havo
opened a book for receiving subscriptions
lo said stock, and that any person desiring
io sub.-enbe lo ihe same may have an op
ponunity lo do so, by calling on Samuel
Hirkok, al the store of Hickuk & Catlin.
Hi Burlington, where the book for that
purpo.-o will be kept open until all of taid
shares aro taken, The persons mcorpo
rated above, have not procured said act of
incorporaiion for their own exclusive ben
efit, but from a belief that such an invest
ment of capital is neccssarv lo place the
agrioul'tiral interest of the County of Chit
tenden on a par with other counties of the
ttate where manufactories have been cslalr
li-hed, and from a persuasion that such an
investment would be equally safe nnd more
productive than the slock of any Bank
wiHim ibis Stale, ond add a proportionate
value lo every acre of land within thu
County. The' principal cause of tho de
pression oflhc agricultural interest in this
section of tho hints is. that no portion of
our citizens aro Mric.ly consumers ol agri
cultural protlucts all are growers; of
course there is no sufficient market for a
considerable class of theso products, which
in nlhcr parts of llie country afford lo the
farmer a great source of profii. To eslab
lish and put into successful operation the
above branches of manufactures requires
a large amount of capital, such ns is not
within tho power of any small number of
individuals in this county to furnish, such
an amount ns can only be raised by thu
united contribution:) of all who can spare
thcsumofiOO from their ordinary busi
ness. And as the limners of our county
have now an opportunity not only to make
a safe and profitable investment of their
money, but to add to the value of their
farms, it is expected with confidence that
I hey will liberally aid in this undertaking,
and that every citizen of the county will
perceive I fmt Ins own interest and the in
terest of the county will be promoled by
hi cn-operntmn,
Uurl'iugUm, Jan. lit h. 'M.
1 ons, which will bo sold us low
packed in Sound Barruls. as can
bu purchased of our neighbors in bulk,
no charge for Canks.
Juii, 7. Hicuok & Catlln.
10,000 Whlto Oak Staves.
5000 Asl1 do'
Apply to, IhcitoK & Cati.is.
Jan. 7.
3000 lb Clover Seed for sale uy
Jan. 7. Hickok & Catmv.
For Sale.
J or 3 Single Sleighs, by
Morse & Lownr.
Painters of Sleighs. &c. C. St. Jan 7.
Cash! Cash!
WE wish you; if you owe us, to call &
settb immediately. We want Mo
ney and must have it.
January. 7.
moving hair Irom the face, neck and
arms of Ladies, without injury to the skin.
Atkinson's Curling Fluid, which will keep
the hair in curl whilst dancing or in damp
wcalhor. Imperial Dye for changing hair
to brown or black. Oils and other propo
rtions, to make tho hair grow on bald
heads: to produce eye brows and whiskers.
Milk of Roses for removing freckles and
tan, and to prevent the face from being
rough. For sale at the Variety Shop, by
Panguorp & BniNsMAin.
Bank Stock For Sale.
TWENTY SHARES of the Capital
Stock of the Bank of Uurlinglon, be
longing to the estate of the late Nathaniel
Nuwcl, will be sold at public auction, at
Howard's Hotel, on Monday the 4th day of
January next, at 2 o'clock P. M.
EZRA MUlMJH, Administrator,
Slielbtirnc, Dec. 19th 1035.
Window Glass.
Z.ilflk Hnxes Glass, 3 qualities to wit:
ft W 1st Lake Duninoro
2nd Salisbury
3d Argqle.
Various sizes, manufactured at Salisbury
Vt. iust received bv
mi".-. r xff T f.'l' n " l
J.J'. 11 . IJ. O I llUll U.
Burlington Dec. IClh 1(135.
J- ORILLARD'S Macaboy and Scotch
Siiufi'. do Chcwmg and Smoking To
baeco at Factory Prices.
T. F. & W. L. STRONG.
Iron, Nails, Steel.
TONS, manufactured Iron con
sisting of a complete assortment of
Round and Square, Band and Hoop,
Shoe Shape, iSjc.
Tons Foreign Iron, such as English
tire, all sizes', Swcndes, Russia. Old
and New Sable, Russia nail Rods,
Braquins Rods.
500 Setts waggon, cart, carriage & coach
Boxes. Hollow ware, of every de
scription. 10,000 Pounds German, Spring Swccds.
Cast and English blistered Steel,
50 Tons Cut Nails assorted from 3 to CO.
Potash ond Cauldron Ketteles,
Cost Iron Ploughs. .
Brass Kettles &c. &c. which make a
complete assortment of Ironmongery
and which will be sold on as favorable
terms as can be obtained at any estab
lishment hi the Stale.
Dec. tC. IC35. T. K. fiW. L. STRONG.
rTALL H s I KA lifts, havo just relumed
JLJ from New York with a Fresh supply of
Winter IjooUs, wliicli tlicy will sell low lor
cash, as they were recently purchased at re
duced prices. Wo invito purchasers lo call
and cxainino our extensive assortmont of
Fashionable, Dry Coods; consisting in part
of French Mamio, plain and figurud Cir
cassians, Bomb-izetls, a large assortment of
Dark Prints; plain figured, and plain Silks of
all colors and qualities, plain and figured Sal.
ins, French Bombazini!, buck Beaver, & red
Gloves, Ladies lined Gloves, mareno and cot
Ion Hosiery, blaek and red Marcno Shawls,
chally and imitation Shawls anu Handkcr
chiefs, taffeta Satin, Lulcstriii and Gango
Ribbons, silk Velvets, bombazine and satin
Stocks. An assoitmeut of Clolhs Cassimers
and Veslings, C, ti8, 1.4 linen Diapers 4 1.4
Irish Linens, eoloored Cambrics. Lace and
Engins Ladies down sleeves, cotton Wadding,
Wicking elc.
Church si. Dee. 21. 1!335.
Lint Seed Oil,
For sale by
T. F & W. L, STRONG,
Deo. 1C, 1335.
GO Chests, Hyson, Hyson Skin, Young
llyson and houchong Teas.
Sugars, Spices, Tobacco, Rico,
Molasses, Liquors. Wines, Herrings
Raisins, Starch, Indigo, Sal-uiratus.
Ginger, dried. Currants, Almonds,
Filberts, lirazill nuts. etc. etc,
For sale cheap, by
T. F. St W. L. STOjYG.
Dec. 10, 1835.
DTI UK Lessees and ilobtorsjof tho town of
-JL Burlington will take notico that their
rents and interest will become due on first day
of January next. Punctual payment is expec
ted. without further notice.
Burlington, Dec. 17, 1C35. Treasurer.
A LAD of about ICyoars of ago, who has
been in a sloro sufficiently to bo already
well acquainted with business may una a situ
ation advantageously calculated for coniple
ting his mercantilo education, by applying to
Burlington, Dec. 17, 1C35.
Lyman & Cole
Havo now a few doz. of extra sea Ot.
ler, Seal and imitation Fur Cups; &
also mens hair Seal Cups, largobizes.
Asiiiull quantity uf spruco Shingles.
Burlington Dec 25. 1(135
4 N elegant assortment of Diamond, Jet,
x. Pearl, Topaz., Emerald, Amethyst
Cornelian, Gold and olhi'r fine P I N S
nUUACHES and RIXOS, just received
ui uio variety Hiiop.
I'.l.NUllOU.N & BlU.VSM.Wl).
TinUE Copartner-hip heretofore existing
JL belwcru the siibsciibors under ihe firm
of II. W. Potwin & Co. is this day dis
solved by mutual agreement.
Jan. 7. '30. J. S. POT WIN.
N. B. All notes and accunuls due the
latu firm will bo adjusted at the old stand
where tho subscribers have commenced bu
siness under the firm of liATitnup&Poi win,
TUS'P received, by stage, somo Watches,
tj? and very extra plated Spoons; also, silk
l!,jot Lacings, and steel shoo Ornainciils,
All who wish for a good article of plated
Spoons, can be accommodated at tho Variety
Shop, by .''axriioiin Brinsmaiii.
nnilE subsciihcr having closed his incrcan
JL llln business, rcntiests nil persons' in
debted to him on boot- to cclllo by tho first
of January, and all whoso .notes are now due
lo pay them immediately. Thuso who neglect
Ibis cull will find their notes and accoun's with
an attorney for collection.
IJec. 15. 18J5. Jj. liUUAIlS.
)NE Case new patterned fur lined Shoes
1 '' Itob Roy Shawls. Just re
ceived by H. VV. POTWIN i CO.
Dec. II. 1(135.
LAMP Oil ot a good quality for sain at
Dec. 10, 1035
Worsted blond Lace.
Large quantity just received at
Dec. 10.183511
Tons oftvhite western Plaster,
UI 0 ground and in bulk.
30 Pons of Novascntia do in Bulk.
For sale cheap for cash, by
Dec. 0, 1835.
Farmers can supply themselves bv find
ing their own casks, which will be a saving
nf 2 per ton.
December 11, 1835.
pKCl'IVED a ncnv ripply of Fancy
a7& Goods, such ns. Embroidered Thihr"
Cashmere and chally Shawls; Splendid
Figured Bnnticlt Sat tins; Brown and Ma
roon cold French Merinos; Merino Shawls:
Salisbury Flannels; India" Rubbor Aprr.ns;
merino t rimmings; lionnctt and Cap Rib
Uurlinglon. '
UTHEIt LOOM IS has just received
and offers for saloni hi" store in E-sex.
a large assortment of G O O D S. Th'n-e
wishing to purchase may save both tune
and money by giving him n call, as thi
goods' will be sold uncommonly Cheap
November 4, I8J5.
Champlain Transportation Co.
The stockholders of the Champlain Tiaiih-
portalion Company aro hereby notified, that
tho annual meeting for tho purpose of choes.
ing Ditectots for tho ensuing vcar, will bu
holdeu at tho Hotel of John Howard in Bur
lington, on Thursday tho Till January A. D,
1SJ3G, al ono o'clock P. M.
By order of I ho Directors,
Burlington 21st Dec. 1835.
By tho author of Pclham, Eugene
ram, England and the English, &c. For
8alcby Smith & II uiiumitos.
t (rrunvCORN BROOMS, just left
3t for galc at HOWARD'S.
Nov. 17, '35.
PjpUlK highest price in Cash will be paid
JL for Sheep's Pelts, by
Pearl st., Burlington,
Sent. 11. 1835.
Important Information !
to rr.r.soNs Ai fLU'Tini with niu ioulowing
s c it a v r. y,
Festering Eiuptions,
Pimpled Faces
Sors Eyes
Soro Legs,
Scald Heads
Vennrcal Taints-,
Salt KliiMim
Si, Anthony's Fire,
Key. Sores, oven when
tho biines are affected
While Swellings
Violent Eruptions af
ter inoazles.
when mere, has failed
and all disorders arising from an impure ttatc
of thu Blood and Huniurs ma assured that
Dii nr. I, FES
continue unrivalled I'ur tho Prcvuntiuii, Kt-lir
and Cuto of thi'scromplauils. In proof of
wlncli reail tlie lollotwug :
U Uimttrfcabletcureiof a catc of 12 years
.....j.- r...Tf..-:'r'i u..
aiuft,t(r,. liA.idbu, u lail ..'ii - .,y 11'J
U'liir-h liffnrn rllflTnt InIrHil.n n Imnin,, l,,nl,
is no w' entirelyj'hcalidVu'p, (after resisting
every other appliuationffor, 12 years!) Pre
vious to taking ydurRelfo' llntanical Drops,
I had given up all liogjTof relief.
Jlnodi'r Cute. An ngnul writes "Thoro
is a person takiugjthojJJotnnital Drops, m-i-denliy
with the groatest advantage" Hede.
elates, lo uso hisovvn words, " It is doing
wonders for him," a'ndftns it wore, 'suatchin"
nun Irom tlio grave
Numerous instances have occurred where
persons wero pining away n miserable exist
ence, nothing Ihcy could procure affording
them a permanent ruhef, until they had made
use ol llio above invaluablo .Medicine.
Thuy are alto llio best spring and autumnal
pliysic. I'rico .Jl.or Ii hollies lor hvu dollars,
uumvhics' iifciieiiY ion
One of tho most thorough remedies known
for this troublesoniu coniplu.nt. It has moro
perfectly answered the purposo for which it
is intended than any other now in common
ase, and affords immediate and permanent re.
litf, both from tho disorder iltolf, and ils
accompanying symloms ol juiin in the loins
verligo, hcadachjass if ajipctilciiidigcstion, and
other marks of debility.
U"I'riee$l fur both articles Ointment &
Electury or 50 cents when but ouo only is
For Comforters,
UST Ittceivcd at Howards 15001b. Oood
('ntuinon Cotton Batting.
Rcc. lTth. !!Jj,
A 13
"ST Irfiniit Oiler Cups, Seal t-hit) Caps, lit
fl-tho Variety hh"i.
Dec. 25. 1835.
JVew Firm.
'p II E subscribers having Inrmcd a c
J. pariiii'r.-hip in business in thu name
nnd gt tb nf
and having purchased thu entire slock of
goods nf li. W. Potwin & Co.. will con
tinue the murcanlilu business nt the old
stand rcecnlly occupied by ihcm in all s
various branches.
Having made arrangements to rrccivc
supplies of goods at all limes of the season
carefully selected ed by one of the linn,
they intend that iheir store shall nt all
limes be stocked with Ihe chulccsl selections-nf
rich, fashionable, fann and staple
Ditv (ioous the market affords.
They have n full and complete assort rneut
of family Groceries, such as Imperial, Old
and Young Hy-on, Hymn Skin, P nichong,
Souchong nnd Bohcn Ti.as loaf, lump and
brown Sl"ri;hs; Pepper, Spice, Ginger,
Cloves, Mace, Nutmegs. Salmrutus, Cur
rents, Prunes, Citrons, Box and Keg Rai
sins, &c.
They have also in conncclion ono of the
first Drugg &. Medical establishments in
this part of the country, to whichJdrparN
inent tho most particular attention will at
all times bu given. Phisicians may at all
times bo supplied with any article in the
above line on the most reasonable terms.
Gidkon LM-nnop,
II. W. Potwi.v.
Burlington. Jan. 15. 1 030.
rjniir, members of llio Burlington Firo
annual meeting ofsaid Company will be hold,
cn at J. Howard's Hotel, on tho fourth Wed
nesday, the 27ttl H.1V nPM.Itillfirt' inel.nl
seven o'clock in tho afternoon, for the pur
pose 01 cnoosing ten Wardens, a Clerk and
Trnn km rpr. nml Cnp Irqn.anlmn oil I....:
ti.ii.ub UU11-, UUP1"
ness required by the chatter and laws of said
The TrtiKlens rn-nrrfitiilfiti, ilir. mnmt.i..a r
the Company, and of Ihu sevoial Engine Com-
I'uuii-s, anu Lnu iiuusuiiDioors oi mo village,
that, during the past j'fi.ir. not a single buifd
in,' lias been dcslroved bv firn. u'iililn tl.o llm.
its of the Company. The cry of firu hai
several limes been hoard on cur streets, but
Ihe nrotntit alleiiflani'ii uf nnr Twm,. nn,.
panics, and Ihe viilnifr ol'tlns company and
of our ctliZPiisM-ctiLr:illy, havo o.tinuishcd
tlia"lilllc in.iltcr"hL'fort!"airrcat liie hud been
kindled."' All thn nbirnis nl' llm I, ..,
have h';ard, the past year hive enmiiioiiccd
and continued with "innrn sini.I.- il,.,,. r.r '
and ended as they should do, a mere cxcile-
S'nen llip Inst nrinnnl monlmn. n,..nL.
of subscribers havo been added, "as members
lo nils company, ami several liberal donations
have been received from benevolent individtf
al. .Moro than $.'00 has been raised by vol
notary subscripliun lo construct cisterns and
Wcl Is. fur till! 11(1 nf tills r-mnniwn, niwl ll,
accommodation of the pubhrk. a part of which
t i i. -i , .1
lias .tiruniiy ueen cvpi'iiueii lur llie-e urposi's,
TJicrcrenl nnlinnal fiilarmii' hv H... . il,n
city ol'.X, York, whore CT4 lencmunls and
iiu,iuiiy io inu vaiue oi i-i million.-, ol dollars
Wt'fC CUItStltnefl. Ill lllf! slinrl sint nTI r. 1.,,,.
SIIOr,l:S Vr.llllllf, rirnlllinti Inn.tn... n.l .
1'"- "i"u luvrwj lUIIUUllllJ
miml.and warns the most unwary to take caro
Tim Trllsli'nn flnptn it nnt n trnfri, t,nn in nt
tribute the quiet eniovmunt nf the firesides nf
mny ni our citizens in too well organization
of our Engine companies and tlio viilcneu uf
tins company, but much remains yet lo bo
mine, i lino ,nr now niiiv uu ini inlinry n
I hi sci.mpany, while there are about 300 Iioiim -
iiuiuits in i iiu vhi.i'ju' 1110 company need
fund, but thev need the aid of individual ev-
crtious, as well as funds. A cause so trcncr.il
deserves goneiul encniinigciiii'rit; ami the
Trustees airain call upno tivery housclinldcr
in the village lo attend the meeting and join
Ihecompany Burlington expects every man
will do his duly.
By order of iho Wardens
January .J, lfJ3t!.
Vonnont Conlral Railiload.
raIlE uudersiL'iiud i nuiunssioners uf ihe
Jk. Vermoiil Central Bail Il'-atl Companv,
will meet al tin; lun of .Million Coitrill. i'n
Monipi'hcr. on the Clh day of Jauujrv next,
2oVloi I;, P. M. The bnnl.s for sub.-eriplinn
lo the capital stork of said Comnanv will !,
opened at thu same placo on llio Tib day of
January ncM. at '2 u lock, 1'. M. and at -ueh
other places on llie Monday following as the
coinnii-sioiiers liny al tint timo see lit to
direct. Decembers, 1U35.
John N. Pout r.nr.
Tisiotiiv 1'oLLiir
John I'fci;,
LcniFa LonMi?,
icriiFit l.on.Mi?,
r 1 1 N Si'UI.liio, J
Uio : IIliii'.vkii,
. P. Miiikr. )
John Si
Ti.mo :
AlH'l.ii's IiL'.ui!. Chelsea.
Ciic-tfi; Bwitr, Shi: 'on,
Lewis Llm an, llatlfoici.
T"The books ol subscripuon to tn, ahnye
stock will be onc.icd at the Bank ol .Mont
poher on and lur sixly days alier Munda
Ihe 10:!i m-t. Imin 10 o'clock. A. M. lo
1 o'clock P. M. and at the I'jrnier's nnd
Mechanics' Bank in Burlingiop, nt tho
Bank uf Orange County, Chelsea at C.
Bailor's store in Sharon, and at Lewis
Lmau's store in Hartford, during Km
same period and the same hours ol'tlie day.
January fl 1!!J0
j'kr-Kk D31IIE Place known by iho
'ialno of the Eldndge Place.
iIII'lW c""ll"ni forty acres of goud
SH'nSSii valuable hind, has on it a large
two tuny House, two good b.uns. n cow
hniisf, a corn hniise. and other nut Imtiscs
both necessary nnd convenient. This pluco
is wellicalculalcd for a tavern ilatid, situ
ti'd onitliefTnain road from Burlington to
Wilhstorpand about two miles from iho
College. Tho locality and situation of
the place, render it a desirable stand for
any, one who may wish to purchase. The
terms shall be innde known by calling on.
thesub-criber, WILLIAM WHITE.
Burlincton, Jan. lith, "30.
100 Plain nnd double milled Blankets for
sale bv IIAI.I Sc ST:.'I RJYS
rjIIE Sub-criber. having piircuased thu
.S. EnlireSinck nf Conds belnngiti" tu
lale firm of Ham. & Stkarms, will coi
linuo the Business 111 nil ils branches, at
Hie former Sloro, whero ho Solicr.i tho,
'Raironagii nf lurmer Cii-ipmers, and Pur
charury Lenvrally. Ptcan call and osam
Church, St Jan. 4, ISUii.

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