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London manufactured Furs.
iiii:iiia squirrel I nil lions,
Black Lynx do
Grey t-qmrrul Capos,
Black Lynx do
Brown Marlin do
Swnnsdown and fur CufTs
Russin Creamers
Men's Fur lined Beaver Gloves,
Ladies' do do
Just locrivod und fur aln by
Dec. 10. lllCKO K k CA TLLY.
Canada Bags.
500 Canada l!az for sale liy
Dec. 10. 1035.
FRUIT, &c.
i i ..i. i -
v 20 Uci's Ma ana do.
10 Frail.s Ahnninla,
5 do Brazil Nuts,
5 do Filberts,
30 do Figs,
30 boxes Pipes,
5 do prepared Cocoa
5 do Chocolate
20 do Si arch
do sperm
2000 lbs. assorted Confectionary,
Genoa Citron, I'Jnirlisti Currants Sic.
Dec, 0, '35. J. &. J. II. PI-CK &. Co.
IVE inns d ry White Lead,
nn " do ground in oil,
Frcncli Yellow, Venetian Red
Spanish Bruwn, Whiting,
Glue and Sand Paper
10 bin)-', winter si rained Sperm Oil,
10 bbls. Linseed Oil,
10 " Spirits Turpentine
Dec. 9. '3.V J. .1. II. PUCK. &Co.
TLOOO heps Nails, assoitcd
J50 do ISriids do
20 do Wrought Nails, do
3 tow: Hand Iron, from U to 4 in.
15 do Hound do. J to 3 in.
,G do square lo. to 2i in.
5 do scroll do.
C do llorso shoo do
3 do Peru do.
Foreign Iron,
10 tons rcu;;li!li Iron, assorted
5 do Swedes do.
3 du N. Sablo Russia do.
4 do Old do do do
5 do Russia Nail Hods
150 pairs Cutter and sleigh Shoes
2000 His. assorted cast steel,
1000 lbs. German do
3000 lbs. Swedes do
1000 Ihs. F.nglisli Blister do
400(1 His. spring do
100 doz. Hoise Hasps.
Dee. 9. .1. fc J II. l'FCK k CO.
Teas, Sugars, Rice, &c.
:r- elie.-ls. Ih-onsk 11.
Young llvson, and
Hyson Teas,
25 barrels St. Croix,
Portorico, and
N. Orlenni- Sonars,
10 do Lump and Loaf do
5 liercos Rice,
5 do SaleraliH,
20 bbds. Molasses
150 Malls Oa-sta
2 bbls. Cloves,
1 care Ciis-13 liuds,
15 kegs pure Ginger.
10 bags Pepper,
10 do Puu:ntn,
25 do Rio. Si. Domingo ami
Java Culler.
Dee. 9. '35 (& J. II. l'FCK & Co.
lloll. Swan. Gin,
St. Croix Rum,
15 bids. American Brandy,
15 " ill Gin,
10 " Mfirycillcs Madeira Wine,
5 " Malaga do
Sicilv. Madeira, pain & brown Sherry,
Old Port and Madeira Wine.
Dec 9, '35 J. &. J. II. l'FCK & Co.
Lorillar(l'.s.SnuH'& Tobacco.
10 barrel Maecoboy,
2 " Scotch,
Chewing Tobacco,
Smoking do.
&. J. II. PFCK &.CO.
Dec. 9.
HAS now received the whole of In
Fall stock of Goods, and rcquesti
all purchasers lo call ami examine u very
e.xleiMve slock of
Dry Goofcs
The following lia coinprlses a few of the
leading articles :
Black, green, invisible do. salmon, crim
ton and marroon col'd French Jl rinot
prinlcd Circatiians plain do, ol all col
ors black, blue, green, brown, pink, purple
and scarlet Silk VP.WPFStttu do Nap
Gro lb- Rhino, Poult de Soio and Italian
SILKS, of nil colors mid qualities the
ino-t extensive a-sortment of rich dark
PRLYTS he ha ever offered, from 1 1 to
3!! els 4, 5 nnd G-4 wliitu bob't LACES,
Quilling nnd LMging do. men's superior
lit-avcr, Kid, Buck .t WorsicdGXOKS.
Ludies' dimes, of every fdes'cnption
0, 7. It. &. 10 4 while, red and lilacli'WAc.'iiio
SUAIVLS rich cmbr. Challyjf Thibet
lieavv Ilernani. (!ro do Nup, & till, miislit
Dress IIDK'FS.ITas vsunl, the tnosn
extensive stock of bonnet, cap, lu-tring,
sallin. "aiize and talleta II 1 IS IS U Jf S
dnmnsk. bro. linen, cotton and worsted
TAliLE CO V IMS--blk. blue, inv. green
steel mixt, olive, adlnule and claret ISIIO
CLOTHS sup. Buckskin, imperial cords
lilain and London rnixt Cassimeres domes
tic Cottons, Bleached it brown do. white,
green nnd Scarlet FLAAIYELS ; Baiting
and Wadding ; gonlshair, imitation, and
common CAJiILE I S ; fiipcrline and emu
mnn Irish Linens ; linen camb. arid silk
Iltlkfs. ; worsted, merino, &, cotton How ;
Rufsia Diapers and lowellingsj glaze;
Cambrics and Muslins, of all colors. T
ll...l,'. Hit 9.1. If!3r,.
STCliurch tt. oppo. Pungborn St Brinsmnid(
WRjIlK subscribers have just received anil
W, oiler for sain, cheap fur cash or approv
cd eredil, tlm following articles:
SOOO bushels Solar Salt,
3000 do Lisbon do
COO barrels fino At,
11,00 " extra superfine FLOUR
500 " common do
75 " fino do
50 llhds. New Rum,
40 chests Hyson, llysonskin and
Young Hyson Tea
20 kegs Tobacco
10 boxes do
10 bags Cofl'eo,
10 " Spico
0 " Pepper
25 kegs Kaisins,
lid boxes do
20 hhds. Molasses.
1000 lbs. Lnar Sugar
25 kegs Salcralus
50 casks Lamp Oil,
10 boxes bar Soap
0 do Murines
35 kits Mackerel
20 bbls. do
20 half barrels Salmoa
20 boxes Starch
20 do Pipes
50 qlls.Cod Fish
ringlish IRON, Hat and round, all slice.
Russia Iron, (Old Sable,)
American fiat and round Iron, all sizes.
Hand Iron Horn l.j to G inches widu
Hoop Iron and Nail Rods
Cast, German, English B. and Am. Slcol
Spring Steel,
Brass Kettles
Shovels, Spade! and manure Forka
Waggon Arms and Boxes,
Cros'-cul anil Al ill Saws
Tared and White Rigging,
Solo and Upper Leather
!;00 kens Nails. from3d. toGOd.
Floor Brads, kc. jHB&
together with many other articles not cnume
rated, I ho abote goods will bo sold at
small advance for cash or approved credit, or
will be exchanged lor live, I orn.Oals fir I'uih
The subscribers will pay cash at all liir.es
for lieavv I'UKK, CUHN, II Hi or UA I
delivered at the stone store. Old Dock.
Burlington, .Vor. 25, lti35.
-u ill tie Mini oh
' by llie piece.
"ITJJAVr. received an addition lo their Stock
U.JL ol Winter Goods comprising ,i genera
assortment of French, German and UnoliIi
merinos ol the most desirable colors,
(jcrinan and huglisli Goals hair Camblcts;
Imitation do
Brocliclla, Princctta, Crape, and Ladic.
Camlets fur Ladies Cloaks:
Black, While, and Scarlet Merino Shawlsj
Valcntia and Cotton do
Hob Hoy Shawls a comfortable and fashion
able article lur winter:
IJiiinbazincs, Boinbazcls, C'crcassiani and
Moiccii'; j
Merino, Worsted and Silk Hosiery;
rcmbroidcred lil.ii'k and While SMk do
Beacr. Morse Skin, Kid and Berlin Glovest
trill- i i. t i ,,., . 1
aim i.uiuroiucieo ano i ick nn i; uo
liroadelolhs, Cassimeres. and Vcstings,
Itieh Dark Lnglisli Calicoes;
Twilled and Slially do
Muslins, Cambrieks. and Ginslianisi
Ulond Kdging; Bobbenetle Laeo, Fooling and
li Fcrting;
Muslin Needle worked Capes and Collars
Laco do
Slially, Thibet and Mcrnar.e Ilkfs. & ShawL
I lannels, liaizes. Batting, Wadding. &c.
A great as-orlment ol' colored and fiL'urtd
o:ll. . li . . i ,
oiij.k n, r liuiiiieiv auo urusscs;
Super I'.l.ick. and lilue lllaek do
Ulue Hlack Fig. Poult de Soie;
do While, do Very Rich,
Rich Printed Slially, a beautiful article for
1. veiling I)rcssc;
Heavy Floor and Stair Carpeting;
Floor Cloths, Hugs, Ilinding, ie.
Cotton Carpeting, a cheap article;
OnoCasn ofwhilo and col. Cotton Thread:
in lb. Hundles;
One Case of Wliiio do in 100 skn. Hundles
(Juo do Spoul l In cad.
Knitting Cotton, Cul. Worsted, Hug Worsted
Crucls, ac,
Bleached Cotton Sheeting and Shirting,
Lawrence Itrown Super Cotton cheating.
A I arse quantity Cotton Sheeting and Tick
ing ly tho bale, piece or yard,
lirown and Bleached Twilled Cottons,
A lew Cases of Low priced Prints,
Otter, Seal and .Muskral Capes and Collars,
Buffalo Roues,
Meichants can bo supplied with Cottons,
Pick, I .ow priced Prints, Thread, t'c. at New
York Prices.
Dec 4.
rjO persons MilTering from R H J U M
A I I U UUMfUIrt lb. V'o the
1 ldil.tr of the EnrwirerHlTTOn the urin
oplo inculcated byfiiTgireBt'atfd't'ood )r
Franklin, to ilifiiignSyldelyr as .possible
every means n n lilritouripbwer lo mitignti'
or sullen the alllicttona .orsunerins human.
Hy, 1 feci it incumbenton me to make
known through tlieroe'ditwi of your ii-elm
paper, that on rca'dfng therein an adver
tisement of Dr. Jcbb'siLiniincut, lor the
cure of RIIKUMATISMPI was forcibly
impressed with n bf jlentbal it wascalcula
led to remove lho scverulRliciiin.ilic ull'cc
linn to which I had bernTor seven or eighi
years subjected, snine times almost depriv
lug me ol Hie use ol my liuilis. 1 accor
dingly procured a bottle, and before 1 had
need the whole ot it, louiul vnry sensible
reliel. I ins increased my cotilidonce in It,
and led mo to obtain another bottle. Ilm
use of which baa completely removed tho
swellings and pains of my limb', together
uiih the cramp, and restored them to their
wonted vigor. 1 am res peclluily yours,
Gf.o. Tavi.oii, jr.
Ihmpslcd. L. I. Jllarih 21.
Persons stmeriug from the nbove com
Painis. and in despair of a cure from the
failure of lho various remedies they hnvo!
used, arc inviicu lo malic trial ol tins long
celebrated medicine, which has in years
past cured and relieved, as it is now doing,
thousands who had despaired of relief,
ioiniii!i u in n lair mai can "ive an uea ot
. i . ,
Us unrivalled excellence. It is nKo one o(
lho best applications known fur stiffness of
ihejoinls, numbness, sprains and chilblains.
Price 50 cents.
ITJ'Noni) ore genuine unless signed T.
KIDDP.R. on Ihewrapper. hole ,ropri,tar
and successor lo Dr. Cu.mvav.1 by whnm
thev are fur sale at his counting room, No.1
99 Court street, Boston, and by hi special
nppoiiUmcnt, by J. & J. 11. PUCK & Co
U S T R F. C HI V H D, a general
sortinenl of
Tens, Fish,
Sugars, Salt.
Cnfieo, Nails,
Spices, Glass,
Liquors, Flour,
&c. &c.
For sale cheap for cash or untry produce.
IS V, i. LA INI-..
Burlington. Oct. 15, 1G35.
That valuable piece of Ileal
Ihlalc, situated on the corner of
Main and Water streets, known
as tin1 BunoKS. place, is now of
fered lor sale. There are on tho premises
nrge and cirninnili.MH I) V ELI.IA'G
HOUSE, I1AKERY, Rami, Out build-
iugs, Fruit Trees, syc. and their location,
directly at the head of thu New Wharf,
renders tins one of tho most desirable
pieces of real estate in town. But the
present proprietor having lull this part of
tho eountrv, it will bo sold at a bargain,
and the term.- of pavment mnde ensy.
Apply i'o P. Doiu.n-ii.K.
V.k W. L. STIIONG iio.vhavothj
Q pleasure of offering lo llioso who aie
desirous of finding the mnsl comfort and eco.i
omy attainable in llio uso of stoves, n larger,
more eomplcle, and cheaper assor'menl of tlm
article, than lias ever been ollered in tins re
gion of country. Wu respectfully invito all
ihnso who wi-h to view the degree of perfec
tion now attained, as well ai llnno who wisli
to purchase, to call and examine theso stoves.
The assortment consists ol
Parkcr's'Palcnt Prophesy' Cooking,4 sizes
Stanley s Kolary Vop, do 5 do
Parker's Gourd nl.ilo do
do Flat back do
Couant's palleri:, (or Back Kitchen.)
Canada and Scotch plate Box, 5 sizes,
Parlour Sieves, a new and splendid
arlklc, 3 sizes,
together wilh Box Stoves of various kinds.
suitable I'ut chinches, stores, offices, simps,
school houses', five aero lots, kc. kc. PIPE
on hand, and all kiudsof stove TRlMMl.YGii
made lo order.
Burlington, Pepl. fl. 035.
r p II lb Suuli'ls Ml pel lor In any III ng yet
JL known tor removing that iroubb .-nine
di.-easi', the Catarrh, and ulto.a Cold in
the head, a nil the Headache. It opriisand
purges out all obstructions, sirengtlieiis the
glaudi, and gives a free healthy action to
the parts affected. It is perfectly free from
any thing deletcnoiii in Us composition--lii
:i plen.-anl tlavor, and Us inimediale el
feet, after being used, is agreeable. Price
50 its per bottle.
JilarslhtlTs lri-'i table Indian
Tins Pinisli r is unrivalled lor curing
Scrofulous Swellings, Scurvy Sores, Lame
Hick, Fre-li Wounds, Vain,- in the Sides,
Hips and Limb- ; ami .-ehlnin fails lo give
relleflll all local Rhciinnill-ms ; it is equal
if nut Mipeiior to any Corn Piaster lor
Coins on the feel. If applied lo the Side
it mil euro, many ot lho common Liver
complaints, and if applied to the neel; in
-enson will cure the Quinsv. The virtues
of the Plai-ter havo been witnessed by
thousand, of 1 lie miM res peclablo individ
uals in the States of Vermont and New
York, who have tested its efficacy. 7Vitc
'5 its per hoc. None genuine unless sign
ed by John ,Wttrsliall, in ins own baud
witting, on llie wrapper.
UJ'.Snhl Whole-ale and Retail by the
Proprietor, CllARLF.S BOW FN. Mid
dlebury, Vl. ; also by .1. &, J. II. Puck &
Ao., II. W. Potwi.v if Co., and Wood Jy
Tin: si'iilyc field Finn ix
SLri:.h l CO.MPA.YV, in-ure on
l!iemot lavorablu terms. Dwelling IIoiim
Stores, and other buildings, Furniture,&.
Merehandizo of every description, agaui-i
loss or damage by tiro. Application for
insurance will receive immediate attention.
ai3 SSTTS.
i' or Sale.
TTN Willistnn, Vermont, One Acre and
El halfof Land, with a Inrgo brick Store,
Duelling. house Tnylor-shop. Slore house
and large convenient Out buildings, being
ihe premises now occupied by Fullur &
Morion in the village of Willislon, and one
of I he, best stands for business in this part
of tho Onto. Al.so abinil thirty acres ol
r.xci:i.i,i:NT .umvixn land,
fronting the turnpike, mid near the Acade
my. Also Otio hundred ucres of land
called life AUGUR F A R M seventy
ucres of winch is under improvement, anil
in good slate of cultivation, with n Sii".ir
Orchard of 250 trees, and un ()relinril"ol
excellent Fruit. Ai.so. Forty Acres with
a guod orchard of iiboul 75 apple, trccb on
aI.I iier..n.niltiir,i!il.irn At... II
v --r'-- '" "oe ueie
it, occupied lor pasture.
w,lh n bl"a11 "OUSh upon the same,
Ai.so 10 Acres ol laud in Bolton, a ImuiI
r"IL' ul wl,lcl! V""''r '"'liroveiiient.
i Apply to A. .1. I ULLIJR, Willicton.
' MtV ""'r' rilurlinglon.
nmE. caps.
rUR Caps und Fur CULLERS, ju
L received and for tale, cheap, by
Oct. 27. P. DOOLITTLE.
. IUm
J 1 1 1 tJtl
npilF. Firm of ABBOTT k WOOD, was
.u. on mo no oi August oy niuiuai cuiisuiu
dissolved. Persons having demands against
said firm nro requested lo present them for
payment) and all demands duo said firm are
called for without delay. Persons wishing foi
settlement, are requested lo call at tho Hard,
waro storo of Wood k Abbott,
Burlington, Sept. 10, lt!35.
WTnrc subscribers havo formed a connexion
yi, under tho linn and slylo of Abbott,
Food & Co. and will continue lo inantilac-
at the 1'urnituro Waro Mciis-j lalolv occupied
by Abbott and Wood, OABINF.T I'MHNI
TURi: and CHAIRS ofovcry kind adapted
to this market. Their constant intercourse
with New York ennblos them to obtain at all
times tli c latest fashions ; and Mr. Pangbnrn,
on whom tho eliargo of tho business will linn
cipally devolve, will uso every exeitiou lo
sustain tho reputation of tho old establishment
for suncrior workmanship. Their prices Ihey
will warrant lo bo lower than furniture of
equal quality can bo purchased at in tho city
ol iew iorl;. Terms ol payment macoeay
Purchasers are respectfully invited lo call.
Dll. Jn.SA. MiiOlll:'-
11 spruce of aifc.
A valuablo Medicine, which ifriL'hlly applied
will bo the means of saving thousands
from an untimely grave.
Tft has been sold unci u-cd for thirty years,
u. wild great success, .and found very cllica
ciolls in the fiillowing di-ea'-es, viz,('onuinp
lion. Whooping Coughs, common Coughs,
Colds, difficult Brcrillimg, lulluunza, Quinsy,
Asthma, PhthiMc, Spilling of llloo.l, Flalu
leney, ludieslmu l.nnsenc-s of the Bowels,
Fili nf eveiy kind, Cramps, Rickets, Colic,
Catarrh, Dysentery, Fainting, I lypochondri.
ae Alleeliuns, I lead-aehes, sickness ni ftiorn.
ach, Measles, a prevenlnre of Contagious
Diseases, Colli and lllieuinalisin,
Qj'l'his INseiiuu answers a valuable pur-
po-e in almost every e.T-o ol (icmniy; nnu
Ihcre arc but few, if ar.y d s. ac-, which do
not ari-u from that source. H may be given
to either sex, and at any peiiod, if w. ukness j
prevail; lho composition being entirely do-
riven Irom thu vegelaoio ciiiguom. ioui.ti.rji;.
ivliooping.cough may be cured in a week, it
taken at tho commencement of the di-c:.se.
D e for an adult, forty drops, taken clear, re.
pealed once in two hours, in urgent cases ; a
child 8 years old. 20; one year old, 10, given
in a labia spoonful of milk. The best ui'ido
of giving lho diops lo infants is in a little
hrinstnulk. But respect must be paid to t lie
age and eonstii ulioti of the patient, for soinu
will boar double llie quantity thai others will
tlio better way is to begin with small du-es
and increase as the paiienl m.iy require. The
follottiii" are a few nf more than a thousand
"The undersigned, ministers of tho gospel
in the county of Windham, Termont, know
ing the efficacy of Dl. Jonathan Mooie's Ks
sence uf Life, liavmg used it our-clvcs in our
families, consider it a valuable composition ;
particularly efficious and useful in removing
complaints of the lungs d indeed a sale 1
and rc-torativc medicine in llie various cisea
ses named in the Doctor's accompanying label
and do most elieerfully recommend its general
use, believing it well worthy tbo paliuiiugo
of lho public." Oct- 9. IIIJU.
Signed by Ilnsoa Becl.lcy, Dummcrston
Syhcstcr Sage, Wcstmin.-ler ; Jed. L. Stark,
Bratlleburo' ; F.lisha D. Andiows, Putney;
Chandler Bales, l'hiletus Clark'
'I, Stephen H. Bradley, of Westminster,
Vermont, do certify that I havo for some lime
li 'on well arquaintcd wilh lho good effects
of Dr. Jonathan Moore's Fssci.ee of Life, in
my own family and others, and can reeoni
nn nd it to be an extremely safe and U'el'ul
family .Medicine, in colds, coughs, and all dis
orders of Ihe lungs and breast ; in llie whoop
ing cough and all spasmodic complaints;
and m ike no doubt that Ihe citizens of Amer
ica would deiive great benefit from a more
gciier.il use of the samo. Being poisonally
aiqiiainlcd with Dr. Moore, and finding him
to be a di-creel and well informed man, I can
not but hope he w.ll meet wilh due encuur
ageinent. Stci'UU.v II. BiiAULhv.
Tho subscriber hereby certifies tint lie has
for more than three years p:i-t frequently,
! cases of roughs, ob5trubtious upon Ihe
lungs and difficulty of breathing, experienced
the happy and salutary ell'ecl.s of the use of
Dr. Jonathan Moore's Fsscucc of Life, and
has witnessed the samo in others, ami verily
believes it to be the most salutary and effiea.
cious medicine. Piiixcas Wiiitf.
"Wo lho undersigned Physicians, who have
proved tlm efficacy of Dr, Jonathan .Moore's
1,-sence oI'Lifn, conceive it our duly to pat
ronize thu medicine, and lire of opinion (hat
if cenerally used, it will bcol public utility
Siznid Abel Duncan, Samuel Sic
Duuiinersliin ; Jonathan Badger, Wm. Town.
Westminster ; C W. Chandler; Ahrani llol.
land, Walpole : Nathan Stone. Newfano;
("Iriiles BUI.e, Keene ; Prctcoll Hall, Clics
leifield, The above medicine is prepar
ed bv 1 1 FN 111' SBYMOUR, of lladloy, Mass.
fioin the original ri iipe, by the direction ol'
said Moore, and sold by him and tho princi
pal Druggists in the IJin.rd Stales.
Tlii s may certify to all whom Jl may con
cern, that I the subscriber, lesiding in Dudley
Massachusetts, have made an improvement
in the incdicino inyeiili'.l by me, and ilciinni
inaled Dr. Jonathan Monro's Fsscucc of Life,
and have eoiiiinunicaled llu recipu to Henry
Seymour of said Hadley, and to him iiulv.
Tho United Stales is full of lho sophisticated
article, nod this is lo givu notice to the
pub'ie, that il'lhcy waul the genuino l.ssdiiee
of Life, they must apply to said So.wiiour or
Ilis agents, unit bo particular lo inquire lor
Ihal prepared by Henry Seymour.
Sept. 0. IU.JJ. " Dr. J. Miiuiu:,
ITSold, wholosalo and retail, byj. &J.II.
l'FCK k eo. Burlington, wholesale agents
for the stale of Vermont.
ijj DOOI.I l "PLI-j lias just received an
. . e.xien-ivu a -orl nifiit of
Dry Goods,
Dry Groceries,
Crockery, and
Glass Ware,
Those who w ish lo purchaso liroadelolhs,
Cassimeres, llnglish Merinos and Circos
bians, are requested to call and examine
his Goods, us good bargains will be ollered.
27th Oct. 1035.
, , t I
rpV. Coparincrship cxi-iing tiiiilcr the
Jl Iin Hai.i. c: S ixains, is us day
f. i...t ,.. .,.. no, I Consent. Pits olis I '
'- j . ,, ;t n
having demands against tlin sa d fim nro
r. qocscM ... in..M. . ... ... ... ... ,
And all Persons indebled o said firm ttlll
make payment lo Peter Hall, without do-
I I... la Tiill,, niillwir.od III sollll! tllU I
.) , , .a in, j v ' .,
Jil me. j
( II. Sn:.MiNS.
Burlington Dec. 30. 1035
TImFj the subscribers, having been ap
Yr pr.inted by tlm Ilonurnhh! lho Pro
bale Court for the District of Chittenden,
commissioners lo receive, examine and ad
just the chimin and demands ol'a1! persons
against the eslato of Jonas Brooks, Into of gros-ly imposed upon by spurious imitations
Claramoiit, Siihvan County, State of NewLf this composition. They arc made by
Hampshire, deceased, represented insolvent, various persons in their own names, and by
and also nil claims and demands cxiiioi'eo
in ofi'-el thereto; and six months from the
day of the dale hereof, being rllowed by
s.i'd Court for that purpose, v e do there
fore hereby give notice, that we will at
tend to the business o( our appointment, at
the dwelling of Thompson Beaches, in
Westfnrd, in said District, on the third
Wednesday uf April and nn thothird Wed
nesday of May next, at 10 o'clock, A. M.,
on each of said days,
Dated, this 20 day of November, A. D.
1 135.
Aza.vaii Lki;,
f-2. II YD IE & CO. ,
MA V H just received I'oin N "V-York
an extrusive assortment "f
&e. .Sic- &c.
.';' 30L U1.15
"TVrLW GOOD S A m w aasorimeut
JLl cnnsislA of"ifc
embracing n great variety fur tale on the
be-l terms, by
Sept. 21. HICKOK &. CATL1N.
--j,- p
.jj 'J
Cash paid for Flax
li. & c.
!,,.! black Seal do d.
Common brown du iin
Dark Hair Seal do
a good article. For sale on terms to please
purchasers, by
Oct. 15. WM. I. SFjYMOUR.
Caps made to order.
Fur Caps, Collars, Dobs, &c.
OwN'L' case Seal and Otter Caps,
V l Seal and Russia Cuann skins
1 " Caprs. Boas, kc.
Oct. 20.
on iii.ds.
n i:
. Hum. 20 hhds.
For sale by
J. f: J. II. 'PI'.CK
7! .11 AS jo-t received IV nn N' W York r.n
JUL cxil-iisivo assortment ol Now Good.-Consi-ting
Which will De sold Ch-np for Cash.
llurhnzlon .Yniimbcr r,th l!!,15.
buxca (Niaiiip'ain,
rem, nnd
Jeneo Window
100 do Bedford,
S.iranac, and
Crown Gi.a.-s.
Dec. 0. '35. J. & J. II. PKCK & CO.
Y77T.STF.I1N and 7'iov Flour cnuslantU
V on hand, by .1 & J II l'FCK Co.
.31 iai d Irom the sub-en
her, iibnnt the I st o( Mm
Lsl, o llirce tian old baij
marc CO LI, wnh Ion
llowing mane and Ion
I n II. Any liilorinalloii in
relation to said colt, Ci iiiiiiuniealrd lo tin
sub-rrib.'r, or at the Free Pre.-- Office, wil
be liberally paid lor. ORRIN UVA'.D.
Clurklle, Ocl. 30, 1035.
Cure for 'tho ifcll,
eOWI.VF.lt invcterali! in one hour's ap,
plication, and no (lunger ol'lakiog cold,
by using Dumfries Itch Ointment. This pie
paraiiou, lor pleasantness, safely, expedition
ease and certainly, stands unrivalled for tin
euro ol mis iroiiiucsouie complaint. 11 is so
rapid as well ascertain in its operation! a-li
cure Ibis dis.igiceable disorder ino-t efi'ecli.aih
in uno hour's application only, ll does not
contain lliu loa-i particle ol mercury or oihui
danger. nis ingredient, and may be applic
with perleet s.iluty by pregnant women or
lo children at the breast. Price 37t cent
box, wilh ampledireeliiius.
nil, Ru.is's ANI-1MMOUS FILLS.
For iiidigesliun, los ol'appetite, listless
iie-s, C'o.tivencss, Flatulence, Cliolie, Bihuus
alliTlioiis, ,V;e. 'I'o ciiiiiinenl on lho i llieaey
ol'lliese 1'ills after a siiciessful experienco ol
many years in llngland and America lias
etablishcd their reputation, is needless ; Suf
liico it to ob-ervo thai for redundancy ol bile,
llatuleneu, co-liveness, licadaehe, ka. they
will iiiidonbledly prove Car more service
able than those drastic purges loo Ircniicullv
employed, mid will not only lend at thu same
lo lemovo lliu nUendlug eauso by gculle
motions and slicngtliuu the digeslun organs
but iinprovu the appetito and reuovulu the
wsiem. I'rieii 50 ccnls,
'I'hu relief is nnuiediate, without the least
injury to the teeth. Price 50 cents a box.
fur nek headache, ie. Price 50 cents.
dr'Nono aie genuine unless tigncd T
KIDDFB, no tho wrapper, (sole proprietor
and sucassor to Dr Cumviv,) by whom they
are for sale, at Ins Counting Room, No. 09,
Court slit. Bustuu, and by his snecial appoint -menl,
by J.S J. 11. l'FCK Co.
1 Hhds. P. R. Molasses.
10 Ghcbts Hyson Skin 7'ea fur sale by
Fee. 21. HA L L &. S TEA HA'S.
i;iiL:.ncAiii:.u muocation.
lAl I H liLill O I I 111; Uliu I mil,
oi'Onr.UJOC.-Tatla ofthounly
rllc K,n'.' nrL. ' . .
let Hoc thai tun ceruiicaic oi tne iaic
nr. MllclcI, I,,!,,. JJ. f the city of New
y 0) lhl) fjlJl, lllrc(.Uon paper.
2jT t ,nv llamu tlaln )cj lho
. ,
... .
3d I hat the retail price is not less titan
"7 ccnls n bottle, all others arc but base
fijliricai inn.
The above may be considered as infalli
ble, in biur.es, sprains, rheumatism, flings
of insects, vegetable poisons, cramp, &c.
&c. &c. In a word, in all cases uf external
The public have been frequently most
pedlars scaitered an over inc r.ouniry.
They have nothing but their cheapness to
recommend them, being as useless as so
much colored spirit, nnd so long as they arc
purchased they will continue lo be manu
factured. It is the nnbbc therefore who
are to blame, and not the makers and
should Ibis slate of tilings continue, the
best medicine in Ihe world will he in the
situation of a first ralo hank, whnscnotes
an- one titid nil refused in consequence of
the great number of ils counterfeits. If
the first article had nut become celebrated,
l here would have been no imitations. In
dependant uf this, there is a constant rival
ship ninong the host of imitators, each stri
ving in undermine the other. The worst
and clieanesl materials have been necessa
rily employed, until they have nothing but
the name left lo reeoriiinend. The original
article on the contrary, has never varied
either in quality or price, and is and ever
bus been in every respect, quite a dlfj';rcut
ar licit from any of the imitations.
To Consumers. The true article is the
cheapest in the end. Remember that lho'
prudence may be a desirable virtue, yet
t Iin t the saving of a few cents in a phial of
medii me is Inn a pitiful economy, and may
load to wor.-e consequences than thclo-3
ol ninni'V. therefore lor your own interest
nnd comfort, purclm-e n .1 a single buttle in
I'm lire, which has nut I he tests above de
To Cnuntrij Trailers Dca'ers in medi
cine will tintl more profit on the sales than
on an of i he unit at inns, besides having the
in isfaciinii ol'selling lo their customers the
gciiiiii.e nr'ieie.
Sold by nil the principal druggi-l in the
II. S. u li" also keep for sale the VOLA
years celt muted hi cnsi ol ca'arrh, head"
urhe. diMinr-s, limne-s o1' eyesight, drow-
sine-s biwness of spirit.-. hypochondria, ner
vous ui nkness, iVc. Il is must Iragrint
and grntriui lo the smeti. being composed
principally Irom root.- mid aromatic herbs.
It is ali-nliilely nece-sary for those who
watch wilh or visit the sick, being an ex
cellent prevention of contagion Recom
inended by Dr. Wiiierlmiisr, late Prof, of
the theory and practice of Physic in Har-
ard l iuversitv. Sold in llurlinslon by
.. .S- .. . PECK, Co.
Priie 50 lit. 25 il.t. march 71 v
JLa have, Irom lhnr extraordinary success
in giving iii-tunl relief, and in curing colds,
coughs, a-llimas, difficulty of breaihing, whec
zing. Il'litpe-s of the ehe-t. pain in I he side,
spiltid.' of blood, chills ami shiverings tli.it.
precede fevers and lung complaints generally 1
becomo one of the unist popular medicides
known, and are sought al'ler from every part
nl'th" country, on account of Ihe astonishing
eiiece-s that lias altedded their administration
in ibo above complaints, frequently curing
the most obstinate cases, and giving tho most
uni-xpe. ted relief, al'ler every other remedy
had l'uiod, and persons had given themselves
up in de-pair uf a care! 'I'hey hate been
known lo cure persons supposed to be far
gone in consumption, and exhibiting all tho
il'pearancu of approacomg i'i--olulion. And
sin h ha'e been Ihe saluliry c fie els uf llicso
Pills, even in hopelc-'-. rn-rs, ns so far to miti
gate the sufferings of the d.ilicnl, as evidently
to proiong lifu fur even days and weeks, and
give lo it a positive comfort they never ex
pected to enjoy. The operation of the pills is
wonderful in ejting re-piralion, quieting thu
cough, and procuring comfortable rest.
Common eclds are fuiqucnlly removed in a
few hours.
iLi" Although (save a person speaking of
the-u pilN) in V wife has Iried various incdi.
chins of the first celebrity fur an asthmatic
dilfi. ulty or allVclion of the lungs, which at
Unit' was exccedingiy distressing, confining
ncr lo bur house for days oud weeks together,
she finds nothing girr her the relief which
Rilfit .hlhmnitc Pills do! casing her :espi
lion, puieting her cough, and giving her
comlortable rest." And leis is the testimony
of li n ii (I r d or thousands. The relief which
ngfii" people, as well as others, experience from
the u-e of theso pills is truly astonishing, and
renders them invaluable to many, and are in
fad lo some an essential cu.xiliary to their
coml'oit and almost lo llicir existence! A
physician informs thu proprietor that a gen.
tteinaa in the couuiry observed lo him, ha
had leas. in to believa lho o-e of theso pills bad
been the ini-ins of saving his life. Price
whulc box, 30 pills $1 ; lull'do. 12 pills 50 els.
Dir .ti v n i i: s' i: y r. w a t v. u,
for soro or iiitlamed etes, Nolhii).' "ives
sudi iminedialc and comlnitablu relief, On
recent soro eyes the ellt'cl is most salutary.
Where the complaint has bucn of years stand
ing, and in some exceedingly bad cases, tho
most unexpected and desirublo reliel'has been
found in the use of Ibis Fyo Waler after every
other remedy hud failed, Persons who havo
Used il pronounce it without hesitation the
best preiarataii for these complaints ihey havo
.it er met Willi. Price. 2.1 cents a brittle, 2
ClO.MliS, elegant pattern- , silver Head
Bands; Table, 'Pea, Dcsarl. Cream,
Mu-tard, Sail. Snip and Cnllec SPOO.S'S,
plain & claw Sugar Tongs ; liutler Knives,
Pickle Firlcs, Iruit and pocket fruit Knives,
some with silver and pearl handles i silver
Nursing Tubes. Collin Plates , Letter
Seals, Siinll' Boxes, Vignetts, Plaques and
broaches ; silver lop bottles of smelling
sails; silver tooth picks; and numeroui
other articles in their line, lur sale at tho
Variety Shop, by
L Silversmiths
Corn Brooms
For sale by HALL St STEARAS.
Dee. 21, 1 035.

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