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rjHH highest price In Cash will bo paid
JL for Sheep's Pells, bv
I'earl St., Burlington, i
Sept. 11. inn...
) CORN BROOMS, just lef
V for sale ut HOWARD'S.
Nov. 17, '35.
White Oak Staves.
Asli do.
Apply lo, HtcicoK & Cati.in.
Jan. 7.
3000ib- Clover Seed for salo ny
Jan. 7. HirKOK & Uatm".
For ISalc.
or 3 Single Sleighs, by
Painters of Sleight-to. C. St Jan 7.
Cash! Cash!
WE wish you; if you owe us, to call &
BOtth immediately. We want Mo
ncy and must liave it.
l'AMiiion.N & Ur.tNSMAin.
January. 7.
moving bair Irnni the face, neck and
arms of Ladies, without injury lo the skin.
Atkinson's Curling Fluid, which will keep
the hair in curl whilst dancing or in damp
weather. Imperial Dye for changing l.air
to brown or black. Oils and other prepa
ration!), to make the hair grow on bald
heads: to produce eye brows and whiskers.
Milk of Roses for removing freckles and
Ian, and lo prevent I ho face from being
fough. For tale at the Variety Shop, by
I'AivonnnN & llniNSMAin.
Window Glass.
AUrf7 Boxes GIbss. 3 qualities to wit:
4t99 P 1st Lnko Dunmoro
2nd Salisbury
3d Arg(lc.
Various sizes, manufactured at Salisbury
Vt. just received bv
T.F. k W. li. STRONG.
Burlington Deo. IGlh V.'.i:.
LORILLARD'S Macaboy and Scotch
Snufl". do Chewing and Smoking To
bacco nl Faotorv Friers.
T. F fc W. L. STRONG.
Iron, Nails, Steel.
Jtik TONS, manufactured Iron con-
"'sisllng of n coinpleti! assortment nl
Round and Square, Band an J Hoop,
Shoe Shapes, &c.
20 Tons Foreign lion, Mich as English
I ire, nil .sizes. Svtcedcs, Russia. Old
nnd New Sable, Russia nail Rods,
Brnquins Rods
400 Setts waggon, cart, carriage & coach
Boxes. Hollow ware, of every de
scription. 10,000 Founds Gciman, Spring Swceds.
Cast and English blistered Steel,
0 Tons Cut Nails assorted from 3 to CO.
Potash and Cauldron Kclleles,
Cast Iron Ploughs,
Brass Kettles &c. etc. which make a
complete at-nriincnt of Ironmongery
mill which will be sold on ns favorable
terms as can he obinitied nl any estab
hshmopl in the Stale.
t)cc. IC. 1035. T. F. fcW. L. STRONG.
HALL & STEARNS, have just returned
from New York with a Fresh supply of
Winter Goods, which llicy will sell low for
cash, as they wero recently purchased at re--duccd
piiccs. Wo invite purchasers to call
nd cxamino our extensive assortment of
Fashionable. Dry Goods; consisting in part
of French Marenos, plain and figored Cir
cassians, Bombazctls, a large assortment of
Dark Prints; plain figured, and plain Silks of
all colors and qualities, plain and ligurcd Sat.
ins, French Bombazine, buck Beaver, ft red
Gloves, Ladies lined Gloves marcno and cot.
1nn IIoiory, black and red Marcno Shawls,
clially and imitation Shawls and Handkcr
chiefs, taffeta Saliu. Lutestring and Gauge
Itibbnns, silk Velvets, bombazine and satin
Stocks. An asoilmcnt of Cloths Cassimers
nnd Vesting?, G, US, 1.4 linen Diapers 4 1.4
Irish Linens, eoluured Cambrics. Lace and
Kngins Ladies down sleeves, cotton Wadding,
Wicking etc.
Church si. Dec. 21. 1035.
Lint Seed Oil,
For sale by
Dpi;. Ifi. 1D35.
CO Chests, Hyson, Hyson Skin, Young
Hyson anil Soucimng Teas.
Sugars, Spices, Tobacco, Rice,
Molasses, Liquors, Wines, Herrings
Raisins, Starch, Indigo. Sal-mratus.
Ginger, dried. Currants, Almonds,
Filberts. Brazill nuts. etc. etc,
For sale cheap, by
r. f. if w.l. stoxg.
Dec. 10. 1035.
MT1MB Lessees and debtors'of tho town of
X. llorliogton will tike notieo that their
rents and interest will become duo on first day
of January next, l'unctual payment is expec
ted wilhoul fiiithcr notice.
Burlington. Dec. 17, 1035. Treasurer,
A LAD of about 1ft years of ago, who has
been in a storo sufficiently to bo already
well acquainted with business may nnd a situ
ation advantageously calculated for complc
ling his mercanlilo education, by applying to
s. i;. iiuwAitu
Burlington. Dee. 17. 1035.
Lvmnn & Colo
avc now a lew unz. oi extra tea ui
ter, Seal and mutation Fur Caps; &
also mens hair Seal Cain, largcuzes.
Asmall quantity of spruce Shingles,
nrlington Dec 25. 1035
AN elegant assortment of Diamond, Jut,
PcnrT, Topaz, Emerald, Amethyst,
Cornelian, Gobi nnd oilier fine P I N S,
JIROA CUES and RINGS, just received
.at the Vaneiy Shop.
Pa.t.ijuju Si Bhi.s.maid.
London manufactured Furs.
ftttut'.uiA Mjtiirrcl tail Boas,
fei Black Lynx do
Grey squirrel Capes,
Black Lynx do
Brown Martin do
Swnusdown nnd fur Cuffs
Russia Creamers
Men's Fur lined Beaver Gloves,
Ladies' do do
Just leccived and for pale by
Canada Bags.
500 Canada Hags for sale bv
Dec. 10, 1035.
FRUIT, &c.
a(Th(fh boxes bunch Raisins,
20 kegs Malaga do,
10 Frails Almonds,
5 do Brazil Nuls,
5 do Filberts,
30 do Figs,
30 boxes Pipes,
5 do prepared Cocoa
5 do Chocolate
20 do Starch
25 do Soap
20 do Caudles
5 do do sperm
SO do Herring
2000 lbs. assorted Confectionary,
Genoa Citron, English Currants, Sic.
Dec. 9. '35. J. & .1. H. PECK &. Co.
FIVE tons dry White Lend,
2 do ground in oil.
French Yellow, Venetian Red
Spanish Brown, Whiting,
Glue and Sand Paper
10 hhds. winter strained Sperm Oil,
10 bbls. Linseed Oil.
10 " Spirits Turpentine
Dec. 9. '35. J. $ J- IL PECK. &Co.
1000 kegs Nails, assollcd
150 do Brads do
20 do Wrought Nails, do
3 tons Hand Iron, from l.j to 4 in.
15 do Round do. i lo 3 in.
C do square do. jj to 21 in.
5 do scroll do.
G do Ilorso shoo do
3 do Peru do.
Foreign Iron,
10 tons English Iron, assorted
5 do Swedes do.
3 do N. Sable Russia do.
4 do Old do do do
5 do Russia Nail Rods
150 pairs Cutler and sleigh Shoes
2000 lbs. assorted cast steel,
1000 lbs. German do
3000 lbs. Swedes do
1000 lbs. English Blister do
4000 lbs. spring do
100 doz. Iloise Rasps.
Dec. 9. J. & J. II. PECK k CO
Teas, Sugars, Rice, Sec.
chests HysoRskui,
Young llvson, ami
Hyson Tens,
25 barrels St. Croix,
Porlorico, and
N. Orleans Sugars,
10 do Lump and Lual' do
5 tierces Rice,
5 do Salcratus,
20 hhds. Molasses
,150 Malts Cassia
2 bbls. Cloves.
1 case Cassia Buds,
15 kegs pure Ginger.
10 bags Pepper,
10 do Pinnnln,
25 do Rio. St. Domingo and
Java Coffee.
Dee. 9. '35 J. & J. II. PECK & Co.
1 1 o II. Swan. Gin,
St. Croix Rum,
15 bbls. American Brandy,
15 " do Gin,
10 " Marseilles Madeira Wine,
5 " Malaga do
Sicily, Madeira, pale & brown Sherry,
Old Port nud Madeira Wines.
Dec 9, '35 J. & J. 11. PECK &. Co.
Lorillard's SnuH'&, Tobacco.
10 barrels Maccoboy,
2 " Scotch,
20 " Chewing Tobicco,
25 " Smoking do.
Dec. 9. J. & J. II. PECK & CO.
HAS now received the whole of his
Fall stock of Goods, and requests
all purchasers to call and examine a very
oxtensivc htnek of
Bra? oo'0s
The following list comprises a few of the
.eadiog articles :
Black, green, invisible do.salmon, crim
son and inarrnon col'd French Jltrinns
printed Circassians plain do. nl' all col
ors black, blue, green, brown, pink, purple
olid scarlet Silk VELVETS Gtn d.; Nap
Gro de Rhine, Poult de Soie and Italian
SILKS, of all colors nnd qualities the
mot oxleiibive assortment of rich dark
PRINTS he has ever offered, from 1 1 lo
3ff cts 4, 5 and G-4 white bob't LACES.
Quilling and Edging do. men's superior
Beaver, Kid, Buck Worsted CLOVES.
Ladies' Gloves, of every description
0. 7. R. & 10 4 white, red and black Merino
SHAWLS rich cmbr. Chally, Thibet,
heavy Ilernani. Gro de Nap, & silk inuslil
Dress IIDK'FS. TTas usual, the mosn
extensive stock of bonnet, cap, lustring,
satiiu, gauze and taffeta RIMiONS--damask,
brn. linen, cotton and worsted
TAIILE COVERS blk, blue, inv. green
steel nnxl, olive, ndlaldc nnd claret II RO.
CLO'TIISsup. Buckskin, imperial cords,
plain and London inixt Cassimeres domes.
tic Cottons, Bleached & brown do. white,
green and scarlet pLAJyJyKLS ; Batting
and Wadding ; goalshnir, imitation, and
common CAMLETS ; superfine and com
mon Irhh Linens ; linen canib, nnd silk
.(MA. ; worbled, merino, & col ton Hose;
RiitMii Diapers and Towellings ; glusx"
Gainuncs. and iMoalius, ot all colors.
Hurlin"ton, Oil. 23, lf!3j.
ILyChurch st. uppo. Pungboiii &. Briiisinnid
HE subscribers have just received and
olfcr for salo, cheap for cash or approv
ed credit, tho following articles:.
SOOO bushels Solar Salt,
3000 do Lisbon da
GOO barrels flno do
IB00 extra superfine FLOUR
500 " common do
75 " fine do
50 Hhds. New Rum,
40chosls Hyson, Hysonskin and
Young Hyson Tea
20 kegs Tobacco
10 boxes do
10 bags Codec,
10 " Spico
0 " Pepper
25 kegs Raisins,
M0 boxes do
20 hhds. Molasses.
1000 lbs. Loaf Sugar
25 kegs Salcratus
50 casks Lamp Oil,
10 boxes bar Soap
0 do Hcirings
35 kits Mackerel
20 bbls. do
20 halfbarrcls Salmon
20 boxes Starch
20 do Pipes
50 qtls.Cod Fish
English IRON, flat and round, all sizes,
Russia Iron, (Old Sable,)
American flal and round Iron, all sizes.
Hand Iron fiom lo G inches wide
Hoop Iron and Nail Rods
Cast, German, English B. and Am. Steel
Spring Steel,
Brass Kettles
Shovels, Spades and inanuro Forks
Waggon Arms and Boxes,
Cross-cut and Mill Saws
Tared and White Rigging,
Solo and Upper Leather
1!00 kens Nails, from 3d. to GOd.
Floor Brads, &c.
together with many other articles not enume
rated, Tho above goods will be sold at a
small advance Tor cash or apptoved credit, or
will bo exchanged for Rye, Corn, Oats or Poik,
Tho subscribers will pav cash at all times
for hoavy PORK, CORN,' RYE or OATS,
delivered at the stone store. Old Dock.
Ilurlington, Nov. 25. 1035.
COL'D CAMBRICS will be sold low
by the piece. L. Ult S
AVE received an addition to llieir Stock
of Winter Goods comprising a general
assortment of French, German and English
merinos of the most desirable colors,
German and English Goats hair CamblcU;
Imitation do
Rrochclla, Princctla, Crape, and Ladies
Camlets for Ladies Cloaks:
Black, While, and Scarlet Merino Shawls;
Valcnlia and Cotton do
Rob Roy Shawls a comfortable and fashion
able articio for winter;
Bombazines, Bombazcts, Circassians and
Merino, Worsted and Silk Hosiery;
Embroidered Black and WhitoSilk do
Heaver, Horse Skin, Kid and Berlin Gloves;
Silk Embroidered and Pick nick do
Broadcloths, Caesiniercs, and Vestings,
Rich Dark English Calicoes;
Twilicd and Shally do
Muslins, Cambricks, and Ginghams;
Illond Edging; Bobbcnclle Lace, Footing and
Muslin Needle worked Capes and Collars;
Laco do
Shally.Thibet and Hcrnar.c Hkfs. k Shawls;
Flannels, Itaizcs, Hailing, Wadding. &e.
A great assortment of colored uud ligurcd
Silks for Bonnets and Dresses;
Super Black, and ISlue lilack do
Bluo Ulack Fig. Poult de Soie;
do While. do Very Rich,
Rich Fruited Shally, a beautiful article for
Evening Dresses
Heavy Floor and Stair Carpeting;
Floor Cloths, Rugs, Binding, 4-u.
Cotton Carpeting, a cheap article;
Ono Case of whilo and col. Cotton Threads
in lb. llundlo;
One Case of Wliilo do in 100 skn. Bundles,
Une do bpool I hrcad,
Knitting Cotton, Col. Worsted, Rug Worsted,
urucis, ive.
Bleached Cotlon Sheeting and Shirting,
Lawrence Brown Super Cotton Sheeting,
A large quantity Cotton Sheeting and Tick
ing by the bale, piece or yard.
Brown and Bleached Twilled Cottons,
A few Cases of Low priced I'rints,
Otter, Seal and Muskrat Capes and Collars,
Buffalo Roiibs.
Merchants can bo supplied with Cottons.
l icit, l.ow priced I'rints, j iircad, ic. at .cw
ork I'rices.
Dec. 4.
J M P O It T A N T
TIIO persons suffering from R II E U M
Editor of the Enquirer Sir, On the prin
ciple inculcated by the great and food Dr.
Franklin, to diffuse as widely ns possible
every means wiihin our power to mitigate
orsoitcn ttiu nmiciions ol sulloring human
ity, I leel il incumbent on mo to make
known through the medium of your u-eful
paper, that on ri'adiii! thercin'-ii aJver-
tiseiuentof Dr. Jebb's Liniment, for the
cure or RHEUMATISM, I was forcibly
impressed with n belief thai il was calcula
ted to remove tho severe Rheumatic alloc
lion to which I had been for seven or eight
years subjected, some tunes almost depriv
ing me of the use of my limb. accor
dingly procured n bottle, nud before 1 bad
used the whole uf it, found very tensiblo
relief. This increased my confidence in it,
and led ino to obtain another bottle. I ho
use of which lias completely removed the
swellings and pains of my lunbe, together
with the cramp, and reamed ihem lo their
wonicu vigor, i am respectfully yours,
G". Taylok, jr.
Ilcmpsted, L, I, March 24.
Persons suffering from Ihe nhoun ram
Paints, arid in despair of n cure from tho
failure of the various remedies they havu
used, are invited to make trial or this long
celebrated medicine, which has in years
pait cured and relieved, as il is now doing.
tlinusanUs who bad desnaired of relief.
Nothing but a fair trial can give an idea of
its unrivalled excellence. It ls nUo one of
the best upplicalinns known fin stiffness of
tlicjoinlH, numbness, sprains and chilblains
Price 50 cents.
w34)J Peru, and
Jerico Window Glass,
100 do Redford,
Saronac, am)
Crown Glass.
Dec. I". Jj. J. fi J. II. I'KCK & CO
Churchman's Calender and
Ecclesiastical Register for 103G.
Just received by
Smith Si IIahmmston.
January 27. 1C3G.
PDOOLITTLE has just received an
extensive aRui tniciit of
Dry Goods,
Dry Groceries,
Crockery. and
Glass Ware,
Those who wish to purchase Broadcloths,
Cassimeres, English Merinos and Circas
sians, nre requested to cnll and examine
his Goods, as good bargains will bo offered
27lh Oct. 1035.
Best black Seal
Common brown
Dark Hair Seal
a good article. For sole on terms to please
purchasers, by
Oct. 15. WiU. 1. SbVAIUUIt.
Caps made to order.
Fur Caps, "Collars, Uoas,&c.
ONE case Seal nnd Otter Cans,
1 " Seal and Russia Cuann skins
1 " Capes. Bon?, itc.
WESTEBN and 7Voy Flour constantly
on hand, by J Si J II PECK kCo
"""If. HYDE & CO.
HAVE just received from New-York
an extensive nssortmeiil of
sri&w a
....coNsisriivri oi.'...
&c. &c &c.
Sept. 30, lf!35.
NEW GOODS Anew assortment
consisting of
embracing a great variety for iale.on the
best terms, by
Sept. 24. IIICKOK &. CATLIN.
(TpN. 13. Cash paid lor Flax
SEED. II. & C.
That valuable piece of Real
EUnlc, r-ituatcil on the corner of
Main and Water streets, known
as the Brooks place, is now of
fered for salo. Thuro are on the premises
a large and commodious DWELLING
HOUSE, BAKERY. Earn. Out build
nigs, rruit Trees. iVc and their location,
directly nt the head of the New Wharf,
renders Uih one ol the most desirable
ninei.u nf nml nlnln in l.m-i. li.il ft. .
, tauii ... ........ j... i,i
nrcMjiil proprietor having left this part of
,,, it I i i . i
the country, il will bo sold at a bargain,
and tlio terms ol payment made easy.
Apply ,'o I Uooi.rrTi.F..
m f.
k W. L. STRONG no.v have the
J. lib'
nli-asuro ot ottering lo lhoo who nre
desirous of finding Ihu most comfort and ccon
omy attainable in tho use of stove--, a larger,
more complete, and cheaper assorimcnt of this
article, than has ever been offered in this re
gion of country. We respectfully invito all
those who wih to view the degreo of perfec
tion now attained, as well as llio-o who wish
lo purchase, lo call and examine tlaso stoves.
Tho assortment consists of
Parker's 'Patent Prophesy' Cooking, 4 sizes
Stanley's Rotary TVip, do 5 do
Parker's Gourd pl.itu do
do Klat back do
Conant's patten:, (or Back Kitchen.)
Canada and Scotch plate Box, 5 sizes,
Parlour Stoves, a new and splendid
article, 3 sizes,
together with liox Stoves of various kinds,
suitable for churches, stores, offices, shops,
school houc, five aero lots. kc. kr. l'll'l'.
on hand, and all kinds of stove TRIMMINGS
made, lo order.
I! irlln "mi. S.ii. fi, 13 j.
The springfh:ld fire in
surance COMPANY, insure on
1 lie most favorable terms, Dwelling Ileuses
Stores, and other buildings, Furniture, &
Merchandize nf every description, ngain-i
loss or damage by fire. Application for
insuruticc will receive immediate attention
33. Ik li TSSTilTE.
For Sale.
"n'N Willi-lon, Vermont. One Aero and
B. half of Land, with a large brick Slori',
Dwelling.hoiisi! Tnylor-sliop, Store hoiit-e
and large cnuvenienl Out buildings, being
ihe premises now occupied by Fuller &
Morton in the village nf Williston, and out;
of the best stands for business m this pari
uf the statu. Also nbool thirty acres ol
fronting the turnpike, and near the Acade
my. Also One hundred acres of laud
called the A U G U It F A R M seventy
acres of which is under improvement, and
in good statu of cultivation, with a Sugar
Orchard of 250 trues, and an Orchard of
excellent Fruit. Also, Forty Acres with
n good orchard uf about 75 apple trees on
il, occupied for pasture. Ai.sn Ono acre
Willi a Small IIOUS E upon thu same.
Also 10 Acres of land in Bolton, about
one half of which is under improvement.
Apply to A. J. FULLER, Williston.
Williilan, May 1113... Burlington
rUR Cap and l ur COLLARS, just
I. received nud lor sale, eheap, by
fMIE co-pnrtnerl.lp existing under
firm ol J. Hutchinson &. Co. is
day dissolved by agreement.
Bakersfield. Dec. 30, 1035.
Mr A. Hall having purchased our entire
interest in the late tirm ot J. Hutchinson cS
Co. and nssociotcd himself with our late
partner Mr J. Hutchinson, tinder the firm
J. Hutchinson i-V Co. will continue the
business ut the old stand, where they will
be happy to serve those ho may favor them
with their custom.
Bakersfield. Dec. 30. UI35.
'B7UNE Gold Thimbles, $5 Fine Cfflhli
Jt? chased Thiinbles (a now articled G2 cts.
all silver Cunada Thimbles 50 cts. all sil
ver Damask Thimbles 50 cts. all silver plain
heavy Thimbles 50 cts all silver open top
thimbles 42 cts Damask and Moth, steel
ron Thimbles 37i els plain havy slcrl ton
Thimbles 37J cts plain ttcel top Thimble.,
different prices. Marking gratis, at Urn Van
"January 27, 1U3G.
nn jia. anient: k
of Jlifc.
A valuable Medicine, which if rightly applied
will bo the means ol saving thousands
from an untimely grave.
ITl has been sold ;.nu ti'cd fur thirty years,
JI. Willi great success, and lound very enic.i
clous in the following diseases, viz. (.'onsuinn
tion, Whooping Coughs, common Coughs,
Colds, difficult Breathing, Influenza, Quinsy,
Asthma, Phthisic, Spilling of Blood, Flatu
lency, Indigestion, Looseners of the BowcN.
Fits of every kind, Cramps, Rickets, Colic,
Catarrh, I)seutcrv, Fainting, Ilvnochondn
ac Affections, Head-aches, Sickness at Stom.
ach, Measles, a prevenliiro of Contagious
Dl'-cascs, Ooul and llbeuinalistn,
(Lj'This Essenco answers a valuable, pur
pose in almost every easo of debility; m,d
there are but few, if nr.y disease", which do
not arise from that source. II may be given
to cither sox, uml al any pciiud. it wi akness
prevail; tho composition being entirely de
rived from tho vegetable kingdom. The
whooping.coogh may be cured in a week, if
taken at the commencement ol the disci.se.
Dose fur an adult, forty drops, taken clear, re.
pealed once in two hours, m urgent eases
child 8 years old. 20 ; ono year "Id, 10, given
in a table spoonful of milk. The bust mode
of giving the diops lo infants $ in a little
hr. ast milk. Hut respect mtii-i be paid lo tho
age and constitution uf the patient, for some
will boor double tho quantity that others will
till' bettor way is lo begin with small do-es
and increae as the patient m.iy require. The
lolloping are a lew ol more than a thousand
"Tho undersigned, minister of the gospel
in the county ol Windham, Icriunnt, know
ing tho efficacy of Dr. Jonathan Mooie'sEs
sence of Life, having used il our.ohcs in our
families, consider it a vuluablu composition ;
. ,.,..: t,..r..i :
V, a '-' ' i a i
complaints ol tho lungs, and indeed
i complaints of thu lungs, and indeed a saftt
and rc-torative medicine in the various cii-ca
ses riauied in the Doctor's accompanying label
and do most c heerfully recommend its general
no, believing it well worthy Ibo patronage
of Ihe public." Oct' 0. I02G.
Signed by Ilosea Bccklcy, Dummerslon
Sylveiier Sage, Westiniulcr ; Jed. L. Slark,
lirntlleboro' ; Elisha D. Andrews, Putney;
Chandler Hales, Plnletiis Clark'
' I, Stephen 11. liradlej. of Westminster.
Vermont, do certify that I have for some tune
been well acquainted with tho good effect
of Dr. Jonathan Moure.-. Ecnro nf Life, in
my own family and others, nud can rceoni
nli ml il lo be an extremely sale and ii'cful
family .Medicine, in colds, coughs, and all dis
orders of the lungs and breast ; in the hoop
ing cough ami all spasmodic complaints;
and mako no doubt thai tboeilizcnt of Amer
ica would di'.'ivo great benefit from a more
general uo of tho same. Being pej.-onally
acquainted with Dr. Moore, and finding Mm
to be a discreet and well informed man, I can
not but hupu he will meet with due encour
agement. StEI'IIKN II. Bbaullv.
Tho subscriber hereby certifies tint ho has
for moro than llireo years past frequently,
r cases of coughs, ob-triiblions upon the
lungs and difficulty of breathing, experienced
tho happy and salutary effects of the use of
Dr. Jonathan Monro's Essence of Life, and
has witnessed thu samu in other-, and verily
believes il to be the most salutary and effica
cious medicine, Piiinlas W'iiitf.
"Wo tho undersigned Physicians, who have
nrmcd tho efficacy of Dr. Jonathan Monro's
I'sseiieo ofLife, conceive it our duly top.it'
ronize thu medicine, and lire of opinion that
ifgcncrally,used, il will be of public utility.'
Signed Abel Duncan. Samuel Steam-,
Dummerslon ; Jonathan Badger, W'm, Town,
Westminster i C W. Chandler : Abram Hoi.
land, Walpolo : Nathan Stone, Newl'ano;
Charles Blake, Keenc ; I rescotl llall, dies,
The above medicine is prepar
ed by IIENR V SEYMOUR, oflladley. Mass.
fium tho original recipe, by tho direction of
said Mooio, njid Mild by him ami thu princi
pal Druggists in the Cubed Slates.
Thi may certify lo all whom 'i may eon
ecrii,thal 1 the subscriber, residing hi liaillev
Massachusetts, havo mauo an improvement
In the medicine invented by me, uud denom
inated Dr. Jonathan .Mooro's Essence of Life,
and have communicated the recipe to Henry
Seymour of said Hadlcy, and lo him only.
The United Stales is full of the sophisticated
article, and this is lo give notice to the
public, that il'lhcy want the genuine Essdnco
of Lifo, they must apply to said Seymour or
iiis agents, and bo pailicular lo inqiiiro for
111 u t prepared by Henry Seymour.
Sept. 9. 10.13. Dr. J. Moore.
rj'Sold. wholesale and retail, by J. Si J. II.
PECK & eo. Burlington, wholcsalo agents
for the stalo of Vermont.
" G EO 11 G jE "MOO It IS.'
Ig AS jut received from N"w York an
c.vtensiyo assortment ol New Goods
Consist ing nf
FLOUR Sfr. eye.
Which will be sold Cheap fur Cash,
liurlinglan Nutcmbcr 5th 1035.
" LYM A N &TcO I jE
'IJ.H1IAVE I Ins day rei eived a low bales
.JI BUFFALO liOUF.f. of I, ni,.,rl.,r
' quality. Buckskin Millers and Moccasins
Wadding Moiroi co shoct, Kid sandals.
Hurlinion Jan, 'JO.
WILL find in tho use of the ALBION
CORN PLASTER, ono of the most
efficacious r"incdies known for that trouble,
some complaint, ns hundreds or thousands
can, and arc ready to testify, to its having
answered n better purpura than any thing
they had ever used. This application nev-
er causes the least pain, although it soft
ens the Corn aim draws it out by the roots
It gives immediate case as soon as applied,
and is as thorough as it is gentle in its
A gentleman near Greenfield writes:
"It has cured a Corn, which for years had
caused ine inconceivable pain and trouble,
(uficr trying various other remedies;) and
having icceivcd such rchefmyself, I advisu
all, however obstinate the complaint, (1
make trial of the Albion Corn Pln-ter, and
1 havo no doubt ihey will soon be ns ready
to expicss their grntiludu as I am."
An Agent, in writing for a further supply
of the Albion Coin Plaster, observes- "'l
have made sale ol all you sent me, uml find
the article to be all it professes lo be, us
those who have used il find it lo prove the
6ct arthlefor corns they have ever mH in'fi.
Price 50 cents a box, with directions.
Renders the teeth beautifully and per
manently white, enibelli-dics Ihe enamel,
euiovcs thu fietcr nri-iug from decayed
teeth, usually termed olUn-ivc breath, pre
vents their decay, and lootb ache, eradi
cates the scurvy from the gnuis, and im
parts a most desirnblo sweetness to tlm
33n oxperianccd druggist pronounces
tins Tooth Powder one of the Lett ho hai
ever met with, either Foreign or Domestic.
Price 50 cents.
Dr. Rolfe's Fills for Females!
For Oblrurliont, Dibililij, llijpoi.hondria.
Green Skkness, Giddincut nnd Palpitation
of the Heart, Ifod Dit.stion, Loathing nf
Food, and Pains of Inc Slomaih. The'pilN
purify end promoie a bri-k circulation ol
the blood, when b-come sluggi-h and nb
siructed from the foregoing disorders, re
vive the regular habits of the unhealthy (a.
male, who.-c sickly and pallied countenanco
becomes re animnlcd. and freshens with
the natural glow ol restored health. They
nre equally ctnducive to the health nf mar.
ricd Indies, except in caci s of pregnancy
or Consumption, when lie must nut be a
ken. Price $1 .50 per box.
KTNone are genuine mile sinned T.
KIDDER, on the wrapper, nlc proprietor
and suuesior to Dr. Comvav ) by whom
thev arc for salo at hi- counting room, No.
09 Court street, Bodon, nnd liv his special
appointment, by J. &. J. H. PECK & Co.
have, from ihoir extraordinary success
in giving instant relief, and in curing rold,
cough", -is llimas difficulty of breathing, whee
zing, llghtppta iil'lh. dies', e-... 'H t he -!-''' -spiltidg
uf blood, thills and slmerings lh.it
precede fevers and lung complaints generally !
bccoiiiu ono of tho ino-t popular incdicidcs
known. and arc sought after from every part
of III country, on account of the astonishing
etiettss thai has ulteddt d their administration
in ihe abovu complaints, frequently curing
tho niol obstinate cases, and giving tho most
unexpcitcd relief, after eveiy olhor remedy
had I'aip-d, and pcrou had given themselves
up in despair of a cure! They havo been
known to cure persons suppo-sd to be fur
gone in consumption, and exhibiting all the
appearance of'approacnuig dissolution. And
such have been the salutary effects i f these
Pills, even in hupi-lcss eases, ns to far lo uiiti.
gate thu sufferings' of the daticnl, as evidently
lo proiong life for even days and weeks, and
give lo it a positiii! eomf'orl they never e
pected lo enjoy. Tho operation of tho pills is
wonderful in cising respiration, quieting thu
cough, and procuring comfortablo rest,
Common teldj are feiqucnlly removed in a
few hours,
j"Allhnugh (save a person speaking o
llieso pills) mv wife bus tried various nicdi
cines of the first celebrity for an asthmatic,
difficulty or affection uf Ihe lungs, which at
times was exceedingly distressing, confining
nerlo her house for d iys ond weeks ioi'olher,
sho finds vuthin give's her the ulitf which
Rtlfe'i .hthmuile 1'ills do.' easing her rcspi
tion, puicting Lor cough, and giving her
comfortable icst." And teis is- the testimony
of hundreds or thousands. The iclicf wlucii
aged people, as well as others, cypenenco from
thousoof thesu pills is truly astonishing, and
renders ihem iuvaluablu to many, and are in
fact to konio an r-rntial euxiliary lo their
comfoit and almost to their existence '. A
physician informs thu proprietor thai a gen.
tlcuiaa in the country observed lo him, ho
hadieason tobelieva the use oflheso pills had
been Ihe means of saving his life. Price
whole box, 30 pills ; halfdo. 12 pills 50 cts.
DipiFKir.s' i: v i; watek,
for sore or inflamed eyes. Nothing gives
such immediate and eoinfurtablo relief. On
recent soro eyes the effect is most salutary.
Where thocomplaint Ins been of years stand
ing, and in some exceedingly ball eases, tho
most unexpected and desirable relief has been
found in the use of this Eyo Water after ovory
other remedy had failed, Persons who havo
used it pronounce it without hcsitiition the
best preparation for these complaints they havo
over met with. Price, 25 cents a bottle. 2
CIOMIIS, elegant patterns , ilvcr Head
' Bands; Table, Tea, Desart, Cream,
Mustard, Salt. Saup rind Codec SPOONS,
plain & claw Sugar Tongs ; Jlutler Knhes,
Pickle Forks, Iruit and pocket fruit Knives,
some null silver and pearl hnudlcs ; silver
Nursing Tubes. Coffin Plates , Letter
Seals, Snuff Boxes, Vigiiells, Plarjuesanil
broaches ; silver top bottles of sincllini
salts ; bilver tooth picks ; and iiuincrou
other articles in their line, lor tale at tho
Variety Shop, bv
A"". 1. Sit..,,.;n..
Corn lirooms
t I Off ((
For salo by HALL cy STEARNS
Dec. 21. 1 835.
4UI Tm,s' wl"el' Wl" 1)0 fn''l a loiv
ix-r packed in Sound Barrels, is can
be purchased uf mir neighbors in bulk
no charge, for Casks.
Jan 7 HlChOK &UATM.N.

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