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Sold Out.
THE subscriber having sold to Doctor
Robert Moody lits Ilardwaro and Drug
establishment, takes great pleasure in expres
sing to liis friends and customers his gratitude
frit (he palronago ho has received at Iheir
lir.ndi, and respectfully solicits thocontinu
nnco of their support, to his successor, vho,ho
doubts not, will conduct the establishment to
their entire satisfaction. Ho would also say
that ho will be ready to attend to the settlement
of the Ilooks and Demands of tho lalo firm of
Wood tc Abbott, and also his own books, thro1
tho whole of next wock ; aftor that lime said
dcmandH will be found at tho Office of Henry
Leavenworth, Esq, whore, if attended to
Immediately, they may bo sottlcd without cost.
'1'. !l. WUUU.
Burlington, Ma; 20, 1036. 5w
TX1HE subscriber, having purchased tho
I .nit.n otnr.tr np Itnrtkvnro and Saddlorv
nrrii Tl.ninii II. Wnnrl rformorlv Wood &
Abbott solicits tho palronago of tho former
customers of tho establishment, and tho public
generally , and trusts, thai by binci attention
nnrl innrioriiin nripm. Im will bo ablo loner'
poluatc tho good standing the concern has
lierolnforo sustained. Ho is going to the
Houlh immediately and hopos to return in a
few days with a full assortment, and to supply
the public at wholesale snd retail with every
article in tho auovo aoparimcm.
Burlington, May, 183G. 3w
House for Sale.
BEING about to loavo Burling.
ton, tho subscriber offers for sale
lied on Church slreot a few doors
oulh of the squnro, Tho prcmisos consist
iCn rlivnllintf hntiso. wood house, a small gar-
Ann. an nicullenl and never failins woll of
water J all in the most perfect stalo of repair,
and for location not execenca lor convemciico
and beauty, by any phco or moderate valuo
in the Village. Immediate possession given
and terms made easy.
Also, pew Ni. 15 in tho whito Church.
Also, a good Ilorso.
Burlington, May 20, 1836.
kHE subscriber having purchasod the
Rinnlrnr OraM. Medicines. Paints and
Dye Stuffs of Mr. Thomas H. Wood formerly
Wood and Abbott begs to inform his friends
and the public generally, that ho expects in a
few days a largo addition of tho above articles
to the quantity now on hand. His inlimalo
acquaintance is a Physician in this depart
ment, together with moderate pricos, he trusts
will have some woight in inducing pur
chasers to give him a share of custom. Phy
sicians' proscriptions and family medicines,
put up with tho greatest care and noatness
under his personal inspection,
Burlington, May, 103(5. 3w
Military Goods.
WE are now purchasing an assortment
of Military Goods, which will be
opened here in n few day. Plated, gilt
ond leather scabbard Swords, new pattens
also, iron scabbard Swords ; white, red.
black and rod top Plumes; Feather.', cap
Plates ond Trimmings ; Tassels, Stars,
Socket. Belts and belt Plates; Ftlk and
worsted Sashes ; flat and bell Buttons ;
Epaulet ts, and other articles in this line ;
at the Variety Store of
May 20, 1836. ,
PERHAPS some persons are intending
to purchase somo line gold or silvrr
Levers. Lcpcncs, or Horizontal Watches ;
if so, wc shall be able, in a few days, lo
show them the best assortment of Watches,
fivnr nnpnnd in this markef. at ealMfactory
rime. Almi Jewelry. Dialed and brittanie
Goods; gold Chains for gentlemen and la
dies; Keys, Music Boxes, and all kinds of
Fancv Goods; elegant Worn UoxeB ana
Dressing Cases, from 3 to 30 ; diamond
Pins and Ring?. A beautiful assortment
nffmo Sinr-lra. Holla rs a nd Bosoms ; .asli
innnhlo Purls -. Rinclels and ladies' Hair
Caps, new style. These with many other
Goods ore already on the way here from
New York, and will be soon for sole, at
tho Variety Shop.
Pangborn &. Bmmsmaid.
May 20, 1836.
EIGHT DAY and 30
hour wooden striking
P.lnrks : also 30 hour
alarm Clocks ; also very
email three and four inch
strikinrr and alarm do. ;
i which will be openej
and for rate at the Va
riety Shop in about 10 days.
Pangborn 4r Bri.ismaid.
May 20. 1836.
May 20, 1836.
T EMU EL CURTIS & CO. have re.
M-J ceived, in addition to their last weeks
arrival, a choico selection of Broadcloths,
of everv color, quality and price, from 175
to 9 00.: ribb'd Buckskins ; Cassimcrcs
mix'd Lastings; Crape do.; Bcavcrlcens ;
4 and 6 4 Tickings: 5 8 and 12-4 linen
Shr-piinrrs : Umbrellas, Parasols ; Bomba
zincs, from 50c. to 3; Glass Cloth ; linen,
ramhric and noneee Hdkfs.; black, Italian
and English Check; Cravats; green elastic
and common Braces; b in 1 1-4 oro. linen
Table Cloths ; do. bleach'd do ; worsted
Damask col'd do : 100 pks. common Pins ,
German do; Hooks and Eyes; cheap vest
and cost Buttons ; corset Rings; Tapei;
.cotton Threads; cheap Dress Hdkfs; Os
Fa burgs. Duckn, Russia Sheetings. &c.
Walk In.
EC. LOOMIS, has this Jay received
. at his Leather, Morecco if Finding
Store, a large assortment of Sole Leather,
from 16 to '11c. a pound ; Moroccos of all
kinds, and Findings of every description.
Also, Boots and Shoes, &c; all of which
will be sold (as usual) as low for cash as
can be purchased in this State. 3v
Burlington, Pearl-sl. May 20, 1839.
New Milch Cow.
THE subscriber wishes to purchase a
good ATrio Milch Cow.
RonEnT Mnoriv.
Burlington, May 20, IU36. .
Sheetings, Cotton Yarn, &c.
i r BALLS Cornwall rind Lnwrcnci
Kl.nnilnr,. (n. dsIm nlinan I, .. I I . I. . I
uiibhiliir) .... on II. l.lllip UJ bllU IIIIJI
or pioco. Also, 0 balm Slnrlings do. 500
lb?. Cotton Yarn, from No. 5 to 10.
Lemuel Ultima & Co.
Burlington, May 20, 1836.
VENS, and Cr.Ass Book av Atron-
omv, accompanied by n Celestial Atlas. By
Elijah II. Btirritt, A. M. Third edition,
wtih an Introduction by Thomas Dick,
LL. D., aothor of the Christian 1'hiloso
phcr, &c.
From Ihe Rev. T. H. Cai.laudet, late
Principal of the Asylum for the Dtnf and
Dumb, Hartford Conn.
The simple objuct nf the work is, to
form a Class Book which shall be to (he
starry heavens what Geography is to the
earth. The Atlas, which contains six maps,
is so arranged as tn furnish n very valuable
substitute for n Celestial Globe, and in
some respects to bs superior to it. It is
much cheaper. It gives a faithful portrait
tire of Ihe heavens for every day in I lie
year, and docs not requite to be rectified
for thai purpose like a Globe. Nearly all
the probloms that arc peculiar to tho Globe,
and a great number beside, can be solved
by it. It can be put into the hands of each
member of o clasj at the same time, but a
Globe cannot be. There ore other adyan
Ingcs also which are enumerated in the
preface of the work. For sale by
May 17.
This Dan nublishcd. vart 2, price
50 cents, of a new DioTusmv oTtlie it,s
gi.isii Language; by Charles Richardwn.
Tliia work will form two quarto volumes,
each page containing throe closely print
ed columns, and the whole will be com
plctcd in 30 parts.
"We nro inclined to consider the En
glish language as having attained that ful
ness of maturity which leaves no wish for
increase, but only anxiety for preservation.
As helps to this, we have the various ac
ceptations, in which every word has been
used by approved writers, collected by Mr.
Richardson, in n Dictionary, such as, per.
haps, no other languages could ever boast ;
and wc have a new guide for the theory
nd use of languages, exemplifying his
(Home Tooke'B) principles by applying
them to our own tongue." Quarterly Re
Notice The publisher has, with the
hope of bringing this vAr.uAnr.E Diction
Anr within Ihe reach of all classes, reduc
ed the price frnm sixty-three to fifty cents
each part. The whole will be completed
for Fifteen Dollars. A large circula
tion, at tliu low price, will be required to
meet the actual cost of the materials, which
the patronage extended to the first part
eaves amnio reason to expect will be at
tained. Two thirds of the work being now
in stereotype, two parls will be published
each month. Subscribers nanus received
by Smith & Harrington.
Burlington, May 10
Universal History in
ZA-nerspeclive, accompanied
by an Atlas
exhibiting chronology in a picture of na
tions and progressive Geography in a scries
ol maps, designed lor schools and acade-
mics. JJy Emma Willord, Principal of the
Troy t omale H-jniinary, lor sale by
May 17.
New Goods.
r Hi nr. subscribers are now receiving a
-- general assortment of Spring and
Summer GOODS, among which will be
found a good assortment of Silks, suitable
for the season ; Plaid Silks and Impressed
Plaids, a new article for dresses ; Ladies
Tuscan, Straw, and Grass Hats ; Gentle
men's Silk and Fur do.; a large assortment
of Prints, etc. In short, they think the
assortment will meet the wants of their
customers generally. The above goods
will be sold for cash or on short credit, ns
low as can be purchased in Vermont.
Willislon, May 12, 1836.
St. Johns Hotel &
Continued by Mrs. WATSON. No ex
ertion spared to merit a continuance o
public palronago. Baggage carryed to
and from the steam boats.
St. Johns, 1st May, 1836.
Take Particular Notice.
fTlHE subscriber has loft all his notes and
JL accounts with J. N. Pomeroy, Esq
for immediate collection. Those who make
immediate payment will save cost. All
persons indebted, arc cautioned against
making payment to any other person than
Mr. Pomeroy, as he is my only authorized
Burlington, May 0, 1836.
TTAVE just received from New York,
M.M. their spring supply of goods, com
prising a choice selection aWCLOTHS,
MIJVGS, S(C which with their former
stock,"' makes their assortment the best
they have ever offered. And notwilhstand
ing the present unparalleled high prices of
goods in market, our arrangements aro such
that we shall etiM be cnablod to furnish our
customers with very superior articles at
a small advance from former prices for
prompt pay.
We will take the present occasion nlso,
to correct an erroneous impression, that
wc sell only to those who employ us to
mane their garments. This is entirely a
mistake. Much as it might gratify us to do
our friends justice in he fit, as well as tho
fabric, we shrill nevertheless be equally
happy to furnish tho materials for those
who may find it more convenient to employ
umur iiietMuiiics.
, Burlington, May 12, 1036.
Mrs. M. Frascr
WOULD Inform the Lndics of Bin lington nnil
lis viriniiy, lh.it ilia h.is just rcluineil from
New York nnd brought with her the lriirl fashions
fur Lndics Dietscs, lints, nnd Cups. She tins nUii
for sale plain nnd Ince Tuscan, nnd English unit
oilier Straw lints nil of the neivest style ; fashion,
able Ribbons; nrlificMln nnd oilier trimmings for
Huts unit Clips. Black anil uliite Whalebone j
Wire ; Bobbiiicll Blond nnd Bolibinolt Qiiolllnjs
nnd Edgings ; FlgurM nnd plain Silk nnd Siitni far
Huts; f.inry nnd sewing Silk, Handkerchief,
Shawls, Scurls, Zephyrs, Gloies, nnd many articles
not enumerated all of nhich she will sell on rea
sonable lerms. Shop on Church-si. opposite II.
Durkee's hotel. My 1. J838'
Waddington Superfine Flour.
afinoARRELS F,ot" supor
G6 Barrels Fresh Fine.
46 do. do. Fino Middlings.
Just received nnd for sale by
St. Johns, MayOjJ 036.
ONLY 2 1-2 cents per light for window
sash where 50 windows ore sold, or
2 3-4 cents for a less number j warrat.ted
to be equal if not superior lo any manufac
tured by hand, for sale by tho subscriber,
north side the Court-house Square.
Burlington, May 10, 1836.
2 Tierces superior clover sood, just ro
ceived and for sale by
May 11, 1836.
1 KER, wanted immediately by
Burlington, May 12, 1836.
Botanic Infirmary.
Burlington, Vt.
der of Ihe Concord Botanic Infirmary.
feeling a deep interest in tho cause of sufiei
ing humanity, and, determined to use his ut
most exertions to complete that reform in
medical practice, wliicli lias already so glori
ously commenced, has opened an Infirmary in
the Mansion House, on Builinglon square.
J lie unparalleled success winch lias attend,
cd his practice in New Yoik, Boston and Con
cord, in which places he has had several thou,
sand patients under his care, (more, probably,
than any other practitioner in the civilized
world in tho same time,) will be a sufficient
guaranty of tho confidence of tho intelligent
citizens of Vermont. Those who aro acquaint
ed with tho Thompsonian system of practice
trom personal Knowledge, need no commend
ation of its truly wonderful virtues. "To
such, (as says tho venerable Dr. Bcnj. Watcr-
nouso, lor many years prolessor ol materia
Mcdica in the University of Cambridge) it is
tho anchor of hope tho most invaluable of
earthly blcssinis." But with thoso who havo
never bad an opportunity ol witnessing its
health-preserving and restoring influences, it
is the part of common senso and discretion,
candidly to examine its claims, and not as
lias loo otlcn been tne casej condemn Ilic lio
tame rhysician unseen and unheard.
Docl. Thompson, although ho is unwillinir
to assume and dclend the mal-praclice winch
has characterised somo of tho pretended
Thompsonian practitioners, seeks not to liido
himscll Irom public scrutiny, but solicits Iree
and fair discussion, and a fair comparison of
the Uotamc with tho mineral practice. J In:
course ho has always desired, and has repeat
cdly, in his former communications to tho
public, challenged the regular physicians (o a
comparison of the merits of their respective
systems. Ho who candidly engages in tho
investigation of the syslem,will find its theory
of disease simple, yet supported by sound
reasoning its practico based upon, and in
accordanco with that theory, simplo yet effect
ual, and the success that has attended it,
wonderful beyond any thing which has pre,
ceded it in the history of medicino.
The female Department ot tho infirmary
is constantly under the supcrintendancc of a
female, who is competent to perform all the
d alles assigned to that department.
Terms Three dollars per week for board.
and three dollars for each course of medicine,
and it only ono course proves necessary, one
dollar extra is charged.
No accounts will bo oponcd. Paymont
must, in all cases, be made in advance.
N. B. A general assortment of genuino
Botanic Medicine, for sale, logolliyr with sev.
eral works on the Botanic System, which havo
not beforo been offered to tho public, for which
Doct. Thompson and his brother in Boston,
are sole agents for the principal part of tho
New England States. Further particulars
Botanic Physician,
May, 10J6,
ISth April, 1836.
HOWARD has just returned from New
York and brought with him veiy many
aiticlesoi iigni
Hdkfs. Bonnets, cV India Rubber Aprons
With a (Treat variotv of Fashionablo and
seasonable articles, which will be sold at tho
accustomed regular advance of tho Quick and
cheap low pneo system.
A LARGE and splendid assortment just
rceeivd from the manufacturer & for sale
by S. E. HOWARD,
Farmers and Mechanics Bank.
THE Stockholders are hereby notified
that an instalment nf Ten Dollars,
per share, on the Capital Stock of the Bank
is required to bo paid at the Banking House
n Jiuriington, on tne nrst oay 01 juiy next.
By order of tho President and Direc
tors. .T HOCKLEY, Cashier.
April 20, 1830. tljii
Burlington High School.
lit, next lorin ol instiuction in tins insti
tution will commence on MONDAY tho
16th Inst. Instruction will bo given as usual,
in those branches which aro requisite to qual
ify young men, oilhcr for admission into col.
logo, or for any of tho departments of business.
Tuition is $5 00 per quarter, and tho inciden
tal expenses amount to a sum not exceeding
fifty cents.
J.C SOUTIIMAYD, Principal.
Burlington, May 4lh, 1030.
The Trcmont Military Band, during the hours
frt Tho performance of the circle to commenco
principal hotels.
.rt-oynl Tlfrrcs..
Male T.ropar.1.
This splendid collection of
Burlington, on FRIDAY, and
Asiatic I. Inn.
of Exhibition will be, from 1 to 3 o'clock, on Friday, and from 10 to 12, and 2 to 4 on Saturday.
In addition to the animals above enumerated, the Menagerie embraces the following rare
catalogue: Young Elephant, the smallest ever offered for exhibition in the United States ;
male lvangaroo ; male rorcupine ; JJromedanes ; 1'olar liear ; large Ulephant ; African Os
trich ; Peruvian Lama; pair of Pelicans ; spotted Hyenas ; Monkeys; gigantic Crane; Bad
ger ; Vultures ; large Chamois ; Zebras ; Jaguar ; two humped Camel ; Macanco ; North
American Bear ; Lynx ; pair of Emeus ; Cassowara, &c. &c. The keeper will enter the cago
with the Lion and Lioness and Lepoards, four animals in one cage, and with a pair of Royal
Tigers, at 3, P. M.
tT0 Thero will also be
tion of Wax Figures, Comic Singing, &c. Doors of admittance from the inside of tho cara
van. Admittance 12 1-2 cents.
N. B The above will also be exhibited at Safford's in
19th, and at Milton Falls, on MONDAY, the 23d.
For Spring and Summer.
THE subscribers have opened nnd nre
now receiving a very extensive ns.
sortment of STAPLE AjyD FANCY
(itr ttir Anrinrp nnrl Elimmnr Irnrtr. pnmnrte
ing black, blue, green, olive, brown,
Auenati, mixeu auu motoring uroau
cloths ; black, blue, green, drab and mixed
ca?eimeres; Padding, Duck Buckram?. Sil
iscas; double and singleFomidations, Amer
ican bnnk do.;Bonnel board, wound wire,
giiiyiinins, calicoes, prints, French muslins,
printed muslins, Challeyetts, cambrics. Ja.
chnnnetts; book, Swiss, and mull Muslin,
fig'd, corded and plain muslins; black, blue,
and blue black colored India sewings. Am.
do, black ass'd and brown linen thread,
Clark, and Taylor'd sun. sewing cotton,
knitting cntton.white andtnix'd, white blk,
random mixed, corded, clocked nnd open
work, cotton and silk hosiery, horse skin,
kid, silk, cotton and linen gloves. Flagg
and Pongee silk hdkfs ; white and plaid
cotton and silk cravats. 3 4 5 Sf 6.4
bleach'd cotton. 3 4 5 & 6.4 brown do.
4 & C.4 licks; 3 4 C 7 & 0 4 blk, white,
and red merino shawls. Leghorn aud straw
bonnet; French & Am. kid and morocco
slips and garter boots ; walking shoes ;
English nnd Am. Ingrains, carpetings,
straw do. Ribbons, Hdkfi, shawls &c. A'C.
for sale low, by
Church si. May 5.
Veil? Arrival
OTjUlE Subscriber has received from the
. Grand Island a largo Asortmenl of
Dry Goods,
Hardware and
which he is anxious to sell at a email ad
yonce from cost
25 Barrels fine Salt,
25 Bushels Hcrde Grass Seed,
50 Bushels Peas,
20 Bushels White Beans,
50 Bushels Wheat,
300 lbs Ball Butter,
2000 lbs Smoked Shoulders and
600 lbs Smokrd Hams.
- Sidney Uaiu.oiv.
Burlington, April 15, 1036,
of exhibition, will enliven the performance with a
at 3 P. M., after which the animals will be fed.
OHiinrtsT uijdb:i 10 S'SAna or age i;i.r -
T-r-n? Tnvrrrm-ivtx
en oira n&xraca xminocsnon.
Thv animal 1ms been ft subjert rf much
eo(,'i3,"n nnioi:- n.ituralitfs. It hos lo
rrViril, by ifuolocical Conmcntalrrs, n1
Ihe Umcorn of Holy Writ, ns nicntioucd ni u
described ir llie lr nS Job. This aaitKl
certainly rnnlss r.exc . the KlepJmnt in size,
nnd tunny ,'i itcr3 coi'iidor him equal in bulk,
fie n nsually found bout I2 feet long, nnJ
the rircumfcvnef of the Iwdy nbm.t cqu,' to
the i-n'li, and rif bright about 8 feet. He
is a natire. of A sin and Africa, Ml' is usually
found in those intensive forests that arc frp
ffticatcd by the Elephant, Lion and Royal Ti
i'cr, nnd m'l.sis's entirely on vegetable fond,
i'hponc here offered for inspection it tlio first
Living Rhiunoercs ever bi ought to UiLseountry;
he istf yror.-s old, his weight is I'uut 'J'!uu-'and
Tico llu-ui'ta Pounds', he was taken at the
foot of one of the Himalaya riiouiilai&s.
rare and curious Animals,
SATURDAY. 1he 20th and 21st of May, instant. Tho hour
exhibited at the same place and
Winooski Patent Block Man
ufacturing Company.
nMHE Directors of this Company res.
JL pcctfully inform their friends and the
Mnratime public of the United Slates gen
erally, that they have purchased the whole
of the establishment formerly known ns
the Livingston Patent Block Machinery,
with all the extension nftho patent rights
recently granted by Congress to Thomap
Blanchard, E-q. Ihe original inventor and
patentee, together with nil the late im.
prnvements made and patented by him.
They have manufactured nnd now ofi'or
fur tale n large stock of machine madi,
solid, common and bushed Ship's Tackle
Blocks, from 5 to 9 inches, and machine
made Plank Blocks, from 7 to 16 inches,
and other articles on reasonable terms.
They further inform tho public that they
have made arrangements for removing
their machinery from Now York to tho
site of a new mill with an 80 horse power
water wheel built expressly to receive it,
nt Burlington, Vt. in the heart of a coun
try abounding with the finest und best of
limber for their purpose whence they in
tend sending lo the New York market a
large, constant, nnd regular supply of these
and other articles in the Block making
line. They further odd that it is their
intention to increase tho machinery so as
to meet the present and future demands of
the blockmaking trade and maratime public
throughout the United States.
This Company has lately been incorpo
rated by tho State of Vermont with a large
capital expressly for this purpose
A large discount will be allowed to the
trade, and a liberal discount to ship chand
letea nnd others. 0jOrdcrs addressed to
William Scrrcll, superintctulant at the
company's office and store, No. 01 South
street. N. York, will meet due intention.
Burlington, 21st March, 1036.
Fashionable Spring Goods.
LATHROP &. POT WIN, arc receiv
ing from New York a few packages
European nnd American Dry Goods, suit
ablo for the Spring trade.
They are now opening one cato superb
French Muslins one do.
London Prints a few choico
Paitorns if called for soon. Also, a few
Hand'rifx. &c. &c. .
April 16, 1036.
variety of popular airs, selected from the hot masters.
Tor further particulars soc large Mils in Um
RoynJ Tlr.
will be opened to (he public nt
on the same day, a larce collec
Richmond, on THURSDAY, the
Etna Insurance Company.
IrJRlHE subscriber continues to insure nil
kind of renl and personal property
ns ngi-iit for said Company, to whom ap
plication may at all times be made at Ins
Oflice in Burlington. Tl'e established
reputation of this Company fur stability,
fairness nnd liberality in their dealings,
needs no further commendation.
Wm. A. Griswoi.ii.
Burlington, April 0, 1U36.
Rotary Stoves,
THE subscriber has just received from
the Foundry of J. D. Ward, Ver
gennes, No. 2 and 3
Rotary Cooking Stoves &,
Trimmings ; Box do.
Coldron Kettles,
Ploughs, &c. &c.
which nro offered for sale for cash or ap
proved credit,
P. S. lie wishes to call the attention of
the economical, to the fuel nnd labor-saving
properties of the Rotary Store, nnd lis
peculiar adaptation as n Summer Cookin
Stove. By the use nftho grate, n verv
small amount of fuel is required for th
culinary operations nf anv fomily ; less by
one half, it is believed, than is required by
any other Siuvo in use. Its form ami
height Hsuch that it admits of being pin
ced in the fire places of ordinary kitchen",
so that most or the heat and cfllu'vin from ii
passes otr by the chimney. Tho savin" of
fuel effected by the Improved Rotary, in
niio year, over that of almon any other
Cooking Stove, is fully equal to its cost,
besides the superior facility nnd care with
which the several culinary operations nr
performed with it.
Also, Ten and Marlin Kettles of various
sizes, cast expressly Tor thii Stove.
Burlington, March 31, 1!)30.
20O Bushels Wheat,
300 Bushels Rye,
for xale by T. F. &. W. L." STRONG.
May 6.
for lalu verv low by
Burlington, April ::. 1830,
KetnaW) r.rnpojxt.

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