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American Hotel,
THE subscriber would
inform the public, that
he lias leaned this Eslab
lisliment (recently kept
r bv Messrs. Cady and
1 Doolittle) fur a term of
years, and has filled it up in a stylo which
ho trusts will both pleasetnd accommodate
those who call on him.
The plca6ntnesa of its situation ; (ho
spaciousness and number of its apartmonts ;
end the accommodation it is calculated to
afford to o large or small number of guests,
arc rarely exceeded by any Establishment
of the hind in tho country ; and the Pro
prietor flatters himself that, bystrict atten
tion to tho wants of the travelling public,
tie shall be able to render its internal con
duct not Ices inviting than its external ap
pcaranco and local situation.
Burlinglon Square, May, III36.
A COMPLETE Stock or Gauze Lust,
rinir and Satin R.ihhnna nf nil ,aM.lll..
and comprising very rare and desirable
colors. Also Plaid and plain Gro da Nap
Silks. Sewing Silk. Chlnchclla. Challv &.
fpsola Shawls. 4 dor. French and Swiss
worked CaDep and Collars from 25 etn. to
1. Thread Muslins, Bobb't Dlondo Edg
ingsand Inserting, 4 4 French Prints and
HI. ..It L-
uiusiiiib, uy
Juno 3, 1036.
Xo mistake and just at I thought it would be.
1st June, 1836.
HOWARD of the Cheap Cash Store,
has just returned again from New
York with rather an unusually largo supply
of Goods, which purchase was made, at not
only lower prices than what goods were
bought for a few weeks since, but a great
portion of them at much less prices than
ever purchased at before, and will now sell
at corresponding cheap prices to all who
wish to buy goods for cash. Not time to
enumerate articles at present, but can say,
the -assortment of rich, fashionable, fancy
and staple Goods is unsurpassed by any
other Block of Summer Goods he has ever
before offered; and further, as his trade has
so much increased, he will sell at retail to
customers at wholesale prices.
it: BAGS Whito&nd Drown East India
A " Sugar. 2 Hhds. Porto Rico Ho. for
sale by
3J ay 30
Gcntlemens' Summer Hats.
A CASES Super lined and trimmed gen.
" tiemena' nats, z d
June 3.
: do. coarse leghorn.
R FITZGERALD invites all persons
to call and examine his Summer
stock of Jewelry &c. which he is now o
pening and offers for sale low ron CASH,
in Wainwright's building, Church-st.
Burlington, June 1, 1836. Ow
New Books.
MEMOIRS of the Protestant Episcopal
Church in the United States from
its organization to tho present day. Bv
Win. White. D.D. Bishop or the Protest
ant Episcopal Church in the common wealth
or Pennsylvania. Tho Churchman's Man.
ual an exposition of the doctrines, ministry
and worship or tho Episcopal Church. E
piscopacy Examined and ro. examined.
The Professional Years ofJohn Ilenrv Ho.
hurt. D. D. Hint received and for sale by
June 3.
Take Notice.
ALL persons who are owing me by note
or book account, will call and close
the same and save cost immediately.
A polios Burritt's Estate
District nf Chittenden, ss.
Tha Hon irable the Probate Court for,llie District
of Chittenden, to nil persons concerned in the
state of Apollot Durntt, l.ue of llinetnurs.li, In
said district dereated, GREETING.
WHEREAS, die Executor of said deceased
proposes to render an account of hit admin.
ittralion, and present hit account against said estate
for examination nnd allowance nt n session of the
Courtof ProtMte 10 beholden nt Wllley't Inn in
wniitlon on the 3d .Monday or June next.
Therefore, you are notified to appear beforo said
Court at the time and place aforesaid, and show
came if any you have, why the account aforesaid
should not bo allowed.
Given under mv hand at Williiton this 30 ill dav
of May, A. D. 1836.
UbU, U. ,-UANSEIl, Keis'r.
T ED, White and Black Merino Shawls
JL1 of every dcicription quality and price
from gl 25 to 17. just received by
Li. liUK l IB 01 UU.
June 3.
The Variety Shop,
At Burlington, Vermont, West side Church
ITE havo received large additions to our
T Stock of GOLD and SILVER
Watches, Chains, Keys, Pencils, Pins, ea
Rings, Clock;, plated War, Brillania,
Castors, brass nnd plated Candlesticks,
Snuffers and Trays ; plated knob Lamps ;
small go to bed Lamps, lamp Wicks and
Glasses; baskets, bags nnd purses; milita
ry goods, perfumery, hair oil, shaving
soaps, razors, Irthor brushes, pots, &c.;
fine rszor straps, fine cutlery, pen makers ;
an elegant assortment ol fashionable stocks,
collars and bosoms, acenrdeons, miioic box
es, small organs, and all kinds of musics
instruments : hair, tooth and all kinds ot
brushes, vUiiing cards and cases, o great
variety of sizes and colors; backgammon
board, chessmen, plaving cards, qml!?, si
ver and steel pens ; steel brass wood and
whalebone busks, narrow whalebones, slay
and boat lacings of cotton and silk, India
rubber suspenders, patent and commiti
elastic, thimbles, needles and pins, thcr
mometcrs, rosewood dressing cases, worn
boxes, portable desks, dressing cases fur
trnvullors, manifold wnlers,malchos, pocket
tinder boxes, dressing room mirrors, pocket
and French mirrors, merchants' Toy?,
paints, trusties, pencils and all articles in
that line; pictures, varnish and whilcwood
boxes, baskets Sic. for transferring, tine
engravings and prints for framing, &c;
miniaturu cases onu sittings, patois large
and small low and high priced, dirks and
clasp knives, largo and small telescopes or
'Spy Glasses,'; plaques of various patterns
which are rapidly superceding waist buck'
let, powder horns and flai-ks, shut bags
table mats, slates, canes and umbrellas, to
scthcr wiih a very lorcc and elegant col
lection of fancy articles, some nf which will
bo mora particularly enumerated at somi
future time. To strangers veiling Bur
lingtnn we would just say, that we havi
an assortment, selected with great care
which stands, wc believe, unrivalled in these
parts; and those wishing for fine Watches,
Jewelry, or any Goods wc sell, will savo
both time and money by calling at the Va
riety Shop, where Watches and Clocks are
cleaned and repaired ; silver Spoons are
made and constantly kept fur sale ; Brands
and Stamps cut at short notice ; trunk and
coffin Plate made when wanted.
Panoeorn k Brinsmaid.
June, 1836.
Corn Brooms.
rnn CORN BROOMS, for sale by
May 30.
Paper Hangings.
CASE uisortrd qualities, for snle by
May 30.
New Fashions and New
HAS just returned from New York with
a splendid assortment or the most
Fashionable Goods worn ; among which
are invisible Green, Dahlia, Violet, Mul
berry, black, blue. brown, olive Broadcloths.
Also a variety or Cassimeres and Summer
Goods ; such as imitation rib'd Cassimcrc?,
Hamilton's Stripes, linen and cotton Dril
lings, Rouen Cassimeres, buffalo Cloth, &o.
Milk and Marseilles Vcslings, new style;
Stocks, Collars, Bosoms, Suspenders, and
a choice assortment or ready made Cloth-
inL- .
uratincu lor past lavors he sollctlcs a
continuance ol patronage, reminding the
public of the principle upon which he is
doing business, viz : that no gentleman is
asked to take any garment unless suited ;
whether it be ins own cloth or not.
ETCutting done as usual,
Burlington, May 24, 1C36. Gw
ALVIN on Romans. Life of Calvin,
by Theodore Beta.
"The Pastor" just received by
Smith & Harrington.
June 3.
Now and Cheap Goods,
At Wholeiale and Retail.
SIDNEY BARLOW, at the sign or the
New Store, Pearl st. has just receiv
ed a very heavy stock of DRY GOODS,
WARE, which will be sold unusually low
to raise cash, to pay his assessments to the
Uolchester manufacturing company.
Burlington, May 27, 1836.
HE subscriber respectfully
informs his Iricnria nnd the
public that he has taken the
houso on the corner of Church
nd College streets, formerly occupied by
I' Wainwriffht, and will use his best en
deavors to render it acceptable as well to
mo traveller ana man ol business, as to
those who want board in a central nnd
business pan of the town. Tho outbuild.
ingsconnecied with this establishment arc
well arranged, and tn good repair and the
undersigned hopes, by prompt and unre
mitted personal attention, to secure to It
tho amount or patronage which Us location
ought to command.
fjonnecled with this establishment the
subscriber will also keep a choice selection
or Groceries Teas, Sugars, Spices, Pish,
f'ruil, Uonfectionary. c which will be
sou at tho lowest prices.
Burlington, May 27, 1836.
N. D, All persons bavins- unsettled accounts
with the subscriber, connected. with his former bti.
suiesa. lire earnestly icquetted to call and adjust
uic .iimc whiioih aeiny. anon fieiiiemenit iruae
long mendi, as Poor Richard tnjs. J. 1'
Fine Salt.
fA BARRELS Western, for sale by
May 28.
N. H. Downs'
For coughs, cold;, catarrhs, cramp, asthma.
consumptions, whooping cough, and all
other diseases ot the chest and Litings ; a
few bottles this invaluable, highly and re
spectfully recommended Medicine, just re
ccivcd and lor saio by
JANES, b.MITU, dr. Co.
Burlington, Juno I, 1836.
The above medicine is also sold by A. S
St D. G. Weller. Hincsbiirgh. tf
Tho Cheapest Cash Store,
NEARLY opposite S. E. Hownrdt, and one
door north of Lemuel Curtis & Co. '
of the late firms of Abbott, Wood 4 Company,
and Wood & Abbott, is now receiving from
New York an extensive ntiortment of GOODS
suitable for the season, which he offers nt n tmall
advance from die cost ; among which are superior
black, blue, violet and invisible Green Broadcloths;
ribb'd, strip'd and plain Cassimeres ; silk Velvet ;
black eatin; Quilting and Mersailt Vesting, very
superior ; a choice teleciiun of worsted Linen nnd
Cotton Goods, for gentlement nnd bojs' summer
wear; Irish Linen nnd Lawn ; linen Diaper; labia
Linen; Mersnils toilet spreads ; crnsh linen and
cotton satin Jeans; jaconctt Cambric;, coided
Skirls; furniture Dimity and fringe fig'd and plain
scarfs ; Mull, fine plaid nnd plain Jaconett and
Book Muslin: fine linen lldkfs. and Cambrics I
French Muslins; dark and light, plaid, light fancy.
French, i.nj. ftnJ American rnmi ; darK anu liglii
furniture Prints, French und American; plaid and
tlnpe Gingham; uleacli'd nnd brown sheeting and
thirtingt : Pongees, fine French and Eng. Bombs.
net; tilK velvet : DiacK nnd while iiik II
Dry Groceries.
mllE subscribers havo on hand a great
M. variety of superior Family Groceries,
such as Teas. Sugars, Spices or all kinds
Nuts, Fruits, &c. ic. which will be sold on tho
most reasonable terms.
May 27, 1836.
DOOLITTLE is now receiving his
Spring supply or GOODS, com
prising a general and well selected assort
ment or Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery
Sec, which will be sold at tho lowest prices
May 19, 1836.
Lamp Oil.
2 1111US. just received and Tor salo by
May 19,1836.
HE subscribers have received, during
he list week, 10 Packages New
HoUCrV I Clr.ril. of-vricictitir In n.it nf ( Iia C..t ! rim i n r.
and Gloves; fine cotton, worsted, merino nnd linen L.,ii' . 1 6
gents', ladies' and chddrent' llosierv and Glovejt
to. large assortment ot gents anu ladies' none IL,li. men ptalU ana tig 0, 01 every
and gojtsKtn u loves; uiaiet-nna misses ininn gliade and quality ; satin fig'd, extra qual
Rubber Aprons of superior tiie and quality ; silk hi., . .., i A i.n .n,l i.A M..b li.li.n
?JW!?"L and Jlue black Polt de Soi : bonnet
sleeves ; Umbrellas. Parasols; gimp thread and nd RMons of every variety
White Lead.
4 a CASKS No. 1. White Lead, for sale
May 27. .
Linseed Oil.
en BARRELS. Tor sale by
Wool Twine.
1BALE low priced Twine, suitable for
wool growers. 2 Cables low priced
Tobacco, suitable for the above named per-
atna. fnr gala bv
May 30.
Drugs and Medicines.
LATHROP ft POTWIN have receiv
ed their Spring supply of Genuine
Drugs and Medicines and are now offering
tbem to the pnblic, at wholesale or retail,
on tho most reasonable terms, j
June 3.1
Lyman 8i Cole,
HAVE received their Summer Goods,
comprUing a very extensive assort
ment of Riiilicocf, a great variety uf figtiro
style and fabric from IS to 62 cU per yard;
cambrics, plain, check and plaid; mull and
Swiss tmHin? ; cross bar d plaid and birds,
eve do. ginghams, checks, plaids Sic. hns
erv, embroidered open work, and plain silk
cotton do. Gloves, silk, kid, linen and Ber.
Itn ; Suspenders, India rubber, web and
kni! ; a general assortment of Silks, inclu.
ding rich, heavy, plain, black, blue block,
gro de Swiss, gro de Rhine and other silks;
rich fig d bluu black do. belt ribbons to
match; rich col'd grn de Naples, plain, fig'd
nnd plaid: mix'd silk Camblets and Pongee;
blue black and printed Sltnllya very rich ;
black green and brown French Bombazine;
Taffeta garniture, and cap ribbons; linen
oliectin? 4.4 lo 10.4 wide; Irish linen;
brown and black linen; table spreads, blchd
and brown; birds eye napkins, linen damask;
Russia Diaper and crasn; Hamilton stripe,
mixture and roucn Cassimere; bed tick,
double and sinsle width ; cotton drilling
brown and bleach'd ; cotton sheeting and
shirting do. carpeting, floor cloths and llin
nn s: knittinr cotton and tliread.
Gentlemen will find a great variety or
Summer Cloths, including black, brown
and several shades of green Brochella
Prinectta. Eniinineite. London summe
rloths. Sec. white and brown linen drilling
Broadcloths, black, blue, green ana tancy
colors: checkd. n aid and lancy striped do,
Heavy black and blue black silK velvet tor
vesting; white Mersails, fancy do. fig'd silk
anil nthnr v,Rfinrr.
Pedlars witl find a large assortment of
low prie'd callicos; spool, skein and pound
thread. Une entire case oi coat, vest ana
pantaloon buttons. Hooks and eyes, sua
penders &c.
Burlington, May 26.
blond Edgings; Lar-e;Quilli'ig and Inserting: white
nnd hit d roneee: uandannas and lancv silk Hdkls
fancy, nlaid und Italian silk Cravats: sewini silk.
chally, Tibet and merino shawls ; a ricb assortment
of scuini. nlaid and fancy tilk Hdkfs : alto a va
riety of French worked lace and muslin Collars :
green, black nnd white blond game Valet ; Silks;
Mk. Gro de twist. Italian nnd Florentine j crdMl,, Hosiery and Gloves, extra quality: goat
Florence: black, blue, green, purple, plaid sun! i.: .i . rl.t.: m. n.....i ,
-I.... I !....! IM,..,I.. . IJ.,.1, 1,1... l.larV ..A i.biiiuiibuib . aiaruia. M Uby.
. t . i . : i
.mainn... maroon and itreeii Poul de soie : fis'd. ' case sup nne irisii liiuens ana mien
hii. ni,,k and watered satin : ereen. India, blk. bhcetmgs : heavy 9 B cotton do. superio
Florentine nnd iunre: black, blue, pink, green aad quality and fabric; 10 biles sup. brown
whiio Crapes; Velvet, Gauze, fig'd Gro de Nap ; Sheetings and Shirtings . 7 U, 4 4, Si 6 4
Tickings: wick Yarn, &c. die.
ONE case new stylo Gipsey Bonnets, a
new and fashionable article just re
ceived and for salo by
June 3.
JUNE 3, 1836.
A FEW more new Goods are opening
by the subscribers, such as Ladies and
Children's Oil Silk Aprons, an article sti
perior to tho India Rubber Aprons. Ladies
-mhroidered muslins do. Gentlemen's Sum
mer Stocks. Boys fino cloth Caps, superior
stylo ond quality. Boys gloves, white,
m and nlnk firtur'd Satin, verv rich. A
fw heavy 11.4 and 12.4 Morsailes Quilts,
nvih and rr adlcdo. Panor Hangings, Ac
More New Goods.
T "I
1 case beautiful patterns printed Jaconetts:
worsted Uhallys : 3 cases r rench and En
Calicoes; 1 do superb style plaid Ginghams;
worked oiusitn, uapes and uoiiars, new
patterns; hern stitcti'd linen camb'c HdkTs
New Groods
JANI'.S. SMITH S CO. have just rt
ceived Troni Nuw Yurk a largo block of
good, cntnprising ti cetiernl assortment of
Sfr. which they ofl'or at a small udvnncu
lor cash or country produce, farmers who
with to cxcliango their prudncu fur yootlj,
will do well lo L'ive tn u call,
Cash paid for Butter, Clmerc and Eifgi.
WM. A. BURNETT, Agent.
Mav 19.
Sold Out.
THE subscriber having sold to Doctor
Robert Moody his Hardware and Drue
establishment, takes great pleasure in expres.
sing1 lo his friends and customers his gratitude
tor the patronage ho has received at their
hands, and respectfully solicits trio continu
ance of their support, to his successor, who.lio
doubts not, wilt conduct tho establishment to
their entire satisfaction. Ho would also say
that ho will be ready to attend to the scltlemenl
of the Books nnd Demands or the late firm o
Wood ic Abbott, and alto his own books, thro'
tho whole or next week ; after that time said
demands will bo found at tho Office or Henry
Loavenworth. Esq. where, if attonded to
immediately, they may be settled without cost
T. H. WUULi.
Burlington, May 20, 1030, 5w
IMMEDIATELY by the subscriber. 0 or
10. Journeymen Masons, at Stone and
Brick laying, to wlitun Cash nnd a liir
price will be naid.
Burlington, May 20, 1836.
CAME into the enclosure nf llm sub
scriber, at Colchester Point n lew
days since, a sorrel ninrri COLT, three
years old, with a large switch tail, end llio
mane inclining to the left side. The owner
is requested to call for her immediately.
Burlington, May 24. 1036.
KER, wanted immediately bv
Burlington, May 12, 1036.
A SYSTEM of Universal History in
perspective, accompanied by an Atlas
exhibiting chronology in a picture of na
tions and progressive Geography in a scrie
of maps, designed for tchools and acade
mics, liy Hmma wiilard, Principal ol lliu
Troy Female Saminnry, Tor sale by
fcMITII & tlARrmcTo.-t.
Mav 17.
fjp Bales comprising Ingrain Fiur,
.Vjy Venetian Carpeting; also 4 and
5-4 Canton ilior Matting ; Brussels Rugs,
Watts filC, by IjEMTJCt. UURTIS ol Co.
May 27, 1H36.
BARRELS clover seed fur
sale by
Twist Combs
SHELL, Horn or Silver, at the Variety
Shop pANcnnn ct BntNSMAtn
Uiew Goods.
subscribers are now receiving a
Spring end
riitib subscribers sre now
-- general assortment of
Summer GOODS, among which will be
found a good assortment of Silks, suitable
for the season : Plaid Silks and Impressed
Plaids, a new article for dresses ; Ladies
Tuscan, Straw, and Grass Hats; Gentle
men's Silk and Fur do.; a large assortment
ol Prints, Sic. In short, they think their
assortment win meet l lie wants ot their
customers generally. Tho above goods
will bo sold for cash or on short credit, s
low as can bo purchased in Vermont.
WillUton, May 12, 1836.
plaid, rol'il and blk Taffi.: 'Ribbons, fancy,' plaid,
waierci anu .ami ucu iviuuun, muih tm.ciuuK
Basket, merino Bags and satchels, Tuscan imita-
ion, cap and cottage crown, ace nnd r rencli 1 us
can. Also a variety oi Mines uonnen.
GROCERIES Susan, Moldnes, Teas of all
inds. first duality Coffee, Chocolate, talralat.
Ginger, Cinnamon, spices, col d speim Cundlet,
lamp uii. c. c.
The sBtucribcr. ernlelu to nit irienat anu ine
public for their paironags hitherto, would now so
licit I lie continuance oi H, promising ins ucu exer
tions to give entire tatislaction.
iuringron, may u, io-
May 27, 1836.
China,Glass & Earthern Ware
A FULL and complete assortment in all
its varieties, by
May 27, 1830.
New Milch Cow.
rilHE subscriber wishes to purchase
JL good Xtw Milch Cnto.
Robert Moonr.
Burlingloi, May 20, 1836.
TEWARTS celebrated Confectionary
for salo by
Mav 27.
Mrs. M. Fraser
WOULD inform the Ladies of Burlington and
itt vicinity, that the has just returned from
New York and brought with her the latest fashions
for Ladies Dresses, flats, and Caps. She hat also
fur sale plain and laca Tuscan, nnd English and
oilier Straw Hats; all of the newest style ; fashion
able Ribbons; artificial, and other trimming! for
Halt and Uaps. DlacK and mine Whalebone;
Wire ; Bobbinell ; Blond and Bobbinctt Quellingt
and Edgings ; Figur'd and plain Silk and Satin for
Halt ; fancy and tewing Silk, Handkerchiefs,
Shawls, Scarlt, Zephyrs, Gloves, and many articles
not enumerated an ol vtinch she will sell on rea
sonable terms. Shop on Church-st. opposite 11.
Durkcc's hotel. May 19, 1836.
Wines, Teas, Sugars, &c.
jp DOOLITTLE offers for sale
Old Madeira,
Sir.ilv do. I
Muscat, WINES
IY1 nrcniloO !
Port and
Young Hyson,
Hyson Skin, TEAS.
Pouchong and
Molasses, Lump and St. Croiic Sugar ;
Lemons, Oranges, Raisins, Figs, Bar Soap,
Tobacco, Segars, Sic.
May 19. 1835.
St. Johns Hotel &
Continued by Mrs. WATSON., No ex
ertion spared to merit a continuance of
public patronage. Baggage carryed to
and from the steam boats.
St. Johns, slMay, 1836.
Take Particular Notice.
"TlHE subscriber has left all his notes and
JL accounts with J. N. Pomeroy, Esq.
for immediate collection. Those who make
immediate payment will save cost. All
persons indebted, are cautioned against
making payment to any other person than
Mr. Pomeroy, as he is my only authorized
agent. TKlsTKAM UUiMiNtiK..
Burlington, May 9, 1 836.
Sheetings, Cotton Yarn, &c
- IIALbo uornwan and Lawrence
Sheetings, lor sale cheap by the bale
or piece. Also, u Dales anirtings do. 500
lbs. Uotton xarn, irom imo. o to tu.
Lemuel Curtis Si Co.
Burlington, May 20, 1836.
BTHE subscriber having purchased the
UL Slock of Drugs, Medicines, Paints and
Dye Stuffs or Mr. Thomas H. Wood formerly
Wood and Abbott! bczs to inform his friends
and the public generally, that he expecta in a
Tow days a large addition of tho above articles
to the quantity now on hand. lib intimato
acquaintance a a Physician in this depart
ment, together with moderate prices, ho trusli
will havo somo weight in inducing pur.
chasers to givo him a share or custom. Phy
sicians' prescriptions and family medicines,
put up with the greatest care and neatness
under hit personal inspection.
Burlington, May, 1836. 3w
To the inhabitants of Burlington f Vidnity.
npHE undersgned has rented the storo
formerly occupied by Win. Wells, and
the last year by David Irish, whero lie is
now receiving from INew York a general
assortment of DRY GOODS. WET nnd
GLASS and HARD WARE, which iiu
will sell for ensh or most kinds of country
produce as cheap as the cheapest.
lie take; this opportunity to thank tho
public fur iho general -support he has re
ceived for the short time lie hits been in
business, and ho hopes, by giving good
bargains and paying strict attention to
business, still to receive the en hip general
Uurlington, May m, iujo.
PIM'C ...mn.l.tnn r.inn. P..IIjI.
aUUd u,,iji tf cubi ungual.
J Straws. 7 and 11 bruids do ; Fri'nch
and Swiss Lnce ; Lnce and common Tus
can; Grecian do: Misses Palmetto do. ;
Misses Fine 11 brutds ; Missrs l urcsnanci
Willow; by
Lk.kcul Cuniisj& Co
May 20, 1836.
Shoes and Boots.
LEMUEL CURTIS & CO. hove now
n good ai;ortmcnt of Ladie; Engltili
and French kid Slips; gaiter Bonis nnd
walking Shoes; gcntlemens tutnmcr Boots;
do. half Boots ; do. Pumps and walking
Shoes. May 20. 1836.
A beautiful assortment of 4 4 French
Cambric Prints of the most desirable
style, also French muslins Jackonetts Sic.
10 Cases comprising Dover, Merrimack
and English Prints, for sale low by the
piece by Lemueb Curtis & Co.
May 26, 1836.
1 fin BARRELS, just received and for sale
May 19, 1836.
THE subscriber, having purchased t'io
entire slock ol' Hardware and Saddlory
or Mr. Thomas II. Wood formerly Wood,'.:
Abbott solicits tho patronage of the fonnoi
customers of tho cslablUhniPiit, and Ills puMi-j
generally, and trusts, that by htrtct attention
and moderate prices, hu will be able to per
petuate the good standing the concern hn-'
heretofore sustained. He is going to tin
South immediately and hopes to return in
few days with a full assortment, and to supply
the public at wholesale snd retail with ourv
article in the above department.
Burlington, May, 18"6. l!w
Waddington Superfine Flour.
L((fi?eARRELS F,eSl' SUPer"
66 Barrels Fresh Fine.
46 do. do. Fine Middlings.
Just received and for sale by
St. Johns, May 9. 1836.
Walk In.
171 C. LOOMIS, has this day received
XU..at his Leather, Morecco Sf Finding
Store, a largo assortment ot Sole Leather,
from 16 to 22c. a pound ; Moroccos or all
kinds, and Findings nf every description.
Also, Boots and Shoes, Sir.,-, all of which
will bo sold (as usual) as low for cash os
can bn purchased in this tjiatc. jw
Burlington, Ptarl-tt. May 20, 1C3.
HAVE just received from New York,
their sprinr supdIv of ponds, com
prising a choice selection at CLOTHS,
May 20, 1836,
ceived, in addition to their last weeks
arrival, a choice selection of Broadcloths,
or every color, quality and price, from 175
to $9 00.; ribb'd Buckskins; Cassimeres,
mix'd Lastings ; Crape do.; Beavertcens ;
4 and 6 4 Tickings ; 5 8 and 12-4 linen
Slinptinrs : Umbrellas, Parasols ; Bomba
zines, ftom 50c. to $3; Glass Cloth ; linen,
VUJWfUk,, Ub. Wlllbll Willi fcllOll ,1" I . - 1 If II l . LI I I. 1-
stock, makes their assortment the best cambric and pongee Hdkls.; black, Italian
offered.- And notwillistatid. nu nngu..
Ihov have ever
ins tho present unparalleled hi"!) prices oi
goods in market, our arrangements aro such
that wc shall sttM be enabled to furnish our
customers with very superior articles at
a small advanco from tornicr prices tor
prompt pay.
and common Braces; 6 to 11-4 bro. linen
Table Cloths ; do. bleach'd do ; worsted
Damask col'd do : 100 pks. common Pins ;
German dn; Hooks and Eyes ; cheap vest
and coat Buttons ; corset Rings ; Tapes;
cotton Threads; cheap Dress Ildkfs; Os-
Wi will take the present occ.sioi. also.l brg, Ducks, Russia Sheetings, &c.
to correct an erroneous impression, inai nr,j ATofhnniro Kink
we sell only to those who employ us to Farmers and Mechanics tfank.
m.tr ,hi. .,miu TMa in entirelv a milE Stockholders are hereby noiified
mistake. Much as it mirht pratifv tis to dn A that an instalment of Ten Dollars,
our friends iustico in the fit, as well as the per share, on the Capital Slock of the Bank
fabric, we shall nevertheless be equally
happy to furnish tho materials for thoso
who may find it mote convenient lo employ
oilier mechanics.
Burlington, May C36.
is required lo be paid at the Banking House
in uurlington, on mo nrsiuay ui juiy uexi
By order or the President and Direc
tors' T. HOCKLEY, Caiaisr.
April '.'O, 1836. llju
3 do Cotton Balls,
2 do Wicking,
2 do Yarn. Just received and Tor
sale by T. DOOLITTLE.
May 19, 1836.
For Spring and Summer.
THE subscribers have opened and are
now receiving a very extensive os.
sorlment or STAPLE AXD FAXCY
for tho Spring and summer trade, compris.
ing black, blue, green, olivo, brown,
Adeliah, mixed and mulbring Broad
cloths ; black, blue, green, drab and mixed
cassimeres; Padding, Duck Buckrams. Sil
iscas; double and singleFoundations,Amer.
ican bonk do.; Bonnet boards, wound wire,
ginghams, calicoes, prints, French muslins,
printod muslins. Challeyetts, cambrics. Ja.
chonnetts; book, Swiss, and mull Muslin,
fig'd, corded and plain muslins; black, blue,
and blue black colored India sewings. Am.
do. black ass'd and brown linen thread,
Clark, and Taylor'- sup. sewing cotton,
knitting cotton, white and mix'd, white blk,
random mixed, corded, clocked and open
work, cotton and silk hosiery, horse kin,
kid, silk, cotton and linen gloves. Flagg
and Pongee silk hdkfs ; white and plaid
cotton and silk cravats. 3 4 5 Sc C.-l
bleach'd cotton. 3 4 a & 6.4 brown do.
4 & 6.4 ticks; 3 4 6 7 St 8 4 blk, white,
and red merino shawls. Leghorn and straw
bonnets; French & Am. kid and morocco
slips and garter boots ; walking shoes ;
English and Am. Ingram?, carpeting,
straw do. Ribbons, Hdkfr, shawls &c. 4-c.
for sale low, bv
Church st. May 5.
ONLY 2 1-2 cents per lihl for window
sash where 50 windows aro told, nr
2 3-4 cents fur a lets number ; warrai.ted
to be equal if not superior lo any niaituf.u:'
lured by hand, fur sale by tho hubsenbor,
north sido tho Court-hoti Square.
Burlington. May 10, I83G.
House for Sale.
I1F.1NG about lo leavo Burling
ton, tlm subscriber nffi rs for sale
his DWELLING HOUSE, situs,
ted cn Church si root a few doors
south of the square, Tho promises consist
era dwelling house, ,vood !iou.c, a small gar
den, an excellent and never failing well or
ivatcr ; all in tho most perfect slain of repair,
and for location not exceeded for convenience
and beauty, by any place of moderate v.ilim
in the Villago. Immediate possession yi veu
and terms mado easy.
Also, puw No. 15"in Iho whito Church.
Also, a good florae.
Burlington, May 20, 1C36.
Noah Chittenden's Estate.
District of Chittenden. s.
The llonorablo tho Probuto Court for tho
District of Cliillcnden, To all persons rnn.
corned in tho Estate of Xnah Chittenden,
late of.lcrico, in said District, deceased,
WHEREAS, the Administritnr on Ihn
estate or said deceased proposes tn
render an account of hU administration, and
present his account against said estate lor ox.
aminulinn and allowance at a fcssion of the
Court of Probato, to be holden at J. A. Willcy's
Inn in WillUlon on tho third Monday ofjunn
Therefore, You are hereby notified to ap.
pear boforo mid Court at Iho lime and placu
aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have,
why tho account aforesaid thoufd not bo
Given under my hand at Williston this 18ih
rUy or.Mav A. D. I03rt.
OL0. II, MANSER, R'giU'r

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