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There is a ccrlain class or people cclcyp
n.l Mr.1,lln,0. ...n ...m In l.nL rM Vn.
gatd for ercn, body's businesi lo the neglect
cf their own. That is they aro continual
ly poking their nu.'os riglit in yntir face;
prying into your secrets; calculating on this
thing, on that thing; standing at everv
nook and corner of the streets, watching
your millions.; nnd ifynunrcso unfortunate
as to step one inch nsido (mm llieir way.
which their own wise bends deem proper,
then the whole swarm will bo after yon
and you have nr possibility of an escape.
Pot instance If a man honestly owes hi.
noighbor four and sixpence, these busy
bodies are sure to find it all out, and rppori
goes ab'oad that he is wonderfully in debt,
and must fail, t hero is no help for him.
Who told you so? says one. Oh, I heard
of it down in Mr. Muckleslnnn's shop itV
in every body's mouth. They say sucli ex
pensive living so many nicknacks he
can't stand it.
I pity him says one. I don't pity him
one might, says another : ho has been strut
ting about witli other folks' money in his
, pocket long enough I'm glad on't.
So am I, says nnnl'ier guess he'll speak
to common folks now. and his wife loo.
They say the feels monstrous big with her
gewgaws and pimlieucs, and rufllcs and
flounces, and silks and starch Oil me
pride must have a fall.
In consequence every person to whom
the unlucky debtor owe six cents U ' icide
aicakc," and slap bang comes writ after writ,
until his "good,chattcts and estate," are nil
eaten up in costs, nnd his creditors arc but
little the better or wiser "for want there
of." Then again If a single man, of more
politeness, walks home from church, or
some other place, with a single lady, then
thero is comtiiniion among the meddler
again. A knot of iIiojc mob captenscrs
happen to meet. One puts on an air ol
great mystery throwing nut a score of
nod?, winks and grimaces, and speaking in
r. half suppressed tone : I've heard some
wonderful news ! Oh, what is it f do tell
I'm dying In know, says unolher. Well
I'll tell you ! but you niusn't tell on't for
all the world, says t he first.
Bless me I hope you don't think f7lell
on't. You know I never tell of any thing,
Eoys the second.
Do tell us, says the third, I won't tell
on'ljast as true as I live
Well-only think how funny! saysthc first
.Mr. Van Winkle went home with Miss
Van Twinkle last Sunday after meeting.
By gracious! says another, if that don't
bent all ever heard on ; do lull il it's true!
True, says I he nowr monger, it V just as true
ns 1 bland here, fur I heard Mima Sweep
fctake say, that Iclinbod Beanpole told her,
that 'Chre-hy Van Whacker said, that
Caleb Teaser t Id her thai, Minima Twig
''y gisg'e told him, that she see it with her
own eyes.
1 lien away ihey go, hillcr skillcr from
'pilliar to post,' amfi-ach one tu'lls the nciw i
to auollier knot of Meddler? with nine fur
longs addition--, and all promise not to loll
on'i, anil to the story UieenfTin ten Ihou-and
ramifications wilh the speed of a whirlwind.
Theftrst thing Mr. Vnuumkle knows, it i
published from "Dan to Beorehcba," thai
he is engaged, piifiuvely engaged to Miss
Vantwiukle, and he finds linns. Iftinder the
disagrcable r.ecessily of" committing mat
rimony." or plank (lie "ready rhb.o" to the
'much injured fair one,' to stop a suit for
breach of promise.
People have a strange itching In meddle
ou,i waai aoes noi loncem locm. it is an
old saying nnd a true ono, thai "people get
a good living bi minding their oven business."
And well would it be "for t-ociely if they
would put it in force, both by example nnd
Reader, if you have meddled with what
t' none of y ur businesi, n word by way nf
udvice, at parting: "Do unto others as you
would that others should do unto you."
Consumption. In an able article nn this
subject in tho last number nf tho Knicker
bocker, by Dr. Brigham of Connecticut, it
h estimated that there are at least fifty
thousand deaths in this country from Con
sumplion every year ! This is atonishing
intelligence. If the disea-cs which causes
tiicli appallm mortality, were small pox,
clielcra, or the plague, what consternation
would bo produced by its ellectt! From a
tablo furnished by tin author, il appears
thai I he proportion of deal lis by consump
tion to the whole number of deaths is, in
Portland, one in 3,53; in Portsmouth one
in 5.79; in Boston, ono in 5.70; in New
York, one in 5.09; in Philadelphia, ono in
7.17; in Balliin.re, ono in CIO; Washing
ton. one in 0 51; in Charleston, S. C. one
in7 0n. Il thus appears thut the mortal
lily of this disease is grrnlcst the farther
north, and decreases as we advance to the
Homli or from tho senboprd, consumption
being most prevalent in largo maraiuno
Remarkable Dhcncry.'VUc National
Gazette contains a long account from the
Southern Medical Journal of a remarkable
discovery made by Signor Kegalo, of Italy.
Tho discovery consists in die art of petrify,
ingor converting into stone the various
parts of iho human system. It has even
been carried so far as io be applied to blood.
Art American lady wrolu to her friends
sume tune since, that having undergonotho
operation of the lancet, she iiad sent a howl
of the fluid to Segalo to Imvo it petrified,
nnd would forward it to her friends cut into
rings. The account in thu Medical Jour
nal, is transmitted by the Hon. Richard II.
Wilde of Georgia, and appears to bo enti
tied to credit.
The Montrrnl Gazette says that a reply
tn the "Awful Disclosures,'' of Maria Monk,
is prepared and will be published in a few
days nt the office nf the Ami du People in
that city Il will contain, saysthu Gazelle,
a complete refutation nf the slanders prop
agated of tho Black Nunnery, and some
curious incidents, events and circumstan
ces relating lo the pure vestal under the
caro of Mr. Theodore Dwight jr. and the
Reverend Mr. Iloyl.
"John Also." One of tho early minis
ters of Maiden, having eovucnl children to
baptize, prunounccd the name of the find,
John. When the eccoiiiI was brutight fur
ward; he fnid "This child, whusc name h
t Julin also, I bapliz" &c. Tho Individual
VIV cer,?ft?r k?;vn b?.l,l tf"'"1
M'.' "W traveller.
Invitation In America, Tho Ontario Re
pository, in New York, gives the following
extract of a letter Irom a son of ihu Emcr
aid Isle thero to ono of his friends at home!
"My Dear Jim- Cnmc to swale Ameriky,
and como quickly. Hero you can buy pra
ties for 2 shilling nnd whiskey the tamo ; a
dollar a day for d gging, and no hanging
for stealing. Och ! come !" &c.
Summer Arrangement.
On Monday, the llh of July, tho Franlin and
Winookl will leave Whitehall and St. Johns,
at TEX o'clock, A. M.; and will contlnuo to
loavo at that hour until Monday tho 5th day
of September, when Ihpy will again loavo tho
abjvo mentioned places at ONE o'clock, P.M.
the remainder of tho season.
riciiard w. siierman,
Will leave Whitehall every
Thursday $
and St. Joints every
Wednesday Sf
Will lc.ic Whitehall ccvy nnd St. Johns every
Monday, Tueulay,
Wednesday Sf Thursday Se
Friday. Saturday,
Going North Arrive at Essex at about -1J
o'clock, l. M. j Burlington at 6 ; Port Kent,
at "i ; Pittsburgh, it9.
Going South Arrive at Pittsburgh at a
bout 3. P.M.J Port Kent, at 5; Burlington, at
C; Essex, at II.
Burlington, Juli, 103G.
The Variety Shop.
At Burlington, Vermont, West tide Church
WE have received largo additions tn our
Slock of GOLD and SILVER
Watches Chains, Keys, Pencils, Pins, ear
Rings, Clocks, plated Wnrf. Brittania,
Castors, brass nnd plated Candlesticks.
Snufi'ers and Trays ; plated knob Lamps;
small go to bed Lamps, lamp Wicks and
Glasses; baskets, bags and purses; milita
ry goods, perfumery, hair oil, shaving
soaps, razors, lather brushes, pots, &e.
fine razor straps, fine cutlery, pen makers ;
an elegant assortment of fashionable stocks,
collars and bosoms, acenrdeons, music box;
es, small organs, nnd all kinds of musical
il,tlM,mc,,,.8.! . 1)a,r' ,?"th n,ml a11 ,;i,,ds ol"
brushes, vi.-iiing cards and cases, a great
variety of size-, nnd colors; tiackgammnn
board.--, chessmen, playing cards, quills, sil
ver and steel pens ; steel brass .vood and
whalebone busks, narrow whalebones, slay
and boot lacings of cotton and silk, India
rubber suspenders, patent and common
elastics, 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 I u , needles and pins, t lie r
mnmeturs, rosewood dressing cases, worit
lioxea, pnrlnblu desk, dressing cases for j
travellers, manifold writers, matches, pocket j
tinder boxrs, dressing room mirrors, packet
ami French mirror.-', merchant!,' Tags,
paints, brushes, pencils and all nrlicles in
lhal line; pictures, varnish and whitewood
boxes, baskets &c. for transferring, fine
engravings and prints for framing, &e.;
miniature cases nnd sittings, pistil's largo
and small low and high priced, dirks and
clasp knives, large and small telescopes or
Spy Glasses-,'; plaques of various paltci ns
which arc rapidly superceding waist buck
les, powder horns and flasks, shot bags,
table mats, stales, canes and umbrellas, to
gether wiih a very large and elegant col
lection of fancy articles some of which will
be more particularly enumerated at Funic
future time. To strangers visiting Bur.
lingtou we would just say, that wo have
an assortment, selected with great care,
which stnnds, we believe.unrivallcd in these
parts; and lhoe wishing- for line Watches,
Jewelry, or nny Goods we sell, will snvc
both time and money by calling at the Va
riety Shop, where Watches and Clocks are
cleaned nnd repaired ; silver Spoons are
made and constantly kept for sale ; Brands
nnd Stamps cut al short notice ; trunk and
coffin Plates made when wanted.
PtNnnonN & BniNSMAin.
To the inhabitants oj Burlington Sf Vitinily.
rpIlE nndersgned has rented the store
formerly occupied by Win. Wull.s, and
the last year by Divid Irish, where lie is
now receiving from New York n general
assortment of DRV GOODS. WET and
GLASS and HARD WARE, which he
will sell fur cash or most kinds of country
produce as cheap as the cheapest,
lie inkes this opportunity to thank (he
public for the general support ho has re
ceived for tho short time ho has been in
husinets, and ho hopes, by giving good
hnrgnins nnd paying siricl attention to
business, still to receive tin: same general
Hurlingon, Mai 21, 1030.
Etna Insurance Company.
jJlXlIE biibfcriber continues to insure all
v., kmds nf real nnd personal property
ns agent for said Company, lo wlium op
plicalinn may ul all limes ho made at hie
Office- in Burlington. T-o established
rcpulalton of this Company for stability,
fairness and liberality in their dealings,
needs no further commendation. n
Wm. A. Giusivoi.D.
Burlington, April G, I1I3G.
live Studs.
1 1 O gfout'd Cumpeachy Log
-L'v-' wood, 100 do do Nicaragua. 100
do tlo Fustic. 50 do du camwood. 10 do
du curcuma. 12 dn tlo bar wood. 20 do
dn Madder. 25 do copperas. 15 do nllum,
15 dn.blue vitriol. 25 carboys do nil. 2 lbs
argol. 2 du cream tartar. 2 bales nut
gall?. 5 cernons Indigo. Clulhiero' brush
es, tent hooks, nnil prts pipers. i
Rotary Stoves.
rilIE tnbseriber lias just received from
X the Foundry of J. 1). Ward, Ver
gctmcd, Nu. 2 and 3
Rotary Cooking Stoves &
Trimmings ; Box do.
Coltlron Kettles,
Ploughs, &c. &c.
which aro offered for sale fur cash or ap
proved credit.
P. S. He wishes to call the attention of
the economical, to the fuel and labor-saving
properties of tho Rotary Stove, and its
peculiar adaptation ns a Summer Cooking
Stove. By tlio .use of the grate, a very
small amount of fuel is required fur the
culinary operations of any family ; less by
one half, it is believed, Ihan is required by
any oilier Stove in use. Its form and
height is such that il admits of being pla
ccd in the firo places of ordinary kitchens,
so that most of the heat and effluvia from il
passes ofT by the chimney. Tho saving of
fuel effected by tho Improved Rotary, in
ono year, over that of almost any other
Cooking Stove, is fully equal to its cot,
besides the superior facility and care wi'h
which the several culinary operations arc
performed with it. ;
Also, Tea and Martin Kettles of variouB
sizes, cast expressly for this Stove.
Burlington, March 31, 1 030.
Tin Plates, &c
Tin Plates ; Russia, English
and American sheet Iron ; iron Ware ;
sheet and bolt Copper; sheet Zinc; tind.
and blk Rivets ; wire Vellum, etc.
ALSO A full assortment of Tin,Waro,
at wholesale or retail
T. F. Si W, L. STRONG.
Juno 23.
Drugs and Medicines.
LATH HOP & POTWIN have receiv
ed their Spring supply of Genuine
Drugs and Medicines and are now ottering
them to the public, at wholesale or retail,
on the most reasonable terms.
June 3.
1 OH CHESTS Hvsnn skin and Young
iUU hyson Teas. "20 bags Coffee. 10
do. Pimento. 10 do. Pepper. 30 hhds.
Boston N. E. Rum. 20 do rectified Wins
key. 12 bbls. American Brandy and Gin.
Signcll Brandy. Holland Gin. Pure St.
Croix Rum, Wines. Pale and Brown
Sherry. Pure Old Maderia. do do Port.
Tcncrifie. Canary. Sicily Maderia. French
do and Malaga. 25 baskets Champaign of
n superior brand. 15 cases Claret. 50
Quintets Cod Fish. 75 boxes Herring. 35
do Bar Soap. 20 do Siarch. 30 do Pipes
J. &. J. II. PECK &. CO.
Juno 10.
FORMERLY from Dover, N. II. takes this
opportunity to inform his frlnnds ami
the public that he has opened a Botanic Injir
tnaryal tho Green .Mountain House, in Pearl
street, llutluiglun, verinoni, wiicrc no hns
filled up mums fur tho accommodation of the
Kick ami infirm, and will iiaclieo in strict
conformity In tho system of Doct. Samuel
Thomson of Iiuslo-i, who ImMiuw becomo so
celebrated, nol only in the United States, but
in Europe. "The Thomsonian System" has
not only received the entiro approbation of all
who have tried its merits, but il has also re
ceived tho unqualified approbation ofmany of
tho regular Practitioners. Doct.W. would beg
leave to say to strangcis, io regard to his
qualifications. Hint he has spent three years
diligently studying the principles of his pro
fession, with Doet. Thomson and other dis
tinguished practili'incrs that ho has visited all
Ilie Infirmaries in New England, nnd can con
fidently offer himsull Io Iho public as well
qualified to administer to tho diseases of I lie
sick, so far ns preparatory studies and the
best advantages for information, will enable
him to do.
Mrs. Whichcr having been al great pains to
acquire information in Botanic practice, ami
having had two years experienco in iho pro.
Cession wilh her husband, will tako charge of
tun lemale department ol Ilia lnliniury.
Doct. W. in addition, would beg leave to
report a number of cures performed under his
own hand. First, the cure of William Walk
er of Fianklin, N. II , who was entirely cured
of the Rheumatism and Slraiigcry in their
worst slages, in tho course of twclvo days,
after balliiii; tho skill ol all tho learned doc
tors in the country.
Second, the caso of Robert Salby, cured of
a bad cyo, in live clays, alter Having been dc
prived of his sight for a very considerable
Third, the euro of Fidelia Elkins of North
field, N.H. deprived of her reason seven years.
was restored to it again after a treatment of
eighteen days, and to perfect bodily health.
Fourth, tho cure of Adelmo flam, bad eyes
lor six years, cxcecuingiy sore entirely cured
in fivo days.
Fifth, tho cure of Martha Scrutin, swelled
neck. supposed lobe Kings-Evil cured in fivo
Sixth, tho euro of Mr Maro,
This was a
caso of Asthma, which had continued ono year
and was cured in four days. '
Seventh, tho euro of Sibil Walton, w.-is n
caso of Dyspepsia, Rheumatism and Croup
cured in eight days.
Eight, the cuio of Elmcdia Quimby, cured
of Consumption, after having been given uver
by all Iho doctors in tho placo.
Cure of Jacob Sawyor of Dover, N.H. cured
of Dropsy and Fever-Sores, sevontcen years
standing, in four weeks.
Tho caso of Amelia Whicher, aflor twonly
ycais sickness of Dropsy, Dyspepsia and Pa-
ralotic shock, and of lalting opium tix years
was cuicd in twenty days.
Mr W. has had 'two hundred patients and
has given betwoen four and fivo hundred
courses for complaintsof all dcscriplions.with
cnl iro success. Mr. W. is satisfied thai his
mode of treatment has all tho beneficial effects
of a visit to thu springs whib it savos tho
patient in many cases, an enormous oxpom-o.
Mr W. wculd inform his friends that ho has
on hur.d a complete assortment of Botanic
Medicines, from thu hand of Doct. .Vamuol
Thomson. That hn has also family righls and
Duel Robinson's Biltcrs for sale.
Mr W. acts as agent for Doct. Samuel
1 hoinson of Boston, not Benjamin Thompson
or Concord, N. II. imr Jcumi Thompson of
Mount Vernon Charlcs-stieet, Boston.
N B. Patients should always li'ivo a chango
oriincn when they put Ihemselv es under his
enrc- April II, 1036.
Soda, Soidlilz, and Lemonade
Powdors, prepared and sold by Dr Heine
berg, nt his apothecary shop, Church st.
July 0,1830.
500 gallons of fresh quality, by
7'. F Si IV. L STRONG.
Juno 10, 103G.
i5 doz. BlaHchard Scythes.
50 dozen Horrls, do. on consignment, and
for Bale by
1' Ol.t.ETT 04 URADI.EVS.
Juno 24, 1030. 8w
Cotton Yarn.
1200 lbs. of Cotton Yarn, as
sorted numbers, from 5 to 10 of the M,
Chester Manufacturing Company's me
by Lemuel Cunrs k C"m
June 24. ocb
Wines, &c. n.
OLD Madeira, Sicily, Madrid, Lisly.li
old Sherry, Mersa'ilcs. Madeira, swtg
Malaga. Muscat and real old Champaigi
a choice slock.
ALSO Brandy, Rum, Gin of 1st an
2 quality at lowest prices, wholesale, jd
retail. T. F. &. IV. L. STROM" ,
Juno 10, I03G.
, ., ho
GO kegs Powder, assorted qua
it ice, at manufacturers prices.
T. F. &. IV. L. STRONG;?
Juno io. :r
2000 lbs. double refined lo:
Sugar, equal in quality to the best Englis
for sale by 0
June 24, 103G. 4m -
Snuft & Tobacco. I
Lorrillard's Maccaboy SnuiJ
in bbls. kegs and Jars. Do Scotch. I).
Bladders-. Do fine cut nnd smoking To
baccn, by the bbl. or doz. at manufactur
ers' prices.
June 23. i
Liverpool Blown Salt.
Of 1 SACKS, just received by
T. F. & W.
June 14, 1030.
HAVE just received from New York,
llieir spring fcupply of goods, com
prising a choice selection ot (JLOTHS,
MINGS, Sic. which with their former
slock, makes llieir assortment the best
Ihcy have ever offered. And not withstand
ing the present unparalleled high prices of
goods in market, our arrangements aro such
that we shall still be enabled to furnish our
customers with very superior articles at
a small advance from former prices for
prompt pay.
We will lake tho present occasion also,
to correct an erroneous impression, that
we sell only to those who employ us to
make their garments. This is entirely a
infinite. Much as it might grntify us to dn
our friends justice in the fit, as well as the
fabric, we shall nevertheless bo equally
happy to furnts-h the materials fur those
who may find it more convenient to employ
other mechanics.
Burlington. May 12, 1 030.
Botanic Infirmary.
Burlington, Vt.
dcr of the Concord Botanic Infirmary,
fueling a deep interest in tho cause of sufiei
nig humanity, and, determined lo us.i hi u.
most exertions to complete that reform In
medical practice, which has already so glnr i-um-ly
e.oinniciiced, has opened an Infirmary in
thu Mansion llnn-e. on liuilinglon square.
Tho unparalleled success which has attend,
ed his piaclico in New Yoik, Boston and Con.
cord, in which places he ha? had several thou,
sand patients under his care, (more, probably,
than any other practitioner in the civilized
world in Iho saniu lime.) will bo a sulficicnl
guaranty of tho confidence of tho intelligent
citizens of Vermont. Thoso who aro acquaint
ed wilh tho Thompsonian system of praclico
from personal knowledgo, need no commend
ation of its truly wonderful virtues. "To
such, (as says the vcnerablo Dr. Benj. Valcr
house, for many years professor of Materia
Medica in tho University of Cambridge) it is
tho anchor of hope tho most invaluable of
earthly blessings. Hut with thoso who have
never had an opportunity of witnessing its
health-preserving and restoring influences, it
is the part of common senso and discretion,
candidly to examine its claims, and not jaB
has too often been the case condemn Iho
tanic Physician unseen and unhcaid.
Doct. Thompson, all hough ho is unwilling
to assume and defend Iho mal-practico which
has characterised somo of tho pretended
' Thompsonian practitioners, seeks not to hiilo
1 himself from public scrutiny, but solicits freo
1 and fair discussiun, and a fair comparison of
' Iho Botanic with tho Mineral practice. This
i courso ho has always desired, and has repeal-
' cdlv. in his former communications to the
' public, challenged llm regular physicians to a
comparison of tho merits of their respective
systems. He who candidly engages in Iho
investigation of the system, will find its theory
of disease simplo, yet supported by sound
reasoning its praclico based upon, and in
accordanco with that theory, simplo yet effect,
ual, and Iho success that has attended it,
wonderful boyond any thing which has pre.
ceded il in Iho history of medicine.
Tho Fcmalo Department of tho Infirmary
is constantly under tho suporiulendanco of a
female, who is competent to perform all the
d'Jlies assigned to thai department.
Tetms I'lireo dollars per week for board,
and thrco dollars for each courso of medicine,
and if only ono courso proves necessary, ono
dollar extra is charged.
No accounts will bo opened, Payment
must, in 'ill cases, bo made in advance.
N. B. A gcnoral assortment of genuino
Ilolanie Medicine, for sale.togolh-ir with sev.
eial works on Iho Botanic Sysiom, whicli have
not befoio been offered to the public, for which
Duct. Thompson and his brother in Boston,
aro solo agents for Iho principal part of the
Now England Slates. Further particulars
Ilolanie Phv$ician.
May, I8JG,
Drugs & Medicines.
THE subscriber has just received from
New York and is now opening an
extensive assortment, of Drugs and Mcdi
cines, which he offers cheap fur cash or
short credit. The stock comprises many
of the new French medicines and an assort
ment of tho most approved genuine patent
medicines. Physicians and families may
rely on his unwearried exertion!) to givo
satisfaction in this department.
Burlington, June 25, 1030, corner of
Church street and the square.
zr doz Warners warranted Scythes,
-V 30 do Sampson's patent Snathes.
no ieilUWonip vnn icm-,..... .
hlnrk lefs." Eastern Sentinel. 1
How long since Col. Johnson conceived!
a dislike towards blaclt legs?
Tho editor of Iho N. Y. Jeffersonian
asks whether the Whigs mean to buy him
Certainly, sir, here is; a four-pence -give
us the change.
Tho Whigs may trim their sails, tack
ship and manoeuvre us much as they please,
thev will not get to windward of the ad
ministration. Northern Argus.
Wo shall certainly insist on getting and
keeping In the windward of thoncjrf admin
istration, if Col. Johnson and his family arc
connected with tho concern.
The editor of the Eastern Democrat puts
a dozen saucy questions to us, and con
cludes with calling us "a brandy barrel,"
If lie has thnt opinion of us, no wonder lie
is so fond of pumping us.
Isaac Hill, in his Now Hampshire Pat
riot, calls Miss Reed, the conductress of a
ladies' paper nt the cast, his "sitcr of the
mill." Isaac's sisters of the auill ore very
differcrjt creatures from Miss Reed. Flocks
of them may occasionally bo heard gabbling
in the creek.
Tho Globe calls some of the member
of tho United Stales Senate, "debtors lo
the Bank of the United Slates." How long
would thev continue debtors to that insli
tutinn, if, like tho editor of the Globe, they
could manage lo pay off 22,000 with g!50 ?
Mr J. Shocking, of the Northampton
Times, savs "tho Whigs arc tugging like
infuriated fiends nt the sacred pillars of
human liberty." Oh. Shocking !
Umber for their purpose whence they in
icnu eenuing io mo lNew yorK market n
large, constant, and regular supply of these
and other articles in the Block making
line. They further add that it is (heir
intention to increase the machinery so as
to meet the present and future demands of
the blockmaking trade and inaratime public
throughout the United States.
This Company has lately been incorpo
rated by the State of Vermont with a large
capital expressly for this purposo.
A largo discount will be allowed lo the
trade, and a liberal discount to ship chand
leies and others. iCTOrders addressed to
William Serrcll, supcrintendant at t he
company's office and store, No. 04 South
street. N. York, will meet duo attention.
Burlington, 21st March, 103G.
Tobacco and Snuft.
0; KEGS Plug Tobacco. 15 Boxes
l"!nvon,llBli ,l -IO ht,la T .,tr r illn rl
Chewing and Smoking Tobacco. 70 jars
Lnrnllartl Maccaboy Snuff. 5 bbls do
Scotch do, for sale by
J. Si J. IT. PECK &. Co.
Juno 17
Paints and Oils.
10-000 lbs, while Lead 10 bbls Vene.
tiau Red. 10 do American Yellow. 10 do
French do. 15 dn Spt's. Turpentine. C do
Glue. 2000 2 1 Is. sperm Oil u inter and fall
slrnined. 500 do Rifiued do. 15 Bbls
Linseed do, by
J Si J. II. PECK Si Co.
June IG, 1030.
Important Information
Salt Rheum
St, Anthony's Fire,
Fcv. Sorcs.oven when
the bones arc affected
While Swellings
Violent Eruptions af
ter meazles.
Festering Eiuptious,
Pimpled Faces
Sore Eyes
Sore Legs,
Scald Meads
Venereal Taints,
when mere, has failed
and all disoiders arising from an impure slate
of the Blood and Humors aio assured that
continue unrivalled for the Prevention, Relief
and Cuio of thoso complaints. In proof of
which read tho lollowing :
IO" Remarkable cure of a case of 12 years
standing. Extract of a Idler. Sir "My leg
which beforo did not look hko a human limb.
is now entirely healed up, (after resisting
every other application for 12 years!) Pre
vious to taking your Relfo's Botanical Drops,
I had given up all hopo of relief.
Anoth'r Case. An agent writes "Thore
is a person taking the Botanical Drops, cvi
dentiy with Iho greatest advantage." Ilcde
elates, to uso his own words, It is doing
wonders tor nun, and, as it were, 'snatching
him from Iho grave'
Numerous instances have occurred where
persons wero pining away a miserable exist
ence, nothing they could procuro affording
them a permanent relief, until they had made
uso of tho abovo invaluable Medicine.
They are also the best spring and autumnal
physic. Prico $l,or G bottles for five dollars.
Dumfries' ekmlov for
One of tho most thorough remedies known
for this troubtesomo complaint. It has inoro
perfectly answered the purposo for which it
is intended than any other now in common
aso, and affords immediate and permanent re,
lief, bolh from tho disorder itself, and its
accompanying symtoms of;iam in the loins
vertigo, headaeh,loss of appetitcindigestion, and
oilier marks of debility,
lD"Price$l for both articles Ointment &
Elcclury or 50 cents uhen but ono only is
J 4i J II PECK &. CO.
Wholesale Agents.
nrNoue aio genuino unless signed T,
KIDDER, on tho wrapper, (sole proprietor
and lurcfjjor to Dr. Conwav,) by whom they
aro for salo, at his Counting Room, No. 09,
Court slrl. Boston, and by his special appoint
ment, by J.& J. H. PECK Si Co,
ONLY 2 1-2 cents per light for window
hash where 50 windows are sold, or
i 3-4 cents fur a less number : warranted
to be equal irnm superior m onv manufac
tured by hand, for sale by 10 FUbscriber,
north side the Court-house Square.
nr. WM' BLAKE.
Burlington. May 10, 1IJ3G.
Dr, Adams' Celebrated Eye Water,
Warranted an offeclual euro for sore, weak
and inflamed oyes,
THIS celebrated articlo was invented by
ono of tho most distinguished physiciani
of the age, and during an extensive- praclico
of 30 vcars. ho invnrinMu .. i. : ,,
cases of sore, weak and inflamed eyes, that
M-"'u uuuur ma iiuuco, anu so great a celeb
ft-ily didhoacquiro thereby, that they ctme to
ht, urn from all parts, and in no instance was it
V-'-' " i nu iii prouuemg iho desired
vyjui-ti. i Miun ume oniy nas elapsed sinco
ho article was first ir.trodunml in m,hi:. -
Mjlice, and during ihat period, upwards of
coiiave been disposed of. and llm dxmon.t r. ;
! i '"creasing. So suro and speedy !
''"'sM'tTect produced oy this article. il,i
The , a . asc.0l"l'lctcly cured an inflamed
stead-' ,ll0l,g.h various remedies had for a lonB
nrtn, . ,, . . , - "
l,-io previous ucen resorted to, but in vain.
r.nJmpIo directions accomoanv thn nrilnln
ij'wcil as letters of recommendation fiom tho
tmosi rcspociauio physicians in the country.
f Will. njj t tap . !-
i.'uru hi u-eiuincss in a mors
.extensive way, the proprietor has appointed
thu fo lowing persons wholesale Agents for
? the sale ol it, whero the public may rest assur.
f u oi prucuiiiig ine genuine arl e o.
!' JOSF.PH pisiii. n
. ..n, I'ruprieior,
7th Si Bultonwood,
JOHN It. ROWANI),249. Market &
i E. A. I10SK1NS, 370 Market streets,
I' Philadelphia,
a DR. W.L. Almi:, Lancaster,
d J. Si J. II. PECK Si CO.,
C Burlington, Vt.
, As will or all druggists and storekeeper
ghrooghout the Stale.
Orders thankfully received and punctually
llcnded lo fur eyu water or drus,
Philadelphia, June 20, 103G. if.
I 27th July, 1836.
H JJCYTIIES 12 dozen Harris', March',
a'J Waits', Maiblo's and Lourlass'
Scythes, received and far sale by the Dozen
or singlc.at the Hardware Store. Also, a few
dozen of the Scghalicok grain Cradles, by
The Genuine Swaims Pana
cea; also Rnwande, and Green's celebrated.
Tonic Mixture fur Fever and Ague, this
day received, and for 6ale at tho Drug
Store curucr of church st. and the square.
June 25, 103C.
FOR Wounds, Bruises, or Sores of and
kind, even those which hate long been
Iroublcsomo ; an immediate euro for Burns of
Scalds, Salt Illicit m , Chapped Hands, and tho
best thing that I have ever known used for
Sore Eves. It is also good for tho St. Anlhc
niea' Fire nr Irrcrinnhi!!. 1 hnr! n r-lilM voru
much afflicted wilh il ; I applied many things,
' but lo no effect until 1 made uso of my Salve,
which cureo ner in one uay ny luuuiii" Hon
Iho pails aficclcd. In fact it may bo used foi
every thing of a sore nature to good effect ano
wilh perfect safely, end no family ought lo bt
without it. It would be found very useful on
board or Strain Boats, or vc-selsof any kind,
where accidents may happen : especially such
as Scalds or Hums, for whero applied, draws
on l the pain immediately and heals the wound
1 quicker than any thing elo I ever knew used.
I In case nf sickness, w hole pcrrnnx aro under
iho necessity lo havn hli-u-rs drawn, this
l Salve is the hot application which can bo
. made after the flies are removed. If voa
wish to have itdinw innchsprcnd the planter
thick; if to heul immediately. pread H very
thin on linen : you need no oilier applica
tion. Piepared and uld by A. HUTHEF'
i FORD, liuilinglon, Vt. Price 12 1-2 centi
per cake.
This iimy certify to all that it may concern,
thai I havu for nlmul tivnyc.irs p.it, ni.idu use
of A. Rutherford'- he.il nil Salve, in my fam
ily, and I consider it preferable in any salve I
have ever known m iiiufaelurcd -, its utility
will apply lo fresh wounds, old sores, sore
eyes, tcaids and burns, Elwood Irish.
I do hereby certify Ihat I have made use of
A. Rutherford's Salvo for nearly two years,
and I never found any ihingovcr equalled it
for a burn or scald, or a Ircsli wound ; aud for
soro eyes there is nothing that ever I tried
whicli will rosloro tho oyes to their natural
stato in so short a time as this Salve. 1 do
therefore recommend it for the benefit of man.
kind. John Logan.
Burlington, May, 1830.
Tho subscriber hereby certifies that for moro
than a year past, in casesof wounds and bruit,
cs, he has frequenely made uso of and experi
enced the salutary effects of A. Rutherford'
salvo, aud has also witnessed the same in oth
ers, and must cheerfully iccommcnd it as a
valuable salve. E. W. Sfkak,
Shelbuni, May, 1036.
We tho undersigned have used A. Ruther
ford's salvo for moro than a year, and have
known others lu uo it, and can recommend it
to bo tho best thing wo ever know for burns,
scalds, fresh wounds, bruises, or old sores of
any kind ; and we further recommcod il to be
superior lo any thing else, for soro eyes and
wedn think A. Rutherford's salvo ought to be
moro publicly known for tho benefit of man
kind at largo. Nathaniel Howard,
F. W. Grkwold,
Lvcioi-s IIkndrick.
Vergcnnes, May, 1036. 6mf3juno
1,10 most favorable terms. I)n ,.lli,,n. Il,,
Stores, and other buildings, Furniturc,&
Merchandize of every deecrintion, against
loss or damage by fire. Application for
insuruncc will receive immediate attention.
wvi.bVH LYMAN,

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