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COM'liM S 01' NO XCItt 01' TIIIJ
Aht 1. Livingston's System of Penal lime.
A System of Penal Law for tbo Slate of Lou.
isinna, consisting of a Code of Crimes and
Punishment, a Code of Procedure, a Code of
Evidence, n Code of Reform and Prison Disci,
plinu, and a Hook of Definitions J prepared
under the Authority of a Law of the said .State.
Uy Edward Livingston,
Anr. II. Ilomaic Popular Poetry.
1. Das Gricchischo Vulk in ollVnt I iclicr, ki rch
lichcr und privalrcclitlicher Bczichung, vorund
nncli dem l'rcilieitskanipfc bis zum 31 July,
1831. Von C. L. Manrcr.
2. History of Modern Greece, lly James
3. Cours do Litteraturo Grccquo Modernc,
donne. ii Geneve, par Jacavaky Itizo Niroulos.
Arer. HI. An.erir.an Architectuie.
Tho American Iluildcr's General Prico Hook
and Estimator: deduced from extensive Expo
rienco in the Art of Huilding. l)y James (iallicr.
Art. IV. Willis's Writings.
1. Mclanic and Odicr Poems. Ily iY. P H'il.
lis. Edited Ity Harry Cornwall.
2. Pcncilings by tho Way. lly N. P. Willis,
3. Inklings of Adventure. Hy the Author of
"Pcncilings by tho Way."
Art:V. Northeastern Yioundain
Mcssago from the President of tho United
stales, transmitting, in Comnhance with a Rc
-solution oftbe Scnatc,sundy Documents relating
to tlic northeastern Uouiulcry ol the United
ArtT. VI. Von Haunter's Ensland in 183.
England in 1S3."; being a Series of Letters
written to Jricnus in Gormany, during a Rcsi
denco in London, and Eicurlioiis into llio Pro
vinccs; by Frederic Von Houmer.
Art. VII. Life and Works of Dr. llichard
1. T in. T.IPn nl" TJtr'Imrd limoW r. n At
tcr of Trinity College and Regius Professor of! "IU C!,P- lllr" "P"" a l,iv'"- i the same
Divinity in tho University of Cambridge j with I oiaunor that I first fixed mine: but after
an Account of his Writings, and Anecdotes of, tiring mine in that shapu one year, I found
many distinguished Characters during tho peri, t lint il did not alisu er my expeo'ation. I
od in which ho flourished. Uy James Henry i discovered that heating il'iu stove caused it
Monk, J). 1). "ito' mi n very hard, e-pecially when tho
. Lmuiiuiisuuu kii.uuLiL'n, iicrausKCgcucn
von Ft led. August. Wolf. (The Article llich
ard Hentlci, in the First number of Wolf's "Lit
erary Anaiccta.",)
Art. VIII. Principle of Emulation.
1. On Emulation. By llio Iter. J. Emerson.
2. Dr. DieifTlil on Fimil.ilinn.
i r- !.:.. rv.n r.. u- t,.... 1
o. .u.u..u.. ... u,.i-ai. , .,,
I. Professor Robinson's Account of .he Ocr. I
mm Universities. I
Art. IX. Lives of 1'inl.ney, Ellery, Mather.
The Library of American Hiography, con
ducted by Jarcd Spoils. Vol. VI.
Art. X. Ciilieal Notices.
1. Swcctser on Consumption.
2. Calvert on German Literature.
3. Pierce's Ticatises on Trigonometry,
d. Hale's Traits of American Life.
5. Smith's Three Eras in Woman's Life.
Ii. Greene's History of Italy.
7. Uliss's History of lfchobolh.
8. Reports of Seaman's Aid Socielies.
D. Salcs's Edition of Don Quixote.
10. Popkin's Lectures.
11. Upliam's Discourse.
12. Adams's Haccalaurcato Address-
13. Ilazlitt's Literary Remains.
1 1. Jtorely's Discourse.
15. Ups and Downs.
Editoi's Note.
Quarterly List of New Publications.
Oct.Mth, College Sti ret.
llnil-Road Notice.
NOTICE; is hereby given thai a peti
tion will be preferred to tho Ijigi-,!n-l
urn oflhoSiato ol Vermont ai ihoir nex'
session for the grant of a Rail Road from
lieiininglon. through the no'iolies of Hen
mngloii, Rutland, Addison. ('Intietidon and
Franklin, to Canada line, niiliu direction
of Montreal. Rtkphkn IIinsdh.i,,
Svi.vrTi:r. Dkjiim:.
3utL'i:t. UiM'ir.i.n,
C. W. C.roK-r.
Jons A. Co.N.tNT,
Smi:ki. Kivirr,
Wu.r.iA".: Si-.tni:.
Sept.T, II13G.
New Goods.
AN exteiii-tvi' n-sor'inein of Fall & Win.
lor Clood--, of all llio n-nal varieties
kept in tho country i'il Rec'd &. for sale
bv ' ' doouttia:
' Sept. I.',
AVo now have on hand an as
sortment of Canada 1'lnto Rox Siovr-.. of
the following size-. 21, - I, 20, 30, 31, and
30 inch. The pattern- nro good.
T. F. &. W. . Snto.r:.
Ocober 7, l!J30.
Elm by tho author of ' Fanaticism,'
naturil 'History of Enthusiasm,' 'Spiritual
Despotism,' for sale hy
Aug. 20.
October 7th, 1836.
I..HUI.1, i uiuia k; u. are now rc. .
ALJ ccivingoud opening their Pall sloe k of,
Goods comprising altogether lie. richest lis. ,
Forunom ncy nacvcr.mcruu.ouiepuoi.c,,
" . ' . . .
Ilich fiurccl balme and dro do rvnps, jpunn I
Poult do Solo's and Italians, Rlack silk Camb
lets, LuMrings and Sinchcws; 5 to lQ.-ltb
red nnd black Merino Shawls; Woolen nnd
Worsted, Highland, Valencia and Prussian
do. Vnlentia. 4 nnd 0 ! hobbinctl blond
nnd thulo Laces. Thread nnd bubbinott
Edgings Figured French Merinos, 1 ca
0 4 Eoglish do. SB pieces French Mori
iop, every color: Roslin checks, a now ur
iclu ; 4 cases Merino Cirrnssinns, from 17
o2l elf. Superior English anil French
'riiils; 10 cases Atnericnn Prints, by the
iecc, low. A heavy slock of
'ompriting all tho fashionable shades, nt
'very price and quality. Pilot and Mohair
,'lothe, Lion Skins j Petershams, plain,
ibbed and Buckskin Cnssimerrs i Goats
lair and imitation do. Camhlots ; red.
'vliite, nnd yellow Flannels. 1 bale 4 4
'A do. 150 pieces cold Cambrics, I case
o fringed; Every style bleached Cottons.
rom 10 to 30 els; 25 pair Rose lllankels ;
Mackinaw nnd Whitney do ; 10 bales 4 4
.(own Cotton from 0 1-2 tu 12 1-2 cents..
C bales fine Ingrnin ) n r ni."i'l N'rm
ft 3 ply Vcnelinn do. CARl L 1 lSl.&.
rocking and floor Baiy.cs. ; nil of which
ill be told "as uctiaP'oii the bcsl terms.
k5 I!. V JC.
ftp 11 E Subrrih t would jii-i sny to t lie
n. piililio. tlm In' (in - received n large
quantity of the mnitwcil Ilnltini Stive, of
il lla rc nt sizes ami will keep Ihcui constant-
ly mi iinmi ni hid Store. North htdu ol
Court House Square.
Also, I'd t lur, U i.v and other conk Stoves.
of different Patterns.
Also, scco il luiud Stoves to fcI! or Rent.
cheap -also Pipe, Move trimming, &c.
I would hero remark that in coiueiiiionco
of llio rapid pain that ntlcndodtno Iniprnv
ou iiomry wove mo msi season, it w.isim-
possible to i rin imi Hi rI nro them so as to flip,
ply over otic half of Iho calls ; bill tho pub
lie may bo under no apprehension tm that
pnint l hi Ki-neon, as 1 Invo over four times
llio amount now iHaniil'aclurcd, that I had
last season at I hi- time, en thai, people from
a dislnnce nnv ctiino w tlioul fear of disap
pointment. 1 hero omit a lung list of Re
commendation:?, believing that the Improv
ed Rotary Stove has been Etifiicieiiily test
ed, to recommend itself in this, vicinity.
Tim improvement- that wo havo made
upon the S'ovc for the Insl season are vol
uabli'; wo now make the fire Plate nearly
three times tho weight of those last year
anil turn tho friction' Rollers on which the
cap re.-ts, and various other improvements
not necessary to mention.
The S'nves are Ca-l at tho foundry of
John D. Ward, and from the best Scotch
and Monl.ton P'g,nnd are not surpassed, if
equa l mi. tor smoothness and benuly of fin
ish, in l his section !" tlic country.
N. 15. I have recently seen a few 'toves
I in this licinilv called Imnrnvcd Ilotarn
Stoves, that have no friction rollers under
stove was loaded when there wa- a kettle
or boiler of water upon the top it was nl
mott impossible to turn it without spilling
tho water. 1 did not at first undercland
the reason, ns It would turn easy when
cold. Inn finally n-cer'ained that by heal
ing the stove it softened tho iron, and as
"-Ml,,. I,,,,! u.ml, r(,M ,, onQ Mp il
cn"ic"" '" "",c" lnrllnn lllnl 11 w" "P"S
s lb iu to ii" them wiih safety or cuivcn
leiice. and in order to gel rid oflliis fric
lion I have placed under the onler edge of
the rap I net ton rollers, and have them
turned so as to bo peifeclly true and
smooth. The few stoves abovo refored to
are not niadu at Ward's Foundry, neither
are they mado from pig or remedied iron,
but fniin the raw ore, ami the plates con
sequent ly nro more porous and stoggy ;
and tho bank lire plate is not mors than
hall tho thickuots of mine. Any por-on
can verv cr.-ilv tell niv stove, or those
itnide l Ward's, by the friction rollers, as
we inako no others.
litirlingtan. Oil. I 1 .130.
Now Good?, October 183G.
I-iW stylo Gold Seal-and Keys, both
combined in one: Gold swivle kcv
to wear on guard chains, m gnat vnri.lt;
El gnnl Gold I'-i.-om I ins- : Fine Silver
Dial lupines, four holn J -welled, beautiful
.Movement--. Gold do. A now a-sortmonl
Ladies Plaques, an article wlnoh is l.isl
taking the place of Wai I liucklo-; a Hue
lot gilt Ruckles. An elegant assortment ul
Silver Pencils: from j0 els. to tin: heavy
old fiahloned Pencils at 2, 2 .00. 3, and
'i.l f0 each. S'lver C iinln. Compass'
Sea's and Key; Silver Chain", and many
other articles. We are gelling in all ar
ticles. tisce--'ary to keep up tho I'ariily
at the Variety Shop.
I'AISfili'inA & IinlNSMWll
ETlItOM ih 12th day of Juno last, inclu
!L ding eighteen monilis of minority, 1
have given and do hereby publickly g ve.
'o my son James Fure-t Seabury, hi tune.
in transact bu-ine--s for him-elf, and shall
not denned Irom him or any other person
during In- life or capability to act for
htmseir, any unges, nor pay any dtbls nl
his contracting after thi" date.
Jertcbo, October l-t. 1330.
JUS'P received on Consignment a case
of Ladies and Aliases Sutin Ecnvcr
Hounds, being the most splendid and beau
tiful article ol tin; Rennet kind ever oll'ured
for lull and winter use.
ALSO n lull assortment of Goods of
every (Inscription winch will be sold cheap
lor Cash nl the Cheap Cnslt Store hy
Eurlinstnn Oil. 7, 1330
rjrSlll'. undersigned offor for sale Fire
JL Wood ufsniierior quality, in small
or larso nn:ililitic. to ho delivered cither
,, tlu-ir Inrii) (3 miles north of lliirlili".
,) or n prPf,w 0f the purchasers.
.,.,. rn(, ,r!1(( Uir.-n-'li tho farm to the
Wlfl(j bpnjJ ,,,, w -'ifl excellent Hale,
! ll fltir if 4 I ri i in r;i tiw itni. i r 1 1 rr I it lui if I Ii ni r
. . 1 . t r r. . ...
it out tu tho main road.
R. J. Ih-.iMicnG.
'P. F. Molt.
Burlington, Oct. 0. I n30
This day lee'd price 50 cts.
neatly hound in cloth, tho Painter's Gild
er's nnd Varntshcr's Manual, containing
rules nnd regulations in every thing rela
ting to the art of Painting, Gilding nnd
Varnishing; numerous usclul nnd valuable
Receipts; 'Pests for detect ing adulterations
in oils, colors, &c. nnd n stntement of the
diseases and accidents lo which Painters,
Gilders and varuishcrs are peculiarly liable,
with the simplest nnd best method of pre
vention and remedy.
Oct. 7. " V. II luuiMTros-
Krr Yds. Sheeps Gray Cloth 200 lbs.
JJJ wm,,, Knitting Yam, und 1000
pairs Woolen Socks in exchange for goods.
Sept. 20. Lvman it Coi.r.
JUST received, tho Penny Magazine for
11132, '3J. '31 nud '35, hound full
doth or hall call, price $2 per volume. .
del. 7. Vi:nN0N !)aiuw.nct.in.
Ejjman fe Cole
AVE rrceived an (xlennvenssorlineiit
compr'uing lllue, 11 ack, Il'ue black, Olive,
elarol, brown, invisible green, drako neck,
polish and other thades of green UnoAti
I ! I u c l , li'tie, fancy strip'd, thrck'd, plaid
rnnl rib'd, viclorino titid buck skin C.usi
Plain, rhrck'd, and striped Satinelts.
Heavy mill'd Cklh, Pilot Cloth. Peine,
ham and Mohan Coating. Tim above cue
braces a very cxlcn-ivc assortment of this
description of good", and arc worthy the
attention of gentlemen.
A rich variety of Vi;ti.o, including
Heavy black, and bluu black. Silk Velvet
vesting. Figured and striped du. Plain,
plaid, and stripod Silk do. Dark Velvet
Vulcntia, Tnilnipt nud Ca-tninre do.
iroonsTun STUFFS.
French, German and English Merinos.
A few pieces dark figured Merinos. Gro
de Nap and Crape do. Merino Circassians
and Ilombazcttc. Moreen and Damask
German Goat" Hair Camhlots. English
and imitation do. Urnchcllas and l'riucet
la. Gorman Rug Worsted. White, scar
let, nnd mixed knitting worsted. Clouded
woolen yarn, silk flip &c. lllack. b'uo
black, brown, green and drab llotnbazine,
Merino Trimming Illoml and llubiiiette
I'Mgings, Inserting Lice, &c. Merino
Shawls and Ilandkercluef-r, Gloves and
Hosiery. A splendid assortment of
Rlack, and blno black, Gro do S.vis and
Gro do Rhine figur'd and plain do. Col
ored and nlaid (3ro do Naples. Sewing
Silk and Twist. Silk Oambleta and Pon
gees. Printed and plain Shallys.
A groat variety of French and English
having been bought by the ca-e, will he
sold very cheap. A variety of
lJMWi SU'tlClCS,
Rich fancy down Scarfs, Fur Tippets,
fancy Collars, Ladies fancy Silk Cravats.
Tamboard and French worked Capes and
Collars, Shnlly 1 1 ill: ft and Shawls, Sow
ing silk do Figured Silk. Crape, Gauze,
and other Fancy I landkorchtefs-.
Cotion Sheeting, Shirting, hleach'd do.
Cinton Flannels. Drilling, Tick, Wadding,
Han. Wiekingand Colton Yarn.
Sept. 29.
STRAVIH) from the subscriber a light
red COW middling sizo with the ends
of the horns sawed off. Whoever will give
information whore she may bo found shall
bo handsomely rewarded.
I'urlinglon Sept. 22.
A M K into tho enclosure of the subscri
her on or about the ICth inst . a imle
red 2 years old STF.AR. small horbs about
middling size. The owner is requested to
prove properly piy charges and take him
Esc.v Sept. 2Ci 1 It3G.
September 1836.
Fall Goods at the Variety-shop.
Wll nro getting in our Fall Good--, all
tilings necessary to keep uiir assort
ment in good crder; Watches, Clocks,
perfumery. Tea-pots, Military Goods. Cas
tor1!, Jewelry, Stocks, Collar, 1 1 1 e il and
satin I'ooms, Ijunp wick". Toys, nnd an
cndles- variety ol Fancy articles. All per
son aru invited to call anil look at them at
the Variety Shop.
i'A.sononv & RuixsMAii).
JN'ew Goods, Needles.
Saddlers', Millener-', Harness, Darning.
Knitting, Glovers. Herding, Assorted &.
C'Jinmon sewing Noodles; of Hemming &
buns lUanulaciuro, just ree d at the ario
ly Shop. PAr;uoit & Huis.maid.
TO FA urn E s,s7 "
iiurrna, nmv ci.otii. and it.a.nm;!,.
Lemuel Curtis & Co.
Wl LL pay tho highest pricn for tho best
of Butler. Also, wanted 500 yard--
Grey Clolh & 500 yds. Flannel all Wool.
They uro u-iw receiving their
New Goods!
suitable for tho present and approaching
season being the uiojt complete a-sortmcut
i hey have ever had tho pleasure of offering,
& lit Prices and quality which cotinot but
liurlingtun Sept. 301t 1830.
wkst'.s i'A'ri:T ciii.okim:
n r c m l.' T l n .,,i ii I I c
"H7 O R Ringworms, Sallrhcum, Scald
JL head, nnd nil Cutnneotis Eruptions.
This article i-- mil thrown into market like
uio-t patent medicines, backed by some
half dozen fictitious certificate-'; but it
comes re-iieelab!y nnd honestly lecomnion
dud, nnd is, wu verily believe, all that it
claims to bo: nnd as sticlrr it is offered to
the nublic, by J. & J. II- PECK &. Co
Sept. 1U30 Agents for the Patentee
Young Cattle.
0,1 HEAD of two year old calllo for sale
by Hickok &. Cati.in.
Sept. 22.
New Fall Goods.
JTtLEGNT gill and plated metal scab
-J bard Sabre.- : also leather scabbard
Sabres ; crooked and straight, fine and
common Swords, Holster Pistols. ; Spurs,
Sword chains, Hells, sashes, Lace, Buttons,
Plates, and almost all kinds ol goods no
cessarv in tiic Military lino, this day ree'd
and opened. Sumo of our new swords arc
tho host wu ever hail ; nil of our military
goods are new and in fine order.
TAMiinm-i ty ISlU.NSMAIII,
Sept, 29. I'urieti Slwv.
ON Saturday llio I7lh inst. between J.
Howard's lintel Burlington, nud Mil
ton line, on tho oast rnad, a largo while
MERINO SHAWL, wrapped in n white
linen pocket handkerchief, marked Julia
Afiii.uv. No. 4 The finder shall bo lib
erally rewarded by reluming the shawl
and handkerchief ot Ihisollice.
Sept. 22.
I rnrn: urn and timf.s. rlligious
.Milton. Willi an appendix, containing animad
versions upon Dr. Johnson's Life ol' Milton i
by Jo-eph Ivimoy author ol loo ' History ol
the English Raplisls,' Ac fee, ; for sale bv
Asia Timber.
ANTED for the uso of the Winonski
Patent Rlnck Mills, and lo ho dcliv
ered at that establishment in tlej course of
tho ensuing winter, the following descrip
tions of White Ash Plank, sawed to I lie
given dimensions, square edged, sound and
free from kuold, shakes or heart wood.
No of feel, Widlh, Least
li'i.iid In lliickiifss
incisure. inclic?. to uolk.
20,000 7 I J
2.-..000 ti I J
20.000 9 li
10,000 10 H
1 5,000 II 11
10 000 12 1J
10.000 13 2
0,000 LI 2.J
1,000 1 1 23 2
A L S O,
Wanted, one thousand WHITE ASH
LOGS tho standard log to be 22 inches
diameter and fourteen feet long, sound and
free from knots or shakes to bo delivered
at tho Mill during the ensuing winter, or
at the wharf at llurlinglnn in the month of
May. 11137. GUY CATLIN.
Eurlinglon, VI. Of A Sept. 1 030.
9 Ih Sept, 1836.
To our Agriculturalists success To our
Litcra'y Institutions I ho high standing
they tneril--To our Manufacturers tri
uinphancy in competition and lo com
merce, Free Trade and Sailor's Rights.
Tip HE Go Ahead Principle i so predom.
JL inn ii I iu our laud at the present day,
(hat the Go- loaves him behind, who slops
for trifh's, or descends to particulars. Wo
of the Green Mountain Stale having such
conspicuous bumpi of entorprize marked on
our head lain s-, need only know tho Text,
tho rest is understood
It is now this HOWARD, of the
Cheap Cash Store,
has been lo the city of Now York, the
grond emporium of our country, and receiv
ed his full supply of necessary and desirable
goods, which were proOuced by a combina
tion of all the natural intellectual median
icAl and operative exertions of our above
named mot in. To conclude, tho goods,
were bought to sell, and w ill bo sold cheap
for cash, no mistake.
New Goods Sept. 8.
C10.M POUND Chlorine Tooth Wash.
' tho discovery of the chloride ofSodaeV.
its uses bv Labirrnqtie of Pari--, was an ad
dition to tho resources of medicine ol'lhe ut
most importance as n neutralizing agent. To
counteract nl once the principle of decay,
which commencing imperceptibly, slowly
gathers strength, and finally destroys, is
tho important service which can be derived
from the uo of chloride of soda, when ad
ministered with skill and care; the d sens
es of the toeih being, in tho great majority
of cases, the result of neglect, nnd a grad
ual accumulation of tho principle abovo
alluded to. it became obvious, from tho
earliest experiment, lint tho chloride was
the proper remedy, and preferable lo pow
ders, donlrllices, &c. of whatever kind or
pretension. By n chemical analysis it will
bo found that the greater part of tho chlo
rino compounds so extensively in uso, do
nol contain a pirliclo of the chloride of
oila, on the agency of which their efficacy
mu-l r.rees-arily depend. The article here
adverti.-f d is confidently offered to the ex
amination of tho public, ns possessing in nn
eminent degree, tho virtue o!" nent rnhziii"
all thai is offensive in the month and breath,
removing soreness and spongmess of the
gums, destroying the taint of tobacco, or
any other efiluvia from whatever cause.
In short, this preparation will ho found lo
justify tho various commendatory notices
and recommendation? it has received, where
cv-r it has been introduced. Jmt received
and for sale at liio Variety Shop.
Septcin. 3, 1330
Gilt and Mahogany Frame
Looking Glasses, from 25 cts. to fourteen
dollars, lor sale by
September 1G. 1U3G.
New Establishment.
Tip HE subscriber respect fully informs the
j- puuuc a:iu ins menus generally, that
ho has taken the slorc recently occupied
by Mr John Abbott ho doors south oi'hi.-
old shop, nnd has just received from New
jorii a won 6ciecicu assurtinctil of
Ladies' Boots &. Shoes, iMisscs',
and Childrens'. &c.
ol nil kinds and descriptions. He has also,
on hand and is now manufacturing from the
nest materials tieiitlemons' linn Boots-,
Shoes and Pumps; thick Hoots, Shuos and
Iirogans. In short every article tu Ins line
mauu on snort notice, and as chonp ns can
bo afforded for cash or short approved cre
dit, and all rips mended gratis.
. ' s HUSSELL.
IN. B. Wanted immediately two or three
first rate Journeymen Boot .Makers lo whom
tho highest wanes will bo naid.and mntinm
employment. i). s. R.
ISurlmglan.Aug. 17, lf)30.
September 2S, 1856.
w. s u pr .
Goats Hair and Crapo
10 do nip. Italian Gro de Swiss nnd
Chally Bilks,
0 Doz pairs Ladies sup. Goat skin and
Kid Gloves.
1 do Ladies D.nvn Tippels, n new
nrliclo for evening Dress.
0 do Boys Cloth Cnps.
20 ps. lui, Chintz Prinis, dark colors.
Heavy Buck skin Gloves und .Mittens.
Laco Bullous. French marking Colton,
Fuuey Dro.-s llandUV itc. itc.
just received nnd for snlo hy
September 23.
AVING relumed from New. Yoik
with their fall lock of L'oods, have
now Ihu pleasure of offering for sale otic ol
the finest osorlinrnlRol Uroad Cloth', Cas
suneros, nnd Satinelts, Thibet clolhs.
r rtiicli and Engli-di Marino?, of every va
rietynnd rnlor. Mohair silks, of finn assort.
meiilp, Muslins nnd Cninliricks, French
worked Collars, Mariuo Thibet wool, Sill.
chally Crapo and other varieties of Shawl
and Hdkls., lilcached and Unbleached
Cottons, Tirkings, Table and other Linens
n variety, French English and American
Prints, Cotton Yarn, Wadding nnd Rat
ting. Carpolinga. and, In fine, wo think as
good nn assortment of fai.cy und staple
dry Goods, and on ns good terms ns tver
offered in llutliiiglon. Cut nud plain
Glass, China and other Crockery ware
among which nro Elegant Dining and Tea
setts, and almost every article nrcoloiir and
kind in Market, Teas of all kind. Lnafand
Ilrnwn Sugars, Ci ffeo, Chockolalo, Sugar
house and other Molasses, Ro.x and quarlrr
box Raisin, Mackerel in half and quarter
bbls,No. 1 and 2 White and colored Sperm
Candles, Scolch and Macknbny Snuff.
Indigo, smoking nnd chewing Tobacco, Uar
Siap, Spices of nil Ktnds, &c. &c.
liurlingloli, Sdpt. 10, III30.
niiflDAv uucr.ivnn ami ron sai.c at the
Ladies' Shoe Slore,
60 pairs Women' Leather Pegged Wells.
50 do do Kid Wnlklnc Mips.
100 do Superior do cjlin', city made.
50 do Children's morocco biogans.
20 do Women's stout morccco walkinir
20 do do Leather nccd broans.
10 do do Seal, sewed.
2j do super. Kid Paris slips.
15 do Spring do slips.
20 do 1'icnch morocco do
23 do Wnv's stout walking.
12 do do Calf pciijrod lirorrans.
20 do do Moiocco stip.
50 do Children's morocco boots.
15 do Wiii.'h Seal pegged brogans.
L0 do apiing prunella Hips.
2.1 do Win.'j leather sewed walking.
18 do Misses morocco pegged slips.
12 do Wm.'s c.ilf spring walking,
52 do Ladies and Misses calf slip, extra
quality. D, A. 15 RAM AN.
liurlington, Aug. 18, 13J0.
1500 Bushels Steam Salt, just
landed by J. & J. II. PECK & Co.
Aug. 25.
JL TIIUSIASM-Fouith Edition ; for sale
Aug. 20.
500 Spanish Leeches of a late
inportatton, bv
J. .V J. II. PEC K!fc CO.
ii- Clorgyman ; by the Rev, 1obarl Caun
tcr, B. D. ; for sale bv
Aug. 20.
Paper Hangings.
Ps. Paper Hangings compiler
ing a great variety ol now and
benotiful pnlierns. now npeinii" nud fur
Ilililingloe Sept. !!30.
Wool & Butter.
rjlUE Subscribers will pay Cash for
.B Good Clean Fleece Wool, delivered
at their Store tu Church Street. They
will also pay Cash for Good Butler at one
shilling pr. pound.
Lovr.r.v it Auiiott.
Darlington Sept. 15ft I33G.
Pig Iron.
1G0 tons English
Pig Iron, receiving bv
tons linsrlish and
J. it J. II. PECK iV Co.
Wood-Choppers Wanted.
THE subscribers wish to employ twenty
or thirty men tu chop Cord Wood.
Aug 13. 11130.
Ladies' Shoe Store.
OnilE subscriber has just opened,
ni'tl I
JL d 'orcasl of. Smith & Ilarrin-'too's Hook!
Store in College street, a Shoo Stole, prinei-
pauy composed ol Ladies', .Misses,' nud f'hil
dren's .Shoes of all kinds and sizes. 1 1 is n r
rangrinenls (recently mado with an e.li n.
sive hous-o iu New "VorlO are such as will
jnablo him to sell at prices which hn confi
duully believes will bo satisfactory lo all who
may ho disposed lo extend to him their pal
oonac. l). A. BR A. MAN.
Ruklingtox, July 20, 1330.
New Goods Sept. 16.
VEGETABLE ROUGE, "an exquisite
article fur enriching iho glow of ihe
cheek; this beautiful cosmetic preparation
uas at nil times louiul n place at the la-h-lonablu
toilel. It is an iiinnoeni, yet pow
erful auxiliary when: circumstances have
rendered assistance expedient, it is free
from any noxious ingredient nnd entirely
innocent: calculated lo create new beauties
where beauties were before; lo add fresh
ness to the check which care or illness mat
hove rendered languid; and in place of the
Lily lo plant the Rose;'' jusl received at
the Varitly Shop.
P.tNfinOIlN it ItRI.NFM.tll).
Fall Goods.
rmllE subscribers aio now opening an
-H- extensive assortment of Goods ailnpt
oil In the (all trade which will bo suit! cheap
for Cn-li.
Wo linvonow n full assortment olsupcr-
linn Broad Cloths of every shade nnd quality-
Rich and heavy, plain it Plaid as mr s.
A few ps. now sivlo Durham Cns'mr's.
40 ps. 0-t French it English Merinos
I Itnin Kleirnilt FM Ml'rlllOS.
Rati in", Wadding, Cambric Linings itc
Latiihoi' it Pin w.
Stpl. ICf'i 11130.
LymaiT& Cole,
Will pay cash for ficecc Wool
iu clean merchantable order, delivered nt
(licit store in Burling10"- "')' '
Univjcrsihj of Pennsylvania
'F1HE next course of Lectures will com'
jL inenco on Tuesday. November thrr
first, nnd bo continued under t ha following
.vrangements :
Pinrilci of Medicine
An itniny
liisicniie.s of Medicine
.Miileii i Medici
Nnlliaalel Chn.nian,M.D
Robert lime, do
W i I in in Oiljsmi, do
Win. n. Hoi ncr, da
Samuel Jarl,fnn, do
Clrotge It. Wnod ito
Hugh L. loilgo do
Lectures on Clinical Medicine and Sur
gery nro delivered nt t he Pennsylvania
Hospital and at the Philadelphia Hospitul
The whole amount of fees is the some ag
heretofore paid, iiotwithslanding the aug
mentation in the number of Professorships:
and improvement in the course of instruc
tion. W. E. HORNER. M. I).
Dean of Medical Fncully.
Philadelphia, July 20ih, IC3C.
Harvard University.
rinilE Medical Lectures iu Harvard U.
niversity will begin at the Massachu
setts Medical College in Mason.st. Boston,
the first Wednesday in November next, at
l.-l before 9, A M. nud will continue three
month. For one month cficr the end of
:ho course, h cl'.res will he delivered in the
College, nud the Dissecting Room will be
open lo such students ns mny remain, with
out additional foe. Such students may
also attend tho Practice of the Massachu
setts General Hospital.
Anatomy and Operations in
Sms"iv, . - Dr. Warirn.
t.'lu-mUiiy. . . . Dr. Websicrr.
M.ucii.i .1i'iiir Dr. l!la'clow.
jWnlwifciy and Medical Juris
prmlniie, .... j)r. Clianalng.
1 unciplcs ofSurgciy and Clin.
lc.il Suigeiy. - . . Dr. Haywiird.
i heon niitl Piaeticoof I'liisic, l)r. Wine.
Clinical Lectures will be delivered as
Usual on tho casrs in t ho Massachusetts
iicneral I ln-pitrl.
A now Dissecting Room is now building,
and will bo finished before the Lecture
begm. It will occupy all the vacant land
ea-t nl (he M' dical College. Every core is
lai- mg to make this iinportanl'parl of the
medical school ns perfect as possible, so
that it may furni-.li lo the student ample
facilities for prosecuting his Anatomical
studies. Tho legal enactments or the
state, so liberally and so wisely framed,
will bo faithfully and thoroughly applied to
tho accomplishment of their important ob
Ho.-ton, July, 1,130.
i iJTO persons sullbrmg from R 11 E U M.
Ldiliroflhc Enquirer Sir, On the prir
ciplo inculcated by the great nnd good Dr.
Franklin, to diffuse as widely os possible
every means within our power to mitigate
or soften the afflictions ol'sun'orinp human
ity, I feel il mrttinhenr on mo In make
known through the nv ilium ol your useful
piper, that no reading tlurcin nn adver
tisement of Dr. .lebh'.- Liniment, for the
cure of RIIEU.MATIS.M, I was forcib'y
impre-.-cd with a belief that it was calculr.
led to remove the srveiu Rbeumitie affec
li in to 1 1 i i-1 1 I had been for seven or eight
years subjected, otne tunes almost depriv
ing mo ol the use of my limbs. I accor
dingly procure,! a bottle, and boforo I hod
used tho wbolo of il, found very sensible
relief. This incre ased my confidence in it,
and led mo lo obtain another bottle. Ihu
use of which has completely removed the
spellings and pains of my limbs, together
with the cramp, nud restored them to their
wonted vigor. I am respectfully yours,
Gr.o. T.U'r.oii.jr.
flrmpstcd, L. 1 Cdarch 21.
Persons nfforing from tho above com
Paints. and in ilesjairofu euro from the
failure of the nrious remedies they have
used, arc invited lo mako trial uf this long
celebrated medicine, which has in years
past cured and relieved, as it is now doing,
ttiousands who had despaired of relief.
Nothing but n fair trial can give an idea of
it. unrivalled excellence. It is also one ol
llio best applications known for stiffness ot
the joinl.-, numbness. sprains and chilblains
Price 50 cents. F. r .-ale bv
J. it J. II. PECK it CO.
Medcaif's Patent Compound
Oil for Painting.
A perfect -ubsliliilo for Linseed Oil for all
kinds of Painting, is o flu red to tho public by
I tin sn!teril,erK ivillt lite fulled ni,iir.inri.
- i lis niilii,. ti U nmv nlmni ri.-lo ,...rsiinni
it was bi'miaht to its pies-cnl stalo'of perfec-
lion, nnd during that has been eMcnslvelv
used ,t to.-ted in every way which Linseed Oil
is used for painting, for inside and oulsidu
homo painting, on brick and on wood, and
for coaches, signs, bojls fza. As for spir ad
ing and drying for inside work il is not sur.
passed, anii for body, and durability in situa
tions exposed to inn sin nno weaincr, il is
warranted fir superior lo Iho bust I.insrrd
Oil and being light colored renders il prefer,
able fur nhitu and all other delicate colois.
Ono of Iho first painting establishments in
this city of more than twenty yeuis standing
say in their certiticalo " Having used Med.
calf's Patent Paint Oil i'o ccrlily that moro
suif.ico and better painting can bo done per
.r.illon. than when mixed with puro Linseed
Oil. This oil forms n combining substance
when mixed with pure Leads that does not
docomposo and rub off by exposure lo thu sun,
and bv experience- of two years, wo aio Aar.
ranted in saying thai painting done with this
nil. will stand tho weather much longer, and
remain unimpaired, when painting done in llio
usual way will not, and foroil cloths, we think
il surpasses nveiy thing 1'iat w o over used."
.Iiihn N. I'as.ctl has purchased the right to
make and vend tho "Patent Cnmpnurd Oil"
iu Ihu following Slates, viz; Pennsylvania,
New York. Massachusetts. Vermont, Coniice
licu(, New Jersey, South Caiohna, Ohio,
Michigan. Hhiiois and Indiana, and cauth.ns
all peisoie-.iganist any infringement, as every
olli'iico will be nirl w Uli rigorous proserulion.
Tho pi ice of tho "Patent Oil" will bo ono
quartci loss than Linseed Oil. Il is waiianicd
and sold wholesale and retail by
Dealers in Paints, Oi, Varnish, itc. ofu HjVC(
slicct Tiny N. Y. August 5, 1P36.
HTIANATICISM by tho auihur of nalu-
II. nil llltloi y n Knlhusiam.' For s,i)n
Auj. CO,

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