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npUlU subscriber having made now nr
JL rung- im nls m liu-ines, it l' '" c
necessary thnttho old t-orcntn shoeM l
tellled Ho Ihorclnrc requests nil ' l -
indebted to Inni to call anil H.-nle wulum
dclav. J. J. STAKIl.
Sept. I. 1030.
ANVILS, Vices, cast mm Plough, lml
low Ware, waggon c.irl noil carringi
Uoxo?, pot nsb nml caldron Iv-illr-, mil
Cranks, bark Mills. mm Win-. S' o v.nnt I
Saw?, cross cut il . Shovels, Spades, !I s
Srylhc?, Iron, NmK Steel &c. &c. ju.-"
received by KiWf, A sraom
Mmir IC I H30.
50 ljluls. proof, pure TJoston
Rum, for saloon consignment, ni Iin.tnt
priccf, by t'or.i.r. r r cy HitAin.r.vs.
.1 one 'i t. I03fi. f"
Paints &, Dye SuiHs, Linseed
nnd Pure. mtnmer and winter sltatmil
Huerm Oil. iilst rcccivi il ami for nb-I
liurlington. C5th June. IH3G
TTnHH sub-cr l). r w II nt nil limes' pn
JL Cash for U'tt l delivered nl their
Store on the ()I1 Win if
FO L T. F. 'V H F, RA I) L V. 1 '.5.
nuriingtun. .l ine l.'i 111.10.
l'or tin' corn of
Cohll, Asthmas, II limping Cough, spilling "J
Jllot J Vll't Consumptions.
CI ASH will ni all nuns b paid for wool
delivered at their Mure lu iid nf Pearl
Blrool ami at lli ir -.tore Son'h Horn
Rurlingtnn. June 15. III30.
n CELAND MOS.S'gto.vs plentifully in Ibc
Q Island of Ireland, from whence it lakes
its nanie, and in all lliu high noithcrn kill
tndosof Kurnpo and Asia, where Us Medicinal
qualities liuvo been long known, and highly
ipprecialcd- 'I'lui plant cnnl.iins a Icaigor
proportion of J'cgr'able Mucilage, tban any
nlhcr known substance, and In combination
Willi it is a bitli-r principle which acts mnsl
bciii-lirially in si v itijf hlrcua t ii in eacsnl great
weakness and dcbi lily of lliu lung'. The
kiinwli'clito "I many of our mnl valnablo incd.
iciucs, for tbo corn of di-eascs, hive been ub
lalncd from observing llicir cU'rct mi brulo
anitnalsi-Mi in tbo cane nf Ibis most invaluable
Moss. Its virtues wcro first discovered by
ibi'ir ell'ecls on ibo hardy, long Itrtd and
-agacious Itain Deer, which derive Ms uiu
cipil ri tirisli men t fioni tin- Iceland Muss, and
whoso mill: bi'ioincs so highly imbued with
iih ILilsnniiu virtues, tb.it it H u-.nl with the
irn-alei-t coiifidi-nei-.i wivcroigii i cnirdy by
the inhabitants ofall t ho.-o unijntries for tbo
rote ol all i!ic-3fc of Ihn breast am! lungs. In
rraiirc.lbis rinnpniind has ioiil' been knnwii,
and rxlrnsnvelv llseil ! and to itisalnlary ellecls
as much as to thu mliilnily of Ihn climate, i
piohably oivin (bo very - small nmnbci
'fnlftl rrisrs of cnnsiimption in thai connliy.
..iimoarnd with firnat llritan and the Unilud
rfiiilei. This Syrnp contains all thu medicinal
vi.Utns ol'lho Moss in the most concentrated
form, nod is prepared from the oriynal receipt
from Pari, nnlv bv.
V. IIU'lVIIINnSf,- CO. UnWniw.
And none h (jeniiino Unlcs il has their fan
Minilo npii'jr'ndi bill of diri-i'linn alsn upon tbo
envi lupu, 0-md sealed with tliuir eal.
.1. & .1. II. IMX'K l'ii wholesale agents-
Ihor of I-'anallclsni,' natural 'History o
iKisidsm, lor Ba!o hy
Ans. '20,
ido Comb-', nnd now hlvlu Horn Twist
(-'oinbj. Al.-u Quill liack Khi-ll Comba i
just received at tbo Variety Shop, hy
August 21, 11130.
Summer Arrangement.
On Mondiv. thodth of .Inly, tho rranlin and
Wiunci-lil will h-nvu Whitehall nnd St. Johns.
alTI'.N o'clock, A. M ; nnd will conllnuo to
leave at thai hour until Monday tbo 5lb day
i,f 6'cpteniber. when they will again leavu Ibo
nboio mentioned place! at ONH o'clock, I'.M.
tbo icio'iindcr of the season.
and Si. JnbiH eiciy
. 'I'llUhtl,
Wnlucidivj Si
Will Icup Wbhi'b.ill eiery
'rhurstlaij S
H a lurtl '' 1 1.
Will Icno Wblich.ill cciy and St. John.! eicry
Mnndntj, lueul'f.
Wednesday Si ' aur.uiai if
Fnd.ui. Snlurtlw
Going Xorth Arrivo at I--ox nt nlioiil dj
o'clock, l M. ; liniliiialou at 0 ; l'urt Kent,
at "i ; I'lattsburyb, at 0.
fining South Arrive at riatl-luir-'h at a
hoiil 3V P. M.J Port Kent, at 5; liurlington.al
0; Ksux, at I).
Jlarliiiglon.JuliJ, "loo
nu j ,n.i. jt m i;r. -
SEfJsscHcc of ?i.ife,
A valuable Medicine, v. bii h if ri-jbtly applied
will bo the means of t- u i ,g thousands
from nu mil nnely grave.
1 has been .-.old urn u-id for thirty years,
it!,!. ..c ..Mil I',,,,,,' ff.ru i'llif.
ciulis ill tin- fulloui ft ili-i .lses, vu.Consiluip- i lD,'t will fn.iu
linn. Wlirw.nin.r '.,il.rh. tnllininn ( .'lillll. 1 A gCIlt , nnd
Colds, dilfnmll lirontluiig, lulloenza, Quinsy,
Asthma, PhlhiMt-, Spiiiim of lilnod, Klatti
leney, liidieslinn, l.i Oi'-noss of tbo liowcls.
pits of every kind, I' Uii kets, Colic,
Calatrb, Dyseutoiy, i'.iintiiiL'. I lypoelinmln.
ac AlTeeliiius, llcad aeln s, Sicliiicss at Slum,
ach, Measles, a prcM ntuie of Cunta-jiuus
Disease", Gout and HhcoinatiMii.
JtrThis Is-eneo nnwi rs a valnablo pur
pose in almost ever i of debility; and
there are but few, if ai.y disease, which do
not ariso from that sourer. It may bo given
to cither sex. and at any peiind. if weakness
prevail; tho coniposil ion being entirely du
rivod from thu vegetable hingdom. The
whooping-cough may bo cured in a week, if
taken at tho l oininenreinciit of the diei,sc.
Dose fur an adult, folly drops taken clear, re.
pealed oneo in two hours, in urgent oases ; a
child 8 years old. 20 ; oneyeai old. 10, given
in a table spoonful of mill!. The best niude
of giving llic diop-, to infant-, is in a lilllo
breast mill;
The Sick Man's Friend
Morison's Pills,
Ortlu; real genuiiu- llygi ianUnivc-rsal Mo-
diciuo ol'lho Drili-h Collego ol Iliallh, in
pnekag-'s of I . 'J, or 3 dollars, nan b,- ob
tained in this lowii, only ol tho r. 'nlarly
iippoin'i'd Agent. As y-m v.iluo " hs-allh.
which ,i life," sen tlin' you g.-l th- oenuino
IMI.3; lli-y art! sifrm d K fingo at prosrnl.
be sisneil II. 1-11 r li J tiin'i
. l!rin-maiil. sub ngoul lor
l!urlington, Vt. all others arc base c.mn
turfeils. For the convenience of tbo puh
I in. I hoy will bo, with tbo )'o-.dcro nnd n
Iivgcia'n Uool;, kept nt th" Variotv Shop.
A. niMNSMAl'D.
Agent for Uurlinglon, Vt.
Jiilv. 0. IMC.
The Vuriehj Shop.
At liiirlington, Vi-riiiiint , West sidu Chtitch
.7lj have rccoiv-'d large additions to our
v Slock of GOLD nnd SIWEIl
Wuiolio-', Chains, K--ys, I'encds, Puis, ear
Rings, Clocks pbilc'd War- . Llntiania.
(Ja-tnrs, brass nnd plali d Candle-ncks.
Siniflers mid Trnvs ; plated kind) Lamps;
small go In bed Lamp--, lamp Wick.- nnd
Cila-sns; baskets, hagr-and purses; uiiliia
rv goods, perlumery hair oil, shaving
mais, rnzors. a'lu.-r Uru-nos. I'ois. en
lint icspeel iiiusi ue pain 10 Illo , j1M(, razor straps, line ctiHery, pell ma U-Trt
age and constitution of the patient, lor sonu: ,, u(,j,ilnt n-sorl ilient ol fa-hlniiabh- stock
will hear double the qinntity that olheis will cl.,r"IMl hiuoins, nccoi deons, mu-ic lux
tbo better way is to Iiiomii with small 0!s, Pinali iir-runs. nml all I;, nils of inn-ical
anil increaso as me paiieni may reiio re. 1 no ..,,, s . I,.,,,. 1 (Jt t. nnd all kinds ot
'following nre a few of more than a thousand
n i G O 3! 3 1 n N I A T I O N s .
"Tho undersigned, niioisiers of tbo gospel
In tho county of Windham, Termont, know
ing the elficaey of Jonalban .Mooio's I'k.
cence of Life, having used it ourselves in our
families, consider it a valuable composition ;
brushes-, vi-t log cards and cisi s, a great
vnrielv 0 ti7.es nnd color.-; iiacUgammnn
boards, chessmen, t)!ain cards, mull--, si
vcr nml stool nens ; btuel brass .vood and
wlinlebuni! husln, narrow wha'ebonos, may
nml hoot l.icingi ol cotton and silk, India
Elcxir Vegetal JJahmniquc.
I-'nr Con.rhs. Cold". Coiisuniiilioii. Catarrh
Prnnn. Asthma. Whooping Cough, and all
other diseases of tho ho.id. .-best and lungs
I'.im.dilels conlaiuiii'' a hislory of the med
ieino a skeleb of the disea-es for which il
is rceum-iii-nded cottilicalcs from tniuucs
linn.ibli! source amide diieelions, and uiuch
other important information accompany in
each bolllu mav be had of any ol the A-;en
eies. irratis. .1. "CURTIS, Druggist, Si. Al
bans. Vt. wholesale; Audit and juint proprie
lor. Thu following aro especially appointed
retail Agents.
llarlinglon Lathrop fi Pol win, Janes
Smith U ('o. and R. .Moody.
lluiburzh.. S. fc. ! CJ. Welb-r.
Milton Wellington, Whitney Jc Co., Clark
Ij'iardinan fc Co. '
Charlotte Samuel II. liarncs, anil inns
other respectable Druggists, &c. in thu conn
St. Albans, July I'.', 1330. if
rintli; public nre hereby itifonnod Ilint
-w- tho subscriber has invented curlnin
new nnd useful machinery lor inanulaclur
ing stnrch from potntoi's, nnd has applied
lor n patent to secure his right to tho saun
nnd that hi: is making said machinery nt
hiit fliiip in Jerico. in llic slntu ofvermoiit.
I bo object nl said in ichtni-ry is uiori,-ell, u
tunllv to separate thu small slnncs nni
gravel Iroin tin; uoiatnes 111 th" process, nl
wnsbipg nnd in tho pmcesH of grinding, to
reduce thu polatocs In a mure perlecl pulp,
bv wliirti a larger tiualilll v of slnrch will he
ohlnim-d than bv the iisiinlmi'lhnil. March
niamilacliirers nrr inviled In call and sec
Jirko, June 30. U13G.
New Croods
fTAiNKS SMI I'll o.- CO. have iu-t re
CJ' c-ived from New York n laige slock o
'.""-(Is, comprisiMo a general n'-orl nn-nt ol
niirG ions. Giiocnmns cnocic.
luiv. iLiiiuir.iiii:. Fnorjsioxs
S(c which liny olTer nt a small ndvniice
'or cash or country product!. Purine who
wi.-h to exebnngo their ptoduco for goods,
will do well to givi: us n call.
Cash paid lor ISuttcr, Ohcofo nnd Kggs.
May 10.
Lint Seed Oil.
500 gallons of fre-h quality, hy
7'. ' & IF. L ST 110X0 .
Tunc 10, 1030.
Now Arrangement.
Illi subscribers having entered intn
- copartnership in tho manufacture of
Sheet Iron, dinner nnd Tin Warn, Ibo bit
sinesi will hcrctil'tcr hu continued under the
firm of
at tho old stand of J. .1. Starr, in Church
flroct, opposite, tho Jail, whore all kinds of
Job worh will bo none 011 short noticu ami
in tlm best manner. They hnvu nuw- on
hand a largo and general assortment of plain
nnd Jupanrd
which they will liiopmo of at wholesale nr
relail, as low ni can hn purchased in this
-ection ol'lhc country. They have nlao on
hand and will sh ir ly rrcivo Improved
Rulary nnd oilier Cooking nml lluN"
nf various sizes and most npp'oved pallertH
Stove Purulltiri! nml Pipe of all descrip
lions till of which will be sold on the most
rcasoiinbh; it-run. AH nrders in their lint-
will bo promptly atlomled to
Rnrlinglon. Kept. I. 1M3G.
Cotton Yarn.
1200 lbs. of Cotton Yarn, as-
sorted numbers, from 5 to 10 of Ibo Man
chester Manufacturing Coinp.niy's make,
by Lbmuui. Cuiits Si Co.
Wines, &c.
LI) Madeiia. Sicily, Madrid, Li-hnn.
old .Sherry, Morsailes. Madeira. sweet
Malaga, Mn-cnl and real old Clutmpaigne
a ciioici- siocl;.
JlLSO lirandy. Rum, Gin of lot and
'1 quality al h we.-l prices, w hnh-snle and
retail. T. F &. IV. L. STllOA'G.
June 10, IH3G.
narticularlv ellieioos and u eful in lemnviiii' I rubber btlsnenders. patent nnd ciimni"li
complaints of Ihe luiiirs. and indeed a sjlu elastics, thimbles, tiei-dles and pins, liter
nnd restorativc nndii iuo in ihu various cisca
pes named in the Doctor's accompanying label
and do most cheerfull,.' rcroininenil its general
U'O, believing it well worthy tho patronage
of the public." Oi l- ). 11120.
Signed by I loses I'eeKlny, Duminerston
Sylvester Sago, Westminster ; Jed. L. Slarl;,
lirattleboro' ; Llisba O. Andrews, Putney ;
Clnmller Hales, Phdetus Chuk'
'I, Stephen R. Ilradlc, of Wcf.lin1nf.ler,
Vermont, do certify that I have for foine linio
been well ;u rti,initd wnh tho good ifi'eels
of Dr. Jonathan Moern's Ismmicc of Life, in
my own family ned niher, and e.111 rieom
mend it to bo an cslivinelv s;ife and useful
family Medicine, 111 eoids. eouln, noil all dis
orders of ihe lungs ami breast ; 111 the whoop
ing rouh and all sp. 1-1:1.1, lie oionpluints ;
nnd malm no d ioht th it ilu-citizens of Amer
ica would ib'tive great In uelil from a more
general u-e of the fame liem;' peisonally
arquaiiited with Dr. Moore, and bulling I1I111
to be a discreel and well int'11 mfii man, I 0.111
not but hope he w.il meet with dm- eneour
cgcuienl. Sri i'iii.n R. IiKtni.hr.
Tlia sub-criber hereby ceiti.'ies that he has
ormolu than three ye.ir- past fruqui'iill v.
i cu-i-s of riniyh', iihflrubiioiis upon Ihe
ting-, and dilfieiihy of hreatlnn-r, expenein eil
thn happy and sulu-my elleeis of ilie use nl
Dr. JoiiatlMii Mooie's Lsseneo of Life, anil
has witnessed thesamejii others, nnd verily
believes il to be the ino.-t salutary and elfieii.
clous medicine, I'iiimmk Wiiii t.
"Wo Ibo undersigned Physicians, who have
proved the elficaey ol Dr, .lonaih in Mooro's
Essence of Life, conceive it our duty to pat
ronizu tlm medicine, aod hie of opinion thai
t generally used, it will beofpuhlic utility,"
Signed Alel I), 101:111. Samuel S-'tearns,
Duiniuerston ; .lonaib.10 Ridger, Win. Town.
Weslininstcr ; C W. I'haiullor : Abri,in Ilol.
laud, Walpolu : .Villi. in Stone, iN'ewfaoe;
Clinics IJIake, Keeno; Precoll Hall, dies.
The above medicine is prepar
ed bv IILNRl' SLYMOUR. oflladley.Mafs,
fioni the original iLcipe, bv the direclp.ii of
Bald Moore, and snhl hy linn and tbo princi
pal Druggists in the Uui.ed States,
o svvxorx
Till' may eeriifv In all whom il may con
cern, that I the - i.i riher, lesiding in lladley
Massacbu-etis oivemaoo an linproveiiieul
in tho medicina in vent-'. I nv me, and ileiiom
inated Dr. Jonathan Moore's Lsseuce of Life,
and liavo comuiuniean d tba nieipe to IJenry
Scvmour of said lla iley, nod to bun onlv
Thu Uuiled Stales is full of Ihu sophisticated
article, and this is lo gne notieo to the
pubMc, lhal if they want IV genuiiin Lsndnco
of Lifo, they musi apply to said Seymour or
ilia ngonls, and be puticular lo inquire for
that prepared by Henry Seymour.
Sept. 9. 11113. Dr. J. Moore.
O'Sold, wholesale and retail, hy J. fi J. II.
PECK & co, llitrlingtou, wholesale ngcnlo
for tho stalo of Vermont.
inoinutt-rs, rosowoij;! dres-tng ca-i s, w ms
buxej, portable ili-sks, dre.-.-mg laspsfoi
travcllois, manilold writers ,111111 ehe-.p.ieku
tinder boxes, drussiug room mirrors, p n:kei
and French mirrors, merehanio' Tags
puiuts, trn.-hcs, pencils and all articles 111
lhal line; pictures, varnish nnd v.hilewooil
boxen, bnskcls. &.c. for transferring, fine
engravings and printa for framing, Sic;
mintnUiro ca-t-i and silt mgs, pislms largo
and small low and high priced, dirks and
clasp hoivrs. largo and small telescopes nr
Spv (ila-sef,'; plaques of va'ioiis patleiu
ivhich aro ratudlv suiierceding waist buck
ler, powder horns and flash-', shot hag-.
1 able mills, slnlcs, cones and umbrellas, (-
g.'ihur wnh tt very largo and elegant eol
lection of faury nrl k Iij-j, soino of which will
ho more particularly enuniernted nt sum
I ill 11 re time. 'I'd strangeri visiting Bur
lingtnn wo would just say. thai we have
an iissorlmi'nt, feleoti-d ivuh itreat cire.
which .-tniiiln, vp h"li-ve,unnvnlled ui theo
purls; ami ihoso wishing for lino Watches.
Jewelry, or any Clouds wi- sell, v ill save
limb liiu-' tint) iiionev hy calling nt tjn- V.i
neiy Shop, wln-ri Wnti'li- s -ind ("'ecks are
el. iineil nod repaired ; slU'er Spoon-- a"
mail'' nnd inslai.ilv I. out for -ale ; liniud-
1 1 1 1 1 Siamps 1-111 nl fli'.rt noiieo ; Hunk and
lliu Plates, made when w m-ed.
P nuou As l!mM.in.
7'i tli inhahilanlto Ihirhnglim Si I'icinity.
,!",llli uuilrrsgned b'.-i ri uled lb" slon
fnimerly n..copiod bv Win. Wi Us. nnd
ihe last year by Divul I r i-li. where he is
now lecetving fmni New Y -rk a g- neral
a-soilmeiii of 1)1 V GOODS WKTnnit
miY giwci:iui:s. crockery,
GLASS and HAM) IFAllE, which he
will tell fur cnah or most kinds of country
produce as cheap ns tho ehetipt-si.
He hikes Ibis opportunity to I linn!; the
public for tho general bonport l.o ban r"-ci-ived
lor ibo Bhorl inni- hu has boon in
limbless, and be hopes, by giving good
barirnms nnd paving si net nt'ention to
hii-iness, still lo leeeivi'lho nine general
sopi.oit. SOLOMON WALK 1311.
ISurlinglim, Mail 1, 1 1130.
yEtnu Insurance Company.
j,llI'J subscriber continues lo tnniro all
; in ill u' real nnd pursnnnl properly
n agent lorsanl ('ompauy, to whom up
phiii'ion mav nt nil times he uuido nt Ins
OllliM 111 liurlington. Tie eslablishe 1
n-piliatloii of 1 his (J inpany for flahility
fiiuoesj and liberality 111 their dealings,
ncsdd nu further aommuiiilatiou,
i Wji, A. GnistvoM).
liurlington, Airl 0, IU30.
BOOT. Wff21CMEl,
H",TORMLItLY from Dover, N. II. takes thi
3. opportunity to inform his friends and
the public that hu has opened a llotanu Inf.r
inarij:a tho Green Mountain House. 111 Piarl
slreel, Itoilinglim, Vermont, where bo has
lilli dup rooms for the accommodation of thu
sick ami infirm, and will piaclico in strict
conformity to thu system of Duel. Samuel
Thomson of Hoston, who has 11, .w become so
eeleliraled, not only ill the United Slates, hut
in Liirnpo. "Tlic 'I'lioinsoniiin System'' has
mil only received thu entire approh ilinn ofall
who have tried its merits, bin it has also re
ceived tho unqualified approbation of many of
thcregular Practitioners. Duel. W.w mild beg
Icavo'lo say to strangeis, in regard lo his
qualifications, that he ban spent three years
diligently studying tho principles of his pro
I'cssTou, with Docl. Thomson nnd other dis
tinguished practitioners 1 1. 11 1 he has visited all
the Inlirinaiii s in N'ew I'.ngland, and can con
liih'tillv oiler hunsill lo tbo public us well
qualified In adminislei to thu liiscasesof the
sick, so far as preparatory studies and Ihe
best advantages for information, will enable
him to do.
Mrs. Whicher having been atgtoal pains lo
acnuiro information in lintuniu practice, and
havinir had two years exiiericuco in thu 1110.
fessiou with her husband, will take charge of
the female deinrlmcnt of Ihe Infirmary.
Docl. W. in addition, would beg leavo to
report a number of cures performed under his
own 11:11111. I' ir-i, me cure 01 ii 1111:1111 )viui;
er of l'lanklin, N. II , who wascutitely cured
of llm Rheumatism and Slraiincry in llicir
worst ftauo. i" lb" enurse of twelve days,
after ballling thesliill of all Ihe learned doc
tors in Ihe country.
Second, thu c.isn of Robert Salhy, cured of
a had eye, in J'lie days, after having been de
prived of his sight for a very considerable
Third, ihn cure of Fidelia Hiking of .Vnith
field, N.I I. d-'privi-d of her re.isnn seven years,
was le-loicd to it again a'ler a treat it of
eighteen d 1)'". and lo perle-'l hnilily healih.
l'ourlh. Hie cure of Adeline I lam, had eyes
for six year, exceedingly joic eulirely cured
111 five days.
I'lflb, liio cure of Martha Serutin, sivelled
neeU.f uppocd lo be KingiiEi il cured in livu
Sixth, tho euro of Mr Maro. This was a
rase of Aslhnri.whieh had continued one year
ind was cured 111 four ilnys.
.Suventh, Ibo cure of Sibil Walton, was a
case of Dyspeps:a, Rheumatism mid Cruup
cured in eight days.
I'lght, the ruin of Khncdia Quimbv, cured
of Cotisuuiplion, after having been given over
liy all lliu iloclors 10 the plai n.
Luro ol Jacnn ! iwyer nl Dovct, 4N, II. cured
of Dropsy and I'ever .Soles, fcveiiiten years
standing, in lour weeks.
Tho rau of Amelia Whither, after twenty
yeais sickness ol Dropsy. DyspepM.i and P.l-
ratetio kiiocl;, and ol tailing upniui tix years
was cuied in Iwenly day.
Mr W. has had two hundred patients and
has given hctwern four and live hundred
courses for complaints of all deseriplions.wilh
GO kegs Powder, assorted qual
ities, at manufacturers price".
T. F. & W. L. STROJS'G.
Juno IG.
lbs. double refined loal
qua! In quality lo tlie Ucsl l'.nglifh,
for tale bv
June 2 1. 11130. -tin
Liverpool Blown Salt.
ST)A SACKS, just received bv
fyJ V V,' if r K'run rn
Juno 1-1. Il'.dO.
Hardware & Saddlery.
Dr. B. J. Heineberg
KSPKCTPULLY inforuw the inhali
itntils of Rurlingti'tt nnd Vicinity that
has opened an Apnthecary Shop in
Church-street, two ilnoru smith ol tbo
Rank nf Rurlington, where, under tin) care
nfuregnlnr nnd i-xportenct-d Oorinnit A
polhecary (whom Dr. IL has lately cngng-t-d)
Dnctors' prescriptions will be nltoudetl
to nt all hours ; ami where simple nnu
compound medicines may be !md in nil pus
sible varieties. In addition to this. Dr. II.
has nlso on hand a choiC" selection of per
fumeries, which hu will sell at reasonable-
mur ii.e
mo u
ft 0
Sign of
I ho PAD
corner n
Wood Abbott.
Thu btihscriber i.
tlo'.V rrci'iVI'ig rrnip
New York (at I lie
old stand of Wood
and Abboll ) tho lar
gest nnd best assort
ment of Hardware
and Saddlery ever offered lo Ihe public 111
this place, which he is determined lo sella!
a small advance from cost, fur cash or ap
proved credit,
nurlin-fton June au, UIJO.
Dye Stulls.
1 f)NBLS. ground Campenchy Lug
VV()l)ji 100 do do iNiearngua. 100
du du Fustic. 50 do do camwood. 10 do
do curcuma. 12 do do bar wood. 20 do
do Madder. 25 do copperas. 15 do aliuiii.
15 do. blue vitriol. 25 carboys do ml. 2 lbs
argol. 2 do rrcam larlnr. 2 bales nut
gnlls. 5 ceroona Indigo. Clothiers' brush
ci, lent hooks, and press papers.
J. Si J. II PUCK &. CO.
Drugs & Medicines.
T'fnllr! snh-criber has jtist received from
JL New York- and is now opening an
exten-ive ussnrlment of Drngi nnd .Mctli
i.ies, which ho offers cheap fur tash or
short credit 'Phu ttoek cumprises many
of the new French medicines and an 'i--ort-tnent
of the ino.-t approved genuine patent
medicines. Pnvficians and families may
rely on his unwenrricd exertions to give
salistactluu in this iletinrtuieiit.
Rurlington, June 25, IU30, curner of
Church street nnd ihe square.
Dr. Ad, inn' Cclibrat-.d Eye Water,
Warranted an effectual cure fur sore, wcaki
and inllained cjes.
riticn 25 ce.vrs run vt.vr,.
rffllllS tetebriiled ariiclo wok invented by
-fl. one of the most di-linguished pliyficians
of I lie age, and dining nn extensive practlco
of 'M years, he invaiiahly resulted to it in nil
eases of sore, weak and inllamid eyes, that
came under his notire, and hn great a celeb
rily did ho acquire thoiuby, thai they ceuio to
him from all parts, and in no instance was it
ever known lo fail 111 producing tin; desired
ell'ecl. A short lime only has chpsrd finct
the arlii le was first 11 troduccd lo public no
tice. and during tint period, upwards of
have been disposed of, and the demand for it
nnd 1 is rapidly increasing. So sure and speedy in
;,,t, 1 the effect produced ny this article, that onu
1 single vial has completely cured an inllained
eye, llinugli various remedies bail for a long
tiuiu previous been resorted lo, but in laim
Ample directions accompany tho article, as
well as Idlers of recommendation fiom tho
mosl respectable physicians in the country
With a view luinMir'u its u-efiiluc-s in a mora
e::leii.-ivc way, the proprietor has appointed
thu following persons wholesale Agents for
the sale of it. where ho public may rest assur.
fd of proi iinng Ihe genuine nrlic'c.
JOSLl'll I'lSII: It, prnprielnr,
7ih liiittnnwnod,
JOHN R. ItOWA.N'l) 2)0. Market &
Il A. HUSKI.N'S, 37G Market streets,
I'll hdclphia.
DR. AY. L. ALTLI-:, Lancaster.
J. k J. IL PKCK k. CO.,
liurlington, Vt.
Tobacco and Snuil'.
ILL find in the n-i- of the ALMON
CORN PLASTKR oof the mosl
efiiencioiis remedies known for that trouble,
-nine complaint, as hundreds or thousands
ran, and are ready to teslify, to iis having
answered a holier purpose than any thing
they had ever n.-ed. 'Phis application nev
er cau-e.s ihe lea.-t pain, although it soft
ens ihu Corn ami draws il out by the rootst
Il gives immediate rase as soon as applied,
and is as thorough as il is gentle 111 Us
1 filet?.
A gentleman near Greenfield writes,:
'It has cured a Corn, whit It (or years had
caufi-d me inconceivable pain and I rouble,
(after trying various other rt-itn-dit-fj) and
having riceiVud such relief myself, I advise
all. however obstinate Ihu complaint. In
uinke I r 1 ill of the Albion Corn Plaster, any
1 havo no doubt 1 hey will soon be as readd
to i-xpicss lln-ir grauiudo as I am."
An Agent, in writing lor a Inrthcr tiipply
ol'lho Album Com Poisier, nb-ervt-- -I
have made sale ol nil you sent uie. and find
Ihe article In be all II pr.-le.--es In he, a-iIhim-
wlio have o-eil it find It in prove ill,'
arl 'u h fur i nriis lliey have ever met with.
Price 50 cents a bo, wil h directions.
Uoilders the tfil h heauulnlly nnd per
manently white, embellishes the enamel,
einoves tho fuller nri-ing from decayed
li-elh, usually termed oil'. n,ive breath, pre
vents their decay, and loolh ache, eradl
caies the scurvy from the gnuw, and im
parls 11 must desirable uwcelnc.-s tu ihu
Jj'An oxiiprianced druggist pronounces
Ilu- Tonlh Powder one ol I ho best he has
ever no t with, either Foreign or Domestic.
Price 50 cents.
Dr. llolfe's I Mils for Females!
For Obstructions, Dibility, llypnihimdrinc
Green Silliness, Giddiness and Palpitation
of the Heart, li.ul Digislinn, Loathing- 0
rood, ana I'ninsoj ine btomuili. The pills
purify und promoio a brisk cur.nl ji 1,01 nl
the blood, when b 'cniur- fluggsi an:;
KL(iS Plug Tobacco. 15 Hose
Cavendish do. ."0 Mils LornllnrJ
Chewing and .Sumkinr Tobacco. 0 Jars
Lorrillnrd Maccabny Snuff. 5 bbls do
Scotch do, fur sale by
J. Si J. II. PECK Si Co.
June 17
L'aiuts and Oils.
lOOOO".'. white Lead 10 bbls Veno.
Man Rod. 10 do American Yellow. 10 do
French do. 15 do SplV. 'Purpi-iilinc. II do
Cine. 2000 glls. sperm Oil winter and fall
M ruined. 500 do Rilincd do. 15 Bbls-
Linseed do, by
.- & J. II. PECK & Co.
June 1G, 1II3C.
As will of all druggists and storekeepers
throughout the Slate.
Orders thankfully received and punctually
attended to I'm eyu walcr or drugs.
Philadelphia, .lone 21!. IftJC If.
Snuff & Tobacco.
Lorrillard's Maccaboy Snuff.
in bills, kegs and Jars. Do Scotch. Do'
Rhiddors. Do line cut nnd sun king To
bacco, by ihe bbl. or d. z. at mai.uac'ur-
cr.s i-riccs.
7. '. ! W. L. STROXG.
June 23.
Important Information !
s c u a v 1: v,
rcslering Li uplions,
Pimpled Paces
Sore P.ycs
Sore Legf,
Scald Heads
Venereal Taints,
w hen mere, has failed
S C R O T U L A,
Salt Rheum
St, Anthony's Fire,
I'cv. Sorcs.even when
ibo bones are afi'i ctcd
While Swellings
Violent Eruptions af
ter ineazlis.
and all disotders arising from an impure stale
nf the Wood and Humor ate assured lhal
ennimue unrivalled for the Prevention, Relief
and Cine of these complaints. In proof of
which lead the following ;
O" Ri marl.able cure of a case of 12 ijtars
standing. Extract of a letter. Sir -My leg
which hefore did not look like a human limb,
is now entirely healed up, (after resisting
every other application for 12 years!) I
ITOPl Wounds, Uruisca. nr Sores of and
JL kind, even Ihose which havo lonr hceu
troublesome; an immediate euro for Hums of
Scald-, Salt Rheum, Chapped Hands, and tho
best thing lhat I have ever known used foi'
Sore Eves. It it also good fur the St. Anthc
mcs' Eire or Irrccipolus. 1 had a child very
much atlliclcd with it ; 1 applied many things,
hut lo no e flee I until I made use of my .Salve,
which cured her III one day by itibb.ng it 01:
the p.ntf all'ected. In fact il may bo used lot
every llm,,' of a sore nature lo good clletl anc
with perkct safely, and no family ounht In b
without it. It would be found verv u-eful on
bond o1' i! team liuals, or vessels of any kind,
is hero aicidenls may happen ; especially such
as Scalds or Ruins, for w here applied, draws
nut Ihe pain immediately and heaL the wound
quicker than any thing elm I ever knew used,
liicasonf sickness, where persons aro under
lliu necessity to have blisters drawn, Ibis
Salve is ihu hest application which can bo
mailo after liio Hies mu removed. If vou
wish to have ildiaw muchspiead the plaster
thick; if to Ileal itninedialely, spread it very
thin on been: you need no other applica.
lion. Prepared and sold by A. RUTHEh
FORD, limhnglon, Vt. Price 12 1-ccute
per cake.
This may certify to all lhat it may concern,
that I have fur about I wo y ears past, mado use
of A. Rutherford's heal all Salve, in my funi
liy, and I consiilei il preferable to any salve I
base ever known manufactured ; us ulililv
will apply to fresh wounds, nhl sores, soro
eyes, scuds and burns, Elwoou Ir.isit.
I do hereby certify tlirt I have made use oj
A. Rutherford's Salvo for nearly two years,
and I never found any thing ever equalled it
for a burn or scald, or a Ireth wound ; and for
sme ujof llicie is nothing that ever I tried
which will restote Ihe eyes to llicir natural
slate in so shun a tnno as this Salve. I do
'""""' 1 tvuionicnu uiur me nt-iiciii 01 man.
kllU' John Loua.n.
liurlington, May, P,3G.
The s ub-eribcr heieby certifies that for more
lhan.a year al, 111 casesofwoundsand hrni...
es, he has frcquencly made use of anil experi.
enced the salutary i ll'ects of A. Rulherford's
nous to taking your Relic's llotanical Drops, salvo, and hasalso wunessid Ibo samo moth
en'iro success. Sir. W. is satisfied lhat his 1 si muled Iriim the foregoiii" disorders, re.
Hindu of treatment Iras all tho benefii ial ciTi-cls! vivo the reouiar habits of ihe nnlienlihe f...
I had given up all hnpo nf iclief.
Another Case. An agcnl writes "Thero
is a pcrsuu taliing the Roianical Drops, evi
denliy with tho greatest advantage." He de.
elates. In use his own words, It is doing
wonders for liim," and, as it were, 'snatching
him from tilt giavo.'
ei.-, .mo musi euecriiiuy recommend it as a
valuable salve. E. W. Si-car,
Shulbuin. May, Ri3C.
Vo Ihe undersigned have used A. Ruther
ford's salvo for more than a year, and have
known others to use it, and can recommend it
lo uo tlie besl ihmg wo ever knew for burns.
Numerous instances have occurred where ' scalds. Iresh wounds, hruiscs. or old sores of
persons we'u pining away 11 miserable exist- any kind ; and we further reeommeod it to ho
once, nothing lliey could procure ufl'ordin-' fiiperior to any ihin-rclsc. for sore eves : and
them -a permanent n-lief, until ihey had made-
use ol llm abnvo invaluable .Medicine.
Thoy aro also the best spring and autumnal
physiu. Price $l,nr 0 bullies for live dollars.
iiu.ii-uiLs' ittMcnv roit
wodoihiuk A. Rutherford's salve oii'-ht to bo
in re publicly known for the benefit of man
kind at large. Nathaniel Howard,
V. W, Or.it'ivoi.o,
Lcctocs Hemirick.
Vcrgenncs, May, )JG. tfmfilj'uno
ol a visit to the springs whil ) it saves ibo
palienl in many eases, an enormous oxponsu,
Mr W. wruld iufnrm his friends that lie has
on bin d a complete nssnilnieiit nf liolamc
Medicinos, fiom tho hand of Duel. -S'.iinnol
Thomsnn. That hn has alsiif.uuily rights and
Docl Robinson's liillors for sale.
Mr W. nols as agent for Doct. .S'.tmtiel
Tliouison of Huston, not llmijamiii Thotnpson
nl Concord, i. II r Jussu Tlininpou of
luouiii union tmarios-Miect, Jiosluu.
N. R. Patielilsfholild alwavshavua ehan-ro
of linen when lliey put themselves under his
care, April m, 1030.
male, wuosu nclily nml palln-il counlt-naiicf
becomes re niliuialed. and freshens with
ihe natural glow nl reslored healih. They
are equally etndncivu In tho health of mar
ried ladies, i-.cepl lit t-nces nf pregnancy
or Cuus'imption, tchen ley must not be lu
ken. Price $1 .50 per box.
J3"onno aie genuine unless signed T.
KIDDER, on Ihu wrapper, sole proprietor
and successor to Dr. (Jomvay.) hy whom
ihev are fur pnle at his counting room, No.
09 Court street, llobluit, and by his special
appointment, by J & J. II. PKCK Si
One of tlio most thorough remedies known 1
(or this troublesome complaint. It has nioru
perfectly answered the purposo for which it
is intended than any other now in common 1
ase, and affords immtdiate and permanent re.
litf, bolli from lhe ilisouli-r itself, and its'
accompany ing syuitoms at pain in the loins
rerligo.heailach.loss of appetite, indigestion, anil I
oiuer mariis ol iieuility.
lETPriceifl for both articles Ointment &
Eletlury ur 50 cents when but ono only is
Wholesale Agents.
BjNono aio genuine unless tigncd T
KIDDER, on thu wrapper, (We proprietor
and stircruor lo Dr Comvav.) by whom thoy
aro for salo, at his Counting Room, So, 09,
Court Btrt.Iiosloii, and hy hisspecial appoiut
mcnl.by J.& J, H. PECK Co.
A SL R.LYCE COMPAXY, insure on
the most lavorableleruis. Dwelling Houses
Stores, and other buildings, l'irniture,&,
Merchandize of every description, against
loss or damage by lire. Application for
insurance will receive immediate- attention,

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