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This day rcc'd -price 50 cts.
nenily bound in cloth, hc Pander's Gild
fit's and Varnishcr'n Manual, containing
rules and regulations in every thing rein
tine to the nrt of Painting, Gilding mid
Varnishing; numerous tisolul nni! valuable
Receipt; Tetts fur detecting adulterations
in oils.cn'ors, &c. nnd a statement ut Hie
disoa-ce and accidents In winch PHinlcrs,
Gilders mid var.iislmrs arc peculiarly liable,
Willi (lie simplest nnrl best method of prc
vcti'.inn and remedy.
Oct. 7. V. HUinlNGTON.
New Establishment.
rTlHB subscriber roe " ctfully informs iho
X public and Ins friends generally, thai
lie has taken the sinro recently occupied
bv Mr John Abbott two doors bouth of lin
old shop, and lins just received from New
Vnrli n well selected assortment of
Ladies' Boots & Shoes, Misses',
unci Childrens'. &c.
of nil kinds and descriptions. He has nlsn,
on hand and is now manufacturing from the
best materials Gent lemons' linn Bunlf.
Shoes and Pumps; thick Bonis. Shoes and
Brotraiis. in sliorl every nnicie
made nn short notice, and as cheap a? can
be afforded for cash or short approved ere
dit.audall "P..cnI ir'j-ugsELL
N. B. Wanted immediately two or three
first, rate Journeymen liooi Makers to whom
the highest wages will bepaid.and constant
employment. b. R.
Burlington, Aug. 17, 183G.
HAVE ree'd n lew bales i.l very supC'
Ro-o Blnnkcls.
Dullile nnd 5 Point Blankets,
Horse Blankets
f Real French Kid Slips
Ilenvv kid do
.Morocco do
Thick Solo do
Gaiter Boots
RhIivit do
I Wnlknirr Shops. &C.
A lew bn-ke?s best Champ'n WINE
Gold bhcrry,
Lii-bnn, Port am! Malaga.
1 fh On.
HBhioh'-t market pi ice paid for Good
Tuble Butter by
lathiiop Sf roTiruv.
Oil .th tn:io
UnivvrsUn of fi inisijlcnniit.
medical departm hnt.
THE next course of Lectures will com
mencc on Tuesday. November the
first, and In; continued under the Iblluwing
a'rangenienls :
Pranlro of Medicine
llty'lMllles , .f Medicine
M en i.i Medici
Nailianirl rliipni.in,M.P
lliiheii ll.ne.
W i II i.i hi I 1 1 is. i ii .
Win. U Homer,
Samuel .l.ii Kmki,
Gc.i"i. It W i.u.l
lliuh L. Hudjn
1...rinres nn Clinical Medicine and Snr.
rrorv are delivered at Iho Pennsylvania
..-"pour aim " nlf riur-Ji.' " (''
(Blockley ) -.. .
Tliu whole amount of fees i walno n
herelufore paid, not with-lnndlog the aug
mentation in the number of Prufessnrship
and improvement m iho cour-o nf instruc
tion. W. E. HORNER. M. I).
lleon of Medical Faculty.
Philadelphia, July 20ih. I li3G.
Young Cattle.
OA HEAD oflwu year olil came nir sail
illCIMK & CaTI.I.N.
Sept 22.
September 23, 1836.
t h l'4' ':,l,r' Goals Hair and Crape
JLV Cnmblcts.
10 do sup. Italian Gro do Sivis3 and
Clmlly Silks.
0 D.'Z pairs Ladies sup. Geat skin and
Kid Gloves.
1 ilo Ladies D nvn Tippets, a nu
nrliclu for rvening Dress.
C do Boys Cloth Caps.
20 p. Rieh Chiu'z Prints, dirk colors.
Heavy Buck skin Gloves and Mittens.
Lao Bultons. French marking Cotton,
Fancy Dre.-s Ilnndkf. &e. &c.
just received and lor Mile by
Sen'omhor 2.!
HAVING returned from New. York
Willi their fall stock of gooiN, hovi
now the pleasure of offering for Fale one 0
tiicnnesiasnriinenis(!i uronu uioiu, ws
simcrcs, and Salmons. Thibet chillis.
French and English Marinus, of every va
riely and color, Mohair silks, of fine assort,
meuls, Mu-lins and Cnmbricks, French
worked Collars, Marino Thibet wtjol. Hill;
chally Crape and other variolic nf Shnwl
mid Ildkft., Bleached and Unbleached
Cottons, Tickings. Tnble nnd other Linens
a variety. French Engli-b nnd American
Prints, Cotton Yarn, Wadding and Bal
ling, Carpetiiigs, and, in fine, we think as
good an assortment of fincy and 6laple
dry Goods, and on as good terms as cvei
riffercd in Burlington. Cut and plain
Glass, China and oilier Crockery ware
among which are Elegant Dining and Ten
sells, and almost every article ofcoluur anil
kind in Market. Teas of nil kiniN. Loaf and
Brown Sugars, CofT'oo. Chockohilc, Sugar
house and other Molasses", Box tun! rpiariei
box Rl-in, Mnekorel 111 half and (pinrlei
bbls.No. 1 and 2 While nnd colored Sporn
Candles. Scoteh and Mneknboy Snuff
Indigo, smoking and chewing Tohncco.Bai
Soap, Spices of all Kind--. &c. &c.
Burlingloii, Sept. IC, IH3G.
FO R Ringworms, Sillrl in, Scnld
head, ami all Culiineoiis Eruptions
This arnelu is not ihrown intn market hk.
mo-i pot oiil inedicnies. backed by s.'iiu
half dozen fictitious ceriificnio ; hut
conies respeeiably and hnuoflly leeouimeu
ded, and is, we verily believe, all lioil I
claims lobe: and as such, it is offered 1.
the public, by J. & J. II. PECK & Co.
Sept. 1838 Agtnlsfur the I'alrntct
Mny lie used in Wine or Water.
THESE cellebrnled Inlters are compos
ed purely of vegetables of the most
innocent yet specific virtues. They arc
recommended particularly for restoring
weak constitutions, cleansing the stomach
nnd increasing Uic appetite alson proven
tntive against the cholera morbn. foyer,
and ague, removing nausea, vomiting
Imnri humour, weakness ill iho breast
niin in the sioinach nnd nlhcr symptoms of
n.iiiitenr.n and indiiTCSlioii. One tins w
linclure one gallon. Price 25 cents a box.
Russell's Itch Ointment.
ti.Ij niiMtpo nnd m In oinl inent is said to
ha ennnrinr lo nnv now in use. for that (lis
agreeable and Inalhsonio discasedlm ITCH
Tlii fiihlnient is so cortnin tn ils opeialion
il.nl no nerson troubled with I he above
ills-order might mil to bo without it. It i
n r.mmlu fur nil n neons or ii III ions, scor bn I
nfToeimus nl the head, or any other
hrxftkinir not which arise? from sharp liu
mnurs in the blood. Price 23 cents n box
Russell's Vecetablo JJillious
FDR rreneral use. ill enseses of Jaundice
inothid sensibility of the stomach and bow
nl. loss ofaniielite. IccUd breath, e.oslive
ncs. Piles, and all diseases arising from
hiliarv dcraniTcnionls. also for correcting
the slnle ol the blood, and cleansing tin:
-y.trrn ofil'oul nnd viscid humors. These
pills nre a 'mild cathartic, producing neither
nnins nor griping, nno nre llioreiore n vai
nnlilo nnd loelilv nniiroved meciciue, nni
nrn nroiiinirced lis such hv the most dls
lini'iii-lii d nhysiriiiiK. Eirh box coo
laiiiiiiL' 3f! Pi'l-. Price "7 1 2 con's a box
jRnssell's Cellebrated
Salt Rheum Ointment.
THIS is nonoolinnnblv Iho best nnd
-afest remedy ever yet offered to Iho poll,
lie. for thai nb-tinnti: ill-order SALT
UIIEUM. Where olhor menus hnvo fail
ed, it has succeed, d. nnd the fuel that H
lm been ixien-ivoly u-ed by eminent
I'rnci ii loners speali-e hinies in its prai-e
i iseipuillv i fliiiacioiK in nil di-en-es of
I he fkin, ring worms, nnd lhenio-1 invele
nno Ilch. Sit:. &c. N'loieroo- eerlifirati
ought be i.lilnnied bill Iho prnpritflor
clumses that a fair innl r-hnuhl be the only
evidence nf its siiiierinr i llicncy.
Price 50 Cents n box.
A fresh supply h u' r. eeived nnd for
sale by J & J. II P.'c k & Co .Dr Moody
LTlhrop Si Pol win Burlington S. II.Bnriie
ClmrloUe M Hull I line.-bnrgli Onion
Ai Strong. U. it V. L. Pa'ker I Inn' ingiou
it Whale Vorgol Sli.fi' & Loor-ov
I 'heckebiirv green-.liiinio 1 1 million, P.
lh Ichor Jeneo D. I!. WiImiii. S. Ii.
I l. lcher E-sex I). Sz W. Cnr CUl' r
W'nli rbory mid wil h I he Drngisls genernll)
I 'irnughoiil the Uiiued Suites, nod nl
1 h .1.. hv Win C S'
I. & Co I!.-'. !.
For thn euro of
Colds, Asthmas, Whooping Cough, spitting 0
Jilondnnd Lumumjilions,
mi, AND MOSS uio.vs plentifully in the
I-land of Iceland, from whence it lakes
its nniec. nod in all the. hi''h iioilhero hill-
Holes of Europn nnd i-in. where lis Aleilicoi.'il
quiiliiics hnveheeulong kuiitvu, nnd highly
iipprceialrd' This plant miliums a Icaiger
prnpoition ol I igUahle .ilitnltiue loan any
oilier knowi. su li.-l 0 nc-o. and in cnmhiiiatinii
with it is a hitter principle which acts must
beneficially in givingslrenglh if eases ol gieal
weal.ue-s and delnlity ol Hie luug. I lie
knowledge ol many ofour most valuntile oieil.
iciiics, for the cure of di-eascs. have been oh
lii.neil from nbuivuij; their cireel on hru'e
animals;-so in the ease of this must invaluable
Moss. Its virtues wero lirl dicnerud by
thvir clffels. on the hnrdy, long.lirid ami
siigacious I! :i in Deer, uhlch derive. Us piin
cipal nurislnucut from iho Iceland .Mots, and
ivhnso milk becomes so highly imbued with
ils It.ilsuniic virtues, that il i used will: the
grcatesl confidence as a sovereign remedy by
Iho inhabitants ol'all I ho-o countries foe tin1
cure ol all disease of I he breast ant! lungs. In
France, this ('(impound has imin been kiimvn,
and extensively used i and lo ils salutary effects
as much as to the Milubiily of llie climate, is
probably owing iho very small number
0? filial ctsc. ofeonsumption in that country,
compared with Great Ilrilan and the United
Slalcs. This Syrup contains all the medicinal
viilues oftho Moss in llie most concentrated
form, and is prepared from the origual receipt
from Paris, only hv.
E. IIU'IVIIINGS&CO. j)iltnore
And none. i jieniiinn Unless it has their fan
similo upon eai.li bill of direclinn also upon the
envelope, Q3"nnd scaled with their seal.
J. & J. II. I'lXK i: Lo.' wholesale agents-
Elexir Vegetal Balsamique.
For Coughs, Cold, Consumption, Catarrh
Croup, Asthma, Whooping Cough, and ul
other diseases of the head, idlest and lungs.
Pamphlets containing a hUlory nf the mod.
ieinc a sketch of the ih-oacos for which il
is reeoimnendcd certificates from unqiics.
iiou.iblu sources ample directions, and much
other important infururiliou accompanying
each bnllle may be had ofauy ol llm Agen
cies, grails. J. "CURTIS, Druggist, St. Al
bans, Vl wlinhisalo Agent and joint proprie.
lor The following are especially appointed
retail Agents.
nitlingloa Lalhrnp & Potwin, Janes,
Smith & ('o.nnd H..Moodv.
lltiieiburzh A. S. Si D. G. Wcllcr.
.Villiin U'clliiiglon, Whitney Si Co., Clark,
ll'i.'irdiuan & ( o.
Chuiliille Sjiii'iel II. Dames, nnd ninsl
other respectable Druggists, ic. in the coun
iry St. Albans, July 12, 1330. If
Yds. SI n- G.ny Chilh-200 111
woolen Kniiting Yarn, and I00Q
puir Woolen Sucks in exchang" for goods.
Sept. 2), Lr.MtM & Coi.c.
rinHE Subscriber would just sny
to the
public, thai ho ha- received a large
rpin nt il y ol the I m proven umnry c.i iv, ui
lltlerC III Sizes aim Will Keep mem i;..ii!.ui..-
ly 011 hand at his Slorc. INuttli Mile ol
(Joiirt House hquare.
AIo. Parlor, Box and other cooK blovc3.
ofdilVerciit Patterns.
Also, seen d hand Stoves to sell or llcnt,
chenp also Pipe, stove trimmings olc.
1 would hero reinaru inai m consequent!.
oftho rapid sales thai attended the Iinprnv
od llolarv Slove 1110 lasi season. 11 was
possible to manufacture, liiemsu nsto sup-
nlv over one half oft lie calls; but the pub
lie may bo under no npprehensiun on I lint
nn nt this season, as 1 nave over iour nines
the amount now manufactured, thai I bad
Inst season at this lime, so thai people Ironi
n distance may conio without tear nl 'lisap
nninitnenl. I horn omit a long list ol Re
commendations, believing tlmi llie Improv
ed Rotary Stovo has been sufficiently tuit
pit. to recommend 1 so II 111 ihH vicinuy.
Tho iniprnvenienls tliat we hnvu niude
upon the Slovo for the last season are vol-
...l.u mnl'n il... fir.. Pinto llenrlv
1IUUMI, ' n. J
three time-s tliu weight of those last year
and turn the friction Rollers on which the
cap rests, nnd various other improvenumts
not necessary to mention.
The Stoves arc Cast at Iho foundry 'til'
John D. Ward, and from tho best Scotch
, -"J
nni surpnBe'l.-rifc
nni! Munition Pur. nnd arc
ennalled. for smool hness and beauty of fin
ish, in Ibis section oftlie country.
N. B. I hnvc receuily ceen n few lnvcs
in this vicinity called Improved Rotary
Stoves, that have no friclinu rollers under
I he enp, bill turn upon n pivot in the same
manner thai I first fixed mine: but after
ti-ing mine in that shape one year, I found
that'll did not answer my expec'al inn. I
ili-cnvored thai healing Hie stove caused il
to turn very hnrd. o-pecially when the
slovo in londed when there wn n kettle
or boiler of water upon the lop II wn nl
11111M iinpo.-.-iblo tu turn it wiihonl spilling
Ihuwolur. 1 did not nt first nnderrtnnd
tho renson, n it would Inrn easy when
cold, but finally a-cor'aiiied 1 tint by In at
iiwr il... siove ii'sofioned the iron, and ns
the boiler would rest upon one side, it
cniised so much I'riclion lhal it was iinpo?
hili'o lo use their, wnh safely or 0 liven
inuce. and 111 order lo gel rid ofthis f'.c
Hon I hnvo placed under Iho outer edge of
iho cap Iriciioii rollers, nod hivnth'.m
lorn.il hi n-i lo bu porfeeily true and
ith. The tow lllVos nbuvo relered 10
are not Hindi! nl Ward's Foundry, neither
nre I hey made Iroul pig or renielled iron,
hul from I lit: raw ore, nnd the plates con
i-oqnenlly arc more poroiu and Moggy ;
and the buck fin: pinto is no' mur; ibun
ball the thickness of mine. Any pcr.-on
can very en-ily tell my slovo. or ihoro
m id.- at'WnrdV, by the friclion rollers, as
we make 110 others.
wjii- nr.AKC.
nurlinston. Oil t r.?C
Ash Timber.
ANTED lor tin-11 flhu Wi-ioo-ki
YT Palein Block Mills, and to ho deliv
,1 n 1 1. 1 t . -!.li!u'... ..I 'I. ill'1 Olir.KO ol
1 he en-oing winlor. the loibiwing de.ctp
noiw of While A-h Plank, sawed lo iho
nven dinien-ioii-!, nllao edged, mioiiiIhioI
from kuoU. shake
or heart wo"d.
No nf feel,
23 000
20 000
10 000
10 000
(o wuik.
firra I p. I
lllil kll.-S
1 1
13 2 24
14 24 21
14 21 23
A L S O.
Wanted, one Ihmnand WHITE ASH
LOGS the standard lug to be 22 incbo
duiineler nnd fourteen fool long, sound and
I'reo frnni knots or shako lo ho delivered
il Iho Mill during llie oiiMiing winter, or
al the whnrl at Burlingloii 111 Iho mouih nl
Mav. 11137. GUY CATL1N.
Durlinglnn, Vl. 0th Sept. 1030.
New Goods-
Sept. 8.
OM POUND Chlorine Tooth Wash.
t tn
ie discovery of the chloride of Soda &
Us uses by Labarrnqiic of Pari-, was an ad
dition to the resource of medicine nfihe ut
most importance as a neul lahzing ngent. To
counteract al once the principle of decay,
winch commencing imperceptibly, slowly
gathers strength, and finally dostrny,, is
the imnnrlant service which can bo derived
from the usi! of chloride" nf sodn, when act -ministered
with skill nnd care; the diseas
es nf the teeth being, 111 Iho great majority
of cases, the result uf neglect, and w g Trf.T
on I nceiimulalion of the prii.ciplo nhoyo
alluded to, i' becanio obvious, from tiro
earliest exper.menl, that the chloride wa
ttle proper remedy, and preferable lo pow,
ders, deul rifics, &c. nf whatever kind or
pretension. By a chemical analysis it volt
bo found that tho greater part of the chin
rinn compounds so extensively in use, do
not contain a particle uf llie chloride of
soda, on the ngency of which their efficacy
11111M r.eces-arily depend The nrliclu lieri
advert ised is confidently offered to the ex
amination oftho public, as possession jn Iln
eminent degree, thu virtue of neutralizing
nil that is offensive in the mouih noil bronlh,
removing soreness and sp.inginoss oftlie
gums, destroying tho taint ol lob.ioco, or
any other effluvia from whatever cnu-o.
In short, this preparation will bo found lo
juMify the various cominemlatury miiic-os
nod reeomiiiMidallons it has received, where,
ev r ll has heeu ml rodueod, Jns received
and for sale Ml Iho Variety Shop,
Seplem. II, III3G.
Wool & Butter.
lib hoh-enbors will pay Cash for
Good Clean Fleece Wool, delivered
at their hioro 111 Church Sireel, They
win 0 ion pay nn lor tioou muter at one
shilling pr. pound.
Lovely & AnnciTT.
Durlington Sept. 15(A I83G.
India Rubber Aprons.
riio subscribers have received
n large supply ol' Iho above nrlicles from
the Lynn India Rubber Co. ami enn nuw
suply their Customer, with any nnnniity.
LKMt'F.r. UOtlTtS Oi 10.
Oclnber 14, I!I3C.
Paper Hangings.
rtiilf Ps. Paper Hangings cmnprisr
inn n rrrenl vnriplv of new and
fa-fc.--"- . ,
bcnutilul nallerns. now mionlng nnd lor
Burlington Sept. 23, IB3G.
Harvard University.
rnilE Medical Lectures in Harvard U.
JL diversity will begin at the Ma-sacliu
setts Medical" College in Mason si. Boston
the firsl Wednesday in November next, til
1.4 before 9, A M.'nnd will continue three
months-. For nno month after llie end of
'he course, lectures will be delivered in 'In
College, nnd Iho Dissecting Room will In
open lo such students: as may remain, wiili
out nddilinnal fee. buch sluilonls um
also attend the Practice of the Maainchu
sells Genernl Hospital.
Anatomy and Operations In
SiiiRf-ry, . Hr. Wanen.
Clirmlstry, ... Dr. Wrboerr.
IMnleii.i J17ci!irn, Dr. Mgclow,
ilidtvifeiy and Jledical Juris-
prudence, - - - - Dr. Clianning.
. inrii1e. ofSmecrv nnd Clin-
ic.it Surgery, - Dr. Ilajward.
Tlieoi v and 1'iacllre of I'lnsic, Dr. W.ue.
Clinical Leclnrea will bo delivered n
usual on iho cases in the Massachusell
Genernl Hiwiiitt,l.
A new Dis.-eciitig Room 1-now building
nnd will be iiui.-hoil helore Iho L"Cton
begin. II will oecunv all the vncaut linn
on'l ol tho Medical College. Every rare 1
Inking lo make Ibis imporlnnl'pnrl of th
medical school ns perfect n-( po-iblo, s
thai 11 may furni-.li to Mm snub-nt ainpl
fiicihties lor pro.-ecnling his Auaiounea
sludu'S. The legal ennctnieuls of lh.
stall', so lilo 'rally and so wi-ely trained
will he fail 1 1 ft 1 1 1 v and thoroughly applied
the accomplishment of their important ob
Boston, July. III3G.
OR WoiokN,
roi-iM. or Soie
of an
IrouIile-oiiH! j an iiioueiliate euro fur Horn
Se.ild-, Salt Itlieuin.t happed II .ml-, ami lh
liesl thing that I have ever Kn.itvu u-i'il fur
Sore Kvcs. It is aim good for lint Si ,nlhi
rocs' I'ire or Irreeipnlii-. I li.nl 11 1 hild very
much alllieleil wilh il ; I npphed many ihingt
Inn lo no 1 Heel until I made usenf my sj.ilve
wlneli ciirr d her in one o.iy hv luhbing it on
the p.iit.s alleeled. In fnel il iniiv he used foi
every ihing ol a Mire nature lo good ell'eel ant
Willi perfect s.ifelv. nnd no fiuni'y ought lo Ik
wille.ul il. It vvonlil be foiinil very 11-efot on
biiirdo' S t i-:i 111 lt.il. or ve-seUof any Kini
v here aeeidenls may happen ; e-peciihv sin
as Sc.ilil or Itunis. lor where aiiidied. ilrntv
'n 1 1 lh" pain 1 n 1 1 il f- 1 1 : 1 1 ly and heaN the nunc!
quicker Ih.io any lhiogel.su I ever knew iim-i:
luease of Mekiie-s w l...i.. ..i.'rj.ixi ...id
ho nceesny 10 have hli-ter.s drawn, lliis
S.ilve is ibe best application which can be
Hindi) after llie ll:o nie reiooved. If ynn
wish in have il diaw uiuchspread the piaster
thick ; if to heal immediately, spread 11 very
thin on linen : you need no other nnpliea
tion. Prepared and sold by A. IIUTUEI -FORD,
liuiliiiglon, Vl. Price 12 1-2 cents
per cake.
This mav certify to all that it may concern,
that 1 have for aliool two years past , made ie
of A. Holhei ford'- heal all Salve, m my I'.iin
ily. and I cnnsiiler it preferable lo any salve !
bae ever known in iiiuf.u.iurcd ; ils ulililv
Will apply lo fresh wounds, old sores. Mire
eyes, seauls and bums, l'l.woon Iiii-ii.
1 do hereby cerlil'y thrl I have imide u-e of
A. Itolherf.ird's salvo for nearly two year-
and I never found any thing uvr.r equalled it
fur a bum or scald, or a Ire-h wound : and fur
sole eyes thorn is nothing lhal ever I tried
h hich will rc-lnte the eyes lo their' iialnr.il
stale in mi short a lime n llii Salve. I ilu
Ihcrefure recommend il fur the hem lit of man.
kind. John Logan.
Burlington, May. 11130.
Tho subscriber hereby certifies that for moro
than a year past, in eases of wounds and bruif.
cs, he has frequently made use ofand experi.
enced the salutary clFt-cts of A. Rutherford',
salve, and basalso wilucsscil the sanio in oth
ers, anil rnusl cheerfully reenmmend it as a
valuable salvo. K. W. Sif.Aii,
Shulburn. May. 1H3G.
We the undersigned havo used A. Ruther
ford's salvo fur moro than a year, and have
knnivn others to uso il, and can recommend il
lo bo the best thing wo ever knew for hums.
scalds, fresh wounds, bruise-, or old sores nf
any kind ; and we further recommend It to he
superior to any thing else, for soro eyes ; and
we do think A. Rutherford's salvo ought lo be
in re publicly known fhr the benefil of man
kind al large. N atii n it'.r. Hnwutn,
F. W. Giiitwoi.n,
Luciol-s IIk.nurick
Vergcnnes. May, 1U3G. rjuiKijiino
Ladies' Shoe Store.
UK subscriber ha just opened, next
dooreasl ol Smith & Harrington's Hook
Slcro in College street, a Shoo Store, princi
pally comprised of Ladies', Misses' and Ch;l
drcn's Shoes of all kinds and sizes. His or
tangrnionts (recently made wilh an cxlcn.
sivo liouso in New York) nre such ns will
enable him lo sell at prices uliich he confi
deully believes will bo satisfactory lo all who
ma; be disposed lo extend to him Iheir pal-mim.-e.
IJuhmncton. July '.'0, UBS.
rfl II B public nre hereby informed thai
JL llie subscriber has iuveiHed certain
now nnd useful innchinery for inaunfaclur
ing larch from potatoes, nnd has applied
lor n pnlonl to secure his right lo ihe s.imo;
and thai bo is making said machinery al
his simp in Jerico. in Hie dale nf Vermont.
The obji'cl of said mtcbinory is mure ell' c
tually lo soparalu the small slimes nud
grnvi'l from llie polnloes in Ibe procers ol
washing iiiul in Iln: pmcessof grinding, in
reduce the po'aioes lo a moro pnrleci pulp,
by winch a larger quantity of starch will bo
"in a i ned than by i he usual me thud. Si arch
manufocliiror-' nrn iuviied to call and see.
Jerico, June 30, I03G.
UST received on nssorlmrnt nf fine
Ol'rr Seal Caps. Hair Seal do. Also
Blk. ond Grey Fur Capes. Fur Ties, &c.
Lemuui. Cunrts & Co.
Oclober 21, 1II3G.
Now Goods, JVeedles.
Saddlers'. Milleners', Harness-, Dnrnmg.
Knitlinir. Gluvcrs. Beedings. A-sortcd &.
common sowing Needles; of Hemming &
Sou' Manufacture, just ree d at Iho Varie
ty Shop. P.iNanonN & HntNsMAtn.
September 1836.
Fall Goods at the Variety-shop
WE nre getting in our Fall Uooih, nil
things necessary to keen our assort
ment in L'ood trder ; Watches, Llocus,
nerfumeiy, Tea-nnls. Military Good?, Cas
tors, Jewelry, Stocks, Collars, Inen and
satin Bosoms. Lamn wicks, I oys, and nn
tidle- variety ol Fancy articles. All per
son-- an- invited in call and loon al inein 01
the Variety Simp.
rnnnnN & liniNs.MAin.
iMedcalf's Patent Compount
Oil for Pnintinr.
A ncrfeclsubstiluta for Linseed Oil for all
kinds of Painting, is offered lo iho public by
llie subscribers with lliu I illicit assurance
its utility. It is now about eight cars since
it was brought to its present state of pcrfec
lion, and during thai has been extensively
used & tested in every way which Linseed Oil
is used for puhiln.gt fur inside and outside
house paioling. on brick and on wood, ami
for coaches, signs, bo.il- Sic. As for spiead
ing and drying for inside work it is not sur
p.isicd, and I'm body, and duinhility in situa
tion" e.vpnseil lo the sun .-.lid weal her. il is
warranted far superior lo the best Liu-rcd
Oil and being light enlurud lelideis il prefer,
able fur while and all ol her delicate eolois'.
One of llie first painting eslablisbiueels- in
ibis city of inurelhaii twenty years standing j
.say in Iheir certificate "Having used .Med.
calf's Patent I'ainl Oil ducerlilylh.it mure
suiface.ind heller painting can be dune per
gallun t Ii i it when mixi d Willi pine linseed
Oil. Tnis oil form- a e.uuliiuing suh-lanee
when mixed Willi pure Lead-lhal ilucs mil
di inpo-.e and nib ofl'hy exposure t.t iho Min.
and by expel ieuce of two years, ue nie .vai.
allied in saying lhal p.nuiiiig dune with llii
i.il.uill stunl Ibe weather much longer, and
i cumin uiiiuipaiicd. boo pj in ling d..ne in the
usual way will nut. and lot-oil oloihs. we. Ibink
il Mirn eveiy thing I h;il we ever u-ed."
John N l'a--illha- piirelui-i-d llie right to
make and vend the "I'lilcnl Ciuiipuui il Oil"
in the I'ullinvlug Slates, viz: I'ennsvK-iuia.
Ni w V..il(. .Mas-achusells. Vi rinoni. Cuniiee
lic.nl. New .leiey, Souih Cuioliua. Ohio,
Mil higan, Illinois and Imlrin.i and rami' ns
all per-ou. Hgaint any iiitringeinenl, lis eveiy
ofienco will be uiel nil nguroiis prn-eeutioo
Tho pi ice of iho "Patent Oil" u ill bo one
qua r i ei les- than Lin-cod Oil. 1 1 i- win i anted
and cold wholesale and retail bv
l'ASsr.TT. SI'.i.DF.N Si Cr.
Healer-in PaiuN, Oil-, Vaini-li,. to. Clll Itivri
licit Tiny t. V. Augusta, IS.ili.
New Goods Sept. 16.
VIK.T.TAliLF. ROUGH, "i unni-i .
an clo for t'liriehmg ill" g'u'V ol tin
cheek ; tin- beam il'ul cosiiiel ic jifeparni nni
Li-si nl 'l iiiiivt. l-oniit ii lilnei! nl Iho hi-h-
i.iniiblo toilet. Il is all innocent, yet pow
dill aoxillaiy where ciiconi-lani-.'S hav
roinloreil a--isiiince expedlonl. it is IV". -from
any o...imis ingrodieni and en'irely
innnceiil : ca leu hi 'ed lo create n w lieaui io
n here beaini.-.- were before ; to add I'resh
uoss lo the cheek wlnch-eare or ll'ne.-s ma
have rordered languid; nnd in place of the
Lily to plant the Rore;'' ju-1 received ni
the Vnrif ly Shop.
PNnnons& RntN'Mun.
lev Arrangement.
fjHIlB -nh-cribors Inning entered iul
JL c purl. ip i r-ln i in the inanul'aeHiro ..I
Slutl linn Cupper and Tin Jl'nre. the bu
-inees will herealler uc conliniied unucr Hie
al I ho old laud in J J. Klarr, in Church
sireel, opposite I hi- J.nl. u liri all kinds of
Job wiol will bo dono on short notice and
in the host manner. They have now on
hand a largo nnd genernl iisMiriment ofpl.'in
and Japancii
which llioy will dispie of nl wholesale or
retail, ns low as can he purchased in thii
sectinn oftho counlry. Tlioy have also on
hand nnd will slmr ly receive Improved
Rotary nnd other Conkinc and llox
of various Mzes and most approved patterns.
Slovo Furniture and Pipe of all de.-crip
Hons all of which will be sold on the must
reasonable lernis. All orders in their line
will bo promptly attended to
linrl'iigtnn, Sept. I. I.".3G.
jNew Goods.
4 N rxloi
21. I or Gi
loivo n.-orlmenl of Fall & Win.
ler Go. ul", ol all Ihe u-ual varieties
kept 111 the country jnel Rcc'd & lor suloj
ny ijuuIjI 1 i IjIu.
Sept. r,
l'.llnn tvitli n n n t.t.nn.l . v .nn.iit.lnir nnlin.il.
versions upon Dr. Johnson's Life of Millnn ;'
by Jnspuh Ivuncy aulhnr of Iho ' History ol 1
the Luglisb Iiuplists,' Ac &e. ; for sale bv
OHM" A V I iN O di-Milved my eonnexionj
21 111 bu.-ines- wilh Mr. Ahboii, nmli
Jr.-movod lo llie West side of the Square,
would 1 'tiller my sincere thanks In mi
Jl'riend-i and Ihe public for the patronage
1inrlhopa-l year, and respcclluny soli
Jen ils continuance, and the good .fllci'i- i
full u ho wi-h on! well, I miiiiuns,
making, and do-ign 111 keep mi h ind, n '
.on it ii-iirlun nt of Z
tCabinei Furnilurc &. Chairs
i idapied lo Iho nuiikri. & ball endenv. tZ
4 o iiiiiki' Hie new e.-iunii-iiuieni worlln
.folllilll! e lifiileoe.t" noil noo.irl. .r.,i
support. WesLt
Ssiuu Conn Iluiiri' Sqmro.
J Burlington, On. 3, 1H3G.
Lyman fe Cole
HA VFi received an oxlciisivoassnrlmenl
comprising lilue, JJlack. Uluo black, Olive,
claret, brown, invisible green, drake neck,
pniisn ntiU oilier shades uf green BnoAD
Hlack, b'ue, fancy si rip'd. check'd. nlald.
rnjnl rib'd, viclorilie nud buck skin Cassi.
Plain, check'd, and slripcd Salinolts,
Heavy mill'd Ckth, Pilot Cloth. IVtnra
ham and Mohan Coaling. The above cm-
braces a very r-Men-ive nss-urlment of tbi'ti
description nf goods, and arc worthy llie
attention of gentlemen. ,(
A rich variety of Vkstinos, includinn-r
Heavy black, and blue black. Silk Volvels
veslmg. Figured and sinned do. Plain. f
id.iid, and striped Silk do, Dark Velvet
Valentin, i oilinrt nnd Casimnro do
I' retich, liorninti and Knglisli Mcrino9?
A few pieces dark figured Merinos. Gro
de Nap nnd Lrnne dn. Mrrln.i Cirrassnng
nnd IJotnbnelle. Moreen and Damask.
German Goats Hair Camblus. I'iiiglisl)
and imila'imi do. Ilruchellas nnd Princet.
la. German Rug Worsted. While, scar
let, and mixed knitting worsted Clouded
woolen yarn, silk flip &e. P.lnck. b'uo
black, brown, green nnd drab l!ombazinc
Merino Trimming Illond and Hobinettc
I'iilgiugs, Insert tug Lace, &c. iMerinn
Shawls and Handkerchiefs. Gloves and
Hosiery. A splendid assort muni of
Illnck, nnd blue bl.irk. Gro do Swiss nnd
Gro tie Rhino, figur'd and plain do. Col-
ored mid nl.nd Gro do Nnples. Sowing '
Silk and Twist. Silk Camblets and Pon- i
gees. Printed and plain Slnillys. .
A great vn'ioiy of Fr.oirli nnd Cnglish
bnviii7 been Imnglii by inoca-i., will bo
sold very elo-ap. A i-.-in.ty of
Rich fun y doiMi Scurfs. -'ur Tippela.
fancy Cii'la rs, L-iilies Inncv Silk Crava'f
Tainbuard and French workid Canes nnd T
Collir--, Sbr.llv llilkfs nnd Shawls. Sow-
log sdl; d i Figor. il Silk Crape, G.itIZO,
and other Fancy 1 1 ,iu;i"olncl'--.
Coi'on Sb.oiiiig. Suirliiig, hleneh'd do.
C.inlnn I'laom Is. Drilling. Tick, Wuddlng, ,
liafts, Wicking and Cullnu 1 am. ;
S ni 29. v
160 ton.-- I.Miirlish and Dutch
Pig Loii. receiving bv
J. &. J. 11. PKCK sV Co. .M
Aug x -Pl
nut'ir.it on v ci.n ni ami i-i,.tri
Lenuiel Curtis & Co.
WILL pa the ho.l
..I llinier Al-
li.-r-t price lor I ho best
wao'ed 500 vnrds
G.i-y Cloth & S00 yd Flannel all Wool.
Tin -I d'o i.'.w n con ing ili-ir
jS'ew (joods
uiiahlo fur tho in -enl mid approaching
-eiis.in being I ho most coinpb ir a-s.nuu
i hey have ever had Iho plon-nro of ufT-ring,
& ni Prices and quality which coimot but
llurlington Sept 30lh IJI3G.
notTgI' '
STRAVI'D from tho siib-eriber a light
nil COW middling -17.,. wnh theeniN
ol 1 he horn- awed ..IT. Whooior will giyo
informalioii vlieri he mny be f. nnd shall
be liand-oinely reivarded.
rinrlinglnn Sept. '2i
CA M B into Iho 1 nc'.isiiro nf iho siihcri-b.-r
on or r.ti.111 1 Ii 1'Hli 111-1 , n pale
red ?. r-nis ohl .ST',. J. -m-ill liurbs nhuut
muhll'iig se.e. Tlio on nor I- reipie-lnt
prove properly piy charge.- nod take f
away. ' MASON M BAD. f
l,rr Srnl Of!, m.lf! H
Wood-Choppers Wauled.
nb-criher.- ivi-h In employ twenty!
thirty men '.. chop Cord Wood. '
Aug If
LIFII by llie autliur of ' Fanalicier,'
natur-il 'History of nnihusiasui,' 'Spiritual
Dcspoiisin,' for sale by
Aug. CG.
The Sick Man's Friend.
Morison's Pills,
Or the real genuine llygi innUinvorsal Me
dicine of iho Rritish Coilege of Health, in
packages of 1, 2, or 3 dollars, can be ob
tained in thi-i town, only ol the regularly
appointed Agent. A you value ' lieoltl,
ivhich is life," see lha' yoi: g 1 1I10 genuine
Pills; lli'-y are igued S Gi.go at present,
(but will sonn bo igned II. Filch) Slnto
Agent, and A. Rriiismaid. sub agent for
liiirhngton, Vl. all others arc Iium; coun
terfeits. For the convenience of the pub-,
he. thoy will bo, with the Ponders and a
Hygeiun Unuk, kept nt the Variety Shop.
i. UIII10.1W11L, '
Ao.it r.,r Ilorl ir
Joly.fi. 1fl3G. " c,rar:
. :tion. and
Gilt and JMalKiiranv Franior biimind
Looking Glasses, from 25 els.
dollars, for sale hv
to fourteen
Sopteinhor 10 1 1130
ai'ui.urtt.uj fiue ia"-
, SL'llAA CE COM I'AA'Y. uifii-e on
l.iouniM liivonibh'leruif. Dwelling lion, eg
"'""'' " "Hier UiiiKlings, I- iiriiilure,&
1 iffe
rcnaniiizo ol everv descriniion, nninst
I'iss or damage by fire. Apphcalitin for
insurance will receive immedlatn attention,
il i

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