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L' LL-!l:JL.!
Q Tons English Iron from 1 (o 0 inches.
-''0(lo Swedes do
5 do Russia do
5 do Russia Nnil Rods,
25 do nssortod Round Iron,
10 do do Squaro do
ft do Ilorso Slion do
C do Homo and Scroll do
8 do Band Iron from 14 lo 1 inches,
2500 lbs. assorted Cast steel,
3000 do swedes do
3000 do spring do
1500 do gcrman do
500 do English Mislor do
2000 do Brazier's Rod?,
2500 do Hoop Iron ossortod, from J lo 1
300 pairs Sloigli and Cutler shoos,
1000 hctrs NaiU from 3 to GO penny,
200 do Brads do 0 to 20 do
Nov. 22. J. it J. II. Pr.cK &. Co.
Paints & Dye Stuffs.
10,000 lbs. Dry Whilo Lead,
100 Kegs iiround do do
15 barrels Whiting,
fl do Venetian Red,
9 do French Yellow,
G do American do
15 do Turpentine,
Verdigris, French Grcon, Pumico Stone,
'tlue, Varnish, rose Pink, sand l'apcr, Bronze,
uiold and Silver Leaf.
200 barrels campcachy Log Wood.
200 do St. Domingo, Log Wood,
300 do Fustic,
150 do Nicaragua.
75 do Cam Wood,
15 do Bar do
10 do Beach do
40 do Madder,
20 do Alum.
10 do Biue Vitriol,
30 do Copperas,
50 Demijohns Oil Vitriol,
Flotant and Bcng 1 Indigo, Press Papers,
Tent. Hooks, Brushes .lacks, fce.
Nov. 22. J.iSiJ.M. I'ncK&Co.
50 Ilhds.N. E. Rum,
50 barrels American Brandy,
50 do Baltimore Gin,
10 do Alcohol.
Signctlc Brandy, Holland Gin, St. Croix
Rum, .Madeira. Sherry, Port, Malaga, French
.Madeira and Champaign Wines,
30 Mlid- Mohscs,
25 Bugs Pimento,
20 do Popper,
35 do Coffee,
55 do Shot,
35 kegs Pure Ginger,
20 do Sal Niter,
15 Tierces Sal Eratus,
10 do Rice,
45 barrels St Croix and Porto Rico sugars.
10 boxes I.oaf do
400 malls Cassia,
300 do Cloves,
1 barrel Nutmegs,
40 boxes Pipes,
100 do Soap,
75 chests Ilysonskin Tea.
CO liaif chests Young Hyson Tea,
50 catty's do do do
Nov. 22. J. it J. II. Puck .j-Co.
Drugs t$ Medicines.
rjlIIE subscribers arc receiving a new sup.
JL ply of Drugs and .Medicines, which they
offer on favorable terms.
Nov. 22. iLJL'Jl' Vfck &iL0,
Fairbank's Patent Scales, by
Nov. 22. J. tfc .1. II. Puck & Co. Agents
Snuff & Tobacco.
SSiftrhTfTfc Jars Lorrillard'sMnccaboy Snuff.
fW 800 lbs. do Scotch do.
35 bbls. do chewing Tobacco
40 do do smoking do
30 Kegs Plug do
20 Boxes cavendish, do
Nov. 22. J. &. J. II. Peck Co.
ETnn ,)nxe3 eii.unpl.on, Peru & Jrrino Glass.
do Reilfuril, .S-u.inno. Crown do
Nov. 22. J. & J. II. Pecx & Co., Agents,
a bush. Solar Salt.
5,000 bush. Steam Salt,
1.000 do Turk's Island do
1,200 barrels Fine do
150 do coarso do
50 do dairv do
250 sacks do do
by J. & J. II. Pkok&Co.
300 TCbls. Superfine by
Nov. 22.
J. & J. II. Pkck &Co.
VJVJ iarroIs Nova Scotia paKlcr,
200 do western do
130 Tons Nova Scotia do in bulk,
Nov, 22. by J. & J. II. Peck ifc Co.
Welsh's prepared Cocoa.
A NEW and superior article, highly rccoin.
mended for invalids, by
Nov. 22. .1. it J. II. Peck &. Co.
FRUIT, &c.
1 ff Boxes Bunch Raisins,
XXJXJ 40 Kors Malaga do
10 sac's Almonds,
fi do Madeira Nuts,
8 do Brazil do
10 do Filberts,
1500 lbs assorted confectionary,
Chocolate, prepared Cocoa, Mustard, Citron
English Currants, London Porter, Talilo Salt,
Florence Oil, by J. & J. II. Peck fc Co.
O CJffl B8'8- IV'I mil Winter bleached
OjtlUU and unbloachcd Sperm Oil.
20 boxes sperm candles,
30 do dipped do. by
Nov. 22. J, & J. FI. Peck it Co.
Brooms $ Pails.
ftf doz, shaker corn Rrooms,
WS 70 doz. patent Pails, by
Nov. 22. J. & J. II. Peck & Co.
mfrVLogs POWDER.
Nov. 22. by J. & J. II. Peck Go.
200 Quintals by
Nov. 22. J & J. II. Peck & Co.
Db!s, nf Mm best ol Winter Oil, for
fnle bv Follett & Bradleys.
Sept. 24,
TTAVE ree'd frnni Canndn, n Inrge ns
sortmcnt ofll.4 I'nrtnii Shnwls very
rich. Tnrtnn nnil scotch l'laid for children
wenr. Shcpnrd's Plnid for facing Box
Coats. Pinch & Scotch Caps. Heavy
rod worsted nulls. Headed Mnccnsins,
Miltnti", Reticules &c. for Lidics and
Children. Splendid fiuurcil Merino, new
stylo. Canndn Slocking.
They have nlsn received from N. York
Oiler St Sen! Fur Cap.
Imitation St Hair Seal Caps,
Burlington, JVov. 22. 1 1130.
af(TS Bbls. Superfinu Flour, foi sale by
Nov. 23. S. Wa i.kbr Si Co.
PL AST till.
Tons ground Plaster, for sale by
U $g Nov. 21. S. Walickii Sz Co.
Bushels Snlnr Sail,
fiSUff 100 sacks Dairy do
200 barrels western do for salo bv
Nov. 19. S. Walk & Co. '
i Quintals of Codfi.h,
' 25 barrels Mackerel,
25 half do do
25 quarter bbls do for salo by
S. Walker it Co.
Nov. 17.
JUST rre'd by the subscribers,
40 chests old Hyson and II. Skin Teas.
30 do superior Young Ily-nti do
70 boxes Bunch an-l Blciom Rnuins,
12 bags Java and Licarngun Coffee,
10 Minis. St. Croix nnil N. O. Molnssc
G do do do Porlorico sugars
10 keps Plug Tobacco,
10 boxes envendi-h do
500 gals. Winter Oil,
5000 lb. CmlfMi,
20 boxes Bar Soap,
10 do Poland Starch,
Popper, Spice. (linger, Salorotns, Nut
megs, Cloves, Englih Currants. Snlianna
Raisins. t Prunes, Citrons, Mncc, Lemons,
Cinamnn, Chocolate, prepared Cocoa, Pi I
Herts. Almonds, Brazil Nut", Mailciru nuts,
&c. &c, wbicli wo will sell for cash at the
lowest prices, LATimor Sz Potwin.
Qr Bbls. Sopetlino Flour, choico brand
jusl received by
Nov. 23. liATIinop & Potwin.
4 A bales heavy Ingrain Eng. Carpetings
5 do American do do
4 do English figured floor Cloths,
10 Rolls Oil cloth. 5 to 2 yards wide,
4diz. do Patterns for stove.
I to 2 varils square, iu-t ree'd and for sale
cheap (or cash. LATitnoe & Potwin.
Nov. 23.
D03nTlcG 6 OD S .
4 f baies heavy Lawrence Mills Sheetings
iKJ 5 do do Shirtings,
2 cases hleach'd sheetings & shirtings
2 bales I and G-4 Ticking,
4 caes American Merrimack and
Dover Prints.
1 case hug prints Inlcst importation
1 Dale lluisia Diaper,
I do Cinsh,
Wadding, Baiting. Wickingand cotton
larn in bales. Blenched and brewn Can
ton Flannel, Apron Check tc. &c, just
rec uoytno sutifcriuers anu lor ialo for
cash nt reduced prices.
Nov. 23. Latiirop it Potwin
Hickok's Patent Rotary Oven
NOVEMBER Wi 11130.
FTillh subscriber hns thi day received;
JL and niters for sale at manufacturer
prices, an assortment of the above justly
tuituMiigu oiur lio ; which lor COIIVCII'
ienco. economy and durability, are not stir
pascd, if equalled by any before the public
Burlington. Vi. Ront:nT Moonv.
A LL persons wlio lm t neglected nav
tnent fur Hals sold lliein by ine, may
call on Win. Weston Ivq. and cloo I ho
mine, Ills office is in the fume building I
did tiiHiness in. d. T. MBA I).
November 22. IflSfi.
Otf pieces French and lOngUsh Meri
nos. assorted colors and qualities
6 pieces heavy Beaver and Pilot cloths,
every simile, and quality.
Cassimores and Vestiugs.
Linings. &c. & c.
Blk and blue blk Ilnlian Silks, Sinchows,
tiro du Nnn do.
Silk Velvets VesMngs.
Blk Italian Crnvais, Pongo Ildkfs;
Heavy Spntlrfudd do.
Red and blk Merino Shawls.
Tartnn Plaid do.
Scotch do go to 10 each, itc. &c.
Also a great vnrieiv of Good not c
moralcd which wo are determined to sell at
prices lo suit our Ciibtoinurri lor cah or
country produce.
Nov. 23, '3K.
StATEFT'ERJlOjrr, f"
The Honorable Hie l'robate Court for the
District of Chittenden, lo all pet -urns con
ccrned in the Estate, of Edward Pope, late
of Burlington in said district.
W1IKRHAS. Samuel M. I'opo. admin
Ulralnr ol'said ileueoseil, ha this day
filed in said court nn account of his minim
ilrnl'ion, nud has prccenled his nccotinl
ngiiinst said estate for examination and nl
lowoncci The court nfornsaid (iotli assign
the second Wedncedny ofDrceinber next,
ir oeuring said nccouiit at llio ollicc ot (tie
Register of said court ill s'aid BiirlinL'lon.
TiiniiKFonE, You aru lierebv notified to
appear before said conn nt ih'o t una tint)
place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you
hove, why the account afureeaid should nut
be allowed.
Given under my hand nl Burlington, this
22d doy of November A. D. 1838.
Wm. WESTON, Register.
WE return thanks In nnr numerous
friends and customers for their con
tinned ctislom at thu Variety Shop ; which
insures us that our tiureinitting uxcrliuns
to prhcurn every nrticlo called fur, our con
smut enro to keep our assortment nt nil
times good, and our unceasing efforts lo
procure, new rare, fashionable and good
Goods, lire dulv nnpreciated. We have
jint returned from New York having spent
leven dnys in Ihc cilv. selecting our I' all
and Winter nssorttnout of (JooiN, with
irrent enre, from tnanv good and largo ns.
sortmenl in various parts of that great E.n
porium, Wo nro Ireu lony that wo never
pitrclin-pil goods to so good ndvantngo and
never before hud so good an assortment
Ladies nud Gentlemen from town or coun
try cn mint full of finding some Goods m our
Shop, to please 'heir fancy or supply their
wants, We arc now opening some ol I lie
st Gold Patent Lever Watches, extra
d loll jewelled, some wuh gold and
enamelled cap. Gold Levers nod Lepincs
with (Juki and Silver Dinls. Gold Lrvcr.
nnd Lepnies largo and small for Gentle
men nnd Indies We have some of the
Silver Levers nnd L"pines those who w ish
lo purchase arc assured that ihey can buy
as good Watches hero as in Button or New
York, and at as low or lower prices. We
warrant tlicm. Wcnileincn ami ijnuies
GolJ Rings a superb assortment, large and
small. Children's Gold Rings, very pretty
Silver Pencils, n largo assortment.
Nice Tea Caddies ready filled.
Fine sl:ell and morocco card Coses.
Fine visiting Cards.
GillotV Damascus Pens in cases.
Fine Bells and Rattles for children.
Ivory Memorandums.
Fine Tobacco and SnulT Boxes.
Ci'.rricnluro Boxes.
Fine Ivory ami Glass Boxes,
do Metal Spool stands.
do French Accordions.
Mu-ical Instruments of all kinds.
Musical merchandize.
Instruction Books for Instrument.
Fine Portfolios, various patterns.
Compound Chlorine Tooth Paite.
do do do Wash.
Lacets of nil kinds.
First rale Pins and Needles.
Very small ami very large Pins.
Willow Chairs.
Gold and Silver Thimbles.
Gold Chains and Pencils.
While and blnck Satin stocks.
Narrow and very long stocks.
Fine Collars nud Bosoms.
Suspenders and suspender Ends.
Pantaloon Straps, all styles.
Perfumery and scented Simps.
Fine nnd common Pocket Knives.
Knives ami Scissors hi tt quality.
Nut crackers.
Tooth Brushes a inrge assortment.
Rosewood Hair and Clothes Brushes,
Brushes of fine kinds.
Deed Bags various qualities.
Fine Dolls and Toys.
Mauilold Writers.
Brit'nnia Ware.
Plated Waic.
Castors of various kinds.
Clock's. do do
Lamp Wicks, of nil kinds.
Percussion Caps and Pills.
Fine Pistols.
Wax Tapers.
Mezitmto ami Carmine Sauccra.
Coffee Pols and Filterers.
Curls and Ringlets.
Cloak Hooks and Rings.
Backgammon Boards.
CofTcc Urns.
Work Boxes.
Drev-ing Cases.
Card Baskets. Screens.
Best German Cologne.
Busks of various kinds.
Narrow Whalebones.
Small Looking Glasses.
Lip Salve.
M igic Lanlhnrne.
Court Plfii-tcr.
Sealing Wax nnd Wofers.
Inks, ol all kinds.
Fruit Knives: silver.
Otto ol Rose.
Preston Salts.
SniifieiB nnd stands of Brass and Steel.
German Silver mid plated Spoons, supe
rior qi.nhly, and an nliim-t endless variety
of fancy nnd other UOODS.
Wo linvo enumeraied soiuu nf the nrti
clos, to give the public soma idea o thu
kind of siorc we keep. Almost any nrlicle
can he found in our nssoriment. which the
wauls or fancy of (residents or visitors) may
suggest : strangers and others can save
themselves much time, and many steps, by
just en Ming at I ho Vnrieiv Shop' and EN
QUIRING for what Ih'ey widi. Pkaso
i-.no.uihe fur any nrticlo wanted, as we
keep many goods which aro not m sight ;
mid very many not inully found in such n
store. Instances nro daily occurring, of
persons asking for articles, for which "ihey
had looked in vain nil through the town
and finding them at the Variety Simp much
tn ihuir surprise, nnd ofTthey will go with
the article, saying, "Well! I did not ex
pect to find it hero." If you wish for good
Goods, in all ilieir arieties, call nt ihe
Vnnely Shop. Pagiioiin ,t IlniNSM.wn.
Thompson's mental Arithmetic
" written "
" History of Vermont,
For schools, Teachers are requested to
call nnd take copies of the above for exam
ination. For salo by C. GOODRICH,
Nov- 15. Wick ware's building tipsinirs
Comstock's Common School
Philosophy. Huniiogtoii's small Gcugrnphy
nnd Allns for younger classes in schools,
Huntington's largo Geography nnd Atlas
greatly improved, with n general assort
ment of school books, for snlont lowel rates
Nov. 15. by C. GOODRICH,
Wicliwaro'b building up stairs.
RESPECTFULLY informs the Ladies
nud Gentlemen of Burlington, that
he proposes opening a school nt Mr. I.
Howard's Assembly Room, ns soon ns n
sufficient number of pupils nro obtained,
Hours of attendance, from six lo nine
o'clock. P. M. Terms ol tuition. $3,50
per scholar, for twelve Lessons. A Class
Book for names, is open at Mr. Howard's.
Nov. 1113!!.
Several New Things.
TBI H li siib-cribors have established them
JL selves at Shelbiirii village, under the
linn of Hall nnd Coin-lock, nnd have just
received (at their New Store opposite
Piersiuis Hotel,) n genornl assortment of
Goods, consisting in part of
Pilot and Beaver Cloths,
Broad Cloths &, Cassiniers,
French and Eng. Merinos,
13. jVIoreans-',
A variety of Blk. Blue Blk.
and light, colored Silks,
Fine Otter and Seal Caps,
Scallott Ncutrc and Fur
Seal Caps.
Buffalo Robes,
Hard Warn,
Drugs and Paints,
Wrot and Cut Nails, Class,
and in short n grcnl variety of goods, please
call and examine for yourselves.
Shelbnrn. Nov. IG, 1030.
TTIFTY Tierces of Salmon just received
JL and tor snle bv
Nov. l-l. !iJ3fi.
irTfY Bushels Lisbon Salt for
salo by P. Doolitti.e.
Nov. 7. Gw
W anted.
An additional Clerk who has been in a
Store, nnd in every way capable and desi
rous ot attending to busines--.
Novascotia Plaster.
1 n Tons of Nova&cotia Plaster in
300 bbls do do
for snlu by Foi.lett & Bu.ur,Evs.
Sept. 2". J.
f A 15 TXT TTT lir A 1) I.1 T.TnTTCT?
uiLuin iii ir inu nuukJJi,
Cabinet. Sofa and Mahogany chair Maker
Journeyman Cabinet Maker.
A good workuian nt common work will
liml a good job for thu winter by an
immediate application at
One win wMips a chance for further im
provement will find this a good one.
Burlington. JVov. 5.
A good assort incut of shaded nnd crotch
Veneers, selected with particular ref
erence to the cabinet business in this quar
ter, may be found at.
P A N G B O R N S .
The Irado supplied on liberal terms.
Burlington. .Vbv. 5, 1H3".
Nov. 1.
"N all ilieir varieties now purchasing in
. New York lor our Vjrieiv Shop, by
Panohoiin & lir.nsMAm.
6 DOZ. Oldrulge's Bulm ol Columbia,
I doz. Hay's Liniment.
12 doz lodellihle Ink, bo't nnd on tiie
woy for the Variety Shop,
P:r;minN & BitiNSMAin.
OX Barrels good winter APPLES, nn
reasonable terms.
Enquire at this
.Ann. 7.
OR sale at Wuiooski Villnge, nt the
manufacturer's; prices by
SlDM'.V Baiii.ow.
A good nsiorimpot of
Just received nnd will ho sold ns ciirap ns
at any other establishment in Chittenden
County, for cash, nrot'uee, or Omri credit,
by E. WHITNEY & Co.
Milton, JVbn I!, I!!30.
Mr. Barnard's Discourse.
A discourse delivered Aug. 1, 1030.
befure the Literary Societies of i lit
University of Vermont, by Daniel D Bar.
nard E-q. of Albany, for sale at the Book
iioro by Jas.i:j W. IIickqic.
150 lulls. Iron Wire, nssorted noa.
100 btimlles Eng. Sheet Iron assorted.
S5 packs Russia do
(100 lbs sheet Copper
100 boxes Canada Plates
Copper. Tinned and blnck rivcU
Boll Copper, wiro Vellum
1000 lbs Sheet Zinc
1000 lbs Sheet lend &c. &c.
just received and for snlo at low prices, by
JVov, 2, '38. T. F. & W. L. Stjo.st..
oaa biinli. solar Suit, lor sale low for
OyJyy caal( ,v F. Whitney & Co
.1i7on. .Vot 'f!. 1831!
Nova Scotia Planter.
artijVfyv Barrels fresh ground Novn
vil'S Scotia Plaster, jii-t received
and for salo by I'. Doomtti.e.
November 7. 3tn.
PDOOL1TTLE is nnw receiving n
large addition to his stock of goods,
which nro offered at the lowest prices.
Nov. 7. 18311. Gw
Buffalo Holies.
A Few Bales Buffalo Robes, a part ol
which nro selec'ed paintcil skins of
a superior quality, just received nnd (or sale
by " P. Doi'Livri.E.
November 7, 1033. Gw
OF this years growth lor sa'e by
Nov. 5. 10311. Geo. P.'Mahsm.
C1 II A. MP A ONE. Old Mmleria, Sherry
' Port, pure nud ol fine flavor also low
priced wines in greni vnrieiv. Bv
Nov. 2. 7 ' Y,. STROXG
rnfin bnsheU coar.-e solar Salt,
JUUW nnn Utile linn ,?,,.
GO Sack
Liverpool blown do. for sale
T. F & W. L. Stiionu.
DOCTOR AT WATER, respectfully
informs his friends nod the pobhe.
that ho has removed to the new Brivk
House, corner of Cherry nnd S'. Paul
streets, three doors north o) the Epi-copal
Church. Professional calls promptly an
swered. Burlington. OitoberZO. 1030.
3ffe L J lid-, pure Boston Rum, 50 per cl.
IP'li' above proof.
20 half pipes and Mills do do
5 pipes nud 10 Bbls Holland and Ameri
can Gin.
0 pipes and 10 Bbls pure Signotte and
American Brandy.
3 Ilbds St Croix Ruin.
4 " pure Spirits bO per et above pr'f
10 Bbls Alcohol 00 per cent above proof.
20 qr casks Madeira and Malaga Wine.
20 baskets Champnignc, bv
JVov. 2, 'SC. T. F. &. W'. L. SnTONO
Return to Winter Quarters
Of the Cheap Cuih Store,
OAS j ii t arrived horno from New York
being his seventh triptothat city on mcr,
canlilo business for the customers of his cstab
lishmciit since spring, no exortbnsor fatigue,
has been spared in using the money entrusted
lo his caro for the purposo of purchasing a
stock of goods worthy in every respect the
laudable demands and wMicsof his increased
and increasing number nf customers, believing
Iho trado to be mutual botween buyers and
seller, his determination va to enlarge the
assortment, to keep up with tho demand, ha
been a reason for his being so much moro
active this )car than ever before.
Goods arc now coming in, tho preparing for
salo and great call for them prevents any
proclamations being mailo of every item and
artico which if written down would not loavo
any place in tho paper for election news. My
motto of cheap for cash and vo imprisonment
for debt, lias succeeded in a measure even with
llio Legislature. By the timu this is printed
tho handsomest assortment of Goods will bo
ready to bo seen or sold that was over before
oxposcd for sale at his Store.
Burlington, Nov. 0. 103!I.
P. S. I was highly pleased and gratified
with the spirit and animation expressed by
my young men in advertising in their own
name when I nsnbent to New York for
New Goods, and perfectly sanction every
sale made by lliein and on my return in
finding tlicm so spirited in business and to
sou their desire to havj the Goods marked
low that they might continue the great ad
vantage gained by selling cheap lo persons
coming from a distance. IIowAnn.
OF the C'itii; Cuih Store would ho tin.
nnndlul ol one of tho lir-t duties he
owes to bis very many good friends nnd
acquaintances if ho did not most cheerfully
acknowledgo his high sene of giaiiludo
for their frequent recommendations to thoir
neighbors ol his establi-hineni, for it is by
such helps ilia', he is seu-iblu of the itu
proveuient lie has made in thu wny of sup
plying and disposing of merchandise, nnd
such acknowledgement ho now makes hop
ing they will nceept it wnh the suiuu good
fueling with which it is ofi'orud.
S. E. Howard now leaves Ins store for o
few days in charge in' Ins nssi-taiUs who
will be most happy in his absence on com
mercial business, in attend iu di.-iribu'iii"
such articles ns may bo desired at Ihe most
favorable- prices, nud as Mr. Howard's slav
is not genernlly long in New York it
hoped the goods will bo tnken ns soon ns
convenient to mnku room for the next
stock which wo have reason to believe will
bo rood. Geo. R. Win,
r ii i)
y. .. ..himimin, Mutants,
J. I. I IMk,
T. M. Tiiidits,
i QfkQ,uinlols Cod fish
lvj ty Tierces Sftlmon, bv
Nov. 2, T. F. & W. L. Sthono
I October 2.1th, lSIlS.
Goods for the Stiauou.
A FULL nod cnmr!"n nsoriui"nr of
'.1 .i. L'Miilon, Crnpe, Merino, and Gei's'
I Jo -r Cninbbt. French Morinon, 'i'li bri.
wool do. MoruiK Circn.ion i mil Eg!i'i
Merinos, rich splendid superb mil i I) nun
ns TiiglinojM mid Oeloionn for Jjri""f"
and Clonks, which for bennly ofripnenninro
and elegance have never been furnn'',d hv
nnygnoih ever imported inioilie U. H'nto-
nnd jii-l right for the Vermont Trndo
whoso inhabitants with regard to propriety
and nentness nl'dresa ore rquol lo nuv in
the world, nnd one of tlo ir merchants w
Of Ihe Fashionable Fancy Crenp CVii
Vnricly Store, whose motto is n n nlwny
has been. In bo Up and Doing. Quick ami
Cheap, Chenp for Cabnnd Nn Imprison.
men! for Delv. which , liable hu customer
to buy as good nod ohenii of him ns can b"
found in any city, town or country etore m
fi S ooe. ol i he toot i Ilii'iiciouH compounds in
II tho .Valeria Mntira, for tho corn of that
class of nivelernto disiases produced by an
iiopurn slate of l In? htood, nnd a vitiated habit
of thu body, ahd usually exhibiting themselves
in llin forms of Frrnftia. Sill lilteiim, Ltprosij,
HI Anthony's 1'irc, Fire Snnt, (ovon when
Iho bones aro affected.) While SwtU ngi, (if
apfhed with Dr. .lebli's Iuimiout.) foul and
obslinale Ulcers. Sore Legiand Ems. btttlillicad
in clidilrcn .Scurry and Scorbutic (7nv. Pirn"
pled or Cm bun' hd Filers. Festering Eruptions,
nnd i'cntrtal Idtnls lliro'iglinul the bmly, tu
which last ease Iho Drop often cure when
Mercury fail. Thay :ire also lliohe-l Spring
and Autumnal Pliyic to purify and cleanse
the system Iroin humors which frequently np
pear at these s.casons of tho year. They aUo
aid t lie process of digestion, and by purifying
tho blood, prevent tho seeretinn of malignant
humors on tho lungs. Tho Propriolor confi
dently relics upon tho vast number of sut-pri-in
ir cures effected by thoso Drops, not only
in Boston and its vicinity, but throughout tho
union, for the best proof of thuir excellence as
an unfailing A llrrulice. Medicine, in all tho ca
ses above specified.
This nrticlo h.is recently been pronounced
by n physician of tho first respectability, who
had witnessed its surpiising efficacy, a col
lided, in his opinion lo take tho lead of ail
the popular ailicles known for tho above complaints-,
and indeed it is fast gamin: this point
in public estimation, throughout tho country.
Price $1 a Bottle, or six Bottles for 5.
Dr. Kclfb's
For fndigisliun, Lo:s ufApntlile. Liilusvicss,
Headache, Coslirenrn, Flatulence, Cholic,
Billions Affection, i-c.
"TnO comment on Iho e.'Iiescy of tlip'o Pills,
JL after a successful expedience nf many
years in England and Ainere .i has establish
ed their reputation, is needless : Sulfico it lo
observe, that lor redundancy of Bile, Flatu
lence, Costivcncss, Headache, fee. k.c. thev
will undoubtedly provo far more serviceable
than those drastic purges too frequently em
ployed, and will not on I' at tho same time
lend lo remove Iho olfendiog cause by gen.
lie motions, and strengthen the dieslivo
organs, but improve tin appetite and renovate
tint svMoui. I'riep ol) cents.
mi.' kcu-t.'s vj-getabi.e sri:-
For Sick Headache. Lc. Ft ice 50 cm!". I; 1
None genuine utile.- signed on lh:i oulsui
printed wrapper by tho sole proprietor, 'I',
Kl UDICIl. immidiale surces'or In tho late Dr.
V. T. Conw.w. J'or salo at his Counting
lloom, over So, 00, Court-street, near Con
cert Hall. Boston, and al-o by his spoeial ap.
ointment, by J. & J. II. PLXK if. Co.
MOWEVER niveiernic, ui one hour'
application, and no danger from
taking cold, bv ti-ing
I) JJ.'rl FIU IIS' OlNT.'iI F.KT.
This preparation, for pleasantness, safe
ty, expedition, case and cermiuty. standi
unrivalled for the euro of I his I rouble,in"
complaint. It is .-o lapid ns well ns o. rttiiu
in Us operation, as io cure this di-ngie.enb'
di-nrder nio.-i ( fiocttially, inane, h-iur't
application only !
It does not contain the le.T-t particle of
mercury, or other (lanorons ingredient,
nnd tuny bo applied with perfect safety by
pregnant females, or to children at tin
bren-t. Price 37 1 2 cents a box, with
ample directions.
rjn II E proprii loi In-gs leave to reenm
JL mend ( hicli he does with tho lulle.-f
confidence) onu of the most vn 'liable reme
dies known for I Ins troublesome and pain
ful complaint. Without going into detail,
he deems u enough to say. he ha' in hu
possesion Ihe most iindoubteil lest iuinnmls
I hat it has More completely answered Ihc
purpose fir w.'iiih it is intended, than nny
other popular medicine.
This remedy is p-rfectly ensy in its ap
plication, lo nil condition-) ngos ami sexes.
Full dirrcnons, description of iho con
plaint, itc. aceotnpaoy ench pnckei, wlnc'i
consists of two li'ixeri. Ointment nnd Elec
tuary. I'rice, gl lor the whole or 50
if but one of thu articles is wanted. k '.
None aro genii'iie uu'osfl igued on tho
outside printed wn 'oer, by tho moU pr
prir'nr, T. KIDDER, immediate successor,
ol tlio Into Dr. W. I . Co.mi-iv. I'or enio
nl Ins Coiini mg Rnom. over N. 09. Coun.
street, ne-ir Concert Hall, Boston, and at-i
hv hu-special nnpoinimenl. by J. t& J. II.
PECK vfc Co, Burlmgioii, Vt.'
Hickok's Patent Rotary Oven
''D'TIIE suli-erib-' h.w just received nn.i
X oilers !. . sale, n It w shues, ol wlnro
iho al"ve cut is n repriMinution. To nil
ihe 'idvantngus of i ho improved Rotary top,
i added u Rotnrv Oven on nn entirely new
plan, which, from the testimony of thus"
who have used them, lor supercedes any
thing of the kind, yet offered to the public.
Those wishing 0 purchase cool; stoves aro
respectfully icquesied lo examine thoso
lioforo making iheir selection, ns ocular
demonstration will butter convince tho
public nf the valuo of the nrtidje- I linn tiny
description thai could bo given. Another
recommendation, these loud limes is, I lint
ihose stoves will lm sold as Inw ns tin? com.
. moil Rolurys of the same Rise.

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