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Pleasure of I'uummir Newspapers.
In an article on lliu necessity. &, stem that
unkind innttcnliun of subscribers nnil ml
vortisers. which compel lliu publishers ol
papers to iliin ihoir patrons, Iho editor of
the Wheeling Tune very justly ami feel
inply remaiks. "There is a run it tn fur
publishing newspapers in tins world of onis
thai is more fain! than any small pox, the
cholera, or the yellow lever. Ninety in n
hundred meet destruction in it; yet as fust
as one dies another takes hit place, eel''
innoculntod Willi the writing fever, Hunks
of gold and glury, tnms newspaper publish
or drags on a worthies life, half fed. half
clothed, toils day and night, heart nick and
weary; the public slave, yet wielding nn
engine which properly restricted' would
move the world, or make its inhabitants
The pros caunot bo frro or iiclul while
it is trammelled with poverty and dogged
with duns. So situated, it will, it must be,
at the beck nf every wbtppur snapper who
has money enough t keep the printer's
soul and body together. This state of
things will not do. Wo move that t he
printers of iho U. S. divide off in halves
and "jeff" to see which shall go lo digging
flitches and picking stone coal for a living.
It would improve the situation of both
halves mightily. Wo look upon every
new paper that ia started, very much as
we do upon every new murder that is
committed. Wo Ihink, Ihero is another
man lost to every thing useful, lost to
himself, lost to the world, and doomed to a
purgatory from which salt cannot save him.
We" h ink that the last days of that man
Will be worse than the first ! but all mii-l
live anil learn. We have become a little
hardened to the business, but if wo had our
life to live over again, we would rather
adunl I ho trade- ol fishing tor minnows
wirh a pin Inmk, than Unit of publishing a
paper in tlieUmiid S'n'c-."
he risen sta tutes.
Of Limited Partnerships.
1. Limned partnerships for the trnnsac
tion of mercantile mechanical or manufac
turin" business within this state, may hi
formed by two or more persons, upon the
terms, and subject to the conditions and li
abilities, prescribed in (his chapter, bm
nothing contoined in this chapter shall au
thorize such partnerships for the purpose
of banking or insurance.
2. Such partnerships may consist nf one
or. more persons, who shall be called gen
cral partners, and shall In; jointly and rev
crally rcpnn-iblu. a general parities now
are by law. and nf one or more persons,
who shall conlribnic to the common stock
n specific sum. in actual cash payment, as
capital, and who shall bo called special
partners, anil shall not be personally liahle
for any debts of partnership, except in the
C3es hereinafter specified.
3. The persons forming Riich partner
ships, shrill make, and severally sign a cer
lificate, which shall contain the name or
firm under which such partnership is to be
conducted, the names and the re-prctive
places of residence of all the genera! and
special partners, distinguishing who arc
general and who are special partners, the
amount of capital which each special par
tnei has com riboted to the common stock
the goneral namre of the business tn be
transacted, and the time when l he partner
ship is io commence, and when it is to
4. No such partnerships shall bo deemed
to have been lormcil, until a cer'ificaie.
made as aforesaid, shall be acknowledged
by nil the partners before a justice of the
peace and recorded in the town clerk's
office in the town in which the principal
place of the business is situated, in a book
to kept for that purpose, open to public
inspection ; and if the partnership shall
have places of business situated in different
towns, the certificate aforesaid shall he rt:
corded in each of such towns; and if any
false statement shrill be made in any such
certificate, all the persons interested
the partnership shall he liable as general
partner far all the engagements thereof.
5, The partners shall, for six successive
weeks immediately aficr such certificate
shall be recorded, publish a copy thereof m
a newspaper printed in the county where
their principal place of business is situated
and if no such paper bo t hero primed, then
in a newspaper printed in an adjoining
county in this state; and in case such pub
lication bo not so made, lliu partnership
shall be deemed general.
C. Upon every renewal or continuation
of a limited partnership, beyond the time
originally agreed upon for its duration, a
certificate thereof shall he made, acknowl
edged, recorded and published, in the like
manner as is provided in this chapter for
the original formation of limited partner
ships, and every such partnership which
shall no, be renewed in coiilornnty wiih
the provisions of this section shall be
deemed a general partnership.
1. The business of the partnership shall
be eonducted under a firm, in which the
names of the general partners only shall
be inserted, without tho addition of the
word company or any other general term;
and Hid general parlneis only shall trail
tact the business and if tho name of any
special partner shall be used in such firm,
with his consent or privily, or if ho shall
personally makt-. any contract respecting
the concerns of t0 partnership, with any
person except tha general partners, he
(hall be deemed and treated as a general
I). During tho continuance of nny part
nership, uudcrlhe provisions of this chapter
no part of the capital stock thereof shall
bo withdrawn, nor any division of interest
or profits be made, en as to reduce such
capital 6tock below the sum Mated m ihu
cerlificotu before mentiuned, and if at any
time during the continuance, or at the ter
or assets shall not be sufficient lo pay the
mination ofthe partnership?, the property
partnetship debts, iIipii the speciat partners
shall he i verally held responsible for all
sums by them in any way withdrawn, or
divided, with interest thereon from tho
tiniethoy were so withdrawn respectively
9. No general assignment by such pari-ncr-hip
in case of insolvency. or where their
goods ami estate ore insullicient for the
payment of all their debts, shall be valid,
unless it shall provide fur a distribution of
the partnership property among nil tho
creditnrs. in proporliun to the amount of
their several claims, excepting taxes
against the firm, and claims of the govern
ment of the United Slates, arising from
bonds for duties, which are first to bo paid
or secured.
10, In case of nn assignment, as provi
ded for in the preceding section, the as
sent of (hp creditors slmP, be presumed,
unless ihey hIiiiII witnin sixly days after
notice thereof, dis-ont, ctthor expressly or
by some act clearly implying such dissent
amino such a-signment shall be valid, uu
les-s notice thereof shall be given in some
newspaper, printed in the county where
the principal place nf busincs of the
party making it is situated, and if no news,
per bo printed in such county. then in some
now-paper printed in the adjoining enmity
in this state, within funrteen days after the
making of such assignment.
I I. All suits respecting the business ofsuch
partnership, shall be prosecuted by and
ngninsl the general partners only, except
in those ea-os, in which provision is made
in this chapter, that the special partners,
shall he deemed general partners, and that
special partnerships shall he deemed gener
al partnership-; in which case all the part
ners deemed general partners may join or
he jollied in such suit, nnil excepting also
l hose cases where special p-rtners shah
be held severally responsible on nrcoujit of
any minis ny tliem received or Willi
dr.i u u iron) the common slock, before pro
vided. 12, No dissolution nf a limited partner--hip
shall take place, except by operation
of law, before the timo specified in the
certificate before mentiuned, unless a no
tice of such dissolution, shall bo recorded
and puhli-hed jn like manner ns the origi
nnl certificate, as herein beforo directed
tc ho recorded and published.
13. In ah case not otherwise provided
fnr in this chapter, the members nl limited
partnerships shall be stibj-cl io all the lia
bilities, and entitled to all rights of gener
al parlours.
I lie tnreriiing chapter will be in force
on and afler the 1st (nv f,I uiurrv. lfl-10 1
Pasird nl the scuitm nf the General Axsem.
bly, in October and .".ivunber A. 1). 1039
AN cr, in mlilm-m In nn net, entliilcd "an act
for irnl.iiiii.; met Hvi'iiiiiii ili mililia uf lliia
Salute," iiiiroetl iW. 1, 1S3D.
It is hereby mailed bi the General As
sanity of the St.ita nf rermnnt, asot lows:
1, So much of Hie first section of the
third chap'er of tho act lo which this is
an addition as provides that the division
inspector shall lake precedence of nny
colonel of the line and so much as pro
vides lor 1 ho appointment of one (purler
inas'er sergeant lo each town, are hereby
2. In addition to the regimental stnfT
now required by Inw, it shall be the duty
ofthi" regimental field officers lo appoint
one quarter m.i-ter sergeant.
Duties of Officers.
I - So much ol' the second section of the
fourth chapter of tho act to which this is
an ndilition as makes it the duty of the ad
jutant nnd inspector general lo attend
and take command at all regimental
drills, and so much ofthe tenth section ns
requires the brigade inspector to attend
i he regimental drills and regiinnulnl courts
marital, be, nnd llieraniu arc hereby re.
2. It shail bo the duly of thn major gen
erals to attend biennially the inspection
nnd review of the several regiments of at
least one brigade within their respective
divisions. It shall further be thir duty lo
attend and take command at each otlicers'
drill within their respective divisions, pro
vided by this act, lo superintend the exer
cises and manoeuvres, ami to introduce
the system of discipline established by law
and they shall lake III'- command as
drill ofiicers so far as it shall be necessary
to I he execution ol those duties.
It shall bo the duly ofthe brigadier
generals, together with their staff, lo at
tend biennally the inspection and review
ofthe several regiments in thuir respective
4. It shall be tho duly of the comman
dant of each regiment tn appoint the place
of all ofiicers' drills ordered hv the briga
dier general in pursuance of litis act, and
in notify the major general of the division,
in which they nro located, thereof. It
shall furlhur he Ills duty at all officers'
drills within Ins regiment, in tho absence
of I hi) major general, to drill his regiment
either by himself, or some person uppoin
led by him.
5. At all ofiicers' drills and regimental
musters directed by this act, lliu adjutant
of the regiment shall take precedent of uuy
captain of the line.
0. The returns rrquired by tho thir
teenth section of the fourth chapter of the
actio which this is an addition, shall in
elude the amount of nil execut tons issued
by the regimental courts martial previous
lo the first day of July. And it shall be
I he duly of the cowmandanl of each com
pany lo annex to his annual return a list
of all those within the limits of his coin
nanv who aro exempted from military dutv
'in timo of peace only.
AY. BTI11CI3M1BKR, 20, 1839.
1. So much of tho militia net of
III37, as squires thn chaplain, surgeon,
i& Surgeon's mate ol'cuoliregiment, to he
uniformed, be, nnd the same hereby is, re
Tho uniform of Iho surgeon, anil
surgeon's male of each regiment, shall
be as follows ! citizen's black hat, coat
and pantnloons, boots and purs. red sash,
black rose cockade wiih white one inch
engle platc,lhc surgeon with white to inch
star on the right breast, ami surgeon
mate the same upon the left breast, with
horse equippagn as now provided for field
and stall' ofiicers
Independent Companies and Cavalry,
I. The first section ofthe seventh chap
tor ofthe act to which this is no iiddnion.
ml so much ofthe third section as makes
the enlistment of minors into independent
companies void, be, and the same hereby is
2, The commanding officer of any com
pany of light infantry riflemen, artillery,
or cavalry, may from time to time fill up
his company by enlistments from any of
the standing companies in their respective
regiments. Provided. That he shall
not enlist any person under the ago ol
twenty. one years, without tho consent of
their parents, guardians, or masters being
first obtained in writing, and that no en
lislmeiits 6halltake place out of any stand
ing company so as to reduce said company
to a less number than fifty effective pri
3. Independent companies, retained up
on tlieir own organization by the bonrtl of
ofiicers appointed by tho governor, under
he M ilitia Act of ni;Jfl, sliall be attached
to too regiments within which they are
located, and mav from t tine to time, with
tho approbation in writing of the Held
otlicers of their respective regiment, euli-t
from standing companies within their regi
subject to the proviso to the first section
of this chapter.
4. Rich brigadier general may organize
one company of cavalry in rnch regiment
in his brigade, upon the recommendation
of Hie co I on el of sa id rerrimcnt- i he of
ficers of the cavnlry shall furnish them
selves with gnodhorsas, at least fourteen
linudsand n half high, and shall bo armed
with a sword nnd pur of pistols, tin
holstcrn of which shall bo covered with
bear skin caps. Bach horseman shall
furnish himself with a serviceable hnrrc, ol
at least fourteen hands and a half high
a good saddle, br'dle, nia'l-pillion and va
lise. ho'sters, n hren-ipln'o n crooner, :
pair of hoots and p it r-, u pnir of pistols,
nod sabre, and cartridge box, to coo
lant twelve cartridges- !or pislolj. No
man siiall he enltiteil into any troop
of cavalry, unless he shad own and con--tantlv
keep a stittchli.- horse and luruiiure
fur ihat setvice. And if any person, who
shall be destitute of a soilahle horse and
I'll run u ro for more than three months at
any one lime, he shall be discharged from
such corps, by the captain thereof, and be
enrolled in the standing company in which
he resides. And when any draft or do
lachment shall be made from u troop ol
cavalry for nctual service, the inon thus
drafted or detached shall march with (heir
own horses: and before their march, lln-ir
horses shall he aripr.iised by three iodiffer
tut men. to bu appointed by Iho command
ing officer of I he brigade from which
such detachment shall be made The
commissioned, non commissioned ofiicer
aud musicians of cavalry companies; shall
not be required lo ntlend lliu regimental
drills provided for n th s net. And tie
members of such companies shall ho ex
empt from taxes ns they were previous to
the parage of the act to which this is an
1. So much o the first section of the
eighth chapter ol the act to which this is in
addition ns provides for the payment to the
adjutant and inspector general of three
dollars per day for drilling, and also so
much of the proviso as provides thnt the
officers attending the regimental courls
martial shall not receive nny compensation,
be, nnd the same hereby is, repealed.
2 The drilling ofiicor at any regimental
drill shall receive for each day's attendance
the sum of three dollars, and, if he be the
major general of the division, or the com.
maiiding ofiicer of Iho regiment, the fur
ther sum of six cents for each mile's travel.
3. The ofiicers attending the regimental
courts martini ordered by the tMilitia Act of
1(137, shall receive t In.' sum of one dollar
for each day's attendance and six cents for
each milo's travel.
4. The adjutant, and inspector general
shall receive an annual salary of two hun
dred and fifty dollars, to bu paid out of the
treasury of the slate
5. Bach cniiimtssinned, non cnmmissinnpd
ofiicer and musician ehall be paid for each
day's ottendanco, at any regimental drill
in their respective regiments, tho bum of
one dollar.
ciiaptbh vr.
Rules and Articles.
1. The twenty-fourth nrliclo of the
ninth chapter of the net to which this is in
ddhion.hu and thu same is hereby repealed,
2. All delinquents, lo bo tried beforo a
brigade court martial, shall be served with
a copy of iho charges and specifications
preferred against them, at least ten dayi
previous to tho time of trial.
3 Bvery non commissioned ofiicor, mu
sician nnd private who, being duly ordered,'
shall unnecessarily neglect lo appear nt
any elect inn of company ofiicers, at the
lime and placo appointed, shall forfeit and
pay the sum of one dollar, lo bo collected
in tho same manner as other fines for non
appearance at any company (ruining now
4. Every cummiesioiieil officer who,
being duly ordered, shall unnecessarily
neglect to appear at any election of field
officers, nt the I mm and placo appointed,
shall forfeit and pay thu sum of two dol
5. The third and fourth scctinns of the
ninth chapter of thu act to which this is m
addiltuu, shall be conslruejWo extend to
all caes in which cnmpcnsajWn is provided
lor otlicers and soldiers hv tins act.
Training. Clusters and Drills.
1. Tlie commissioned, non commissioned
officers and inn-iciaiis of each regiment, in
the uniform prescribed by virtue of the
.Iililia Act of K137, shnll, htennallv. ren
dezvous, between the 20ih day of August
and the 25th day of September, within
their respective limits, two days, socces
sively. for the norpose of drilling ami im
provement in military discipline ; the days
of rendezvous to be designated in orders
by tin-commandant ol brigade.
I he third and fifth sections ofthe
tenth chapcr of the acl to which this is in
addition be, and the same arc, hereby
3. I he militia nf this state shall be as.
sembled in the year I, 140, ami every second
year thereafter, in the month nf September.
lor review, inspection and discipline, by
regiment, the time of assembling to be do-
signolnd in orders by tho commandant of
1. For nil regimental reviews provided
for in this act, the men shall bu warned to
meet at eight o'clock in, thn forenoon.
5. The commandant of any company in
this state may, in Ins discretion, call Ins
company together for military discipline
and instruction, in addition to thn tunes
herein provided, ono day, previous lo the
Regimental Court t Jim-Hal.
1. A majority of the field officers of nny
regiment aro authorized to hold the rem
menial courts marital, called by Iho com-
inanitant ol the regiment, pursuant to th
n quiremeti's of the ,M ititin Acl of IP.37,
and one session of said court shall be hold
en in each town, in the month of June
2. The executions issued by tho regimen
tal court martial shall bo signed by the
senior hold officer present, and made re
turnableto regimental head quarters-.
3. All non-commisssioned company offi
cers-, who have incurred any penally fur
non appearance, or non equipment or tun
form, at any ofiicers drill, or regimental
muster, or by reason of iinnnhtnrv conduct
when on duty, disobedience of orders, or
neglect to wn-n, shall be summoned hoiore
ihu reifimoninl courts martial and tried as
oilier delinquents are.
4. AH commissioned staff and comnanv
ofiicers. and all non-cninniis-toned staff
ofiicers. who shall incur nny penalty for
non.appeariinne.iion-rquipinent nr onilorm.
atany office's.' drill, regimental muster, or
election, and all coininandanis of compline
who shall incur any penalty for mm np?ear
ance, nno-oquipiucnt or uniform, at any
company training or election, shall be
amerced by the adjutant of the regiment
to which they belong, and shall he tried
beforo the regimental court marl ml next
to ho holdiiii in the town in which the de
linquent re-ides.
.1 In nil cases in which fines nro made
payable to iho regimental quartermaster,
and payment is made to him alier amerce-iii-nt
i-sueil, cost shall bu taxed to the tune
of payment.
C. Io en-o of the absence or inability of
the quarter master and qnnrlpr master "ser.
genu, ih.; colonel shall have power to
authorize any ind ir.-rent person to serve
amercements nnd levy executions.
7. Where the fine in which the delin.
quuut ts amerced is remitted by thu regi
mental court martial m consequence nf'iin
exeuse, winch was not rendered lo the
captain wnlim twelve days nfier the June
training, co-is of citation, service ofthe
same, witnesses' and court foes shall be
taxed against the delinquent, and execution
may i n therefor. And in nil cas'es in
winch exeeuii in issues, twenty. livu cents
shall he taxed for it.
Ii. Where judgment is rendered for n
fine by the regimental court martial, the
following fees are to he taxed as cost, viv :
For the officer serving tho ninercoinent, or
a subpuimi for witnesses, six cents per mile
for travel, six cents Tor reading, and seven,
teen cents for copy ; for the caplnm, I wen.
I y. five cents for iho amercement; and for
court fees, t weniy five cents for judgment
by default, and ,'iliy cents for judgment on
heiiing. The cos', laved for execution
and court fees shall ho paid by the collect,
tug officer, with the fines, to the regimen
tal qiiarreriuastur.
0. Witnesses, attending beforo tho reg
imental courts: martial, b'hnll be allowed
tlie sum of fifty cents fnr each unit every
uny s aitumiauco, mid live cents per mil
for travel, to bo paid by the delinquent, if
jii.igmeni is renuereil against linn, but nut
ol any lunds in tho hands, of tho quarter
master, if the delinquent U excused.
10. All execut tons issued by tho regi
menial court martial shall bo directed lo,
and levied by, tho quartermaster nr regi.
mental quartermaster sergeant. The reg
imental quartermaster shall have power "o
serve citations and levy exoculmns thrnugh.
nut the state, and the regimuntul quarter,
master sergeant shall have tho same pow.
er throughout tho regiment to which lie is
11. In enso nf the absenco or inability of
n majority of the field ofiicers to attend
any regimental court martial, any one of
the field officers shall have power to adjourn
said court, not exceedino 30 days.
1. Tho governor is hereby authorised
niu directed to roceivo from' the United
Stales, as a purl of the quota of i his slate,
las I he tame may become duo under the act
of Congress; of 1 110!!, rifles lo I he amount
of two thousand, including what have al
ready been received under tho Militia Act
of 1037.
1. All collateral suits, brought before a
justice of the peace, in which the validity
or regularity of tho proceedings before the
regimental court martial shall come, in
question, shall be appealable to the county
All field, enmpany and staff officers,
who are by law entitled to bo cnmint-sioiled
or to reco ve warrants, shall havo full power
to act, as though they had lakon the oath
of allegiance and had their commissions or
warrants in their possession.
All sections and parts of sections in
the Mililia Acl ol 1 i!37, inconsistent with
the enactment of this act, be, and the same
hereby arc, repealed. Provided, neverthe
less, that nothing in this act shall be con
strued so as lo affect any rights or liabilities
winch have accrued under the said .Militia
Act of 1837.
1. The eighth section of the fifteenth
chapter of the act to which this is in addi
tion, hp, and the same hereby is repealed.
bach regiment shall be furnished with
the slate and regimental colors, which
stands of colors shall be procured and fur
nishcil hy the quartermaster general, under
tho direction of the commander in chief, at
tho expense ofthe stnte.
C. Bach town shall equip those within
its hunts who are unable to equip them
7. Bvcry officer, who is required by the
act to which this is an addition, lo malic
any rolurn in writing, nnd who shall omit
to make tho same, shall, for each omission,
forleii and pay lo the ofiicer to whom such
return is required lo bu made, the sinus as
follows, to wit; if a major general, the sum
of twenty dollars ; if a brigadier general,
the sum ol fifteen dollars: if a field ofiicer,
l he sum of ten dollars; and if a captain
or subaltern, the sum of five dollars: and
fines so assessed shall be collected as fol'ow s
viz : The officer, to whom tho return should
havo been made, shall demand the same of
the ofiicer neglecting, either personally or
in writing; and if the nfiicer neglecting to
make the returns, shall neglect or refuse
to pay said fine within fifteen days alter
demand mail! as aforesaid, Iho ( flicer to
wliani such return should havo been made,
shall is-uc Ins execution therefor, to be
directed to nny quarlermas'er in the
brigade. And if the officer neglecting
shall be n major general, lo the quarter
master in the division, who arc hereby
authorised lo collect tho same together
with costs of collection. And the fines,
when collected, shull bo paid to the trcas
orer of ibis stale.
fl. All returns now rrquired to be made
to the Cnmmauder in chtel, by mnjnr am
brigadier generals, shall be hereafter made
to the adjutant nnd inspector general;
who shall make a consolidated return of
the same to the commander in chief, as
required in the act lo which this is an ad
dn ion.
0. All records and files nf the militia of
this state, required by theuct to which this
is nn addition, io be kept in, and all returns
required lobe made, to, Iho oflice of th
secretary of civil and military affairs, shall
herea'ter be kept in, and made to, the
officii of the adjutant antl inspector genera
10. The Ciovemnr, on application of t he
persons aggrieved, may make such altera.
lions in the limits and organization uf any
egiuienr, or company, as in Ins opinion
hall be just and expedient.
II. Bvery noil rommissionpd ofiicer.
mu-icinti or private, who, being duly warned
shnll unnecessarily neglect or relitse to
appear at any company meeting, for milt
lary exercise and instruction, nt tho time
and placo appointed, shall furfoit two dol
lars. 12, Bvery non-commissioned officer,
musician or private, who, being duly or
dered, shall uonece-Biirily oegleci to ap
pear nt any regimental inspection or re
view, at the time and place appointed, shull
forfeit Ihreo dollars.
13. Bach officer, non commissinned
officer or musician who, being duly ordered
shall unnecessarily neglect to appear for
nny regimental drill required by law, at
the time ami place appointed, shall forfeit
three dollars for each day's non attendance.
14, Thu fines provided for in this act
shall he collected in the same manner n
other fines for nun. appearance, ai uny cum
pany training, now aro.
15. In case ihero shall not bo sufficient
mnney, in the hands nf tho (ltiarlermasler
of each regiment, in pay I he ofiicers nnd
musicians as provided lor by law, iho quar
termaster shall certify tho same to the
commandant of the regiment, and also the
sum which will bo necessary to be drawn
lur Iho piyinent of said ofiicers nud must.
clans, for their attendance at any regimen
tal drill, or court martial for the collection
ol lines previously held ; whereupon the
commandant of said regiment mny draw
upon the treasurer oftlns state in favor of
said quartermaster, for such sum nf mutiny
us may he necessary fnr the payment of
said ofiicers nnd musicians, and the treas
urer is authorized to pay the same out of
any money in tho treasury nut otherwise
appropriated. Provided, that it shall be
thu duty uf the cnminatidnul of each regi
muni, to certify, m his order upon the
treasurer as provided for by this section,
that the regimental drills hnvo brcn duly
held oe requited by law, for the then cut
rent year, beforo tniil order shall be paid
by the treasurer
Approved Nov. 19, 1039.
An Act, making nppiopropriuilon for the sup
port of i;i)eiuiiioui.
It is hereby enacted f(C,
I. Thu sum nf furlv,fivo thousand dol
lars is hereby appropriated for tho pur'
pusu of paying thu dehenturo of thu Lieu
tenant Governor, lliu Senate and tho
VOL. XIIT No.652
House ol Representatives, and tho conttu.
gent expenses ol the General Assembly,
the debenture of the Auditor of Ac
counts, such salancsas arc provided by
law, and btich sums as are directed by
uccinl acts ol the Legislature to bu paid
from the ttcasury,
2, A sum nut t-xeccdinir forlveight
thousand dollars is hereby appropriated for
the purpose of paying such ucinnndfl
against the slate ns may be allowed by the
Auditor of accounts and such orde.rs n
may be drawn by the supreme and county
courts, and such orders as may bu drawn
by uuthorily ofthe act entitled an act for
regulating and governing Iho mililin of
this statu approved by the Governor No
vember 1, 1037.
3. The sum of two thousand dollars' is
hereby appropriated for the payment of
clnims ogainat the Vermont Stnto Prison,
which sum the Treasurer is authorized and
directed to pay lo the order of tho super
intendent of sntd prison, to be by said su
perintendent applied in payment of tho
claims now outstanding against the orison.
4, This net shall take effect from and
ter its passage.
'Approved, Nov. 19, 1039.
As Act, to repcnl an act therein mentioned.
It ii hereby enacted SfC.
That an acl entiled "an act, to faciliate
the rendering of turnpike mads free roads,'
pas-nd November first, eighteen hundred
and thirty eight, be, and the same is.
hereby repented . Provided that this acl
hall take effect from and after the passins
Annrovd. Oct. 24. 1039.
Public Lands.
Resolved, by Ihe Senate and the Hnuso
of Representatives, Thnt our Setntorg in
Congress bo instructed, and our Repre
sentatives requested, to use their influence
to procure the passage of a law which
shall provide for a just distribution, among
the several states, of the proceeds of the
pubtic land, agreeably to the terms of Ihe
deeds of cession, which provide that the
lands, so ceded, "shall be considered as a
common fund, for the use and benefit of
all the United States, members of the fed.
oral alliance," "and ehall be I'uithfully ami
bono fide disposed of for Ihat purpose, and
for no other use or purpose whatsoever"
ano to oppose any measure calculated lo
promote the eventual surrender of theo
lands to thestates in which they are situa
ted, whicn would be entirely repugnant lo
the dondtllon ol these grants, nnd contrary
to that principle of equal and exact justice
which should characterize all tho dealings)
of the general government wi'h the several
states of the Union.
Uesulved, by the Senate nnd Hnuse of
Representatives. Ihat ihe Governor be re
quested to transmit copies ofthe forego,
tog resolution lo each of our Senators and
Representatives in Congress, and lo each
of the Governors of tho States, with the
request that thpy present it to the legisla
lures of their respective Slates.
WtiEnEAs, a largo amount of the public
iiii.iiey of ihe United Slates lias been
npprupriatcd, under authority of tho
Generral Government, for purposes of
Internal Improvements within the limits
ofthe several states and territories, and
whereas the Slate of Vermont, noiwnh
standing her citizens pay their full pro
portion ofthe public revenue, has not
derived an equivalent from tho expen
diture ol said money -therefore.
Re.-oi.vei), by the Senate and Houe of
Representatives, Thai our Senators in Con
gress be instructed, am our Representa
tives requested, to use their best exertions,
at the ensuing session of Congress, to obtain
the passage of a law, providing for refun
ding lo Vermont her proportion of the
money so appropriated and expended.
5. IlKsri.rcD, by ihe Senate and House
of Representatives, That Congreis posses
ses the power to nbnhsh slavery and thu
slave trade in tho Dislr ci of Columbia, and
to prohibit the slave trade between the
several slates.
2. Resolved, That the parage of a
resolution by the House of Representatives
nf lite United Stales, in December, 1337,
in which it was ordered thai all pnpers,
touching the subject of slavery, should "be
laid upon the table, without being rend,
printed, debated or referred;" and Ihe
adoption uf a similar rculutinii by the last
Congress, was a (l.igrant abuse uf the right
of petition, am! in the name nf Ihe people
of this stale, we solemnly protest against
Iho adoption of a similar resolution by thu
next, or tiny succeeding Congress.
3. Resolved, Thai the Governor bo
requested lo transmit n copy of the fore
going resolutions lo each of our Senators
and Representatives in Congress.
Resolved, by the Senate and House of
Representatives, That the Secretary of
Slate and Librarian of the Stale Library,
bn directed In deliver to each county clerk,
one copy of each volume ofthe Vermont
Reports, of which they severally have, or
may hereafter havo the charge, to be kept
in the office ofsuch clerk lor tho use of (ho
courts in such county, provided, that in
all cases there shall be a sufficient number
of each volume preserved for the use of
the library and for exchanges with other
Sec. or State's Office,
Mn.NTPKMEii.Nuv. 27, 1039. )
I hereby certify that the foregoing foui
teen chapters, are truo copies of tho acta
and resolutions of a public kind, passed by
Iho Legislature nf th s state at their session
in October nud November, A. D. 1839. as
appears by the files in this office,
Secretary of Slatr,

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