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Latlirop, Pot.win & Wait.
IT is iiolliinir ni'iv Hint lliu Cheap Good"
nro In hi' found nt tin) above named
Cheap rash Store Corner Gluircli ninl
Ool lotro streets, mid vu wish mil It) Con
ceal Iho fact, bill llint it tuny bi) spread
Bill farther nnd wider, ns dmibMe.-s it will
be, since I bo recent guml sleighing lias
bron bestowed iiiiiiii iid tvlncli for hi ben
efit nf friends nml customers nt n distance
wo now say Ima never been h"ttor. All
biicIi as desire (.'noil gnods nml cheap
invited lo examine fur theiuse'vcti, ti
quality is tin' proof of Cheapoc-st nml 5'""
can only lull bv r.vaiiiiimiitin nml ciniipari
Bflti which is the cbrtipr-', therefore come
in with your produce, of all kinds we will
give a fur pric fur H In exchange for any
loin! of Dry Goods. Groceries crockery or
rnrprling, ami for Ibr cash articles if .Von
en v o will give surh bargains a-? Will sur
prise ail, oven those u ho a' coi or be
low rest wi'l wonder how Lai limn. I'oiwin
& Wait can afford !o sell cheap, bill
sine') we ran iilJird it, it ;"-J not mailer
t(l us il limy don't l;nnv- Hi" (CCfCl.
Burlington. IVcCO, Ki.TJ
HP U E SuVonbeM have, taken ibr
il. C!acl;-miiii ."'lion loruerlv rnried
ti'i 'iy tlio Hiir'.ingtiiii Mill Company. ( nil
of oidncy Birlow'- store, nml nl-n I lie
on' ni-ar Ihu hrn'ge. (ill I In; iiu r 1 in jjl mi
nde, where iliey wi'l promptly annul
lo all l:iml of wot!: in their line. Par
ticnlar nMniiion jjivt n to shoeing horses.
Carnages mill Sle.gtu mim-il in tin; best
manne?, nml huge j.-b- rf quum i lo ho
turned, cx.cn'cd proinplly, find in the
imibt perltct manner.
A. 11. & G. DUNCAN.
Burlington IVb. I):r, 1U. 11130.
Room in llie Court House, oppnsil
Iliirltnr'on. Dro 2
smw s & i&
rtn ni-i Sublet ibi-r bat itiken the Brick
JL Siore formerly occupied bv A J. Puller
Co where he is m..v tccivin' a gene,
ral apsiTl incut of
DRV coons.
Having purchased his rutin: S nek of
Goods vvnli Ca-li during thr pns-n.-o for
money m Ni'W Y-t I: some of th'' In.-t day?
of October, lie it) oiiab'rt! to se.l ibeni at
innch loss raid I linn Goods have usually
been sold in ilns placj. The public arc ro-q'ie-.ted
lo mil and rxaiinni! Iih Sine!: lie
can a-ii'e ill sr thai are m want nl Goods
nml Cieap (i io(j, t Iml ttiere tr no iicces
t. i y of llicir ''oini; lo liiirlirii'iiin in bm
il.,n. W. II. IKHiLHY. "
Wilb'ton. Nov. aOtl-. 11130.
Bl'k iter Caps.
a qnalily Knpcr'or to any tifiuird for
in 1 1 i hlalo :i net mrli as must suit
rverv lai-to ; a wo. Seal ami liuir heal Laps,
low priced Fur Cap--, by tbu dozen. .y n.v ,
Mulls, r-'q'iirrel MullV, and a variety of dark
Furs, for sale by Wm. I. Scvjihub.
At tbo new brirl: s-hon on Cherry frtreel.
Burlington, Nov. 21, lUJfl.
lU)SlQH Acadcnnfs Collection I
of iniiic. 100 cepies joi'i r rnved Wy
No v. 2 S. ;. IjOUnilll-'li.
Bank of Burlington.
NOTICM is hereby oivin that a meet
IMj ol the sti'ckho'der.H of the iiank
of liurlinoion will lie hnlden nt I tic 1 r bank
inir hou.-e oil t ho second Tuci-dny of Jan
uary next, nt 11 o'clock. A. for the
plirpm-o of choosing peven Director fur the
year ensiiinir I)y order of the Freedom
anil Directors.
II. G. GOLD. Cashier.
Bur!iptnn. Dec. G 1U.J9.
SAMUIJIi Ki-fflr
Ji FS P KCT F U L Ii V nnnounces to tbo
iVij citizens ol 15,-istol ami vicinii y.and the
Trnvi'lluiif public (jenerntly, that he lia
enlarged, repaired mid lined up In." old
Mnnd, 111 a riyb; of elegancy and conven
iciifp, not Mirp.vspd.
lie will bo found nt nil limes rpndy tn
mp'ily tbo waiiH of all who may favor him
with n cal', nml hopiw (by u dppiro lo
please to merit and receivu lliu iatrona"u
of a liberal nnli'ic.
lln II ir llooiii, niriH ami biieiK nrn
iirrrniaed in tlio best pm-ibl,. manner to
nrci'iuumdatu tlio iraveilm; anil bii.-inu.-s
Biistnl, Dec. 10, 11139
Chnniplain Transportation Co.
rT1NE StorkbnldcrH of Miu Champlnin
JL ' 'I'riiusportniion Coinpaiiy, nre hereby
notified, that ihu annual meeting nf said
company. for Ihu purpoie ofchoo-lng direc
lors for tbo ensuing year, will bu bolden
nt Howard's. Ilolul, in Iliirliugloii, on
Tbtirbdny, tbo 2d day of January. A. 1).
1040, nt one o'clock. P. M. lly order
liurlinglon, Dec. 10,11)39. 3
Pilot Cloth, Broadcloths, cas-
Bimeres, Vesltngs. cont Incingf , Fur, clotb
oiul Seal kin caps, wonllcn 1 osiury'und
Gloves, Illnck skin Gloves nnd initt'cm-,
Iiidinn .1,iccusiiis, for snlu cheap by
Dec, 2o. JiATiiitui'iVrwiN & Wait.
At the ('it'll tf'orn Idlii by
C1AN be piiroha.'od as low u nny nun
in I be Slate, whether they sell nl enst
below coit, or nt a profii, Ibo (ollownio
arlicles viz:
French. Hnal'Mb rind Aincricnn prints,
from 0 to 25 pence.
French and Hnglieb iMcrinns from 1.
Gd. to Gd.
iMobair, crape, and London caniblct ot
lJlain nml fimired nillc, very braulifiil,
4. Gil. in G?. r!lacl; ami bine bind: do.
i'lnin n ltd lietiicd Alpinu, from 7s. Gd
to ItK
.Mon.-elino tie Laino. from 30 in 50 rtJ.
Iled and lilar merimi hbawlj, wurran
tod free from cottin.
lirorhn nml plaid from I 50 to 00
Fancv btlll, gloves, hosiery, laceri rib.
bnrw, 1 1 i It a ii i:ravnt.
GG and -10 inch L'nm clastic pni-pendors.
liroatlrlollis, cajr.ini':rei and vejtins.
HatimttJ, tirntntiadij gray clcth, from
I 50 to G7 I 2.
I!mvn and bleached tliectings, from 3
to IC 2 per yard.
Yum. wipIsiii;;, i cl:in;:, and linttin;.
flolured Ihnne, 40 to GO cU.
Farwell'.s fchneJ, o.i.ter bonU and dan.
cinu' nunp.
Hats, oapa and bnfl'ilo robi;, all very
Ten, fiisii-, imd.ifef. Limp oil, dry (i.4i, loli.ir
ro, ppppri , tp irr, ini;ei', :ilriniiM, iiiitmi'ii. t:iii
n.iiiinii, i:ii'in, i ice, Miiieti. Sir. in,
Allulioiiti' u-i-lnii',' in iinii li.ifi' ii n v kind of
CO'hN uill find it loi tlicir iiilcic.'i lor. ill on l'.H
Iciiiun, rum Jor e.isl of Ilmv.od's hulcl, ulimn
llicv will lie flirr lo i:n llir uiinli ol I licit inoiicj .
r,itilin;toiit Dec. 12. 18:'0.
' Ctmutum do. fy
FLOOR rn. lor pale bv
Christmas' and IVgw Years
P RES 33 H 3? B .
TPhUUING Chti-tuiti.-i week wc i-linll be
M.P opening for exauiination nml Mile a
yreat variety ol a 'I icli Kiinn ble for pre.rnN
in he riven by Parents, Children, Tenchers
Pntttirs, People, Friend. Neighbors. .Me
chimin. Jlerchunl.i. Apprentices. Clerics
Journeymen, Lmvijca, Doctors, Ihjehls.
.Manufacturers, Capitalists and am, sorts
and conditions of .mh.n.
Wo expect to e.'ili'bit the most beautiful
as?oriment of pretty DOLLS ol all s'zes.
Hot ti I5i'V3 u nil (Jirlf, that our younj:
Friends have ever belu'ld at ibn
Saint Nicholas, or Santa Claw in lo
hnve n lot of them "if he run' I find them
no v:htre cl.-.c, no i hcttpir unit prettier," and
wc ihiul; he caiinoi ; mi children I111112 up
your ftncl:iii-j- and il you have been l;qoi1
children, the benevolent, merry nhl fiTii 1.
man will not have a lira t lo pas' you by
We shall have Lineries in the cliupc of
Strawberries. I in .-Ii I'aiU, &c. pm
curli. , l.inui id. I ...tiling 1! iiVj, silver
scent bn-ies, woil: li xes. caul Duxes, in
laid with pearl, music iio:;e., silver knives,
pearl M illeiioe.-. 'old Riiii.'--, lloM'Wood
writing Diks, wml; lin.M'tf, To. let boxes,
inii-icnl 1 lift riimerit Uosewooil Accordc
nil', which would he a 11111H1 adiuireil pres.
enl bv some, GOLD WATCHES.
would ln very nccepUib'n to olio rs. Sliver
(.pimiisi for olIiC'S, clocli-t for oilier? and
pnon, wc can -1 1 1 1 ail wo have steel ecrew
cu.liionp. spool slamU, fur tippnii-, clmb
cap., fur linas, Iiailledorcs. oruces. Jump
1 n hopes, I oys nml I ov Hunk-., perluu.c
with Tea, pocket Uooks. card- and card
I...II wlfil n... .1 'I1.... ... . II . .1
riies; waf-i'dnc, ehairs. cradles, ball-
I Fancy liiixe-', &c. A belter as.ortmei,i
never fjracul our blieivs and ca--es than
we expect to tbow our cu-lemer during
the Ilolydayu. We invite all our fnend.
and cu-ioniers, and all iho-e if such iliere
arc who have not examined our ns-orHiieni
nboui (Jliri-im is and New Years, to ive
us n call, und look, even il they !i noi
wi.'b to purcluifi'. Wo are cheered bv
their presence, nro thankful for iheir call,
at the Vurielv Store.
Burthvilnn, Dec. 20. 1IU9
Boston Academy's Collection
of ( hureli iMusic. Jut rpe'd bv
Dec 12. C. GOODIUfUl.
Bahom of Liverwort.
BOIl snllin Dnet, Taylor'.s liahnm nf La
tninrt, 1'nr Consumption, Liter Coin
plaints, Caughi. Colih, Sjullnig of Hltmil. Pain
ill tbu ,;, or Ituust, Asthma. Phvrny, Short,
iiess of Breath, PalnitaliunoC tbo Ihurt, De
bility. Neiirusnrss and all diseases of the
IUnos ami Mvi:n.
The virtues of Ibis celebrated nrlieln line
but reeently been tested m this rejr.nu-s.iir.
eieni novyever, nas ueeu useu, 111 t.lnllemleu
nnu amilMin ennunties, lo yivo it justly u Jl. mis inhnbilanls of llio Muniaeh and bow
nauie above any inedieine, hitherto oll'eied ns tS) w,iL., so 0fU-i) impair tbu heallb and do.
a remedy and euro for consumption and liver kir,,e ibn lives ebiblron and adults. USE Duel.
I complantt To show what cures may ha ex.
peelod Irnniltstifrc, wc insert a single ease as
publishrd in Iho ,mv )ml- Daily Lxprrss,
iNToveinhur.l,13J0 "Thu lialsaniofLivorwurt
has found hundreds of ndv orates, and has
produced so largu a number ofioMinionials in
its favor ns perhaps to render fuillior approba.
lion unneeessaiy. I cannot vvilbuld my small
meed of praise, knowing myself pm disposed 1
lo consuniplinn, both for peculiar formation '
and hereditary transiu'Ksinn, I snujibt all1
means to obvialo this calamity, nml recover a j
naturally weak conslitution, I spent two
yean at Pisa, in Itonie, two years in Flnrrneo,
and nnolber in tbo suiilb of Prance, seeking
mean limu llio advice of Ihu best Physicians.
ijiisi summer 1 returned 10 1111s counlry, not
recruited iu hcnllb, and perhaps not much, if
any worse, than when I left. 1 bud seen iu
tbo Heading Rooms in Europe, American
nnws.papers, containing udvoniseiiinnts of
Ihu Ilalumn of Liverwort, and icsulved upon
trying lis boasted virion, As soun as I arrived
iu this counlry, I usod il.amlin three mouths
I was so well that 1 concluded I could safely
pass Iho winter here, and accordingly did so,
I have used a botllo now ami then , through
lliu past summer. I am now iu as good health
iin I can wish tube; my cough jias wholly
subsided, and my lungs brtvo every feeling ot
health. 1 shall bo pleased lo recoivo nny per
son, who may vviidi for further particulars, at
my lodgings, Cily Hotel.
CChTiiK Indian Veo etablh Pills ro a
ccrliiln riire fordlfciifo in lis every vnrleiy of form,
bcc.iiifo iliey ilioronshly clcinun 1 tin moinnch and
bi)uet,induco 11 proper dbcli.irgo by 1I10 lungs, fkin
mil kidney, oik iimil.no the blood lo purify iutilf.
In oilier uorda llicy open till tlio naliiral drains,
and leave natuiie (the Grand Physician) fiee to
drive dijp.ifc from llic body. The above owlets, or
drain", nre llio coinmon frucrii of 1 lie body, lliroiigh
which all iiioiljid nml corrupt humors (llio c.iusc cif
ilifcnsc; ate carried off ; and so Ion; ns they aic nil
kept open, and ducliingc freely llielr nllolled por
linas of impurity, llichndy will conliiiiio in licnhh ;
hilt when fiom ealiii'' improper fond, bruailiini;
iinpiiic nir, sudden tinii'ilinni from licit lo cold,
nicr exliauslion or any oilier cuiifc, I In: brmrla he.
come cojlivr, llic poics of ibr skin lifcome clo'fd,
or the kiifncis fail lo pcifnim iheir fund Ions piop.
ci ly, llic impiiiilics uliich should be dr.iineil fimn
llie body by llirjc onllcls, will be lelaiiicd, and con.
linuo lo ncciiimil.no uiilil the body become literally
lonilcd with di.cnc.
If llie rh.iiinels of our niighly rivers slmuld be
come blocked up, would not the ncriiniiil.iird wnlcrs
find new onllcls, or 1 lie counlry become inundated ?
Ju-t to with llio human body ; if llie niiiinal ihaiiu
liecnme closed, ihe sliignniil and cnnrnit humors
will finil venl in llie vnriom form of disease such
ns Fever, Small Pox, Measles Ithciim.u'vni. Omit,
Apoplexy, lie. or Death will end our HiflVi injs.
'I'liereforc, ulicn slcknefJ nt llio niom.irli, p iins in
llir b.irk anil side, quirk pulse, himiiiigjkiii, or any
oilier inipleiis.iiil sjinploiiH, indiraic llint one or
more of lha nulni'-il dr.iim 111c licit discli.uging
fieely, and lh.il llic coiiMiluiinii 1j looul lo com
mence a struggle for the restoration it brallli, no
lime should I c lo-l in ndminisirrin n few brisk
do-rs nf llic Indian Purgative Indnn Vegetable
Pills.) 1'y so doing, all llie uiuciiiiu of the body
uill he icslored 10 older, ami die fill humors ('lie
cause of every inninimalion or paiuwo suffer) will
lie remain! in snc.isy and natural a manner, lh.it
llio liody will he restored as if by a di.uni.
'I'lii! almve Pills may he taken at JLL limes and
under ALL cirriimslances, with peirect safely.
They sail all complaints anil all ages, and are nat
ural In llie Iminiin riiii-llliilinii as fond ; roiifripieul.
ly iliey can jiecer injure eieu llie uol delicain.
Like our fund, iliey aio digesiihte; llerefnrc iliey
ruler inlo llie ciieul.ilion anil imparl a) eneigv 10
llie blond, which enables il In flow vvilli fiecdom
ipiiln lo the exliemiiies, and conscquei lly lo keep
lim pores of (he skin open. They aie true and
pel feci purifiers ofihe blood; because lley drain all
coitupi humors from dial lile giving diiiil. They
imparl slirnglh and vigor In llio whole sjslcm, and
iheir efi'ccu nre alwajs beneficial; becaiife iliey
only icuioie llio-e liumnrs uhirh aie opposed lo
lic.ilili. They aid and improve digcslio.i, and .-omul
sleep follow iheir use : herau?c iliey cleanse llie
siomacli ami bowels ol llinsc slimy linniour.. winch
not only iriilalc and csriic the nervous sysicin,
Inil piualjze and weaken llie digesliic oigans. In
slioil t Ii py possess all die good pioperlies tli.it cm
be claimed fiir any medicine; and wh.it is veiy
lemaik.ib'e, it is utterly impossible lo usu lliem
wiiliom benefit.
Mme 1I1111 twelve llioiisand persons can be icfer
led lo, who have bten cuied of complaints app.i
1 cm ly of llie 1110M dangeioin rli.iraeler, solely by llie
ate of llie Indian Vegetable Pills.
IXyOvriCZ, and genriiil Depot lor die sale o
llie sibine Pills in the New England Slates, 1!)8
TI1KMON I' STUCK I', near conn slicel, P,oion,
wlure iliey ran lie had at wlwles.ile or leiail.
Agenls have been appnialed for lim sale of llie
Pills in almost every lown in New I'nglaiid.
All tellers relative io llic pills must he addressed
llms : "Jr. E. Office A. A. College of Health,
19S Tremont Slicel, IJosion, Mass."
P.urlintnn, A. TJIUNS.MAID.
Woodsloc!:, Haskell t!i Palmer S. Shafts'
liury, Jona I Iuii;;bloii ll'ilUamsiille, Charles
V Jny Bennington, .1 C llaswcll--.Vtrit;
bum. (Jeo II I'Vli Rutland, Win Fay Dover
Hiram Maldwm Bratlhlioro', Hirge, llraek.
elt a: Co Waterfurd, II CultiiiL' & Co.
Neivbtiry, Prentiss Knihl Bethrl, Samuel
' AiiKtin jr. Utiriw' field, Geo Washburn
Proclorsiille, Prnetor tz Iiobinsnn London
den;;, Smith Si Glazier Biidgcivalcr, Thus.
M'.uiheaie Chester, i'limea.- O ivnem
Windsor, W Hubbard ft. Pnullncij,
Hickok & Meats CVmimonv. Samuel Kv.
ci is Wilmington, A. B- Ghibls Sfoiee,
Albert ('eijip 'oi Mil- -Jereininh
V'ii, ni St. Johnibwj Lniher Jewell
FYjoii -John Wilder Wnlcrburij
Per-ons Lyons .Montpelicr Win 1'larke
Ludlow John Dunlinr and Co. Ileud
ing Wood ii. ilerrll--(()-on".l. 1.
Si roil" & (Jo. Norwich Baxter it New
ton Barnard .1. li. Dan'orib Rochts
tcr Gharle- D 'dd Cavendish A. Gilou
and Sou Guilford Philip Ma rim--Vrn!
ifuxJ C Stone iS Go. IVestminster
Aaron Ileclicnck . Weather field --liailv
lianleit uWani Coiiuii &. Pminble--
7''i(r(r-llainplou Lov
rillO ruiuuvo thesn iroublesniuu and dun.-er.
" , Unubcock's WORM TEA a rertain and
Baf i.ronarmion for the removal of Ihn vari
ons kinds of unrms Ibal inl'rsl Ibo huiiian ys
t -11 . Wu say USE Di. M, llilchook'.s Worm
'',.a, fur this plain reason that in no nnu of
l0 thousand cassos, vvhnro it has been lined
nrreablu lo the prinled diieetiuns, has it ever
fj.ij. Ask for Dr M. Hitchcock's WonM
Tim. ihero are man v noslruma abroad for
i,0 dostruelion of worms,
'.'or salo wbolesalo and retail by A. Hitch.
cock & Co,, soln proprietors, 1 17 Gencseu ft.,
Uiica. and by tbuii ngeuls tbrougboul the
United Sinter nnd Canada. In liurlinglon by
J. & J. j. PJ'CK & Co., in Vurgcnnes by J.
JJ. Howinan, in Milton by JJ'liilnuy, haminn
Sz Co,, in Georgia by Lorenzo Janes. oug2
'tEiacsvi;iia..i"i-i" JUST reccivnd 15
20 & 24-7 by 9
casements ul sash, a
first rnlo article, at
'.!.) nnd 3J els. per
light. Also.allkinds
and sizes, furnished
to order.
Ticonduroga Dlack
Lead, a first ralo nrticlo, for salo vory low,
together wilb a groat variety of other articles,
iiHclicttp us can bo found at any olber cslab.
lisbincnt iu llio pluco. Geo, Peterson
3DD A t3HOT3ffi
HAS removed hi-; office to a room over
nlcfsirs. Lyinnii &. Gole'a. Eulrnncc
beivvepn Messrs Lvmnu Si Cole's nml Dr
Moody's. Tiurlwgton.jDct. 25. 11139
" ATE from Harmony N. Y.) Tcn
JLi dcrs Iih medical services in tbu in
linbilniitH of Wilhslon and vicinity. His
intention bem j to petilc porinanonlly
nmnncat lliem, bu liopeH In be favnurcd
with their oalronaiic. Ilii oflicc is at lliu
Haclo Hall, kept by Mr. Raymond 111 the
village of Wilbstnn.
Wllliston Oct. 25 lf!39
f R 0 U rlrlrLAC"E;
Clinton County. N Y.,
QQA K ACHES ol juod nrnblu meadow
and pasture land, situated at the
turnpike r-alo on the MiWnry turnpike, 111
Clininu coun'y, on winch Ibn tavern and
liuililiu" at llie Gale nre situalrd. A large
and commodious Tavern house lias recently
been erected Thcro is a Inrop quantity of
Timber 011 the In ml; cue Saw mill nml other
mill privileges. The bit Cbnzy river runs
ihroiiirli lliu 'nml. All the bu ildmoj nt the
iraK; are on the IjikI, nml there is qniio a
number of ncrcs cleared up and cultivated.
Any une wisliinr 10 purchase can enquire
uf lliu subscribers nl I'lnlt-biirrrb N. Y.
November C. 3m
THE subscriber would lulorm bi very
many und cu.ilomers thai bu has on
hand n splendid n-Mir'uieiil of plensure
-leiohs. bin Ii single nml tlnuble, wbich be
will sell for cash or ("mid paper, un reason.
i! term-'. Snino ol the newest style, nnu
-mile nf old style; some common nml .-ome
uncommon, lo suit purchasers Come and
what he has on band at bis old stand
on Pearl si reel
All kinds of ropairinrr. both in wood and
iron work, done on short notice.
50 sett of 1 horse WniririinEIub" wanted
all 10 bu made of white oak quarter stuff
10 sell to he 9 inches in leiiolb, 10 sun
10 bu 10 inches in leii'Mli. not less tbuu G
inches nor over IJ throu;;h the bil;c.
AUn 25 sett of 2 Imrsc hub, of while
oak, one half lo be Id inches, tbo oilier
half 12 inches in length, nml not 10-s tban
!! inches nnr more lhaii 10 through the
bilge, lo be turned 111 good bbapo. A fair
price will be paid, half in cash and ball in
vvo'k at my slmn. JOHN K. GRAY'.
IJurlinglnn. Nov 9 lf!39
JUST received, nod for sale by J. & J.
11. PECK St Co . Burlington, n lew
bnxe-- ul R-vnohl-j Si Pnrnielv'i celeb-ated
Il is. designed particularly lor the disea-cs
peculiar (o the Female constitution. A
more efficacious remedy of Ibis kind, ba
it.i b,-rn wniued, as many of those dieeai.
e- have baffled ibe skill of the mnt eminent
pbysiciatH, and all the remedies heretofore
have nr. veil ineffectual, in ilmusanda of
ca-es. Tins inediciuu invariably removes
obstruct tons, regulates in most cases o!
painful, Ino frequent, or proln-e minslruri
nun. und lin cured I he must nbrl mule cases
ol Fluur Albus or whites, nnd as a mother's
relief, it is not eqnnlled by nny other medi
cine. It is recommended by many of ibe
limit eminent nhysicianj in the United
Stales. Duel. .7. .Morionn, from Colerain,
Mass. who has practiced mcd'Cim? some
twenty years at Oneida, N. Y. tays in
relation to it. "That il i? the best medi
cine now in use. In caesof reluilion, or
-oppression of I bu mioses, 1 ibink it will
sustain lliu appellation of specific. I have
tried it in the wnisl ca-es, with admirable
oceoi-s, and I wii-h for I he good ot stiff-ring
females, thai nil pby-icnins vvnuld iiiiroduce
it in Iheir practice, nnd 1 have confidence
10 believe tb'-y v.nuld find happy rc.-ulls,
n I have found tbo pills to answer liilly
their recommendation." Duct- R. II
Dims, of Syracuse, lolls a t-innlnr story,
and many others For further information,
von nro referred lo llio persons whose
dames are untlexed to our show bills, and
also to pamphlets, Ifft with our agents for
gratiluous dil ribui ion. Price $2 per bus,
conlnining nearly 100 pills. Prepared and
sold whnleMilu and retail by Reynolds vt
PnniK-lv. 1'ill-fnrd, Monroe co., N. Y mlil
also by F. Uuiiiingtnu, Vergenue : Mnody
ife Adnm-, Mnldlibury; Jackson & Ketch
11 in. Urnuibin; K it T. White &. Co..
Rutland ; I) II Mearhaui.M. D . Walling,
ford; A. R. Vnil&Cu.. Danby : D. An
drews, MniieheMcr ; Morrill " & V. D.
Spiegel. Iieiiuuiglon i and Wllliston &
Tyler, Hrntilebnroiij-h. aug7-ly
Have you a Cough?
every year in llie United Slates, und millions
suffer fiom troublesome coughs and cold, llint
can bo cured by Dr. M. Ililehcoek's Vegeta
ble Virgin (;icam Lnu -li uiops, a salo incdu
eal proscription, containing 110 poisonous
drugs, nml used in nn exlensivu prnrlice for
soveral years, will uioi posiiivnly afiect re
lief, and savoyou from thai awful disease,
pulmonary consum plion, which usually sweeps
into the gruvu hundreds ul'lliu young, the old
tbo fair, tbu lovtly and Iho g.iy?
Have you a cough? Ho persuaded lo pur
chnsua bullion!' Ihu Cough Drops lo.day !
To-morrow may bu (no lalo;
Have you a cough ? Dr. Hitchcock's Veg.
otubbi Virgin Cruam Cough Drops is tlio only
remedy you idmiild lako lo euro you.
For lh plain reason , That in no 0110 of
tlio thousand cases where it has been UM'd has
it fnilnd to rebovo. Price, 75 cents pur botllo.
For sale, wbolcsabi and retail, by
A. Ill I CIIUUUK it Co.
No. 1 17 Gem sco tt., Ulira, N. Y,
And by Iheir agents throughout Ibo United
Slates and Canada. In llurliiiglun only by
J. Si J. II. Pi'.CK it Co., in Vergennes by J, II.
Iluwman, iu Milton by Wliiinoy, Laiidou &
Co,, in Georgia by Lorenzo Janes,
Mutual Insuranco Company.
DELINQUENTS in this vicinity are
informed thai they can pay lo the sub
scriber and receive their receipts, if paid in
thi, month. 3 JOHNSON.
December 3, 1039.
A Inrl
5 public arc hereby cautioned not tn
bnnr or lru.n my wile. ABIGAIL
ROIiERTS, (who is now in I'lltsford, in
till!! rtinlc.) in llie expectation that I shall
pny nny debts ot her contracting, as she
baa, wi'bnut nny just cau-o vvbnlcvcr, vol
untarily absconded, nnd deserted her bus.
baud and ii comfortable home, contrary to
m wibca, and in violation of her duties
ns n wife. DANIEL KOJJHRTS, Jr.
West Milton, Vt. Dec. 5. 1(139.
IAS Received n a General assortment
of DRY GOODS. Also n lar-'o
supply of GROCERIES, ei'di aa
and must other articles in the brio.
His liquors and wines were pm chased
principally of nn importer, and selected
wiili much care. Tavern keepers will
be-npplird with articles m their line, war
ranted ot tlio lir.-t rale, and on I he Inwest
terms. Those who luivo uovor huuirlii
!i(iinr of linn, arc particularly invited lo
call and examine, Ihosu llint have, know
where t hoy can do besi. Also, dry goods
will bu sold ns low as I hey can be bnnglii
in the sintc. Store uppusilc S. E. How
ard's Church Street.
ISiirlmginn Nov. 21. Ifl39.
By the British Cltieen,
WIHCIl arrived nt New York, Nov
23d. we received an interesting let
ter from Mr J. MorHon wnilen at tin-iiriii-h
Cnllege of 1 1 on It h. Loudon, where
llie medicine ol which wo -.peak below i
made. Mr Muri-mn ihinlis that I he rea-nn
that many in Ibis country are so long in
being cured of nld scnted Diseases, h 'Mini
Iliey do not take large doses enough.' nod
who is n heller judge Minn he who hn for
years m.adk and aiimim-tkukd Mie mf.di.
cim: nml oii'r.nvKii t r.Fi't.c r-? We
believe n' reason, the true one In ea-e-of
tirihui Fever, bilious Affections, Cholera
morbus Consumption, Rneoinalisiii, panic 1
Dropsv. Small Pox, Tic D"iilniireaux, I
PI'VKRS! Ol." AT. I. Kl'n.". I
and in many oilier diseass, in iheir wors'
singe I here should be doses of 10, 15. 20
30 and even more Pills administered at
'A DOSE." It is done with great suc
cess all over Europe, and Tltr.itt: H where
the medicine is mii-t siiccest-lul. Wc con.
versed with a gentleman in this town, m
August last, ii wus Mr John Morison son
of Mr James Morison, the Hygeist, who
spent a day or iwo, here, wbil-t on lu
iravcls through the s-ates : be informed u
Ihat be was once prostrated by n fever, we
think be said Typhus Fever; (the name
matters not) and was pronounced by friood
nnd pbyeirians "!) ar b's end," "pai-l reco-
His laMier d'sinisseil the pbvsiciaiis
and said "1 think I can save bun." and
commenced with (30) thirty No. 2 Pill-,
these did not have the desired ffi" ci. and
he gave him do.-es of sixty No 2 Pills and
continued these do-- -s lor searul days,
until In; was out nf danger. Firutcnl
Diseases require large Doses. Large do
sis, in season, will prevent n long sickness.
Mr Lemuel Curtis, known by all in ibis
lown and vicinity: was laid up vvnli In
llamalory Rheumatism, had lo bu lilted into
und out of Ued : bis limbs were rwullen
very large, his pains were very ncute; he
had" been trying various ihingi without re
lief: by lliu perrtia-ion ol ,1 r? L . Julins"ii
onanist his wishes, he sent lo 11- for
packno of MoilS'in's Medicines nnd by
1 ti 0 111 ii'ii s cured. We had tin- inluriiiatu n
from Mr Curtis bun-ell, ho is here nnd can
be enquired ol concerning it. Mrs. John
son, known to most of the inhnbilanls ol
Iiirliaglon, vvis laid nn wilb the tame
disease, Infiinai"ty Rheumatism, ned
could get no r le t. she sent to us for n
package of M "i-'.i's Modicum, and says
"when I bad t--k -u the fifth dose, the
swellings nnd ti'e mins begun to leave me,
and Miilsr only win have bad ibis disease,
can realize the b .".mess of
Morison's IMIctutd Mrs Johnson.
We nft on think wo never will publish
nnolber word about Medicine, but situated
as we nre, where wo hnve incontestable
evidence nf the intnn-ie vvorh ol Moiisou's
Pills nod sec that Ibey DO cure very ninny,
who in all human probability, would other
vvisii die soon, or dni' nut n miserable.
sickly existence, wu will speak wu will
write we wil! let the nek know where
Iliey can depend upon gelling a good
lliorough-lried vegrtnblo medicine, wlnrh
will cine if persevered 111, nnd 11-ed nright ;
wu call upon Ilygeists to renew their in.
teresl, to take ngencies it iliey nre needed
111 iheir vicniiy, to circulate Ibo Pamphlets,
Rooks nml Medicine. "Tniili w mighty
and will prevail." EXPERIENCE has
e-iablishcd Hygeisin." Many through
ignorance, and, prejudice, neglect lo Use
this Medicine; when had Iliey u-ed il,
would have been doubly blest. Every
Packngesold 111 the slate of Vermont, nnd
in Ihu towns bordering on Lako Chnniplain
111 the state ol New York, will be signed
in writng by "PANG BORN St RRIAS.
MAID" and nlso by the sub agents selling
llie same, and fvery siib-ageni will have 11
ceriilicaie ul agency signed by Dr (Jeorge
Taylor, U. S, Agent nnd by ourselves.
Applications for Agencios or Medicine,
post paid, proinplly answered.
Jewellers, Burlington, Ft, Stale Agents
Dr Geo. Taylnr fi New si. N Ymk, U.
S. Agnus sent out by the British College of
Health. Loudon s uf which Jas. Morisuu.
the Hygeisi is tlio (minder and President
nur'linoton, Dec. 11139.
lOPapers 111 which wo ndvorliso will
please leave out all old advertisements and
insert lliu obuvo ; Aiimr-c" lliu names of
the Bub.ngenlB in their county and vicinity
and cuntiiiuo it until tlio your is out lor
.which tltc agreement was made, P. & M.
HplHE subscriber hnvinp; (completed hu
J- largo and commodious, shop, respect
fully inlnruis bis customers nml tl.o publia
generally that bn h now ready to txccutn
any orders wilb which I hey may favor him
In his line.
Ironing and Repairing,
In oil Us branches by experienced nnd
skilful workmen, to ns lo give entire eatid
faction. Axes and Edge Tools
of a superior quality, inadu to order.
I5y men who understand i heir business
Hewould call the nllentmn of tho-e having;
horses Willi good (eft , (nnd who wish lo
keep thr in o) lo llio fact that intniy horsea
nre spoiled or rendered unfit, for biHinesn
by lliu bungling or injudicious manner of
bncing ilium. By ninny years prncncnl
experience in litis branch, and his attention
now, the sub'C, iber hopes to merit a con
iinunnco of t bnt patronagu which has beet)
so liberally bcsiowed.
'I'o Ibis be will give bis personal atten
tion, nnd 111 the Ireniliienl nl'lbe ili.-ea-ns In
winch Mm hnrve subject, bu will endeavor
lo give sal isfnrt inn
The Mib-ciber earnestly requests all
those null liiid lo liiui in mnke imniedi..
ll'C (' ty 111' 111. P. P. M AllKltAM.
Simp, No. I Mechanic's yard, entrance
lr m C"iege or Church -I reel.
liurlinglon, Nov. 29. 1039.
(pNev and Splendid Sleighs.
Of AVE now un band, the largest and
--a- be.-t OM-onmeni of Sleighs ever
otfered 111 the Slate cmipn-mgrn band
some variety of one ami two horse plensure
sleighs, of Ibe latest ppiierns and most
approved wurkinan-bip ; alo. a very nice
arhce of Ibe kind, de-ignei! porlic'u'nrly
for family use. one and iwn horse. Their
s!eigh are inanu''aciured nf first rale tun-,
term's, ant! Mn-v are willing-. Ibe wurkinan-.
si,ip etnuiiu ue compared wini any in.n- m
ibis pari uf ibe cciln'ry. Call and see
Terms of pnymPiu made rn-y.
They have nl-o a te-.v new ond second
line. 1 CARRIAGES, which 1 hey will sell
chtjp. Must kind- of produce received
111 pnymr'ui.
Shop opposite the American Hotel, on
Sbelburn street.
liiirlmgtnu. Nov. 20, 1339
-3a.ViV ' '(seT 1
1jTj AVE received a Intgo stock, r.niv
IO. siaiing of the various sizes nnd of th' k
most nppn veil patterns of Cooking Slaves
together with G p ate Box. Parlor and Can
ada piaie do of Mm various nzs.-'Having
extended tins branch of Iheir business ond
.-pared no pains to procure Stoves of the
most approved patterns, ibosu well manir
facnired and from stuck of supen .r quality,
Ihev believe themselves prepared lo offer
dealers and oilier- heller bargains than
were ever offered 111 llie Smie. They in
vite Ibo nlieniinn of purchasers to tin? oo'
onnieni ol Stoves, where ibey may nlso
find Stove pipe, in nn) quantity and of oil
sizes of English, American and Canada
Sheut triiii-.-also Smve trimmings in every
variety, such as ('upper. Copper bottom
and li'n Boilers, Tea Keltic-, sbeel Irt.11
dripping pans. &c. Hollow Ware for
Su.yesl'ots. dish Kellles, Spiders, Ik"
-1111 &.C Farmers' Kettles, 1, li 2&.S
Barrels. Nov. 15. 11)39.
J . T R YON,
RESPECTI-'ULIiV noiifies his custo
. mers and the public Mial bo has re
moved bis shop lo In- old stand in Si Paul
street, where ho will be on hand 10 accom.
modaie .ill who please 10 call, with Iho
latest Fashions, nnd work done in " "lylo
nut excelled by bis neighbors.
Just received a variety nf !irnndc!olhf
cassiiuercs. and Vestings, suitable for ,,
season, nnd for saloon coinuii--iori.
Oct. 23, 1 039.
N B. Culling done nn nollco Bi
""r.'s. Ho wnulil rcr""' H'ose indebted
.obi... lo call and p.' (1VL'r' s. Ip wao.s
cn.b.nn.l niu-t miM'Cceably if be can,
but forcibly if hr"1"
milE Lrisoes and debtors of tbo town
A of Hirlmtoii, will Inke noiico that
M.eir re,,' ami interest falls due on ibo m
day nf ,'anuary lt 18 'Pccle''
punctual payment will bo n.do o or before
ll,u- u ' Town Treaiurer.
liurlinglon, Dec. 13, 1C39.

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