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It is well known that our schools aro defec
tive and need improvement. In order to this,
- they should receive more attention ; they should
be tho caro of every man who means to ho a
practical republican, and wishes to perpetuate
our free institutions. Hut is it so 1 Is it not a
melancholy truth, that, in too many instances,
our scools aro wholly neglected, or made a sec
ondary object 1 This ought not to bo. The
best way to correct any evil, is to learn the facts
in the case. To tnako a beginning, it has been
thought advisable to have moro perfect returns
of tho children. The law provides that tho
clerks in each school district shall ascertain and
make a list annually of the children which may
be in his district, on the first day of January, be
tween the ages of four and eighteen, with the
names of the heads of families', and the number
of children in each. To do this correctly, the
names of the children should be given, and their
ages : but this is too often omitted, and mistakes
and frauds aro occasioned by it. It would great
ly facilitate the object, if all the clerks would
take their lists on the same day ; and tho clerks
in tho town of fttirlington are particularly re
quested to do that service on the first day cf
January. To aid them, blanks aro prepared, and
are in the hands of Mr. C. Adam?, who will
give them all the aid in his power, and explain
eome points which cannot bo stated hero. The
other towns in the county arc invited to take the
Buhjcct of their schools into consideration, and,
as far as practicable, to improve them. It is
thought desirable to have the whole number of
children in each town, the number of those who
attend school, and, whether district or private,
and the number of those who do not attend
school, with the paiticular reason for the omis
sion, in order that public measures may bo taken
to correct the evil.
We have the pleasure of laying before our
readers Mr. Van Huron's valedictory message to
the two houses of Congress. We say valedictory
as we presume lie will not attempt to imitate
his "illustrious predecessor" in the matter of a
farewell blessing. It is a cool dispassionate doc
ument, betraying no irritation or fault-finding,
and there is not the remotest allusion to the re
cent election, or to the fact that he is about to
retire from the chair of state. No one would
imagine even from the tone of the message that
Mi. Van Huron's political course was nearly run,
or that a contest, scarcely equalled in tho history
of the country, had just terminated. Tint, with
the most stoical indifference, he wraps his mantle
about him, and sits himself quietly down to 'bide
the hour of his doom. This studied indifference
or, in other words, contempt of the popular
will however convenient it may be to the mere
politician, in an emergency, but illy comports
with the frank, enlarged, and liberal spirit that
ought to characterize the chief magistrate ; and it
hut too clearly indicates the true caliber of the
man, while it bespeaks, in no equivocal terms,
the deep mortification it was intended to hi 'c
When the embryo cub-treasury was first shad
owed before the American people, the fact that a
ingle state, by an indirect expression of tho
popular will, had indicated a disposition to sus
tain it, wa deemed of sufficient importance to
demand special mention in a communication to
Congress; but now, after that measure has been
deliberately passed upon by the whole country
when nineteen of the twenty-six htatcs,by major
ties never so large, have condemned both it, and
its author the fact is passed over in contemptu
ous silence, while the obnoxious measure is per
tinaciously adhered to, and Congress besecched
to lash it upon tho people, in spite of their
lamentations! Let those who have rested their
faith in Mr. Van Buren's professions of regard
for the popular will reconcile these facts. Lot
them contrast this course, with that prompt re
cognition of the popular voice, on mere questions
of policy that ingenuous frankness, which so
pre-eminently characterizes the true republican ;
and then say how much we have erred in
representing him as a hollow hearted pretender
who, from the habit of moulding and shaping
public sentiment to suit his particular views,
had learned to regard it with most sovereign
contempt, when legitimately expressed.
So far as the language of the message is con
cerned, it is both respectful and dignified, and
presents the affairs of the country in a concise
and clear manner. The following synopsis
mbraces its leading features.
The tone of the Message is generally loco
foco. It commences with stating t' at the na
tion has avoided interference with the affairs of
other countries, and by correct dealing has ac
quired an honorable ctanding among the nations
of the earth, most of whom seek our alliance,
Nothing since the adjournment has occurred to
disturb the harmony between us and other na
tions. The northern boundary difficulties have
been under discussion, only interrupted by the
British minister referring to his government for
further instructions. Hopes are expressed that
the whole will be speedily settled. The three
commissioners appointed by this government
to view the disputed territory, will probably
throw now light on tho subject. It is probablo
that after some further investigation, the whole
will he referred to some friendly power.
Treaties have been made with Belgium, (in
cludinK the settlement of some old questions)
with Hannover and Portugal, and our relations
remain good with all the other European powers
A commissioner is now in Germany on the sub
iect of the tobacco trade.
The claims on Mexico arc under negociation
The treaty with Brazil will expire in Decern
her. 1841. Chili has agreed to indcmnily tl
owners of the Macedonian, (1819) and other
claims aro being pressed.
The line between Texas and this country
will be settled next season.
The sound (!) condition of the national finan
ccs is referred to with triumph.
Tho distribution of the surplus revenue and
tho reduction of tho tariff intnrfered with the
miblic treasury trrcatly : yet all demands havo
been promptly met, only four and a half millions
of treasury notes bemt; now out.
Tho government is complimented for main
taining tho standard of currency.
The indebtedness of tho States to foroign
powers is mentioned as a reason why the citi
rens of other nations may havo interfered with
our domestic concern. Tho government owes
nothing abroad, and is only response mr n
rnnaU sum, borrowed for somo part of tho His.
trict of Columbia. To keep clear of those
mortifying positions, tho action of government
must ho kept within bounds, nnd closo economy
must bo consulted. Economy, it is stated, lias
knn nilonted since 18S18. and tho only cxtraor-
iinary expenditures have been those connected
with tho Indians. In January tioxt, there will
uo in the treasury, 1,500,000, enough, with or
dinary income, to moot expenses.
Tho sub-treasury is lauded, and a fow altera.
tioiw in details hinted at. A few pages aro then
devoted to arguments against a national bank
and a national debt. Both have been nvnidnd.
and a system of economy introduced in their
place, (bo says tho message.) Reference is
again made to the economy of the government
and the system of specie payment, as tending
to prevent the extent ofcvils felt by many indi
viduals from excessive trade, &c.
Reference is then made to the Indian disttir
bailees, the state of the Navy, and Exploring
Mention is made that the Postmaster Gone
ral has a proposition for lightening the mails,
reducing postage, and insuring regularity of ser
vice ; and in reference to the slave trade, it is
suggested that our citizens bo forbidden to treat
with the slave factories in Africa.
It is not within our recollection that any pre
vious message from a President has fallen so
dead upon the public oar. It is hardly sought
for few are inclined to read it and those who
have, are inclined to say very little about it.
, . , . Washington, Dec. 7, 18-10.
Tins being the day fixed by tho constitution for the
meeting of Congress, at twelve nVl.wL il...
of both Houses" assembled in their respective clmin.
bcrst whereupon the Secretary of the Senate, nnd
tho Clcrt.of the House of It..iiri.a,.nini!..n '
lo call the lull, ami it appeared that lliere were pres
ent of tho3cimtu 1G, and the House, 9.) members.
mum nui oomgn quorum, both Houses adjourned till
tu-murrow at twehu o'clock.
mi i , . , , Tl'MllAY, Dec. 9.
u , n' ,IIS ",xy mct nni1 f'ned a quorum.
About loO members appeared and nnswcrrd In their
names. A committee was appointed to notify the
Senato that thev had n ntiornni .-mil u-nm r,..,,i,. .
proceed to business.
The Senate also met, but only twenty members an
swered lo Ihcir names. It is confidently expected
thai a sufficient number will arrive to-night ami to
morrow morning to enable them to proceed to busi-
lies'", i iioiun ii
In the House Mr. Adams nave notice that bo would.
on to-morrow, or ns soon as Congress were organ-
ucu, oiitr a proposition to repeal the resolution of W.
C. Johnson, in reference lo abolition petitions, passed
on the 23th of Juuuary last, and w Inch is in the follow
ing words:
Resolved, that upon the presentation of any memo
rial or petition, praying for tho abolition of slavery or
the slave tiade, in any district, territory, or state of
the Union, and upon the presentation o'f nnv lcsolu
tion or other paper touching that subject, ihe recep
tion of such memorial, resolution or paper shall be
considered as objected lo. and the nuc.st on of Sis m
ccplion shall he laid on the table without debato or
further action thereon.
Ro.-olvctl, that HO llClitiotl. memorial, rcsulto!,,.! nr
other paper, praying for the abolition of slavery in the
jJisinct oi LiDitunniii, or any stnlcor territory, or the
slave trade between the sla es and territories of the U.
States, in which it now exists. nlmll he reeeiiml l.v
his house, or entertained in mi) way whatever.
These resolutions were unsscil hvn close erne ilmm
bring Uliu tho affirmative and 103 in tho negative.
Many of tho loco focos, it is said, who voted in" favor
of them will now vote for their repeal. This I do not
WEnxnn.iv, Dec. 9.
The Sennto organized lo-dav. n siilliebnt number
of members appearing to form "n quorum. The Clerk
was uiiecieu id acquaint Hie House that the Senate
was leady to proceed to business, and a committee
wasappoinlcd to inform ihe President that they were
ready to receive any communication ho might wish to
make. The President's Message was shortly after
wards delivered by his private Secretary, Mr. Abia
ham Van Iluren.
Mr. Me'rnck, of Maryland, then announced in nn-
propriato language, the death of his late colleague, Mr.
fepcticc, and tne adjournment billowed.
In the House. Mr. Adams called tin the resolutions
offered by him yesterday, on the subject of abolition
pennon. iur. .lenilei, oi .Maryland, moved lo lay the
resolution on the table, bill was icniiiided by Ihe
Speaker that Mr. Adams had the lloor. .Mr. Adams
brielly stated his reasons for submitting the motion to
rescind, saying "lam not willing that tho rule in
question should remain in force a simile hour looser.
I believe it to lie a direct violation of tho Constitution
of the United States, and fortius reason, I have thus
early in the sc-sinn brought the subject to the atten
tion oi rue nouse.
Mr. Hanks, of Virginia, expressed his regret that
the meuibvr from Massachusetts should think it ne
cessary again lo agitate a question which bad been
disposed ol at Ilia last session ly a solemn vote, anil
therefore renewed tho motion lo lav it on (he table.
This was, after some debate, cairied, ayes S2, nays r3.
Mr. Adams, it is underscood, will shortly again call
up his resolution.
The President's message wa then received, ordered
to bo printed, and the house adjourne d.
Washington, Dec. 10.
Srsatp.. Mr. Norvill. Mich, iirr-scnted a memo
rial from tho people of Michigan praying the establish
ment of a General Hankriint Law. The memorial
took tho usul reference to the Committee on the Ju-diriarv.
iMr. King, rrcsuieni pro icm. oi met oenaic, was
elected chairman ot the committee on commerce.
.Mr. Ilenlon gave nonce ol an intention to bring in
bill unnti the su' iect of Pre-emiition Laws.
The President of the Senate was ordered to appoint
the several statiiiing and joint committees ol tho he-
Mr. Aim irk. or Mil. cavo no ice ol his intention to
bring in a bill to transfer ihe stock in the Chesapeake
and Ohio Canal, now owned by tho General Govern
mcnt, In the Slate ol .Maryland.
An adiourmu ill to Monday followed after an in
n'.nini i.tinnmt in nroccei to baldt for a chaplain.
llofsr.. Tliu extraordinary oruer nuopie-u uy uiu
House yc-tcrdny, toptint 15,000 eopiesof the Message
with the nccoinpanying documents, and 5,000 copies
without, being the reverse ot tho usual order, excited
soma little debate this morning. Mr. Stanley, of N.
r. mnvei a rncniiMi oration o the order by wliicli inc
resolution was adopted. The vote was a closo one
,yes!)U, IS'oltsb'J. ,
Mr. Adams, of Mass. submitted a resolution of in
quiry proposing the appointment of a select committee
of live members, with power lo send for persons nnd
papers in order to make inquiry in rcicrcnceis ton uo-
ncrocs. Mr. Adams cxiibiintd tho ino ives which
nrntnntnd him to oiler the resolution. A document it
I., llnno ,.ri!cnr..snnlniives at iho last Session of
Congress, and by an order of tho House printed for
distribution, lly soma hoeus-pm us, designedly or
inoranllv, there- was a false translation which ma
terially allecls tuewuoie questions in iw, mm ...-mi
which may depend tho question of liberty or slavery
to the captured and imprisoned Afiioans taken on
i.,r.l ,l,n Amiiimt. Tho inouirv nrososed by Mr.
t.i.- e n r.-r..rntirn to l ie error, lie w sues iu
t ... ...i,it,r it lms been ri blunder nierelv. or tho
commiMon of a fraud designed lo ebnngo tho whole
question at issue, and to ho ilecitlcii very soon ny tiiu
supreme court m uiu uinmi t
-r.i. .t in. nm pv i eucn of crrorlhv Mr
Adams, met with no serious opposition niuiouyn n
division was called. Tho resolution of inquiry was
adoptol by a vote of 87 to 10, and tho hpeakcr in
structed to appoint mo wiirei" " -
, iJ inminmnt the Se'veral Stand
ing Committees. 'I Hoy win no nuiiotuiieu i f
Clnir on Monday, auei remain as tucy eie m mum
ii. rp.ii:' .w.'V.rn i r.illowed with a resolution
in relation to the Sub-treasury Hill, rallin" upon tho
Secretary or tho Treasury to furnish tho Houso Willi
nil ihe information in his possession relative to Ihe
Sub treasury Itill-ihe buildings erecien-inecxiiciiM
: .t!i... nmnlipr nf officers nnnomtt d tho sa
larics paid-niid all tho information in Ida possession
rehilivo to the operations of tho 1 1 1. '1 ho resolution
i !..,.. ,nmi. nbii etetl lo bv the At
'::... ,,..!,.. A motion was then mbinittcd
to print the resolution for tho information of Iho House
nnd country, nui nuicrvuu ty i"".,."- ......... -
The Ho tse, on motion of Mr. Jlriggs, utljourntd te
Washinoion, Dcp. 7.
crsijl Iri
" ... .i.. ..i:., ..i,l..li thev will nursucWUr.
ns iu uiu "i tj . , i, .:, r..r
Huron, ant us uiosi mnom mi-";: ' " ,V
I ow n" tho responsibility on I in Mm;s. Ihey
wo" 1 Thro w up H.Vir banns i forthwith, hut 'l.oroisai..
other set, bitter and implacable, who will not go w
the atlministralit.il in such a sy. cin of
tho tattered and miscrnblo shreds of n parlj which ct
remain to them, must bo kept together possible,
until after the 4 in of March, ifuo longer.
... i.tn :,. rnr.rrnriin iho cabinet, nrnvaiu.
and will ho found in most instances, i l')sory. l noro
."ii" ."' . i... ...ni Unrrimm ui listen, rosnrct-
'V' ' ' , l , n 1 isfricn.ls on this and every
o or s ub iect. but ho will make his "wn cab net. Ho
" mSto ,im self nr.ho n'nrdica.,ms n... iirss of
consistent with Ins own patriotic viows, and that fnmo
........ ,... i,iun nils IU9I oeen ovcrinrown
wt conlimiofoi n tune. Messrs llenton and Calhoun
will bo rabid. Mr Clay will remain iu tho Senato lo
uim euiiiuiii iiicirassiiiiiis, wmicin other quarters,
in his own happy manner, ho will pour oil upon the
troubled sen. 1
Whether Mr. Webster will or will not bo olTcrcd tho
Department of Slate, fur which he is pre-eminently
. .. ittieu, it is louorino to sny. Hut I mny stato tho
... ........ .,,. u ui ueii. Harrison s personal
friends entertain and e.vnress. Tbnv nnv. ihntlfMr.
Webster will accept theoflieoof Secretary orState, or
a I' orcign .Mission, h0 otighi not to bu neglected. Tho
fricntls of Mr. Clay, that gentleman 1 have not seen
since my arrival m Washington Ho has been iu Hal-
Miiiuie, i iii i lenrn tins returned this day lo the city.
I' rom heso "sisns nfibr, i, n 1 1 W.
Webster may fill either of tlic above stations, if he
In reference to suhordinato appointments, a gcnile
man from Ohio related a rcmatk made by Oen, Har
rison, with with which I was amused. If it bo not
strictly correct, the story is a good one. Some per
noil was conversuig with the General oil the subject
orotl ee. He said hu had received various applications
which bo had filed. In thoorder of theirdates, and that
at the proper tunc they would lie taken up, ns they lay
before him. "The last should btjirit, and the first
, ,. y '"""titue- iei 01s expressing iiiamsap-
probation of thcso importunities. Notwithstanding
nil that ins been said in New Vork to the contrary, I
now incline to tho opinion that tho President elect will
not reach Washington until some time in Kebrunry.
Hut little curiosity existed to know the contents of
Jus, tho last .Message of the droit llebuhcd; nnd
now thai it htm m nm,il ,.,,, . .1 :. 1 ...
little 111 U to repay the reader tho time it will require to
Peruse it. It 19 in short, nothing moro or less, than a
miiiily on the evil consequences of a national debt,
tllO SllCcessfll onprnl Imo ..fil,...,l. 1
ami the dangers to be apprehended from a national
So much ns dplniU tlin cintr. r .!.:
forcicn nnwers is n mntmr .lffMnren . ....1 .1...
(iictory stale of those relations was ns well known to
I . pvu"u ""ro uiu appearance or the message as at
this time, f.rcat cretin is taken by Mr Van Hi-nrx
for his perscvernnpn in roinl.lll.!..;, .. r.
Ihe officeholders and nnothcr for tfie people : and the
necessity of rendering the general Government in all
things Independent of the people, is, as usual, made
a prominent fcaliironi the message.
The ninount of money heretofore divided among the
Stales beiiirr .n siiinll nun ...,t.. ..r .i. .T c
sa es of the public domain is referred lo by thu Pre
sident as the properly of tho general Government
, ,10 vor' Bravely informs us lhal"tho smallatuount
of I rcasttry notes, not exceeding four and a half mil
lionsofdollars, blill outstanding, is less by twenty
three millions than the United States have in elepo
silo with tho Slates." Ho evidently, not only looks
tp the return of tht- money, bin expressly states that
the proceeds from tho sales nr nnl.lix ta.,,' .i,n,.i.i
conlinnotii be held available for the current expen
ditures ol iho General Government.
, The weakest portion of the message in our opinion,
is that wherein ho nrgues that a National Hank owned
by foreigners, is far more dangerous to our liberties
than when held by our own citizens! This is ridicu
lous. Wc all know that the creditors of nn individual
feci a deeper interest in his prosperity, than those who
cannot sillier fiom his bankruptcy. And so with re
gard t( Nations. Tho millionsof State Stock held by
l-.nchsh capitalists, so far from producing n feeling in
1 nai country adverse to our prosperity, has precisely
the opposite tent eiicv. nnd -lll nlnu. n p,,.,;i
public opinion in our favor. Hut tins' is quite beyond
the comprehension nl Mr V. I!,..,,... n; ....i.
dime in any way with the debtor nnd creditor relations
of Ihe Stales, is an impudent interference with the
concerns of the Slates, for w hich every Legislature
has been too much of this interference on the part of
IhoGencial Government and its agents nnd oraans
for years past, and every advocate of state rights
si.umii insist iqion 1110 ointes vindicating their State
sovereignties by protcstinir aeain.st anv sorb inlprfp.
rence in future.
Thobalanccm the treasurvon the 1st .Tnnn.nri. ISdl
cslimateil at 81,500,000 : and econnniv nnd rpirpneli-
nient is again preached by this most profligate spend
thrift I.xccutive.
It appears that Iho public works temporarily sus
ntled that is. tholaboron llmm in slrnnrr evliimlic.
tricts has been resumed ; nnd now that tho elections
aro over, all aro progressing.
1 uern is no nircci allusion in the message, to the
recent election for President and Vice President of the
United Slate, but in speaking of the general intelli-
2CI1CC nnd patriotism of the Peonle. br. in lux inclnn.
ces takes special eare to speak of their ultimate deci
sions and says 'that "i7iciVrur.LY elicited iudrment
upon public affairs is never ultimately urnnt."
1 111s is in ellcct echoing llicfoohsh cry of the Globe,
Ihnt their recent 'iiitlL'tnent" was the result nf ItHI.
HI5HY A pretty insinuation for the Great Rebuked
to makcntrainst those whose "sober second ihnnfrlii"
havo hurled him from power and place! It is to be
hoped that this vile slander of ihe fllnhr will rrli-. nn
additional credit nluotitl nltliough thus endorsed by an
unscrupulous nun iinirincipicti wemagocuc
J he message contains nut one solitary rccommen
lalion. anil that is to be found in the last sentence-
referring to tho existing state of the Slav Trade.
There are nine States which have to elect members
for the next Congress, after tho 1st of May next, viz;
Rhodo KlainI, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, In-
liana, Illinois, and North Carolina, which elect in
August 1S11, Maryland, Oct. C, IS 11 : Mississippi,
Nov. 1 and 2, IS 11. The nine States elect Gl members.
GnonoiA Senator Wo learn from the Augusta
Chronicle that tho Hon. John MacPherson Hemcn
(Whig) has been elected U. S. Senator by the I.cgis
latuic of Georgia, in placcof Mr. Lumpkin.
ebS!Z!i!iVV h'x nMry MyM'A, All tht .p.
cimsns that hav been found bilong to ont tpccici of
.Vi7,T...' 1 r . ' Vi , " ""7 nowBiiiitnnon tut
1 1 rcsomdoi Ihe pine morn than any othor
ipi;B " '""ypnoi newest, particularly in Ken
tucity, petnrac 110ns may be aeon nt every stcti. Thuv
fifiMnniill "rR0 JTifs? 'howpoken of above.
twia. a id'oTlinVb .Z: """ V0! W1 "
li1;!' ,ll,es" ''""nn'ions took place is n matter of spe
culation. The existence of marine shells sofar in ihe
iiivi uiu sirangesi part oi the plienomenon.
Mas. Kivnsv's Casb.-TIic Supreme Court Itoom
waai crowded with eager expectanta of Mrs. Kin
ney a appearance, to designate her Counsel and the
uwig Miii-iii w a titnowr tier trial. TI10 iPncss of 0
member of Mr Choale's family occasioned tho post
Iioncillcnt of scvernl iinnnrtnni rn.p. ;.. ...l.:l. I ' .....
engaged, for an indefinito period. A few minutes a'f-
V'l'ioen, mra. Kinney was brought in, and Judge
1 utnam remarked that ho had received a noto from
tier, requesting the Court to appoint Counsel for the
trial, and bo then nnmrd M..r. !.'.. .t.t:.. ii....
and George T. Curtis. Mrs. Kirincy was as,;cd if
i.ie-rauiL-ro ner, iu wincii sue answered in a
low, sweet tone of voice, that she submitted all to his
Honors discretion. I'rnnUlin n,i, r .1....
staled Hint it was uncertain, if a professional engage
mcnt at Philadelphia, would not within the ensuing
fortnight, take him to that city, and as tho Attorney
General pressed hard for a speedy trial, ho must do
chno the honor, unless he should bo at liberty during
the next three nrf.itir il.n. tn ,li.,..: i '.1
could neccpt iho appointment or not. Tho Court
(trail till his request, and thus the matter rests. Mrs.
Kinnct s appearance is certainly prepossessing, at
hough Iter long confinement ha of courso aiTectod
the dehcacv of comn nx nnriiru.l.lpl. .1.
celebrated. Hay State Democrat.
Another MvEirtintta rimn....... t. :. ....
cdm tho Commercial oflast evening that the citi7.cns
or New Hrunswick, N. J., are much disturbed by
me mysterious disnppcaranccof Abm. Sitydam, Ksq
I rcsielent of the Farmers' and Mechnnics' Hank of
that city. Ho left h a rp.idnnp. nn : r
Thursday, the 3d ins)., thanksgiving day in N. Jcr-1
".-".H .in niiiiiu luiurn in iirno 10 accompa
ny her to church. He went to thelbank. where ho
remained a short time only, and on leaving it inform
ctl tbecnsluer that he should go to church ; but hodid
not go there, norhnsbe since been seen or beard of
by his friends. His wife is in a most painful state of
suspense, and the community around her deeply
sympathiie in her distress. In tho opinion of those
who know him there is nothing in his business or his
habits to IliSllfv nn V other rmipllicinr, ll,.n ll.nl l.p l,n.
accidentally conic to an untimely end. A public
1 in.-uiiiigui uiu eiii7.cnson Monday evening authorised
tllO Mayor 10 Oder n rnwnnl nf nna l,nn,lr,l ,lllr.r0
for his discovery. Af. V. Suu.
The undersigned, being engaged in preparinc
for publication, a new edition of his " Gazetecr
of Vermont," iu connexion with the Natural and
Civil History of the State, did, during the last
prmg aud summer, besides visiting many parts
personally, address circulars to postmasters, or
others, in most of the towns, requesting an
swers to such queries as would enable him to
give a full topographical, historical and statisti
cal account of tho towns, down to the present
time. To some of these ho has received satis
factory answers ; hut to far the greater part, no
answers have boon returned. Anxious that all
the towns should bo fully and correctly de
scribed, he takes this method to invite attention
to the subject ; and in case the persons to whom
the circulars were addressed are unable to at
tend to the business, he trusts that there arc
persons in each town, who can and will furnish
tho materials desired. In cases where tho early
history and topography were correctly and fully
given in the first edition, all that will bo neces
sary to be furnished anew, will bo a continuation
of the history down to the present time, and the
present statistics. Persons furnishing an ac-
count of their towns, will coutribute to render
the work more useful and satisfactory, and will
confer a favor on the public, and on the public's
ery humble servant,
P. S. Publishers of newspapers in Vermont
will confer a favor by giving the above an in
sertion in their respective papers. Z. T.
"Curse them Coon Skins!" as Johnny Trough
said, when bo found the Fur getting into bis "llread
and lluttcr !"
The eleven Klectornl votes of Gcorfiia have been
cast for IlnnUoii and Tyler.
The Legislature of South Carolina have unani
mously re-elected the Hon. J. C. Calhoun to the U. S.
Hon. W. S. Fnlttn has been rr-clcctrd by the
Legislature of Arkansas to the Senate of the United
Stales for six years from the 1th of March next.
A lltti-s Chance for n Bargain.
rpiIAT beautiful F.VItM, oc
X Cliniiid nnltl thnOOA ..rilpi.
ber Inst, by Jotbam 11. Hall,
deceased, lying in Williston,
about fivo miles from tho village,
1 and about six miles from iliu
418aere.ofl.iul. 375 nf, tit , V." " ?X? " H
X 'r u"".ren,; 1 "0 buildings are not surpassed
on nny farm m tins stato. They consist of a brick
House, 39 by 48, two stones high, thoroughly finished,
and of tho best materials a Cellar for potatoes, will
C ""d off1' for boiling-Corn Darn and Work
Shop nbovo tho Cellar) allorse llarn, 30 by 40 nil
or winch arc now and in good repair. Tho llnrns
innL'.i0 ,2r!s? con',isl. of. ono 48 l,y G8. "d one 30 by
iu, w th ISO feet of shed, with water running in a
trough in the yard. There w, on said farm, twobous
cs for tenants, onoof which was thu former residence
or tho deceased. The house is in good repair, and fit
for the rcsidenco of any small farmer. Near said
house, is ono barn 20 by 30, nnd ono 20 by 30, with
fiureetof shcil-nlso one excellent building for corn
barn and hou stv w it 1 nn.,.l u...u. ..r..,..(:..i:..::...
On other parts of said farm aro 4 other barns, sum-
w.ui.iiv mrgu 10 contain irom 7S to 100 tons of bay.
Said farm is watered bv hrnokn nn.t a., ; Ji
most every lot, nnd will be sold, together with the
liirinmg tools, if wished, on tho most reasonable terms
Reference inav ho had to Timlin, 11 I In ...t ,.c
0V'!J.''ll,,lor ''""mis, of llurliimlon, H. L. Nichols,
of Williston, or to LYOIA HALL, Administ'x
on the premises. Williston, Dec. 1G, 1SI0. tf.
Clarissa Ilolllstcr's lislatc.
STATR OF VF.RMONT. 1 rr it v. tr 1.1.
DlSTHICT OP ClIlTTPVfirV. DU i 1 lltti I'pilinl.. rn....
for tho District nfnliitinirl,... . 'IV. nil
eel in theesttiteof Clarissa Hollister, late of Hutlington,
... , ,,.,, uvcuinni, HIIKETINO :
Whereas Hcnrv Lenvenwnrlh. mtmin'r nfil.n ......
of said deceased, proposes to rentier nn account of his
administration, and present hi nrrmmt n.minei .nl.l
estnle for cxanunalion and allowance at n'session of
tlio Court of Probate, to be holden nt tho Register'"
office 111 Hurhngton, on the second Wednesday of Jim-
riiercfore, Vou are hereby notified to appear before
said court at the tunc and place aforesaid, and shew
cruise, if any you have, why the account aforesaid
should not bo allowed.
Given under my band at Burlington, thissercnUonth
day of December, A. I). 1810.
Wm. WKSTO.V, Register.
NOTICL is hereby given that tho copartnership
heretofore existing between the subscribers under
the firm of "S. Tilley it Co.," is this day dissolved by
mutual consent. Thc1ooksand domnnds of the firm
aro in tho hands of John It. Tilley for collection.
Hiiiesbursh, STKI'HF.N TILLKV.
Dec. 17, 1310. JOHN It. TILLKV.
-The stockholders of the Cham
jpiain 1 iaiiporlntion Company
, .... ."-"vit") iiiiiiitiii tuni me an
nual tnpphnrr nlfl-lld rnm.in.... ....II I... 1.1.1 . lr
... ... .. . ..in in; iiiiiucn ui i inw
ard s Hotel m lliuhngton, on Thriisday thu 7th day of
January, 1811, at ono oelock, V. M., for the purpose of
....... .... ... lu, ,,lf3 yVttl UlllIinU.
y order, &n. I'HILO DOOLITTLE, Clsrk.
Hurhngton, Dec. 5, 1810.
Msurirno cfl
In Essex, on Bth inst. bvIlcv.Oitfirnv.V . :f -.-
Cyrus opraijut ur -n miiiou, u -ui t-siner u. xwcemr
of Kssex.
In Milton, on the 13th inst. br Rev. J. Dougherty,
Mr. N. R. Holmes to Misa Avdclia. ScxitA, all of
B ii &
In riattsburch. on theSlh inst.. Mrs. Sakah, wife
of Anprbw Moonr, Ksq. in the 59th year of her age.
In Shoreham, .'Nov. is, Mr. kccics u. AoaTiinup,
aged 51 years.
nnilE members of the Volunteer Engine Co. No. 1,
X aro hereby notified lliat the-ir annual meeting for
the purpose oi ciioosing omccrs lor mu year ensuing,
will be holden at the Pearl St. House, on Tuesday
evening next at 6 o'clock. A punctual attendance is
requested. Hy order or the ;aptaiu,
Dec. 18. H. HVDE, Secretary,
TT THOMAS has inst received at his new Store,
JUL. a large quantity of HUFFALO ROUES. FUR
CAPS, GLOVES, &c. &C, which will be sold much
lower than any FURS of the like quality have been
sold in this market for years. Ho will pay the highest
market price in cash for Fox Skins, Raccoon, Musk
rat, Otter, Hear, Mink, Sable, antl the highest price in
cash for Sheep'-Pells. Also, cash paid for fresh Pork
Hurhngton, ucc. 15, imu.
Dr. Mill has been elected to the Divinity Chair in
the University of Glasgow, in opposition to Dr. Chal
mers who wasa candidate. It is stated that tho votes
were for Dr. Mill 7, Ur. Chalmers 4, nnd two profes
sors absent.
excellent article of Molasses for family use, for sale
cheap hy J. 1. WHALIiNU & fjo.
Dec. lb, ItSlO.
EP. WALTON & SONS, MonlpehVr, have re-
cently published n new grammar by tin Rev.
Riifus Nuttmir, Prolit-orof Language, in WcMmi
Re -crve College ; ihi-, work i nn enlargement nnJ
improvement ot the excellent and highly popular
grammar by the.-anie author, fir-l published in JS2C
and oxtenive!y med in Vermont. The lollowui"
tc-lmiemials to ibu excellence of iln' book have al
ready been received.
NUTTI NG'S N EW GRAMMA It. To the Pcai t,.
r.n0F Nutting's Nr.w GnAM.MAn: Hnvnni uitentiely
examined the New Grammar of RnftH Nutthi" now
pnbliMiing by you, I can truly say that I nm happy to
recommend it, bvcan e in doing to t.ive t .nb-erve
a fur a my opinion may have weight, the inlcre!
of popular education in our s'ale. I batlalwav-con-id-erol
the former Grammar by the same author coral
.mil in many re-peet superior, to nny in u-e; .ni l on'
comparing the pre-cnt work wi.h the old one, I lind all
eenlial oini.-.ion supplied, and a large ma, 0f
highly intcre-ting nnd u-cfiil mailer added, which in
my 0mit.n, now malic it W()rc Clt.r ad.,ptet to tho
ue of our common .-t-hool than sny sranunar extant.
Mnntpeher.Sept. 21 1810. D THO.Mi'SON.
..' bave for-eyernl year atlopte.l Nutting's miem'of
Kn'.'hliGramuiar;antlnm prcpantl to n,; that in
lliv oixnion. it i rri:itl(. i.iiN.;n. ... '.. . ...
' i , ' , --l-i-". i" ouv now in .(.
not on y as correct in the principle of ihe langiia-e
but astln-mg ndipte!totheeapai!:lv of learner.. Aflcr
ii-ing niol el ihe Eiigli-h Giamtiiar now in ihe I
have fountl that M-hnlnrt niaKe niu.-li nimo rnn'itl
preigre" in following this y.em than any other.
Ihe iniproyementswhii-l.di-iuisiii.h it v,ultl not lc
consulcrcil l.t.fl ami injudicious iunnvalioii ; ihey at
cord with the opinions of learned men in En 'laud
oiutmii", . nn rr.in-.-c, who nave written on tin
Miliecl. I hit sy.lem has nUn l,nn r....,.m., i..i
and adopted lor many year in the schools of.ome of
wic n.r.aioi-s nnti nas i,cen approvej by many
diliiigiu-hed Prnfcor- in the Collcsre--.
t.t, &MI-.l'AiCt)) Teacher of the Model School
Ohio University, (Allien,) Septal 340. U',INer!,l,l '
(,Fr",nn experienced Teacher in Del-pit, Mich.)
Prof. K. Nutiimr: I am vnv,i..l,. ....
your Grammar should I e universally Known. The
"!T. r'ri '-,,1 l","er ' 'lk-e ''' 1 i,nye "eV('r"'i a
" 7""" ui"ii inn ii; i-iiiiin re,l u ilh
but without lieiuir able to inlcrct my school in the
subject, nsl wihel. Uutdtirinirihe pa-t w nter, wilh
only one ol Cutting s grammars I had no ttiilieulty in
exciting sticli an intcret n has led lo the hap;net
result! anil so plea-c I are my clas with the worl;,
that they have written several copies of it in n fair
lianti, anil use itas their guiiic. v. A. HAv.)..
Extract of a letter from Zadock TnoMrso.v, dated
llurlington, .Miv, 17, IS1U.
Hems engaged in teaching, nt the lime Mr. Nut
ting's Grammar was first publi-htil, in 1S2G, nnd
Items satislieii ny i careini cxaminaiion ol the won;
that it nos-ejscil tlceidcd advantage over the Gram
inara then m mo, l introduced il into my school im
mediately : antl nfie-r using ite-onstaiitly'fnr more lh.n
eight year-, I found no rc.von to change my opinion
ol il. I lie copy oi uiu ur.iiiim.ir, in us new imm
which vou nut into lliv hand, has received oulv n
enr-ory cxaminaiion, hut s tlliciciit lo -ali-fymetlia
il is a eiceideJ improvement on the original work.
The introductory leon arc on n plan, which 1 havt
tciil bv mv own nrat-tice'. antl I can s.iv Irom cxne
riencetliat 1 know it to I e excellent, particularly for
young scholar-. 'Ihecbange and a.ldilinn-, in oilier
repccts, are jntlicioiis, nnibufh a In rentier the worl;
decidedly superior lo any other Grammar wilh which
I amat-qtiniii'el ; and I think it might le introduce I
advantageously in all ibu schools in the Slate.
KorMilehyEP Wallon ami Son, Monlpclicrj
Ilasl.ell and Palmer, Wood-inch ; I) A Hruuiau,
lliirlmgton i lienilcr-ou ami Ward, Uutland ; .loua.
Ilasar. Mi Idlebiirv. Rnell and Sk'tvlt-s. St. Allan;
jti-cph S'e-cne, ttralllcboiei'i N. C. Cexld.ml, WinJsor,
HAVING mnile extensive re
. . pairs by addition of new
buildings, Ilorsi-s, Carriages,
Harnesses, Saddles. ic. the
subs riher is prepared to accom
modate the pubhc, in eood style
and on short notice. Single,
Tendem, four or six Horse
"StrcsilarissM "i"1 hu f"f''bed to par-
, , , . " pie-nsiire. i man may
be fountl in Ihe Ham at any hour, day or ni"ht, to at
tend calls.
Cash paid fur Oats and Hay, 3 doors East t,f ihe
Peel; & Co. s store.
Hurhngton, Dec. 12, 15-10.
.Since my arrival in this city I liavn'convcrecly
with gentlemen of different politic, ami I bP" "
to the conclusion that thcpariy m p.m. i
a gcn.lcman forn pnrliculnr Wji. .-, J
ihllcrent icon i i' " , !!' f iboso
era. , .n. no . :iU ,. ... nrccnt nf nnv
nnnolniinnni nt hnmo or abroad. Oil this, point, ho
is said to bo inflexible. Mo will remain, I believe, in
. ii. J . " r.i.o itni.,., Sintrs. until the new ntlrnui-
i" ration shall ho launched and fairly afloat, giving m
Tbo policy of the President nieh a nprort as may be
I'rom the N. V. Courier & Enquirer.
Tlinshhi Niantic. Cnntain Dotv. from Canton, from
whencn sue sailed on thu 5th of July, arrived off the
Hook last evening.
Thu Niantic renorls that tho American shins Ado-
1-iido and Washinglon hud been slopped at the Hocra
l igris, when coining out, hy the hlocKntling squadron
then under command of Captain Warren, of tho Vol-
ga. Application lor their rcicasu was made lo Capl,
Smiih. ibcn nt Macao, who ordcretl tho shins to the
anchorage alCapsiiyuiot)n, nnd promised Ihnt the caso
should iu lnimci lateiv invcsugaieii. i ncv nnti ta icn
in their cargoes before tho V!)lh of June, when the
b ocuado was tu commence, antl u was nciieveu that
they would bo allowed lo continue their voyage. Tho
Niantic touched nt Aligicr, where sho spoke the ship
Resident, whoso Captain informed, Captain Doty, that
accounts trom Hingnnnro to tne miuuieoi .iisusi had
reached Haiavia. I ho intelligence was that all at
tempts at negociation by admiral Elliott, with the
Chinese, had failed, mid that uctivo hostilities had
Macoa, July 3, 1810.
Our last general letter was daictl on tho 24th ulti
mo. Wo have only lo add that Admiral Elliott, in the
Mcllville 81, with iho Hlontlc, 4-1, Pyladcs, 18, tho
steamer Enterprise, and several transports have 6inco
arrived, and n part of ibein sailed the following day to
ilm northeastward. Nenrlv all iho American rcsi-
ilpnmhnvR left Canton, and others are nrcnarinir to
Ipivci tlinbloekaditiL'bnuadioiididnot nroccctl to the
Hoguo uniil yesterday, partly owing lo tho arrival of
Admiral r.lliou, rcnucring n necessary 10 receive me
ordersof Sir J. J. iioruon nrciucr. iho nacit passn-ir,-s
to Canton communicnling to this nlneo nro not.
wo iindcrsianu in no luocienui'ii, iioiwiiiisiauiimg me
terms of tho notice ol lilocleuiloj tlicrcloro woe-oiisidcr
ilm chain incnmnlctc. and tho blockade thus illeual.
Wo havo had occasion lo change our conjectures as
n tn tho plan of .operations since our last, but wc aro
moro fully convinced every nny mat tho penning ques
tions will bo discussed. Willi various success, for ma
nv months Income. T ho on v vessels rcniaitunL' at
Wbaiiipna are tho Panama and Adelaide1, and nearly
all iho olbcr vcsse-ls nrnoulsido the Hoguo.
A nari ofourcs all hsliiiicnt remains at wan on. ant
will continue there while there- is nny chance of car-re-inn
on tho trndo lltrnimh thonlace. which wodu not
nuk ran no i ono io a v co us ticrau e cxirni m i no
exports. I ho riunrsn may suiiniit m t no entry oi
merchandize, wiiuo iiioinrcigu commiiiuiy sunn re
main iu debt to tho Hongs, but not to nny largocxpeirt
boyond tho usual supplies n rrnisquc account,
A Texas paper gives an ncconn't of petrified trees
winch nrofouudin some parts of that country. They
urn lo bo seen scattered in lingo logs or blocks, nr in
tinnll ilelachctl masses, over a larite extcntol'iurfnec.
generally at tho distance of eighty or n hundred miles
from the const, unn oi mo inruesi oi incso, ppeci
,nn ! Haiti tobn seven fe-et in diamctrr. Il is coin
pleltly silieificd thremghoiit, and is so hard that tho
chins readily strike fire with steel. The fibres of the
wood arc to dictinel, that ths ring) draotme us annu
T P. WHALING & CO. inform Ihe public that
tl they are Agents for Sargent, Spragtie p Co,
Tobacconists. Albany. N. V.. who inanufracture t
very superior asticle of Paper Tobacco in every va
riety of sir.c. Grocers and others will find it to their
advantage lo call and examine the ariicle. Also Plug
Tobacco of different qualities, all of which will be sold
encap lor casn. Also onun oi uiiiercniKiuua.
Mn. cmoRr: naundurm rosp.ctfuiiy
.i ,l.r'"'lc,rs ,,H 'hanks to his formor patrons, for
heir liberal support last w inter and would inform
them that bu intends, if sufllcien teneoitmti0n.....i ia v.
en, o upon a school fur instruction m tho politu accom
plishment of dancing, about iho first of next month,
jn the fnl owing places, viz i llurlington, Milton, Jer
icho. Wi ts-tnn. Itiplm.Mii.l n.,.l i?. 1 n-i...
latest style of dancing will bu taught, and the bust
music provided. Hurhiigton, Dec. 11. 1910.
V, ",y , , C GOODRICH,
A!so fur salojinlie Paper MilHiiJIIiUnn. Doc. 9.
COD FISH, M AC K l-'RI L L and SHAIjf suim
nor quality fur sale by N. LOVELY & Co.
pAN'ADA .STOCKING', Ogntlcmen and Ladies
nil. nlul ,lu,la" Moccasins, Fur Gloves
Ilucli skin Mitti-tiu U',,l .... 'r;, ....., r -.if i r. ...
tlemeiis Merino Lambs wool and Worsted Wrap,
pers, just toecived and for sale by
'810. N. LOVELY" & Co.
TpslRA) MLER. Urokuinlo the ouclosure of
-LJ the suhscrd er on iho Gth Nov., n red lino back
two year old Steer, marked with a slit in the left car
with a square notch taken out. Tho owner of said
-, - , : ."i.iw iu iru prepsriy, pay cnarges nnu
tako liim away. NOIir.li UOOT.
Chai lotto, Nety, 10, IS 10,
TME rents and interest, payable tn the town or
Hurhiigton, will fall due on ilm first Anv r:f ton.
uary next. The lessees and debtors of the town aro
requested to make prompt payment, without further
notice. imn it su mv
Dec. II, 1810. 7Wh Treasurer.
nOTANIC.VL MEDICINES. T h e subscribers
- . ., w,.T,v.voa, uiiuhu, iii.:iiuuvu
nrtic i-S! nmnnn- u- in- . nr., nr. ilr,, ........ I 1....1
and barberry barks; ginger, pleurisy, tumeric and uni-
,.i.,,vi ..I nun i.iiii, in pous anu pow
der; gum myrrh, and peach kernels.
umu. a, i'i-:ck, &, CO.
C AM-. COS I. All petsons having unsettletl ac-K-
counts with I.athrop, Potwiu it Wait or with the
Subscribers are hereby notified that nil accounts not
sell ci in .some u-.nv-. I.. I'.irn il,,. Ir.,l. 11,...,,, ,t,. 11 , .
left with an attornyforcolleclion.
iov. w. IA VO etWAIT, Trustee:
3CasUs Sheet Zinc 24 to 46 inches wide,
3 rolls Sheet Lend, by STRONGS & CO.
-leiv. i;i, 1010.
I (1 Kair hu'cl idateel, Cutter and Sleigh Shoes.
C!1SI Iron do. finished Crow liars, Anvills
ices, Waggon Hoxes, Shovels, Spades, Dung Forks'
Sheet Lead, Sheet Ziuc,IIollow ware in great variety!
v- '' STRONG S & CO.
J-l At lUnuosn tillage The subscriber has com
mcneetl the t.-u tirui'r bus!iifs in il,l ....1 ...:n
do nil kind of work in his line in asj'ond style ns it is
done at any shop in this section of country. Cuttine
done nt all rimes, on short notice.
i 1I-,U All nnprcntifH nt the above biisinejs
JEREMIAH II. tit 11 1 vri'tviv
Nov. 10. 1840.
Hoxei Canntla Plates,
1U0 do Tin plates J X with extra suei,
0 bundles Iron Wire nsortcd,
50 1I0 assorted Nos, EiiLdish Sheet Iron, .
10 Packs Russia Sheet Iron, together with
tinned ami black Rivt ts, Cupper do, 1-fcttle Ears, Wire
1 clhini, .Micct Lead and .inc eve. hy
Kov. IS. HTKU.Uo iS l.o.
Chittenden County Court, Au
gust Term, A. D. 1BI0.
LllnUREAS, the Treasurer
r VV oftlMiSlntn.irVrmnnf.
at tho March Term of laid
TrMurer nf (hi
SlATB or Veil MONT,
Joiim Williams, i
Jacob Rolte, &
, jibnhv uanu. J court, A. I). 1310, commenced
ins nt.liuit of debt on recognwauco against tins said
John William, of Hutlington, and Jacob Rolfj and
Henry Hand, of Colchester, nil In said county, therein
declaring, that on tho -lib day of September A. I).
18J!, bcioro said court then sitting, at Hurlingtoit
nforeul, the said John Williams a principal and tlm
said Jacob Rolf and Henry Hand ns surotiis, joinllr
and scvorally acknowltilgctl themselves indebted tu
the Ireasurcroftlij Htntuof Vermont in thu sum of
ftnir liuntlrctl dullars, to bo levied oflhcir and each of
their gotMls and 1 hatlols, InmN nnd tenements and for
want thereof on their bodies, if default thereof bo matin
in tho condition following- to wit, llintif the said John
Williams, who waj then 111 custody on nn indictment
bctoresaid court for kecpingn Iiiiiiho of ill fame, nnd n
coimiiott nuisance, shall innkehis personal appearance
before tho said court then siltiiiii ns aforesaid, nnd re
main from lime to timonnd from day today, and shall
then and there answer lo such mat crs nnd tilings as
should then and the e be objected to tiun in that be
half, and should abide such order anil decree of said
court, as tho said court should make in tho premises,
and not depart without leave of s.titl court, then lbs
said rccognijiau -o should he void ami nf no 1 fleet, but
otherwise it should remain in full force and (.Kiel.
And tho said John Williams afterward, during s-utl
term pf siid court, wns publicly called 111 said court,
to make his personal appearance before sn.tl court and
answer to such matters and tilings ns should be oh
jcclcd to him in that behalf, and although the and
Jacob Rolf and Hcnrv Hand were, by order of s.iij
court three limes publicly called in said court, to huvii
thc said Williams before said court, according tu th
condition of the said recognizance, yet the said John
Williams did not appear and nnswer, nor did the mid
Rolf and Hand appear or havo the said Williams in
s.nd court, to make nnswer, hut neglected and refused
so to do, and suffered saitl recognizance lo become for
feited against them. And the said defendants nra
thereupon called lo show cause if any thev have why
the said Treasurer should not have bis execution
against them fur Ibesaid sum of 5100, nnd his costs of
uitt which action was eritircd on the docket nf said
court at their March Term, A. D. 140, and the snitl
plaiiilill nppenrctl hy David French his attorney, ami
the wnd John Williams being absent from this state at
the time of tho service of the plaintiffs s-iid writ, tin
said cause was by order of said court, continued to lha
August Icrin A. D. 1340, of said court, at which term
the plamtiffngain appeared by his saitl attorney. And
it not belli.'.' made to appear to the saitl court tint tin
said John Williams has had personal notice of the ser
vice of said writ and tho pendency of this suit, tha
sain- was again continued by order of saitl court, tu
the March Term thereof A. D. 1911. And tho said
court also ordered that further notice of the pendency
of" this uit he given hy publishing the substance nflh
plaintiffs declaration 111 1 7 V Itnrlinton Free Press,'
a newspaper printed in saitl Hurliucton, three week
successively, the last of which publications to be at
least thirty days before the silting of said court, which
shall In.- deemed ttllieicnt notice to the said Willianii
to appear nnti nnswer to said suit.
Datetl at Hurhngton, aforesaid this ith tiny of D.
ceinher A. D. 1S40 Wm. NOHLE, Clerk.
) Chittenden county court. Aurnj'
Term, A. D. 1340.
KSTAHIjlSIIMHXT. The subscri
bers would inform thu public that thev have
formed copartnershin under the firm of MITCHELL
it HARNKS, nnd established the Cabinet business in
the Hnck Shop formerly occupied by Abbott anil
Wood, where thev are nnnufacliiring and intend to
keep constantly on hand an assortment of Sofas and
Furniture, of various kinds ami prices lo suit custom
ers; also, a few splendid Ha as Clocks cheap for
cash. All Uiuils ol lumber used in Cabinet -Making
received in .'xchangi! fur Furniture,
llurlington, Dec. 2 1310. T. M. MITCHELL.
OTTER 5enl nnd Nutria Caps; Linx and Coney
Mill; Hon, natural colour, Swan, Coney and
Nutria Trimming!-, Uullhlo Ilol es. for n'c l -Pe-.
2, 1 S 10. II. W. CATLIN V Co.
Till Plate, Sheet Iron, etc.
n rn llOXf-S Tin nlate 1-3 X. C hmidlc K11
ZiOKJ unwn. 100 bundles wire. 300 lb tinned
e-otiper. tust received anil for nle bv
Nov. 23.
Lnws of Vermont, 110,
I? OR the several towns in the County of Chittenden
. are ready for delivery, Town Clerks or Constables
will please call or cnd for them. Those entitled to
them in the town of llurlington will lie supplied by
calling on the subscriber. O. GOODRICH.
Dec. is
BH ASS CIiOCKS. Persons wishing good brass
stiiking Clocks in beautiful finished cases, can
find them on favorable terms, at tho Variety Store.
Also, Hank and Office Clocks, for sale; theso Clocks
are warranted to keep correct time, and they will per
form as well as any other clocks.
Trr.mnrcv CLOCKS, for sa c at the variety
W Store, warranted! one or two wooden or Htass
Clocks will be sold for good Ucech and Maple yvood,
tho Clock to be delivered when the wood is uciivercc.
Dec. 18. I'AiNUiiutiiN ac uitinaiuAiu.
GERMAN CLOCKS small german time-pieces at
S3. German striking Clocks at 6 50, German
Alarm Clocks at 6 50. PAtraaoan tt Hiinsmaid.
SILVER ALARM WATCHES, at $18, $20, 8:5.
Dec. 18.
Panodorn & HsiNBMAtn.
Gentlemen. Articles that are said if not quite
tn mm will .rretitlv alleviate Rliotmiatic nains. Also
tho Genuine Hrnndrcth's Pills, which with Ihousoof
the above- articles it taKen will eradicate itneiimatisni
from any person recently afflicted, if not so, money
lor 1110 puis re-iuiHii...
CAJ.'DLES, by the box or single lb, for snlo by
T AMP OIL ofthe very best quality, also 2d and 3d
1J quality, by GEO. 1'ETKItSUN.
YTrANTEP, a few bushel" of good clean while
V V Ileans.ior which aiiiirirn-e' wm .n-.ii.i.iiu u.niua
Dec. 10. -:o- PETERSON.
Jeremiah Hackett ") Chittenden County Court, Ail
vs. I gust, A. I). IS 10.
Hesrv Hoardmax, II E It E A S, Jeremiah
Trustee of V Hacket, of Little Na-
Thomas Parsons. J lion, Pnpincnu s Scignory, in
the District ot .nonircni 111 ine t'rovincc 01 Lower tJa
nada, nt the March term, A. D. IS 10, of the Chillcn
den Countv Court, commenced bis action again:
Henry lloardman ur llurlington, m said county ot
Chittenden, as trusleeof Thomas Parsons, ofNcwton,
in the county of Calhoun, and state of Michigan, an
absent debtor from this slate; therein declaring,
in a plea of tho easo against tho said Thomas Parsons,
that on the IO1I1 day of February, A. D. 19.7, at Heel;
mautown, in the county of Clinton and state of New
Vork, lo wit, at South Hero, in the county of Grand
Isle in tho state of Vermont, the said Thomas agreed
wilh the said Jeremiah for and in consideration of the
sum of three hundred dollars then and there paid by
the said Jeremiah to tho saitl Thomas, nt his own
cost nnti charges, to support nnti maintain 0110 Dor
cas Hacket, the mother 01 said Jeremiah from the day
and year last aforesaid, for and during iho natural life
ofthe said Dorcas, with suitahlemeat, drink, lodging,
medicine, nursing, and wearing apparel, nccording to
her rank nnd degree, nnd that the said Thomas has
wholly neglected and failed tofulfil saitl agreement.
Also in a further plea of the case for one thousand
dollars, for so much money had and received. And
also for ono thoustmd dollars for beiarding, nursing
and elothing tho saitl Dorcas Hac.kclt, for the space of
live years next neiorcino nrst 01 .nny, isuy ; nnti tne
said Thomas, thoughoftcn requested, has wholly neg
lected anu reiusea 10 pay saiu sums or any pari
thereof, to the damage of Iho plaintiff, J'J.OOd and
further slating that tho said lloardman has in his pos
session, monies, goods, chattels, rights or credits of
the aaitl Thomas rarson, to the value ol SjOU which
action wasentercdon the docket of said court, at the
March term thereof, A. I). IS-Hi; and tho plaintdl an
ncarcd bv his attorney. Hector Adams. Esn. nnd the
said Thomas being absent from this state at the time
ofthe service of said said writ, the said cause was con
tinued to the August term, 1810, of said court, at which
term the plaintiffagain appeared hy his attorney, and
il not being made to appear to Iho raid rourt that the
said Thomas Parsons has had personal notice of iho
said scrvico ami ncnuenry 01 mis sun, the sunn is
neain continued by said court tn to the Match ti-im
thereof, A. l). lall. Aim 1110 said court also order
that further notico of the pendency of said suit ho given
hy publishing tho substance ofthe plnuitiirs declara
tion ihrco weeks successively in llin Riirlingtnn Free
Press, n nrwsnancr minted in saitl Huriiietnii. iho last
of which publications to lie at least thirty days belorn
tho selling of said court which shall betlecnicd sufii
cicnt notico to the'said Thomas Parsons to appear and
answer 10 sun suit.
Dated at llurlington, aforcsnid, thisSlst day nf No
vcmhenibcr, 1840. WM. NOHLE, Clerk.
2 do. power loom
1 bale 40 inch H ir-
Inp. 1 bale canvai, just reccivc.l an I lor ale hy
Nov.2o,iolU. i u..i, i.uu.iib ev i o,
A ( HALES brown sheetings
L1J tic!;. 2 i-a cs 1 ork do.
nr CASES Fam-v print
CJ ing--. 1 do. Damask table cm-
ed antl for sale. n2S
2 do. Hceolied sheet
tnt receiv-
1 CASE fi-t Ensliah Merinos. 1 cae Fii'iieh dc
X 1 rae black bombazine. I eae colored do.
Just reo'd and for sale by VILAS, LOOMIS it CO.
riMlREADS, 300 lb, while and colored cotton
X thteail. 501b. linen do. 500 bundle 100 skein
1 bread. 20 lb. Italian n'Wings. 0 lb. Ilabun
twist, forfsle-bv VII s, LOUMI.S.it Ct,
2 CASES London Pins.
200 ehmcn iipeiiders,
jU gro-s hook and eye.
lor sale- by
NOTICE. My wife, .Snpim I'oirell, has left my
l.nrl nnd board, without anv in- lification. and 1
therefore forbid all persons harboiing or tiusung her
on my aecouni. ivhj.kw.
ucorgia, i ice. 1, ioiu.
MR. EDITOR, Sir will you notify all creation
ilm. .lie iil.i.eriber has for sale. Hack's improved
lt,,l Air nnnkimi Stove. Ill lllll lllllll I lifllHl I 1 1 Mil
iIli.ii 1 luiil, aliiaul limn. fll 1TT1 ai ' lms is one
nf l ie atest Patterns anu tne nr. 1110 num. ever
introduced into this State; they have been recently in-
i.,,l into dm Sintc- of Pennsylvania and New
-.i, ...hi, .rrrnt mirerki! and suflicc it to nay, they
nro the most convenient and will do more business
with Ies fuel than any other stove, A prcainblo to
nniti. ularizcitsnualities or prices is usclcsss. Just call
in, small favora are thankfully received anil groat ones
in proportion, and if money continue acarce I intend
toiisB Ilia lessof it, aoU will be uaelesa to C withaut
on that account. D, n. iftiuun.
Partington, Dee. 17, 1970,
TJEAVER Clolb. Lot Cat in Casnmerr. Hlacl
M llliic lllack, lllne Drown Dalliia. Olive Green
Invisible Green nnd Gice-n, Stivl Oxford and colored
mixesi iiionu '-tot ns.
MEHINOES. EnglMi, French and German Mcri
nrw... Krrni.innitn.rm.'iiiTliil.ol ni,,t!..n,.CU,l..
Ti(glinninnd All(piue lllack, Hrown, Puriilc, nine
Hlack nud light colored Allnpatva Cloth.; Mou.eline
oeunine, nn wool, worn nn 1 e-oiton, et tilk anJ wool
tii-icK greiunt very line, icaililil,
U1..1-.. v..,.. .'11 ,.i.. .j . ..1.:. .. r.a.
man Cruel, all'coloura Frinfresantl Uintlinirr, heavy
sine, aionair nn worsted rrinves lor urtt'tn ana
Mantillas vtry rkh, by H. W, CATLIN ft Co.
1 ca-c wood pocket coml.
50 gros cor ci lat-et.
200 -M drilled eved nccillcs
VILA, l.OO.MIS it Co,
,-I.VMAX et COLE will nav cash for
ll.ni v fork, well fattened and ill good order
itr. should be allowed tn bang ant drain one full da v
after butchering before taken to market. None will
ho bought by us without sutlahlo allowance lor snnm;-
a"c unless in nicrciiantnnicorucr.
Cash paid for slaughtered rjneep s reus.
Burlington, Dcc.4,1810.
Henjahis IIewcs,
Levi Harris.
WHEREAS, Hctijamiu IIewcs, of Milton, in said
county at the Match Term of saitl court A. D.
183f, commenced his action against l.cvi Harris for
merly of said .Milton, then of South Herlin in the coun
ty of Chenango in the Stale of New Vork, in a ploa of
the case, in an action on notedatud April 1G, 1337, for
S1G0, payable one day after dale. Also, further d
clarinv, that on the same lGth day of April 1937 the
defendant was justly indebted lo the plaintiff in the
sum of3300 00, fur a certain piece of land in said Mil
ton, before that time sold nnd conveyed hy thu plnin
tiff to the defendant, ami in consideration tho defendant
executed ami delivered to the plaintiff his order or
draft in wrilingof that elate 10 nnd on one Edward
Smith for eight hundred eopiesof the 'Irish Rebellion '
printed by said Smith, w hich were thenof the value of
G00 00, which saitl ortler was presented to said Smith
who refused to accept or pay the same, the defendant
having before withdrawn said copies and all his funilt
from -aid Smith, whereupon the defendant became
liable to pay to thcplaintiU'thcreasonable value of said
600 copies at the lime ofthe presentation of snidordcr,
and on the 13th of October 1S33 promised tn pay such
said sunt on demand. AIo further declaring that the
defendant nn Ihe 13th of October 1-H-l was indebted to
the plaintiff in the further sum of S 00 00 before that
time had and received. AIo for a further sum ofS30O
for a nieccoflantl before that time saitl and convevetl
by plaintiff lo defendant King in Milton aforesaid,
being the whole of Lot No. G3 4th division of ihe right
of James Wilmot, except 40 acres from ihe east end
thereof, to thedamageof the phmliU'SlOOO 00 which
action was entered on the docket nf saitl court at saitl
March Term 1530, and theplaintifl'sppearcd by A. G.
Whittemore his Attorney, and the defendant being ab
sent from this state at the time of the service of saitl
writ, the sai I cause was continued to the August Term
1339of saitlcourt, nt which Term the plaintiff again
appeared by his said attorney nnd the aill cause wae
again continued by saitl court to the March Term
thereof A. D. 1140, and the plaintiffagain appearing by
his said attorney, the said cans; was further con-
MWWivtOTyi court ro the August Term thereof A. I).
tho court thai the ueienuani nas nan pei.,u...- i.-j-s.
ofthe said service and pendency of this sji'u, the same
is again continued by saitl court 10 tne .iarcn icrm
tliir.nf A n. 1311. Antl the said court also order
tliat further notice ofthe service antl pendency of said
suit be given, hy publishing the substance ofthe plain-
tilt's declaration three weens successively in ine -jiiir-limton
Free Press," n newspaper prin'cd in sud Hur
lington, the last of which to be at least thirty days be
fore the sitting of saitl court, which shall be deemed
sufficient nalice to the said Levi to appear and anewer
Dated at Durlingtsn aforesaid this C.-th day of Not.
A. D. 15 10. Wm. NOlil.i., ClcrK.
Abtiil-b Hostwick, ) Chittenden county Court, An
vs. gust term, A. l. laiu.
Amaruh Elu.'.i. j .....
"VAT'HEREAS, Arthur Hostwick or Jerico in isiel
VV comity, l the March Term A. D. 1S10, of said
court, commenced his action of ejectment against Am
ariah Elmer late of Underbill in said county, declaring
in a plea, that to the said Arihur, the said Anianait
render the seizure and peaceable possession of a vermin
traet or paicel of land with the appurtenances lyina
antl being 111 bliuerillll ainrcsam, nun ue-ct iuiu ni. lui
lows, to wit : Lot No. GS, in the 2d division, and drawn
theorit'iml right or " imam .iiirn, 01 wmcn iraci or
1.1 ihe s'aitl Arthur on the 13th Oct. 1933, was well
seized and possess- tl in his own tight in fee, an-l sn
continued thereof possessed until the lSlh Oct. 1S33,
when Ihcsaid Aniariuh wiuioui laworngni, ami e-ou-ir.r.-
in ihe will nf the said Arihur. thereinto entered.
ejected and expelled and amoved the said Arthur
thcrefiom, and ever since nam nnti sim .110111 urcp uu
the said Arthur from tho premises, taking the whole
profits to himself, to the damage of the said Arihur ae
lie says S500, to recover which and the quiet and
peaceable possession of the said premises, and just
costs, ne nrings tins sun ; win.-.i ;is ia "u
tloelect ol anl court at sain .unrcn icrm uier.-ui n. u.
IS 10, antl the plaintiffappeared hy Wm. S. Hawkins
his attorney. And the defendant being absent 110m
this State at the time of the scivice of the plaintiff e
said writ, the saitl cause was continued to the August
T rm 1S10, ol said court, at which icrm tne piainiin
again nppcare-u oj snui nuuim j , mm u u... -
tti appear to the court, that thodefendant has had per
sonal notice of the service ami pendency of this suit,
the sameisagim continued by said court to me .unrcn
Term thereof A. D. 1P-U. And the said court, also,
order that further notice of the service and pendency
of this suit be given, by publishing the substance of
the plnuitiirs declaration three wcpks mcccspcij, m
the "llurlington Free Press," n newspaper printed m
saitl Hnrhng'on, the last of wmcn 10 uc at icnsiuwiv
lavs uciorc ine .siuing ni s un ruim, "
leemeri sulfieicnt notice to the said Amariah, to ap
pear andanucr lo said suit.
Dated at Hurlinglon aforesaid this tGlh day nf Not.
n ism, Wm. NOHLE. Clerk.
STATE OF VERMONT, ) TO all persons in-
District or Ciurrnsnrs-, . J X tcrrsted in im
e.tnt of Loui-n M. Allen, Sbakipeare Allen, nnd V ol-lain-
IL Allen, minor nnd e-hililn'ti of Lucy Allen, la!o
Ol IVt'e-eYllir, .sew 1 ur.., ,i... ......
lonAcr. Saxtos, siianiian 01 i,n-un u. arm,
10,000 lbs. dry while U-11J
I uw t-n- ne Krui'iiuu"
15 hM. Venetian Hctl
10 ca-l,s French ye low
SO bill?. American l.imeed Oil,
2;i do S.ittU I urpenline
r- 1 v..,,.i, fiiihl Leal.' S.intl nancr. 5mali
Hrubt-, OIe, Gum Copal, by J. it J. II. Peck it Co
TiiKir ill-- 111) ll.l.Mi w.i, .nticc is ncrci'
JL given that a meeting of the Stockholder of the
Itnnk nf It irhngttm will lie noiiicn nt ineir iiannmu
n... nn il,. !. Tuesday of January next, nt 1
o'clock', A. M. foi the purpose of choosing seven di
rcclors tor the- year ensuing.
Hy outer or the I'ri'SlUClii nnti I'ltrntii-.
Dec. 2, 1810. R. G. COLE, fishier
T-snVT At (STAKE iho sign of the Rr.n Lriok
I ) if vou wnnld buy Common School llonkt, Hlank
Rooksor Stationery on lilllethe bestterms, 1 my don't
inWoAHlie .tea ledger, i-oucge YjjjjTvgTON',
-Am COMHsi.
OUvF (I07.. Cap nnd Twist Combs,
3000 " Wide untl Narrow Sitlo do
cn 11 r-m.r.n nm! I'nio on
400 " Ivory
For Fnle by
Nov. 23, 1810.
Vilas, Loomh ct Co.
Pnv vnur Iiisuraiicc.
1 nin niiihorised to receive money for the treasurer
of the above said Company, unul the Jlh day
December instant, andno loner.
BorliflgMn, Dee. 7, IM0.
Shak.pcare- Allen, nr.'l Voltaire IL Allen, minor, hav-in-
made application tn ,aid e-o irt, n-lling fo.th that
the said l.ouiia M. Slial;pcare and ollaire U. are
c'T.ii in their own ri?m ieo,as ienan; 111 m..
Hvi-niy acre of land Htnatc in Shell-urn n the eo.intv
of Chuicn lcn, I cinir the atne linul ijecde.! ly Jirert
Lham, la'c of aul Shelhnrn, msicasesi, 10 n-) '"',',
in ihcSGihiiay 01 j-uy, ic.t', s j im ......
Imlofihat da'e, will appear ;-Thil the said Lou) a
M. is ceized in her own rigid m tee 01 icn acres nun
120 rods of land, I cm? ihe s-ime land n't nf to laid
Louisa by ihe Commiilo- nppoinlol by aid nro. a-e
court in ma'..e parniicn nnn utin um n
estate of the Kiid Jirch lham-,-Tat lb- ai.l Shak.
lie-arc Allen i m-iziviiu his ouiiri?iti - "
antl 120 nsl. of land, I em? the- same land iei o: to
the nid Shakspcair by Mild commit co appoin t-., us
-if, re.aid to mal i-parltiion and disiribulion of the c-ia-c
.V .i'e "aid Jirch I ha.n,.lcceacd i-That the aid
Vnllur It. K. AUOl I" ciim "it ". " i''u
of teii acn-a and 120 rcls of land, leing the miiti
and fct ol io fait) Voltaire R. Al'en, ly n'd c-oinmll-le-cappoiiUtsl
n alore-aul, lo mal i- partition nn.l.h
iril ulion of iho cla:p cf the aid Jiich Ihmn, 'e-en-eli
nil which t-nvl are n'uin'e iu nid Sliclbum i and
rcpre cnliuglhul il would conduct- in ihebe-t inlcre t
olh.- .aid wnnUto .-cl nil die af. rcaid hind, and put
ihe prtx ecd. thereof nt in'crt-M j nnd pr.iying taul
e-riurl to nuthorirc aud empower him, lln-mld gnnr
dianiniellall ihe ia.d Ian I, ncn-cnUy to the t nhilo
in such ca-enictie antl prin-mei. , , , ,
Where ipon, ihe coin afoicniildolh order, that the
aid nppluaiinn I e he-nil I cleiro.aitl c-oi rt ni a ehlon
thereof tl held at the HegNl.'r'. niliie in nurlinciorj
inalde-ouniy,onlhe-22 day ofPiwin) er, A. D. IS10,
ami that notice thereof I r c:v-n In all pen on- in'er-e-letl,
l.y led licatiou of ihi order, t-onlnniing ihe
.iib.iam-i- of .aid n'..'i;itioti three wee'.. Micee- iy.-'y
in the ll-.rlmt.ton Free Pre;. 1 be lai of whicl. -il liea
lions to I e i.rev oils tmniil 2-2 1 day vflr einl rr, Itm.
Given under mv hand at Rtrhngton in saiddiMrh.
ihSfthy cf SeptemlertMO. wm0N j,

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