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"He touched liis harp, nnd nations heard, cntrnnccd."
Tell mo ye winding winds,
'('hat round my path way rear,
Do yc not know some spot
Where mortals weep no more
Some, lono and pleasant dell,
Some valley in the west,
Where, free from toil and pain,
The wonrv soul may rcstl
The loud wind dwindled to a whisper low.
And sighed for pity, ns it answered, "No I"
Tell mo thou mighty deep,
Whose billows round mo play,
Know'st thou some favored spot,
Some island far away,
Where weary man may find
The bliss for which he sighs,
Where sorrow nctcr lives,
And friendship never dies 7
The loud waves rolling in perpetual flow,
Stopped for a while, and sighed to answer "No 1"
And thou, sercriest moon,
That with such holy face,
Dost took tfptfn ffio earth
Asleep in night's embrace
Tell me, iff all thy round,
Hast thou not seen some spot,
Where miserable man
Might fmd a happier lot 7
Behind a cloud, the moon withdrew in wo,
And a voice sweet but sad, responded "No!"
Tell mo, my secret soul,
Oil I lull me, Hope and Faith,
Is there no resting place,
From sorrow, sin and death
Is there no happy spot,
Where mortals may be blest,
Where grief may find a balm,
And weariness a rest 1
Faith, Hope and Love, best boon to mortals given,
Waved their bright wings, and whispered "Yes,
in Heaven.
Old Winter is coming again alack!
How icy and cold is he I
He cares not a pin for a shivering back,
ITo's a saucy old chap to white and black,
He whistles his chills with a wonderful knack,
For ho comes from 3 cold country.
A witly old fellow this Winter is
A mighty old fillow for gleej
He cracks his jokes on life pretty sweet miss,
And the wrinkled old maiden unfit to kiss;
Ho frew.es the dew of their lips for this
Is the way with such fellows as hot
Old winter is a frolicsome blade I wot,
He is wild in his humor and free :
He'll whistle nlong, for the 'want of his thought,'
And set an I no warmiii oi our mrs at nougiit,
And rutllo the laces by pretty girls bought;
For a frolicsome fellow is he !
Old winter is blowing his gusts along,
And merrily shaking flic tree ;
From morning till niclit ho will sine his sons
Now moaning and short now howling and long;
ilia voice is louci, ior n is lungs arc strong
A merry old fellow is he.
Old Winter's n wicked old chap, I ween
As wicked as ever you'll see;
Ho wither- the flowers so fresh and green,
And bites the Pert nose of the miss of sixteen
As she triumphantly walks in maidenly sheen
j wjckcu oiu icnow is ne i
Old Winter's a tough old fellow for blows,
As touch as ever vou see :
He'll trip up your trotters and rend your clothes,
rtiiu suiicu yuuruniDS irom lingers 10 iocs--He
minds not the cry of his friends or lib foes
A tough old fellow is he !
A cunning old fellow is Winter the.v. sav.
j" oj ii w wo nre passing our time away,
Ana marks all our doings, from grave to "ay
- ............ i.ujj iitljilHIIUIlCI
It is the glory of our religion, that it assigns to
woman her appropriate sphere. In all nations,
ancient or modern, not blessed with revelation,
anu among the followers of Mohammed, whose
imposture is ingrafted on the sacred scriptures,
women, the best instructed and the most elevat
ed, are but slaves of imperious lords, and panders
to the most debasing passions. Their mental
culture is almost wholly neglected ; and they are
invariably treated, as belonging to an inferior
order of beings. But even Judaism, though de
signed for a people comparatively barbarous
and adapted to a rude state of society, exalts
woman to her just rank, as, in command of the
decalouge, it requires children to honor their
mouier equally with their father.
A gentleman was once engaged in con
troversy with a clergyman, and declared
that no writer, ancient or modern, rivalled
aiuii.ur hi me suonmity ot his concept!
lo provo iii assertion, ho cited the
lowing passage :
jovc irowns, and darkens more than
i ...
lialf tin- Tli.l 1 1 .
ugo will you find equal to this T A frown
from my lieatlicn Oinnipotent, overshadows
the skies with darkness.
The clergyman did not ruminnto Inn r.
,u.. .u mi,ioseu uini uy the follow
ing qtiotalioti of the 20th cliaptcr of Rev
elations, verso lltli :
"And I saw a great white throne, and Him
that sal on it, from whoso face tho earth nnd
heavens flexl nway, and there was found 1,0
place for them." Your fi.hled god, ho re
marked, could only put half U,o heavens in
j , u,a,ui.m0n 01 ins visage.
At the bare appearance of the christian Deity
creation trembles, and seeks annihilation for
Giacomo Benolmi, nnd Italian tailor, re
siding m a small town near llri.n ..' .
man of brutal and v.ndiclive character,' hut
for a time ho so far mastered nmnm . ... : "
rv Wm 'ri VOma" f ,,,0,co"'"ry to mar
ry him. Die honeymoon, however, waned
before its tune, and all its sweets were ,nrn.
ed into bitterness. Benolini treated his wifl,
with such cruelty that she was fo.ced to sue
htm for a separation. Tho parties met in
Court, nnd sontonco of diverco was nrn
nounccd. Unon this Benolini suddenly"
navanced to the table in tho middle f "Z
Court, place, on it a small barrel, which he
had concealed under his cloak, and addres
sing himself to tho Judge, declared that they
bad delivered their own final judgement for
that tho barrel was filial 1.. " "'.' .,or
. e -"--i uugitn 10 cover li s
nfernal machine with speaks. The Court
nl ?rr' J". coun
n "", .Hid ntiuionco, were
w..-. vu ai..,,1u1,B jiou-moll from tl
In lw,... i
wen us no uoors, Jeavin.' the
... ... ,a.uu it tiortouiow up himself ,Tno.
I ho harrel, hownyer, was well hooped, and
uioiiuii liti.ioiini countinned
o..o-l - . . .IIS
...u cuiiiuti.s romiuneu untouched
imo onouglno adii.it of a firo-ongino boinc
brought, which deluged tho tailor with water
Ho was afterwards soiwd and pinioned, and
tlio barrel secured and examined ; when,
insttnd of gunpowder, it was found to con
tain only some hemp seed. On being after
wards examined as to Ins motives for this
extravagant joke, bo saidlto only meant to
punish tlio Judges for deciding ngninst him.
Thoy, however, turned tho trick upon him,
by condemning him to two years imprison
So now, when I enter a location, artcr n
little talk about this, or tlio other, 1 looks at
ono of tho young growM up galls ntrncst liko,
till slio says, JWr. slick, what on oirth arc
you n-lookin' at 1 Nothin, says I, my dear,
but a most renin rkablo development. A
what, says she. A remarkable development,
says I, tho most remarkable, too, I ever
seen since 1 was raised. Why, what in IN a
tttr's that t says she. Excuso me, Miss,
says I, nnd I gets up, and puts my finger on
her crown. What benevolence ! says 1, and
firmness of character ! did you ever! and
then, says I, a-passin' my finger over her
eyebrown, you ought to sing well nosittmy ;
and 1 am sure it's your own fault if you
don t, toryoti have uncommon pctikilar now
crs that way. Your time is large, and tunc
great; yes, and composition is strong. Well,
how strange 1 says she : you have guessed
right, 1 swan, for 1 do sing, and am allow
ed to have tho best ear for music in all these
clcariti's. How on airtli can you toll 1 If
that don't pass 1 ell, says I, why, it's what
they call phrenology, and u most boautiful
study it is. 1 can read a head as plain as a
book ; and this I will say, a finer head than
yourn I never did seo positively. What a
splendid forehead you have ! it s a sight to
behold. If vou was to take pains you could
do any thing a-most. Would you like to
have it read, JYlissf Well, artcr hoarnr me
pronounce afore hand at that rate, ho is sure
to want it read, and then I say 1 won't read
it aloud, Miss : I'll whisper it into vonr car,
and you shall say if I am right. Do, says
she ; I should liko to sco what mistakes
you'll make, fori can't believe it possible
you can tell : it don t convene to reason,
uocs it t JNotlim , squire, never stops a wo
man when her curiosity is oncu up, especially
if she bo curious to know something about
herself. Only hold a secret out in your
hand to her, nnd it s like a bunch of catnip
to a cat ; she'll jump, and frisk, and frolic
round you like any thing, and never give
over purrin' and coax in' of you till she gets
it. They'll do any thing for you a-niost for
it. So 1 slides out my knee lor a seat, and
says, it's no harm Miss, you know, for Ma
is here, and 1 must look near to tell you: so
draws heron 1113' knee, without waiting for
an answer. I hen gradually one arm goes
round the wayst, and t'other hand goes to
the head, thunipolonizm , nnd I whispers
wit, pnintin', judgment, fancy, order, music,
and every good thing a-most. And she
keeps a sying' Well, he's a witch ! Well,
I want to know ! now 1 never ! do toll !
ns pleased all the time as anything, Lord !
squire, you never see any thing like it : it's
Jerusalem fine fun. Well, then, I wind up
by touching the back of Iter head bard, (you
know, squire, what they call the amative
humps arc located there,) and, then wins
pears a bit of a joke tuber about her makin'
a very levin' wife, and so on, and she jumps
up a colonn , and a savin its no such at In 111:
You mused that guess anyhow. 1 aku that
for not rrucssiti better! and pretending to slat)
me, nnd all that; lint actilly ready to iumn
,-er the moon for delight. Don't my clocks
From the New Orleans Picayune.
nivnonunw ...........
'vusjiiiU .llUiNl-
Tun LastCakd. Wili;-mT:
i. '""' ""vons httlo man, was the most
fore lcor Who appeared be-
,,. . j-.oiuiu.ij. i goon na-
button hole of thn 1. 1.:' . , " 1
Kir, in the Court, the conversation was carried
I dnn ' "''.M'-. Timinoiw; -I'm determined;
I on t blame tho birds : hut I want to havo the
luHoHt satisfaction which the a- will al ow""
r.. """"""i fir. IIUIHIOIIS
..... inu mi woman.
"I'll listen to nothing," Mid Mr. Ti
p..ni..ff as louuiy as it the fat woman's
hearing was very imperfect.
y nai is mat noise about!" said tho Record
; w leu your Jionor all about
.Mr. I millions.
,.,:,i .i V-',, ' J'our nnor." said tho fat
"Which of von itl, 1: ,
Recorder. ' i-m:
"lam, please tho Court," said Mr. Timmnn.
fat w nm,M"! J?? ,c?."P,a't to make," said the
hilonce, naid ono of tho police office
,t "Var y"UT complaint," said tho
, " nr- I imtnoiiB.
i . u"a!n''' 8"". said
whl !:?Un' Rot
hi t,e bird line, and sto lltZfi"?
abuse ino and mv tin'ncir.ln
IIow so V asked tho Recorder
uurniniiti you.
uWi's ,. ,
Tim ni Z ",,,"',0wayt y?ur honor," said
parrot at herdoor..n.r 1" ?.,,.B,'n
laucJi at me. 1-" " ,oe" ,m " 00K'
pet fust admired and hnnrditnn after this bead bacs : net baas of silk and wnratrd. nnd nnrm.
- iiiiiiuii iui oj mem oy 11.
tured looking woman, fat, fair and Tom- 81lrcd hat wo w'" iry to suit them in evcr vnarticnlnr" 1.1 1 ie'e 8e"".e,n' ofciifes unconqner.
WiBfl,' ArjsiiiisAs F-SiraisMSisp
suas.vc elotjuencc of which her sex in cast's of never wkh for any other. Farfnas good io of-ne ' fcebngs. CPU!, bn. ,!. j
eiiiorgcncy ftrc to capable. When she found Hs and fancy boxes. We Lll fno fotmtttn our We '''fr"'? r"ow; beings . I, tl.isg.e,,,
Iter tongue flavin", she cnlle.l n, f Z 'ni!"- rricn,,,' Lut h l some finXll n""'1-? k"ow"-, S,,fl,k " ' ,l,e" 10 our r'
bright eves to hor -Ti 1 A, r f ?ncc aml "la"' olllcr stable for presen s ' '",e,mwh I'4."1 where ,l,e 'l ie
boin" lusS,n I -V WCrtf 81,11 far fr0,n r H?-1 ,l0XM- Lf"'i rosewood wmk boxes ""' aieineredulo..,, became ,0
T."," i ! , ' an(l ,f,'lell'"f t"SUe nor eyes furnished and unfurnished i some nice ones Those ",i,ny wor,.,.,c'1 ar.ieln nre advened fur the ,;.,,
seuiicu to make the desired impression, she "l3lllnS fr them or for portable writing desks, will '""I10"": 'bu)rm we my, if all wlm have urd it do
...o ...... iciitiu iircssurc, or nil lid h rn 1 'tu"i"' uiuni, ns tney arc Kept up stairs, w 11 1 ' " "" '":ii no 1101 i.u 11
half playfully, half i,nra,.nBi..l uJ. I L "Y other bulky goods. Willow cbaifs. w.i.'. Jn. 1 '.,e lP"e'or will nut allow .hi, icle to be i.-.id for
... .... uiiuur tone. ve were imomnt nf ti.n
Sllliinr.t. . ,t r..,t,l r. " . . n i
! 1 i, ,r,r irum wio pautonilllC in i, -, "'"V nriicioiociean prass, plate or "-. "";c, ere ne not rompfitfil ny Pm sense of
WJucli.Mr I iliiiiionsinduli'cd, that nritania, very nice. Cake cutters, assorted patterns. !"ril-ol religious .Inn 10 do all in hi noun' .'a' Hip
" be herded not the Wr ,t, i Uioppmg trays, cedar tubs for washing dishes in, v.ct.in. of dimies. ami misery. For this ,urnote he
" Though chirmSd j,e iicvci so w PU. SIT'h hntnm" tWr?8 P or pull """'J lle4u,e 4 "'' ph..i. ' dill" f
iit don't rnrn l'rn . so wisely. ting down carpets. Nursery lamps with China and " "urihlen article. ',CJ-LOOK OUT.-S,, 1 ie
Tim. ' dcterlicd to," eaidMr. " 'I's'. and tea kettles. New conversation cards, wiml!e, h.ue ro.i,lle,feiiedTl.i. anide. aud i mn i Z
.? m n8' w 5rr'- S0UVcn,r'' : car trumpets for deaf persons, ehil- w "" devices. DU not be imposed ono , One
"Iiless you, Mr. Timmons," said tho fat wo. rcn s cps nnj sauccrs. fine d c violins nnd J'"'K "'y will proiecl jou-ii lall.enumeof Comior
man with the frill?, "you knows he W 1.. 2r,,iiri'"s,irumci,lt- Wc hnvenildeil lo our assortment Co.; Hmi name ,, be alwai. on Hip J,,!
birds don't know n'othC atTw Z"ZX Z"!L .!?.?. ' T'R-
rnn. nim n . n,... a
Mr mi -...I i! ., COS. lamn nda .P.- ' ...HIV. uileiiu.. Ilril hv unv ml,., .,i:,t. i l ...'.i
.,. anu iiusHinrr irtn . ..... 1 i i . .. --".-". iwun ,u iitr.e
mi nisioreiieaU.appy n'' a red pocket hand J u uo no' Prc,""l ' specify all lie kn.N, tossy ""X "'''ce- Hlaya.ul preserte )our l.,.ir
kerchief to his proboscis, and JvJ a Z 'r i. of Jh? nume"! icfes of which each Uinl , 'T " V' " "VP". ' U,,w, " '
short coughs, hu commenced- " P f !m "'r 8cdi, P"f umfc ,0 say. ,,iat "e assortment ' "lrriJr. ,n"nM. W are u.ing i, , ,le 0(,,y
" Vou see. sir th s hr , 1 . r . ' . rUn 10 coniai? n,08t r nicies wanted ' f f" y.fi' "r "" ,oil"- ,0B ,,Hir '" "'V !
doornohrlZrf i : , fe rWOman a,ul 1 18 l i.". i e ""-i? ry ' nnd. ,Uo9 ,hal hv" with "heir " f,,M l'"' "'e ,,,e ( Coluinbia in (In
Iff1"'8' am a, locofocoM strong as visin, S',,0,m ,vl1 bu cn,lrc'y Sieved from the examination ,0f Mve n"', d.raee ( baldne.. by "elZ,
u..u biio is a wioient vliiff." ' ' goods, or remnants. Our entire stock is new, 0,lr, '"!""""'. )("'( duty, a mo. ali.ii to .up.
y Koot irracions!" ejaMiIated the fatwnm,n "t? Sf . . "-'i0. marke'. aiidhasbeen selected will! "nr 'u1 Ihmm nt n.nurp, win. which a bniiuiif,,!
lonowidder." '.oinin Din a poor cs her head very high, short switch tnil t and nnn a pi ,T Su,d "''"''''e ''d rrtail. only ai No.
mrm h0arth0 "CWS rrom ine, Maine,
"And mwe times ho sings
; "Van, Van, Van
Van it a ueod-up man !
" Then she's sot some other kinds of forclirn 1
birds that says 'Klnderhook cabbage, Kinder-
noon carjoagc, sour crout, sour crout, Matty, go
notno ; juauy, go notne."
" I merely wants to havo her bound over to
keep tho peace," said Mr. Timmons, " and not to
bo annoying mo."
" won t your honor hoar moT" asked the fat
woman with tho frills.
Yes," said tho Recorder ; "step forward."
" Well, you see your honor, I halnt got a bird
in the wide world but a parrot, an Emrlisli lark.
and a Guinea hen ; and they aro all the company
I has since my poor, dear old man died. This
Hero man, Mr. Timmons, is a wcry good man,
but he sometimes gets tipsy, and when ho docs
ho says my birds do bo singing Tippecanoe songs
and talking politics ; thcro aintono on 'cm can
speak a word, your honor, but the parrot, nnd
slio don't say nothin' but 'pretty Poll pretty Poll.'
I believes, your houor, it's all owln' to tho influ
enco of liquor, for when he's sober ho don't say
"Aro you afraid this woman will do you any
injury !" asked tho Recorder of Mr. Timmons.
" I is not," said Mr. Timmons : "but I only
requests that her birds won't be riggin' mo 'bout
my politics."
" U, well," said tho Kecordcr, " since the
birds are not amcnablo to this court, I can't
dwell longer on this case. It is discharged."
w, Mr. nmmons, air. Timmons, said the
fat woman with the frills, "aint you a pretty
next door neighbor to brine a poor, lone widdcr.
that haint got no ono but herself and her birds,
into Court."
Wm. H. Vilas and ) Chittenden County Court
1 reeman V. .A9, 1 AmuM Turin A. D. 1810.
vs. inrilRRKAS. William II
CiiAntr.s H. Janes. VV Vilas and Frit-man C.
Vilas, lioth orilurlington in said county, at the March
term 1810, of said court, commenced their action
against Charles II. Jane-, formerly of Durlinsrlon,
afor!aiil, now of the city, county, nnd elate of New
York, in a plea of ihe case, therein declaring that the
said Charles H. Jnnc. nnd one Charles L. CnrtiV nn
the H1I1 day of October A. D. 1837, at Hurlinglon,
aforc-aid, made, executed and delivered to the plaint ill's
their certain promissory note in writing, of the date
nforeaid, and therein promised jointly and severally
to pny the said plaintiil's by the name nnd style ol
W. It. and V. C. Vdn, fix months -nfier dale, the sum
of twenty three hundred nnd six dollar nnd forty
threeeent-, for value received. And in further plea of
tnecac,inni inesniu.iane, on uie Mth nay ot Octo
ber, 1637, ai Rurlington nfcre-uid, made, executed nnd
iienvcriTi 10 me piainuiu nit certain other note in
,...;ii,.n. l.-inn- tint., ll.. Antr n.l ...... I,.. t. -.'.I
and thereby promised the plainti'ls for value received"
to pay them, by the name and style of W. R. and F.
C. Vila mx month", atier the date thereof, the sum of
twenty three hundred and mx dollars and forty three
cent!', and stating that the defendant ha not paid the
mine or any part thereof, though often requested, but
nawiioiiy negici-ietiand rcln-ed so 101I0, to the dam
age of the nlaintili's three thousand dollar: which
action was entered on the docket of s-aid court at snid
March term, 1810; and the plaintili'x appeared by
Charles Rus-ell, their attorney and I he defendant being
absent from the state at the lime of the service of the
plaintill's snid writ, the snid cause was continued to
the August term, 1810, of said court, at which term the
phinti.fs nain appeared by their ntloriuy, and it not
noing made 10 appear to the court that (lie said Janes
has had personal noliee of the said service and oen-
deney ol tliNsuit, thcame is again continued by said
court to the March term thereof, A. I). 1811. And
the said court nlo order that furl her notice ol the pen
enei of said suit be given by publishing theiibslanee
oflhe plainliltV declaration three weeKt successively
in the Itiirlincton Free Pres. a newnnntr printed in
-aid Rurlington, tho last of which said publication to
be at least thirty day I elbre the sitting; of said court,
which. shall lie deemed stnHcient notice to the snid
Charles II Janes to appear ami answer to said suit.
Hated at llurlmgton aforesaid, this 21t day of No
veml er. A. I). 1810. VM. NOULF,' Clerk.
just returned from Huston and New York with
their full assortment of goods which will be found very
Watches We havo received some more of those
fine finished, levers, made by U. ifc G. llecslcy of Liv
erpool, both gold and silver case, some extra jewel
led. We have also received gold and silver Enulish
levers, of various other manufactures. Gold and sil
ver anchor escapement levers, with beautiful engrnved
backs and dials. Gold nnd silver lepine watches,
some beautiful patterns, with engraved backs. Ouras
sortmcnt of watches U far better than usual.
Head and neck ornanicutsof various kinds, jet and
K'd hearts, crosses, in sets or single. Buttons for
uahs. Large nnd small sized, jet and dove colored
quality, tea and cofTce pots : communion 'furniture?
tumblers, and patent lamps '
1'i.atep WAnc. Cake and fm l,.tr.
I I i.ateo
r.L. -..!. 1 . .
ir.iit- it oas'tcts castors,
nign anu low candlesticks, snuffers and trAva r ,J
and spoons, a better Mm.ni .1 ...i ' '
Table mats, oil cloth, and willow mm i.r n,;nn.
Stocks. In it I
vanety store Those who wist! .0 get a neat made
" w,lal price, cneap or dear, arc as
" "miry to suit them in every particular
an.d. L'ra'lles U.P st?'.".
Rrass candlesticks, high and low. Brass snutTers
and trays. Steel do,
V iltlL-TV ri..i.ji . ..
-. lu "i iniiipn, wim exiinginsticrs,
and we now shall be mnsf hV 7n I, " " . '.'l
In our fri.iU m, I rt-i . ".cm
to our friends nnd customers who wish for them
nriety store, FANGHORN & RRINSMAID.
New Establishment.
T n . 7 "
I 4- W inform the public that
Ii,.!i- .ey have. .,ocatSf1 eiselves in the village of
ftllLT'M't ' ."-!
n.irltn ,y ii r lelse'vcs in the village of rri O Til K II X M-H K A I) F. U .V OTII F n s
immons. n,0.n. "'"1 "ve fitted up a store on the east side A D.,e. a.. know a l, . r :A . lV' VS
sense of Ch may wc" , he denominated bpen llal.l. ami wl.o.e he..d i. noivro p.p Zhu rZ
,111. nFa.fly oPPO'te the bank of Rurling- luir? One who. eo.u collar 17.'
er lion' "of go,l3lw "Bu "d Z i.lT." Ssfc M l'!1.' 'l"1 cl. I ow
woman E"!1?1!1111?, ""i"cts, nanncisT would I. i"u.Mr.9.lw,r
mi. I " tu uilV III II U rim n Inn. A rrnimpil .
ment of cambrics, musiinn. plain and furured. edum' i
and ZSffl SrTt..
a good supply of blenehednnd S d ,:"l".W' "
goous. Also a good supp y of crockery, of the liiieit . . ,l)'.',l'noM nt'tnbrrlpn inimliroon
rs. patterns, w th a few elelrant .., I ,,..iA' , ' !"! 'r-"'' preparation that will ruin the hair it ,,.1 ...
Recor- '""ally, a few choice family r-rorerie. . 1 more lli.n. ihee f.ic.s be wanled-rclpr
sugars, molasses, coffee, tice. raisins, drv fi.l. ir.K,' ...!"" 'co'n"''n;M"ioni l.y a Hit of names of re.i.pri...
iu.-voiui'uii, oy k, a houerl Tm ,,r nn: i .
and Times Vwi iiniM "i';. ,"f.Tlm! J-ifo
Hurl's Farmer. In mt"'A..r " c
Mcintosh O F r 1 vt k i a 0 u"lru "V" Clia',
Friendship's Oflerinir
of Sharon.
ov. 3,
BARGAINS, BARGAINS. Great bargains in Dry
Goods nl the store, corner of Church and College
streets. This large assortment i oflercd entire at
wholesale or retail at uncxempiary low prices ior
Cash or approved Notes. This l nn excellent opj
portuniiy lor merchants to tiny sucn gootu ns tney
may want to replenish their assortment, nnd for fami
lies to supply themselves for the tenson on very ad
vantageous terms.
oiatuk wAii, irusues.
Itnrlington, Nov. 27, 1810.
L03T. Eifiht fat sheep, marked with tar, T. M.
Whoever will give information, shall bo suitably
FOR SALE. A superior new tndch cow nnd calf.
Also, for sale, or to exchange for cattle, sheep or
pork, a genteel chaise and harness.
1 ' b D. KIMBALL, f- CO.
IlurlinRton, Nov. 24, 1840.
Jotham II. Hall's Estate.
WE tho Subscribers, having been appointed by the
honorable the Probate Court for the district of
Chittcndcn.cominissioncrs to receive, examine nnd ad
just thcclaimsnnd demandsof all persons, against the
estate 01 jouiamii. iiaitiatcoi vuusioii in shiuii
trict, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all
claims nnd demands exhibited in onset thereto; nnd six
monthsfrom the day of tho date hereof, being allowed
by said Court for that purpose, wo do hereby give notice
that wo will attend to the business of our appointment
at tho dwelling of tho widow Lvdia Hall in Williston
in said district, on the 3d Monday of December and
on the 1st Monday of February nnd May next, at 10
o.clocK, A. M., on each of said days, uatcu, tins xjd
day ot ftovemner, a. u. ihiu.
THE Creditors ore requested to presen t their claims
on ino nrsi siiungoi inc commissioners 11 ikissiuiu.
LYDIA HALL, Administratrix.
Samuel Smith's Estate.
WE the subscribers having been appointed by the
honorable the probate court fur the district of
Chittenden, i-oiniiiisioners to receive, examine and
adjut the claim, and demand, of all per-on. against
the e.tnte of Samuel Smith late of Colchester, 111 the
district nrore.aid, deceased, represented insolvent
and nlo all claim, nnd demand, exhibited in o:l'si-
1 her -lo! and six month, from the davoflhe date here
of lieing allowed by said court for that purpose, we
do therefore hereby give notice that we will attend to
the busine.. of our appointment, at the dwelling of
Uharlei smith in Uolelie-ler 111 snui district, on 1 lie zii
Mondays in January and May next, at 10 o'clock A.
M., on said day. Dated this 7th day of Nov, A. I).
L. B. PLATT, ;
TVTEEDLES. Hcmmings if- Sons', Warren's, and
x 1 otner line sewing nccntcs, ground downs, te
tweens and sharps, Sadlcrs. Harness, Milliners,
nlnvnr. rinrntnn Ifnillinn T.n. T.'l.;,. ,,,! Tm.
bour Needles. Those wish good needles can depend
upon unuing iiicin 111 an times ai 111c variety more.
PINS. Paper and ounce nins. black nins. hail
pins, very long, large pins, very small, short pins, at
ine variety otorc, oy j-ANGnon.v ij- iirinsmaid.
TVTOTICE. J. TRYON, Merchant Tailor, would
a. 1 rcspeciiuny announce 10 inc puouc anu nis oiu
customers in particular, that ho continues to accom
modate all who call, with the latest improved fashions
and work not inferior to any, on reasonable notice,
at his old stand ou St. Paul street. On hand and for
sale cheap for cash a choice assortment of superior
Uroadcloths, unssimercs, Vcstings, nnd Trimmings,
N. H. Coats cut for 50 cents, cash.
P. S. Those indebted will please call and pay up,
uurtington, ino v. 17, isiu.
IXTORMfi. WORMS. Dr. M. Hitchcock
TT unrivalled ami unequalled WORM TEA, a
sovereign remedy lor v orm. strange anil incredi
ble are the cilecN of thc-e dete-taMe vermin : few
person, and it is thought none are free from them, par
ticularly lemales and children. Many persons go
through a distressing course ol medicine without a
benclit. when thev misrht be relieved by using the
Worm Ten. This invnlunble medicine ha? Leeu ieted
by the experience of more than ten years iui-, and
administered to more than 1C.OO0 persons of various
ages and not one solitary complaint; on the contrary
niHHireiK nave caiuii, nnu un'oiiciieu, given tneir oe
eided preference to it. after trying the dillerent article
sent forth to the pubic, and pronounced Dr. M. Hitch
coek's Worm Tea the mot safe. eHei'tiial, and con
venient remedy that can be obtained ; for in no one of
the thonand. 01 instance, where it lias u-cn n-ei
agreeable to the printed direction ha. it ever tailed,
N. II. Al; for Dr. M. HitchcocV.s WoumTea, a. there
are many nostrum abroad for the destruction of worm
For sale wholesale and retail by A. HITCHCOCK &.
uu, so:e proprietors, 117 uenece street, utica, am
by their agent, throughout the Union. In Rurlington,
by J. & J. H. Peck & Co., and Thco. A. Peck & Co,
In Vcrgenncs, py j. 11. nowman. 111 .Milton, by
Uurnet & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes.
a" exifriml Pai
0f Ha,.' Linime,
u 1 -
ns, no ni.iier how severe, bv ihe us-
. 'V . . " "nr nn ii;is lljeu II lll.it u
not lauil 11 alx.ie all 1 lungs nrr u,e,l, and ion will find
-wlu. s.nnl 1- r... . " tr-ri .',
wImi cinunt bi
. v ' ' ur
reliefol uhVr
ng I111m.11 brings wlm ma) be ufllieied, I beg nu n, a.k
-a.k of lliose wlm know ask the Hon. Alfheu
Comclin, FJ. 8. Judge for that dinrlci, residing
nuimril, IK nurtHrw J. JIVEHS, E.n. Alliens,
W. y j ask Gen. Durr Greek. I..i ..r W...I.:..
r oy, eaenui ine'e geiitleinen know ofcates unco
nnle it cure, when all iln-illrrn;,,.,. r..H.. r..n
c.(l- Wi"Hnv e mitTt-rini; rrfiue nw to iry ii ? Ifhe
Uitf, he uunht to hr. nilird nmir (,,r hi. nl..,:,, ,i. ...
I.;. ...IT-. t, n..- u ' "
I n- .' "' '" ii neier ronneni in
V" del " .V "V '. nrv" "V "
i-f. ivi umcr iu oe ll
up or L'Pniniip.
Sold by Comiroc Co. 2 Flp.cher . ,7,., iv v1l
i."t,rS:.,l.K & Co- Wlwlw-le ABela fur
... tmiwiii.
hini have bpp.i done l.y the..e of ihe liatm of Co.
)uKrowi.i . innarnclp, iisdp.r.iind
annually some Immhed ni-r rrn,
iicovprtdnoi o,Mirdby uii)ihinx for llip aamp
JICH plain Mack and IduebUck.rodeswisssUks
ll""?!!!?"'' '!-''! AduAZV
laer-s workinc cotton, block irimminir Inec iX
and dark .kid oves, black fillet ,1 1, '!:itU.
mohair mitia. liu r 7;. . J"i
' .uvivi.v &, CO.
QTORR TO I.RT and Stock of Dry oods
p.Por Ha t-.-A first rate store suited to T a I?, Z
business with a goo.1 run of customers would o le
for a term or years, nnd tho wholo or part of" , Stock
for salo on very advantaceoua 1,,,,, ' A-i. .'oc.'(
n rare opportunity for any ono wwliinc lo ci. !
busme... for further pariSuIar. - .PPl?ff.Mh".toTS
Duriinston Oct 2.V M l
HAS received nnd keeps constantly on hand a large
nnd full vssorttnent ot GROCERIES, among
which aro
HOLLAND GIN, A variety of WINES,
and almost every articlo In tho Grocery line, all of
which no win bcu on ma mosi rcasonauio terms. 11c
would also inform Tavern keepers in particular that
he will sell rum, brandy and nin fur G3 cents a irnllon.
which lie win wmiiiNi ui 11 ireiier ijunuiy innn eoiiiu
which have lately been hawked about Mm rniintrv hv
a certain New Yotk pedlar, nnd if not adjudged by
ine iicsijuoges iu uu ueuer, ne win 1101 nsK any pay
for them. He invites them to call and compare.
nurungion, uci. ibiu. 11.
OA Tons assorted sizes. English Tiro Iron,
V7 3 " " Swedes Iron,
15 " Russia Old Snblo do
2, " Peru manufactured Iron, consisting of all
the various sizes of round from i inch to 'i inch
pqnaro do., Uand, Scroll, Hamc. nnd I Ior so Shoo Iron
Sanderson & HaoTiir.n s Cast Steel, all sizes,
do Greaves' German do
English mistered and American do. Also, a full nnd
general assortment of 'all descriptions of goods con
nected with thn nbovo trade.
Nov. 19, 1810. STRONGS H CO.
UNHLEACIIED Cotton Shirting nnd Sheeting,
cotton ynrn, batting, wicking, Ydnck nnd white
wadding, Russia diaper, crash table diapers, padding
canvass, mcrscillcs, quilts, counterpnincs, roso and
horse blankets, bleached cottons, Pleached and un
bleached cotton flannels. English, French and Amer
ican prints, as cheap as the cheapest, by
na i. ot uu,
STOVES IMl'E. Stiiongs 6i Co. havo re
ceived and offer to purchasers
of n great variety of sizes nnd most approved patterns,
which will bo sold at wholo sale or retail, with or
without trimmings, to suit purchasers. Also,
in great variety of sizes and patterns. Canada single
nnu (loiinic moves n to m incites, logciner wuii
rtOOO JOINTS STOVE PIPE of Canada, English
nnd Rusia sheet Iron. Dumb Stoves, stove furni
ture of Conner. Copper bottom, and Tin. Connected
with this establishment is n manufactory of Stove
TrimmiHi!S. Sheet Iron work nnd Tin Ware, which
can supply nt short notice any article not on hand, on
reasonable terms and in a stylo inferior to none. The
auen uon 01 purchasers is rcspeciiuny soucitcu.
ISoV.VIS, 134U
JL scril.crs nive not.ee that they will oiler (or sale
at Public Auction, on the 8th day of December next,
nt the Store, corner of Church nnd College streets,
the entire nnd exten.ive n.sortment of Dry Good., not
irevioiislv dipoed ol nt private sale. 1 he sale will
ie po.itive and the terms very liberal to those wi-hing
10 buy lnrce amounts. Sale will commence at Oi o'
clock in the morning and continue every Tue-day,
Thursday and Saturday until the whole i. di-post-J of.
vvc invite the niteniion 01 .nercnnni. in tin; nuinining
towns in particular totbissale. MAYO & WAIT,
Iliirliiiglon, Nnv.27, 1810. Trustees.
EXTIIA t U.VTltA : :
A N Extraordinary Extra lot of Silk, Worsted,
xi. Woolen, Cotton nnd Fur Goods, with Looking
Ulnsscs, urockcry, unina, utnss nnlt riateu wares,
also Knives, Forks, Pockat Knives, Rogers Candle
sticks. Servers. Spoons. &c. &c, with nn increased
lot ot 1st 'At and 3d quality ot liosom l'ins, finger
nnd Ear Rings, nnd other Jewelry at GO per cent less
than low prices and thenagain a new assortment of
lnrpetlllg .11 usi ci per eeiu. iei iii.ui err, uu
choice lot of Family Groceries, Good Lamp Oil &c.
All forwarded liv mv attentive jncw 1 orK ttt vinir
Agent, who says, now as he bought cheap to please
me ho wants the goods should bo sold Cheap Cheap
Cheap, to pleaso the customers of the People's Cash
store, wnicn snail uc uonc as opporiuuuy oners.
IIOOK STORE. Tho subscriber is weekly rccciv
JtJ ing new supplies of Hooks, and his store now
contains the best assortment he has ever offered to the
public. Among the miscellaneous works this day re
ceived, are the following : Ten thousand a year, Per
ry's Voyages, Jack a shore, 2 vols. Memoirs of the
court of England by John H. Jesse, Shetland nnd the
Shctlanders by Sinclair, Woman's mission-, Around
the world n narrative of a voyage in the East India
squadron under Commodore uco. u. Kccu in - vols
Confessions of Harry Lorrcqucr 1 vol.
Rurlington, Nov. 10. D. A. BRAMAN.
Moses Hustles' Rstatc.
STATE OF VERMONT, ) rriQ a persons con
District or CiiiTTr.sncN.ss. S JL ccrned in the es
tato of Moses Rul-eIcs late of Westford. deceased.
Elisha Ruggles, administrator of the estate of .Moses
Haggles, late of Westford, in said district deceased,
having filed in said court his petition, in writting, set
ting lortu that the amount ot delits against snid estate
as allowed by the commissioners, is 81279,50; that
from snid administrators first administration account
allowed by said court, it appears that there is a balance
ducirnm said estate to said administrator of S'J,31i
Hint tile nminillt impersonal catntn on hnnd is 8191, M
and that it will be necessary to sell all the real estate
of said deceased, together with the reversion of the
widow s oower therein, ior the payment of the debts
against said cstateand the expenses of administration
which real estate consists of thn Immn fn..., r
deceased, so called, containing, by estimation, one
hundred nnd twenty five acres, and about thirty five
acres oi lanu tyins on Kicliardson's Hill, which lands
.no Bituajo in sain westtord and ol which the widow
of the said deceased has been endowed nfnno ildr.l
part nnd praying said court lo grant him license to
!f" " " wimie oi sain esiaie, together with the rover
sionof the widow's dower for the purpose aforesaid
Whereupon the court nfnresniil dntli nr,lr l,n,
petition he heard before said court at a session thereof
to be held at the Register's officein Rurlington, on the
second Wednesday of December next, and that notice
uitreoi oe given 10 ail persons interested ly the publi
cation of this order, containing the substanco of said
petition, three weeks successively in thn Frm Prco n
newspaper printed in Rurlington in the county of
Chittenden, the Inst of which publications to hu pre
vious msani second Wednesday or December, 1910
Given under mv hand at Rurlington, in said District,
this 11th, day of November, 1940.
WM. WESTON, neister.
Wilinnski Irnn ''.. I
THIS concern is yet in operation, and ready lo
execute all orders for cnailnna , mn,l ,.-.i. .i
of good metal, for various purposes. The subscriber
is now ready to contract or otherwise for the buildin"
of mi s of all descriptions, being in a situation to fur
tush nil the mntctials at short notice. Contracts will
bo taken very low. Plans of all kinds of mills made
oi. nppiicauon to the suhscriocr. and w.irrnntil Af
reet ; which will savu cost in building, and also man-
An assortment of castings such ns kettles, plou
wagon boxes, wagon amis, s'eiL-h shoes, box
cooking stoves, a very superb i .tiele, for doing a lart-c
!uaince .ciil, liitl.. . I r....t -it ... r r
...... n nn nnu iiili, an oi wnicn can
fOUIld at a times, nt this Mnrom Pl,n.,n.n,..l.
order on reasonnblo terms. Also the subscriber offers
for sale one first rate hash pressure steam engine, of
-, ".ju.-uwi:., ii Kuuii nrucic, uuiittrom l.iecester':
P an, and lias been in use, which will be sold reasona
le, and on credit. All orders to the subscriber, llur
lington, Vt. will receive attention.
Winooski Village, Nov. 10.
C'V1.1.0. I he genuine .Morison's PilU Hindu i
the Ilriti.h College of Ilenltli, London, can beol
tamed at the Vnrieiy Store nnd i mm ..inn., i,.
tow n i and rememl.cr, every box mid packet i iuml
with a pen, "Pauirborn nnd llrin-maiil,"nll sold in the
stale are so SIGNED. Purcha-ers will p'ense remein-
nerinis caution. rANfinons & IIhins.maid, stnteagent
lijTAIILISJfMK.NT-The.nhscl.., ln. ,fr l.
nnu oi n nrnv. llo-lll ieU hnv iil nnrc in.n nn.l ....
iiiuiei. mine o ore lately rui-nnml livs.mn.-a Jtr f'
"i inc iniri iiome aquare, one uoor norlh
I he Log Cabin, i now ready to do nil kinds 0 wo
that Ihe public wi-h in his fine of l,non,.. -,!, n
vs.. nn.),- nn.is huh 1111, iiinKing nnu putlmg up eay
tronglisaiid spouts All kind, of Tin, sheet Iron an.
Copper Wnre will l Lent nn l.nn.l r, .... n.
low pniv ns can l e found in the State. Sheet Zinc,
Copper Pumps, Lead Pine, and all other nrticlcs in the
line of our hiisinesi kept on hand. For chenpnes,. of
once ami neatness o execution, mv u-nrL- m ,.i 1,
excelled by any in the stale. If you wish lor any thin
... iiiu uuuti: nut, nciure you trn'-e ne sun- and en
"I'V" .. . 11. 11. UUSi WlUfc.
iliirliiiglon, July, 18-10.
BlITCIIKUINC'Thosuhseriler Mill butcher
floss and oilier n n illi.it.. and unci.- .he -mm. (Cir
1 i.uujf on-, 11 reipiesieti,! icr an inoso who may wish in
1111s viunge, tne pre-ent lull and 11 not done iu a
wurh.uitiii.e manner, no pay.
i.un.iiuion. n-iu. "z. i;a i.imi .lit .. a .r.isi .
N. II, Havinir coikI arrommilaiion.-. I will .nl-..
Iho animals at my residencu and return them well
iireMii, ior n lair compensation U. R,
r,t!Si,v!,;,V.0,;, SA:"S?. 0"'NA AND
ceiving a simply of Knrthern, China and Glass-Ware
among which may bo found the following ;
Ridgwny's Light Illim )
" White rhino Glazed, DINING
" " Ornniln Pliinii Ti.- i '
.. . niLiaua iv v.)., nm now re
Grnmto China. Tl.-A
11 !. 1 . . (-ann.Ki-.si
- nouioon nil g nnnouiiinn, and
" " arlhen, and TOILET
" Pink I win is
Low priced China Tea Sets; plain and cut Latinis
nd I limb ers. of everv vnriciv. iiniiom nn.l
..'Ki aaiia aiii n very large nssortliicilt ot cover goods,
einhrncins minhties ami quantitios, not usually found
north of New York. All ofwl -cli nro oflercd nt tbr
very lowest l'"ceHjinyoJti5 Hiver-et. Troy. o30.:fw
I I Hollow ware, if-c. The subscriber has just re
cci.edainlis now opening a largo nud general assort
metlt Of I II-nbovn imnda, nni,m,iinn r nn.l.. ........
nriicio 111 tlio line, am whicli will bo sold on very rca- of
wnro.Tor r 1 r 8hrt CrC'"!' i0t "l md'
waro store, corner of church street and tho square.
Diirhngton, Nov, 20, 1610.
Kllphas Htcclc's Estate.
STATE OF VERMONT, ) Tho Probate Court for
DtsTntCT or Chittknden, ss. ) tho District of Chit
tenden 1 To the creditors and others concerned in the
estate of Eliphas Stcclo lalo of Hinesburgh 111 said
District, deceased,
Wnr.nr.As Josialt Steele, ndministintorof the estate
of said deceased, has made application to this Court,
to cxtcnu 1110 time iiinucu ior maKing payment 01 me
debts of said deceased, twclvs months from tho Gth
day of November, 1810, and tho second Wednesday
of January next, being assigned for n hearing in the
premises, nt tho Office of the Register of this Court,
nnd it bnvinir been ordered that noiico thereof bo
given, by publishing this decree three weeks succes
sively in tho Free Press, a news paper printed nt llur-
lingion, oeiorc lliu uinu imui iui nulling. 1 nun mi i-,
vmi nrn hereby notified, to appear before said Court.
nt dm timn nnd nlaco aforesaid, then and there, to
make objection if any you have, to the said time of
payment being turtiier cxicniicu ns aiorcsnni.
Given under my hand at Rurlington, this 5th day
or iNovcinocr, A. U, loiu.
WM. WESTON, Rcgisirr.
PROPOSALS will be received for building n Ilnck
Snhnnl House nt Wiliooski Villaue. Snid pro
posals must bo delivered, sealed, nt the officu of the
Winooskt iron Foundry on or oeioro tne zjiii 01 De
cember next, lluilders wishing to cxnmine 1110 piniis
run cm them nt nil times bv callim? nt the nforesai
place. Proposals for the .Mason work, must include
digging; for the foundation j stone, brick nnd laying j
plastering, nnd all materials connected therewith.
The proposals for the Carpenter work must include
1110 limner, nnu materials euiineeieii iiii'iumuij nnu
inished ready for plastering t tho painting also indu
ed. JKE GAY. ) ,,:,,,;
Nov. 23
At E. V. Englesby's corner lir'uk Store near Mr,
I'hilo Dnnlitl e's.
rTMIE subscribers arc receiving nn entire new sclcc-
a. Honor
Coarse gnd Fine CAN-
L.AJ11' OIL.,
GLASS, &c.
and respectfully invito the attention of purchasers to
the now prices.
11. .it; uiuuiiMjis cc iyO.
Burlington, Nov. 20, 1840.
T 1VH A.'D LET Ll VE."-The Mibscril er
JLi would re.pectfilly return his thanks to In
former patrons for the many favor, received, and
would also inform ibcm that ho continues Rook Rind
ing nnd lllank Bool; manufacturing nt his old stand
and that he will sell lllank Hook, common sibool
books, Bible, Albums nnd stationery on ns good
terms as any one. lllank Hooks made to any pattern
on short notice. The patronage of the pnhlio is re
spcctfnlly solicited. SAMUEL HUNTINGTON.
Surn of the Red Ledger,
eollege-M. Nov. 20, 1810. j
Hhds St. Croix and N. O. Sugars,
20 Rbls. do do
10 Ruxcs refined nnd Loaf do
5 Rbls Crushed do
5 do Powdered do
BO Chests H. S., Y. H. and O. H. Teas,
:0 Rags Java & Laguira Cotlee, l'epper hpicc,
5 Casks Salcratii",
10 Roxes Starch,
20 kegs if- boxcsTobacco
30 boxes Rar Soap,
10 boxes Pipes,
30 bbls Lorillards Snuff
and Tobacco.
Nov. 10.
10 kegs Uinger,
50 malts Cassia,
1 cask Cloves,
1 do Nutmegs,
i-c. if-c. f-c., by
CJcorsc S. Hale's INtntc.
STATE OF VERMONT, ) rp h E Honorable
Distiiict or CurTTESDEN, ss. S X the l'robate Court
for tho District of Chittenden : To all persons concern
ed in the estate of George S. Hale, late of Westford,
in said District, deceased, GnuETtNo:
Whereas Jc'iTi W. Hale, administrator of the estate
oi suid deceased, proposes to render an account ol hi:
administration, and present his account acainst sail
estate for examination and allowance at a session o
the Court of Probate, to be holdcn at the Rcmster
office in Rurlington, on the second Wednesday of Dc
ccmbcr next.
Therefore, Vou arc hereby notified to appear before
said court at tne time and place atoresaid, and shew
cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid
should not he allowed.
Given under my hand at Rurlington, this twclftl:
dayof iNovcinocr, A. U. lalu.
W.m. WESTON, Register.
Orson I. Wheeler's Instate.
DisTaicT or CiUTTKNons, ss. j JL the Probate Court
for the District of Chittenden : To all persons con
cerned in the estate of Orson P. Wheeler, late of
Wianottc, in said District, deceased, (.rektino :
Whereas, Shclden Wheeler, administrator of t
estate of said deceased, proposes to render nn account
of his administration, and present his account against
said estate for examination and allowance nt a tcssiim
ol thclourtor Probate, to beholden at the Repsttr'i
office in Rurlington, on the second Wednesday o
December next.
Therefore, You arc hereby notified to pjipcar before
saui court at inc time anu place atorcsaiil, nnd shew
cause, if any you have, why the account afoicsaid
snoulu not oe allowed.
Given under my hand, at Rurlington, this cightecntl
day of November, A. D. 1S-10.
wm. WKSTON. Register.
CCllOUI. IJDOIl. Ihe suh-cr.lerli.i. re
sJ eil the pre-ent week from New York mere School
lioous, ot which the following comprise a part. Lev
erett's Latin Lexicon ; Donnegan's (iieek do.; Web
ster's large Dictionary, b vo.; Johnson.-ami Walker'
do.; Ambon's Horace, Ciceio, Cn-ai-, nnd Sallu-t
ijoyer-, .iieadows, and .us!eiits, r rench Ilietionirr e
Cooper's nnd Gould's Virgil ; Playfair' Euclid ; Ilfair
and Newman's Rhetoric : Clm-ted's and Will.in A.
Ironomy: do. school Plnlo-ouhv : Couisiocl .'. Pl.iln-
ophy, do. Chemistry; llolinar-'and Levizacs French
Grammar; Kirkhatn's and Smith's English do; AI er
cromhie's Intellectual Pliilo-ophy; do. .Moral do.; Life
ui nsiiiugion, v.iiaries rjui nun i;onnne r reucli
I'avies and Mour.loni lt Ix'-sons; Hridges Algebra
Porter's RI1etor1c.1l Readeri Olnei-'-. Wno,H,ri,l.-,.
Smith's, Mnlie Hrun's, nnd Miichcll's nad Willsrd1
(..eography nod Atlas ; W ebster's nnd Town's Spellinar
........ , ..uuurn-ii s iii-.mi.-r, 1 si, an nnu o 1 class ; .Mount
ii-rnon iicaovr: voiind puim s l-t. 2. and ? Il.i.it.-
Adams New Arit'huieiic; Charle D.ivic do. 'I'houip
son's do.; Porter's Analysis-: Town's dii- llm-'- n.,,1
inn's Ite.ldnig Hook l.y .Mr. SiL-ourney; Loyell's
Rhetorical Dialogue- ; Young Ladies' Reader; Aincr-
i.iiiil nrsi class look ; Liuvcl s . 1. . s..., n ...r . U m.
cester's History; Waits on the Mind; Goodrich's I'.
S. Mi-tory ; . National Preceptor; Le Uriiiis'IVIcinaipie;
Hotany by iir Lnu .:!.!! r.inies' l-.lcii.cut-; II ay wards
New England Gazetted, English ite.tdiT, .".'('reisive
D. A, ilRAMAN.
Rurlington, Oct. 15, 1810
IV A. I! RAM AN. I!,inr,,r .s-
1J Rurlington, respectfully informs his fru nils and
the public, that he is still constantly making additions
iu 111s assortment 01 iaic, iiticu;, Ulassiml, Histor
ical, and Miscellaneous Works, from most of the
prominent publishing houses in the country. He will
endeavor lo have it nt all times embrace the most
popular punncntions in everv branch of iternmr.. nnd
science. His stock of School Hooks, in every depart
ment of Irarnins, of the most popular cdiiinns n.w in
use, comprises ait mat are used in this section of the
country. lllank Rooks of all sizes and descriptions
of superior ruling nnd paper, and bound in a substan
tial manner, constantly on hnnd. Cap and Letter
Paper of every quality and description, as well as
Drawinnnnd Fancy naner of all colors nnd 10,1.1!..
together with a ccnern! assortment of STATinvpiiv
and almost every article usually called for in a Hook
store, always for sale. All of which wcrn nnrni,n..,.i
at very low prices, and will be sold at a small advance
from cost.
?"Ho respectfully invites the ntlenllnn nf
Teachers and Merchants, to his stock and prices.
MR. A. GRANT begs respectfully to intimate to
t 10 inhabitants of nr immn nn.l .1...
hnwill nnnn r-ln..n fnr i.,..,-fi: : .. V- ' ' i
striimcntal Music early in November. Particulars
r "t'l'iyiiig to .ucssrs i-angt.orn it Urmstnaid.
Halls and pnvnto dancing parties attended. o23
......ii..u.l, wci. ij, IDiU.
now they came. I will only say they were mostly
purchnscdonncrcdit nnd wi have tn I,., B ,t i ' V.
nnn H.(!r'C0I W dtl"S-n9 ill COIIVillCO Uliy
ono who will call at my store on Pearl street.
a.a ii.u nn, oucct iron nnd Move business, wouh
.-pccaaaiiiy iiiiorm 1110 puouc that they keep constnnt.
11. - 1 ..j-a.i ..in .1, in Hiu nuuvu ime
liey bnvp now on hand a variety of Parlour, Ho
i.u nooning piovcs, minings iVc, which they will
ISPOSOOf Bt t 10 Verv nul n.ln.o i I J .
orders will bo executed on short notice and iu th'o best
style of workmanship.
Church st,, opposite thojail. ?
Rurlington, Oct 30, 1610. $
IAI.I. patterns of Merinos. Taglionis, brown hl'k
- ntld Plirillo. finn rill.llit.rx. Allininna hrnu n l.l'l,
and light colors. Mouseliit 1I0 Initios, nil wool, cotton
1 wiaut, anu siik nnu wooi. rreucli, (iermnn, and
chsh Merinos. Alnacca cloths, nnd l.lnrtv ...1
mouseliit do laines, very fine and beniiliful, for salo by
"I? II. W. O.VTLIN it CO. '
Dlo lhirrhaseis ot II.M.hs Hfatlonciy.
A. IlRAMAN olers nt wliole-i.li- and retail a
choice ussortnient of School HOOKS nud Mi-
Stationery. Country merchants can I e f.,,n T:i
iiiieuus vvi.rhs, logeiner with an extensive supply
. ' l''"'KKt H'O most reasonable
terms. Hooks su h as nre obtnineil m llnsmn v...
and Philadelphia markets, ordered al short notice.
Hurlington, Oct. 8, 1810.
DOCT. MAHSIIAIiIj'S Aromatic, uniarrh and
Headache SNUFF. This Snuffis superior to any
hiiig yet known, for removing that troulilcsomc uts-
".(... r....l ' -...I .1... n ..,.1.1 In 1 ... li'ni . nin Hi..
headache. II opens nnd jnirge out nn oiisiruciions,
stienglhenthepl,ttid.,nndglve. n healthy action tolhe
parts allcctcd. It l pi rlectiy iree irom any ininguvic
lerious in its composition has a plcannt flavor, nnd
lis immediate ellcot, alter ticing nseo, is nugreeuuiv.
Price SO cents per bottle.
Doet. .Marshall's Vegelnbte Indian nincK 11.Ar51r.11,
Thi'lMasler I. unrivalled for curing scrofulous swel
ling., Scurvy Sores, Lame Hack, and Fre-h Wounds 1
1, nn,. in iIik .i.lf.. lliu. niul Limbs! and seldom fails tu
give relief in local Rbeiiiiiati.m. If applied to tho
sidc.it will cure many of thecommon Liver Complaint.;
and is equal, if not superior, to any thing in n-e for
corn, on the feet , the virtues of lhiPlnter have been
wilnoscd l.y thousand. 01 individuals in tne umicu
.Slate?, who havete-tcil it cilicary. Sold by the pro-
irietor) i;iia. liowen, ftiidiiieiiiiry, nnu iiieo. n.
eck ix Co., Ilurlingloii, (
THE '1EKTH!! Tub Incomfaiiam.d Tooth
I'nr.PAnvTios;. The fact is proed, and thu mot in-
ereduiuu. nd doubting lire fully con viticed, n. we have
he evidence from the snle of 20.000 1 ox ex of the Odon
tiea, within tin- pa-t year, that the Ulopitm dreams ol
lliu nicliyinivt are realizeti, anu n remedy inscovercn
for preserving thoe important and useful appendages'
of the human system, by the u-e of the Magnet iuOdon
Hen, which by !l iittrnclive, nnd strengthening qunli-'
lie., removes all extraneous subslnnce. from the teeth?
nnd preserve, them in theirnntural brilliancy( nnd the
gum. in soundness and beauty. 111. a-certuined from1
experience, thnt when used, the teeth will never de
cay, but remain till the Intel age ol man, with thcif
natural wear. When they nre decayed, its progrcg
will be arre-led, and the teeth pre-erved and prevented'
and preserved from aching all this has 1 een done in"
a multitude of instance. : nnd more in tliou-nnd. oF
cae, nervous toothache, (that climax of pain) has af
once been e.letiuallj cured by popular denlnirice iff
America. And in conclusion, where, or who i. the"
young Indy or gentleman, aye, the individual thaf
value, a I cantiful set of teeth, sound gnni. and 11 sweet
breath more than fifty eent,that will le longer desti
tute of a box of Dr. M. IlitchcceVs MngiieticOdoiilica
rorsn e whole-aleand a-tnil, by A. HITCHCOCK &
Co., No. H7Geiieee si. TJiien, N. V., and by their
agents throughout the United States. In Hurlington,
by J. & J. II. Peck it Co., and Thco. A. Peck & Co..
In Vcrgenncs by J. II. Howman. In Milton, by 1!ur
nett & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. augZ
valuable Vegetable Medicine tnnd unrivalled1
for the folio win a coiiiplafnts, viz: l)y-peiiin, or Indi-ge-tiou,dieaed
Liver, biliot.-di-order-, Uropy, Atll
ina, Co-.tiveue-s, Worms nnd los of Appetite, and by
clean-ing the .stomach and bowels, cure pnin in the
ile, Mcimach and breast, cold and coughs of lonjr
tandinp, Hoarsene-s. hortnes of brenthj Nervous
coniplauit,etc., which nrefremiently the etlect of dis
ease. For Fever and Ague, it i- a ino-t valuable pre
ventative n well a n sovereign remedy, lis Tirliie
urpa-s any thing heretofore Known in rinioving St.
Vitus' Dunce, two bottle- have I een kauwn to cure
Ihi afflicting disease, nfier having I allied every exer
tion for four years. It has a ino-t powerlal influence
in removing nervou complaint-. It i pUm.ant intake
and so easy in iN operation, that it may I (.-administered
to the infant with safety. The above 'Mclieme i very
flic lily recommended hv many seieiititk-gentlemen,
nnd n Inrienumler ofladie-," who hnve proed the
virtue, of the Medicine by per-nnul uscairl that of their
families. A bill ofcertificatcaccompiinie ench botlli-,
with directions. It may le bad wholesale or retail of
o. iiritain, uarre, aniu. u. rarnam, hast Williams
lown, Vt. sole proprietor-. Prepared from the origin
al recipe; fursale by E. If. Prentis., Mmilpefier, anil
J.& J. II. Pixk & Co, and Tnr.o. A. Pkck Co., llur
Imuton, and in the puncipal torns in the state; all
directions signed in the band writaig oftheproprielor.
. jeta
HIS Lozenges arc seale.1, and have "A. Sher
man, M. D." 011 the side of the I ox. They
are the safest, mo.t sure and e.Icctual remedy for
Congli-, Colds, Consumptions, whooping Cough.
Asthma, Tightno ot the Lungs or i-he.f,'iVe. &c.
The proprietor liasneer known nn itistaiiee where
they did not gne perfect -nti-fac-.ion. Several ihou
and boxes have I een sold within tin: lat three monthi
rotoriua to health, per-ons 111 almot eery sta-e ol
toiisuiiiition, ami those l.il oring under Ihe mosf di
Hissing cold and coughs. They do nut check and
dry up the cough, but render it cayr promote expec
toration, allay the tickling or irrilati(,n, nnd remove
the proximate or exciting cau-e. They are made
Irom a combination of the 'mo-t valuable expectorant,
or cough medicines, and are undoubtedly superior to
every thing in use for those eomplapi'tc. ilundreds
upon hundreds of certificates havo I ecu o.lcred of their
wonderful virtue-, ficmtho-e who hnve been saved
from nn iinlimely grave, ami restored to perfect
health by using them. Dor.. One loaenge is a dose
tor an adult, nud may l.e repented from thnv to six
limes a dav,a.re.i'iir.il. Children, eight jrnrs vv.im
old, half of one: four years n quarter, imd so in' pro
portion. erv small children or infants will take them
l est dissolved in a little water. Should thrr net a- -a
emetic, or pnxluee nan-ea, ihedo-e imt.tLe fessentif
to what the stomach will I ear. Half of one will gen
erally I e Mitl.eie.it to take lefore breakfast, as thi
stonueh is ihci, more ea-ilv sickened. No ill ejects
can nri-u from an overdose, a it will cause the sto
mach to reject it ; and although not .. pic.-,. ant scii-a-tion,
will l.e found to give relief. Where there w
much pain in the luva-t or side, one of Sherman's
I iKr -Man s 1 lusters shook! Le apphrd ovrr the part
and worn till relieved. Ifattendwl with costuvoe.. a'
tew eatharlte or laxative I.cciige-, or anv mild e'
thiirtio medicine, should le u-ed as wa-ioii rwmtre-
BRINaMAl ), Jeweller-, Uutliiigion, Vt. wholesale
agents. A liberal discount to merchants who buy to
sell air.iin.
Sherinaii's IJreast Ointment,
If applied properly and indue time, will cure the most
painful caes of swelled breasts, and prevent the for
mation of abscesses Even ivhro li.c owelling lias
pointed and shown every appearance of breakup-, this
ointment has entirely dispelled it, and restoreTl the
parts to a healthy condition. In applying it, a smooth
and soft covering to the breast should be made cf soft
leather, or fine compact linin. with .-i hoU in i,
trc to niliuit the ni.le. When so made, put a coatinc
of the ointment over the inner surface "and apply it
closely and smoothly over the whole breast, leaMiic
the nipple protruding through the hole, so that the
11. um nurse, wmcn it snoutit do as one as the
ther can bear t. Cam should 1... .,!,., ... 1... u.
breast drawn by the child or otherwise, so as to pre-e-.n
an accumulation of milk. Whenever the plas
ter nets rillkled. aiidtherebi-iin. riiiif.ri,.l.l ......
should be njiplied, and constantly worn until a cure
is atlectcd. It is sometimes necessary to slit the sides
r 1 1 - ' n'i I 1 IL,L.lsl UI L,
......w ... suae nippies ever dts-
covereil. It will cure the most troublesome cases in
a few days, without depriving the infant of thebrcast
will be deceived and disappointed. Sold m it... v ,:
ty store. PANGfiORN &. HRlNSM AllV
l..i;i 1 :. 1---- - .,..uiu uiosc
:...t''.' "Is.0- finessed its tinenualled
i. n V, . 1 l-cmal obstruct ons of tho
as aggravated and desperate character. Thesn
ture there would be more thai, an o di dary decrTe"
d.ll.dence 111 coining with this article before I e miblir--
ticulnr stage, has produced chicks Li 1 Var;
Science n.ul Skill never I as been ni l . I,e j-""1? of
alleviate. A. firs,', ,he irregulari', " ,
the natural habits prod uen 1 1.0 ,,rv l.P,!rf'W011 f
toms, nnd is treated ceneralU- .n8'"" i1"? 'i.
preper attention is proerastiaate'd until theTol owrre
sallow, eomplcxiiin and great bodilv .1 'hili ,1 fZi&fl
certain death. For comim mcvitnl, y Sctiro
of such rcsul 9 this invaluable medicine is now KSl!
heforo tho public. It ni nrmhli. ,m. ' , . "roiignt
ntid regulates n m,. nmr.i . n,,;.V... "f "os'"ictions(
hv its unennnlled . nli,in. - t . ' !',.,IO,l "A'l CUrCS
... .11 .iiu.pi.iiicu f uni lies, an iho variety of .ler.V.
mem connected with t heFcmnIo habit i,- -neer
and distinguished Doct. J. J rison whl 'f rn,lncnt
lise.1 medicine nt Oneida, N. York wi.l tthJl T0'
mil snress for 1 vi. A. ' the most sig-
Ina lmk TT'lnJ!!
eyond my'
't is 'kind
not cathartic, but tonic nnd aperient. For nn ,.le ni
titular respecting its efficiency, certificates of Pv.;
cinnswho have witnessed its efTee s n 1
cinencc, ns it ig
who Imvo liei-n most signally benefited nn.l , I
by its virlues-referenco is now ofeVl n ,h8,0rf4i
phlets accompanying the meihcine am to
particular evidences. i tho hnndof bn .'.Sf. T8
Sole Agent for the New EnalntTsm , 6U,,f,cr'l'
Wbn!nh, rw. i.. KnWAHD HRINLF.Y,
i 1 1 ' " ""'Lr rcmiuics wticn npp ed
according to the directions on the bottle. Sie that
the signature of "A. Sherman, M. V.,'' is on tlio
celebrated PILLS, or HEALTH UllSTOli tTlVF
for coiiiplainlspeculiarily incident to the Female Sex
I his article is now brought before the public nndw
sanction of I he stronr.'st ii,n r..' "1"1' unu.-r
s wno
im.era.c-h, from VnTo
Persons, who have tested ts great virtu nn, Jiu.
recommend it in their practice and I n 'to it "he sane!
lion of their names. It s not intended V .., Ran,c-
teffSfs'Jr 'I? RTJiS t:
nearly all the complaints of Fc Vaf." T'
Ro,e degree, ith'the habits ZK M
many can bear witness. !..,.. . '." ,r, Ana'
now iii use. In cases of retent inn ? ,)C8t mr.rfirinor
tbri il 1 ?' n , .l'I'J T'ans would introduco it
r.uviiit, iiH 1 lllivp innrwl it nnB. 1

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