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1 ii f i III I " ii
nil', jin.Moitv or iy jo.
tl i mi easy tn-.lt to praiio Fortune whcti'she smiles
nnd In tinier the People) when they do just r.liat you
would hiva thoni. '1 he nolilo people! have they not
decided f. r our parly, and iiven nncnf it a rich CuI
leciorship, and nuot her nn Cmbassy, a third a f.it
Post Ollicc, nml sjoii! Who tiara '11111101101111' of
thur virtue, prnb.ty, inti-Higciicr ami hidipyiideucc I
Havo they nut proved nil clearly by tha act which put
mi into audi nice places I Hut let them happen to
ptefer oilier aspirants for their favor, and t'un whit
do wn th'ii'e. ol it 1 Whil iunornnt raseib llu-y have
become all at once! What larce, iniquiiy nnd coriup.
rionaro t lie ir Flections! Whit nonsense is what is
called their 'vcrd.ct I' What folly nr li) poensy in sup
pjsai that they had any definite putposu in tho bus
otssl The rihaldry ami denunciation indulged in rrferenec
J thd F.tcitim of 1319 by those) lu boa t of tin ir
'Kemoeiney' is atem.ee amiui i nnd in-tnu-tivc. For
years they hid h'en praising the People, liicirinvinci
nle Vtrtu'o and c'eiffig'i ed I'.imolistn, and taking
tlieil pry in oilysilnti sna ! gcuuo1 .sj ibbin.j. There
a nuthiiV 0 wise, ijiit, ! in. ntpti'jL', 111 thei.
yca or lallier in their niiitith.s -as the People. Hut
at last the) .'itch n ir.'mcinluoiss flwiiift and now
what of he People ! Why, they are a .lcl.i"ched, !c
faoli'd, ittilhinkini! mob, and their 'verdict,' hut now
t.i conclusive, has heeome a j"st a swindle llie
frothv ravin-i of a Inrd-ctltr dolitiuin.
Tills was not unnatural in the first moment of Jis
sppjaited aspiration, but there b sj li a thins ai car
tjriu n jilio 100 far. After two jevs and a half of e
ryinp fen turns, il is time tint so emphatic an csprcs
fion'nft.io People's will should be Healed mill mine
howof derenev, Vctvrlnt do wo In ail On cvcryhind
wo have tho Van Itiircn press mi J pnhiiciins abu-ini:
end dccrvhis the vciilict rf 1SI0. Thev ib noimre il
"We fiiuJ in tlio Franklin Messenger llie
following account of llio lulu bloody riot
among tha laborers on ttiu Uuatiharnois Ca
nal in Canada. It is a fearful lain of wrong,
resistance, anil revengeful lioniiciJo under
tlitj pari) of preservation of llio public peace.
Tliesu Dtil'isli authorities am fast pelting till
over tbu world, to imagine that any resistaiico
or even murmurs against thorn, amount to a
crime which blood alone can expiate. Tiicro
is an infernal ferocity in the English inoilu of
tpielling a riot which may some day, when
opportunity odors, bring afier it a terrible re
tiibtilion. For 11 week past to havo received various
accounts of most serious disturb. inccs mining
the laborers (principally Irish) on tlm Roan
Iniriiuis Canal in Canada. The Montreal
Messenger gives a detailed account of tho
cinsos ami progress of tho riot. It is said
that thu laborera who were receiving lis. 6d.
per day, demanded 3. On Saturday, the
lOlh, one of thu contractors named McDon
nell, was formorly ordered by the rioters to
raiso the wages or give up bis office, under
penally of death. Tho next night, another
rontrrirlor named Lllint, was cruelly beaten
in his bed. On the forenoon of Monday, a
s Mint rT Cutil n tut p.,,. not. ti nf ,l,liriiif.irv
and madness, of l.nij Cabin"fo"l.rii s and Hard -'i ler body of four or fivo bundled men went to the
drunhcniiesj. Siuie of the s-nalli r frv of thu I ,nCl- I 1 1, I if i 1 1 t P 1 f Di in ii.il I ((.'lift ti!id 1 is p. ... .I tl, 1
foeo pres3 arc a-e ii'lomed tn speik of our own liitle , r ,P , , ,1 "'
paper, 'Tlic I,iv; L'.ilim,' as llionjh we imiilil isii to " ; ,.1 ...,, t,
Mat it from the public remembrance; and even their reasoned Willi them, and refused cnniplianco
mYrdeii,iLM2ip, tho .involuntary Hermit of Unikn- wj,. ,1(,ir ,,.,,,., nils. Tho bouso was imnu-
(ruth. ha ihe temeriiv to Mieak. m ln ten column match' assailed ami all lis contents destroyed,
letter to Iti'lnti'. of ' Cie d'urtvutablt irtntt nf 1B40," Mr. McDonnell escaped, but his store next
n J "the tll'Tl whie.li tliojo scenes iie.-eB'anlv bad in ,1.,,, ,., ii,.l.. .,,) ,l,..,,il,l c ,...
1 shal u-r the eoiifrtenfo nfmnikm. in LeiHincsa of . V ' -"1 r"'"
" thf Amenran Teople for free iri'iilution." itiniii 11 .ti 1 1 i.ii u .. 1 nu iiiiiu sunn i.miu 1111
Tim tit-repiilablefcenes nriHii)!' MienAmcn- on a military detachment at a null in the
n c li.'ii ni 1 iiii en her t.v immlrstH 10 tins ana ... . t.i...i 1 1 1 i; 1 1 ...
j. 1 it... 1,... 11 .1 ...m. f.r ui..-' v. neiutiouiiiuuu, unu iiu'iimmi;ii iu fjisiouei
rolled 0111 and heida of b' e'r-ca ka ttovo in-whih tbeni, and with that intent, they advanced
ri'ht here, in the heart of ins riihchteiKd emporium. I titiori tho mill. I hev wore addressed bv
tn..ti icirn cmn ft,r 1 fitlr tt ttr-ne hiil fi!1 tlHlirfll i . . . . .
l.,..lhr,t..,.l.rrnll,.. I1.I.UM Hll, il. ffllOt Clf " 1 " "I H1U COI1SC
Timmany Mnll, l.i he down and drink it rrom the qiiences 01 llieir Ill-JililgeU anil Illegal pro
-roiml like hoqs-i'ieKuidirhookeMwnoihiiin 'dia- ceedincs. Thev would not however bo re-
icpu.ibictr.en. "nen.uiiencau ei.i7.eiii.,.i,v- ..eiii ,, ,,,.. ,
wept RH.iylaim the 1'ollJ ol nur Li y Willi cuuisny ' ."., mU iiUi
hnHi of tiii-iiii iod and exencd inimuranl", half rivi- advancing almost Mliiull.ilieoUily with tho
hi.-J end m ldd.-ned wuh lienor fjtmsitid It.em by I .,., ,.,l n.,l., , f, ...i.:..i.
Pirty b'.er.iliiy, wo had no hint from Mr. Van lluren , . "
tH5t,.e!isee!n.w,ro '.'isrenutn' !.' or ca ei: sled 10 oeniL' oiieyeu, a ui lersion instantly lollow
itnpj.r 'tho eonfilcnee nf 'mankind in our fitness for cJ, NotwithstaiidiiiL' ibis reniilse, there still
p.. -I ii'i.. - I r . 1 : . .1.:- a..,., .... - 1 1
lie,; I.IMIIIIUOIIS. i, lll-il men v.im leu 11 i ini c,,m M m r illirn ., :l iinrmnniinl
t hear ti hiinianv nciunt .S'liverv were niobred ana '..
bludgeoned for peacefully mi di.in?, nnd the n'.Micr ol A lew only ol llie rioters Havo gone to wnrk,
a tree ires was timt iij.yn in hw own leueineni lor nut a very great number are still embodied,
5,.. :V; ,,: T , ) , '"id on the lSlli adJitional troops were sent
2iu"t .11 ivory, thin dcir.ijoj'io could sen in it noih- to the seat ol war. lull wli.it is even worse,
tnj calculi t"d to snake coutiucnee in our iitni.s lor t,0 .Messenger adds, it issnd thai some of
ryee n.illiuilijut ou: coony rcmaiKca :n i.i iinuiii ., w, ....1.1..,. I ,.,.... .1
r.l ihn"nrec!:lUsd:srrSirrt of the conseqiienecS of ""s reck ess have scaltered over the
'iheir noiid.i 't 'lMOMuscd I'idivid-.iaU to poiml ir in- country in small hands or singly, with a view
disunion," but when the People uprise m tneir ,,r ntirviino' n ni.r!i' nf
Oil Ml -r. Ol .1.1, V '-s .'.! tilllnltlll. nod
naai 'J, willnut uolencp or injury to any man, declare premacv of law and order.
by a mijornv of I I COJ on fir the lieiuest vote ever Tlt. .!,)ntra Times, with niiich truth we
rail a, tint lw Inll be no I aijer Pie'dea', ibeii our , , ..... , . ., ,,
i:inderliro't Snteaman prnnuuiiriM the whole bint u"". iiiiiin.iu-s tiiai uie measures 10 quell
ho3 'diaercdita'ile,' nnd calculated to hv e finih in (In; Knit were tiiinecessarilv severe and
whirli will not noon bo forgotten byhiseountry
men. So much for tho military norviccs of tho
Secretary of llio Treasury.
The writer mentioned auove, quo-anfj a inner
from nnn nf niir WashillLrton corrCDIHindcnt.
saya that the Now York Btpresfl has boon for
ceil recently to acknowledge his cm nentability
and success in tho following terms :
"Whatever ihlTeronccs of political opinion
may exist In relation to Mr. Spencer, his buij.
iio.' talents conimano me coiiuuenco w
public, and ho seems ilelcrinined to carry out
the reforms required in tho Treasury Depart
Without alluding to the fact lli.it tho quota
tion from our correspondence does not justify
tho Inference drawn bv Iho writer, it is sufli-
cient to remark lliat Mr. Spencer has not as yet
done any thing tnnro than determined carry
out his reforms. Ho has only caused hi organs
to herald what h( will do. Hut the public will
not ho satis lied with promises. They xvisli to
know why tho cxtraviijatit expenditures in tho
collection' of the revenue are confined. They
will demand, where is tho reform in tho reduc
lion of the number of officers in tho Itevenuo
Department, In the expenses of the Light
House system, the Revenue Cutters and the
Revenue llnats, and what reform has taken
place in the Land Offices, as well as in sundry
other matters over which Mr. Spencer has, or
ought lo have, supervision.
Tho Boston Courier publishes tho follow
ing as a correct list of tho venerable Revo
lutionary Soldiers who attended tho Celebra
tion of tho 17lli, with their ages respectively:
Thomat Stanwood, BO
Rphraini Marsh, 70
Peter Mclntodh,
Wdlhin Wiffein, 7U
Jacob Kltiott. 81
John Palmer, 73
Daniil Usher, 77
I limit Moore, 79
John Clement, Rl
N. Shaw, 79
Jnsiali Fletcher. 81
Xithan Vi'k, BO
lleniamin Kobbins. 77
John Scott, 79
Jonathan Uoitrne, 76
John'H. Seawards, 81
Seth Thomas. E9
Khsh Scott, Bj
Samuel Woodruff, B3
Nathaniel I). Leonard, 82
vnniicl Morcan, 79
Joseph Jenkins, B2
ODidiah Albrcc, 79
Svlvesur Dana, 71
John T.ivlor, 85
Joseph Jewell, 82
Nathan Sherman, 78
Joseph Sinilh, 90
Tho city is full of rich rumors of inci
dents in the President's progress. A capi
tal one is told of tho Fancuiniall dinner.
Mr. Upshur, our readers are aware, there
mado a very neat speech in reply to the
toast from Mr. Bancroft
I'l'rgi'nta nn J Mitsachuitlts. Their, names arc
blended inseparntely in the record of I heir country's
glorv their Bona will ever cbelisli tin) ficiduui and
the Union established by their lathers.
When Mr. Upshur catno to that part of
Ins reply,
In lonkir.g back to tho events of the Revolution,
who is there that can senaralo Virginia from Mnfsa.
chusettsl Who can fail to couple Iho Old Dominion
Willi this noble Uommonwcalili 7
Somo one cried out audibly, 'John C.
SrENCEit,' which convulsed with laughter that
part ol llio table where the inlerlootor was,
so forcibly did bis manner seem to describe
the mischief-inaking character of Mr. Spen
Wo find tho following in tho Providence
Journal, (if true) it is amusing enough :
Among the anecdotes, recollections, nnd incidents
which have been published roncetiiing the President's
tour, one which has not been set down in any of I he
u-puiis, ia tciiauiiy I'uiiueu 10 apinco. m ineuinncr
(pen to Iho President by the City government, .Mr.
eur ei.iieity for if. t,..iuii.i ,.t ! Sir if this were
Ji'Jj'iis'stich which nun- " military tnukaip a position which they knew i i.'v'i,' n" V,; '
'No ro,uoe'ir till the halter draw the workmen would have to pass, and that j Chandler Russell,
,11111 i;u-'u iijiiuijii i i iiiu n,
which sho'ild havecounscl.d yoa :j mod'
tlut theis-i-itm of Mr. Van Huren in as fil- a murderous fire upon them, whilst the cava!- lleniamin Pulliv'an,
mdjeorous. There nev t wis a Pulun al Contest m ,1,i.,i r,. ,.,.,t ,1 ,,. ' lohn Chenev
v.-hioli the great mi-so
bloody. It s.ns, " It would appear that the J'' 1UI,1(,I!,I'-'
. uiu tuiiiiu-u Miniii, ii.mu iu i.i, unu iiiiti ; inanoier ivussen,
,v:, then, without giving them warning or time, I Simon Draper,
St) m ,h- they will. " .nacberous hasle poured in a j Hev,''
r vss a roini'ii uoniei in i i r i .i i .
rihoPp.d uni. hptirr in- ry rushed on, forced them lo thu water's
formi'd as to what was lul I and proposed by each edge, nnd there cither compelled them to
parlyilnr. in i that nf 13!0. Hvcry where phamphleu (ruWn, or murde.ctl them! At this lime
evor belaro l.nown, and penerally read. Every loo, a macistrate stood at lite window of the
where the bust orators ofeither jiarty were iii the fit Id inn and deliberately marked down men who
and the PeopleL-athered day after day to h;' Hi-'"- weru stniL'Kliin: U their lives iu the water !
first on one tide nnd hen on the otln-r. If th"V did .......
nat understand on what die two parties diir red, then llorrililu conception, il not true most mnr
n tniv desfnir of their ccr diuni; so. Probably few dermis work if it can be proved, even iii one
..... ...... ,,..,, i.1e. . .. ' ol lis parttculais.
the thins was downrieht inmossible. Wedi'l not II apiiears that a number were driven in
know one voter, nuioii' tha tho ismds nf diirerins to the woods and shot down like so many
P.ihtie. w.i.li I nit Un iw whni votj could have I ecu I , , .. .
i,n..Vh, ', , , , , . .vn,n iv i,ep 'i' "casts, now many were Killed it is
safe'to offer a bride of anv sort. The People were not staled with Certainty, tlioili'li it is admit
qaite too i much in iearnttf .r any tliina nftlnt tort, ., ,,,,t tcn or a J0ZL, jj bodies wero
iiui itit-i; il vouo ieu, mis. w.icie i ..
nat yet heird where the fiil illegal vole was polled
u in ikoUen. II irris.it l'resnlent. Uiul.iless there
Phineas Johnson, llie old.
est patriot pri s'l nad 97
Jonathan Harrington, 9
Alpheus P.iaelow, 83
Levi Harrington, BT
Hubert Andrew, 91 '
r.hj.ih Dresser, 93
Josiih Cleveland, 69
Jcse Smith, B3
Phillip Dagley, 88
Necdliam Jlaynard, 89
Uoeer Plaisted, B7
Knos Reynolds, 87
Joseph Stephens, 8(5
Nchemiah Porter, 8i
James Harvey, 82
Josiah Hobbs, 8t
Joiih Kins, 81
William Mor-f, 81
Jared Wilson, BJ
Jacob Merrill, SI
John Howard, S3
Ahram Wheelwright, Bb
Thomas Farisbie.
Joxiah llaskill,
Abiiah Dresser,
r.dmiind Nason,
John McClintock,
James Small.
John T. Dodge,
Siinucl Smith,
r.lisha D. Williams,
Samuel Downing,
William Hmerson,
Abijih Harrington.
John I'.lv,
Kufus Kingsley,
Siniuil Lord,
Ad mis Wheelock,
H. Iln knell,
rphraim Hunt,
John ahoals,
It will appear by our columns that thcrr
aro lo be two celebrations of the 4th of July
in this village: ono by tho Total ylbitin-
cnto Society, nnd iho oilier tinder tho an
Nicholas V. Rensselaer 68
luiinu on land.
From oar last advices, it seems that Mr.
were a few on euh i le-wo are sure fewest on ours, Lirorquu's Store at St. Timothy was stir
Ii:c.t)3j lbs raw imtcrnl fir illegil voters is ten to . ,., . ,. . . - , .
. uillli.uu un i Hi.-Mi.i y 111 l,ni IVUL'U ttllU IIDUS
forced away anil that iho residents of the
place were fearing that a large body of work
men weru in tho Is, arming themselves
for miicliief. It was feared thai it would bu
ittempted to firo thu houses of curt ji 11 indi
c.ne against us l.i:i both pirles wire to nctiva to
rrevent illeml volui '. and ours toi confi lent to linn
of resorting M it. The only evijence in support of
ins cnarze otinegii voting is ine i.ict inn iiic vote
svas verv heivy. " lijtdid not tverv ono know it would
r.3 s j, tn-mths before the KleefouT 1 hat was move
able i i"till the von; was in r.o State equal m th i nunv
ber of legil voters, an 1 it wis aMdi in Xtic-lfi-nn
tYtrt nnd in 'iff Lceo-furn jrorlion of that State;
next highest in IllinaU, ulso Lto'I-'oco. We need
av notion" more on this head. If ihere be anv cm
denco that tha Whig vote was corrupt, it is high time
t: wero gnen. i:ul the charge n grossly also.
There rcmiins nothing lo counlun nice llie defama
tun ot llio reipie l.y liiiei-l'rosiaenl nnu lusuacii
but tho fiei th it the Whigs limit 'Log Calims' nnu
talks I of Hird C'i lei' nro.ol.ed m e-.eh case bv t!u
unwis; taiintb ol their .;i'a,i"nis. Tint they dran'i
more ofaav thin 'naid' t'-au i""ir nnnonents ts n u
in evidence, nnl we do not In h. v it, vmilv mperior
sthey were ri numlierfl. Hut llicy liu.lt l.og Uali
ins, an I what of it 7 Did that circanistan-e chaiiL'f
I,oco. oco3 ri Whigsj Wo have no no n t tt was
the. means of gmd j bat it was what was uiii in Iwiji
Cabins llie facts and aTgiimenls th. re adduced m fi
Torof a chant" in tins National Policv that did tl
work. II wa h.ivo nnl I.oji Cabin", we shall doulii
les find iini'! places in 1311 to estmsa iIm mischief,
of Tvler Loco-Kocoism a. wo did ihoj of Van lluren
um in IsiO
l."t not, then, ths d. fm-rs of th- People's lerdtet
la 1310 lay the fiatiering unclicn to thtir rauU tha'
th'iv fin II obtain a reversal nf that verdict in 1311
On those who chnoe to proclaim thcnikdics fool"
drunkards nnd swindlers in lu10 thev tnav inalii
sonic rntirciin : but on the Twelve Ilirinre I Thou
inJ Preeni ui who .s ibrly, tarnesilv and psiri itical
Iv voted for rien. Harris, in and a rhang u t'ubli
Melfiires ill 1310. their iibuse must lino an elf, el nn
ms.le to thai thev would eem deirnus of tuodneiiiL'
These will bo but annulled t greater eenions to in-
dienlc thi'ir fut fame, nnd lo show ihat in Into tin
eed delil."ratelv, intelligently, and in tho spirit of
Heenicn. .V . VmIiuik.
The Courier adds : " The first four of these centle-
men were combatants at Leiington and Concotd s
Mr. Johnson also at Hunker Hill, and the nest elev
en hknwin lielontreil lo the troops who so gallantly
held the slight nnd temporary rodoul t, against llie reg
ular force of Hritain. Die others took part in some
one or more engagements du-ina the revolution.
Capt, Joiah Cleaveland, above mentioned, was not
only at Hunker Hill, but in the battles at Haerlem
Heights, White Plains, Trenton, Princeton, Mon
mouth, nnd Votktown, at the capture of Cornwallis.
He entered as a volunteer under Col. Putnam, and
was nfterwards in Sullivan's llrigade. Ho was born
in Canterbury, Ct., Dec. 3, 17,'i3, nnd now resides in
Tioga eountv, New Vork. He performed a jiurnev
of over lour hundred mites lo attend this celebration."
John Chenev.
I.uther ;arey,
Levi Kobinsjn,
Matthew Gregory,
.enennati rorter,
Aiariah Fuller,
Joseph Vounp,
Joseph Svlveslcr,
Oliver Johonnol,
William Hhss,
Joshua Heed,
N'lhenihh Maiden,
Thomas Rob1 ins,
William Makepeace,
Levi Morse,
Mark (irecne,
Oeorge Fishier,
Samuel Young,
Joseph Kvelelh,
Itradbill l.ivcrmore,
I'.benczer Tappan,
Reuben I.cigbton,
II. ICreminelon,
Nnlhanial Hcrry,
Daniel Ros,
Joseph Ktlpa'riclc,
Alexander lliack,
1 ola I
Mccreary Porter, while soup was 6crvcd, asked a wai
ter tobringlnma rucco of mutlnn, Tho waiter re.
spcctfully informed him that untill the siirnal for re.
moving the covers was made, bn was not at liberty to
carve the meats : wherennon Mr. Poricr renenteil hi-
demand, which not being complied wilb,he left the table J
t.i iiU't, n.aii. ui.u i..uii;iiailoil. ,
In tho evening, ono of tho commitlco of recention.
talking with Mr. Porter, politely suggcsled that He
nopea every itung nan Been conuuetcu to his satislnc
lion, !q which ho replied "A'e, Sir." Now, it is not
purptising umi n man oi vulgar laniuy, wuii no nrcea
ing, and suddenly elevated to a position which brings
him in contract with polished society, should be some
what surprised to find manners dillering from those
of a Pennsylvania oyster cellar; but it is rather sin-,
gular Ihat such a man should not have at least dis
cretion enough to govern himself by the conduct of
those around him, and imitate tho nianncrsofa gen
slstnan as far as bis previously formed linbi's would
allow, even if he had nono of ibe feelings of a gentle
man. Tho American relates tho following anec
dote of the President and his keepers, while
in this city :
Of the people propcT the men who live by honest
industry whether mechanics, merchants, r.r profes
sional men, the President saw nothing or next to
nothing; for even, if more disposed than they were to
pay formal respect to the functionary, it was diffi
cult and the attempt was discusiitiL' to break tnrough
the unclean circle m which ho stooil a prisoner at
large. He was literally, guarded o rue, ns the French
say, or keep under constant surveillance by one sec
lion or another of interested worshippers, The strife
indeed, between these for the possession of the Presi
dent's persons was sometimes ludicrous,
'or instanccun one occasion, when the great man
was to go to some sarden or theatre, tho .Mayor and
the President of the Committee, who had hi en for
some time uneasy nt seeing him quietly seated una
sofa between the Postmaster and olleclor arcades
umbo ri niiudfd him that the hour linil come. Im
med.atcly all tprnne up. and the Collector ofiViing nn
nrm on one side and I he Postmaser on the other, nnd
the three parade I down totbe carriage into which they
put the president, and then not having bef-rc t lit ir
eyes the feir or tho respect of the municipility they
incontinently iumned in after him. and drove off. leav
ing His Honor the Mayor, and his worship the Alder-
in nn. iiiiHirinnn hip sine wn.t. i
Hon. John M. Clayton. Wo find in
Tun IIcvkcr Hill Cclpbihtiov. Although our
very able and intelligent correspondent, give our rea
ders the m .st nccuratean I cranhic dcM.'rinlicm of the
lite celebration which Ins been published, yet as we
v. re j.ic-eui ou uni csiraoruinnry occasion, we tie
ire to place on teeord a fowuf ihc impressions which
were, un le upon us by an event which has no paral-
i iu ino uisiory oi our eouniry.
First in 1 faremist as a milter of course, in the his
tory ol the day, standa ihenration. The Orator as
we nil know, was Daniel Wesster ; and although
we have protested against bis remaining iu the Cabi
net wiih John Tv-Ltn and found fault with Ins con
senting lo bind the L'mled Stales to do her duly on
the ("out of Afr.cn; and although vvelmve eeiisuri.l
m unniPasured terms his F.meiii! Hall speech and dif
fered with him iu regard to his lato speech at Balti
more we ere among those who are pioml that ihc
United Mates can bovt of one so preeminently tho
muster inie.leet of tho age. In sneaking coiupara
tivily of ihe gnai oration of Mr. Wloster, we hue
no stin Jard or co'iipvi'nn save his own lorincr effort-
; and is wehivu cvtr looked upon his spim li in
reply to Col, Hav.ne ou Mr. Foori.'s resolution, as
hecrestcst oration of ancient or minimi tunes, we
ualurilly compare the recent effort at Hunker Hill
with that pr.iluetion. The report of theoratlon such
as it U, is before thepa'.I.e; but wcsper.l; not uf that.
v e fin al; ot Im spee. h ns we leanl it . ehvered as
vve t iie il acted and are flee to declare, that it was
an elfort ol n.in 1 such as we deemed it unposible
even fir I)sir.L WraiTrn to make. W'e have re
peatedly said, ihat in our estiinslien, Mr. Wcns-rcn is
ii'iiei'iiy without a rival in llie United Slates, but that
. Vii; i.urope can t.oaHut no such luichly intellect.
IIi is 111 trtllh. ihcmailnf fitape. whose eb.nnliein
lelleU places him in a position where lie is without a
Death of Dr. Hag an. By iho steamboat
Cluster, arrived on Saturday, we learn that Dr.
James Hngan editor of the Vicltsbtir Sentinel,
was killed in Vicksburp on the 7th instant, in a
street rencounter with D. V. Adam, Ksn. It
appears that iu the Sentinel of the 5th or Gtli,
an editorial article w.13 published relieclui!; in
jttrioiifily on the character of a near kinsman of
IJ. V. Auam. I he latter !entlcman met Dr.
II. on the afternoon nf tho 7lh, and attempted
to cane him. A scuflle ensued, and the parties
closed, clinched and fell Hngati bcmi; upper.
must. In Hub position, Adams drew a pislo),
and placuin; it against the bai l; part of his an
taunist's head, fired. The ball carried away a
portion nl Dr. 1 Ianni s sxull, killinir Inm instant
ly. Air. Adniiis was arrculed and held lo bail
in the bA'u of SO.000.
1 he Sentinel of the 8th describes this fatal
affray iu nearly the proceeding terms, addmj:
that Dr. Hawaii was unarmed at the time, and
im one near In render any assistance.
Dr. JI.i"an was a vigorous and able writer.
but a man who appeared entirely under the des
potisin ot violent passion. In politics lie be
longeil to the ullra-ilcrnocratic school: was an
immoderate pr.rtizin, and is jjcnerally regarded
as tho father and founder of tki! doctrine of re
pudiation a doctrine which trXimphc'd iu Mis
sibsippi at the last State election. Mr. Adams
belonged to Iho Fame political party thai Dr.
na'Miiaiu. a. u. uce.
lip from tho Wilmington (Del.) Journal the I rival; and all who braid, saw, nnd could appreciate
i-ai..,..-. i.,r . me grcai oration vs inch lie il, hvereil on Hunker Hill
lu"u"'"n "llLr on Saturday list, were nartieiuaiors in nn intellectual
Newcastle, DtL. June 17ih, 13IS I ticat, such as in nil probability, none of their absent
Omilemn-Unlerhtanding that a t'enrention rf cuunirjituii u ill ever enjoy, and the recollcclion of
loo vv iiis hi Delaware la bdoiu io t.e caueo logeiuer wiiii u snnuiu nc treasured up as a miser hoards the
fjr the purpose of nominating de hgales id attend llie god of his idolatiy.
V.'hiir National Convetilion. which v.ill assemble in Tin re was lliin. in the oration nn this neesiinn
llaltitmte in May netl, to nominate can lid iles fn inoie far more than any nus hid a right In anticipate
the offices of President and vice PiisidentoriiH Urn- cvenfioni Daniel Wr.ancii ; nnd nny description of
tea Slates; ana u hiving neen inuunicu io me mm u inusi necessarily nil lar short nr the truth. 1 he
eieieaies wouiu re seiecuu iroiu uii .;iiiio ,a.u...uie i .iii.iimiiu urnuon i mil un louuieilty prepare-u lor the
u my nomination as Vice Prescient; it becomes my I occasion ; bin under Iho excitement of the hour and
duty In spe ill openly and candidly nn this nilij.ct to I place nnd that patriotic elcvonon to every thing con
mv tiohtieal friend, and to say lo them, ns I now nectnl witheiir revolutionary f mire. e. whieh Mr.
wish toilo, that 1 hive not n. en. ami am not, eiesi-1 n ibeteb ins ever exlif ttel, he repeateilly spoke fur
rousnfsuehn nomtnition, nnd that! shall not boa I a quarter of an hour i-onseciiitively without reference
eaiididaie fir nnv office at tlu Presi Icntiil election
1 bnveadnnted this course, not without a due regard
to the welfare e.f that great nnd patriotic parly to
whose principles I nm devotedly attached, nnd upon
whose t-occeis the future destiny of our country n)
1 think eminently depend. Our prosper is, ns a par
ity, brighli'ii daily; and nowinsliiidof d straeiingth.
I'lnventim by a mull plieily of candidates for the
Vice Pr-si.kncy, we should e-ndeavur ti pn sent in
ihat body, if possib'c, an unbroden front tn favor o'
nmo one candidate foi tho tcronii ntfire in the gift n'
ihe people a? we uiiquestiomiblv eluill fur the Irt,
in the person!'! Henry Clav. cf Kentucky.
Very respcnfully vours,
Tt.e Ciitors of tho Dilnvvare Slate Juuinnl.
Thefuneril of Mr. Leoarc look plans this morn
ing, the services Invinir been performed in Trinity
C hurch. It was attended by the Pre sident of the
United Slates, and the other member of bi.s cabinet
I, many diitu. cashed civil, im itary, and judicial of-
f.eerc r.f the iiniioual null .Stale L'ovurnm.nti). an I u
luge concourse of ibeciiizcns'of I'oiton.all nnious to
&y tne only remaining iriume oi rrsj-tee ,u u.eir u.w
rr, lo the cslimablu character of ibis distinguished in
Tho service on this mournful occasion were of the
m,it solemn nn.l unnresstvo chiracier, Thev were
performed by the ltigbt Rev. Ilishop Tasiniim, nml
Rev. Mr. Watson, Rector of Trinity Church. The
(omn wn sutsequenuy iiepouen in uie- .eieiviii
Limhattsehrd lo the church. I.'oit- Afcr. Jour.
The Common Council of iho city nf lloston met
esn this occasion, ml ' ra'seu a prcainme aim resoiu
l.jns highly complimcnlary to Mr. Legnre.
Thasies TuNNKt. Thu number of pi
sfloeors though th'u pJaSD last wntek nil
io his nous. Thin it was ilni words of fire fell from
his hpi which electrified and delighted his bearers;
i".d ihrn loo, his in inner enrrernondmir with, nml
partaking nf the sintiiurnii fresh from his soul, wn
is impressive, ns winning, and ns emphilieiss his
ln....n.,A P.. .1... I - ,1 I.. . ...
1....,....:. it, riiurt: mm lie couill PUUStl'IPUIiy
transcribe upon paper theseextcinnoianeuus effusions,
.sq iteincre-dib'e; and if those who heard the oration
ireeluippoiiitril in not finning it ns eloquent us they
ititieinatcd. it is solely for the reason tbsint intrrvnls
the orator br-lw lo. so fro'n bis nnlcs, boaulifsl ns
they nre. ami trusieii solely in ihc impulses of bis
iiiiiu unu ms pairio.isiu. i, i . on, ,j. ne.
IlEr.nrM, a nhv: one iol'nii. It seems to
bo laslunnable for tri'j.Ieru politicians in this
country to convert t.l the statesmen into mil.
Iters and herpes. to matter what credit t'.cy
nny pohess for talents, acquirements or ciric
services, l heir characters are Incomplete) nnlees
Ihoy can lay chiin lo military honors. One of
the most ludicrous of these atleinps is mado by
a correspondent of the Providence Kvening
Journal, the object of which i, (uexl to that of
".ettins a fat t.fTice,) to prove not only that the
I Ion. John C. Spencer is the greatest statesman
iu tho world, but that Im was, a hero during tho
last war with Great Hrilain. That be has been
engaged in battle with toinoheKiy during his
whole ):fe, no one who knows his history will
doubt, hut these battles have usually been lers
for bis country than himself, in other words,
ou "his oicn hank" with thu ninple exception
of ono transaiiiun of which Mr. Spcncor and
bis friends will ho the laat tn boast: viz. that
ht ton aid to Gen. JileClurt at tht lurning vf
Tut Fate of Mr- Weiisteh's I.atw.
Our re.iderH have noticed in Mr. Webster's ora
tutu, the happy quotation from Sallust: I'ul-
chriitn est benefacere riepubltcu) ; cttain bene
direrc baud absurdum est." It in Eomewhat
amusing to see the fate el' this quotation in the
various published reports. In the "official" in
the Courier, tho last two words wero omitted
Mr. Webster, of course not needing; them in
his manuscript, had nol written tho phrase out
at length ; and the compositors lollovvcd copy,
The U. States Gaietto L'ives it thun, "pul-
chruni est, bene facere, bene diccrc, bene ah
secundum est." I he Journal of commerce on
ly leaven out eliain. 'I'hci New York Herald
"lives the following;: "fulcrum est, bene face,
re, bene dicere, baud absecumduin est, an of.
fori of originally and ingenuity only inferior lo
an exertion nl the sainu print, on occasion ol
former speech of .Mr. W,s, when it road "Ad
sum qui feci, be or mo must perish," for the
beautilul line.
"Me tne, adsum qui feci, me, in me convertitc
Iu the New Vork Tribune, the place of the
quotation is ingeniously supplied thus :'" ."
Other reporters said nothing at all about it.
ISoiIoh Daily Adicrliser.
If a Dank is dangerous, show another feasi
ble plan, not tcn times ns dangerous, nnd
which will do tho business nnd keep tho pub
lic money safely, nnd wo will go for it.
Tho name or form of tho thing is nought.
Tho thins itself ii what wo want. Givo us spices of tho "Young Men of tho County,
no Treasury nolo business, nosnb-Ttcastiry, without distinction of party." Tho oxer
no Government shaving shop, for rotten cises of both commence nt the samo hour,
accidents to build parlies with, no exchequer nnd yet wo hopo and belicvo that each will
to nornotuato the. succession of chance. In havo n largo nudiencc. Tho friends of
short, givo us nothing but what will do just Temperance) have extended an invitation to
what a United States Dank used lo do for nil llieir brethren in (ho County, and out of
us. If checks aro required for tho public il, to partieipalo in celebrating tho day at
safely, put nil tho wisn heads of nil parties tho Church of tho Ilev. Mr. Converse
together in good faith, to adjust them. Dut Tho other relebration will bo held at Mr.
let us have llio result. Imjorsoll's Church, wtiern arrangements aro
It may ha that for somo years tanner tho matin which will undoubtedly render the
country may bo persuaded to (oil and suffer occasion nn interesting one. Wo bespeak
on, though llio tinkering of political dunces for both houses it crowded attendance.
with its best interests hut though we pru-
tend to no nronhetic sifts, wo as firmly he- PncsiDn.NT Tvi.cn, was attacked at Bos-
Move that the people will ultimately put an ,0 wil1' a 'icrvoiis fever, brought on by tho
end to tho capers of these merry Andrews, constant excitement through which he had
by a recurrent to tho old system, as wo be- Passed; this circumstanco added to the
liove John Tvler is a livnocril.o d11' of Mr- Legaro determined him to re-
1 turn forthwith to Washington, and abandon
DhA Til Ot. Wll. bt-tjAKL. any further jaunt to the Northwaid. This
Wo know of no man connected with the tour has ended in bad luck all around. On
administration whoso demiso would have the part of Tyler it has been a series of
occasioned more heartfejt sorrow than that pufTs to his overweening vanity ; while with
of Mr. Attorney General Legare j nnd wo ,1,0 people it has been a stiff and conslrain-
tbink we rislt nothing in saying that Mr. ed attempt to do homago to the functionary
Tyler could not havo met so great a loss, i contradistinction from the man. If John
whether we regard thcsplondorofhisabilites, was capable of seeing this thing as others
or the weight of character which he lent 10 sro ;t ic would bo very sick of his northern
tlio iiUminislralton. tour henceforth nnd forever. IIo has made
Few men have enjoyed a higher or a no capital either for tho Locnfoco Conven-
noblcr reputation tlian lluoit bwi.NToN Lk- Hon, or tho election of 1844. IIo goes
oaue. wo lias long siooo at tno neau ol llio back to tlio While House to spend the twen.
Charleston bar in South Carolina, and was ly-ono months which remain of his Presiden
thence with the approbation of every body, Cy, in reading his greatness in tho Madiso
transferred to iho bead of Ins profession in niun, in wallowing in official corruption, and
tho Attorney Generalship of the Uniied gleaning his reward in the plenteous posses
States. IIo was for ono term a member of sion of present contempt, and the indefeasi
Cnngress from tho Charleston district and bio prospect of futuro ignominy and exocra
whilo at Washington distinguished himself tion.
us nn able nnd pure hearted man. IIo was Happy man !
ono of tho first scholars in tlio Union, and
made it a rule of his lifo to statin ei -lit hours DESTRUCTIVE FIRE.
a dav. unless tiublic duties forbade. 1 cm,ro V,,MS" "oucnerv.ne, aoout
His connection with tho Administration "n miles below Montreal on llio right bank
was not that of a parti, in, but of nn ofJ.cei ; "r,l" Uiv,'r" consisting of near two hundred
,l.,,l. l... .ev.. .,1,1 ..nr.,.,,,.! f.;..,l .,f dwellings, willi n Church and Pwst's resi-
Tiler. He has -roue lo his rest, at llie verv ti,!M'' wa destroyed by fire on Tuesday
moment when tho President had turned to 20,h '" Tlll! f,rp ,ook ei'r ll,c riv,r.
I,i, n. .1,,. fun.,) niun ir. till il. i,l..r.. ,,f '' "mug west wind drovn tlio flames in
Daniel Webster. Who shall sunnlv bis place "l ,,,,! lou n" "' 'voting it lo total u
Sinco'pctting 6ur paper to press wo havo
learned that tho Statu Couvciil'ion mado tht
following nominations and appointments :
For GoL'cfnnr,
For Lieut. Governor,
Far Treasurer,
Delcgatcsatlargo to llie National Cunventioa
Gov. CiiAitt.r.s Pai.nBi
H n. Ctt". is Cd.imuos,
E. D. WiiouiintiiUK.
(tJProceeilinns next week.
'ou rluic
CinriT SrEED. Tlio sleamboit Ddke of Or
leans recently made the shortest passage bo.
tween New Orleans and Cincinnati on record.
She left the former place on the 8:h instant, at
half uaet !) o'clock, and arrived at Louisville on
the morning of the Mill instant, at 8 o'clock,
making the time between tho two places Odays
and It hours, includim tliirty-rcven land
ings, to deliver anil receive mails, passengers
and freight, t he tunc, deducting all sl.ipp.igee
cccpt woodinir. was 4 elays and 2"J hours.
I lie "UiiKe' lelt liuisviue on tne i nn instant,
at half past 10 o'clock, A. AT. and arrived at
Cincinnati on the 15th instant at half past 11
o'clock, V. M. performing tho whole distance
between Iovv Urlcane and Cincinnati in ouavs
ami B hours, the shortest passage ever made, by
six Hours. ilaltimvre American.
The Richmond Compiler of Wednesday
says Harvest lias commenced on tho river
below, upon several plantations. The crop
is said to b unusually good. Ono of the
most exlensivo wheat growen says, lie never
had inch a fine crop of wheat bwfur. Th
rp in ibis regiun m irit ft.
Tho propensity to falsehood and senseless
clamor on tho subject of a United States
Dank has become such a chronic mnladv
with universal Locofocoism, flint all hope of
cure is now abandoned. Tho seeds of
this baleful diseaso wero sown by the vin
dictive ferocity of Old Hickory who, failing
after much effort, to make the Dank an in
strument in his hands for political manoeu
vring, turned up on it the wholo power of
of tho Government palrongp, nnd the nopu
Ianly of the battle of New Orleans, and then
denounced it as subversive of liberiv, be
cause it endeavored to save itself. From
that time to this it has been deemed a car
dinal point in tho " democratic " compass.
that, not merely tho old U. S. Dank, but
any National Dank is and must bo a corrupt
and wicked concern ; and tho worthies who
claim to be tho lineal descendants of tho De
mocracy of 1815, at the command of Gen,
Jackson, turn up their noses in " divino dis
gust " at tho barn mention of an Institution
which was begotten by iho " war demnrri'ls"
and christened by President Madison himself.
Now, the consistency of these gentli'meii
is certainly their own hunt, and it must be
allowed that it will not do for them to be
stopping to recur lo the maxims of llio fathers
of the ' Dcinocralie Church," because in
that case tho leaders of this day would soon
bo out of sight in their endless tergiversa
tions and continual shiftings of. ground, but
U strikes us that a little less b'vling about
tho identity of Locofocoism and ancient de
mocracy, would look Quite ns well in these
precious demagogues, unless they can afford
to pay somo regard to the opinions of their
political ancestry upon this most important
financial question.
The truth is, and every body knows it, if
tho President of the U. S. Branch Dank at
al Portsmouth had been removed, .and Jack
son's man appointed accordingto orders, we
never should have heaid t)f llie wickedness
and unconstitutionality- of tho Dank. All
would have been well, and ground down be
neath the iron heel of Old Hickory, and the
influence of tho Dank, the Country would
havo been iu fact-if not in name, converted
from a Republic to a Despotism. Tho old
Dank deserves great crcilit for tho boldness
with which it withstood the corrunt offers of
Jacksonism, but the question has no refe
rence tn that institution. It is not, was llio
old Dank right I but is a Dank necessary nnd
expedient t That question is invariably
met with a mingled roar of adulation to Jack
son nnd curses upon tho old U. S. Dank
without the pretence of argument, or an at
tempt at the uso of nny other weapons than
the inveterate prejudice ngainst nil National
Dunks, which has grown out of tho old
grudge. That the policy which has been in
successful operation for forty out of tho fifty
four years that our Government has stood
will eventually bo Iho one resorted lo for the
restoration of the currency and prosperity of
tho country, as veil as iho safely of tho pub
lic funds, wo do not doubt ; and every day
thai prejudice and cant succeed in postpon
ing its adoption, will be only a protraction
of the national evils inseparable from the in
stability of the currency , and iho rccklesi
experimenting of political quacks upon it
Let us have a currency, under which our
fathers grew fat and flourished. Let it be
national currency, as good in New Orleans
t in BoaUn.atwl perfectly gcod every where.
to Tyler in the thorny path he is treading t
No man, mho will go there.
The disease or rather accident, which car
ried olf Mr. Legare, was what is called in
trosusception of the bowels, producing stop
page and inflammation. Mr. L. was never
struct ion. I lie conflagration was caused tiv
sparks front the Sleamer St. Louis. The
inhabitants nre in great distress, and liberal
contributions aro making in Montreal fur
their relief.
On Saturday wo were visited by ono of
tho most violent storms of wind and rain, we
havo ever witnessed. Several persons,
among whom wero our " devil" and ono of
our compositors, were on tho lake at the
lime, and narrowly escaped swamping,
Cook, tho ruffi in who murdered Mclz'ir
Gardner at Norfolk, Va. last March, was
tried a few days ago. IIo was acquitted of
course, for no man who kills another when
he is angry at him, can be convicted of any
thing in the slave States. In order lo in
sure conviction for murder there, it is neces
sary that the murderer should be either a
Tho storm tore a shutter off the Court slavo or a I'oor wlms ! !,mJ " a w"" n,an"
House, demolished a frame in the northwest 'h should sit up all night to way lay bis
nart of the villatro. and performed various victim, w.tnout Having any gruugo against
other feats, tho particulars of which have 1,im- Mi,,ic" beinP proved, makes it a case
not transpired. 01 jusujiaoie riomicmc.
MR. WEDSTER'S SPEECH. Little John Tyler, tho " ornamental Sec
The speech of Mr. Webster at Danker rotary to China" makes public proclamation
Hill will bu found in our columns to-day. of his apprehensions that when ho gets to
As was to bo expected, it abundantly sus- London on his way to China, tho " Iron
tains the world-wido reputation of its great Duko " and Sir Robert Peel, mistaking him
author. Dot as wo think, no man of respite- the said Ornamental Secretary for his broth
table talents could well have failed, if plac- er Dob Ahasueriis, will set a foot somo awful
t:d precisely in Mr. Webster's situation, to plot to punish him for the " part taken by
make a good speech. In 182j at the laving his brother iu tho case of repeal." This is
of the corner stono of thu monument by characteristic of the family, but though we
Gen. Lafayette, ho had bee-n selected lo tie- fear our feeble voice can never reach the
liver the oration ho h id then addressed the 'urs of such great folks, w will venture to
numerous survivors of t lint Well fuii.'ht teniiud John of the fable of the Ox and the
field, nnd their e-oninatriots and brethren in flv which ulightrd on his horn. " Pray Mr,
arms, in strains of fervid eloipionco which Ox, eloes my weight discommoelo yoti 1
added one of tho brightest roses to the chap- ' Why, my dear sir, I knew nut when jnn
let of his fame. The work had lingereil on canie.and am indifferent when you depart ! "
to its final completion. More than half the
lifo time of a generation of men had passed August come dug days but we hav
and now, again ho stands upon that hill Hnotlier species at present, which we shall
of hallowed reminiscences again is he the ca" ho"e daV- T'' weather has been
mouth piece of the assembled thousands who boili"S 1,01 w'" lie exception or a day or so
throng its glorious summit again he ad- far il fortnight', nnd it seems to have crazed
dresses tho remnant of tho brave men who lhe naSs instead of the canine race. No less
gave its glory to that mound of earth. ,,ian wo runaways occurcd in ono day the
Eishtcen years have shed their snows on P:lst wel:k 01,0 01 wlicli ended in demolish
Iho heads of orator, and patriarch and pco- ing a ver.v handsome " buggy " against the
pie. From the very prime and vigor of Ins "or,1 sido of tllc Cour House, and frighten
lavs, thu sneaker, after bavin? reared a ,nS "c "rso out ol ins wits. ,V liy don
colossal fame, has well nigh reached the be- "icn learn always lo lie llieir horses in fly
Einninsr of his decline. Thousands now i't no mailer if ihey havo been In the
listen to tho lanr-ua-'o of his lips who. on tho l'"i "f standing untied for twenty years,
former occasion wero in infancy or yet tin- " a P,aco liko lh'" no onu's Iifu safu in
born. Of tho little rcaimcnt of veterans s'rcci wnen a norso may como now
whom he addressed at tho pious ceremonial "l'n him with the speed of lightning, at any
of eomnioncine the sacred pile, scarce a hour of tho day or night. Those who do not
company remain to hear him cedebrato its isl' 10 be ,l10 instruments of destroying
completion. Tho noblo anosllo of Liberiv 'lll"lr neighbors, will look to this mailer, es
who presided on the first occasion, and I'ccially now, when flies and mosquitoes are
whoso memory is fated lo go down to tho "lorc lla A"mfln equanimity can will.Mand
latest hour of time, linked in affectionalo re
What are the blessings conferred on us by the Ct-
claralion of Indtpcndcnce-, are they political only, or
de) they em! race the social? I answer they da. If
then they embrace the social is it not proper, nay is il
not our duty so to commemorate) our national anni
versary as will tend topromotc our social happiness t
And what is thcro that i;ocs so far to destroy that hap
piness as intemperance ; hence the propriety of cel
brating the day on totil abstinence principle!". Our
aocial happiness, how necessary to our national pros
perity and yet how lilllo do wo seem to realise that
every habit and custom which iroes to destroy it, is ie
much of the privileges lost, which our fathers snug
gled so bard to obtain.
Will any one prefer the old custom of drinkinj
toasts when he cannot but acknowledge that it does
no good, it docs not promote one single virtue, but ou
the contrary it goes to give the s.inciion of our moil
distinguished citizens to a habit vvhi:h has caused
more social misery than any political bondage, any
people ever endured 1 What occasion, then, so proper
for our distinnuished citceni to givo tho sanction ol
their example to the cause of temperance, by abstain
ing from thenseof all intoxica'ing elnnle, as tha an
niversary of our nition.il independence 1
When we gather around tho tree of Liberty let us
carefully examine its branches, and if we discover
any, that will produce the fruit of intemperance let us
cut ihem ofl, for it is more dangerous than the Upas,
will not only cause deith but its rank foliage will
destroy tho tree itself. Cultivate tho social virtuti
and the tree will bear the natural fruit of temperance,
will grow and spread, till it overshadows every na
tion, fragrant with heallh, joy, and peace.
Melanciioi.v Accident. On Friday
fternoon Charles Price, sun of Capt. John
Price of this village, while on bnard tho
Steam-Doat Washington, at the north, fell
tinder tho rrank and was instantly crushed
to death. His remains were on Sunday fol
lowed to the grave by a lirgo concoursu of
Ca.vadiav Shit or GnvmtxjinNT. tha
next meeting of the LenWature will lie m
October, in St. Ann's Market, ubirli will ba
fitted up for that purpose. We hive ulso
heard, that a certain handsome mansion near
town is expected lo b-ivo fur its occupant.
during the summer, (lis Exrellenn the Gov
ernor Ocneral. Montreal Jteraltl oj 19A.
Among thu veterans of the Revolution,
present at the celebration of the 17th of Juno
was Israel Hum, of Nashua, need S5 vears
one of Iho survivots nl iho heroe's enlaced
in the battle of Dutiker Hill. His names
does not appear in llio list published. Dei
ton livening Journal.
membranco with that of tho incomparable
Washinglon,has slept in dealh for more than
half the interval and, to complete at nnce
tho picture and tho contrast, there stands in
all its sublime and simple severity llie'slary
pointing' obelisk, itself tho great enm
niemorator, anil tho ihenm and object of
both celebrations. Amid all these rirciini
stances and associations, what
Daniel Webster do than bo eloquent I
CJWo regret lo learn ihat the Hon
Darker Durnell, of Nantucket, Mass., a Re
preventative in the last Congress, and mem
ber elect of the next, died at Washington on
iho 15th inst. Ho had been detained llierc
by the npid progress of consumption, sinci
thu 4th of March. Iln was a delegatn to
Ilarrisliurgli, and is spoken of by all wl
I , .re . , . ,
less could Kl,evv "mi as a gentleman oi line laients anu
uncommon moral world. In the laneuace
C.l I V... ! ..I ,- ..
Nn.ui.listnn.lin.r 1,1s transrendant powers. "u "i mieu.genrrr, " lie uvea llie
hi, own remark is true. it is the occasion and dil'd ll,e dvaih of Christian
.1.... .....l.. .1 ...., A... I ... .1. ....!. I ...
lll.ll illrtisv I.MIIUI SIIU..IU if- , t-.i. t . .
, . ii mi c i- Hon. rani Dillingham ir. has been nnml
gard it as morally impossiblo for him or , , . . - , r
any other great man to make a tamo speech "V " "uv .
under such circumstances, as for water to
run up bill without help.
Let every man read the speech. It has
a rich store of noblo thoughts nnd inspiring
recollections, and no ono can read it with
out improving hit heart and refreshing his
We had hoped to bear who wa Govern
or, in time fr ih'w paper Wu it " g"
vention in the fourth District. His chances
aro fair, to say tho least of them. Our
friend Lucius, it seems, mutt stand back for
two or threo terms.
The patriot Tcll disdained to'knecl
To Gctsler's hat upon a cane;
Worms in iV.ees. Tho followim; rcccine.
as an antidote to worms m fruit or shade trees,
we copy Irom tho I'hil. U. K. Gazette. It has
been frequently published and tested in this city
and neighborhood, and found ellectuil. We
recollect that nunc twenty years a'o, tho same
ppncaiion was aiiunni.tered in the way pro
cribed, to the Old Elm, in front nf our office.
then in a languishing condition, which not only
effectually relievo the tree of worms but im
parted; to it new vigor and beauty. Albany
In reply to your communication on 6 hade
trees, I hive tried an experiment upon a plum
tree filteen years ago, which I have never seen
any kind of insects' upon the tree, to effect it or
llie trutt, which tree was every year ahectec.
legetticr with the irmt, prevmus tn my expert,
men!. Which is tn bnre a hnlc into the heart
of the tree and insert a nl! of brimstone about
three niches in lenirth, and carefully plug tha
i-nti!" up. The above will be a cer'ain preven-
c ot ail kiiius uf niicctf, and ll.a cjpenso
tri3 ng.
A Mass Meeting will lake placo nt th
Square, before the Court House, at 3V o'
clock, on the 4th of July ; where it ii expoc-
ted that a distinguished gentleman will tak
tho chair and somo imnul.ir orators from
Durlington and vicinity will address the meet
BRIGHTON MAItKETJune 19, 18(3.
At Market 410 Dcef Cattle, 15 Cows and Cilret.
COO Sheep, and 375 Swine 50 Dcef Cm lie unsold.
Pbices Beef Cattle Last week s prices were nl
eustaincd. We quote a few extra at 550. Firat
quality, 85 j 5 25 ; second quality i 50 & K 75 1 thirl
quality, SI 4 50.
Coic ami Caltcs Sales al 16, 19, 14, and 827.
Sheep Lots were sold at 1 50, to 82, and 2 50.
Svine Former prices were not su-tained. A lal
lo peddle at 4c for Sows, and 5c, for Darrowi. Al
retail from 5 to OJc.
Yesterday morning, al the rciidcnce of Mr.Mosta
Callin, by the Ilev. J. K. Converse, Mr, Lenin M .
Stevens, of Underbill, to Miss Mary Anne Catiiw.
In Jebii-on, on i lie 221 in-t. by liev. M. Jones,
Mr, Samcel l!tLDto, of YVinclie-tcr, X. II,, to Mill
Kiaviila V. I'owneb, daughter of IKn. Judj J,
Waterman, iifjidin.cn.
Dut Tyler's OfHct, itripl of Aim,
WauU win tb iriUm he tovti io vain.IVngbciue.l-l shall l with Jnui l"-cv
In Lansingbnrgh, N. V., on the ZOth inst., I th
38lh year of her nite, live ma, wife of Ittv. A. T.
Twing, Reaior of Trinity Church, in that village.
The death nf this Lady, is deeply felt. Her amia
ble character, formed in lhe scliuol of Christ, and
therefore lovely, wcurcd her frirml wheiever shewaa
known. Her prominent Itni was Christian simpli
city. She fouf III and e.btaineO the ability lo te aa
Hue to ber divino Mnsitr, in iheqiiin and yet aclivo
tenor nf her life', as her profession of itavoiiori to him
was sinrere Providentially placed in a station in
which there aic many opportunities lo be useful, rh
was careful lo cmp'oy tbeni in a manner that w
trust, secures her the commendation of, "Will dona
cooj and faithful servant, enui thou into ihc joy of
thy ImtA."
Her sufferings during her illness hare been sever
and prolracied i but they havo been patiently boms.
From the beginning to the end nf her sickness, sh
looked to the Saviour she had served in youth and
health, wiih full confidence that he would never Irava
nor forsake her. Uetainini; by her fide a small
memorandum book, rhc i-omciimes noted in it, with
trembling hand, her thought- and wishes. Kvrry lina
of the rrecious recoid speaks of hrr penilence, her
faith, and her sulunJiHon.
Conscious of her approaching dissolution she enler
d lhe hour of her eltnartuie with i eniiionirr. Irln
. htr last decUrntiun. the nnphaiir were!. "I ark
. . t . .. ... -

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