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'lie touched his harp,and nations hoard, entranced.
From Miss Leslie's Mignrinc for May.
bv L. it. sioovns-EV
Minerva i visit to riora once ma le,
When tho ilnwcrs in a body, tlicir compliments paid j
And (banned wuli tlicir miiniurs and ( ligunt dyis,
She promised to give to the fairest a lime (
mitinrj n day when herself would preside,
And on their pretentions to beauty decide.
T'.ui the Ruse bridled tin with a confident air,
As if she would say" Who with tne can compare 1"
W ile t'.ie Lily.Jbut newly came nut ns a bride,
Whispered Ion!; to her sister,nnd laughed at such pride
' Tho Hyacinth studied her wardrobe with care,
Ptdl mizrlcd to settle, what colors to wea. ;
'I In Poppy ashamed of her dull slupy eyes,
W He a new scatlct drct.3 with n view to the prize t
Wiu'e tin Tuhpcatnc ff uniting and waving tier fan,
Ai"i turni il up her nose at the ij.iII.jUiI clan.
'lhon Hocked Anemones, fair to heboid,
W 'h 'he rich Polyanthus in velvet and golds
A id ihe Jonquil with corsets biccd up very tight,
Th hump nt her bark to conceal from the sight.
Tho buds who weio thought by their mother too
F! und tin ir sisters' loiltHcj discontentedly hung.
Tin i - was teasuiK, and dressing, and prinking
The prtlly fluid Dmies each bought a new ruffj
Tin' stately Carnations stood frizzing their hair,
And tho tall London l'rido c'nuusui;; feathers to
v ir i
Tit' 1'iuji nt tier mirror was ready to drop,
Ami the Know Hail buns'" louse at the milliner's
-hop i
And m th" snme wmtre, at a shoo "tore sonrnt.
Ton trim Luly-Skppirs were pinching their fiet.
Tlnifty Lilac, complained that her rube was no'
Hi w.
Hi t with turning and furnishing thought it might do j
W iitlc the q ieer Rasped Lady, who passed for a poet,
Sa' dniiing In r hos-e, and let nobody know it;
And Monk's Hood, who sometimes had furnished a
Wn shaping nnd plaiting a fanciful bonnet.
The green lin'isc exotics in chariots went by,
Tor their delicate iicnes feared each frown of the
Mi J i
VI lob iron l.er low eotlaue of moss on the pi tin,
Tin Vi i t In iki d n it and adimtcd tlie bright train,
Nut dreaming to join in a circle so gny,
Nor supposing the had a charm todiplny :
Bit Judge bow this splendid assemblage rill stared,
W.i n Minerva tin-prize to the Violet di clarcd
At t ndd' d, "tlioitjh beauties and "races were there,
Tlul modesty ever toiler was must fair."
" Trouble yiur heads with your men aJJ'aim."
Ob, how bard it appears to leave othirsnlonc,
And t'l '' with iiio-l sin often cast the first stone;
What misiii we scatter whenever we pass, glass.
Though our own walls are formed of most delicate
Let toe wi'c one III "Nature's walk" pause ere he
At seamperin folly in harlequin suit j wears,
He'd find "motley," no doubt, in what he himself
If be d " trouble his head with his own affairs."
Oiir acquaintance stand up with reproving advice, 1
Where the fi lend of our bwI would be snarincly nice j
IJul ni'oiile will see their own farthinndin shine.
Thou' h tncy slick it risht under a gunpowder inine.
h aultx ami errors cnoKcup Hue a snow storm, I ween,
Hit we each have a door of our own to sweep clean ;
A ,d 'twould saveus a vastmanysquabblcsand cares,
If we'd " trouble our heads with our own afiairs."
The "lirnwns " spend the bcttermost part of tho day
In Aa.eliiu; the" (ireens," who live over the way;
Tncy know .ibout ibis and they know about that,
A nil' cm tell Mr. (j'nen w ben lie has a new hat.
Mrs. lirown finds that Mrs. Green's neverat home,
Mis. lirown doubts how Mrs. Green's money can
come t stairs,
And Mrs. Hrown's youngest child tumbles down
Through not "troubling her head with her own aflaiis."
Let a symptom of wooing and wedding I e found,
And full soon the impertinent whisper goes round i
Tho fortune, the luaiity, the means, and tho ends,
All ale carefully wr ighed by our good naturcd friend.
'T - a ehinco if a lady is perfectly riuhi,
She must be a llirt, if she is not a fright s
Oil, how pleasant 'twould be if the meddlesome benm
Would b'tflroiiMe their heads with their own affairs."
Lr.Ati and Cottox to Ciit.vA. We men
tioned, a ilny or two since, the sailing of the
ship Delhi from New Orleans for Canton,
with 2,003 hales of cotton and G,C2G pigs
of lead. Another ship (the Ceylon) sailed
from the same pott on the same day, with 1,
3 12 bttlos of cotton and 5,733 pigs of lead
for .St. I'utcirsburgh. Our load now goes to
rill part? of tho.woild, not excepting Eng
land. The quantity shipped to China in the
year IS12 isstated'nt over $230,000 in val
ue. The shipment of cotton to that country
from the United Stales is something new.
A few hales were shipped in 1S-10, probably
by way of experiment ; but none in 1841.
Now a single vessel carties out 2,363 bales.
Instead of India cotton driving us out of the
linglisli market by its cheapness and abun
dance, (us has been predicted by some,) wo
ato invading a market which India cotton
lias hitheitn monopolized. We carry our
iviiton 8,000 or 10,000 miles further than the
hidi.t factors do theirs, and yet contrive, if
not to undersell them, to oversell them, on
account of the superior excellence of the ar
ticle, anil make a fair profit on '.ho voyage.
So, at least, it may ho presumed.
In 133!) our whole export of lead to all
countries amounted to only S6,003 in value ;
in 1810, S39.GS7; in 1841, S9G.748 ; in
lvl2, as stated above, $250,000 to China
tilune, and a large amount to other countries.
Jour. Commerce.
nAi.i.oDNt.M! tiic Atlantic. Mr. J
Wise, the celebrated balloonist, gives nolico
to all the world, tlut ho will very shortly
make no a-riai trip with his balloon across
the Atlantic, lie thus concludes his comniu
nic.iiion :
" Tho balloon is to bo ono hundred feet in
di.imuter, which will pivo a nett ascending
power of tweniy-fivo thousand pounds be
ing amply suflicient to make every thing safe
ami coiiilorlalile. A sea-worthy uoat is to
bo used fur the car, which is to bo depended
on, In case thu balloon should happen to fail
in accomplishing tho voyage. Tho boat
would also bo calculated upon in case the re
gular curi out of wind should bo diverted
from the course by tho influence of tho ocean,
or thro' other causes. Tho crow to consist
of three persons, viz : tin aeronaut, a navi
gator, and a scientific landsman.
" Therefore, the people of Europe, Afri-
r,-i, Asia, and all other parts, on tho ocean or
ilsewhcre, who havo nuver seen u balloon,
will hear in mind, that it is a largo globe
made of cloth, ensennsed in a net-work, with
a sloop hanging underneath il containing tho
latest news Irom tho United States,' with
tho crew of tho world's obedient servant.
Lancaster, I'a., Juno 8lh, 1813."
Tho Marriage Question is, at least settled
in Dutch, as wo learn by the Albany Daily
Advertiser that tho bynocl ol the Kelormed
Protestant Dutch Church, On Wednesday,
decided by a vole of 48 to 22, that marriage
with a deceased wife s sister is permissible
Tho Queen entered her twenty-fifth year
on Wednesday week. Thu event was cele
brated in tho metropolis and in the country
uy mo ringing ol hells and other oemonstira
Imagination. The groat old writer,
Thomas Fuller, relates a curious incident,
which is truly characteristic, showing how
fancy wilt put life into young limbs, and con
firming tho old adage, that " conceit is as
good ns the consumption." A gentlemen,
lie says, having led n company of children
liny ond their usual journey they began to
bo weary and jointly cried to him to carry
them which because of their multitude lie
could not do, but ho told them ho would
provido them with horses to ride on. Then
cutting little wands out of tho hedge ns nags
for them, and n larger one for himself, they
mounted, and tlioso who could scarcely
stand before, now full of mirth, bounded
cheerfully home.
No man should bo honored save for what
liu is or has lonc liis station is but a cir
cumstance. If a mini lias done noblo deeds
wise, valiant, self-denying, beneficient
then honor him, tlioucli he be but some
squalid negro. If Ito has dono nothing of
tins sort ir Ins most notable acts havo
shown him selfish, insinccro perfidious and
base then heap no honors on him though
Ins station bo lushest under Heaven. I o
do otherwise is to teach our Youth to strive
for station rather than desert is to teach
them tliiitofiko is dcsjrable, not as affording
opportunities to do good, but because it cov
crs good and bad indiscriminately with glo
ry tribune.
Imagination. A good lady was accus"
touted to ply her wheel on tho long winter
evenings, after her husband had retired to
rest from tho labors of the day. Before re
tiring, she was in tho habit of warming her
side of the bed with a warming pan. In do
ing this, sho was often annoyed by his remon
strances against it,saying that she would burn
him, though she assured him there was no
danger of it. To cure him of this fault, she
one night filled her pan with snow instead of
coals ; no sooner did the pan touch him, than
hu sprang out of bed, exclaiming "Now
you've dono it, Mary ! you havo burnt my
leg to a blister. Salem Observer.
Whiskers. " I cannot imagine," said
Alderman II, "why my whiskers
should turn gray so much sooner than the
hair of my head." "JJecauso you havo
worked so much more with your jaws than
your brains," replied a wag."
Some person asked Charles James Fox
what was tho meaning of that passage in the
I'salms, " He clothed himself with cursing,
like as with a garment." The meaning,"
saijl-he, " I think is clear enough ; the man
:t .it irtftlt r C ett'tinrinn "
'An AmtEsr. Tho New York Tribuno
says, that on Thursday evening, officers
Ijo'stin and Ililliker arrested the notorious
'James Winfree, alias Col. Winfrec. ihe
friend and companion of Col. Monroe Ed
wards. Winfree stands charged with several
felonies committed by him in tho Day State.
iThc St. Louis Old School Democrat, the tm.
bseil organ of Mr. Denton, holds this language.
jucx uazcue.
"The success of Mr. Van. Buren is the sue-
cess of Col. Renton, and the overthrow of one
is the overthrow of both. Hence Mr. Calhoun.
Mr. Woodbury, Gen. Cass, Colonel Johnson and
others, oppose Mr. Van Buren. If ho xueceede,
Col. Denton is his successor. If Van Buren is
defeated, Col. iicnton is disposed of. The
incites ot uol. IJenton will never consent to
have tho votes of Missouri and Illinois thrown
away on Col. Johnson as Mr. Calhoun desires.
in orucr tnai Air. u chance or nomination may
be secured and the prostration of Col. Benton
rpHE subscriber has ju-t retiirn"il from New York
Jl with a lar'e n-sortment of Fnnrv nnd Kim,!,.
Dry liooil., anion; which may bo found very line
Wool Dye.! Hnud Cloths and Cassimcr-, (Dran de
r.ttt! and l-nahan Cloths. Gmnhrnnns. Dritlinps nnd
Linens for Ctenls wear ) Alpaeeas, Koml nzines,
Muslin De Lames, Plain and Siripcd (-.'hallys, Printed
n ... . . I- u r. i t, i ; t . - .
artielel heavr. nlain niul fttrmeil isilL-je : n trin. ,-nrt.
riijii-ii syii nunus. nn z ir no Lawn, in new
ety of Sill; Shawl-, Hdkfs., Lace.-, Glows, Hihhons,
bailies' ait'l iiltses' Hnnnet, Arnlu-ial Mowers,
Stuel.s, Scarf-. nod Cravals: Para-olls nml ITmhri'l.
Ia; .Men's sinsle and double 1 rim'il Lvshorn Hats:
i. -si bin en aiieeting-, Diapers, 1 lekinj;-, Wieking
Yarn, if-e. &c.
The above articles and a prcat variety not enumc
ratisl have been bonehl at ihelowe.i nrnrs in m.ir
Let, ami will be sold as ( heap a the cheapest for
cash. Those who tire in want, will do well to call
I'Ciore piircnasinifelsewiierc.
may as, M3. 51 - H. W. CATLI.N.
Tin Plate &c,
80 Boxes Tin Plate,
25 HdN. Kusstn and English Sheet Iron, aKrted
no.; -10 H.Jls, Iron Wire a-sorled, 5ccnt Sheet Cop.
n'r. Tinnel and black riv.-is. Wire Vcllnin. Urass
Kettles A:c.c.c. STRONGS
Nov. 17. 1S12.
HO YE ! !
Si RUP lor making the most delicious of
uevoragca ior this warm weather.
Compound Syrup of Sarsanarilla,
Extract of iSarsaparilla,
Spanish and American Root SarsapariUa ;
All renowned for PUHIKVINO TUB HLOOD
iuiiu.h, At wholesale ami retail, bv
12 PKCK & SPKAR, Druggists,
rpHL Mib-eribers respectfully inform the inhabi
1 tanls of Burlington and Mirrouiulingrountry, that
they have returned from New York with a laVe
mus-u oi me most superior Uroccnes, r runs, rreserves,
&c. which they oiler for sale at ihelowcMcath nrice.
consMins in nan ofih.. rnllnuin?:
fsiisars--Double and stnglo relitied.Crasbcd, Pow
ileml and brown.
'5"K,n, Gunpowder, Voung lly
cn, Hvfon Skin, Souchong and Powclioni;.
Ollee (Jill (iovprnniint uvn Li.iiin Art.
I-'rultsMalaga and Sultana Haisint, Currant
choice I rench Prunes in class jars and fancy lloxei
' """ s-ju oiieiini Aiinonos, rnrs vuron, lama
rui'ls, Olives, Caper-, Coeoanuls, Kilberu, Sladeira
Hpiccs Linnamon, Cassia Uud, Pimento, Cloven
hartlines m Olne Oil ((Jnllioux brandA Ovste
(a 1 allemandeA Anehovifs. Itnltnn lfatv.ni
and Vermicelli. Kiench Pickle. (Variantes.) Walnut
Catsup, lndon Porter, Jiijul e Pate. Pepper Saucs?.
hv W.iifp Tji..i I .i... u u..i.. r.!J..u o :
OliM'oUlu and Superior Cocos. Kreneh nreoarcii
...... ii miiMuru. viivcuii, ojx-rinun anuuan
dies, Patent Sperm Candles. Castile, Almond, Va
negated and hatnily Soaps. PeTfuineries, Uoston
aicr and aweet Cruekers, Pilot Bread and Soda
Aho.the German Mineral iraer,thnpurellotland
(Sehildam) Gin, Krench Coguao and Cognao Cham.
i.m.n.ln, mwlininn l I. ..1 1I..M. rk
I' 'C.'s. .... .... t...., mi. a lib cjiiu?,..-. sllilllllui
in Quart and uint bottles. Anizeitc miMTlini-. Sw
Absynthe, Curacoa and Itlienish Wine, for Medicine.
Ilirirlnck ol imported l.igarjH iinsiirpatted, con
Skstinz of the follownn? ehnioo brands : La Union. Re
gulia, ltencurell, Jaquez, Briltania, Princess Norma,
aiso, ine ucrman and amyrnia omokiiis Kinacco.
Collcje St., next to Mr. Wail's t'roelery Store.
rj . . . ! .' . LI I n . n n '
rpilE Dallom lfou.se, one mile routh of the villagn,
"PS.1.1.-.- r'Avr..'Vv UK I II
May 2-iM, I8U. 51 tf
THE Suhscritiers are now
manulaclnring and keep
constantly on hand a good as
sortment of
ol every description. SASH
DOORS and BLINDS mado to
order on tho shortest notice.
All orders addressed to the
subscribers will receive prompt attention.
1 isrnl lit- je. fit IQL'
Winaoski Fnll.,Mny 18, 1813. 51
FOR tho cure of DEAFNESS, pains, and thcdis
chargo of matter from the ears) also nil those
disngrccable noises, hko toe buzzing of insccls,
falling of water, whizzing of steam, ifce. etc., which
ate symptoms of approaching deafness, andaUo
generally attendant with the disease.
Prepared by 11. HELL, of the City of Philadelphia,
and sold nt wholesale and retail by Druggists and
Apothecaries generally in the United States. At
Hurlinglon, Vt., by PECK it SPEAR,
At which placo interesting facts in relation to the
efficacy of the Acoustic Oil may be seen.
Washington St. Philadelphia. May 17.
Wool, fSL Wool!
ROELOFSON & KATIIIIL.N having Leased the
commodious Manufacturing Establishment, of
the Darlington Mill Co., and connected themselves in
biMifb-s with Sir. b'lnur.v Barlow, (fui mer Agent for
aid Co..) are now ready to receive Wool to manu
facture for customers into Blue, Black-, Steel, Oxford,
and Cadet Mix 11 It O A 1) U O T II S. To thoe
that have bad work done heretofore by Roelfon
and lttithhim, little need be aid to induce a coiilinu
anee nfpatronns;!', and to all other wc would ay that
the work will be dono in a workinaiilihO manner.
Farmers, Merchants and others wi-liiiis to have w ool
aianur.icltireil for their ow n u-e or for market may
rest assured that no pa'n- or attention will I oparcd
to pivu the I et of nlUfaeiion. TeniK of payment
inadeeav for all Iot of wool Irom 1000 li s alio on
wardi; Small lnt Cash or (me ball of the cloth
when liiii-linl. The business will leeonducted under
the firm of
April 5, 1SI3. 4.".
HAS just returned from
New York with a
fashionable assortment of
M I L LINKKY llibbons,
Laces, b'lowtrs, Gloves.
flJj? ' ALSO.
rTS iTr, V A cood assortment of
JoP I'rince Alocrt and Tuscan
iii 1 s an wmcn win uc
sold as cheap as the cheap
est. liurlington, May 10, 1813.
51 tf
Vermont District.
Notice to show cause against l'etltlon of
CAMPHULL UKMINGTON, of Huntington, for
Ins Discharge and Ucrliltcatc, as a liankrupl, at the
olliec ot bamuci rrcutiss, in .uonipcner, m said
District, on Wednesday, the 30th day of August,
A. U. 1913. at 10 A. M.
ELIAS DOTY, of Huntington, for his Dischnree and
lertiticatc, ns a Itatmrupt, at ttieouiccol hatnuel
Prentiss, in Montpclier, in said District, on Wednes
day the 30ih dav of August, A. D. 1SI3, at 10 A.M.
LYMAN I). CHUKCH of Jericho for his Discharge
and Certificate, as a liankrupl, at the office of Sam
uel Prmtiss in.Montpclier in saitlliistrict, on Tues
day. thellthdayof July, A. D. IS 13, at 10 A, M.
I'STAVL'S A. DK.MIM8.of .Milton, fur his Di.
ehargoand Certificate, a a Haul, nipt, at the office
ol Samuel rrentiss in Montpclier, in Mini li-tnct,
on Tuesday Die 1 1 tit nay ol July, A. u. 1S13, at
in A. .i.
ALVAII C. JKNMNOS of Hnrliniton, for hi Di
charge and Certificate, as a Hanl.rupt, at the ollice
ot ts.nnuel Trend", in .viontpelier, in said Ui-tnet,
on Tuesday the I tthday ol Joly,A.D. 1813,at 10 a.m.
THE subscribers keep on hand a supply of Lum
ber of various kinds at their vard on Pearl St.
where thev will nromntlv wait on customers. Lurn
ber sawed to order. Apply to Henry P. Hickok.
TTENKV WHITNEY bees leave to remind
JTX those who are not already nnnrised of the facl.
that he has removed his establishment to the new
brick shop corner of Pcarl-st. and the new road,
where he will be happy to servo his old friends, and
make as many new ones as promptness and fidelity
may secure.
He has on hand 3 Double WoL'trons. made of the
best materials, with iron axles, and warranted to do
good service.
Two one-liorso L.u.unt.11 n iiuuu.o-a gooa
Also, a number of superior C ONCORD WAG
GONS, with wood and iron axles.
All of which will be sold vtry cheap for cash, and at
prices adapted to tlie tuns, tor good jiapcr.e
The second story of the buildinir above alluded to
beme a room uy w. and ancxccncm sianu lor a
amieror neci-wrigiii.
Ilurlington, April 12, '13. It! 3m
house: fo it salt:.
A Neat and convenient 1IOUSK, with
garden and srcod water attached,
nliMsaiulv situated near the I Usiness part
of the village; a ver) desirable residence
and will be sold low. Korlermsapply to
Corner of Church and College sts, )
Hiirlington, April 1'.', 1813. $ AC,
rTMII! snlispnlwp biivinir mkfii bis son HES'nT H,
X Doolittlk into Copartnership, the business will
lecontiniHslat hu old tand under UieiirmofP. &H.
I'll I LI DUUMTI L,r..
liurlington, 17th April, 183.
to Exchange,
A llpsi rate DWKLLLNO HOUSL' and LOI.com
1. iiri.in!? iuar half an nere of 'mid with out build-
tni-s. fur n f.irm ill ibo lioii5b borhood of Burlington.
A good I nrgam will be given to 'iny ono win wisnes
to move into the village of liurlington for thu purpose
of keeping boarders, o for professional services, as
tnis house is near me njuarc. ,,,
11. I I1U.1U10, litcHt.
B'irlington, Keb. 15, 1813. 33lf
rTtHK subscriber i prepared to furnish any of the
t I'itiik neal no i lea ions ci 1 ne ojy, iicviews.
Mac-azuies.or Monthlv lteorints of foreign works, ot
the lowct niiblMierV miees, and free ol iiostagc, if
e iu'ri'i in lliirliiiLTlon.
A ealnloLmc and sneeinien numlers of some of the
works may I seen at Mr. Siblev's. Main street. Or
ders lift as nhove, or at Box 45, Post Oifiee, will be
piompily attended to if ucconipnuicd bylliecasli.
... ,i, n .
Aircnt for Wilder & Co., Gcu. Dislributing Agents,
Uo.toii. . 50 If
A second letter to the RIGHT IIEV. FRANCIS
P. KENRICK. Iloman Catholic Uiihop of
Philadelphia. By JOHN HENRY HOPKINS, I).
D. Uithop of the Dioces of Vcrmunt. Just published.
Fro sale by It. J. SHUMWAY, Agent.
April o, 13
FOR two dollars at the ariety Store. Goggles,
Cases and all thing in the oplh al line, cheaper
than ever sold. 51 Pakguoiin if- BnlNSMAlo.
Fare Reduced to 81.
Fare to Uoston reduced to 84 to those trho go through
tiw same train.
On and after Monday, May Bin, passenger trains
run uaity, launuays ixcepicu; as louows:
l.cave Greeiibush at 1 before 7 A. M. nrrive in Bos
ton Gl r. M same day.
Leave Greenbush at 1 before 3 r. m. lodge in
Snriiiglield arrivo in Boston at 111 a. h. next day.
Fob. WoRcr.STEft and Norwich Passengers take
thu i before 7 trnin Irom Greenbush, intersect the
steanibuat train from Boston at Worcester thence
lo Norwich.
Foh I Iartford and Nrw IIavf.n Passengers leav
ing Greenbush 1 before 7 a. m., take the teonilo.u
at Springfield at 12) h. reach Hartford al 3 r. M.,
nnd nrocced ,y cars to New Haven.
Passengers may also leave Greeulmsh at lefore
3 V. M., reach Springfield 8), thence by stage imme
diate', y to Hartford lodge leave Hartford at 6 next
morning in car. for New Haven.
Passengers must leave tho Ticket Office, in Stanwix
Hall, Maiden Lane, for the Rail-road Ferry Boat at 8)
a. M.. or 91 P. M. the ferry boat will be luinctual in
starting. Tiukclsfor thecartmustbe obtained lefore
going on lord the icrry luut.
W. 11. TOWN-LND.
Muster of 'I ransporniion
A Very superior article FOR SLED, for salo by
April 25, 1843. GEO. PETERSON.
lor sale uy , I'tirs & SPEAK.
By the Gross, Dorcn, or Single Uottle.
A LARGE and well selected assortment, consist
XX ingof Gilt, Mahogany and Gilt, Mohogany,and
Fancv framed Lookiiiir Glasses, forsslont crcatlv
reduced prices at tho Hardware Store, Corner of
umircii nun college Sts., by UAUAK &. AK.T11UK
THE new, cotnuioiliou, beautiful
Lot at the corner of College and Pine
street, which i not tor prospect or con
venience excelled by anv situation in
payment in part may remain on time. Apply
THOSE who have unsettled matters with S. R.
Scott arc most respectably informed that ho will
do himself the pleasure of leaving them for collection
i nui arranged uninciiat(.iy.
rilHK SUBSCHIIlF.lv would remind tho Public,
X that ho still continues tho CAU1NKNT BUSI
NESS at tho Old Stand, on Church Street, formerly
Nichol if. Hcrrick, and over Mr. Hurlbut'a Store.
where he has a good assortment of Mahog.iny, Black
Walnut, Cherry nnd Pino FURNITURE, consisting
of Secretancsj Bureaus) Sofass Dining, Tea, Work
nnd Toilet, Tables: Bedsteads and Stands, which
ho will sell for cash unusually low, according to tho
In exchange. Birch nnd Manle SCANTLING, suita
hie for lledstcds 2 inch, 1 inch, 5 Bths and 1-2 inch
BOARDS, and most kinds of Country Produce.
ricasecou and examine lor yourselves.
Umiington, Jan. 13, 1843. 31tf
THK subscribers will MANUFACTURE WOOL
KN CLOTHS for custoirers the coinini- .r-nvnn.
at the following prices, to vit
Aittinvtls, lor 25 ets pur yard,
Sheeps Orey, plain, 25 cents per yard,
Mixedand mill colour.- 30 do
C.issiut.res 34 tlo
We also lm vi- a ouanliv ol CLOI'IIS on hand which
we will exchange for Wool.
iluiesl urgh, March 1 1, 1813. 42tnG
ARE now receiving new
supplies of
COACH aj;d shelf
in all its rarities.
NISHES. &c. &c.
Burlington. VI. )
June 2, 1513.
lOOO BUSHELS Courso Western Salt,
500 do Turks Hand
500 do St, Ubea
150 Bids Western fine
10 Sacks Liverpool blown
liU aacKs Western line
C Cases Salt in loaves lor table use, by
Nov. 12,
Water street, at the head of the Steamboat Wharf
Iliirllngton, Vermont.
THIS establishment, so tavorably located for the
accommodation of the btisne-s and travelling
community, is now 0 en tolhe public, Po-t Coaches
upon the various routes call nt the hxcliange Hotel
lor passenger-, and those arriving or departing by
sicam iioui, in which r.i uit'ir uaggagei removeu
without eliarge, will lind this houe peculiarly totheir
The keemr tenders bisservicc, wnli the assurance.
that in all respects, tlie nous Mian neserethe lavor
able coumleralion or nil who may patronise it.
liurlinton, April I, is Is. 43ti.
TH E Subscriber
having moved in
to the NEW UltICK
UUII.DINO, joinin
the Couiilv BuildniL"
on Church street, is
carrying on the II AT
llUSIM SS in all its
various branches. He
now olfcrsto the pub
lic a general assortment of themosJaAi'onao jfaf
in use; uniung which i$ n very superior arliele of
co.ua! in neatness and style and believed to be fur su
perior ior iiuraoiiiiv to any iniuiroi uic Kinueveri't:
fi.re offered in ibis market. Al-o, a very superior ar
ticle of OASTOllS anil common Bats, among
wliu h are a few of the smooth Castors known by the
iiamo ot 1AssiMr.nK Hats.
Any particular fashion or style varying from tho
general fashion made lo order at the shortest notice.
All the above will be sold a cheap a tbeebeape.t.
Burlington, April 27, 1813. 43lf
HE House and lot belonging to James Longshore
as- situated on tno iew lioad leading irom mining
ton Squnrc to the Falls. For terms apply to
April 27, 1643. 45 if L. It. PLATT.
THE Lot on Pearl street, known by tho Munson
Lot; containing about three acres divided by a
fence into two lots, which can be rented separately.
Tho ground requires ploughing nnd enriching. For
thai use it will bo rented low. It contnins about
seventy-five good applo trees, part grafted fruit.
Enquire of LYMAN fc COLE.
May 12, 1513. 50
ANEW supply of Ladies' Florcnco and Straw
Bonnets, and Men's Leghorn Hals just received
and for sale very chenp by
18 May, 1843. BICw P. & H. II. DOOLITTI.E.
m;v goods.
"ITT'E are receiving a good
1 o
assortment of the van"
ous kinds of goods in our line,
purchased low for cash, which
we shall be hannv lo shew und
se'l to any who may wish for
them. In the line of Watches
ami Jewelry, Brushes, Combs,
uioeks. .lusicai msiruuieni-
Cmlerv. Plated. German Silver. Britannia Ware.Cas,
ior-, ..nine ivicks ana kiiissc-, I musi hooks uuu
Lyes, Puis, .Needles, VVhalebone-, Willow Waggons,
Chairs. Cradle.-. Toys. Doll-, Masks. Marbles, Pic
tures, Instruction Books for Musicnl Instruments,
.Military iiood-, remission Caps, r ancy Toilet soaps
Work lloxe, Writing De-ks, Baskets, Faos, Music
lloxesj Sinid' and Tobacco Boxes, Spectaela-, Thim
bles, Eyelets, Elastics, Bool Laeets, Scarfs and Slock',
uoitars, dosoiiis, straps, rspiril levels, rsnver spoons,
kchu iieeue, tvc. cue.
Our nsii rtnicnt is very complete and constant ad
ditions ore making toil, and we will sell any article
as low as the rery lowest.
May 20. Panchorn & Bbiksmaid,
it i : nuclei) it induction t
llrass Clocks at Reduced l'rlccsi.
IOR ihe purpose of turning a
lot of Clocks intocush, wt
now oili-r lomeoi the most beau.
tilul finished Brass and Wood
Clocks at half Trice, for cash
only J we have Wood Clocks ns
low as CJJ, some ai xs.
Brass Clocks of the lst kind in
fine polished Mahogany Cases,
some ii u anu some doiii le V
G. for 85 and 85 25. We war
rant them to keen good time.
none liettercan be had any where, call soon and get
a i loeii ocioro they are an gone, as we nave nut
few at these cxlremelv low- prices.
For other pay than cash or for credit the old price
will be chargtsi.
Now Is the tinioto secure a clock for almost notli
ins. Pleaseeall and ie them soon.
May 26, 1513. PisoMWrs 4 BhInsmaIIi
town i
CA on i.UMtiAco, and diseases
nnlna Irom an injiidteious
tifcol Mercury,Ascilie,or
Dropsy, exposure or Im
prudence in life. Also,
Chronic Constitutional
Disorders will be remo
ved by this preparation.
Improvement in whatever regards the happiness
and welfare of our race Is constantly on the march to
perfection, nnd with each succeeding day sonic new
problem in solved, or some profound secret revealed.
having nn important nnd direct bearing overman's
Ingliesnlestinics. II wo take n retropeettvu view
over the tnt twcniv venr.-. how N ihe mind struck
vi'ih wonder I What rapid strides has science made
fn'everv deiinrtnient of civilizeil lifel imrlicnl.irly. Jn
that which relates to the knowledge of the human sys
temln henllh nnd di-ca-e. How valuable nnd indi-
pcnsnblearetbe curative means recently ihVcovered
through the ngency of chemistry 1 How does the
imagination kindle and our admiration p'ow nt the
ingenuity, the near appraaeh to the standard of per
fection, of tho procnt time t Through the elaborate
investigation oi rnysiotogy, or tne science ot life,
and the Pathology of prevalent disease, much valua
ble practical knowledge has been pained. In conse
quence of becoming acquainted with the organiza
lion, the elements ol tne various tissues and structures
of the. sv.stcm. remedies have been souz lit after nml
discovered exactly adapted to combine with, neutral
ize nnd expel moruiiice matter, the cause ordiseasc,
and substitute healthy action in its place. The beau
tiful simplicity of this mode of treatment is not only
suggcsiuu ny inv pjiuuiuy ui uiscusl'", 1101 Only
gralnfid lo the sullercr, but perlcctly in consonance
with the operations of Nature, and satisfactory lothe
views nnd reasonings of every intelligent, rcileclinir
mind. It is that Sandi's pAnsAr-AniLLA, a scientilio
viiiuiiiuaticn oi essential principles ol the most valua
ble vegetable substance-, operates upon the system.
The Sarsanarilla is combined with tho mo.i tdWtnnl
aids, tho mot salutary prodintions, the most potent
simnlcs of the vegetable kingdom : nnd its nmirrro-
denlcd success in the restoration to health of those
who had long pined under the mostdtstrM'ngeliron1
ic maladies, has given it an exalted character, fur.
nisbing as it does evidence of its own intrinsic value,
iiuu rccuiiiuiviiuiug u to me iiimcieu in icriiis tlie at-
itieteil only can know, it has long lecn a most nu
norlnnt desideratum in the nrnclice of nieibcinmnti-
tain n remedy similar to this onetb.it wool ' acton
the liver, stomach and bowels with all the precision
and potency of mineral prenaratious. et without
any of their deleterious chccls upon the vital powers
oi iiiesysirin.
l iie attention oi tne reader is rcspcciiuiiy called to
ine lonowing ccriiuviucs. iiowever great acnieve.
ments have heretofore been made by the use of this
; l. i.-t.. . , . .
lHii,Haint- intuivm., ji-i u.ii) cApuiirniusnoWS re
sults still more remarkal lc. The nronrii'ior hem
avail tlicm'elves oPthe opportuuiiy of saying it is n
source ol constant snti-factton that they are made
the means of relieving such an amount of sullering.
iNHWAiiK, IV. J., Dee. 13, 1812.
Messrs. Sands i Gent Words cannot express the
gratitude 1 feel fur your treatment lo mo. n mmniw
Mitllnng under one of the most, loathsome tiisca-es
that nature is capable of bearing, 'I he disci-,' with
winch 1 was nlllicted commenced with inilatnation ol
ibeeves, in the year I83G, which caused almost total
Wui'lness. r cr this I was treated and finally relieved,
but the remedies were sin-h a- to cause the ili,vnlnn.
mentor a scrofulous affection on myleftarm near the
I he pain extended from the shoulder to the end o.
my fingers, and for two years mysuileringswere 1 c
yond description. 1 tried various remedies md con
sulted dill'erenl physicians in New York, and anion -rsi
them the late Dr. Uii-hc, who told ine the disca-e of
the arm was caused tiy the large quantity of mercury
taken to cure the inflamation of my eye-.
My siillerings continued, the arm enlarged, tumors
formed in dillerent places-, and in u few months dis.
charged, making ten ruiiningiilcers nt onetime, some
above and some below the elbow, and the discharge
was so ollensive that no person could bear to le in
the room where I was. I then appliedto another dis
tinguished physician, who told me amputation of the
arm was the only thing that could save mv life, as it
wa iinpos.ihletociire so dreadful a disease ) but as I
was unwilling to consent to it, ho recommended me
to ue Swain's Panacea freely, which 1 did without
deriving but little benelit. For three years I u-a un
able torai-emy hand to my head, or comb my bead,
and the scrofula now inado ils appearance on my
bead, destroying the bone in dillerent place-, musing
extensive ulcerations, nnd I feared it might reach and
destroy the brain the head swelled very much, ac
companied with violent pain. .Numerous external
remedies were recommended, but they did no good.
About a year since I was taken severely ill with a
swelling ot the body from bead lo foot, so that 1 was
entirely helple-s. The doctor advised me to go to the
hospital, for he did not understand mycn.e. For tlie
Inst lew mouths I liail been alllieted with a severe
pain in both sides, at times so hard 1 could scarcely
hold my breath. A hacking coueh constantly an
noyed ine, and this combined with my other maladies,
rendered me truly mi-crable. Such, gentleman, ha
been my situation fi.r seven years of my life, when 1
commenced the u-e of your Sar.saparilla' ) but as my
ease was con-idered h'opele-s and tlie near prospect
of a speedy dissolution seemed inevit.il lc. I felt but lit
tle-encouragement to persevere. The per-uasion of
iriciius-iuuiiccu me iu iry your medicine winrn in a
few days produced a great change in my system gen
erally, bycaiisjogan appetite, relieyingtbepains.nnd
giving me sliengib. As success inspire- conlidence,
I wits encouraged to persevere. Myp.ttns ?reweai
er, my strength relumed, food rcliheJ, the ulcer-healed,
new fie-h formed, nnd 1 once more felt within me
that I might get well. I have now used the Sarsapa
riUa about two months, and am like a diferctu be
ing. Thearm that iras to be amputated has entirely
tieaieii, a iiiiug inai seemed iinpn.sihle. 1 can scarce
ly believe theevidence of my own ej e, but such is the
fact : nnd it is now as useful as at any neriod of my
I lie, and my general health is belter than il has been
for vears past.
Health, what magic in the word! how many thou
sands have songht it in foreign lands and sunny
clime?, and have sought in vain 1 Yet it came to me
when I bad give., up to die; nndns I feel the pulsa
tionsnfbeallh coursing through my vein's, my whole
lieartaad soul go forth in fervent gratitude to theaii
thor of all our sure mercie-, that he has been gra-
lou-ly pleased to 1 less the means made use of. 'I ru-
v have you proved yourse f ihe cood Samaritan lo
he ntliicleil, lor next to mvCrontormvlife is indebted
to you ',or rather) tlie use of your invaluable bar-ana'
rilfa. The value of such a medicine is countless he
yond price, money cannot iiay for it. I have been
riii-ed Irom death, I may say, lor my friends and my
self thought it imno.-ible 1 could recover. And now
gentlemen suiter mo to add another proot ccrtihed too
uyiiiy irieuu- ami guardians a- a lost acMiowieuge
inent of the virtues of your health rcstorini Sar.-ana
rilla. Thai the atllictcd may also use it and enjoy
lite icut-uis it uiouecan eonier, is me ucartieii, itr
vent wish ol their and your friend.
.UAUllIA lvL.L.r..
I know Martha Conlin and 1 clieve what she states
in this document to be perfectly correct.
juiiiv I'uwr.u,
Vicau General or New York,
Hector ol" Si. Peter's Church.
Givenat New York this 14th day of Dee., 1842.
1 know Martha Conlin. and have known of her suf
fering illness. JOHN DUBOIS,
lli-hon ol iNew-v ork.
1 nlace full confidence in Ihe statement made hv
Mnrtha Conlin, having known her the past twenty
years, 1 will cheerfully give any particulars in rela
tion to her case to those who may wih further infor
mation. Sr. ELIZABETH,
Superior of the Roman Catholic Ornhan Asylum.
Prince street, N. Y, Dec. 11, 1612.
I have confidence in the representations made by
Martha Conlin, nnd have full knowledge of her case.
Kt.UA.li r. ri Kin .
Alderman 10th Ward of the City ol New York.
Dec. 14, 1812.
Martha Conlin has lived in mv family the last 13
years, nnd 1 hereby certify the foregoing statement
maue oy ncrscii is currc-i.
f. At i Tx I- I rw.r.
mrs. (UAiti i iiwiu,
No. CO I Broad street, Newark, N. J.
Prcnared and sidd. wholesale and retail, and for
exportation, by A. B. SANDS & CO., Druggists and
Chemists, Granite Buildings, No. 273 Broadway, cor-
ner o siiiiiiiei-rs-sirevi, i i'i u.
Hu inrrlal anoointmcnt for the 1'ronrietora for liur
lington, Vermont, andfor sale by Druggi-ls generally.
1 HICK 91 per noun, u iituiit-s iur vj.
Burlington, March 8, 1843. -11 ly
wliolosalo dealers in
English, French, India and American
liurlington, Vt.
C. BENNS jr. & Co.
Otil Door South of the Uank, Church street.)
Catttnc done In the most approved style and
BurlinRton, November, 1812. 2Clf.
LINSEED OIL and OIL MEAL for sale by
At the Oi! Mill at the Falls.
Burlington, No,-. I, 1FI5. 33,1 V
11 Wl vyVLmill), Vf'Ulll I1U I HKWt U J II I llllj"
and all Pulmonary AlTections nnd Diseases of the
Liinns.tbis is believed to I e the most nonulnr ctctli-
Tinil fntf'ttcj inl nu taTMl t .nni lllo.
cacious Medicine ever known in America, for proof ol
which, we would refer to tho.p who have used jt, and
to the numerous certificates of Physicians nnd others
... , . n . 1. .. ! .. ,
uiiiiuiicu luiiu- iiisiuu wruiiper ui tiiuu noiue
Dr. Amory Hnnlins,of r'rnnllin,Mns. writestbat
alter having prescribed the ti-.n.i I remedies without
relief, nnd having consulted with several eminent
physician, be has found tho Vegetable Pulmonary
llalnam to have had lliedo-ircilellccl, am! recommend
it ns a safe, convenient nnd clliracinim medicine.
Dr. Thomas lirown. of Concord. N. IL. write (hat
to hi know ledge, it ha never disappointed the rea
soiiablcexnecliilions of those who li.iveii.ed it.
1 ha public nre particularly cautioned ng.nnst the
'"an, uuiiitrj ctia ur (miu,fuia WIIK II (lit e purl I.II
ly or wholly nssiuncd the name of the genuine article
lujlle nsiireii mat it Is not genuine unless one
1 both of the written sieiiature.s cf SAMPSON
REED or WM.JON'N CLTLEII, nrefouml attached
to a yellow lalcl on a blue envelope. (All labels of
nml alter the ilatcofDec. 1839, will have thu written
signature of Win. .Inn'n Cutler. Prepared by
REED, WINO & CUTLER, (late Low & Reed,)
Wholesale Druggists, 54 Chatham si., Boston, and
soiu uy uruggisis, Apoinecarie and country mcr
cnanis generally, rnce ou cents.
I'ECK & SI'EAIl, Agents.
Burlington, Dec. I, 1812. ly
TniSSnuiris .superior to nnv thing id known
X for renioving that troublesome disease, the Cu-
larrh, and also a cold in the bea I, and headache. It
opens and purges out all obstructions, strengthen
the glands and gives a bealihy action to the parts
aticeicii. it is pcriecny irec Irom any thing tltleteri
oils in its composition has it pleasant flavor, and it
immediate eiiect alter I clng used, is agreeable
Price 371 ets. ner 1 otlle.
Each bottle contains about three times tbequanlily
of the several kinds of Catarrh Siintl", now selling n't
a lower price, and is theretorc cheaper, as well a
uctter man niiyining oi the Kind in n url.et.
W "111 T T C
r L U IJ 3.
TMIESE Pills contain no Caloniel.but are comnos
X ed entirely of Vecctable su'istances. and have in
their composition n large portion of the pure extract
oi mat nighty medicinal article, the lomato riant
constituting them essentially.
fThc proprietor feels a confidence in rccommendin
them us superior In mod, nnd inferior to none of Ihe
1'iiis wtucii are making sii much nui-e at the present
u.iy, as a piiriner oi the oiochi, a corrector oi a mnoii
or dyspeptic stateaiid habit, oras a common ea'harlie
He a-sures the public that they have the cordial and
uaci'icd approli.ition ol physicians ol the highest res
pcelability, whnu-e them in their practice.
Sold bvtlie I'ronrietor.CllAllLi'.S liOWEN.Mid
dlcbtiry, Vt. Win. C. SUmp-on nnd Ree.1, Edward
Urinly, Mc-sr-. Lewio, Uoston t Hoadley Phelps e
Co.. A. II. ife I). SA.NIJS. and others in New York
PECK & SPEAR and IIAOAR tV All ! HUH. llur
ling ton, Vt., and by Druggists generally throughout
thu United Stales and Canada. 'fr
February 23, IB 13. Iy33
House and Store To Let.
A Neat and Convenient House, out
buildings, and small garden. Also,
a convenient Stonr., in a-good stitiation
as any other in Church street.
Both or cither of the above tenement
lo be let for one or more year?, and po-session given
the nrst day ol May next.
February 2, IS 13. 30
Iron, Steel &c.
TONS assorted English Tire Iron,
111" do. owtMe and rem do, oo.
3 " Ru-.-ia Old Sable do.
Ot) " Peru manufactured roundand square Iron
embracing all -jes liom I in. to 2 J in.
lOtons assorted brand Iron.
1 O " Scroll Iron and -hoeshapes,
3 " Russia hur.-e nail rut-,
Anvils, Vicis, Sledge-, Trace Chain-, Borax, File
and lta.-ps, Shovel-, Spade-, Cro Bar- tVc.
Sanderson's Cast Steel,
Greave German "
, Engh-h bhstd. "
ir American "
1,8 O Setts Steel plated Cutter and Sleigh tdiop
i:c. Ate. just Rccenel by STRONGS.
At! 'T Qijrijsxs ti 1
JJ -iitlll'lrtHj
GROWN PEOPLE say they are thu p'casantest
and most elective medicine in use. Enormous
quantities are sold, and every body Iike them.
the lives of thousand..
antidotes to headache, palpitation, sea-sickness,low-ness
of spirits and despondency or the cd'ects of dis
sipation. POOR MAN'S PLASTER Sherman's we mean
costs 121 cents, and is certain to cure rheumatism,
lumbago, pain or weaKncsa in tne ureasi, nue or
l.dt-k. also nile.
SORE NIPPLES Positively cured by Sheiman's
Panillarv Oil. without taking the child from the breast.
I)r. Sherman desires particularly that purchasers
should be careful that they get the genuine Sherman's
Lozenges and Plasters, us he cannot be accountable
for the worthless articles thai may otherwise be
nntmed noon ihcm.
Likevi-e ull Gescine PATENT MEDICINES,
PEIIr UJIKS, r-UAl S. I.M5, ISl.As.KI.MiS,
MEDICAL, wiiNKS and i.iuluks, tiurt,; sru
rrA.iv. iv, sSff-AK,
Wholesale ami Retail Druggits,
r 1111 S nr tide in Inn will kunvt-n In npn! com
1 elation and the experience of seven years has
demonstrated lo the eommprcinl community, that
for accuracy, convenience nml durability, they are
unrivalled Coal yard scales to weijli front 3 to b
tons. Dotmant Warehouse do, to wemh frpm 1-. lb.
to 5000 lbs., Portable do. to weigh from 1 2 m. to
200 lbs. PortnbleCounterdo-a new nrticlo to weigh
from 1-2 oz. to 40 lbs.
J. & J. H. Peck & Co. Agents.
liurlington, Arril 8 1811.
TJAS removed Ins shop to Warner' row, opposite
I L lo Ilowan atcie. on Cnmvh sttvet, neiiasR
inri-H nooriment ol Ladies and Gentlemen's Boots,
hall Gnlttrs, Bootees nnd Shoes: also, Misses and
Boy's Thick Boots and Brogans, all of which he will
'.fit at verv low i. rices fur cash. All kinds of work
in his line made to order, Please call and examine
his work and price-, he feels, confident that both will
meet your approbation.
Burlington, May 3, IS 13. 4tm
jT i. i.s . i:r-oT ,tn? i
uTAVE, and will constantly keep in depositc ,w
1 ,i.i. t . ti...i: i ', n... r...
--- lllll ilUllin II, UUI 1III,UI1. I., . ..Ill ,ill1IUIUS
lured Noils and Iron, of tho following description!
to Wll I
3d, dd, fJ, CI, Pd, 10J, 12d,20d,2ld, 30d, 40d, 50d,Cfjd
nt'iiifjis. i men. i 1-2, s, s 1-2, nnd o.
liMsiii.vtt ..!.. od, Kd, lUd, Ud, tnatiuiac
lured specially for finishing nice wolk.
FLOOIi AM..V.-12d,20d, and 21d.
riovxn .,o.v,-3-e,--io, 1-2, n-ic, 5-e, ii-ib
3-1, 7-9, 1 inch, 1 1-8, 1 1-1, 1 3-8, 1 1-2, 1 6-9
1 3-1. 2 inch. 2 1-1.2 1-2. 3. nnd 3 1-2.
snt'Aru: wox,-i-?, 7 ic, i-a, n-ic, s-e, n-ifl
3-4, 7-8, 1, 1 1-8, 1 1-1, 1 3-8, 2, 2 1-2 inches.
11ASI) .OA',-1 1-1, 1 1-2, 1 3-1, 2, 2 1-4, 2 Ui
2 3-1,3,3 1-2,4, 4 1-2, 5 inch.
77.; rilUX,- 1-4.11 2, 13-1.2 wide, and from
3-9 to r,-8 thick.
rioitsr: snot; wax, vanou. izc.
A.17; A XI) SCIOLL iriOX. do. do.
MAIHlLi: SAM' Ir.ATi:fi. ml 111 nrilr,
The Peru Iron Co. tnnnulacttire. ili.-ir irr.ruU m Dim
ton villc, N. Y. from Iron of their own make. They
intend to keep in the hands of their agents a more fill
and complete ns-oriment than can' 1 c found in tho
Slate, it is i.ciicvcu iu.it ine goon- irom this e-tab-B
bnient die better manufactured, than those from"
any other in its vicinity.
Pun ha'ers are respectfully solicited to inspect the.
floods oftlus Co. Prices as low and terms as lavor-
able, ascan 1 11 obtained tnlbeStnte.
T. F. & W. L. STRONG, Agents.
Aug. 25th, 1812.
New Estiihlishment,
THE subscribers having opened a Paint Shop in
the building one door South of Bishop's Hostl,
would respectfully inform their friends nnd tho pub-,
lie thai t lie v are prepared to execute all kinds of
House, Carriage and Sig7i Painting,
Gilding, Glazing, and
Paper Hanging,
in tho neatest possible manner, and hope by strict
personal attention to busincs to receive a share o
the public patronage.
It. It. -Jl'AUl.UI.SiU,
Burlington, April 20, 1912. 47tf.
Life! Life!! Life!! !
Jonathan Moore's ESSENCE OF LIFE. The
most high v esteemed .Medicine that ha ever
been ill-covered lor curing Coughs, Colds, Asthmas.
and CONSUMPTIONS. Il will also remove the
Whooping-Cougli inoue week. Prepared by Hln
nT SeTMoun, from the original receipt, by the direc
tion of said Jloorc.
For sale wbolc-nle, by PECK h SPEAR, Burlin
ton, and at retail, by the principal Druggists in
United Slates.
Order direct to Henry Seymour. Hadley, Mas
will receive prompt attention, "and any quantity
.ueuicinc immtiiiateiy turnislicu.
Caution. .s there is much cf the spurious am
cle for sale, iCj'l e particular to enquire lor that pre
pared by Henry Seymour, Hadley, Massachusetts.
Or .tfciiinlc JArfltilntor.
For Irregulor and Painful Menstruation, and
for the Suppression or Retention of the Menses
WHi.NEli.lt nny of the organs of the human
frame cease, or refuse to perform their office,
the seeds cl di-casc are sown, ot which the harvest
is death, un'ess, ,y timely attention the obstruc
tions ai e retiiuvctl and nature is there! y restored to
her wniitel m-tu n. Through caicle-nt"s and ne
gleclthoiisands of females in ilus northern climate
have gonedi'wn lo an early grave of Consumption,
a disease that with females i invaria' ly prcmoted by,
and in most ua-es has its origin in n derangement of
those organs upon winch the I'mmi nacoove is es
pecially designed to act, most, if nut all of whom
might have been saved lya tnnilj rcaort lo this
VERBAL TESTIMONY-thcl est thalcnn 1 1 oier
cd in proof of rs ctlicacy, may be fuund in every
neighborhood where ihe I'MMnKrcrcCF. las been
employed in acconl.ince with M.niam Boivin- direc
tions. It is prepuied m wine, nnd tbottpb j-w-ertid
iiievertlielcssa sad' inediciiie fi r laiiu'y use.
Each bottle contains abnut 2 1-2 onmes Price
75 ct. A III er.il di-coiint wnl 1 e made lo Physicians,
who use it in Ihe i prai tn e, nnd to per-on- w ho pur
cbasebv ntiantily. Sold in Burlington and vicinity
by PECK & SPEAR, Afi-tnls.
Dec. -22, 1542. 3d
( Ilhds. St. Croix, Porto Rico and New Orlcam
Li- Sugar',
10 Ton Lump and Double Refilled Loaf S ugar
5 bids. Crushed and Powdcrtd do do
G' lihds Porto Rico .Molasses,
10 bids. New- Orleans do
40 diesis Hyson. Hyson Skin, Young Hyson
nnd PouthongTeas.
2 tons Salcratus,
25 kegs and boxes Plug, Cavendish and Sheep
1 barrel Lordlard's Maccaboy f-'null',
13 bids Smoking nnd fine cui Chewing Tobacco
50 boves lhinrb Raisins,
30 bai's old Jaa, Gran Java, Rio, and I.agutra
0 do Pepper nnd Pimento. Also, tarch, Cin
namon. Nutmegs. Cloves. Pints. Bur Lamp. Sperm
Candles, Ginger, Cod Fish, Macktrcl, falnion, cle.
With the above, and many other Goods, we wi.sh
to buy money, and offer more for it than is usually
paid inlihts vicmitv . Purchasers are respectfully in
vited lo call. STRONGS.
Nov. 17, 1912. 25
fpillS.kiioenaiii' unparalleled remedy for Coughfr
snjriutnza, (. war, Aslnma, spitting oj lllooa,
WlOoiiint? tuuh. Iiritatitm and ili.ktnttd tatt of
the Lungs, and Consumption. For sale ly
PECK tt SPEAR, Druggist.
n Agents lor liurlington and its. vicinity.
The sub-crilers are continu
al 'v sunnlicd with EVERY
AKIlcLE in the above branch, both of theOmcina
anu ratent kind; .Medicinal water irom .Saratoga :
do. from Caledonia, Canada ; Medical Wines and
Liquors, (mire) Lmhes; Surgical Instruments Min
eral Teellt, &c. fj'Prescnpuons put up at shortest
itLs'Shop open at all hours.
PECK & SPEAR, InoMccariM.
Burlington, Feb. 1,1813. y36
Dr. HuH'h Ulcro Abdominal Supporter.
nils new instrument ior tne radica
cure of ProlapMi- Fieri, or falling ot
tlie vtomi!, ti external application
'.superseding (lie use iif the obieclion-
able Pesary, i conhdently recom-
ineni'etl to the atHicted as the mean
of perfect restoration lo health, il nev
er having (ailed cl ptrlorming a cure, even under th3
mo-t aggravated circumstances.
The Supporter has attained a very high character
in Europe as well a in thi eoiinlrf. Ills adopted lo
theeHtirediuseofpt'sarifs, audall other paininl sur
gical expedients, in Ihe Lying-in Hospitals of London
and Pans.andii, universally recommended in Europe
by medical men of ihe highest rank. In this country
It issiisiainedbylhe lead iig meml ers ot thefacultiea
of Colleges and Hospitals, and by all the eminent pri
vate practitioner-.
THIS Eminently successful Instrument ior the cum
ol Hernia in Us every forin,(u loth Mule and Female
from the infant to the adult, is I eing recommended by
Ihe Surgical Department and multitude ofPhysi
cians in the state ot Massachusetts, and other sections
of ih I'nion i nmong tho variely of Trusses so'd nnd
employed in this state this article is most highly p..
teemed by Practitioners and actual use. it is especially
recommended by our townsmen Doctors lUicil anil
At wliu h place may nl.o be bad, Hitli's Mabsh's and
Twitch titVHEUNl A 'I RUSS, for iliplurt ain Ihe
Maix 1'ekson, fruin the infant to the adult.
tty-Thr.e and theabovofor sale singly or ly tin
d( en On hand constantly a good assortment o'1

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