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A Slory ol" f.cnp Year.
Sam Smllli fat nt liutiio, on New Year's day,
In ilisli.iuillc. HU board was unslnvcd, hi' hair
. .T V I n ,1
....blacked, at d ,
tlircsqo attltuuo
was micoinucu. his boots wcro
up was lean in nc i l a insiiirestiu iiiiimuu , ,
u ill. lita linr.l. tirT!itnt liin mnillonlprp. ITlokllllT '
ft cigar, Sam thoimlit to himself Unit it was
leaif year and how Win,,, it would be if t o ,
ladies emilil only bo induced to pop tl o qiKSiion .
in accordance with their ancient privileges. As
ho tat watching the mnoke which so grace
fully cnrled, hU fancy glowing with the idea.
How .leliglillul it would bo to have the dear
creatures funding on him, and will, tender glau
ces endeavoring to lo I ho agreeable Ashe
meditated lii.s heart softened, and ho beg.... to
feel n squeamish, womii.Wi seiiibillity li.flnso
itself over his feelings, and thought ho won il
faint with propiicty the lirst time a young lady
should squeeze his hand.
"Hap, rap, rap," sounded at tho door, cam
peeped through the Venetian Mind. " Mercy,"
exclaimed lie, "If here l n't All's Jones, audi
nil in ili-huuillc, mid looking like a fright
goodness gracious! 1 must get away, and lix
mvsolf nn."
As lie left the room Miss Jones entered, and
with a composed air intimated that she should
wait. Miss Susan Jones was a lirni believer in
woman's right', and now th.it the season was
propitious, she determined to take advantage
thereol, and to do a lutlo courting on her own
honk. It was one of vviiiimii'm privileges, which
had been u.-uipeJ by the tyrant, man, she as
determined to assert her fights, in spite of the
holl"W formalities of a f.ilsc system of society.
Meanwhile, with u palpitating heart .Sam
Smith went through a series of prison il adorn
ments. The last twi-t was given to his collar,
the lat curl to his whiskers, and, witli while
cambric in hand, he descended to the pari ir.
Mis Jones rushed to receive him, and grasping
his laud with fervor, said "Dearest, how beau
tiful you look 1" accompanying tho words with
a glance of undisguised admiration.
"Spare the hlu-l.es of a mmle.U young man,"
paid Sam, applying cambric to his face to hide
hi confusion.
" Xny, my love, why so cry !" said Susan ;
"tin n not away tho-e lovely eyes, d.uk us jet,
bat sparkling as the diamond. Listen to the
vows of fond alli'ction. Here let us rest," said,
the drawing him to the sof i ; ' heie with my
arm loiind thee, will 1 pmlcet my true iitH'ction.
"Leave me, oh, leave mo," murmured S .m ;
"tl.ii.k of my you'll, my inoxperiei ce 3are, oh
pare, my palpitating heart "
'Leave thee," said Su-an, pressing him closer
to her , ''never, until the story of restless nights,
of quiet d lys. of aspiration, fond emotions, and
un Iv ing love is laid before thee. K. o.v that f. r
years I have nursed for thee a secrt tassinn
. 1 , ,, i , 1 . 1 ' 1
Need 1 tell each in inly beauty moved me J how
l iissnil!.
1 worshipped like a suulhvvur in t lie lurid li"ht;
of those scarlet tresses; how my fond lie.nt was
entrapped in tho meshes of those magnificent
whiskers; how 1 was vvilliii"; to jield opto the
government ol that 'imperial ;' thy manners, so
modest, so delicate, enchanted me joy to me
for thy joy w.is my joy. .My heait is thine
take it "but first let 1110 snatch one kiss from
those ruby lips."
Tho over-wroiiyht feelings of the delicate
youth wcro too strong, and he fainted I10111 ex
cess of jov, .Meanwhile the enaiiiorid maiden
Iiuny Ton dly over him and
Slowly the eyes of .Samuel Smith opened he
pazed wildly around him then meeting the ar
den faze of nls ''lovyer," blushed deeply, and
behind bis kerchief laintly faltered out "Ask
tmjya!" Hi, l,oitis A'eicii'c.
Itclter than .Vothlng.
Coponil Strceler of the Ilo-lon Star tells a
Ftary of a jnod old l.idy, very pious, vvlin once
kept a boarding lmn-o at the North end.
Si. much in her principles, she would take rn
one to board who did not held tn the ctern il
punishment of a largo portion of the race. Hut
people wcro more intent on carnal comforts
than spiritual faith, so than ill time her house ,
became emptv, much to her -rriel ami alarm.
After some time a bluiToM sea captain knocked ;
at the door, ami the old lady, primus a puritan,
answered the call.
"Snrv.mt. .M.iim. dm von rive mc board
for two or three days ? Got my ship here, and
shall I12 oil' us soon us I load."
" Wa-l I don't Know," said tho old lady
" O, hoii-o full, eh J"
" No but ,
" But w hat, m I'am V
" I don't take any unclean or carnal people in
tny house. What do you believe V
" About what ?"
" Whydo you believe tnat any body will bo
damned ?"
"O certainly ves."
" Du you ? W'ell, hnvv many souls do you
think will bo in fire, in eternity ?"
' Don't know, madam, really ; never calcu
lated that."
" Can't you guess 1"
" fJ.m't siiv perhaps fifty thousand."
" U'nl hem ! I guc-s 'I'll take you fifty
thousand is belter than nothing."
Occupying Territory.
Kdivard I'latwell was' yesterday sent to the
work house by the Recorder, for retaining forci
ble po-ses.ion of a shanty in Girod street.
"Well I'm blamed," s.tid Ned, ns ho wan ta
ken out hy the Police ollirer "it's vvor-e than
m irli.il 1 ivv. Thcr's Gen. Scott ami old ick ;
they miv orcupy as indch of .Mexico as they
can. aiulthe neuspipers saj-, lira in, Scott ! Go
it, Zark ! Well done, old un that's the ticket.
Oh, it's all right of coiir-e it is; but let Ned
I'latwell i nly scpiat down fur a simile night in
a cussed sli.iiitvin (lirrod sheet, nml ho is poked
ofTtnlhe work Iioiiso nothinn' shorter, Sipiirc,"
said Ned, pirlicul.irly addressing his Honor,
"this is a great country and growing," Aw
Oritans Delta,
A Towx hirosiTtoN A gentleman speaking
of poultry says; -'Much attention has been
paid to the tearing ol pnultry a, the vyes,, a,,d
tho inelhnil now in u-o for Inlehing chickens I
consider far superior to the Iyptian ono of
hatching them in, ovens. It is simply to fill a
barrel with cgz, head it up, and set a'hen upon
ine Dung.-
As isrmexT or real Lire Scem: i- a IV.ixt
ixo OrncE, Knler a patron in a r.-iTcl
J'atron Just stop my paper, sir.
Printer Aye, ao, let's l,ilv,. the stopple.
Patron A stopple -topple, what do you
mean, sir.
Printer Only, that for a threo year's, sub-ei-ription
it rcnuircs bank notes to .stop that blot
ter. Corn coin arc out of the question.
Patron Oh, ah, never mind ! you ni iy cop.
tinue the paper another year, l.sit, placidly.
"Oh, mother," raid a little child. ".Mr. S ,!,..
love aunt Lucy he sits by her ho whispers to
her, and he lnn;s her."
'Why, lldward, your aunt does not sufTer
that does she ?"'
"tiufi'er it ! no, mother, she loves it."
Motui. Tr.EAs.oi. The Torch 1,'mht Xenia
Oh io.aviivvn Us. abominable 'Mexican' sentiments.1
as follows ;
".Men will differ. For our own part we do
not believe that lying and stealing aro patriot
ism." The fellow will bo saying that blowing up
houses full of women and children with shell
etc. is nut 'glory' if lie is not sharply looked
There is nothing moro destructive to the
peace, morality, nnd prosrity of a conimnniiv
iIi-iii idleness and coiitriupt for I.i!r,
.mitition to sbli land.
STATU Of VCIlMONTi J The -lion. I lie
District or CniTTt.nr..v, ss. 1 rotate Court
for tlit I l5'trict of Cl.itlrnden, to nil persons to whom
these nresenifl shall roiiic, Greeting ...
W. ierfVs, Elmer Bccchcr. ( J unr. mil of William W.
' " ...,ii in hi 1 hi', ale of II nesliurc 1.
in Mill District, deceased, has presented to said Court
S i et lion . -Vl lns ottl. that his said word
jy'1,11 ,,&!, of njtwo or said parcels
jn fnjl i,K-sbur(;h, one continuing nbout 15 acres ol
lnii.l mi. I the nllief nllolll three DCri'S of land Olid the
third paiccl ljiiitf In Moiikton, , coiitainin about one
ucico, JJ'" TL
wmi() )or tllc inrrcf ,,f i,i3 eM wnrd that the
wlutle of said nnrrels ol land s hou d be sold, mid the
proceeds inverted Inpiinluclive Ftocks, or put to Inter
est, nnd proving snid Probate Court to grant him li
cense to sell nil said real estate:
Tiirnrror.r.. It is ordeied. bv said Piobato Court.
.bat the I'Jili day ol Aliri!, 1818, be assigned lor
llcailllI HUH UCCIUIll" on sum iieimuu, ul uiu unite wi
Ihe 1'ioiiale Court, in said Burlington: nnd tuilher
ordered Ihat till persons interested should be notified
thereol by publishing this order three weeks succes
sively in the llurliiiitlun Free Press, a newspaper pi hit
ed In lliiiliiigloli, till which publications to be previous
to said Mill day of April, IS 18.
Given under my hand nt Burlington in said District
this '.Kid dny ol .March, A. t. mis.
3Jvv3 lilt ADFOIIU U1XFORD, llegister.
John llnNCom' INtatc.
STATU Ol' Vmt.UONT, ) At a Probate Court
Itlsllict ol Chlltei.ilen. ss. V holdcnat Bur unr
ton, within and lor the IJistnct aloresnid, on the 18tli
ilny ot .Marco, A
I). 181s. nn Instrument tmrnoitiiiL'
to be the last Will nnd Testament of John Hasco.m,
Inleol Milton, hi said ditiicl, deceased, was presented
In Hie f .mill here Inr nioli.it.'. lie l.lnus Ilnsroni. ntie I
of Ihe Executors therein mined.
rui.nr.ronr. it is ordered hy said Court Hint public '
notice he eiven to oil persons interested therein lo no-
pear belble s lid Court. nt a session thereof to he holdi.ll
nl llurluij-toii.on Ihe Mill day ol" Aplil, A. 1). 1818, nt I
II) o'clock, A. M., and contest the probate of said
vv ill : ninl it is .ml her ordered tliat tins order tie uuu
libed three weeks successively in the 1)1111111111011 Free
Piess, a newspaper printed at llurliiigton,lu this Slate,
the last ol'nluch shall be previous to the day assigned
as aforesaid lur hearing.
('iven under my hand, nt ihe Register's Olfice, this
20ih day ul March, A. 1). 18 IS.
3J3 UKADFOltD K1XF0UD, Ilcgisttr.
Family Ciroecry &z Provision
Oi Collfgc Si. one dir of Lyman's
Slorc, and opmile Harrington's Drug Mure.
fmfSeinr&fq T111' SUBSCKIHEK
tag-I E S ij X would respectfully in
form the public, that he lias purchased ihe slock in
Hade of Ihe late firm ol puller .t llrii?"S. and will con
tinue business at tiieir old sliind, unit that Willi the
stock on hand and ihe new supply of Fninily (Jipeer-
ies and Provisions he is now leceivinz, he iseonhdent
ol s,ilW)in all who may purchase ol him, as to quail
ly mm price, i.all mm se.
ilurluiton Nov. 'J, 1817. It. II. Mitciiei.i,
.SYEIt'S CitEiutv I'lXToit.M For the
il cure of coughs, colds, con-umption, nnd nil allec
tions ol ihe l.ungs nud Thront. 'I'his coinpouiid is
entirely nhove thesii-picionof iiuackery.and isieconi
uiended bv nhv sicians ol ihe hmbesi risiieelnbdiy. lis
1 Formula is Inllv laid onen to the infection of ihe
. ,. . . , . f 1 i, .l .1...
orinuia is limy lain open to tin
ineoieiii iiioiis-ioii,ann 11 is coninienuy ocueveu nnu
ils b ,,.:.,,. u tu..,. ... .,, .. lhe ulI110i cner-
py of reniedical elfect vi ith llie 11
'JTiiil For sale by
: lnostpellect snieiy.
A. u. sri.Au.
110 l.niHKi v sTitiiirr, m:w vohk,
VIio!e-nle Crneer nnd Healer ill liiiporled
J.iiiiors, Wines mnl Senilis. I'oreigii
l'le.servcs nml Ccrnuiii Kissin
ger .Uinciitl Water. 50
IUST RECEIVED ami roit strx at tiu
tJAericultiirnl Wnr House, by J. S. PL.1KC1;
urlinglon, Feb. 'Jj, 1818.
rnilESE WORKS ARE .oy ix full op-
-M. craiiou. iniproveineiiis anil additions Having oeeu
made to lhe above premises during lhe past summer,
lhe Proprietir isnuw piepared to fullill all oiders for
castings, on lhe shortest notice and nioM ren-onablc
terms, with a lamer and nioie general nssorlnient ol
Patterns tor machinery Ac. than can be lound else
where in this country.
Olfice In Mill Store, Wnter St.
liiiihnglon Dec. SI, 1817.
COO Packs Nova Scolia Tlasler.
fJ 10 Tons assorted do (irindstoiies,
lixxi S-ieks ground rock and Western Salt,
o"" ubis supeitiue ami e.virn riour.
I)tCc? CO.
j- ;vi'I.IMII'.N'S Fine Shins, Silk ond Woolen
I L'i, ii,..i.,n.iii,i, i,l llriiueM.
Feb. 111.
The medicines issued by the Graefenberg Coinpiny
Coll.si Ol a rjFltlKs, pre-eiiiiiieiiny nniipieii 10 ine u
r nses lor w'hieii iney oie respecuveiv recoiiunemieu. '
(.rent disrepute has attached lo lhe Patent Medicine ,
business bv nersons i lainiing unieasal mmer for a
sniL'le given medieine. il is not only idle, but impii- j
dent, lo ihunt such n doctrine in the' face ol an intel
hgeiit coininuniiy. it is cotituiy to llie very litst
principles ol common sense.
Grnel'eiiberg Vegetable Pills.
The History of the Gracfenberg Vegetable Pill is
briefly ns follow a :
The inventor, nfter more than n Quarter of a Cen
tin y's investigation of this subject, was led lo the dis
covery by reflecting upon the lollowmg Laws of Na
tme. jl I here are three principal nvenues by which
Nnmie eoe s horn I be bodv w hal is neeessarv e fi.
IK-Iled ihereliuin. These ihne are the Simd. the
Urine, and the Pores. These ih be kepi in n heal
thy condition, or disease is cerium. This is a fixed,
IMiitire Lair; nml no hinnaii being eansiilely disrc-
gar.l it. In addition lo this, the Liver must he kepi in
order the liver is lhe largest organ in the body, nud has
some ot the mu-t impnitant functions to lulhl. It re
gulates the Bile, and consequently the digestion ami
the bowels. The stomach iiiu-t be Invigorated and
made, bealihy. Added to nil this, the slieugih and
tone ol lhe pstein mu"t be kept up by proper nourish
ment, exercise, nnd rest.
These are plain nml simple laws ; anil when they
nllwotk luruioniously. a person is in sound health.!
This position will liotoe questioned. t t 1
t'cAVoir, lehen the ttyitem is diseased it is the
filht giaad uhjert to let all these functions at work,
fJ lVAVk.
'j'K. bowels must be opened, cleansed,
strengthened : the urine must be made to
neaiiH i.l
soothetl nml
sirenglhened : lhe urine must be made to How health
lullv and naturally, nnd lo throw oil' lhe impurities ol
ihc'bloo.l : lhe In er ond stomach must be regulated ;
and above oil lhe
must be opened, nnd the skin made healthy. These
things done, and nature will go to her work; and
nidi v hea ih will sitsim ling upon the chcik ; una
life will be ngainn luxury.
1 he second 111 lhe I-eiles are the
(iriief'eiilier Ileiillli Hitters.
Thee are Unlirely Vegetable nnd are skilfully nnd
elegiinlly prepired by lhe Graelenh'rg Ciiinpmy from
a number of themosi purifting. invigomiingand heal
ing Boon, B.uks, Herbs anil Vines, gilhcred in the
vosi loresls and prairies of America. As a Ionic; n
ilcobsiincnt, n restorer of lhe tone of the sysieiu, ond
lo refresli ihe sallow complexion, they are ol inline
dime nud potent ellicacy. Taken in the spring and
summer months ihey are the most poweilul Prcven-
ove oi leuriieanti oguisn coinpiamis.
Sold by A C Spear, nnd I Sherwood, liuilinglon,
I. S Miins'in, w II Hnteli, Winoosl.i Falls, Ayers
and Cl.nk, Mill u ; HurllK'tl and Hodges, Wiltittuu ;
L. II. Green, Kichinoud ; Field ond Benih, Jenchu ;
vv v;'.ll'v' Cu - Charlotie : I A I. Tultle, lissex ;
i, ir '''h'. Hiuesburg ; A. rurgunn, Huiitiugtou ;
' ' .Won,), U'estlord; W. D. Tyler, Shelbum ;
. ""'cl" r'K' Albans, General Agent, 33m'J
1 ri)(t l!ll,'s Uampkaciiv Loo Wood
V7 ground.
do l'iilic,
do Itedwood,
do Nlcwooil.
do Camwood,
do Alum,
For sale by
in-BMs Blue Vitriol,
5 do Lac Dve.
5 Cases Indigo.
15 Kegs Criniu Tartar,
ju j lerees inperos,
flf filled Olid rei.ntr-I tn nr,nr nn, I tn f.t,
H nt enn lw Join Iwulterf.
July 4
i j. v.
Northern unit Southern Express.
I EAVES Fort New Yonit evkhy Wf.dnes
i day mornlne-. and for Montreal every lriday
Arrives from New York, Thursday evening, nnd
from Montreal Tuesday.
Office, New York, No. 10 Wall street) Albany,
No. llnndlallxelinnRej Troy, No. 1T5 ltivcr Si.;
Montreal, No. 183 tit. Pauls St.; Uurlington, West
side Square.
noston mitt .Montreal Exnicss.
EAVES roit Hoston ami Mo.vtiieai,
nt every t rway morning, nnu nrrm'
Wednesday evening ; from Jlontrcal luesday
a .... . . . r. t.-..
OlHee, Rail Road Hxcliange, lloston ; 183 St Taul
St., viontrenl J Weft side Square, liutllngloil.
Darlington, Jan. 1, 1818. SOlf
Cheshire llnili'ond.
cKs2 f5-ii?S PjpS
"iN nnd niter October 13lli, Trains will run over this
V.' Konil as lollows
will lie run to Wiiiclienden in
Knliiinrlimi (t-lll. flirt Vifr.ililtrfT TlllillS. W lllcll leave
rimrlmnu'i, n t 7 A M. nnn IP. M.
I'rom Winchendon nt S 15 A. Al. nnd 3 JO P. M.,
coimectin" will, the second nnd the last Filchburg
rn...B tn .tnet.m
Staues from Western and Northern New Hamp-
shiie, nnd the State of Vermont, will deliver and le-
eeive passencers nt Winchendon ill connection with
nil llie aoove 1 rains,
reight Train w ill be run daily each way in con
il with Ihe usual Kitclilitirc h rricht Trains.
licet ion
T. M. UDWAIIDS, President.
October 25, 1817.
ing house of the subscriber, on Pearl street.is now
offered lor sale toother with out-buildings, a well of
good water, and about one acre of land. Also; the
smalt white dwelling house next door Uast. Possess
ion given immediately.
Ilutlinaton, Jan. 5,1813. SMif
X ter Falls, near the factory, is oirered for sale nnd
vtMacucinn In Im (riven the llrf.t dav til Wnv mvt. It
j, nolH.COnd to any stand in the State, as n village
Tavern. 131(11111 into consideration the cost of it
laAAU vvAit.MJti.
Burlington, Jan. 21, 1318.
(Near the Steamboat Landing,)
TIIH suliHcribcr wouM notify liisoUl rriiMuU ami tlip
, iu!)ln: fieiicrnlly, llint lie lias tetdkrn the wtll
known nml commuiliuus liuus-e nt lhe licnd of the
tcatnbuiit Lmliim, in ISuilinton.known as the
i:x(jji.v.:i: nori;i,.
Intcndinj' to make hiJncntion in HurlinKton npfr
inniieiit one, lie lia rfiittetl and newly turnUlird the
home, and jilednes hinwll to keep n lirK clai Ihhih.
riatterini; Iiim-elf, Irojn lung experience in the bu
f!ine,thal he knows wiint tni timeline public requite,
he will be enabled to make hi- RiieM1 terl them'lves
nt homp, and aptirts them tint no exertions pjiall be
spiri'd to make the w unts and comturts of his patrons
Carriages nlwn in readiness on the arrival nnd
departure of the bteambont?. to convey pabengers to
ond fium his hoii'-e or any part of the town.
The ilitlerent lines of Stupes call nt this houc, ma
king h the must convenient for the buinc commit
mtv. .MOriKrf L. HART.
flurlington, Nov. 1, 1817. tlUif
11 I'll I. ISG 7 'ON AO It I C VI. TV II A I,
Warehouse and Seed Store,
rpiIH SLWitlHnil iiavixo nKcoMKTiu:
X sole propiie tor of the above establishment, will
continue the business, nt the spacious store, know u us
the Thomas Building, ColVge St., Ilurhngloii, Vt.,
nud now oilers the best u-sorinieut of
r.vit.niNG and gakim:ning tools
to be Ind in lhe country, consisting ill part of the fol
lowing nnicles, z
Prouty Menrs' Centre Draft Plows, nil sizes from
one hoise to eight ; Subsoil and Side-liilj do. ; liar
rows, six sirs ; Grindstones, bung complete for ue ;
Hay and Siavv Cutters ; Corn Sbeilers, various kinds;
Fanning Mills, Ciaillis, Sejthes, Culiivaiors, Seed
and Corn Planters, Bakes, Shovels, Spades, Hoes,
Picks, Forks, Chains, Yokes, Hows, heelbanows.
Folk, Shovel nud Hue Handles, Sickels, Snunge Fil
lets, Apple IVnrets, Hateheis, Lend Chains, Pun
Spoons, .Manure Pullers, liny Knives, ButtiTMoulds
and Stamps, Wieiuhes, Lanterns, Well Pulleys, Bill
Hooks, Bush Pulleis, e.
my I I run Gatherer, Pruning Saw s and Chisels, Pruning
lis- I Shears, Sliding do., Pruning Scissors, Flower Giitbe
led. 1 rers. Hdjing Knives, 'Prce Sciopers, Gra-s Hooks,
rers. i.ujing Knives ; tvv t?cniwr.
l'runing Knives, Toy Tools, Assoited Seullles, (irnss
or Lawn Shears. Garden Iteek ami Line. vv,.,.,h
Forks, Transplanting Trowels, Gulden Sv ringes. Vine
Scissors. Arc Ac
lhave the agency also for the sale of
.Morrill's I'nli'iil I'nloii Scales,
n beautiful article, in nil rcspeCt9 equal, nnd in some
snierior lo Fairbanks' Scales, nnd much cheaper
The improvement cohmsis ilnelly in combining the
platform and counter senle. They weigh witli perfect
accuracy Iroin J m, toilil lbs., nnd occupy no more
room than the counter reole.
lhave recently usited llie principal Nurseries of
un- .iiiiiiiy oi iiosioii, .vioaiiy, ,c..ani inn nri rnre.
" "" """"."1 inr iioiue prices, 1 ru.t Trees.
Vr"l"-' n.' Shrubls-ry, Hou-c plauu, Sic, on the
Uhoi'est nonce.
, ' have nlso inaile nirnngenienis wnluhe nianuf.ic
Vi 1,1 'oiesiuug viarimies, Uiover
; W" -"'U". "f Craekeis, .Ve and
I ,n" ' ,"l,lc ."' luriush them tin short nn'icr.iu iiinnu.
,ul,; i ' I "V ' iiiniiuoii iii ireigni only,
l anneis, this is )nur Store. Will von ni-tul
vour Store. Will s.,.,,,1,, I, f
1 know it will be for your interest to do so, nnd 1
know it will not take a long urgiunent to convince
vou thai it is for our interest tn haie one place in lhe
County where you can find every looliirmnehiue ou
may need. JUHN S FF.IKCi:.
uuinngton, July sa, 1M17. lyl
WILL, within five minutes from its application, re
move lhe nain from lhe severest hums s:,.nl.lu
Blisleis, Hurls, Jambs or Cms, nnd will eerlamly cure
Gout, Piles, liillinimalorv Kheuinaiisni. Son s nr
Swellings, or ail) lliiug that is inllauied, such ns Fel
Ions, lluiirounds, &c. In eases of Benxs. il'nm.li. ,1
immediately, it will preserve life, no malterhow severe
maybe lhe injury, unless a vital be burned. 1 1 will
heal Burns or Wounds, Ulcers ol any kind, without
scar. It neutralize and destrovs poison fiom plants,
repiiles, insects or rabid animal. It will wherever
applied, prevent Mollification, nnd ill old wounds,
when mollification has commenced, it viill ornst the
disease and cure the wounds, even when llesb has nl.
ready dropped avvay, mnl will restore the putt to its
IlillulHI sniiv, iiiirn lilt- iiimvis un jkiiiiiiii, II will
if well rubbed on. olford instant rclirl and enuse n
movement ; even when Castor Oil, Jalap and all oilier
medicines have tailed, its use is pcilectly safe in oil
cases. It never can do harm. It will not conflict
vvitlionv medicine taken internally. We have tun
space in this publication to enumerate all the diseases
curcu ny iai.ixv s .viacical i'aix r.xTRACina ; but it
will certainly cure Hums, Scalds, lhuises. Piles, lit'
ftiiiiiinaloiu Hheuinatisin, Inllauied and Sine Lyes,
pclhns, Vltillihtius, Corns, liites. Sines and Hirers,
and instantly alleviate pains ot any Kiinl. 1 he 1.x
tractor has gained on unprecedented reputation and is
esteemed the best medicine now ollercd lu lhe public.
Hut reoder, you must be careful when purchasing,
or you wi'l be imposed upon, The genuine Hxtraclor
is so deservedly popular that vvitked men eouiiietleii
it. There ore, ieihop, twenty diflereut kinds of
counterleit. Some have Henry Dilley punted on lhe
wrapper, to imitate writing, llut the genuine has on
it wiilleii Willi a pen nnd ink, II Du.r.v ; nnd lhe
writing is always m a diilerent colored ink from what
Ihe wrapper is piintid with. Female by II. DALLKY
ifcC().,No '.i.o Broadway, New Folk.
Milo A. Holcoiiib. Agent for New F.ngland.Tnrifl
ville.Ct.; THKO A. i'F.CIC, Burlington, and by nl
most every merchant in New England.
March JO, ISIS. 3yl
Bso and Pure rii'in. Tirse!?. rriiU'i
lUndt nml Kin, olall prices al J V Kikiiiui,
friends, nnd Ihe public generally, thnt they hnvc
taken the stand, formerly occupied by the Senior Port
ner, corner of Church nnd College streets, Wickwnrc
liuilding, nnd have on hand, nnd are constantly re
ceiving direct from Uoton and New York, a large,
ricn, nnu lasiiionnble stock or
IMiY (400DS,
co.Nsimxo i.v fART or a oreat vabicty or
cloak and nm:ss coons,
Viz. super. Thibet, Merino and Lyoncsc Cloths, fancy
Plaids, iltlfeienl colors nnd prices j nlso n large assort
ment ol lllnik. Illne 111.-., I. stntui. Strioe. Di.ili. Plain
nnd 1'igiued ALPACA S; ulso, Oteeon, Victoria,
v.nMimcrc, .Mous. l)e Lnine lliess (ioous, ana a va
tiety of olhcr kinds, lint here eiiumcraled.
Ilrondeloths, CnsM.nercs nnd Vdtings.
A large assortment of Ulnck, Ulue DInck, llrown,
; Green nhd rab, Cernia n, Unci sh nnd American :
,olso, Hlatk.Illue Dloek. and Fancy Cns.imeres and
t hiiiil' nssori np it n
lAicsKins, n variety ol Kiclinnu l ancy esimgs, con
sisting ol plain and lancy Salins, .Marseilles, Valencia,
and various other kinds, too numerous to mention.
A lame assortment nl ricliand fashionable Shawls
Including All-wool, Cnhmcrc, bl.uk and fancy Silk,
llrncba woisted D.unnfk, llicliln.nl Plaid, nnd other
styles ol Heavy wool and nit snawisior winter wear,
Prints nuil liinsloiins.
3(10 nieees l'rinls nnd furniture Patches, nil stvles
and qualities, at very low prices i also, n variety of
ifcoti.li, Laiglisli nnd Atuciican vjingnains.
Domestic Cooils.
Heavv nnd fine hrnwn and bleached Pbeetines,
iSIiirtincs, Mrilhucs, Tickings, nnd striped Shirtings,
111.,,, -I., 7.1 I.T..I...I,.I l',.n Vlnn,i,la ul.il. l.lr.T.t
lileached and unbleached Cotton Flnniiels.wh.te, black
anil colored Lnmbiicks.'hnc bneusn, American and
Siilislinrv I''lntinl9. olalll nnd Iwilled red nnd Vellovv
do. liockiuir, Daizc, cotton and wool Yarn, Carpet
VV arp, vv IcHllig, vv aiming, mua, ivc.
f, I.lnen (loods, Ac.
Pillow case and linen Sheeting, linen Lawn, white
nnd brown Linen, Scotch and Iv.us.sia Dinper, huckn
bac, crash, cambric, silk and linen Ildkl's, blk Italian
Cravats, fancy do, book and Swiss Muslins, Law ns,
&.c. Slc.
Hosiery and Glove.
Black cashmere, worsted and alpaca, black, brown
ond white coitoi IIoe, misses and cluldien's worsted
nnd cotton Ilusicry ; buck, benvcr, kid, Heilin lined,
calimere, silk, linen nnd cotton Gloves in great vn
rielyj bonnet nn.l cp ibhons,dressand cloak Trim
luings, includu g Buttons, Gimp, Fringe, Cord, &c.
A variety of Ladies' Plips, walking Shoes, Duskins,
oVc.ilso ladies' ltubber Uuskins, IJubber Shoes, plain
and lig'd ladies' and gentleinen's patent Rubber Over
shoes, iVc. Also, a general assortment of
Y. I. Goods nml Groceries,
including Java, Laguira.Hioand Si. Domingo Colfce;
old hyson, young hvson hyson skin and black Tens;
Spices ol all kinds; crashed, pulveri?ed and brown
Sugars, jlolasscs, whale and sperm Oil,!(C. (sc.
The nttenlioii ol Cash purchasers, of those who pay
fjr their Goods, ond like to have them Cheap, is in
vited to the nbove Slock, confidently believing: the
Goods and prices will meet their entire approbation.
Uurlington, Jan. 1818. 28
Kirkhritle's Talter.-all's
ASAI'i:, Speedy nml I'ermnnent cure lor
Heave, Broken-vvuid, Chronic, Cough, Colds nnd
nil disenses wliicb ihpend upon inllamation ot the mil.
cous ineiiibrane of the lungs, throat and head o the
Hoise, or nllect the soundness of the Animal's icind.
This remedy which lias been usnl uiihsui i reiuatk
nble success in llngland.is now olfered to Uoiseown
eis in the Uiuleil Stales ns n positive specific lor these
obstinate nnd distits-ing complaints. Fiom the com
bination of poweilul vegetable ingredients in its com
panion il is enabled to compete successfully wilh dis
eace in the hardy coiistiiulioii of the Horse, nud at lhe
same time, is warranted to be pcrlectlysnfe and genhl,
is eaten greedily by Horses and other entile, nnd does
not nt nil inconvenience the animal or deter him from
u-ual labor. The following is one amongst many
prools w have ol its tlHcieucy. It is from one ol ihe
nest Fnrueis in NewVoik, and a gentleman whose
know ledge in the medical treatment ol Horn s is very
New York, Nov. 1, 1317.
Messrs. A. II. Gough tt Co.,
Gentlemen.-You w ill recollect that I bought a pack
age of your Heave Powders some tiineagoioadiuinis.
icr to a vainnnie nnrsv at livery in my siaoies,anu mat
I was nuite dubious of thewis.lom of attempting to
cure such tl bad ease us his was, nud did not, in tact,
believe there were niiy medicines belter for his coin
plnnii tlirin tlnisr IrtiW lieell in the habit of using dur
ing my extensive practice wilh horses. But justice lo
you and your vultiubletemetiy, requiies me to say, tint
that single package cuied the ttiiiinnl of as aggravated
a case ol Heaves ns I ever saw, and his wind is now
jiertctlly good. I lieheve the cure is a permanent one.
llespecllillly, o. L.I.OYD.
Gient Condition .lleiliciun.
Besides their snecific nction noon di-eases of lhe
Limes. A e. The Heave Powdelsnre the best Condi
tion .Medicine that can be used lu improve the appetite,
slicken the coat, expel Bolts ami Worms, nnd correct
all diseases tint arise from derangement of the diges
tive functions in the Horse.
Numerous cetnhcates. conclusive as the nbove can
be shown. .Mr. Geo. W. Davis, Munroe, N. J., hal
a horse cured of most obstinate Henves bv one pack
age, Mr II. A. Hunks, South Amhoy, N. .1,, cuied
two Inn sesby a single package. But trial of One Dol
lais worth, will convince mine than any Ihing we can
publish Beware of nniniions the genuine is signed
i. u. iioii'iti ec lo. i rice sii per package, aix lor
Jj. Sold by A. 11. Gough .tCo.. 1 1'J Fulton St., New
York.S. . Fowle. Boston. A 'j. Siears. Geo. H.
IlAfir.iM.To.v, Agents for Builingtoii. Si
JI Is raniillv Is'iiritii nwav the tmlm of success from
every olhcr remedy Tmheito invented, and is daily cu
ring Coi-uiis, and olhcr pulmonary nlleclions, that
nave resisted the u-e ol nil lhe ii.vl.ms uuu uai.sa.ms
wilh which lhe woild is filled, .
r. is w il hoiit contradiction, the grcotest remedy in
lhe world for the Cure ol Common Colds, nnd
Coughs, Inliueii7a, Hoarseness, Dillicully of Brealh
ing. Catarrh, Bronchitis, Croup, Whooping-Cough,
Asthma, Pleurisy, and liillaniaiion of the
It inimediaielv ouieis the Cough, relieves soreness
of die breast and Lungs, loosens r,o phlegm, remov es
the lever, if any exists, and heals nnd strengthens ; the
lungs in the most easy nnd plcnsant manner possible,
No one who has not tried it would he likely to believe
that so much medicinal powtr could be conceiitiuted
in such a blind and pleasant S) rup.
ins so pleasant lu the taste, that children, when
once acquainted with it, will ask for mote ; and older
peisons have olien Im-cu known to use up a bottle, lor
the meie pleasure ol sipping it. And yi t it is so power
ful, ns to remove a cough like a charm the person
using it, hardly knowing when, or how it passed
Let any one read lhe PAMrniET, which may lie had
gratuitous!), where the medicine is sold, and he will
be persuaded tint the ubove statements nre literally
Hue, The lollowmg .ivruficalvit will uldo mukc llienl
nppear ot least ptubable.
I was sorely ofll.ctcd with n troublesome rough,
hoarseness, nnd soreness m the lower pan of my
whroat, wilh a stricture nrross the breast, which had
troubled me for some time past, in my ftequent at
tempts of public shaking. Iliad tried several pre
scriptions ol mv Kliisiemns but without any sensible
ellect. I ptocuredol .Mr J. C. Wells, diuggist. of
this city, a bottle of Dr. l'nord's Pectoral Syrup, w Inch
I lieheve has entirely relieved ine, ond whn.li 1 consi
der u must valuable medieine foi thnt class ol disease.
My parlner, Aid. .Mecker.wbo had a severe cold ot
the nine I was taking this medicine, wos cured by a
fevy doses Itom ihe boitle which 1 had.
Ulica.l th. 1SIC, II. Bcsii.vr.i.1,.
Cazftiovi.i, (Mad. Co.) Aug. 18, 1815.
A year ago lust winter, I had a cough, which, in
stead of yielding to the common family remedies,
steadily giew worse; so that ut the end of ihree
weeks, il was exceedingly violent, and was attended
Willi a fixed pain in lhe side. Alter live or six weeks,
finding mi sell no better, 1 became seriously appreheii
give it would run me imn n i-misiunnuoii. und called
on Dr I'oord for advice, lie gave me a boiile of his
i iitoiiai. nvBcp, nml on using it my cuugn wnsim
iiiedinlely riheved, so that in live .Ui s I coughed
vety htile, nud in one week it was entirely cured. A
)ear alurwards I had a slight attack again, which
una reunited by less than lialf n boille ol lhe Syiup
From my own experience, and Iroin whnt I have
learned Iroin others who have used it, I nui confident
it is nu iiucominonly efficacious medicine lor lung
complaints, und 1 would (u nil menus odnse any one
havin3 a cough to give it a trial. , ,
I or sale by 'I iimi. A. I'fiik, Athecnry and vv hoi
sale Diujgist und by dcalcis m medicine generally
llirnugliaul the State.
Feb. UJ ISIS. 3Gm2 Hc.vbvBriciutm.vs;.
VV11ITF. LUAD.drvnndin oil; French Yellow
T Lug. en. led. Bed lj-ad. Verdigris. Whilin
,tc. Ac.
IVc. 1,
Also, Linseed Oil, by the barrel or less
Savings bank-
THIS Institution was Incorporated nt the Inst ses
sion of the Legislature for the purpose of tecei
vine on deposit nil sums of money ollered, nnd man
neinannd improving the same to the best ndvnntngo
lor llie use aim ucneiii 01 ine ueposiiors. l he whole
income or profits ol the institution, niter deducting its
necessary expenses, are to bo divided among the de
positors. The Corporators held'their first meetings on the 13th,
nnd 15lh inst., and have organised the institution by
adopting a set of lly-Lnws, fiir its regulation nnd
electing the following ollicers lor the ensuing year,
JOHN N. PO.MEKOY, r,trident.
Wvllvs I.v.man, I'ce Preiidcnl,
E. A. SrANsiiURV, Secretin ij.
Hoard of Tt nstces.
Dav I.vo.v, Chairman,
John II. Peck, Henry 1'. Ilickok,
Jnmes Cook, Win. II, Wilkins Jr.,
Geo. Peterson, Charles D. Kasson,
James W. Hickok, Tremuifr,
The Dank will be open for the reception of deposits
nt the Treasurer's ollice on lhe 1st Wednesday ol
Januarv. 1818. from 'i till j u'eloek. I. M. Ami mi
each Wednesday therealtcr, during the same hours,
urn u niriiier nonce.
Uurlington, Dec. 1G. 1817. SSlf
mmiufhclory &, Warehouse
f pIIH subscriber oilers for sale, at his Warehouse In
I St. Paul street, near the corner of Pearl, n few
doors North from the Catholic Church, a large and
gvuerui u?gurimcui oi
suited to the nconle and the times consisting of Mn
bogauy, Cnue ond Wood-seated Chairs, Hcitr-ACs,
unisiNii I Alters ot nil kiniisnmi prices, iirenhiust,
Dining, Centre nnd other Tables, Stands, Uldsteaus,
1-rciicu nuu omer ucscnptious, occ. i.v.c.
A lot ol supeib Sol as, New Yolk fashions and N
York nriees.
All kinds of Fcrnitcre mnde to order nnd on short
notice, of the best innterinls. nnd for rcnsonable nriees.
Also, on band, nnd for snle.TSN BAnr.tLsol the best
furniture nnd coach Varnish.
Maiiooanv Plank, Hoards, nnd Veneers, nlso kept
constantly on hand nnd lor sale.
Wanted '-!i,00 ect of Dasw-ood Plaxk, nnd
j.uuu leet ol hard wood Scantli.no.
Burlington, Dec. 21,1817. SOU"
Watches, Jewelry fc Clocks
J. V. ItAMIAI,!. has just returned from
.iew i oik wiiu a large assortment ot
consisting in part of the following articles
I'llieGold levers and I-enines. Silver Levers. Tnll
Jewelled nnd Verne WATCIIDS : Gold l'oh ml
Guard Chains; gold Siecks and TliiiubUs; n large I
assortment ot htone oud Lameo I ins, ot the latest .
slyle.s ; Stone ond Cameo Bracelets ; Diamond Kings ;
plain, cnaseu sioue uuu scuie jiinus, ui ecry iir-H.-nji-tion
; gold Slidesnnd Ivcs; gold Lockets ol difli-reiit
patterns ; n large assortment ol l.ar urops and Kings ;
gold nnd pearl Studs, plain nnd stone setting ; gold
Snapsofnllsi7.es; silver Darts, Pins and Birds;ienrl
and shell Card Coses ; ivory Tablets ; bead and silk
Purses, silver Pencils ; steel and silver Specks ; Scis
sors, Knives nnd ilnzors; tooth, hair and clothe.
Brushes. And he will keep constantly on hand a good
assortment of such goods ns come in his line, and sell
as low as can be bought elsew here.
Burlington, Oct. 12, IS IT. 10
Itook IriiMlinir.
Pfgfi I'bc subscriber has received n choice
"tf lot ol fancy binding Slock, nud will
la'., v serve his customers and the public, will
nleasnre. on short notice.
fiom lr.VS from two tn fnnr Dnllnr.
M lyvi Brown's Premium Diamond Pointed, Albert
G. IlauleyV, Benedict and Berarey's Henry's New
r.nelnn.l. The .'Mairlllllll Bonilln. 'Hie I'eonfe.s' Pen.
The Victoria Pen and Concress Pens, nt
Oct. 'JO. J. V. IIanpai.ij.
Kiidiii'c the Piles 2Yo fiOiigcr.
VL'tIL' T A 11 1. 1; I.' I. U C T U A It Y ,
THY IT, all you that have th Piles, Inllauiinntinu
of the Liver, Spleen, Bowels, Kiduevs and Blad
der, Liver Complaint, Dvpepsia Conctniation, Sick
Headache, or any Disease of which Pl.KS, either
Bleedini; or Blind, Lxierual, or Internal is ihedeter
luinatioii of, and the thanks of additional thousands
will be cjprei-scd.
Though it cannot pile the saved one wealth
It tjived a treatiinejur more glorious, IIi'.vi.tii.
U.Mrnii States .Marshals Oh ice, J
New York, December fi, Id IT. J
Messrs. Wyatt Keichami Gentlemen Under
Ftatidini? that roil are lhe neneral asients for the sale
of " Dr. l'phain'.s 'ei;einble Klectuary," for the cure
o ir. L pn:.m.s u- mne i. lecuiary, iot ine cure ,
m ines i iBmn.p( umyiuiyio ojuniecr a re-
comiuemiaumi in iM-naii oi mat imaiiiinic meuxine.
1 lime Lii-ii iilllicieil fur main tears with IMes. mill
linie liieil aliuus renictliis. but wilh lu bcntlicial
elK-cis. In.leeil, I ht'ii.in t" cuiishler my case utterly
hujit'lcss. lint ab.'iit the lirst ol' tseitenilK'r last, I was
prewnled upon by u rriend to make u trial .r the ulxne
iiiineil ineilicine. I tuik his niliiic, au.l rejoice to
pay that I ant not only reli eil, bin, ns 1 belioe, per
fectly cured. 1 most earmstly reciiiniiieinl it to nil
ho may have the inislorliine to be nlllicleil Hilh that
Qimo ii)J4 ami ilnnuetuus disease.
Vciy rcFincllully, jcur obedient sonant,
lll.Y .MOOUE.
ke.maiikaiim: cl're of imlesi
thirty years standing i !
Mount Wamiinuion, UfrksiiiiicCo., Mass , )
Koiember'J'J, 1SII.
Messis. Wuatt Jt Ketchnm : llciiLs Kor thirty
years 1 liaiebienalllicteil illil'iles, general Debility,
and lnflaiiiation, causing tumors and jirolaiia of tjie
hovit-l. and winch had rasisied all lhe medical treat
ment Dr. Chapman and others could gne. I lie last
three years, ot that time my suH'crimis defy descrip
tion, I wascoiiliued to my bed, unable to help in) self,
ninlnt lasl gien up by my physicians and triends in
despair ot eier gaining my lieallh ; in tact, tor three
dnys ln-fore I coiiimeueed using Dr. Uphain'a Electu
ary, 1 was entirely speechless, nnd my burial clothes
were made, llul under lhe beiielieeni mercies ol l'ro
Mdeiice,niid lhe use ot Dr. llphain's Electuary, ihouiili
and om man, 1 have the pleasure ol staling the i act to
the public that my health is now good, und hope to
Iii, e many j ears, if it is liod's will, lo make known
lhe virtues of Doctor Uphain's Electuary, and lo re
commend it lo my alllicted fellow creatures. It help
ed me beyond the expectations ol all that knew my
case, and 1 can only My tu others th.it it is in my
opinion the best medicine in lhe world for IMes, or
any other disease of the bowels ; nnd if they will use
it according to the directions, will luyscll warranto
cure in cery case.
Yours, Willi the utmost expression of thankfulness,
1'ore.mont, Berk Co , .Muss., Nov. 'J'J, 1317.
The aboje certilicnie tells a simple nud liiiihful
stoiy ofsiiHering'and relief, of winch us pujsician and
witness in the case, 1 cheeifully endorse.
New Yoik,.ov. Ii, lsl7,
Messrs. Wyatt . Ketcham t d'enis : I am con
strained to give ou it siaienient of the benefit 1 haie
derived from using Dr. L'pham's Elrctunry, in a case
ot piles, believing by so doing, I shall rsnder n benefit
to those who nre sulleriug from that troublesome
disease. 1 was reduced for several years by the Kiles,
so niiiih that it was with great dillicully lor mc to
walk or ntlend to my business. 1 also fullered trom
other diseases which were extremely troublesome, and
which I am pleased to say, two boxes ol lhe Electuary
finitely removed nml tint my health is better now
than it has been fur many years. It lias done me and
my ianiily since more good, and with less e.Mnse,
than all the physicians to whom I have applied, or
medicine ihat 1 have used.
, 1 remain siill in perfect health.
Your obedivi servant,
880 Spring si., cor. Iieiiwick,
Ivew York. Nov. 15, 1SI7.
Messrs. Wyatt !l Ketcham t llcntlenien I con
eider it a duly which I not only owe to you, but to my
lellow-beings, to speak ill praise of Dr. I'pliaiu's
Electuary, a medicine which 1 think has saved my
hie, and restored ine lo full health. Kor several tears,
I was allhcied wilh I'des, together with Djspepsui,
and n general disarrangement ol thes)sieni. I em
plojcd diilerent phvsieiaiis, wilh no good result, nnd
they nt lust told me they could do no more for ine, und
s.inl that I must die. 1 thus had given up nil hopes ol
ever having my health restored, until I culled to muni
the beneliis that a nephew of mine in Philadelphia
(Uenjainin rercivnl) had devived in a severe case o
chronic dysenlery, by your medicine, that I purchased
n box, which, to my suiprise, alter taken a lew doses,
I received great tehef, and ill ink (iod, by continuing
lis use, that I am now restored lo peifect health.
U Mercer street,
Notice. The genuine ITpham's Electuary lias his
written signature, tlius(I5"A. Upliani,.M. D.) The
hand is also done Willi a en. IVice, $1 n box.
Sold, wholesale nnd retail hy Wyatt ,t Ketcham,
141 l'ulioir street, N. Y. A.C SritR.nnd Ceo. A.
IIaiirixitox, Agents for ilurlinptnii, and by Drtijgists
generiillv ihroughoul the I1 S and Canidsi
Hvirlin'sion, l'..-c T ls7. CTvI
Wholesale JDruggist,
New Chemicals j Leeches; Surgienl Instruments:
MinernlTecthnnd Dental articles! Saline or Mineral
Waters : Genuine Patent and 1 liomsonian Medi
cines 1 I'urc Liquors nnu vv ines : soda rountalnsanti
Syrujis; llriishe.s,Perluines, Soaps, Inks, Blackings,
Fancy and Domestic articles; Foreign &. Domestic
Cigars, Ground Spices, Glass-Wnre , Dye-Sliilf,
Camphcnc, Bird, Iicld, Flower and Garden Seeds,
&.C In line, every article directly or indirectly con
nected with this business.
From the advantage of receiving Mineral waters,
Campbell'', Leeches, ,Vc., periodically, purchaseis can
rely upon their freshness.
Individuals wishing Trusses, Leeches, &c, will al
ways find a person in attendance to npply them.
ivieineinesuipeiiseu ninu Hours oi uigiii.
fr The attention of Drumiists. Phvsicinns.Mcr-
chants, and Mnnulactiirers is solicited, with the as
surance, that tuny can be suppheu Iroin tins establish
ment ns advantageously ns nl lhe city niarkels. C
OAAA Coxes Rtirl!ii"ton Extra,
tUXJXJXJ Burlington,
Isscx, and
250 " Kedford Crown,
J. it J. 11. VLCKtiCo.
Doz. Fairbanks' Hoes.
JJ 4ii Joz. do and Vnn Omnm's Hay Forks.
40 " Scythe Snathes.
75 " Heddington's Scythes.
50 ' Farewell's
50 " Blood's "
By . tf J. 11. PLC1C ii CO.
Hard ware.
asIIF. undersigned oirr to purchasers a slock o
henvu nml shelf IIAItDWAilK. comnrisina n
variety of goods pertaining to the various branches of
the trade, winch nave oeen seiecieu wim grcm cure
l.ntli In recrnril tn tierreelion ill stvle ntld finish, mil!
reasonableness in price. Purchasers are respectfully
solicited toeall. STRONG, DOOLlTTLtl & CO.
Nov. 30, 1817.
A GREAT voricty of Trusses, comnrisina nlmost
every khul in u?e for Malt'a nml I'pmaU-s ; al&o
Abdominal tiuimurters of the tnoit opprmt'il stU'a,
constantly onlumd and fur sale by
il7mC A.C. Spear.
ill DUBLIN nnd UDINBU11G11,
in sums 10 suit purchasers,
13th May, 1817.
J. f J. . PLCK ! Co.
llrandnn, Vermont.
Tlin nbove named quarries, well known for fur
nishing n su;ierior nuahly of marble, of tine white
nnd taking a high polish nre now being worked, pro
ducing n quality ol uiatble, said to bu unequalled in
All orders for monuments, tomb and grave stones,
marble slabs, blocks, pedestals or statuary from these
quarries, inny be nddrisseil to Knowles Taylor, Pro
prietor, at Ticondernga, or city of New York, or to
Stephen I. Goodell, Sjpeiinteudi-ut ol the quairiesat
September 1. 1317. 10.
Iron, IVail-s, flai, Vc.
5T0.NS Siioi:-sii.i'i:, v.Mtim s sizi:s ; 5 lo.
Scroll Iron : Id do. Band do : .VJ do. Bound and
Square, 3-lfi and upwards; 5 do O. S. do; 3do2 and
3 inch " Banks" best do; 10 do American Tire! do
.""j;".1!",'."1 ? do.'1? K- ll ""''I1'1"."" r"1'3 2 uu
Kus'ia Nail Bods; 1 do Norvvaydo; I do Crow Bar;
3 do t-prma Steel, various Mes: 1 do Bound Cast do ,
Anvils : !! do Vices . 1 do .Mill Cranks : lm do''Ames' !
Shovels; ".. do " Poster's" do; 75 do " I'airhanks"
Hoes ; lot) do " Blanc hard's" Cast nnd German Steel
Scythes : 15 do do Cradles. Kor sale by
Burlinston, Nov 13. South Wharf.
S1lt, 500 in-sTwrimMiiV.''
I l'orsaleby J. BKAULUY, fc CO.
OIX Lectures on Cauvs, Prevention and Cure of
O Con-.iuupt.oti, Astlmm, O.nrs ot the Heart, ami
nil tVinale l)ia". "i'M naces, 'ii eni;ravins.
Paper 50 rt.; Liuund 73 cu. Jlau lo any part it-
aje y l-'s! eta.
hoii.tler IJ races ami Chest KTnnnder?, $'2. Mail
to any part, 50 cto, po?tai;e, Inhalini; Tub?., Silver,
ti-mail, letter juM.iiro. Ahdoinuial riupporterf,
perfect, to tiio, (or nil Ruptures, Falling ot the
liowch and Womb, and WVnk Hack and Chc-l ; wnt
by hxprcsH eery here, ror Hraces or Supporters,
- Sunnortei. cive heiaht fiom head to foot,
. r rrtjmft.rt:. CP nr .rean m.x, ,he surface. ,ut
"i ,L " i,;,ia n ii',,,,,,, ,.: ,. i.j-t,
above the hips. II Kupiure, mention which side.
Agents wanted for the sale ol the above goods. Ad
dress Dr. H. S. FITCH, 707 Broadway, New York,
post p-liil.
March 10, 1819. 37yl
Tiieo. A. I'fcic, Apothecary nnd dealer in Surgi
cal instruments. Agent lor uurlington nnu vicinity.
LKS.Bufl Cns.siineres,and
t V Satin esiiugs.
Feb. 10.
iv.n, a. niti:sr,
129 Pearl Street, I'eic i'ork.
rTlHE Domeslic Wiirclious',so long established in
I Cedar Street, is now removed to the large store
No I'J'J I'earl street und Si Beaver St., where may lie .
lound every description of IIlevciieu and liiiow'N
tiierv and SoiTiiiR.N Yarn, Batts, Wicks, Twine
and WAMUNGs.nt the very lotcest cash pi ices. I
The nssoitiuent exlnbiied lorsale isn very large one
and comprises every known desirable stle of the
above goods. Country .Merchants are rcspecilully in
vited to call nnd examine the prices, etc. whether they
purchase tor cash or not, and learn lhe low market
prices for Domestic Hoods. 13 i
I n T0"" Engh-h Tire Iron.
ftV 10 Tons Old Sabie Uussia Iron.
I'i Tons Swedes "
15 " Horse Shoe "
JO " Bound nnd Square "
15 ' Haine and Scioll "
10 ' Bund "
5 Hoop "
14 " I". S. I. nml Norw ay Nail Roda.
Naylors .t Co.'s Cast Steel.
IVirson's Spring; do
(lernian do
Swedes do
Eimhh Bli'ler do
401K1 Kegs Keeseville Nails and Brnds.
350 Doz. Rasps and Files. By
47 . J. (v J. II. PECK
is CO.
OF almost every known st)le for Ladies wear, nre
ollenng in quantities, and nt prices not surpass'd
by any other house. C. K. Stanuord .V Co
CA.MI'HUXi: .un Lamp Oh., fresh ami
nice lor sale nt HAKKINOTON'S.
7 KKfiS assomtd Cit Nails.
JyJ llKiTons do. Hound 3-1G to 3 inch Iron.
100 Tons Assorted Square 3-8 to 4 inch Iron.
" Bind 11-9 to 5 inch do.
" Hame ft Scroll8 to 11-9 do.
" Ilors Shoe do.
" Tire ll.HX3.Slo AX 3-8 do.
" Swedes 1 inch to 3 inch do.
" liussin, Old Sable do.
10 Tons Assorted Sanderson's Cast Steel.
" Eng. nnd American Spring do.
" (Jermnli do.
" English Blistered. K do.
" Ainericnn Ithsiered, do.
" Swedes nnd Am. Toe Calk do.
" Horse Nnil Itods.
" Hoop Iron, 5-8 to 1 1-1 inch.
Cro Bars, Cutter mid Sleigh Shoes, Wro't Iron
Axles, Cast Iron do.. Ilooksand hinges.Steel springs,
Anvils, Vises, Screw plnies, Bellows, l,og nnd Trace
chains, l'ost do., Wro I Nulls, Horse Nails, carmge
bolls, Eniiild. l'reservnig K'etiles, (ilue Tots, Sauce
I'iiiis, Tea Iveilles, Oven nud Arch Kettle .Mouths,
Brass Kettles, Hollow Ware, cooking arlor and box
Stoves, caldron kettles, IMough casimgs, Malleable
Iron Nuns and oilier castings, 1'ry Fans. Washers,
Sheet and Bar Lend, Sheet Zinc, Shot, Iron, llruss .V.
Clipper wire,Slieel Iliass, Douglass piiinps. Lead iie.
Shovels, Spades, scoop shovels. Hues, Manure and
Hay Forks, llav Knives.Orind stone cranksnnd roll,
ers.sad irons. Tailors' Irons, shovels and tongs and
stands, counter scales and weuhts. Heavy and hand
steel Yards, Broad and Narrow Axes, Ades, Hatch
ets, Cap Augers, Waggon nnd Oin Boxes, &c. &c.
lly STli)yn Itoni.lTTl.E rn
IVe l,llf.
COJIPOl'.N'II I'.XTIl.Vr i' Of
S A R S A P A R I L L A .
Th' Vxtraet i put vp in Quart IJottltn it in nz thnti rKtapa
pltatanltr, nnd varranttd mptrtor to nnu $td. It
eure$ disrate without vomiting, pnrging,
txtktnxnp or dthUitatinp tht Patitnt,
Tho grrat licnuly and mporioritv of t!iW Harnapiinila cir U
otlnr mcdiciiirj lu, thnt hilc il rrnthntpif tli" tiff hp it im jjorotct
tlic lintt). h ii oiifl of t!i rryl't Sprm-x Mnl Sut imo ii. k ia
crr kiinuiii it itt only purifips tin- v, Uup MUr-iii nt) I trr- t ifn
tlic pcrtnn, Imt it create" nw, pnp hihI rirti liloin j a (. r
tctird ly no t1nT medicim. .iul in tliiK lies (lie er .h- t I of
ti Moiiif rful ("iiccfJ. It Ii is pi'rformeil witliia tl.n 1 1' tm vfnr,
Ijior ttinn r1,IH)i) ciirf .f .'tprp nt-Pi i.f ttin'no in j nt 'i mxj
nrrc cotilterrd Iticiirutilo. It Ims t ivr.l lh i i ff uk it run
.V'OU tliiMrcn tbo pact season In the City of York alum. .Mur
liO mops orriiroiuc Uiicuiimt'uni i
Ol)i) cnri of Ih'Di'nsi i :
4 0)0 cuspi if ficin-r il Huliilitv arifl naut of F.nirif
7,0 M( c.iir"i of I'i fhtFiTciit 'ciii.ilu con.(!iinta j
2000 tasof Scrnhil i ,
1 .UtOciivi cf tin I.n-er romp'iinti
Qj'IO ense of tln-.r of Dig Kiiluc)nsnJ Propr j
OfH) CHifl nf tlic (ii.ni 1 :
1 000 c-ifj of lltci Vrllo v JjunJico i
l.Mi'l c-i nflhr Iropy(
fOill) or(oiisilHiption.
And tlioimndi of mini of di(ia,i of till Mm. t, i Tlrpri Try
iprl n. Suit Itliuin, runplrs on tlio V.iri, f-cuM Iti ml 'I ur,
piirnlitl.1, Ac, A.r tnrrl'nr with nunirrotij ".ici of ivW Html
clio, I'mii In tl Hiri ond (Mpt Spinal V Vi twin. Ac A-
'I ln in tliP ml rcr"fnl iiictliclti known In 1i- iisp) of Ilia
KiJiifji and Drop-,y, nnd all AiT.cti'iii of t'l-i L'riu iry On tint.
Pe.criil ttiounml caif liaQ bffii rcportt'l aj ciiri-d Iipii all
otlipr rpm"dii'S lup fjdp'l.
Mnndrcdiof cisPof fit nnd NproiM origin-it m id
tpliihtv. have l)eci Piitirply enrcit, nnd thoin iikIi ofpas"! oi ! piv
tpry, Dnrrlura nud Puiniiipr Complaint. I'ruhjldy ttiorc iic?ir
m a rpniPiiy t'ni liai Iippii to sm rifiii tn ilfpcrjl1 rn i of
Consumption, n thif. !lcpunpi nn 1 tre ntlinii tlip itciu, ni 1
appcari to ltiil thf nlcprt on tlif liinir, and the paticnu fraiiuall
regain tli'ir uu d li'-alth nnd utrcn.'tli.
Curious case of Connumption,
Tlicrc if icarccly a day pasis but tluTP are n nuni'i -r of
of Comu.ii)tioii rpporli-d ns cured ly tlip tue of I)i Tu-a i.icaJ a
fiarsjipanlla. TIip following was rtcpntly rprrntd.
Dr. TowssENti Tlir Sir Tor tlm Iat thm vrnn I harplx-n
!Hicted witli (irnTil lability anil N.-rumi Con-'in t,ni nf t ,t
' lattti;c, and did not pp.'ct to vattin in lie illh nl ull. A(r
I gaim tlirmuli n cminc of mcdicim- uinlr tlif tnri -if ,n of t t
i inoit dotinirui-lie 1 f' nl.ir pin u i mi nnd Pirniln-t if tut p,
of ilpaltti in Ynrk nnd pI-pw Iiprp, an I i-pi n I n t n t (i
tay earimus ii ftttPtnptinr to f ain nr. Iip tlHi. an 1 ii" r rr i 'i a
tome paper of our. .irsip inll.t, 1 1 ilPtl in try it. .r unn. in
Ixitllp, I rotni'l It don? nn1 rrcat conj, and I r til I tn fp i t
your olficp. Vth )nur adwpt i kppt on, tn.l d im t it. t f
iliink joii for your aihu-p I porprrf in t ikn.' I n la,
and hac 1ppii nMc to uttend to my ti-n d I diur- inr tin ' -i u .r
tnonih" and I liopp, ly Iii.' bi i-uiif ui i . m I n i1 .n,rSti ,
to continue mv he :dth. It helped liiQ t'und thf ( rt . iTJ
I allthsitkncn my case.
1 ciii:i.i:s tiiPinr
' Oranpr. Eitrz Co .V. J. Jug 2, IS 17.
Statpof.Vpn Jpmcj, i;snx(o..
ti!.nLES Ufmtiv. in? duly iworn appopdm? tn ' n
oith iiith, that tlip forptun.' stutciiivnt it tt u- i. -r t tn i
beat ofhn knoAlbd,re and tiL-ht-f.
(iiiu.r fin rv
Pworn and mlicnlcd to bcfirc mp, at O-an.. t ' t oi jl
Ci fii - I -TlV
l Ju-in t in tin 1' j a.
Spitting Blood
Rpii1 the fui.owin; an-1 tint Coiiuiiiptun is tn ar il
you can.
.Vrtr York Ipril '-',T
Dr. Towvsrvn I cny licbe.e that )iur S tt i w i 1 1 Iii n
the iiip.ui tlirou:li Provi.lr'iicr, of m mnn Itf.- I n tnr - tl
yenrf liail n hint t'oiiili. It lire imc norKf aii.t vo'i t -t I
raisfJ Urpqiiaiililifsuf hlfMjil, dail inll.t -..it' uml . er lr
bilitited mnl rcitutctl, on I Inl not cpei t to 1ip I 'iw rn v -1
your Sarsapirilh liut n i-hnrniuip, mnl Ihci li im .ul
bpen ron-.'lit in np. I nm now altlc to woti nil i r t'i "t I
rnMc no IiIlwmI, nnd my roujU hi Ml me. uiitm rll iiiij.'iii
tliat I am Uiaiiklul for tlic-n rrsnlt.
Vuur obeJuMit rr tint.
WJH. Kl5'i:i fiG Canainr iL
JiO.! llVV JM'CM'JS.
TIi nnnficd Crrtilitfate tII a fcitiiplnn.! tnil'if'it htory rf iuTir
Ine ami relif. 'Vhcr nrf l'iou,iin of iu. it.tr fn t'ti rtxt
atitl Ilrooklrrt, nnl yd tlicrc arc llifnn iml m pi iiu l-1 t'toir
children die, for ft'ar f bfiiij Iiiitiitm&'i'J, or tuue a f.-n InJ
PR. TnM-vjrvn I t-r pl(inrf in stitiu. l..r t ir In tofil nf
tlio wlinni it iii.( lorirrrn, thit leijiitr two ' .ui nt n
mniithi ol.l, ai nfitictetl with .Jriirr.il IMnl.t itnJ U tif p.eli,
SUn n ) pi. v n up a put rr mrn , b onr fun.lv I' icin Imt
f irttiiuU'lj I un riTumiDcti'letl b a Inrml tit try . -mi Mr4jur Jl
Ilcforc liainifuwi one liiitllf, (-In n'. ri I li. r-p.-r'i aril is
cnnliiP.I to uli hip. to tli1 ntoiiii!iiiii'ut of .til -v ' " e m 'pi nui
C'l witli the circum-fanci'! Uc i now piitc vII, nud hi nmcii oefc
tcr hfidtli thsiu he hai been fwr ci-'lilt-rn inoi.ih p (t.
Jitwn'II ! Oil
12i vrk i, liro.,Utyn.
V.fl- fpH r.inilllO. in.ll.fil in li.rf Il nnl Iw.P.I .,1 nnn ...
TCi ,r' l"T'r ?. h '"'V'-1" 1 1 '"'
u.ctt llr. Tort ii-e ml'. S ir.iin.inll i in nine, let nnv clul.lmi Him
V ,,"VW. ,n 1 m, ' ni" M' h'M" nthl
.li.l. Tho
immcmr e pii.uini i.-ui- i- nmciu-ne rim
of in Un:
tml i . only auotlifr niilaiiLc of its aviii' tlif hw of c
im. mwMEM) Woar ir I li.nl two (JuLh .1 in .,1 '
Sarfapanllj. of ihe mminrr roiiil.init nthl iU m n . ic 1
tern tnontln olil, mnl thr ot'n-r 3 fars. Tin wirp n
reiliicptl. mid ppiTtcd tlicv nouhl die; th w
hy two rrfppcUlile phjiciin. Vli.-n the Uorto-'uifm hipiI
e lini'-t liin' thorn, p ri't-ohf-tl to try wi ir S.ir ip tnlla, 1
hp aril in ntiitli of. hut hitl hut IhlIi rnnfl.C-n. t n 1.
nm h HuiVii.li. rticil that ii worthl'- , hit ve - t 1 it. ul
that neili I, for il iiii.loiiht. ,!h J tho ojtiotti. I rttt tut
that olhcr nny lit- induced to tin- it,
oiir, rrsp( rtullv,
Jttll.N WU.OV, Jr.
Myrtle .irtnut, KrvoMyn, Sep, lTi,
Lunatic Asylrnu.
Juiip" Cummin?, l',., one of tlm nitunn ii !t. I, u in tit iy
luii), Illjckvicll a ItauJ, is the pcullniua i-pot.cn of in tlic 1o11omu
ThMisjonlv one of more thin four thou.ui'l cam ot Rhiimv
tiun that Hr. Tourn,t' Sjr.ipurill.i ha i-un-tl. mitat M-tot
ami chronic casia are wreklj t-ratticatcj by tu etrjor0.nni . ir
RttitlrtJr hfdx.l, Srpt 11. i-n
Hn. Towvrvri Honr Sir. I li.ni nilVt-rril tirnhU for iuli
)f.ir wall the II lit nuiatiMil ; roii-ulrrnMt ot tlic tmir 1 couU
not cit, rlcfji nr Aalk. I had thr niit ilitr. uiii p.nii, and
my liiuh wore torrihlv ollon. I li,i uod f.mr tmith of .our
Sarin panlla. mid thoy h.n doiu nio m.'rr thmi out lnon-uiid dollais
worth of t'oo.1, I am o niuoli liollor indo. I I nm t nlirr-h roliov.
nl. You aro at li!crt to c Ihi for the I'du-lit ot tho ui.ln.trtl.
Voiirti, roipocu'ully,
To the Ladies.
Dr. Town. end's faripanll.. 11 a fat onto of thr .ndi. 1 tt r
lift pi tlipiu of n pri'jt mii'iiuit of tulfrnii!.'. nmi vn - thoin Gnr com.
pie. Ion mid bu.naiit rpirii.. .Mn. Tarkor hu kumly at nt tn th
IoIIoh in :
South Rrooklvn. .Us 1" l;C
I). TWMFVn ir It pi.ri mn ptoiouro in 1 tnf to th
bfiifliri.il ctlVcl I iuvprxporuiirod fiom lh life ot your srip
rilta. My M-.t in ma-orj uiuoh redurod iinuno and ten
rnl drlilit mul with a tarirty ol iVni ilo fompl.uul. I riid tour
adtprtiieiiifiit, and uas iiidiiroit lo tr tlio rnV. t if our romrdy
It rentorod me to a better uii of health linn I hid riv.! for
ovpral ycr protouns to IhVhij it, nml I tlo tno.t r' on" i'lf ro
roinmrud it a a tain dilo moil 101 110 to all w ho an ullltf tcj a 1 liars
beco. .MRS. t'AUKKK,
Holt io au, Suirth Brook! f ft.
The folio--. lis Is from a lory respectable i'amor rilinj: al
Dr. Tom Ni:n Hear Sir; My nifo ha boon nflnntr tn .
Trrrly from tho lypopu and gt'i-eral tlcrnnjoinont of the rtttpni,
that we fuppowd ihe 111 ut die. TIip pht icmit could not routt
the dioao, mid hn would hare iliail boMmd doubt, if urhad rf
pi v on her jour : arm pin Hi. It ha .i 1 hor life 01 rt.tinly Sh
i alinot onlirolv rriiotod, nnd it f.-iinintf itrp.i,'lh and lit&Illi.
She ttdl conunuc the uo of it.
Yotm, reinectAiltr,
U. AIIIlAl!.
No fluid cr rordiclne b it ccr born iluioterrd nhleti to no artf
roioinblo th paitnc juioe or iUyo, m drrompo-mt foM, anj
ttronsthpniiwr the orcum of dloKtiou, ni this prep imt ton of Mrcitr
pardla. ltiM-4iUvel futo t ery caic of lJycpopia, howptor eTr
or Chroa.e,
IUnk DrrARTMFNT, Mhaxy, May lOLPLV
la. TowssrD Hour Sir. I b.ite beu -uflo trd for ttprJ
5 or ith I -in p-n 111 ii w ort fonn, ailondo.l 1, nil ournoM 0
tomarh, lot of apprtito. rtromo hoartburn. nnd n rrrnt atornoii
to all kind of lood, rtml for nk, (wtut I i ild e V 1 hni
born mnble to rotain but a final 1 portion uti mv -ttunai h. 1
tried thf utuul rouipditi. but toy had but lutlo or no olfpot 111 re
niome the t'oiuplaiut. 1 uas tiitlut o I, about lo ln it m unco tt
try jour r.lmit of i-.an-aparill.-i. mid 1 must i wtiti httlo roufV
ilcnce but atlor uin nearly m bolt lot 1 found mv npp tile re.
itorpdj and I would earm-Ml. rocommon 1 the imo ol it tu tlio-j rli
hare bera aiflicted at 1 haveWru. 1 nm, A
W. W VA.V 7..Nor
srx m ii.ui.M.', x. v.
TVoJors A. Peek, .Irsilhrr ire nml Prnm.!, Bmlitiu Vt '
ItsdJuij .1. Co., Mile tin ri, lluttun . H"ll a i. JI3 -loitli
S ntml ttirrt, rSlUdrli.hu , S. Hum--, lrlint. dl"nj "
1 Co. Kichmoo,! l',M Core-n Clrl. .u.il ruhll I "-.151 Cliar.
Irrt ilrfrt,Xt Orl-an. Illi MulU IVwl n'l. All.au i It. lit
R.i.VlrW, ror. or 1WI nud M.rkrl .ire. I. .Vs. k, .V J , ,.J h M
Ihe 1-rincip.l llru-ti.t. .nJ Jler, b.iil. reiur.Ul llueiljhuul lU.
Uuitcd KUlt.. We.l IiiJim i"l "
mii:iMOU Broad-Cloths and Cossim-rcs, for
nm. num. of a nreot variety ol colors aim
I and rants, flff;'
0,15 s ' W
Ktb I",
tmt Ii
. up

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