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Vol. XXI.... Whole No. 10S5.
nvRLiiwroiv, Friday i?ioriviiv, Aran, i, ibis.
IVcw Scries, Vol. a IVo. 49
SJttsiiusa (!Tarbs.
" Apothecaries' Ilnll,"
Harrington' Huildiiigtor. ChnichUCoIlege.st.
Executed nt the rrccl'rc.sOHicc
c. w. unisw,
CitAm and Cabinet MANVFAcTVRF.it,
,Tvo Doom South Comity Home,
All kinds of work inlJj:abovc line made to order on
-4flTsliortest notice.
West sidb QVAnn.
Constantly on hand Cnhinet Furniture, Chairs, Look
ing Glasses, &,c.
English and Amcricnn Bar, Holt, Hod, Slit, Hoop and
Pig Iron,Coal, Sheet Iron, Tin, Holt and Sheet Copper
Wet and Dry Groceries, Flour, Palt,
Burr Mill Stones, lloltiim Cloth, Sheetum.
Custom-house Agents and Commission Merchants,
John Bradley. 1 Solh Whnrr,
Tiio's. II. Canfield. ) IJURMNT.TOX.
Burlington iacc press.
Published at Burlington, Vt
Editor and Proprietor.
To Village subscribera who receive the paper by
the carrier, S-r'
If paid in advance, 2,00
Mall subscribers and those who take it at the
Office 2,00
It paid in advance, . 'en
Advertisements inserted onthe customary terms.
It may be of some benefit to a portion of your
patrons to know how a few citizens in this sec
tion have managed, this warm changeable w in
ter, to preservo their beef, pork, poultry, and
other fresh, meat, for some time in good condi
tion. One successful method has been practised by
placing one cask within another, packing straw
between the two, on the bottom and around the
sides. The meat was frozen, and packed in
straw within the inner cask, secured well at the
top from air during the warm weather.
Col. Smith, of Uristol, slaughtered a largo
number of fat wethers, which ho designed to
market in the carras ; but the warm spell of
weather in the month ot iNovemuer, which was
regain their natural clement by crawling to the
edge of tho precipice, when new vigor seems to
Inspire them, and they at once soar away with
their usual velocity. Scientific American,
iiy j. a. w hither.
Who looking backward from his manhood's prime,
cccs noi me spectre 01 Ins misncnt time ;
And, through the shade
Of funeral cypress, planted thick behind,
Hears no rcpronchlul whincr on the wind
rrom his loved dead I
Who bears no trace of Passion's evil force I
Who shuns thy sting, O terrible Remorse I
Who would not cast
Half of his Future from him, but to win
Wakeless oblivion for the wrong and sin
Of the sealed past 1
Alas! the evil, which we fain would shun,
We do, nnd leave the wished-for good undone J
Our strength to-day
Is but to-morrow's weakniss, prone to fall ;
Poor, blind, unprofitable servants till.
Arc wc always.
Yet who, thus looking backward o'er his years,
Feels not his eyelids wet with grateful tears,
If he hath been
Permitted, weak and sinful as he was,
To cheer anil aid, in some ennobling cause,
If be hath hidden the outcast or let in
A ray of shunshinc to the cell of sin ;
It he bath lent
Strength to the weak, and, in an hour of need,
Over Hie Buffering, mindless of his creed
so uesirucuvo lo ircii nicai in mis region, i, , i ,.; . ,i i,:i i, ;,
caused him to boil them for their tallow only. Thc priacto Hitnin whom he moves nnd lives,
The next cold turn, lie drosscd off about 300 of I With thankful heart
nnnttri' qiiiMoii rlifitifrn snnn nflnr wnq thrnnt. ' He pnzes backward, and with hone before.
cuing them ith a sweat ; hut ha ing at hand , Knowing that from his work he never more
nn n liiirwin nrn nf Irosh slmon a noil a tin rnnnl ti. I
Jlnntlii'i'itrv mill lli'iiiririNl.
DEALER IX P.VTKXT AND Tho.MPSOXI.1N Vd, bv way of experiment, to try their virtue)
Medicines, Chemicals, Surgical and Dental In-, upon Ins fowls, and accordingly spread a layer
II .Will, ( una, ..iriuts, hl-.., UllllII IIUIM U III U UU' mill, twin Biiiumii
Druggist's Glass Ware, Bruhe, ,(, poultry upon them, covered them well over '
ttmments, Mineral
Miuprnl Waters. L
Perfumery, Soaps, Dyc-StufT,Caniphenc, Inks, Black
tugs, &c. .c.
Church street, Burlington, Vt
Gencrnl Itcndy-Mndc Clothing Store.
Church Street, Burlington, Vt.
It I'llf.lXd TOX A 11 IlIGI'L TOR A L
WarclioiiNc ami Need Store,
Constantly on hand a large assort
ment of Farming Utenvils, Garden
Implements, Field, Garden and
"o, dealer ix stoves,
j7OTnERKIi, -W.
llUltl.INGTON, VT.
CAN II E C V It E l.
"m. G. RATHBUN fit CO.
.V E R C 11 A X T T A ILO R S ,
No. 2 Peck's nine!;.
M. G. RtTHBUN & Co. keep constantly on hand
an extensive ami lull assortment oi noma lor every
oo Qantoomc.
with the same in so nice a manner as to keep
out the warm air through several severe thaws,
before he was blessed with snow cnouirli to
sleigh them into a northern market, where they j It is quite possible for n man or wornnn
In due time arrived in good condition. Had he either, to lie too liandsoino. Wo do not
known previous this method of saving his meat pretond that tin's is an original remark,
fresh, it would have told him dollars, by thus ; ,g from our own sapient brain, be
keeping his fat mutton. fa. W. Jewetp. , ' conscicl,cc rorccs 1IS to nnL.nm,.i
Tlin llri-t imlirntinn nf bnnf-ail. is n snrpnnss
Seseription of Clothing ; and are prepared at all tunes nm, ameness j,, whichever foot is attacked. If! liumblo life,' will be found therein : there.
nuS'CTS" " ll'el"'eof0emlemc"stur-no remedy is applied, tho disease progresses I fore, gentle reader, it is useless to seek it
m. a. EATnnu.v.
c. r. WARD.
12 .V I' .
CulisL, rrcncli, Gf.rin.m iini!
West India tioniN unit iroccric,
Corner of Church and CoUege-Stt.
And, after this exordium, wo will begin
Philip Huntlicotu lived in n country town,
where lie was thn hnni ;mr "-iee,
ranidiv there is more or less swelling itnmo
dialely abovo the hoof and about the paFtern
joint, accompanied freqnetjtly by great heat and
Ingli iiitlaintnation. inoiiiofi soon rewram , ..i..- n vr....:..-,... (.,!.,;..
from the skin on tho in.ide, between the claws, "
and in aggravated cases the hoof sometimes every young lady, from fifteen to fifty ;
cleaves olV. The disease appears to occasion . nnd, to tell tho truth, l'liilip wus indeed very
nltlll IVfTAV AflTtlrT I Uieanimai grcai pillll Uliuunu Hi wiiuiu wuuirt. nmm.-uuit. u unm iiiiiiiuuii u.
UUllLjlMxiUA illAUIVl'ji, Tim first thinti to be done towards cure, should soriliinrr ontpfrorienllv his eves. nose, nnd
BY W. O. H ARniNOTUW. .ija to cleanse the foot thoroughly by washing in mouth, because benutv is entirely a nerson-
AXD VUGi:TAHl,l.S, elrc,g soap-stids, or a ley pt wood n ios. r.x- , ... . i, js sci(om tilat two neonle a-
meats, risir.
oi every variety,
I.ard, Tallow, Candlv.", &c.
At the Corner of Church a nd College Sheets.
n BOOT A X D S II () E S T O R E ,
fit Churcli-Ntrert.
New York, Boston, nnd Farwell's
.j:. nml Gentlemen's Hoots ami Shoes,
. " ' . . I- r .1. -1 1 ir 1
ammo me niMue oi u.cci.i ..nu .. u.-.u . tho subicct
nn.. nnmvimnen nf nent-un matter, naro awav Srco"" ino sudjcci.
"V -!-....,,.., A. ...It.
tnc Hoot so as to pe
a solution of blue i
mires him ; lie is very liandsomo, nnd is tho
lifo of nil society wherever ho goes.'
' That is the very reason ho did not please
mc, dear mamma,' answered Mnrgnrot. 'I
should not wish my husband to bo so fnsci
tinting ; I want more than mero outside
qunlitics; nnd I should he inclined to dis
trust a man who was so very brilliant ; ho
would never do for home. Don't you re
member Ucatrico, in '.Much Ado About
Nothing,' when Don Pedro nsks if sho will
hnvo him for licrliusband 1 'No,' sho says;
' I should want another o' week days; your
grace is too costly for every day wear.'
And,' continued .Miss Lester, laughing
cheerfully, ' 1 think it is much the snmo
with mys'elf and young Honthcotc lie is,
in truth, too handsome for mo !'
Perhaps Margilrct's feelings were natur
al. Kvcry true hearted woman likes to feel
proud of her lover or rather to have ono that
she can rightly b:ii justly feel proud of;
thoro is no .sonsation Tuoro delicious or more
unsclfiNli than this, ilut wo doubt very
much if a woman, sincere, Minplc.hcarfed
nnd good as wo wish to paint our Margaret,
would feel lovo for a Philip Hcathcote, the
idol of a ball-room, tho admired nnd admir
er of nil the vain and frivolous. That Phil
ip had deeper qualities than these, was ns
yet unknown such was his apparent char
nctcr ; and Margaret was right when she
said that ho was too liandsomo nnd too fas
cinating for her.
Mrs. Lester nnd her daughter sat one
morning at their work, w hen there was an
nounced that bore of bores, a morning visi
tor ; and ono never particularly welcome
at any time the ncws.retailcr of thc place,
a sort of feminine Paul Pry. Country so
ciety, alas ! has not the blessing of London
visiting no dropping the acquaintance of
these human barnacles. There was a sus.
picious twinkling in Mrs. Doddridge's little
black eyes, which showed she was brim
ming over with news ; and out the infor
nation came, at tho earliest opportunity.
' Have you hoard of the firo ?'
' What fire V asked tho ever-sympathizing
Mrs. Lester.
' What, not about the fire at Farmer
Western's, nnd young .Mr. Ileathcotc, and
his accident ' cried the delighted gossip,
glancing meaningly at Miss Lester.
' I nm sorry for it,' said Margaret, quiet
ly, m lint lias happened to Inm f
' I thought you must have known but
no : I lorgot. 1 ell. ho is not ninto killed.
Itoth tho ladies started; nnd to their in
quiries Mrs. Doddridge answered with a
long story, the substance of which, sepnra
cause our conscience forces us to acknowl-
1Innr , nn i-niti iv Ttir"i-noT" edge the working. Nevertheless, it is an
HOOI -AIL, OR 1-OUL IN THE I 001 . ( obscrvaoll w)lich fow malC) j fewor sti
This is a disease which affects the feet of will confess to bo true. Therefore, wo in
cattle in a similar manner to what tho feet of tend to enter thc lists in behnlf of ulincss.
sheep are allectcd by tho "foot-rot." Some ,,;s (cclnratj0I1 it will doubtless be
have supposed that the diseases are in fact iden- c0ncluilcd that wo arc some old bachelor,
tical; hut attempts havo been made to innocu- , . . . . . ,'
Lite cattle with tlie virus from sheep having the "S'y enough to frighten the crows,' ns
foot-rot, which failed ; and this has led to tho country children say ; but, decidedly, such
conclusion that the two diseases are confined to is not the case.
the species of animal in whirh they appear. Having thus given out our thesis, it is
Hoof-ail, like foot-rot, though it may originate our intention to illustrate it by a talc an
sr-intaneously, or from accident, is, when once,. ovcr trn tale as tho nnuas woul(i
induced, believed to be contagious, and her.ee, jto moreo wc jud,,c it best nt
when an animal is discovered to ho adected, it . ; ,' , . . .-' . " , ,
should be kept by itself till tho danger of com-, onuo knowledge that it is n love-tnlo
municatinc the disease is passed. nothing hut n rnmmon.plnoc love-tnlo ;
nu uuuui mi uiiuuiHiiiu, nu iieroism ill countrv
all si
in Hallii
hor. Honthcotc, with a sudden nnd gencr
oils impulse, rushed into tho burning mass,
and they never thought to sec him return,
until ho staggered forward with his burden
dead in his nrms, nnd fell insensible on the
ground. When he returned to conscious-
liach ono has his or , nnss. ho wns found to bo fearftillv burnt.
to permit ti free discharge. Apply llcr illcil1 ? perfection, and judges others to . one foot entirely crushed by a falling beam,
duo vitrol wherever thc'ilUo-asc is a certain extent as they approach to, or di-, The voting, cav, handsome Philip, who had
manifested, and this wash mav bo repeated with verge from, this image, formed in each danced so merrilv a few hours before, and
advantage once or twice a d.iy, till the disease mind. Ugliness becomes beauty, and beau-' charmed all, as was his wont, was taken
is cviucnuy suuuueci. j . meusei m i " tv ugliness, according to one's own lanev. . homo bv the gray morning twilight, Uis-
ligurcd for life !
Margaret Lester's kind heart overflowed
kindly tact, as if nothing had happened, so
thnt Philip's dread and embarrassment wore
off imperceptibly. Onco only, when ho
was engaged talking to Mrs. Lester, ho
caught Margaret's eyes fixed upon his face
with deep expression. Ho thought, though
ho was not sure, that those sweet blue orbs
wcro moist with tears ; and the young man
would have parted almost with lifo itself
lor ono tear ol nllectionntc pity from Mar
garct Lester.
Ho stayed a long time, and then went
home, certainly happier than ho had often
been in tho days of his bloom and gaiety.
What .Margaret thought of her old lover
could not be known ; site said very little ;
but that night she heard tho old church
clock strike one before her eyes fairly
closed in slumber.
Philip Hcathcoto's reappearance in so
ciety caused the usual nine days' wonder
and excitement, and then nil subsided. IIu
was an altered mnn ; his abundant How of
spirits was no more : ho could no lontrcr
join the dance in which lie had shown so
brilliantly aforetime ; ho was often silent
in company, and the belles, who had so
often gazed delightfully on his handsome
face, now passed him by with a slight re
cognition, or an audible, ' Poor fellow, how
Dlnrrlngc of Vitlcnn nntl Venus.
At il nnhlir. meetinrr held In Shcflielil, llngland,
on tho occasion of laying the corner stone of a
new building for tho Hlicllicm Atncnajum ami
Mechanics' Iiititutlorfj lord Murpcllf made an
admirable speech, in tho course of which ho
mado allusion to tho fabulous story of Vulcan
and Venus, in tho foltowlns happT manner :
" Those of yott who have tho opportunity of
consulting the old legends and classical mythol
ogy, are aware that among itio i.incicu nuuie
with which they peopled their world) ond more
especially was regarded ns tho god of labor and
of handicraft, Vulcan by name, who was always
represented as employed in huge smithies and
workshops, hammering at heavy anvils, blowing
hugo helows, heating furnaces, and bcgriinmeu
with soot and dirt. Well, ladies and gentlemen,
for this hard-working and swarthy looking di
vinity they wished to pick out a wife, (loud
laughter.) And they did not select for him a
mero drab a person taken from tho scullery or
kitchen dresser, but they choc for him Venus,
the goddess of lovo and beauty.
"Now, ladies and gentlemen, pick out for mo
tho moral of this tale, for I believe that nothing
ever was invented certainly nothing by the
polished and brilliant imagination of the Grecian
inlnlln.t .clil.ll Ilia hM !la mnflllinff tltll! lid
IlllVltlil.l- 1111.1. Itt.T II. Illb'.lllii ....
moral. I havo no doubt that all tho legends of
our country that the one even of your own
neighborhood, tho Dragon of Wantly, itself, has
some appropriate allegory and meaning, if we
liandsomo lie ica.i onco ! ' Philip had grown I ny kne.lv, llow '? 1 ',cm '"'. 1llt, V'.Jl
tint ..till nn r...nl"l.c.8i:l;t"u
wiser through suffering; but still no ono
is ever quite insensible to the loss of per
sonal attractions; and tho ' has he en ' gra
ted harshly on young Heathcotu's feelings
for a long time. He gradually withdrew
from society, in n great measure, pleading
as ins reason the ill-healtli wlucli he reallv
I should have nothing to drink if I did,'
replied the husband.
Tho dispute was beginning to get warm ;
Gabricllu whispered to her futher,
'I give my mother Imlfof wlint I earn,
father, to buy clothes for my brothers and
sisters ; I will give you tho other half for
Thank you, my child,' said the futher,
who accordingly, took the money from hi
daughter nnd went out.
But this man, who could drink without
any scruple the fruit of his own labor, felt
a kind of remorse in expending at tho tavern
tho money which had been earned by his
daughter ; nnd when lie drew from his pock
ct the hard-earned pieces which tho slight,
delicate hand ol his daughter had placed in
his, the sound of them, ns they jingled on
the counter, went to his very heart, nnd that
evening, for a wonder, ho returned homo
sober. How much may bo accomplished
by kind looks nnd words, when all reiiKn
strnnees fail ! A trifling act of kindness,
with a look of nfTection, had smote the feel
ings of the hitherto reckless father.
The following evening, after having, in a
similar manner, received tho halfof Gubri
elle's earnings, thc mason went out ; but ho
had hardly taken a few steps, when he camo
back. 'Gabrielle,' said he, 'come nnd wo
will take n walk to tho country.'
Gabrielle started up with alacrity. 'You
are not going to the tuvcrn, father V said
she to him.
meaning of the marriage of Vulcan
with Venus of the hard-working artificer with
this laughter-loving queen of labor with beau
tv J
" What is it. ladies and ccntlomcn, but this:
That even in a buy hive of industry and toil i ls ;t with young girl like you 1 Do
like this even here, upon a spot which is in ,.,, ,i.:t. ... i. ..?., m .l
. . ..: r.t e. ' i' iiniiiv nn. t. mini, i nam me man.
B3yJSS5SS; S CSS'hSS; m.to -tl best teacher of
did still labor under ; and at last his 7tl Z wlt is becoming.
U'Orn fl mncl niilirnli- fnnlin.nl In Aire I .nc 1 - - ' . , . fl..l.H;nlt I. .......
were almost entirely confined to Mrs. Les
ter's, where he met no altered looks or
trusive condolence.
And now wo must turn to Margaret.
She too was changed ; not outwardly, but
111 her own heart. I.ovp. nm nr tho biiiso which arc oc;
of pity, had stole there unawares. Shc'st gonial, and lovely m creation
had been perfectly indifferent to Philip in isjo' gentlemen, I say, your labor, your down
his days ol triumph; but when sho saw ,:l, i,rii ,.,,,,1,1. labor, mav make itself the
eJi" j sputtering of forges even here, amid stunning 1 Gabrielle knew how to read, nnd during
"-1 sounds and sooty blackness, the mind the un- their walk she related to her father a num.
trammelled mind may go forth, may pierce the . ber of little stones, which amused him, and
dim atmosphere which is poisted around us mnj0 ,i, foret tho tavern. Tho next
may wing its way to the freer air and purer ight 1 ...nnU ,i. , rm!lv ),,! n.i, ... .
. 1. j 1 :i 1 -il.. r ..n " J ".j .".ui-iiiukiiiucui,
u u, aim limy hiiv imvii miui nu . , c .1 t
' . . 4 . nml thn ll'onlr fillnr 1m,n llm ,,m,n
.. ....... , ..v.,. uiiuvu winn
ings of the father and daughter, the chil
dren wcro able to be sent to school : in
short, at the end of n month, the nsnort nf
1.:.,. 1 ct.i .1 ...:.t ' . , . . , .1 1 1 i-i ., , ,,. r. , . . . .. 1 .
nun inm-, lueuic, uiuugiiuui, iviuiuui a sin- companion, ana iicip-mate, ami mo iiuDanu 01 mc uweiiing, torineriy the nbodo ol miserv,
gle gay jest or sportive compliment to scat- beauty. I dare say, and have reason to believe, tears, nnd quarrels, was quite altered"
ter round ; treated with neglect, or else from the inspection which I am able even now , ,0 comp.mjons 0p ,,e niason m;ss;n
un ;
wrong in my illustrations. Butabovo this beau- 'lone,
ty, 1 say your labor may ally itself with Intel-' 'So good a daughter ought to make a
lectual beauty thc beauty connected with the good wife,' cried a rich miller who had
play or fancy, with thc achievements of art, and been listening to him. ' i hnvo nn only son,
with thocreationof genius beauty suchaspaint an, rjs)t lnj wolll() bo jf you ,voud jve
ingfixesiipontheglowingcanvass-suchas tho , , , - gentleness, and
scu ptor embodies in tho breathi ngmarble such , , . . b , !
as a?cl,Uectire devclopea in hor stately and bar- motlesty, nrc bettor in thc poor man's house
monious proportions, and as music clothes with than riches. And immediately, without
tho enchantments of sound. Ilut there is a beau- oven inquiring whether Gabrielle were ugly
ty of a still higher order, with which I feel more or pretty, he demanded her in marriage for
7 o ' , ' ,vi 11. . "". i"i- uiiiinuuuiia ui inn 1111ISUII, 11113'
wounded bv rude pitv, Margaret's woman's command, nnd I have no doubt a more uiti- , . f , , , , , . . ,
Im-irt nnvn iinv vjl, dr.. fi.li m-innntt.,- I mate ncqua ntanco with your wives, sisters and " , ", ., "LM ""b "
cart gave wav bho lirs felt I. pathy , glterUo..ldcnablomotoprovethatIwasii't, ''"I '' tolJ them what his daughter
then interest, and so went through the reg. . ' ,,,,,,.. it'u,ab.jvo this beau- done.
then interest, and so went through the reg
ular gradations, until sho loved Philip
Ileathcotc with her whole soul. He, fool
ish man, humbled nnd self-distrusting as he
was, never saw this; yet ho nourished his
allection for Margaret in his heart's core,
never dreaming that it could ever bo re
turned. ' If sho did not care for mo in tho old
ting truth from fiction, wn will toll in nnr days,' ho often thought, 'surely it is hope
own words. Philip, comiii" home from a 'css 10 imagine sho could lovo mo now a assured it is still open to it to unite itself. I his son.
ball, hud seen thnt most fearful of Pr s'ck, lmnc, ugly fellow like me.' Anil , mean with moral beauty beau v connected with Gabrielle is now the wife of a rich miller.
ghts, esnccia lv in a lonelv countrv i "o would look at hlinscll with disgust ; and '? anecuoi , u.B " i"", "- ...u i.. . SIQ js t,0 m0t icr of children, nnd a Mm.
, a U.. Hie. lio spurred liis.turn away from the mirror with a hitter Y"-0;'-'; li.-it in tli l.tisii-oft and blick. '"S t0 hcr '"band's familv, as she ha.i
to the spot, and reached it vuth assist, sigh. Ah ! Philin ncatheotc. with all his1 . 'l'"05 ..'r 1 ,l!l,V.,c..bU8,c.9La". .bJaJL boon to bnr nwn. Tl,nn fin, wl,;h I....I
, but ton Into. Thc house was wranDed talent ..anil brilliiuu-.v.. MiU.V.tipw 'tt-a "fntbr. i' i. .i;. r,,Vnivn'iiirifin.r-bvl ness and sense beyond her ace, are nolong-
r.'. l'.r ;tJrI 'IV,? lteki-J of a man' who broke tho plighted the smallest of your firciidcs-you may, one and cr strangers to smiles; and the rosy huo
v. nf vnn. hi i in zea ous and ciieeriui ins- nr M i ntmin tintres tno c icon w men linu
's jioui. nun .iii , , . ,,. , ,niini in ichvern t in p :iu's. ,,,, 1 , . .... ..t... c
, ".:,! ,i fivlo cuftstantlvnn band. !"" , --- - - , A cr0 ls n0 itiamour so compieio us nun oi
of every description ami ' p''f,;.c'' ' ,,.. ia8 been found useful 111 healing the foot after , , b , , ' , . .,
t-yo, ' I - , , i I I . (I IU1 HIZ Z illVlt-IUIL) It-. V. l-1 1 lit 11 Ulll.
Arflri? lit uvui hwii" "j t -i - ... r ,-- .i i : i.nirtinn i.n.i - i
"iHeD.Kern-earlloicurd; itoaiw, ,,,o iw i . ' iiicturo our young hero ns resembling hor
I IUFRY ST AB LE.-2 i(lhe iii'nctinn of thehoof with The skin,) whero ! own, and she will like Philip Ileathcotc all
LI I L II I w I "-' I V . ,..ij , InHnmmatinn. 'I'lin tlin lintlnr.
I IIIUIU ta lliuuii " - e
Saddle, Harness nml Trunk Mnimructiircr.
East side Court-house Sunie.
College Stmt.
animal should be kept in a dry place ; a com
fortable stall or 6lied is tho best situation. Alb.
Lands ox Tim Canada I.inx. l.x-Oovcmor
J. &
Coal, Tar, Bolting
c o.
Philip was one of those fortunate persons
who seem born with talents for every thing.
His conversation was winning enough to
' wilo a bird olf a hush ;' ho wns ' a man
J.ANLIS 1111. 1il.iAIM ..in.. . . . . . 0. , I -. 1
Hill, of New Hampshire, speaking of a trip he of mlinito humor,' ns fehakspearc has it, ond
made along the Canada line, between Lower possessed thatcvcr-wclcomo quality of mak
Canada and Vermont and Xcw Hampshire, thus i ing tho dullest party merry when ho enter
expresses himself: "I was surprised at the edit. Then ho was the "best dancer, tho
extent and value of this whole country for farm
ing purposes. I believe the belt of country for
1(H) miles south of -15th degree, nnd eastward
of Lake Champlaiii, ovcr crinmit and New
best singer, tho best flute-player, for miles
around ; wrote poetry, composed songs,
drew likenesses; in snort, Philip was a
pattern of perfection. His praise rang thro'
tho country round ; none were insensible
J. H. PECK &.
Mntr,nr iii'iT-IHSIN
nirvTV ilil.S. (II. ASS. XAILS,
Brad., Foreign n na " " i Hampshire, through the whole extent of Maine
. -.).- pi,, ,,, r.irmdish To- in flu. Il.ii- nf r iinilv nml the sea. to lio the most .
lacco, 'va liable tract of land in !ov liimland. i lie to it, save one, me very itisi no would nave
FLOUR, nml rorelgii nml llcMcrii t,.i.i. i:lmix townships, of ten miles square, farther wished to bo so a voting girl, named Mar
Agents for t ie sale- ot I- mjmm s e.,,es. . , d j Slanstt,:l, ,n;,'v bo taken as
SmlUl-s Uarrailll-oiunv., ""' ' ""a .. . 'Tl, l-.t tnwnsl.in
I said to bo Derby, lying by the side of it. The
Snitch rinnir, Smoking
Chewing Tobacco.
Jons Peck,
f If Hr.V
Cas'sics'P. Peck, ) O" Ihe Siuan.Collegrjt
"V. F. STANirOKO &,o.
ssr-l cAitPirriNO. m:.sii
Uilll Cnnn .Miittiu-.', ItusiN,
f'oor Oil Cloth, WinJme Shades, I'njvr Hang
inns. Ltinling (ilasscs,of all sizes.
Flowlns'illin', T.ishl Hlue ami White Crnnite
W AUI5 al), China and Glass are.
Gkoceries, Furs, IIuh alo Robes, &c.
Church Street
Mroiif?, Poolilllc &. Co.
Cutlery, baddlery, Me
fH A R D WARCJ clianic'sToiils.liouv I in
tfrt " """ iliings, Nnils.r.lnss, Win-
dow Sash. Iron, Steel. Tin Plale. '"'J"."'
t:riiil Stones, llry tlroc. ries. c.
General Agents and Coinmission .Merchant-,
i. TiioMrso.N, i;nfiSideCourtlIouscSquare,
h.'h.,dSoTo''l0t't'le. i Church and College-strs.
dealer in
Ci ocAery, Tlour, Salt. Piaster, Window Sash, Glass,
Togeiher with a large variety of other articles.
With that peculiar contradiction which
said to no ueroy, lying ny me siue oi u. ' c i , . . vouii" Hentheote's heart 1 J 0""" 'n,ul' ,or n "ma " "
cattle, and all the productions of these two j"0,
with unmingled pity nt hearing this melan
choly story of her ibrincr lover. And then
his noble nnd generous deed ! She could
not have believed him capable of such.
Her tender conscience smote hcr for bav
in:.' mi.siud''cd him. nnd many slight in
stances of 'his kindly feeling roso to her
mind, which showed" ho must have had a
liidier and better character beneath the one
in which ho publicly appeared. There is
nothing so sweet or so all-extenuating as
the compassion ot a geniie-ncaricu woman,
though exercised towards a rejected, or
even a faithless lover,
Many months did Philip lay on his lonely
and desolate sick bed, for he had no mother
or sister to watch ovcr Inm. home lew
among those who had been so charmed
with him sent to inquire niter tno poor
vouti'' man. or a i ic time, jiui tnu m
. S. AtlkiiiK,
lathe Free Pi ess pmldingjCollege Street.
towns are on a larger scale than we find down
Mr. Ocorge Olmstcad, of Kat Hartford, has
gicatly improved a piece of sandy land, which
formerly produced very scanty crup, by mixing
with it earth of a clavey nature. He is confi
dent it has well paid linn for the expense.
UxDF.K-DiiAiMNfi. It. F. Jewell, near Utica,
lays two scantlings in tho bottom of his ditrhe-",
5 or 0 inches apart, and covers them wilh a slab
In qnlcki-md, a slab i-lioulj nlso be laid on the
bottom. Tho ditch is then filled with earth.
Ij'se of Railkouii to I ai'.meiis. Ihreo
thousand six hundred gallons of milk, daily
average, wero taken over tlio l itcliliurg raiiroau
to tho llotton market, tho past season. In con
sequence ol tho increase ol tun business, a spe
cial milk train is to ho run cery night, alter tho
commencement of tho coming season,
Piiices of Farms. Tho Village Record, pub
lished at West Chester, Pa., gives a statement
of the sale uf 13 farms in that vicinity, by which
it appears that the prices varied Irom yjd to is
per acre, and that tho average price for tho whole
was about 58 per acre.
Pkeservixb Hams. A canvass cover for
each ham, well whitewashed, is an infallible
protection of hams against flies. They may
alto lie well kept in dry sawdust.
..:..... ,,.:ri .1,., ...:. r away unii mug
Dealers in
HnrdWre Drngs, Paints, Oils, Dyc.Stufls,
corner of cnrncii and coi.leoe stf.ffts.
fggf!M UAljVl.l Ji. nun jiHiJ.i,
Constantly for sale a S-n"al assortment ol
and tRFffzaxkMvs' nToKs.
The CKUV uam-s 8.
So I, Pecks' IlutlUiug, College.!.
before the invalid was nblo
.. ' i . .i.i i ..i.... r ii, i,i
l.lmsnli: Oiiint.unassinninn-. not beautiful. lo cnl" ' lo mo close ...q .....1.. u... .....
...!.' ...!.i. ?' i:.i .' iiianor-house where ho lived, all Had lorsa
oiuy ....ureM.i.K, iwu iiuiiiu e iS, fc, , , w,
save a sweet voice, which could warble for- 1 " Jf. ' n, nf ',,,.
nvnr. Mimrnrct Lcslcr had vet stolen awav
(tti IIIU IJIU I) lllUII in Li .7IIUH mi-iitiitiii;-
fell upon the 'chargo of the daily duty, in the respects for the
' ;. . .,n,i just rights, and in consideration for tho feelings
larricu , nnu ICMin a meekness nnd sobriety of spirit,
InZ SPY IllStllV . . .. . . I l !i? I !.!,I-Jrta f
IHJ,itHlN;"'NN;S"t J( IHIIIII; 4lil i'HM ..n,.. j t... ii it -111 un. ...w.-. - , ,
nl,.,t l.n u.H-ni.In.rlv Ifn .ar.'o ti-.tliim 1mm iiMOVV. ami IS HlO most IdlUl-
LUlll.llllll'U IU IIUI LI IIUUHI ltN.1 "IIU fV' 1111111" iikv --,
saw there was at least no other lover in the way, 1 ful reflection of the will of his creator, (applause;;
and that was one comfort. It was months be-, nnd thus I closo my explanation of the marriage
fore his eves were opened to his error; and how of Vulcan with cnus, ot lauor wnn ueaui) .
that clearness of vision was cflVctcd history say- 1
ctli not. Very few lovers can tell tho precise
moment when the blessed truth rushed upon
their hearts, flooding tlicin with delirious joy.
To what hope to what a now and blissful ex
istence, did l'liilip awake wiicn no Knew mat
Margaret loved him! He counted all lie nan
lo-t as nothing in comparison to the prize which
his sufferings had won for him. Much he won-
lered at thn chani'P. not knowiiiir that It was
duo to his altered character; for men look at
the outward form, while women judge of the
heart. Hut wonder and doubt wero ali-ortieu in
intense happiness, for Margaret, the timid, re
tirinir. but Invlnc .Marf.iret. was all his own.
Once more the town's talk was of l'liilip j
Ileathcotc and Margaret l.eter. They were
seen walking together; ono had met them in
tin. Holds, another, coniitui homo from church ;
Mr. lleathrotn was d.iilv nt the house; surely
they must bo engaged ! and this onco tho gos
sips were right they were, indeed, alli.inced
lovers ; and in due time the old village Church
liMiold them made luti-baild and wile. A lew
l ours n.issed. and the old ruanor-IiousC rang with
childish voices through all its desolate nooks ;
and Marirnret and her husband might be seen
oftentimes slowly pacing the dark alleys of the
garden with a merry troop around them. Hand
in band I'hilin and Manraret were uliding down
life's river, nor feared the coming of middle age.
nben each vear broiiL'ht new happiness. Had
faded under early hardship and over-toil.
Gabrielle is still living.
The Wife. How is it that neighbor B
succeeds so well Ho had nothing when
( . . ilil limit iwi wnii-, iivii " ,, ,
dashing Philip could bestow; and, won-""l:! 11 msl u,u ".'.': T their eldest son, .mrgarci sain, v, ....
dcrfulto tell, was quite insensible to her Kraiiuue, or son. e..i, .; moth or s pr.uo ana ".uiness-
ii ..... :.. ...:.t. leu nun iiiuuer uiu mm u nu iuh
else that was certain ; nntl that tho sweet
gentle Murgaiet was heartless oh ! that
was tjuito impossible, too ; but sho did not
nnrn r.,.l,t r. in t in lr.net Km nnvni LOl.lt. llOL DCi.r .111.1 ..IS 111 IIIUI 1 1 Ifl l'i" diiuii i . m.M,t
asketl for his poclry ; seldom sang with him ; ' seo how fearfully changed he was. 1 lis Margaret arose, clasped her arms around her
nil in nil nnu niiissiu i lit. il tin ..uiu mhiii 1 1 .iut.ua. 11 n nn., " v - .
troth of years, because n heavy affliction-
it was deprivation ol hearing tell up
lovely girl ho wus to havo married
wo have nlso heard others of his sex justity nnJ jn t)0 tlous,nd charities and kindnesses of
mm in so doing, nucli lovo is not iikc snrial and domestic intercourse even tnus you
woman s ; she would only Have clung tno ntta n to, and exhibit tlie moral iieauty IO -- .
closer to her betrothed in his affliction. which I have spoken-beauty beyond all others j no siarteti in mc anu now no is ncn. . nu
Philip, in spite of his conviction of the entire,,,, degree and excellence, because in proportion w uio .seu.e o. ...s success ,
pelcs-ness of winning Margaret's heart, still as it can be reached it makes up the perfection of c 11 toll you. He has got n prudent
and industrious wile. What .Mr, il car
ries into the house is taken care of, and not
tin article to the value of a farthing is was
ted. The children's clothing are usually
made from that which is partly worn and
tlie work done by the industrious wile and
mother. (.So into her house when you
please and you find hcr busy. Unliko
many we know, she never wastes hcr time
attending balls and parties of pleasure,
which are of no use or profit. This is the
secret of neighbor II 's success a good
wife. Young men who are looking for
companions should bo particular in their
choice, if they wish to succeed in life.
Some persons are carried awny with a fine
voice, a pretty ball-room dancer, and a la
zy flirt, without inquiring into her domes
tic qualities. This is the reason why so
many young men succeed no bettor and
become bankrupt. Their household ex
penses are more than their income. A
lazy, fashionable, wifo is the poorest kind
of property. What can she do to benefit
hor husband f Sho will not bake his bread,
nicnil his stockings, or wash his clothes.
A girl must be employed in the kitchen at
considerable expense ; nothing is taken caro
of, while every thing runs to wasto.
Remember this, und when you look out
for a wife, choose one that can wash and
knit, as well us sing nml dance. Ilut by
nil means, beware of tho female, who has
only given her attention to the latter acconi-
plishmeiits. I nless your purso has n.i
bottom she will ruin you. Port. Tribune.
.iscnt him a book now and men out oi ennr: - ,...., ,r .heirvouth?
Among these was Mrs. Lester; and , ' for ()nchtfU ben thevsat watching the
. tiinn rnr.ni'nrmi I - ... . ...i.i.
homo. ""
No ono hail scon him sinco his accident,
excepting his medical attendant. Philip j of bitterness,
could not bear that his former friends should ...... ,
' Is not our boy handsome, Philip 1 ho will
i-row up almost as haiuUomo as '
" , his fjilinr onco used to be.' interrupted
.Mr. Hcathcote, with n smile, not quite devoid
lie was still not periccttiio vain
a ii o x i: .
'Twas midnight, and he sat alone
The husband of the dead :
Tint day the dark dust had been thrown
Upon her buried bend.
Her orphaned children round lum slept,
Hut in their sleep iiould moan:
Then Ml ilw lire, 'ear he bad wept
He felt he was alone.
The world was full of life nnd light,
Hut, ah ! no more for him !
His little world once wnrm nnd bright
Il now wasculd nud dim.
Where w as her sw eet and kindly face I
Where was ber cordial tone t
He gazed around his dwelling-place,
And felt he was alone.
He looked into his cold, wild heart,
All sad and unreigned :
He asked how he had done his part
To one so true, so kind 1
IJ.ieh error pal he tried to track
In tonure would ntone
Would gue his life to bring hers back
In vain he was alone.
He 'lept al last : but when he drcn.ned
tlVrclianee her spirit woke),
A solt lilit o'er her pillow glcaintd,
A voice m niuMC spoke
" l'orgot forgiven nit neglect
Thy love recalled alone j
The b ibes I leave j oh, love, protect !
1 still am all thine own."
Tin: apimiisxtick mm..
yr.oM the rnENru or ecgesie foa.
one i
, :.i. !...-..... ...;r..
ii. e. .i. ....... i..r. .. .. i .im.i ei . .nnnit.iii eves win. .niu.isu uim i.uv
. .i.i ......i. ...i.i.n... ,.i. ........... rnr-iiirn vii n. n:r mi iiui-ii nuiun lull mi in-, nt.n en - -j - -
; nuimi iiiiiuui , milium untniiiiiiii iui- . .w-0.... , i - .
uowlcdgo Ins personal and mental 'ncu ; nun ins nueij ...uumiu .Ku.i. . . .M -( - ---- ,
, und praise him with the greatest i elastic gait wcro changed into an inciirauio ,,,,;,; ,!, u '
Nn I. a, innnt i. i.m. niniit., .a.llOllPSS. II W ilS U llillllll BlHiUll . nui.ii.i- r.i:..l.
was perfectly happy to waltz with any ono
or, nek
theso two moved through the circles of coun
try gaiety; meeting constantly, and furnish
ing for soino time a grand subject for spec
illation. In worldly matters, lioth wero equal ;
nehher very rich nor poor well matched,
as tho gossips said. Hut it was all useless ;
ond Philip at last, mortified with tho calm
indiflorenco which his homage won from tho
Whitewash ron Fences. One otinco white
vitrei, (sulphate ol z nc.j ounces ,i co.nu on , , . , , ,. sllnwnf ;, .
n ilt to cverv 3 or 4 lbs. ot good trcsn nme,u is - r . -- - - .. ,
s.i i, iu nei) .j m - h ,,nal(l attention enunllv to overv now nm
: it very uurauu-, iaiui,u iu uiu.. . , ' , , " "
p.uiiy niuu, uiu. cuunieu i.oieri.....cu to UUZ-
said, render
A KF.MAitKAHLF.F act. The sea birds, tho
ptillin, guillemot and tho razor bill, cannot fly
over tho land at all, although they can rise from
tho surface of tho sea with perfect facility, mount
in on in.tnfmitn iieiirbt. and flv with amazing ra
pidity so long as tho sea is immediately under
tlicm, 1)111 no sooner uo i.ioy n umnu ti....
ilmn ilmv .Iron as if shot. During a strong
wind from tho sea it not linfrequcntly happens
that these birds in mounting higher than the
tidiro nf tho cliff, are Buddenlv blown over the
Hand, when thoy immediately fall, and can only
zlo nntl charm without ever really loving
or being loved.
Margaret was as apparently unmoved by
hcr lover's dereliction, ns by his previous
adoration. Hcr real thoughts on tho sub.
jeet woro only expressed to hor mother,
who naturally wished to seo her only child
Why could you not like Philip Heath
nono but n strong mind could bear. Rut
Philip, through his long and solitary illness,
had thought much and deeply ; nntl his ex
ternal tipncuranco was scarcely moro chang-
ed than his mind. Nevertheless, with all
his courage, ho could not repress many a
bitter pang, ns ho waited alono in Mrs. Les.
ter's drawing room, and caught a glimpse
of himself in tho mirror which had so often
boforetimo reflected tho graceful figure of
tho handsome Philip Hcathcote. When tho
door opened, and Margaret entered, ho could
havo shrunk anywhere from her view.
A huo, very slight, was in Margaret's
usually colorless check ; sho looked onco
at tho young man, and then advancing,
took his hand in both hers, nnd said in a
frank, earnest, friendly tone, that went to
Philip's heart, ' I am very glad, indeed, to
seo you hero again, Mr. lleuthcote.
i.i ... ii..
The waro-rooms of Madame Camille,
of tho most tiisluonawo ransinu iiitiii-
had ono day rccoiveu an mm mount
apprentice. Her tianio was Liauueue.
Hcr futher was a mason, and like too many
of the working classes drank on Sunday
what ho had earned during tho week. I ler
mother did the best sho could to support
her family, nnd found it n hard matter with
tho littlo she earned.
(Jabriello had sutlercd so much misery
from her cradle, that sho had never known
that youthful spring which usually makes
to children tho mero consciousness of cxis
tenco a joy. ' Mamma, what n nico thing
it is to bu alive !' onco said n child to her
mother as sho bounded before her. ( Sabri
cllo was silicon, and knew not what a smile
was. Her fair but faded cheek bore an ex.
pres'sion of sullbring and quiet resignation,
which was moro nllecting than any open
.Inmnnsi ration ofurief. Tho child contrast-
mi thn hnuso of her mistress tho nbodo of
order, economy, and industry, nnd conso.
qiiently of easo and comfort with her own
home, where reigned every kind of wretch
cdiiess that poverty nnd disorderly habits
could produce, nntl where reproaches ihonI
ust. it is true, but consequently the more
half-way to tho botton of it,' said tho man. j paifui gave rise to mutual recrimination
I An Irish cook, hearing tho lady ot tuo nousc' between tho husband and wile.
I at dinner ask her husband to bring llombcy and j Qn0 CVening. among others, tho wifo was
liandsomo to me. my own
otto like you ; and if I were
Llll llllll- . .
' When von said I was too liandsomo 7 cried
tho happy hu-band.
' Thore, do not remember those nays 1 did
not love you then.'
' And now vou do, my sweet Margaret, my
dear wifo,' sa'id Philip llcathcoto. ' And so 1
do not caro in tho least for being as ugly as an
old satyr, since Margaret lister can never
again say that 1 am a great deal ' too liandsomo
for her. London .lfigi.ine.
i Jake,' said an old firmer one day to ono of
his mowers, 'io you m.ow i.uw nun;
there are to a dillcinma !'
No,' replied Jake; 'but I know how many
there nre to a quart of whiskey.
' Did you not tell nio that this morass was
i-j.iiL imttnn?' said a voung horseman to
a'countrvnian, when his horso had sunk up to
his saddlo-girth. ' Yes, I did ; but your aro not
. j ii . . 'Ul uiuiivi " r 4 " . , , u.iu u.c.inii;. u.nwiip w.'.v.-i
Thero was no condolence, no allusion to Son with him when he came to tea, laid twol . . ? , n h(ld not g
nmnJ' ..iWi i T d,.r Vn., L-n.,. hie illm-cc. sho did not avoid ookinc ul .v,ra n ates on the euppcr tame ior mo r no.iu . , ,
love, he has good prospects; every one nd! him, but spoke and smiled wilh lute nnd Ujioj6.
i hcr nil he earned.
The Vol'.no Inplord. One of tho best and
soundest lawyers that ever sat on the bench of
Mas.-achusetts, was Judge r . Ho was al
ways distinguished for tho urbanity of hi man
ncrs nnd the true benevolence of his spirit ; and
tho story I havo now to relate illustrates, quite
forcibly, this characteristic.
Judgo P. was raised in Il.irns.able, and at tha
time we refer to, assisted his mother, as much
as possible, in keeping a country inn ; a modo
of mibsiftcnre to which she was driven by tha
death of her husband.
One evening a way-worn traveller, armed
with a bundlo suspended from a cane, entered tha
inn and asked for something to cat. Ilisdrcs
was not calculated to impress a beholder with
any vast ideas of wealth ; but rather of one who
lived by travelling on foot and begging a night's
lodging from benevolent inn keepers. Jln. l .
cast a glance at tho traveller, and seeing his
shabby coat, formed a pretty accurate estimate
of his ability to pay for whatover might bo fur
nished him. , , , .
She left tho room to examine her larder, and
in a short time returned, and having set I eforo
him a irry picked bono of beef went out of tha
room, at thosamo titno saying to her son, 'John,
it will bo worth alioiit twenty cents.
Our traveller attacked the beef, and altersomo
time bavin" perfectly macerated it, he rose and
asked Jolmliow much ho was to pay.
i Well,' said John, ' mother thought it would
bo worth about twenty cents to pick that bone,
and I think so too ; here's the money,' and ha
generously presented the traveller with a piita
teen. A'.' J'. i'f"'''' 'He Tim.

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