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0311rltal Mt niiKu. iik 1 i '
tint tlio hands of 11 v.M it lint lisit ri'imnril
a ekllF wliicli win tliil in t'iu ivm.il why
l'alinyra,N. V, ono ol" tin ilrnn1in put, l'o
had left it tlictc,8trui'k tin- ilr'n T iifttii" e m ll
boat us lio xras crossing the tour p.itli briilj;.',
with tho huttofamutket.friicturing his skull.
The boy vnsdrnpged hytlio frightoncil horses
four miles, mi l liis fleli horrilily torn. Tho
inurJcrcr was arrested, and camo near meet
in; with sum man,' vengeance on the spot.
Senator SiMNrrt to I'acrmukc WltLUMON. I
Wo envy l'asfmoro Williamson Hie receipt of I
the letter from Chaijcs Sumner, one of tho I
liest men. tuirest li.irrinta nml intelligent !
minds of tho L'nion 'I'lionii tho victim of
Judgo Kniio's judicial tyranny is BCp.ir.ttcd
from Ills family and precluded from attending
to his business, dill he is lia jijiicr and more
respected by tho general community, than
tho man nho bought his se.it on tho bench
by ii convenient political lie. TIiousiimIm of
our citizens look to l'amoru Williamson as
n Christian man in bondage for acting upon
his (.'hri-tijn iuiules towards his fellow
men. No one, on tho contrary, regards
Judge Kane as hating added dignity or res.
pect.ihilily to tho position ho achieved so
iniMorthily; ami his conduct is only approved
by those toadies who hang upon oiiiei.il fator
for their bread, nnd make their liting by
following their iiulincts, as the trained blood
liounds uf tho South do in the genial occupa
tion of catching iimatMiy blates. e li.ue
jet to find the high toned' gentleman of any
party or political creed, who does not say
that'jiidge Kane outraged law mid liberty by
taking engnirmco of a ease oter which he hud
no jurisdiction ; and we hate jet tn find the
l.iwjer unprejudicid lit' his loeofoco shackles,
who does not proclaim that ho det-urwx im
peachment for his gloss t iolation of the stat
ute law. Mr. Williamson in his roll may
thank God that he is not Judge Kane in Ids
soiled ermine. Vhiladilphut Sun.
Jou.n.sy CosisTOtk, the Eastern hermit, paid
n visit to our city last week, and attracted
considerable attention arrayed in his fantastic
habiliments. Those who nuter saw him be
fore, -supposed he might hate been the King
of the Shetland lfland, inste.nl of a humble
rcluse. .Mr. Conn-tuck, has re-bled in a cute
near York, Me., some lfi years. About live
years since lie rcmoted his abode to .Manches
ter woods tthero he now- resides. He is
strictly tcmperato ami "-erupulously honest.
He never solicited, nor has he eter obtained
alms from the charitably disposed, lie never
rode in the cars or other mode of public con
veyance, prefers to walk, unI then in the
most uulrcjuentod roads.
J'rotided witli a small tin cup, in which
he ftceps his tea, and Ids pockets stuffed with
a little tea, coffee, mgar and crackers, he oc-casionallj-
inies forth, to ascertain what
progress is being made in tho world, and
when fatigued by walking ami fasting, will
sit down by the roadside, niako a fire and
prepare his frugil repast. Ho neiir dis.
clospd bis retreat ; his unit companions are
two tame fov e, which he brought up from
sucklings, and who will follow linn, nnd seem
to bo ns inueh attached to their master as
trained dogs. During the winter he subsists
solely upon game, and does not consider his
manner ol liting at all precarious.
Money is no oly 'ct t him, lie can always
dritoalarter trade in roots, herbs, heed's,
game, ,fcc., and says he tumid not change
his manner nf liting and situation witli any
man in the I'uivert-e Xcwluiyp ort llrrald.
A Tlx A farmir had occasion to send his
man, who by the ttnj- was a jolly Dutchman,
to a neighboring town for a barrel of molas
ses. The we ither b-ing warm nnd tho road
rough, aud the dritcr, inoreoter, dnting
rather fast, tho molasses took a notion to
'work,' as it is zeneiully called. Hut tie
will let him tell his story in his own words
' Veil, I gomod along, and 1 gomeil along, till
1 got to de hill tat stands at do top of the
blacksmith shop, and den 1 looks around
behind my pung hole. Dinks 1, 1 vill stop
dat so I stops de cart, anil scotches der oxem
lait a grabble rock uud trotes der bung hole
in as tight ash nebcr vos, mita light-rood
knot, und goinod along again, till I got to
where d forks ov do road cross oach odor
mit de meetin house, ami I looks around
behind my back agin, ami de stuQ'wasall uin
ober mit do parrel again. 0,asl, I till
fix you now, an 1 jacks up a ehook mit all
my might, and do ting flew out mit a noise
like a cannon, an knocked mo down flat off do
road mit my back, and seart de cart, and it
runned away mit de oxen, nnd turned dem all
ober each Oder, and bruke eberything in pie
ces, ami I am gomed home mit myself, but de
cart is ruunin to de tvful.'
Trom tho IJri'lscprt Ftanil.ird.
llnrnuiii mi IIiiiiiIiuu P5000 Ollrreil to
His Puhlisher.
I'. T. liAUMti, in replj' to a correspondent
of the New York Tribune, gites his ideas
upon the subject of "Humbug," and udicr
tising as follows
"It is very easy to ery 'humbug,' and jet
one half of the world do not reuVet on tho
true definition uf the term. If Dr. Hunter
lavishes thousands of dollars in udtertising
his inhaling remedies, or fienin p.ijs an unheard-of
price for a Jenny i.ind ticket in or
der to puff his business into notice, or "Doe
sticke' contrives to got accidentally shot (by
tho telegraph) just as his amusing und in
teresting book is le.idj for the market, or if
Senator Jienton ipiotes from his I'birly years
in tho L'nited states Senate' in everj "speech
he may happen to make upon any subject, the
public maj' cry 'humhug,' but what moor do
they give that Hunter does not euro con
sumption, that (lenin don't make first-rate
hats, that -Doestieks' i not irresistably
funny, or that Benton's book i nut a talua
blo political work for relerence '"
"When tho great Hlacking-makcr of Lon
don sent an agent to Kgypt to write on tho
Pyramids of Ohiza, 'Leo Warren's lil.ick
ing,' was ho humbugging travellers on the
Nile ' Not in the least. The blacking was
n good article and well worth its price, but
the owner know the value uf advertising."
"Tho public and the public press, it seems
to mo, will both bo gainers when tl.oie whoso
liberality, tact and energy lead them to ex
pend fortunes in advertising, ceaso to bo re-
farded, soi'dy on that aceouut,as 'humbugs.'
ho truth is, real humbugs cannot long .tr
roRD to advertise liberally, lor if the tliinfr
advertised is worthless, tho more notoriety it
receives, the sooner its worthlcs-ness is ex
posed, and tho shorter w ill be tho caieer of
its proprietor. He, mi the contrary who ghco 1
his customers their irLU Jiosnv s worth, must '
add daily to his list of remanent p.itroni,
and thus be able greatly to eulaige his
sphere of permanent adiertiaiug ' '
Mr. Uarnum declares that lung ijforo I
writ'mg his book, and eiposing tho -tricks of
trade, ho had determined loroier to dispense !
with all exhibitions which were not prcen-ely I
what they wero represented. Hu
"It has'lung been conceded that no inana-
gtr in any country gives his palrous a
greater equivalent for their money than my-!
fcelf. In twenty years I have expended oter
twenty millions ot dollars in catering for tho j
public curiosity and amusement. hen I
tret bought the American .Museum, its ex
pcuses were less than $35 perdaj- n w they ,
amount to $2110 per day, the price uf tickets I
remaining the same. Ihiitj' years ago, a
traveling menagei io was fitted out on a api- I
tal of $111,0110. Mino cost mu $100,001). 1
also added to its attractions 'deucral 1'oiu
Thumb,' to whom I paid $111,000 per annum,
besides liquidating all his expenses, includ
ing the cost o( his clothing. AuJ ju L. '
cents was tho usual price of ailiiiissioii.'"
"In fact I havo long siuco learned that no I
man can permanently succeed in any biisi- I
noss unless ho gives t.tr.LF. lou t'Ai.i'n, and
suoh arc plainly the teachings uf my book.'
"Indeed, although tho work has ulieady
made u most unprecedented sale, and given
me a much larger pecuniary return tuaii 1
eter expected, or had it right to expect, jet I
desire toappcal from the judgement ol thuse i
who incline to pronounce it i :n im, r.t f in its
tendency, and let tho rturn ilwide between
u... To attain this I hereby ulh r to relin
quish nil future profit in tho bunk, und pledgu
myself tu preient my publisher, .Ml.J.S.
Hliiiiki.1), lite thoimud lollirs on condition
that ho shall himself Haiti: any lurther claim
to a profit on tho copyright, and publish mv
aut'i-'iiog.-jp'iy in its piesent sijle ul (ilt'v
louts, and in a cheaper finding lur twenty,
lire cents. I wish to hate lite milliuu, ur
inure of (lie inhabit Hits uf tho l.'nitcd Slates
read tint book for theinseltes, uud am leadv
to guarautuo that more than ni iivt-i-n-1 vt t-n tf
e'hsul the whole number w ill ib cide that it
t aches only ag . id iiioi.il le.on Istat'din
myir. raeo that while niaov id my ivlten
tur i will produi-o hatmle ' laught r, tbe
will be found to eontcy u i.oin nittriit"'.
lH'os ' In the text of tho bonk I distinctly
6tato that ! rii.tiL vjt .trrttiiT to ji-tiiv
deceptions used in getting up exhibitions "
W'tiii s n.- the Atlantic. (lie. n, be
diter, lu, 'i' ii down to the ttn-ek uf t'm
fl inti ' louii 1 himself upon the wli-. l
I ousel h It his way to tho state roi'u in lh.'
idler lurl if the boat, nnd attache, I a lin-
I'.ittftid. -i "f tho same. This roo ii ! ui.) !
i i e.nilaiii the safe of tho American I'-pic-i
t .mipaiiy, llo remained under 'in r 10
minutes, uud brought up with him pi e. j of
tho wreck, noino of which weie brought
do' by thu I'lymouth Iiock on her last tlip
to m'tiity, Ifo only waits for warm weath
er for'ylothcr trial, and entertains no doubt
of his siictesa in obtaining tho iron safe of (
tho Conipniy, nnd with it the treasure, Tho ,
samples of wood from the wreck are so water
soaked as to sink at once whnn put into w.itei . '
Jluff'alo I'rprrm.
.New I'ubllcntluns. I
l'tT.s'Ati's Mosiiit.r for September. The
opening article is on the Now Ilnglish Poets, i
nnd is a rotiew nf Clytcmnestra nnd other
Poems, by Owen Meredith, and n second se
ries of poems by Matthew Arnold, son of tho
Into Dr. Arnold. Otten Meredith is a ficti
tious namo assumed by Mr. Hubert Lytton
I'.utwer, son of Sir Klward liulwcr. This
agreeable article, which lias full extracts from
the two tolumes reviewed, is followed by tho
conclusion of " I'wico Married," Sunken
Treasures, The Am i.ons oT South America,
I,ife among the Mormons, Thackeiay's New
comes, I.iting in tho Country, and other
pleasant papers. Published by Dix & Ed
wards, N. Y.
The K.NKKERiincKi.u for September is illus
trated with n fine tngrnt ing of the Ilurnett
House, Cincinnati, n niinuto description of
tho gloiies and coincidences of which may bo
found on tho " lMitors'Table." The princi
pal articles in this number aro Sketches
from the Country, by W. I,. Tiffany. The
Lover's Leap, it Seneca Legend, in verse. The
Pride of our Village. The Portrait. The
history of dipt. Samuel Strongbotv. Tho
Hurled Treasure, I'ull Literary notices and
an amusing Editor's Table complete the
number. The Editor has been taking advan
tage of tho travelling season, and gites his
readers the benefit of his observations. For
bale by K. Smith, Town Hall.
(lonr.v's L.tnii.s' Hook for September, con
tains 100 pages, 40 engratings, and 72 arti
cle"! of utility, information and amusement; a
cheap book nt 2.1 cents.
l'lit.NK Lt-silL'sCnuetteof Fashions, is with
out a rital in its line for excellence nnd
cheapness. Tho September number is a fine
ono, and tho Ladies, in havo it.
H.tRri'.R's Storv Hooks, No. 10, contains
full description of tho new Harper establish
ment, tho most complete and extensile pub
lishing houso in the world, with numerous
wood cuts, It gites.i good idea of tho entire
mystery of typo setting, printing, book ma
king and binding, Sec, ond is full nf interest
for older heads as well as for tho little folks,
for sale by Fuller.
New Music.
Wo received some time since from Mr. L.
S. Hi st, tho following pieces.
Miners Triucte Waltz, by J A. Fowler,
dedicated to Miss F.llen S. Hand, of Eliza- j
bethtown, Essex Co., '. Y., a simide and not
unpleasing piece. I
1 want a wirE, a song for Bachelors, 1
adapted to an air of Wallace's by Charles
Jams ; 'Fur. Watchman's I'oi.ka Mazurka, I
by J. A. Totvler; The Magic or A ki.nplt 1
smile, by Goo. F. Root ; Horr. on hope ever, )
by Chas. Jarvis ; Sweet Kate or Norton
Vale, by Geo. Simpson ; Come nxsiE tiiee
home, by A. C. Farnham ; and DiNAn is tiie
oirl tor me, with chorus, by W. Raphaelson
songs nnd ballads, with piano forte accompani
ment, of varying degrees of merit, but none
of them difficult or dear. For sale at Rust's
Music Store.
Cartfully orrtctt I and rtusrl for th I'rtt Prtitby
C. H. ADAMS 6c CO.,
CoinraUaion .Merchant, 135 A. 13" DUckitonc St.,
I'lirttcnltr attention pad It tht tale of all fandi o
Country Product,
CiiAKLt-II. Avxui, Jiur.. K. Hall.
l'oa the Whbk isnna
C.UAI.V, per bushel
Corn, Northern,
Corn, Southern,
Corn, mixed.
Corn, white,
heat Vet-f ra
O.it?, Xxirthern,
(Jjts, feoutbern,
Mat?, Kastcrn,
Ui:A.N,ir bunhcl
I'OTATOK, per buhfl
Common whites,
IVddl blows,
II Y, p(r ton
IIO.VKY, per lb.
I-irt port,
IimES, per lb.
CAI.FsKI.V?, per lb.
SUH1), per lh
Cb.ver, W. Si P.,
HiTd-jgrasp, pr buihtl,
Ut'd Top,
.uperfinf ,
lieef, W.MfBs.perbbl.,
llcef, E. Mmi,
lioef. No. 1,
Wf prim,
Pork, ex. clear.
Purk, clea,
1'i-rk, mc!,
Pork, prime,
Hus, dressed, pr lb.,
Lrd,per lb..
Hams, Xortliern, prlb,.
Ham'., Western,
Ham-., pickled,
M'TIEH, per lb.
CIIKESIT, per lb..
SrAUCH, per lb.
TAU.OW, per lb.
W0UI domenic,pf r lb.
.-ax. andMor. fleeco.
Pull bloed,
inndl blood,
Crtui. j blood,
Pulled, extra,
' ui.,
No 1,
No. 2,
Western mixed,
;pt. 5, 135.
a 0 00
1 UQ
9C a VT
I 00 a 1 05
f,U n
CO n
til n
4 110
4 00
3 50
45 ii
45 a
43 a
21 on n 25 00
13 I
75 a
5 &
13 a
10 a
hi a
M a
V 00
a oo
12 00
10 50 a
10 00 a 16 00
lfi 00 a 19 00
11 00 a 15 00
U 00 s. 15 00
00 a 20 00
21 00 a 21 50 '
33 00 a 22 50 I
IS 00 a 19 00
11 i
13 i
12 i
I) i
20 :
16 I
14 i
; a
12 a
8 a
17 a
17 a
33 a
37 a
33 a
37 a
15 ii
25 a
Lyon's Knthairon.
fMlnitK is no surer test of the unrlifltlid mer.
i it. o ao i.rtitle, than tho springing up ot
countless imitations an I counterfeits. This test
conclusively prolog LmxV KATniiKo.s, fur pie.
scning, restoiing and beautifying the Hair, to Le
the finest toilet aiticle cut prepared. Combining
as it docs thu tragraiice of thu most delicate ex.
tlacU with tho inot valuable restorativo qualities,
it Maud cntliely without a rhnl. The ladles lime
dtcided that no toilet talde is euiuplete without it,
nnd their tinu discrimination rubs the world. To
mud agaiui-t valueless imitations and counterfeit
.iIh xyi ask or I,VOn Kaiiuiiion.
111! Mil, W 7 XKOUI' .1 Co., 1'ii.niiitois,
( i Liberty St., New Voik.
.-opt, I.. w I mo
Al White liner Juuetioii, Au.-. 30th., by the
llev. .Mr. .Merrill, .Mr. dm. A. Ktvo, or Slaryj.
illle, California, to .MIm Ji ui, daughtri of lieu,
l.tuinu, lit,.)., of the former pluco,
August 2th., in Che.ter, Vt., by Iter A.
liankin, M i At.l.i.1, Ki tt Huston Jla.r., to
Mis Li rr A. daughter "I the, fliclalliigclcrjmau,
Clerks Wanted.
rjMIUrii CLIiUKs W NTi:ii by tho Subscriber.,
a one a" II' - k-k 'per, and two as SalcMiien,
None lie 'I nppl eirept th"ie haling ...lue elpe.
lienco an I it la, an brio g ur.doubti d refere te a to
ohirait l
JJurllnjjtou.Sopt Cth, 186 UAwtf I
Stray Vow.
O rilAVIil! OH srol.b.S frum IVI .ty I'ln i.l
nt I rrn I'M fulls, en ll.o nlRlit el tilt 3d fe.,
n lnj jtit ii' I I'tm. ' 111 Itttiiilsontu burns dry In eno
f.iw.ircl toil Willi A jrmi'l slH'J bilR, nlel ".limit II
teiM id'l, bl'" ei.'ill'Ol wliffp hlf l will 1.0
lilrlr ton-M, I. irjlUMtAII CM b
WlnnoiM fall', sept. 0, IliS, Lit
Burlington Female Seminary.
f J1I1E l'AM, Til KM will commence on Yt'eduesdsT
a HoptMnl'cr etli,
iti:v. .i. k. rnMimsr, a.m.,
bstln, Chenilstrv, Xntuml, .Moral and Intellectual
Itct. It. W. SMITH, A. 31.,
English I,snns snd Mtcrsturc, llhetorlc snd
Prnf. T. P. Moll, ) Plsno nnd Voenl Muslo snd
l'rof T. E. Molt, 5 Tbarough II us.
Prof. ,t. II. Hills, Dmwlng, Urnjoniug. Ac.
Prof, I. L. tWIIInms, .... n,i,i,
M.s 8. E. Converse. d Pslntln.
Tho French ijingungo is Intight by bndy to
whom tho InngntiRs Is verniiculnr.
Application should be made osrty. Cntalegues
trill bo sontto order.
.TAME-) W. II1CKOK, Secretary.
Burlington, Scrt. 23, 1855 dlw.w
STRAYIII) from the pnaturo of the Mr. John W.
Stoor?, in nurliiifiton, about tho 25th July two
Heifer, one all yellow nnd tho other yellow silo
with ft llncil back, whlto log", ami hort tall, be
tweon two an I three years old.
Any pcMun returning them or girinK Information
to Mr. Htnrra or the subieribcr where thoy aro, "hall
bo tuitnbly rcwnidcd.
nonnuT sthwaut.
Willlstoii, Aug. 29 1 18. w3w
Por Sale,
AVALt'Alilii; TAItM (.n the Eat fido of the
Koad 1$ iulle-1 from Colcheter Conter,contaIn
Ing ono hundred acic, under pcod cultivation with
convt-nlrnt Iluildlni;-?. Soft Water in supplied by
lead plpR tti tho Houso and l!arn, their is a good
orchard and many ntlier convoniencc-i j nNo an
undlridcd li.ilf if a ono hundreil acre lot Kat of
saiii farm. Any one wishing to purchase a farm
wntlld do Well tn OftU nnJ axmuino Itcfars 1TtnA.
Terms moderate. UVHUS FAK11ANO.
SEPTEMBER 1st, 1855.
JL largo stock of Stnple and Fancy
Dry Goods,
tac: .rv. c. vl a2' tt nvra 9
Floor Oil ( lolh, Crovlii i'V.
A P K 11 11 A .V (' 1 A' (! S ,
Mo-t ot wliie-h wfls i'iircli-i.p.1 bef'iro tin ltc ris
In I't-ice-s, :uil will lie-soM aciior.linsly. llf'iieinl.cr
11 " l'oiiay eaveit Is twopence earned."
P. Particular nttcntk'U iivcn to House fur
ishinp (iuods, euch n Window Curtains and tixtures,
Tnblo snd t'hftlnber I.inell, Worsted and Cotton
Table and lied Spread., Il.unnsliB, Moreens,
Ulankf tr, Ac., Ac.
X. Ii. F10111 anil after this dlto flnll confine
ourselves strictly to CASH aud ready pay, (special
contracts heretofore made oxceptc t.)
Fept. lt, 1853. .Utvtf
pLiTTPBcaon, Clistot Co. N. Y.
rpHE Fall Terra of i hi- Institution will commence
X Wednesday the 5th of September.
Unusual facilities lor acquiring tho rudiments of
a thorough practical education in its several depart
ments sro a,;aln offered to all who choo-e to avail
themselves of theeu. CIumc. will be formed In
Frcuch.in Chcml-try applied to tho .Mocbanionl pur
suits and tho Art', and In Architectural Design
with the use of the necessary instruments under tho
direction of Dr. ltodolph JLijewski, (from Paris,)
Practical aud Analytical Chemist.
An accomplished lady will have charge of the
Female Department, and the same thorough In
struction will be given in this Department which
has characterised it heretofore.
It is hoped that all intending will join the classes
at tho beginning of tho Term.
J. S. D. TAVLOIi, Principal.
September lit, 1855. dlw.twtf
Rutland &. Burlington Railroad.
Special IVoticc.
fpIIE AXNUAfj FAIR of tho Vermont &tato
I. Agricultural Society will be h'dden at Rutland,
on tho 11th, 12th, and 13th days of September
will bo sold to Rutland and back, nt all stations on
tho Una of this road, on Mondiy, Tueday .Wednes
day and Thursday, of that week, for
FA HE 0A7-; WAY.
Ticket-, good to return on any Regular or Extra
Passenger Train, during the week ot the Fair.
Stock nnd nil article lor rxhiMUon nt tho
Tnir, nill be curried liotli vn I'reo
7Due notice will bg given of the running of j
Extra Train", Ac, Ac.
liupennttnatnt ,
Superintendent'. Office,
RutUnd, Aug. 1, lt:5
d.lw 4 w
n r
St. Album, - Vt.
Fret Carnagt to and from the Dtpot,
Auguit 22.1.
Hat, Cap & 'Fur Store.
with a largo stuck of
Summer Styles
Of lhti and Pitis and Strmi' (looth,
A gooj supply of Silk, Voli'skin, Mack and Drab
Ileal cr nml othi-r Ifntf, of tlio lattt fashion and host
quality. A good assortment of l.cnts and Hoys
Panama, leghorn and Straw Hut.,
Ladie3' & Misses Dloomers,
A largo assortment of lilack, lvrl, Urah and
Whito Soft lints of all gradi ?.
Also a splendid assortment ol Tlll'S'KS, IIO.N'.
NET CASK?, VAMsIW. I.h.Io.' and (ionta Satchels,
Carpet aud Leather U.igsf
IJiilhrcllas, t::i!ies A: (.'loves.
mitti:.xs, HOYS WILTS, 4 c.
Those wanting auy ol tlio aboio articles will rinl
it for their advantage, to call at the Ilai, Cup and
I'ur Store neit door to Eyman's, College Sheet.
Hats and Caps ma lotoordcr and wurianted tu fit,
clinllxlns douo with neatl es. and despatch.
Enibroi.ierieBatnErrcat uacrincu
WE OPEN THIS MORNING a lirgc nMortrucnt
Collari1, wjrkod Rands, Pocket HandkercMpfs, Ac,
Ac, which will bo old at one half tbtir copt to
St;uiipc(I Work,
in great rariety, such as CoUsti, Sleevtn, Bande,
Handkerchief!, Ac. Ac.
May 7, dlwtf
In spite of tho
Frightful Railroad Disasters,
Accounts of absconding dLtori, unuiual tiBhti.e1"
In the money m.irlet and gincrnlhard timet", thero
etileiit8 an utifailiD; (bo to uionojioly at
Turk's Vq Kniporiuni!
M. a :i xk iii.ock,
Ifutlinton, whero
Spring and Summer Fashloiid
ro dl.pl ivtd with a lavUh hand. The most eaten,
she aud well eclictcl assortment ,f
It e :i d - in a d c Clothing
And (irnts I'm nulling (lnodi
ever eihlbited in the MaU ol Vermont, is now ol.
fend to the eiliii ns of llurllngton and vicinity at
prices that will a-toniih thu natlio. In our Cms.
tola litpurt.iient we aro determined not to be
exeulled by an) sllullnr e"t.iblihliient. Our iloek
of AmeiiO'ill al, I foreign Uroadcloths, Casiineres,
and W'stln., consisting in pait of tiien idiom,
Satins and .Ma l"illes, enibnicea the latest ktjli t
and choioeH ,.iltern. In lloy Clothing our n.oit.
meiit is ciiipiele. It I. n.elcss to attempt tin nu
ln,Tali..ii ,d the goods on aalo, wo would thcrefoiu
call the uttentlonof " all iinnkliid,"
ir Shrill. Soft Shell,,
Kihmi -Nul biiu's nml i'cnipcriini'i' .Urn,
In parti. -ular, to inspect our stock and juige (ur
thcm.elu'. I'here'a no use iu blowing the FACT
I-, No. 2 i. tho place whero
and this is simply to mdlry our 270,1100 Patrons ol
a slight ehang" in the programme whvriby they can
wins V ill the piiiuliasu of a suit 'Overwhelmtig
uiodtsty' fi'iblda uur saying more until thu curtain
ri.e on the ni tt ''eno
I.e pectfull) , A. , Ac , Ac , Ac ,
Xu. 2 Hank Hlock llurllmrton
Hilllll'ton, Apiil, 1B33 d.tw
New Clonlu.
n.n-o.u: and xiAvsn ixsniuiu' dy
ii id inio il.it? Cl.iek.., Unit tun with weights
and rim oi" e oMr tlnn spring Clocks j for sale
at liM.V- d.UIi.- .Intulry Ftorc, Church Mitit.
I'ailiii.loil, June 22, l.'ii, il.ttf
Sai.ii, JJoorrt, nnd Dliiulfj.
rtVIK St;llCUI .1 m nio Agonls for tho sale of
I Pash, Doot, nnd I.imds manufactured bv II. W.
Chis,', at Ulnooskl, Vt. All orders left with us
will bo promptlv nttisnded to. Fhop on (Milliner's
Lime, llast ol Court Houee,
i ii. uody a nnoriinus.
! riutlington, July 1, 1855. dtfw3t
; I'lotvr, c tI.K"-' Bosu!s,
run tM-r. nr
II. II. non r WICK.
AP'H ,JS53. d.lwir
Willow Wapons,
ClAltTf, Cradles, Chairs andllo-Carts, for sale at
Old Stand, Church street.
rrjUIE largest and richest stock of lino Watches
I- ever opened, Also n new lot of cheap Watches
of gold, alitor, plated and galt anliod Just received
at the old stand, Church St.
d.lwtf J. n. IllttNS.MAII).
Geiitlcmciia Shawls.
t UST received by Express, n largo lot of (lentlo
' mans Shawls, at Tt HK'ti Clothing Store, No
Hank Hlock,
ruv. fi.
Clerk Wanted.
A YOUNO MA ? who has had sotno experience
J "j la tlio Dry (Inods business, and enn'givcun
doubted rcforeneo as toeha racier, Ac.
Aug. 7th, ls-,5. a.lw
In the Price or Summer (inniN,
ul ino
Itcc Hive!
jHOM this dlto wo shall offer tho remainder of
our Summrr Gvorfi nt prices that will not only
yc-its, but tiitontilt purchasers ; for wo are determin
ed lo close them out" if lt,p prim will do It.
Summer Mlks, Ilerages, Tissues, Challis, I.awns,
Jaconets and (linghains ; Illeh Crape, Mella, (lobi
Ilordcred, Thibet, CaFhmere, Hlk A llerago bhnvttt
a splendid nssorlment of Manlilht, Ladles' nnd
.Ml.ses Sires, manufactured expressly for tho
lice. Hire j l'aiasols, Pans, (llotcs, Jlitts, Hosiery,
Ilibbons, and a variety of other Ooods aJaplcd to
the scisnn,.
T This occasion will lurnlh a rare opportunity
to all who aro so unjortunatt as to need any of tho
nbotc (loods. We tako this opportunity to express
our thanks for tho tery liberal patronage which has
bepii hc'toni'd upon the Iloe-HIre, and intile
nil In c il I a .on hs p..siblo and K-euioii h.ire ol
tl.o llarg.iiii' X. PUCK, Jr.
Ilurliugtoii, Vt., Julv 17th, l"1o. d.lw
I Important Inforniation !
! IX A REC EM adcrticmrnt of one nf our rc
l spet-tcd ctnuprtitiir" on Church trc't wc notice
lite f-dlnwli)' canditl nnd ftnlblo ndweo to purclns-
( erpof Hry (lond, t i " ict pntrd up with prices
nt olhcr etores where the tfriatc--t wotidei't of the
np-' may he fuund, thtn enwe and t,uy uf u ot 10 to
1 i prr erttt trt vhifh ymt u-itt lurety do if you "como
t and tte" uur c.ttcnpiic ptnck and Inw prices (the
i f-iiosm tJ our oicn).
I Wo have no doubt thi- important nnnnuncemcnt
( was prompted by the purest phihinthropy ; und ns
they have alluded to u as auxiliaries in till? rrat
fn-jii yj ryrti I uir Itir, nv irri 11 III I'f (MIT "Wy IU n--
fist in publHihig tho " glad tiding." Yes come
ono and all to the Uco line nnd ;ct jmsted up"
and then go wherever jou can "arc M 10 to l.'t per
cent." Wo regret that we cannnt pell rheitp ns
our neighb..r advertl;p tn do, nnd confers that wo
rrlurfant y "shako tho b uh for tlitm tn calch the
bird" ;" but tho cnue is a iwKle one, and as it ii our
i duty we fluM mtckly fucumb, hoping to receive
our meed in praic and be hailed ns tbo " greatct
j bene fact or , of the agr," In coi.cluion we respect
j fully iuvite.ill to exiniinc our ptock before or njtn
x purcha.ing elewhero, we take t;r.al plen-uriii
i " showing up Dry (l od. TL" etock cunii't? in part
of the following !
i SILK, and
I Taimnjj nml Capes.
1 RLACK i. r NCY
1 lilXOHAM.
j LAWNS nnd
(JLOVKS, Ac. Ac.
Also, a complete aortment of
EIotiM'-FuriiNhitig- oimK.
We shall say nothing nf uur prim, but let them
ipeik for themsrhes. And we respectfully hmto all
to Come and Seo" tho wonderful workings of the
mighty Cash I'nnaple as exemplified at tho
as v. r. ii i v i: .
More anon.
.. im:i'k. ju.
Mny 21st. 1ST). .l.lwtf
so ri itrnr.H si:i:i oraoi.xa to
m:av vok on mosto.v
fl f?. L
3 SiS Ij 5.1
No. 'J a lii'iui'invnrlli's ,U-U,
Ccillcai' Strui't, ... Cinliiigton,
jau.Mi .iiai i uaii ijt.i Jin tiii;ik
luoiEWLMs for their
S I St I X V H V it I K ,
with ECviral -d the lawrit M mnfm tones oj (ioodun
thrtrlmr, at muih LOWF.tt pricrsth.in ocr hcfurc,
would inlbrm tho public generally, and dealer-1 in
this sictiun i'f tho Country p-rti u'arty, tint they
tTf p'tpnnd to -fr,and w it a. 'i.i, '.h.ir 'mh3 at as
low itnei'M a they cm l-o bnii;lit fi-r in tho cities,
(fu'iht adk'tl,) and on ns tavurablo trni. Ruy
luK colufcirtdy for CASH, ilioy rditaiu httter har
tfaiii?, than rfin Iu uhtainc 1 by bu in; on a credit,
as most buyers do.
Orrt Htock up
rurnitim. Chnlr mut TplitiNtci ;ini'l,
Ac., is iio'f tho ir(t', an'l as wc believe, tho rf
sitrrtrd Etnck ol t!.o-c gnwU in thu State. And buyers
can hero find na tompletr -i-t nutf.t as ein bo tound in
tin y aty Wirf.Ii.vnn, an 1 of oil pi tee and ')u-vli.
tits; ciiii-Iitin partly nf
IMiicU Mai nut ami .Mtttiozan I'Mrlar
r v unit r it i; ;
Ihttmtt Stttmc liomn, and Ihd Homn Furnituif,tif
M ihonny, livt, ond CKtnper Wonds ;
Fmey Fainted Chamber .Setti, Feithert,
tied, and lieddmir ; Oval, Gilt, nnd
oM'r Frame Loohn G'lar ;
Luktnf Gins P.atn ; (.1
irpe miortment if stzes);
Firfure Frame ,ftul1
ings of every vantty,
nnd prt 1 e .
n p K stock or
i very hrgo, nnd coiHiiii'- fr -"YiirAiN Matr-
Blr.5, Ilroeatelle, Liret Mmlin, llolll'ids Hinp
Ilan If, Inop, Honk's, (iilt Curnicea, Ao., Ac, and a
hr,50 asortment uf Pun trnffHUira; aud Cuv ring
.Maikuiw. j Kren'h .atin UcL-iItc'5, Da-naske's,
PIuU .Murojn, Hair Clttlu. and n variety of
cht ipT (luods, Whether with a Uro stock of trim
mor'a goods, such as
Hatr, Mrt$.,Sprini Wch'ntijt Tftnt'Futnet
Ac.t Ac, all at as low rattt as they cm bo obtained
in tiiocititj.
K'oeping oiparionced and goyd U'OUKMIIX in
tLetevoral department of our InisiueM, w aro prc
liarrd at all tune, to ropitr, or executo orders I(
E'tisni. ure ami DiihuNtrrv
with ncatnessand dispatch Wo iiunufacturo also,
bpring lie U of all klns fitted to nuv Iludstoad, aud
Jlattrassej of Hair, Mo.., Husk uud Falm Leaf
(which wo H'lii'isl If, tr sucli as aro leprest tiled by
us in regard to .,'in'i'y . f ,a itm il an I n ttttt'ititr.)
at eitv prices.
;."iJ.ll lioudi luushl at tills ostatilishment will
bo enicfuliy put ii,i 'ii,. I ...u-''u. at the l.'.ir. or
Char (;
to tlic nurt-'lia'-rr.
Wn tiavu lot t m'I
mitl 'ai'H'i oc I'luno',
1 Qt t ro7 n,-tao royiid
whuh Mil hm no'd murh
.j..'tr than (ho rt-.il ,r h
ot iiitnmn'nli of their
Tat 1'ublie aiu united
i(u.ility of finish an I t' nit.
to t'xiiiiine thcio.
I iV-ri'tix winliin to jiirch:to 3ii-h li'..l, it 1 11 du
j wdl to loo!, owi "ir ioclt botors puroli.ulnjj f0
' whiri'.
Vi'M. Ii, lajitr A 10,
A-'ifl II, 18.1.' dl.noi.fc., Ij
. m. 1 1 Km.
HOOK M M.W i U ,
I it nip. Hint 'Jl'MttV, AM' r ll.Wttl pliifi;.
Iinli'i iim l.p lilii-i.si Un,
i;. . io:m:iiii t.
tv or.
Huiltnittou, Vt
nianlis ! rjruU : :
1 onjilperiorpape mil b.(.jfie bokepton
itantly nu baud, or iini d d r at tbo Frui
Paitah Ut-ririt.
May 16,1051
IM. II. Witherell, A. II. Mnjnanl, 11. 1.Jkal
WlthcrcllsMaynai'd Mead,
A 1 1 o r n v )i (' 11 11 11 sc 1 1 n r s nl l.nu, ,
.1ft' .S'fri. ifr. in Chmrrry,
IllirilOIT, Mien.
Office So 10 Woodward Avi., opposite Pn't Office.
jr floncrnl Afjenfy for tlio collection of Chlms. i
In all (he Western State..
niertarxcrs . !
Dttmt Ocn. Oisi, C. C. Trowhrl Igc, ni,, lion. !
II, .V. Walker, Hon. I'.Ion r.irnswortli, lohn Owon, !
Esq., Hon. Charles Howard, Oor. Woo Ibrldec, Col. I
T. I', llroadbcnd, Z. Chandler A Co., Hon. I). M. 1
ttV.niaeOrt Hon. H, McCIeltand.
""Im-Wbitn'y, l'enno A Co., Denn-tt, White
it Co,
AVir i'mk Iluttnn .1 Webb.
.UHvrn, X. I'. Hon. Win. II. Seward.
Knlmmta, M,eh. Hon. C. II, Stewart.
HWor, 17. lion, Tsaai F. Itedfield.
lltnmngttn, Vtt Hon. l'icrpolnt Isham.
Uurlntlm, 17. lion. As.hel I'tclt, O. F,
Kdmunds, n..,
July 23, wlw3
Farm for Sale.
N JOIIXSO.V, Vt., contains about 110 acre, of
superior upland, within ono milo of tho Ul
lage, Academy, and Churches, and one fourth mllo
of district School. It Is well wooded, timbered
and watered. Soil a mellow loam, freo from stone;
has on It some fruit, a pretty second growth sugar
orchard, and spruco nnd l.cmlock timber sufficient
for fencing and building; Is welt fenced, mostly with
cedar posts and boards. On it nro two largo barns,
one 3S by to with undcrgrnundsMblln,';and manure
cellar; tho other 10 by 10, with horse power thrasher
and wood s.iw.and ti,lht grnniry. Tu these a bam,
shed nnd tool house is attached ; all arc built tn a
superior manner, and tn good repair. The houso Is
ohibh, but comfortable, nnd tho out. buildings con.
ventent. Tho firm is Inn good stato of cultliation,
lies to tho South, Is carly,nnd easy to culthnte. The
crops and stock may bo had with tt tf wihe 1, l'os.
session given this fnll or tho ensuing spring. For
terms or particulars call at tho premises, or apply tu
Albo I!. Whiting.
.MAltV I). WllITt.Vd.
jciiii-. Vt., August, 165 j. wCmos
Bounty Land Warrants.
riMIU subscribers nro paying tho highest market
J prico for Land Warrants.
llounty Land and Pension Claims prosecuted on
rcasonablo terms by
Uutllnton, Aug. Cth, 1935. wCwilmoi
rt0 HOHSFSof tho .Morgan lllood, true, an.l
kind in harness Ayrshlro nnd Ilurliam Cows,
superior milkers a second hand Farm Wagon one
light doublo do. two singlo do. one good traverse
Sleigh double and single Harnesses, and various
Farming Tool, Ac, all at very low prices.
Shelbnnie, August 1st, lsoj. w'mtI
HlCKOl'.V Xuts, Lemons, I'rinbeiii, aid
rlwu other ilii' j;-, .,1 1-1 '.. 1 '.-
Nov. S3. d'l
I ll.MDNT Ml I I'AI,.
Fire Insurance Company.
ntlcr oT A.s(.vHini;nt (nr IM.,.,.
rillll; .Members of tho Vermont .Mutual l iie In.
mr.uice Couipiny nr.- hereby notifk.l, tliat the
following asesmei)ts li.no been ina lo by the lli.
rectors on all Notes ill I'oice oil tho f.illowin dnj',
to wit :-
f ,
H'i I, i of ono per rent
.Mikir 3 i prr--nt, fur tb ycir
".idles ,up.;t lt, 1-S. i'lld prr centHe to bo
cyt upon tho orunnl iiMount uf the premium note,
without rcfereneo to any endorsement", and to bo
paid to tho lreisnurci, at hi Office, in M-jntpIi-r,
on or beforu the llh d.iy 01 Ootoher, .
Thr Turiiti-I'islitli 11m111l Krport
of the Compiny will be publWied early in LrcptPm.
bcr, and foiwarded to .Munbern by M ni, t' which
thoy arc rop'etfuly roforre 1 for a detailed tatcucLt
of the husinc-ss of the Company for the ear pi,t.
Member! of tho Conipanv will Cnd in th hind?
of tho Itcprc-"ntatiro elect to the Igilatiirc, n
schedule showinjr tho auiniiiit of a,,!c!nei.t dim
fromcich respectively : and they are pirtiaularly
desired to see that the money tor their aMe-ment i
foruardtd to tho Ofiice in Octobr. Tho a"e-.ment!
must be piid when due, A little a't'-ntion to Ui on
thu part of the .Memher of th Company, will nc
them etpencc and trouble
J. T. TllUnsrOX, TreH-urr.
Office of t, M. F Ins. Co., )
Montpelicr, Auc. tth, lT).
TT 7 'r
Bakersfield Norlh Academy,
With Thicr Atttsfants. j
f 11 HI 5 I.NVniVriON' so on ar.I far -r a My
kn -wn, cominences a new 'Icrm un Jer the most '
favoiahla auspice's, n Au;. VOth. luitiuii ns here- '
tofore, except that I'unu .lnsic, with us of I'i mo, !
Ii only .j' per teim. Iloaid, wj-diin, tmd, Ac, I
$110 to $."., not eeetdln tho la'Ur piice. 1
Cot.i rj iiiuT rrrt.
Stnlentsaro coii.eed iK-twteu M. Atbinn nu I I
Il.ikersfit.ld at the cumiiU'iiciment aiad ctoau of thu I
Term tree of thtrge. ,-tait Irom Tremmit Iluuso, j
Kt. Albmv nt '1 oVI cli, V. M. Au. :U.
bo obtiineJ of thu undersigned. I
U'.C. U I1U., Pre.iduit.
J. X. I'oMKlioi , hecrttary, w'w'l
IIAIUilON'S. " j
Columbian Tonic Stimulant
Wn.i.eure all liiv iei p.iuil by pr.t.tr.uioa uf
dii;csth-t power. it actiot, h imiiiedi.it--; inn,
stimulant, to r.'U--e ih Mtil cnergj to it- healthy 1
force, 11s a tome, to j-u-Uin an i perp.-iu it- thai
fon'u till l.iMliuy fccietioti" .ire ioh .ted and natu
ral puiier return It mil rimocj nil mild forms
ot I'h'dtui, Cooler.! Morbu, iFiitery, I ! 1 1 iit
Colic Ieer, un I IVi er .ind 1j11 ; ami iti eoiimc- !
tiuii Willi llarri-on'-Ct lumbi.in i,;tt.iJie Ku.ttto
will cuie tho moet tm-re u-i'-et 1 thtfl.- and ,
othtrueutj di.-eu-e. in the -d.ortca po.tiblt- time.
'I he Iypepttc tinds iiumidi.ite rtlief, thd p mu
ncnt cure, in its ute. Tor all lir..uehul r. id Pul
monary aiTeelonia, it ). ie u-.it n jtoi,itm flie.iej .
1 he rich ilnd and opiu: 1 u.t bri -les illiindita
ptrflCt Sllb'-tlt'lte 1 irbuth tliose u H l"e-.li.l,deri!l
and lo-jlth lei tmi ln aiticle It i an eudmiie
ly lei-tabl" e '(.ipooltii n ; an 1 n p'l totno and
ftimubint, i ithoiit i!n- -1 iit. t difi .imol; piopr
ty in it- -i i tilt inn 01 a uion t!it m -t 1111. The
fiitnd-" i Timp'-ruu't then will hud 1: a . npint of
j;rtat pote-iey in t le.retni-e, a, n tl-:tt the ittated
cr.niu) "t .1 -ii-et-t.d apptftiti' un.ler it u-e will
pne plicelo IdMlthy aeli"ti un 1 nttur.il dciie?.
It 14 ! lm-iu t 1 tV Lisle, an I tattlul lo the sen
sitdlitie 1 f tli- t'itu.ieli. It i.hi ho talun in it-pre-Liit
f- un, t neh siiup, ur in wtter, unking a
didijhtiul t-vt-rae. A a dtiih 1-eierage, Its de.
lici"'Uuc5 in nc"mkd by .my fi,iiuejite.l or alco
holic prep nation. U pu-ieM as mil a- cures
diea. lib no' applteaide 111 all t-e.isoiiji, to all
dinMe, iiii.t e)p Iltion ot lite, and hum ex
trniiu of Intarey to xtieme nf . Prin-
Columbian Vegetable Exntu-lic
ill withdl 1W and etpi .ill dtifiscd uiattei, solid,
fiuil or gaou', frfini all pins of the fytc'ii.
iJcfidc-it, i-ii'ttiv) prop'Mtie!, it ciprcloiunt, al
tcrntlic and auo line. It iwti in tac(j of it m lfj
accor'Unj tj niture, rrlieius ti.e luburm or?anim
of di.easeJ muter, and permiti 1 tier autoj its
natural functions to resume strutijth. 1 i tlio t
only "afe and certain medicine 1.1 all roi,ere ) .rtn.i of
Cliulera, Cno!er.t Morbus Hilt-ms Cu.i, l,i sei.teri ,
IMurisy and eery other acute dire i-e 1 1 hi ijnnt
rtinedinl pom r in ill chronic dueuM, uss'.-ted li
the Invigorating and mt.i!nin por,ei Uhu t ,!
Coluinlim Tuiiu tiu.al.uit, cjie. an certain.
Principle p ut trentinent and direi,tioi f.r i.s-e nc
company e ivdi 1m.dU1.1e. Piieo .1') cents.
1 1 Whoh'STb) A.nt for Ne.v Kn,'lMid, lUIO.
. IlUltiti.', MittoiuT 1:1 1 wholsilo in rc t ii! ,
ilcalt r in Hai 1 i"iu'i Culumbtnn inks an! Ameiican ,
l'eifumcry, 'y Vv ahip t-n 'trct, "jp'nat) thv
A dims Umi-o, l!otrei.
iuj;U',t 1 1 to, l-i.i S n Hear. 1
IJn.ray ilorr.c I
4 tAMKiiitn in enclosure, of tlie subaciibcr, at j
V' Westford, in Chittenden County t ruioiit, on '
i or about the W diy of i..ii.t I si5., ., mi.-ioI Ho.,,., I
' with nbitof.n tiir.eil lia f.et, mil nlmo spot, '
i on its i.iubcjii. it,u iwueri" reoiL&tci t prtne
, property pay charge, and tilc said Hiuse .ia.ii.
I.ll. I Pliouriili.
Ue.tfoid, uguit 'th, ' "Till
3 f IUll tin- .nbi I iber on ihr t'lli .i.ir i t lulr a
1 "solr.-t Jjai.', M ir oi. h. I ..rilie I, . i ot trt
(.no leg. i. ,-iook. d. tli, i as a sor" line'- a lo ry
l.cuiy nil.
i Any wrsoi guinj iiiforiiintiioi to the mb;,.ib,.r
ot sat I Maio as. 1 1 1 io auit jbW tearded.
CllWI.-s l.AWItr.N'T.
Hilton Fall.. An, llth, ll, r
I iilrayed.
PTt liOM tbo uo-ei ibei , on f.Httul-v- u;r'.ii .Au.
a I Itli, ,ue bay Ilor-r, wub ,lar nu i.i. f u'.
head, an 1 ul.o a li'tlngruy ovrr oiu- ,t I I. ojia and
lamciu bl. i iglit hlud leg. And Ob. .ut e do el,
ini oi l horao, with atai iu hi - forebend bljitrm v
io.meaa.lbi th MOiiul livt lnt. Who. ..t..r trill
l xlvo luformatioil of and born, to Ibesiih (..ibrrttll
I ba lulUbly untardil, I.I'' I Clt 1 1 M,l,.
Willi.).,,,, ,., !,, ls-,,. 7
Own- r W anicd.
' V? 1 ' J '' the pioiui-r ot I'.r Mih-iih-i, iu
I i iU. '.iim,,,,!, IMa." E on me Ijth
. tut,R l,,y lioia,', with bani, on, black swieb tail
an I mane, u,unbij about 11 y,rs.ld. H.e
onion ii riumeil to .ovi pruprity ,y charge,,
an.1 tabe tliu animal awas .
' Ki.l'll V Illlr.i.Ml:
O ' 1 h .' d I- , 1,1
- ci' tit- I ..til'
'MI l I MIIKMDI It 1 1 v.
51,1'' i in I, nit r I. -up. I C
,p ' l .'. and II- . i ,
emine' ' . , ,, t 1 M W
.Mh-l.l, lit
STATU HI' VKUMtlNT, Tho I'robato Court for
Mstrlcl if flrand Isle, ss. J the district of Grand
Islo. 1" all persons to whom these prescnis shall
'urn' Onr.ttl.in.
Augusta Knight, piardlan of Kmellno Scutt, a
minor unJer t'o age of eighteen years, harlng re.
presented to this Court that tho said Kmellno fcutt
Is selted In her own right In feoofono third patt
5f r.n tleblv acre llounty land warrant Issued under
anaelofiho fnlted tates, Congress, dalcd Sept.
5'tli, ls',n, anl ffo. 57,120, am! that a sale tharoof
would bo conduct! o to tho best Interest othls said
ward, and praying said Court tn grant him lloonse
tn sell tho same i It Is hereby ordered that said
application stand for a hearing boforo said Court
at a sr.sinri thereof to be holden at the Court Ho-ise,
tn .aid District, on the 1st day of Ootobcr, A. II.
Ih55, at 10 o'clock, A. M and that notice thereof
be given by publishing this ordor, embracing tho
substance of said petition, In the Fre Press, a news,
paper published In Hurllngton, Vt., three weeks
successively, the last of said publications to bo pro.
vlous lo said tltno fixed for hearing,
tllvcn under my handat Xorth Hero, this lstday
of Sept. A. D. 185S.
A true copy. Attest.
w!0w3 IIMJAII IIAVNT3, Judge.
iril tho Subscribers, haTinR been appointed by
tho Ilonorihlo the Probato Court, for tho
Ilt-drict of Chittenden, eommisaionern to recelt ex
amine and adju-t tho claim! and domandi of all
ppraon', ngilnit tho eitato of John Crown, Ift'o of
Milton, in .ii t Ititriet, deceased, repreientod In
snhent, and oUn all claim and demands exhibited
in ofcot thereto ; nnd pit month4 from tho day of
tho ditc hereof, being allowed by tll Court for
thflt purpo'p, ur do thereforo hereby tflre notice,
that we ulll attend to tho butinos of our appoint
ment, at tho dwellinof Ooorgo V, Crown, In .Mil
ton, in "aid litrlct, on tho third Thursday!! of Xo
embcr and January next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on
each ot "'ild day!.
SIhAS S. IinACIl, JCommlssioncH.
Dated this 2Mhday of Au(.,A. I)., MS, 'ww3
Samuel Fletcher's Estate.
DlUnct of Chittenden, ts J
Tho Hon. the Probate Court, tor th Diitrlct of
To all person intcreited In tho estate of Samuel
Fletcher, lato of Shlburn, In laid Diitrlct dnocai
cd. OnKErifii :
Whercn, tho Administrator of thocatate of Fam
ucl Klttehcr, lata of Shclburn, In iild district tie
ceased, proposes to render an rwount of hii admin,
iattation, upon siid estate, an 1 the Court afyre-aid,
hath a'iincd and appointed, the
l.'ith dny of September next,
at tlie Trubito Court Uooma, In Burlington, In said
ditrict, for thf) examination and allowance of raid
Therefore, you are hereby noticed, to appear be
for aid Court, at tho time and place aforp?ald, and
how cause if any you hare, nhy tho laid account
should not be allowed.
lien under my hind, this 29th day of August,
A. D. Ib5."i.
wSw3 Kegiitor.
William Atwatcr's.
STATi: OF VIIRMON'T, ) Tho Probate Court for
District of Chittenden, us. $ the District of Chitf-n-den.
To all p-rons tntorcsted In tho Kstate of
William Atwater lato of IJurllngton In said
Iitrict deceased. ni.Er.TiHn,
WiiERris tho Administrator of the Itato of said
deccaed, hatli made application to this Court, to
extend tho time allowed for the payment of the
debts of said deceased, for one year, from the 2 2d
day of August A. D. 1S55.
Whereupon, tho atd Court, doth hereby assign
anlnppoint the th day of September A. D, 1855,
at tho Probato Court Uoom3 for hearing on said
application, and doth order and decree, that notice
be given to alt pcr-ons intoretei In said Etate,
by piiblishin? this order three weeks successirely
in th Ilurlingtcn Free Press prerious to tho day aa
slcned for hearing, OUen under my hand, at Uur
Ungton, this 2M day of Augu-t, A. D. 155.
D. FRLWC1I Register,
i nc'iiinicil siontN anil Barac, !
JTf KCEIVnD at the dilorent stations of the Rut
a - land A Burlington Railroad, and which hare '
remained unclaimed for more than one Tear. I
Notice is hereby givon to all whom it may con.
eern.That the following described goods and bag
gage, unless ownership is preriousiy proved, will be
sold lor charges, on tho 20th day of August next,
at tbo stations of sal-1 railroad in Rutland , Vermont,
according to the statute In such case male and
For Information inquire nf R. CHAPMAN, Mas.
ter of Transportation, or C. W. CO.VANT, at Rut
hnd. J. IlDlir.ltTO.V, ?bcri!Tof Rutland Co.
Lut of fr'thl rfmoining uncfatmed on the Itutla"i
Old ',riMs Itnlrnod for on' ytir and Olrr.
1. 3 Uoxps Colg.ito A Co. Pearl starch.
1 Box ilo Soap, Chester St'n Sept. 1651
2. 2 Sacks or Flocks, IJurllngton H52.
Marke I A. Merriam, Charleston, X. H.
3. 1 Root Cutter, Burlington, 1?52.
Marked I.iscorab and liostwick.
4.3 Boxes Boer Bottles, Mid lleburr, 1553.
5. I Box Beer Bottles, Rutland, 1851.
Marked John Bullard, Clarendon.
rt. 1 Ten liallon Keg containing Liquor, Rutland,
15)1, in rasa, .rain, .MarKea JJ..M. Miner,
1 Half Bbl. Liquor, Rutlanl 1551. Xo Mark.
1 Box Ca.tlng, Burlington, 1S53.
Matlced Thos. J. Falei, Burlington.
1 Bbl. Hjo Wood, Rutland, 1S52.
1 Sack tliim Copal, Rutland, 1552. Xo Mark.
1 Bundle Scytho Rifles, V'ercennes, 185.. Xo
2 Cast Iron dudgeons, Rutland, 1R52 Xo Mark.
2 Wagon Axles, llutlanl, le.53. Xo Mark.
1 Two I torse Wagon Tire, Rutland, 152. Xo
llloxl'eas, Rutland, 1154. Zebulon Mead.
1 Box Castings, Rutland, lbS.I.
Chester B. I.oejoy, Vt.
IT. 2 Sack1 Woolen Rags, Burlington, 053. Xo
18. 8 Boxes .Medicine, Burlington, 1S53.
Marked J. F. I.angley, Hurllngton Vt.
I'.i. 2 libit Beer, Hurllngton, lt-53. .Marked T H.
SU. 1 Uo.en .-cjtbc, Burlington, 154,
Marked II. C. Rc.hlington, caro A. O. Strong,
21 HI.!.. 1 lour, Xnv llaten, Sept. 0, 1853.
M irk. d W. Ha.kin..
List ul' llaguilirr, unrl'imed, on the liulhnd uud
Iturltrlit'in rmtroiil.
1. 1 Blue Wood Trunk, Rutland, 1852. Xo Mark.
2. 1 Baud' Box, Rutland, lt-52. Xo Mark.
3. 3 Hand Ilexes, witli Hats, Rutland, 1852.
4. 1 do do do old Clothing, Burlington, 1855.
5. I Box containing oi l Clothing, Rutland, 1S52.
I'.. 2 ack' obi Clothing, Rutland, 1S5J.
7. 1 India Rubber Satchel, Rutland, ld52.
1 Russet Vulise, containing Shoo Maker's Kit,
'J. 1 Ru.-et Valise, Rutland, 1851.
Marked .1. M. Ro.siugworth.
10. 1 Rus-it Vali.e, V. A tf, Check 58. 1853
Xo Mark
11. 5 01d i:uet Valise.Old Clothing, Rutland, 1U.
No .Mark.
12. 1 Ba-ketof Old Bonnets, Rutland, 1852. Xo
13. 1 Box .Minerals, 1'52. Marked Cu.hman A
.Morgan, Rochester, Vt.
11.1 Hid lilack Trunk, Rutland, 1855. Xo Mark.
1.1 1 Red Trunk, Burlington, 1852.
14. 1 Oil Blue Cbe-t, 1854. Xo
15. 1 Old Chest Marked raid to Albany, Rutland,
10. 1 Old Chest, Rutland, 1852. Xo Mark.
17. 1 Small I-eathern Trunk, 1.52. Xo Mark
Is. 1 Small Red ood Trunk, 1552. Xo mark.
10. 1 Old Trunk, 1852. Xo .Mark.
20. 1 W ood Drained Trunk, 1853. Xo Mark.
21. 1 Caipet Bag, 1853. Xo Mark.
22. 1 Black Trunk, 1853. Marked Fleonor Hriscoll.
21. I Black Valie, 1853. Xo Mark.
21. 1 Black India Rubber Trunk, 1S5S. Xo .Mark.
2i. 1 Hair Covered Trunk, 1853, Xo Mark.
20. 1 Black Hand Trunk, 185.1, Xo Mark.
27. 1 Old Bellows Top Trunk, 1853. Xo Mark.
2'. 1 Box with Model for date, 165S.
2'J. 1 Old Chest, 1853.
(1 1. 1 01 1 Chest, sent from Western Vt. R, R. 1852.
31. 1 Black Trunk, containing French Clothing and
.-h. o Maker's Kit, R, A II. Check 3301, l5t,
3J. 1 Leather Trunk, Rutland, 1853. Xo Mark.
11. 1 Ru-set Valis, Rutland, 1851,
31. 1 Black Satchel, containing School Books, Rut.,
35. 1 Carpit Bag, l5t. Xo Mark
lo. 1 Bundle Oil Clothes, Burlington, 1653. Xo 1
37. 1 Iiundlo Beddini, Burlington, 1653. Xo Mark. I
3-t. 1 Russet Trunk, French Clothes, 11. A 11. Cheek
f.8, Burlington, 153.
JiiBt Itcceived at tho Dce-HIve,
yv, moiooftIiosoiupcriorl.AI)lE5Cl,OTIIS: 1
also, M'AXI.-H Cl'HLUD CLOTHS, a new and
I'.i.laonable artiele lt-r Cloaks. Together with an
imiucnfu variety uf Cloak and Press Trimuiiiijis.
I'ir ilo lonor than e cr, nt the sign uf the UKE
IIlVi:. .V l'ECK.JR.
Purlint.in, Pecs ilAntf.
To the Ladies : !
irsr r.r.t'Kiviui at tub hki: hive, va i
" leneino., l'lait, laltese, (luipure, English i
Tlireiulnnd llrussrls Laces ; Also, a Kreat variety i
of Einbroldeiiis, Cruckct Collars, Lace Veils, I'ara
rol, Jlres, Mantilla und llnnnvt Trimmings, Iliess
ttouds, kirts, Sklitinj;., Corsets, Iloaieiy, Dtovi'i,
Jlitts, .U, ic. I
X. I'KCK, Jr.
June 55th, IS'ii. Jiwtf '
Jan 20, 1055, New Goods,
rsilety of Ear Hings, Pius, Finger Kings I
IWktt Itooki, lliuihes. Combs, llritaunla Candle, j
stick.. Tea l'nts, Oy. tcr I.adlrs, 1'latcd Spoons,
Hunting Watcher, .to., all of which will be .old ai !
low aa eaii be had at any place in town or out of it, '
at the old ttand, Church Stieet.
J. K. llUlXf.MAIU.
Iain llrlnsiuaid, lliother & Co.
J.i n. ;5lti, lSJj. Jjlf
ti:,v, 'lOllACCO, .c.
II ,and Oolong Teas; 117 bn, Tubacco,
. , ' 1-' i d.i eitra Iu I lump., 1000 gto. fine cutd
anlSinoktng,! I1KHUICK .1 MILES
Nov in il.twtl
Ilincsburh Academy.
J. will commence on Wednn-d 17 icpt. I lilt 185.
unler th? charge of Mr. M. A. Leacriwort!i anJ j
Lady. t !
From thu lon pinerlent!H pnl Uniform nieces? ,
cfMr.A Mfi. lionTcnworth In teftchlngjtbeTrusleer,
havo full c inH lonce in recommending this School
to tho pj.tr T-itfo of tho Public.
1 V UTf.t.SnV Ca.rnl.tr..
ll'tesbirgli Aug. 50, 15S.
narrc AOildemy.
f pilC l'AI.I. TCHM will bejto ni TIIfHSDAY,
X An?. 30th.
Hoard, Including Boom, Washing and Fuel, from
f 1 07 to SI. 6? por week.
Application for board of foo-ns should be made
Immediately to
J. R SPACMJIN'O, 1'rinclps.l.
Harre, Aug 1, 185,. wGwlrr
Greon Mountain Academy.
ri.IIK FALIi THllM of this School will commence
Jl on Wodneaday, Augjst 23tb, and continue
eleven weeks, under the charge of the former
Hoard of Tcnclicrs,
J. S. CILLEY, Principal.
Trachtr of J-'r.nrk. T.achr tf M.tt.
Competent Assistants will be procured at the
wantsof the School may demand,
Ample acilitles atTorded for Instruction In Paint.
Inland Drawing. Hoard will be furnished at 1 1. 60
to $ 1,75. Hoomi can bo obtained on reasonable
terms by thnso who may wish to board thcmtelrei.
Tuition as heretofore.
II, M, Hl'HIIAMC, Secretary,
Lnderhlll Center, July 30th, 1S55. w5w3
Lamoille Co. Grammar School, t
ri'lIU FA M, TKIt.M will commence September1
Cth. .Miss SAHAH C. DOUOIIKHTV, so faror.
ably known to Its patrons will resume her connexion
with the School, the facilities for studying French ,
at this school aro superior to those of any other
School in Xorthern Vermont, I
ao pains will bo spared to make the School In
.Tory way of the first order.
Hoard 1..1( to $1.75 per week. For further
particulars apply to
H. C. IIK.VTO.V Jr., Principal. ,
Johnson, July 50th, 1S55. wlwC
oiiTiirii:i.i institi'tio.v.
John H. Graham, Principal.
GliOIlGIi.r. HAltl), (U.V..M.) Anistam.
The rail Term Kill begin Wednesday, Sept. S.
VT.!Ili:U OF SCHOMIltS tho past 5cnr, 520 I
J-1 Classical Students, 35
I'.eforencos our former slholars and natrons.
Vf.,aii.ti t..i
, ..,-uiy, lajj, wtr
E 5
1 Z. H
s s 2
2 r s
f v.-
55 o !
a 5
2, ? I o
" 1'
f s-
t. "
'A V.
0 f L. X.
4. :
t , 4-
5 I
53 3
A Card to the Ladies.
DK. DUPOXCO French Pertodieat Golden Pilh,
infallible In removing stoppages or irrKU.
larltles of tho menses. Theso 1'ills aro nothing;
n , hut haro been uacd by the Uoetor for many t
year?, both in France and America, withunparallel- (
cd success in every ca;o ; and he is urged by man
thou-and ladies, ho have used them, to maki tho
Pills Public, for tho alleviation of those suffering,
from any irregutaritics whatever, as well as to pre
vent pregnancy to those Indies whnpo health will ntt
permit an Increase of family. Pregnant females,
or thoe supposing themselves so, are cautioned
against using thPr?e pills while pregnant, ai tho pro
prietor assumes no roeponsibillty after tho above ad
monition, although the ir mlldnca would prevent
auy mischief to health ; otherwise these Pills are
recommended. Full and explicit directions a eco na
na ny each box.
Price $1.UU per box,
OUQ. V. ALLEX, Wholesale and Retail Agent
for Hurllngton, WinooiM Falls, .Milton, Williston,
Uinesburgh and Richmond, to whom all orders must
be sent. Ry enclosing f 1.00, the Pills ftil be sent
by mail.
Oencral Agents fur Rutland and vicinity of RutJ
land, POND A MORRIS, Druggist".
Oct. 27,1851 dAwly
The Scientific American.
nieciith Vcur.
The Eleventh Annual Volume of thi useful rub- i
lication commences on th 17th day of crtember
The 44 Scientific American' is an Iluetratcd Teri- '
odical, devoted chiefly tu the promulgation of in
furmatiun relating to the various .Michanio and
Chemic Art", Industrial .Manufacture, Agriculture
Patents, Invention", I.ngineering, Millwork, anJ
all interests which the light of Practical Science ij I
calculated to advance. j
Reports uf 1. Patents grauted are also pub
liihod every week, incluJins OtTicial Copies of all i
tho P.itent Claim, together with news and infor
mation upon thousan U of other subject-, I
Tho Contribut-ir to tho Scientilir American arc
among tho rao-t Eminent Scientific and practical i
men of tho times. The Editorial Depart- j
ment is universally acknowledged to bo con
ducted with great ability, and to be distinguished,
not otil fur the excellence and truth full ues of its
discussions, but for the fearlessness with which j
error i combated and false theories are cipluded.
.Mechanic', Inventors, Lnginecrs, Chemists, -Manufacturers,
Agriculturists, and poople of every pro
fession in lifu, will find tho Scientific American tu be
of great value ii their respecth e callings. Its coun
sels and suggestions will save thtm hundred" of
dollars annually, beside affording them a continual
source of knowledge, the experience of which is be
yond pecuniary estimate,
Theicntitic American is published once a week;
ocry number euntalns eight largo quarto pagc
forming annually a complete and splendid volume,
illustrated with several hundred original En
gravings. rjT .specimen copiei sent gran-.
fZT TERMS. Single Sub?ripllons, $2 a year,
or $1 for six months. Five copies, for six months,
$4 ; for s year, fH,
For futher Club rates and for statement of the
fourteen largo cash prite, offered by the publishers,
see Scientific American.
Southern, Western and Canada money, or Post
Office Stamps, taken at par for subscription-.
Letters should bo directed (post paid) to
125 Fulton Street, New-York,
fy Messrs. MUXN A CO., have been, for many
years, extensively engaged in procuring patents
tor new inventions, and will advise inventors, with
out charge, in regard to the novelty of their im
prove mots.
L-i Ha-
The additions of new Tjpe, Borders, Tresses, At,
made and making from time to time,totfce
in t 1 v I ." -a,
DOOR and Job Printing Office,
gire er.ry facility for the prompt and tasteful
execution of e, ery description ef
.ion i'iunti.m-;,
such as
Hooks, Teeters,
VUinphicts, Programmes.
Sermons, Shop liills,
Catalogues, Circulars.
Hill Heads,
Letter Heads,
1UI1 Tickets,
Railroad and Corporation Hlank work, Law lllanka.
and in short
ecery kind of Printing our community may need.
The mechanical execution is superintended by a
capablo and experienced foreman. The Proprietors
give their personal attention to the reading of proof,
and general execution of the work, and consequently
fiel confident that they can glee satisfaction in all
cases where curioritrt,Mcy is an object,
E.MH05SED CARDS, of different files and beau,
tlful designs In Gilt and Colors, suitable for small
Signs, Placards, Countlng.house Almanacs, Jtc
alwa) s on hand.
Specimens exhibited and orders received lor
Copptrpl.it! Card Enfravtng and Printing iu superior
d.twtf Xo, 0 College Street, Hurllngton, Vt
Kid Gloves! Kid Gloves!
The very best article made, all sites and colon
I, miles nml .tlissos Mils, Milk and l.nlr
Oloves, together with an assortment of Ladies Silk
and Gaute Vests, just the artiole for this climate
every lady should bare them
For sale at LYMAN'S.
May "th, 1S55. diwtf
11 of Uallardtt Ilrotberi, the Stone Ware Manu
factory, are now ready to furnish merchants and I
others at short, notice, eery description ofStoct ,
Hurllnfton,Ju1y I, 18ft 1 dlwtf 1
iui-ohtir or
Sit i'l'inil Klrcrl.
( T" riot, t si Cotntxm Slip,)
s r. iv y o n h .
March 1, USJ. wtf
Joy to the World
fflllF. TItt.Vn HAS COMr THAT Witt RE
J liore your pains Internal an I r.iternat, He,
ye who aro afflicted, Try It ! Try It 1 Its s-iecess Is
uniaratlelel. COOPKIt'S AXTI.PAIVTtWU'KT,
the brightest nmoni ten thoussnd stars
For testimonials In Its faror cn-julro of any faml.
ly who havo used It.
Manufactured by W. CCDPCn . CO., K'ee,erllle,
S. V. Vou will find tt at fle-i. W Allen, Hurling,
ton, Vt , and at llrueist generally. Or at Whole,
eale by CM'.MKNT 4 S0.V, Hy lerille, Vt., General
Agents for the Ptato.
June 25, I55. w52mosJ
A Good Chance for Purchasers.
HAH now commenced selling ofT his rluramsr
Stock at I,t, Man thty an ,arth, without ref.
rcnee to cost. His goods consist tn part of the
llcat mnde Hummer (tonta, l'anti, Vcat.
Ac, .tir.
Store Wheeler's P.Iock, next H,t the America a
Hurllngton, Aug. 7th, ls55 dUttwJw
Till, CUr.AT
,1(1 IN
S A R S A P A B. i L I A
lids mullet m. b8Q usci nccorllr, to dlrctloLi, wLl
curt, -without fall
or Kin. Kill,
Canrfrn. Jruptlons
of tM S-lthi, hrvip,u,
Tumori.Chroule Sore Kjei,
(tl tig worm or lftf(-rtt( Fc 1 J
r.tiriimutl-iiii, l'ain-i In the tiow or
Jfiin'J, Old nt ani t'l-ers. HwpIIIo,? ct
the Ulan 1, yi ynU, h jficjif in Salt Hbeura,
DlfMi-i of Ujb Kidj. Iii.!-uisi ftrliili.g frr-in th
ujcf Mrrcury. fw( j r-titf I'ain Id itt 1J dJ
fiiOuMcr', (.i-iitrl I'fbili' l.uiniitsl" Lnuiths, CoiJ,
Drt-i-j ,tnmi.lice,i;o5,ii'-t.-n', !troi' .tltinVcikiifsnof tb
Cltcist. sore Throat. 1'u tin nirv irMnn-i an I all other
WrxursSlfnJItjfKnprKJiiti-i iumpti'irj I.it-r(.'oui'
plain 'fienin It Irr-; n 'uri hti C&ai!mii'a,IjOv
gpirlln, fick hiiJ .Ns-rvfui 1Ih lach, M.t-ht
Sweats Kipo'iirff, or 1m; ru Ituce In Life,
Chronic toDtltu'ioiiaI ltt-Ha. an'l a-i a
fprtnz ftiid 'uuiui-'r Driiiti.&UiJ General
Tonic for the &j ftt-m anl a gBtl
ui pleasant purittlTe, it U
superior to lilue Mok
4vnl .oKre( VVatr,
Pait. or S-lliiri
Itli re markable fat, that auiOCK the hundr4i of
mlneot jhjM'-iatis nho have t-iatutriei the recipe by
which Hull arfapHrliU a pr.part-J, not one haa con
drinreJ it. but rt'l apf rote-i it anj eomuieul it la tb
btrfht-ct terms. Man;, th) fician expres tbemeltes
irronftly in the hfliff that i' in ueifi..jJ the belt prepa
ti'on tit f'ar-.nr.i.riUa that hu eter been plaoej before th
public Although there Bre many hjflolans who ft el a
re.uctance to hating their tiam-) apreodel to thertcom
menilaMru of auy particular trine ly, notwlthstau Jinj
thn m.iy approTti tf it In the highest dt-jtree. there are
otherw who frankly jMl their tuport In fator cf a
retaiely which they know id capable of dMi, to much
fcooJ in an afflict'! community An an etl Jt-noe, read the
tollowlna from oil and refpecubin phjiinaLN, cf hiih
stutiOiiig la the community In which they live
17 Testimony like the followlnj renleri superfluous
all cori.L,-n,e cn the efficacy cf liull i Sarr-aianll Trcm
Ir. I, 1' VanJrll. Trtfepf-orrf Chemistry In the IxiuiiiTilI
Medical Coiifge : I hate iu ktl over the list of ingredient
con p Mi.g John Hull s CVnipi-uui t'ltraf'cf sarsaparilla,
end hiite no l.exltatioii In m it $ (hat they frrm a aafs
couijoun.I Ht.d rte that rt'tnl-es well tn chronic dUeatM,
to h fli It is ii piiciib L I' VAM)KLL, M D
Ixuiftl ie Jui e 6, lii-j
W bat hr !')!, r hjlc!an b aj jw Intiueut o the Leu
Isvil.e Maril.e II'' t'al. f ijs rf Lull tr-tpari.i :
Luii-unr MafiliSJ. 1343
I hate exhinine 1 th pr-t..iiprli n for 'h- ""reparation of
Jolm Hull s far-Hparlui an 1 1 Ulioe te ci-uib I nation to
le ..it exrl!t-tt m an i e '. rjlcu!rl u preduce ta
aler It Uu rt n a th in uteia I hare used It both
In public anl private ( r h nni think it the U.t
trtleln of Sjraau.nt a n in ute
m pyLisa. m i
Keslletit I'lifi'-un ImUtllfn Martt.t llw.pll.
Unns, Ur , -.pril 2th, 1-J50
5ia PiTmit me (n a llie-s to ou a few lines, and do me
the hr.m-r t" rellj K. a requec't that I whl make In the
et nc'iieU ii rf thW Ifttvr. etc
lama hth lua'e r f I mns. Irani Mejic! UnlTernIty ; 1
hate ; ra-.ti e-1 uiJUir.e hi thl wiid-Tnesi, country, about
ETe jenri but ohIuj to expo-uie to bitter COid weather, I
hate U-ti it. Ijm.m. i wi-h rute UheUlliatl'm about six
monthi After Tin i eitimi!tn1 tiiyt-kili ju the treat
pjtt.t f my ru:,ul d-rltiiirf no betirfit. 1 was inducnl
to Kite your tuu txriin r cr sHmpaEtu.A & fair trial,
an 1 a.'ci rlin'l. un h'i-e I a bodlecf your meJiciin from
youretut Mr. iieorffe I" Lroan about to weeks got
anl I mtiM f. nf, n th.it one bi ttle has entirely cure 1 me.
It Ii ui o nt nu, tliat jour preparaMon of tarBaoaril a
li dn-i te ilj Siiperu r to any other preparation now in use,
an 1 1 wi.l tak- Kr-at pli-aeure in recomram Jiiir it to the
afttii'tfi a beiu,i a reiiifJlii aK'ent aud 1 wl.i adtUe the
I Ui Pjcians to ue it in t h-lr pr lotice ec
l-lfctfu.ly jours, U. II ALLLN 11 D
Louswm, July 13-h
1 hate examine 1 the Ht cf articles that ccmpime Joha
Hul. n Litract of &rar arh a anl I hare no hesitation io
savin,! that it H a safe and Ta'utble compouuj 1 woujj
prefer it to any artic e ih in ue. for the di- eii arinintc
from an impure flat- tf the blool or taint of the nyntem
I confllmtly recommeui it to my frieu 1 m beinj a
poertul Lxtnict, anl cne that 1 te.lfVu w i cure al
c.a..- tf di-xw, for wljcln: is recoiLiLf,Ddt-, if ueJ
aeccrnn,; to d,rtcti ti I bt-here it to te a ta'uab.e
succedainfum to Stercury ay, I hate my doubts
whetlit-r in the most tiolent and protratel caets of
fyphl.is, aicomjatiU'd with Nf-leslrophe. la canes of the
bouts, hether It ought not to succeed eterj other rt-melf
S. it Mt l O.N 4l 1I1K, M D.
Hoicrary meuiler of the Jledical fcotiety , I'hl.aielphl
tyilear. what Pr Stupp, a phi -drian wflo stands at
the top cf his profession, aaj nof Johu Uu.i e 5.arsapan.la .
I here Ueu Uflti,Johu l.u.is Sarsaiarilla in a great
Tatlety of chn'tiic difeaves, with th mt.i happj eGVcu,
and I hate no heMtatton iu recrmmendiiin it to the pub.lo
tn the cure of scrofuli, t hill", aud a.i cutaLeouti and
glandular disea-es. Vou re. meet ferreutly.
I - import, K., April 6, lSly .M MA IT, SI I)
lUt. i:. , (-i.iio.N.-iict. ii, m j:i;n-o.n.
CoNtltMrt. HeT I W ?ehou i wileljraoljTenerallf
kuOMii us an eIo.,unit at.d urciinipllnhed lnror rf the if
K church, and Ket . ietetiK u haj beo knoMU a out
of the uiost :n.lvuted aud ttaioun meml-ers that (he Ken
tucky Conference roiiid bua.-t of f.r niauj years, aud at
this time iihllliiii the hi-h end lespousible station of aeot
firtbeM h Hot a Ci'Lcern.
I oriauux. May Zuth, 1:19
n e hate Uf-J John Hull s Saruit arii.a aud h .te kuowu
It to be u-el, -Aitti viitlru sitinfturiiou , and we hate no
heMla'lin iu ei.ttinh OUT t-elirf, tlit it U a safe aud
Taluab.e nitult'al ctinp.-ut. 1, aud ealculated to produce
liiuch fiod aud relir much tuStiirg, and therefor
wou'd rheetfuL) and nii; earneetly recrmmm I it to the
artlic'ed K KlIO',
(Mrfiifdj K STK h.NsON
tte earrestiy in'l'e all jersoon ho are lufft-rirj with
auy tf tiie ii.s -hat tJeO, h heir to. to call oti lr Joha
Hu.. aeiit. anJ t;et a 4V t-I tu.ii I'auiii) Journal
Oi'ATU- nt 1 for ils- rake if hiiu.aiiii j , e hope that a
nip ie 1 tidi v,dua e. ih 1 o tt f und uuwi ,it u Hull
t?.ti r.'i at in 1 ir itL uf 1 r 11 a in nni ri-"tJc. infc,atthe
wL t.tue lhaf it is tu .ulne li.r the l.Ktor tn publtah
ii.t lit i, 1 tit 1 1 (he uu Liber of rertilUatre rt uatoundmi
cur- lefoimd h hf alpJl( a li.e amount of
'esiiiutu) t- luu arih 'heif 1 1 u lr hu e aapalU,
trtm we., kt.neu and ai-tu 'ui-hed ( mllu. both Id
ublic and jritate uV, h tteu pif-- t ott 1 wj.toiiing
t7 t'KiNt 1 p. 1. tu t'Jt'i:-
IttiiLljiifi, r)rtiiniS.lrii t, i'
.No. I rill,i-f nf I, l.nulit U It-,
.No. -J iUUrw
1 nrk ; mis'
A. C. Spcm, A jent for Durllncton anj vIclnitT
Dm.11, 1351
Why Don't you Advertise T
by those who know themselrcs but don't
know that n tribady rite knowa where to po for th.
purchase of
rocrrirs ami l'rovisiouij.
One needn't "take the papers" to learn that at
l'r cr ue can eel riour ri lue oesi quality, eitra
, clear Pork by the bbl. or lb. Salmon. Xo. I.
.Mackerel in kitts. Tickled Ilerrinc, Smoked do.
Hams, Lard.Oatand Corn Mcal.Maccaroni, Tapioca,
;aj;o, Farina, Uiee Flour, Pearl llarley, Split Tcsj,
J Corn Starch, Heuiiny, Table and Dairy Salt, Hi ps,
t Sweet Herb, for Culinary purposes. Mustard,
Pickle", Primes, (in family jirs),oap of all kinds
j sflft eicepted Puro tiround Spices, Currants,
Citron', Sultana Kai-un, Mace, Molasses, Tails,
j Tubs, Brooms, Clothes Lines and Tins, Baker's
, Cocoa, Chocolate and Uroraa.
' All these anl many more, to "ay nothing of hii
ehoico and cheap, neb and rare Teas and Coffee,
aro universally understood, without tho aid of the
press, to be obtainable fr cash at
June 19th, !!?.. dAwtf
Oppoltr t'nion ltailiond Driuit.
Fiims house will he opex ok oh about
t the 22d of -March, for the accommodation of
the public. The Houso is new, and is fitted up with
all the modern improvements, and is belngfurnishcd
In a superior manner. The proprietor will be happy
to see any of his former friends ; also, all those o,
thetraTolllne ruhlic who may farorblra with acall,
J W, STEAUN'S, Proprietor,
Marehl IT, S51 - dtf
dress. Party, and Business Copper-platt En
graved Cards.
Those who already have engraved plates of their
Cards, can have them neatly printed at short notice,
tyApply atthe REE PRESS OFFICE, wher
Sptcimrnt ovartou$ yncan be seen.
Mu' 30. dAwtf
A the celebrated Manufactory of Woodward A
Brown i one, a beautiful ( arved fa if, just received,
and now to be seen at RUST'S Music Store
Hurllngton, May 4 dAwtf
n j'v -el - . B.5J -s
sisr i iittans

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