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MOW JHHIM.MI, MAY S3, lttac.
li ! ,ple of thoStiiteol'Verinontwithout
1 r ' tn iiiiBtiHilitio.il dinerencea ur illl.
s h tiro opposed to t ho icjie.il ul the
Mi u I niuproiuiso, to the policy ul' tliu
pK ,i Vdiuiiilstriition, to tlio extension ul'
M.i.ii -. into llio Toriitoiles, in favor of the
u In - in ul lvnnsis ns a hoc State, nnd nf
l .. ; tin' notion of tlio IVilerul (iovern
ii i Hi" principles ul' Washington and
J n. .ue rciiioslcd to choose TWI'NI'Y
t .' - lium ouch Congressional llistriet.to
i "mi. Comkstion at Montpclicr, on
l llll- 3d HAT OK Jl'M". NhT, lit clo-
t i. n A. M., lor tho puriosc ul' up-
i nj; M delegates to tlio Nation il Con
v n . , in Philadelphia on tlio 17th il.iy ul'
i - -.!. to present candidates to lie sup.
i . ' i the nfliee of President and Vioc
I'' i j. m ..1 the l'nited htntoa ; and wo le
i. ii ii i ih.it tlio several Distrsct Co.svf.s
. 1 c railed by their appropriate coin-
i - I . meet Ull 'I'l KSIIAV THE "7t1I I'.lV ul
. 10 elect TIIl-IlK delcg ilea each to
, . , l 1 District in tlio National Con
v i n .. oesuid, utid to appoint the TVl.X
1 l .i ) ( Uiu Kr.iii. (.nXVl.NHuN us
i i:i:xci: iii:aini:i!d,-i
.miii.s j'(ii;n:ii,
1,1 1--. .V DA IS. I
hi i, (.1.1-; mi., s
.'Will till lit 'II,
i n:s ,s. Mooitr,,
i . ltitur
u i s t tJ 5 1 )T o a? v s-; . a' a o a .
1 , iple Ul tllO Til 1 1(1) CoM.Kl.SSIII.N.VI.
1 i. . without regard to past political
i . - ur divisions, who are opposed to
r J i! "t the Mission Compromise, to
;. . I tlio present Administration, tu
hi of Slavery into the Territories,
: in' adiiiUoion of !v msas as a lite
. I of rcstoiing the action of tlio
' ..i- lent to tliu principle of
' i .hi 'oll'-ds jn, are requested to
. i i i one dolomite, and one
1-, 'or every fifty votes oust
i' 'ii' Slate election in aceoi-
; iiionte above expressed,
. im- io in: m.i,ii ix hi.
1 nil. "7th in ul .M.vi
. c M., fur tho puipuso
i.. i. 'gated to represent the
1 ii ill luii.il Convention to he
i wad i.i, on the 17th div ul
t" out candid ites to ho stip
' i ii. i jj of President and Yiiu
'.in United States ; and for the
v. it chousing -rw km delegates
1 (hi district in the irvn: Co.-
i"lield at Montpelier, un Tues-
. .y of June next, to elect ma do
luge to the aforesaid .' ition.il
!s. II. l'AKKlll'KST,
Kiiritiati of Jitnt Continitti
. 1 1 n ul' the Town ill liuiiingtun,
' 'i I to past political diU'oroneiH
.v !.o are opposed to the lepcal i I'
i I oiiiproiuse, to the policy ol tl e
. niistratiun, to the extension of
.1 li.o Territories, in favor of the
i). in K msas ana I'reo . 'state, and ol
'. ..i lion uf tin' 1'L'der.il govern
' i' p IncipKo ol Washington and
'. r (nested to moot in the Tow n
.i.i :.iy, thoUlth iiist. at 7A I'. M..
1'g.ilcs to attend tho DUtiiil
i ! hu livid ut .St. Albans on the
i i
i J lll'.llht, ( katttituii ut Town Com
t'uj Vim Kaa)a3 Troub'.cj.
iroin K-nidas grout in intcicst de
i. and the plot of tho pro-slavery
thickens, l'luin theXewYoiIv
-loid.iy, and finn Col. Jjnery,
ho was in town last evening, ve
i.iiy of late and iuteiosliug intelli
'noli wo can hut indiealo the pruni-
.1 i in
1'ho dariiij; litleinjit (if tl.e
. ma to iuteifeio with the iinefli
il. Congressional r'oniiiiibbioii is
iiuliI. The cid"neo til tho mo.-t
hand mid imli.igccliciled tlius l.n,
h ar and atuiinding, and Inm
ai !' lely cunliinied hy the testiiiiu
men, that tho aiuhuirt ul
.-AabjiciaUd ly (oinio'.ion and
i .iisoipiciiec-, mo htiiiing, and
-'I i'hs, to put a htup to tho iinct,
U last iicuouuts they had not nui'
i '.iking up tho C.juuiiisM.in and
i.ieuh'.rs Iroui tho Tiniloi),
i i do whjdi ii, i loaicd, noil her
i clod in d oiing lhoolliei.il
i stimuijj taken tinirf I. if Tii.l
''luiiiiitlcc, bciisiblu nl theil.ii.
inng around them, bcaled up tin
I.i i' an taken ,und placed it in tl u
.. KohiiiBoii to hiiiig to Washin
.i .lr igged trowi hU htiito-iooiii ..t
I: tliu river pirate.", (iov Kuhin
. I, tiuntleiTod the dcpuleli.'B
. ile, wh i e.uno on Willi them in
.. id unsuspected, hhe delivci.d
t'littBC, cf (Mini, und hy a
vvue jiluo d in the liiinds of
tJov. il'iliinson wai hi'arelied
i , hut ol mil iso tiny were not
.1 K'hciue failed; hut whether
in .4S of ttntiiuony rcinuining to
.a l.e ohtuiuod, iiiiiaiiis to ho Mien.
r. suiuiiioiied huforo .ludgu
"in, mid his life thioatenml, has
ll 'i to withili.iw himself lor tho
a i!io territory, and thus tho 1'ieo
In'' his valu.ihlo services. (iuv.
' 'l
l lr
L 111
in in li.i I eon luken hack to l.eeoniptou,
.vitli ail tho oOieers under the Tojiclta
Min'i m, is under direst, charged hy tho
' 1 (h md Jury, (under inslruelions from
I. uupte, vihuacts, douhtloss, as di
1 lr i. it V,ihhiuglon,)with litgh titason '
i 'at. 1 Hat ull the niemhern of tho 1'ieo
" I ,n Iature.aiul all tho members of tho
l 5
J 11
k.i I i-.uventioii, will nlso ho urrostod.
I I' 1 rte htutu I'arlv lo6o their leaders.
I r ti
m ih not u hailahlo oU'enso.
i " witnesses sue harrasscd by civil
ii t' ! it'iied with violence, and if
t y nl ire to testify, run tlio risk of being
b it d' wii, us .Maeo vviib.
In tn" ineun limo, tlio ruflian forces nro
c ill'' ting llul'ord's men, who liavo been loi
term," around, not attempting to isecuro
claims, or showing any signs or settling, nro
lu bo organized as militia in tho pay of tho
I'liiled btates. 'Ilieynroto bo supplied by
.Sliiiiiiinii with llio U. S. arms sent uut last
I'n 11 lor tho uso uf tho Territory, and, with
tho I'nlted States dragoons who nro encamp
ed near liiMicnce, compose n foreo icady to
bulk up any now bclicme nf pcrnecutioii and
Col. Ihnery is hastening to Ivuiis.is to take
his shine in tho trials and libers of the cause.
Mrs. linbiiisoii will bo under his eh.irgu from
New Yolk, on her leturii to her husband's
side. In tho following couiniiinicatioii, wilt
ten hastily before ho ' lolt this morning, ho
moiitiiius sonio addition.il l icts of inleicat.
Mis closing iueslion, which is not his alone,
hut the appo.il of Kansas' will tho frieiuls
uf I ree KuiiMs, by division and apathy, al
low tho last remedy for these enormous uvils
to fail them'' will, wo trust, bo carefully
considered by the ficcmcn of Yerniont, before
the next election.
Mi"iis. Ki'iiuiis ur un: I'm i: l'nrss.
ll reecnt ii-h ices trcin u rcll.il.lo snuco it iip
1'C.irs tli.it Hie crbls In A'ou InMnn. (Ii.v.
lhiWiisoii's l.nty I jetlcnl.iy ran hi boston, nn.l sin
fully cimGrnn tlio l.ilcst mlitMirl nceinmtl nf tin.
lumllng C'ltUloii. lier.lcr, Kohlii'cti nml ullnrs
lime bicn of Rrcit .rcrilro to tlio CunHre-siun.il
cnnniitsplnii non sitting In K.itis.t, niul henco tlio
elTurt made tu put n ft'ip to their iiillmiio". M'lu n
(loi. Knljiii-oii K(t ,U lumie, ho knew nothing of
liny tii'lictnnmt lm in bcin fuuml ngatnst him. Ilo
Iclt (mending to he uh-cnt not nbove four necks on
prhnte business. Miipo his iirrcst lit wllo li.i had
iioMurl frmn him nnl m n matter nf course the
iimv fiels tlio greatest unvlity ubmit him. She
lll rttuin this Meek In slmri'liis dingers and per
IN. 'Ihc lii'llil.lu.il inemliers of tlio Uoimnlsslon liavo
rcpealo'lly cvpies-e'l their utter surnrl-c nt the
urnnj;, lnult, nn.l outrnso bioulit to llKlit by
their lincjllgntlon thus fur. .Mr. Wliilfiel.1 h.i!
but Utile to say, ns hl own pirty, or that purtiuii of
It which lesides In tho Territory, fully corroborate
Hie totimoiiy given by tho fieo fctale men. Mr.
Uiiver feels somenli.it .ionn uniler tlio apprchen
slun that hi' minority report, if ho makes one, will
be nceiiiiipjiiied and InUrpictcd by good and positiro
piuof Unit ho himself was a leader of ono of fio
iimiling Ring", on tho ilOth of .March, a y ear ago,
and lh.it ho mado speeches to them .to. It isontho
progrniuino mm of tho Pierce party of Kan-as to
ni'irl lor high trrniin. (Judge I.ecoinpto has revived
the udioiis doctrine of cmtlrarinr treason ) nil
llio pronilmnt Irio btato men, and lock them up,
when thefres ?tntc men will bo very much crippled
fir if there ever was n tlnro In political history
when safe and judicious, fir sighted and resolute
. i'irncrc mcdcd, it is so now in Kansas.
An lcsidcnt of that territory, n roi.fr for tho
mine, I idiall look to the lriuuij.1i uf tho Aliti-Ad-iiilni-t
ration firces uf this country in tho frreat
i .impaiKii before us.ns our only ground of hope
"hill welool; in lain I ,p y ;,
Burlington, A'l.. .May 2(Jtli lv'ii,.
'the Messagooa Nicoraguan Alliin
I he nation has ceased to care fur franklin
1'ierco's ujiiiiious or profession, ('iifortii
nitely they are obliged to e.iro fur his nets,
because his official position cnihleshiui to
in ike the nation a puty to too in my of them.
On the l.'itli. he sent into Congress a speei.il
iness.igeavowcilly in answer to resolutions of
the two Houses having reference to routes ol
ti.iusit between the Atlantic and I'acilio
Oceans, through the Jiupnblic uf New
Oraiiad.i and Nicaragua, and lo the condition
of our all'iir.s with Central America. The
only portion of this message which is worthy
of notice, is the hitler p irt of it. which is oc
cupied with the ntinoinioeniciit that a now
Minister Iroia Nic.ir.igu.i (vi., I'.ulro Yijil)
hid preaunted himself and hid b.'cii reeog
ni.od hy him, and with the reison for his H
d dug. Col Trench's connexion with the
lillihusters nude reason enough, lie b.iys.why
ho bhoiild not he recognized as Niearagii.in
-Mini -ter, especially ukon in cuuue.Mon with
tho fact that it was not sure then that the
government which ho professed to represent,
vi, Walker's, was a government twin.
Satisfactory evidence, he s.iys, has appeared
that the government which Yijil now rcpro
b'tits, vi, Walker's, is one both fintu and
it' mri . What that evidence is he does not
state. What has occurred within a lew
weiks to establish Walker's power on so
sure a lusis no one .seems to know. In the
Senate Mr. Crittenden truly said :
'Jim Kovirnniuit of Xicuingua, which tho I'rcsi
denl Ii i-ofllei illy iteognbeil, was n thing of ves.
tiMil.iy, .is it nolo. At any rate, tlio shoes vviru
not .M t nnrii out upon the feit of tlio-o ulm had
nnoiglit this new revolution, und ulri.idy tlio l.'.vo
uiliie h.ol brcolne satlelied of its permalieliey and
its cap icity to ili-clurgo its duties as a nation in
th glc.it family ot nations, 'this scelnnl to him a
vuy lia-ty conclusion tu arrive at in s. matter of so
lunch cuii-c'iucnee. the revolution having liven if-fnti-1
too, a- f o 1'rceidint ndiiiits, by tho co-opera-llinot
our own country men, who went there con
trar? to tlio laws of this country.
Was this the national prudiuco which h.idhitlier
10 fjui Ud our course ! Wh it slid (leneral Jackson
nluii Texas lung s uod knocking fur lulniittanco
intitho I'lilon, even after wo wero assured of her
ability to govern herulf, and when sho had by ic
pc.lud victories estnblUhed l.er title to bo con--IJered
une of tho communities uf tho world t (iune
uil Jack-on's message gave u thorough, profound
in I patriotic ribuko lo every principle uf the pre
ent message. Wo inU uurtelies up In tho nlfairs
of tl.cr uatiuns a- dangernusly, soiih times, by re.
cognising thesu comniuuilies md. truly rising into
iitinco, as by entering into entangling alliances I
with foreign powers.
Mr. Mason thought tlio new
vvuuld do ijuito well. It was
sis or eight
mouths old.
.Mr. Pratt said that the government of .Viearagii i,
being ru'ogni.ej, our citizens would hivolbo
light lu gu there, and could luako that a stable
government, which was not so nun . Ilo thought
that niiicteen-lwentleths ut thu-o who had Crtab
liihod the guviriiino I nero Amcrnaus, who had
gone i hem in violation ut the neutrality lain
This biiild.'ii dctcrniin iliou of Mr I'iueo
to iiekiiovv ledge the new lillibustcr govern
ni 'iit in Nieiragua no doubt is an ollioo seek
ing movement un his pirt. Tlio lillibustcr
piiils from Soiile to llvnders, have been on
liu stir l.itelj.nnd Mr. I'ierce becauiu uneasy.
'I he !M of Juno is close by, and it would not
dototisk tlioir disple.tsiiie. Douglas had
iniimtteil bis l.ivor towards Ihoin already.
Of tho b.ii I ii,', ol this step o the President's,
the N . livening 1'ust Mills, leniuks
Moaiiwhilu wu mo iliilliug lutuiiu-urt ilu and
p. ilou- latitudes. 'Jin news iiuni tVariiiiKtoiilbis
morning I-, Ibat Ihc pi lost who cen, us Walkei's
nivoy tloin Meaiiigiia has been HKived, mid Ibut
the i:uv eminent ul tlio day, m t up by Walk i , i,
tilllv U'vigliiid by the Piiti. lint. We .liall nun
lual-lliv, have ltdveiituil le lu-hilig in eluvvds tu
Join Walhir III .Nicunijpia, and anus and liiiiiiiti-.n-o
war will be lieely cvpoiled lo that ciinlry. It
bv Iheii aid Wnlkei i-enabled lo su-l.iui biui-ell,
il i iindenl 1 ll.it ihc invasion ofL'iiba will lake
pliiet u. early us the la i e-nary pli piralloiiM-nii be
to ele. II Cuba in ,.iriii-k at, t lis iu is en ry indict
lion that sile will not be dt tin. led by .iauu.li urim.
.itone ; hnglaiid and I'lance may eomii to her help;
Ul 1 us the object of the inv.li.iou would bo tu aluiev
liei to ll.e I nited Mates, vie -houl I bud i.ur.elvis,
with -ueli men as wo have ut the load ol our gov
iriiiiieul, iiliiioht iuevilably dlavvn mlo the war.
Il will not ut all luipriio us II it .hould appear,
nlen tho Ciiicliiuati I'uiivi ntiun nssi mbles, lli.il
.Mr. Pn ree has lost grim nd in Mouth I'aiuluia and
Viiginia hy Ids hurry to adopt Walker's i nterprUo
in .Nicaragua. Whatever hUiliancca ut a imuiini
tioti wero be tore, they aru dimilihlieil now, and thuso
of lluugbu jibo. It does not appear lo us. hovievt r,
that lluehaiian is likely to gain what tl.iy lose,
llio h.i mi ii was uno uf ll.e authors, ut llio listen.!
.Manifesto, and if Ms advico had been followed wo
should liavo had u war on uur hands long ugo.
lluehaiian is not ul un i nterprising dlspusition ; on
llio contrary, be Is lallur quiet ; bo Is i vcelleut ut
iiispiloscing j but ho associates ton much with
rugues, and being uf a pl.nlio temper his cuinpu.
nions mould him easily to tlioir purposes,
'Jho present threatening slato uf uur foreign uf
fairs seems, therefore, to bode ns J il I lu ndvantugo
to lluclianan as to his rivals, and liieuruo the pro
bability tlut a southern candldato will bo nomin
ated," 'J'ltE District Ciinvf.atio.sb of this f late nro
nil to bo held on llio L'7th. That or tho 1st
district at Holland ; ul tho 2nd district nt
AVhito Jlivcr Junction ; und of tho .'Id nt St,
Jo.su, tho Missouri bogus sherilf, is, it
nppcars, not dead nor likely to dio or bis
tiiu i'iihh
Tho Now York Radical nomocracy.
Ono hundred men, well known in New
York Stale us active members nf llio Demo
cratic parly in vctrs past, bavejiist put out
n Manifesto ur their pulltio.il 'position, on
tho shivery ipiefltion nf tliu d iy. They admit
that they vuted lu Jilaco I'r.inkllu I'ieruo in
tho Presidential chuir, and limy rejoiced
when In- givo lu his country his solemn pro
mise tu resist all attempts to revive agita
tion on the slavery (iiostiun. They Iclt as
sured that " in no possible contingency could
any aggressive liic.isuro escape, llio uiileal nf
tho llvccutivc dcp.it tmetit nl' the government
Hut what followed '
Alas' lor the niutihilily of human
purposes, BO.iree li.ul Hie ink of the liiaiu'ii
...1 t i i i .. .. n
io ..iu.-s.iwu iiei-uiiie jirv i oeioro llu'ro was
concoctcil a measure ul ag 'ressiuu, luoro
bold in ltsns.siiiiiption.inoro unblushing in its
eimiiiicry, mail men in power li.ul ever il.ueil
to hope lor, lar less pronise. An 1 this
scheme, unasked by any portion of the eom-
iii is in , iiiiooiii.iiioeu ny anv puiilie cxi -encv.
it... .t..i;i... .!..t.;.. . '.- ' i, ,. .....'
...u ihiii;i.iiu iiki.iiiiiii iii a pnglileil i.iiiii
held sacred by all parlies for nioie than a
pi.irtcv of a century, tho nsuroil liaihingcr
ol'ai sectional strilo mine bitter und iniie
Icnting than any which had ever pieced ed it,
received the diicet encouragement and nllicial
sanction ul I'rankliii I'icice. Hie sworn dclcn
dvr nf tho country against slavery agitatiuu.
Whether through weakness or wickedness,
through ambition or cowardice, through
chicanery or bravado, this act uT treason
against licedom und a northern constituency
lluoughthatthrjugh its iiistrumcntiililv
the llnod gates of soction.il strilo h.ivo been
opened sufficient, that by it the Democracy
of tliu free states have been over) where over
thrown enough, that by it tlio Temple uf
Liberty is threatened with destruction in the
Dame ol aii.uchy uml civil war. History has
handed down to eternal tnr.iiiiy the names of
men celebrated for deeds of folly or uf crime;
but il the scenes in process of enactment
shall eventuato in fratricidal bloodshed on
the plains of K.msis, there will bo no more
lolty or enduring pillory, no name muro ex
ecrated in nit coming time, than his who,
with every conceivable motion for fidelity to
tho pcaco and prosperity ol tho country, yet
chose to hazard both, in clutching" niter
continued prerogative and power.
It is not our purpose to anatizo the vari
ous and contradictory reasons by which
northern men have sought to palliate, if not
to justify, this act of aggression upon the
rights ol the free states. There is hut une
true reason that can ho given, and that lc.i
s.m is in direct hostility to tho settled con
victions ol avast majority of tlio Democrats
ol Now i oik, as reiterated through their
conventions ilming the last ten year.-. lu
Ml, , ff. fi .rvultnt irpsr, ion ' l,r , Wnii
on oj X,iriry. That institution had been
excluded Irom Kansas and Nehra-k.i by a
law enacted under eiicuiiistances which gave
it the character of a solemn compact. I!y it
Kansas was lice, and must ever remain so.
No liirther legislation was iiecc.-siry. t re
quired no "intcrlcreiice" on the pa it of
ol Congress tu accomplish this result. 1'iee
by the action uf a previous generation Irou
by the acquiescence of all parties during a
on irterol a centiii v free bv the i
er Which secured that blcs-ingto Ohio, Illinois,
.wieuig.ui, vi iscun-iu unit Iowa. I ndcr a
similar 1 ivv those .-states had all been oig.m
i.od without excitement, without violence,
without any alleged breach ofeonstitiilion.il
rights, and with the entire concuricneo ol
southern lcpresentativcs.
'I'm. minium and tone ol color which ap
pears throughout tho address, is seen in llio
extract which we have given. The degrading
inconsistency and servility which tho patte
llas been in nle to show in New Yolk, in bow
ing down at the shrino of the model n Moloch
ol Slavery extension, and the cmrupt means
by which it was brought about, are shown at
kngth The signers nf tho address deviate
their uncompromising hostility to the exten
sion ol ."slavery into Ireo territory. ISy such
hostility only, say they, can our republican
institutions bo preserved. The address must
produce a great effect on tho miiiiU ol thou
sands in that State und elsewhere.
Tho Ilamici'lo in Washington.
In tho Moose of lieprcbentativi's, un the
loth iu-t.,
.Mr. Knovvlton of .Maine olTiuiln preamble set
ting lorlh the dlDicultv vvlllcb occurred ul Will ir.l'.
Hotel, on the sth imt., between .Mr. Ilerberl, u
liiembir it the llou-e I Thoiun Keating, u
nailir at llio iublbdiiiioiit, lesulling in the death
ol the latler, by a pi,tl in the hands ol tho funnel ;
tint .Ml. Ikibert was taken before Judge Uranford,
and by biui held to bail in s.ii,iiiui t,, nn-wer to tho
ehaiguofiuin-laughter ; and that the Constitution
gives either Hnu-c tlie power to punl'h Its members
lor di-oi.lerly behavior, and, with the concurrence
ot twu-thir.K to e.pel.i ineuiber ; eulieluding with
a resolution tint tlio Couuiiitlco on tho Judiciary
i.ine uiu mailer niu con-nieration, uiih the power
tu -end for per-ons and pipers, and report lo tho
IIiiu-c, at their earlie-t convenience, what action
this body bbould take In the premises.
Southern members objected at once, and
Stephens of (Jeorgi.i offered a resolution to
lay Air. Knowl tun's lesolulion on tho table.
This prevailed by a vote uf 70 to 711.
It was understood that in that way a stop
was put to the investigation. 0s of the 7H
who were lor tho investigation, wero llepub.
lic.ins. Tho 7'J who wero agiiiist it, were
Democrats and I'illinoro Americans.
Tho Providence Journal suggests that the
L'nion mu-t bo in danger when things have
got to this pas that one nf tlio ehivalry can
not carry loaded pistols in Ids picket tu
breakfast, tell a waiter to go to hell,"
and threaten to kill him , and finally shoot
a man dead in the breakfast room, without
being hauled up before a couit, an I put
under bonds lo answer for his conduct. Tho
suggestion in Congress, that an inquiry
should ho made into tho in itler, must bo put
down ami dingerous piece or I in.iticisiu
Tiih K v.ssvs Im I.S1U.MIMI Coiiun ii i. sent
by (iov. Jlobiiison the large quantity ul' Ic
tiniony taken by thorn, inclosed in a scaled
1'U'kage, iiddic-sed to the Speaker of the
House. A despatch from Washington says
On liov. Jlohiiisiiu's detention in Lexiu
tun, Missoiui, his wife, at his icqiiesl, eou-
iiiuie.4 ucr journey, .vi ( olllllll'l.l, she hand
ed the pu'kago to the Hun. C. Iv Wilson,
who on tho I'lth iiist. dellvcicd it lo the
."speaker piivalely,
Tim Congressional Coiiiiuibsiouer.s icqticst
that the pick igo lemon, with the seal un
broken, until their return. This is the les
tiiiiony which the Alissuiiiiaus threatened to
It appears hy nllicial documents s-.uiiu i.ni
citcil to the lloiiselo-diy.oiir (iuv eminent has
taki n illuiciit lueasiiics to pievent trallio in
'.'"olio, ( siilering it n-ph tu with iuiiimrali.
lies, 1'evnlliiig and inhuman iitmeities,
strongly resembling those ul the Aliic.in
Slivo Trade. It is not peruntti .1 by uny
lic.ty, and is, then-lure, illegal, and Aiucii
c.ins in China nio wi'ineil to desist ; oihcr
wiso they will not unly lurlcit the prutcetiun
nf this (iovernini'iit, hut lender thcuisulvcs
liable to heavy ju'ii lilies.
Among the papers is a letter Irom Mr.
Ci.imp ton, il.itul lust Ajirll, infurniing Mr.
Al.ircy nf tho systematic manner iu which tho
Hair ami vessels of the I nited Statue nro
abused by persons engaged iu llio African
Slavo 'I'rade to I 'iiba. Alr. .M4rcv replies ho
will uso the information lor llio proecutiou
ol tlio Ameiicans coiiccrncil therein.
CTTTho meeting oilled for .Saturday eve
ning to appoint delegates to the Distiiet fun
vciilion on the l!7lh, ought not to bo over
looked nor forgotten. Light delegates nro to
be appointed by tho meeting. The appointing
them ought not to Le Iclt for anybody or
nobody to do.-ns is too oltnijtho caso. Just
remember that Yermunt uught to send fifteen
able men to the National Convention of Juno
17lli, men who will truly represcut the free
sentiment ur the State. Toieach that result
men of like character must eoin'ioso tho Dis
trict Conventions. Tho matter is an imjior
t.iut one. Wo hope tliero will bo u largo
meeting orinen vvhu feci deeply in tho cause,
and who nro ready und nnxious to do their
duty in it
i'i:nss. nnti,iMm)x.
Tiin.S.vi.i; Wni.NhstiAV.-Tho sale, advertised
for tho 1 1 tli inst., or tho real citato which be
longed lo tho estate uf tho l.ito Henry lsiV.
cnworlb, lltq., went oll'wilh great spirit and
success, The executor, 1'r.incis U ilson. Lsq.,
had in.ido good arrangements to produce such
a result. 'I ho several lots had been distinctly
marked out und numbered, a licit map of the
property had been picpiired and freely ilis.
Iributed, und the sale had been fairly adver
tised. Tho services of a competent and gin-
llemanly auctioneer, practised in sales of
that kind, Isaac II. Wiight, Lsq., ur lloston,
had boon secured. Carriages wero liberally
provided for the coiivejniiceof nil who wished
to attend, and lo savo iiicunvenience and de
lay, a generous dinner for all vvhu wished to
partake av.is provided iu (hu open air on one
of the pleasant lots of tho properly. The
wo.itlicr"vvas also auspicious.
The entire amount ol' sales was iieaily $11),.
"00. Though in somo instances tho prices
brought was not quilo what those interested
iu the cstato would havo been glad to leeeive,
on Hie whole, wo understand, thry were gr.it
illed with tho reult. Tho lots lying on tho
r.tco and top nl' tho hill, and so southward
towards tho ledges, brought from ,-Jl.K) tu
.sdllll jer acre. Somo I'.ivoreil spots brought
something more. The principal purchasers
wero D. I). Howard, II. I'. Ilickuk.S. Wires,
D. II. Ilucklcy, W. II. Knot, and Ira II. Al
len, Dsqrs. The hirm in the north part of
the town was bought by J. Ii. Wheeler, Lsq.,
at a low rate, per aeio. Tho principal
buyer ol the property iu tho heart of tho vil
lage was W. C. Hoot, as agent fur an other
party. 1 ho property is worth double tho
price it was bid oil' fur. Ilo bought the Lea
venworth llluclc for $7(11)0. Tho new Store
now-occupied by Mr. Doolittlonsa Hardware
Store, was bought by L. C. 1'crris, L-q., of
New Yurk. lor $;1000. That purchase
must pruvo a valuable investment to tho
owner. Mr. Kern bought tho house iu
C.itlin's Lane and two acres onClill'st. Tho
property was well distributed, and Irom see
ing into w hose bands some of the property has
fallen, wo look for an accession or good in
habitants to the town before long.
Ilurliiigloti lias Fullered lor many jours
from the fact, that 1 uge amounts id land, nil
vant.lgwuisly situated iu the place, have been
held hy persons who believed it quite too val
uable to sell at hardly any rate, livery step
towaids getting it into more hands hands
who will either improve it ur sell it reasona
bly I'or others to improve, will wuik for the
public good.
I'ikk. A severe lire ueciuro.. in uur village
Siturday ii ling. About .'i o'eh.ek the
Steam Saw an I I'l ming Mill of II ,N. I! ill ud,
at the foot of (,' die ge st., to ik lire and was
entirely eonsiliu.-'l, lug-ther vvilha cmsider-
blo qo intity nf Loinb-r. T'u lircin in of the
mill kin lied the lire iinl.'i- the In Herat tho
usiiilhour. IVibibly In-Mlo I the lire-box
ton full nf s!i ivings, whie'i were m-l .is fuel,
at any rale, aieirduig to Ins own ai-count,
t he 1 urn ice d ir s wore t'u-ivvii open boioru
tho draught bji-uuu fairly esublishe I up the
chimney, by a su Men burst of gism- steam
within; the llunes caught a pile of shavings
on the health, and from theiicu sproul over
head, si, that iho upper story was almost in
stantly in a bl.u). It tiok sumo minutes tu
give tlio al uiu, and lu help arrived till it
was Ion late I.i sue any uf tliu m lehiueiy ur
cuiitenls of the mill, and in a very short time,
the whole etiiicture was a pile ol smoking
'Iho I! vcruiil Volunteer II igiues and the
Hooks .V Lidder, were shoitly on tlie ground
and directed their ellbrts in duly towards sav
ing the Lumber around and preventing tho
spread nl the llunes, an I lu s iv ing the dock
un which the mill blond, lu this they lihured
well mid w ith g iu I success.
I he cost ul this mill was about $11,0011.
.Messrs. liillanl did nut piy that for it,
but had enl irged it and add -d to tho m.ichi
ucry so in.u an eslnnito ol its value at
14,1100 i, nut too high. Tliu engine, whicl
cost i.ooo, i, not entirely ruined. A small
pari ul the iu ichinery also, may perhaps bo
iepairc'l. 1 he dock is ni'iinly saved. Tl.
o-i.imni.iiiK .-si, --iiu wurih ut lumber, is
a total loss. Ol' tliisjMr. D.irnes.who rent
en nan the mill, loses some seven or eight
hundred doll.us, almost entirely iu lumber
lie has, we believe no insurance Mr. Iiall.ird
has some sJoJIOD insurance, about equally
uiviucii uctween tho cruiunt .Mutual und
the I'.irmcrs .Mutual, to offset a los ol we
suppuo at leist tin tminiiiiit dollars.
.votoniyis the privato loss severe the
community is a heavy loser. This was one
of our most active manufacturing establish
mcnts.emploving lioiu twenty to thiity bauds
constantly, and often mure, and the conve
niences it iiII'tcI to our mechanics were
great. Wo trust it may bo soon rebuilt.
(-ovnii.Nifcvii.M- ,u nio, ( Nivi.r.srrv oi Yin
Mo.vr, Is-if.. T,0 following will be the exer
cises of the coming ComiuciiLoiueiit.
V.l.lr.... I...C. . .
....... iiuuiu llio socieiv ul liellglOUS
enquiry, Sunday evening, Aug. :id.by!Lv.
Wii.livvi .1 vmij, 1). D , Albany, N. V.
Inaugural Dicouto of President 1'i.vsi,
Tuod.iy, Aug. .ith at 10 o'elock A. Al.
Ceh br.iti in nf the Liter uy Sm h-l'u-n, 2
o'clock I'. Al. ol Tuend iy ; I Iratiuu by ;tv .
J. I'. Tu.nii-.-n-. of New ioik , I'oem by
J. S. II. T.vii.i.u L-q. or I'l.tttsliiirgh, N. Y.
Junior llxhiliilinii, Tuvwliy livening
('oiiimenciuiLlil. cduesd.iy, Aug. t'.th
(ii.o (iu.t.vioiiK, a young I'u-uehman. was
iiiicsted iu lloi-kiiigli.im Center, list week,
chargid with stealing lu.ises both iu this
Statu and iu ( ' iniu ,-ueut lie was ,, lin-ied
to tho nllieeis liom Conn., who baio.-'ii e.l to
bo iu th" village in pursuit ol the same in in.
At Smith Wo .dstuck mi Aloud ty, Mr James
Anthony was throwii from a li.ne, ,ind his
luck was broken. 'Iho Isidy ol' n new lioru
I'ciu ilo child was hum I do el in the vault o
the livy id' the II iifro.nl Depot in Hollows
Calls on Sill, d. iv 1 1st.
'llll. Titul Ci.Niwii.si i. of (bo .Methodist
llpinopul Chinch will meet in liiuliugton
soiuetimo the ensuing month- llesidos tho
ordiii ny bu-iness ul Ihu susion, the usual
Conleieiice Aniiiver.siiies will bo held all ol
which .no intend d lo ho occasions nfgeiiei.il
inlcre.t. I hu time assigned Inr tho difl'cicut
cxcieisco will Iw season ibly aiinuuiicitd cither
beloro or during tliu Conference week. Like
other riiuil ir IsiJics, Iho Cuiifcrcnce is wont
to injoy the ho-pit.ility of the community iu
which il holds its Hi-isiou. Our citizen, will
ol' course see to it that the character ul llur
linglon for hourly und open hospitality is
maintained on this occasion. Those who feci
free to open their doors lo any of tho two
bundled clergymen whowill he in attendance,
lire requested to send tlioir mimes to liev.
II. O. .Meeker, or liov. ii. Alursli.tll, of this
Sniini . A .Mis. Osluin.ol Chulsc.i, com
mitted suicide Just week, by hanging herself
No wiiiso is HMijfuttd for llio net. Her health
ii i id spirits hud both been good, and tho night
before committing the doed, she wulehed
with n sick neighbor.
.Mn. V
Toi(.si su, wlio lectured with nc
in Concert Hull some (he years
since, is expected souu tu deliver u ouurw of
Plirenological nnd Physiological l.ectiiics at
tho nunc plaeo . ho is now lecturing nt
vuw.w aiohxin... aiav at. ma.
.-o.n.vti;. o.vsuiNutu.N-, Abiy UIU,. 'p.
"iei-.W .'" in icceiveu irolll llll! I rosi.lt lit
veloing tlio bills for Ihn iiiiprnVeineiit of tho
Iho mouth of the .Mississippi and thq I hits of
t no Di. . i.ur i itver. i ho .'resident returns
no -,i. IST.1IUII no regains tiiein iik parUnl
general sysi,.,,, iniernnl improvement, und
riders lo his Alessaj;,, ,,- ln.il, vt-t.jln Iho
j.ive-i ...in iiuiliur Mill,
Mlt M .VINl.ll's K VNSVS sITM II.
Mr. Siimnci- cuniiiicnced speaking un Kansas
Ynu nro now called to lediessu r!lll,.
giession, in which is involved not only tho
" 'e.inuiy, inn mo pence ul
the whole country. Against Kansas a crime
un I..-, ii en.uiiiiucii withuiit ii parallel iu th
i i cord s ol' the past worsu than any thin
.ii.iio ..j,- vii res against Hicily. Aru Vol
against sacrilege I present it lor voui-
vrii:iliiiti. At.i i i . t J .
I hi.l.l ii .... . . . """" rouoery '
....... .. ,,- Muril. ,I-L. you
t.ir Ilo. t. nil.... I V ... y
. .. ..,, , .unoru-.m ellUens ' I
snow you now- their ilnari.ut si.. hi- I....... I
cloven down, while a tyrannical usurpation
has sought lo install i ts-t-1 1" on their very
lu cks I'm- the s.iko or political power has
force been employed in compelling Kansas to
ho pol iition or slavery. There is the simple
fact, which in iu..tr ..,...,.... t. . 1
..... ,.,ulltn ,t vvicKeuncss
that m ikes other public crimes seem like
p.i....u viriucs. i ms crime huzirds civil war.
t -I f . i. mis negun ; even now,
........ . , ,rJM,i mo propagandist
... .-.."ei) nun u,o e.um determination ol'
uieir opponents nro Uilluscd lium tho distant
lerntury, und the wliule cuiintry foreshadows
n strilo which, unless happily averted by tho
........ i .. ... , ......i,.,,,,, win oeeumu war Ira
uiuiuu, pirnciiiti war with
I. r. ni.nii ... !
icu wicKe.iuess tieyotiil the wickedness of any
war in human initials. Such is the crime
which y,,u nro to .judges and tho criminilis
thuMivc Power of our liepublio. Justice to
vans is can only be secured by the proslra
ion o this inlliicnco; for this is the power
ny-nei i.iuii any i resment which
oueeurs ami sustains tho crime.
1 liavo divided
my subject under threo
heads The
crimes against Ivans is. the
ipohigies for tho crimo, and tho truo remedy.
I. ut before entering upon the in mm.t I
.1 sv say something in rcpouso to what has
la Ion from Senators who havo raised them-
:l" ' l" cminciico upon this door iu eh.unp
i inshipof liuin-in wrongs. I mean tho Sun
ator in,,,, v,,,,,,,, e'.i ro I i t . , (Mr. llutler.)
... o me .-enator Irom lllinui,, (.r. Duiiglas.v
who, thouol, milikn us II,.,, n, .!....? .... I
.-s.iucuiii-.i lii, yet, likes that couple, s illy
lorlh together in the sune e. n. '
.. - '" .r.i.xnio ill.
ator from .South Carolina believes liiiueir
eblvnll-.ii. I-..!. ,1.1 ..1.1. . .- .
, v...i "im sciiuuicnis oi Honor
mid courage. Ilo haschosen a mistress, who
..,..s.i ugiy io oiners, is alvvavn lovely to
him, though polluted iu the s'ight ol'tho
"..im, is cu.i-ie hi his sight-l mean tho
......oi, .-Livery. I or her his tonnuoisal
ways pt-iiliiso in words. Let her he impeach
i''l in character or any proposition iu,lo to
......i ,-. ..hi ,rnni mo extension ol her wan
...... . ..,..,,, . iii.iv.i-inco oi m inner or
ii.ii.iiiiooii oi assertion is too great for this
Senator If Slavery cannot have full power
it. t o, .1 I I.... !..-: 1
, ,, " '''"'ins, j ovver to compel
.ellovv-meii to unpaid t,,i, to sop irate hiis
buid aiid wile, lo sell little children at the
auction block then, sir, this chivalrous Sen
ium- win ennoiiet tho.-vtitnol Smith Carolina
out ..I llio I ni.iii. Ileioie knight ' llvalted
N'lialnr ' A s ml Alnses come for a neeuml
i.sojius i hi. Senator calls tho opponents
, u , -in seeiion.ii mi'l 'sl.iti.it i
-.ii. 1 ho men who strive to bring back the
.'). i, i, no, n, ,M urignal policy, when I'roe
dom, nut Slavery, was national, ho iirr.ii-ns
as --sei-unnal." I alhrm that the Ifopublic in
p irty nl the I niuu is in no just sense seclinn
al, but in. no th.i-i uny nihil-party national,
uini mat it goe) I.irtli to ili-lndgo from the
'"f" places oi t-: iveiniueiit, tho tvr.iimi-
cil seeliou.ilism ' which the Senator Irom
Smith Carolina is m o of the maddest zealots
As to l.m iticisiu, I vvill not deny that there
.... .v.o.i.s ..in,,,,- fl uniiy ui.eitv ti, well
for their personal g,,. i a sclli-h generation.
In calling them fanatics you cast ointumely
..pun mo uooie nrmy ol m irtyrs Irom the
cuii-se u,y ilowu to this hour, upon the
p1;''-" tnl" s"1 hum in rights, hy whom life.
liberty and happiness on earth, havo been
As the Senator from .s.uitl. ('..... t;.. ;, u...
D"-i IJiiis.it., the Sen ttor from Illinois is the
."q'liio ol .-shivery, ready to do all its humilia
ting olln.es. I'he .-senator copies tho liritish olli
cerwho, with boastful swagger, said that
with the hilt of his sword he would cram tlio
stamps down tho thro its of the American pco
pli! I'hes. nat.ii-.lreainsthat he c.itisuhduo the
North. How little that Senator knows bun
s' II ol tho cause which he persecutes' lie
is lj.it a mortal man ; against him is an im
mortal principle. With finite power ho
wrestles with tho inh'nito, ami mint fall.
Ag.un-t him are stronger luttallions than
any iu.trsh.iled by mortal arm tho inborn,
liicradiciblc, invincible sentiments of the
human heart ; against him is Nature iu all
ot subtile forces; against him is O'od. Lot
bun try to subdue these.
-Mr. Sumner then spoke of the origin and
extent or the crime ag linst Kansas, review
ing the history of the .Mi-souri Compromise,
its abrogation, and the efforts made to plant
s avory in the territory after tho passage or
tho lv.ms.is Nebraska act. lie alluded to
the course ol' Da-, id 11. Atchison, calling him
the link Imtween tho I 'rc-ident and the
border llulliins. At the session or Con ress
succeeding the pissigo or the Nebraska" bill
ho came tardily to his duty, then, after a
short time disappeared. Like Catalino, ho
t ilked into the chamber reeking with con
spiracy . then, like Catalino, he skulked
away tn join and piovoko the conspirators,
who at a distance awaited their congenial
duel. Air. Sumner, alter showing how the
territory was overrun, and fin illy subjugated
to the slave power, proceeded to the second
head of his rem irks the apologies which
have been in ido lor the crime. As the crime
cannot be denied, ii ologics are nude, but
they are w.use than the (.Hurts at denial.
I hey lire lirst, the apology tyrannical' se
cond, thuapilog) imbecile, third, the apol
ogy ab.-urd ; fourth, the apology inl.unoiis.
I'y runny, imbecility, iibsuidity, and infamy
all unite, to dance, like tho weird sisters,
about this crime.
'I'he Iiist is the linohi'V of technical!)..-.
founded on the iiii.st.ikcn act of timernor
ll-edcr. 'I'he second is the iiiiuh.'v of iinhe-
cilily founded on tho illeged vv.uit ol Iho power
in the l'i osii lent to ai rest I bis crime, Tliu third,
the apology absurd, is founded unmi the dis
covery ol the Constitution id a society called
l.o. .. -,,, lt bi,i-it-lV w n Cll CVlst.'ll
uily on lui. r. ct its oaths have h.-en ..u...
ted on this liom- in order to c.vtcniiato the
ciiiiio no mist Kansas lie luurth. tho ui.,.l.
y ml ini.iob, is I.i u 1 1. U-. 1 nil l.ilso testimony
linst tho lliuigr.int Aid Society, and as-
Miuiiitioii.s nt iliilvmoie la -o II. in ih.. i.'-ii-
i.iuiiy. Dclying truth, and iiioekiiigdeeencv,
this .u.lo-y excels all others iu fntilitv nilil
iind.icily, while Irom its utter hullowiicss, it
proves iho utter impi.tonoo of the conspira
tois to ilclend Iheir irime. An i.ssjci.itioii
f siuci'ie l.encvolcuc-, liithful to the Coiisti-
tutioii and tho liws whoso only forlili-
iitiniis mo hotels, school-houses, and
iiurciies , iviio.0 niuy wc.i Bins are sivv-
mills, tods and books, vvlmsi mission is
piM.-e and good vvill, has been l.ilsclv assail..,!
on the llnor, and an cir.iu.l of 1,1 imelcss vir
tue h is b i n made the pretext lor an unp-ir-iloiial.le
crime. Air. Sumner then leviewed
the history of the Aid Society, showing that
it was nigtiiKod before tho passage n tho
Kansas-Nebraska Act, simply lor (he nur-
pi.s,. ..I directing emigration Westward, und
aiding iu pruviding aceoiiiiuo,! nions for cnii
gi.iuts all-r arriving at iheir .l lees of desti
iiiti.n. Hu cj.pl, lined the objeels of tlio
Sm iety, and dciiied iu tu llio charges which
pro Slivcry Seiialnrs had brought ag linst it.
I in. Compuiy his never supplied anus ol'iiny
kind to any poison, has not chuscii its emi
grants on account ol' their political opinions;
mid has not even the honor ol' being an
Abolition society, or ul'iiuuibcring Abolition
ists among its olliucrs.
Air. Sumner had not concluded when tho
Sen lie adjourned.
HOI si. llio House took up Air. Wheel-
rr' joint resolution authorising the. Secretary
ol'tho Navy to desjiateh a vessel with provis.
inns privately contributed for the Capo do
Verde siitl'cicis.
.Mr. Kelly rcferted lu the lilieiality of .New
York iu aiding tho starv ing people, appealing;
to the gcneious syni.ithies of the llouso to
pass the resolution which asked for no appro
pli.itioii ol mioi. v
.Mr. Smith, tnl iigiui.i.jwhilc deeply feel
ing lor Ih. ii ihstie.sul emidilinu, v.as not
willing, ivcn iu this Hilling j.aiiieiilir, to
usurp a nivcr not guaranteed by Iho Out
stutioii He considered the sending o I u ship
i .pinal. i.t to he .ippr ipli iliou of iimii. y Lo
th It purpi'-o Vlnpted by 11 ugainst L'I
Mr ((.lib-way usk. J leave p) intiodurc u
result Ion, rtqucsling tho I'rcsid. nt lo in
form tho llouso whether ho In... information
concerning tho murder r threo American
citizens i,am,.,l Dow, liirl. r mid llrown, la to
residents ol Kansas, and whether b-g.,1 mea
s lies l,.nu been taken lor tho pros.:?ution of
tho murderers t also whether ho has infor-
,'!'' . 'I'll- ""i'.l ' !!'" r')ri-iM'J "l-l'ietlon
nl William I'lnllips, mrd ol his being cart ied
across lu .Missouri, and theru t.ii?,,l ,I
leathered, likew is,j w tit legurd to the out
nigo un l!ev. I'unlcu llutler, who was l.uied
a Atehison, ulso with reg.ud to tho shooting
ol Air. Alaee. whohi an attempt was mado to
nil, alter ho had given li-Uniony before the
louso Investigating Commilleo.aiid whether
legal steps h.vu been taken for the
prosecution ul' tho persons en-
(,.o.i in inesu outlines. A so that tbn
I resident inform tho llousu whether Im h.iu
; , , . voro ,i lieilior IIU II
i"i cd spcii.il instructions I'or tho protect!
u( ivnieiic.ui eili.ens in Kansas from violence
.mil muriler.
Air. Smith (Yirginia,) suggosted and Air.
iialloway aorce. to ml. I n .-t n... i ...
information relative to the murder of Slier
HI .loiics.
Mr. (lid.lings Hotter wait till ho is dead.
All'. Kill 111 was ni,t.s..,l i,. .....I :.. .
i . . i l os.i .i (Miiuir
ol iionscnse, and objected to its reception.
Air. Ii.illuw.iy moved a suspension of Iho
rules, in urder that ho might intrudiicu tliu
I ho motion to suspend was lot, lOH iu
lavor, tu oi against not two thirds.
Il'mm s,t.,v vrk irr..r.
A.s- IsrvvioLs W u. ir.,i .,., :...i .
., ,. , - "V i'-'in'i oineu
ho discovery ol tho continent, a w-r upon
tho hull in race, its origin il and rfohtful
possessors, could bo justified by tho nccesi
tics ol civilization or colouiziti m, si,ch war
has not been justiliiblo sineo tho American
people rose to tho dioinity and novver nf
an indopeiident nition. li,.u- i. .i...
Liu ling ol'tho Puritans and cavaliers., tbmuol,
centuries uf shaiuo to us. the llllli.lt. Ii.m
been crowded, difrniulod. sl.iii..l,i,.ro,l i
pursued, from tho Atlantic to" tho liocky
Mountains, simply because ho d ired lo affirm
his natural rights, and, in defenco of them,
Spill Ills blood around tbn hearth nn.l ....... .
of his fathers. "
lleyond all oucstion. in tbn tn.l.f r t,.ti.
and justice, tho Indian has been, everywhere,
the assailed and injured party. Ilo has been
provoked a thousand fold mora thin, h,. I,-,-
provoked, lieceding before tho bloody march
ota Christian civilizition, ho now lingers on
mo .1 esiern verge ot tho continent, or in tho
jungles by the Oulf. unsubdued in t,U ,.i.li
of independence, striking back onlv under
tno most terrible provocation, und disdaining
to jicld to his pursuers and murderers, until
tho last of his raco shall he slain, or driven
into tho Pacific. Surclv ns tlo.ro ,. ;.i
Ood, Ilo cannot look unpitying upon the lace
ol tho Indian. Slain by greedy lust lor
empire, even whilo we havo n mil!
square of miles uiioceupied soil, his blood
ene-s iiioiiu uir vengeance.
I.ut i, I all the wars exefte I l.v tbn mihiaii,.
or soinelhitig moro ilomoiii.ie.il iu tho spirit
ol tho pile lace, against the Indian, the one
now lieing waged m Orcg is the most in-
lumoiis on our eouutrv's recuid. 'I here is
the iimplest proof' th.it this war has been
forced upon the Indians hy the whites, and
that the appeals of tho red man for peace
have been spurned, r answered by tho bayo
net or bullet. It is a war of speculation,
intended to plunder tho public treisuryol'
Irom fifty to a hundred millions ul dull.irs.
md, that, too, while uur north I'.ieiile T,.r,-i.
tories contain more soil for tho peaceful us
it tho white man thin he can absorb in a
century. 'Ibcse facts nio known nt W.i.b.
gton they are piteut to whoever will in-
puru mtu the matter, und vet C.....-,.ss ho
veled a lirst instalment of nearly half a
million to sustain a si iu..,i,.ri.e. ,.i..
.linst the Indians of Oregon. "
Oenor.tl W ool, Iho comniaiidei- ..r.o.r r,,r....a
on tho Pacific. having beeiiur dered to Oregon
to settle distiirbanc.se there, marched thither.
md upon invc-tig.itioii found that there was
no Indian war, but only u shameful war up.ui
the Indians. With the snirit of a hut. em.,
is well as heroic man. hu refused to !..-,, ,m.
pirty lo the wanton slaughter of the rod
men. Ills soul was filled with disu.-t and
indignation towards the white wretches who
had fomented a inui.lcri.iis quarrel iu order
tu plunder tho nitinn-il Treis.nv II,. Lis
been iis.iilo.l for his action, and has written
a manly letter ur defence. Alter picturing
the internal schciiiesand dnim-s of the whites
uml the massacres of Indians, bo bUn,s iu. the
lumpy uml nb, un. .fill results and sivs :
" Such havo been tho results of'one uf the
must unwise, unnecessary and extravagant
expeditious ever fitted out iu (ho I nited
Mates, and for no other reason than to tdmi-
Icr tho I re.isiirv of the I nited Stales. o.! i,.
make political capital for somebody. It
could not havo been projected for the defenco
ol tho inhabitants of Oregon nnr the pro
tection of Ore.roiii.ins in W:isbi.i,.t,.
territory, for none resided them wloii-
then, could havo been the ..bie.-r 1 W.thi.,..
but n crusade against tho Indians, and a long
war to enrich the country. If such was not
the object, (Iov. Curry, instead nf sending
us troops against the lndiuisin W'nsMro.i.m
Territory, ami beyond his iurisdietinii.
would havo sent nil of them to Southern
Oregon, where tho war raged, and no where
else in his Territory. Tho Orcgonians siy
that the war 'is a godsend to the country.' '
Speaking nf tho conduct of thu Territorial
authorities in this matter, (Jen. Wool says
I regret that I am couine led to siv that
such conduct is too much encouraged by per
sons holding high offices under the tint em
inent of tho United States , and because I
havo opposed this inhuman and barb irons
practice, and the wholesale plundering oftho
treasury ol'tho L'nited States, which there
ono no circumstances to justify, I havo been
denounced by tho Oovernors of both Territo
ries and the!Logil ituro of Orojron."
lien W. declares that this Orcein Indian
War, according to tho programme of its
getters up, will cost the l'nited States from
tilty to one hundred millions dollars, and im.
nut on the national escutcheon .-ill iliiletlbb.
lot ol' inf.UHV. Thro.'. tilths, if n.it ..II ......
Indian wars, 'havo been infamous: r,. 1.M-..I, b.
nowhere iu the sight of llternal Justice It
is evident that there is to ho no cos-ation ul
the bloody game, until the list Indian is des
troyed. Hounded liom their homes by
bo istful civilization iu tno name of Liberty,
their buues whiten tho surface ofa Cnt'i-
nciit, und still, even while they crouch lor
shelter in tlio gorges of Iho mountains, the
cry of thu white man is, "slay' slay tho
Indian. Ood grant, tliat though soouigod
from tho llirlh, they may at last realize that
"U lieio kin lly i.ituro to lli.-ir fiitli li.n gueii.
liehinl tliu iloiij-capt lulls un humblci iicavni."
ti.-m 111. II -loll Vila.
" , Ihflt I. f. ,. ill 'itf't r.Msl.iu.c f.. ffi, fluj ... lli
. 'loil'V, sso Ull. eus.sliieuos vl. mould or un:
J-. tl ill it might. is well occur at thil tiuii'.aii I lu Kan
sai, asi-l-eivhero."
This is s lid tu have been tho cxcciiiigly
sagae-ioiis und kii..l-hc.ute. remark of the
President ot the I ul ted Males, ,, tliu receipt
ol'tho recent startling intelligence from Kan
sas. A dispisiuiiito hearer would have found
it very dillicult to discover any connection
between the observation and tho events, hat
were the incidents repotted '
I. A peaceable ciiKen, ((iov. Itobiiisoii,)
travelling through the Mate of .Misnmiri, is
Nci.td by ail irrcsponsihlo inoli, and detained
without warrant and against 1 iw.
II. An attempt is lua.hi to airest a witness
(liov. Jieeder.) while he is iu attendance up
on a onmius-io.i id the II nis.i ol Keprcaenta
tives, mid thus lu prevent him liuin giving
bis testiiuony 'leluro that commission
III. A wiln s who had givm his testimo
ny is shot, and left bait lor wolves."
And tho Piesid'iit uf tho l'nited States,
when ho bears iibout tin-so things, can onlv
talk about "the const it iitiunal lights of
the South !" 'I'ruly, wo aro a people nine
times I leet iu our President and nine hun
dred and liiiicty-nine times blest in the pros,
peet of getting rid of him.
Capt. Ilor.lcn, of schooner Y. A. (Irillin,
Trotn llaracoa, repjits th it on the 3th inst.,
ut midnight, a colored seaman came craw ling
on board, over the bow, iu a very mysterious
iu inner. He could speak very little." Pnglish,
and when interrogated the following was
gathered, 'flint ho (ell uverboird on Sun
day, the Ith inst., from tho inainlkj.im of a
Spinish Inig, In.in Trinidad, the crew of
i which, threw him it plank, with which he
j succeeded iu kee nig linu.elf ilbuvo water
during the n inuiioier ul' tho day and night ,
until the .iflcrin.i'ti of tlio 'th in'st., when he
siw tlicsi'ho inei. II ( immediately commenced
Mumming for her, und succeeded in i;ctliug !
on boird of h -r at u.idiiicht. Ilu is about - i 1
years old. un I had nothing on when reaching !
tho V tirilhn but his iMintaloous
Ilo I
Imd been iu the water tl day and a half,
It is slated Hint Colonel Tlten, who is nt
tho Isthmus, bus inaihi n requisition lor lilty
Shiups rilles, being moved thereto by tho
recent inassicrn of Aineric ms iu Hint pari of
tho wnihl. ir thug. Hunt Colonel ,! ,cun
a ililient rend, r or tho '., ,,tl i,,- ilem-oei.ltli-
papers, how null loiv seen th it ill-
n...i,. oi si nning ir hlty nil , Bm,,,
ii lie ni ,u inr tw, lay live lllbleil, t'l lli
in iiiiieu wiiuni cotiveit all t,
i ills in
in- isi iiiiius mtu the niost on forbearing,
. .. , t-, j,,,, u, uieii , iho iieliioeruls
mo in oo otueveu.
Thu news pip-rs say that nt Dm linglon,
Iowa, vv bile somo win kiucii wi re cngige, i
(s.-iivaii igior tno cellar of l.'nv. (irimes's
new building, they c.uiui upon im niched
vault ten leet square, which, on bulug opened
wis found to contain eight human Hkeet.,i
of gigantic proportions. The walls ol' the
vault were , ils, ut fourteen in.-hes thick, well
laid up with c'luentor indestructible luorlnr.
Thu vault is about sjK 'e.-t deep li'o'n thu
biso to the ateh. The skeletons mo inn
good slate ol' preservation, and nio thu I n-g-est
Im in in rem tins ever found, being a lilllo
over eight feet long.
Airs. Charlotte Pickles ol' lli-t li.ston was
lined j? I, HI) and costs in tho Police Court for
disturbing a public school. One of h. rliltlo
Pickles got into difficulty with the teacher and
of course got the heneht of a rod which was
'in pickle' for such cases. - , maternal
Pickle went into the school hou.-o to pick a
quarrel witli tho touchers for pickling tho
juvenile Pickle ; liciico tho dish of Pickles
in the Po. icj court.
A dreadful famine is raging in tho (Japi do
Ycrd Islands, mid meetings have been held
in New York to piovido means towards tho
relief of tho famishing population. It is a
t.'irihlo tiling tint, upon any portion or
Oo'l's lair e.uth, icoplo sl.oiihl die for tho
want ol fool. 'llio prompt charity with
which tho I'nitod States have mi often res
pond, d to c ills or this kind, is ono of the
most honorable features iu tho American
character. It covers a multitude of sins.
liarnutii stated in his last c.vuniintion at
Nowiork that his only occupation was
'tt tiding hu" and that hu had been occupied
iu this business ever since tho lawyers had
been pulling him up to tho hirs of tho dif
lertnt courts. The counsel for his creditor
rem irked in tho course of tho inquisition
that "we arc alter tho crumbs that loll from
the lich man's table ;" to which liirnum
quickly responded "are Jou tho dogs or
Lazarus '"
The Montpelier freeman says that at a so
cial gathering in that vicinity, recently, a
young gentlemen had tho task of "getting
a wjlu" imposed upon him during the even
ing's iiniiiseinent.aud with a young lady went
through a mock ceremony, us th-y both sup
posed, o! being married, hut it was ultcr
vvar.ls discover.-! th it thu person who m ir
them was a r.( jii-tico. and the liiatrimoiii.il
knot could nut bo untied 1 'I'he parties nro
g.itislied with their hargiin, but lire consider
ably nettled at the manner iu which they
wcrj launched upon the seiof inatiitnony.
A friend or ours was visiting tho White
Hills in thu Oranito State last year and one
di.y while pising a house observed a little
child nt tho door, with what he considered a
very dangerous pi lything, viz a chisel; and
thinking it a kindness, stopp. d in tn inform
the patent. '-.Mud line," siidhe, "are vou
awiitoth.it jour child has g it the chisel '"
"Why, mercy on me, '-e.vel inu.-il the mother,
well I knew something was the nutter, Inr
the child h u been ailing fur a long time."
Our friend left iustantcr.
Mr. Webster was foiul uf a practical joke,
but only nf a harmless one, und, gen. raily, a
benevolent (inc. He had iu Northlicld, aero-s
the livir from his I'r.uikliii I'.u iu. a small
pice nl bandy barren land with a poor house
"1 j'; in which a wry destitute l.unily had
been living some timo without pivingany
lent. I pon ono of his visits to the place,
the good woman i-xpi e.l l.er an.vietv about
being able to remain She expected to lie tinn
ed mil .v. didn't kimw whore tog.,, .-sho hnped
Air. Webster wmild'ut be h ud with her. lis
heard h.-r through, and tol l her, with great
gravity, tint he know it was a hard case f,,r
her; ho wished to consider her, mid didn't
lu" iu to bo unkind : but he had a great many
lo provide l..r. At tho same time putting his
bund into bis pocket ho t....k ..ot li live ib.l-
lirbil! und handed it to In r, . iy ing ho was
sorry he eouldii t do better by her. but if sir
thought she could all'ord to stay on tho pi ice
anoiner year lor that ho should ho very glad,
onil rode oil.
'I'lio owner id" one ol' the princely palaces
ineecKcr sireci, .sew lorK, somo tune ago
leased it for several ye irs for two thou-iind
dollars a year. Iho tonint failed, and hi
surety wisiicd thoowiicr to resume possession
of the premises, which he reru-ed to do
whereupon the surety opened a fashionable
negro bo.irding-hou-e"in the premises, stuck
up a sign ol' Colored People's Hall," estah-
iisueu a rcsi.iur.int inr tno colored popula
tion and has balls thrice a week for tho
"utpcr ten" of sililcdom. I'rom these he is
realizing a thousand dollars a year above
rent and other expenses, and in his turn re
fuses the offer of the owner to take tho prem
ises oil' his hands. Ilo won't pay rent until
summoned oeiure a court, when ho appears
just as a warrant of ejectment is about to be
issue.!, i no ow ner nas irieu, to got llio House
but tho neighbors won't complain uf it ns
a disorderly house; they rather enjoy tho fun,
and many of them pay their Ho cents to see
high lifo'auiong tho colored gentry.
llol-E IV TltC DvttKEST lloi'R. TholovclicSt
valley has a muddy swainp.the noblest moun
tain a piercing blast, and the prettiest face
somo ugly Icatiire. Tho fairest is must sub
ject to freckles, and the handsomest girl is
apt to be proud ; tho most sentiiiicnt.ll lady
loves cold pork, and the gijest mother lets
her children gu ragged. The kindest wifosomo
tiines overlooks an absent shirt buttunatid the
fondest husband forget-- to kiss his wife every
time ho steps out-ide tho gat", and the bes't
dispusitinncd children iu the world get angry
and s.piall , and the smartest scholar vvill
miss a less, ,n, and tho witti. st siy something
stupid, tho wisest ess.ivists write some non
sense, and stirs vvill fall", and the moon suf
I. rs cidip-c und men won't bo angels, nor
earth heaven
livi KM i inu is all fiii- iu society. Abuse
mo and I will abuse vou , but let us be
I'liends when wo meet. liavo wo not all en
tered a dozen rooms and been sure, from the
countenances uf thu amiable persons pro-cut,
that they had been di-eiising our little pe
culiarities, perhaps us we wero on tho stairs.
Viis our visit therefore llio less agreeable'
Did we .pi irrel, and say hard words to one
another's faces ' No we wait until some
of our dear friends take their leave, und then
comes our turn. .My back is at my neigh
bor's service , as soon as that is turned, let
him mike what faces he thinks proper ; but
when wo unset wo grill and shako bauds liko
well bred folks, to whom clean liiineu is not
more necessary than a clean, sweot
looking countenance, and a nicely got up
smile for company. Tkm ray.
Itruni (lie New York lulsuie
II vv Cm lis. A guud set ol'hay covers vvill
save twice their cost every season, and Willi
due e.iro will I ist a .1,, zoo veirs. Two months
rum now farmers) iu tlio vfeinity of New Yurk
will be cutting their h iy crop, and not une iu
ten has such a thing as u over for his hay
cocks by which ho can effectually secure tfio
hay ug.iiust injury Irom a sudden shower.
Now is ll.e time toget the hay-covers ready.
Do you know how 1 l'crhapsnot. Then wo
will make this litilo item worth moro to you
that tho price of I'he Tiihuue for a vv liolo
year. Iluy u piocu uf stout, coarse, brown
cotton sheeting, yard wide, or iu,.r, and tack
it upon the sunny side of u board fence, or
broadside oftho 'barn, and paint it with the
following composition Unseed Uil 1 gallon,
beeswax, '2 pounds boiled together, to which
add a ipi.irt of .lap in varnish. Dry two days
and cut tho cloth into sipurcs, and to each
corner attach n round stone of six or eight
ounces vv eight, sewed iu a bag, listen -d tu
the cb tli by a string a few inches lung, in
such a milliner that the weights cm be easily
t ik -n oil' for convciiii'iice in pi. king iw.i v the
c ,vei w I. en n nt of us- I Im-ol thes" I ii iwii
..v.'!' a .-nek ol hay lustily tun,'.!. I t,. either,
vv ill keep it .pule diy i.i ,' i - . a sudden
A lire i..n-r ..r u w i.'.oi load or
uiilini - hed st i. k ..I h iv
or ;;r .in . ill I , I. mud
on. d tic in -I iis.iul in,. I
1 1 rin
u is siirpiisiug mat even ii m. ' ,ul hay
to mark, t dues not keep su. h a t ul inn.
iUter from Florida.
M a, br. Aim iir, April 25th
Au". lMln.,..t letter, ha, it,
1 ge, , or rathrr lt,dv,inta(!e, forthoro Is but
'mo, vrl.lcl, however great eo,Mh to count, thai
unco many a d,.lvama,b, .,,,, m iar(
qualify m iny adi-coinfou. It I, . dUl(.,,trul cl,.
' al'', which brings every winter number, of inva.
II !( from almost every -tato In tlio Union, vCIy
stage of pulmonary dlscue, from tl,0 f,r.t nlu k tj
lliofi(ialnuittiroi,.,riifc. VShcn under.-,,,,! 1, ruis
Augustli.o was culcbriitul, not txa. tly as a water!
Il.lt place, but solnctbing luill.ir, fr tl,,, l,,b,,, c
Iho old histories, comparing It to tho "iuny ,uih
"flrancc," cnlllttl,o".V,,i,tpelllcr of Ameri.a
nd the i.p.,lar,. used t resort lo.ro for the,,
benltli, almost a, much a, American, now The air
damp, ostrcmoly so; Iron ru-t, vrith great rapid
'l.niipnoss doe, t
seem to liavo any bad effect on
.. "'"'' "'"si'l bo expected at (1... V .nl.
.1. .!!.... .... . . .
Il.or..ln,.tl,ouil, sometime, terrlf,c, perfeet ,e ,
Mh, are So.,,, over, bad weallierrarely lasling thrto
Jays; and , jm , ,0 raln c(akC tha
broak, and an hour's sunshine on this sandy d
dries up tl.o puddles.-lndeed (bo be-t walking
Immediately after a rain. Often ,y u
sc-n playing round llio horizon for hours together,
hut not a drop of rainfalls in Augustine, nnl tno
sunshine Is scarcely Interrupted. On the ht J ,hns
Hirer, but IS miles distant, much raoro rain falls in
a jear than l.erc. Pleasant day, nro tho rule,
storms tho exemptions- there i, scarcely a day when
even an Invalid may not bo out-doors wit!, c ,inf,.rt
This pn-t winter, Indeed, as In many otLcr part ,f
tlio I'niicd i-t.itcs.lns been an etecption ; tlio r.utu
have been soverc, nnd tho cold unc.Ualle.l but I
speak ol ordinary season". The change of sea ms
1 as inirked hi kind, though not In degree, a, any
where; the leaves fall, t!,o llowcr, disappear, and
fro-tsinako a thin cako of Ice over tho water bui hct,
perhaps two or three times, but tho cool weather lasts
but n month or two. Now, even after this unusually
severe winter, summer clothing Is Indispensable , and
ran, highly conduoivo to comfort; the llowers and
lenrcs arc billy out, and, alas' soaro tho am-quito-'
Instead of being confined to tho house, if not to
tho bed, for months, lingering on in slowly-dying
life, as Is so generally tho caso North, Invalids hero
imy take oicrciso almost every day with comfort,
sel loin does ono dio hero who has been confined
more than a week, and often 1, ono out walking but
a few hours before being summoned to thaUan 1
nh-re no sickness is. It seem, almost cruelly (j
sond u sick person , far away from home a 1
friend, into a strange land where, comparatively, to
few comforts can Lo had, especially wh'cn thcro r
I.ut little hope of restoration to health, better to
dio among thoso who loro onlcaro fry.,u. Vet
crcry season somo dio here, sometimes saying when
they conic, that they never expect to return olive,
and phy-icians of experience havo declared it worth
wlulo to como to Augustino to die, so much innro
gently is tho silver cord loosened. And"wloIc tlu.ro
i- lifu theru is hoK.,",n.iny who eamo hero erf. t
h idows, havo gone bad;, after a winter'-eiercio
in tho fresh puro air, with invigorated flames and
strtngthene 1 lungs.
Tlio hospitality on which Miuthorncrs pride them--elves
notvlioro appears to better advantage than
here, inatiife-tc.1 as it is, In attention nnd Mndne s
to the strangers who como among them, often en
tircly alone. 1'ruit and llowers. delicaciis to tempt
an invalid's appetite, and rcrsonal attentions, aro
freely are! generously be-tuwed by more than ono
family here If a sick man must go from homcab no
and unattendcl, in no pl.ico would ho bo better
cared fur than in St. Augu-tino. It is a uibcrablo
looking place, its natural melancholy not relieved
liy tho numbers of invalids to bo seen in the streets,
l,ut Us inb ibitants makeup for its defi.'icn, ics by
all tho means in their power, and endeavor by warm
hcirtodnes, and sociability, to render the lay of all
wliocouio among them, a pleasant ono. farewell
Yours truly. It n
Tho Fashions.
1'kim, I.E-i.ih's ('.ultte, keeps up its re
putation. Wo are inclined to think that it
is an expensive book for husbands nnd
lathers to have in their families, but tho
wives and daughters will havo it. Tho last
number i s a good one.
(ioi.Kv s l.viiis.s liooiv, for .Iune,BBey
on hand, with fashion pi ttc.'pttcrns f ir
embroidery, light literature, Ac, e , in its
usual abundant variety. Codey's is an iu
stitution of long standing in the lu.d. but It
dies nut rest its cliiuis to Tavor on tho
ground of " ago before merit."
It is a fjL-c supisisition that llhcutuatic di.ca s
are -low- In being cured. I'so tho proper remedy,
and apply it properly, and Iho worst caso of Intlara.
matory or acuto Ilhcumatisiu can bo cured in less
than ono week, uf this you can boconviuced if
you have Common sense, at tho Depot of tho Moun.
tain lnJian Liniment.
I.iqior l.vw in Burlington. James Cus
saek, of vVater Street, sold ono pint of Ciiii to
a Canadian who resides in Shelhurne, and
for so doing ho was, cn Tuesday oriast week,
ordered by justico Ilollenbcek to pay a fmo of
e-'JH, (it being tho second conviction,) and
costs taxed at $1-1.44
Tin: !-rvso-. For a Spring .Medicine, Arnold',
Vita! I'luld vvill stand foremost. Xo other pre
paration has its peculiar vivifying power and cer
tainty uf ovircoming tho lassitude and debility so
apt tn creep over ono with tho approach of wsroa
weather. Its chemical vitalizing action pro,' sa
genial effect upon tho feelings, and its pies it taUo
will also aid und extend its popularity the file,
bulcs'houll ufuvllybe taken in conne.tion
Si evk IC!s,ri!.v to Tin Ekrimi. No bad man
i ever brought to repentance by ansry words,
bitter and scornful reproaches!' He'firtilles
himself against reproofs, and hurls back foul
charges in the face ol' his accuser. Yet, guilty
and hardened as ho seems, ho has a heart iii
his bosom and may bo melted to tears by a
gentle voice. U'lmso, therefore, can restrain
his disposition to chide, nnd can bring him
self down to a fallen brother, will soon find a
way to better feelings within Pitv and na-
tienco are tho two keys which unlock tho
human heart.
May Kill, at Mr. Weston's Hole!, villi' iski
lulls, by VV. I" Harding, Ksp. Mr. Alenn 1'l.so. f
Ilini'sburgli, to Miss Harriet S. Wood of burling,
In tills village, en tho Ilth inst., by Kcv 1) V
Smith, Mr. II Irani II. I'.eyuulds and Miss Julia
Procter, both of Uiirliogton.
In liichoionl, May l'i, l,y Uev. C. T llalsey, Mr
.-vinuid Miles, of MonMun, to Miss Phebo Aon
Thompson, oftho former place.
InXeav York, .May "th, nt tho Church of the I'u
ritans, l'nion Place, by liov Dr. Chccvcr, .Mr I. It
Vtwatur of llrand I'.apids, Mich., to Misi Anuic 11
1'ariKiturtli, fotiuerly of Manchester, Vt
In Itichtnoud, on Tuesday April la, In tho '
jcar of his age, llos. I'l I llRew ssos.
Ilo was i.uo if tho curly graduates oftho I ni ver
sify of Vermont, having finished his studies in tho
your lsll-J; after which ho was engaged for a few
years In teaching at the West, and on his return
studied Law. Hut hii health failing, ho settled
down on n bum in 1 is natlveTown, where ho spent
tho m..(t of Ids life, filling vaiieus olTtcei with hem r
lu him-c!f and roiuincndstlcn ef his fellow men.
Ho united with tho Congregational Church la
Hichuiond In January, 137, and after a few jean
was ohosi n a Ucicon, which offico ho filled t. tho
edification of his brethren, by whom he was c. nsi J
crcsliiconsl.tciit a ' Oed Christian, and an ex
auipto of sound orllo . . --iilei.
Tha afflict,,! fib i,,.. !, ,,t tr,(n t i,0
thankful I" (i d l. r l'i . u..an .. ' Chr.-t'i pie
clous llosp I, win, U iu t until 1 ilo during bit pr...
tr.voud -i. '.lie-- ,,f iita-li two years, under scv ro
IwJl'v pa i i., v In n be p.tiei.ttv e.i.lui. I until (hey
ftn'cd, a I, v. I. ii, . 1 . i i, I . ., 1 1 ,,, .ir , , j,T
Iho infinitely mcr ', , 1 'is-.-up.me neb fi
ld place 1 1 m .. ;

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