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THE J3UJiXiINGKrOlN I'ltUta Pli.fc.as PItlUAY MOliNliVG- AUGUST 1, lto6ii.
Tnr Litct Xiavs Ibis (Tbursdavj morn
n ; from James RiTer is that on Mondij or
d-rs were issued for eveiy man to he ready
r aril in nt .-L mfimfCt S notice. It w
th .light that Jackson would attack our
fori. There is no intelligence, however.
rJi j r an; action took I lace.
The Grenada Appal of the 24th fajs our
(1 t had attacked the batteries at Vicksbur;
snd loen r-pulexl with the lose of five boaU
Au attempt was made on the 22d to cap
t ire the rebel ram Arkansas, but it did not
euccrel. in mnjoence of the mortar boats
f,r ..p t ir-n fire aa directed. One of our
runi aa Ladiy trained, having butted tie
Ark-msas twice.
Tus u'.D Wak Meetim:, Wednesday
e;e:un;,was a large arid entJiusiaetic one. Tt e
mmittee repotted in favor of offrrios
I Kintj of $25 a man for as many, to the
number of 30, as would enlnt from this town
unt.in the next six days, for the 10th Ilegi
m 1 1. An ample subscription of $3,000 or
in tp was filled up for the purpose.
I.' - ilutions difieouragiac the practice of f I
! r n; bounties for future regiment, favor-
n" a draft, and the filling up of the oM
i ; uccnts. and vigorooe policy of the war,
i adufted We bate no room for a full
i ri of ibe proceedings this week. '
ovvk-NCfaxNT CoKCOtT. We call at-tc.-.ion
- to the advertisement of Com
n. . -ment Concert to be given on Monday
c v tnn, fur the benefit of the Senior and
Junior r-iaisas. Toe Qu;Btette Club have a
v-'ry hi-h reputation, and the mosic, we can
safely siy, will lie of the rer best.
Dlaiii or I lEir. ItaRBnt. We learn
wit'i -on-utr ul the death of Lieut. B. il.
B.rlxr, f Cj. K. 5th Vt. Vols., which took
place at rortms Monroe, July 20th . Meat.
Bart-er was a K-cbmond boy, and a nerihew
t Mr. Safiord Branson, of that town. He
w- wounded io the hip at Savage's Station,
taken prisoner, raff wed greatly by neglect of
the rebel surgeons, waa paroled, brought down
to Forties Monroe on the U. S. transport
I. rutHana and died on board the steamer.
11 was quite j.mog, under 21 years, stood
lnh, at home and in the arwj, and will be
m urned by man; sorrowing friends.
i aov CoNFEMsrE AcaDEur We call at
tntii n to the announcement in our advertis--
c lumn of the opening of the Fall Term
i 'in- I'.pular and excellent School.
I hr ii-crea ing high pries of Coff, that iadii
1 1-! aliie beverae of every taealttaat table, rera-1-1
- it a matter of interest to the pablie to know
i w io procure that which is at the feast Barer
h t in. .viMmical. An article hearing Ih Waed
.- tourr," ie rapidly acqntring; an (i
'. ii iciutattoa as poBseMiai; the fine aroma
r't Mie-tigta tf the Bio or Jan, and la sold at
ut halt the price.
.'ir. L. F. llomaw, 43 Harrison Ftreet, Nw
'i i rk i iij , i rule agent lor toe United States.
I 'a -at 'Ti xt- Second lleytmml Co. G
. i !.! in. Ann n II. Weed, to he It Lieut,
v .' I .vul I. hnri'lev, resigned. 1st Sergt.
J..:ui J. Bain, to bej 2d Lieut, vice Weed
Ftlih Regiment Co. il Sergt. Orlando
B Ktynold to b 2d IJeut. vice Orloy A.
1 . mitock, kilii-d-in battle.
'. C lt L cut. Fticnd II. Barney to be
.plain, Tti-o John I). Sberidan, resigned.
'Jil Liut. Jw A. Jewett. to be 1st Lieut,
v i. iUrn.-y promoted. 1st Sergt. Warren
K. foton, of Co. E, to be 2d Lieut, vice
J rti. promoted.
C It Scrst. Maj. O. Henry Benton, to
' 2 ! Lieu;. ti Samuel Sumner, Jr., killed
f iattl.'.
Co. F 1st :iergt. Andrew J. Mason to be
21 Lieut, vice Hamilton, promoted.
Co. 121 Liou.. William II. Newton, ol
Co. A. to he lt Lieut., rice Spaolding re-
iet ih:a b j written down to the credit of
t'ie 'l iorty-se venth Congres, in its second
s 'ii onvei ied that it was far in advance
I the Exccc tivc that it was continually
retrained bj fearsul an Executive eto and
ojM l.a.-1 aaJc more stringent conGscation
-inJ tm incip itni laws had there li '-nany
ho ol h i ring the signature ol the 1'resi
oi'iit t then i. If, in tho end, it turns out
'iat tV niL i policy will save tli.- nation,
ilitu Coiign -SS has been nn-tiken. If, on the
other Hand, all is lust for want . 1 djciMon of
thnracKT, t I wicre and prompt rtuiedies,
Mr. i iticol a mill be chkfly to Maine. It
should be t orne in mini that Mr. Lin.' In is
not so tnuc d afraid hmsc'f to take a radical
i-ourw, as 1 ,e t j offend too many loyal men in
il.ct-ountr y ly t iking such a course. He
leartilj) in advance of public sentiment,
and told i i purtv of gentlemen, a few days
fince, that m believed he was now in ad
vance of il ,e ai. rage sentiment of the country.
1'hif is cl arly a mistake ; ami if Mr. Lincoln
wind otl y follow bis own anti-slavery in
stinct, i nther than hia fears ot pro-slavery
uien, he t iild do better than he is now do
in;;. IV rtj. Vui. Indrptndrnt .
'Pat so it di SrjACKASES." It is related
that di iring the campaign on the Shenandoah
one of Gen. Fremont's batteries of eight Tar
rot gu os, supported by a fquadron of horse,
was ir . a sharp conflict with a battery of the
enemi near at hand, and shell and thot were
flyini thick and fast, when the commander
of tb o lattery, a German, ono of Fremont's
staff, rode suddenly up to the cavalry,
cxchiiininj, in loud and excited tones,
"Prtngup it shaciaisn ; for Col al
Awry yp rfe shadditei, im-me-di-att-VJ
The necessity of this order will bo
obrious when it is known that the "shack
.imh" are mules carrying mountain howit
rs, which are fired lrom the backs ol that
niuoii abused but valuable animal, and the
im mediate occasion for tho "shackabscs"'
that two regiments of rebel infantry
w ; e jt that moment discovered descending
a lull immediately behind our batteries. The
"eiiac tas.",'' with the howitzers loaded
witti .-rape and canister, were soon on tho
croui d Tne mules srtared themselves, as
they will knew how, lor tho check. A tor
nho o!iey was poured into the advancing col
umn , wlneli immediately broke nud retreat
i. Two hundred and seventy-eight bodies
Mire found in the ravines next day piled
il. y together as lhey felt the effects
-i th it volley from the backs of tho "shack-a-ca.
VoiBta Taimrn ror. IVheelcr A Wilsos's
i wise Marnisc YTe fl aitnred that cur lady
if 4-t! -.ill v-e fleaseU to Uara thit the Wheeler
A. iUoo Eewiag Jlachine h been awardej the
h hest premiam at the great International Ex
hibioon in EagUnJ. Two or three otier ma
chav i had "honorable mentioa," the Wheeler
A Uiloon alone took the medal. Thif.
proret that Jobs Ball does not lack appre
ciation of exeellencs In Yankee ingenuity, and
e?y dtferredly places the Wheeler 4 Wilion
the front rank cf sewing machine.
The Xew Comet. Mr.Tuttle, of tho Ob
servatory at Cambridge, discovered, on the
l:li, a new comet which promises to be-
mu- c inepiCTously visible during the Utter
i -rt at least of the month of August. It is
aaj.illy approachiog the earth.
A Jviees from Tusccmbia state that COCO
ha! s of cotton were burned by guerrillas in
that neighborhood within ten days. It is
further ttated that the rebels in cotton-burn-ning
districts are selling their cotton to Un
jm men and their agent?, and then deatroy-ir.,-
V t'.e - ewion memlicrs of the second
ranch oi t'.e City Council of Baltimore have
r ignel m e mpliancc with an intimation
'rem. Geni-r I Wool, that it would t'nd to
' preserve' ii n of peuc-. A i-pecial cleo
iii in will e n take place to fill the vacancies
v itii loyal , n.
i:.M oitci;.ni:.T or the i omms
Actional flimnly fir OtUttmaUt tn ol
The Pretident lias iWurd the 'olio wine
jTjciHuiaiioii ;
In pursuance ul the sixth ex-ction of the
Act of Congress entitled "An Acttosui--
ress insurrection, to t.unifli treason and re
bellion, to seise and confiscate the properly
Of rebels, and fur other lHirmses. imrnml
July 12. lfc'62," which act and the joint re
solution explanatory tberett, are herewith
puciuneu ; 1, Abraham laocoln. President
of the United States, do hereby proclaim and
warn all jrHins within the contemplation of
eid sixth section to cease particimtine in.
iding, countenancint: or actiinn the ext-
ng rt-bellioc or any rebellion arainat the
government of the United States, on juin of
toe ioriei;uree auu sella res as within and by
said sixth section provided.
in testimony uh.rcol. I have in Dcrson
set my hand and caused the seal of the Uni
ted bta tes to be affixed.
Dane at the eity of Washington this 2ot'i
day of July, 162, and of the Independence
or ine umwu states, tne eigntv-g Tenth.
Ily the President,
W m. 11. Seward, Secretary of Stale.
From the army of the Potomac we 1 avc
the following intelligence. Ail waa a met
p to A P. il. Si to rile v. Generals llaUeck.
Dix, Mci and llotnside left hoaduuarter
that mornin" after a visit to Gen. McClellan.
900 paroled prwrners had arrived lrom
RiebtHoniJ ami more nerc expected. A
' ooner with 4000 bushels of oorn, anchored
in the river, was boarded by the rebels Friday
pot, rci on nre arm aeMroye-i.
Chaplain Hagar ol the Exceleior Brigad.-,
who has reachol Harrison's landing from
Richmond, reports the inn clad brig b-nlt
there as being similar tj the .Merrunaek.
rVnumz the rebels sreat unanimitv exwta.and
Jackson and Ie are extremely ttonular.
Mag ruder had been ah el veil for leaving hi..
men to be slaughtered at .Malvern Hill.
iieauiegard was fast loeinc caete. The
rebels have lately received a large quantity
of boots and shoes from England.
The lOtli Ohio Regiment, guarding the
Mem phi and Charleston Railroad between
Decatur and iVrtlard. were attacked Satur
day by a large force of guerilla ; M or 40 ol
the regiment are said to be killed. The road
was-rtinsiderably damaged, but n it -p much
a to cut off communication. A lare rebel
lotee is repoi ted to be near Tuseumbia. Col.
Forrest ie reported to he at Carthage, with
the object, it is mi nposed, of making a d scent
on the L 'ui-tillo llailroad.
P.-atscngcrs from Henderson siy the gueril
las have appeared with a pretty large lorve
oppjei'e Mound City; and it was feared that
they Mould attempt to barn the federal gun
boats. V
The rebels hare eorrgregitel tu force at
llawemlle. Ky., and lioldly insulted the
Union citixns. The federal ram. Hornet.
h ith troops, baa gone there. Henderson and
uweasoorougb were qnut on rriday, and
both towns were strongly garrisoned win
federal troops who arrest alt persons who
talk and act in favor of the rM!i n
Three hundred released l iwnera
arrived at F rtress Monroe ou m l . . They
report asoitig bve trains ol rebel r 1 1 1- rs going
from rterthurgh to Riehm mtl lue rebel
camp- are alout , uiilt-s baelc i ta James
River they not liking the lr x niiiyol our
giin'.oa's. Triere are consul n'-l-'i-'hel forces
amng the river Iwtween City r eni and Rich
mond, al-i at orneirP-i r ' urg. Tbey
dp ar to he moving th-- 1 t .-'nirg troojsi
ii -rih, but we can htun i -jr.. .1 that they
are ang t' voud Rn lim-oe. Uitbinoud i
nid ij be in -'id euri-lit' h , it care lieing
tak.n 1 the cleanlinH ol th- -tre ts. The
rcSi-ls who hurncl a -i ho -ti'-r --n Friday eve
ning, aUo i r-ed tin. riv-r ah -ve II irrison's
Liiiding and earned off -MM heat f cattle
lieloiiging tj tin- ir.uy of the Potomaj. The
r.-'-e - ap 'Uir.il U I r bringing - or jiiaoners
in luggage nud i-attle ears, -aying that their
j a-cnger c ir were cngage.l jn i mvcymg
troops to Gen. Jackson. Every, ai tt.-j' wai
shown them by the rebel. ( u. M.C" lln:
visited tbeiu at Hirrinon'e I.inJin an I e o.
versed freely with a large numlr e I iVm
One of the soldiers said to the general that
he intended " to get well and come lack to
help take Richmond." The general remarked
Then Tou will have to return very soon. "
The Richmond Hxjmrer eays, twenty-two
pieces of artillery, part of the M) piece
taken by tbe Enirlish from the Russians at
the battle of Inkerman, and presented to the
Confederates by British merchants, and
brought cvtr in t lie Nashville, buve arrived
at Macon. They bear evidence ol luving seen
service, but with some alterations they will
hcrualter speak Ijr themselves in a manner
highly creditable. Some 38 pieces more are
expected at the same place.
Tho Charleston Mercury states that the
steamers Nashville and Kate, which recently
brought valuable cargoes of arms and ammu
nition into a southern ort, have succeeded
In making their way out to sea, in spite of
the blockading fquadron ut the joint where
tlicy escajod.
Arrivals at Leavenworth, Kansas, from tne
expedition southwards, retort that our forces
found Fort Gibson abandoned by the rebels.
A reconno:tance f-howed theui to be posted
5,000 strong under Gen. Cooper, on the
south bank of the Arkansas, at the mouth
of Grand River. Their force is composed of
500 Arkansasians an 1 1 ,000 Texans vvun 2
batteries of artillery, the remainder lcing In
dians, mostly Choctaws and Creeks. The
route from Fort Gibon i-i entirely Irec lrom
rebels, tbey having retreated acr the Ar
kansas whenever tioops advane.-d.
Letters of enquiry relating to the pay of
ejMiers in hospitals or on furlough should be
addressed to the pay master general; relating
to back pay and the $100 bounty ot deceased
soldiers to the second auditor ; relating to
the ray of deceased tcam'ters or other em
ployees of the quartermaster dej ortment, or
for the pay for horses killed or lost in eenioe
to the third auditor ; relating ti the pay and
bounty of persons in tho marine or naval ser
vice, to the fourth auditor : about soldiers in
the array, to the adjutant gneral.
Maj. Gen. Pope has issued ordrs to the
different generals commanding divisions in
his atmy corps, requiring them toseizaall
horses and mules in their vicinity, especially
in Culpepper county, not absolutely needed
by the inhabitants of the surrounding coon
try. They are also directed to seize all stores
not absolutely needed for the maintenance
or subsistence ol the inhabitants.
lie aim orders t ie arrest of all dis'oyal
citizens within tho army lines, and that all
who refuse to lake the oath of allegiance be
removed south beyond our line-, and notified
that if found again within them they will
be treated as pe
'The health ol McClellan 's army ha- im
proved sioon It cauic to James River. There
is no movement whatever ul troops. The
authorities are looking every day for the en
emy to open new batteries on tbe other side
of tbe river The rebels are visible at all
times on tlw opposite side, bj ar never in-"
ten red with unle tbey a; j, ir in I ir.
nuint "rs, wheo i- c gnu- .t-- I to. u u
Tho Rich in. md iViirrr fiy "biv
Uni n i gitaenls T infantry 1 ,ut- 3r n
of cavalry i ro -1 tl- 1 -Hd-n riv r n t o
18:h,and the waters aad tudJcn.y n en,.tij
1 " "M tnouSnt probable tlicy would try to
I hvvuiuiuuimliuu nilU IUUUIA1U UillJU
j army iiy uruging the river.
" i-atcat reports at Richmond from Fred
enckoburg, indieatca Union stampede t' ere
Anumbirol Ves-els had ascended the Ran
p thannock and other means ol transporta
tion v-cjp oeing uoeu in removing vast
amounts of Blurcs from that place."
I Le Enjuhir urges tho vigorous prosecu
tion oi tne war against JlcClellin, to invade
warylanu, or against W aihington dircot. A
vigoruus prusecutiuti of our present Eiiccesses,
il eat, we know to be designed by our au
thorities, and the ignorance that eiists in
tne public inind as to where tho campaign
will jioint, we comider on 3 of the best indi
cations of succtts.
Gen. Ueaurcgard has gone to Columbus,
Alabama, to join hi? wife, and rccupcrato
hie health.
1 he (lean er Fulton, from New Orleans,
July lli, arr.vui at New Voik the 23d, ro
ports that she pared tho gunboat Arkansas,
and a portion ul Porter's mortar fleet off Pi
lottown, which would sail for Hampton
Roads next day.
New Or.eane papers snow that the city is
unusually healthy, and its police regulations
txeellently Hell administered.
L'juisvtlle dispatches say that Wwloeediy
morning the traini from Naihvillenurtbward
and Louisville southward, met at Mitcliells
ville and both returned, owing to the retort
that a thousand rebel cavalry were near
ArchUnd Farm.
Geu. Boyle sent orders to Cot. Garvin,
commanding at Hendenon, In iw vigorous
measures to clear the rebels out ul the ad
joining counties. Gen. Green Clay Smith
telegraphs Irooi fttaulofd, that he is wshmg
Morgan, (icn. Boyle replies: "Capture him
or drive him out ot the State."
Tbe dispatch from Cincinnati stating that
our c.tvaliy had overtaken Morgan's hand
from Mount Sterling, proves to be without
Lut Tuesday the rebels entered Florence,
Ala , and burned all our warehouses used
lor our cjtnmisury and quartermaster's
atorcs and all the cotton in the viciui-
ty. They aluo seised the V. S. Steamer Col
on.! used tor conveying army eupplies over
tbe shoals. Tbey look all the money belong
ing to tbe hoat.anu passengers anil then burn
ed her. The property destroyed is reported
to be of great valuo. A small detachment
of Gen. Mitchell's army was captured. Tbe
rebels tJien proceeded d iwn the Ton nested
river brChickasiw, Waterloo and the vicin
ity of Eastport, and burned all the ware
h iutis which contained cotton. Anither
!ai.d ol 40 rebels attacked a vvagou train
near Pittsburg Linding, and oapturul sixty
wagons, carrying ay commissary and
quartermasvr etop- -.
Stonewall Jaekcon ie i-till r. ic-nnti J
yet being in tbe vicinity oi Gordon-ville, ap
parently waiting our advance. den
Banks' corps is eligibly en.aiu-l m a will
watered and fertile hie ition. 1 he wh ile ar
my is anxiously waiting old. rs Ira forward
movement. They are in the beet of rpuiu.
i wo of Gen. Willmrus' orderlies vvej-e fired
upon by a band ol guerrilla- on Friday, a
couple of miles from camp. Eight Virgini
ans Iron the neigbbuTfaoud w.re seised, one
of whom at liast was of the tarty, but what
wae done with them is not stated.
G.-n. Pjpe"o recent order caused great ex
citement among the cituens in Fauquier Co.
particularly mngard to taking tbe oath of
allegiance. It w said that there aie not
more than two men in the county who have
not taken tbe oath to support the Southern
Confederacy, and that rather than renounce
this, men, women and children express a
determination to go South. A Urge uumlier
oi our sotiiieia have deiined Potw's orders
giving them frmission to htlp themselves
lo anything they can find, and consequently
tbey have lieeo roaming through the coun
try killing sheep, cnickcus, rugs, &c. Some
liave been puniolnd Severely by tneir officer-i.
It is reported that rtie are following the
army enticing men to desert, and furnishing
oarhts ol clothing I t tbe purpose. A large
number have deserted within a week or two
hack. Forty or fifty deserted from tbe 105th
New York, 'xtuo doubtless desert to join
other reguntnte to get the bounty.
A letter lrom Gru. Banks' corps dated
July 22, states that a fjrward movement is
somewhat impeded by a rlood ot liegeman
River, a tributary ol tbe Rappahannock,
near which they encamed. In the vicinity
was a mil! in which large quantities of cloth
waa manufactured for the rebel army. The
owner ot tae mill is one of tbe Black Horse
cavalry. The army moved on to little
Washington next day. Gen. Sigel's ejrps
was hen etimp"d MX miles distant.
The Meiajor Wilson, lrom Vicksburgh.
when in Princeton Kend, 80 milee above
Vickburgh. was fired into from the Miaauv
nippi side by several six pounders and a toore
or two muekets, and bit alut sixty times,
irmly by musket balls. One shell buret
directly under the boiler. No one was hurt.
Official documents n-ccsnry to ronsum
mate th leoently arranged agrecaMnts for a
general exchange ot prisoners, have been for
warded t Gen .Dix.
Iciii .-n tlie Secretary of War to the
Co.n-iiKte-ol l ie Common Council of New
-'k, ilit ! -siturd-iy, eayii : The Adju
iin: .o do ui I an officer at each
r ii it zv .a- I .r um-U:ring in r cruits, who
will ay to a-:i r:cruit . i J"up-: share ot
the Bounty, and also pay the recruiting lee
At the time lie is muetered into the serriee ol
lue United Stale.
' It being ot paramount imtiortance to fill
up the old regiments spe-dily Ihe Ie fur all
recruits to old regiments ie double that for
new regiments, and will be paid, to wit . $4
foi each recruit.
The recruits will lie clothed, armed and
equipped without delay and placed in a camp
ol instruction."
Many merchant who had made arrange
ments for taking goods to Norlolk, some to
on new store, others to fill up stores al
ready oienl, tMve changed their plans for
the present, or ilestttod lrom carrying out
their former ones, .partly for tbe reason that
the population is in pi poor a condition in
that place.
The designation in gn'ral orders, No. 125
from the headquarters O' the Army ol the
Potomac, o: tbe forces ctamanded by Brig.
Gens. Porter and Franklin " the Filth and
Sixth Army Corf, is continued by tho War
Department. The loree un.'ter Maj. Gen.
Dix will constitute the Seventh ; thoe uudr
Gen. Wool the eighth ; and tbo.w umkr
Maj. Gen. Burn-ide. lielonging to the De
partment ol North Carolina, the NintU Army
The loiiowing is one ol Genera! Poye
list army ordets :
HunciAaTKas, Ausiy or ir.ci.n, f
Wauiigton, July 25. j
Hereafter no guards will be placed ovev
private property of any description whatever.
Commanding officers are responsible for the
conduct of the troops under their commanJ
and the articles of war and regulations of tbe
army provide ample means for restraining
them to the full extent rcquieito for discipline
and efficiency. Soldiers were called into tbe
field to do battle against the enemy, and it
is not ixpected their lorce and energy shall
be wasted in protecting private property of
those inott hostile to the Government. No
soldier serving in this army shall be hereaf
ter employed in such service.
Ily command of
George D. Ruggles. A. A. G., and chief
oi staff.
That Jackson is in great force in Louie
and Gordoneville is beyond doubt, and that
he intends to attack us at an early diy ii
fully believed. Gen. Pope's (orces have no
objections, but rathe.1 desire that ho should
make the attempt.
Lite accounts from the Headquarters of
the Army of the Potomac, state that the offi
cial report of the recent battles near Rich
mond, represents that tho ioss in killed,
wounded and prisoaers approximates to 16,
000 Tbe health of the troops is rapidly "to
grissing. Col. Ciark. commissary of tt.e
army, has 'leaded on furnishing the troops
with r"-b vegetable-.
A p i hi- mX.-'ville nyi that the
i 'c ' ae. lints fr mi Cliat'ar 'ga report thit
t-e r ' .'ai.-y ! d cr . d the riv r in
fore. Their niimher in Urge and three gen
ialj ar-in mmaud. The rebel cavalry is j
heavy in E.it Tcnnetse-j. It is stated to le
5000 strong. There are low provision! in
Chattanooga, and tho citizens nre much dis
tressed by forced contribution to supply the
The Stcreury of the Navy has given notice
that the spirit ration will cease m the navy
from and after September 1.
a.hi:m).iii:xt to tiii: tax hill.
The Antlcrfofitfr Magazine furnishes the
following items, which may be added to the
new tax bill, if a supplement is furnished :
Tax on moustaches $2 jier month.
On whiskers, other than those belonging
to caU und dos. S3 ir mouth.
To sneze in the public highway, to cents
If accompanied with unusual mute, 2C
N. 11. But e understand a deduction uf
5 ncr cent, is made in favor of Now England
during tne prevaieno ci an easi vvinu.
ror every button on coat, o cents.
For carrying cine, 1.
For lorznons or nuizzing claries, SI-
"For using Ezpresoiy Prepared mucilage, 2
cents per put.
Pencils and ns, $1 per annum.
On all kevs in use. 0 cents.
For kissing anybody except relatives, 25
cents each time. N. It. Engaged cou4es
may "commute lor 10 prr month
For ringing dor bella or using knoccers,
1 cent.
For using .-era per or mat before a door, I
For not usinz seraner or door mat, $1.
For looking at a lady any where, $10.
For shaking hands with ladies, 10 cents.
For squeezing said hands, 1.
For r.ol squeezing suit hands when "cir
cuin'tanees lavur." $10.
For quoting French, 25 cents.
For saying: "in our midst," or "peni
ing," or "reliable," or "donate." or "prov
en,"$l. For writing one's name as Marie, Pollie,
Sallie, Msggie or Judie, $1.
For joining the Curb Stone Christian As
sociation, and waiting at the door tu "see
tbe ladies come out," $10.
For "cbor-ing spruce gum," 1 cent.
Fur keeping the register ol "who's en
gaged," $1 jr name.
For noticing with whom any or everybody
walks, where they go. etc , for each indul
gence, $50.
For recording any thing not strictly your
own business, $50.
For responding in church like a blatant
y lung hull. 50
For talking in the opera, $10.
Fur calling for encore, $200.
For asking friends to take tickets io any
thing, $100.
F r reading yonr own ljterary compositions
t i any one, 1 .
For doing to an editor, or offering to do
II. J-.1 ,IK1II
K ir !jurrowiog anything. $1.
lor staying later than 11 P. il., when
tailing, $5 per boar.
For the boorish eaidessaem of calling at aa
office, or other place, and not leaving your
name, $ 10
For using any hackneyed quotation, 25
Fur always mentioning in connection with
a name, that he or she ia-very rich, or poor
as Job," $1.
for pointing out a millionaire, 25 rts.
For talking of your appetite, ordiseavte, or
ccrihiag what you like to eat and drink, or
hen you c hangc your flannels, $ 1 .
I'A iisitni;i: V ITI.K .11 tXKET.
vVedncfJay, July 30.
At market tj". Cattle, about ajo Beevea aael
lai St-ire, oouiiting of Working Oaaa, Caws,
one, two and three year, old
Market Im! -earn per cwU $C.Ma ,I4. 1st
quality, $5,75. 2d do., fjt.Ii. 34 io. $1.00.
Working Oxen, $90 a $125.
Cowa aad Calve. $25, $la s $40.
Tao jaan oM. $17 a 18. Tare jean ol4 $19
a ill.
Sheep aa i Lambs U tt at amrkat. fries, ta
loU $1 it, lii a 1 $0. Katra aad aaloetiewa
$4 00 a t SO.
HideaS a Ctsscrlb; i'elU lb a tie aa;
Calf Skia8aop lb
Tallow Ci a 6 j e per lb.
ivcci 25o per ewt. aad sheep and lamas tt to 3Ts
par head lower man last weak and saws stow a
that, and indications are that tbara wtO be a far
ther decline before tha asarket doses, as than is
a larger rappljr thaa the domaad taie hot weather.
Then ii a large pre portjoa of th eattte await
and ot poor a,aaUtjr. Tha alwep and lambs were
ot aa good qaality aa the aeetaa tar the ;pest
few weeks.
W ana aaai r, Jaly M.
ilJt'K. Sale of Western aunarBoe at $5 a
iiS; extras at $5"Jai7i for eoauaoa, aad
mediam aad choies branda Canada, Michigan,
Ohio aad float eae at $ a S 50 per kbl. Dam
.Veal u higher, with sales at $3 ?5 a t 50 per kM.
fur common and good. Ia Rye Floor taw sales
have bora at $3 it a 1 SS per bbt. for coeaaoa
an! extra.
i RAIN Tbe market lor Cera baa beta rather
dall tha put weak. Rales of Soatbara aad West
ern .allow have beta at 6$ a tie., ud Weaken
railed at 53 a uOc Oats are firm and prtaes are
higher. Selee at .V) a iio per boat, for Kaatern
and Canada, inelading ehuiee lots at t a ) 12 per
Lush. In Kre tber hare been small aalea at 8io
per bu'h. White Beans are dall. ralei o jdjuvob
aa-1 go 3d bine pud at $1 iO a 2 75, aiil marron
and extra pea at $3 a i 'li per bash. Canada
Peal ate firmer and in b iter demand; sales at 90
a 95c per bash . iodading aome to arrive at the
latter rate. Short, are firm sod higher. ith
filet at 17 a Is par too, and Fine Feed and .ViJ
dlmgi are in demand at a 33 rer ton, and
sea roe.
PROVISIONS. Tbe market Tor Turk is .lead;
aad Cim; sIs at $9 a 10 for prime; $11 it a 12
Ut mess, and $11 a It for clear, cub. Beef i
a caree and Orm; sales at 13 a 16 per bbt for Bait
era and Vtcatern mess and extra. Lard is firm
aad prices bars advanced, e'alea ie H.I and in
ticren at 9 a 9 fa, and In l-ci at 9 a lOe per lb.
easb. Smoked Hams have been in good demand
with considerable sales at 7 a eo lr lb. casa.
Butter U firm and priees well Udtained, with
sales at lb a 17c lor good and extra, and 10 a lie
for common and fair, including New York aod
Vetracnt dairies. Canada al Western raages
from 10 a lie rr lb. as to qaality. In Cheese
there bare been sales at i a 7J per lb, iooladiog
common and good.
WOOL Fleece and palled Wool have been in
jSLianJ, aad the rales of tbe week hare been at
full p riles, comprising 350,000 lbs at 59 a 57c for
Biece, aad IS a 60s for ailed, si to Quality, in
cluding .extra at tbe latter rate.
Ia the U. o. kofFilsl. Aeaapoiii, July 10th,
Corporahjasea T. 'Ware, Co- K.Sth Vermont Ileg.
iraent, cf Unlethill, Vt.
Corporal Ware waa TOnndaJ ia tha thsuldtr, tt
Sivage'a Stitlon, au-I dt 1 bovs from the effect
of his wound.
In Jericho oa the 7th inn.,'-, Harriett B
Reed, agel 17 jears.
In Builir-Eieu at half patt eler. 'eaock T. Ji..
Tkursdaj, July Jttb, 18s?. Un. Jhn rk,
agel 77 years.
Infhirlotte, Jnfj lllh, of dirthnli, HaryA.,
daughter cf Daniel C. and Jane Ann Lai s '
eight Tears and eight months.
Wednealiy morticg at the rtsideeoe ot her fall "
on Shelbarne St., LIUielIortenie,veungeitdauh-
ter of C. A. and Alary L. Cai tie, aged 7 years and t
11 month.
ROY fOXrniB.VCE At Ai:.MV.
rofLT- EY, VT
tli'IE rl''J TBitJI of ihn In tiiu-nn wl.i ne.
i glnon'ir"1'1 A"I"t 31, anie nt u . on
WedneadiT, Nov. 3. I I al "gun or for
i r wq a aairera
jvJt J TOOK, I'lMidcal
By Telegraph.
Farjurlhtr Telegraph ntai vr fourth page
the West,
(MO I'n ion Iniojis allacKcd I
5100 rcljf Is.
The Rebels defeated.
From Km-opc-
A motion for mediation in the
House of Commons.
Prom Richmond.
Tho Rebels Grossing James
Rumored Evacuation or
WasHixoTtK. July 30lh.
Then si report here through eoarrahaod
axjoraes to the effect that iarge bodies of reb
el troops are c.osnrig Jasaes Kmr sontB-
ward. The contrabands siy they are evacu
ating Kichmood.
rais, Ky., Jalj 30.
YeatenUy a isuiy of over 300 guerillas
from II woe County, under Col. Bulls, de-
aianded the surrender oi Mount Sterling, Ky. ;
t his being refused, they attacked the place,
but ware repulsed by the h-une guards.
During (be retreat the guerillas wen met by
a party of tiic 8th Ky. volunteers who drove
them hack towards tbe town when tbey
ere again attacked ty the homo guard.
The result wae a complete sUmpcdc of guer
illa who 1' ut ail their hors.-s, tt killed and
48 pruooefs. Number wounded sot known.
Oat lots was 3 wounded.
Canto, JuiyScStJi.
A heavy kkirmish occurred at Bolivar
Tena., between our f .rce utatioaied there
and a body of rebels ycaha-day.
Cmcaco, Jul 38.
A special dec patch to the Ttmes lrom
Cairo says rebels have teujssessioB of
Haaboldt and now I old the Mobile and
Ohio railroad there. They have bora ap the
track fur five miles.
Junaaos Citt, Mo., July 29.
Col. Cunthcr of the 3th Mn. raiment re
inforced by Lieut. Col. Shaffer and Maj.
Cooper of Merrill's Hone and Major Cald
well ol the 3d Iowa cavalry 650 strong, was
attacked at Mouoer'a Mills seven miles east
uf Fnlton yesterday by the rebels under Por
ter and Cobb. UOO strong, and after fighting
lrom one to four P. M , the tatter were com
pletely routed with the loss ut 75 or 100
killed and wounded. Cjl. Gunther reports
the loss ot 45 killed and wounded. Ik cap
ture.! lafc quantities of arms, ammonitton .
baggage, tc. Ilia officers aod men behaved
splandidry. Ihe rebel Cobb is repotted to
be killed. Col. (Junther resumed pursuit
'aat night ..ml will follow the rebels over the
Foatuas Mo.nboc, July 2H.
The opinion continues to prevail that tbe
rebels are in strong force between Richmond
and tbe Appomattox river and they are
still aeavdiDjt forces in that direction.
Boats to-day brought down 495 wounded
fed'.ral prisoners from Richmmd leaving
about TOO yet to come.
Wuinutox, Joly
The steamer Ilnntsville captured ofTTo
baco the British schimer Agnes ol Nassau
with 00 hales of eott m and 10 barrels of
rocln. A'so thp rebel "tcamer Keliance with
213 bales ol ctt.-n
St. 1oiis, July 29.
Information has been received that a Isre
foree of guerillas bos entered Missouri from
Arkansas, and are now in camp near tbe
State line, in Noel and Texas couuties. They
arc represented to be commanded by JIc
Ilride, and inc uile the gang headed by Col
uiin and Hawthorn.-. Many refugees from
these counties and White cocnty, have
reached Springfield and Kaleigh.
Uiir troops ut Houston, Texas county,
have been sufficiently rc-inforced to repress
any demonstration from MeBride.
It is stated that at knit 300 men joined
1'orter on Saturday from Monroe county.
Filty persons left Ilinnibal on Saturday
n'ght. tearing rebel depredations. The
moot Intense excitement prevails over these
couuties. Hannibal is almost deserted, and
most of its citizens have arrived m this city.
Louisville, July 29.
It it repotted that guerillas tinder Colonel
Uoss took Rueeelvilte this forenoon.
Little Washinctox, Va., July 23.
There was a grand review of Gtn. 13 inks'
corps to-day. There is nothing important
from the (rent today. The troops are im-
Turing in their sanitary endifion.
S-iNDr Hook, July 30.
Ibe fteauwhip Aurtralaei in, from Liver
pool the 10th, via Qaeenslown the 20tb, ar
rived off this point at 5 30 this m.-irniog.
In tho House of Common-i, on the IGlh,
Mr. Uodsay made a motion declaring that
, 'fie Confederates have shown such dctcrmin
al 'cn end ability to maintain their independ
ence "", foiriety ol offering mediation
viuli i v:-w to t'ie rmination of hostilities.
i w rtl. Tr
Vim ''"
cl lo withdi vr
us and immcdidt-' cjti
vc t.rarnt wa-' rre-
luotiin, 'iut filt it bis
duty, pre
He argued strongly in favor ul it, as also
did Lord E. Vano Tempest, Whiteside and
(Ircgory. Mr. Taylor and Lord I'almerston
spoke against it. The latter earnestly ad
vised that tho matter be left to tho Uovern
merit. In the course ol bis speech lie treat
ed thu issuo of tho war as a foregone conclu
sion, saying that tbe on'y satisfactory ter
mination that eouUl be antiaipatel was
amioabio K'puration. The motion vras finally
LotuviLLK, July 2t!.
It is rumored that Ool. Bullitt, with 200
rebel recruits for Morgan,bas passed through
Flat Kock en route fur tbe Sooth.
G.n. Sbertaxn has issuel orders that no
mere ohl shall be paid tor cotton and that
those refusin- current funds shall forfeit their
Nxw Yosk, July 20.
The '' rieame has a (penal dispatch from
(Jolambos, Ohio, which states that the Kev.
Dr. Ilrooksof St. 1Kiis, and Ilov. I). Iloyt
of I,ouiville, were arrested on Friday night
at the lioose of the notorioos rebel Judge
Ubvrt of Ohio.
It is reported that important papers wen
too ml on them irardieating Valatusdighsm,
nbo will be taken with them to Cincinnati
Niw Youk, July 29.
Gen. Ilarnside, hale and hearty, arrived
here this morning.
Caliis, Me., Joly 29.
Tbe oSce of the St. Croii Herald, in St.
Stephens, N. It., waa again visited by a mob
last night. The work of destruction this
time is nearly complete, and most of the type
is pied, the press injured, and much of tbe
material scattered outside the building and
thrown into tbe river. Tbe causes are
donblless tbe same aa those which induced
the lormer outrage. Ihe publication of the
paper is unavoidably suspended for seven
weeks. The Herald is a strong Unijn ra-
per, perhaps the only on in New Brnasv
wkk. Its opposition to secession has
brought the wrath of the Provioeeals upon
New You. Joly 29.
Tbe Times smeial despatch states that
Gen. Ilalleek and Sec. Stanton, bad a long
mterview with thelVesident.who has virtually
ielioaished to Gen. Halleck tbe entire mili
tary noflttol.
tien. Pope haves Washington to-day for
tbe field.
The Tribune has tbe following. It is
vhispered that Gen. Halleck bat sent ail the
sratdes in tien. McClellan 's army to the rear,
and ordered muikets to the front. At all
events there waa no digging there tor the
first time for many weeks on tbe day after
bis visit to tbe 1'eaurnala.
Steps are being taken to bring loyal blacks
by the hundred from the tally of tbe Shenan
doah within tbe lines'of Gen. Sure. To what
iiitary purpose they are to be devoted
is not known.
Fottraas Mosacc, July 26.
It is stated that a large rebel lorce is be
ing cone ntrated on James River, above the
junction of tbe Appoaatox and James Titers.
Tbey came down from Richmond by the
Richmond aad Petenbnrg Railroad. It is
believed that tbey already number from
50,000 to 70,000. It is stated that Jackson
is in command, notwithstanding tbe report
thai be is in ptusnit of Gen. Pope.
It is believed that the rebels arc making a
bold stand at tbe above named place, aad
are bringing all their forces there tbey can
spare from Richmond, and it is thought that
Suffjlk will soon be attacked.
A squad of rebel cavalry made an excur
sion to Gloucester Point on Tnursday night
and carried off a lot of contrabands and all
tbe malo inhabitants capable of bearing
is. They then burned a lot of ship
timber and departed with tbtir tro-
tropbiea. Similar depredations are being
committed in tbe vicinity of Williamsburg,
by gnernllss in the uniform of rebel cavalry.
Tbe gnnboat Dragon waa got off tbe shore
to-day, safely.
All was quiet on James River, yesterday.
A man who obtained a pass in Norfolk to
go to North Carolina was watched by one
of our officers who arreted him as he was
taking the road to Richmond. He bad some
2000 letters and coulcssed that he was paid
two dollars lor each letter, for conveying
them between Norfolk and Richmond.
The steamer South America, with a large
number of contrabands, left for Harrison's
Landing this afternoon.
The steamship Massachusetts arrived to
day from Port Royal from New York. She
reports all quiet on the S juth Carolina and
Georgia coasts.
New Yost, JjIv 2$.
The Tribune's Washington despatch Says
the War Department is about to issue im.
portent orders to facilitate recruiting for old
One uofi-oumniissioned officer for each com
pany and two eiramieeioned officers for each
regiment vrilljbe detailed as recruiting officers,
who will be authorised to muster in men in
squad tl and forward them to any regisent or
eowpuny they desire to serve in.
Tbe reheat in Washington speak confident
ly of its capture by Jackson shortly.
The IltraU's Washington dispatch says
the District of Columbia is infested wit b
rebels, who arc at Georgetown, where now
there there is no Provost Guard. They
insult the tUg and alt Unionists.
A correspondent of the Herald state frim
personal knowledge that constant intcreourse
between tbe rebels of Aecomse and North
ampton counties aad those on the western
shore of tbe Chesapeake bay is kept up by
canoes carrying tetters, papers arid informa
tion. Atmy officers have been iolormeU ol this
fact but pay no heed to it.
ArcrtTa, Me., July 23.
Under tha increased bounty oDered same
time ago to old regiments over new ones,
rteruiting for them it progressing favorably
a nd it is believed that the. four new regi
ments will be ready to march in two weeks.
New York, July 28.
Tbe at earner .Marion from New Orleans
the 20t!i,bas arrived. The health of the
eity was good. 2000 men were employed in
cleaning the streets.
Mobile papers report Beaureg-ird very
The steamer Saxonia has arrived. News
Wasuisotos July Is
. The Navy Department has teamed that oar
' blockading fleet recently captured tho Tubal
Cain, a large iron clad English Steamer off
Charleston. Sho was attemiting to run tho
1 Uockada and is heavily laden with arms end
ammunition. She was orJ red to New iorfc
vSpccial Aollccs.
tiii: confessions am r.-vi'i:-
111 UNCI: OP AN INV.VI.in. PasnsW
far the Venefrt a.i at a TVarnia? and a Caution, Se
1'ewtv 3len who safer from Nervous Iieellitr,
Premature Itaeay, Ac; snppljln at the same
tlsao the means of Seircaro. By eno who baa
curc-1 himself after beia; put to great ei penes
through medical iespoeitioa aad ejaaeker. By
actosiBLg a post paid aisdreasel envelope, S1.V6LE
corns may be had of the anther,
Bedford, Kings Co., -V. V.
Marsh 11. dawly
CAN ANYIIOIIY TIC 1. 1, the cause of the
strange i&fUtaatioa that eeesat to pasisse tame peo
ple when aiek, by their pertttteat nss ef naateat
fag deeee, eafeeUiag tho Oeutlta tien, and which
are se namllstaetery ia their results, whea y tko
the uto ef Doet. (hfanta Htmnmatkic Cuimtmm,
jut tbe offwaite of all tbta k atialaed ? It may'
be that thoj- esald sot beretolore be feu ad in this
town tkey are aow sold by J. W. Kosv k Co.,
Agsat, or the will be seat per mall, oa nesipt
of price, eeats par box, by s4ilraiag
PHILIP LEE, 11 William St., New Wtk.
$ad for a manual faradahed free.
William A. Bauhelor's eelcbrated Hair Ij
prodaoes a color not to be diltiagvitthoil from na
ture wamatad not to injure the Hair in the
least; remedies the Ul e Sects of had dyes, an 1 in
vigorates tae Hair for life. liREY, KEl. -r
RCSirilAIKiattaatly tarns a aptoadid Black
or Brows, leaving th Hair soft aad beaatilal
Said by all Dnaggists, Ac.
JSTTho Uenatne u sigaed WILLIAM A
BATCH ELOE antkafr miirn afdk torn.
FACTORY, No. 81 Barclay Sties',
New York.
( L K3 ISroadwnf an 16 aVewd Air art.)
IISKASK Ol' tVt).MK.V. Da. Jlam
ox attends ezdasively to the treatment of iVh att
Parana aad tha tpettal Diseases of WOMEN, at
bis HtvaDlaL ItrsvivtrTK for Special Diseaaea, at
No. 2s I'nion St., Providence. K. I. Seo his ad
Tortisoaent of Tat Oasar Ivdisji KaaraDV rt.a
Faaaus ia thit paper.
Nov. 27. dawly
Commencement Concert.
t ii i:
.Mendclssolin UuintcKc Cii:i),
OF B05I0N.
Vompostii W Ae folloti'ing artttt
llenrs. WX. 8IHM.TZ!:,
t Aiti. jiuisni
Vin.I' I'KHIS.
Will give a Concert ia tffe
T0V. HALL, liURf,LflTtt..
Xondar rveniag, August Itb, Wi.
Doors apaa at 7. Coaeert to ooeaatanee at
rMarta Ttekata 50 entl; Packaga of three tkk.
eta $1. Seals isssiisil wltboat extra sbargo.
Tiekota will be far sale oa aai after Frii..
neat, at 11. L. Story's.
raar t.
1 OVERTURE to Dor Nacbtlaew an Gtvattada,
2 FANTASIX FOX FLCTK, oa " Qoi tan th.-
Eailiniil " Bmntm-f
;ADA9I0 from tha ? acted Qaintetts, Op. 5,
i DUO from Linda for Qaiaaette, Damnai.
ran n.
; "fOCNDS FROM nOME," Styiltr. Airs,
S tST SrENE from " Laeta.' Tran-ribt't
tar uto Bsaaiihsat, aa lattiamtnt i itcnted
by A. Saxe, aad performed oa for the Sr-t
ttsae ia tltm eomatry.
ite airs, A"im'.
10 FINALE, M et Rabat la Diable,
Ths Freemen of Grand fslc County, who are in
of sustaining the National Adainistration
ia use ptaaent crisis of the country, aad upholding
the Cjuatitation and Union of ihe Unite-1 -utes,
aad of aaiair alltfretivr of whatever nature,
to pat dowa immediately his oaraed rebellion,
are rcnueeted to meet ia Convention at the t'ou rt
Ilauso in North Hero, on Saturday the 16t!i day
ol Austut, A. D. l'SJ. t 10 o'cloek, A. V., to
.. . r - i - r.jc r - k
nominate eanaioaves i-r vouo.j .
year ensuing, and transact any other ba iness
througbt proper when met.
J. G. RoetwaxL, ) t'ounty
K. I i'i na. 5 Committee.
IT OF LETTERS uaeallad for
J ia Post OfSe at Colcaaster:
aamucl Tonrer,
aiestrt. Boaey k Wade,
lit. John lUbana,
Mr. P. Farr.
Adis William.-,
tVlltiam lab am
Orvelle Oaaeb,
Jliss BUsti Aoaorov.
Joseph Menard,
Mrs. ffoerga WUIett,
Samul Robbia',
IlUoro Bararlle,
JaarM Daaaoa.
Mrs. Roaita Cotanto,
14 rs. Faana A. Coraian,
Darius Watte.
Hiss Rosaaat Cutaato,
J. L. Soptoy,
j. acui.Ltx. P. 51.
Cotofccater. Vs., July II, ISM.
S A Ni coffee7
rilUIS ARTICLE has been cuensirely aaod in
this aad eaher eoaatries. aai b highly a
prorod for its
fine Flnvor, Hciillhful nud Nutritious
This Coffee eosptrt favorably with, aad ia by
sear preferred to Rio and Java, aad is
It it grosnl aad pat up in Tin Fail In llbv
packages, with labels that lead
" 31 I I. K S '
It is packed in white wood boxes of SO lbs. each
also ia bulk in kegi and barreli. Most cf tho
dealers are con- idling this Coffee, asl the di
mand baa Ixren so great that I hare largtly In
creased my supplies, and am now prepared to fill
orders with promptness.
Daaterl will please send for Circulars aad Lut
cf PriJ. L. F. DOLMAN,
13 Uabkisox Sr., New York.
Voir .lyralV Its Uaittd Statu.
Ucvraic c Counterfeits I w5m3"u
( i f AVENSH0E," by Kingsley.
XVIhoLajtof lis Jlcrttmert." AStcryla
two voices, by the author of tho Margaret Milt
lanl. "Gams Fiih of ths Northerx States of America
and Biitlth Provincei," by Barnwell.
"John Doo anl Richard Roe." or Ep !e cf
Life In New York." by Edward S. OoulJ
Kectivid at ths Ihurca fc'treet Book Store. Ly
Jane :01h.
Obterve la-
In theoan- vp Itlpamc-
treor-waica 'Wv.
Is a eat of a KUJ I tssfk parties are
ladyhaAlbig ''AK iR putUngup
aoafhe pot. J MclSL an
Tho labels ii, ' 'ftf? article, to
are red, Cf 1 i Xm. res e q b 1 o
green aad i 'LaWlSL thoymiuie
blue, aad evfr' J s, at
are copy- ggL j" rl ,t,r
Lesal xVdverliscmcnls.
STATE OF VERMONT. To all penena cen
District ef Chittenden, as. ) esrned In tho Estate
of Luej VkttM Uto of Burlington, in said
District, eketased,
fl reeling.
At a rrobate Court hoUen at Burlinston, with
in aed for the District of Chittenden, on tho :sth
oavr of July, A. I. 1861. aa instrument, purpart
isg to be tho lait tVill and Testament ef Lucy
aksfeld, late of Burlington, in said Dittriot,
deemed, waa preaentoa tu the Court aferesaM,
for rrobate.
And it is ordered by aald Court that tie Ih
day f August, 15S2, at tho Probata Court Booms
ia said Burlington, be aiaigsed for proving sai-1
iBstraaieBt; and that notice thereof be siren tu
all persons concerned, by publishing this order
three weeks successively ia the Burlinjton Week
ly Ires Pros, a newfpaper printed at sail Enr
liagtea, previous to tbe time appointed.
Iherafore, you are hereby notified to appear
before said Cuart, at the time and place aforesaid,
aad contest the probate of said will, if yes hare
tlirea under my hand, at Barlingtcn in said
district this 23th day of July, A. D. 18fi:.
mini it. B. FAY, Judge.
m, the Mbaoribers, hatiag been appointed
t T bv tae HoaoraMe the Probate Court f-r tae
pbtrict uf taiUoadaB, Comaaiasiosera to receive
exasaine and extras tho elaims and deraaaila of all
I persons, against tae estate of Harold Stereos late . :
v mist, ii, in saia lnstncr, aeceaaeo, reprcaonn.-1
i-i-iilttm, and also all claims and demanda eibihi:
ed in oda.t tbaretu; aad six months from the day
uf the dale Let out, being allowed by said Our;
fur that purpose, wo du therefore hereby gio
nubce, that we will attend to the basinets of ur
appointment, at tbe dwelling of Mrs. C. A. sure
in If illistun in said Distriet.on the fourth Tuesday -of
September aad Deeember next, at 10 o clock A.
M.t o oaoh of said days.
Dated this l;h .Uy ef Jane A. I). 1-' -'
CuUi r
STATE OF VKRlI"Sr, )The Hon. Pn.'ato
Disrairr or Clrrrcvr-i-x, "oort for the D.--I
riot at GUtJavaden.
To all aenoas Interested in the estate .if lii'her'
Ilelmca, late of Wahington ia tbe County ...
DtteheCT in the Mate cf Sute of Jf. Y.
t a Pruiatte Curt h..I icn at Burlington witu
in and for the District of Chittenden and State '
v'iiu..nt, on the I Ml ilay of July, A. D. lai i, a
certiaed copy of an instrament prove-1, approrei
and allowed ia the Surrogates I ourt within and
for tbe Cunniy of Dutcheas, ha the Stato uf New
York, aad purporting to ba the last Will and Te
tanies of Gilbert Holmes, of ths Town of Was
lnxtoa, ia Dateheas County, in tha ttilo of Ne .
Yorlv decea rd, having red and personal e.-u: j
within the District ot Chittenden, upon wV.h
aaid Will may operate, waa presented tu said dor
by Andrew Holmes, one of the Executors in 'aid
v til named, a person interested therein, to bo al
lowed, filed and recorded, aad it U ordered by tlr
Court that the 1'ith day of August, A. D. In i.
be assisted for allowing and approving sai l - I y
of aid W'H, at the Probate Court Bo. m- in li e
Hi-trict of i-hitteoden, an 1 that public n -f
I hi rant be liven by publishing this order and tl c
ti -e and nlaue of hearin-r. three weeks succe i. -i-
ly in the r'reo Press a newpaper printed in said
District, the !ast f wh ch pabficati-.n hall i
previous the day assigned for hearing.
XbeTofore. yoa are herebv notiBcl to api-ear l -fore
taM Court at tho time and place atorc-a-j
thta aadlhere to contest the approval, liog and
rtcorsHagiof the aforesaid copy If you see cau
Utvaa ander my hand at Burlington, ii --a.d
Uiatriot. this l'J-.h day uf July A. D. Ist.:.
D. i BENCH, K.gnt.r.
m;cii.v sti:ongs cstati:.
STATE OF VERMONT, To all per ,n - a
Dtevsucr or cuirta?tDEji,s $eernl in tne Ei
la of Lacinda Strong lata of Charlotte, in - 1
District, ofeeeaaest. OreetiDT
At a Probate Court hi Idea at Burlington, w,
in and for tho District of Chittenden, ou the U.a
day l' Jalv A. D. Hi.-, aa Instrument, purport
ing to be the list Will and Teatame .t. of Lu.inua
.-truot late of Charlotte in said District, decxticd,
was -taated lo the Court aforesaid, for Probate
Ar I it is ordered by 'aid Court that the l.-.h
lay . f August A. Ii. li, at Ihe Probito C ur
..uouu is said Burlington, ba assigned fur proving
'a. 1 Instrument; anJ that notice thereof be gi.c.l
t . ail persons cmoernod, by publishing thu rd. r
throe weeks soecea-ively ia the Free Pre a new -paper
printed at said Barliagton, previ iaj tu th
time appointc-1
Therefore you are hereby notified to appear be
fore said Court, at ths tieao aad place aforesaid,
and contest the probate of said will, if you ttavs
Given under my hand this 11th day of July, A.
D. 1862.
wjwi . FRENCH, Register-
I Tho Ilonora-
i nm ranmus. as. v bis the Pr bat--
i . . f . .... ... tvia.plt AVChittMen.
( the hcir anl all persons interested in the
c-t-.:e of Barton -Sattaek lato of Burlington . uu-cea-d.
t Uereas. application hath been mado tu (th
r urt in writing by the Administrator cf the es
tate of Barton Sbattaok lato ef Bsrlingt.n,
ceased, praying for liccoso and authority t
tho real estate uf said deceased, Including the ra
wr-ion of tho widow's dower therein, for tho rJJ
mcnt of debts, aad charges of administration, an
scuing forth therein tho amount of debts du
from the said deceased, tho charges of admiajtra
tion, the anion at oi personal estate, and tho ntua
ti ,a of the real estate, which real cstats conrt
i f a house and lot situated on tho west side
Lhaaptaan street in tbe village of LurUrTt
formerly owned by Lawrence Wagner.
W hereupon, the sail Court appointed and a'
signed the fifth day of August A. D. 1861, at the
Probate Court rooms, ia said District, to hear and
decide upon aaid application, and petition, an i
ordered public notice thereof to ba given tj a:
I..MM1! thn,ln. br Tmbhshinc a. !
order, together with tha time and place of hear1" -three
weeks sueeeaaiveiy in ths Burlington Fr -Press,
a newspat-er whioh circulates ia liio neigh
i i , ln-nif ! Ia sail estate
II wbink mtfalMatMUlS shall DO previous to tho '
assigned for hearing.
Therefore, yen ate hereby notified to appear br
ier said Ooart, at the time and piaca assigns
then and there ia said Court, to giro bonds, as I
law dirtets, ror tho payment ol tne ueoia, a
eharg- f administration, aad make your ol -
lions to tne granting suon license, u you ecu cdiuu
Uiten nader my hand, at the Probate C u
rueaas this 11th day of July A. D. lSoi.
mini V. lauu, iieguvcr
( f 15, and 18 Inch, wide, together wi'!
for tale cheap at LYMAN' .
Jan 18, mi. dawt:
Uurlingtun llookbinrtcry.
WOULD nsfMtfuIly aaaoanca that he .
pared to execute all orders with whi -i
may h favmi ia the above Hne, with care anl
?.I3aaliica, lnltiphleu, A.C-, A.C..
eaas! m amy 4wet tyte.
Orders by Mail will restive promp: a,..nLJ
Torau roaaoaahle. Adiresa,
(OaVae ever Huntington's Ej- ' r
Brlitttoa Marsh 13. daw.f
if VONTAININa every Town ia tho Stats. P- s
J U eeats. Jast reetivM and for tale at
Jaly . 1SSJ.
' ITtDWIN BRCrrnEP.lOFr,'' by Winth
Ali " Barehatter Towers," by Trollops.
" Barren Hanor," by ths author of Oay Lirin-st
Ravyaltet Daughter," by Alexander Duma.
BecM and fcr saio by
E. A. rrLLEB
July n.
T A JOll WINTHROP'o Lat-"Edwin Br jtber
til toft," by Theodora Wlnthrop.
Cssette. N. I of Les Miserable"."
" Amaog the Pices." orSauth inSccosaont.se.
"SJJ Vermont Reports."
And for tale by
July 25th, I Set.
i:i.:in spkinc; vVatek
EPI ctnrtastfy en hand.
at io. a xiana: liiocx,
Ju&s 13.
r " BARBELS cfchoic faatlly Flour jart ra
ID c-lredat ,
V000D rupply of Soldier's Tort Folios;
also. roCKET INK3FAND3, just roctivsl
nd for saio cheap, by . E. A. FULLER.
Juno 26.

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