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ciuunct.y l. knapp, editou.
To our patrons nnd friends wo tondcr tlio
eongrntttlations of tl'o Benson.
Convention nppointcd to nct upon tlio pro
posed Amcndmcnts to tlio Constitutioii
will inect at tlio Stnto Ilouso to-niorrow,
(Wcdncsdny) nt 9 o'clock. Ainong tlio
mcmbers spokcn of ns probablo candidatcs
fortho I'rcsidcncy of tlio Convention, nro
Govcrnor l'ahncr, Mr llunt of Franklin
county, nml Judgo White, of Windham
coiintv. Wliat disposition will uc innilo ot
tlio proposcd nmciidmcnts is yct n niattcr
oi conjccturc only. If wo nro to tako tlio , bodies 110 pniall sharo of tlio talcnts and
nowspapcr prcss of tlio Stato nn indcx of moral wortb of thc Stutc. Why tliis oinis
the popular will tberc can bc little room to sion ? Did tlio Mcssrs. Walton ibink that
doubt tliat tho proposition for a Sknate j Society unworlhy of bcing noticcd by tlio
will bc ndoptcd by the Convention. Tho sidc of thu otbcrs?
press, on tliis subject, prcscnts the unnsiinl
spcctaclc of cntirc unanimity. Thc dclib
frations nnd decisions of thc Convention
will bo lookcd for with anxicty.
Mrs. I'cake, lately fotind guilty of mur-:
dur, and imprisoncd nndcr thc Bolcmn scn-
tcnco of dealh, is to bc cxccutcd at Chelsea
on tho 2Gth day of Febiunry nn.xt, unless
tho arting Governor nnd Council intcrposc
by nssembliug bcforo that timo and granting
n rcpricvc. Tho Executivo of Vermont
lias no pardoning powcr.
Wo hopo to find room iu our next papcr
for the nblo nnd eloijucnt specch of Mr
Plado on thc qucstion of Emnncipation.
Itoccupicd two bours and a halfin thc
clclivcry, on thc 23d ult.
Cj-Tlio Autiinasoiiic Siatc Comniittce
will mect nt tliis placo on Thurt-dny next.
I'rom tlio Bostou Adrocalc.
CO-Will tho Editow of the Vermont
Stnto Journal, North Stnr or Frco I'rrss,
givc a full and iiidcpcndcnt &tatcmcnt of thc
oirciiiiistanccs nttending thc Legislativc
Caucns at Montpelier last Ociobcr, in wbinb
MrSlndcgotupusctof tx'snlu tions sinkiug
Auliinasonry . in Anti-VaiiRurpnisin? (1)
Did not Blr Slado iu that Caiirus, dcclnrc
biniself to bo for Ilarrison? (SJ) Wcrc thcrc
notsomo mcn rccentconvcrtsto Antimason
ry.onMrSlade'sCoinniiltPf? (3) Did Mr
IJarbcr dcclino scting on that conimittcc, bc
cniiso he lbrsswand thns ovndcd tho wliig
trnp Mr Slado Iind t-ot for liim? (!) Wnf
Mr Slado thu chicf speakcr in defenno of
his whig rcsolutions? (5) Was Dr John
Dowcy, a notorious whig,nnd no Antimasou
as wc Ajioio from pcrsounl acrpinintanco)
washoin that caucns, and: did ho aid Mr
Slado in foroing down tho rcsolutions? ((i)
WnslsaacN. Cushinaii,also in aid of Mr
Slado in that busincss, nnd was said Cush
rnan astronginasonic whig, and ono of tho
coiditimi candidatcs on tlio Royal Arcb
Jackson Mcccn tickct in 1833? (7) Did
Govcrnor l'ahncr rcfuso to conio into Mr
Slmlo's movements to coax tho VVhigs ?
Did not said Govemor Palmcr, Mr E;cr'
ton, Mr Uarbrr, Mr Clark and otbcr lcading
Antimasons disapproveof thccnurso takc'n
to sink niitiinasonry iu whigism? (8)
Thcso nro qurstions wo should liko to
hnve nuswcred, ifthcro bo no sccrcts ainong
Vermont Antimasrms nnd thcro nro prcss
cs left tbero suHIeicmly indcpcndent to
U'll tho truth, cvcn if it liupiicim to displcasc
Hon Mr Sladc. (0)
(1) Sco Mr Slado's Lcttcrs to Renjam'm
F. Halletr, Esq.
(2) No.
(3) No.
(t) Wo know not bow ninuy or which
mcnibers of thocominittcodid not nct. Tho
rcsolutions caino propcrly bcforo thu mnct
ing, wcro dclibcrately discusscd nnd ndopt-
ed witb great unanimity.
(5) Mr Slado supportcd thc resolutions in
n nnlvprrm fiiioniMi I lif. innntiiii. Hia nln
nddressed hy sevora. others, among who,,,
wero Col. Millcr, und Mcssrs. Pcttibono
nnd Drnwn oftho Council. j
(0) Dr John Dewcy mny not bo nn nnti- i
,...,. . . ,
jnason nccord.ng to tho Iloston standard ; I
i i a
but wosuspect tho only ingrodicnt wnii'ing ,
to niako him an nntininson worlliy of tho I
nccontation oflbn A li-i.pnto. is n littln nnirn '
r,r . n , . I
of Vnn Iltircmsm. Dr Dewcy hns hccn n
pnying snbscriber to tho Joiinial inoro than
two ycars, and wo do not know tlint his
ontimnsonry lms cver bccn iinpcachcd iu
Vermont. Ho was "in that caucns."
(7) Gon. Cushman wns etrictly a volun
tccr on tho occnsion. Why attcuipt to jiufl
that circuinstnnco into importancn, wlion
jt is a fnct not to bo quustioncd tlint thcro
was n full nttcndanco of tho Antimasons?
(8) No disapprohation of thu rcsoliiiious
iwns cxprcRscd byuithcrnf tho individunls i
mcntionod, in tho mccting. For privnto
convorsnlioiis wo cniinot nuswcr.
(9) Tho slur hcro nttcmplcd to ho cust
Jpon tho untimnsonio prcsscs of tliis Stato
wo throw bnck with disdain na uu worlliy
ofjiotice, only ndding with IJoycr "Wo
writo insu)m in tho snnds favors, on mar-Wo."
Wo liavo placcd upon otir first pngc tlio
Iuaugurnl Addrcss of Govcrnor Hitiicr,
"tlio Washington County Farnicr."
a Bound nml wholcsomo documcnt.
it i,
T .
11 13
a niattcr ofcncourngcniont nnd congrattiln.
tion ninong Antimnsons, to aoa llioir trtily
rcpiiblicmi principlcs distinctly rccognizod
i iTnl Coinmoti wcattli. Antinmsonry nflcr
'nltis tlio onlvtruo Democrntic smndnrd.
Wcll did Mr Webstcr say, ' Iftlicrobo
nnicng ii9 nny so ingn, asto uo too ingii tor hcavy on foroign mcrchnnts nnd on tlis
' tho nuthority of law, or so low-, ns to bo too tant citizons, na many of tlio commissiott
i low for its rogard nnd protcction, or ifthcro ''0"sI.old thcir goods incrcly on conBign-
bo any, wbo by ony incans wliatevcr tnay
o.ciiipt tlicmsclvcs from its control, tlicn,
to tliat cxtonl, wo liavc fnilcd to mniutaiu
1 nn c1iml gvc'"'"cnt-"
To thc cditorofthc Stnte Journal :
On turningovcr tlio pngcs of Walton's
ermont Rugistorfor 18.K,, nnd look.ngnt
tbonoticcs of bcncvolcnt. Sociotics, I iind
tlio publislicrs linvo omittcd ono institu-
.... . . .
tiou, wlucli is scconcl to nono of tlio Plii-
lantbropic Aesociations in tlio Stntc. Tlic
1 lliblc, Tcnipcranco, nnd Colonization So -
' cictics nro noticcd, ns indced thoy ought to
bc, mcl tlio namcs of thcir ofliccrs publish -
, od lor tlic intoriiintion ot tlio comintinity,
JJiit i limt 110 notico ot tlio rcrmnnt Jlnti-
Slavcry Socicly, an institution wliich em-
j Uy tlio packet ship. Westminster, Capt.
I Moorc, wo liavo I.ondnit paiicrs to tl.o cvo
(ningof Novctnbcr lltb, lotir and a half
days lator than bcforu rcccivcd.
1'hcy niinoiinco that JMr. Rarton, Unitcd
i Ei.i.. pi .ii ni'.i ti i
jimi-c vuaiu ii 111UUU3 iil j uriH, IIOIIIllllll-
cu ins passport, on tlio Otli, alleging us tho
causc, tho iion-fulfihiicnt oftlio Inilemnity
Trenty ; tlint his rcipicst wnscomplicd witb
on tho 7th, nnd that on tho Oth bc was to
lcavo Paris for Ilavrc, on his way to thc
Unitcd Statcs. Tho Aniericnn Consul
would ho lcll bobind, so that aftcrall, tho
nicdium of comimmication bctwccn tlio
two countrics or is notcntircly brokcn off.
Tho fnct of Mr liarton's having dcmanded
his passports was not rcgarded in Paris as
n ilcculcd iiidicatiou of nn apjiroacbing
rupiiirc, nnii wm noi uo so reganlcd itcrc.
It will howcver prcparc thc w;oy for tho
Presidcnt's Spccial Mcssage, wliich wo
trust will bo niuch lcss bcligercnt than is
gcncrally nnticipated. Iind Mr liarlon rc
maincd at Paris, wo nro confldcut that tho
Mcssngu nt thc opcning of Congress would
liavo brotight tho inonoy ; and itmav do so
still. Nothing is wanting but n Bjiirit of
uunuusiuii on uuiu siiics, anu nu will no
wcll. It is incrcdibla that iu tliis age of
tho world, two onhgbtencd untions will go
to W ar for n mcro niattcr of ctiqucttc on I
ono biilo, iuiit oriuoi.ov on thu uther. i
Dcath of Mmival de Rignv. Uus iHs. nington. 1 proposo through tho nicdium ofij ,lr(. l() .,IIC1)( all appoinlincnl,abont Ihrce
tinguished officcr oftho brench Mnrinc, your papcr, to spcak of Mr Mny's vlsit to , nli!ui, aiitmit ; nml as -iml, dincd at tlic
who ronimaudcd ittthc battlo of Nnvnrino, ! this plncc. llo dclivercd two lcctures here, i,ou.c of a p-lous olJ a(iy , the neij;libnr
diod nt I nris,Nov. th. IIis complaint wns ! ono onSuturday ovcning, nnd ono on tlio i 0f t1L. ,)i,ce. This woman, tlmuh
ilropsy in thc chcst.
Latest rnoM Fuanci:. Ily tho hhips
Sylva nnd Westminster, ntNow Vork, Lon
don datcs to tho lltb, 'and Paris to tho 8th
Novcmber, crc rcccivcd.
It was gcncrally belicvcd nt Pnris nnd
Ilavrc, that Mr Ilarton. would tako pnssago
iu tho Poland, thu pnckct of ths 10th. All
nccounts in tho Frcnch pnpers ngrco tliat
ho had mado tho dcmand, and that thc
same was not oomplicd with. Thc Pnris
prcss nnd tho nublii sccm to tbink that
J.IIC 1 nriS
his dcpartiiro would not ufl'oct tho rclatious
hetwccn thc two govcriuncnts.
SplUling Firc U'ood. Wo liavo lately cx
aniincd n iptantity of firo wooil, which was
ctlt nnd cordcd last wintcr, nnd wo liavc be
cotno still morcstrongly imprcsscd with tho
iinportanco of haviug eviry slick splil that
islnrgoenonghto rccoivo a stroko of tho
uxe, longitudinnlly. It not only dries bct
tnr, butsonio kinds of wood nro rcndcred
by this operation ncarly of doublo vahic;
and wc aro warrnntcd by our cxnminatious
insaying that hhkory'is ono of thoso kinds.
.ticks of six or eight inches iu dinmctcr,
which wcro ouartcrcd nt that time.aro now ,
scasoncd, hard nnd solid; whilo such ns !
wcro lcll to soak in thcir sap.nia niost mis-1
.i.i 'i'i... .'. i .:i... r
iuiiiv u i aiiu I...IIIU mitia u
aio persuuded, that to spiitall ?such wood, !
and to lci out thc eap, is n most .jii.licious in-
veiJtniciit of canit.il.
Ccnrsen Fannir.
Q of Mkmd lo't ou
st ot Ilaltimorc, nnd wns orgnnized. Ou
tho following day, nflcr un iiu'flbctunl nt-
,on,l'! 011 thc part of a fow oftho iiienibers
to udiourii, to inect on tho sccoud of iilav
... . J.i, ftlowillL, rcsolutions wcro om-icll
i i in r j? riti. uf,.; .
by Mr. McCullocli, nnd passcd, tho first,
willi n Inrgo inajority, tho two others unau- j
i'"'"'sI.V: .
Rcsolvcd, 'lliat it is cxpodiont lor tliis
r.n,.v.ntnn m M,i.p ,.,li,lnfn fi.rtlm
ollico of Prcsidcut, ond recomincnd n
candidato for tho ofdce of Vico Prrsidcnt
oftho U. Slatcs.
Rcsolvcd, 'Ihat Gcncrnl W. II. IIAR-
JtlSON, ol Ulnn, lio iionimaU'il ns n cnndi-
dato for Prcsidi'iit oftho U. Stntrs,
Rcsolvcd, That JOHN TVI.ER. ofVa.
bo I'ccommcndcil as u candidato for Vico
Prcbident ot tho U. States.
Tlio Gcncral Assemhly of Arknnsas havo
iassrd nn nct nuthoriiug nn rlcction, nu
thc 2d Mondny of this iiiontb, ton Con
vention to form a Constitntinn for tlio fu
turo Stnto of Arknin-as. Tho Convention
is to nssruihlo nt Little Roclc ou tho first
Mondav in Jnnuary next. Gov. Fullon
I'cfiiscd his asscnt to tlio bill, but, haviug
rctaincd it in hio posscssion thrco dajs, ;
it becamo n law wilhout his nctiou upon
it. " 1
Tho town of I.itllo Rock hns bccn incor-
pnrntcil iindfrtho titloof tho 'City of hilllo
Rock.' iVahash Cowier,
bass wood escnpcd thcso dcprcdators, but tato, wcro my lcelings. l nuum no intcr
thcir vnluc is grcatly lcsscncd by incipicnt ' lc1 ,llsn to hcar, that tho lemington Anti
decay; nnd rctain too niuch moisturo to bo Slavcry Society bas passcd a resolution, to
profitaUy useil witbout kiln-drying. Wo allord tliDiiiliabitnntsof l.ennitigtou Couu-
The niiiisiirc now emokitiir ovcr q little
fnioro than fifty-two ncrts. Tlioniunbcr of
bitildings vnrying from fivo to tovcn liiui-
Mroil. (mlirnp'iiiif tlin fhirest nnrliotl of Olir
city. Grent ns hns hccn tlio loss wo nro
, porsundod that it lms bccn grcally cxag-
gerntcil. Gcncrally it lms bccn put down
1)cens!li(1 tilnt nu tfto Insurnnco Cos. nro
ruincd. Wo bclicvo tliat tlio actual loss
Iis Iiooii doublocl. nmltlint n nrgo portion
III II t in h ndcnu
hnrn fi Kiirnlna lp.fr. 'I'lin loss will fnll VorV
who llng lost I)ig building, bnt tlio fnct is
tliat evcry person iu our city is u sufTcror.
llio man ot fortunc lias lostlnsstocK. wo
,know ofono iniliviiltinl who Iim lost m
stock nnd gooils nt lcnst lintf n million.
.V. I'. IM. Ado.
I An cxtrnordinary numbcr of Lnw Suits
iMmijr 0f tlio morcs woro lcascil for ycarl
y a dccision of tbo Court of Erroi-s, tlio
occupants miist pny fortlicirleascs nsmucli
1 c 1' ' .... f!.... l.n. Jnnn
, """"'.'., 1 .
( w,jc, ti,0 owncrs of vncimt buildings iind
. now storcs liavo alrcady agrccd to dcinnnd.
'ori rc"'s 'm'
! V '1','
liavo nlrcnilv mtvnnccd irom
.1 :..),t
! ft(lcr ,1C uoniiHgVation, n cotiplu of gcutic-
mcn ol)3crvcd a stout Irisli woinau innKing
mcn oi)3crvcila stout lrisu woinau maning
nn Pcarl strcct. ncar thc cnrncr of Wnll
witb n largo biindlo nndcr hcruloak. Wheu
sho saw thc gcntlcmcu looking at hcr, sho
immcdiutely commciiccd singing
"llush n baby fctill n buby,
Uush nbaby by."
Tho gcnllemcn thinking that tho jioor
baby was quito troiiblcsome, ofl'orcd nlso
thcir aid to ipiict its infnut lcstlessncss.
'Oh blcss vour bonor, bhc's alccp now.'
Tliegentlcmcn still persisted in havingja
pcop at tho bloomiug little clierub. Sho
rosistcd but it was no go. On opcning
thc cloak, thoy found that tho dcur little
crcaturc, in tho tcrror of tho moniont, Iind
actually changcd iuto nn nnnful of tho
richust silk and Fatin goods,sliglitly biirncd
at tho cnds. Tho aHcctionnto nioihcr was
instantly sccurcd.
Tho Transcriptstatcs that, by thc firo in
Ncw-York, tho Insurauco oliiccs iu Statu
Slrcet, loso from $100,00Ju 120,000. Tho
Mauufiictuicrs,l ollico losc3 $30,000, tho
Franklin l?20,o6o, Mcrcliants1 $12,000, Na
tional 10,000, Amorican not asccrtaincd,
lirobably 8,000, Fircmcns1 SUi.OOO. Tho
iMcrrimack Mniuifnctiiring Company, at
Lowell, loso Sa.OOO, llamilton 15,000
Salisbury $G."5,000,Applctoii $12,000, Vork
(Maine) 7,000
Rk.nni.noto.v, Ngv. 2 1, 183j.
MvDr.AnFniKNi) GTsniso.N:
It may bo known to you, that tho Rov.
Mr May visited Vermont a fow wccks sincc,
and dclivercd lccturcs in Ecvcralpof our
principal towns, ns hc was passing tlirough
on thu subject of slavcry. In somo of those
towns. ho tuct witli n cordial reccntion: iu
othci-s, with cold indifrcrcnccjand iu otlicrs
still. with ilcr.idod mnrks
ol opposition
Anioii" otbcr towns' wliich bo visited was
nnr m ivitii nll us imilts. hilrved uun-
Sabbath ovonmg. His nudionco on &imir-1 p()l)r Buj grafm nlways inshted on tho
day evcning.as fuit vcry liniitod iicilicc hud . preaclicrs stfiyir; wilh hcr; and Ihroiiuh
bccn givcn of tho mccting, ysis tbii). rL.s,,pCt lor her aqe and cxccllcnt characlcr,
Those that werc prescnt htincd to his rc- ,R,V jn.ij,e, (.f wishcs. Shc had provi.
marks with dcep intcrcst. Gcncral notico (k,(( ((). Mr- Mls a rrugal rcpast, but dc
baving bccn givcn of his lccturo on Salihath cit.( calin wilh linii Hialmt, (hal slc
cvcning.nnaudicnco I sliould judgo of not I .)rck.rri;i wanu 0n hiui.
lcss tlmti four hundrcd collcctcd ntnn carly ' '1'he (M lndy was gcncrally known bv
hour, exhibitiiig u bvcly mtcrcst in tho wel- te lamyMr lmmc Nnnny; and by this
farcof thcir inhumanly opprcsscd country-, namtJ sh(J was calal hy ,hc prciicicrs.
mcn. Thc lccturcrscemcd to bo uifPircil un -i.. i. iiiii, , n'liino hu m I
1... tl.n .....ir.nr. n.niinnii (lf lll4 111 lIlPIIPP.
3. ' " V." B:. l ' J. 7 1 Vni P ni
for nenrlv two lmurs.
I do not incan to bo undcratood, that 1
tbink that tho nudieneo wcro spccially
praisoworthy for giving Mr May n candid
nnd iiaticut hcaring on tho prcat nnd ino
iiicntous suhicct of liuman libcrtyj still, I
thoiight that it miglit bo a mattcr of cncour
agcmont.in thcso daysof mobs nnd ottlragc,
to tliu fricnds of tho lown troddeu, to know
that thcro was onc spot in New England
whcro frcc, unshaoklcd discuinn was cn
couragcd and sustaincd.
I bclicvo that thu nudicnco wbo listencd
to Mr Mny, wcro convinccd that hisopinions
am rcasoning mi uic simji i oi saucry
.,VC'P corrcct, nnd tlmt thcy will toiiow inin
"i-- "oiiioumuiiu.r.u uh .......
cs nnd niost ilcvout nrnvcrs. bllc ll. nt anv
- : i ... .
V ' opportimity lo sign n ieiiuoiuo i.ou-
gress praying lor lio auomion oi stavcry iu
!UIU l.l-lllt.. Ul llll ll.'l...
From your iiiislinUcn friend,
,1r Clny's Sylhgism. Mr Clay, it is said,
. lms put down lico ilisrns-iinn.iii thrcc words,
iu his groat spoccb against nbolitionists nt
tlio mccting of tho Colonization Society in
, Wnsliingtou, ovcr whicli ho prosidcd. IIis
nrgiiuiciit wns this Discussion is nntecc-
dcntto di'hbcrntion, ilchln'ration toaciion
'p1(, ptoplo of tlio North havo no right lo
dccido or nct Oll tho hlnvo qucstion, nnd
.r,.,0ro liavc no ii"ht to dbcuss il.
. Z .
,. ilr Clnv miist havo bccn thinkiii''
0f n,. Johnson' parody on logio -W
drivcs latoxcn, inust h'nnsolf Im fat.' i
tho cat sylloeism tlius, 'No cnt hns
lails. Evcry cat bas ono tnil tnore thnn no
cut tliurcforo evcry cat bas thrco taiN!'
Just fo wo havo iio right, in thiscountry,
to dccido ns lo tho frccdoin of tho prcss iu
Finncc, oriho rights of tho pcoplo in F.ti
ropo. Wonuinotnct on tho dcsiiotisni of
Austrin aud Russin, or thu ilcgiadatioii of
tho imhappy Polaiidcrs. Conscipiently, wo
imisi ncvcr wiy n word on thcsu Bubjccts.
llost. Mv.
remi:mrer "the Ykinter i
Wo tako occiihion to rcquest of our do-
linnucut siibscribcrs nnd nlo thoso iudohtrd
for ailvcrtisiiig, to mako rcniittanecB by tho
Dolcgatcs to tlic Stato Convi'iition. It is
not otlcn that wo uivo ":liu grand hniling
sicii of distri ss." but tho iircscnt call is no
ioko. Tho ('onvcnlion
iiioots tho first
Mcssencer oflhe PliilnJclnlila
E X T R a 0 II D 1 N A It Y CIItCUM-
The lollowing commimicatinn Iims Iiitii
lianded us for pnblication, by a gcntleninn
of tliis cilv, wln) rcccivcd it. as Iicrc8tnti-d.
i... i . .1 i . . t. '
from tlie latc clonucnt nnd nious Sunmifr
ficld, a Rliort tinio bcforc his dcath. Wo
know tlic wrilcr : bc h n man who is dis
liiifjuislied alikc lor exccllcnccol r.hnrnr.tcr,
rredibility nnd mornl worlli. His namc
would nt once rcniovc evcry posfdbledoulit,
as to tliL' fiiillifiilncss nnd corrcclncps willi
wliich tlic narralivo lias becn furnislied ;
and ns to thc ccrlainty, tlint thu arcount
wo now givo, wni commutiicntrd to liirn by
iiiu WL-mini iiuuvi; iih;hiiuulii." 11.111 1 uii
I'hc lollnwinir nccntmt I reeeivpd from
the la!u Rcv. .John Sunirncrficld, soon altcr I hc said, 'lo rclnrn lo his Imiurc alicrdinncr,
his rcturn Irom Englnnd. Mr. Simiincr- nnd hc will find ihc will, and can sto ibe
ficld iuforined mc, that hcoblnincd thc nar- cxecutoM, and can bave thintts salisfaclori
rative Irom tlic Rcv. Richard Waisun, thc ly sctllcd in tlic f.iiuily. A ml, hnid hc.'Nnn
jeiitleni:in who is now writiiiff thu cxccl- "V, wc arc perinillcd lo infi)rmyou that on
lcnuvnrk,ciitiilcd,4Thcnlogicnl Instituics;' Friday next, at thrcc o'clock iu Ihc Bfier
onc vohimo of wliich basrcaclicd tliis cmm- noon, you will tlic nnd be wiih us 1' 'Oh !
trv. Mr. WaVnn rcccivcd thc nccnuiil Jatncs,' shc rcplicd, 'I nui vast irlnd lo hcar
from thc Rcv. Mr. MilH, a ministerof l:il- , it, I wiah it was Friday now.' 'Well.'said
r-nt, intcgrity and hiffh stnndinjr, in Uic j hni be rcady, for thc mcsseni;cr .vill cer
Mmhoditt Chiircb in England, nml wbo , taiidy call lor you at lliat hour.' Shc re
was an aclor in thu cxtraordinary srrnc. plifil, 'dun't k'ar, Jnuics ; by the ;rare of
Mr. Watson lurthcr inlormcd Mr. Sum- G.d I will be rcady ;' am! thcy lcTt hcr."
nicrficld, that ho was intimalcly acquainicJ Mr. Mills hoard ihc accnunt with no
with Mr. Mills, and knew liim lo bo a innn strall dcgrce nfastonishmpiit ; and conclii-i-rihe
grcalest moral worth, and by no , dcd lo rcturn lo tlie liousc from whcncc hc
incans crcditloiis. caine in ihc niortiinij. Wilhout ihc least
Mr. Mdls had travcllcd a circuil in Ein?.
land, in which livcd a man by thc naiue "f
Janics, willi whom, his wifc and childrcn,
hc had liecn int'unaicly aciiuaintcd, and nt
whosc houua ho lodtrcd, in passing nrnund
Uic circuit. lie lclt tlio ciic.uit aiier iiav-
iui; travcllcd it otic vcar, to atleml thcCon-
lcicncc, and was again returncil lo it a scc
ond tiuic. Uut in tlio inlerim, an cpidcmic
discasc had prcvailcd, in thc place whcre
Jaincs rcsidcd, and buth hiinsclf and his
wilc wcrc carricd ofi'by il siicldcnly. and i
wilhin a slinrl linic of cnch otbcr. Mr. i
Mills, howcver, ns uutiil, went to his old
lodjzing, wliich was then orcupicd by tlio
chililrcu ; but fclt ylnotny and diMrcsed ai
(iimiii the abodc no lo.iger vntivcni'd by
tlie prcsciicc of its lormcr pious h"ads, who ,
Iind ueen his intimatc Iricmls ; and in Mus
tt.itc ol mind retiicd to rest, in Ihc saine
room in which on fnrmer occasions bc had
bcui in thc bubit ol hlt'cpinjr.
Soon ai'tcr lavinjt down, lamt'vcr, Mr.
Mills, wilicoii?uleral)loiisti)ni'iliiiiciil,licard,
is ho suppused. soinc perMins whispcring in
an iidMiiiii(j room, into wbicli bc inuucdi
atcly rep'iiifd, to ascerlain who thcy werc,
biit'lbuml uo one. Hc ui:i in laid down,
aml cmichldcd that lie miist bave bccn mii
tnkon ; but the circtinislaucc brought lobis
reculltTtinti a rumor which be had hcard,
at a lilace not vcrv distaut, aml to which
hc had p.ud but little attention, tliat Jamos
nml ln ivil' linl lippn SPV'prnl lt!llp?l RrtMl
and his wilc had bccn scveral
sincc thcir death. Wh'dc tbinkiiiK on tliis
rimior, hc nipiin heard thu wliWpcriu it
ncwcd : thK iiicicascd his snrprise ; nnd a
secoiul linw arose and scarcbed the room,
but with Iho same result. Hc aruse ihc
tliird time, frum tlie same ealif-e ; but nlier
a strict scarch, cotild find no one. Aficr
(his hc rcsolvcd to disrcganl il, and fcll ui
loaslecpand hcard nolliinrt morp. Thc
txl moininir hc lclt the housc. withoui
- , .
ir.eniiomrm tlie circwmstance to tlie cliil-
i . i . i
""'.V. wl... was scatcu some o.siance irom
him, said, 'Mr. Milln, 1 liave a rcquest lo
make ofvou." "Wcll Nanny, (hc rcplicd)
whatisitr" "Why, (said she,) that you
prcacb my fiuieral bcnnon on next Sab
bath." 'i'hc rcnuest nstnnished Mr. Milis,
who, looking at her witn surpnse, said, 1(lllrs nl,nlrnis so, tlmt thc revicw ol
"Nnnny, wbat h thc maiter witli you ? iti eVt.llNi S() far as vn s,ai ha ve givcn
Have you lost your benscs? ''Oh, no.sir. i (.inrartfrtr shape to thcm, mav bc jdc-is-(shc
rcplicd,) I kn )y pcrlfctly wcll wlnl I ai,laiidc.ius,.ling. wlietbcrit bf irom dcalh'n
am lalkuig about ; for 1 sball dic on I' ri- rrlnciiuv l)fil, ir tlio liriulit ilntvnim' of thc
dav. al l ircco cioCK in nie .iiiltihmiii
thoiiL'h vou will be cornc miles from ihis1
place, l want you to comply with my le-j rermonl Chronklt. This papcr wns for
qncsl, and if you bave evcr known any ; ywru. rmpnnt in fnvor oftho Colonization
Ihing goud of mc, thu may bc scrviceahle ' gJor.ictv, and ns .varmly opposcd to tho An
lootliers, you can tcll it. "liut, (said Mr. ti-Slnvery Socictv. iiut, lor somo wccks
AI.) belbrc 1 promie to comply wilh your j pasf( ;f, mms tohavo iihnost wholly lost
rcquest, I should bo inucli gialificd it you ils antiptithy for tho ono, nnd its lovc for
would itiform mc liow you know that you fhontlier. "liavo tho cditors "rown 'weary
will dic on Friday, llns bcuigon 1 ucsday !
"Thcn, sir, I will inforui you. Vou know
llnt reports Imvc becu in circnlaiion, ilmt
Jaincs aud his wite bave bccn seen in d il-
lcrcnt placcs, bv various persmti ince tlipir i
dealb. "Trne, (said Mr. M.) but I rc-
card It ns meie rumor. - "uni, sir, (sno
rcplicd,) I saw thcm llns inormng "
sawlhctii?" "IiuIitiI I did, s'r.
" Vou 1
Eaily i
this moiniii!?. white swcetuiiu niy ntrv
louki.'d up tmvnrds tlie road, nnd I saw two ,
nersons. u man and a wom.in, oouiins imv-1
ard the hou-ie, ivho appcarcd to mc (o rc-
sem ilc Janies nnd hn wiie. I n-a'cil
ci'ncil 10
sncep, nml looKcii Kicnity 111 innn, uniii
thi-v c.imc ncar lo mc, wheu 1 ruiiud it rc
ally was thcm.' Said MdK "why Nan
ny", Wfrc you not afraidr" "Ale alraid !
Alr. Aldls, (-hc rcplicd,) wbat hud 1 lo ft-arr
lndeed I was not al'iaid, lor I'kiieiv J.imcs
aml hi wifc in ihis world, and I nni surc
thcy wcrc qood pcoplc, and 1 w.isquite ccr
taiu lliey hud not becomc had sincc (bcv
lell il. ' Wcll, sir, ns 1 was s iyiiiL', lliey
cauic up lo mc, nml 1 said, 'Jaincs, is Ihat
you !'' am! hc said, 'ycs Nauny, il is mc :
Von aro not diTcivcd,and 1 his is my wilc.
'And I said, 'Janics aic you happv.' nml
hc rcpli.'d, '1 nni, nnd so is my w.fc ; t nd
our huppuiens liircxcceds any thinir wecy
cr I'.iiiiccivt'd oi'in this worlil. 'liut (said
I,) Jaiui's, il you arc so linppy, why bave
you rciiii ncii ?' To wliich be rcplicd,
Stranuc as it may appcnr in you, thvie i
still a iiivli'rious'tif cxistiii bcUvccii ii".
'ind uur frit'iuls in iliis woild, which will
not bo dissolvcd until thc rt'surrfclion ; and
also Nanny, you know, Ihat 1 and my tll'
died suddeiily, in coiiMqucncc ol which, il
lias ht'i'ii sup'poscd Ihat 1 lcf'l no wu.i, ; aud
in ordcr lo prcvcnt sotnc iim'.isincss wliich
is likrly io ex'iitammiKiiitfoliildrcti, rcspcc
ting my properly, we liave bccn pcrmitlcd
to rcturn to tlic workl, and inlnrm somo
pcrson tlint I did inakc n will, nnd wlicrc it
mny bc I'onml. Wc wcnt, lic continurd,
Inst niirlil, to our lornier lmnsion, to infiirni
JMr. ilill.s rcspeolmii tlic will, liut loiind Ir
was fomcwliat I'rilitcnfil, and llier'.fore
cimcliidcd not lo tcll liim, but to sce you
. ! . ...
tliis nuirnitiifi and requcst ymt to infirm
liitn, ns lic will diuc with you to-ilay, (or
wc pusscd liim on tlic road ; and we knew,
Natniy, that you would not be friijlitfiii'd.'
'No, fndcrd, Jaiui's I am nnt alarincd,' slic
rrpliod, 'for I am vttit plad to sce you, ts
peciallv sincc you arc linppy.' 'Tlic will,1
lie saiil, 'is in a privatc drawcr, in tlic dcak,
wliich opcns by n sccrct spring, here (t'tv
UiS a I'lll ilwcriplion ol it,1 wliich tlie cbil
drcn do not knnw of, and thccxi'CiiiorN livc
in the nciL'h'.urhood. 'RcnucM Mr. Mills,
! dillii'.nlly bc loiind the drnwr and ioiH,
Ilc nlso saw thc c.xccutors, and was plcas-
cd lo find that ihe u ill L'.'ive full (.alisfac
titm to nll conccrncd. On Iho fiillovviiifr
Fridav at thrcc o'clock. pious Nauny dicd ;
and Mr. Mills inlormcd Mr. WaiRon, tliat
be prcachcd hcr (iincral scrmon on tlic suo
cccdinir Sahb.iih.
Mr. Watson rcmarkcd to Mr. Snmmcr
field, that hc had always hcfiire becnan un
bcliovcr on thc suhjrct of opparitions, but
hc ilid niost fully firdit tliis account.
Krom tiic Vermont Clironiclc, Ueccmlicr 31, 1S35.
"Aml cver nnd onoii I licnr
"Timr's wingul cliariot hurryini; near,
"U'hile rnwMrd, nll licforc, 1 1100
'Viist oreans uf ctcrnity."
The ycar eiglitccn hmidrcd and thirly
h'vc clo?cs its arcoi'iit tliis day. "With
the vears bcfnrc Ibe flood," il gocs to niin
;lc itsclfin the aliyss ol tinic past. Ils c
vcnisaro rccordcd where thcy will not be lost
nor forottcn, and thcir infinitc involiiiions
and roiinccliiiiis wilh tnoral eliatactcr arc
aho laid up and avvait tlie uiifulduigs of an
other day.
Reader. wbat bas bccn thc influence of
passinir evcnls upon vou, bolh those ol
which you liavc hcon a spcctalor, and ihose
in which you liavc bccn an onginator or a
parlicipal'or ? "Timo's wiiiucd cliariol,"
tliis day oblrudcs upon youruolice, bidsyou
rcllci-.l, nnd cxanunc. r ctvni your
, ,V(,r,s thoufhlM, or decds leavc you with-
. ir. . I 1 ...
'iui aiicciuii; in isiiiiii; n.iv mn iiiui.n v-uui-
acti-r. Tho Inlal rtlocl ol IhC'jC lora ivliole
vcar unori von. in this rcsnccl, is nolsmnll.
II' Ihc ctlt cl lias brcn to nitike you bellcr, or
to mako you do bctlcr, or acc.omplish morc
good, tliere is nnltcr ol congratulation.
If the cuntrary is truc, thrn,
Rcader, "rnnes wmiri'd chnrior Imls
, . , '. . i i
you lluiik that one scveuiicth part, nt thc
Irasl, ofyour lile bas lled, dtiring his lasl
-ev ilt!'!''!! ; siii'! that a 'rarfol micer'a'iily
hnngs ovcr the fiiturc. That fiiiurc ma
hc to you, not tiinc, but ctcrnity. II ihat
futurc'shmild suddcnly change ils charncicr,
be no loniji'rlinic, butclcrnily, bow will
you rnnfront thc array of lhoe evcnls.
rv'hich, transpiring iu tinic and piissmg lo
clcruiiy, will rise up to lcstily against you
Thcre'can hc no rcturn to timi', the ("basin
once pnssed, to rr ver.se or annul the itillncn
rcs unon chiirnr.tcr nnd conscouciil coiuli-
tion. Rcndcr, that will bc a fcarful slalc
to siand up in ctcrnity, and hcar bcrnc on
evcry wave n( its vast occan thc cchn lost
time lost invahtablc time forever lot,
and wilh it mv iuitnortal smil. Thercfore,
Rcader, "'i'iuic's wingid r.harlot" bids
voti scize the prrsent mouicnt.and u.-e il so,
tlmt wlipiwvpr its flirrlir ivith von sliall br
Muo,i nii ,p.linI,p,l lr PtprniK'
staycd, .iml ttu.e bt cliangcd lor LtcrniK ,
you may had thc change wilh joy and nol
wilh grief; aud if pcradvcnttire nnother
vcar be L'ranlcd vou, to usc all is davsnnil
. 1 .
rosurroctinn morn.
; W(;i doing '?or is thcir irostrato schcmc
indeppndcnt of thcir aid? or is it not so
pi-nmcwortliy ond iniportant as it onco
wa ? or havo thcy diseovcred that Ihcy
myo bccn in orrori? or is tho Anti-Slavcry
Society nny lcss objcrtioiinblo than it wits
a yenr nco .' vnv tliis iiuuiousness wu
vcar ntro .-' v nv t us iiuuiousness wuy
this cntitmn on thi'ir part ? Woiulur whcth
or thcro hns not bcen n prclty considcrablo
I nltcration in puhlio scntiiiicnt in ermont,
hi ftivor of tho nbolition causc ?
tlio Sinto Colonization Society hns
not bccn
nnniially dcpivciating in cliaracter
aml li-
nanccs? nnd wbcthpr. if so, tliis solvcs tho
problotu rcspectin iho cquivnoal courso of
llio Uliroiiicle.-' reiliaps our nroiiicr .uiir
rny oftho Itrnndon Telcgrnph, can tcll us.
Vi'ntm'ii'on liugh L. ll'hit: At n
mccting oftho Whig iiicmbcrs of vlio Lcg
islaturo of Virgiuia, lield in llio houso of
Dclcgntcs, Inst evciiing, Judgo liugh L.
White, of TeniiMwc, was iinaniinoiisly
uominolrd as thcir rnndidnto for thc ollico
of Prcsiilcnt oftho IJ. Stntcs.
An ndjoiiriicd mccting is to bo licld ir
tho city nl' Richmond, on tho 10th of Fcb
ruiiry next, in which nll towns, boinughs,
and coiintif's, not now roprcscntcd, nro in
vitcd to scnd dclcgntcs. Tho object of thc
ndjoui ned mceting is to forni an olcctornl
Tickct, nnd lo uoiiiiuatoa rnndidnto for thc
Vico I'rcsidcncy.
Silk from Vermont. AlrSlncy, ju.hlishcr
of tbo'i'rco Pivas, llurVuigtoii, Vt. hns pic
scntml us witb nn elcgantspccimcnof Siw
ing Silk, iniinnfactiitpd iu that place, undci
his dirccnnns. Wo should ininginc, lioni n
vicw of this sppciincn, tlmt Vormont maj
oventually bciHinnch notod for inanufnr
tuiingBilk, nsit now isfor pn.ilucing wool.
N. K. Farmtr.
13 & ? S 6
f f f I I-- f f
r I I ! 3 I j I
Jar.unry ... - - - - .. l 2
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10 11 J2 13 14 15 1(5
17 18 19 20 21 22 2,'J
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Fcbruiiry . . .- 1 2 3 4 ii G
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27 23 29 30
Decombcr . . 1 2 .7
4 5 0 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 10 17
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
25 2G 27 23 29 30 31
Tho Hunkcr Ilill Aurorn, a Whig papcr
in Mass. dciiouiiccs Dauicl Wcbstcr ns "a
dungerous hypocrite and a crccping office
sccker.'' This is thc Inst growl of dying
Masonry, which now guashcs its tecth
ngainst otic of the first statcsmcn in tho
land, and its own candidatcs for tho Prcsi-
i miiii, .iiiu us own nuiiuiuuics iur uiu i rcsi-
,ll;JlcV( un,n hc wrote aI1 Ilntimasonic lettcr.
Thisnbusc of Mr AVchsicr will oiicn tho
1 1'ytsofhciiMbio Vriiigstotbetrtiecharacter
'of Masonry. Ilnvc wo not told thnm tho
l truth of that most nccursed Institution,'
Itoston rress.
The Aniiual jMecting of tho Orleans
County Tcinpcranco Society, will be bold
cn ut Derby on thcsecond 'l'ucsday of Jnu-
' "ary, nt tcn o'clock, 1'. M.
! An Addrrss is cxpcctcd by tho Rev. Mr.
, Smiib, of Irnsluirgh. A gcncrnl nttcndanca
. '3 rcqncstcd.
JACOR RATES, Rcc. Scc'y.
& '-1 L iioui-jmu,
ln r.ropkfielil, by ilie Itcv. Amrnj Nichols, Mr,
' ' Inrles kci.dall tn Mim .Molibta Rlanchaid. both
I ol Uip fonnpr place. AUo, by Itov. Daniel Wllil,
, yu 0rrin M ,'. l0 Mls, Kv AM bot)l of
f1)r,Pr ,act.. Also.Dco tith, Uy he samo,
i Mr Orrin Dyer, ogcd 20, lo Mra Mary Cliamborj,
1 l.i I) r. nlln J it.A PI.. I r II
ii ,tiiiiut:iii iiii nn- iet uisiaii., ujr l. 1 crrj
Ur Mr. DanaU'akrncM to Miss Itotsoy C. Wliit-tlcw-y,
buth orPlainlield.
ln Midillcscx. Dcc. IO,Mr. Ceorgo Ilonry Low.
is tn ,MI4 Sallyflutcliins. both of II nt tnwn.
in montpelier, wcc. iaiii, .ir 1 unotliy fllarsh
nl" Haririiru, Conn
to .1S3 Ab3-ail llubbaru
liirro, vt.
CULTURE OF SILK, ndaptcd to
tho Climatn nnd Soil of tlic Unitcd Stntcs.
Hy F. G. Cojistock, Sccretnry of tlio Hart
ford County Silk Society, nnd Editor of
tho Silk Culturist. Illubtrnted by Engra
vings. Tho intcrcst in all parts of tho United
Riiitcs in tlic Ciilturn nnd Mnnufacture of
Silk, inanifcsted by tho constant calls for
iuformatimi nn tho subject, bas indticed
tho pnblishcr to bave ptoparcd a plain
Practical Trcnthe. on the Ciiltivutiou of tho
Mulbcrry nnd Rcming Silk Worms, ndap
tcd to tho Soil and Cliinate of this country
nnd to tho wnnis of plain practical mcn.
Tho Prncticnl Culturist iu this country
needs a dirociory ndnptcd to tho Soil ou
which ho plnnts his trecs, and tho Ciininto
in uhich bo rcais his worms, without rcf
cri'iiro to Hoils nml Cliinatcs lcss congeninl
to thcir prowili. It lias hccn thcrcforo tho
objcct of tho author to makca trentiso
strictly practical, ouiitting iioihing of ini
poitanco nnd ndiliug nothing of a usolcss
or extrnncous rharnctcr.
As inaking tho raw inntcrial into Sow
ing Silk nnd Twiet is my prafitablo to
thc Silk growcr, all neccssary iuforination
for Ihat pttrpose will bo givcn.
This work i9 in Prcss nml will soon bo
ptiblisbcd iu n dundecimc of nbout 100
pngcs, in lmndfomo hinding prico 50
rcnts. A pait oftlio cdition will Im put
up iu clastio covers to bo forwnrdcd by
Editnrsof Nowspapcrti mIio will givo
tho nbovo ihn'o inscrtions, wilh this notice,
and forward tboir papcr witb tho udvcr
tiscmciit niaikcd, shnll bo cntitlcd to a
copy of tho work, to bo forwnrded to thcir
Ilnrtford, Dec. 1835.
Iiitli.m Cntliolicon
JUST roeolvcd nnd for nalo by
Octobrr 5, 1633,
Wcdncsdny in Januaiy.

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