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State journal. (Montpelier, Vt.) 1831-1836, June 07, 1836, Image 2

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I'rom tho I'copic's I'rcm.
Who tihall iv'c go Vori
Thc Aiiiitnnsonio Convoinion which mct
at Monipuliorlast wintor, was n full niullair
rcprcsuiitation of tlio nntininsonic pnrty.
lt was coniposod ol'tlic uriginal ihiniocralU!
nntiniaj'ntis, iunl u moro patriotic, intclli
gcnt nnd iiidepcndcut body ofmcii ncvcr
inRC.nblcd in tlio Cnpitnl. Af might Imvo
heen oxpcctrd, tln-y wcrn founil sternly
nltachcd to llii! fiuidameiitiil principlo which
tlicy Imvo so olkn nvowed, ol' nia'uitnining
thc snprcinacy of llio laws ngainst mnsoury
imd its kiudrod ovils, ninon wliieli thcy
linvo uver untuncrated tlio nnsiulo of Gen.
Jnckson, nnd n? a ncccssnry consuquencc, ,
opposod to Mr Van llui'on, wlio dorlarcs i
)iis iiitcnt'ion of t reading in Ids footstcps. 1
Indrcd, no aflinily could cxist bctwccn a '
jmriy whoso niotto is thu siipreniacy ol' tlio
laws, and nundinin'i5.trntioti whoso progress
has liccn tuarkcct liy a series of nssuniptioi.s
of powcr wliieli Imvo rciidcrcd iheNolenni j
prnvisioiis oftho Constittition n doad lctter. ,
ln tliis Convoiition only twcnty ecvcii, '
out of ono htindrcd aml sixty fivo votcs, '
wcrc cast!ii:aiiist Mr Van lluren. It wns '
liopcd tliatso docidcd an cxprcssion aguinst nj-'Vpp'iintcil liy MrJr,rrMiiis,(icivrrnor of tlic
liiin, wolild liavo ilidurud an inslant and: Trrntnry ol' Imlian.i, in 1 1 :t) 1 ;
cordial acnuicsccnco on tlio pnrt of tliolDJ'.Hy Muiisns, Coninnndot-iii-Cliicriir thc
tnu niinoiiiy, nnavor oi uuiimai j uiriMin. ,
.. ..' . i. fri i ii .
1 iic inostoiiunary nucs oi party oiscipiiuo
would liavo nidtiL'cd thoo who liad nny
rccard to tho prcscrvation of tho partv, to '
havc mloiitcd a courso, wliieli aiono roilld
jircservo its power unbrokcn. l!ut rucklcss
of conscqiicnccs, and witli aii cfTmntcry
ncvcr Kiirpasscd, tlio foeblo minority du
nounccd tho convention upon tlio sjiot,
itiadeu tioiiiination of tlieir favoiito candiil
ato for presidcnt, formud a snparato Btato
tickct, and now claim to ho tho only truo
antitnasoiiic party in tho statc. Tlins haa
tho ontimasonic party becn rcnt in twa'm :
a fcarful responsihility rcsts soincwhorc.
Tho peoplc will jndgo who Imvo abandon
cd thuir principlcs and surraidcrcd thoir
Thc seccdera nro alrnady boing inadu
scnsiblc of tho folly of comiiiiting thoni
sclvos to thc tcndor incrcius of tho Jocksoii
iarty. Whuthcr thc clainis nnon it for thc
uupnnit of tlieir statc tickct will bc allowcd,
is daily rcndurud moru doubtftil by tho
total nogluct and iiidin'urcncc in scnatoriul
nnd othor nominations which tlicy liavo
rcccntly displaycd towardi tho Dcniocraiic
I'latforiii. Jndccd, tho scccders froni iinti
masonry can ncvcr ho rcccivcd into I'ull
cnmtmiiiioli by tho party which ihcy court.
Whatovcr hopus may havc bcen crcated by
thcir Icaders, thc rank and filo .lacksonmcn
will ncvcr bcal tho prolfcrcd nlliimco with
tlieir votcs. Tho party which Maitin Flint
lms rcpcatcdly duclarcd to bo thc only rual
inasoiiic party in thc statc, will not admit
a participation of powcr witli thosc who
jirofcss Ihat thcir only object in cnlisting
in it, is to drivo niasonry ont of it. Itclying
upon thcir own Bticngtli, and lliished with
Kiiccess in otlier porlions of thc Union, tlicy
will not follow thc lcad oftho clmcnth
hour rccrnits from unfiicndly ranks, to
tho exohision oftho vctcran tollowci-a of
thc Hcro.
Will not our wandcring fricnds, many
oT whoin wc havudclightcd to houor, opcn
tlR'ircycs to tho dangurs which surround
thcm rctiirn in Benson to the antimasoiiic
fold inarch nhouldcr to shouldcr in thc
great political battlo which is to bc fought,
and go up with 11s to tho fcast of victory?
ln supporting Wln. 11. Ilarripon wosustain
tho gicat distinctivo princ'mK's of antima
Bnury; tho stiprcinacy of the laws ngain&t
inasoiiiy , and the evils of Kxccutivo lyr
anny nnd eiicroachinciit. Gen. Ilarrison
is nn aiitimason, a iatriot, a statcsuian ;
"lioucst, capablc, and faithful tothc consti
tution." ln supporting Vnn IJuren wo
suircndcr thc principlcs of uational policy
to which wo liavo hcreloforc invariably
Ddhcrcd, and sustaiu tho most iuvctcrato
foo of nntiniasonry in the nation.
And in vicw of tho comparalivo merils
oftheso individiialr', wc, in othcr rcspccts
wotild nsk whcthcr wo would prcfur as
I'lcsidviit n nian whoso lifo has bccn a
lifo of political prostimtion, whoso firt.t act
wns an union with thc Hartford Convcn
liouists, in sustaining l)u Witt Cliutou a
gninst Madisou, who nt ono liiuo Uuttera thc
I'opc, and at anothcr tho hlavoholder;
who is a tariQ'nian at tho North, nnd an
anti-tarifl' nian at tho South; who would
bccomo tho Presidcnt of n parly, ralhor
thantho lVesidcnt oftho nation, aml uinko
tho intcrcsts of tho couniry Biihseivicnt to
his personal aggraiidizcuieiit ; wcBay, can
wo picfcr sucli a innn to n rcpuhlican of
tho ''old school" dibtinguishcd for ptihlie
scrviccs, commrnciug his puhlic lifo unilcr
tho fulhor of his country ; sustaincd by
Jeffersoiij Alodison, and Blonroo, nnd
whcthcr 111 thc cahiuet or in tho liclil, di.s
playing thosc coinnianding talonts which
cuiiucutly lit hiui for tho Cliief Alngi&trncy
oftho Union. Thc pcoplo of Vermont havo
not bccn fully cnlightcncd ns to tho incrits
Tlic otitragca of thc Arnn Jhucn press,
njjiiuiMiruiii aiai uucciicy, navc ncvcr ncen
v.r.i'n nn..i..lnnl.. nvn...i:itn.l .1 !.. .1...!.. .
thu gag law, nnd a coward. Thew chargcs
oiu us iuiso na uiu aiiioinu, nnu liavo liecn
nailcd to tlio couiitcr, by thc inot iiiiim
penchnblo tcstiuiony. Tlic nation nm no
lotigcr bo blindcd to thc incrits of thc Iu
minnry of tho west. Thc pcoplo wiih
whoni Gcncral Hnrrison has spent his lifc,
nnd who nrc cnjoyiiig tho frnils of his pat
riotic lnbors in thu uabinct nnd in thu t ld,
nro fast raiiging themsclvcs undcr his baii.
ner. Tho Fnst with ns proud a sou ns thc
country cnn hoast, is yct looking to tlio
wcstcrn ciindidnto ns tlio only cnHdidnto
upon whoni Euflicie.it sircngth cnn bo ron
ccntratcd to dcfcat tho sioilers. Sinco
I'cmisylvanin aud Ohio Imvo hhown thcir
cinure, uiu uiicniy navo iiocn ln a niiliic.
Oloho itsoll, tho Vnn ltiirnn
nckuowlcdgcs ns probablo niiicty-fivn olcc
toral votcs for Ilarrison and calls loud und
long ujion 'tho ptirty for rcncwcd efl'orts,
or it perishcp. As autiinasous nnd Aincri
cans wo nro cnllcd upon to choo.su bctwccn
tliesc two candidatos, and as pntriois look.
ing wilh n ninglo oyo to tho puhlie wolfarc,
wo cannot hcsitato to yicld our support to
the patriot of North Itcnd.
"It anpears lo me thut thc most safe,
just and ftderal dhposition trn'cft con bc
made of thc Surplus Jhvtmte teauld be its
apportionmenl amonf Ihe seicral States, c
toriHng to thc ratio (if reprcsciUation."
Andrcw Jttclison in 1620.
muuks u Z'diis Ub'di"ti.;-J,IlC"',t'0,,';1,tS "r m -clies o,.,I ..ti
guishcd patriot. His talenls Imvo bcen rcpuhlican monopolics, was hcld at tho
most shaincfully iindcrratcd. Ho has bccn Court Houso in Montpelier, ou Weilucriday
donounccd ns n fcdcralist, aii ndvocntc of,,1(, iit nr .i i,,nnr.
TIII3 STATE J0URNAL.!t1'Slnlo Comention in Fchrua.yh.stnro
ror. nif.pii)i:NT,
Of Ollin;
ifirl i MrMrln Arnn ln lui':
,., . , niv s , , ni,ln. n Ml,mi,or
ofoWrcss m 131(i
tTf' liv tlio (,i ciih.a i I'nr. ni-Oiiiu, a Sniator of
ilict'niU'il si.iU's in 1112.1 ; aml
n j' Juiin Quiscv Aim8, MinMrr I'lojHpo-1
tonlnrv lo Uiu llvimmic ol (.oloinuui 111 ItMU, 1
7J iNoininnlcil liv Cnnvi'Mlinns ul" tlio 1'koi'I.i: in
rcnnsv Ivanm. Ulnri, iM;ir l:unl, icv inik, Imli
nn.i, Illinniq, l)i-l iw.irt nnd V'cniiont, t.onuccli.
cjt, nnJ liy llio I r((isl.itiirc ol' Koi.tncl.y
Sentimcnl.1 nf (Un. Ilarrison.
"Icin'iot liut Lniibiilur tlio omsIoiicc of Ma
sonrv as ,nn rvil. Imtli 1m1r.1l aril pi.litiral."
"ln tlio ciorciso nl llio rl;ctio Ir.inrliifu Inn
nennlo 00118051110 tne.ooi of rorrorlinL' nll tlic cvils
nlncli iniynrUo in onr Rnvormnoiit, aml that it '
....!. I. 1... nn.l r... II.... ' Ir. Ihl, .
f'uitttvli'itMii .ln(i;nasoHic is7ilr tvimwiildc
It tliccxoiri'u ol tlm rr.nminir nml nniioinlinij
powcr ln cuppross fircnnsoim 1 conM I10I I'ail to
Im tho parcnt or misclucl's iiifnuti'ly uriMtiT tlinn
tlioso it in thc iluticn to curc. " ' ; Corrcct .lis-
oruora that mav .1110 ol that rliaracii r ly the
oftho statc novernmehti, and lct llic nppointmciits
hy thn lVs'ulcut bo m.iJo upon the oo'.l old rulcs
of JoflWson linncfty, capacily aml lidolity to thc
Conttltutinn ; and a I'urthor rriiiiiri'incnt Ii1lIi I
know l,o alw.iys n.adc-that of tlieir hcinc aooep.
t.ibl to Uie niioplc for uhom tlioy worc iimncdi.
" lt is thu iiioxt dimult llnng 111 theorMfor
nio to hclicvo that a pcoplo in tlie noBsc-hlon or
thcir nqhts as Irocmoti, would rvcr bc willinijto
surro.nnor inom anu euunnt uicnuclvts to uic wui
ofa maslcr."
1 conlcml thittlie slronacstofall Lwcrnmcnts
is that whicli is most Ircc."
" Alan docs pol lcarn umlor opprosion thoic
iinblc qtulitios and foclings which lit l.iin for tho
cnjovrncnt of lilx'rtv."
" 'I'u bo cslocnicd cminontlv prfit, it is nrrcs
sary to bo cmincntly iood.'' l.itkr to liolhur.
Ncithor Mannrv, nnr Van Iturcniim, nor lioth
can miccccd with tfio flrcon Mountain Co). I'o
litieal Jugffling will luu a phort raco Linons thc
dccondatits of I'.than Allou. V. U. l'.mhtr.
Our oppoiition to froom.inonry and kxccutivo
iisurpntiou sprinRn froni thc samc principlrs. U'o
cannot, as cons'lEtrnt Antimasons du :uiv Irss thau
roiist what wo dccm unwnrrantod nssuniplioiis of
powcr on uic pari 01 111c I'rcsiocni. " " u o ncl
in our opposition to tho tncasures of tlic nxoculivo
(UjiiY as Antimtmnu. Wo arc only applyinjr
Uoctnno8 our partv havc cvcr advocattd, to a new
casc and carryiug thcm out into practico in rcl.ition
to a new cvii. 12. 1). lluibir.
I cnntcnt niyscir, on this occasion, wilh saying
that 1 considcr mysclf thc honorcd instrument. bc-
lectcd by tlio fricnds oftho prcscnt Administration,
locmryout its principki 1 nnd potictj; aml Ihat as
WPll rrnm ninlinnt nti fio f.nm iltitv I clmlt tf lirm.
orcd with thc choico of tlio Amorican pcoplo, on
deavor to treatl ccncrally in tlic footstops of Prosi
donl Jackbon liappy if 1 &hall be oblc to pcrfect
Jj'lhn work which ho has so gloriouslybcgun..O
Murtin Van llurm's I.dlr lo thc IStdl. Con.
fou vicn rnnsinF.NT,
Or New Vork.
ANTIMAS0.V1C r.l.r.CTOHAI. TifMvl'.T.
.11 lar
Dist.No.l, DAVIl) PRAWFOUI),
1, WM. A. GKISWOL1),
5, i:i)WAIU) I.AMII.
ron oovnaNor.,
ron ir. oovnii.Nnn,
UAVId'iM. CAM1'.
kor tui:asuri:r,
W A 8 1 1 1 N t i T 1 1 .V C O U .N T V,
l'ursiiant tn notico, a county couvi'uliou
ofthc fricnds of Hariifon nnd Grnngcr nnd
WiM. UPIIAM, Hm. was on iiomination
nppointcd Chairman, aml C. I.. K.NAi'r,
Thu object ofthc mcelitig bcing Malcd,
On motion of John h. Iluck, I'q.u com
niittco consisting of two froni cach town
rcpif'scntcd was nppointcd m prescnt can-didati-s
for tho consiilcration oftho conven
tion. A fotnmitteo or fonr wns nppoiuicd to
pnpnro icsolutioiis cxpiessivo oftho vicws
oftho niceting, viz :
Mr Iluck ofNorthficld,
Mr Millcr aud ? ,.
Mr Knapp Aloiupohtr.
Mr Kldiidgo ol Warren.
Alicr n rcccss, thocouuuittcoou uoniinn
tions rcportcd tho nnn.i's of
llon. Milton Huowk, nnd
Jonatiian I'. Miu.i:it, Esq.
as cantlidatcs for Senntois. Thcso lion.iiin
tious wcro coiifnnicd by tho Convention
wilhout n disscnting vote.
Mr Knapp, fiom tho committoo on icfo
lutions, rcportcd tho following, which wcrc
coiisidcrcd scparntcly nnd ndoptcd :
Rcsolred, Thnt wo eoiitinuo to ndhorc,
witli unWuverilig slendfiiflncss, to tlio jjicat
principlc of opposition to cvory cnuronch
nient upon tlio st.promacy of tlio laws, from
whatcver sourcc, aml uudur whatovcr prc
tuxt. Hcnikcil, That in tlio Folcction and sup
porl of nindidntcs fnr oflleu, we will ron-
tinuo to sustain sueli mcii, nml cucli only,
. .i i .i
as arconl witntis in iiio sciitiiiiciil oi ino
forogoing lCSohltioll.
? t..t 'I'litil l.t.t iintiiiiiut!..,,.. ntmln liv
in accordancc witli tiic wishcs ol tlio Anti-masouii-.
Doinocracy of Vermont.
Jlrxolved, Tliat tlio lcttur ror.cntly ad
di oHicd liy Gen. Ilai rison to tlio StatoCoin-
niiltcc, inocts witli our wann np)robation,
(liinly adhcroil to by
jority ofilio l'rociiicn of Vermont.
Jhsolved, 'riiat wo iccogn're. in VM. II.
ttll tlio ntmlincntinns rcqiiisitc lora
chargc of tho high rcapo nsihilitics of tho
sintionsto which thoy havo bccn nomiiiatcd
by largc niasscs of thc I'eoplc in tcn Ktntcs
of llio Union.
Jtcsolnd, That wo will siiMirin llicooni
inaiionsof Sll.AS II. JKNISON for Go
vcrnor, DAVIl) M. CAJIP for Linut.
Governor, nnd AUGUSTI.M'. CI.A11KE
for Ticasiiicr, broauso they aro not only
tho rcctllnrly noininatrd catididatcs of our
c J
party, but tho known and tricd fricnds of
,. ,.:1w;iilr-u
1 '' ...
Iltsolvcd, 1 hat whcn wo considcr that
tio Surp'us Rcvcntio, incliiding tho tincx-
' ' 0
iendcd lmlailco .11 thc uational treasiiry,
; ,1.,..:.,,, ,1,., ,,ri-f.mi vnnr nfpr'iirn nnt
will, Ulllilig tlib prt&clit Jtai, a(.r.igc not
lcs than ihiity-livo, nnd probably forly
.. n:, 1 ...1 ,!. ,. ,:.i ,i.
nillhoilS ; aild W'llCll WO br.llg to milld tlio
immcnso iufhlciicc which tho grattlitous
,ls0 us enoiMious capilal givcs to thc
Executivo, bcsides thc peciluitiry patlona"0
..." ,
ot tlm tiovcrnmt'iit, it
is timc tliat tlic
' country hhot.ld nwnko
lo n scnso of thc
I Iltsolvcd, in thc langtingo of Andrcw
jJnck&ou "That thc most Bafc, just and
1 "fedoral ilisposition which could bo mado
1 "oftho Surplus Kcvcnnc, woulil bo ils ap
" poitioniiicnt ainong thc socral States,
"nccording to the ratio of rcprctcntation.''
On motion of Col. Millcr,
Rcsolvtd, That tho imprisoning tho iion
est rooR for dcht is a rclic of barhnrism
and whilc it cannot mako tho rieh richcr, it
always makcs tho poor poorcr.
Lct it bc
1 ..l.nljolipil
j On motion of Mr liuck,
, Itesoh'cd, That tho county cominittce bc
' ...
, authorized to 1111 nny vucnncy which may
oc.cnr ; thc nominations mado by this
Tho convention thcn adjotirucd withotit
WAI. UI'HAM, rrcsidont.
C. I.. K.nai'p, Sccrctary.
Tho county coinmitiec, iu conformity
with ircvious usage, havc madc tho follow
ing appoiulmciits of town committccs, in
thu liopu that tho most cncrgctic incasures
will bc tnkcn by thcm to bcci.ro an nuspi
cious rcsult in tho npproacl.ing elcclions:
Ilurrt. .loscph .Stcrling, Joseph Riplcy,
Joscph Whintoii.
Ilciliii. Afnhcl II
Nvp. I.conard Ellis.
I i nttt ml I iiimtnii
Calais. G"o. W. I'ostcr, I.oaiu Hatha-!
i ii
way, l.einuci rcrry.
Duxburu. Iia Aruis, Geo. W. Turner.
u ii'imni i.ymim.
r.lmorc. Alicl Canip, Nchemiah Frcnch,
G. W. llailcy.
Fayston. I'rancis Wilder, Calvin Fullcr
ton, Uavid lioyee.
I Maishiild. .lacob l'utiiani, Alonzo Fos
. ter, John 1. Capron.
Middlesex. Wm. ?. Clark, llornco IIol
deii, Jona. Wchstcr.
I .Moretown. Ira Caipenter, Ruftis Clapp,
i Wm. Stockwcll.
Montpelier. K. V. Jcwctt, Luthcr Cross,
Josiah Wing.
I Xortlficld. Sainucl Dcnuy, David Rob-
inson, .iDini Averill.
Plainfield. Dan icl Lanikon, J.A. Wing,
A. T. Dnncroft.
Roxbury. Inaiah Shaw, Nnthan Mo.se,
Sauiucl M. Orcutt.
Str.w. V.v.m Dntion, Lciiiucl Thomns,
Frci'dom I'.dfon.
U'mnn. J.W. Kldridge, Aitcinas Cti&Ii
mnn, W. Ii. Tyler.
Waterbury. I.candcr llutcb'uis. Russ.cU
IJiitlcr, :. S. iNcwconib.
Waitsfield. Ors u Skinncr, Roht Leach,
isaac. iiBwicy.
Il'orcester. II. W. Il.own, Lconard
Hamhlct, b'raiililin Johnsoii.
Woodbury. John II. Fowlcr, C. Ains
worlh, Danicl I'oor.
Thc Scnatorial Convention Inst Wednes.
day, wns not vcry fully aitcndcdon account
of tho urgcnr.y of farining busincss ; still
llicro was n rcspcctablo attandaiicc, nnd no
lack of intcre.'-t in tho meeting. Tho
gcntlcincn put iu iiominntiou for Seuatoi-s
nro vcry wcll known to our fcllow citizens
throiighout tho county. Thcy nro good
inrn nnd truo, who hnvo oficn bccn rniriis
tcd with oflicinl rcHionsihilitics-and wlmt
is inorc, Imvo nrnuiltcd thcmsclvos wiih
honor. l.ct tho ficcmcn hut rally und
do thcir duty, and n sigiuil victory nwnits
us in Scptcmbcr. No tinio forKiiooziug
now. I.ct n Mrnng ptill bo mado for tho
icdcmptioii of Washiugtou County from
mnsonry, Vnn IIiiiviumii nml fcdcral im
iosture !
llUTLANn Oountv. Thc Antimnsnns of
Rutland County, nt a nicet'ing iu Kutlmiil,
May 17, nominntcd fur Scuntors, llon.
,. 1 ' ., . . ,,
llioinas I). Ilaininond, Hon. Zinni Ilowc,
aml iMnrvol Johnson, I'isq. Ainong tlio
rcsolutions adoptcd wo notico witli iimcli
pluasurc, tlio following : j
Ilcsoh'td, Tliat wo approvo of tlio nomi
nation ol'Stato Ollicur mado at tlio !ato
A tlllmiiumiin f Tii.i ff.iitin.1 in iMMlitnnttn
-,. .. ,, i-"-"
is jllstly clititlcd to our approbalion for tho
iicrscyeraiico and lidolity witli which ho
iias vind ealfd tho rights nml intcrcsts uf
liWcoustitticnt3 0iitholloorofCotigrcK5,nnil
that this Coiivcntion would rcHpoetlully
iTCommcnd hiui to tho (rcemcti of this
Congrcsiona' District ns tlu-ir candiihito
for nicinbcr ofCongrcRsat tho nipnmcliing
jiiiiuaciti ii ii ii i) iiuiii it n.ijiAni .jiiAiir.
ouxuon. v iiicn resoiiiiious wcio scvcrai-
I.. 1 1 I ... 1
iy icnii nmi nuopieii.
Altcr Fomo lircliniinarv obscrvations, Mr
Howo introduccd tho following rcsnlution
which was ndoptcd by tho Convention.
Jlssolvcd, That wo approvo of tho nonii-1
nation of Wll.LiAM 11ENIIY IlAIMtl-
SON, for tho ollir.o of l'rcsiilcnt, and of
FIIANC1S GKAN(ilill, for thc ollico of!
Vico I'rosident of tho United Statns. I
Tho Whigs of Rutland county havo hcld 1
1 , m i,.
acot.vcn .on n... no.ntna ted Alc. I'.ei-
pomt of Kiitlaml, Kittrcdgo ofl' airhavcn,
nnd naniiiiond of Orwell. This n.ultipli-
r.alion of cnmliihilrs is to bo rcL'iettrd.
..i.i " " . r 1 1 n .
Commcrcial Advcitiscr will bo foimd to bc
highly lutercstiug. I
' ..ii.v-ijtwi.m . 111 in"
to re -
rosit.ct. Wo coutinilc
cicvc tho most grntifying tisMtrnnccs from
fricnds in various parts of thc statc. A
gcntlntimii in Windsor County, in whoso
jiidgincnt wo havc great confidencc, writca
ns follows:
"In rcgnrd to this county, with which I
am prctty wcll acquaintcd, I nnt perstiiulcd
that Marlin Van l'urcn nnd Richnrd M.
l'tll I ..i-iii- t..ii;i i in .. iij.i iiio 11.111111 ni in - - . ... .......
Johnson nro dccidcdly unpnpnlar candi- cx.picsidcnt thcn took his scat and his pctij cvcr dcscription, relating lo slavtry or ah
datcs, aml thnt thcir olectoral tickct will not but after writing a fcw words throw it asido , oliliou, withnilt b.'iug priutrd or refcrrcd,
rccciveoverono-third.oratmosttwo.f.nhs sta-ted up aml conm.cnccd to Bpcak in bc laid on thc tablc, nml that no furthur
. . 1 an cxceed ngly !i gh kcy. His words, how-l''l.on whatovcr shottld be had thcreon.
of the votcs; nnd I bcl.cvc tl.cy do not ...... ,.... ' . . . . , . . .Mr pi.jnj.,, ro.0 , ,,,,.,., Uo llc,iu,ll(lcil
stnnd better in Windham, nor inuch if nny
in Bennington or Rutland. In truth, uuless
the middlc, north wcstcrn nnd iioi'thcru
co.mtics nro grcatly changcd, 1 do not en
tnrtain nny douht of tho success of the
tickct in favor of Mcssrs. Ilarrison and
Granger, if conunnn diligenci) is uscd to
hring our Farmcrs to tho polls. I wcll
know tho inonicd odds ngainst us ; but
Fcdcrnl pntronago and Trcasury pap can
only rcach a fcw in this Statc. Our Far
iiicis gcnerally cannot ho bought or brihcd,
aud I think tlicy undcrstand this (picstion
too wcll to bo casily dcccivcd. I nm moro
afrnid of thcir npathy, than of thcir blind
ncss to their truc intcrcsts or tlieir dishon
csty." OO-Thc North Star lms withdrawn W.
A. I'almcr's namc, as a candidntc for Gov.
withoiit ony cxplanntion. If this is to bo
tnken as a dcclcnsion by Governor l'almcr,
wc trust tho Stato Cominittce will prescnt
tho nauie ofsome othcr "old linu" autima
boii to supply his plncc. Wo suggcst to
thcm tho iinmcs of Mnrtin Flint, John
Suiitb, and Lebhcus Egcrton, from whicli
to inake their sclcction. Mid. Frce Press.
So.no may possibly infer from the above
that Gen. Flint is opposcd to tho noiuinn
tion of Mr Jcnison. If so, he inust havo
changed his tn'uid vcry inurli witliiu onc
wcck. Thc truth is, Gcn. Flint has bccn
from tlio first wholly opposed to tiuy nom
inattons whatcvcr in opposition to thoso
nindo by tho majority in Stato Convcutioti.
K3"AIr Kuapti miblUhes in liis Inst n lct
ter froni Gcncral Ilarrison to h'unsclf, which
0,cc,LI)ios so.lnu,v!mt over thrco cohiinusof
i llin J rin I 1 1 ri I I lin r.tt.iirpn.n iim.1..i l"!r
: . .v
in L'niiiiiin.-u iu ono paragraiiu oi cievcn
lines. Tho rcst is dircctcd ngainst tho
prescnt Executivo oftho U. Statcs. What
ovcr may ho thofaults oftho nduiinistratinn
woulil it not looK as wcll lor (jcii. llaniMin
to lcavo elcctionccring npainst it to his pnr
tians? Aliil. Vf! Press.
If Mr Harbcr will publish Gcn. Ilarrison's
lctter, his rcnders will undcrstand how
miich causo thcro is for thc nbovo snccr.
Mr linrhor admits that Gcn. Ilarrison lms
writtcn im nntimnsonic paragraph of clovcn I
, Who cnn say as much ofthc Dutch-
, r ir t ..... . s
01 '"iili
Loirespomlcnco ol tho JN. Com. Advcr.mor.
r .. . Wasi.imiito.n, Mny 85.
liio fortilicntion bill wns thc subjcct of
Iu ordcr to liint.lt my lulter, I wns ohlig.
cd,ery reltictantly, to havo tho ball of
rcii'cscntalives, nml whcn I roturncd, I
toiimlAlr Jeni or, ot Md. cutling t.ii his .
collcnguo, Mr Thomas, in eomplctc siylo.
1 regiel, exccedingjy, that my iibsein-o prc
vcnis mo fiom giviug n satislactory account
of tho Maiyland wnr.
About teu o'clonk, Mr Cambrclcng ofl'ur-
cil n nunilicr or nnicndyients, proposing
niost extrnvngnnt appropiiatious fur certniu
fortrcsscs, and various othcr purposcs thu
proihiccil nn imiiicnso cxcitoincnt ; for ns 1 f.iiddcnly nnd luudly cnllcd to onVr by Mr llow tn,t " no ''amhd oflicial, tucil us it
Mr Canibrclctig' iuiived niiipnilmout nlter Ilniucr of Ohio. wcrc, of conveiiiional sccrcts, has nt lcngih
aiiiendnicnt, rcqiiiriug thu uppiniriatiou of i Tho cx-picsidcnt grew indh'iiant nt ! '' 1 ''lu nlt out of thu bag. No nian could
tliotisands tipon ihiiusnnds, it bccaniu nian-1 thcso rcpeated intcri uptions, nnd reiuimleil I II1VU ,"'Rn l'l'escnt today, withoiit heing
ilcst that thu party wcrc dctcrinincd, if tliu llouso that Mr Ilamcr mis onu of tho i IM0St ''"cibly r.truck with tho strnngo nlter
possiblc, to lcnve no surplus to distrihutu signurs of tlio reiort, nmi of cour.-o wished I which thnt usscmbly, ' onco so jriavo
nniongtho pcoiilc. Tlieir policy iu this 1 to supprcss tho ilcbatc. Just nt ihis point. ! 11,1,1 dceoioiis, Imd undergonc. ThoGIoho
rOKIli.Ot. 1.3 lllfu tlitif rif n .M....1;. .......... I...n.. I .1... I ... 1 i ! ? lu .. i.t.C. ..lli. It. Iu. itliii llint tlila
...................... .. j.iguii O.I..UIBUJ oi
contriving to mako his policy fulfil itsclt.or
a physician despatchiiig tho paticut bc has
pronounced incurable.
I liero wns nnothor scene iu tho IIousu
to-day duriiig tho niomiiig hour.
Thu rcport oi tho Solcct Coinniittco on
tho Abohtion of Slaveiy, wns the fin-t hu
Rincss in liaiui. Mr Rohcrtson rcsuincd ,'
aud finifched his ronmrks in support of his !
UlOtlOU, tl) rU-COIIIIllit tho ICIIOIt. Wilh ill-
btiuctiniiH for tho nddition of a rcsolution, 1
dcnying ihat Congicss pocsscs tho cnn-1
Mitiitionnl nuilioriiy to iiitcrfere wiih tho '
Ih.lllllllllll .. ul.il.i... i.. .1... T. .
........., u, aiuiuj iu nm ijointi oi .
Colmiiliia, oranyoftlio tcrritorics of tlio
jUniled Stntes.
I IimI.o co.irso of liis m.ocoIi, l,o .elcrrod
ito tho lcttcrof Mr Vnn Hiiruii oii thin suli -
jcct nlHi ,ccrc, tlllt (J coiiHtitiitioiutl
questious, its languagu wns cqtlivocnl and
ilcro Mr Adnms Hlnrtcd ni, aml bcggcd
that tho parlicular portion of tho ico
I'rcsidcnt'M lctter, which wns rcfciml to,
mighl bo rcad. It wns rcud accordiiigly,
nml tho ninnifcst aml claboiato iion-coiu-
iii'utnl rlmriiftrr nl tln i.i.ri Kiiiiis i.i-itnl
inuch laughtcr. iMr Uobuitsoti illii" iiio
changos upon thcm with great fclioity aml
siu'cckh. jIr Van lluren, itnppcms, "coulil
not satiafy h'unsclf thnt Cinigiess liad not
tho powcr," .Vr. Ilc could not funl hiuisclf
Sqfc ifco. "His impnssions," wcio so ninl so,
btit ho wotild rcailiiy yicld thcm up, upon
conviction of cirnr, iVic. Noiliing, ftircly
can 110 lartlicr trom a trcc. manlv. 1 licct
. .. . f .
! cxprossion ol sunliincnt, tlinii micIi lan-
L'lmL'c. iMr ltohcrison snid. that tho wonU.
in not fccl mysclf snjr," wcro ttuo to
tho clmractor ol tlio nutlior-who ! I;cil
moro to hisown poliiical saftty and iidvnnec -
mcnt, tlinii to tho sceuriiy of thc .South or
Ids couniry.
Whcn tho ahlo Virginian rr?nmcd his
MHt, Mr Aitnms who hail tnkcn up a posi -
tion jirccisoly in front of tho chnir attempt -
cd 10 L'ettho llo'ir: liut Mr Owcn of (Ja.
o"istin imlavri-. ilid his n:irii7nn dntv. in
cnlliiig lortho iircvious fiucsiion. A st.o.i''
1 o'lbrt was madc to prcvciit tho npplicalion
of thc political axby calling for Imo oidcrs
, nl 111 ilnv. tltn Itirii'liiii'r linnr lmt.iiiff i mmc.
" Ji ; n ......0 ...
cd, but n niaiority wcrc iigntust it. I'ho
li-peakcr llien dccidcd that tho lic.M l'
! wns to asccitain, whcthcr therc wns a (eo-
oiki to tlio (lemami lor tlic prcvious qiics
tion. From this dccisiou Mr Adams 1111-
lipiilnil nml wna liriipi.ml in ir ln hi nl tn ti
'! .' 1 ' "... -l . .
mobi uncrgciic inaimcr witn arui raise(iii"' -- hihii-i.ii
nloli nnd fmger pointed -wlicn tho spcnker 1 ncnnl. I'ho llouso concutrcd 111 thu rcsohi
iiilcrn.ptcd hiui, aml rcqtiircd his point of -i"'" ''.v l'rgc nmjority.
ordcr to b " rcdticed to writing. j Tho qucsi.mi was thon nbotit to bo put
MrAilatns, with creat vch'cnicnco, "I.ct " ' tliirl tropnsition, which, you will
I tho chair put this dceision to writing!" reiuninlu'r, was ri'cnmtncmlcd by Ihe com
1 "Ordcr, ordcr," was voeif.'ratcd 011 nll sidcs. , mitleu, withoiit inMructioris from tho house.
I Tl.n cnt... ... 1.1 ,..- ' I ' I , ,. , T 1 1 O II 1 1 T I) 1 1 ft 1 1 f ! t l 1 1 1 !1 1 lll 1 1111 111! I'S O f W 1 1 fl t -
sion thnt piovailcd. Mr Gidcon I.co called whollipr a coniiuiltro whicli had bcen spc
hini to ordcr nioru lustily than 1 could , '-ially itistructcd to rcport two rcsolutions,
havo imagincd it possiblo for that vencra-
ilc pcrson to do. Jint IMr Adams
faltcrcd. His pallid chccks grew criuisoii
oer with iiidignatinn, nml high nbovo nll
thc din nnd uominntioii was hcard m liuc
and clcnr toncs, " Sir, 1 do not think therc
is a majority hcre who will sa.iction this
attempt to stijk ddali!" ('ordcr, ordcr!")
and tlicrcforo I wilhdraw my appcnl."
Scveral iiicnihers now cnllcd upon Mr
Owens to withdinw his dcuiand for thc
Iircvious qiicstion but hu duclarcd hiin
sclf iucxorablc.
Tho prcvious qiicstion was sccondcd.
Mr Adams nskcd what thu maiu qiicstion
would bc. Thc Chair replicd, that it would
bo on concurriii" iu thu rcsolutions rcpor
tcd by thc couunittcc. Mr Adniiis appcnl-
cd floin this dceision; and cricd out with
niucli warmtli "1 nm aAiiro tlicro
slnve-holdiiiK spcakcr in tho chair!"
Scveral members thcn attcmiitcd to ad
drcss tho houso; but wcro Biicccsively ns
bailcd with loud crica of "ordcr," ininglcd
wilh Bhouts of "go on !" Tho confiision
bccamo immensc. lt is ahnnst impossiblo
to trace the exact courso of proceeding.
Al last, iinou tli
chair statin'' that thc ef-
fect of thc inain
iiucstioii would bo to etit
ofl'nll iinicnilmcnts nnd incidcntnl niotioiis;
.....l i . '
the rcsulutio.is rcportcd, Mr Adams again
uppcalcd ; aud was proceeding- to arguc
on this point, hut Has told ho would not
ho pcniiittcd to dclmto it. "What !" ho e.-
claimcd, "an appcal li oni thu sptakei's dc-
cision uot dchatcablu !''
Tho Chair. "Thc llouso has so dcci -
Somo disciisMon took ilaco on this hcad,
at tho cml of uliich tho H.v I'lcsident nros.o
with nvery puzzlcd look, aud lukcd, "Mr
Speaker, am I gagged, or not?" llothen
demaiidcd that tlio Spcakcr's dcci.sion
should ho put in writing. Tho Chair dc
cidcd hu had uo right to mako siich n ile
uiand. Alr Adams airain nm icalcd ! Thu
Chnir replicd, that nn.icals could uot hu
intiltiplicd thus, and pilcd oin iqimi niiother.
V motion wns thcn madu lor a call of thu
Hoiito and ncgatived.
This act bcing playcd out, tho prcliiui
narics to tho mnin q'ucstiou wcro got over
with great dcspalch, nnd thcn n call was
nuido for a division nf thc qticslion on con-
flli rniip iviili tln. Li.ln... ..,iti..niti... ii. i
icsoluiiniis. ul.ioli II n mmsi.mmI.
.... ' .'
Tho qiicstion ou tlic first rcsolution
wlm:1' '"! Congrcss the authority tn
.ntci fero iu nny wny w ith slavcry in nny of
I thu statcs) having liecn statcd
Mr Adanis iignin roso, nnd, nmid tho
' grcatctt cliunor aml confiision, implurcd
j tho house to nllow somo discussion of this
rcsolution. "This is thc o.in'' ho ndded,
1 ' which I nm most niixious to havodcl.atcd,
and if tho hoin-c will givo mo livoniiniitcs, 1
I plcdL'c mvsclf lo nrovo ihe doctiinu of ilm
rcM.ltition to hu liilso nml iincoiiMitulional."
Rut thc houso would hcar lioiliiiii- morc
Thu aycs aud nocs wcro thcn cnllcd ; Mr
Glascock of Georgia, Mrl'ickcnsof South
Caiolina, Mr Robcrtsou of irginia, and
Wnddy Thonii-cn of South Caiolina sev
cnilly reqiicsjcd lo hu excused. Mr Wic
positively refuscd to vote.
iMr Ailams rcti'ired tn tho rulo on llio
iiiHMed that tho geiitlcmcn
v. ............. ii.. ..... ,
.iinj nuur iii nnu iiiriuunieiv airiveii, antl
this iniportaut dcbatu wns out short.
, A-joint rcsnlutiou from tho Sciinte, an-'
thoiizing thu l'residcnt lo furnUi r.iiiou '
lo ceitniu citizens ol Alnhanin, was lnken
up for considcratioii iu coiniiiitteu of tho
whole. Mr Lewis enlcred into somo cx
planiilions ri'siii'ctiiic tho distrcsscs to
which many ol tho iieoplo of that stato nro
subjcctcd; nud inndo an eniiicst nppenl to
ilill llnlisn in fiivnr nf
nro of relief,
A iiiil' nnd nnimatcd dobntn ciiMifd. dur-
ing which tho nicri.s of tho bill (ns ubiiiiI)
.. . . ( .
wcrc eiiiti'eiy iosi bignt ot. Altcr sevcrnt
; K'Mitlpinrn liad indulgod themselvcs nilong
j Fpoechcs thu couiinilK.-o rn.o, rcpoited to
, lll,:t1'"'' ) ''Vl'r 'r'1' , . I n
l "M -ctwl tliat tlio lortiticiition bill
would bo tnkuii up, and linally nctt.t im
ciinu uiu inma: iiiijoiiiiicii, nut mo mein
1 nun; ijiiliu ivuilldlll liy IIICU llltri'll
' !l(,llrs ycstcrday, atul resnlvnl to go
, ll,"lltl ' pean to dinner. . ..
I ., H uslttiiirtrm, .1 '.!.
1 011 will rcuu'nibcr thnt tho iIci-imoii of
the quc.-iioii 011 roiiciirnng in thc icmiIii.
tiolis rcpoi tcd by tho aclci't ronilinttco 011
1 ... : 1 . . .1 . ......
. thc ahoiition of slavcry wns nrristcd ycstcr
' 'kry ,'lt! ii'lei ioiiion of a qiicstion 011
i.'M'UMiig scvcral soiilhcrii iiioinbcr 1 frotu
'i,g. Tho t'liiui' reiiiovt'd this obstaclc to-
'''' ''i' dfcliuiiig ihat tho dccibion of a
niain (pmstion shoiild not bo iuterrupted by
raising n qtiuMion 011 cxcusiug a menibrr;
1 Mlll ibnt it was his duty to annotiiico llio
hmuioi 1110 miic, nmt icavo iiio omcr nmi
1 .! I I
I IIIMIllnlltnl llllflLlillll lf. ll.t llfWllll.wl .1. Mtl.tll.ri
timc. ln Hiipnon of tliifl oiiinioii lio rufcr-
1 J'1'1' tn," clls,! wbicb had neciirrcd in 1KJ!,.
! which iho dccision ol'tlic chair wnsex-
, ,iclb' 'I'1" now niadc. .Mr A hit-
1 tlosuy iippcalcd from this dcfision, and llio
I qucsiion boing tnkcn, thc opiuion of tho
' ws snstnined by t bo Ilotwr..
1 "'L'S nml nocs wcro ihcn tnkcn 011 tho
' sccoml ii oposition,viz. that Congross ought
1 ,lot t0 nitcrlero 111 nny wny wiih slnvcry
tho district of colmnbia! Mr. Adan.
I a.ke(l to bo cxcuscd trom votinc his nr.ino
, was passcd by. Mr (Jrnnger, havi.ig boeii.
0 1 ...,M...i ....... .,.! 1... .i,...r. 1 1 .
, 11111:11, iiwu 111111 ciim 1111 iii; iuiuii iiiiui III'
' catiso tho si'cond rcsohilion did not coni-
form to tho instructioiis of tho hotiac ; nnii
ho clnimed his right to Mato liis rcasons.
' Mr Grnngcr had no Booncr opcncd hi.4
mouth than ho wns assailrd by tho loiidcst
! nnd innst vchcnieiit shouls to ordcr, tho
' Speakcr joiuing in thcsi;, nnd wrapping
i with his liamnicr -vitli nll his iiiil' ht. Jlut
m- ru. ....... o.. ....,1 1.. i.t. ...... 11
(,0"i rcpoi t anotticr re.vniution cliangiug
tho loiins ot liusiiirss and dcpiivmg citi
zens of tho light of pclition, c. Tho
chair (lecidcd that it wns in thc compctcury
ofthc houc alonc, nnd uot tho speaker
to dctcrminc this point. Mrl'hiilips movcd
to lay thc ircamblu and rcsolution on tlic
tahlc. This was ncgativrd. Thc aycsand
nocs wcrc thcn tnkcn on tho adop'tion nf
tho icsolutioii. Mr Adams, whcn rallcd
upon, roe, aud in defianre of nll tho clnuior
nnd confiision thnt wns gntupto drown his
voirc, cricd out in tones which I hcnril
distiurtly, 'I considcr this rcsnlulion n dircct
violation ofthc Coustitutioii F the Uuited
States tho rtilcs of this hotise--atid tho
rights of my constituents.'
Thc rcsolution was conctirrcd in by a
j 'nrgc majority. Mr AVhiltlcsoy thcn roso
! and askcd w hcthcr a majority of thc houso
I could, by adopting n rcsolution, changu tlio
rulcsot tho llouso.'' llio chair replicil that
ho would tlooido that qiicstion whcn it
slinuld ho brought up.
Thc htisincss of cvcusc-mnking thcn
cnmmcuccd. Gcncral Glascock was pro
cccdiii" to civc his reasons for not votintr.
i t,l(; gnllant gencral was soon cnlled to
ordcr; nnd thcn ensiied n sceno ofronf.l-
moii nnd disorder which no licn cnn ndc-
,.. II,.. 1. ....... 1.1 l ... e
'I'l'niJ ui-ri, i uiu. ii illlll liu IJWIU' II1IIIU1-
, i'ablo to jraco thn prnrccilings that took
1 placc iluring thc ncxt hour. I know not
how inany ipicstions of ordcr wcrc Ftartcd;
'"'W niany incnibcrs roso to ordcr, and
wcrc Ihcinsclvcscallcd to ordcr. Thc houso
' g" into a laln riiith ; nnd tho spcnker was
1 ,l0t posscsscd of Arindm-'s thrcnil. whcreby
to lcad thcm out oftho diHiculty. Gcncrnl
ffascork cndcavnrcd in vain to ho htard.
; Wio ihcn tricd his haud, nud succcerl-
" maiiuaincii tnnl tlic tuno tc r asMng
to hu cxctiscd 1 1 iu 1 gone hy. Thcro was no
qurstinn bcloro thu lioutc, fram voting up
on which a innn could nsk to bo excuscd.
Tho qiicstion had bccn takcn nnd settlcd.
lio dcnicd thc powcrof tho house to compcl
hiui to voto at this stairc, aud dcficd tho
majorijy to cxcrt siich n jiowcr ; they mtght
bnngin the standtnix arvni, but ho wotild
not ncknow1 Igo this powcr.
Thc spirit of disordcr s-till maintiiincd a
supreinacy. Tho procceilings bccomo so
tiiiiiiiltuoiis, thut at linlt' past twclvc, n
motion was mado to udjourn ; but wns ncg
atived. Thc ordcrs of tho day wcro cnllcd
(iir ; aud thc speaker who wns coniplctcly
i noiiplus.-cd, rngcrly rauglu ntthis tneans of
''! .' " q estion to n divis.on ;
" wns dcculcd m thu iiflirmntive.
I Mr Wisc thcn nttenipted to suspcnd tho
spccial ordcr, nnd havo his resohitious rola
tivc lo tho pct banks and tlio ngcncy of R.
w lutiicy takL-u up; imt Iic tailcil. 1 luti
niattcr will go nlougwith llio gcncral wrcck
ofptihlic busincss that will follow on tho
Tho I'ot 011iij(i Ilill wns thcn tnkcn up,
nud various nmciuliucuts oll'crcd in Com.
of thu Whole, wcro considcrcd. lt wns
ralhcr dtill workTNmd I lookcd ;nto tho
Stiiatc, aml in tho hnpn of tiuding souic
thing to rccicato mysclf wiihal thuSciiato,
'that boily,' ns thc Glohu says, 'oncoso
grnvo aml dcrorous, now an clcetioncciing
cliili, tlio thcatro of scctiis which would
dicredit a cnsroad tavcrn ; renlizinr; tho
""'Ht 'I'Vnding piciurcs w hich niicient or
inodcrn hiliirv has over urrsnnti.'d !' Alns!
' l 7 "p"k
nltcration lms bcc
on tho qiicsiinn b
nml tlio Lnnil
cditor. owiiiL', 1 iinncine, tn n nicro accidcn-
tal transposition of a couplo of words, lms
coiiimittcd a gricvous crror in saying thnt
tho whole strugglo is to creato n surplus,by
prevciuiug appropriations. To day, nml
i'or somo tinio past, the coinbiueil inginuity
ot tlio oflicial's mastcr has bcen cxcrtcd to
prevent a Fiirplusby creatint; appropriations;
aud this, no douht, was thu lueaiiiug oftho
' Auihassador.'
Mr Wnlkor, that burniug light ol' clo-

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