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t-VTTT." 7 I
VOffi. VI. wo. 1.
Satuiiday, Oct. 15.
Be.vate. TI10 Presidcut callcd to ordcr.
l'rnycr by tho Chaplain.
Tho Scnato tlien procccdcd by liallot to ttio
eleclion oftho StandingConitnittccs, imil thu fol
lowing gcntlcmcn wcro elcctcd:
Ou Finance, Jlcssra. Ilammond, Stcclu, Vcn
On Judiciary, Mcssrs. Driggn, llebnrd, Ilub
bol. On Claims, Messra. l'ierpont, Converse, IIowc.
On IMucation, Messra. Sheldon, Walson, Boll.
On Agricullure, Mcsars. FahncrJ'Kejes, Gran-j
On ManBfuclucrs, Messrs. llcnry, Waterinan,
Onlllectiona, Messrs. White, Gatcs, Uarnes.
On Rulcs, JIcssrB. Biiggs, White, Mcrrill.
On Military Afl'uirs, Messrs. l'hclps, Jlcrrill,
On Ilonds and Canals, Jlcssra. Young, Itanney,
On Banka, Messrs. rPortcr, White, IIowc.
On Land Tax, Mcssrt. .S'miliu, Bcckwith,
Tlio Clork ofthollotiso nppcarcd in tlio Scn
nto and nnuonnccd tho concurrcncc oftho IIouso
ina rcsolulion fiom tho Semitu providing for tho
lippointmtnt ofu comtnilteo to rcport joint rnlca
nud that Messrs. Tracy and Foot wcro appointcd
on thc part of tho IIouso. Jlcsars. l'ierpont nnd
Portcr wcro ajipomtod by tho Chair on tho pait of
tha Seuatc.
Tho Scnate tlicn repaircd to tho IIouso undcr n
joint rcsolulion lor tho clection ofjudgca of tho
fSuprcmo Court.
A resolution froin tlio IIouso provlding for tho
.slcction of jurveyor Gcncral,Kupcrintcndaiit oftho
Statp priaon and Bank commissioncM, on inotton
f Mr. Phclps was laid on tho tablc.
Mr. Young movcd tho rcconsidcration of tho
rcsolulion maliing provision for ncwspapers op
poscd by Mr. llriggs, and supportcd by Mr. 11c
fcard aud lostjyeaa 11; naya 18.
Oamotion of Mr. I'iorpont ull the cerlificatcs of
Clerka and Conj-tablcs oftho clection of Senators
wcro rcfcrrcd to tho coinmittcc on Klcctiona.
Tho GuYernor'a Jiesagu was takcn up and, on
motion ofvarious gcntlomcn, referred to the np
propriato corumitleca.
Mr. Briggi) movcd that whcn tbc Scnata ad
journ it adjourn to nicct on Mondaj ohjcctcd to
by Mcssrs. Convcrso nnd Ilcbard.und withdrawn.
Adjourncd to 2 o'clock 1'. M.
ArTKnrtooN. In Scnato Mr. l'hclpa subrnit
tcd a rcsolulion callitig on tho Governor for infor
niation rcspccting tho stato oftho Militia, aa obtaiu
d froui thc reporls of tho Adjutant, Oliiarlcr Maslcr
nnd Inspector Gcnerala. Mr. I'. thought cpccdy
tneasuresshould bo takcn to improvc tho militia
and rontendcd that, in ordor to cnablo tho Com-
miltco on inilitary alTaira to nct in the prcmiscs,
inforniatiou bhould boobtaincd of tho G'cnernor,
tho Conmiander in Chicf. Mr. I'uhner mado n
few suggeslions, wliun tlio reaolutiuu was odop-
5Jr. Wutson introduccd a lcsolution rolating to
tho modoof clection of County Scuatora; which,
on his motion, v:n rcfcrrcd to thu coinuiiltco on
Uio Judiciary.
lr. l'ierpont introduccd n billto rcpcal so niuch
of an oct, passcd March li, 17'J7, na relatcs to po-
titions proferrcd tu tho LcgUlaturc, which waa
road n first and sccond timo and ordercd to bo
engromcd for u third reading.
On motion of Mr. l'ierpont b'cnato adjourncd
H.ITVRDAY, Oct. 10.
Ilousn. Tho Chair umiounood tlm appoiut-
oient of tho fullowing Connnittci'd:
Tp Canvass Yoics for .Ifcmbcrs nf Congrcss.
INril Vittrict. Mcsara.Saigcant.ricld of Wil
mington, Morgan, I'ierco, Wood.
Jkcond Uistrict. Muiisrs. Conant, llrcwstcr,
Scman, Hmith of Monkton, May.
Third Ditlricl. Mi-.urs. Marcy, l'urtridgo,
Fnllerlon, Htcbbins, Ilalch.
t'uurth Viitrirt. -lnj-rn. Sawycr, Miles,
Dcach, Judsuu, Uec.
jViflh. DMrict. Mctsrs. Dcwcy, I'uirbanks,
I'utnam, Ilall oT Groton, uud t?cott,
On Commitlcc toforin Joint Ilulcs.
Mcisrs. Tracy ind l'oot.
On Commillce lo rtport rula for thc Jfouic.
Mcssra. Sintth of r-t. Albans, Truey and l'oot.
On Committtc to rcpoii on unjliiithed liusiness.
Moura. Hulc, Chipiuan, aud Adams of Grand
TJie fe'cnatu carne in, ond bolli llonaes ptocccd-
ined joint cointnittco to tluct Judyca of tho Hu-
prente Court.
Senator Phrpont noininatid
IIon. CiiAui.r..i K. Wibl.iAM for Chiel'Jus-
tico, wlicreupon bo was eltctcd unaniinously.
Ntnator IIowc noniinateil na 1st Asa'iMaiit
Juslico, IIon. STcrHEN Uovcn, wlicreupon ho
yrau unaniinously jilccfful.
Mr. Ilvut uouiinaleil IIon. Sakuli. S,
i'ni:i.m, Jil AasuUnt JuftiCki, uuu lio was
unaniinously clecteil.
Mr. 1'tck noininatcdllpK. Jicon f.Vii,i,iJjrn
aa 'Jd Ass'wtant Juslicc, whcreajiop ho rui muin
imtu.lv tltivtcd.
b'cn. lklard noininated Ilojf. I. 1'. Ued
riELu, na tth Assiatunt Justico, uud ho waa ulao
unaniinously clcctcd.
A inciiiorial was rcnd fiom suudry iuliabitanta
ofTbelfurd, ngainst granting liccncca for thu salc
cf Ardcnt fc'pirits. Itcfcrrcd to a sclcct commit
teo, of I I, 1 fiom oach County.
JJills inlroiluccj lly Mr. Marcy of Ilaitland.
Au Aet in addition to tho Comiuon School Acta.
Hcfcrrcd without reading to tho Cuinmiltco on
I!y Mr. Whltncy. To incorporato tho Brattle
boro Tjpogrupliical .Socicti-. Itcferrcd to tho
couimittuu on Mamifacturos.
Ily Mr. CurtNa. To niithoruothcTrcasurcr to
pay II. Carpenter, tho sum llioreiu nicntioncd.
Ucferred lo tlio commiltccon Claiiua.
Uy Mr. Foote. Au act dirccting tho modo of
clecting U. S. .Senators. Head twico and ordcred
to he cngroaaed for u third reading on Monday
Mr. l'ooto intruduccd u resolution, that thc Sen
alu havo tho saiuo power that tho Council former
ly had to clcct a Librarian. Adoptcd.
Tlio commiltcu nppoinlcd ycstcrday on tho rcs
olulion to appoint au Assiatant Clcrk, rcportcd iu
f.ivor of the resolution, nnd thu IIouso concurred.
.Mr. I'ootc, movcd that tho IIouso procced ini
mcdiately to tho clection ; wlicreupon J. L. Iluck
aud D. 1'. Thompson, wcro noininated.
On ballotting tho voteastood ns follows:
J. L. Iluck 117
I). I. Thomp?on 00
Scattcring 1
Mr. Whitnoy introduced a Iicport of tho Trus
teea of tho Asjluin for tho Insanc, and aftcr soino
discussion it waa rcfcrrcd lo a bdcct coniinittco of
Mr. Laton introduccd u bill to incorporato tho
Knosburgh Bect lloot Sugar Manufactory, which
waa rcfcrrcd to tho Coniinittco on inanulactures.
IIouso adjourncd.
2 o'clock r. m.
IIouse. Tho spcakcr announced ihe uppoint
mcnt of thc following gentlcmen aa n coniinittco
on tho rcport of the Asyluni for thu Insanc.
Mcssrs. Whitncy, Necdhain of Bristol, and l'air-
"ho nicmorial of Laban Joncs and othcrs
Sgalnst liceusiiig the salo ofiirdcnt epirila, uns ro-
ccivcd and rcfcrrcd to tho committco of fourtccu
nppointcd in tho foreuoon. A Uepottto tho sauio
cll'ect was reud from tho inhabitants of Browning
ton and nnothcr froin tho inhabitants of Putney,
and rcfcrrcd to thu samo Coinmiltcc.
Mr. Buclimaitcr introduccd a rcsolulion tha
o much of the Governor'a iiicasago ns relatea to
tho public iiioney, bo rcfcrrcd toa coniinittco with
iiiatructions to report a bill to d'i3trihuto it ciiually
among tho towns iu proportion to thcir population.
On motion of Mr. Sinitb, of St. Albaus, tho res
olution was kiid ou tho tablo.
Mr. l'oot, of Rutland, introduccd a bill ta rc
pcal an act, which waa referred, without reading,
to tho gcncral comniittce.
Mr. .S'argcant, of Manchester rcque!ted to bo
dischargcd from thecoinmitteconcanvassing votca
for incmbera of Congrcss, which ruiueat bcing
grantcd, Mr. Whitncy waa nppointed to supply
hia placc.
Mr. Nccdham iiitrodnccd a resolution that so
mucliof tho Govcrnor's mciisiigo na rolalea to
cominou schuols ho rcfcrrcd to tho commiltco on
Kducation. Adoptcd.
Thc report of lh committco on unfinishcd bu
siness was read, and ull billa and petitions (with
tho following c.tccpticna) wcrn rcfcrrcd to the np
propriato comiuittccs.
I Laid on thc Tablc. Pctitiona for Banka nt
l'crkinsillo, .Vpriuglicld, and Proctorsville. Pe-
tition of I.ulbcr Kent and othera iu rclatiou to tho
rights of witncssca. Petilion for appropriation
for tho rcnair of Stato Anns, &c. Pctition of
tho I're-iident aud 1'ellows of Middlebury Collo;
1-ray ing for uul. Hill for unnexing part of Chcstor
and .Vjiriiigfni.il io tho town of Baltimore. Bill
to incorporato llio Uiitland uud Middlebury Uuil
ltoad Coiiinanv. To reduco tu ono act ecvcral
acts ir.corporal'uig iho City of Vcrgcnns. l'or li
mg tho placo of holding courH in thu county of
Addison. Bill for amcndins tho act concernui:
wcighti and incaauics. Bill to incorporato tho
l)anillo llydraulic Mannfacturiiig C'ompany.
Pctition for anncxiiig part of Walerford aud
Concord to tlio towu of Kirby.
VinnisscJ. Pclilion of franklin Artillcry for
n ficldplece. Of U'ni. Whccler and othcrs to iu-
corjiorato tho Plymouth I.iino Coiiijiaiiy.
Pctitimi for n ferry ut Becdlo's poiut nt .Shore
ham, 'i'o iuereaso tho boiidly ou Wolw:s.
Tho bill fur nniioxiii!! nart of Jamaica aud
Towiuend to Acton, wus rcfcrrcd to thu noxt ses
siou oftho I.egUlaturi'. Tho bill for pioventin
tho otablishmcnt of inonahtcrica, ituiincrics and
othcr nuperi'titioua coiiiinuiiilics, wun rcfcrrcd to
tho Judicial t'ouiinitteo.
Tho roports of thu Auditor nn tho stato of tho
Trcnsury nnd tchool fnnd wcro rii'id.
Tho rcKolutimi (ixiiig tlio liuiu for tho inrcting
oftho County Couvciilioii wus callcd up by Mr.
('urliss, and uftcr somo discussion was laid on
tho tablc.
Tho pctition nf crrtnin inhahitantn of tho town
of Brunswick for n land tax waa rol'urrcd to thu
land tax coniinittco.
Mo.noay, Oct. 17, 183(3.
SENA'i'I'. Tliu jiminuls of Satunlny
lmving liucn rcml,
Tho Siiiintu procecduil to tlio coneiilcra
tion of tuotioiis iilnl icsciliitioiis :
JtcsolvUons I!v Alf Wnite, tlmt n coin-
mitlcc of ono Somttor lioin oucli cougicss
ioiinl ilistrict, to joiu from tlio Iioiisp, bo iip
jioilitcil to ciuivusd tliu votus for lMcuilicrd
of CuiiL'reaa ; Iniil upoti tlio tnblc. J5y Mr
I'iurpotit, iiioiicjsiiiL' an iinicinlincnt to the
rulcs; pusicd. Ily Mr Yotin, iiislriictins
tlio cotiiniiltuo on rulcs, to imjtliro ililo thu
L'Xiicilicucy of niloptiiiL' tsomo tnciisitix'S for
n pi-ompt nitd sputily dcuihioii tipon I'ttscu
oi coniciiuti uluclioii!--, atiu rcport taciii i
imsscii. v
Mr l'ierpont callcd up llic resolution ol
Jlr White, ata! oil'ui-cd un uniuiiiliiicnl,
wliieli was ucccpteil by Alr V. The res
olution passcil.
A lusolutiou Ironi tliu llousc, lixing on
Momluv ne.t for thc elcctioti of niiporin-
tcmlant Stiitu I'risoti, Audilor of uccounts,
&c, on motion of Jlr llriggs, wns nnicml
cd liy crasing tlio word neil allcr Jlonduy
aud iiisurting tlio ltU instunt, and tliu reso
lution, as amcmied, waa coiieurrcu in ny
tliu Ifcnatc.
Thu Prcsidcnt announced tlio tippoiut
ment of u
Commitlcc lo Canvass thc votcs for Jlcm-
6cm of Congrcss: Ut Distriet, ftlr Wluti',
ad Jlr Ilamuiotiil, 'M Jlr Plielps, 1th Jlr
Vun Kicklin, Ctli Jlr Walerman.
Tlio bill, intiodiiccd by Mr llriggs, pio
vidiug for tlio repcul of au aet meiilioiied,
was rcnd uud rol'erred to tlio coniinittco on
tlio Judiciary.
llesotutionly Mr llriggs, raUingncoiii
niittcu to cMtniino into tho bills of cxpeiuli
turcs inctirrcd crcetiu;' tho new stato iiouse.
Laid on thu tablc.
m. "...,. :. i.'ill i,,r
habituol drunkciinuss. uuioii-' thu ollcncus,
L'ood catiso with thu Judjres of tho Su-
proniu Uourt for granting bills of divorce
Ucferred to tho coiniuillco ou thu Judicia
rv. Mr l'ortcr introduccd a bill, iu addilioti j
to on nct incorporating thu iiiliubilunts of
Spriugui'ld. Kelericd lo lliu Jtnliciary
commiltec. Tlio bill, introduccd by Jlr
l'oitcr, incorioratiiig tlio Ulacl; KivcrG'ard
company, autboriziiig a joint stock ol'S'iO,
000 for tho iiurpoics of tho eoinpuny in
tlioinanufueturoof machino aud liuud curds,
v:us read and referred lo thu coniinittco ou
Tlio committco on joint rulcs niudo re
)0i t which wus reud uud udoptuil.
THO Ul l SCIIl Uli liuiu inu iiuusu, iiu
. . ' i t! :.. "....
in-. tho motle of clectiti" Senators iu Cou-1 '"W imu wiaeiy, uiui smuiy .mcc.i n.
(-, , ? , uL "wni cml u (1 tho The ipicstion aiising on coiicurrenco witb
S ' ,' AnilThob!l'lJ.I..l...su in ho oftho resolution,
from tho liou.se, providiug lor thu appoint
ment of u I.ibrariuii und lixiug his tenu of
ollieo was lutd upon tlio tablc.
Jlr Watson oll'ered a resolution folnting
to tho writ of liubcas corpua, which passcil, j
nnd Thc Senatu adj.
HOi;si. Prnvcr bv Ilev. Jlr Kcllo-'''. I
Thc eiigrosscd bill, diructiug lliu modu uf j
electing U. S. Senators, was rcad tliu tlnril
timo and pasccu. I
IJills introduccd anti rtjurcu. Jy mr
Sniith of St. A.. fur thu relief of thu town
irou.ui.cu, u iu lyuiw.
it. A., fur thu ruhut ot lliu town
n, to tho Committco ol V jys aml
, Jlr Vihis, iu addition to thu acts
ot Swanton
Jlcans: bv
i-el.-itivii tu iiii,ticus oftho ncaeu, to Judicia'
ry coiumiituu ; uy Jlr to auncx iiun
butt's island to Cicorgia, to select commiltcu
. . ii i
of tbreo ; by Jlr Smilli of St. A., in addi -
tiontoacts rolating to bills ol dioicu,to
thu Judiciary cominiitcu; by JlrSnwjcr,
lor a licld jneco tu llto urecii jiouiiuuii .n -
tillery company of Stowe, lo tho couiniilleu
on Miltary alliiirs; by Mr Whitnoy, l'i:':l-
tivo to thu villugo ot Brattluboro , to thu
G'cncral commilicu; by Jlr Conant, lula-
livo to licunses lor circtiscs, ccc, io tuu i
Cencral coiuuiiitcu; by Jlr Katon, to pay !
Uauiul Stono and A. 11. liakur, u curtam
sum, to eommittcu on Jlilitary ull'airs.
On motion uf Mr Curtis, rusulved that a
sclcct comimtteu ot ouu ironi eacli cjtiniy
thu tiuuural committco, was re.consideicd
and rcfcrrcd lo thu biduct conimittu.
Ou motion of Jlr l-'oote, iho suvcial sub-
iects of llic Clovcruor's JlesMigu wero rufcr -
ICCIS ot llio uovurnura .m;uj;u vm n-ni-
ictl to tlieuppropiiuiccoiiiiumcch , uiu i1"' -
tion relatiu to thu siirjilus was rnferred to
a sclcct coinniittcu of ouo fiom ench coun-
ty. r
Ihtitious rcrurcd. Of sclcctmcii ofVcr-
non, for abatcinciit of tax of 1KI1, to thu
coiiiinittcu of Waysund Mcaus; of Caledo
nia Co. Ciranimar School to tliu Judiciaiy
coliiiuitluu; fora piucu of aitillcry, Morris
town, comiuitlou un Milimry afliurs; ofiu
liabiluuts ul Whiting, Sltclduu und Enos
burg, tn thu hch.ct cotiimittco ou iho biib-
jcct of lieunsing tho salu of ardelit spiritsj
of ;i-.'5 ciii.ons of Slarksbotoiigh. prayiug
iiittiuctions to ottr U. S. Scnuiois to votu
for abolishing slavcry iu thu Distt ict of Co
luuibia, to a sulcct committco of livu ; for a
tux ou Nuwtuk, to J.tttul Tax committuo j
of Andtuw Spalding aud otht rs, for thu nu
ni'xiitiou of Brighton to Orleans Co., to thu
(i'uncral cominiitcu; lor l.uid tux ou Uiigli
toti and Nonmk, io Land '1 ax com.
On niolion of Jlr CJoodalc, that iurt of
ihn Oovcriior'rt uiesk.iwu icluliti io iui
piisoiiiiiciit for dcht, was rul'crrcd to lliu
coinuiiltco of insolvcucy.
A resolution from thu lloiito for a joint
mcuting ou Jhinday (this dny) lo olcct sti
iicrliitundit.it of stalu priaun, &c. wus ro
tiirucd by tho biouato with u prupos'uiiiu to
iix tho a'lili iust. as thu timu ; umuuiliiiuut
COUI'lll'ITll iu.
Thu bill iinuuxing part of St. Jobusbitry,
Concord and Wateifurd to Kiiby, was iu
full'cd to a olect coinuiitlco uf Uiroc.
A iuesniVo wus rcccivcd iVu.it thu Heuatu
bu uppomtod to cousiilcr tlio cxpciiiciicy ot ( )n t3 ta,at Musrs. hniilb, Pcck, haw
eipiuh.iug thu syttuni of niuking up tho , Huckmastcr, I'"itcb, Ilulu iintl Iluswull,
giaudlist; und on his motion, tho bill on ;,,,oSBi, mnl Jlesrs. (loodulc, Cuslimnn,
iho sninu siibiect rel'utrcd on t-aturduy to i .in, ,... l.'.uiti!. CloiiLdi and Dcwov hip-
trnnsmitting joint rulcs fur tlio govcrnmciit
of tmili IIonscs iu joint committec, fce.
The eommittcu iippuinti.'d to ropoit .,lcs
of IIouso timdo rcport, and tliu rulcs allcr
iiiucudnicut wcrc ailopted.
'J'lie committco ou joint rulcs nmde icport,
wliieli was laid tipon tlio tablo, aud thu
(smiie) rulcs ndoptcd by tlio Henatu wcro
uouctii'rod ir..
Jlr l'ooto introduccd n rrsolution, in
stnictiii tlio coinniittcu on Kducation to
imptiru into tlio oxpciliency of a gcological
und Inpograjiliical survcy of tliu statc; n
grccd lo.
llousu ailjouriicd.
HUNAT13,ao'ci.ocK, i". st.
I Jlrllowcintrodtieed a icsolutioii, iaisin!i
a coiiiinittco to dcsignato llit; rooms to bu
occupiud by comiuittccs of botli liouscs;
Jlr llriggs callcd up the rcMilution, rela
tiug to cxpi.'iidilurcs for tlio stnto bouso ;
wilnlrow thc rcsolulion nntl offerf d u sub
stitutc, instructingtliucoinniittceof Fitianco
to inipiirc nnd rcport tlio cxpcnso iilrcndy
inciurud, ond thc uppronriation still ncces-
sary to bo mado for tliu completiou of tho
liousc. Tlio subrMituto wtiH ndoptcd.
Jlcfsrsllowo Wliito and Young wero
upiioitilcd, on tliu part of thu Scnute, u
eommittcu to select joint coinniittcu rooms,
in )iirsuiiiicc of a resolution introduced by
Jlr Uowe.
Tlio ongrof'sed bill rcpcnling an act rc
ipiiring certain petitions lo bu lilcd in tliu
oliicu of Sccrelary of Statc, wns rcml a
third tiinu, aud ou inotion of Jlr I'iurpotit,
eoininilted fur nmniiilmunt ; iho bill was
cnnuuittod to Jlr l'ierpont and so muendcd
in to givo it inuncdiato cll'cet ; and so a
incuded, pnxsi.'il.
A rcfolution, from tho liousc, for con
ciinoncc. triviii" to thu Scnnto thu sainu
nower iu rc nlion to tno a n iipiiiiineiu oi a
l.tbrnnuu as lornicr'y ptis.ci by thu Coun-
cil. wns rcad ond concurred in, whcn
Jlr Ilonrv, on siiggcstions mado by Jlr
l'ierpont, uiovod to rci'onsuler tho votc.
Tho motion to rct-otitfidcr prcvailed, and
thu motion was laid on tln' tublo.
A iiic.-sinro wns rcccivcd fiom the liousc,
iiifonniiig tho Seiiatu of iho concuri cnco of
tho house ou lb iiuiciidmciit propo.-rd to
tliu rcsoliition, fixing tlio liuiu of appointing
a .siipcrintcndaiit of tbc Stato piison.
Jlr llowo callcd up thu resolnt on provid
ing for tho uppoiutmcnt of a Libiariun, nnd
remuiked that bu imdirstood this appoint
incnt tobcwilb His Kx. thc (jovcrnor, un-
. i. . t.;....
css a uv law weio passcil uiiiuu suujcci
Ilo thought it bcttcr to lcavo thu powcr of
i liiu nppollllliiriil, wncru, u; nn i suiiiniiuu,
icd iu lliu i:t"'ative,
Ou motion of Jlr l'ierpont, tho rulcs wero
I Mlspouded iu rclatiou to tho bill iliicctiug
,! thu nianncrof electing scuntorsin Congrc.-s,
and tliu bill was rcad a llnril liuiu and puss
cd. On motion of Jlr I'icrpoint. thc coinniittcu
ou llills, to bo coiistitutcd joint ciuniitlce,
was nppoiutcil by tho Prcsidcnt: Coumiit
lcc, Jlcsars. llubbcll and Conver.-i'.
Mr Converse introduced u rcsolulion, in-
structiiiL' lliu eommittcu on llio ji
,.:? imo ,10 cxpudicncy of pi
, ,-ul. UP.m-m cases of dhagrco
I '.,-, ,,, ,lu Jdgcs of tho c
ntructing lliu eommittcu on tho Juilicmry
rccmeut of
eum t iu thisMntu. KcM liitiou jiasscd, and
Thu scnnto udjiiiii iicil.
linnSM. On motion ol Jlr ! new, re
1 W)V1,, l0 nl;su n uonimitteo of tivo to oxnin.
j,,,. nc.c()uius of tho Hiiperiiitcudent of
tio ttito Iiouse, ntid iniiiiro what othcr cx-
, )e,1(it,-es ur(. nci-is.iiirv.
T)m j,,.,,;,,,, f inhiibitiiuts of Oi iiuby,
Vu'i roli.-rn'il to tlus .ului;t utjminitti'o cni tlio
..i,:,.,., ue liceiinu' tlm salu of sp'uits.
Mr l-'oitcr introduced u billto pay Danuil
WarniT a cnrluin sum ; referred to tho
commiltco ofCluim-'.
Thu resolution lixiug n duy to go mlo
county Convcntioi.s wm callcd up; Jlr
Sniith ol'St. A. movcd WVdnesdiiy aftcr-
noou noxt. Jlr tiooiluio moveii to my u
.,mtt.l ,u niolion, aml it was carricd, nycs
j j;j0t nocs t-'J.
nicssagc was rcccivcd from thu Kcnntu
. :ts eoncuri ciiei! in thu bill rcgtilating thu
, ur ts conc
" elecliou ol IJiulcil Atalcs seniuors.
, A ,-, -,.onl ,lu Scnatc, lo n-peal tbntiiart
j oftim twi rulaling to petiiious to thu d'uucr-
td Asscmbly, rcijmriiig iiicin io uu iiieu iu
lliu ollieo of Sccrclr.ri) of klatc, wus rcad
and rcfcrrcd to tho Judiciary couiiiiittcc.
A icsolutioii from llio Senatt, inov'uling
for a joint coniniitleo to dusigimtu commit
tco rouui!', was concniTcd iu.
Thu chair minounced tho fo lowing cmn-
milti'o ou Kiigiosscd bills. Jlci-sis. Colliy
aud I'ullcrton. Adiouriicd.
SIVCAT1'. Mr Boll inlrodnccd a risohl-
tion, nntriicluig llio I'omunltru ou tho Judiui
nrv In luiiinro inlu ll.u cxii.'duui'y of piovid-
lil" IiV UW I lal 10 lllinil.ll ll-liiilia imu.
: , , ., -.. . . ., i,
Stalu Tiia.urcr, Ai.ditor uf Accoiints iu llio
'I' rv llmi.irllilt-llt. lklllk COlllluiSjiollCI l,
and Supilinl. iidonl ol aiulu Pnsion bc nmih',
ihiuii"li iho Govcrnur, Io bolh bianthi-K of llic
r.LM'ihluluru. Pa.ml n Itluiuu lo inocom
millco ou thu Judiciary, M llh lcuvc to icjmii
by bill or otlu r. isc.
Jlr Y.uiiig iiilruduccd u rriohilion, onUiui
fur Miu riu in lo Iho iinporlani e ol pnmd
!.. I'.., It... iiri.lri-liun of llilllOH III inaiiul.ic
luinia u.lal)luhun.iiuj puaiid und rtl'crnd lo
Iho cuuiiiiilit o ou uianuluetiirci.
Mr IUbui.1, uf thu Judiciary coinniillec
,,,,! n.,ri iiiniii ll.u bill. itlcrrcd llllllO CUMI
uiilluo irlaiiiii: tu Iho wnt ol Ilahous corpus,
ihat tho nr.'.cnl law mado ull tlio pov istoiis no
ilnii biitikit. lU'puit conciir-
rcd in, und thu cnniwitluu disih.irjjcil fiuiniiii)
fnillii'r coniid'-ra'iuii ol ihcimi'jcU
Mr Brig5", on Iho cointnittco of rule., mada
rcport ofrulea on Iho subjci t ofcontested cIlc
Iioih of incmbera ol tho Scnule. Keporl
coueurrcd in, aud iho ruhn rcpoitcd, adoptcd.
Thu lollowing aro thu Htilua
Jlui.ns in cases or Co.ntesteu Ei.ections.
( 1. Thu testiuumy to be uscd bcl'oro the
Coinuiittccoli Klcetiims ofthc Scnute, wlicn
a Scinjtor's clection is contcstecl, shall be
takcn in (lcjiositions iu tliemaiiuerand Ibriu
provulcd iu an nct cntillcd "an act iu rcla
tiou lo contcstcd 'lccliiins, jiasscd Nov. .1,
18.11," wiih such alteration as will mal;u it
aj))lic:iblc to a Sctialor instead of u nictn
berol'tliu llousc of llcprcscnlativcs, and
also that tliu applicatioti lbr u cilation as
tiroviiled in tliu sccond scctiu.i of hu'u nnt.
shah bomailo williiti twclvu davs aftcr thu i
votus lor benatnrs aro cauvassed by thc
Clerk or Shcrill'in iho county iu wliieli thc
clection is tnadc.
'-'. Jlcmorials, rcmonslranccs and rcturns
niade hy rcturniiiy olHccrs to hu u.sed inca
sch ofcontested i-lcctions; and dcpositions
uwvtii .,.-3 uujiu jjiuyuiuu iui, siian ou incii
with thu Sccrclary of tho Sjcnate, ou the
first day ofthu mssioii of thc Cicncr.il As.
si'inbly and be rcfcrrcd to tlio Comniittce on
JMccttons, wliosu duty it shall bu to rcjiort
thcreon withiu sb; days liom thu comrr.ciicc
ineiit nf thu session.
:J. No evidcnco shall bu hcard by baid
Cointniitcu cxccpt such as shall bu takcn
and fiL.l in tliu niaimcr albrcsaid, and ru
eords of Courts duly atithcnticated.
Jlr Jlcrrill, aftcr uxplaiuiory rcmarks, intro
diicid u lnll, in umundmciit ot au act dirtcl
mg tho modo uf clection ol' Ciovcriior, Hu.
Tlio bill was read llio lirst und sccond tiiue,
and ou inotnm of Mr l'lt-rpuint, iclcricd lo u
sclcct couinuttcu cf lliico, lo bc appointcd by
thu Priaidcnt.
Thu bill proposca importunt ullerations iu
tlio cxiiting law npoli tho subjcet. It cou
tcuiplatcs llio opeiiiug of tliu polla ut IU A JI.
inslcad ol 1 1' M. uud cxlends Iho lime for
balluting liom luo lo I'oui hours, ilh thc
iuw, Jlr Jl iciiiarkcd, to enjoy daylight
iiiiitead of darkin.ss, lor tho difcliargo ol' iho
iiiiporlant dulica ol liceiiicn, uud cpucially lo
uccouiiuodatu ildcrly und iiilinu pcople, iu lliu
eiijd) uitnl ol' thcir tJcrud riglils. Ulher iin
purluut Minisioii3 of lliu bill will bo noliccd
on ila I'uiIIilt prurcss.
Mr UuLbcll iii'ud that Iho committco ou
Iho J udiciaiy unglit bc dischargcd from liirlhcr
cuusidcratiun ol thu suNjcet ol tlic clection ut'
aciiutord. C'oiiimiltco dischargcd, und the
Miljuct rcfcrrcd lo Iho sclcct coniinittco raiscd
ou llic bill iutruducul this moruiiig by Mr
Mr l.tigg'", ol the coimihUIcr on thc Jinl'cin
ry, lo whom uua iclcrri'd thu lnll iu rclatiou
lo uhul thnll bc dceim.d u lcgul tctllcmcnt,
uiado ripi n that thc t-'uinu oughllu piiis. Bill
reud thu sccond luiic, b'cnato uctniiias in cuiu-
niittcu of llio vholc, aud no aincnUinent bciug
ollcicu, llio bill wua ordcred to ho cngrotscU
aud rtiul u Sccond liuiu lomorrow uiurning.
Mr Bcll iiiIkiiIuclcI a bill, in addition Iu llic
act iclatin lu jaila and j.iior.-., and rcgulating
llic prico of board, fcc. Itcud and rtlcncd lu
lliu Judiciary coiiiuiltae.
Ou niolion of Mr Palnier,
Scnato adj.
HOUSt:. Praycr by Ucv. Mr Kcllcw
Jlitts intioJucml. Iiy Mr, Fitch, to altcrthc
naiuo ul .'luucrson l.urt, rcau twicc anu ur
tturcti lu a lliiid icaduig; lixiug I'ccs lo juil
Uci pcrs lnr IjouiiI ul jiriruiicm at sl 50, rulcr
rnl lo cuiiuuiltcu of Wuya aud Mcans ; by
Mr Vilas, to clubli.ih ciiunty Orainmar b'chool
al Jolmson, tu coinmillcu un Educaliun ; by
M r Uuckuiaslur, tu difcontiiiun u ruad Ironi
blircnabury lu Rutland, lo committco ou
Houda aml Cuunls : by iir Dcwcy ul'Cfuild
bull, rclalivo tu wiila uf ccrtiorun, tu Judici
ary tuuiinittec ; by Mr Kicld of W., iu addi
liun lu aivcial ucU culistilutiiii' bunrcmc
Cuurl, to Judiciary coinmiltcc ; by Mr nulh
uf bl. A., tu iucurpuruto Iho l'raukliu Ou.
Stcauibuat Co., lu coniir.it tco uf Roadx uud
CdiiaU : by Mr Pick, in addition tu tha so-
cral acts rclutingto thc Judiciary, tu .ho Ju
iliciary cuiiiiiiiltcu ; by JI r. b'unburu, tu pic
scrvc lish in bhatitick pund, lu Ciuncrul cuin
nilllcc ; by Mc I'ullcituu, to incurporatc
liljtl; iiiver JJurulu (Ju, tu cuuimillcu un
Muiiufucturcs j iiy Mr Cruuloy, tu provid
paymcnt to ulliccrs for tiavcl iu convcviii:
lliu votcs lor b'cuatora tu bu cauvassed, laid
upon thu lnblo : by Mr Footo, nrovidin" fur
c.ajsiliculiuii ot piiUls, ccc. iu ouu ur muic
ililncU, wlicn uxiJcUiciil, tu cuiiiuuttcu un
Ilt.tolutiuni. Iiy Mr Bacon, iniiuirins into
llio cxpciliciii-y ul I'.uinpliu" stoiK ol naciiui
ica iiiiiii laxaliun uuopUU ; uv Jlr ucwcy oi
(j, lixiii" Wouin'odav ucxl. 10 u'clock, lu uccl
U. a. bcnalor Jlr Vilaa iuuviil lu lay itupon
tho tablc, suppoilcd by Mr Pcck nnd eariud;
by Mr Trui-y, fur u sclcct comniiilcc lu intjuiru
as tu thu scikicus uud ( umpcuKittiuii fur llirt e
)ittiH p.ut oi liiuU cunimistioncrs aml uispcc
lor dUuntcil: liy Jlr t-uutc, iiistrucliiig Ju
diciarv ciiuimiltco lo iun'iiro iulu thu cxpcdi
ciiov of 1'iMn" halaiicji uf Sicrctary uf State
aud assislanl Sicr'.tnry, Clerk ul Iho IIouso
aud asitunt Clnk adontud.
1 lic Spcater uniiuuiiccatlio&lanuiugi-uui
uiiltLUS .-
B'nxi aml Mcans Mes.ra OuWCV ol CUUil
h.dl, Uaowtll, AdJiua cf O. I., N.uli, W h.t
OMIiiij Jlcssrs Uonani, riciu oi .ciana
ilui. BarrowH. lluntini:.
llanlnMfit llule, Aiulin,Tildcn, Ilicli
uiuiid ul Ucibv. Muv ul Wihtiiunstii.
JuJiciitiy Jluir. Tracy, Suiilli of St. A
l iiiitc, i'ccK. Jluit v.
.Mllitani .til'air Mcssrs Ciishman, Mur
tin. Wood. Jluzi.-v. Mav of Vet Fuiilcc
Ziu.iJi nml (,'kh.W.i Mtfssrn F.iirliaiil(',t'hcr-
iiiau. JinUou. iSmilli nl Cuvi'lldli. W lilltluw
litsotcencu Mt'ii'rs Ncidlwm of llnslul
c'lilla.u, Suiiili uf Bcnton, Biickmastur, Cur
.KWciiure Mcsfrs Ptibbiin", Nllco, l'dg
crliin, Divull, Itichiuuiid ul B.iruaid,
.1d.miicliirfj Jlei...a Cainpbcll, .Sawycr
u( lliijultuu, Ba'uuin, Scolt uf Fiunkliii,
l.anit T.txt t MchsrH Sn ycr nf Ilydcpark,
Jcnisuii, llcniuii, I.inciiln, iilcvnif.
(."fiiti-.i( L'tNiimKi .MtuiI'"Uch, Dcwov,
Iluward, Elli, li.iy iikiimI, Chipuiau, Bcach,
Carpenter of Wnilsfidd, ICineloy. riarmon.
IJoho of I.iinciiburqh, llaynes.
.Vucplioii Mcssra Piofd 0r AVilmlngton,
I.rowstcr, Luton, Lawrcnco, Twilight.
i-.niii Ltsl Mcssrs Morgan und Rlein",
Bennington county Ncucll and Bullocit.
Windham; Wilcox and Crowlcy, Rutland ;
1'oflcr uud IIu)good, AVindsor; Ellsworlli
und C'apcn, Addison ; Ilatch and Bacon, Or
unge; Parker and Allen, Cliillcndcn; Cady
nml Scott, Washinglon ; Bcmis nnd Way,
Culcdonia ; Orifwold and Dcc, Franklin;
Iluxtingsarid Ilinman, Orleans ; Scholl and
Applolon, Essex ; Qoodrich und Ilayncs,
Grand Islo.
DMrtbutlng Committet. Mcfsrs. llloonirr'
Muson, 1'aul, AVoodbury, Drnkr, NichoU,
Saxton, Adams, or Northlicld, Buck, Corsc,
Muore, Uolbrook, Dawson.
Jorph Somcrby, Dook-kcopcr,
i. u. aiciuiins, iMcsst-ngcr,
Vm. T. Burnliam, )
I.uinan llublcc,
oliicors of Iho Iiouse.
uci Dillinsa,
On niolion of Jlr. Sar"cant. iho
of clccliona had lcavo to ait during tho stlting
uf Iho llousc.
Mr. Sinith of St. A. nsked to bo excuscd
from ecrvice on tlio Judiciary cominittec not
Jlr Goodalo callcd up tho suspcndcd bill
for abolishing iinprisonmeiit for dibt, and af
tcr sonic convcrsution betwe&n Jlcssrs Oood
ale, Nccdham of B. und Tracy, in which it
waa inliinalcd Ihat the bill waa cut of thu
powcr of tho llousc, it ws laid upon thc ta
On inotion of Mr Tracy, a mcmotial a
guiust iho cstahlishmcnt of inonastcric9 in
lliis State, was rcfcrrcd to a select committco
of Ihrcc; und a mcmorial from sundry free
mcn of tliia State ou tho sauic subjcet was rc
fcrrcd to tho same commiltco.
A nuinhcr of inemoriols for prohbiting tha
ealc of ardcnt spirits wero prescnted, one reud
on motion of Mr l'itch, and rcf'-rrcd to thu
sclcct coniinittco on llio subjcet.
An nccuunt ol' II W Miller, disallowcd by
Iho audilor, was rcfcrrcd tu thu commiltec of
A petilion of Liilhcr Frost lor a fand tax
was ii fcrrtd to land tax commillce: a noti-
tion nf noleUmcn of Charleston that llio min-
islcr right lu land in faid lown bo appropriu
lcd lo schools, was rcfcrrcd to comm.ltcc ou
Kilucatiou ; a pctition ol the VI. Institute at
Hinesburg!!, to thc sainc comniittce.
On thctoint coinniittcu to dcsicnato commit
tco rooms, Jlcssra Vilts, Jlarcy nnd Dcwcy
of G wcrc appoiulcd. Adj.
2 o'cloclt, 1' M.
SI'NATE Sclcct committco on tho bill
pruvidimj for tho modo of elcction uf Goven-
, uk. Mcssrs nicriul, 1'ierpoint U Yoypg.
Jlr Phclps oflcrcd u resolution, askin" of
his Ex, tho Govcrnnr, copii'3 of tha report of
tho cominitlco lo sctlle llic conterns of tho
Slalc Piison, nnd ulsu a copy of the eupon'n
tenJanl's rcport for tho current ycar; rcad
und ou motion of Jlr Picrjioint, laid upon tha
Mr Ilaininond olTcTed a bill, ineorpornlins
thu Green Mountain Iron Company, at Bran
don. Rcad und rel'urrcd lo tho committco on
Mr Converse informcd the Scnato that tha
act dirccting tho modo ol electing Scnutura lo'
rcprcscut lliis Stalc in tho Cungieas of tho U
S. had bccn prescnted tu tho Gmcrnor for hia
signaturc, Oct. 1, 183G.
Jlr Bnsgs ollcrccl a bill incorporating tho
Salisbury uianufacturing company, fur tho
nianiifacturu uf woolleu and colton guods.
Iluad and rcfcrrcd to thc committeu on inanif
Thu clcrk of ihe houso informcd tho Scnato
that tho house had concurred in Iho resolution
for dosignating joint committeu rooms, by tho
appointmeiit ol a commiltco on its part, fur
that purposc,
Mr Beckwilh ollcrcd a bill, dirccling tho
Stato Trcasurer to pay tho town of Sutton
thc sum Ihcnn uieiilioucd ; rctcrrcu to ccm
inittco on claiuw, wheu
Tlio bcnato aiij.
IIOUSE. Tho following committccs wcro
anuotinccd :
On the Surplut Rtvtnuc Mcssrs. Fonto,
Niisli, Ilarman, Adams, DcweyufG., Fair-
lianl;s, l'eclt, bantunl, llule, napgoou, iuuy
of W., Sargcaut, und Judson.
On Lxiitndilurts for State iiouse--.uessrs.
Fitch, Conant, Nash, Richmond of D., Mny of
Mcssis. Fullam, Ncwcll nnd Stcbbins, on
Ihe bill to nnncx purt of sundry towns to Kir-
'Mcssrs. Colby, Smllh ofll. and Ilarrio, on
tho bill to nnncx Ilurlburt's Island to Geurgin.
Two mcinorials on the subjcet of the liconsu
laws wcro referred to tho sclcct cummittoo rai
sc(l uu u similar meinoiial.
Mr. Sargcaut, fiom tho committco of lcc
tinus, mado roport of two rcsolutionson j tho
Berlin case, viz: that Jamca Currieris nol en
titlcd to a scat, and that Orrin Smitti U enti
llcd lo a scat. Jlr. Pcck niovtd that tho tc
porl bu laid upon Iho tablo: ngrccd to.
Mr. Fitch movtd rt rcconsidcration of Iho
leferenco ycslerday oftho subjcet of iho Cale
donia Gruuimnr School landsi Mr. Slcvcns
oppnscd, and Jlr. Sniith of St. A. Fitch aml
Tiacv PiipporUd tho niulion, and it was carri
cd and the pctiliun icfcncd lo thu committeo
ou ciliic.itiun. , ,.
ltitli IntroJucedYly Jlr. Ilatch ccunh
v.uig the iiaviucnt lo thc siatu of bank div
idcnds, reijilirinj? 15 per ccnt. liom nllbanU
hercallcr chartcrcd or rccltarlured, to bo
paid to the state ou thcir senii antiual divi
dciul.s refcrreil to the counnitleu on banka ;
bv Jlr. llradlev, tochange llie namc ofPnt
llanlev, ordcred to a third reading; by Mr
Nichols ofll. U icpcal tlio act rcgulatinf?
thu practioo of jihvsic aml surW, rcjccted
on tliu iiucstion of ordcr rg it to a Beeond
reading ; rcconsidered, nnd tho bill referred
lo tho coinmittce on Kdccation ; by Mr.
Faiibanks, rclativc to weignts aim maa
urcs, referred to sclcct cotmmttee. His
pctition of J. l.oomis, for indcninitUtiou
fur losscs occnMoucd by n buapiMisioii act.
wns referred to tbc conunitli'c uf cbinis ; ot
lico. Nilcs, aiidofWilliuin lltownnnd otk
crs, to coiuuiiitcu on Hoadk aud Caimls.
Tliu ciuiimlttu ou Commtttce nooinn,

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