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State journal. (Montpelier, Vt.) 1831-1836, October 25, 1836, Extra, Image 1

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Wovcmbcr 8.
of Ohm.
AppointnJ by Jcns Auui, afid re-appointrtl by
Alr JicrrKuioN tiommr of llio tt ti itury oflnd-
fiavm IM)I.
13)' Mt Madiiox, com-nmdcr in cliief of ttia North
Wmtcrn Army, in IfllS.
II r his riLi.on- citizem in Oliia a inembi'rof Con-
groit, in 1816.
Bv the I.Kuut.Ti.nc ofOhi", n !5onalr of tho U.
auioj in IS'J : and
f)y J. Ci. AtiAMi, Minlitor Plmipatcntiary to thc
7liiuuMic of Columbia in 1828.
' I conlcrhl that tho itrnnpnt of nlt jjovrrnmonts
13 lliat nhlcli li mnl freu," llamron.
"To be oslgcmrd ominrntly jreat, it ia ncccitary
tolm eminently god." ariiicm.
"Tho pcoplo of thc Unitcd Statox : May thcy cr
or rutiiemtitg that to prcsOivo thcir hberlica ihoy
niust do thuir own votinand tlieir own fistitin.''
M thiuk that impriawimt-nt for debt, undcr nv
vircutnstance5f but that whcrv fraud is allctlfd, is
M nr wilh llic best prineiplcs of our coiialitulion,
smJ oiii;ht tu bs abiiluhsd. Ilirr'nm.
Urn Harrison ha buen mimi."..it..M by ruurfl than
t htiidrnl mteVmztoC the pcoplo in llioif primary
imotnbliui, iml iy stals convciilimu in thc slatcs
if Virginia, Pcnnsyhatiia, Nou-JrrRcy, Indiana,
Msrj1.mil, hi"i Vrrmont, KvnMicky, l)lnware,
Nrw-YorL, Uonncelicul und lMnitio.
H is pledjjcd
To rtl'irm vXMiing abusos :
To eonnmy la thn ailfninintration uf gwvcritnujnt.
To m.iitiUin iimolutc tho CenlitiitiXjii.
To rcrrr uut thu CoMi'R'inE act of 1833, nnd
thiw p'rotcel the great ititurcnts ul Amcucuu Aj-
nculturo, Mamilactorcs ond Conirnrcc.
To dindr the SJcnrLUi UtTCffUK uiiuqj; tho scv-
erol slatct: nnd
To run but fr tant.E tesx.
f lh cafUMr of ti!en. Harrtn I nd not ipoak
;hc hmtry of the West ia his bistnrj. l'or ibrty
jnt he haf bn tduntifiod itn ita' intcresti, ttit
pvrtlc nnd ita bopes. Uoivorbilly bclovud in tho
valks of prace. and dUtinHi?ht'd hy his nbtlity in
tko counjla of his couotry, he itas tccii yet nioro
DluiirWMiIly distiiijuuhcd'in thu fjld.'- ii'tWil.V,
of Kow Vojk.
JAUEZ l'IlOCl'01l,
Montpelier, Oet. 50, 1B0G.
I'ursuitnt to tltc call from the Smtc Com-initt.-c.
the l'ricmU i)f IIAUIUSON aml
fi'ltANGliR asu-niltletl ntlln: Courilliuisi'
in Mtintiiolicr, on thc 20tli inst. nt mc o'
clock, 1. M.
Thc Convcntion w.na callnl tn onlor by
Hon. Milton Drown, rlininiinnof llic State
Ctittiniittcp, nnd nrgnnii'.ftl hy tho nppoiut
me.tit of tlie iollowing oftii-.crd, vi. :
Hon. Samncl C. Craft, l'rcsident.
Hon. Mark Riclianls, i
Hon. Hcnry F. Jantrs,
Gen. Mnrtfn Flint, )
John W. Smilh, ?
Fi-rraml F. Merrill. i
Sccrcta) ies.
Oa tnol'ion ol'.Mr. Ilroivti. Hon. Willianij
PU'le, Hon. Hilanil Hall, Solonintt Foolc
liiqr., Hon. Milton Drotvtt, ('ru. Martin
Fliut, Hon. Harvcy JJcll, nml Ceorge 15.
ChamUer, Eq.. worc nppointcil a commit
tt;o to ilraft rMulutiom htiJ alt njilrcss to
tha t?op1c.
'I lie Cmirt House heing HWuDkicnt to
cont.iin thc itictnbcrs ofihc Con-ention
on mntion, tltc Convcntion mljournctl to tho
IVick Mectini; House, nt 1 oV.loe.lr, V. M.
Thc Coitventioa tnet purananl to ad
jornin',nt. Hon. Hil.iml Hall from thc r.onmiitlec to
(iral't rcHolutions, gumrnitteit llie followiii;,
uliiclt werc mloptt'd, viz :
Iletaleed, That thc peoplc of Vermont,'
from tltc carlicst tlawn ol thi'ir political cx
iitcnea to thc preaent iiioiiiKttt, havc itcad
ilv mantfftsted tlicir dce) ittlachmenl to re
publican inititutions, and thcir capacily to
preservc nnd dcfcnil thin, 03 well naiiist
titc assaults td'prclendi'tl fricndt, ns the opcn
ntlar&s of ur.lnovlcdt;(:d cnetnies ; and that
jiow, in Novcmbcr 18SK, thcy will not i'or
tho fint timc dcnart from tlieir aticient
nrineiplcf, Iwt will proclaitn them frotn tltc
liallot boxca in n voica that t;hall neilher 1-e
m'ntaken, nnr miKundcrtilood.
UesoJeed, That thc peoplc of Vermont
ijw with nlarm aml tihhnrecc thc npun,
aeknowlcdged tvnd undiiiiuivd efl'orm of
(.. Jackson, hy tnana of thc moni-y of
thc people, oflh'c p.ttronaijo ol thc i;ovcrn
tticnl, und ofhw own pcrsojtal cleolioncci
int; cxerliotn, to a)potnt,for thoCountry, a
q'tccsssor to thc I'resitk'iwy ; cffort", whir.h,
il t!n;y rcmnin uurelniks.-d hy the p 'oplc,
.,'in.niii'ilU. prMivnrt tluun inlo tho fsiM'W ol'
a monarehial tlynasty, leaving llirttt hnt thc
furins of lilertv withoul the htibilaee.
Uetolved, That the people of Vurmont,
nppnsetl, thcv Itavc tinifonnly boon to
thf illeijal and tWing asMimptionsol'pow
.r ii tir.-iinr rxorjtlivc Cliifl Mauu-
irate oftho IT'itti'tl Slatcs. nnd to tnokt of
Ihe olhor promint'til arls of h'u udminiMia
tlon, catinot Yilhout nn cniirc itbantlon
iitfttt of thcir Ibnner jrincipU-p, give in
tlicir adhcsion to Martin Vnn Uurnn, his
iiiHnineo fpr Ihe I'lwidency, whcn thcy
1 now from indtthiiable uvideiK1, as well an
rom hls-own doclartttion, that thc grenl ob
ccUnfhi tidtninislralirm, if clwrcd, vrlll
be, to 'c.arryotit thc prineiplcs tvhielt Gen
Jnckeon has bccnn."
Jleiolred, That in thc ntanifestalion of
tho Bcn'.imcnls of Martin Vnn llurcn ast dc
clarcd ity tho ncts oi his political lil'e, wc
I! . ..!.!. .t
tHi;ovLT onbiiiiiL; ii i iMiuitwii wiui uiusu oi
thc )coplc of thia state, hnt on thc contrary
a totni disrcizard for thctn ; nnd in themcan
scn'ility to thc will of tt tnastcr, whiclt
prompted him, wilhotit a blttuh, to proelaim
to the world that " it was his Billlio.icnt
plory to wrve unrier Rttch n cliief," wc
h'nil'hiiii lo have itnhibcd notions trtily con
sonaiit U) the fcvlint; ofa slnve, hnt nttcr
l' tlinslinir to att indepcndcnt frccinan.
llctolved. That Martin Van IJtircn, m
his opposition to tltc dijtribution of thc sur
j pltis revcnuc hai bclraycd nn utter tiiarc
gard to thc intcrestc ol thc peoplc, de.siring
rathcr to l.ecp thc pttblic money undcr Ihe
j oontrol of thc cser.titivo, willt whiclt to in
. crcase his nrmy of nierccnaries and rcward
his favorilos, than to distrihtitc it ntnong
llie pL'oplc to whom it rtylitlully hckmrrs.
Resolecd, That thc prcscntcrisis in o'ur
national nll'airs ralls loudly upon thc friends
of thc cohalituiion nnd our comtnon cotiit
try, i'or thcir united nnd tintiriny cxertioiia
in clcvatiiiij to tho oflices of l'rcsident and
Vicc I'lOsiiTent of this reptiblick, mcn whosc
aim shall bc thc cotnmon wcal and thc coun
try's good, rather than sclf aLtjjrandizement
or thc nilvancemcnl of parly."
Resolved, That thc I'atriotism, TalentF.
Political Honcslv and I'rivalc Virlucs, of
WiM. HF.NRV JlAltltlSON'and FKAX
CIS GHANGF.K, jtpstly cntitlc them to tho
confidcnco and snpport of tlicir fcllow citi
zcris and thatwc hail thcir. noinination ns
the liarhingcr of bctlcr tlnys to lliis peoplc,
and look fiirward lo tlieir clection aa the
tcrmination of a dark day, and tho roin
nicncenient of a bright erainour political
LEN. On reading tho 7ih rcaolulion,
Mr. A rcmarlccd, that he was dcsirona to
sny a word or two in rclation to it, beforc
thc fiicnlion was taken. Hc hnd wilncs
sed with pleasnrc, the growinijintorcat Ihat
was manifeslcd throughout the country in
behalf of Gcn. Harrison, ns a r.andidate
Ibr thc first ollice in the gift of thc peoplc.
It had becn a niisfortiitic to his frienda that
hc had not bccn bvought into theficldat nn
carlicr day. In nll cnndiilacios tor oflioo, by
thc Suni-agcs of the peoplc, it waa thcir pe
ctilinr right to investigatc thccharaclcr and
morits of lhoc who nrc prcscntcd to tlieir
noticc, and in the eloclion of so high nn olli
oer m (hc Cliief Magistratc oflhc Unitcd
Slates, it ivas nntonly tlieir righf, hnt it
liccanic thcir imper.ttivc iluiy, to canvass
with thc utmost scrutiny the talcnts, integ
rity and political sentinicnls of thc cnndi
ihiles who might bc proposod. His dcsiro
was that rnch might bc the rottrsc in the
present rase. He wished that thc hintory
of Gen. Harrison should bc well undcrstood
bcforc a jttdgtncnt fihonld bc iroii(mncod
upon him in' rogard to his chnrae.ter nnd
capabilily to cxcr.ntc the dtitics of an oflice
so clevnied and of Btich V ist importaticc.
Aft'er an oxniiiintinn, with thc scvorest
ucriitiny, hc believed Gcn. Harrison would
not bc fo'und wanling, but would bc pro
notinced eniincntly (itialified for thc pcr
formancc of all its rcquircments.
Gen. Harrison has had tnuch cxpcricnec,
both in miiilary nnd c.ivil lil'e. Tliirty-rit'lit
vcan of it had' becn, almoit cxo.hisivcly, dc
voted to thc scrvitic of his country, and hc i
felt him-iclf jiistificd in saying, to thc cntire
u-ttislao.tion of all thc F.xcciitlve Chief Mng
islralcsof thc I!nitod .Stalcf!, as well ns of
thc pcopV, whosc riglila, tnterests and hve.i
it hnd becn his ollicial husiness to protect I
and dofend diiiing nll ih.tl long pcnod ofj
1 l!n hiil.li.i cnix'iniid liOffl n IU f ift Pl I 1
as 1791, and at thc ngc of 1H vcare. He
was then apiinted by Gcn. Washinglon
to thc offiec of Ensign in thc nrmy of thc
Unitcd Statcs, raised for Ihepurposo ofdo
fcnding our Wcstcnt Ironticre against the
drprodationa of tlie hostile navages theit in
nmi. He immediatcly wi.-ut iiiln active
servico, nnd being promolcd to the ollicc of
Lietiteuant, M-rvcd undcr (Jen. Wayne,
and ns his aid, tn tho final tlefeat ot thc
Indians in '04. Atiionjrst other proofs thnt
hc acquilted liiniBelf lo'the cntire nalisfac
tion, not onlv ol thc eommanding General,
but of thc C'hicf Magistrnte, Mr A refer
rod lo the facl that hc was immcdiatcly
thereafier, promoted, hy General "Wash
ington to the ollice of Captnin, and had
cotifitled lo him n scparnlc command ofthc
most impot tant poU on our fronlier. In
this cotumand hc was enntimied until '97,
when, having provcil himsell equal lo cve
ry pluoo. to whie.li he had been nppointed,
lie was taken from Ihe nrmy aml p'aced by
th same venerated Cliief MngHtralo in
tln: rcnponsihlc station of Secrelary of the
North Wcstcrn tcrritory. who iu the nh
sonce of the Govcrnor, would bccome thc
urtimr Execulivo Chiol Magistrule of that
Govoni nt. His capabilily nnd powcrs
as a civil olliocr hoing ilioroughly known to
the p"opl:' of that part of the Union, Mr
liarrisoti was, oy im'ii sunrngta, uiixicu no
thcir first dologa'to to tho Cungrcsaol thc
United Stalos. In this new silualioii, ni
ihe ago of 50, his talents wt'ie biio.Ii, iu the
eslimuti'Jti of llnt body, that be was np
pointed chairntan of n coinniittec in rela
lion lo thc publio tlumaiii, nnd his nble ro
nnrt nn ihit siihioct. whifh was on rrieil oul
bv a Konoral hiw rf"?ilating tiur rystem of
iiantt itiics, ooiiiiruu, ni iiik miiimi wAnin,
thc wisdom of that body in plar.ing him at
the head ot bo important a comrnittee. His
nextiippoiiitrnent to oflice, in thu Civil Ue
parlmciit,.was to thnt of Govcrnor of llie
indMtin Terrilorv, made bv ihe cldcr Ad
nms, in iho year 1800. This offiro wus
(iitiuHl t Iiim by appotalwsnU of the
euccccding I'rosidents, Jcflcrfion nnd Mad
ison, nnd at thc Rolicitslion of thc Leirislativc
body ovcr whom hc preaidcd, until 1S18.
His cmincnt rucccs3 in thc manairemcnt ol
thc allairs of that tcrrilory tluritig thu ie
riod ol" 13 vcarf, his ability tttit! liniitics?,
as well as ju.sttcc nnd htiuianity townrd thc
numerous tribes of Indians within that
tcrritorv, nltcst his Buticrior nower liir
thc e.xccutioii ol lliat trust. liclbrc quit
ting this ollicc for nnother, for which thc
cxigencics of the country deniandcd hii
serviccs, hc was conipollcd to gird on the
ariiiour of war in delbncc of Ihc inhnbit
anls of that tcrritory ng.iinst thc ravages
nnd rnassaorcs of n ruthless savagc Ibc ;
nnd his sticcess in thc tr.cmorablu hattlc of
181 1, at thc 1'ronhcls lown, and his Ktriot
command to Uia troopa to sparu thc lives of
nll who cotiiii lie iirottulit to ceasc Irom re-
Ri3tancc, cvinced, notonly his potvcri, but
J i is nxcu principiesoi nuiuanity tonn cnemy,
who disregarded nll rules of civili.cd war
f'arc. From thc carly part of Ihe last war to
181-1, nr.titij? ns a Maior Gonernl in the ar-
mv of thc United Statefi, his progrcss is fit
nnliar to nll. His forcitur'the enemv ottt of
our territories after ropeatcd engagements,
anil nt lengtli in iHia, tlieir signal dcleat
at tho hatlle ofthc Thanics, and thus clos
ing thc strugglc in that Rcction, arc ncts
wfiich, if dtilv npnreciatcd, catinot f.til lo
estahlish his tttlc to the eharacter of an ef-
lieient nnd powcrlul commander.
In 18M hc resigncd his contniission nnd
rctired lo privatc life. Uut nnt bcing per
mittcd to rcmnin in that silualioii, hc was,
in a fhort time iheicnftcr, clccted hy thc
voiee ofthc peoplc of Ohio, to the ollicc of
Ileprosonlalivo in Ihe Congrcts of tho l 'ui
ted Statcs, and subseqttently, hy thc Le
gislature ol that State, a Senator in f'ou
grcss. .Sustaitiing himself in lhee ofllecs
with great repulalion mlil 1828, hc was
tlren rcquircd to fill Ihe iinportaut station
ofmtnistcr Plenipotentiary to thc llepttblic
of Columbla, onc of tfitf moit inixrtnt
missions from our (iovcrntncnt, reqniring
talcnts of thc highest order, nnd a miiid of
richost r.ultivation.
Mr. Harrison rcpaircd to thc placc nf his
destinatioii, was receivcd at that Cottri willt
marks of piitlnisiasttc respoct, nnd enlered
upon thc dtttit'S of his tnissiou ; but in a
nhort timc thercnfler, nml bcforc givitiii
him timc to nccompliah nny of the objecls
of his mksion, he wub reea'lled by the pre
Rcnt chicf magistratc, to i.iakc room lor a
favored parti.an. S'ncc that period Gen.
Harrion has been in comparntivu Beclusion,
n prac.tical fitrnier, in his farnritc rctrcal,
at North Urnd.
The variotts olliccs that havo bcrn con
ferrcd upon him, both roilitary and civil,
and ihe manner hc hnd sustaincd them,
havc been glnnced at to bIiow that hc had
enjoyed the continued coiifidenoc of tho
peoplc, and ofcvery iidiniuistrntion, from
Ihe cnmmenecinent'of the govenimcnt to
thc present timc, with the cxccplioit ofthc
last; and no rcaons wore cver exiiresscd,
and none could be impliod, fiir n uant of
thc snpport ofthc present chief MagiMrato,
exccpt that Genoral Harrison cotild tiever
sttllcr hitnsclf to be degradcd to the lcvcl of
a partisan politician.
No othcr ronclusion r.oitld with candor
bc arrived nt than that hc was a innn of
most dislinguijhed talcnts, and of sounil
moral inlcgrity.
Hnt, Mr. A. remarkcd, thcsc qtialifion
tions wcrc not r.ullicicnt to commnnd his
vote, without n full knowledge and convic
liou ofthc Founduc5s of the Bcuiiments nnd
opitiinns of tho caudidntc on the promiuent
tiffrpl irtln rfintitrv nt tli( nri'HPnt ihiv
0 Usi be atisficd of thc noundne.4S o
i3 prici,i..a in rclation to thc cotitiuuation
f ,IC 0tcv r ;i tarilli niotecling the
l . .t X . .1 . . . I . f .
indtistrv of tfic North; to thc propiieiy ol'
diBtributhi'f tho surphi3 revcmtc nmongst
the States ; of dividing, iu the sntue way,
thc prnrccds ofthc sales ofthc public landr,
or so intieh of them as should not be ueed
ful for Iho ordiuary wnnts of the govern
tncnt ; his Kentiments in rcgatd to :in ox
peniliinio from the public tiensury, of mon
ey for necdful worki of intcinal improvc
ti'u iit of c.triclly n national chnrnci r;
whether hc would rcstrict to its properlim
ils thc vcto powcr; what his Roiitimonts
wcre in relalion to thu right of expiiiiging
Icoiii llic reoorilu ol eiilier House ol Lon-
gross tlieir recordril iroccediiigs ; Sc what
lus scnliments were m rclation tonparty
testnsnqualificnlioii for political iirelermoni.
Ile rcgrottcd oxccdiuglv that hc htitl not
timc lo euler iuto a separatcexaminatiim of
thc exprcstcil opmions ol tcnernl llarn-
son on cacli ot iiicbc topics. ilo mtiil tic
salisfied iu naying, that wc havc his npin-
ious nnd tientimenls clearly exprofseil on
thesc nnd various other .'nil J' cts ; thoy had
becn readilv given ; eould hoar but ono e.on-
struction ; and wcre sulneient lo batisly him
of tho Botiudnrss of his jiolitieal opluiims on
nll those quettioiis ; nml as he iirnil.v he
licvcil Gcn. Harrison would earryotit those
Kcntimenis, and in hi ndministraiion, would
itillexibly kcep wilhin iho limiuds of llio
consliliilion, nml Kupport thosi- great in
terosls, which would rwsult iu tho hest good
ofthc whnle tuiion, he most lionrtily eon
currcd in tho resolutioti jusi rond, nml hop
cd it woulil he liminiiiioiisly tulojitod.
Hetolved, Thnt we congratulatc our
fcllow cili.cns ihmugliout the country upon
the niispicious rcKtilt of our reccnt otnte
elections nlfunliiig ns (hcy ilo tho ino.t
dcclsive nnd ehecriiig uvidencc that Vcr
motil will contintio. lo adhcro to nnd bus
tain the Rtand nhc has taken notonly in her
princiiles of national jiolicy, hul nlao iu re
lalion tosecrct Rocielies aml ntiy nnd evcry
opW)silinn lo the Biipvemacy ol'the constt
tution und Inwe.
ReioUed, That scret (ocictics are in-
cotnpatiblc willt thc gcnius and spiiit of n
frec govcrnmeni, and that nuy nttempt lo
rcinstate or revivc thoni iin'iong tis, will
he met on our part with thc most uiicom
promisitig opposition.
Hon. Williani Slado, from llic satnc ooin
millce, prcsenled the Iollowing Ainmi;s
to ths liecnieu of thc State of Vermont,
which waa read aml iiiiaiiimously ndoplcd,
v.7. :
To tiik FitLr.Mn.f or thi: Sxatc oy Vermont:
Fullow CiTtzK.Ns : Tho ncciirrcncn of
nny great crisis iu llic nlhtiri of n coniiiiu
nity justifictt tho usscuihlilig of its citi.ens
to cuustilt in rcgnt'd to tho cninmon safely,
nnd coucert incnsiires for llie comitiuti good.
To (lo so iu tho existing crisis in our iia
tioiial nllliiis is tho tmric.-c which has
nddressus yott.
Ono of llio highns't tltitica dovolving on
uruuniii lUL'euicr tuo vo ovumiuii iuiu nuw
y on ns rrcemcu i" uhout lo lie pciloriucil.
As ciuciis ol n great Kopuhlic, j ott uro to
cxercisu ihe hiirh tircrotrntivuof irivimr vottr
voiee i.i iho Bslection of its Chicf Execu -
livo .ungislrato ; oml we ure uow nsseiniilcil ) " l hc rccent (leiuoiiitralion ol ptimc senti
to dolihcrato upon tho ipiostiona involvcd mcnt" saiil the l'resident in ihal iuhlres?
iu this clecliou' lo exehaiiL'c freoly our "inifiihos ou thc list of cxeciitivc duties, in
viowi, nml lo exprei-s to ou and to thu
world, in tho RPiiit aml langungo of I'ree-
meu tliM rctilt of our iluliliciatious.
I'o our niuirehciisioii, thoru has hocn no
cnm.H iu llic luslory ot our national ,'overn
nieiit, involvitig moro (hreetly Ihiiu Iho doin ot olcclions." I hus spako (ien. Jnclc
prcscnt, tho ptiuciples nn whieh our ropuh- ' sou to tho assoinhled Ucpie.seiitnl'ncs ofthc
licnn institiitions aro Imsctl. Tho otlico of ' proplo, on tho -1th of March, IK'lt; cndycl,
Chiof.Magiitralo of tho I.'nitcd ritates is linin thnt iiioment to the prcfCtit, ns yoti,
iirined with groat powcr. That tiowor is lellow eilizcnF, wdl knoiv, it has liceii tho
undor tho eontrol ofu citilo will ; nnd thnt
will po.-sepscs tho mosuis of it proiupt, clli -
cient, uinl (laiigcrou.s oxoreiic. 1 his iian -
gcr cxi-t.-', not nlono iu the I'lMsidcnt'.s ('on-
stitutiumil powcr of oxecuting tho luw,
nur in hi.spnrticipatioti iu thoir cnnctniont ;
hut it nistiuirs its most learful lorin iu iho
i.M't.rt.Tcn ichich he is enubkd to cxerl upon
thc dccisions ofthe othcr bnmehrs of tlie gor-
t'tii)i,i. I hf itiilpitnliilnlirn nf fiirll
hninoli, forms the great eouscrvalive pnn-
..M.v.... -
eiplu of tho Constitution. l.ct cither ne-
quire, hy nuy nio.ans, u eontrol ovcr thc dc -
lihcratioiis aml nrtiou ot tho. olhers, nml llic ; not a fclatc or County in thcu hole eoiiipass lact, that the project of reditciug nnd grad
balimeo of the Constilulion is dostroyed. of this I'niou, in which "tlie pulronai'e oi unting thu prico ofthe nublic lnnds. nnd fi-
Givu that eontrol to tho Chief Execiitivo
iMiiL'itinte, nml thc uovcrnmeiit is, m eflcct,
Irausturiueil irom n iicptiDiic to iiniounrciiy.
Tho reccnt coursu of our national ndniiu-
'stratton has sirongly ilevelopcu llus iian- tnm thc jrccdom oj ileclwns, lor llio pur
ger. Thu powur ofthc presiilont hus boen poso of elevatiug tho rie.-ident'.s fuvorito
..n.t..nll. nMiiiiiniiln.l tiiiil lln. Mtlu.r lif'ilwli.
esof 1 1 1 c"k vo ri i i ti ! ii t irriuh i al ly druwn with -
in thu vorte.v of his itifhicucc ; so thnt tho
iiiilviiom now to he dccided, in tho telee-
.'. .1.:- ...i! :. l l
uuil v'l iiun ouiuui, iitii iucii.ty ii.n
nicasurcs ahall bo ndoptotl durini' his tid -
hiiuiMrntiou nlli'rting thu curioiil inteicsts
ofthe pcoplo ; hut ic-htllier thc ConslituUon
shall bc prcsciTcd inviolate whcthnr cueh
ilcparliiient of thu govorniuent shuli rntuiu
ils just preiogalivc?, nml niove m its loii-
stitutioiial sphcre, or thu uholc bu suh
jocted to thu overahadowing inlliiciieo
of nsinglo uian ; whether, in short,tho ptiro
rtjiublicunism of ths Constitution slmll lie
ictnuicil, iu its Iiim vigor,or w netiicr u mmi,
in thc ini-iilioim nrniircMi of usiiipt'd po.vcr,
and pervciU'd inllucuec, bu ciushed and
Thes3 nrii qucstions which foicc thcin
sclves upon thccoui'iilerutioiiof the pcoplo
nf ilin I! . Smtrs nt the iiunroaohimr clection.
Subordinato to lliein, uro othurs, uhich ing his oaily nnd honest fticmls introdu
coi.cern the tinliev of llio govciiiinent, iu ciug to his eonfideiico n eorps of moreeiiu-
tcgaid to thu various imor.'Ms io nu iiiiuie
diatuly nfl'ected hy l.eis!atin actiou.
Such uro tho ipie-lious togaid'ng thu col
lcction, safo kcopiug, und dishutsenient of
thc public rovenuo; tho iiinnngcment nnd
ilisp'oilion of thu public lnnds; proteetion
to thu iudustrj of thu coiiuny hy un adu
qttate turilV; iho f.icililutiiig of intorrourBe
nml romtnerec by toads nnd ciuials; llio
prcsonaiion of n boiiml cuiTcuey ; and llio
I'rcc and iiunstriotiil iiiteichunge of opiu
innsund fecliugs hetwcon llio various seo
tions of Ihu oouutry, uhieh is ncccssnry to
coiitiiniu lis "ono peoplc.' l''ellow citi.elis.
We u:-k jott to coiuo to thc devis'ou of tho
Ki-Hiit iiiic.-tion of Iho Prosidenoy, in full
IIIC.SO liieu iuiu cuniiimiiuiii
, -
pmithlpt:itirins. It is not u nucstioii lo ho
dceidod hy iuipulscs;
I- . . .. ... I ..II...I
nor lo hu conliullcd
bv thu inllueiiec ot purty names, nml thc
powcr of ;mri prrjudicr. 1 ho i.NvuuniTV
or Titc CoNSTiTt'Tio.N is involvcd. That
Consliliilion it u your lnisiness to iiiuler-1 was "swjjkicnl glory to snvc undcr such a
Btntid, to watch, uilh slecploss ji'ulou'y, j CliicJ" and iu inoulding his wholu ndmin
nvi'iy tmdoney to ils poi veisioii, nml to i itration uith n lew louceoinplijh tho cnds
teo lliat no iiiiui is pcruiitted lo winld the i of a nellish liinbilion.
inighty powcr of ils Chicf F.xeciilivu Mugis- Tho oaloiiliitingand ontrupt policy which
irnte, i ho has not tpvou proof that ho loves ih'libcralcly dictatod this pcrvi'r.sioii of tho
ils MOlcd pnnciplfrt inoto iiiiui no lovcs
Who vhnll bo svlooted to dWehnrgc lliis
high trust? Wheio is llio iiiiui who hus
drunk so dcrply into thu spii it of Iho Fnlh
urs of tho l!opuhlio,iiuilsothnj iiulily cvin
ced, hy n long ooiiimi of sorxioc, his dii'in
teremed dcvollon lo ihu publio t'ooil, as to
bu wotthv ihu ooulidonoe of u natiou of
freciiieu? To dowvu lliat foiifidei:oe,
liu miist ho soincthiiig nioi'othan u riiniiiiig
polilieinn. Ilo must Imvo boon dMiuguish
ed Ibr soivii-o ofu liir highor grado than
rnn bo foiiud iu ihu nicro lcador id'n parly.
Hu miist bo moro fiimiliar wilh tho Con
nlitutioii linin wilh tho .cunMrtielion nnd
nioM'uienls ol Pnrlv Mnoh'uierv ; and hnve
lourneil to itliit) thu oflicu of Chief ilngis
ttato, tnoro lor its powcr of confcrring hcu
otiw upon tho cotiutrv, than of minisieritig
lo tho Minbitlon of a Pat ty Cliief, nnd bind
inp to hisiutei i'sis.uiid druwingin hUlrniM,
u host of nicrceiiary dciiondBiils
llofore uiisweiiug llio quciilion, who ti
llie iiinii, wu will sny to you, fi'llow ciliiteiii',
who, In our opiuie:i, is rt llio imui, tu b
snfcly intrtistcil with yoiircoiifiilcncnnttliis
iuiporiant crisis?
And hcro wo pay, ntonoe Ilo is tmr,
und cnntiot hc, iho iunn who has heeu " The
Fnlhtr ofthe. obnoxioua mcautrcs nthe pres
cnl ndministraiion,'' nnd pledgcd himself to
" ptrfccl what 6'eti. Jacfoon has begun," To
Iho lendiug niOHSiiresof this ndtiiiuistrntion,
whcthor tieting its " Atititnnsons," or undur
thc distiiictivu nppcllntiou of " Whigs," wc
havo been tiiiiforinly opposcd. Our oppo
sition htis beeu bnsed upon prineiplcs which
ilo not rhnngo with iho winds, or cbh nnd
flmv with tho lides. Timo nnd usngo pos
sess, with tis, no powcr to sanciily cor
rtiptioii. Tho polioy which wus discloscd
hy tho ndliiinistrntiou scvcn yc.'trs n''o,
whcreby llio viist Exectilivo powrr of tlio
goveriimunt was perverled froni ils Consli
tutional oxcrciso, to tho iuriob-o of huild'utg
up n great liXeciltivo I'nriy, isjust nsnmch
nt war with our priticiplcc, and just ih ah-
, no rrcni lo our iisuiiiiki
now, as wheu its
' dcformity was lirst icvenled. Wu wcrc
shockcd, und so wcro tho great body of our
lellow citizens tu tlns nlnte nt thc (jross iu-
ooiisistcncy lietween the prolesoionsot Ueti.
, .Inckson, iu his first Itiaiiiirnl nddrcss, nnd
1 tho praeticc which iiiiiiiodintcly lollowod it.'
"charactcrs toulvgtblo to lioovcrlooKc(l,tho
'la-k ofreorm, whieh rcquirc?, partictilarly,
"llie correotion of those nbliscs that httvo
"hrotiylit tho patronngo ol tho I'cilernl
i "Govonitiicnt into coulliet with tho freo-
unoeasiiig ril'oi t of his utl mitiit rntiou lo
' liisten on thu country, as n p:u t of its scttlcd
1 polioy, tlie very twuscs whieh it was thtts
jnoteuilcii hati hocn discovcred, nnd ilius
iiomiHcd should he refijiiuetl. I'rofessions
id'rftreiichiiicnt aml I'conoiny havo becn
followeil hy the nildilion ol hnudrcdsto tho
' uiinibfr of Exocutive olliccrs, nml millions
. to tho utiioiiiit of uatinual expcnditure;
ulittr llip tivt nrr.'iv nt ftfttim linrr hppli
...w - . -
oihcr silenrcd hy tho foar of rcmovnl, or
ffiideied boisterous partiaiis hy thu be-
1 btowinout of E.xccutitu fnvnr. Thnro is
thc 1'cderal Clovcrnnunl," which was to bo
lestrmucd, iu ohodiom'c to tho inetended
i "rreinonsmifiou vj pwnic scmimmi, is uot,
al this momciil, bi'oughtiiitodircet "conjlict
I ti llnt l.-it.li1tittj (Mia'ii. n
j ucio is not nn
1 clecliou to cither braneli of Congrcfs, nor u
proiiiim.'iit inoaMiro pnscnted for dclihcra -
tion iu either, whieh dors not li:cl the pow-
.!.;.. :..n .. V.,- il.tj ..11 1.
i'i iii inin iiiuni u v. .iui ii niw ... i ii
It is
' uot ciioiikIi that tho iiiiiiicnse patronago of
' tho govciiiinont should hu thtis wiclded to
eontrol thu populiir will. unn J'resiilenl
himself yesthe Chuf Mngistrate oj this
grcul nution, opcnly tultrs thc lists, and
slmuls Ivrlli tne unaisguisca euampwn oj
Martin I'un Itinen f'ir thc suecession!!
This is tho nnii, fcllow citizcri", whotn
y tt aro itrgcil to suppoji tor uio nigiiesi oi-
I tico iu tho pcople's gili ; und this is thc
inmi wnoin we siiiciiiu y ucriare iu you, wu
, ciimiot. nml will not, eupport. Wu havo
secii him suddonly chatige from thc violcnt
oppoiiont, lo the ariicui supporicr, iuiu uu
soiiio flattoror of Gen. Jneloou. Wo havc
seen him wortning his way into his confi
doncc hreakin'' up his Cabinets piosciib
rios. nml obtiiiniii''iob,scpsiou,lhrou"h thesu
nicans, of his iniiucnsc inllucuce nnd powcr, J
to nid iu llie ooiisuiiunniioii ui nisiieMgii ui
rciichiiiL' thc L'rent nbjcet ot lus ar.ilntioii.
II (Jen. Jacksoti'.s iiiid-iidiiiinUtintiou hnd
boLii the moro to.-ult oi lus own impetuotts
iinctfiiii. niwl liahitnal loo of powcr. wc '
oould havo better horliu il. Wo should 1 i
htnu had, nt U,nt, ihu consolatiou that it
spruiig, from n spirit whieh had "dono tho
stnto soiiic Hcrvice," nml inigbt havo bccn
coneeivfd iu nn hiiue.t purpto, lliough cx-
uouled iu iletiimeiit to thu public welfnre.
,,. . ii... i ... .l :.. .. O....
and which should Imvo l'mitnl mcnns lo
.....nl !.. i'i. nrnll'd .tl'Ahlf rincBiriiia llllr.
L'liiiiiwi mu n.imi cnu..n .r, ..w
liieni n sniutnry tuiceiiop, iuiu guiiio tuoin
lo safo icsiilis, wasoniploycil in minislt'iingl
to his lovo ol iirmse in (lerlnring thut it
r.vooillivo powcr, wu wouni iiun sru ouicui-
od iiud lousigned lo pithliu oxccrntion.
Tu givo it iho pouphir situctioii, by olcvat
ing its iuithor lo tho stntion ho has sought
lo ntliilii hy il, would bo virlunlly tho foriu
illg ofu uiiw Conslitul'um, foundod Iu cor
i iiption, nml drsliiicd, sooner or later to hc
tho grnvc of pnhlii! liherty.
Ihu stituiosina tho roiintry should coiifoiU
to panrlioli lliis oouiso of ndiuiiiistration,
i .1....:. ... I. I...I 1... .1... 1.' .!....
IUIU suiilli'i i" ou iiiiru "y mu jjaucuuvu
biaitch of tho govcniiiii'iit,-hnvo tho tico
plc nuy itiisou to hopo that it will glto lliein
n RiBtcin of wiso nml hcncfieial luws, us n
I'onipcnsation for their iitiiul siirrcndor of
thoprivilogoofgovcrning thoinsclvs? Wc
llicm trill be safe in the hunds of a i'un liu
rcn admimstraiwn J
Amoug theiio intereflts, n h'ading one is,
nml has long bccn, the proteetion of your in
duslrybtan luletpiale tnrijf. To tlmt nro
lucio!i ft is( now, well known llmt ,Vr. Vnn
oailiestly prcss llus qiie&tion upon llic nt
teuiion oftho pcoplo of Vermont, iu rcfer
encu to tho intcrcsts which l.'tcy spooially
dcslro to Bitsluin nnd ohcrish. H'hith .'
Iluron is opposcd. Rcsolutions Inlroduewl
into llio HotiBo of Hoprescntntives nt tho
Kitu scFsion of Congress hy ono of his South
ern friends -nn invcterato onponont of tho
tnrifljlooking to tho prostration of
Iho prolceting systcni, wero sujniortcd
hy noarly ovcry one of his frfends Iu
thnt hody; The same grouad has been taken
by him, sincc the adjoumment of Congrest,
in his pubtishcd Utter to Mr. U'illiams of
Kentuejj. And nll this has bccn dono in tlitf
faco oj'rencated declnrntions by his frienda,
thnt his efco.tion wns neccssary to savo tho
tariirfrntn dcstruoion !
Another interest cspecinlly ilcar to vou,
is the distribution of the turplus retcnv. Tho
act of Congress ordering thc distribution wo
arc nbotit to rceeivc, was, it is woll known,
strcnuously opposcd by 1r. Vnn Uuren'ii
lendiug friends in txrth IIouscs of Congress ;
whilo his own opposition to it wns opcnly
nvowcd. But for tho umiring efTofls of his
opponont, tho vast fund tobo nowdistribu
led, would hnve remained-in tho UatfkR.se
Iccted ns tho detiositoriea of thc public nion
oy, with n spccinl rclcrencu to hfs political
iniercsts! (
Nor ntro wc to expcct nny future distrihit
linn !f hU iiifliipnr.il can nruvcnt it. Ilcar
him in Ilis lcllcr to Mr. Williatns nbovo re
ferrcd to. mj .. .
"I hopc nnd heliovo llmt tll y'l -Z'.oio
" will dcmand that this speclcs of lcgl.lditj'on
"(a distribution of tho surp'u3rovenu,e)f,bnfl
''terinii; wm, ,j,e cmergcncv 'tat nro-
duced it, Ihat carly nnd cjfici'eni ettpa ViM
o taken toj.revent tho o-oncurronco ofa
state of thmgs calculatod to furrtsh axt
"ExcysE lor x.tv mcasure rf dutribution .
. 1'o.llow citizens of Vermnt: givo to .Vr
t.n an Uuren the powcr of coStrolling, l.v
iNri.UE.vcE, nnd by vr.Tos.iho leffislntiSn oY
I p-9, nnd (r;nft cxtrivngance ofldsnd-
Minitrntion Bliould Icavo nny surplus, thcric
is no ground to hopo thnt it would bc nguin
divided for your benefit.
llutyou may nslt Hnvo wc not nn im
ineupo National Domain? And may wo
not expect thnt tho States, hy whoso blood
nml trenstiro it was ncquirwl, will bo pcr
mittcd to cnjny the procceds of its snlcs?
and especially, New England, whose weulth
...... v.i itmii. iiu V JjllL' ill II. W11I1SH 1VP11IIII
nnd liotutlation nrc constnntlv drnincil tr.
purchnscnnd icoilu it ? To tllese qucstions
thero is n rcndy unswer. It isa well known
' nally givini them lo the Slatcs in ichich thtu
Ihe, has Ioiil' Iiccn n favoritc nroioct with tho
prcscnt adniinistratinn ; and that tho report
of the Committro on publi5 landB, tft tho
Inte scssion of Congrcsa, projiosin" such a
uicnsure, was npprnvnd hy tho leading prcs
sos in tho interest of Mr. Vun Iiurcn, and
his lendiug friends in both llouscs of Con
. grcss. Thcre has long been n Bettled pur
poso to withhold your just rights in rclation
... il I.i:. I i . r.". ..:(...! i...
to tho public lnnds. first mnnifi'stcd by tho
rrcsKlent's vetool tho "I.nnd llill 'tn Ifcltl,
nnd now hy thc proposition lo Which wu
Imvo just n'dvertotl. We ask yoti, lo weigh
well this nfntter boforo yoti conscnt to"givo
to tho PresidentV cnndidato tho powor3t
rcpent his larul hill veta, or cnrry into cfTcct
the policy orfrittering away, andfinally do
slrophig, your rights in the .Vuiona
Finally ; Do thc penplo of tho North de
sito to nddress tlicir Sputhcrn hrethren rfti
tlicsubject of slavcry? How nro thoy to
iiinko their njipcnl? Throu"h what cbnn
liel is it lo bo conveycl to" Southcm etu.'.
and find its way to tho southcm conscienccr
het tho voto of Mr. Vnn Uuren, nt tho lattt
scssioti ofCongres, in fayor of urestri'.tion
upon tho frccdotn of Post oflice convcyance,
nnswer. Givo to tho innn who gavo that
luif, mu jiuwLT, nuii xiukuti mjd liixon a
line" would bccome n Chincsq w.all, boyond
which, no tncsscngcr of msrcy tO tho black
iiiuii ui iho omiiii huuiu ovcr p6uctrate.
Givo him i'no powcr, nnfi smvcry ond tho
slavc trado in tho very Capitol of tho Ko-
I'uuuc wouui nnd proteetion in a veto,
uhich hu lias declnred ho would intorpom
to nny nttempt to wipo that Btain from th
csctttelipon of our country.
j And how comcs it that Mt. Vnn Uuren,
upon nhnost cvery qucstiou nffecting tho
pccrtiar intcrcsta ni" ;ew Knulnnd ,'is founil
' :.. .1. ..1... u . - ' .. i.;i
Kvhilo ho abamlnn.i their .:,h"ts to court
j ,(,,ur OJ ujcir oouthcrn nnd , ""jhj.
Il.n r.... n .1 . r-. .. . t
, oppoiienls. tt is a policy wortl
opholieiils. tt is a tiolicv wonhv of tntL
niitn! nnd, wo trust, it will tncct a rebul-
which such n policy deservcs -.a i-J,(- "
which we uro surc, no portiou of jrVoim
irymen uiore perfectly appreci;.te nn,i
hearrtly ,letc, than tho Pcoplo ofVe
ii i, u biiuv, buiu nnd nravolv tinrpl
hy fomcofsVrVa Mu8 frleSd-"
whntevcr grouna no may havo tuken to
sccuro somlicrn nml weftcrn snpport, ho in
still n norihcin man, aml will tako cnro of
n",r,.,'t'r intcrcsts: That 1b, tlmt ho will
alsify his profesnons, ninilu to sectire tho
snpport of his countrymcn for llie highest
oflice in tlieir gift!
llownn ndvoento for Mr Vnn Uuren can
look ttn mtclligcnt Vortnontcr in tho fnce,
aml tirgo such an nrgnniont, wo cannot
cotnprclicnd an nrsrtimcut resiins on thoi
nssumpt'KKi, (pcrhnps, indrcil not u very
inrnrrcct onoHlmt MrViin llutcu bn no
fixcd prineiplcs of political action, aml
eiinnot be dcpcndcil on ,-io rcdecui any
plcdges ho may niakc.
Hut havo we, B(lcr all, nnv reason lo
cniartnm Mich n Iiomj for the' sccurity of
northern intcicstH? Wo thltik not. Tho
satno party niaohinerv now rolied on ta
mouro th support o'f tho notih in thit
clccilt'P, will contintie to ho relicd on to
sociiro its Pttpport for acmj; whilo tha
Bnmo disrognrd of northvru imrreta will
continup to ho practised to secure souii
ern nnd wcstoru fitvor, As il UoW i, to
we imty ejpcct it will lie, bcreaftcr. Evcry

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