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VOL. VI. NO. 3.
ilSOiWPEIilKR (VT,) MOVEMBER 1, 1836.
WBSOIiE NO. 363.
-jYovcmbcr 8.
of Olno.
JVppointed hr Jons Ad.ims, and re-appointcd by
Mr JnrrEHSox Governar or tliu territory of Ind-
iani, in 1801.
fOy Mr Mapisok, comnnndcr in chicf ofthe North
Weati'rn Arinj',in 1812.
D hu rci.i.mr citizlm in Ohio a mombcrof Con-
Vi ' 1810.
Uy tliu LtniiLAitni: of Olilo, a Senator of tho U.
3lMa lir 104U ,
J3v J. Q.. -da.M3, Minislcr llpntpoteiitiary to tho
Rrpublic of Columbia in 16i8.
"I conlctt'l Ihnt tho strnngrit ofall governinctits
liVS11 Tvbich is most freo." llarmcm.
iiXo iio cstccnicil cminently "rcat, it is ncccssory
inbo.'ni!ni.lCJ?J,Var'i,,on- ,
V 'ho veoplo of tlic Unitcd Statcs: May thcy cv-
''xrlhatto prcscrva thcir tibcrtics thcy
r.reiner.. , a, j ll)cir 0 riihUntf."
miuulo the.. B1 0 Jlarmon.
it .t,;i, visonment IV ilrbt, unilcr any
"I thmk thatim,. ,t whcro fruud in allcJjt'd, is
tircumstanccs.but tlu, , f UU J ..uwtion,
at war wilh tho best prti,. ' V'.'
and oujht to Uo.abolKlil.- -W"'",J' ..,n
Gcnf Harrison has bccn onL,,.llll,f i nan,
Jt humlrid meclings of lb! pcoplc t."clr pnmar)
aBfcinulti-K, an'I oy statc cunventions " lu l-a
.Murjland, Ohio, Vermont, Kcntucky, Uclaware,
ork, Connecticut atid Alaiuc.
IIo is pk-djjed
T fifjrm cxntinj abuses :
Ct fc'.r"""'!" thn administtMion of g"Vernmcnt.
To nuinUin InVW-'" "' Osrslitution.
TV-arfyol.t tl,o Ccm;::"'"?" V-
tlllU lirotcct thn rreat lntcrett n. .-'nt'.
riciilturc, Manufuclurfs and Commercd. I
Jo dividi- tho Svhplvs Ur.vrj.tun nmom tho scv-
rral ttatss : and
To run bul f.ir a sisaLi; Ttnsf.
Of Ihe carocr of G cn. Ilan Uon I nroil not spcak
ih history ofthe Wifstis hii Iiiatory. I'or forty
jears he han been iJi'nlutd wim its intcrosls, iw
perils and its hopej. Unnorsally boloved in tho
walka of peacc, and distinguishod by his abllity in
tho councils of hii eonntry, he has been yct moro
illustriotHljr dntinjTushcd in tho ficld." IlithatdM.
ofXow Vork.
NVm. A. UTilSrOLi,
Montpelier, Oct. 20, I83G.
Pnrsuant to thc call from thc Slatc Com
mittee. thc friends of IIAR1US0N nnd
GKANGBIl ascmbled atthc Court House
in Montpelier, on the 20th insl. at onc o'
cloc.U, P. M.
Thc Convcntion was cr.llcd to order by
Hon. Milton lirown, chairrnan of tlic State
Committcv, nnd orgariized by the nppoint
ncnt of thc lollowing ollicer., vi :
Hon. S.imucl C. Crafls, Preridcnt.
Hon. Murk Kicliavus,
Hon. Hcnrv I Jfincs,
Gcn. Martin Flitit,
Fcrrand V. Mcrrill, $ il " '"'
On molion of Mr. Hrown, Uon. William
Sladc, llon. Hiland llall, bolomon Kootc
Ksqr., Hon. Milton Brown, Gcn. Martin
J'lint, Hon. Ilarvey Uell, and Georgc K.
Chandlcr, Esq., wero nppoitilcd a rominit
tec to drafi resalutions and an addrcss to
ihc pcoplc.
Tlic Court IIousc belng InnilTicicnt to
contain thc nicmbcrs ofthe Convcntion
tm molion, thc Convcntion adjourncd to thc
Brick Mceting Housc, at '1 o'elock, 1'. M.
4 o'olock, V. M.
The Convcntion met pursuant t( ad
joiinimnt. Jlnn. Hiland llall from the conim'tttcc to
.draft rcwlutions, summittcd thc- i'ollowing,
"tvbich wero adoptcd, viv. :
Reselucd, Thal thc pcoplc of Vermont,
from tlic carliest duwn of thcir political cx
iBtencc to thc prcsent motncnt, liavo stcad
lly minifc.itcd thcir decp uUnchmunl to rc
publican institutions, and thcir capacity lo
;prcscrve and ilcfend thcm, a? well against
thcassaults ofpretendctl friends, as Ihc opcn
attacka ofncknowlcdRtl rncmius ; nnd that
maw, in Novcmbcr 1&3G, thcy will not for
irst timc dcpart from thcir ancicnt
principlcb, but will proclaim thein from thc
bitllot boscs in a voicc tliat shall ncilhcr be
mistakcn, nor misundt;rstood.
Haoloed, That thc pcoplc ol' Vermont
view with alarm and abhorencc the oncn,
acknowlcdgcd nnd tmdistfmsed cfibrts of
.. r-. l... .1,-. ..... i'
ivcu. j iU'.ttiuu, uy inuutia iiiw iiiuuy ui
thc pcoplc, ofthe p.ttronagc ol thc govcrn
mcnt, nnd of his own personnl clcctionecr
ing cxcrtion, to appoint,for thc Coinitry, a
successor to thc Prcsidcncy ; cfi'ort, which,
if thcy rctnain unrcbultJd by thc p''ople,
will e'flectiinlly convcrt thcm inln thc srf of
a inonarchiardynasty, leavinglbcmbnt the
orms of lihorty witliout thc substacc.
Ilesoh'cd, Thnt tlic pcoplc of Vermont,
opposrd, fi thcy bive tiniformly been to
thc illcgal and daring nGinmptions iifpow
f' bv 'bc pri'ficnt cxccutivc Chicf MagiK-
lrtc ofthe Unitod Statci, and to most of
Kui othT prnrnincnl nuM of hh administra
llcn, c'limot witliout nn cntiie abintlon
ipt of thcir f-iriwr prhiciplos, givo in
lieir,odlipsion to-MwVtin Van JJnrcn, UU
tioniiiieo fbr the I'rce'ulencyj whct) thcy
linmv.fmm InrlvtbitnWe evidciuvo, ns weil
rin bln own'dcM.irntion, (Itat thc ftrrni ob
f cti nHfU adniiliistrution, 'rf clpetcd, will
lio, to ' carry'out thc prtneiplcs wliich Gcn,
Jaokson has heuun."
llesolvcd, That in thc manifestation of
tho scntimcnts nf Martin Van Burcn as dc
clarcd bv llic acts of his political life, we
discovcr notliinir in conitmm with thoso ol'
the )Coplc of tlils statc, but on thc contrary
a total disrogard fbr thcm ; and in tliu meati
scrvility to thc will of a mastcr, whiclt
prompfcd liitn, witliout a bltislt, toproclaini
to tliu wortd that " it wns his tmflicicnt
glory to scrvc unilcr sucli a cliief," wc
fitid liitn to Iiave imbibcd notions truly cott-
sonant to tlic lcclings ofu slavc, Lttt utter
Iv (lismtstitiir to nn indcpcndcnt frccnian.
wleea. inainiariin van unren, in
ltis onDosition to thc dUtribution oflhcsur
l)ln.s rcvuimc haa bctrayed ati tttter disre
gartl to thc inlcrcsls ortbc pcoplc, deslring
iitthcr to lccp the public moncy iindcr the
cotitrol ofthe cxectttivf, with which to in
crcnsc wt annv of nt. rccnarics and reward
his favorilcs, ttian to distributc it amony
thc pcoplc to whom it righlfiilly bclongs.
llesolved, That thc prcsentcrisis in our
Jiational alfairs r.alls loudly upon tlic friends
of thc constiltttion and our common cotin
try, i'or tlicir tinitod and untiring cxcttions
in clcvaling to the olliccs ol' Prcsldcnt and
Vico I'rcsidcnt oi'this rcpnblick, tncii whose
aitn shall bc thc-coinmonwealand theconn
try's good, rathcr than sclf aggraiidizctncnt
or thc advanct'iiicnt of nartyr
llfsoh'cd, That thc I'atriotism, Talcnts,
political Honcstv and I'rivate Virlucs, of;
I -t
."is ?.rlANGEH, iustl.v cntillcthcmto thc
" rucncc' and su()port of thcir fcllow citi
, t 1 that tvc hai' ihcir nomination as
zciis atiu ,r oi'Jjottcr days to tliis pcoplc,
tho harbuig. .,, (o tjlcjr''cicctiotl 'as 't,e
and look foi tvau ,k , d t,
tcrnunation ol a dn. . ,. . ,
On reading thc 7lh reso.
'sirous to
Mr. A rcmarkcd, that he was u-
say a word or two in rclation to it,
the qucition was takcn. He had witncr.
scd with pleasurc, thc growing intcrcst that
was manifestcd throtigliout the country in
belialfof Gcn. Ilarrfion, as a caiulidafc
fbr thc first oflico in thc gift of the pcoplc.
It had bccn a niisfortttnc to his friends that
he liad not bccn brought into thc ficld at an
carlicr day. In all candidacics for oflicc, by
thc sufl'ragcs ofthe pcoplc, it was thcir pc
culiar right to invcstigate thccharactcr and
mcrits of tbosc who are )resentcd to thcir
noticc, nnd in thc elcctionofso high nnofli
ccr as thc Cliief Magistrale of tlic United
K". it iw5 imtoiilv thcir right, htit it
liecamc thcir impcrntivc dtity, To .tuiat.3
with tho utniost scrutiny the talents, integ
rity and political Ecntimcnts of thc candi
dalcs who niight bc proposed. His dcsire
was that sucli lnigbt bc thc coursc in the
prcsent rase. 115 wisbcd that thc history
of Gcn. Harrisoti should bc wcll understooil
bcforc a judgmcnt should bc pronounccd
upon hini in'rcgard to his charactcr and
capability to cxeoute thc duties ofan ollice
so clevat'cd nnd of such vast iniportancc.
Aftcr an cxamintion, with thc scvcrcst
scrttliny, bc bclicved Gen. Harrison would
not bc found wanling, but would bc pro
nounccd cminently qualificd for thc per
forniance ofall its rcquircmcnts.
Gcn. Harrison has had mucb expcricncc,
both in miiitary and civil lifc. Thirty-cight
years of it had bccn, almost cxclusivcly, dc
votcd to thc scrvicc of his country, and bc
felt himsolf justified in saying, to thc entirc
satisfaction ofall the Exccutivo ChicfMag-
islratcs of thc Unitcd Statcs, as wcll as of;
tho pcoplc, whose rights, intcrcsts and lives
it had been his odicial busiiicss to protcct
and dcfcnd during all that long pcriod of
timc. His public scrviccs bcgan as carly
as 1791, and at the agc of 18 wars. He
was then appointcd by Gcn. Washington
to thc oflicc of Ensignin tho arniy of thc
Unitcd Statcs, raiscd" for thc purposi- of de
fcniling our Wcstcm fronticrs again3t tho
deprcdatioti3 of thc hostilc savnges then in
urms. He inimcdiately wcnt into activc
scrvicc, and bcing proinotcd to thc ollice of
Liciitcnant, scrvcd unilcr Gcn. Wnync,
and as his nid, to the final dcfcat ol thc
ludians in '9-1. Aniongst otlicr pronfs that
lic acquittcd himself to'thc cntire satisliic
tion, not ouly of the comniauding Gcnernl,
but of thc dbicf Magistrate, Mr A relcr
rcd to thc facl that hc w;is itnmcdiatcly
thercaftcr, iiromoled, by Gcneral AVasli
ington to tlic otlicc of Captain, and had
confi.lcd to him a scparatc comuiand ofthe
most iniportant iost on our fronticr. In
this comniand hc was rontinticd iintil '97,
whcn, having provcd himself equal lo cvc
ry place lo which hc had bccn appointcd,
hc wa3 takcn from thc army and placcd by
thc same vencr.tteil Chicf Magntrate in
thc rcsponsiblo Htalion of Sccrctary of thc
North Westcrn territory, who in thc ah
scnce of the Guvernnr, would becomo thc
actinir Exccutivo Chicf Magistrtilo of that
Govcrnnicut. His capability nnd powcrs
ns a civil olTiecr bcing (horougbly kuown to
the pcoplc of that part of thc Union, Mr
Harrison was, by thcir sulFrnges, clectcd as
thcir first dclcgate to thc CongicsiS ol the
United Statcs. In this new Mtuation, ttt
the agc of 20, his talcnts werc such, in thc
(Slimatitm of that hody, that bc was ap
pointcd chairman of a committec in rcla
tion to tlic public domiin, nnd bis uhle rc
ixirt on that subjcct, whieb was carricd oul
liy a gcneral law rcgulating oursystetn of
Lanil S ilcs, confirms, to i'c f'ullestt'xtent,
thc wiHdom of that hndy in ilacing liitn at ,
tho hcad ol so important a coininillcc. His
licxt itppointmcut to ollice, in tlic Civil Dc
pirtnunt, was to that of Govcrnor of thc
Indi.itiu Territory, tnadc bv tliu cldcr Ad
!ms, in tfio ycar 1800. This olHcd was
pontiuuod to him by nppointmqntS of thc
succceding Prcsidenla, Jcficrson and Mad
ison, and at the solicitation of tho Lcgislativo
Imtlv ovcr whom bc nrcsidcd, unlil 1813.
His c.ninciil succcss in thc tnaiiagcincnt of
thc tillatrs ol tliat territory (litring tlic pc
riod of 13 vears, his abili'ty and firnincss,
as wcll ns jnsticc and bumanity toward the
nunifcrous tribcs of ludians within that
territory, attcst his supcrior powcr for
thc cxecution ol that Irtist. Bcforo quit
ting this oflicc for nnolhcr, for which thc
exigcncics of tho country dcmandcd his
scrviccs, hc was conipelled to gird on the
armour of war in defcnce of thc inbabit
ants ofthat territory agiinst thc rnvagcs
and massacrcs ol n rulhlcss savagefoc;
and his succcss in thc ir.cmornblc battlc ol
1311, nl thc Prophets town, nnd his strict
commnnd to his troopa to spare the livcs of
all who could be brought to ccaso from rc
sistancc, evinccd, not only his powcu, but
his fixcd principlcsof bumanity toan cncmy,
who di3rcgarded all nilcs of civili.ed war
fare. From thc carly part of thc last war to
181-1, acting as a iajor Gcneral in the ar
my ofthe Unitcd Statcs, his progrcss is fa
miliar to all. His forcing'lho cncmy out ol'
our territoiics aftcr repeatcd cngagcments,
nnd at lcnglh in 1813, tlicir signal dcfcat
at the battlc ofthe Thanics, and thtis clos
ing the strugglc in that scction, arc acts
which, if dulv apprcciatcd, cannot fail to
cstablisb his Ittlc to the charactcr ofan cf-
ficient and powcrful commander.
In 18M he rcsigned his commission and
rctircd to privalclife. But not bcing er
miltcd to rctnain in that situation, hc was,
in a short time thcicaftcr, clectcd by thc
voice ofthe pcojilc of Ohio, to thc oflicc of
lleprcsentativc in tho Congrcss ofthe Uni
tcd Statcs, nnd subscquently, by thc Lc
gislaturo of that Statc, a Senator in Con
grcss. Sustaining hiinsclf in thcsc olliccs
w'itb grcat reputation iintil 1828, he was
tbcn l'cquircd to fill thc important station
0lr ministcr Plcnipotentiary to thc Ucpuhlic
of Coi'imbia, one of tho moH important
niissions fi?.m our Govcrnmcnt, requiring
talcnts of thc highest ordcr, and a lnind of
richcst cultivation.
rr. Harrison rcpaired to thc place of his
, 'on, was rcceived at liiat Couft with
dcstinn. Miusiastic rcspcct, and cntcrc.d
marks of c.'' 0f ),ig uiission; but in n
upon thc duli an(i i,ef)rc civina
short timc thcreaiv' , ,y ,,f tie objocts
him timc to accoinpbsn ( -, thc prc
of his mission, ho was rccai'.' iom lor a
sent chicf magistrate, to malit rjen,'
favorcd nartizan. Sincc that pcrit.'.'t
Harrisou has been in coniparativo secIiisiO1')
n praclical farmcr, in his favoritc rctrcat,
at North Dcnd.
Thc various ofliccs that have bccn con
ferred upon liim, IhiiIi miiitary atid civilr
nnd the manner he had sustaincd thcm,
hayo been glanccd at to show that hc had
cnjoyed the conlinucd confidence of the
pcoplc, nnd of cvery administration, from
the commcnccinent of the govcrnmcnt to
the prcsent timc, wilh the oxceptinn cf thc
last ; and no reasons wcrc cver ex)rcsscd,
and none could bc implied, for a want ol
the support ofthe prcsent chicf Magistrate,
except that Gcneral Harrison could nevcr
Mifler himself to bc degradcd to tho lcvclof
a partisan politician.
No othcr conclusion could with candor
bc arrivcd at than that ho was a tuan of
most distinguishcd talcnts, and of sound
moral intcgrity.
But, Mr. A. remarked, thcse qualifica
tions wcre not sullicicnt lo command his
votc, witliout a full knowlcdgc nnd convic
tion ofthe soundncss ofthe sciitimcnts nnd
opinions of thc candidate on thc prominent
intcrcsts of Ihc country at tho prcsent day'
Ho must be satisfied of thc Koundtiess o
his principlcs in rclation to ihc coiitiiiuation
of the polic.y of a tarili; protccting Ihc
industry tif thc North; to the propnetyof
distribuling tho surplus revcnuc iiniongst
thc Slates"; of dividing, in thosatnc ivay,
thc procceds ofthe salcs ofthe public lauds,
or so rnuch ol'thcm ns should not bc nccd
ftil for tho ordinary wants of thc govcrn
mcnt ; his scntimcnts in regard to an cx
pendilurc from the public tfeasury, of mon
cy for nccdl'iil works of intcrual imjirovc
mcnt of strictly a national charactcr;
whether he would restrict lo its propcrlim
its thc vcto powcr; what his scntimcnts
wcrc in rclation to thc right of expunging
from tho rccords of cilhcr Housc of Con
grcss thcir recordcd procecdings ; St whnt
his scntimcnts wcrc in rclation tonparty
tcstasaqualificationfor political prcleriucni.
He rcgrcttcd cxccdingly that hc had not
timc to cntcr into a scparatc cxaminatioti of
thc cxprcsscd opinions of Gcneral llani
son on each of thcsc topics. He must be
satisfied in snying, that wo havc his opin
ions iiiiu Bciiiuiiciiis cieariy cxprefiscd on
thcsc aud variotl3 othcr subjccls ; thcy hadJ
iuuuuy givcu , uuuill uoiir Ulll OIIC COI1-
struction : nnd wcn: sullicicnt to satisfv liim
ofthe soundncss of his political opinin'ns on'
all thcsc qucBtions; nnd tis hc firmly bc
licved Gcn. Harrison would carry out th'esiS
dnntl.virtiilc .....II.. I.!. !..!.....:! II
viiiiiu.-iiin, uiiu ui ui.-, iiuiiiiiinir.iuoii, wouio
iuficxibly kccp within the bounds of tho
conslilution, nnd support thosc grcat in
tcrcsts, which would t csttlt in the best good
ofthe wholc uiiioii, he most hcarlilv uon
currcd in the rcsohition jnst rcad, nnil hoj
eil it would be unaniuiously adojitcd.
llesolved, That we congrntulate our
fellow cilizcns tluoiighout tho cmiiltry upon
Iho ausplolous reult of our rcccnt ninte
clcctionsafl'ordiiig as thcy do ihc most
dccisive and cbcuring evidcnce that Vcr
moiit will coulinuc to adhcrc to nnd sus
tain tho Rtanil t,hc han tnkcn not only in hcr
urinciplcs of national policy, but also iu rp
lation tosccrct socidlics aiid nuy'nnd cvcrv
omosiiion to thu miprcmncy ofthe coiisti
tution aml lawsl '
llesolved, Tliat Bccrct ocictics ar.c iii-
compatiblc with thc gcmus and spirit ol'n
frco.goVcrnment, and that nny nttcmpt to
rcinstntc or rcvtve thcm timong us, will
bc mct on our part with tho most unconi
promisiog opposition.
Hon. William Sladc, from thc samc com
mittec, nrcscntcd thc Ibllowing aiiuiiess
to tlic necmcn of thc Statc ol Vermont,
whiclt was rcad and unanimously adoptod,
To tiie FiiEoin.N of tiie State op Ver
mont :
Fellow Citizens : 'J'ho occiirrcnco of
nny grcnt crisis in tho aflaira of n coiiimu
nity justifics tho nstcuibliiig of its cili.cns
to consult in rcgnnl to tliu couiinon snfcty,
and conccrt tticasitrcsf'ortbo common good.
To do so in tlic existing crisis iu our na
tional nfi'airs is thc pttrposo which has
brought uijeihcr tho Coiivcniiuii thnt now
uddrcfscs yoti.
Onc of tho higlicst duties devolving on
yoti as liccmcn i nliout to lio perloiiiicd
As citizens of a L'rcnt ltcpuhl'ic, ou nrc to
cxcrciso ihc high prcrogntivcot giving your Jaclcsou, in bis first Iiiaugral adihcss, nnd
voice iii the selcction of its Chicf Execti- ihu practico which iniuiciliately iollowed it.
tivc Mtigistratu; and wo aro now asscniblcd "Thu rcccnt detrioiistration of pubic scnti
to (lclihcralu upon tho qiicstions iuvolvod incnt" said tliu Prcsidctit in thnt addrcss
in tlus clcctiou to cxcnango lrculy our
vicws, nnd tu cxprcss lo vou nnd to tliu
worhl, in thc spirit aud langiiai'c of frco
tnun thc rosult of our deliherations.
To our tipprcheiision, thcre has bccn no
crisis in tho history of our nationnl govcrn
mcnt, itivolviug moro tlircctly tliau the
prcsent, tho priuciplcs on which out rcpuli-
licnn iiiMitutions nre bascd. Tho oflico of
t-mct .uagistrate oi uiu unitcii iatcs is
armcd wilh grcnt powcr. Thnt power is
iindcr thc control ofa singlu will j and that
will possesscs tho itieans of n proinpt, cfh-; fastcn on the country, us a part of its scltlcd ! mini-.fratiou Miould Icavo nny surpliiF, thcru
cient, aud dangcrotis cxercise. This dan- policy, thc very ubuscs which it wns thtis j is no ground to bopc that il would bc agaiti
gcr t-xisls, not alono iu the lVesideiit's Con- pictcmlcil had been discovcrcd, nnd llitis dividcd for oiir bcnufil.
jtitutioual jiowcr of excciiting tho laws, 1 piouiisc'd should ho rcformtd. Prol't'S-ious But vou imiv nsk - Uaio wo not nn im
uor ui hisparticipation in thuircnnctrncnt ; ofrctrciichnicnt nud cconomv iinvo becu iticntu Natinni'il Dntnain? Aml tuav wn
out unsi-uuics its iuor, icanui lorin iu tlio
Ihc decisions of thc othcr branclus of the gov
crnmcnt. Tliu iiidcpcndcncu of cnch
braiich, fonns tho grcnt concrvntivc prin
ciplu of Iho Constittitiou. l.ct cilhcr nc
(jtiirc, by nny means, n control ovcr the dc
llbcrations and artion of thu othcr.", uiul thc
balnncc ot tliu Cotistittilioll is dcstroycd.
Givo that control to tho Chicf Exccutivo
.,, Iu.. ' ""h""-"", "iu w i uimifii-
gtnii"-. vcriimuiitifrailiin v ilinwn t ..
CHOflllCi'O . . 7, J , . ,
LHUIlllLft. .( lllS llllluenCC; SO t lilt t lO
in t ne vortcf . 1 i i i .
III tiie MiriL.X l dn,.,,),.,! , , in SC CC-
ipipbtiou r.ow to ne
tion of this ollicer,
liicnsurcrt bball bc udoptcd
mun.trntion 1111001111!; 1
of thu iieoplo ; but ivlnthcr
shall bc vrescrvcd inviolute
ilcpiirtnicnt ol tno govcrnincni fuan rcmiii
ils jiist prcrogativcs, and inovo in its Con
stitutioiuil sjihcrc, or iho wholc ho sub
jectcd to the ovurshadouing ilifluciicc
of n ninglo mnn ; whctbcr, iu tdiort, tho puro
rtpublicanism of tho Conotitution t-linll ho
ictiuucd,in its full vigor,or wbclher it blinll,
iu thc insidious progrcss of usurpcd po.vcr,
nnd icrvcilcd influcnce, bu crtishod nnd
Thcsj aro qiicstions which forccthcm
schts tipou tlic cousidcrutiou of thc pcoplu
...! 1 - c... ..I I....- t
oi iuo l.' . oini.es m uiu nppiuHriiuig cicuuiu,
Subordiuiilo to thcm, uio othciH, which
couccrn thu policy of tho govcriiiiicnt, iu
rcgnnl to tho vnrious intcrcpls to bo imnie
dintely nffcctcd by hcgislnlivo nction.
Such nro tho qucfiiona rrgnrdhtg Iho col
lectiou, safo kccpiug, nud li-,burscmcnt of
thc public rcvcnuo; thu inaiiagcmcut nud
disposition of tho public lands; prolcclion
lo tho industry of tho country by nn ndo
(pmte tnrifl'; tho fucililating of ititorcourso
and commercc by ronds uud cuuals; iho
ptcservnlion of n boiiud currcucy ; nnd tlm
frco aud unrcstrictcd iutcrchango of opin
ions and fccliugs hctwccn tho various scc
tionsoflhc country, which is ncccssary to
oontiiuto us "one pooplo." Fellow citizens.
Wo ask yott to como to thc t!uvis!on of thu
grcat qucstion of tliu Prcsidcncy, in full
viaw of nll thcsc high nnd coiiituaudiug
consiilcralions. It is not n qucstiou to liu
dccidcd by iinpulscs; nor to hu controllod
by tho iiilliicncc of nnrtii namcs, and ihc
powcr ofnaWy prrjudiee, Tho iSTEnniTY
or thc Co.n'stitutiom is iiivolvx'd, Thnt
Constitution it 'u your lnifiin'ss to undrr
sland, to wuti'h, with clccplc.s jcnlousy,
evcry tcndciicy lo its pcrvcrsion, nnd lo
scu Ihat un iiiuii is ticruiiltcit lo wicld Iho
miglity powcrof its Chief Excoutive iMnjris
Irnlc, who lins not givcu proof that ho lovcs
it sacrcd priuciplcs inorc llinu ho lovcs
Wllo slmll bo gclcclPil lo di-chnrffo this
fliigh tniht? Wlicro is thu iiiuii who bns
drunk eo dccnlv into tho snirit of tho Fulh
cw of tho llc public, nnd fo ihoroiighly evin
ccd, by a long coursc of Hcrvicc, his illnin
tcrcncd ilcvoiion lo iho imblic srood, ns lo
bo worthy tho conlidenco of n nation of
fi'cciuou i To dctcrvo ihat coufidcrcc,
lic iiiiisI no Hoiuctlimg nioro tlinu n cumiuig
politicinn. lio must liavc iiccn distinguisli
cd for sci vlco of n fnr highrr grndo than
cun bo found in tho inero lcadcr ofa paily.
lln mit ho iiuiio fnmilinr wilh iho t'nu-
Ntitutioil tlinn wilh tho .coustrucliun and
muveuieiiia of Pnrty Aliirhiuory ; nnd havo
lenriicd to vnluo tho ullico of (.'hicf iMngis
trnlo, moro for its powcr of coiifcriing beif
cfila iiiou tho cnuutrv, thnti of niitiistcring
lo tho anihlilon of n I'nrty Chicf, nnd bind
ing to liiHliitcrt'sis,aud drnwiiiglu histraiii,
n nost of increcnnry dcpfiidnnts
Bcforo unswi'iini.' tho' micktion. who is
jho iii.ni, wo will Fay to you, I'ullow citizens,
v.no, m our opmion, H tiu( tlio mnn, to liu
MllLrftmtC. nilll lllf! .-TOVPrilllinilf ,q 111 pflnrr ' In.,.! !n idtoiliolifn In tlwi ir..t.Jl.il.l 1 It tmw I...... r.
trausfoniicd froma Hepubho to a Monmchy. . " dcmonsiaitionfif pubhc scnlimcnl," is nor, prcsont nduibiimrniioii : rnd tlf it the rcnoi
Thu rcccnt courseof our nntional adniin- m this muiitent, brought into dircct "cotiltcl of thu Cotniiiitti'o nu public hiiids nt tl,.!
.strntion has slrongly dcvclopcd this dnn- tcilh the fnedom .- itcctions," for thc pur- lato fv&fan of Coii"rcss, niono-in-' si ie
Bafcly intruted with yotirconfidenco nttbis
important crisis?
And hcre wo say, nt onrc Ilb is not,
and cannot bc, tho nian who lins bccn " The
Falher ofthe ohnoxwus mcnsures qflhepreS'
cnl nimtm'sraifott," atiil plcdgcd himself to
"pcrfect tchal Gen.Jaeksonhasbeun.'" To
llto lcading mcnsures of this udmiiiistration,
whether ncting ns " Antimafoiis," or unilcr
thc distinctivo ttppcllntion of " Whlgs," wu
havc bccn tiniformly opposcd. Ouropjio
sition hus bccn bascdiipoiiprinciplcswlncli
tlo not cliango with thu winds, or ebb and
flow wilh tho tidcs. Timu and tisagu ios
sess, wilh us, no powcr to snnctily cor
rtiption. Tho policy which was discloscd
by the tidmiiiistration sevcn yo.irs ngn,
whcruby the vast Exccutivo powcr of thu
govcrnmcnt wns pcrvcrtcd from its Consti
tiitioual cxcrcisc, to tho purpoc of huilding
up n grcnt Exccutivo Pai ly, isjust nsmiicli
ttt war with our priuciplcs, iitnl just us tib
liorrcnt to our fculings, now, as whcn its
dcforinity wns first rcvcnlcd. Wo wcro
f liockccl, aml o wcre thu grctit liody of our
lcllow citizens iu Hus state nt tlio gross m
cousisteticy bctwecli the pi'ofessiotiHof Gcn.
"inscribcs on the li.st of exeuutivn duties, iu
"charucters too lcgiblu lo be ovcrlookcd, tho
'task oi' reform, which rcipiircs, particularly,
"thc corrcctioit of those abuscs thnt haio
'brought tho patronngo of ihc Fcderal
"Govcrnnient into coullict with tho 1'rnc-
i ilom ol ulcclions. i lius s)uke tcn. Jncit-,
I sou tu thu asscmblcd Uciircscntntives of tlm
, pcoplc, on thc lth of Mtirch, 1629; cndycl,
' irom tliat inomeiit to tlm prasctit, as vou,
; fellow citiens, wcll knoiv, it has bccn' the I
unceasinj.' cfl'ort of his administratioii to ,
Iollowed by tho iulditmn oi huifdrcds to tho
tuunbcr of Exccntivc otliccrs, autl millions j aud trciisuiv it wa ncqnircil, will ho pci
to thc ninount of national cxpnudiltiro; mittcd lo ciijoy tlu; prnori'ds ol it.f salcs?--whilo
tho vast nrrny of ofiiccis havc bccn ! aud c-pcciailv', New Eii'Jaml, whosc wcnlth
cillicr bilcuccd by tlio lcur ol removnl, or
ri.iulcrcd bdistiirotis pnitiznns by tho bc-
ciuniuuiii oi i-j.ucuiivo lavur. xucru is iiieic is a rcntiy nnswcr. 11 ian wcll known
not a Statc or Coimty iu tbuwholu compuss facl, thnt tho p'rnii'ot of rcducin" nnd "iiil
' ....i.i i : i...i. ilii.. ''...: i . i . " w.--
of L'uioii, in which "the palronajfe of
ihe Fcderal (!ovcrnmenlj, Wlrich was to bc
iuiviii, ui nim.li -inc iuiroiiugc nj
;.. ... .i i t
to ino i-icsiiicnt s iiiair. j ncrc is not an
.,..1. f n u
--" ivuiishiiu, u
tw.lif Mw.nnrrt iiivanliln C... .UIU
I i --" ..m.i,.-
I nn il .. I L ivl.t.. 1, r nou niir I ... 1,1,.
grci '"""" i'""V ""crs ine iis(.j, ana 1
stands ,'" ''c wulisguiscd champwn of
Martin yall Jiur nj'ir me succession
TJiis is tho niun, f'dlow citizens, uhom
yoti nro lirged 10 Pllpport for tho highi-st of
lico in tho pcoplu'a Hft; atid this is tho
mnn whom wo solenm'y declare to yoti, wo
cannot, nud will llot, fiippoit. Wc havo
sccti him suddcnlv chatii'o from tho violcut
opponcllt, 1,1 ,UX tirdcnt stipporlcr, and fui
' tiomc tlnitci'iT of Gcn Jckson. 'o havc
scon It 1 1 11 worming lns wny imo ius coun
dcncc breaking iipbisCnbincts proscrih
ing his carly nnd honcbt friends introilu
ciug to his confidence n corps of incrccna
rics, and obtainiugposscssion,through thcso
iiicnus, of his immcnsc iuflucucu aud powcr,
to nid iu ihu cousuiiunatioii of bis deslgli of
rencliiug t)ie grcnt objcct of hisniiibilion.
II ucn. Jackson s lunl-aduiinislrntiou liad
been tho moro icfiilt of his own iiuiictuous !
(i iing iiia nu- not cnougii tnat tlio lmmciisu pntronngo ol . I'rcsiiient s vcto uf iho Lmi.l HiU Mu 16,13
HllPI'iik llin f.ni'11 t . I.aiiU lin itillj ll-l.il.l.l n Hltll lln.i I... .1 .. ... I
llie Cllri'Cln.- '"" S""-"""'-"' riiunm ,.u imi iu ; iiuii liy llic propriMllon to wllicll wo
the Consih. ,U"J i v"" VI""3 ll0l"'i' "UI. Tlu, J'rcsuieut navo just ndvciicil. We nsk vou to wohil.
wbcthi'rcncli,,'4'''i,ft--.Vf-'--''' t"ty .Uagtstrate ot this will tlus mntter hcforo 011 coiim nt to fivn
passiotis, nud huuituul lovc of powcr, wc putilic would nnd protoclion ul a veto,
could hnvo bettcr bornc it. Wo should ' which ho bns tleclnrod be would Interposo
havo hnd, nt lcast, tlic consolation thut it to nny nttcnit lo wipo ihut Btain from iho
sprnng, from a Miirit which had "dono thu cscutchcon ofour country.
stnto Rouic scrvicc," uud might have bccn ; Aml how couics it thnt Mr. Vnn Burcn,
coliccivfd in nn honcsi purposc, thougli cx- Pti nbnost evcry questioii ufiecting tho
ccutcd in dctriniciit to tlic public wolfiire. ' j'ccnlinr intcrcsts of Now England,is loltnd
But wo nro conipelled to rcgnrd it in n fnr , "i tho rnnks of hcr opponents, cven whilo
ditl'creni tight thnn this. The cnutions cir-1 clniming hcr spcciul support? Tho nti
cumipcolion which found its wny into his swrr is ohvious. Jlo thinks to carry tho
Cnhitiet. iu ihc person of .lir. Vnn Burcn,
nnd which should havo found nicatis to
control tho veternn'.s strong passions, givo
llicm n salutnry ilircctimi, nud gtiido thcm
to f.'il'o rcsults, wus.omploycd iu miuisteriug
to his lovn d pmiso iu" dcclaring lluit it
was "tHjjititnt glory to senc undcr such a
ChieJ" and in iiiouliliug his wholc ndniiu-i.-lraiion
w'uli u vicw toaccomplish tho cnds
ofa scllish nmbition.
Tho calctilatiug nnd corrupt policy which
dclibcratclv dictalcd lliis iicrvcrsion of llic
cxccuiiv!! nownr. wo wonlil fuiu scn ilcfnnt. 1
cd nnd consigucd lo publio uxecration. i
To givo it thu poupliir sanctiun, by olevut-
ing its author to tho station ho hus Botight
lo nttn'ui by it, would bo virlually tho foriu-
..r r... r. T...i .. '
uii: ui a nu,v wuiiniuuuuii, iiminii'ii ui cor-
ruption, nud ilcstiucil, sooncr or lalcr lo bu
tho gravo of iiubho hbcriy
l!iitsupposiingihu country should cniiRout
lo sauclioii this cottisc ol ndmitiialrntiun,
nnd subiuit to bu rulcd by ihc Exccuiivc
otancli ot tlio goveiumeut, - liavo tlio pco
plo nny rcasou to bopo thnt it will givo tlicni
a sjslcin of wiso nud bciiclicial laws, ns u
conipciiFatiou lor tlicir Miltial suriciidcr of
tho iiivilcuofi4ovcrnin" lhcinsclvcs? Wo
cnrucgtly prcss tlus quu.itiou upon the nt
lcntinn of tho pcoplo of Vermont, iu rulcr-
cncotoiho intercsl.s which ihcy Hpecinlly
(lc.iiro lo uustniu nud chcrii-b. 7iit f
i.iem wm ac snje tu the hanJs oj a l an in
rcn ndmnislration 'f
Ainong tln'so iutcrcfis, n liiulin'g onn i,
nml lins long Iihcii, thcprotftxun rfiaur.n
duitrybyan ndcquate turiff. To lluit tno
tcclion ji Js, now, wellj,tti,wi) that'.Vr. Vtui
Biircn is opposcd. l'ccolutions intreduccil
into iho llouso of Ucprcscntaiivcs utthu
l.ttu Fcsioll of Congrcss byonoof his Sotltlt
crn friends un iuvctcrnlo opponcnt of tha
tariir,--lookiiig to the prostiation of
tho protccting pystoni, wcre supportcil
by neiirly cvnry one of his friends in
thnt body. Thc same ground has lccn laken
by him, at'jicc Ihe adjournmenl of C'mgress,
in his publishcd Itllcr to Mr. H'illiams of
Ktnhuy. Aml nll this hasbcciidonojn tho
fuco nf'rfticnlcil dcclarations by his frtaluls,
that his olcciioti wns tieccBsary to Bnvo thu
larilf from dcstrtictiou !
Annlhor intcrest cspecially tlear to yoti,
litlie diilribntion ofthe surplus rcvenue. Tho
nct of Congrcss oiilcriug thudistribution wo
nrc nliout lo tccclvc, was, it is wcll knowtl,
Ftrcintously opposcd by .lfr. Vnn Buren'is
lcading friends in Imlh Ilntiscsof Congrcss;
wliilo his own opposition to it was openty
nvowcd. l!ut for tho untiring cflbrts of his
opponents, tlm vast l'und tobc nowdistribtt
tcil, would havc rctnaincd in tho Unnks,BU
Ipcteil ns thu ilcpositories of the public inon
oy, with it spccial rclcrencu to bis political
NorfiTc wo to cxpcr.t nny fulurc ilistrilnr
lion if bis influcnco cun pruvcnt it. llcnr
hilii in his lcttcr to .lir. Williains abovo ro-
ierrcd to.
" I hoiio aml hcliovu thnt thu mihlicvoir,
' " will dcmand that this wpecies of legislntion
i "(a distrilmlion ofthe surpltt.-f revenuc)f.'iitll
icrmiiiato wnii tliu nuien:eiicy tliat iro
"duccd it, Ihat cnrly aml ijicienl eteps will
"butnkeu to prcvi'iit tho coiictincnco ol'n
"stato of thing.s calcuKitcd to furnish ant
"EXCL-sr fi,r a n v measure ofdislribution."
I'Vllow citizens of Vcrtiiont: givo lo .1nr
tin Van fJiiren tlic powcr of controlling, ly
iNrnJE.NcE, nud by vr.ros.lhu h'gislntion nf
uougrcss, nnil il tlm extravngiuicu ol lnsnd-
not oxpuct Umt thu Stn:i- by whoc blood
and population nn! ooiiMitiilly drnincd to
purohn-jc autl pi-oplc it? To thcsc qucstionw
u.iuiiji un- jinci; ot tnc pilllllC ta:i !s. iit'ii fl-
unting thc pric
' nally giving tk
tm t i Ihe MnUs ui tCinrh llny
' r. i .
, cs iu ine intcrot nf Mr. Vnn Burcn nml
I i.,.i:.... . . .." ""icu, nnu
ii-uuiiih IIIOIH S iu not i liouscs ol con-
Irrnu 'I'l I. I .'
j m-iu ins lotiB uccn u ."ctt ci linr-
I,m , ...HI.I...I.I . . . 1 ! . ' , u I
1" iuo i Tt'siui'iil vninl i nto I n
I-.. i.:., ; r . .
powcr iu
into t'fl'tct
thc policy offritUring airrn, nnd finalh dc
slroiing, your righls in thc .Ya'liontii L'o-
l"--.n iuo itiu-l inu veic. nr r-;ri-i'
Fiiinlly ; Du thc pooplo "of llin North lc
nire to nddrvya tbeir ."ouihoin brcll.Tcn on
tlm subioct of slnvory? How nro ihcy lo
inako thcir nppcnl ? Thioiigh what chan
ncl is it lo bo convuycd to rinuthern -nr.,
nnd fitid i:s wny to tbWoulhnrti conscitncc?
l.ct tho votc of .Ur. Van Burcn, at the Into
scs.sion of Conmvts, in fnvor of u rcstriction
upon the frccdomof Post oflico onuveynnce,
unswcr. lo tho niati who gao that
votc, tho powcr, nud li iMason nml Di.xon'a
linc" would bccoinca Chincsc wnll, hcyoint
which, no mci sctigor of mrrcy to tho blnck
nian of tho Soulh would ovcr Dcnctrnte.
Givo him tho power, and Slnvory nnd tliu
slavo trado in tho very Cnpilol of tho Ho
ivimi nnit ivist ny l-taTV maciii.verv,
whilc ho abamluns thtir intcrests lo couit
fho fnvor of thcir Southcrn nnd Wostern
opponents. It is n policy worthy of tho
mnn! nud, wo titist, it wi 1 incet a rcbuko
which Mieh n policy ilcson-cs -n policy
which woaro surc, no pnrtion ofour coun
try incii moro pcrfcctly upprccintc.nnd moro
hcnriily iletcpt, thnn tho pcoplo of Vermont.
It is, we kuow, suid nnd grnvcly urged
by somc of .lir Vnn Burcn's frionds, thnt
wnutcvcr ground lio iuny liavo takcn to
sccuro southcrn nud weston! sunnort, he in
S,,H hern niiin, nud will tuko cnre of
northcrii intctcsl.s: TLnt iu, thnt ho will
lolsify his profesaions, iiindc to sccuro thu
"ll""t 'f bis countrviiicn for thc highcfct
iOit tu tl...t :i'. i
' nii tiiii i
llowntl lldvuCarn fnr J1r Vnn ltnren cntl
look nn iiitclligcut Voi inoutcr in tlio faco,
nnd uriro such un mgiimcnt, wo rtinnot
coinprchcnd un iiigumciit rc5iin on tho
msumptiou, (pcchaps, inducd uot n very
iiiconcct ( inO thnt Mr Vun Burcn hns no
licd principlis of .politicnl nction, nnd
cannot bu dcpi'iidcd on to rcdccin nny
picilgos hu iuny ninkc.
Ili t biivc w'c, alicr all, nnv icseoii to
ciiictlniu such ti hopo for tlio sccuiitv of
miitlu ru inii rcsts? Wo tbink not. Tlio
eanio .pnrty inuchiucry now rclled on lo
sccuro thw Mipport o'f tlm north in this
clcclicm, will I'ouiiniiu to bo relieil on to
srcnro us support (or n iccoiid ; whilo tho
saimi tlNicganl of nortluiii intcrcsts will
cniitiniii o bo pinciisod In icr'ijrcrsouh-
oru nud wettorn finor. Awit'ltoWis, m
wc ip'iy QXicct il will hc, heiTnfter. Evcry
,ke ithpat.

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