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State journal. (Montpelier, Vt.) 1831-1836, November 01, 1836, Image 2

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, liuoKinaslcr, ilns, nnd I racy, wns with. 'of JiisiIccb of (lie Vcar.m rem) il.n li rt
T)ct72 i (lr!llv"! "".'" "'J1 J'',:,rt ."f 11,0 commUteo lime, nnd rfiferred to thc Jiidielarycommit-
Tho '.T J ."" i-wii.iuii in.u.iiinuieu tec , luioringuio nnmo ot nicirWtzn Koice.
' I "iiu iiistiuctionn to liriiiir 111 a bi . Tha 10 M TirV T1.llVtl Aillimn I'nml flm O.l
S ENATE Prayer l).v Mr. Kcllog
touruais 01 vestcn.av wcre rcnu, uiicn i . , ,.,...!,,.. .....!
Mr Young asked k. of .ibsonco for ,l,c , , 1 for ro i g rX fo Sc
stnnt Keerer.nrvu.Mll Mondav lio.vt : ........ .. .. 1 "'"b juua mr occ-
cruntci .
Mr llammond from llic ootniniltco nn fi
I'll.nl'U uitll ntl nniiilifltnnf. i..!..1. ......
I i .. luiiim, iiium vviiscon.
lonil from ll.c oo.ninittco nn fl.liV. cn ,; ,,, , a
led tho l.ill in favor of John H. i j 1 "P ,' "? ' ' I'f ofllirnm
t amcnd.ncnt. Bill rend ilio ,i,J i'i ' ' ' ?: j"1 ' "7 l,n'1 Luar ,0 V.
,rdwd ,0 b0 ""S""1 . orsiScnof Vernon ,h. d
lu miiij,. iu a imii ; uy tno Judiciary Com
iitikit.i:, IIIU Ulll
iniid it wns or
iuncn, rcpor
Olin, williout amcnd.ncnt.
rend a 3d time,
Mr Merrill introduced a resolution in re
lation to npiilicntions for nctsof iucorpora
tion to Bnnking and matiufacturing compa
uics; mss.'d and referred to thc Judicinry
Mr rio.poinl, from tlic commitlco on
c.a. ns, reportcd ti.o i.ui lo pay Aune. uar- iMrA . ;.,.. ,.. ,. -r ; -
risine suni .r.ei.tioned, hia jclaun grow.ng , cxn.nin.dion ns to tl.e nfTairs of Mooro's
rut of tlio ol.l a tsof msolvcncy, with ., cllurlly Kt.,loo) ,, , 0f Mr. I'c ck,
ntatument of laelR in tlio caso nnd rcco.n-1 it ... . . ' ' . ...,
bill providi.iff nnd rcfcired toconinilttco on tlio hill nltcr-
'ing tlio nnino of Pnt Hnnlcy; tlio bill in
mldition to tlio nct rogulating jmliciid pro-
.rredinp-) was rend tlio Iwt nnd 5d time, and
rofcrrcd to tlio Judiciary coinmittcc; lo
prcscrvo fisli in llinosburgli l'oiul,reiid tlio
st nnd Sd.'timc, nnd rcferrcd to tlio ro.n
inittci; on finntico ; to pay llemnli Cnrpcn-
lir ll
nlntnig to lognl Kcttlcmo.it, initiuo on rlainis.
dCI'l'd 10 a tllird mndtltT.! TI.O urillllinn !n inlnltn.. I . 1. ...... !..
tjKninst pclition of cilizcns ol Isle of l.a 'tho District ofColiimliia iMiiinr im.lrr ron.
itt tm,i 41. n i . .t t i . . . - . .rr -
iicHitum to tho Mvrrnl ncts for tho scitling 'gcsting thnt roiiio B-iintors wcro nhsunt, tlic
; ol toMnto nnd intcstntc rstales, onK-rcd to n , i csolntion was liid tipon tlu mhlo. nnd
inniiutiic oruer 01 tno uny lur Kriday ncxt.
'J'lit; wsolution, providing for inquiry ns
niencnnp.na tti.o 1. anic uo ji witl. tl.e ,,, , ml()iti(m t0 nclf) nr iHtnilais itmferlor
Riiin ol 112 O.i. Hill so umentled. and nn 1 i ! - i-.. .' . s. .
Cl'linCP. nllll It Uliq dlStllii'll . nnnincl llin
r i . i);nF..n: n,-, il.n i . ... . ' . .. . . j """
m w "'i'."',t t)iii in luitiiiioi. to proliatu ncts, nnd it was
; '"""" -"m-v" "M.oianiiss.'ii; Iho oommittco of clni
committi'e of tlirec to iunulrc inlo
nedicncy of lois-.'iii.ig, and ddining tl
lisr ot J usticcs ol tne l'eacc to lie n
in each town in llus slate; pnsseU. tliorisod to imv tho ner.nnni
Commiltce Mefsrs Wntorinan.Uanney. ' resciitcd. nnd tho Ilonsn rnnnirLii
ini. to in.v M'Uiian WatcrniHn 5272 ,tO (n
io ci.nnw tinik'r tlic snsiiciiinn ncls.
Icavc was vitlidrawn,M)y Mr HuMicll.
Si.Mialo Adj.
110USI3 Prnyorby It.-v. Mr Stnilh.
Mr Fitch callcd nn thc n'snlininn nn.
clnims, ( poiuting n co.nmittcc to scttlc wiili tho sn-
,i, ,. .iiiu , ik.-iiiiiuiiu.iiii iu iiio 3iiuo iionsn oiki on
lOUUni . , the UCCOIint of 11. V. .Mlllcr. t hat IO mvn sni-lintf llin nnmn nf .Inln. nr..nn..t,s
ppointfu r-nvo to withdrnw it. ns iIil iiiulitnr U nn. i l.n.i i..r. ,i ,,i i ...... .
nnd iMilh'r.
Mr YolinC illlloduccda hill, dircclillK tlie if.lniin nriainrr fVnin llin
Secrctaty ol Stalo to tklivor lo tho counly it wfts icconunittcd ; by ilio com.nitio or
tle.ks iu each oounly in ihls slau-, copnsol Mnnufucinrcs, th hill to incorpoiato tho
iho Vermont Reports. lti'ad, nnd on mo- Jirattlchoro' Tvpographic Co. with nmmid
lion ol Mr. l'ierpoint iclcrrrd lo thc Judi- mcnt?, which 'wcro coucuricd in, nnd tho
uary commitlc. bill ordercd to n tllird reading. Adj.
'J'hs hill providinp (or n ltcportcr of thc ' 2 o'clock, v. m.
decisions of iho Supremo court was callod j SENATE-iZcwIud'ons; Uv Mr. Hh'cl.
up, ano on niotion 01 fllr l'ierpoint, rcco.n- iion, ins.ruc.ing iho Judiciary cmnuiitSco to
inquirc into thc oxpodicticy of repcnlingoll
Iaws rclaling to ustiry; retcrrcd to tho Ju
diciary oommittco ; by Mr Watson, inquir
ing iuto thooxpcdiuiicy of providing by law,
10 nrevcnt (icinniiutions 011 unoccuii ed
jirticit vj iliu samo coinmittcc.
Tlio cngros'cd bill, rclaiing tohihtvays,
was read the Ud tinio and pasiod.
Tho joint rn$olution iiasscd by iho llotts
tmd sfnt uo for concurrcncc, nquiiing tlio
Green Mounlain Tuiniiko Coinpany 1 1 wnod lnud.s, ruierrcd to the Judic'uiry com
.. 1... 11. . ...1... 1 ... . . ...i.un . ...i 1 ..... 1... ... n .. .. . .. 1 r... . 1 . .
1111111:1., uv .'ll WIIUUCII, 1111- mo purposc ot
nsccrlaiiiing tlio anionnt of claiins prcscnt
od to tho l.ogislaturc of tliis stuto, growing
out of acts of suspcntion ; lnid upon tho ta
b(e. Jlr'ports of commillccs. 13y Mr lluhhcll,
from tho Judiciary coinmittcc, tlic hill re
lating to Couniy Coiirt Writ.'", withnut
aiiiciidmsnt ; ordcred to bc cngrosscd for n
third icadiug.
ISill.i introduced. Jty Mr Poitcr, in rcln
tion to notcs nnd hills of cxchango; refer
rod to the Judiciary coinniiltco ; by Mr
llenry, incorporuting tho Willinnis ltivcr
Mauufantiiring Co. capital $40,000, rcfcrrcrl
to tho coinmittcc 011 niauufiietures j by Mr
llowc, dirccting .he'iVrasiircr topay Amos
Thoinpson thc siun thcrciu incntion, rcfcr
red to thc c.nnimiltce on claiins.
The cngrosscd, iu favor of John II. Olin
was rcad n 2.1 time nnd pasved.
A coniiiuiiiication was rcceivcd from thc
Govcruor, giving inforiuatioii of two vacan
c'wa iu Urigado?, occasioncd by rcsiguations
of JJrigadicr Gcncrals.
Tho Sennto concnrred with thc IIousc
in nssizning a day for tho clcction of lirig
ariier Goncral to lill tlievacancy occasioncd
by thc rcsignation of Gen. JWay, whnn the
Sciinh; adj.
UOVS'E PUUionsrcferrcd. Ofcitizcns
ol Cornwall to comnntteu on liccnses ; ol I
V. Ciitler and ollicrs, to committco 011 Edu-
catiou; of Allcn Swift, to comniitteo of
Wnys and.Ueans; of inhahitants of Water-
ford to comniitteo 011 stn pltis.
IVills to credit town ol Vernon n ccrtain
Khetv causo why thcir ciiarlcr sh nil I not
lin vacaicd, was rcad, nu.l on moti in ol Mr 1
Hcbjrd, ruferrctl to thu cominhteeon toadsj
nnd janals: nnd tho reso'ulion nsjiguing'
Tuedny next lor tlic cl cii in ol lirigadier j
Gencral, laid upon tliotah'c ; iho Senate, 011
inotion of Mr l'ierpoint, non-concurred in i
thc rcioliilion Ironi llic llousc, to pav tlio
lato sitiing iiicuibcr from Uorlin his IJoard
tnnl attcivlauco ; tho Scnato cons.dering it ,
li.nl nothing to do with tho tpi stion.
Tlic hill from tho house, urntiizing tlio :
couuty ol L'ltnoillc, was read tho 1st and
2J time, and rcfcrrod to thc Judiciary com-!
miltcc. j
Mr Young, from Iho commitlco nn roads
nnd eanals, icportcd ihc bill in rclation lo '
highways that the samo otight nnl lo pass. 1
A coininunii.'ation was rcceivcd IVom Iho
Govornor, pursunnt lo Iho rrt-okition of Mr
Phclp? uslting a copy ol thn nnnual returns
of the Adjutaut nwl ItiFpeclor Guncral, in
closing tho copv of ir coinmu.iicati 111 from
Adiuii Gcn. 1'Tn.t, statin that 110 rccords
or pnpcrs of nny descriptinn relating to tho
Mi ilia baving bc?n rcceivcd from his prcd
ccessnr, it was nol iu his power to furiiiah
thc desiicd iiiformalion. fienatc nilj.
IIOUSE liills inlroduc-d. Uy il r Car
pentcr ol Waitsfield, iu additi in ! school
iicts, rcferrcd to conuiiiuce on rduealion ;
by Mr Iieach, that 110 meinber of thc Bcn
nte r.nd lluusu of Kcpres-ntalivos sball hc
i- i 1 . i .... . r. . f ...
f'Hgiuio 10 nny i..ouniy omcc, cxcepi jiibiicu
(iflhc Pcncc ; Mr Wi'cox niovcd todisin'us
it, opnoscd by Messrs Fitcli nnd Dcwey of
.t 1 r. j 1..11 t 1
i.f. wiiliurawu, uiiu 1111: iiut rf.'iutrcii iu u.i; -
nonic.i was rc
cousidcrcd nnd tha rcsolution ngnin laid
upon thc tnhle. .Suhscijiicntly tho namo of
.lonas Claik was in.scited, whcn MrDcwcy
of G. niovcd to inake tho coinmittcc increly
nn cxa.ni.iing committeo to rcnort to iho
JohnJohnson 123
Andrcw McMillnn 51
John D. W'nrd '12
ScattoriiiL' C
David Pierce, of Woodstock, Audllorof
nccouuis ngniust llin Htnic, unonnnousiy.
Hnrry llalc, of Chelsea, bnnk Commis
sioncr. Hnrry Hnlo 110
Guv Cntlin 72
J. ft. Pomcroy 32
Krattcriiig " 4
John Sniiili orSt. Alhni)s,(Smith 153,E.
N. llrlggs 75, Kcat. !5,) E. N. Uriggs of Salis.
bury, ( llriggs U'., T. D. llammond 02, scat.
2-1.) Allen Wnnlner of Windsor, (Wiird.ier
130, E. K. Cnmpbell 88, scat. 10,) Comniis
sioncrs Dcaf nnd Duiiib.
Tho Judiciary committcc reportcd tlio
hill relating to pctitions for dirorcc, ordcred
lo n 3d reading.
On inotion of .Wr Curlia, Itesolved that
tho Gencral Commiltco bo institictcd toin.
quiro into thc oxpcdicucy of tnakiug thu
Commissioncrs ol Dcaf nnd Duiiib, Com-'
missioncrs of the Insano ; also of mnking
ainpln provisious for tho Iusanc, nnd of llic
rcpcnl of the nct of Inst ycnr upon tho suh
jcct ; ndopted.
On inotion of .1r Curli.i, tho bill nnd te
iort upon tho suhject of tlio Jnsane, wero
rcferrcd to tlio Genernl Coinmittcc. Adj.
TonsDAY, Oct. 25.
SENATE. Memt.riat.1. Mr IJell pro
scntcd tho mcmoiial of tho iiihnbitants of
Middlebury, 111 rclntion to tlic snlo of nrdcnt
llouse ngrocd tonnd lhc"rcscIuiion adon-'fipiiiis. rirnvinir n tolal nroliihition. Mr I).
tcd. " Ironuirkcd tbat tho mcinorial was nn ininor
The votc of Salurday, tclnlive to thc ac-
count of II. W. W. Millcr, was reconsider-
cd, nnd llie nccount ngain conimittcd to thc
conimillco of claims. I
Tlic bill from the Scnatr. relativc to le-1
gal scttlement, on inotion of Mr Vilns was
amcndcd, so as not to afi'oct nny suits al-
rcauy comnicnccu.
-Mr asll callcd uo tho bi rc atm? to
tho diities of hank lnynectors. whcn Mr
Smith of St. niovcd that it ngain bo laid up
on the tablc ; he made tho inotion from 110
oppositiou to tho bill, but in ordcr that tho
rourse ol liusmcfs, licrelolore CKtablishcd
hy custom, niight not bo inicrniptcd.
Alr ftawycr ol 11. nnd Ilio clmir conciirred
111 tlio stiggcstion, wlien thc inotion was
withdrawn. Mr llnlch niovcd to dismiss
tho bill, nnd suppoitcd thc inotion, opposed
ny itr I'ooic, wnen llic inotion was witli
drawn nnd the hill laid upon tho tablc.
lidls introtluccil X5y Mr aawvcr of II.
to rcpcal the act of 1807, to prorc.it frnudu
lcnt specnlri'.ioiH in cIiosm in aclion, iclin
red 10 iho judiciary cnnimillec; br Mr
Wood, incorporating thc North Springfield
Alanufnnturiiig Co. refcrrcd to thc commit
tee 011 -1anufaetures ; by Mr Fullnni, rcgu
latins tho flowinc of lands, rcferrcd lo the
Judiciary committeo ; hy Mr Vilns, for thc
rehel ol Jessn Wlutney, rclerred to tlio
eommitleo of Ways and .1cans: by Mr
Peck, exlcnding tho hmits of jail ynrd of
Washington county, rcferrcd to tlio com
mitteo ol'Iusnlvcncy ; hy MrScott, nnucx
ing Ilighgato to Swanton, rcferrcd to tho
gencral commitlco; by Mr Shcrnian, in
additionto nnnet liccnsing vic.tualing hous
cs, referred to Judiciary committeo.
Uesolutions--Uy Mr Dcwey of G. in
strucling committeo on Electious to inquirc
into thu cxpcdiency of n law fiir n morc
spccdy determination of contestcd c'lCC.
tions, ndopted.
Pelitious referred. Of Mr Vnrrcn nnd
others, for n hank, to con.mitteo 011 banks;
nf 1 liic.i 'Willinoi" .l ..,1. ...... r.. ..
, he order of the day fof tlili ftflernoon j 4, naya 23. and tlio IjIII oti niotion cfar
ngrced to. Kiiisiiian, supportcd by Mcsrs Palmer nnd
Jlills introduced. Ily Mr Hnmllton, to- Bcll, ias laid ttpoa tho table, nnd niBdi!
pay Jamcs Dwyor nnd Adnlplius Paul cer- thc order of thi) dny fortomorrow morning. -Inin
sumf", referred to committeo of claims: ' Tho bill relativc to tlie electiou of Go.
by jir .Shcnrer, for tho relicf ofEnoch, Lcvi crnor yvbs cnlled up, considererl in commit
and Nathnniel llnll, referred to committeo toe of tho whole, nnd fmally laid upon tho
of Wnys nnd neann; by Mr Colhy, in nd-'lnlde. Mr. Pbelps moved to priut the bill,
opposed ny wcEsrs iSteele, Pulmor, ond
Ccnverso ntitl negniivcd.
M.;uenry no.ii tno UoiTimitteo on rnan-
ditioti to nct cxtcndini! turisdiction of con
tlnblcs, rcferi'ed tn judiciary comniitteo; by
Mrllichmand of 11. to nav Josenh liowmnti
n certain su.n, rofcrrcd to the co.nmltlec of ufHc.tiirc, rcporled bills incorporntiMg
claims; by Mr iMillnm, in ndditiou to ncts
relating lo leathcr scalers, 6ic. &c. referred
to the comniitteo on tnaiinfnctiircs ; hyMr
5'uwycr of K. providinir for the iiisncctiou
and wcighing of hny, referred to committcc
on ngriculturo ; by Mr llolmcs, Inxing lands
in Jny rclerrcu to iniul tax comnntti.'e.
Tunbiidge niatiufitctt.riug Co. nnd Green
ttiouutntn Iron Co. with ninendmcn
concurred in, nnd thc bills ordcred to a 3d
Mr iehnrd iniroditced a bill to prevent
intonipera.icp, referred 10 iclcct couimitteo
on thnt fuhiecl. flntoxication nu ofienco
The petition of artillery, Cth rcg mc.nt 1st punishable by impns inmo.it 1
....... rc...r.i . ,i. .?...:.. ni . wn.t. . i 1
n.. ni.n. n fi II, roni intf 1
, if. lcUU, relerrcd to commiiieo 01 . "Vr A " " , . " ., . I
i-ncy ; by Mr Kowycr of II. to rcpcnl . ' a"1".11 ?l ',J; V'A" "P'1'-
scction of probato nct, to Ju- appoinnng iion. pau.ue. .ra ts, to
comimltee; hy Mr Colhy reg.ulating , cuo wuii t,ii1.ui1mc.i..u..l ... nuue uoiise,
M..r.. ,...,r.r. i,t;: : rnu inovcu to nuu mo uame 01 uon. Jolin
cenoinl committcc : Hv Mr Whitnev to rc- , smn, nnd to givo up n ccrtain notc o iMicii
r.enl act r.Jal'nnr to in nrisonmellt for dcht. ' pencer nnu pmion j.mnci.aru, jr.
ol lov.
nnd nltcr 03d
...!.. C
llllllUllllltllb VI ll. CUIViT, l.l.lltl 1. Jintl- ( C .1 f", C
einry commitlco; by Mr Uailey, nltering , n"",
nanio of Sarali Trickcy, ordcrc.l to n third pur.ose-agreed to. nn.l tho rcsolution was
rcndine; bv Mr Vdas, nppropriating pro- nfc'" " .on 1,10 '""',; ,r .
cccds df cerlnin grammnr school Uuu!, to I , Kesolnuons.-lJy .1r .Uny of V cst Fair
Lsmoille Couuty Gratnmnr School, laid on lc, in.structiug Ju.liciary committeo to in
the lable ; hy Mr Trncv, incorporati.ifr thc , q"f.o ito tho cxpcdiency of exlcnding ju
Hnrtford Ruil Iload nnd forwnrdin!T Com-. risdiction of justiccs with rcfercnec to brea-
fany, rcferrcd to coinniillec of ltoads nnd
Canals ; by Mr Drewpter, incnri ornting tlio
' nline nf'tlif. l'nnpi nilftntnil.
Kepoits ot committccs. liiohclcct com
mittcc reportcd tho bill relating to wcights
and mccEiircs, ordcred to n 3d reading.
Jj"dls passcd. Altering tho name of Mn-
ry iuhza lloyco ; in nddition to act incorpo
Middlebury saviiigs Uitnk, referred to mcm
bers fioni Addison County; by Mr Dee,
lo rcpcal 1st fcection of aet'ol 1794, adopt
, . .. i c i i , t i
Judiciary commiitec ; hy .Uv Sjtchbiin, re- porat.ng ocntro magc oi spnngne u ; to
laiivc to liccnses to Imwkcrs and pedlars, I "e!e, ?sh in' '''"burgl. pond,(.UrU
nferred to gcneral coinmittcc. ! K: P,lclil rtemandcd tho nyca nnd noes ; bo
Hon ' 'SnmuelC C.aUs tc VsM 'c r" S bi". Mr Necdham of li. supportcd tl.e ,he rcport of tl.e Vt. Asylu.n for the Ins.uie, ! cce.l to tho clcction of n Se.iator to rcoro
imc i dan of Sl nle ilMKc nnd ' lo ''. ';iC- "ocs"1 0 to m 1 roponcil bill ni.propriating S5000 to tho , wnt this Stalo in the C.narcss of tho U. S.
inn.i.Qnoi oi niiuo ijoukc, nnu rcnon uio , ; r ,'i:,: ?. i , t ' . ' i ,.. ,i.i I On iiini nn n Mr Picrnomt. tho house wero
BUin WlllCll MlOllld 110 nllOWOd llltli; Jlr I'V". ' "" ?'l7.7'a,lls llullln,,u "" ' I Y. Cr .... 1 ,r,,n vnmlii r nn thc linrt oflhc
Smi.h of St. A. moved ,o lay it tipnn tho ! wlat.ng to lusticcs ofthe pcaco ; ,n nddi.ion j iJills passed-To ,,ay Silas 11. Jc.uson mlo. -ned of l e ,ea l.ness on ,hc , r of .1 e
nnd nllinr.. fnr n Ilnl
road, to coniir.,(tc on roads and cnnal. ; of
of J. H. Coodrich, of Lilerory Coureiitior.,
nnd. orTrustces of Kutland Couniy Gram-
n.ar ncl.ool, totl.econ.mittecot jMlucaunn;
of selcctmen of Glastenbury, to Lnnd tax
Ilcpnits of Committees Tho Gencral
committcc reportcd ngaiust tho hill rchitiiig
to retailers of s)irituous liquors,(phyMcians
not to he dcemcd retailors w heii sclling only
lor niedicmal purposes,) nnu it ivm iiisims
scd, thc t-tntuto nlready iu forco mccting the
ease; tho bill in nddition to nct incorporat
ing rillage of llrattloborough, laid upon tho
table ; thc bill to prcscrvo fish in Sliattuck
pond, laid upou tho tablc ; against the bill
in nddition to aets relat e to lcgal scttlo
mcnt nnd support of tho poor, nnd thoy
wcrc rcjccted on thc sccond ; thc bill in ml
dition lo ncts lolalinc to pouuds, &c. dis-
cuEsed hv Me.ssrs Necdham of 11. Dec,
Inntiiibject, louchiug tho vilal intcrcsts of
tho cotnmunity, nnd relating to n traflio
which was n fruitful sourco of iiiucli of llic
tniscry nnd cti.no with which tho cotintry
was nlllictcd. Tho mcmorial, lio said, was
signod by n l.irgo and rcspcctable proportion
of thc ihhnhitantu of tho town, inchiding
piol'o.'-.sionnl mcu, mcrchants, mcchanicsuuii
iiirincrs; rcad, nnd nltcr rcmarlts in its
favor hy Mr Ilell, referred to n select com.
consisting of Messrs. llcll, Young nnd
Knnnoy; memnriul of thc inlnbitnnts of
llcthcl, ngninst tho petition of tho Centro
Turnpilto Company, referred lo committeo
on roads and canals.
Ijilh introduced. Uy Mr Merrill incor
porating tho llcm.uigton manulacturing
and irinting company, capital not to cxcccd
$3000,00 for mnnufucturing nsd ttamp
ing colton goods; rcad the first nnd
nnd sccond timo nnd rcferrcd to tho com.
on innnufacturcsjby Mr Kinsman rcpcnling
so inucb of the nct as rxompts inembe. s of
firo companicH from militurv iltit v: referred
to tho commitlco on military afTairs; by Mr
l'ierpoint, tno liill in lavorol A.TIiompson,
witl. n stnlcment of facts: tho blank was
fillcd wilh M4,05,and,thus amcndcd, was
was ordcred to bo cngrosscd for a third
reading ; by Mr Ilebard, relating totrinls by
Jury; read tho 1st and 2d time, and referred
to the Judiciary com.
Leave of nbsenco wns grnnted to Mr
Smilie, for one wcek, iu conscquecco of
fcickucss in his family.
Jleports nf Cammiitecs. By Mr Hnbhcll
from thc Judiciary coni.mittcein additionto
an nct relating to .iitricistl proccedings; thc
S'juato acting fjjj id committoc ofthe whole
collsidclc'.,, thc bill, no nmendmcnt beinj;
pronosed, tho bill wns read n third time,
tnd on inotion of Mr Uriggs, 'aid upon thc
tablc; Mr Merrill, the bill regulating clec
tlons, with tho nmendmcnt that no new law
is uow rcquisitc upon thc suhjcct ; Mr
Hriggs moved an indcfinito poslpomnctit;
Alr'Kancny tliought the present law not
sufliciently cxplicit, nnd pointcd out to tlio
Scnote in what rcspcct, tiarlicularly in ro-
lation to ono years rcsidenco in tho Slate
next prcccdine clcctions. Ho said thcro
Divisio.t was referred to tho couimitteo on
military nflhirs.
On inotion of Mr 5in'uh of R. rcsolvcd
that the judiciary conimiltco ho instiuclod
to inquiro inlo tho cxpcdiency nf nllowing
Sianley Ungg of Montrcal to ho'ld real cstato
in this stntc.
Tho committeo of claims, reportcd tlio
bill to pay Clnra Merrill n ccrtain sum, nud
it wns ordcred lo n third rending.
Mr Dewcy of G. wns nppointcd lo inform
tho scnato of tho readincs'? ofthe house to
proencd to tlio clcction of U. .S'. Senntor,
whcn tho hoino pursunnt to n joint resolti
tion of both house.", procccde.l lo elect on
its part n eenator in tho U1 S. Congrcss, for
six years from llii 3d of Mareb next. Mr
Goodalc nominatcd Jlon. Snmuel Prctitiss,
scconded hy MrFoote; Mr Fitch iioininn
tcil Uon. Win. C. llrndlny, sccondcd hy
Mr Ncudham of Uristol; cnd Mr Richmond
ofl). iinminnlcd Iloli. Titus Ilulchinson ;
1st hnl. 2d.
Samucl Prcntiss
Wm. C. llradley
Titus Uutchinson
Horaco Evcrctt
William Upham
John Mnttucks
Daniel Kellogg
110 114
8,r 83
18 37
3 3
3 2
1 1
1 1
221 221
A mcs33gewas rcceivcd from thcSonatc
of nu clection on tlieir part of n Seuator;
whcn thn Senato came in, nnd on compnr
ing tho iournals nf both hoases, IION.
SAMUE'I. PUENTISS was dcclared duly
lloth IIouscs in joint commitlco pro
cccdcd lo niakclho fullowingappoiutme.its:
1'rancis lli. ri.cips, uiajor liencrnl jst
Division (F. E. Phei.is nominetcd iiy Mr
Cushinnn,158, Unvlanii Fletcher nominatcd
by Mr Fullam, 48, scat', 10.)
Kobiuson llnll, Bdgadicr Gencral, 2d
Brigade, 2d Div'&ion ; no oppcgition.
Tho Ssnal'i wiilulrcw, nnd on in.ition of
MrLcon.'Vi'd, the joint rcsolution for going
into ccuntv convcntions was called up.
n.Tid nllcr somo d.scussion as to the lime, I
egain laid on the table.
A resolution requestingthosupciintcndant
of thc State House, to suspend thc blasting
ofrocks during tho sossion, was rejeetcd.
Tlio remonstranco of Simeon llarlow
and others was referred to tho committeo
on Ilio pclition to onno.v parls of eundry
towus to Baltimore.
The committeo on roads and canals re
portcd ihc bill rclaling to highways, rcjcct
ed on the sccond reading. Thn Judiciary
committeo reported against tho bill rcpcal
ing tho act of '97, ndopling tho common
law ol Encland. nnd jt was laid . unon tl.e
tablc; ngtiinstcxteiidmg the jundiction ot
justiccs of tho pcneo. The committeo on
Koads and CnnnN reportcd n hill graiuing
n ferrv to George Nilcs, ordcred to n third
rcadins. The couimitteo of claims reported
was not a conformity of practicc, nnd this ' against tlio pcttionofJ. Loomis, and the
gicw out of difl'erent coiiFtructions jiut 1 petition was laid upon the tablc. Theland
upon tlio prcsc.it nct in dilfereiit towns. tax comniittce reportcd n bill taxing lands
Mr Wntson followed upon tho same sido in Chittenden, ordcred to n third reading,
ofthe qtieRtion, Jiud pointcd out the contra-! Tho commiltco on ba.iks reported tho bill
ricty of opinion" nnd practicc in difTerent rechartering tho bnnk of St. Albaus laid
parts of tlic Stnto, resuiling in a multiplicity npon thc table. Thc Judiciary commiitec
of contestcd electious. Mr Briggs willidrow reported the bill relating to jailer'fi lecs but
tho inolion to postpone, nnd on inotion ol bclorc nny nclton tlic iiotiso noj
Sawycr of II. Curiis, Fitch nnd others, luid ! rcsolution.
upon the talilo ; ngninst tnc uiu lor estu.i
lishing county poor houscs, rcjcctcil on the
sccond reading, j ne se.ect commuiee on
Mr Itnnncy thc rcport was laid ujion thc
From the IIouso for concurrcncc. A
rcsolution appointing n committco to settle
with tlie supcrintcndcnt ofthe Stato house.
MrSteelo niovcd to ntncrid hy nddingTh.
Ilced jr. to tlie committeo; nmendmcnt
adopted nnd tho Sclinto concurred in tho
Election oftJ. S. Scnator.
from tlio house, iinnounccd a mcssagc that
tho house wcro rcady on tlicr part, io pro
2 o'clock, P. M.
SENATE. Tho petition of thoTrustees
of Caledonia County C.nmi.idr School, for
aportion of the puGlic rcvcuue, wnsrcfer
cd lo committco on educat'.on.
llep-.rts of Ct.mmiltus. By Mr I Icnry
from com. nittco on Mauufuctures,bill in
onrimrniintr iho black tiver card manufuc-
, tnriiifr r.niniianv. williout nuicndmelit;
Mr Dewcy j incorporating W'illiams Iliver manufactur-
lanic, ncreed to; bv iur Curtis, to tnv
Jntncs Currier his tuilencrc aud day pay ns
n mcmber of this U'gislature, up to Iho 21st
inst., ndopted ; hy .Ur Crowlcy, dirccting
States Altornoy of llutland Couniy to issuo
a writ of sciro l.icias ngninst tho Green
7ountain Tarnpike Co. inquiring why its
chartcr sliall not he vacated, ndopted ; hy
Mi Jluzzey, fixing Tucsday next, 10 o'clock
to fill ccrlaiu vacuuc.ics iu the first and 2d i
divisions of the .Uihiia, n lopled ; by .Vri
Fairbanks, thnt in onsc of coulesled elcc
llon, wb'Te iiarties liavc bcon henril in per
iqn or by coutiscl b'fore co.umitlccs, it is
incxpcdicnt lo ndmit llicin to be l.eard by
counsel oti tho floorof tho house disciisscd
by Jessrs Fairbanks, Dowoy ol G. S.nilh
o'f St, A. Vilaa, nnd Ilaswell, nnd laid on
tho lahlc.
Tlie engrnsscd hiil to organi.e tho Coun
ty of Lamoille was tead tlie third timo nnd
Mr Chipman was nppointcd on tho com
luittec oil thu bill to annex part of crrtain
towns to Kirby, in place of.Ur Fullam, ex-
Pditions nferred. Of 90 young men of
Vergoniioi nud C. A.TIiouiaB and nthcrc,'
to coinmiUeL' on liceusi's
VIHi:r ;,JU uu , IU lllllllliuu iu M:vt l ui uuia
relating to justiccs of tho pcaco ; i:i nddition
to aets coustitutiug Supre.ue nnd County
iJills from thc Senatc. Ilclating to jail
,ors' fees, rcferrcd to tho Judiciary romu.it
tcc; relating to higliways, to committco on
Koads aud Canals ; iu favor of John II.
Olin, to committee of Ways and Jlcans; to
I pay li. S. 7uruliam, to committcc of Claims;
llo pay Silas II. Jrnison, read tho 3d time.
Tho tnajoritv of tlie committeo of Elec-
tions tnado a full rcport, eoncludiiig that
JhUs passed To pay fc.lus ll.Jcn.son
$013 88; to olter the nmneof Sarah Trick
cy; to iucorpornto tho iJrnltlehorough
Typograpliical Co.; to provido compeusa
tion for returning votes for Senators; tn
credit town of Vernon n ccrtain sum ; for
Iho relicf of Ehenezer Spcncer nnd Simon
JJIanchard jr. ; iu nddition to thc probato
ncls. Adj.
2 o'clock, P. M.
Dy Mr
l.it? uo. wit lout nmciHiilieiu ; ruturuny
rcnd nnd ordcred lo bo cugrossed for a 3d
reading; by Mr White from llie committco
on bnnks to prohihit the circulntion of
Mr White introduced n bill. In nddition.
lo Ihc act in relation to highwnys; referred
to l otnniitieo on tonds nnd canals.
On inotion of Mr Itnnncy, Iho rtile ro
quiring bills lo Jny 24 liours, "wns difpcnsed
witl. in relation to tho cngrosscd bill limit
ing tho nuinbcr of justiccs of tho pcncc,
nnd thc hill wns rend n third time, when
Mr Phelps cnlled for thu yeas nnd nnys.
Mr Sheldon cnlled for the reeons in favor
ofthe bill. Mr Uanuey of the committeo
gnvo them, when, n'ter tlehate by Messra
Palmer, Whiie, Ilebard, nnd Briggs, with
out deci ling tlie qupstion, the Senate Adj.
IIOUSE Tho hill rpla.ing to jaiWa
fecs was recommiltcd to tjif Judiciary cotn
On niciinn of C. K. Field, tl.e commft
teo on hducnt.on wcrc dis, harged fr tr
fi.rlher con.ideralion oflhe bill in nJdition
to tho school ncts, nnd the bill was referred
io tlio Judiciary committeo.
Tlio bill locntiug tho lounty buildings of
Franklin County wns called up, whcn Mr
Sinith of St. A. moved to lay the bill upon
tho tahlo, nnd mako it the order of tlie dny
for lomorrow morniiig ngrecd to.
Mr Curtis cnlled up tl.e bill relating to
pouuds, elrnys, &c nnd moved nn nmend
inelit, excepliug milch cows from the opc
ration ofthe hill, which, with the bill, was
laid upon tho lable.
Thc resolution, appointing n comniilteu
to exnmine tlic nccounlsof the siiperiutend
ant of Iho Stato House, was returned frcm
iho Scriatc, with n prcpoaiiion to r.dd
Thonias ttced, jr. to thc committcc, ccn
currcd in.
On inotion of Mr Ilaswell, tho Hotisn
procecded to the or.ler of thc vlz. the
Burlingtoii conipsted clcctio'n, the qncstion
heing upon recciving tlio tninori y'srcporl:
iMcs-ira JJewcy ol u. 1-ulUiu, 1' oote, nnrl
Goadalo supportcd the proiosilion to rc
ceive, oppofed by Mrssis Sntvyer of II.
and Smith of St. A. nnd the repoit was re
ceivcd; whcn Mr Ilaswvll moved for lcavo
to bring his rnumcl upon the floor of tho
IIouso; modificd so as io ndmit thc counsel
ol both partics, and ngrecd to nyes 182,
nocs23. The rcport f t io minority was
thcu rcad,couchidingwith lliree rcsnlutions
tlie fir.-it declaring N. B. Ilaswell incligihle,
llic sccond declaiing him not clccted, nnd
the tliird declaring that Unrry Bradley was
elccted. The repoit of the mnjority wr.u
also f'-ad, declaring Jir Jluswcll cligibio
aud duly electcd.
Charlcs Adau.s, Esq. wcs hcard in bc
linll'ofMr Ilaswell, the sitti.ii: memher.nnd
hatl not concluded wi on thc House adj.
Wed.nhsday, Oct. 20.
SENATE. A commuiiicn.io.i from tho
Qunrtcrtnaster Oi-hmiI. nml-'a wi'"'- t"
thu numhcr aud condition ol arms, belong
ing to tlio Stato, &c. rcad cnd referred to
commiltco on military nfRiirs.
Mr Bell introduced n im'morinl, for the
coustruction ofn Itnil Boad on cnchside of
the .noiintain, referred to com. on roads nnd
Mr Iluhbell, fiom the Judicinry com. re
portcd tho hill, with nmeiidmentf', tclnting
to notcs nnd bills nf cxcl.nngc. Thc Sen
atc in commilce of thc whole, consi lercd
thc nmc.idments, nflcr disrusfinn hy Messrs
r orter, ncuaru, lluutieu, tlio lnll was amcn
dcd, nnd on niotion of Mr Picrpont, laid
upon tho tablc.
Mr Ilebard, from iliu judicinry commiue
reported the cngro.scd bill from the house,
relating tn wilU', nnd tlie settlcmeiit of ch
tates, with an aiiicndmcnt, in wliicli the
senatc, iu committcc of tho whole, concnr
red, and tho hill, al'ier discussion by Messri
Picrpont, Ilebard aud Briggi--, wns laid
thc tnhle,
The bill limiting the nuniber of jiis.iec
of tho pcaco iu this state, undcr considrr.t
tion nt the ndjournmetit yesterday was cu.ll
ed up, whcn
fllr Uriggs prnposcd n dificrcnt nppor-
SENATE-Jiills introduced-
u him it; luiit luih iiiuiiii; ..... .i n . .i Sl-
rtigihle6 nnd was duly clcc.cd. 1 Co. a, E. iiche , jvipita l d not
JU? Goo.htle, for iho minority, laid upon o cxcccd $30 000 Itcad tho f.rs nd sc
tho tablo ccrtain resolutions, which, with t''''" '' 'L'''-,'''-ed t0 ,lie c'''ieo 011
tho rcport, wcrc fmally rccommittcd to tlio J,n"'lu1':J.l!fs; ,,,,.. ?c,rllP,ln-
tho Commiltco on .liililary nlliiirs tn inquiro
'into tho cvilscxisting in our inilitiat-yMem,
ballot. Mrllowc. nomiuatinc Samucl Prcn
liss, and Mr Palmer noniit.ating W.n. C.
Bradley. The ballots being Kortcd and
couutt'd,thc Prcsident ii.formed the Scnnto
that an clcction had been made, nnd tho
house, by mcssnge, wero informcd of tho
clection on tho part of tho bcnntc.
Mr Foote, from tho house, informcd tho
senato that that hody had electcd a scnator
on its part, nnd wero now rcauy to nnite iu
small bills, indefiiiitcly postponcd; by Mr ' non mcnt, nnu fnovud tlic rccoinmitmc.it ot
bill io nav Heiiian , thc bill for n.nendmcnt ; n.oliou lo recom-
Carpenler $50 50 cenls, rcad n third timo '"it negatived ; when uftcr rcmatks by Mr
,! imc,li hv Mr llnmmoiul from Iho Phelps in opposilion to the tnotion nnd to
1 .. .' r .i... i.iii -..i: .1... llir liill. Mr Hprlcwitli ninv.
committeo on finnnce, tlie bill rcpcnling thu
act to prcscrvo fish in Willoughby l.nkc,
ordered to lio laid upon tlio tauio; ny Mr
Briggs from tlio commitlco on the ciigross
cd bill, defining Iho poncrs of Justicvs of
tho peacc, rcad a ihird timo nnd pnssed.
The liill ctnpowcis Jiifliccs to cross ex
aminc pnrties to suits on hook ncpoiiut, on
lofutal to lesiifvowdcuccto be tnkcn ogninst
. , 7, r. 1 1 ..i r
the hill, MrBerkwith moved tbat llic hill
he dismit-sed. '1 his inotion gnvo rise to n
protrncied nnd spiiilcd dehntc, by Messra
Bell, Kauuey, Poiter, llowc; Picrpont, Vnn
Sirklin, and White, in oppositiou, aud hy
Messrs Convcrse, Young nnd Palnierin fa
vor, and was negtivcd, ycas 13, unysl5, nnd,
tlis bill wns comtiiiltcd to Mr llnnneyfor
joiut ballot of both housss; nnd tho bcnato i tho party rel'us-ing; by Mr llrigus, fro.nl J ne . imi.m. o i.i io pay n.nc)s Thomp'
nnn.ni , n titn nn 1 ui nn iioiiM, ui liiiirr- iiuii(.inrv rn m n ii' . iiiu 111 i utiuui in . ' .- tuuii niiic hu-j iroaa-
("'"- - J j. , - . a....
scntatives. cases ot iiisagrceiiiiiiii m iuu u3ii(-iuiw
cira.iT.,' i:n. r.,i..,7,,,,., ti,, m,.
ilUlll 1JJ fllllll lliWUI,lH J , .1
ShcIdcn,providingfor.he Franklii, County , ni r ' .ZW .Ucrriif.
Asylum for tho poor; referred to tho Scnn
los from Franklin County ; hy .Ur Smilie,
to rrcvont the circulntion of foreign hitiall
lullSjlcss than livcs; Itcad tlio Jst and M ;
timo nud rcferrul to tho commhtce on i
banks ; Iw mi- iiecltwith,to rcpeal the a t for
tho relicf of Newark, pahsed in 1825, rend.
tho 1st aud 2d time, nnd rcferrcd to tho
nor.H of
tho hill in niiiendnicnt of nn nct regulating
..!...!.... l ...... ...-llli t.fMtiCfila ril
IIIU uiut:iiuii ui jw, ti iiui, ..iin 'i "jMi.-i"- "
nmendmcnt, contemplatingimportnntaltcr
ntions in tho present rcgulatiun of frco
inen's mecting, rcad n secnud time, on mo
tion of Mr l'ierpoint, laid upon tho table.
I- ...l llilln i., ,1... .Inliiia
XIIJI liani.ll llllia i.iuiii'f, 1,. utu ,,n,,..
Tho bnllots in tho scnato wero for Mr
Prcntiss 10, Bradley 11, T. Uutchinson 2;
Jncoh Collamcr 1.
Mr Pieriioinl cnlled up tho bill incorpor-
ntiug tho Kutlnud rajl load hmik, whcn mi-
lleliard, nltcr cxpiainiug uis views, iuuvcu
lo iimciid iho hill by crasing tho last fcc
liou, which givcs tho slockholdcrs of tlio
hank of Rutland tho risht to Mibscriho to
time, nnu rcierrcn io ino . ,:, . .,. , .: .....i
comin.ltco ou roads und cnmiis; ny .w i - -
iieckwitb. to rci.enl tho nct to nrc'crvo fl.li ' P",' '"-''' tllu ''n.neof ba.al. l.ickoy
Jltporls of Committees. IJy rnmtnitteo : will ouM ibv 1 a!-c rcad and referred lo 1 ,n t",rn" lvcy ; read Jstatiu iiunc, nuu
ofWay an.l .Ucans, against petitioi. of Eb-1 "0,nm t,cS on fiuancc ! 10 chel committco on t.n.ncs ;
cnfzcr Spencer, nnl ..ner a stntc.ncnt ofl ltcsolmions. Jly jh T(;nncy inn,liring . Scvcrnl bills fiom iho House wero rcfer
lac.ts liom the committee, (rhowll.g tho p-1 illl0 lc (!.Xlraicn ' t)f ,jroVciitliii? by law" ir'' 0 tllc nppro..r.mi. co uiniltecs.
tllioner to bo au aged man, iu cirnimstnricei ,., ,iistiiu inn 0r1,Vnin.1l)nL.,i .? referred I J 1,0 '""."( h Umversity of cr
ofc.xtrcme d strcss.two r ms with wivcsnnil ,,, . A.i. i :., iiiout was relerrril to tiiocouiuiitteoon j..u
.l.n.i.... .i.. i.:... i.:- -. ... - -
iHci.u vnimini .u pi.-iiin.-iii i'iiiii ium, .;n .vossib Tcmicy, Stcolc, nnd Grandy.
Kcpoitsof Coiniinttecs. 7yMr Iluhbell
from tlio Judicinry committee, tho cngros-
oivn wile pnrtmlly insnnr, nnd one ol lns
sons disahlcd, so ns not io b.'Hhle to lalior,)
Mr Smith of St. A.mnvcd thnt tho pclition.
cr havo Icavc to b ing in n hill, snpportcil
by Mi6;rs Shenn r, Di.-wcy of G. Fairbanks
and Stcvi ns ol P, nnd opposed hy Mr Whit
ncy, on the ground that the lloutc wcrc
not warrnnicd by tho constilution to grnnt
tlis petition ; Mr Conant moved to lay it nn
the tablc, which, nflcr din usion by Mctsis
ucntion, and ihc bnnk Insicctor's repoit tn
tho cominillcu ou bnnkH. Adj.
IIOUSETho cngrosscd bill relating lo
.rom uio .iiiiiiviuiv uuniiniiicc, ino iMigros- v , . , .. ,
scd bill organizing tho County of Lamoille, . Vdgbts nnd mcaM.rcs, wns read tho
" . .... . ' nitil .ilrii C'r,i,m .1 tnlikktnli Imil 1111(111
williout .imcudincni, rim si'nntc, ns ui
coiiitniltee of Iho whole, prnpoHing uo
nmondmcntn, tho hill wnn rcad a 3d time,
and im.ssed ; by Mr Briggs, from tho Judi
ciary committcc, n bill rchiting to iutorcst,
rcad and lnid upnn thn tnhle.
Knginneil llills. Dtflnlmj llm power.
timo nnd nfter somo disciirMou, luid npon
tho table.
Tho Senatc camn in and both Iiousca in
joint committeo procecded to mako tho fol
lowitur npnointincnts:
John Johnson, of Burlington to he Rur-.
or tJrncrnl.
dnnrt. that n similar hill is hcforo tho Sen
atc ; tho hill to provido for teporiing thc
dccisious of tho Suprcmo Court, rcqniring
thc .Secrctary of .Viato lo lurnli n copy to
clcrks of iho County Courts, ought not lo
pas-i; llie bill was indcfuiiicly posiponcd ;
hy Mr iVtcelc, fiom coiumittco on finaiice,
tho bill askimr niil to miiuunl lalior school
of JC. Poultney .committee lo be disehnrgcd,
ii 1 1 rnunl ninoiiiit of stock in tho rnil rond 1 and refer lo committeo ou Ediicntion ; by
jiank. This inotion ulbitcd debatc, iu .Ur Van Sicklin ou fiuan"e, to prcscrvo fis-h
wbicb vpbsis Ilebard. Haiiuev and Mc.ri ' n Hiiiesburt.'li Tionil. thnt tlio s-amo ouelit
par.icipated in i.ils fuvor,JJ aud mcssis Pier- . not to pass ; hill iudnlinitcly postponcd;,
iioint, Howo nnd Poricr ngninst. Tho , Mr fatcr.nan from the committco on man- j
. I . .., .,. - .l! I i. .1... 1 .111 ! .t. l 1..
dclmlo coutilllicd tiutll uio senaio nuj.
IIOUSE. Prayer by tho llov. Mr Sm.tli
of Barre.
ur Ilaswell callcd nn tho rctiort ot tlie
i.miim'mpn nf ideclionH on the inetuorial of , tce. tho bill nrovidintr co.npensalion
Uarry Bradley, when ' turnuig votes lor iscnntorp lo county cieihs,
Mr tioodalu asKcd icaro to preseni nipasscu; uy iruiiuuy ironi mjicui. t-uui- i
cuuntcr icpoit Ironi tno niinori.y oi uio miltcc, n uiu iimiuug uio mimiicr ii jubii-,
conuni'tcc. Somo in.pliries hning niodohy ccs of tho pt'iicc, read twicc, und ordcred lo ,
Mr Picrpont cnlled up the hill incorporn
tius tho Hltt:,iiid JSnil Kond llnk, and tho
, bill wa o.rdc.ed to hc euui'Ossed for a third.
; Iilr Merrill callcd np tho bill in ndditiou
to tho nct providing for ihc clcction of Gov
crnor, !tc, and ofTercd an amcndinenr, pro.
iding that tho ballots for Govcrnor, Lt.
Goveinor, Trea.urer, and Senators be de
posited iu tlio samo bnx, aud may ho unon
one aud tho same papcr; rcferrtd to select
committee, Messrs Merrill, Picrpon nnd
Young. Seniite ndj.
IIOUSE.- Prayer by Ucv. Mr Kelley.
Petitions, (,-c. referred. Of Vt. Mut.isl
Firo Insuranco Cn.,to couimittee of Banks:
of inhnhitains of Derby, of S. 11. McEuin,
' ono of tho
ur Ilaswell, it appcarcd in roiily
countcr rcport wnsdrawii up by
couiihcI for tlio niemorialist.
Mi-Sawyor of h. for tho purposc ol set
tling tho qucbtion on llie propriety of ih'n
course, moved that tho countcr rcport bo
not icctiived. Mrssts. Sawyer of II. and
IIiibwcII supportcd, nnd Mr Surgcnnt opj.ost
od tho inotion, when MrFoote moved to lay
both rqioits on the tahlr, nnd i.rnlie thoin
ufacturcs. the bill incoriioratiu,': llie Bilatlc-
horoiigh Typogriiphic Coinpany without
ninnnililllilll. ri'nfl tllf. tllll-il tlflll fir.fl tlllScd !
bv mi- Ilebard, from iho iudiciary commit- of.J'i?oo'i,l,0.,f Nornian Blackmcr, of D,
tce. tho bill prnvidiiig compensalion for rc- , ' tlarU ipnl oihere, lo commiitec ou
Koadsa.nl Uanals; ot Uaniel Ilewuip, to
conimillco of Ways nud .Uenns; for tnxrs
on Chailcston nnd Woodbury, to Land
'J'nx committeu ; remounrnnco'of citizens
of Charlotte, to committco on licensrs; pe
tition of sundry pcrsous for the exemptlo,
nf Foreign hank itock from taxp.tiou to se
lect rou.iuittct on tho lisling laws,
Tho coinniiltco on iaiika )'cpo-,e, ,jl0
hill iuc.ir.Mmiti.ig the Xcnwu ,op C0U),
hank, laid' upon tho tnb'.c. -
Tl.e Ilousc rcsiimcd.consldern.tion of tho
Burlington contestcd nlecdon,
Charlcs Adnr,, jv, concjll(jt(j
bc ciiL'iosscd forn third rcnilhi?.
Tho.hill ilicorporntitig tho Kutland Bail
Hoad Bnnk uiuh'r cunsidcrnlion nt tlio ntl
joiirnment, waB cnlled up by Mr Picrnoint,
nnd llie qucMioii being upon iiuiciidiiient
proposcd tn reslrict Iho biiuk from ii-Miiug
liills ofn lcss (leuuniiiiatlon thnn fivo dollarM,
nlicr dobate, Messrs Merrill nnd BnrncB in
fnvor, Metsrs Picrpoiut nnd Poricr against,
thc proposiiioti tonnictid was rejeetcd, yeas

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