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State journal. (Montpelier, Vt.) 1831-1836, November 01, 1836, Image 3

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rtiMnnt In fnvnr nf thn Rittlnir memhnr. fnl
Fowed by Hon. Win. P. Briggs, in behnlf of
JMriirnuiey, tno momonniist. Airsnrgcnnt
rliairman of tlio r.ommitieo mado stindry
r.plnnations, bcing liimself in fnct in tlio
ininority, nnd yct, ns clinirtnan, tlio organ
ot tno mnjority .ur ixocuimm oi li. nlso
oxnlained. llnswcll dcfcnded liimself n
pnlnst thcchargo ot corruption. Tlie tpics
tinii boing upon nccepting tlio report of tho
innjorilg, Jlr Duwey ol G. olitnincd tlio
Jloornnd movcd nn ndjournment negntiv-:
eti-; nud.'wr uewny procccdcd aga.nst con-
.nn'itip m tlio miijority rcport, nnd wlicnho
jiRlJ coiiicj'idcd,
CJjo JIoiW nd;.
2 o'clork, r. t.r.
, JJr it'iTill prcscntcd two
bblNAj j tf for npni oiiintion
i i r. ,,j Apeuses of Kt.rvrys of rnil I
. . ..;;..,i o tho comuiittcc on roatls
iunl cntials.
.'ommiitcooii inimcc, I
Jlirsireie.lromilio r ".
rcnorti-d tliu bill dircrlin f lIle Trcnsuix-r lo
rcponu iiil iiiii (iiicriint
rrcdlt t bo town of Vfrnn.'1 ",0. ,
.. .
rrtuii tno loun oi '" . , i.v
White, Inid on tho Inble.
'"V1"" ' ' , .1 , t V, v, .. .v l h
i nr f, L f m.
.... .pn, .. w J : . .
tho oninioti
no w. i no 1"' I ;
. rt.t - .! ........ it
inueiim.u .oS1 ,on ncn., m . ..... , j ,
nnd lOnsmriiic hcing do !
iiav, 0 ncuniu, Lro jtua a. ,
"ir ii . -ii r .u .n..n..in,l
thc Wll MdUio t c C I
cclionof G
Mr Si?C& tZinTS
in thc forciioon procccdings.) "ThoScnnto
ooncurrcd in tho nincndiuent propowd by
the coin.nftcrdiscnssionby Jliss.lcrrill,
I'icrpont, Porter, Young, llowc, Vnn Sick-
n thc forciioon procccdings.) "'J'hoScnnto
.... c ' .
lin i'liulii!" nnd Ilcbnid. ,
Mr Yoijii" movcd n rcconsidcrntion of
the voto refiisin" to nrac oeitain words in
Ihc aiiicndniRiitrtnninowcrini: civil nuthnri-
the d.'posito of ballo.f.) Wotion pr.iva.lcd,
nnd Ihc clniiso ordercd to bc st.ickcn onl.
Thc S.Miatc ndoptcd tho nnicndnic.iis to
.lm at. .lili nn.I Inst spriion. nml tlni hill nn
T.".,.,,.,, ;.,'; Inpnpnnrnltnfr llin Wil.
liams' rivcr inaiiiifiiciuring co.iipnny ; in-1
corporafmg tho black rivcr cnrd co.; in-
roiDorntiiiL' tho Timbr i l'h iniiniilactiiniiK
co.; incorporating tho Green iiioiintiiin
tiiouon ol Jijr I 'icrpont, was Innl npon tlic imnij .i... mo cutu.n. v.t.u..n..tt . v,, llu ,U5, .., mu ,u, jiiuj
tnj,e tlio nct to pruvc.it usnry.) Mcssra Jiriggs, scniinary; by iSlr Tcnncy, nsking nn
iilri7rip"3 rallcd np tho bill rclatin" to Pahncr, I'icrpont, IJpbard, Uonvcrsc, Alil- :ip)roirintion for tlic bcnolit of Newbury
lcr nnd Uell, iiar.iciiiatcd in tho debato, 1 Soiniuary, bolh relcrred to :ommittcc on
"w r " " ...1. - ,M-.. II-I.....I I.SII .
Irnn Co.; to pmvido for ropor.ing ll.c dc-1 ,"V -"' l ' ciigrossuu u.n
cisions of thc Snprc.no Court ; incorpora- rclui.ng to wills nnd thc 6Cttleinc.it ol cs
tiiiSthoRullniidItnilItoadI!ank,Fcverally tatcs, ufter co.isideration of proposed n
rend a tliird timo nnd passed, cxccpt thc incndinc.it, ortered by Alr llebard, by thc
laltcr.on which Mr Wntcrnian dcmandcd feenatc, m comimttco ol tho wholc, tho
the ycas and nocs, which, being tiikcn, wcrc nniciid.ricut was coiiciiricd m, and tlio bill,
vcni 17, iioos 9, passed. ! nftcr debnlc by Mr Ilcbanl, Picrpont, llnggs
Thc Scuato conctnrcd in a resohilion ; nl Pahncr, was rcnd n tliird timc nnd
frotu thu hoiiso iissigning Friday noxt for ' IaS3cd.
tlnM'lection of county ofiicers. " I . fccnate ndj.
Mr U nlEon introduccd a bill, in favor of
lrnac Fletcher nnd John S. Pettilmnr, to
tinv for servicra iinrfiimii'i! in relntinn tn
Ecx bank; rcrd twicc, nnd rcfcrrcd to I AJr Snrgcant laid upon the tablo n inolion
conimittcc on claiins. I to nnicnd thu rule of tho llonse relativc to
Adjnurncd. I thc introdiictiou of bills.
IIOL'SE. -.Tho hoiijo resnmcd iho con-1 r Sargcant introduccd a bill to incorpo-i-i.lcia.ion
of ihc Ibnliiiplon contcsled clcc-1 ralo a manufiictuiing Co. nt Alanchesier,
tion: Alr Nccdlmni of 15. introduccd n relcrred to coin. on mnnufiicturcs.
resohilion, declaring that N. H. Haswcll isi Pclilions, c. of Prcsidetit and Fellows
.u.nuii.uunt iiuiii lllill ... .1. l.USttUH .3'
n.itilleil to a.jiciX in tho housu : sunporlcd
by Alessrs Sawycr of II., Ihvmell nnd
Pcrk, and opposcd by Alewrs Goo.lalo nnd
Dcwny of G. and ndonted. nvcs 127. nnvs
Mr Tracy callcd np tho icsohition fixing '
n timo for pning into county convcntions:
'J'lmrfidii.v, 3 o'clock, wns tigrccd upon for1
tho romity convcntions, nnd Friday, 3 o'-
cloek, for a joint niccting and tho rcsolu-
tion wns ndoptcd.
Pclitioiu. Of Francis Fletirennt, for nn
rilterntion of his naine, was referrcd to tho
General Coinniittco ; of trustces of Cnlndo.
nia County GinnimnrSchool, to conimittcc
on Educnlioi).
Jiilli. By Jlr Sniith of St. A. lo pay Al-
lm llniMitsnn n i-itn!n ott.ii i-nr.M-iml in
Jommittec of Claiins; by Jlr Jlarcy, rcla-
tiiig to clection?, which was read and refcr-
red to tho Judicinry coinniittco; by Jlr
l'ooto, incorporating tho Flower Jlrook
mnm.lac.iirilig ro., relcrred to tlio com. on
mninitactiires; by Jlr Sawycr of ., to pny la.d upon thu tahlc.
yarvoy Aiiiswoi'th ti ccrtain snm, rcfcrrcd Alr Curtis callcd up thc rcsojution rcla
to comtn'.lti'o of Claiins ; by Alr Gay, to in- tive to thc surplus bc now considcred, a.id
corpointo tlic .1utiial .un.i.ilucttiriiig com-
pany, refeired to comniitteo of u.anufac-
turcs; by Jlr Jlai.i.., renea'iiiL' act to nre-
vpnt usury, referrcd to General conimitlcc. tecs should havo preccdenco in thu busiiicss
JlrAdn.nsof Grand Isle, ralled up tho of thc IIouso to inattcrs laid upon thu ta
bill in addition to tho act contituting Su- ble.)
premo nnd County Onttrtr, nnd it was re-' Thc motion was ngrccd to.
couimittcd to tho Judicinry comniiticc. j Jleporls of C'ommillces liy tho Lnnd Tnx
Alr Ilccmnn cnllcil up tlic bill to pny A- comuiittec, a bill to tax laiuls iu Boxbury,
tnos Thompson n ccrlnill euiii, u.iil it was ordercd to n tliird icnding; by Judicinry
referred lo tnc co.umiltei) of claiins. coinmittec, thu bills telaiing to viciualling
Jlr Sinith of St. A. called un tho bill ic- houses, nml relulivu to uttactimeut of hay
tharleiing tho bank of St. Albans, when
JVr Fitch tifl'ered nn niiicndiiient, providing
thnt the provisions of.ho nct bbull bctindcr ,
II1U tllllUU. ... f.I'y . ...... U irOI.M(u iuivi i
hat, in cnso a fiituro lcgislnturo shnll re-
Ycal thc chnrtcr, tho bank slmll havo ihreo '
ycars in wlncli to clo) itij liusiiicss. m ,
which little, howcvcr, the bank fhall not
)iav thc r'.ght of issiiing bill. Jlr Fitch i
oxphiincd nnd Minported tho amcndmciit,
.'i t t. 'J. r t?. rc. a I
iiiij utier icniuii.s irum iri niiiiiu ui
O. K. Field, and Necdhnin 15., tho bill uud ,
.nmctidnicnt wcrc laid upon thc tnblc nnd
inado tho order lor to-morrow moruiug.
Iiepoits nf Owimitte.es. Ily tho sclcct
comtniiten, ihc liill incornoratiug tho Jlid-
illebury Savings Dank laid upon tho ta-
lilc. Ily tho coininiitco on the surplus, n
rcsolutioii dcclaiing 1. innxncdicnt to ihish
......... ... n..1..
Jiny iuw ui uiu (iieomii BUSS10I1 llliniiy U13-
jiosin,' of tho Kt'.rplu;:, and itiitriictiiig the
otimiittc to report n bill providing mernly
(br recr'ving thnt sharu of tho surplus fall
ing ',o Ver.nont laid upon tho tahle. Uy
Vtid l.and tnx commttlce, bill taxlng llright
on, which wns twico rcad nnd ordercd to n
tliird reading. Hy comniitteo on Militaty
iiflairs, n bill to pay Lynian Whitmali, or
tloied to n tliird reading ; ngainst petitions
of John Ilnbcnck nnd Dnvid amiuoiid,
und thcy lind lcavo to wiihdraw. Hy tho
com. oi. Iluads nnd Canals, ngainst tlic pe
li.ion of Wm. Hmwn and othen., and thoy
lind lniivn tn withdrilW. Hv lllO (J.'IH'.IhI
com., tho bill rcpcalil.g tlio pctllar'a act ol '33
Mr lti.pkx.nsip.- nifived to disuiiso. nnd'.hnd r.oiicurrcd iu thc rcfolntiun of thc Scu-
Biipported tho motion, opposed by Jlfessrs
Fitch nud I'ootp.
Tiiuhsdav, Oct. 27.
'SENATE. Prnynr by tlio Chaplaln.
Jtesnlulionti. Hy Mr Kunticy. rclnting to
the nppointment of jtisticcs ol tlic ticnen in
this statc'; providing tliat tlio ntimbcr sholl
not cxcccd twclva 111 nny ono town : rcnd
ond passed
BMs. Hv ur Bfll. to tircvent circtis rid-
no in this statc. Tlio President dccidcd
llint it was n rcvcnuo bill, nnd must oriiji-'
i linto in tlio otlicr holisu. tir Bcll nimcidcd I
Ironi tlio decision of tlio clinir, when on
molton ol Jowe, tlio niotion was Imd on tlio
'table j by jtr Vnn Sicklin in rolation to
, f-clioolf, dirccting ono tliird of tlio publii:
jinoneyto bo divideil cqually ninong tho
j ilistricts, icmaiiidor accordiug lo tlio liuni-!
' ber of Bcholars; rend twico nnd referrcd lo
1 conimi.lco on cducntion.
Jtesoiulion, ny iurJYuwc, tocnco.iragctlio
lui l" 1,1 blm fi0"s 1,1 '" buhb , r..-
futrcd to ibo ronnniitco on innmifnciiuos.
Tho bill in rclalion to tho clection of
Govprnor &c wns nnin iimli.r rnnxidi.rn.
uocrnor, w.c. wns ngain uikili coiisini.rn.
tl0l) nn,j ,0 lnotlo to arnelid, by crasiug
.. i i--; i 'i r..
tinll fiti.l llin mnfinli In nmniii Im ttfnotiinr '
the I'lincting claus'!, wns dccidcd in tlio nl
Jien'orh of Committtts
J!y Mr Vnn Sick-
K". ",0 'B''s.scd bill for tho rclirf of
El'eiicwr apccr nnd Sin.on lllanchard,
J - witf.out' nnicndmcnt:-S.fl.uincnt of
lucts bv Mcssrs Van Sicklin nnd Pnlmcr,
l. Wllllinifc tllliui
, , , , , rf
, !T Ife 'LS!!!?
h, epirits to bc givcn to intuinpeiatu pcisoiiH,
mu. i co nim rciurrcn 10 Bcieci com ii uco on iii.uiu nci rc.
slll'Jcct "f tn.cn.nrc. j , from tho Ilonse, thnt thnt hody
Mr!riggscnllcdt.p tho bill rela.ing to liad reconria.re,! tho voto of yo.tcrday
into.eEt-.ho qucstio,. boing on t bc ordcrlconc.irring in tho ro.oh.t1on lin,i.,g tho
cngrow lor a jl.ud rcntimg. mr jj. cx-
ttlnin.wl tlwt irnviutf.nia nt tnn lnll. n.nl rr.
cngrow lor a jl.ud rcntimg. Mr jj. cx-
tho P-,0V'6""1S .of thu bill, nnd rc-
murkoil gcnerally uj.on thos.il.jcct ot .isury, '
!f anthoriacd iti I his country nnd England ;
tno onjcct oi mo ijiii was io uvoiu isuiiniis
t'xactions on thc ono hand, nnd to givo for
ll10 ,lso 01 nic.iicy, n fair and cquitublo con-,
si'lorntion, nccording to its valuo; it rccog-
'zwl bnt f.x pcr cci.t, bnt did not contcm-
plato tho loss of thc pr.iicipal ; tho usurioiis
only to bo forle.tcil, or rcndcred not
colleclablo. ,,,.,
Mr Convcrsc movcd to nniciid ibo bill by i
1010 Oll tl.C Ial)lC. I
. MrJJriggs ccllcd up thc bill, rclnting to
judic.nl procecd.ng; nttcrdebntc.Mrllriggs
''.n"i, i" iilii.uih ujuiiim, mu ouiuw ,
u'lisc,' 'V ,,af3 ," , , . .
JiUUbE. Traycr liy Kcv. Mr Kcllogg,
Un niotion ol Alr Louant, tle
thc joiirnals was ilisiiensed wiih.
On motion of Alr Conant, tl reading of
. Y ' J - -w...
01 Alldillubury Uollfgc, to coni. on cdiica-
tfon ; 6fE. Il.Coddaid & othen?, lo coin. on
ds and canals ; remonstrmico of Charlcs
Cuinmings and othcr:?, to Lund tax con
of inhnhitdnis of West Jiaudolph, nnd of
Lndies of tho samo placc, to coin. on licen.
Tho IIouso rcsumcd considcration of iho
bill rcpealing tho act of '33 rclating to haw-
kers nml peillars ; iho qtie.-tion boing upon
the motion to dismiss: Aletsrs Fairhanks,
Urewslcr ond llatch supported the motion,
opposcd by Alcssrs Fncli, Foote, Necdhnm
ol J. und llale, when thu motion wus with-
drawn, nnd Alr Tracy movcd to referto
the select comiuittco on tho grand list
alicr discussion by Alcstrs Fullain, llale,
linrrp. K'Lvmi- nf II. nnil Viln.a. Alr Hnek-
mnster rciiuwed thu motion to dismiss, op.
pobed by Mcssrs Smith of Al. ar.d Alny of
U'cst Faiilee, mid l.egativcd aycsG'Jt, uocs
J30. Alter luither discussion by Alcssrs
iiisiiiiiuii, r ucn auu I'lii.aui, uiu uiu vu ,
wr ?initli ot st. A. movcd lo lay it upon
tho tahlu. (Thu objcct of thc iioticc was to
settlo as a rulo that thu rcports of comuiit-
scnlcs uud they werc ordercd toa 3d read- 1
iug; ngainst thu bill rclativo f limi.atioii of.
uclions thu llowing of lands- nnd cxtcud-
i.'tj JU. I3U.L .11... ui i.unsiunii.g i.i iiuiiiiiuii
to the school arts nnd reluting to liiuiled
par.nerthips, nud they wcrc severally ilis-
nnsscd ; by tlio couimilteo ol llaims, tnat
they be iliseharL'cd from furthcr considcra-
tion of tho occotint of II. W. Alillciaiid iliu
bill iu favor of Joscph Uownian, und tho
l l il... l..t...M ..m.cj
.lu.mu t.iiiuui . c. , ...... ...d .i.h.
red lo coiiin.itt.-o of ays nii.l Aleaiis; the
tnc .nn to pny i.miiei- n. jiuiiiiiam j-iuiw,
i uj. ...u.ii'.i vi tiii i.biHiiu ..ivi miii mu'
oniercu to n ou rcniuug; ngiiuisi uiu peu-, commiiteo
tion of Aloses Peck jr. uud ho l.ad lcavo to acrno()n iCX
withdraw ; the bill to pay Jiimes JJewer I
and Adolplms I'aul jJ-KflJ ba, (urmiug liotn
tlic stispcnsiou nclH,) Alr Trucy reinuiKetl
Ihat hu was agniut tho bill, at lunst tiutil
tho principle t-liould bo decided lo pay tho
claiins, and nillcd for tho ycas nnd miys,
which wcro taken, iifter u fcw remarks lor
tho bill by Alr Sinith of St. A. uycs 12(i,
rt .....1 .1.- l.lll I..-...I "l.l
uocs w, ll 1 1 ll inu uu. mi uiuciui . .
Adjouruud. j
2 o'cloek, r. m. i
SRNATE, Bills; for the reliof of tho
town of Vernon; called iip.nud ou motion j
ofAIr White, recommitlcd to thc conimittcc ,
on fiuaiicc; m lelation to notes und HHM oi
CNchangc, callcd up, ii.id aftcr various mo
lions, nud tho siigginiion of Alr llenry, wub
againjii'.d ou thu tnblc
Mesiagc, Irom lliu llouse, tii.it inni uotiy
j nfc, (.imiti.ig tho numbcr of justiccB of tho
I pcacc.
I Mtmoruxl, introducod by Mr Howc, for n
prnlnbilion of tlio trnflic in nrdcnt spirit; f
rclerrcd to mo se.cct com.nntcc, rniscu on
n sitnilnr tncinorial frmn tlio ililiabitnutB of
Kennto nilioiirncd.
IIOUSE I'etitions refcrred : Ofcilizens
of Jlridport, New llnvcn nnd otbcrs, toeom
tnittco nn licenscs j of Tliomns Jliinsficld,
to committcn of wnvs nnd mcaus: ofJolin
Idn, to solcct committoo of fivc
Bills inlrothicrd: Hv Jlfr Plmrtr. tn in.
corpcrnto Chittenden Uounty (Jrnminnr
Scliool nt Richmond, rofcrrcd to cotmuittco
on Educnlion ; by Jlr Duncan, in addition
to echool ncts, referrcd to thc samo conunit-
Jlr Enlon callcd up tlio bill locniing tlio
rotincy huilditigs of Franklin county. Jlr
Hmitli of St. A. movcd to dismiss tho bill,
nnd mpportril tlio tnolion in remnrks nt
lengih j Jlr Knton ropticd : wlicti tlio ino
lion wns willidtiwvn, tlio bill Inid lipon tlie
tnblc. nnd tho
Ilouse nilj.
FntuAV. Oct. i8.
Praycr by tlio Ch.-iplain.
Itilts. Ilv AlrPii'iiinint. nrovidin" fortb'
)rining nnd distribution ot tlio jourmild ofl
tho jonrnnl of tho Scnolu, vt-ad twico nntl '
laid upon tho tablojby Mr Ki.isn.an, v'rZ,v ""l"""L'"',
incorpo'ra.ing tho linrro .nannlacturing Co j ,. U. cry Frcc',,;l1' n ,N ""'" '"' '
cnphil aockWooO, for mnm.fac.nring!,?1' ntb r Ko,b.,. V.,o ,i,
co.ton nn.I vvoollcn
cn gnods : rcnd t wicu nnd . c"c for h,s cuntr:'. m s.ny nwy rrom tlio polla '
iltco on inannfurtiircs; hv I onl!"t 1VJ Vho vvill vainly imasino that .ij
poralingtl.oV.Tow.iscn;i'vmwlllt0U,vailini? Away wltl, ,ucl, cxcuieil
rtttri.ia Co , cnpilal stftck, 1 Uain or f.!.iiie, let cvcty inan nct undcr a tcnio of !
nf RQmmittl,-6
$."0,000, rcnd twido nml rcfurruk to conim. I
mimucrol jnsticcsol tlic pcace.nnd rcsolvcd
In tlnnrnnciii
to nunconi-ii
forn rcv.Mo
ion by Mr Convcrsc, nrovidinz
rcvision of thofetatntc luwsol thcslatc.
ruit'rrcu to tno jniuciary coiiunittcc.
Mr Wutson inquiicit if it wonld bo in
order to move n ruconsi leiatioii of tho voto
ofycsterday, on thu rcsolntion limiting tho
ni.mbcr of j.isticcs ol thu pcncu ; dfciwon
of thc chair, that il would not bc in ordcr,
tho icsohition having bccn sciit to, nnd
nc lipon, in tho otlicr honse.
J'otitiutiif, Jsy Mr Wnis in. of rvalumi
' cduratiou.
In r.ollSP.nllnnpn nfn nrnq: nfnllior ...nt.
tcr wc oro co.npcllcd lo on.it our rcgular
jounial. Tho following nppoiiitiiiuiilH
wcio mado
in juiut comtnittcu of both
WINU.IAM cou.vir.
Telor H. Tnll, llenry Whooluck, Assistant Jus
tices; Galcs t'crry, jr. slicnir; Calnn Tiiwnilcy,
lligh liaillli'; Alviandcr tf. C'anipbcll, Slales' At
tornuy ; Alareliall Allller, Wallar I'.agtr, Wm 11.
blialter, jail coinmissionprs ; Abel IIuLbard, ln.
epector oi'IIops.
Samucl V. Portcr, Uav.d I'iorcc, Assistant Jus
tices: O V C'lianUlcr. bialtV Allurnet : Juhn S
Alarcy.ludssornrulrato lorilio districtoi Hartford:
wi Z X "" " !
liphalct Duulia.n, jail comiiiissioiicrs.
Samucl I! Ilollo), Cilv.u bulacc, Ass'utant Jus.
ices 5 Azariah lto.id, slienll"; I) A C.llanier, IIiijIi
U.nlill'; t: Ai liriL'm. btatus' Altornev : hamucl
Swil't, judgo of probjlo for tlie dittricl ol Addison ;
iaruy niu.iMi., juogc oi prounu .or me uisirici oi
IScivli nen s Ira steunrt. Uorasliis Wooster. Joel
I i . ' , . . ,
miliitntlf.imru Inr llin iml nt M iitillfiKiir i
- ,u .crpoiiH i.nu.i snerri.i, ujriey o seymour,
commlwoner. lor thc jail ai erijei.ues.
. Kiiiidol'''itnihan r sorVL.ui! A.l,f.nt
J.isticcs j Ira l'arsons, Mieriirj A. V. Itccd, lliah
.1.1.11(1'. 4ntnriinn P.i.itn Atlnrn..v. W'.n
Ilall, judgc of probato for tlie dittricl of Kuilan.l ;
niinoi. varucr, juugo ol proouio lur iuc uisirici ui
Kairlia.cn; Hobert ficpont, I.utlicr Uanlclt, Wm
r ja cu.nuiiseiiucrs.
Joscph Alnisli, W'ni W.iod, Assistant Juslfces ;
G A Allcn, SlicrhT; I I I'.icliardson, II. Ii. Macy,
John C. Ur.iy, jail conimissiuucrs ; Julin Allcn, in
spcctor of liops.
Gco Crccn, Austin I'ullcr, AssUlanl Justiccs
Jcpilia Kradlcy, S I. c t if T tlichaid A Stauuck, liijh
h.iililf; (!co W r..lcr, Maics A'torney; W ni
Itridut'S, Jud"o of I'robalo fnr Uio dislnr.t ol Geor
gia; James Davis, Iti.es Turner, Joi 11 Itrainard,
jjU conmusfioncrs; Orvillc Knnj.ton. mspccior of
""I"' orleans cou.ntv
portus nantcr, A II Kicncli, Assistant Justiccs;
jacob uatCs, Shcritr; K (J Strong, higli l.ailiifj
naucs siorey, aioscs Aiioiney jotrpn tvigniiM,
Jtidge of 1'rotuto lor tho dintnct ol Orleans- John
(,'illum, Joscph Wiggin8, Josrpli L'hadman, jail
commissioncrs; Chester C'arpcnlcr inspcctor of
Henry Stowell, Joscph Wnterman, Asst.
Justiccs; Ahnerin Tinker, Sherill; Luthcr
II. Uiown, Iliul. Uailill; G. V. Uutler.
Slates Altoiney; Dnnicl Dodgc, Judgc ol'
I'rohatc lor tlic Jlislr.ct ol Jjnioile; Oco.
V. Gates, Asr.hcl llayniond, S. S. Joncs,
J.iil C'oniuiissiiincrs; l)avid Cauij.bcll, Ins.
of Ilopi.
Azariah Wcbli, ir. Ilrbham Pikr, Asst.
Justiccs; Grccnlcal Wcbl), fheiill; John
sc,() Jlji.. Uailitl- Wm. Ilevw
yiatt.'d' Atlorncv Ki'val Cntler' J
pr0Wi'' Tii.iothy Faiirhilil Vin
Ilevwoud. ir.
JU.Ittf o.
lll. Kicll,
l....n llnilir.. .r.,1 f ,m ...!. 5,..n,.r .1.1 n i.u
May, Ins, ol IIojn.
John AI. S iwles, Samucl Adam, Asst.
Jusiices, II. 11. Keyiiul.ls, Shcrill', (iioreo
(Jjocliiih, lligh Iluilill; llt'ctor Adanis,
Slalcj' Altorni'.v; Joel Allcn, Judijo ol
Probate; lililiu I'.irks, Ita Allen, Wm. n
lusst. ',,,1, coiii.i.issioners: .lohn jtevnolds
i,)s 0i
wljoutned to Tucsday
. .
The ftirndsol llart.son nud Grangcr in
the town ol Middlesex, nre rcquestcd to
mcet fil thc CYiitre r3cliool IIouso, on
Weilncsday the C.l day ol Novenibcr nexl
it 12 oVlock noon. lor the purpose nl'.nak-
ing nrfatigi'ments lor tlic npproachiiif! Prcs
idential canvn3.
Jloruce llalJcn,
Jsaac It. Scribntr,
Wm. D. Mclultjre,
JVatlil. Carpcnttr,
(Jsmantl JJatcy,
Colwnbus I'utnam,
Dunfarlh W. Stilcs, )
Otfo. Sixty-two Countis givo n Ilarri
son mnj. of 7,113, nnd tbo re.nain'mg cot.n
tics gnvo Whig maj. b'efore.
Grorgui. Anti-Vnn H. tickt hctd
EZlcctornl .EtecUon.,.fVav. S.
ror. ntEsmcKT,
Of Ohioj
ron vice rnusintST,
OrNcw Yotk.
Jlttarat 5 TA15I'' PHOCTOIl,
Dist.No.l, DAVll) CliAWFORI),
fi, EmVAKl) LAMIJ.
hls penoml rcfpondMliiy-lct hlm
hls penoinl rerpon(ibility lct lilm cct as a twvrn 1 "'B'i lx " "uu e vcr opposcd Irccmasonry."
scntinnl on tlie Wntclitaucr nf riecdom, nnd CiO 3ilch is the positioit, and such ihcprofet
TOTHKI'OIXSNnXl'TUKSnAV! Tho man sv.ns, of thcso nicii.
wlio wiu tkulk away fiom l.is t.at at sucli q crii '
as llilj is iiuuo.lliy thc nnine ol frccman.
it Le'sccn i.cxt Tucday' that ll,o rpirt of.our nn. I
ccstors etjll warma nnd
nnlmatcs tl.o ioub of iho 1
Green (lountains
TlllPli niqrpifT '
It t apparcnt, from tlic Hato of tlic volej east on
thc liist Tucsday in fjeplcmber, that thc coatcst
lie9,etocnIIoiacer.NcreltandAI.!cnrartridjo .,,.,,, ,, , , ,. . .
Under.heaceircu1s.ances,tl,cdutvofa,itimaSun,,,!" , ,,,Li ,nen" b "r ""B
is plaln.They ought tu go for r.vcrctt-tliey ought V l"'s'? Do. ''''J' ""'un ,u ai' ,lm, ,n ,
toclocthim. Uohae a higli regaid for General P01lillg Hnrrison and Grangcr, we do not '
Fmnt. but wo would not jcopar.1 tho highcst in- snpport principles-tliL- tnme principlcs of ,
tcrests of tlic conntry by supporltng him at thii nationnl polioy that thvj wcrc sticklcrs lor
juiicturo. Wo say, thc.., lct ihc antlmasons comc 1 two ycnrs ngo? Ilavo.rc turned fiom 1
lbnvard!ntl,eir6trengtl,nndreastrongpullfUr tll0SB irillci)ll;g ? 1IftV0 thvj ot
IlORACi: EVCnKTT. tu.nedf.om tl.em, nnd utterly abandoncd
Thc prococdincs of ihcl.itc Statc Concnlinn are
prcsentcd tu our readors at lcngth to day. fc
havc only roora to recommcnd theit pirusal lo '
evcry rcadcr. Tlic nddresa is admirablo. The
rcsolutions aro to the point. ,
For the State Journal.
1 lmve n few words to Fay to thosc anti-
masons of.ho State of Vermont who havc
madc tip thcir minds to support Gen. llar-
rison nnd Alr. Grangcr, nt thc approaching
clection. !
Thcrc nrc, I pcrccivr, rcrtnin mcn, who j
havc becn nssociatcd wiih yoti, in thc con-
tcstwilh frcemnsonry, who nrc now cnr-'
ncstly cngagcd in an nttempt to drnw you
itHo r.n cmbrnee with tho "corruplions of
Van Uurciiism." I w'mh to call your nttcn-
ni.iTr n rti.i..nnl tn (1.1 nr.Rttmi wlllcll
MUII ' " .1 ... 1 1 1 ..... J ,
llit'Eo men occupy ; to the liollowncss of
tho profcssions they maKc, and to tno titter ,
msunicicncy of tlio rcasons tlicy urge to 111-
duco you to ubandou thc ground you have
Thc position thcy occupy.
Ihcy are, I
to nll intcnls and purposcs, idcntified with
llie Van liuren jiarty. Thcy nro not thc
leadcrs of tho party, but crc coiitent to takc
pwition in iis rcar rank. Look nt Gov.
I'uhncr. Tho scceders of tho niitimasouic
party, Ust wintcr, iiominatcd him for Gov- 1
einor. They beggcd thc Vnn liuren party '
totrCod tho ..omi..ation, but in vaiu.
,,,, ..I i i . .
Thc party held ot, to tl.cr last ycar s can-
didatc, nd Gov. Pnlmer l.ad to rtt.ro from
thc field. V l.crc ,s bo tiow? A corres-
i t
us-wuaiwas wc. Miumi '"'i'"er
bcforo that bc lins gouo into the Vnn Ilu -
rcn raucus, givcn in his ndhcsioii.nnd madc
n spcecli ! l nus msteaci oi i.cuig tniscn up
nu n r.niiil!jlntn 1. ( Invprimr. Iin lins heen
comoelicu lo tail oncK, nnu einei uiu uu ,
. . ii . i. i ..... t r.. ..
. '
Ihnen innks as a orobationcr !
And how is it wiih Alr Uatbcr? Not-
wilhslanding ho wns thu lcndcr of thc sc
ceders, nud was thiu Iho main iiistr.inic.it
in brcaki.ig up tho niitiuiasonic pai.y, ond
. (i,.,..!.,, .vi.iik.-iiiin' llin nnti Vnn ilurcii
l - - - v o --
' BtrCIIL'lll 111 t lllS SWtC, IIO W8S irCUieil erv
I mitcli in tho samo htylo ns Gov. Pahncr.
All his b'.lling uud cooing could not prevail
on thc Vnn Hureuitcs in tho 2.1 district to
tiuppoit hi.n for CoiigrciS, nnd ho was lcft
to tho morlification of n voto of nbout 4C0
out of somo 6000 votcs c.nft in thnt d'.strict.
Aftcr having becn tosscd upon thc te.npcst-
uous occan cver hincc be nplit iho u.ittma-
Bonic party in picccs last wiutcr, ho han,
! m.I!. rfiitm. i ,'iih.tti.rp lilnni. In llin Vnn
, Hure.i party. j bas mado n spcecli iu
. ,, ,, .. , .. ,
j tho Vun HuiCn caiicus. atid ison probahon!
r aiui u.icro lsiriuuu iasonr iuiac pauy
Iio has not becn nt Alun.puiier to maku n
Hpeech iu tho Vun liuren ciiucus, but bo is
ncvcrlhulcfcs nhcad of tho Gocrnor nud
Alr llarbcr, iuasmtich as ho wns nctaally a
mcnibcr of tho Vutiliiiren Cuuvciitiou, lasi
sumiicr, und ofliciatcd as ono of its Vicu
Such is tho position of tho lcading fcco
dcrs from thu nnli.nasoiiic paity, uhoaic
atlcmpling to ibaw tlio body of Iho nntitmt
pons of this statc from thu ground thcy havc
laltcn iu favor of llarrisou nnd Griitigcr.
And whnl is the chnractcr of tho prolcs
pioni tiudcr wl.lrh tliis nitcnpt is tnado ?
Thoy nre liollow. Thoy profoas o pnrn
inonnt rcgnrd for mitlmtuonTy, vhllo tlie
ninn wboni tlicy broko nwny from tho nnti
innsonio party to ctipport, lins becn tinU
formly, mo bittcrly oppost-d to tlio nnti
innsonic party; nnd wlicn callcd on to say
whelhfr ho would nppointndhorinEtimEoua
to oiiiro, dcclnroa llint bo will tmv no sort
ofregard ulmtcvcr.to thoqucslion whcthcr
nn npplicant for onicp, i?, or is not, nn ml
htrittg mason. Koris tliisnll. Anerhold
ingnn.nwliilc, lo Mr. UukIi, ns ihoir cnn
diduto for the Vicn Prcsiik'tioy,thoy fnmllv
drop liist nntnc nnd jnit fortli that ofllifliard
nl. Johnson, n loy Atcl. mason. n
J IICV tirOlUSf. tOO. Itl III ,!fti,r,r...nl .,.!
m :.n .i ir , '
; o bo . to tho mi JJrc party lcnro i.s
: prniciplca nre cmntnllu dcmocraUc. nhcn
.hny.mv.hcn nniong ,h0 londen i.i do- cd in thnt Ptnt,-. ZdTc7K
noc,K , pil ,!, ,lle hn,llMB pn.c.-eaKlcclarnUon of .,c Ecding on.I
mcasnrcH of .ho ndmmiatra.ion uhich Mj ,na8onS in thi, state. In tlnt rcspcct I b?-
,,." , ' I
cnl ri ou, BnJ tlie lcndcr
of , ho M;rrdcrS dcclarcd, .hat "uhcnuvcr
nii.imason.y Fhotild dcgcnc.nlo inlo the '
C(.rjjn."o- r t'nn ?;,..'. i, 1 1
T ' ur"" Iio would v.
;i"an'lon . 'nd opposc ir, ns nnci.mpromis.
And w hal nru the nrcumcnls s hlch ih..v
tt-IO tO lU'IKIllllln US In nilif iinr nnnr.,1
f'WUl! "'f ,l,to "IB ,n"ksr Vun ,Jllrt-'"?
""'" vv"""s nson ami urnii-
gcr.wo turn ''wl.igs,'' m.d put ouwh-ei
Bak.... 77 T-..l . I . I . I 1 . f . i t 1
, r """""""'."
havo ttirncd Vnn lJurin men cotic into !
the Van lluroii i.artv. and titlt thc.iisclveJ
xmAer ya1 j!t1.u1 k.ak,r9 ;
iiicm r iiqi ims uecomo oi ineir ijoiu uc
nuticiatiims of "Vnn IJurcnismf'' Ilushcd
in thc silencc ofdeath ! What of llieir du j
cidedcondcmi.ationorthe-iuisiuleofJack ,
Bonis.ii which .Wr Van Uurcn has prom-
.scd to perpetuatc ? Forgottcn ! Enlircly !
' u " "U"""S j
,u lenn, but glorification of Jncksoil nnd ,
Vnn Buren deiuocrncy. Yca,so conr.plctcly
metamorphoscd nre theso mcn, that thcy !
ure willingto bow thcironce sturdy nntima-'
sonic nccks, to the yokc, und tamely taku
P and support thc man whom the Prcsidcnt '
has told thc "dcmocracy" of tho country
thcy miibt support as his succcssor.
llut wc havc put ourselvcs undcr'-whig" ,
leadcrs! This suggestion is, cvidcntly, 1
thc principal rcliauce of thcso men to movo
us 'from thc ground wo havc taken. Ucfcr-
r.llnf. la nni.Stf.l.tl V tnnilw In llm fnt ltBt tdun
J ... - -- - - -
lmvc nssutt'.l to clect a iew mcn to oflice
who have not bcen antitnasons, ond thnt
tlie lato IJnrnson and Grangcr Convcntion
was organiscd by the clection of a prcsidcnt '
who was not a scceding mason.
And bow is it, cbout the ofliccs? What
'nrc thcae men thinkingof, that thcy Bhould
forget, or pass ovcr, as unworthy of notice, '
the faet that Me Gurenior, Ll. Governur,
Treasunr, and Sccrtlarj of State, tho four I
lead me. and most iniDoituiit ofliccrs il.nt 1
nre mude tho Kubject of poli.ical contcntion, i
nre il0l(lcll ,y (eci(e(1 nntimasons-electcd ,
by tho aid of " Jf'his" votcs ? Arc thcso
8CCC(1(.,S eo (lisiatisficd wi, having thcsc
,,ocWod nntimasons ; ,ile posscssion of.ho
fuurj Icn(lil)(. officca ; , B0VCrnllient of
uiis suiiu, iiiui uivy iiiu&l jiueiia brLK rro' !
; tcctinii from Wliiggery in Uio ranks of Vnn
1 jjurcn;sm?
j J5llt Go;.t Crnflsti wll0 wag onco Ina,nn(
. llnl)1,encj to bo Prcsidcnt of tho Convcn
. ......
tion; nnd thcrcforc.wc arc nll under "ivliig"
' '
.,.. .,, . ,... r.. ,. ,. .
icuuu.-) ...... I1IU3. ..... .ui u... u.va (U LUI
,. ., , , .....
..lll Ul UIU V. lll
g ranks, cvcn nt thc e.vpcnse 1
of throwing nway our principle?, eo far as j
thcy concern inattcrs of natioual policy ! j
What n conlcmptiblc opimoti must theso
mcn have of us, if thcy think that wc nrc
to bo thus drivcn from thc support of prin
ciple.", which we profcss to regard, nnd
which thry onco regarded, ns of ii'raf im
portnnco iu thc ndministration of our nn
lioual afTairs. Why do not tho whigs bolt,
nnd nbnudon thcir priuciples, and go into
tho Van Hurcn caucusscf, nud mako Van
liuren spccchcr, becuuto Gen. Flint nnd
tir Jancs, two dccidcd nntimnsou?,bappcn
cd to bo Vico Prcsidcntsof thu Convcntion.
Uut thcrc cro iuaons in thc Convcntion.
Aud how dcep!y this must havo e.eitcd
thu alitimasonlc fcnsibili.y of thcfo eeccd
ing antimawiiis who can takeswcctcounsi'l
in n Vnn lltne.i raucus with ruch masons
ns Gcu. Kcllogg of Hciison, Gen. Clarl: cf
I Middletown, nnd Great Grand lligh Pricst
Niithan H. l..iRWcll, of Jlurliugton, with nu
mcrous otlicii.ortl.0 llkc stainp!
Altcmptrt avo mado toctcitc thollarnson
und Grangcr uiitimasons ngainst thc whlgs,
and against thoir own principlcs, by dwol
ling, in dolorous ttrains, upon tiio fiict that
wo can gct up no purely niitimasouic mcet
inus ; bui.our nicclingsnro Anti Van Hurrn
niccfuigs, at which nttcnd ns wcll tif
antimaisoni.. Now wlint i it which has
driveu tho nntimasons nnd tlm whigi to.
gptlier in theso meetings ? It r the soccs-
3ton,nnd going ovor to tho Vnn Bimn
pnrty, of tho rotp- mon who mnko thorom
pmint thnt thoso mootliign nro Jioldcn. Thcy
brokt vp tht vartu last wintcr. In-
ond ninking sepnrnto nominntlon,oDd novr
wunipi,n tnat tnoro nre no mcetlngs of the
nntlmnsoiilc party, but that tho Hurrion
nntimntons nnd whips mcet togethor ta
PUMnin thelr prlnclples I
It tnnst bo obvloua to cvory reflceting
miud that tho masonlc rontrovcrsy In thls
stato is siilnmntinlly nt nn cnd. In jtaesa.
chnsctte, whrre thcro is yct n cotnnlcta
Stnto nrganizationol inr.sonry, Ilollett, fcr
. i. ..r ...
. i . !'
lucnnai oiection, Jms ( cc arcd thnt tho
object of .m.imn.onry wn, nccoa.plUh I,
n,l '. 8 '
,,cvc ,lle' nro corroct- Ana ,r 'J tllinB
-cro rvanling to complcto tl,u destrnclloii
of masonry in this E,ate. it U found In l,L
noble r.ffolntion pnssed by tho ckakimocs
voto of thc lato nnti Vnn Biirnn Convcntion
in which thcypay "That accrpl Eocictiesare
incnmpaiiblo wiih tho gcnius nnd rpirit of
n frce govornmcnt, nnd ihat nny nttempt
to reinstnto or revivo lliem nmong us, will
bo incf, on our part, wiih thc moat uncom
proini8ingoppnsltion." Whilc tho great purposo ot Antimasonry
,as thtis brcn Biibstanlmllv nccomDli.hcd
in ,l!s Slntc ,horo w, M R WMcr f
yct rcmain somo of tho alienatien
,.r ,.,...c,.t r..i!., ...i.:..i. i...
.i i... .i .
..nt.i iiv iiiu . u.i..,!.i ... Ll iv.iitii. inr i.
dticcd by tho rontcst and which, for n
" U:'"S" painimg incn
who nrc rcally togcthcr in u-gnrd to tho
grent qucstio.ls involvcd in tho IVesidential
contcst. Thcrc U great nccd of n rpirit of
mutual forbcnrnucr, nnd nn cffort to bring
otit befuro nll our ruinlf, in ouch strong
relicf, thu orcat rr.lNCl'rLES cn which
wo Bro ngrccd, that pcrsonal ..nimosilie.
,iln ,0 fcubdue.l, nnd pcrsonal wrcngi
...mt.-f.. .i .. ... . . .
r01gouen. Whtii I iook nt the niatter in
,i.is light.cml thinkofths im.rcnso mag.
nitU(lo of t10 prillcill!c3 wlich nront stB!()
in tlc prMellt contest for t10 rreBidency
, camol l00 , com,emn ie stmllo(1
BHen whJch afc ,nn(,e (J ro(13e thc
fnnal jcalousics nnd nnimositicg which
,mv becn cngelldi;1.clI in 1C mnsollic con.
lr0VCHy. 1 do hopo thcrc id good rcnw
unolIgh nmong ,,10 Harrison and Granger
Antimnson?, to eec, nnd justly nppreciuto,
,1080 cttempt, nr.d to hold on to their
rR,NctPLr.s, nnd inflexibly maintain 'tl.cm,
let wi,oevcr ,viM go tcilh tllem or agaimt
tIem, It is ronen,, ,10 dignity of mon,
while it istrifling wiih tho rBponsibilitie
0f Frecmcn to nermit the niciim'r isxen.
ests or ocn cou.NTRr to bo mad thc sport
of mcra nersonnl frPnn ..IJ,i.on.usliat.S
ll 1 .Wi'.'tfT-Tj&V.j
thcy havcy
showing h
Ri.d liow i
carry out
I noblo prine
becn sustained.
To tht mmlt" "f the Legitlature of Vm
'T'' nfw tuthn thc C-
. """"' """'(.c
. W "hl.cmui ihc sut.ject of
,,'"' T ?e,lcr,"B "n add,.e8s
n,X'n,T, ? ? "ZZT,
ol tlie lirst i iu v, (ca cd sundnv) theSOthof
10lh monll, Oclober) toco.
menci, Bl hari,a3l c oM , M j would
l(n who conbUtem,
.1 ... ...... ....
tO UltOnil.
Your fricnd,
Montpelier, 2lst of 10th mo. 183G.
nplIIS mav ccrtilv that mv uilc relusea
telorc cyidcncc, to live with me, 1
increiore lotiiu au persons naiooring or
I ....
11 UallnS 011 '''.vaccount.
Marshfield, Oct. 21, ld3G.
fjpilE subscriber has rccently commcnc
cd Iit.sii.es3i in tho btoro fonnerly
occupicd by 11. Y. Uarncs, oppositc thu
Villuge llotel, whcrc will bo found a
VJ). WJI iU, iW c
which will bo aold as chenp as they cau Im
bouulit nt nny storc in Alontpelicr.
ICJ'Cull und sce.
Oct. 13, 1630.
Ttw droos South of the Jlraneh Bridgs
Montpelier, Vt.
HAVE ju6t receivcd noni New York,
a spletidid afsoitmc.it of firet rato
iuiporicil ilioud Clo.hs, Cassimeres, Furs
for Collaiit nud Cupis. Also, Fig. nnd
Plnin Silk Vclvct Vcstings; Leopold nnd
Stripcd CafsiincrcB ; nnd nll sons of fmo
lliickskins for Pnntnlooiip, iop,eiher with
Gi?nl's Glovc, iJickeys, nml Shirt Bosoms,
..ipeudciF, nnd nll othcr nrticles i.i their
liue tou niimcrous to incnticn.
N. B. Gentlcuien wishiuggnrmcnismado
iu tho lir.it slylo and warranted lo tuil, will
confer a fuvor on thu tiiibscribc.s, lo call a
tho shop of A. O'Alalcy & Co. nnd cxam
inu for theinselves.
li- Ciiiting dono to order.
Montpnlier, Oct. 12, lf&VJ. GO. tf.
lTBCWIi'Piu ihWiIw, th
(PBitrtffr. which that "causo hos

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