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State journal. (Montpelier, Vt.) 1831-1836, November 01, 1836, Image 4

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orhur Intcnvjt vi( bu mmlo to yleld lo tho
crnnd eoiilrollllig Intortfst of I7i party llu
p.irly Chief, anJthecandidatefor ms ticc.
tor, tohom U may dcsigmde.
F.dlow cilie.iw, ran you giyo yoitr sup
ixii-t to .Wirlin Vnn Burcn tor tlio Prcanluii
cy ? Ii thoio n nitiglo fccliug of your
heaits, nr eoiivirtioii of yotir tiiiderstaiid
ings, ivhich glvos to this question nn nllir
mntlve nuswer ? Wu uro conlidcnt tliem
..iin Iia inmn it fnll riVmiHtiiitinll nf ftli
lUa cousideratinns conncctcd wilh tl.w
Kiibject. No whorc, wo fully bellovc, cnu
tliem ho found n pcoplu moro rcudy to givc
to such n uuestioii n decidcd negntivo thitn .
thodcjocudnnU ofthe Intclligont, itifle.xtble, ;
elrmght forwurd men, who litiil tho toiin- j
(lutioii of Green Motintnin Indcpeiidcncc.
To wlioin. tlien. slmll bu confided tlio
ntsli irnit of Chiof Mngistrnto of tlio Repuli
r.,. 5 Wa niiswi'i- i ii nuin wlio ii not tno
ratlicr of tho nbnscs of tlio jtfoi'ciit ndinin
bstrntion; wlio is plcdgcd ncithor by proin
i.c, nor consistency, nnr inlcrost, nor oli'i
c'ml altncbnionts, to pcrpcliintu thcni ; wlio
hns too iniioli indopcmlcnco to yay that ho
iitill t,-,.n,l in i.nf mini'j fiintsein. nnd a soul
tno largo to lind it3 "sufftcknl ffory iu nny
pcrvico but that of God and Iiis coiintry.
Suoh oitalifications, linited witli souud,
Suoh (ptalifications, linited witli souud, ! tponsiblo to i tho Constittition aml Inws, unil hy hIiouIs of anlicipalcd Iritimph. Thcie Undcrwood, Lucitm IIowos.
Iiracticnl scnso n thoioiigh knowlcdgc of, 'ot to tho 1 residciit, tw a 1 aity C ncl A j js inspiration ciiouh in ihe pnnciplcs wc , Chittenden County. Geo;c A. Allcn,
liica oxpericncc in jnattcrs of govcrnmciit : Domocracy which sturdily niaiiitains that a,voi!alc. Thu-u principlc, wc comineiid, Arthur Jluntini;, Nathanicl Milcs.
and tricd fidclitv to his coiintrv, will cn- tiib Laws mioui.n he supiikmi:, l)t;uiling t.liw ciiiZ(;ns, to thc subcr considcration Washington County. J. 1'. Millcr, Mil-...,-nnn
nclmiuistration wbich Hliall rovci- to tho will of no inan, liowcvcr liigh Iiih , wliicli you nwc it to yoursclvcs and vour 1 tonHrown. John L. Iluck. Samucl U. Prcn-
.. iiin pniHsritutioi). scck stin iiori in ino ,
ruru tiu iiuiiuiii ... . , I
virtucaiid iutelligcncoofthopcoplo-inakojuo SKCttKr ANp iuiie!
tidcnts, uprightnc, nnd fnlelity tho tlio tcst Deinocrncy wliicli lov
i . .. ... m....,.lnii(o ii.n ,.irlf ! i hir cncss -straimit foiv
cn fpiaiincaiiuii ii ..w... ...w .;.,
nf )litical spcculatinn, nnd J iclil bnck to
thc pcopV, nnd thcir Ucprcsentativcs, tho
powcr whicb thi.5 ndminiHtration has virlu
ullv usurpcd from botli.
Aiul is it too mucli to hopo thnt Fiich n
mnti niny lc fouml, wlio is siillicicntly
!;nown to conunand tho piiblie confidcncc?
Ho, fellow citizcns. Such a inan is fouml.
ii: n,niM u w:ifliil to vour cnrs on cvery
brcezc ; uittl tniHions of'his coiintry nien nrc
rcady lo unitu witli joii in jiroclaiining to
thu world that WILUA31 lllifiiii n- u
HISON "i3 worihy ro prns'nle ovcr tho ilcs-
tinies ot thu ginnt Hepuimc
mn.l vour roniillclico nnd rcsard. Ilis
fin.!. !, .1... vl.mii ivr, iiniv rnm.
unmo U nssociated witli nonio ot thu niost
iinportalit cvent.s of tho last forty ycars.
Uo has scrvcd thc country iu hcr battlo
licMa, nnd iu hcr ptiblic councils-cvcry
rvincin" tho snina stnrn virtuc un-
bonding ititcarity -rcfjicjt for tlic con'tlnt
iinnrV.inri! ibr " iha rU of his fellow cit -
iZlli dlvofion u, n!cimcrcStand honcr
of tlio .'tcpiiblic. Tho r.dniitiistratioiis of l tien. liariisoii cvcry tlung to inspiro
Vv'nshiiiLio'i, of Jcflorson, of Madison, nnd 1 conlidciicu tliat hc wouldgivothccouniry u
jf Jolm au'mcy Adams liavc, t.:.ch coufi I-' puro, pcacclul and rcpiiblican mlinuiistruliou
-,l io ''im biphnnd rcpunsiblctrnsts; whilo wu imvo tlic Kalisfaction to kuow that ho is
immcdmtc fcllow cilizeuf", iutiinut.:! v spccifically pkdgod to stistam tho lcading
nc.Mtair.ic! wjili ihu cpialiti-s ol his mind intcrcstshicli crmoiit is spccially fohc
i. i.'l ms hvir:, havo liouored hini wuh scats 0'" .s.-fUic. ihu intc.-cs.o d-pcndcnt
tnboth branchcs of the'Nuf.oual Lcgla. . '"' continuanco ol n prolcctuiglarili; nrc
1 ... I .. . ...... . In lin 'Mi. .1, Ii... I., i.i.l . I...
Uuvin tlitts tiKrrcil thc
mblio for thirly
'lho prcscut cd -
nr nfilio icnrlb-st
vcn'v, it w-vi r. scrvcd for
t.ii'.irttr.'ition to mnkohinion
vicm of it prctc.id.'il ref.rm, bv rccnlling
in' biiu from n furcigu ini.ion" tu which
tl. .',vi.r,.i..iiniin.T iniml nf Jolin Ouiiid-1
Adams h-id fcIccIciI liiin ns his counlry's
! ii 'isomntivc.
Wjili thc nicnns nt h'i5 ronimnnd through
tl ls long cotirMi of public scrvicc, of a-
Jnafying milliniw, his provcrbiid gencrosity,
iac3tofyunothim Imve lcfl him but u
wrWtsiwj ,!'aA1'',llrct!S !lu '
Jvntmii nfn
H!.niMKihr,MiMiBiitt7i3iiMi r,i.,r '
.4intttWltJ'SWlWftricncu. und ',
tho (Inliw ot aluWp.uWic'St, ho uuitcs
lh indcpciidcnt frauknca'sfWftt uuoftentn.
t ous bimplicity of a cullivotinn of tho soil.
Ho ii cmphationlly, ONE OV TIIE 1'EO-
I'LE. lfu has uunglud much witli ihcui
pariicipn'.ed in thcir hnrdsdiips und pcrils
tiu.l is cnnnbla nf npnrcciatin thcir wauts.
iinderslanding their intcicsts, and cutcring
mto tlicir vicws nnd lcoimgs.
I Iu coincs beforo you, fellow citizcns,
Euauncd by uo ofljcinl patronagc. No nd
minis'.ratinn, u itli llm ofliccs nud tho innney
of lho nalion, has bcci), by u bcvcn ycars Iu
bor, pnving tho wny for his ulcvnliou. Thc
cncrgica of no party orgnuizaiioii, octing
witli incclinnical prccision nnd cflicicnvy;
Atnnle confirmition of MrVmi liuron'j dovo
linn lo southcrii inlcrcsts miy bc touu.l in thc f.il
lowin; rpcont dccliutiuii ofilio Jlidimond E.iquir I
slrict cnnstruction lirinciiilcs 111 tho fecnalo
1 1 111 111
f U Kl HUUIIKUU liJ ITJ I liri
rr. liiu icauiuu v tiit uuiu 1 liii jur 111 111a luiii ui 1 1 1 ri 1 iit i i 1 11 ;i ti iinwmitnii 1 r . . 4 nr
V rginia. AJJreMin;! tlio poople or tlml Suto in t iiggrundizciiicnt : ' 1 .,..., ,i,, ; Vi
bclialf of Mr Vnn ISuren. lm aB To all llbusc of thc VCtO power : ' K V. M S V v' .". '.C, , J01" of
lf you dcsiro a candidato" who has To u systciti of Executivk lxeLVZscc viIakcIS Cl NrVlJ vi -i f ' nml
of lho Unitcd Statcs onc, who iiu-ists on ! branchcs; and tho cleclions iu tho Stalcs;
such a iRodificnlion of tho Turijf, as will uu(l
produccu ruductiou ofthe rcvcnuo to tho To tho crcction ol n grcnt Natio.val Ex
:ronomicnl wnnts of tho Govcrnment 0110 ; r.cn-rivr. PaIitv which'shull gruduull draw
who, in his lcltcr to Sherrod Willinms, ull tho othcr branchcs of lho i.'cnorul iruv-
disclaims a syskmalic dislribulion of thc
aurplus revenue, but prcfers "lho only nutur
al, snfo nnd just rcincdy for an cxccss of
revenue, u retiiciiort 0 lltc taxes - Uno
who iiiaiutnins "thnt Coiikicss has 110 Con-
stilutioual powcr to muko ronils uml cuiinls
... .1... .. cintn. ".,! .... ,V.. 1..
in thc respcctivu Statcs,' nnd hnn loiiurmi '
votrd agnits' cvcry jncnsiiro cnlculatcd to ' distribution of tlio procccds of tho sulcs of nls( i'l'P'it'd them lo thc misrulc nf ihe pre
oxtctul n nuiionr.l BVeteni of Jnlernal Jni-1 tlin nationai Domn'ni. scnt administratioii, andmust
procemnu, oxcepi iun umucnauu roau, Oen. Ilarrison, ou tho othcr Iiand, is no ; f? nPP"J '"' Hiey cannot bc gniliv or' linal and glorious victory.
Jortmtich sohtary volr. hc lias madu a public Prcsidcnt's cnndidnte, und .-crivcs no uid ! 1 e inconsistency of iiublicly drclaring, as i Pcnvjulcania So far as thc oflicial rc
rfcuHtaliou ll voudesiron Pre.sulcilt, who fiom Kxccutivo patronago nud inlluuncc. I tlie cntire antimasonic party of this State . J" . ,l" l"" ,L
hii'j oioc aiincd "nn luinnn fi,..liiriil iinpn,.,. H , ?. .IM lin, N .I...J .1... ...... 7 ' turns ol VOtcS COIIIC 111, thc proSOCCt of tllC
!nu proclaimud "uu uuniialiliednnd iincotn
pi-oiuijing" war ngninst anv Bank ofthe'
Lmt.d SMcsnne, who has dcclnred hitii. ',
ti'df tho "inJltxiUc anj wicompromising op-
pomnl "f ar.y attr.npl to nboiili rlavcry ui j
tiit. Histrict of Cohunbiu; who allirms ihat
T.' in.rrpA4 r,;:i llUVtl lin lirtt'oc tn .nn.l. 11..'
O" l " . w ...wii.i.u
Miih jlavcry in tho Statcs. evcn wilh the
cnsenl of the slaveh'lding Stait:, tcti.'ir.ut a
"fhange cf Ihe ci.nsliluti ", who tia but
rccently ntainpcd his fricndship for the
outh Jy iia casling volc in Ihe Stnalc ; in n
word, il you dcsiro u Presidcnt who is n
friend ifthc South, an advucale of ihe State
Rights' S;hocl, nud "who will lind it his
inlerest, ns wcll ns his duty, U give a tme to
public upinisn in that quarlcr al ne, r. m
ir.'nV7i Ihe only dangir can arise lo our
sauthcm inlcrcshf onc, who hns wood by
oi.r Mto 111 1110 Mippci t of Urnwford und
oi tf.'icicfon ; wno r.a cono inoro than
...I,.,- ,., t ii,n,.rt il... I..... . .!....!. ! ... '..I
; ; ,.i ; , . V""u'l"uf l
iu.y othcr inan h:is heuii icvilcd nnd perce
cutnl by Iiis oppotu's; thcn wo ,
lnv itnto to bay, ihut .Mnrtin Vnn Burcn
that inan."
inuvi uiini....riiuiiwir. 1 1 111 llllirtl IIIIIII
u unn corrcioiiUi nit:. Il'o ili-r Iirnli.,.. .ni,l
uoen mado by Mr Van liuren. nt atl.in.
I.in, 1 iit
wintor1' Vo iiiljJ cnriir tl.u .Snml.
ue Aertli, by PAatr MAciii.NEHy."
nro wioldtd in his licliulf &no Kxectillvo
Chlcf, witli nu tliiboiitided opuliuity, cn
lists his porsonnl nnd ofllciul iiilluencc iu
his Htinport. Ho coincs at thc peopWs ctdl,
m lnnd ihcm to a coutcst vvitli tlio ilisciiiliu-
cd lugiolis wlio nro in possession of tlio Cit
uilil of Power; nnd wc ask yon, fellow cit
izcns, lo uiiito witli ils in HilstitiliiDgthisuu.
set, which, wo trust is dcstinud to turininatu
in u Hignal nnd glorious triituipli.
llul wo nsK yoil to (lo lliis, not ns tlio lol
lowora of u inan, hm n. r!,nniMoii9 ot ti;e
rnt.-scir-i.r.s l.o is pludgc. to Kiistu.ii. u
nrc eontondiug not lor the. mnn nur "Me
spoila'; but for rcslorutioii ot lliose prui-
cipk-8 to thoir righlful fupruinncy in tbuud
inltuslratioii oi our nationai uttairs.
l)o you usk n.x, what lliosu princiilca aro ?
Wo nnswor Tho pnnoipk's of (ho gcnuine.
Democrncv of t)d mid 1801 n i)emocracy
whicli, disdaining llxccntivo ilictation,
ovortui'iicd nn iiilininistratioii whoso put
ronnao wns u.sed to control tlio iiopular
will a cloinopiney wbioh could not, and
oannot. livo in tho atuiostihuro of Bxeculive
iitjhitncc whicli liolds tho ofliccs in tho
I'lesidciiW gitt, not ns tho "f-podsol victo-
, ry! l)ut ns tlio pro
lo ; mid rcgurds
! tponsiblo to tlio Ci
uut ns tno propi'i ty oi tno wnoio poo-
tlioir iticiltiiliums at ro-
Constittition and laws, urnl
nuthonty, and subniiting lo tlio control ol
IU!lESO.NSIIll.r. l-OWEIla
cs light ruthcr tlinu
(laikncss-straight forwarducsa rathcr than
iiiuuraiiuM-j.." ii.u.v, ,.iu.. ......
cu.lll.l(v lliuiu iiiut. iui.jr.
Sucii is thc IJeniocracy of Gcn. Hnrrison :
not ot iiis pro.css.ons nciciy, . uc oi ns ye.
1,1 IMU ' " ""-"' i"v..f.u
. .l .. .I .
IIU ,,111 3II'J,....I 1IW lUIIIUl.11,111. AV.II.IUIIb.111
Hcn.ib ical)
principi wo linvo (lcscnbcil
Illj V politicnl lcsSons werc learncd in
tho JcH'crson scliool.
i.osed lo thc fcdcralism ofthat dav ns hc is iis 1 res "'.'' 1 01 ,.IU b-'ialc, hc poawcs
ho tll- lldcraU -"'8 "TVT """ -H
iuof'Oaco.isistcdin'adispositiontoculargo!'1 e. r,. 1 1 P",C"C'J Tv ' i":'1 Lu' y- ,1.l',u
lln ivim strrn v nn.
.owcrsof tho fedcral gov "' "o"-."' ' ' w...u.
cxpcnsc of its otl.cr dcpart- j we 'vc relerrcil, adinoaishcs us I .at ll.c
.c tilatcs. Thc princ.lcs l"ncr t-rV,n SHC ' !1 vote, sl.ouht bc cn
ich Mr Van IJurcn hns bccn ru-tc.l to no onc, m Ihcsuu.idnc.ss ol wh.c
i iiiciue, uiiii u. uiu
, nud policy" which
tho ii.aiu iustiutiicnt in cstnblisliiug, nnd '
whicli hc has promiscd lo "carryout," is i
thu prcciso fcdcraliim of '03, tnlarged and
improvcd. Jtfferson Ucmorrucy coiitcmlcd
mrMlnct ll.., n.in. nn.l llnrritm, Tl..nnnrnnu
nguinst tho onc, nnd llarrison Dcniocracy
is now struggling to put down tho olhcr.
1 f ellow citicns, Wlulc wo liavu, iu tlic
! cstablislmd pcrsonal and public charac.cr
I 'ias opcnly nvo'.Voil, and ihat too, bol'orc thc
', l':'ssago ol 'tlic lato law ol 'CoiigrctidistilLt:-
i 'i"g 'hc suriihis rcvciiuc. I.iii dccidcd annro-
,,,..ii..v'.,v.uwc..u,....ia..,....o, tiiHiu nu
imiioti, Dotli ol tliat intnsttrp, uiul ol ti distn-
' ''""o" ' tho procccds of tho public lauds.
To this luiter tntcslir.n the ncov'.e of Virmonl
cannot turn thcir attcntiun teith too deep a
sslmludc J ho intcicitfl i: iuvolvcs, nrc of
iucalculablc magniludc. Tlio policy iu re-
gurd to it, wiuon Mu
l'iu '"'s't l'our ycars i
B'vo u pcrinuncnt
'i"C!,tl0l1l t';u ,lV'cl!i
gard to it, m Iiioli tliall bo dcvcloned within
thu ncxt l'our ycars ui.iy, und j.robably will,
iiiiccuuii io iuis groat
ion of whicli will mich
lorwnrd, iu its iiitlucnco unon thu nioral.
intullectunl und physical condition of our j
Muic. ouir vcrv 10111!. uitcr wc. and Hhism
wlioni wo now uddress sliull havc minglcd ,
1Iuw ",w citizcns, stands tho nc-
coullt butwoeu tho nicn whom you nre
'""gcu to support ut thc approacbing clcc-
. I liim all tlic great intcrcsls which urc dear
Ou lho onu haud, Mr. nn Ilurcn is prc-, o the pcnplc ol Vermont,
scntcd in tho odious.und, 10 rcpublicau feel-: Fellow citizens, vou aro nwaro thatthcr,
u.g, rcvolting nttitudo ol thu i-keside.nt's )ia,s bcen a divcr.tv of vicws a.noii.r t ,,sp
cundidatc; 111 whose lootsleps ho has ccn ,vlu COniposo thc Convention which nmv
dcscendcdtosay ho wuu dgcnerally wulk.ad.lrcsse.s you. It cousists of n.c ! ,
policy 01 wliosu udiiiini.stration lic luis lor
. . . . . .
ttuilly plcdgcd liunscll to cnrry out,
p.ci gc invo.vcH u comm.iu.cnt, nmong otn-
. - . .. .
cr thillL'S,
- cvnpn.litiim i
crof Kxcci.:!
jti 01 j.j.tcu ,
To n systcin of cxlrnvngant
To 1111 iiicrcnso of thc uuuibcr
uvo omccrs:
To thu uso of tl,opowcr of rcmovnl nnd
10 itica
pi pss. thc clcctions of its inombers iu botb
cri.mcnt, wilh tho State iuqiits und
State gover.nmexts inlo itsswceping
3 i
As n part f thissysltm of Nationai. Ex
: ecutive A&niiANUisEME.NT, Mr. Vnn Buruii I
is plcdged ugahift u distribution to tiie
Stiitii nril.M iSnrrilim l!f.v,,MII. ,,,.! III,,. ,
KTATr!Dnrili fi.irnliiH Revuiiiii- nn.l .-. lil.-,. ,
vi.r. ; uml is plcdgcd not 10 ciirry out, but
.'j rsforin tlio ubuscs of thisudiiiiuistratiun :
By introdiicirig n syi-tcm of economicul
By urrcMing tho incrcuso of Exccutivo
By using lho powcr of rcmovnl und np.
jioiut ment for thu litir aml legitiiuntu pur
nosu of securing ufuithfulcxucutiuu of piib.
fir- trusts:
Ry rcstricliug lho uxcrciso of thc vcto
powcr: uild
By disarniing tho Pre.sidcnt's oflicn of ito
widc sprcnil nud ilangoioiu inllucncc, und
rcsiorjng, nnd rcsirniiiing it, within its np
propriutu euiis.titiitioiml fiinctions.
Xsparl of a sysltm bv which tho E.xcctt
tivu govcrnniiMit of tho Unitcd Stntcs is thus
to be res'.ruined within its jutt limits, nnd
";, o"i- "uku,Uiiiiii, ,in rr? icci-
e", i.eii. liniTUon is 111 lavorof n ilisliibu-
tion lo tiie States of ihoSiirnlnsrnvuniii'.
i i.. . i .....'
Illlll IIUJ IIOCCCIIH UI UIU &UICS 0 llic futiui.
ul Duiiinin,
Tho nccnunt thus rtafcil, 3 ou, fellow citi
Zf'ns, iu o now ciilled oi. lo t-cltlo bv vnm-
vcrdivl n vcrdict which, wo iiust will bu
...iiui.iiici. uy an ciiiigii'.cneii rcgcru to tlio'
.I... 1 1... . .. . .. . . . . .
nglits and ii.icm.ta ot Vcnnciit, tho iutcpri-
- . . .. . . w.. , wi.m tu ... i u.iu
Miwrtintmpnr. ns nn iiistriiinnnt cit ti
pcriniuiency of ourltepublicnn Institutlons.
Fellow cilizens wc want a nmuiu
ii rcnf, honcst rclorm. JNol u rcliirm
wliicli Hliall uliil the velioeniice nl partv
nt.... ..I' . 1.. I
or injke iibiiscei tlic pretcxt for stlll grealur
ones. liut a icliirm wliicli sliall Iny oien
lo tho niost rigid Koi uliny and prohe to ihc .idcncy, and that tlicy invitc thc spec'ml nt
botioin, cvcry Depnrlnii'iit of jhe Execu- tcntion of tho l'coplo to tlic sulijcct which
tivc ffovt'iumciit a relnrin whicli Hliall rc- hvns rcad and ndoptcd.
Minrc corrcct principles ln ils ndininistrn- Tho Convention lirocccdcd to nppoint
lnin itilimli nlifill nrrnnl lltit fiiln itf iiilif
piicriiuion ulljy lliu biltcrnusH o( jiariy
Mirile rcfpect viiiuc, inlcllii'otiri', indns
lry, lidelity u:id emiscionlioiis p.ilriiilism
sp'urn tlic hosi of l.iwn'ni! sycophaiiH niid
(jri'cdy (liitlcrcrs linow uo cmulidate for
thc Kiicccuion and exhihil a I'u'sidvni lcs
siilicilioiiH to biitlil nDiin I'.xcc.uhVL' party
lo nppla ml liu adiiiimsiratiiiii nght nr
wroiijj, tlian to coumMMid hiin-idf, nml his
n.oiiMurcs lo wiu caim nmi rauonai jinii;-
niL'iil of oll lii-i ciiuiilryiiicn
Stich a rclorm wo lliuik Uiat Ucn
it Gcn. Ilar-
riaini ia pcciiharly htted io acconiplish. '1 o
il'wa hiin ihu power to do ll, wc bii.ill givu
1 1 tiii our chcer'ul and defidfil snpii-iri. Wc
aJc you, , ll-llowcitizcns, lo co-opcraie witli
u.s in this jroi'il work. Wcdo'mit aini to
insniri; your oiiiTijy
jy nnd .eal in thw dlori,
cipatcd tritinmh. Thcie
0imtry , vu thcni. They deserve suc-
,,,,. .,n,l !, ,.,l lhr.HM.Ii l. m ..I
!.,i ,,.,ri ..... ir,, ;, i.
v...trA ...... lhov s.ni . (. (,11C(...!i.i.
all( cvc SI,rnaiiy triumpii;.nt
Tln.s far, wc luvc dnclt cxclusivclv on
Ihc q.iesliun ol thc l'residency. 1 he clcc -
,, ;,r,,10 lkcolul 0niccr , thc .'ovcriuiiunl
, irrpat iiimirlanci'. nml . .im
i " '". .
1 i.in 1 Iin ...(.ll...
jj.i-.., v ....... ... . w,,Su,M iu. i v
Cs ' U KI Z' . . "
r .. ..' . '. ,
principlcs wc havu not thc I'ullesl confi-
, " coiisiucruia o ciai
' "'C dl'Clara lll.U lliadc llV
Iu coiisidcring thc claiuu ol IliciiAUti M.
wc catiuot lorircl
' "'a lU'ciaraiion mac c ny i.irn inimc.lialelv
, ;llltT ' '-.elec.iio.i ol JSlr. Adams, ihal "his
"" "' ! wuHgn
! uJr,t K'"ViPA"ghat lh,er,'Bht
tt'titii ot uiis t nruii" ni uou a (Ji'ciara
liuii which, usnlc IVoiii thc prnlliiracy ol
ihc princ.plc iiivnlvcd in il, c.rrit's o'u ils
fucc, sulliciciit cvi.lcticc thai hc is unlillcd
Iu prcsiilc ovcr ihc dclibcratinns of Uie
trravcsl body ol lcyisl.itors upun carlh.
lli.s sjpport of " llic inust obuuxious incas
urcs ol ihc prcscnt ailininisliation," and n-
mung ll.ctn, ll.c .sysleinat.c allcinpl topros-
1 ' ftct nfthc Kxecutive, thc Senate
j f "ic Unitcd btatcs, thc vcry body ovcr
whosc dclibjralions, lic i, il'elcclcd, to
prcMdc, crowiis, and ifudcrs insuperablc,
leclions wc havc aga.nsl him.
can v.'C lt-el ii.dillcrcnt to his icell
nown dc
I does, n sl
which gi
kiwivii domcttia history, evtncing, as it
slrange disrcgjrd ol cvcrv tliiru?
'ives inlert'st and cndcaruictil m
' ll.c nioot sacrcd of huinan relations. Wc
1 caiinnt ovcrlnnk sucb a ciJiisiuVratiiii) in m-
i Kciuig nn .ncumi.ci.i lor ine seconu njjice in
thc isif't or the Jation.
In l-'ltANCIS ft It.A N'ni.-.lf i ..
cundidatc of disti.i'iuished lalcnls. amialiri-
il,.n,,rii.i,.,ii ,..;,! ....
dcvolcd, durirj-' his wliuk- nublic cnr-Hr.
lo Ihc advaticemcnt ol the genuuie Kepub-
lican Principles ol ancieiit days hcarlilv
and huncstly opposcd tu ihc misrulc ol thc
prcscnt aduiiiiislraiion, and pled.'cd lo sus-
t. I-ties, nnd
who havc, nt somc uerioJs. bccn f.inn,
ThE 1 rayc,'I'il Pol'lii-ul hostility against cacholh
"!" er. eare brou.'ht toirctlirr. r,..t nu
...t .... 'uii.il LiiirL'ii nr. rw.r
rormal ,,-.,,, r,is(.nr(Rin. . -
$I,lcS' U' 0,.U'Ct U sl)ccific objcct but bythc
- f'r"'W,'c' I,ich' wliatcvcr m,,y
,,av ,)Ccn 0,r (1V0r;,ity 0- v;ews (Jn jn
1!. -n ' r, V. I-"-". I'l.ii-
c.l.io... I....... u.... " 1.1 1
u Vri U
...... . : . . .7 B"-0 "'"c
pciMttou to tho nnti.rcpublican doctriucs,
and practice, of thc prcsent administration
ration 1
rcnders thcni acccptablc to us all, their op.
position to I'rccmasonry rcnders thcni
culinrly ko, to those ofthis Convention who
havo bccn organizcd to opposc that institu
tion. The oukat i-hincii'i.es ou whicb tlmt
0!1Posi,io" ,ias rcsteil, aro fundainental in
our rcpublicau institutions. They yct live,
iu.u ,,iii uiiuuuuu iu uvo, long ailcr v rcc-
"a'tiry slmll havc bccn lorgottcn. Tho
Antnnasons ol this Convention, whilc np-
PlVllll! tllOSC nriUCIl)lcS tO llin.llir.- I,.,,...
plying thosc nrinciples to inas.inrv. l...v..
did two ycars uiro. Ihat tho nr!npini.o ..r.
thc parly neccssaiily lcd it to opposc thc
misrulc ofthe Aduiinistratiou, and now, I
when thu country is called ou to pronon-cu
u definitivo jiidginent upon that misrulc, '
nnd to sav whetbcr ils Atnnon Khall havc
n furmal liccnso liom tho pcoplc to pcipct-i
uatcit, shrink frnm tmt niii)ort of thosc'
nrinciples, andHiistaiii thc vcrv misrulc Ihev I
havc dcnouuccd. Tlicy wi nt pcrnnt i
Ihcmsclves to bc thus madc, as thcv should
dcservc to be, thc scorn nud dcrision ofthe '
world. White they nro Antimasons, nud '
glory in thc naiuc, they glory yct morc in I
tlic noble principlcs they havc maiiitained,
and will, at all hazards, cnntimic to ninin- '
taiu iu nn imcoinpromising opposition to
eeenj thing that cxalts itsclf against the I
ruitE iiEi'ur.i.icA.nsM wliiuh ihcv inhalcd
wilh their first breath, and which, while
that breath l.isis, thoy will cnniiniie lo
inainlain. Antimasonry did not yivo thcm
tlicir principlcs. They werc bcliirc, nnd
al ove, ii and will live, when Masonrv
and Antimasonry, nnd cvory thing but (hV
dccp und brond liuindationu of EnuAr,
Hirmr, nn.l Imi'aiitiai. JuiTici-.. v.d.iid.
isuppnrl our Rcpuhlicaii Instilutions, shall
1 havo bccn swent urav.
havo wn swent
Mr. Brown latrodtccad the followln" ros-
Resolved, That wo rcoommend to tho
ifricruls of IIARUISON oml ORANGER
thrmighout tlio Siatc, to hold town mect
t.. .1.-1 - . .. .
ings in thcir respectivc towns, for tlic pur-
po!:o ol uiscusslnir tlio incrils utnl nualitica-
lionn of tlio scvoral onndidatcs fiir tho I'ros-
H ilir,ii......:ilnnii (;. n...ninrtrtt;nn nnii.
tics, and thc lbllowing jicrsoiis werc ap
Doinicd, viz :
Bennington County. D.uins Moorc, A.
L. Mincr, Ilarnion Caiiflchl, Sninucl II.
lllncknicr, Gcorgc Urigsjs, lllaclunan E.
Windham Cnnntu. Ansliu liurr.hard.
John C. Ilolbrook, nanu.rd I'lumb, JJ. L.
I'utnani, 'i'imothy II. Ilall, Wm. H. Sbaf-
tor, JNathanicl Ilobbins. llciiry h. Aikon,
Lutlicr Stowcll, Anios Urown, Calvin
Townlcv. Saniucl L. Hillinir,
llutland County. John A. Conant, Gco.
T. Hddjrcs, Nathanicl Ivos, O. N. Dana,
l Wm. C. Kittriduo, Isaao Norton.
I Windsor County. Jolin A I'ratt, Mi3es
1 Montai?uc, Jolin I'orter, Gnnlncr Winslow.
i 0;-n;igc County. John V. fsnntli, Abol
' Undcrwood, Lucitm Ilowrs.
lonBrown, John L. Iluck, Samucl U. Prcn- I
titis, Ehjnh lloldcn, llctnnii Garpcntcr, i.c
andcr Ilulchins, Williatn S. Clark.
Caledonia county. ulinrlcs Uavis, Uan-
forlli fl.iriifMilcr. Gcn.
II. UianUlcr.
Orleans cotintii. A. M. Smitli. Charlcst
i W. 1'rcntisi!. N. S. Ilill. Chester Curncn
1 tcr, John M. Uobinsou, Samucl Sumlicr, Jr. I
ri.i. .,.i ii rn
LlJ&CJi tiUtlUlll. X.IUD kJl.UII, uiLtlltUI
.-i.u, y. ,v.,,w..
) r or inc rcu.niiu.iij cmiin.e.') ihi nppoiiii-
H .1 .' ' .
On motion ofllon. J
ItcM' Tl,at ll,c r'
, Van Ilurcn to prostratc
t,,U!,, u
Milton Brown,
rcccnt cllort ol IWr
thc frccdom of thc
nrcRs, and tho morc rcccnt nud ulanniur
j altcmpt of his dcvotcd (olloivcrs in Alaiy
l.iud, to brcak down tho Constitution of
that Statc, nrc siiflicient inilicatioits of a de
tct iuiiiation to dcstroy thc palladiuin of our
I lilicrty, and ouirht to'call (i)r tlic tinitcd cf
j lort of cvcry Aincrican of whatcvcr party,
: lo savc our'Country and ita Constitution
from dciitruntion.
1 On motion of Gcn. E. 1'. Walton,
. ucsou-cd, l liat tlio incmUers ol tlim con
ve"til,n' ,lot r,,tii',cn,s "rMonlpclier, hc ro
Resohcd. That tho incmbers of this cnn-
rpiosicd to writc to cllicicnt l'ricnds of tlic
causc in thcir respcctivo towns, urging thc
iinmediato appo'mtmcnt of town cnmmit
tccs, whero not alrca.lv anooiiitcd. nud
town couvcntipnri; and tlial tlic proc.ccd-
ings of this convention bo rccomiiicndcd to
bo rend and discusscd in lho convcntions.
votcd, That thc procecdings of thc
Convention, togctlicr witli thc rcsolutions
and addrcsscs lie eiirticd by thc Prcsidcnt
and Sccrctarirs und publishcd iu all thc
newspapcrs friendly to tho c'cction ofllar
rison and Grangcr, throughout the State.
Tlic Convention was aduresped by James
Bell, Esq. Hon. Benjamin Swil't, Ilon.
Francis E Phclps, D L Putuam, Ksq.
Hon. Milton Brown, Gcn. E P Walton,
Hon. Samucl W Portcr, Cyrus Warc, Esq.
Hon. Zimri Howc, John Dowey, Esq. Lcm
ucl Uiciunond, Esq. nnd by scvcrai olhcr
HAMUEL C. CUAFTS, Presidcnt.
JollN W. S.MITII, ? c, .,.
V. V. Mr.itniLL, Srctanes.
Thcrc is not thc shadow of a doubt that
thc Hnrrison men havc carried Ohio by a
largc majoriiy now und that they will car
ry it for their elcctors byalargcr: they
conficlenlly count upon 20,000 majority I
In 32 counties thc result for Govcrnor is
as follows:
Gcn. Vancc, Ilarrison, 12,152
Eli Baldwin, V. B. 3,01).i
Whig maj.
tX5-AVhig GA1N, SGS0.s
Thus fiir thc V B men havc clccted but
onc Congressman thu Ilarrison men four.
Pennsyi.va.via. Biddle, McKennan and
Ilcnry, all Ilarrison inen, arc all clccted to
Congress from Wcstcrn Pennsylvania. Wc
repcat, says thc Courier and Enquircr, Ihc
result of tlic cleclions in Pennsylvania is
cheering to thc fricnds ol Whig principlcs.
fti'rt oitiifillna Vnnpn 1 in rf tt if RflA .
-bcinga gain of ,0,00 volcs-l 1 tlWtffJ
Congrcssionnl clcction tlic Ilarrison men
have lost Storcr, and pcrhaps two uthers,
whilc they havc gained say five in licu of
thcm. Thus far, thc result is niost cheer
ing, nor can thcru bc a hinglc doubt of n
Ilarrison mcti brighten-". Judging from
rclurus, (in part oflieial) from all thc dis
trict), thc V. B. majority can not cxcecd
8000 a vcry small majority in n Blatc
which has givcn 50,000 majority nt onc c
kction aml thc Ilarrison mtn havc, it is
said, gained onc inembcr of Congress.
Much fdressia laid upon tlic V. B. majority
in thc Legislalurc: it is now uhown by Ihe
votcs that 1358 votcs only havc clccted
moro than one third of lho Legislaturc 1 1
tlial is, uie v.ti. uiajonlics iu Vi counties
whicli clccted 23 mcmbers, nmounted iu
tho nggrcgatc only to this iiumbor. Ann-
thcr fact isnlso shown by thc rctuins: and
ihat is, tlnt the votc is n thin onc. Wilh
Ihcsc facts in vlcw, wc do nnt hatdly con
sidcr thc result in P.'iinsylvania to bo cvcu
duubtful. Thcrc ia n l.iir prospcct of ils
going btrong for Gcn. IlarriMon.
Georgia. Thc nnti-V. B. ticket is yet
300Q nhcad.
.Sowi Carolina. Hugh . Lrgare is c
botvvf to Conjrtoa bjr 50 volca over Mr.
Finknay, latc chairman of thc commiUcc
ou tlic sulijcct of nbolition. The dcfcatcd
caudidatc wus favorcd by the Globc.
Mr. Van Uuhe.v can.not be elictedI
Of course wc cannot say thcre h no sbad
ow of a possibility that Mr. Vnn Burcn will
succccd ; but wc do considcr it now rcduc-,
cd ncarly to a dcad certainty thalhc isbolh 1
Ihc Dutch and thc Defeatcd caudidatc.
Wc bc nttcntt m for n singlu momcnt to ;
tho folknvlng tablcs, shewing, wc tliink,!
nnt nnly a gralifying, but u true, vicw of j
thc casc : ,
Certain against Mr,
Van liuren.
North Carolina,
South Carolina,
For Van liurcn
Conni'Ctioilt, Ilhode Island,
New York,
Nuw Ilampshirc,
New Jcrscy,
It will be scen, on cj:aminntion, thatgiv
ing all the doubtful to Mr. Van IJurcn, in
otuding I'cnsvlvania and Virginia, which
wc th'mk decidcdly agnint hiin yc4, hc is
not clccted, wanting a cliangc of two votcs.
Lct tho frcenien of Vermont bcar in mind
thcn, that vigilancc on thcir part is ncccs
sary io scr.urc thc victory. Tlicrc i3 no
cauiic for discouragcmcnt.
The Principlcs and Mcasiircs
Of thc opponcnts of Van Burcn nrc bricf
ly and pungcnlly cxprcssed in ihc follow
ing call to thc Young Mon of Boston.
OrrosEi) to thc prcscni Nationai AJniin-
istrauon 10 ii.xecutivc J.NTKiirr.RE.sxE 111
Ei.ectio.vs to Exccutivc Dictatio.n or
' tiie SuccESSonsmr to Exccutivc war un-
' on thc Judiciauy and thc Skxate lo Ex-
ccutivc Control of thc Currcncy lo u
lcaguc ofthe Exccutivc Ban'ui lo t!.c ac
cuinulation of all thc Pcople's Spccio in thc
hands ofthe Govcrnment to thc csuti;p
lion of Legisi.ative l'owr.n nv the Exkc
utivk Depautments, us in thc violcnl Hr
moval ofthe Deposites, and thc rcncnt illc
gal Treasury Circul.irto Pot OlTicc Es
pionagc and Judicaturc lo thc iitl'riiigc
mcnl ofthe Lidciitv or tiie Phess to all
projccts fiir Squandcring the Public Moncy
to thc Exru.NGUCo ofCongrcssional Ite
cords to the Disoriraiiizinir Doctniics.
which havc struck at CiuitTEiis in Penn
sylvania, nnd at Laws and Cosstitutions
in Maryland:
EniE.voi.Y to an Economical Kcfoim of
Exponditures to n just Di&tkibutio.v of
thc PnocEEDS of ihe Pum.ic Lands to an
immcdiatc Distiiiiiution of thc Sur.n.rs
Revenui: tu Statu Sovcrcignly and thc
, Senatc of thc Uuion, ns thc Citadcl and
j strong hold of State Riohts to I.VTnn.vAE
j I.Mi'itovEME.VTS to the rcslomtion of thc
j co-ordinntc branchcs ofthe Govcrnment to
tlicir legilimatc and constilntionnl ageneics
' the maiiitcuancc of our Fitith wfth the
Indian Tribes a just obscrvancc of our
Ncutral Relations thc Liinilations of Ex-
I ecutive Powr.n und thc curtaihiicnt of
j Exi'.cutive Patuonaoe;
And for all thesc reatons, orrosen to thc
lelevation of Muitin Va.v BuitE.v io thc
j I'rcsidency of thc Unitcd Statcs.
j " JfVio payi jar it 1 Thc govcrnment
stock in tho Unitc.l Statcs' B.ink ouglit lo
havc becn sol.l when the stock was up to
, SI30 per sharc. But Van Burcn has or
I dered it not to bc fcold, and by thc opera
1 tion thc pcople havc actually lost $700,000.
Now who pays for this los"f"
"Theprodigal son" of New York will
, pay for it, bv being defeatcd in his clcc-
t!on. Jllb. .Idv.
Extraci from Mr. Van Burcn's Spcech ,
on thc Electivc Francliic. i
"Thc tendcney of Univcrsal Suffrage is
tojcopard the rttflits o property and the
Covct and to sharc thc phui-
dcr of lho Rich
Thc Dijfercncc. ' William II. Ilarrison,
in ncacc nnd in war, VO-Jlas sunvorted his
....... ,f .... ir . ii
cofrw-Csj-Ma r in an Buren, m pcaco
and iu wi.r, tO-IIas bcui supparted by his
Country." x, Exprrss.
Such has been llic "Waterloo dcfcat" of
the Van Burcn party iu Maryland, Ihat
cight counties, whicli onc iiiontli ago clcct -
cd Van Buren elcctors, havc now icturncd
twcnty-four Whig dclcgrttes to lho Lcgis-'and
1 iie Va.v HcnE.v ictoiiv ih Maine
Sce how biilliant
it is I The ollicial re-
turns arc now in
1 hc Van Uurcn nartv
clccted two niembcrs of Congress ! TJicv
noiv havc kix. In Cumlicrlaiid, (F. O. J.
Smith's) thorc is no choicc Lincoln, do.
Pcnobscotnnd Somerset, do. Hanrockand
Washinglon.do. Waldo.do. niakiugfive
vacancics. Evans, (Whijr) is clrctcd in
ir... , . .
Ox.brd, ;md Fairlicld, (V. B.) iu Yo;k.-,
ivcncocc auu amuw ua rter i . 11.1 iu
Thc Po.iinaMcr oT Richinond, ludi-iua,
!l disinbuliiig post unicc. rcsigncd his siiu-
ncedv p.iriy," lnllowcr, nud icct'ivid fr.ui
iiii.ii ... .ii.n,.- i.'.iiii mr ii iihiic imiicrv .khi
his fiUCCF.SSOR ihr- suui ol ONE
I'llOUSANO DOLI.AIiS lor m doinir.
Thc Ijic pii,!inm-.icr has jnsi rciiirnnl Irom-
arlington r.ny, aml nia.lc llns simu inrin
iiiuiM'lf, tu ihc gi'iii'cmuii wlio inlbrmt'd us
Pcople's Prtis.
A Fact for the tirncs,t I8S2 Gi u Hur
riMin wud iippoinlcil nu cxuiiiilicr ul Wlvi
I'.iiut, by Gtn. Jnekxiii. Wnuder il hc
vas iheu nn imbccile fo.ilih old mnn!
.V. I'. irJWj.
a-jtJl TIIE Subscribcr bttint? out of
t""1tfL 'u,i,lth nnd bcinn; unablc to
ISiSSPw cnrr.y o his iarm, will Rcll tho
dS&Esili who'lc or part oti icasonablo
tctms, baid farm consistinij ol nhout lorty
ucres o( good laud, wilh nbout flltccnacrcu
undcr iniprovrmcni, wilh a houso and bnrit
llicrcon and wcll wulcred. Said lnrm lying:
bctwccn ono lourth iind one hall tnilcrroni
thc Jlrnnoli road lcading from Barre tu
Montpelier, nud about ihrce milc3", Ironi
Montpelier villugc. 1'or luitlier pnrticulatt
ennuire ol thu subsctibcr on thc preminra.
Bcilin, Oct. 18, 1830.
E thcnubbcriiicrs, being nppointcd by
thc hnnorablp. thii nrobatu court for
ihc Districiof Randolph, commissioners to
rcccivc, cxnmineand adjust all clhima nnd
dvmami.1 ol all pt-rsons neainsl thc cstate of
latcol Braintree, in said distiicl, dcceosed,
represtrnted insoh'cnt, nnd ako all claima nnd
dciuandscxhibitcd iu ollk't lhcrcto; audsix
months (rnm thc scvcnih dny of Oclobcr
bi'ing allowcd by oaid couil lor that putpose,
wc do llicrcloio hcrcby givc nolico, that wc
will nttcnd lo ihc business ol our suid np
noinlmcnt nt thc dwellini; houso ol Alvun
I Lyon insaid Urainlier, On thc 3d Ttiursc'ays
1 ..1 , , ... 1 1 , 1. , ... 1 in
11 lLLUIillfCi IIIIU i'J.lltll IIIAI, I..V... I.ll..
o'clock A. M. until Ibur P. 31. or. cach of
saiJ dav?.
Uraiiilrec, Oct. 8, tf30.
Ibercby givc notir.c, tlmt I bave givcn to
my son, Asa Foster, his timp, toact and
trade lor himscll, nnd that I shall pay no
debtsol'his contracting norclaiin anyofhis
eatnings aftcr thtsdate.
iriLLiAM rosTim.
Plainfield, Oct. 20, 13SG.
Washington t!i;'f'""' ss
In Probatc COurt hoIuVn at Monlpaiicr,
wiilnn andforsaid Dlstrict, on thcSOihday
of Oi'l. A. I). 13,1(3.
A N instrumcnt purpnrling to be the laat
X"3l Will and TcKlamentof
latcol Niirlhlicld, in said district, dcccasctl,
is prescnled to said court lor Probate, bv
Nathanicl Jone., ihc cxccutor tlicrcin narnl
Whcrcupou it h ord.-red that the s mo
coiiic under cunsidoiation nt thc Prooalu
O.'Iicc in Montpelier on thc (!llb day 01 Nov.
tic:::, nn l that ;. r'lucrrncd he iiotifrd
.creol by !'j!ili.ini:g ihi.i nolir aud order
ihicc ivceks biiccessivcly iu l!ie State Jcur
nal, p-int.'d hl Montpelier, as soon 113 niay
bc, that lliey mav appear, il thtjy ico rauac,
and contest ili? I'robato of said Wi.l.
A truc rccord.
J.T.M.lJtSTOX, Rigultr.
A true ropy ol rcard.
J. T. MAKSTON, llegisler.
Slray Col4.
"O ItOKE into myinclosurc nbout the lst
JLJ ol tliij montli, a bay llarc Coli,sup2
poscd thrce ycara old. Tuil nnd maow
shenred off.
A few 8heep firssle or to let.
nnMo.vn L.1.YGD0M
Berlin, COth Oct. 183G.
Vislrict of Randlph ts.
ON APPLICATION ofSpcnccr Smiiu
of Tunbridge, ndiiiinistrntor. with tbor
j will anncxcd ot tho cstntc of Stcphen Sinith,
jalc ot J unnridgc, in said dlstrict, deccascd,
it is ordercd and decrccd, that all persons
Iiaving dcraands against tho snid cstate,
rxhibit ihc snmo to thc taid administrator
for scttlcincnt, ou or beforo tho lu'ih day of
Scptembcr nuxt, othcrwiso they shall ba
forovcr barrcd. And it is further ordercd
thnt noticc thorcof bo givcn lo ull conccmcd
by publishing this decreu three wccks ruc
cessivoly in ihc Stato Journnl primcd nt
Montpelier, nnd by posiing tho same ut four
public places withhi thc county of Orange,
to wit. ut thc dwolling houso of II. M.
Dodgo iu Chelsea ; at tho dwelling Iioubo of
Koiiben 1 Joncs in Tunbridge ; nt thestoro
of Blnko nnd Foster in Tunbridge, nnd nt
tho storo of L. nnd L. Egcrton, Jr. iu Ran
dolph, within sixty days aflcr tho making
of this dccrce.
Givcn iu Probato Court nt Randolph, in
Pii'ul ilia-ict, this lCtb dav of Septembcr
A. D. 18.'i(i.
District of Itnndolpli, ss.
11 a Prolate Covrl, hoblen al Randolph
within, a;id for said District, on the iih
of Oct. A. b. 1850.
is insirunient purporting to be Us l.n'
will and tcstamcnt ol Moscs Beltinai
i..iii-,ii iv.iiiuuiii.i, iu m u uifc,uu:i, uin.(a?Li,
I ,)ei J t v , w
IVrr7, ' ,, ,nlin p.'tnL iuPr!.,n
latenf Randolph, in said district, deceased,
:..:. rv- : r : ;
that all persons concerned thereiri bc noti(ircT
t.i nppcar at n session ol said Court to be
! hol.len at ihcProl.ale Ofliee in Randolphp
, on the sccond Fridav ol Novcniber next
shcw cause, il'any thcv may havc,
I airainat the nrubatc ol said will. for which
pnrposc it is iiiriticroniered tnat acopyoi
the record of this order bc puhlished threo
wtvks Micrcssively in Ihc Slnta Journn',
priuted al Montpelier, ns soon as may bo.
A true opy of rccord.
Stray Hog.
vu. .i... .....i. r.i.. ....i
i poscd to weicli nbout l.r0 poiunU. VIir
owner is rcipicMcd to provo property,
ciicrgcy, uiiu luuo it nwny.
Waterbury, Oct. 13, l&'Ui.
CAME into thc cncloaiirc ofthe subscri
bcr, on, or about tlm 12.h of Octoliar,
onu two ycar old hoifcr, nud u yKirling
hnifer, Thoy nro boih dnrk i-'d, thu twb
ycnr old hns largu hlgh li'irns. Tl.o owicr
is rcrucsted to provo propariy, pay ohargoa
und tuKo thcm uwnv.
mLDr.n MFw,2d,
MUMesev, 0:1, 20, l$W,

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