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vol. vi. rvo. :s.
jnOA'TPBiLffESR (VT.) WOVEMBER 8, 1830.
AN AC P, nrgiitnz n tho County nf La
iunil'o, fixing tlie tuuu fnrholdiiio Cnnrls
lliercin, cstuli'i-hing n l'rohnte l)itritt
thcrciii, nnd for vjui uts nthcr pnrposcs
Hppurtirninir to llio uuiru lull orgnnization
ofsaiil County.
Sectio.n 1. 11 is hcnby enacled by thc
General dsscmlly of the Stale of I 'crmnnl,
Tlini lrom lli" tut-t il.iy ol Dcecinb.'r mwt,
the Couniy of La ftlnille slmll be, aml U
licrchy orgnnized, aml with all tlu- poucr.s
:iikI privilrgo givcn to tliu snid Coiintv
.igreonlily to iiii ai't pti'-s'd nt Montpelier,
Oilober I20th, 185J5, tntitlcd "an nct eslab
lishing n new Couniy by thc imiiio ol La.
Sec. 3. II is hcnby furlhcr enaclcd, Thit
diiringtlio prcMjnUosHiuiiolihc Legislnturc,
tlic Jii(liL's ofllio Couniy Coiirt, tlioJusli
ccsoftho 'i'encc, Sliurill, lligli Hailill', Sfatei
Atlonicy, Jail CoiittnWsioiierH and llop lu
ppeetor; nud nlso a Judge ol l'robate, (in
cosc a l'robatn District shall Ik constiiuted
witliin llio linos of sni.l Couniy ol La Moille
at thc prosuit scS'iun of tlio Leg'Si'iiurc)
slinli bo oleclcd : whicli 6ai.l uflkcrs tdmll
l.c ulectcd iu lliesiiuc tnnnnrr ns Couniy
oflicers arc i-k-cloil iuolhcr Coiintics in tliis
Hir. 3. is hcrcby furlhcr cnacteJ, Tliat
thc Snprcuii' and County Couris witliin
and lor aaid County wlnll bo hcroaltcrho'd
on at Iltdcp.irk,iu riaid County ofha Moille,
at tlto following tinies, to wit: The Su
no Courv on tlio lOtli Tuesday i'ollow ing
tuc 4tli Tuoduny of Januiiry 1837, and so
afior, niiiiui.lly : Tlie County Court on thc
tbinl Tuesdny of Dcceinber 1830, and tlic
esi'cond Tuusday of Juuo 1837, aiid so aiUr,
annua :v.
?cc4. II is herchl furlhcr enaclcd, That
allai tior.n, of whatcver naniu or naturc,iiow
puiKling l)"lon; thc Couniy Courts in tbo
Ciiunties of Franklin, Ciiteiiden, Wash-
milton, iiii' 1 Orleans; and all actious whicli
iiheady aro or sliall hcrcaftcr be, coniuicn-!
ccd beforc said fut day uf Duct'iiiber next,
nliil nrulo rcttnirablu lo cillier of tliu Couris
nfori'saH, in wh.vb tlie pnitics aro rcfi'lent
in sai I Couniy ol La Moille, or in whicli (bc so runiovcd unlesis tlie plainiiil'aud du
the 1'laintill' resid.js in tlic. said County of i ieudn's; live witliin tliu countv : or tbo iilaiu-
liani 'ille, sliall he runiovcd to tho County t.il witliin said county and defendant with
'Culirt lor tlli Coti lltV of Lailioill''. tr'u'A ' unr lli'w late: or llii! ilnlijiiilniit live wilhi.l
Jin.l fi.'"!. ilcturn'iisied in i'i" Couits for iliu j said county aud tbo plaiuiilf witbout tbis
County oi'LaiiKiill i ; and a'l actious wliieb i Stute; ortlic inatterin contioveit-y beabout
alrea lv arc, or brn uftor slmll bc, coinn.cn- tlie titlo of lauils lying aud bc'nig in said
reil beforc tlie lttdi ivof Duc.nexl.and niade county. And it bliull be thc duty of tho
rcturnablo tocithun iftlie ( ouutii:safore.-aid, suvcral o'erks of tho Suprcino court and I
iu whicli tlio ilufen. lant shall resiilo witliin 1 court of Chancery iu tlie couiit oiof Frank
lin; couiiU ofLamoill ;,andtheplaintiir t i-j lin, Chittenden, Wasliinglou, aud Oiiuans,
out tliu same, i-hall, if tlic plaintilf rcipicst to deliver over, on ileniaud, tho liles und
ihe pame, bo removcc I io tlie Couniy Court, ; all tho papers iu 1ns eimtoily, proper to bu
for tlu; County of Li imoillu. And all ac-1 "sod on tbc trial nf sucb actiou or bill, to
tionsnow iu Mlit, or tliicli shall hereafier 1 any pcitoii who inay bc appouited by thc
i... m..mn.u..fl .ii-t.ii-R ilm ilrst diiv ot'Do-' Juiljres ofi-aid court, to receive tliu sanie :
cembur next, iu eithci' of j;:iid CoiintieH ol" aso it sliall be tliu duty of tuck cleiks to
Franklin, Chittenden, Washington, aud Or-1 deliver over to tliu person appointed, a true
lcuus, in vhieh tho dclindalitordefeiidants and attestcd copy of what is wntleii cou
lmll msiiln witbiii tbo Coiiin v of Lamoille, curnina sueli aetionsi ou tlie docket kept by
andilio ulaintiir or nlaimifr, slmll rcsido '
wilhout ihe statc, sliall bc re niovcd to tho
countv court of Lamoille c iiintv, to be ,
thcrc fiually tricd and ileter ini'ied. And
tbe Cleiks of tliu Coiuts in tl ic couuties of
Frunklin, Cbitteii'len, Washhi iton and Or
leans aro dircrtcd to deliver to such pers uis
ns inay bu authorized by tlio court of tho
County of La uoil e, tliu filcV, auil original
papers iu all ucb actious as niav bc reiuoved
sis aforcsaid, and llie exponss nf such re.
moval shall bu advauced by tlu plaintiDs in
such actious, aud shall bo taxed iu tbe bilis
of rost?. if thcy shall rccover
PmvlJp.l nr.-tr'.livlisi. Tlmt 11 1-acllniis nf
cicetmciit sliall bo tricd aud lii ally detcr-1
inined in tbo C ty wheru tho lanil lics. j
Sec. u. ( isdicrebil furthtr rr actcd, That
all aiineals fioin tlio iudgtiiKiit o fjnticcs of ;
tbo peaee, in thu Couuties of Franklin,
Chittenden, Washington, nnd Oi leans, hci c
tol'oie praycd out, or whicli shall hereafier,
beforo tho fust day of Ducnniber next, bo
praycd out and granted, by tho ju?tiu. s of
lliu icaeu aion suiUi iu uu i uuLiuun uuui
partics. or tho plaiutifl'resido iu tbo County
' i ..." n ..! .1,. .I..C.....I : .
of Lauioillc. or iu whicli tbe dcfcndaut is
living witliin said County and tbe pliiintill'
. witbout tho saine, and "tbo plaiutilV shall
u-cqucst th ramc, shall boriitorrd in tho
Cniinly Court for tho Count.f of Lamoille,
and thcrc tricd nnd deteruiinnil; aud nll ap-
iieals, wbcro tlie plaintill n SKles witliout ,
thc state, nnd tho ilufendairt witliin tho
Countv of Lamoille, shall bo ( litcred in said
Countv Court for tbe Countv of Lamoille, i
nnd thero tned and deturniined
Sec. G. II is htreby furlhir aiactcd, That
cvcry action whicli is romovnble by tbo
prcceding sectidiis of this act, beingalrendy
commeiiced, aud mado retui'uablu to thc
County Court next to bo boldfcn iu and for
ihe County of Franklin, Chittenden, Wash
ington, nr'OrluaiiR, aud uot lumng boen re
ttirncd lo btieli Court, is lieroby inado re
turnablo to tbe County Court nuxt to bc
bolden witliin und for tho County o( La
jnoille. Pruvidcd, Such writ bo srrvcd on tbe do
fendant twelvo days beforc tbo sitting of said
hti nicntioncd Court.
Sec. 7. It is henby further cmrtcd, That
wlieit tho ilajitiff und ilefeudant livu with
tn iliit Cnniitv of Lamoille, it shall bo law-
fol for il.n iiliiiniifl'lo bavo his artion coui-
nicnced befovo tlio County Court ucxt to
lio bolilcn in tbo Countv of Franklin, Ch't-
tendeu, Washington, or Orloani", iu tbo
amo way bo would bavu had a right to do,
if said Lamoille County wero not ubout to
1m orgaui.eil i nnd if iho phiiutill'.i writ Iiii"
r'cady bciii scrvcd, or shall bc scrwd
hin twelvo dnys of tho sitiing of tho
Jounty Coiut next to bo holdcn wiihinand
for thu County of Lauioillc, tho saiue writ
hhall bo returncd to, nnd cutered upou tho
docket of said last iiicntioned Court, and
ihe action or actious slmll bu tricd and fi
liully dctmnined by tlie County Court lor
J,nnioiU: C'oiuity,
Sec. 8. II is heriby furlhcr cncclcd, Tliat
nll ollioeis a lio lnw'u or nmy mtvc any ol
tlio nforcwiid w im,hhall chtirgo and reeuivo
tratel ft'i's only froni tlu placouf servicu to
tlie plii3e ot liuldiiig tlic County Couris for
Lamoille Lotiuiy ; any law to tlic contrai'y
uc. I). A is hcrcby fui ther tnaclcd, Tliat
tlio plaititiH' aud dclciidaiit in uvey actiou
tliat slmll bc rcmovcd frain tlio County
Court of Franklin, Chittenden, Washington,
aud Orleans County, and I'liiered upou thc
docket of tliu County Court nuxt to bu hol
deiiin and fur tbeoouniy ol'l.aiuoillt,, tliall
bo subject to every rnlo now iu force aud
heretotbro inado respcetiiig sur.li action, by
tlio court fioin whicli sueli actiou is to bo
rcuiovcd, aud tbo partius to sueli action
slmll piodeed loliual judguivut in tliu sauic
way tbey wollld bc obliged if theic wero ;
no removal ol said actiou.
Sec. 10. U is hcnby furllier enaclcd, Tliat!
thc judges of tbo county court in thc couniy
of Ijtimuillo for thc fiiMiingyeiirinay fortli
with appoiuta person to reotdvc of thc re
s)ectivo clerUs of tliu county :ourts iu tlic
coiiniies ot Franklin, Cliittcu'dcii, W'ashing
tou, aud Oileans, all tliu origiuul wrin aud
IiaperH, relaling to tbo actious liowpcnding
lieloro naiil county court!', aud aro inado re
niovablu by tbisnct to tbo county coiut ucxt
to bc boldun at llydepark in thc county of
Lamoille: aud it shall bu tbo iluty of eacb
clerk aforcsaid to mako out aml deliver
with said (iles a truo and attestcd copy of
what is writtun on liis dnckcts resiectiug
every action so roinovod ; for whicli servi
ccs tliu clerk slmll bo entitlcd to reeo vo
twelvo ccuts in each actiou, to bu paid by
thc plainlill'iiml taxed in lii.-) liill ol'cost.
Sec. 1 1. II is licrcbu furlhcr cnacted, That
every civil action aml lnll iu Chancery, now
pencling belbro tlie Buprcinc Court
court ol' Chancery in tlic counti-'sof Frank-
lin, lyliittenileu, Wusbiiigtou, auil Orleans,
slmll bu runiovcd to, and cutered iiiun tliu
dockct of tliu Suprunic Court aud Court of
Chauccry next to bc bolden at llydepark
iu tlio county ol Lamoille, to bc finally tned
aud deteriuincd in said countv.
rroviaca noiccvtr, io action or uill bliall
such r.erk-lor whieh bervices tho cUrK i
bhull bo paid iwenty-lhu ceiits in each ac-
uon, ny tne piainiui, ano. uie sauiu suau ue
ta.ud iu tbe iilainliirs billofcusis,
Sec. 1 It is hcribifurthir enaclcd, That
thcrc shall bu ouu probalu district iu said i
couniy, cousisting of tliu wbulu tract ile
scntieil iu thu liues ol said county, wbicb
shall bu deuominaled tho l'robalu i)istnct
of Lamoille.
.Sjc. 13. II is Imcby furlhcr cnackd, That
tliu tiuerelary of ritaiu nc, and hu is iiereliy
direcied lo causu this act lo be puhli&hcd
iu a I tbe uuwipupersin .iontpelier, as soon
as niav be.
See. I I. 11 is hcnby furlhcr enaclcd, That
this aci hall taKu ullect immediJlely upun
thu passagu thereof.
Sjicakcr ofthe lluusc of lltprisuUuliiHi.
J). M.CAM1', J'rcsiduittfthcisenutc.
October H4, 183U.
Approvei", S. II. JEN1SON.
Thu Ketsvillu Argtis, w bieh iseuiiilucted
with !iruit lUilL'ineni, and alwaxs speaks by
tho book, gives thu lollowiug ruasons wby
,1aiiiu an I'urcn should uol bu l'rcsidfiil
ofthe Uiiited Htates. Iu order lo ireent
an doubt ou llio subject, eery reason is
in.-coinpauicd by proper ruiereiicc tu eliap-
ter auil erse
lluopposed tbe raising of troops as ru
oiiiuieinled by (!ov. Toinpkius, iu aid ol
coiiiuieinled by (
iho last w.ir. t:eu Seiiatu Jouiiials ofNow
Yoik State, tiepteuibcr ltJH
u dpposeil thu bill lo muko appropria
tious for eoiuiiiencingourSiaiu uaiiuls. 1b.
llo votud aud nred agaiust cxtcnding
universal sullriige lotliu peopluof this state.
Sco ltupoit of llio proeecdiugrt of thu
Convcntion to amerid tliu Consiitut'.on,
guB'-J77, aud !2U1.
Ue uied agaius. elecling Justices of thu
I'caeo reiuuikiug thutthu lurihcr lliu power
was reiuoveil ftoui tliu peoili; tlie bulter.
Ib. 821 aud 2.
llo oied and argued agaiust elecling
Hheiilfs.-lb. lliO, S&!, 33U.
llo voicd agaiust raising u cominlitec on
iiL'rieullliro uotwithstaudiiig moro thau lif-
leen uiillions of thu pubbu revenuu is piuil
niiectlv und iuilirectly by tbe funuers. U.
S. Joui nal, Dec. U, lei2.
lle vo.ed aL'iiiust occunvinK tliu Coluui-
li'm i iver und piotecting tliu FurTruiU'. Ib,
Ihi Muicb. lcio.
7u otcd lo grnnt uxc'usivo privilcgcs to
luerehuiits aud iradcrs,iu mkiug tho beuulit
of tliu Daukiupl law. Ib. Feb. i, 1827.
Ilu voled to grunt twclUbiu! piii cgcs to
Stato Jlanks.-Jb. Feb. (i, lt27.
llo oted agauihl leduciug thu tax on balt.
II. I..l. K I.'I7
llo votcd agaiust grauting to tho blutes
relu.o laud, wlucli wns worin icss inan ao
ccnts licr aerc, lor educuiion and iiitti'iial
Jll!J)IO CIIIOIII, - IO. .ipill U, IC-iC,
Ile votcd agaiust scttlcmcnt nnd prccmp
tiou rights.-Ib. April 17 and 2 1 I8'8.
llo votud agaiust tliu Graduntion bill.
II). April 22, 1828.
Ilo gavu his casling voto in favnrof tho
censorsliip gag law. Ib. April, I83u'.
I lo opposcd thc bill to distributo tho sur
pltn rovunuoatuoiigtho severnl Statcs. Ib.
If theso ollicinl ncls do not provo Mr.
Van Huren nn .'lristncrat, in prineiplo and
in practicc, thcii arc wo ignonuit of thc
Fur Ihe Stale Journul.
Ata incetingofiho citizensof Norihficld,
October 18, 1830, tho Northfield Anti
Slavcry Soeiuty organi.cd by tlic njipoint
mcnt of tlto following oflicers, viz:
JOI1N WHST, 1'icsident.
Natii'x. Jo.nks, Vico I'rcsidetit.
1'it.iJAit Sjhtii, Jr. Secrctury,
I5i:nj. I'onTEii, Trensurer.
Tho following I'rcamblc and Constitution
was adopted :
Wo bclicvc that Ood crcatcd all incn
crpial, nnd that notwitlistnudiiig thc diller
cnco ofcolor, tllenegro is ns rnuch entitlcd
to I'rccdotn ns thc white mun. Wo bc
lievc that holding inen iu slnvcry, vvliethcr
black or white, is inconsistuiit with thc
object of our Crcator, a iolationof thc
laws of nattirc, and n sin ngainst God thnt
thc fact that two r.ml a half uiillions of liu
inan bcings arc hcld iu crucl bondngc iu
this Innd of bonstcd Frecdoni, sbouldnwnk
en thc syirpnthics of cvcry lovcr of inan
kind and stimtilato him to action, not a re
sort to violencc or any physical force, but
:o plncc tlic subject in a proper liglit beforc
n civilizcd coniintmity: We, thcrcforc,
form oursolvcs into n Socicty for tho pur
pose, and adopt thc following
Art. 1. This socicty bhall bo called thc
tXbrthfield .Qnli-Slavcry Socicty, auxiliary to
thc Vashington County Anti-Slavciy So
cicty. Art. 2. Thc fundnmcnial prineiplo of
this Socicty is, tlmt holding inen in slavory
is inconsislent with thu priuciples of our
frcc iustitulions ; a sin agaiust God, and
ought imnicdiatcly nnd furuver to be aban
doucd. Art. 3. Tlie object of this Socicty is to
efl'ect tbe lotal aud iuunediato einaucipa
lion of all wlio nru huld iu Slnvcry, by thu
usu of b-iich iucans ns nru suitud to correct
ptiblic seiitimcnt, but wo will not cncour
uge uny resort to violence.
Art. -I. Any person nssenting to tbe nbovo
)rinciplcs nmy beconiu a incniber by sign
iug this coiistitiitiou.
Art. 5. Thc onicors of this Socinty bhall
consistofa I'rcsidont, Yicu I'rcsideiit Scc
"etary und Treasurei.
it. u". Tbe nnuual nicctiug of this So
cicty Khall be bolden on thc lirst Wednes
day of October, at such hour and placc as
tbe I'res'ulcnt shall appoiut.
Art. 7. This constitution inay be nltcrcd
or ameuded at auy nnuual mceiing ol llio
Afier whicli thu following rcsolutions
wcrc udoitcd, viz.
lt. Uesolvud, That wo viow with nn
leigned regrct tbe opposilion manifestcd to
uie Aiiu-Biavcry soeiety, iiut wo will, ns
chribtiaus aud pliilanihroiiists, pursuc with
iuitiring v.eal our course, until tbe Kthiopi
on btrctch out his liaud unfetiercd to God
und nll tho oppressed go frcc.
..'d. Kesolved, That tho cditor of tho
Stato .lonrnal bo roqucstcd by tho Sccrota
ry, to publishthcConhtiiutioiioliho North
field Anti-Slavery Socicty, toguthi'r with
tho duinga of thc Socicty at ihis'inecting.
J3. Smitii, jr. Hec'y.
Northfield, Oct. 18, 1830.
Littlo giils should bo cnrcful, whctlicr
wnlkiug or sitting to turu their fect out.
Thu habit of turuiug thu fcet townrd cacli
otbcr is o.Mroincly awkward, Thu pructicu
ot siirugguig tliuslioniilers isinoroso ; tliey
should always bo carried aslow usnossiblc,
Theso thiiigs aro of very liitlu coiiseipicnco
couipareu wuu wuai iciaics io uiu iiiiuil
aniMiciut; but wu ciuiuot hclp acipiiriug
ImbilN ; auil it is bcttcr to ac(iiiro good thau
bad oucs, oveu iu thu most tnlluig tliiugs.
Clean thc tceili as iniicli as twico a day,
with n brusii aml puro watcr, Thu hnliitof
always cleansing thu leetli bcfoio retiringto
rest teiuis grentiy to tlieir picscrvalion.
Tho hcauty of tho luiir deneutls ereatlv
on kccpiug it perlcctly cli'iui aud discutuu
glod. Washiug tho bair with a littlo soan
iu it aud a thorougli brusliiug aficrward,
iniicli ti'Htur lliau tliu too trcipieut usu ot
llio ivory eomb ; iniiuy, who tako oxcelleut
care of tlieir huir, do not useuu ivory ciiinb
at all. No woiuun iu thu woiid aro moro
distiuguished for fuiu nnd glussy luiir thau
tlic South sca islnndcrs ; it is said lo bu thc
clltxt of ficrpictil balhing.
Legislalurb 0f Vermont.
HATOnuAV, Oct. 23.
SKNATK PmiTr W lliu rlmnlain.
Htporlt of commitncy ilr ahfldi'ti, llio bill
tirfiTidiiis f.ir an ay lutn ("r tlio 'inr in llie couniy
oi rraiiKiin wiuioui niiieuoiueiu, rroort'i-i io ou
cii2rosed for a d I to.iilin : liv Itr Hrn!2. tho rcs-
olmion proviitini; for n levii'nm of llio matulo laws,
rccommciiiiins no irovmon lor llio purpose uin pro
senl tossion ; tlio lnll rclatiicj to inloreKl, with liro
posoil aiiicnclnicnt J Mcsira ltriggi, Hulibcll, Coii
vurae, lliliard, Vouiig, l'lerpoinl , Itannoy, Ali rnll,
IIoivo aml SIh'IiIii, iarliciinii'il intlicili'linio,wlicn
Iho aniondinent ofior an ntncndmcni iirop'xcil hy
Mr Cunvprar, was concnrrcd in, nnd Iho lnll ui
ordcrcd lo ho cnsrosscd for a 3J roadin". Vons
Hill lly Mr l'licli9, incorporating tho Acnl
noy Iron Co. rcail tmcv, nnd rrtt-rri-il lo coinmittco
on rronuficturoa; liy Mr Watmn, rclalini! to lS'oin
rioi TSili': und to "crolrsta on inlainl IiiIN "f
chan, read iwico, Mr Wntvou opluinod llio pro
visiona and chjocl of llio bill, aml it wna n ft'ri,'d lo
llio Judiciary com. ; en:ro?u'd liill, proviiliui; for
priuling Ihu jouriuU of thc .'jciiatu, rtad a Dd tnno
nnd nassi'd.
Hiettigfjromiht lmuw,'tj( its concurrcncc in ro
acinilin Ihc rcsoluiiou, liinitinj Iho niiinlior of jus
licoa of llie pcaco i and had pascd u ros'.lution ns
aiKing n day for elt'ctiii!! an in;pM'trr of lianks und
nciil lo i-cule Iho cnncorin f Vt Kiato U.mk. Mr
I'lorpoint niovcd lo ntiirtul tho reaolimon hy sliilong
out tho woidj impethr if Jlunhi, and insert in liou
thorcof a commillcc (o cxaitiine Ihc stvcrut banka ico.
Aiiicndincnl ndopiuil, und lliu Sunalo concurrod in
nasMiij Ihc reanlitunn as amcnili'il, sulivlilului
I'urml.ii d Mondav,on ninlion ol Mr l'orlcr.
Mr Murnll callid" up tho bill relaling lo ihc o'.cc
tion of Liovernnr, &c. whfn Mr l'orter oliViuU an
amondmcni, propo-inlo Ftrike oic tho lio!o afior
Iho I'liacling clauo nnd iiiicrt thc anunilnionts
proposod aa a itibalilutc fur tho bill. Aincn.lmonls
rond, nnd afcr ojplannto.n liy Mr I'orlir, nnd lo
riinrks hy Mr Wnlson, bill, on nioiion of Mr Voung,
waa hud npon iho luhlo.
iMr 1'icrpoint callod up thc lnll to pay Abncr
Harm ihe siiin iiu'ntioni'il, tlaini growinj! oot of
atts of MispLiislon ; Mr l'almer auppnried ihojua
licc of thc claims, on Iho yrouud of llio unconitilic
lionalily of tho ncta of siispciisioii ; Uid upou tho
table. Adj.
HOUaF.. Prayrr l.y Mr Kcllog".
IWh inlrotlitceit, Ity Mr I'oote, toincorpt
rnlo Rutland .Mniiulucluriiig Compjiiy, rclci
n d to conunittco iiii Munul'aclurcs : by Mr
Kellozg, for llio ili.-tnliuuiin tt" tlie l.n?, to
cnetartouimittte : bv Mr .Sttirf of R., roln-
live to lliu ud uii.-s'oii of nltornejs, i-j'ottd on
seconil icnding; liy Mr Vila, iippropri.iling
rcnls ol ccituin laiuls (n Uraininnr cciioiu ui
Johnson, leftirred to iudiu'ury coiiiuiittoc, ? I lo
lUsotulioin. 15y Mr SinitliufM,, inslrnct-
iii" (IcU'unlion in Uoni-ris'9 ruuinu to niavtry
iu Iho District ol'Ooluinbia Inid npon llio la
lilc ; by iMrlSuckinahtc-r, inipiiriug ns to tho
cxpnlitnry of uddilionnl rcgiilntions lo pau
iicrc ndoiitnl: liy Mr Cuitii", for lliciippoinl-
incnt of dcrks ol Siiprcuiunml County Court
nnd icgitera nfl'robalo by tliu ' i!atiuo
rojoc li d j by Mr Caipentci of W., liiing tlu;
Itli nfNnv. (nr ndjDurntnoiit ol'botii llou.-o
laid upnn Iho table; liy Mi Tmcy, (iMiii! Mou
day noxl, lllAM tu clict liauk liutpictur, u
dopted. J'ititiuiu,OC eitiz-na of Milton, nnd of
M.irliu Muiitry uiul ullieri to coiutniltoo on h-cenn-x,
of 1! lioy I uiul of J l'roctor aud uth
cr lo com. on riuuU iiiul (1111111.".
y;.;;oii of commitlcts 5'y tlic conimiltue
nn Roads and Cuiials, riTninincnding 1111 up
proprinuon fur nuvoy of dillurt'iit nnl ro.ul
nulus 3110 copii's oiden d priutid. 15y cinu
mitli e of Cl.uiri-", ngn'nift paMiig il.irvcy
Ainnvortli, uiul llie biil was diionipsed ; f.ivor
r.blo to pc litlrm nf Jolni Idoj bili lo puy D.111-
'I Wiirucr 20 luid iion tlio lablc. liy
Land Tav coininiiti.c, bill ln.ving bn'.da in
Woodbury, ordercd lo a 3d n-mhng.
Mr Fili'h cnllcd up tbe bill rcch'irlcr ng thu
bank of 't Allian-, iho ipiettioii In iug npun
lliu nniendiiii-nt of Mr 1'itcli, rctiiii.iii'4 lor I'u
lurc loitl.iUiris po-vir to ri.vul;u or nlti r llie
cli irlor. Tlio auiondniont wa nippurtcd liy
,Mi Kitcli aud oppns'd by Mcasis tciiib of Sl
A. nnd Hari uut, wliun 'Mr C 1C Fuld sup
pcutril il in a rcuiaiU or two and inoicil to lay
llio lull upou tlio tubliij al'lcr di-'tu,i'iii by
Mcr .Smitii, Fiild, Dowi y of Ci., lliali
inaslcr nnd Trncy, thc iuulioii a Itjitlcd,
and llio dlccii86inn piooecdod upnn tliu aiucnd
nient, siippnrtcd liy Mii.ra Fitch, Niedluiu
of 11 nnd C Iv Fit'hl, nnd opposcd by Mejsr
Trncy nnd Siiulli of St A. und ncgulivcd,
njebtO, noos 1011. Mr O K l'lcld niovcd
that tho lull bu os.l'oiuil to llio 3d Mouday
of October iii'xi uioiion suppoitcd by Mr
Field, und nppo'cd by Mr I'oute, nnd with
drawn. Ir C K 1'iJld muml aineniliuonts,
lst mukiiig ihri'cion iadiyidiully li.iblo fur
corporaiui'i ib iitn, 2il, Iranfaclions nhvuys lo
bo opon lo iu'pctti'jn, nnd 3d, tli.it afior Jati,
IS 10, llio luiiU iasuo 110 suiall b:lli.
1 Ioiup ndi.
2 o'clock, I' M.
SHN'ATE llillt v Mr l'orter, rohiliun' 10
trials forfirtihlo enlry aiid dolniner, tead twico and
rif.'rred l.i J iul ioiary ci.nioiiUee.
Htporis nf niiim.iliti Hy Mr Van Si. kh 11, fioin
tho coniiuilteo nn fuianrr, bill rcl.Uine. to I.Hlcrr,
thcir otli o und duly, ilh proiiused unendiutnlb
laid upnn llio tnblo; by Mr loun', fn.iii Iho com.
011 loads aml canaN, .1 ropurt 011 th.it parl or II11
Lxcellincy's speech relatmg to tail roailJ, unhra.
ciii(! a fund of iiuporliini faula nnd leusom iu fayor
of 1111 anpropria'ion f.ir uivr, whicli v.ua leacl,
and laid upou lin- lahlej hy Mr I'lulp, fioin Iho
coiiuiuiteo i'u nulnnrv nll.ur, lliu lull Iu repeal iho
act fxeiiilitiii;' infnihirii of Kniriu chiiiuiiiu froui
uiilit.iry iluly, lliai Iho naiuu oujhl not lo pass in.
dtliiiili'lv poblpciied.
Mr Van icl,lcn called up Iho b.ll rcla'ing lo
I.i.Uers,hicli was read twi.o und laid upun tho
Kcporl of tho coiiunibsinui'r nmioinlcd lo ulleud
tho aniiuul ej'iiiiinauun ifilm llniversily of Vtr
inom, waa read, ijivuiu a favorb'c aecount uf tho
Insliluiion.iU r.uidiu.iii aud pnpecl.
Mr IIiiiiy,frOUilho louiui.'.leeon iiianufaclurea,
rcporteil lh bill uieurpui utliig tho .Vtst Towns
hend iiiamifiottirins ' wuhout uiuendineni, pa
aed to bo enr..i.sed ; iiiuorioialing Ihe lieiuunsluii
pniiliiiL' liiaiitifactuiliil! Ou. wilh uuiuiidiiieiilh. ru
ducing M ciniml t" tiOO.OOO, laid upun tho luhli. ;
incorporaliiijjihe Kiiruieri iiianiir.uiriuij Ou ul h
Uelht l, wilh niiU'ii luientF, wlucli cic tuiicuui,d in,
and Iho bill iased lo bo enjrossed.
Tho bnnk comniunoucr KJiorl ivai reud, fitui!;
an nccount uf llio cmulitiuii of Iho auteul Uii..i in
thoUUe,u tablo of wluoli liui ulready bieu ivenj
nll wolt iiiiuajed nnd 111 a smind und boheul Huir,
aci-ordini;lo Ihe repnrli refemd lucnui. ou h.uiks
Mtmurmlt U) Rlr Uonverae, from Iho ludu-a ol
l)eihel,iidfruiu liouj.iiniii Abhoit mid ullirr,rv
feried lo coininilii'e 011 Iho sut.jeel of uinpiiuneo.
A bill Ity Mr Whue.liicorporHiuijj thc llrullleho'
rn iiiaiiiifaoiuiuig Co. i rea) iwiee, aud uf.rii.llo
cuni, 011 inauulaolurta. '"J-
IIUL'H 'llio Iiiiiho resnnicd ciui'iili iu
lion of llio bill to iL'tba lor tlu limk 01 .M Ai-bun-,
ifit fpKltonbciiifc upou di aiiu.ndiiivii.fc
propnsed by Mr C 1C l'icld. Tbofirft, ninking
direclors liuli.o lor all Ucbls bcyouil llicniuuunl
ol" tliu cipilnl e'nck, nud nfler diteussinii, liy
Mu.isrs l'icld, 1'ileli uiul iui tllmni of 15, for,
uud Alessis Siuilli, Ucwey iii.d I'cik againtt,
nir Ail.uns ol U 1 uiovcil m uiik.ihI lliu uinenil
nio'it by Bululilnliiig " alocltlio'dura" for " di
rcelois" iieealivid; nnd lliu qucstion was
pnt on tlic iiiiicndincnl, ur.d il was rejcctcd,
nyca h7, nocs 33. Mr Kmilli ol Pt A uiovcil
to lay llio wbolo inatturnpoii tlie table agretd
Mr Moro ofWoodford liatl iL'nvoofabscnee
fioui uiul ullcr Moud.iy ncM,
Tlio roporl uf lliu li.iol; CouimipslotK.r wni ro
lurred to llu; scleei t'oininitteu ruiscd oa tlio ro
purt of llin l'.uik Inpi:ctor.
'J'lr rojolulion fuins; Mnndny next to rlcrl
ngcnt to Fiilllu conioiin of Vrriuoiit Silnlc
O.iiik nud I'.inl; lusicclnr, wai retiirurd lioui
llie Scn.itii wilh 11 prnpii'itioii lo nuiend by f uli.
stitiiting a cninuultcu tu 1 ic.nnini! llie liinks
iuit uuder tlio proVHions of tliu nct nlalnc In
I5rnl;, in pl.icu of 'Inpp'ctor of IJjtika and
skj lixing Tued.iy imtui'd of Monday llie
Uoui; concurii'd.
ltriort l!y eoiu'ieo of Wn)M fi Mrana,
I ! 1 1 rdalne lo li ink cniniui'sioners, ordcred lo
n thiul reading relative lo j.ulor's kcs, laid
011 tliutiilih. I.norablu lopelilion of Jno Cid-s-ngoinsl
bill lo fny Jcf.c Whitncy, luid 011 thc
labl- tlic li.ll lo pay Jolni 1 1 (Jlui, passcd
in favor olWllen S11111I1. orucicil lo.'id rcodins
ag.iuist pctnion of Lucins IIoivr., nud bc
had lenvo lo vt'ithurniv. 1 lie sclccl cniu'lei
rcpnrtid nu;iinl nnncMii" Ilrigbtnn tuOilcans
co., nnd lliu LJouo roiictirrcd. l'y tlie Judic-
uiry coui'tce, u;iiiiist innuiry ns lo Mooro's
Clmrily Scliool. I'y inni'leo of Clniui", bill to
pay liarvey liell Sl lUo u, oiilcr-ii 10 .ui rcn-
iliii"4. Hy Laud Tax com'lcc, b.ll taxiug lanila
in Nr.Hark, ordcrcd lo ."d rcnding. 1!) O'i.'U'I
coiu'tcc, ngaint IhIIh forbidding appol'itinrnl
nf mcnilict? nf citlicr lious'o lo cuuniy olliccs,
and rulalive lo forli ituro ol luinlieron banUsol
Connecticut rivcr dismi'scd. liysclvct com.
lnll nnncxins pnrt oflli 'ligutc lo Stvantnn, or
dcred tu 3d icadiiij. Ai'j.
lMoxmv,Oet. 31.
SENATE. Prayur by Uey.Mr Ueekwilh.
!it!s. IncorporaiiN l-'raiiklin Co. Asylum fui
thu poor, and bill relaiiu: to inlerest, laid npon tho
lable; by Mr Piurpoim, incurpor.itm? M iniif.ictur
iny Co., nferred In llie committec 011 Muuufacliires.
Mr Van Si cklen called up Ihu bill rcl.tmu tu
jrund li-l; Mr Piurpoim inoved ils re-comniilineiit,
with itMriiotions to rcport n bill providini; f ir llie
relurm.f liia with Iho real and personal propcriy
111 !;ross, dirpensin; wilh all thu ueiusof Iho iihiial
furin soppurud by Messra Pierpoir.t and Paliner,
and opposed by Messra Driggs aud Ucll, when Ihu
bi'l w aa laid upnn thc table.
Jliiorls. Hy M r Ilowe, bill to p iy I janc Fletch
er ydJ, which, nf.er boino discu.ion hy Mea3ra
Paliner, Pierpo'u.t, llowe, IJull and Wa'soii, uaa
l)n moti n of Mr Watson,200 copics of llio rc
port nn rail ruada, tic. wero ordureil. '
Mr lluury prebcutcd iho ineiiionala ofGen. I''es
senden aud ulricers uf 2d lliig. in his bihjade re
furtod lo couiin'uteu 011 Miln.uy All'airs.
Mr Mirnll called up iho bill iclalno to eloction
of liutcrnur, nnJ Mr llowo nioied lo recouiuiil for
nwendinent, pruiiiliug fur prt-M.lin;' otKcrs uthcr
Ihan cunsiali.is negJlued. Tho quol;oii ofalri
king out l;h, 5th, bih, and 7th .ckclioua, pending
ivhuii bcimic adj.
liOUSK l'rnycr by I'uv. Mr. Kclloy.
lVliliuiis ol ISuiniuii C11.V1 luiid, und ol'cit
izcus ol Udiidul) b 111 lua bilidll rclerred to
t,cneiul loiiiinUteo; of lNoiin.ui lliii.-d.du and
olhois, lo louiiniiuu 011 ro.ids uud ouiuls; re
iiioiilidiiuii ol ucitdin cilizciik of lirallloboro,
luntlivr ).itli bill iu uddilion to ucl iucorpora
llii i.ll.iu of lbatllt-boro, ullcr uuiendl i
liiuituig tlie Aiuou.it ol t.ixea to &ood pcr an
iiuui, iclcrnd Ij general cniuuii.icc.
JCevj'ttliuis. liy Mr. Ciiil.s, ui-t ructing tlio
guiiti.il eoiiuniltuo lo lui.nre In'o llio uptdl.
cney of prot uling for lilui,; liiu eliimui s ut cci
uin louuv 111 th.s ytdto Iu lliu oriie-i uf lliu Sec
lelart of fal.itu iidupttd ; liy Mr. Gooddle,
din cling Llbiuriun lo prouuiu i.uit.ilu buoks,
murnui!.. 111 lidiida ot liuituiiiin tvan a-
On iiiiiliun uf Mr. Kccdhaiu of 15. llie com
inillcu ol lii-ubcncy lidd luuvu lo sit dunng
Iho MSsioii ol llio liuuau.
IS1I.3. lly Alr. Siuilli of t. A. for lelicf of
Dntis 0 nll tnr, to loiiiiuiltce ot wuys and
iiifiius ; Iroiu bviiutc, rclutiic tu county courta
( justiLcs nuy igu couniy couri wnts,) order
ul (o a llilid reading; rut'ii ncd f.oiu beiiutc,
lelutitu lo piob.itu cuurts, iiinciidiiicut concnr
rcd 1.1 ; liuui Sunule, proMihng lor pii.-iling ils
jouru.it.-', uiduri.il to u llurd euding; Iruni tlie
cicimie, tu intorparato tlio Willtain" Ritcr
M.uiuljetuilui; (Jonipany.
Tho bill icjcaluig llio fos nct waj rijictcd
ou tbo tlnul luaduig, UO lo 7ti nbu llio bill
rcidhii llie Lii r lnlitu lo plijsic itiul mr
uy isiipjo.liu ny iumsis. ruun, uu.u .1 u
t'urtis, upposid by Motsri. liuckimuti.r, 1
las, Ktlioii and Colby,) WJ loUj.
lUsrvsu.1 tilj iitc,l. Tu pay Liillier S.
liuriiuaiu, Claia Mciull, uud Ljnia 1 U'l.it
inaii, cciliiiu eiiuiaj giunting lcrry lo Ucuru
fi.lcij icli.luu to lulls ol divoicu; Inxing
Idiuls 1.1 Umitindoii. llobuiy und Lri;ltuii :
luldlitu lo allatlinu nl ol l.ny tcnlca; tu uy
Junitii lhyt aud Atlulphiia t'nul jiJ-JJoa;
rvlilivo lo tiLlu.illiu liousco in Vergcnnca ;
nitorpuialiug nttiuiy nud seiciililic usaocia
liuu; lo i.) U. 11. fiiutii Sj7.'i.
Thu suIlcI iuiuiiutli.0 on tliu report of tliu
siin..roiioniliiniiifsitult! uriton rcpoilcd u bill
lo iciical 81I1 nclluii ol uct ISili, "liicli was
uuLi-L'il lo u llurd icadiii!!. Tliu toiiiuiilteu
ulao rtc ondcd llie suIj ul ccrlain prupeni
Iu luulu to t tdlo pnun, uud llio iinmudiuio
Mttlcuauiol ns uccoiiiiU unil couucuuii 01
dul.ts. Tlio nlllo euu.iiiituij rtpoitud 011 nic
1110. iul ul eirlai 1 citizuis, dul lliu.t b'jd 110 ti
iduucu of I'.iMiill.siu 011 p.ut of Mipi i.nteiidanl,
uud dllnbuli il lo llinl olliiLi- lio lilulil ou W
uoiiui ol ceri.11.1 loi.lratU llu wt tM.ar.
t-tv..iul IiiiIj tcru li'j oilud und uu-poiud ol
ua I ill wsi
Uroc-ttl to 11 t W11I 1 rn.i'iirfr. 1 o pay Aiuu
.id.i UuC 1.11..11 I tu iJ p.ud"ig lli.l JudeB
nl .i.pi'i 1110 iMiiil tludl ntt biiutilicf uccuunt
.01 .tulll iut, . xctpl W'll. ll ixuut.di, Miiuol
ijIIO -111 ,.dV SMilliUcl U. Uotilll.
l.uul iij.o.r Uie tMt. 'f " 'y Cicorgo 1 .
Hud 'i. s2L)7 7 tu ubobidl luipilMUiiucnt 1 11
lio ,"n,iil .iliO lopltn oitltnd -iJtlcuilnii, Il o
ilsulj.nl jdid lo lliu huiits ol llio cti.i.il
I) .uri 1'. Ucluliio to pcdl.irs nl A nin
.111 ii ui li t--r iuiilin ucl ul UdU u I.1IUI . Iu
1)11 li.IIIH.lll ll.l liL'Ul,
' . 1 - A . .
u,NA 1 u pniuni$ intToducttl iiy all Ouu-
veric, nf Chsrlr.i Morsh andniher?, prayinj for an
ncl lo incoriorutu Ihe tillueu f,f Voodatock, refrr
red lo Iho Scualors from iho rnunty of Windsor.
llijinrti nf cammnUitX Mr ll'nnimond, froni
com on fmiuice, mi reporl of Iho Supttiuletidant cf
tho Hl.ito Prion,l.nd upnn ll.o tiihlo; by Mr Ilen
ry froni cm.l. on in.iniifdcturi a, bills incorporating
ii'nnuf.if Iniiuy couipni.ies al ijalisl.ury und Casllo
lon ordcred lo 3d reading.
Hngroiiul l.itlt jm'wl Incorporaline manufac
turinj! couipanica ut Licnuinlon and VVcstTown
Thc P"iiale conrurrtd in amcndmcnt by t!i
Hoikc o p.iy Luilicr S I'uruhani a certain emrl.
lliHifnmi llic Jo'Hi 'l o pay l.yman Wliitman,
n ferrcdto ccniiiiillco of Clauiis i lo pay Clar
Mcrrill taxing l.m.ls iu l)iijlilon, Cliiltcndrn nnd
gran'iiiz furry 10 CJco Kiles, suvcrully ordvrtd i
31 reading; bill relntitu lo (ic-t.liuns for divorco,
nnd lo Iho Rigninij of Co. Co. -writs, rcfencd lo Ju
diciary com.
Mr"Vnn Siiklen itilriducrd a bill altciinj lria
uf Suprcnio t'ourt fljr Ohitlcmlcn Co. rtfurred to
Judiciary com,
MrContcise called up iho bill incorporaling
tanner's Manl'iclurinj Co. iu ICasl Bclhel a
nirnlcd and uidurtd to'a 3d reading.
Alr Vuiuij; called up ihe bil ruldluij; to nirvcy.
ors, nii.l espla neil ils proviiinr.x: afier somo discus
sion by Miasrs Pa.incr, and Pitrpomt it wasordcr
10 .1 3.1 re.uliii".
Mr I!ri;'s called up tlie bi',1 itldling to Inturcst,
umt il was passcd 20 to 7.
A bill piotidiug f r a sicnator fr Lamoillo Co.
wnx reterred to Ju-lir ntry coiu,
Mr It.inny cal'cd mi iho rclutinj toqualifica
tions i-f fr''einen oppusi-il by Mcssrs Ilowu and
Meriill, aml 011 ui hkui of Mr'Conu-rse indsfinituly
poalpoued. AJj,
IluUMI Thc bill to incoipomlu Willidnn
Itivcr iniiiuitjctiuiiig couipiiny waa refcrrcd
to couiinitti 0 nf nidiiulaclurcs.
l'ln: sjuu.ito cnino 111, uud bulb lionscs in
joint comuiitiof proccudcd tu inako tlio folloty.
mg npiointiucnt :
Joli-i 11. Lnttoii, siipcriulciidanlSlatoprison,
.tol.11 l J. Cotton 133
Pirulguian llapood 35
i iviiinl Uo-wi.ii 29
fc.illcring 'J
Bili niiie.. Tbe bill from tlie Scnato fixinz
jailor's ay for bn.nd ol piioncrs nl ll 50 pur
vcc;c iroiu April 10 Licei'inucr nnd Irnm
rc.ciiibsr to April ; rclalivu lo ll.ink commi
-iuiicrd; leming jul laxuiy lands in 'Wood
bury; uiincxing parl of Ui:ligatc lo Swanton.
l'eiilioii of St Ititnus ijikcs and ulhcra was
rclcrrcd lo toiiunittre 011 gruml list.
llllls. rrom ycnule incorporating Green
nionnl.iin Iron lnanulacluring emnpany, lilack
river card cotnpuny, und Tunbridge inanufac
turing coinpnny, icfurrcd to ccmuiillcc on
m.iuul'.icturea ; to prot ido fur printing rcports
ofsupn ine couit, lo Judiciary cominittce; to
i'lcorpoiulo Rutland Rnil Roud Uatik, luid on
lio idblu nud mndu tlie urdui of thc day for to
inuirow iiiuruiii.
lltparlt. lSy commiltco on Uanks, bill to
iiico'porule bauk ol llrandoii Mr. C K.Ficlil
inonid to hmit the cbirlxr to llie tcrm of ten
icar?, nogatlud, und llie bill inadc tbo ordur
for touiorrotv iiiorning; that tlio bills for
banks al Casllcton and Rradford ouglit to !
refurixd to tlio iiu.t nasion, and tliey wero
l.iul on llie liiblc. liy coniniiltce 011 inanufac
lurcs lo mcoipurato llie Ucct root sugar inan
nfucturiiig company, luid on tlie tnblc to in.
coiporato Tumbiing Falls iiunufacluriiig com
pany, laid 011 thc tnblc.
Alr. Uuckinuttcr called up llie rcsolution
rolatituto tliu tur.lus, and pioposcd un amcnd
mcnt, inslnicli'ii; coininillcc to rcport a bill
fur depositing lliu nirplus in tbe Ircusurios of
lli) sctcral tuwns in iiii) state, ia propoitioi
to pupuhilion; laid 011 lliu labln,
Mr. Vilns snbmitlud a motion to reconsider
thc otoofSaturdiiy rejccting thc uiiicndmcnt
to thu St. Albans bank lull, subjcelini; it lotliu
t'ultiiu action of tho lcgisluturc Inid en tlie tu.
Mr. Footc c.illcd up tho rcfoltiliiin rcportrd
by llie solcct lominitlue 011 tho surplus, dccln
ung it incxpidicnt lo fuss a law nl this scss
10a fur, a liual dispoaiiinn of tho surplu, nnd
intiucling ihecoiuiuiilcc Iu jcport u lull to
ptotidu lor rcceiting llicsiirplus incrcly. Mr.
l'nole tuppoitud ihc rcolulion, 011 thegrounda
tluil it waa ut ct rlain ttlmt suin, or cvon tlmt
any nmouiit ul ull, would bo rccciccd tliat
thu llousu wcre not now preparcd fur any
prrnianeut dispusi'ion ol'it and tliat lurtlior
timo would cnnble tbe lcisiatuie to gatli. r llio
tiuus ul lliu pcnplc.
Mr Kitcli inowd lo lay tlie rcsolution upon
Iho tuble, for tho puiposu of considcring tho
rcsolution pn poscd liy Mr lluckuiastcr. Ilo
uaa preparcd to aul unty, and carry out llio
reioiumeiKlatiuus uf tlie Liovcrnor'a Mestano.
A diair.hutnu ainong tlic Fcvcr.il tuwn, for
tho purposcs of cduc.ition, hu ennsicered ihn
most jiinl, cipiiliil.il., and proper di.-posilion of
llio surpbn rut cnuc.
MrDiWiy ol tf oppnsid, nnd Mr Duck
niaatcr 6'ipportcd t.m mntiou, when it wna
uitlnlrau ,i, aud a iiio'.ion to di.-iniss madc by
Mr I'ilcli, supporlcd by Mesrs lltnkmaster,
Jteedli 1111 uf I!., Ueo, Sinilh nf St A, Goodalc,
I'cck, und oppiisud by Mr Mcjsrs l'outo nnd
Doncy of '.i. whon thu Honso Adj,
F.xtrat'.t to ihc Ivlitnr ot Ihc I'hil.idelphia
Kiiquircr, daied Ilarri-bury, Ocl. 2 I, IS3U.
UcariSir I ivriic, yuu lur tbe purpoMi
olassuriiiguur I. icn.luiii tbccity, ilml llie in
dicatiiuis 111 the inter'iT are nl tbe ninat
chcciiu chataclcr. The peuple nte inlly
ui willi a dcgn e ol I'lilhiiMaMii allogcth
er iiiicx:i mpH'il in our pulitical liisinry.
'riierc will bu luiliiy lliiiusaud nuiie vnlc.1
ptilluil ou ll.e fiist Frnl.iy in Nnv. than
ttire pullc'd ou ihu btt'uud 'I'uod.iy of thc
prcfit'iit niiinth, aml ol ihis iiuiiilu r "u t lcust
liilci n iluiii-tiiid will be pullcd by ihc friciids
in' llair.siin. Thc lu.i'lhuciicf 'lroiu cvrry
M'ciion ol tbe yinlc I-, nl' ihc u ost c'liciiura
Hin,' characier, aud l.n iiil'u.-cd a spirit ol
uo .li lcnce iiitn ihe .'.tniiiaury ol Uiiiiphin
iiiul w ill c.iriy cvcry ibmg beline ii, nrd
nnl ihc nli'ie.i f Mia. iu. iv be cnierl.iitird
for ihe 1 lcciinal vnii' of I'cum-ylvniiiu.
w.ll lie yi'i'ci to llarrhcn by a trivmi'hcnt
l'ui.Aiis in rnoN't. A gri'cii-hoin was
on clecti ui-itay, nniiillng in tliu ttut-t,
gnziug at Mr Vebb'n stovc-itorc, thc (roiit
of wlucli is Fiippoitrii ny wooit coiuiniis
Atlcr viewing thu luiilding for miuiu timo
wilh iiftoni-liiiicnt. lio cxclainicd "ls this
tho Stato lloutie ?"
"Tlio Silnte llouiic!- No, indcod."
" Wliy, ihcy s?t.in il hud 1iVar1 infionl"

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