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VOL. VS. WO. 4.
For tlio Stato Journal.
Ilowcvcr indofatigiblt) uiid sueccpsful tlic
sludcnt nitiy Imvo becti dtirhig llio potiods
ol' iiifnnry unil cliildhood, yot, ho ciiu hnvo
MCppod llllt llpOll ttlU tliresllliolll ol this
thoatro of wondcrs whoso clcnicnts Iiuvo
tlefied tlio sorutiiiy of six tliousand yenrs,
iind wlmsc philosnphy beckons, ulikc, tlio
most oiiiiiicnt ntul iiisigniliennt lu s ill high
or ncquisitioiis.
Little tnoro onn tlic child hnvo ni'coni
idishcd, cvcn, duriug tlic protractcd period
which is, by this atrangoinont, alottcd hiin,
tlinn to hnvo uccuinulatnd n Mock of mnto
rials for tlio employineiit of future reflee
tion. l'hysicnl curinsity nnd nn aptitttdo
to imitntiou, so iioculiiir to caily lifo, und
so Imppily ndnptcd to its ciillivtition, still
coutinucs to prcdoniinato ovor tlic inaturc
lhcultics of renson and invcntioii.
Tl.c pcrlod of youtli mny, not inconven
icntly, lio titpposcd to cxtnnd from tlio
period of cli ildhood lo tlmt of thc sevcn
tecntli iind liinctooiith ycnrs, rcspcetively,
for tlio two sexrs, includiiig n new crn in
ilie progress of liuninn life, and n new dc
volopemcut of pliysical nnd moral char
nctcr. Tlio commouccmcnt of this period
nccords with tliat of pubcrty whoso rndia
tion is indelib'y iuiprcs:-od upon tlic physi
ology und nictapliysics of tlio raco; calling
forth, ns hy tlio power of inagic, pnssions,
ecntiinoiitf, fcclings, und iinaginations,
rqunlly iiutiked by novcliy and inipcttiusi
ty. As n counter iiiipnlso to tlic dcloriuin
of this period, vc Imvo the dcvelopcincnt
of pcrsonnl cousiduntion,ii5'Ociato sympa
tliics and lovo of rcpuiation riictitnstnn
ces whosc judicions cullure k indispensa
lilo lo tlio ncquiiition of moral cxctdlence.
Its govcrnincnt and its cducntion slionld bo
inodificd liy its peculiarities ; nnd wliatcvcr
5!lS plausibility of nrgumeiits in l'nvor of
coercion, duiing tlic antcccdcnt pcriuds,
its cxcrciso is pnlpably prcpostcrous diuing
tlmt of youili. Wonld you prcparo yonr
offcpring for tho ndoption of l!ic most un
worthy sentimcnts, nnd for tbu pructicc of
tlio most contemptiblc vices? yonr oliject
is hifallibly ncooniplislicd by siipprcssiug
tlmt insipient self-estcctn whosc pcipetual
ailmonilioii, to avoid tbe incvitablo pcnalty
of consciuus ineaunesji, &hould cfl'ectually
jirovcnt its pcipotration.
Pcrsuasion is tlic only wciipon wliieli vo
niay bopo to vricld, Kiiccctiiifiilly, ngaiiist
tlio waywnrdnua of yntitli. An improM'd
etutc of intellect jiistifics tlic &iigcstion
vbilc c.xpciicnco uliunditiitly domonsitrates
its acciiracy. Tlic period of ynntli slionld
bc empliiyed as nn apprcntiucsbip to tlic
tntfro imponant occupiitioiis of imtnliood.
The mind Flionld bo cngagcd in contoin
Iilut'iKK tbc rclntitinsliip of tbing?, nnd in
nri-atiging tlic t'k'incnls of pcii'iico in;o
roinpicliuiisiblc systcius, rrduciblc to pruc
licnl ntility. Andwbatovoris osscnl'ud to tlic
conMruction of tlio futuro nian, tlionld be
masticatcd, digcstnl nnd nsMinilntod to tlio
vcry cliincnt of mii.i!, undistingnis-liublc
from its nwn priinitivc tiiiggcttions. Tliat, '
wbich U recollcctcd as liaving liccn nciptir- j
cd, Iias scarccly bccoinc fo csoiuinlly onrs
ns to jnstify ns in its nppropriatiun. l.ct ,
tlio mtinory lia cburged wiili princii!es
ralber tlinn fonnula?, sincc tlio f'onner niay
lio supposcd capablc oi suggctting tlic lat
tcr as convcniencc mny rcqniic. In nntici
pation oi'an inqniry rolativc to tlio particu
lar liranclics of ficicneo which fchotild con
Htitnto tlio niaxininin of cninmon ccliool
cducation, I ofl'cr llio following cxi!anntory
rcnurks :
Etiquclto rcipdrcs tliat a catflloguc adiij)
tcd to tlio fi:ir,alo se.x slionld bu fiibt prc
hPC'.l.!, to which I Hiibmit withont hesita
tion. ThobO which I conMcler indiciciiEa
blc, arc tlio following, viz.: Spolling, read
ing, writing, Eiiglinh graininar, roininon
nrilhcinciic, iiiathcniat'u'al, pliysical, and
ntatistical geogrnphy, history, liiography,
cheiiiistry, natural and inoral pliilot.ophy, to
which I wonld- add, ns tio iiinvorthy np
pundngp, logic, rhotoiii, ninsiic, drawing,
nnd tlio Frcnch languagn. Tlio first toii of
thcso brnnchcs slionld, not only, bo stndind
nnd rcgulnrly disposcd of by ilaily or
wcdvly rocitationsi, bnt tlioy Bhoiild be
t'fTcctiially acqnlicd nnd siiBCfptihlii of rca-
dy adaptation to tlic intrrcets nf manhind.
It will, perhnps, lio asUcd by thoso who
nro acqnaintod with tlio prcsent niiintcller-
tnal modc of cdncatimi, and iu alinoat on-
tiro failuro to clcvato linnianity ahovo tlio
miinii'ry of tlio npc, What arc tlio bonefiis
lo bo dcrivcd from fi'initlo acquisitions
moro than to onnhlo tliem to lcad, write,
and kccp acfinnnts? I nnswcr, nothiiig nt
nll, whilo rdnration rcnmins so impracti
cablo tliat tlio highly, or al least tlio cxpcn
nivoly, oducatcd matron is nnnoycd, to n
statc of pcviFhncf.i, by tho simplcM inqni
ries oflicr child, whoso lnndablo inqtibitivc
ni'Bs is not iinfierjiipiilly mvarthd by u box
of tho cur, nnd tho cneouragwg approval,
"gct ont of tny ny yon little plagnc."
Althongh I nm nwaro tlmt this dniicriptioii
is not nuiveisally, yct I nm constrnined to
acknowlidge, tlmt it is too gencrally, nppli
cahle. It iiin.t a Aubjc.t of depp hn
milintion to tho anibitions lnnthcr, to bo
iTinindcd of tlio cntirc ahortivcncss of licr
own cducation, by tlio honily qncstions of
hcr inqnisitivo ofl'npiing, which slio finds
hcrsclf altogcther incapublo of explniiiiiig.
I would ask tlic individual, who dccms
the forcgoing an exaggcration of tlic fact,
topoint inc to hcr whoso practical ncipiain
tanco with the principlcs of scicncc cnahlcs
hcr to ofl'ur to her childron, intclligible, or
oven plausiblo explanations of llie coninion
cst pheiioiiicnon with which vo arc prc
scntcd ; sucli as tho motion of the ntmos
pherc, tho comimiiiication of honnd, tho
forniation of clcmds nndofdcw, the evnpe
rntion and christalization of wateiylccompo
silion by firc, tlio mcchnnical operation of tho
scrow, tho nssocinte ntility of the dial and
cqnation tnblc, or cvcn the operation of,
ycast in tlic manulacturo of bread. II tlio
trnth of the ahovo suggcstion is no lcss
pnlpablo Ihiui n twcak of tho prnboscis,
which I bclicveis scarccly qncMinnnlde, nn
inqniry, mny be rcnsonably institntcd, into
thcraiiso of tho dcfcct. Nothwitln,tanding
parcnts niay bo chi'vgcd with imliflurcncu
nml parsimony, tcachcrs witli deficeinry of
qnnlificaiion aud ncgligcncc of dtity, and
childicii with obtusencss of intellect nnd
obstinacy of dispobition; yct the predomi
nant responsibility rcsts tipon tho lcgisla
tureofthe statc, and upon itnrc chnrg'inblo
tho gro.iscr dcfcct.s of conimon cducation.
It is undcniably nnd csscntially tho dutyof
Icgislation to cxcrci!-o its powcn, in tlio
prnniotion of tho ptihlic welfarc, whcnevcr
and whcrcvcr thcy can bc Fiicccssfiilly np
plicd, enbjcct to no deduciion for contin-
If it docs not already oxibt, kt a fund bo
crcatcil whoso proeccds mny bc cqnivalcnt
to tho instittition of n Ecminary for tho
ndcqnato qualilication of frchool tcnchers,
under llio diroction ofthe govcrnmcnt of
thc statc, with oppropriato k'gi.ilativo ap
pcndnges, nnd evory friend of literatnro
may vcntnro hinisclf ns n pledgo of tlic
Rtirr.cr.s of t'.s operation.
Vor tlic Mato .lournal.
I do liojic tho timo is ncnr, hen thc
Cliurch of Goil will uwako from her tltiin-bcr.-i,
aud couio up to tho liulp of thc l.onl
against tho inighty. The eoininnnds of
Christ to loio our iicighbor as ourtclf, and
to icmember thoso tlmt aro iu bonds ns
honnd with tliem, hnvo been too long dis
rognrdcd. And, iudced, upon many who
cal! Cluist their Lord, thoy apppnr to liave
no turrj influcnrc tlinn a iw"' 'lightfiilling
upon nn icuhcrg. I'rictft and Levite jiass
liy on tlio other side, but hnvo no rompas
f ion for their wounded,dy ing iicighbor. Hut
this Mato of things cntinot rcinnin ; ho tliat
is not in licart for slavery miiBt bo ngniust
it. And he tlmt will not rniso his voieo u
guinst opprcfsion, nnd all tlio crinies cm
bodied in otir blavc I'ybtcm, will soon be
rmikcd with tho oppiossor. They aro mr-
takeis in othcr mcn's sins, and nid the causo
of blavery just as mueli as llio modernto
drinkpr aids tho eaus.e of tho di unknrd.
l!ut it is n plensing eonsidtralion, tliat
tlicro aro sucli iudicntioiis of rcttirning lif'o
in tho vnllcy of i'.rj Loncsa. noiso nnd
hhnkilig, nud nioving of btuiPS. At their
Into ineetiiig nt iMontiielier tho Mcthodists
took a nobtc sland ; nnd therc appenrs toho
nn oxccllcut spint on tho suhjpct of fclnvery
pervading tho noi tlicin portion of tlmt
cliurch. llow rau tho disciples of John
Wcsloy tolcrate slavery iu thoir cliurch ?
And whereis Uogcr Williauis? Ilnstlio
mnntlo of tliat pcr3ccutid advocate of civil
nnd religious liberty fallcu upon nono of
his dt'iiuinination ? Delivcrcd from op
juesMon thenisclve?, havo thoy forgotten
their brethrcii who aro in advcrity ? How
nmuy follow tho examplo of l'harnoli's
ehief bullcr: Othcrs mnv lio in cliaiii. if
,i .. .!. r ,i. ,
'". 'J. '""'
dnulc thw mne, and partnko ol their lcatts.
ii .1.-. l.
mii vo it'joivc, niul iiiiitiii uur jtujiijai
brcthrcn nll arc not liko I'Jmraoli'u butlnr.
nmnonibcring tho wormwood and gall,
thoy Imvo tbem fttill in nbhorrcnco j nnd
nro rcndy to sympathii'.c with tho strnngcr,
nnd to plcnd tho causu of tho opprcsscil.
And thoro is ronsoti to hope tlmt the Hap
tist chtirchcs at tliu North will soon wash
llicnifolvca from tlicHin of slnvcry, and Imvo
no followship with Fiieh imfrtiitful works
of (laikncts.
Thctonsof the rilgrims!, whorouro they?
Flcoing from oppression, Imvo they onlistcd
with tho opprengor? Duniandiiig liberty
forthomfolves, nro thcy dcnmnding slavery
for otliurd? Evun herotheronroxyniptoms
of lifc. At a inrcting of tho Gcncrnl Con
fercitco of Maino, June 21st, 18.'!G, Itcv.
Iicnjatnin Tnppan of Angnsta ofl'cred the
following UoEolntion, which was passcd
witliout opjiosition :
Jicsohed, Tlmt slavcholding, ns it cxists
in a ijoition of thcso Unitnd States, is n
grcat hii against God and inati, for which
tho iuitimi onght to luunblo itfcclf, nnd ior
tbe ppecdy and cntire rcmoval of which
evory Christian onght to pray, nnd uso all
Biiitable mcans wilhin liis rcach.
This is as it should bc. And lct all tlic
Congrcgrationnl Clinrchcs &pcnk, bolilty
spruh; snch a lnngnngc, nnd thcy will cs
cape tho cmso of iMeroz.
And wliorc nro tho childrcn of John
ICnox, tliat daring dcfender of civil nnd re
li"ious lihcrtv ? Look at tliat cront) !
nttended by slave drivcrs, going to nttcnd n
salu of lilack Chatlels. 3s this tlic liberty
with which Christ has mado tliem freo?
Wonld tho Lord Jcsus over tliink tliat liis
disciples werc buving, not tliccp nnd oxcn,
in tho Tcmplc, but tho bodics and fionls of
mcn, immortul biings for tchom he dud?
Takc thcse Ihing3 home. Jlako not my I'a
thcr's bonso n slave maiket.
i!ut all arc not advocatcs for slavcry cvcn
in tlic 1'resbyterian ehurch. A romnnnt
lma cscancd, and bc"in to sonnd the alarm,
fltul In pnll llonn tlinn lirotlifnn tn r.miin !
out fromSodoni. Tho Svnod f Ivcnttickv
mVo told ns what slavery i-., what its cf-
fcct upon tho slave, upon tho umMer, aud
how thc scripturcs sanetion sucb a syncni.
Wc can quoto only thc closo of thcir ad
drcss. "Tho hour is coming in which tho slavo
and liis inaster must stand togcthcr beforo
thc tribunal of God-a (Jod who judges
righteously. Aro you preparcd to pluco
yoiirselvcs beforo him who will dccidc iii
on yonr ctrrnal dcstiny, nnd iiy"thnt you
hnvo dono justico to tl"o-o whom you now
hold in bondagc. Aro you prcparcd tosny,
"as have donc unto lltcse, so lct it be done
wilo me as 1 have shoieul nnrcy, o Itl me
rcceive mcrcy at thc hands of mj judgtV
Anticipatp, wo bpscecli you, tho l'eelings
iind dcci.-ion of tlmt great dny, which is
fast l.iistening on try yourselvca uow, ns
God will then try you. " What doth tho
l.onl icquiic of thcc, hut to do justly, to
lovo incrcy, nnd to walk humtily with yonr
God r" Are you dolng justly, hilo j oii re
tain yonr fellmv mcn m hopeless boijdago?
Arc you loving mcrcy whilo you aro sup
jioiting n 5-ystciu thnt dcgrades aud briital.
izcs bciugs, whom God crented iu his own
iniago? Thcso aro soloiuu qucstinns. Lct
rcason nnswt'r thi'in ; aud lct conscicneo
decido your futurc coursc."
Sucli scntiiucut3 nro worthy of tlic fol
lowers of John Knox, niul lct tliem Iie em
braccd by tlic whole body of I'rcsbytcrians
and blavcry would fall beforo tliem as
Dugon full bcfurc tho Ark of God.
" Iiiiisinurli ns te d!d it not unto the lenst
ofthchu my brethrcn, did it not unto mo."
RotaiiTar DKSTnorci) nvKiiu: Twe.n-tv-six
I'AssK.Nor.ns i.ost. Eiotn n luticr
rcceived by iMcssrs Tophn'n, wo learn ilmt
tho stamboat Itoyal Tar, which plics bo
tween St. Johns n'nil l'oitland, took Jiro on
tbu liJth inst. at a o'clock, I'. ftl. in I'ruiiob
ticot liny, wiihiu two milcs of tlio Fox Is
land. The lioat was entirely (lettroycd,tho
sur ivhiy pnsscticeri). sixty in number.weie
taken oll" by tho castcrn llovcnuo C'utter.
Tho iiuiiibur of pa-scngcrs on board, was
from DO to 100, aud thoiiuinbcr lost from
20 to liU, thrro being scveral cliilihen who
naa not iiccn reiMsiemi ou tlio liasscuiroi'
list. Tho boat took fiie whilo lying at au-
chor for tho puriio(.o of iilliii'' tlio boileiv.
Tho sceue )rcseuted by this Kchocking
crtawropiip, inuM navo neeu iieiut rending
in tho extrenic, The lat pascngor been
nlivo ou board tho boat, was a I'rautio fu-
nnilt', who bad just mccii b'oino of her ncnr
aiul ilear Kiiiilrcii liiirut heloio hcr cvcs.-'
Tho iripnngi'rie of tho Zoological liirlituti',
wns on board tho boat j tho elepliant, cani
ols, nnd horses of which jtiinpud ovcilioard,
wlill'i tlio ntiicr nnunnls wcre cuiisumcd iu
thcir cngcs. lSuston Prcss,
Tho Mcchnnii's' Ilank, nt Concord, n pct
rag-mm ot tuo party, Iias ticcn iclievcil liy
'' Secrotnry of tho Trcasmy, by beii
mado onn of the dopo-ne biuiks. I'dimer
ly tho publio funds wero dcnositcd in tho
jor p(0 liuopind : now they niipcnr
I... .1 ;... .1... l i... ..' '
i iu iiu iiL-Mu.iui.-ti iu uiu iijiiihit r;uu.
Dover Enqtiirer.
SATUim.tr, Nov. 5.
SI'ATR l'raycrbv Itev. Rlr Ucckloy.
llill-by Jlr Hricgs, for relicf of Louit Uramly,
coiiviclvtlor kcrpmg n liouse of ill fanie in Vcr
j;eniio.i Cncd SluU, uutl cnmmiik'tl for want of bailj
it'iiil iV)ce nml liucl ttpon ihu Intilo.
Jlrport nf rommiUui lnll ri'laliug to liigliw.iys,
rciiorliMl liy cnm. nn ruatla nitJ caimlfi j lailt on llio
laltle : Lill tlcf'min" tho tlulios of sundrj- Stato olli
cor, bj JIr HubMI, rcad lt ico nnd orJoml to be
t'iigrol i iiicottoraiing llio U.irrn liianiifaciuriiig
Co. i byAlr tlenrj-,vi,li amt'iultnonts ruilunng tho
capilal lo gliO 01)0 atnl providing for llie lirst inoct
mg of tho uorporation itbln onu joar, at.ii'nJmt'til8
aUopted stnl tho bill ordciod lo bu t-iirtixsoil ; fllr
Holi, the btil incorporaling lilcrarr iind acicnlilio
lnalilullvn '. rupurlcil mlh aiiiundiiicnt whiclt tvaa
dorran'yhe btll ruad a 3d liiiic, und comtniUud
for atncniliiieiit i by Alr I'lcrpninl, froin llio coni. on I
clainif ; Ii pay Jantca Dwyur and Atlolplius I'.tul,!
nnd Ihc blll lo pay Hntmicl 1 1'uotlt, ihu kiiui i
roonticnod in oach, (claim jjiuwing oui of aUs of I
suspcnt on) botli Jaid npon tbe tablo.
ilnolulnms. from llio lioutu. astL-niti!r n J.iv for
ckflioti ol'a Ungadier Cicnoral. lr 1'ltu'ps inovid
on utiitndini'iit, providing for ihu vk-clion of anolhor
Ilng. C'l-'ii. on tho banto day, tvlucli was udoplod,
and Hie rosolution, ibus amondcd, m.is coiicurri'd
in. .
JUlh llio bill utccrtaining llio principlo npon
which llio grand liu of I liis tJlale sltall bo madc,
was takcn up, scnatein coni. of Iho wholo, 'jonnd
cri'd by si-clion., fuilhtr nniciidud, n-porlod, Iho
tho aiiK'iidmoiits couourrcd in, nnd (lio bill, whni
This bill in il.s prcsent shape, c.olttdLS brass
clocks nnd unio piix-es fioni tho lii places stud
borscs, fjccpt llioso cniplojcd soli-ly for labor, at
gjO in.tes ibrtign bank stock, sloam boat, lurnpikc
und ollu-r oorpotalions placi-s capit.il cniilovod
by incrchanls and oihfis, wbcthtr ownud or bor
ruttvJ, nt G pr crnt npon Iho wholo aniotini m.
tusti-d, ui.d tau-s buildiiij,'s npon public lands.
Thcso aro llio csscnlial protiiions of Ihu bill iltal
dilftr from tho cxuting law upon tho miIijoc! of
UOUriE Praycr by Rcv. Mr Kcllngg.
On motion, Monilny foitnooil wus ii"d foi
a jointcoiiiinitteo toclccl Gcncrals in !2d and
3d dtvisions of 1st briguilu.
Vills by Mr Carpcnlcr of W to prcvcnt
gninbling, rcl'orrcd to Gcncral com. ; by Alr
Cuntcrsi', rt,latmg lo liiglnvayj, lo coni. on
roads and caiuiUj by Alr Peck, rclatuig to
Vl Alntiul Firo Ins. Co. to Judiciarv cuin. :
fur rclicl of IVoriiian CUuvcland, lo same
Jicpcrts. Sevcral mado and tliua disposcd
Ordcred to 3iJ reading. Ktcnding limila of
jaiijardin Wasltinglon couiity ; uicor orat
ing manufacturint; cuinpaniun, Warren, Wnits
ritcr, IJitttlaiid, llutlaiul cnsl creck, riowur
brooK. L,aniuilo, f clcliviiiu Satiincl, iSnrtli
Siringliulil, Alontit;lier north brnncli, Orten
Aloiiatuiii Iron Co., Tunbridge nnd Willianis'
rivcr iiiunuljcluring Co'e. und lilack Ilivcr
catd Co.
I.aid on the talle. fnr diotiibullon ofsur-plu.-t
rt'vcniio to tlii' bcvi ial tovvna npprnpun
ting UOO fnrSlnlu IIousc, (liiml uppropii
utiuti,) tti pay Lolilii ns Kgcrlon .,,!i7 07
rccliartcritig bank of C'alcdo.iia incoipornliiig
lilack litor Itank petitiim for tax on Urniis
tvick, niul bill taxing Lowell.
Dtsmissed. Eill for Gniinmnr Schnol nt
Iljdcpark, (discuspcd by Mc.-ers Sawyernffl,
Vilaa nnd I'ltcli) incnrporating Danville Ify
draulic C'o.
l'clitions. Hcforcnce foimcrly rccnnsidcrcd
of 7, Popc, antl rcfcrtd lo Lund Tax coniinit
lcc, nf T S llunt, to .lndicinry rominiltcc.
Alr Cruwley ol'Mt Ilolly liad Kave oi' nb
soncr. Alr Cnnant iiitrodtioil n rcstilution rcqnost
ing llie Oiiv in nppoint A 15 Yoiinytosiipciin
tcnd tlic coinplction of tho btulo liouse; adnp
tcd. Uill taxiag lands in Jny, rcportrd nntl
rccoiinnhl d.
'J'lic bill to ropcal 8lh scction of act rclaling
to Stato prison was pafftd.
Tlio bill rt lntii.5 ttt intorcel was rcad u 3d
tinic und Mi 1'itllnm inovcd lodisinissit siiji-
portcd liy Mea?r l'ullain nnd Ad nin of C! I,
nnd oppotcd bv Mofprs b'awycr ol'Il, Trncy.
v. .it "... .ri l tT.i.. . i- "
xii,Luitaiti ui itf uiiu f iias. tl.
2 o'clock, I1 II,
KENATE Rtstit'itiun, from iho hoim aif
poiniin" a cum. to sclllo with iho Supp titcndunl
btalo I'riton; called up by Alr Sluclc, und pasttd
n nini'iultd.
IIHU Alr I'lifliw, ' f ihc cummiitcc on tnililarv.
all'airs, rcporlcd a bill, rt'giil jlin Httd govornins iho
utihtia of this mato, rt-ttd iho lirM umu and laul ttp
on the lablo ; ongrossod lnll for a 3.1 ri-atlinn', at.
tltorising tho 1 rfasurt-r lo rt-ccivo ilto sr.rplus rcv
cnur, ruad a 3d tiinv and passcil. Alr llell cnllud
ttp Iho prtntutl bill rulallng lo it)tikuupt;rs and regu
latittg Iho salu of wltii s aiul dili!lud itpiriliiotis li
qttors ; lhu Sunato actmg as in coiutniiico of tho
wholu.constderotl Ihu bill in si-paratc beclions, nnd
on molion of Alr Urtggs, it was laid upon tho mblo,
ann nto iscnaie. Adj,
1IOUSK. On motion, ordcred llict n inein.
her I'orcncli cnttnly bo uppointcd Iu makc np
tlio dubunturcs of tlio ITottso .
Iiills To inv G M Ordnny, rcfcrn-d Iu
coiiiiinuce itl V. nyi nnu Aleuns; lo pay l 1?
Morrill, to llie cum. ot Claiins ; nlulivu to
ili'ttnftsitjii ut ntioriitcs, lo JudiL-nry coinmit
lot; in ttddiinm to nol iticorpurnling Wontpo.
licr Kirn Co. (Tnrrent Co.) to Gcncral coni.
Un nio'iun nf Mr Sargtnnt, Tnt sJay inorn
injj wan f.d to fdl tacuncy iu liuiriiuigton
Co. cort. .
A rpsolnlion to nmcnd llio iiilc. nrutidino
tliat till IiiIIb, Kc. til" tvliidi piintt.il nul.ee i
Ktiuirctl, inoy bu rufcned to a micceoding oes
moii nf thc li;ilkliiio, tviiB aincnded anff (ac.
cofding lo Itulce) l.cs for onc iliy.
Tlio Ilr.uso icstimcil cotifcidciatitin of tlio
.Sciiale lnll rclatuig lo interost, tln cpustion
bcing npttn pusbing tlio lnll j nuppnilcd
by Alcsra Tiucy, C K l-'itltl, nml ritclt,
and Mr Fullntti opnoscd tlm bill, tvlicn Alr
Adams of Uiiind lilo inovcd un unioiub
iiicnt. Tlio f-'pfakcr decidcd llitl tlio bill
cuuld bo nmciidt.d, by iiuaiiiiiioiis conrcut, or
by coiiinulmoiil, i.nd ut tlio rctpicil of tlio
clinir nn apiirul tvu tal.cn, llio objcction bciug
tliat tlio Uulesul tlio flousuaronol uppliiublo lo
bilis troin llio yciiatc, and licncu tlicro conlil
bo un ri'tttriclioiid upon propusiiiun to iiinciul.
Allcr discofbiun by Mcbsi'j .Siuitli of 8t A.
Nccdliain o( 11., 'I rncy antl Pitcli, tlio dccis
ion tvaa uvin ttl, nnd llioniiicmliiicnt prtbcnt
cd, vi.: providing tliat allcr ono ycar u dUclos.
uio mjy bo compallid in ibaiucry ri'jcctcil,
und tlio bill p.isftd yrns M3, najs S8.
Mr I'iicli ii.uvt-d to dispcnsu wiili ihu rulos
lltnt Ihu lltntfo migbt consiilcr llio dcpoeit lnll.
Kmidry tiiiici.iliiientB udoplcd,
Ainong llio profojcd niiiciitliiicnlj wik n
vcry importnnt onc, hy Alr Connnt, pioposing
ti ccnsm to lio tiikcn in Muicli, 183, liydoiki
nffcltool dislricts, und llio distribiition lo ba
inaila to tbe ttiwu in propottioli lo tho uctual
populatiun ntiliut titnt atipportcd b Alcsstn
Connnt, Sargeant, nnd S.nvyt-r ol II, npposcd
hy AI(iprs I'ontc, Dowcy ol'G, Fiicb, Nccd.
Ii.im ofll, nnd lliickinnstcr it wni niuvcd to
Iny tlio lnll tipon Iho lablo nntl ittnko it tlio or
dur for Mnnday ullcrnooii n'-jjnivtfl 8 1 to Gij,
nntl tlio uriiendiiient was rrjroicd ; nflcrwnrtls
vnriftl to Jnn. instcnd of Muicli und ngnin rc
jeclctl. Adjourned, nyoi 83, nnys 72.
AlojrDtv, Nov. 7.
SI3NATE 1'r.iyer by Ihu Chapl un.
Alr Oalii Akod und oinainml loutp nf abscnro
from nnd iificr inmorruw inoruing, dttring llio re
inain.lcr of Iho t.eolt.
Dilli iniroditcotl by Atr Tenney, incnrprnttn?
WelU Ktvur iimniifueliiring Co. cipittil S300 POO,
rpfurtBil locom. un iiiantif.iclurfs ; tho htll Irotti ih
houo, sunl ttji for conciirrt ncc, repcabiig part of an
nctwliirh auiliorni'j llipsupor nlcndcnl of Ihu Slntu
I'rison lo draw annually 1300 fiotn Ut.i Stato Trua
sttry, roatl Uvine, nftur tlcb.iln by Alussrs Sloulu,
I'ti rtmint, I'almur, I'hclp., Ilatnmontl, l!rij(gs, Howo
and Ilcnry, and rcfurrctl locom. on lin,incu.
Vitiltimnl Ulli paisrd litcorpnraling iho Claren
don nianiif.icturuig Uo. iitcorpuraling iho Harrc
uianiifaclurtn Co,
I'ulet Alr Drigg-i inovcd an atncndment of the
rnlus, which Inys upon tho tablo 2 1 liottrs, by rules
of tlio .Sutiatc,
llnatuttmn from thc hoiuo, scnt up for concur
rcncu inslrttcling tho Govurnor lo nppoinl A H
Voiins, supfrinlundeiit of iho Slalo Ilouso. Alr
I'altner prt ferred lo lcavo iho appuintniciit discro
lionary, wuh tho Gov. not itnpiraitvo. Alr Briggs
saiJ II was ttndurstood to bu unnicessary any longcr
to ciinlintio tioth an archilcct and sitperiiilondunl,
tlio foritiiT cottld castly tltcharge thoduties of bolh,
nndcr onc al.try. Alr l'lcrpinnt sttggustud tliat
tho ru.sultilion itiight bu rujccted nnd n bill introdti
ced, provtihng lltat the archtlect bo rc'iuircd orein
poncd lodtrhargo nlso Ihu dulies of stipunntcnd
tnt Tho sunnlo noiiconcurrcd in tlic rcs ilution.
Grand lut Alr Votmg cnlled tho bill whcn llns
subjrct. wbich was forther considcreil, dubalud, a
lacudcil, and Alr Pierpoint muved an aniendment,
l.ittng wilil, or iinitnprovcd lands. This molion o
licttnl an ahle, anintated an.l plotraclrd debalc,
tupportcl bv Alessrs IIowo, Uitnnoy, Hriggs, 1'icr
iionii and Iliickwuh, opposo by 'Alessrs Yoiing
Uell,Van Sicklcn, Watson, Poilcr nnd Harnt-s.
nnd decidutl in tho ncgilive, yoas 13, nays 1G. Alr
Itanney tnoeil an niiiunihuenl, nrovidui'' tliat hotts-
es and hutiso lols bu sct in tho list al 0 pur ccnt.
and titpporlcd tlio inolion by rcmirks. Alr Porter
..iilif.il tti ririfirwil i.m In ll... A T l)...,n,... ... .
jonictl, Alcssr.s liull and V.itt Sicitli-u pokts iu op-
piniiioo. njoiion ni'gativcu and tlio bill um upon
Ihu lablo.
llcsolution, from Ihu tinuse, aaijnin? a day fjr np
poiuiiii,; cerl.iin couuly ollicers, ooncurrcd m.
yonalc adj.
I10USE On motion of Mr Vtliis, rcsulvcd
tlmt no bill bo introduccd into Iho Houso allor
Monday nc.xt. On molion of Alr Sawycr ol
II., a joint inccting was agroed tu for lilling
vacnncj in Laiiioilu county coutt.
Tho Ilouso concmrcd in tlio nmcndmcnt
of Ihu Scimla to tlic rusulntioti relnlivo to c.
auiinalion of statc prison.
Hilts introduccd. I!v Afr Cliurch, rppcnlinK
uct rulativc lo ilcstruclioii ol dccr, rcferrcd to
goncr.d coiiiiiuttce; by Alr Uradlcy, iucorpo
luling Sunderland lead iniiiin und manul'ac
tuiing cuinpany, to fuuiniillco on manufjc
turcs. Ucports mado nnd tluiB diposcd of :
Ordircd to a third reading, liill intorpora.
ting Waitsfield and Aluruluwn maiiufjcturiiig
Dismiiscd. I5ill in addilion to highivay ncts
(ivjcclcil) annixing partol'suudry lovvns to
Alr. Dwinnctt askctl lcavo ofuhscnco aftur
Wcd n t'Bil ay grn n 1 etl.
Pttilion of Jolm Sanborn outl othcrs, rcfcr
rud lo coiuiiilttcc ou liccncs.
i(s paised. Incorpnraliiig Tunbridge, fc
Willi.inis nvcr iiiiiiiufaLturitig cuinpunics ;
Illaik rivur card coiiipiinv, Green Mountuin
Irtm co., Middlebury sat nis bank j cotiipni
satitt" Biipcrinicndant of otatc piisun ; taxinj
lamU iu Jay and Victory; in addilion to act
rcl.il ivo to iiifpcctors of hopa allenng nainc
nfFinucis Fliiircaut addniun to act ns to
iblribiition of lawa restoring Jabcz P. llol
dcn to hij legul piitilrgcs iu addilion to pro
batc acW.
Thc IIoiipo considcied thc cngrosscd bill to
ri-charler tlio Haul; of Si. Albans, dicussed bv
Musr. Guodalo, Sinitb of St. A Vila?, ll.de,
Fullaui, C IC Kirld, NetdhamofU., Huckni.is
tcr, Fitch, llawcll, Faitbanks, Sawycr und
Trucy, und it was pasicd, aycs 103, nocs 75.
2 otlock, P. At.
.SKNATE Ihporli of comn ilrcj tho coni.
ou tdneatioii, to whom was refurrcd thc rctoluiion
lo inquiiu inio Iho c.tpc-diuniiy of providing far a gu
ologic.il aud lopograp'iiL.il survoyof iho statc, mado
a ri.poil upon lh subjcct, whuh was road to tlio
seuiiie, approting tho objccls nf a mirvey, and re
coiiiiin'iuiiUL' Ihai thu CJov. bo nullioriHcd to ascur
taiu thu piobablo ripviiac, and ruport tn Ihu nuxt
sussiuii of Iho ugisl.nuru. Ou molion ofMr Ilowp
300 copits wuro ordurud lo bc prmiud, Alr Ilcn
ry lepurled thu bill incorporaling Ihu Uratlleboro
inanul'.iciuriug Co. wuh anidendmunt, craMng all
Iho SfClions, and subsiiltiling u noiv bill, when Alr
Watfrnian callud f ir iho reading of tho nriginal
bill, and opposud thu nniendinciii, prefening iho
lnll in us nriinul , fjrni, and cnllud fur ihu ycas
undiiijn. Al.- U 'ggn unkud Alr W lo pomi out
ihu parl adviiilniious ofthe ongtnal bill not incorpo
ratwl m Ihu anipndtiKM.t. Alr V rtpltud thal ihe
onuinal bill reqmreij Ihu Horkhohlurs Iu pny dubts
to .in ainount nm sururt-d by Iho aiiiundiiicnt tn ihu
nrigtnal btlls ockholdcr's privuto propurty was bol
dun, iu tbu atnendniunl, uotliuig but roioralu prop
t ly was luhlu as suctiril) for tho payinrut of llio
ilebla of tho corpnralion. Alr Ihnry ttatd llio ttia
jortty of tho cnmnnttev could sue iu b-ucunltes pro.
vitiu'l in ihuurigtnal bill, not ctpially proidud in
the amctidiiioiil. Alr HiUs said n was easiur lo
lnll. than lo answur tL t-sl ioim he -av nolhuig tn thc
original bill Ihal utas not securcd by iho atiicud
iiiunt hu ilid not ttitdurlsand tliat Irattds under Ihu
bill as proposed lo hu aincnded, could bu practised,
ntlhuut llio ruach of Ihu laws of llio landi atnend
iiiuiil adopicd, vens 21, nays -1, aud tho bill ordcred
tu ho cugroised for a DJ reading,
)t(i froin iho houso, rclatuig In tho distrihu
lion of llio laws, joiimals and publio papcrs, and,
ou inolion uf Alr Hriggs, rejecicd to restoro Ja
bt I. lloldun lo liis lugal pntilugus,
lltlls f "in thu hotisu, incorporaling tho .Mid
dlebury ituvings bank i for rt-caiHtig dcposiu of llie
cnriiiugs of iho indtistrious and frttgal, not for issn
ing noK's rcad Iw.cj and itferred locom. nn bjnks
taxing l.inds in Jty, ruad iwiru, und nfier a
Mnn-inuiit of facts froin Alr liuckuilli, ref. lo coin
on lund laxes; lii alleralion aud retival of an uct
Iny ing u tax on lands in Glastenbury ; rcad a 8d
tinio and pistud ; iu addilion to au uct i-oiistiluiiug
piobale cuiirls i road tvwco aud mf. lo Ihc Judiciary
com ; in addilion to au act dividing tho slalo inro
cnngini.ion.il dislricts, providing for balloling for
Aluiuburs of Congress nt iha Couil hou, Nov, 8,
bv iu. inhi-rs of llic Sjenalu, Ilouse, cc. who ic
rcsi. cnts of tlio S.l congrcBnlnml ditrict i rule us
pended. and tho bill read a 3 1 tinio nnd paseJ
taimg lands m Victory, rcfurred to com. onland
tavos ; nltcring the namo of Krancis Fiouroaut.'lo
r rancis Parker, read und rcf. lo cnm. on names
in addilion toun uct relming lo inspcclors of liops
road twice and rif. to cnm. on agriculliiro : cum-
to com. on fiiianco ; rulanng to tho ilutics of sundrv
I , 0.1 il.. I i '
i i iniiu uiiu pan-iuu.
Ailj.itirnod tn muet balf past 0 tlus ovoning,
llUUSt: Alessr.s llradl.y, Itico of S.,
Parks, lbngliam, Cnpron, Poor, Ilcwett,
Clouh, Ilnll, Ilaiiiilton, Durtlclt, Ilill, Daw
son iind Sawycr ofll. wcrn nppointcd oni
tniilce tn makc np dcbrnturc.
'J'lio bill dividing griitniiiar sclinol Innd funds
111 Orle.lllS COllntv was rnnrlvl Inl.l il.
tablo nml mado Iho ordor for tu-tnnrrmv.
lixut fsi.it il. In-o'po.-atiiig Arlington cof
lon c wonlcn inniiufnciiirin rmm. M.n.
----- -"-"l'Vl "ii"'
uoo.'on company, Franklin cniiuty stcamboat
,..-... I 1 .
Y"i'"iy, niiiuiui iiianuiaciuring companv,
Ulack nvcr marblo nnd soap stono inanufnc
turing company, Ilutlnud east crcck onnufac
luting coinpaiiv, A'orwicli und Ifartfurd raU-.
road ic forwardiug company, HnrtL,i manJ.
lactitrini! cuinnanv. T.an ... .,.,.,. ..
company, Warren iarmcrfl maniifactuiitigCo"
...I .;,., iU.UiiiuK uiio ocnrcon Worcester nnd
I'.llllOlG cst.lbtilliinrr nm.iin.,l I l: I.
.moiKl Ior rehfifol Swanton, of Joscpli Wecky
III llil-ia Pnlliim ..n.' I. ' .1 1
v,,,,,,,, u, unuiiii jun unu ouicrs
in addilion to nct rclativo lo scaling of leatlior
annoxin" rjmnil tl. P it.:..i i t
moilc to fntli judicial circnit ln.tin;; lands in
Newport extciidiiirr iail limiiiiiru''nai.i...
co. J : a,UM
TliP nmondmcnta nfihn s nnnln In 1.111 aI..
ttvo lo divorccs, nnd to bill taxin g Newark,
wcro concurrcd in,
lilll ffnrn lln. .nii'iln ,tl..o,:n .1.. rn
- ii,b.iii uio 1 rcasur-
cr lo reccivo tlio share ortliu eiirpliu heloii".
in7 lo Vurnlnnl l:inl ititnn lt,n il.l. ..."
tiou ol Alr Peck, supportcd by Alr Vilas and
u,''i..u uv iiirwuuuuu
l'lio Senuto caino in nnd tlic joint commit.
tce proceedcd to makc 3iindry appointmcnts :
William Colslon, fligli IJadifT,
Isaac IIowo, fnp luspcctor.
On inotion ofAIrTracy, tl.o nominalion
of IJaiucl Uowcn, ShenlV, was rccominitlcd.
WIMDIIa.M countv.
Datid L Pntiiiiiii Judgo of Probato for tho
distiiet ol Westminster.
Aa K'night Judgc of Probate for tlic dis
tricl of Marlboro.
Mr C K Ficld prcscntcd tbe nominalion of
Asa Kniht ns n;rpcd to hy a mnjority of tlio
mcinber.s nf thc tthlricl, and Jonathau Sm'nb
was numinated by a ninjority of tho member.i
ard Senators of tlio coimfy Asa Kni"ht 130,
Jotialhan Smitli 81.
Cnlvin Illodgcll, 2d Assittunt Juslicc,
Leincnt liacon, SlicrilK
ur.N'Nis'nTo.v coontv.
Darius Aloorc, Assistant Jtutico vice Na.
Jonatlian Hndge, 1st As3islaut Justico vice
flpnry Slowoll.
.Tncob Wnshhurr., Uiigadicr Gencral 8d
Drig. Ist Div.sion.
(Gco. Cluy, nominntcd by Senator White,
70 Jjcob Wushburn, iiomiuatcd hy Mr Ful
Um, 13b'.)
T. 1J. ltansom, 15rig. Gencral 3d B1i"adc,
Ist Uiwsion.
Tho joint commitlcc ndjourncd loTbursday
inorning ncxt.
On motion reo!vcd tliat so mucb of tho
Governors mrssngc us rclales to rtnts.inconio
of lands and 3 eent tu.t, bo rcfcrred to a selcct
coinniitleo of five.
Mr Marcy introduccd a bill for thc rccciving
of votcs of iiicinbers ol botli Hmiscs, nnd oN
liccrs from 3d Csngressionaldijtrict, for mcm
bcr in Cunsrcss from said district, ly the Sec
rclary ol llie Scnate rulcs supcmlcd and tha
lnll passud.
Ptitlsfrom "u Scnate. Incorpnrnting manu
fncluring compnnicsnt Rarro nnd Clnrcndon,
Vinibor and Plyinoutli Ascutney Iron co.,
Franklin county Asyluin Ior Iho poor, to rc
pcal uct to presorve lish in Willonshby lake,
oidercd to n third rending j to nuihoriso tho
Trcnsurcrlo rcceive tlic sharo of Vermont of
thc surplus rcvcnue laid on the table, on mo
lion of Alr Peck ; incorpornting villuge of
Wnodslock, refemd to Judiciary comniittce;
Castleton maiiufuctiiriiig co., to committvo on
Manufacturcs. Adj.
The ludicrous efiect produced on n body
of nrmeil JMeiicaus who bebold for tho
fust tinio thc movcments of n steam.boat,
is tlius deucribcd by ono of their oflicers :
At tho timo of tho Texian campaign,
General Goann, from tho iuterior provincc
of Cluannjimto, whilo on tho bntiks of tho
iirasos wuh his troops, ordcred sevcn of
his men who could swim, to go into tho
wutcr nnd fctop n steambout, lillcd witli
Texian soldiers, which was npproaching at
tho l-atL of ten or twelvo tuiles nn liottr!
liut ns she ciitne roaritig on, Fending forth
columus of smoke, with hersides barrica
ded with cotton balcs, not only did tho so
lcctcd huvun rutreat, but the whole forco
eight huudred mcn itood appnlled at tho
"terpeiit of fne," ns they thought her.
When opposito tho taliant anuy, the engi
neer lct oll' n terrific blust of "steam, and
tho cawilry wheclcd and fled. Tho infan
try broko thoir lines.droppcd their muskets,
und followcd iu the relrent, and the steam
bout wns iniles away beforo tho soldicry
etittld bo rallied to lire a gun. Indecd it
wns with theiitmost diflieulty they could
bo tirevnilod lllmil tn nnnrnnpli tlif liHliLa nf
the rivcr nt nll, and when they d!d so it
nua nnu iciir aiiii iremoung.
Joii.n Hanhoi.i'h's Wim.. Wu lcam
from iho l',rpdri('kshiirgh Arcnn, thnt the
et'idciice iu tho caso of John Kandolpli's
Will, is taking a widcr nnd a wider swcep.
Atnong tho papcri) c.xhihitcil, is tho rxtra
ordiuaty eorrespondonco betwceu Mr Iinu
dolph aud Mrs .Morris, tlio relii't of Gouv
cruetir AlorriH, Esq., of New York, which
took plai'a nbout theyear 6M,and louchcs
ilto most deliento trmiHoctionsof the parti&s

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