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State journal. (Montpelier, Vt.) 1831-1836, November 29, 1836, Image 2

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1. An aot, ultcrinjj tho lcrin of thc Supreme Court in the counly
of Cliitiendcn.
It is hcrcby cnacletl by thc Gcncral Jlsscmbly of the Stalc.
of Vermont, That in futurc llic supreme court ofsaid state
shall be holden at Ruilinglon, witliin nnd for the county
of Chittenden, on thc Tlinrsday next prcceding the first
Tucsday of January in cach ycnr. And nll complaints,
informations, indictinents, actions and suils, hills, petitions,
and evcry othcr niatter or thing, in law or in cquity, now
pcnding in, nnd all writs and wnrrnnts, appcals, vecogni
zances, nnd cvery otlier inatter or thing,' veturnnhlu to, or
liereaftcr made returnablc to, the said eo'urt in the coun
ty nforcsaid, shall he entcrcd, hcard and detcnnincd at
thc timc in this nct namcd for thc said court to hold its
session in said county. And all pcrsons and parties, rc
quircd by law to appear heforc said court in said county,
shall appear and have day in said couit at the next term
thcrcof, holden in said county, according to thc provis
ions of this nct.
Providcd, That this nct shall takc eflccl froin nnd af
ter thc passngc of thc samc.
cf thc llousc of Rcpresentativcs.
D. M. CAM1', Prcsidcnt of thc Scnate.
Novcmbcr 14, 183C.
Approved, S. II. JENISON.
cn hundrcd nnd nincty-scvcn, excepting the lnst provisn
to said scction, bc, nnd thc snine is, hereby rcpealed. .
Providcd, lliat this nct shnJl not cilect any suit trlrca
dy coininenccd, but thc snnie shall bc henrd nnd finally
detcnnincd in thc samc nitinncr as thouirh this act hnd
not bcen passcd.
of thc llousc of Reprcsentntivcs.
E. N. HRIGGS, Prcsidcnt pro tcm.
of thc Scnatc.
Novenibcr 17, 183C.
Approved, S. II. JENISON.
2. An nct. in addition to nn act dividiiiir tlie Slate inlo .TtJitiehi)
Districts, passcd Oclulier 29lli, 1833.
Sec. 1. is hcrcby cnaclcd by the Gcncral .dsscmbly nf sa"j !ict
thc tSlalc oj vermont, llmt tnc county ot uranu Jslcslinil
hcrcaftcr bc nnnexcd to the third judieial circuit, nnd the
county of Lamoilc shall bc nnnexcd to thc fifth judieial
Snc. 2. It is hcrcby furthir cnaclcd, Thnt this act shall
takc cffcct inimcdiatcly on thc passngc thcrcof.
of the llousc of Rcpresentativcs.
D. AI. CAMP, Prcsidcnt of thc Scnate.
Novcmbcr 10, 183G.
Approved, S. II. JENISON.
15. An Act, to provide (iir llic rcceipt nnd disposilion of tlic Pub
lic Monev of thc United States wliicli may bo dcposited witli tliis
Suc. 1. is hcrcby cnaclcd by the Gcncral Jlsscmbly of
thc State of Vermont, That thc Trcasurer of thisstntc bc,
nnd bc is hcrcby, authoriscd to rcccivc from thc Sccrctn-.
ry of the Trcasury of thc Unitcd Statcs all the nioney
which is directed to be dcposited with thc state of Ver
mont, by viitue of thc provisions of nn act entitlcd "an
act to rcgulate the dcpositcs of thc public moncy," pas
scd by thc Congrcss of the United Statcs at thc session
thcrcof now last past, and approved by the Prcsidcnt on
the twenty-third day of June, Anno Domini one thousand
eight hundrcd and thii ty-six ; and thc said Trcasurer of
this state is hereby directed nnd cmpowercd to cxecute
and delivcr to the said Secrctary of the Trcasury of the
United Stntcs cortilicatcs ofdcposit for said moncy, plcdg
inT the faith of this state for thc safc kccping and re-
pi.yment thcrcof, in conformity with thc provisions of
3. An nct, in addition lo nn nct entitlcd "nn nct constituling the
Suprcine Court ofjudicatiirc and county courts, defining llicir
powers and rcgtilating judieial proceedings."
is hcrcby cnaclcd by thc Gcncral Jlsscmbly of thc Slalc
of Vermont, Thnt thc judgcs of the supreme court shall
not liereaftcr bc requircd to account to thc Trcasurer of
the state for the fccs paid to tbcm respcetively by the sev
cral clerks of counties for the bcncfit of "said judgcs,
ngreeably to fhc act to which this is an addition, passcd
Novcmbcr eightcenth, one thousand cight hundrcd and
twcnty-four, and thc act entitlcd " an act cstnblishing per
mancnt salarics for thc judgcs of the supreme court of
tms state," passtu uctoucr tlnrty-lir.st, one.thousand cight
hundrcd and four.
Providcd, hoircvcr, That if thc fees of cithcr of said
judgcs shall at any timc cxcced thc sum of one hundrcd
nnd twcnty-five dollars per annum, such judgcs shall ac
count to thc Trcasurer for such exccss.
of the llousc of Rcpresentativcs.
E. N. liRIGGS, Prcsidcnt pro tcm.
of thc Scnatc.
Novcmbcr 17, 183G.
Approved, S. II. JENISON.
4. An act, in addition to nn act entitlcd "an nct to empowcr thc
Judgcs of thc Supreme Court to grnnt hills of divorce'and to re
peal parts of ccrtain ncts thercin mentioned," passcd Novcmbcr
7, 1635.
It is hcrcby cnaclcd by thc Gcncral Jlsscmbly of thc Slatc
of Vermont, That in all petitions now pending, or that
may be liereaftcr pcnding, in the supreme court for bills
of divorcc, thc conviction of thc pctitionerof any crimc,
iind sentencc thcreon to thrce or morc ycars imprison
ment, and actual commitmcnt thcreon to the state pris
on, shall be takcn and dccmcd to be a wilful desertion
for threc ycars, witliin thc true intent and nieaning of
said nct any law or custom to thc contrary notwiths-tan-ding.
of thc Ilnusc of Rcpresentativcs.
D. M. CAMP, Prcsidcnt of the Scnatc.
10, 183G.
Approved, S. II. JENISON.
5. An Act, conccrning Counly Court Writs.
It is hcrcby cnactcd by thc Gtneral Jlsscmbly of thc State
of Vermont, That justiccs of thc peace shall have the
same powcr to sign all original writs, rctiirnable to thc
county court of thcir respcctive counties, that thc clerks
of thc sevcral county courts now have ; which writs may
run into any county or plnce within this state, and bc
there cxecutcd by any olfieer to whom directed.
of thc llousc of Rcpresentativcs.
D. M. CAMP, Piesident of the Scnate.
iNovemuer a, i30.
Approved, S. II. JENISON.
6. An Act, repealing part of " an nct allowing cndorsecs to niaiu
tain nctions in tlicir own namcs."
It is hcrcby cnaclcd by the Gcncral Jlsscmbly of thc State
of Vermont, That the proviso to the first scction of nn
act entitled " nn act allowing cndorsees to maintain ac
tions in thcir own names ;" also an act entitlcd " nn cct
in cxplanation of, and in addition to, an nct thercin men
tioned," passcd Novcmbcr the first, in thc year one thou
nnd cight hundrcd nnd thirty-two, be, and thc samc are
hereby rcpealed 1
Providcd, That nothing in this act shall impair any
right which has nccrued undcr thc act to which this is nn
ofthc llousc of Reprcscntativcs.
E. N. 1JHIGGS, Prcsidcnt pro tcm.
of thc Senatc.
Novcmbcr 17, 183G.
Approved, S. II. JENISON.
8. An Act, to rcpcal part ol nn nct rcbting to legal seltlemciit.
It is hereby cnaclcd by the Gcncral Jlssembly of the State
df Vermont, That thc twcnticth scction of an nct enti
tled nn " act defming what shall bc dccmcd nndndjudged
a lcgal scttlcincnt, nnd for tho support of thc poor ; for
designating tho duticsand powcrs of the overscers of the
eons," passcd Msrch third, in thtf ycar onc thousand sev-
Sr.c. 2. It is hcrcbu furthcr cnaclcd, llmt cach mcor-
jioratcd town in this state may, on or before the first day
of January next after the passagc of this act, nt a town
mccting duly wnrned nnd holden for thc purposc, and at
cach and cvcry March niecting aftcr thc ycar onc thou
sand cight hundrcd and thirty-sevcn, clcct, by bnllot,
thrce trustees of such town, for the purposc of rccciving
and mnnnging such pottion of thc public money ns may
bc dcposited in such town agrccably to thc provisions of
this act, which trustees shall exccutc thcir bond to the
town, with thicc or morc sufiicient sitretics, in such sum
as the seleetinen of such town shall dircct nnd accepr,
conditioned for thc faithful pcrformance of thcir duty in
the loauing, managing nnd accounting for such sum or
sums of moncy as may be placcd in thcir ehargc agrcca
bly to the piovision of this act, and each town that shall
appoint such trustcc, and rcccive by them such dcposit
moncy, shall be accountablc for thc rcturn of said mo
ncy, or any part thcrcof to thc state trcasury, whcncver
callcd for by thc state Ticasurcr upon thc rcquisition of
thc United States, or for thc purposcs of a new appor
tionmcnt, in thc samc mnnncr as towns are now accoun
tablc for thc state taxes.
Suc. 3. It is hcrcby furthcr cnaclcd, That thc Trcas
urer of this state shall, on thc rcceipt of any poition of
such moncy, delivcr to thc tiustees of thc respcctive
towns such sum as such towns shall respcetively bc enti
tlcd to reccivc on dcposit agrccably to the census takcn
in thc year onc thousand eight hundrcd and thirty, and
such trustees shall respcetively cxecute to the Trcasuicr
ot the state certificatcs ol such deposits, m such lorm as
thc said statc's Trcasurer is requircd to exccutc to thc
Secrctary of thc Trcasury of thc United States, agrcca
bly to thc provisions of thc act mentioned in thc first scc
tion of thia nct.
Sr.c. '1. It is hereby furthcr cnaclcd, Thnt thc trustees
of thc respcctive towns shall loan out thc moncy so dc
posited to such pcrsons and in such sums as thcy shall
judgc cxpedicnt, for a term not cxcecding onc ycar at
onc timc, nnd on such secuiity, eithc5 with onc or morc
sttrcties or on mortgagc, as thcy shall dccm nmply safc,
at an intercst of six per cent., payablc annually, and
makc all securities taken for the samc payablc to the
town loaning thc moncy, and such moncy may, aftcr thc
cxpiration of the timc for which it shall bc loancd, bc
co'leckdby the trustees in such town, and rc-loaned,
whcncver thcy dccm it cxpedicnt.
Snc. 5. is hcrcby furthcr cnaclcd, Thnt thc intercst
nrising from thc money dcposited in any town shall an
nually bc appropriated by such town to thc use of eom
mon schools in such town, agrccably to thc provisions of
this act ; and in thc year eightcen hundrcd and forty-one,
and ns often thcreafter ns a census shall bc takcn by thc
authority of thc Unitcd States, or of this state, it shall be
the duty of thc Trcasurer to makc a new appovtionmcnt
of the moncy so dcposited as aforcsaid among thc sevcr
al organised towns, according to the population thcrcof,
and shall have powcr to call upon the sevcral towns who
have in dcposit a larger amount of said moncy than thcir
proportion lortne amount ol such cxcess, and it shall be
thc duty of the trustees of such towns to pay over thc
sum to thc Trcasurer nforesnid, who shall thcrcupon dc
posit thc samc in such towns as have not thcir portion of
said money in deposif, in propoition to tlicir population.
Suc. G. It is hcrcby furthcr cnactcd, That if any town
shall have othcr school funds, sullicicnt to support a
school in thc sevcral school districts in such town for six
months in cach year, then and in such case it may bc
lawful for such town to nppropiiate the incomefrom said
dcposit moncy to such othcr use as such town may dircct.
fKc. 7. II is liereby Jurtlicr cnactcd, That it shall bc
the duty of the grand jurors, cmpannclled before the
county courts in thc sevcral counties in this state, in each
and evcry ycar to inquirc into thc manncr in which thc
sevcral towns in thcir respcctive counties have manngcd
said money and fhc anuunl intercst thcrcof and shall
prcscnt to said courts an indictmcnt agninst each and cv
ery town of said countv in which thc duties of said towns
hnve not bcen attcndcd to ngrecubly to thc provisions of
this nct ; and any town so indictcd shall, on conviction,
bc scntcnced to pay a finc, not cxcecding the amount of
uoubic the annuul intercst of all thc money dcposited
with thc trustees of such town in conformity with the pro
visions of this act, iu thc discretion of thc court, togeth
er with costs of ptoscctition, which line nnd costs shall
bc paid to thc trea u;cr of thc county in which thc con
viction shall bc lad, nnd to the usc of said county.
Sr.c. 8. It is hircby furthcr enucted, That if any town
or towns shall ncglect or refusc to npj.oint thcir ti ustecs
for thc purposc ol' icceiving tlicir propoition ol said mo
ncy ngreenbly to the provisions of this act, thc Trcnsur
cr of tho state shall put the sainc to usc, in such manncr
as he shnll dcein mott cxpedicnt, nnd annually pny over
to such town or towns the intercst nrising from such sum
ns thcy weie entitlcd to rcccive on dcposit.
Sr.c 9. is hcrcby furthcr cnactcd, Thnt this nct fhall
takc clfect from and after the passing of the samc.
of thc llousc of Rtprcsentativcs.
E. N. HRIGGS, Prcsidcnt pro tcm.
Novcmbcr 17, 183G. of thc Scnatc.
Approved, S. II. JENISON.
J.c gfslnturc of Vfiistr nt.
Surnlus rcvcnue In ShnatFi, Nov. H.
On tlic proposcd ntncndinent to llic icvtn
uc hill, rupoitcd by thc cniiimitlvc on
Mr. ltnnney rcmarkcd in snbstnncc as
oIIowbj I consider thc objcctions urgcd
againsl llic passngc of tho 1)111, nnd in sup
port ofthc miiciidniciil, to consist Jst in
thc dillicully nfdistributing it ninoiig tho
scyernl towns in this state, nnd 2d in rccov
cring it agnin tioin thc tnwns, in cnso it
shouid be wnnted by tlic gcncrnl govcrn
incnt. In nnswcr to tlic lirst of tliesc ob
jcctions, Mificr me to ruply tlinl tho cabliicns
of thc scvernl hnnks in thcir respcctive
counties would rejoicc in tlic opportunity of
rccciving tlic moncy from the trcnsury and
paying it out to tho bcvcral town niuhori
tic's without expcnsc to the state, notwith
standing thc provision for its iiayrnent in
four succcssivo iiistalnicnts. And ns lo tl c
specious iirelencc, that iu case it shouid bc
callcd for by tlic waiits of thc nntioiinl
trcasury, it is sufiicient to obscrvc that
there is not thc lenst probability nnd scnrcc
ly a possiliility offucli a contingcncy cvcr
happeiiing. For, no one, at all convcrsant
wilh thc proceedings of Congrcss for thc
last two or thrce ycars can refusc his as
scnt to the positi'on that thc distribution
bill of the last session, is, dc facto Clay's
cclcbrntcd land bill, nnd thc provision iiir
rcpaytnent to the national trcasury, cman
nted, not from an expcctn'tion ofsiich a rc
sult, but to remove coiistitutional scruples,
and as nciitral ground between tl e two
grcat political parties. This proviso in
thc bill gnvc nn opportunity for tlic oppo
ncnts ol tlic immorlnl Clay to ncccde to his
proposition nnd nt the samc timc prescrvo
mviolate thcir frccdom of opinion.
13ut thc improbability ol'its rcpaymcnt
must bc a pparctit from tlie consKk'raiion
tliat the nioney, wlicn distrihutcd, is in thc
liands of thc peoplc idcntifieil with thu in
lcrcsts ofthc scveral slatcs, and ifit isever
callcd for, it must bc done by thc votcs of
thc rcprcscntalivcs of thnt pcoplc. And
nothing lmt a state of things rcquiring di
rcct taxation could authori.esucli nncvcnt.
Tlic )olicy of our nalion cvcr has hecn,
nnd I trust cvcr will bc, tosupply tlic wants
of govcrnmcnl by n prolcctivc l'arill--by a
rcvcnue, which, whilc it cncourngcs mnmi
iiicturiiig industry and cnterpnsc, tichly
repleiiisnes our national trcasury.
Jltit, for argiuncnt sake, grant tho posi
tion nssumed by gciitlcmeii in support of
thc proposcd auicfidment, nnd adimt that
a rppaynicnt ol the moncy in qucstion
shouid bc dcmandcd is it "not sale, Mr.
prcsidcnt, in the hands ol thc pcople? nre
not town corporations alwaya solvcntf
Individnals may fail; coiporations of your
own manulacture, Mr I'lcsidcnt, may fail
and I think 1 have heard of the failurc of
banKs, but I ncver yet heard of towns fail
ingl A baiilirupt town would bc nn nn
ornaly indecd in commercinl afTairs!!
Tlicn I think it must bc cvidcnt that the
moncy will bc safc in thc hnnds of the
towns and ns to the prncticnbility of its
collection, I have not tho lenst suspicion of
the profcs3ional sMll of thc luwycrs upon
this lloor on this subiect lct thc samc sc-
curilics be givcn to the state trcasury, that
are requircd ofthc sevcral statcs by tlie na
ti.mal govcrnincnt and nonc can dcny
the nvailablc condition of this sacrcd fund.
It is also contcndpil, Mr. 1'icnidunt, llml
the will of thc pcople, in rclation lo the
final disposition ol tlie moncy, is yct to bc
asccrtaincd. Is this indecd so.' llavcgen
tlcmen lived in the midst of thcir constitu-
cnts cvcr sincc thc passngc ofthc distribu-
lion act, and nre yet unacqiiaintcd with
thcir wishcs ? Was not a provision fbr thc
rcccption and disposition of thc surplus
rcvcnue, lun;r sincc considcrcd by thc pco
ple as onc of the moit promiiicnt subjccts
ol legislation at this session f liut, say tlic
gcntlemcn on thc oppositc sidc of this qucs
tion, wn are cntircly uninstruclcd on this
momcntous subjcct, nnd would wisli to dc
fer dclinitivc action, at lcast, till thc next
session of the legislaturc. Well, sir, I
would bc thc lnst man to urgc precipilatc
legislation, or to opposc thc wishcs of my
constiUicnts, but in my humblc cstimation,
thc pcople have expresscd an opinion on
this subjcct nn opinion too, which can
neithcr bc dcnicd r.or resistcd. The ovcr
wliclming mnjority which brougbt this bill
from thc other housc which tustaincd it
there througli a contest the most daring,
delermincd and obstinntc a conflict wu
ged by talent unexamplcd in Vermont lcq
islation, and a hostility that deficd opposi-
tion, I rcgard as the vax poputi on this cx
citing subjcct. In tbnt depnrtmcnt of this
legislaturc, sir, thc vnrious Ecctions, and
interests, and scntiments of thc Vermont
yccmnnry ofthc green mountain boys,
arc truly nnd laithfully represcnted.
But you compl.v with the provisions of
this amendment, Mr. Prcsidcnt, nnd depos
itc this million ot dollars iu thc numcrous
banlis of Vermont, and you crcate a n.on
icd nristocracy, which will have n inost
powcrful influcncc in the coiincils of thc
state ; it will double or thribble bnnkiug
operations nnd bank depciidencics, and
givc them n charactcr and inlluence which
cannot bc controlled nor resislcd. It is
said, leavc the moncy there only till the
will of thc pcoplc can bc known, or till thc
census ol ia-10 will cnalile us to niakc a
morc cqual distribution. Wcll, sir, what
would be the efl'ect of such dclny ? llic
liistory of this bill thus far, nnd the impen
ding btorni nhead, ndmonishes us of the
conscnucnccs to be fearcd. At thc next
session ofthc legislature, you will, on the
onc haud, he obligcd to contend with nll
thc n.ighty cngincsof bank confcdcracy
of rail-road cntliusiasm, nnd numcrous oth
cr visionnry, thougli highly uscful projccts.
One portion ofour reiiiesciitation will be
elcctcd fbr the purposc, and spccially it
structcd to obtain nn appropriatiou lor thc
Connecticut Kiver rail-road another (br
n parnllcll routc on tlic wcstcrn side ofthc
green mouiilains ; n third patty will con
tend fbr the I'lidowment ofour literary in
stitutions, nnd n fourth for u moro extcn
sivc steaiii navigation of tho lake. And,
sir, thc lougcr n dccision on this subjcct is
dclerrcd, Ibe longer, llio morc bittcr anil
unconiproiniBing will this contest bcconic,
unti the intcivst ofthc fund will bo rxprn
dcd in piotrnclcd legif.at!on m thekubj' ct.
I rcgrct cxcecdingly, Mr. I'rcsiilcnt, to dis
cover a di.spo--ilion in thc oppimonts of this
bill to nrolract dcbatc, nnd cmbarrnsj Ibe
irogrcss ol this measurc by sui'ccssivc a
incndiiicnts, wilh a vkw lo avoul n linnl
dccision of this question duniig tlie few rc
uii'ining days ofthc presdit si'Mion.
Mr. l'res'ident, I nm anxious to rcturn to
my fainily, nnd to niy professional dulics,
wliich, l confess, is my morc nppropnnte
spbcrc, but I firmly rcsolvc, so fiir as my
1'ccble cflbrtM can nvuil, tliat this Kcssiou
sliall bc prolongcd tilMamiary next, uiilcss
this im))ortant, ibis nll-abKorbing nnd rx
citiug subjecl, can bo dispo'jcd of.
Mn. Vouno said hc was in fivor oftl.c
nmciidiiient iirojiosed by tlic committcc,
il bciug thc only iiicthod yct prcscnlcd to
his tninil, whcreby tho pco,ilu could avail
thcmsclvrs ofthc full bcnilits inteiidcd by
thc otlcrcd bounly, but if gcntlemcn would
makc Mimc proposition for umciiding tbc
bill which thould nppcnr moio congcninl
lo tbc inteiefils of tlic pLople, he Vvould
rrject tho prcscnt. But no such pioposi
tion baving been made, hc was bound to
support thc prcscnt, forwantofa bctlcr.
The (picstion ns now picncnlcd, involvcd
mcrcly n dUcussion of all thnt poition ol thc
bill proposcd to be sirickcn out, v'v.i that
which purported to makc an appropriation
of thu moncy, by dividing it amongst tnc
tcveral towns.
Thc subjcct was ofvasl iinportancc, not
only as lcspcclcd the niiiount of nioney in
question, but ub.o n3 iesjiccls tbc inanncr
iu which ilHhould bc appropriated, to sub
servc thc bcst interests ol' tlic pcoplc, bolh
for the prcscnt, and also for tho futurc, in
case wc shouid bc permittcd long to cnjoy
it, without n rccall from tho Unitcd States.
Mr. Young said hc wasnotiiacd to talk
ing with n million of dollars in his inouth,
and tbcreforc mighl appear nwkward on
thc prcscnt occasion ; but bcing constrain
cd by tlic iinportnnco of tho subjcct, hc
sliould not hesitntc to doclare his senti
mcnts, howcvcr crudc and ill-digcsted thcy
miuht appear.
Mr. Y. said a vcry fnvoritc cxprcssion
was allont, cspccially in the nlmosphcrc a
round thc slnto housc, tliat tlii s moncy was
tbc moncy ofthc pcople; bc acknowledgcil
tbc trulh ofthc cxprcssion, but lepudialcd
the applicatiou which somo gnvc it. It
was noi thc money of any partieular por
tion of tlie people, but of the wholc pcople
ofthc Unitcd Htatcs. Thcy had accuiuu
latcd it in thcir trcasury ; and baving at
this timc a surplus, which was lying use
less, or without profit, thcy had ngrecd to
dcposit the samc witli tbc scefal statcs
according to thcir population, and lct them
put il to usc for tlicir own bcuefit, until thc
pcople ofthc Unitcd Statcs hhould ccc lil
to iccall it. And the obligation thc
pligbtcd faith ol the slatc to rtturn thc
money wlicu callcd for, was the only tcn
uro by which wc could rcccive and hold
llic nioney, ifwc rcccivcd it at all. And,
howcvcr gcntlemcn miglit llatter thcui
selvcs and otbors tliat the moncy would not
be rccallcd, yet prudence dictatod that tho
state should'bo placcd in thc bcst attitude
for rcfunding il with the lcast iiiconveni
cncc lo thc iudividual niembcrs uf thc state,
iu cnsc it shouid bc rccnlled.
This, tlicu, prcsentcd two importnnt
qucstions, viz : 1st, Was tbeic n irobabil-
iiy, howcvcr lcinoto, tliat tnc moniy would
bc rcduircil of tbc state, and 2d, If requi
rcd, in what way nnd niaiincrcan the mon
cy be most judiciously invcstcd, sotbat tbc
state can repay it wilh tho lcas-t incoiivcni
encc to its cilizcns, and thcy in the mean
timc icccivc thc greaiest intercst or bcncfit
from the usc of the moncy.
'J'he jirnhability thnt the moncy would
be callcd fur by tbc Unitcd Statcs, was not
to bc wbolly overlookcd or denied. Such
a contingcncy miglit liappon out of the
ltiultitudo of prospectivc cvents which al
rcady starc us in the facc; but shoulil nei
thcr of them bappcn, Vermont would
doubtlcss bo callcd upon for the moncy.
'J'he disproportion of the pOjmlation of tlie
Unitcd btatcs Irom tlie presfnt, at no iie
tant pcriod, niight inuucc n rccall of thc
moncy fur the purposc ofa new distribu
tion ; lor it must bc maiiilest on a momcnt's
rcllccticn, to cvcry man, that tbc cmigrn
tion fiom thc Atlanlic statcs, and espccial
lv from New EiiLrland, and tho ureal inllux
o'l'populaticn at tho west, and thc vallcy of
thc JMississippi, will rhortiy proiiucc a
great disprojiortion of population lioni
what it now is. And can wo cxprct il.at
pcoplc will long permit thcir moniy to rc
main thus di.spro)ortionatc, when thcy have
thc powcr when the vcry nature of llic
contrnct is, thnt il mny bc callcd in niid a
gain cquahzcd ?
Agnin: thc South has long bcen jealous
of the entcrprise, and bcncc ofthc incrcas
ing inlhicnee of tho North and East. For
this rcason for tho purposc of crnmp'ng
our commercinl entcrprise, thcy forced up
on us thc protcctive system to inducc a
sbift of capilal from that of connncice to
that of manufiicturiiig. It had the dcsired
cllcct; and yankec entcrprise nnd ingcnui
ty nt oncc seizcd upon tlie iuteiided evil,
and convcrtcd it into thegrcatestgood; and
whilc no loss occurrcd to coimncrco, man
ufacturcs sprung ii) in evcry quartcr, and
produccd a prospcniy wuicii asiomsiico
Loth friouds and cntnncs.
Thc South becamc again jealous, cvcn
to a tbrcntcning of nullilicalion nnd dis
union, which could only be nppcased by a
corrpromisc for tho rcduetion ofthc prolcr
tivo tarili; by a rcgular grndation, to cnd
in 18-12, at which limcwehave no rcaFon
to cxpcct there will bc longer a surplus for
division ainoug thc Rtatw, or tbc people!
Add to this, that wo have no rcason to cx
pcct in futurc as ample salcs from our pub
lic. doniain in the wcot, ns have bcen made
for a short timc nast ; which rcduetion liiust
shorlly leavc us without surplus, cvcn with
econnmy in thc public cxpcndiluios; and
not cnougli, shouid thcy he stanipcd wilh
prodignlity, and shouid any catnstrophc oc
cur whcr'chy moro than llic ordinary ex
pen'scs shouid be rcquired.
Whnt shouid bc done, or rathcr wbatin
all probability would bc dono in such an
cvcnt ? Would the South submit to a ta
rifli which a short timc beloie hud bcen
so obnoxious lo them as to thrcaten n
dissolution of thc Union rathcr thiin to
abidoit? Would the South submit ton
diicct tnx (which must includc n tnx upon
thcir nlavcs.') This would bc ten-lb!d
moro obnoxious to thcni lban nny indircct
tax drawn from u tarifl", nor would tbc
Unitcd Slntes cvcr rcsort to n diicct tnx, ot
think of collccling, or cnliirc'ng it, excejit
in tbc most cxtrcmc cascs ot protrucled
wnr which shouid thrcaten our annihilation.
Supposing then it shouid hc ncccssary
hcicnlicr hforder to rnrry on thc ronreriis
of govcrnment, to cmp'oy, or call for nioic
nionev tiinu inc oiiiinary rcvcnue, wnai
would bc thc mcaiis rcfortcd to in nll iirob-
abiiity? 'l'hcic could, tbeic would be no
othcr incttiii, tlian to call in lhoc dcposds
placcd in chaigc ol the sevcral states.
The geiiileniau fiom Windham, (Mr.
llaiuiey,) n)iichciids there is not cvcn a
probability that those deposits will ever be
callcd for or rcclalmed by thc Unitcd Statcs,
noiwitbslanding llic nature of the deposits,
nnd tlie privilegc rcscrvcd by the Unitcd
Statcs for thc rccall, if lound ncceRsary.
11c supposes tho moncy will become so
i lcniilied wilh tho iutciehlH ofthc peoplc,
llml tlicir rcpresentativcs m Congrcss will
neithcr dcbiro nor vciiture to votc fbr its
This miglit possibly bc thc case, vrcrc
all tho sevcral statcs to makc the samc dib
pojition of iheir rcs)cctivc deposits, tliat
tl.c bill from tbc Ilouse proposts to makc
of those contcinplated to bc placcd at our
disposal ; for iu such n case, thc pfoplo
would submit to nny spccics of taxution,
rathcr than collcct and rcturn lliosc'dcpo. -
its, wliicli would bo most tuinous to any ,
people producing such a prcssurc in mon
cy iiiallors ns thc pcoplc hcvc not yct
Sunposing, (as wc have a right to stip
jioso,) that ii majorily ofthc states shouid
bc wisc iu this maitcr, nnd thc rcst fiio!ii,li
supposing Vermont nlonc sliould bc foo!
ish nnd thnt nll tlic stntcs cxccpt Vermont
sliould invcst llicir de)o.iito in bank slock,
or iu nny otlier prolitable stock, whcreby
tlic peoplc from year to ycar could rcccive
thc intercst, (and morc amplc intcrLst than
iu any othcr way,) icscrving thc princip; l
Ibrever iu a way and manncr that it nnght
rcadily be callcd iu and rcturncd to t' a
Unitcd Slatcs when callcd for, (.1 t'.at
cvcnt shouid cvcr hnppen,) without nfiec
ting tho interests of individuals in thoi c
Htato.J, and almost without thcir knowicdgc
or conccni j uiul sujiposing undcr tlnae
c-rciimslaiic.cs, it shouid be ncccssary for
tho Unitid Statcs to call in lliosc dt, sits,
or to raisc taxcs lo thc amount by othcr
nicans is there a doubt wliich lncthod thc
reprc3cntatives of tho pcople ofthc Unilod
Slatcs would adopt?
Lel us, then, be as wisc n? otlicrs inay
be. Lct us not bc hasty in n matii i so
important. Lct us not uiidcrtakc to sct
an cxamplc in n inatter wicb it is doubtf'ul,
to say tho lcast, wbetbcr another indivulu
al state will follow. Lct us not be too has
ty in Vermont to cxhibit our knov if dgo
and skill in polilical cconomy, and lii. nca!
ronccrns, in mdltcrs ol so vast ma."i tiule
nnd probnble conscquenccs ; but ra'V-r t
provido for tiic snlbty ol'thc deposits, wi'h
a vicw to the proscnt anil futurc mt rfa'j
ofthc sta'c, and cnikavyr to chcit, r ob
tain wisdoni from thc doings vt our si. ccr
statcs in rclation to the samc malti .
It wn iTcncrnlly ccncedcd on nll hands,
that a vast majoiiiy of llic pco))1!1 of Ver
mont wishcd tlie iiilcicst ol tlic prospi ctivc
dcpoaits Rhould go to the support of coni
mon schools; but it was in no ,-.o cnncc
dcd, or shown, thnt thc pcople ot ci inoi t
wished to scatter the principal tliiouirli thr
sevcral towns for their managi-ri' nt ond
control. Not nn individual wouid s iy tl it
this was tl.c with of thc town w.uc'i hc
represcnted, or lo which he bciongcd.
Then why so hasty to thus dispo.v of t at
this partieular jimciure ? Why nut iefcr
thc du-ipofilion of thc moncy in prospcct
unlil tlie wishcs and iutci'rsts of thu pco
ple coukl hcttcr bc c.onsultcd nnd nsccr
tuincd .' Arc gentlcnicn will jig to say
thcy will not trust thc piople? tliat thcy
shall not bc left to judge lor ihemselves,
lest thcir judgcmcnt sliould bc crron' vi!
But gcntlenicn say it is a tnniter of .oo
much coiuequcnce to be left to the pcoplc
that it will be too exciting a fiulijct,
and will agitatc them at our no.t M ivc
tion ihat thcy will have vnrious projccts
with rcspcct to thc manner in which it
sliall bc disposcd of; nnd that it will adee'
tho elcclionof rncml crs.
The magnitude ol tbc subjcct is a rcason
whv it sliould be co.i.sidercd ly the pioj le,
nnd possibly vhy it sliould nifect tnc elcc
tion of EoniB nvmbcrs to thc gencrjl as
senibly. But this distrust of t' peop'c
would' mrcly bc acccpted or rcccivtd oy
them, in lieu ofa ralional lovc, cstccm or
regard for them.
It wasobjected by gentlemcn, that the
proposcd amendment would piacc thc nnn
ey as liist ns rcccivcd fur the comingycnr
in banlts, in those batcd monopolics, u'l an
intercst (unlil tlic legislaturc sliould oiyin
convcne with instruciions from thc pc p!c,)
not less than five per ccnt pcr anntini, when
those banks wcre rccciving a pcr ccnt on
tlicir capital vastlv abovc the lcgal intercst.
But it was doubtful wbetbcr the tm ij i for
thc coniing ycar could realizc morc than 5
lcr ccnt per nnniim ; nnd shouid fi.ture le-gislatm-,
who would cotnc prcpared to ma'.ic
a disposition of tho nioney fbr nll tiiiiC, see
fit to place or invcst it iii bank stock, the
people ofthc state would not only rcceivc
such intercst ycarly as thc stocklfoldcr': of
bauks rcccive, but in ca.'f ofa iccall ofthc
money, not an indiviilual in the state would
be trdubled thcrcby, as thc state would on
lv liave to rccall or witbdraw thcir canital
from tlic scvernl banks, which capital would
doubtlcss bo rcplnccd hy capitalists, and
thcrcliy producc no jircssure in the moncy
market ; and thc financial wiiuloin of the
state could be iu no way bcttcr cvinced,'
than by bo csing the prntfcrcd boon as tb'
reccivc the grcatest benefit whilc with it'
nnd tiy suticnng tne least cvu or inconvcn
iencc whenevcr it niight bc rccalled.
Mr Young said bc boped tho proposcd
amendment would bc adoptcd.
We under.stand that iu n prinicd leltc
headcd "confideiiiinl," fom nn iiidivlduu
in this ciiy, it is sinlcd that " I'resident
Jackfon has conchidcd lo recnmniend to
Congrcss, iu his Mi'ssagc, (now in prcpar
atiim,) ibe prompt ili charge ol all just
clainn ngaiimt our govcrnment, and morc
pariiculnrly iho Frencb spoilalinn clnims,
ilr.it nrigirnicd prior lo thc Conventinn
wilh Francc.ol Septembcr SO, 1S00." We
dccm ii n duly lo ihc piibbc. lo say, thnt
iberc is no limndaiion 1 1 r ihis cstruordi
nary Kiaicincni. '. hiistc Okhe.
Ste.vm VovAons. Tlie longvsl sicam
voyage uiulcriiikf n ni picsctu, is firmn Fal
moiiili lo Corl'u, bcing 1,000 milcs, nd H
nreom)lilii'd ni nn nvcinge specd ol seven
mik's nnd n half an ho.:r.
I'Vm tlie Xcwuik Daily AJierlUer.J
The Qk.ii. Itcpulilic. We nie in
dcbicd ( a Iricnd iu Ttrts lor luic iulclli
gci cc, n ni papcrn from ibut rnunlry. Our
laicsi datc is ihc 12ih ol Ocinbcr, nt which
tinic ihc Lcjjislaiurc of the cncntry wcre
Kl ill iu se.-sinn nl Co'liliibi;!.
S une d.flici liy nppcnrs in Imve bcen ?x
prriunrrd in limling iicroiiitiioihitions lor
ihc InngriMt. Thc Tclfi'nip'i rcmnrl
llml ii niMidicr ol lar.i.liiK movtd oul of llic
nlace Ui mnke moin, and ihc prefs nu' o'
licc of ihc p ipcr vvm ri rnovcd lor ilu'ninic
pnpose. Tnt' Ci'gress roii'ists of lil
Scnalors, nm! 21 Ki iircsclmivcn.
(Icn. Iloic'un nnd Vice I' esiilcnt L'l
mar reachcd Colunibia on thc lhli.

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