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VOL. XXX, NO. 22....WIIOLE NO. 1583.
AST" i C CXL" i , W? r
UjflUfJtllfltt QKb (SgJtOW OHnJfUf
, .
Krom Iho Knickcrbockcr for Fcbruary.
'Twas in tho morning watch a chcerlcss morn
Koen amote tho lilast which lioraldcd tlm day,
W'hcn a stout bark, licr crow with hardship worn,
I ashcd lowarJ lier port, witli nono !u point tlie
Clcar strcamcd aloft licr hntcrn's sicnal ray,
But brought, alas ! no pilol's fricndly nail ;
Tho frequent gust a showcr of frozcn spray
Swrpt from Ihe shrouds, encascd in icy mail,
And scarce tho shivering tars could raiso thc ati(T
cncd sail.
Tho humblo inmates oftho crowdcd bcrlhs,
Thc nchcr fcw, who cosllicr couches prest,
Pcrchanco wcrc drcaming of tho chccrful hoarlhs
Whtrc, soon thcy hoped (or welcomo and for rcst;
Pcrchnnrc of homo, and thoso who nmdo it blcstj
Long had thoy scen, wilfi wcary oyo, tho suii
Slnk day by day into tho landlcss west,
But now tho boon thcy covctcd was won,
Tho shorc thcy sought was ncat, tlicir travail well
nigh I'ono.
Thc matron murnuirci aofdy,in hcr skcp,
Of prospcrous days, and claspcd hcr infanl boy ;
Tho maldcn drcamcd of one who o'or thc dccp
Wcnt to snek lnr a hoine, and in hcr joy
Ilung round his ncck, too happy to bo coy j
Tho husbatid dncmcd hi' tnil with richcs cronncd,
Which tilled l powcr could litho not, nor dcstroyj
Aerial IIopo all cytdids flultcrcd round,
And bcckoncd with hcr wings to Frccdom's hallow
od ground.
From such blost drcams, if such wcrc their, thcy
To all that thought can picturo cf despair;
lligh o'cr tho bark tho insatiale occ.m brnkc,
And ilcath was in thc paralysin air ;
OI! when tho rcinnant mcrcy ueigned t aro,
Ssfe from tho bilging wrcck wcrc ccr I'dc,
Vhat wcrc tho pangs of thoo lcftho1 .us thero!
With tossing arms thcy throngcd tho vesscl'asidc,
Secking to hcayen for a d, whilo liowling scas rc
plicd !
Thcy pcnshcd, on? by onc, that pitgrim crowd
Tho silvcr-haired, the "ocautiful, tho young!
Some wcro fmmd wrapt as in a crystal shroud
Ofwavcs concalcd, that tombed llicm whcro
thcy clung,
Somo on the strand tho aounding bicakcrs flung
Linkcd in afTcction'a agonizcd cmbraco ; 1
And to the gazcr's cyes tho warm tcars sprung,
As llicy bchcld two uahcs a group of gracc
hf ckcd in cach othcr's arm", and pillowcd face to
fjcc !
Thcy rcst in earth iho sca's recovcrcd prey
No tcmpcst' now thcir drcaniless slccp assail;
Uut when to IVicnds and kindrcd far awiy,
Soinc quivcriiiR hp shall tcll tho disnial talc,
From many a liomc will burst tho voico of wail;
Hut when it cacs, and the tcar drop lcavcs
Tho chock 110 niorc, shall cratitudo nrcvail
Ycarnings of lovo tonarda those boyond tho
AVho borc with sotcmn ri.es, tho cxilcs to thcir
JVew I'orfc, January, I3S7.
Sr MI'.S. UA LEi
'It snows !" crics tho school boy
"hurrah!r and his
N nngiiig ihrough parlorand hall,
W'hitft Nwilt. rr ttm wtiiir rtfn fiwnllnw. lnO mit.
And his piay-matcs liavo answcred his call ;
lt makca tho hcart lcap but to witncs their joy
Proud wralth has no pleasurcs, I trow,
Liko thc rapturo that throbs in thi pulso oftho
Ar ho cathcn hi trcasurcs of anow ;
Theh lay not thc trappinga of gold on thino heirs,
AVhilo hcalth and thorichca of naturo aro thcirs.
" It snows !'' s igha thc Imbccilc ' Ah !" and his
Comcs hcavy, as cloggcd w'uh a wcight ;
AVhile from tho pate asport of naturo in dcath,
llo lurnr, (o tho hlazc nf his gralo ;
And ncarcr, and ncarcr, his snfi cushioucd chair
I whcclcd towr'ds Iho lifo-giving-llainc
Ile drcadf the chill puft" of iho snow-burdcncd air,
Lcst it withci his dohcato framo ;
Ob! fmiill it tho plcaure oxistcnco cin givr,
AVhcn Iho fcat wc shall dio only procs that we
livo !
Itmowsl crics tho Tnvillcr "llo !" and tho
Has quickencd tho slrcd'g lagcing paco ;
Tho wind rushcs by, but ils howl is unhcard
Unk-ll tlic sharp untt in lus i,icc;
For bright ihrough tho tcmpcst his own homo ap
Ah, though lcagucs inlcrvcned, ho can sco ;
Thcrc's iho clcar. izlowine U-arlh. and tho tablc
And his wifo iviih thcir babos at hcr knec.
Tllcst thought! how it lighlens Ihf gricf-laden hour,
That thoso wc lovc tlcarcst are Bato from ils powcr.
"It bnnws !" cries ihe Bollc "Dcar, how lucky !"
and turns
From hcr mirror tn watch the flakes full ;
Liko tho first roso of summcr, hcr dimplcd chcck
Whilc musing nn slcigh-ridc and ball :
Thoro aro visions of conquc3ts, of tplendor, and
, niirlh, ...
Floahng ovcr cach drcar wintcr'sdav;
C..tlh lin t.nasof hopc, on th.s snow-bcatcn carlh,
WiHmcU.hkc Iho snow-flakcs, away
Tnrn. turn thcn In Ilrnvpn. Hiii mnidpn. fnr iS hlls4.
Tf-at woi'j a nuro fount no'er ononcd in this.
puro Tount no cr oponcd
It snnws
crios thc Widow "Oh ! God," and
tn r snln
liavc Mifled tho voico of hcr praycr j
Ils h'.'dca vo'll rcad in ln-r tcar swollrn cycs,
On hcr clicck, sunk with fasiing and carc.
'1 is ni"hl and hcr fathorlcss ssu fur liread
Uut (4IIo givcs tho young ravcns thcir food. '
And elio trusls till hcr dark hrarlh adds liorror lo
And sho lays on hcr last chin of wond.
Punr sufTcrrr,'tliy sorrow that God only knows
Tis a mostbitlorlot lo be poor, when it snows !
Jljn Mim'x'nf a Tcmptrante Socictu. oj tuu; by
Mr Spring, at IVatcruiriri' Hall.
Oome pass round Ihe pail, hoys, and glvc it no
Drink dccp, and drink cfl, and rcpltnish your jugs,
Fill up.anl 111 givoyou a loast to your watcr
U'lio Turncsck l'urever, that opcns iho pluv !
Thcu hcy for a bucket, a bucket, a bucket,
Thcn hoy for a bucket lillod up to the brim !
Or,besl of all noliom,lcts havo il by ocvans,
Wilh plcnty of room for a sink or a swim !
Lct tnpors of grape juico oxullinjly vapor,
But lct us just whisper a wurd to llio elvt",
Ve vtator roads, horccs, s Iks, ribands, hsuk-paper,
i'lants, pouii, and inusu-, and why not ourselvci 7
Thcn hcy for a bucket, &c .
-Tho vinUco thcy cry, tliink of Suain's & of Francc's
The ji?t, luo hohrrns, fandangos. and jumps ;
Bul Ubier's llio spring of all civilized dsnces ;
"VV'e go lo & ball not in bollles, but pum.s
Thcn hoy for a bucket, tc.
J.ct othcra of Dorcliester quaiTit their plasute,
Or honorold Mtnx wilh their ihirsty regsrd
w II drink Adam's alo, and wo get it ;joI mcasuro,
PrqiiilT hcavy wtlftom tho bull in thoyardi
Thcn hey fora bvckel, bc.
Somo Aatter gin.hrsndy, and rum.op their meriti,
Circg, punch,4nd what rior, that cpljven a fessl;
'Tis lf uo tliat ihey atir np tho animal splrlls,
But may not thc animal turn out a bcast 7
Tlien hcy for a liuckrl, itc.
Tho man oftho ark, wha continucd onr spccicj,
Ile tavcd u liy natcr hut os for the wine,
Woallknow the figuro,more saJ than facctioui,
Ile mado a(icr tasting tho juice ofthe vine.
Thcnhcyfor k buckc&c.
In wino let a lovcr rcmrt mbcr hls jcwel,
And plcdgc hcr ln burnpera fill'd brimnung and ofc
Hut wo can dialinguish tho kind from Iho crnel,
And toat thcm in walcr, tho hnrd and Ihe tnfi,
Thcn hcy for u bucket, &c.
Somo cross'd in thcir passion can ncrcr o'cilcok it,
Hut lako to a pistol, a knifo, or a heam ;
Whilst lenipcrato awaina aro cnabled In brooh it
Dy the holp of a little mcandcring stream.
Thcn hoy for u bucket, &c
Shouhl fortnno diminish our cath'a aum total,
Dcranging our witaand our private afTaira,
Thoush somo in auch casoa would flv to the bottle.
Tlicrc s nolliing liko water for dronning our carcj.
Xncn noy lor a uuckci, &c.
Sco drinkcra of watcr, thcir wits ncvcr lacking,
Uutlook at tho bibbcra of wino, thcy go tacking
Liko thips that havo met a foul wind in tho ttrat'hlt.
Thcn hcy for a bucket, &c.
A fig tlien foi Burgundy, Claret,or Alountain,
V icw scnniy giusscs inusi iimu your wisn,
Hut he'a tho true topor that gocs to thc fountain,
Tho drinkcr that vciily "driiika liko a fish !"
l non ney lor a buckel, fitc.
For the Watcliman Sl Journal.
I n"ain writo in haslc, and of coureo my
opinions on a subjcct of so vast importancc as
abotitiiinlsm or slavcry cannot bo cr.tittctl to so
inucli ivciglit as thcy would, wcro thoy the rc
sult of moro dclibcrato ant) carcfnl cnqniry.
Uut I liavc oltcn tliousht, and liavc rcad much
cvcn in cliitdtiood, on elavery. Tho subject is
not, tlicrcloro, cntitcly new to mc.
Withont intcnding, at this timc, to cngagc
much in discussion, I aim mcrcly to stato my
vicws, on all, or ncarly all, tbc controvcrtcd
points in tho discuraiott, in as bricf a nianncr
as poss ible, tlicrcby giving to ony ono an op
porlunily of convincing me of crror, whcrevcr
I may happcn to be wrong. Dut this must bc
donc in a Iricndly manncr, and in a far difTer
cnt spirit tliun seems to actuate a niajority of
tho abnlilionist pcrioJicals of tlio day, and
some of tlicir opponcnts.
I will first stato whcrcin I agrte with thoab
olilionistJ. 1. I belivo with them that tlattry
ti an criJ ; Ihat the voluntaiui.t holding mtn
in itrvitudt, as slaves, is a itn against God. It
docs not sccm ncccsiary to multiply words on
this point, in ordcr to bo correclly undcrstood.
SufTcr mc to tcmatk, howcvcr, tliat thc above
is unqucstionably tho gencrally rrccived opin
ion among all classes oftnen in tlic frcostatcs.
2. I bclievo, with tlionbolitionistfl.that jnrc
ry shouhl be abolished, ai soon as it can be done,
wit'iout injlicting a grealer evil on the master
and slave than the co'itinuance oslavtry ilself.
I supposc Ihat no intclligcnt and candid aboli
tionist will quarrcl with the abovc scntimcnt.
It only romains to bc shown when tho period
for tho abolition of slavcry has arrivcd. This
is a point not now be discu&scd.
3. 1 bclicvc with tho abolitionists, or atlcast
with a tnnjority, if not all, of tho most candid
and intLlhgcttt, that thefree states hweno civ
il powtr tcAtf n they can exert for the abolition
oj slavcry ; that cach state must regulale this
subject lor itstlf ; nor has any voioer been res-
tfd in Congress or thcfederal government over
the subject of sluvery, so as to enable them to
accompllsh its abolition. Conscqurntly, ifcver
slutcry ia abolished, it must bc dnna by tho
fllavcliolding Matrs tlicmsclvcs. Thc powcr o(
thc non slavcholding statcs cun bc only advi
fory. 1. I bclirvc wilh llic abolitionists that Con
grcss nlone possesses powcr to abolish slavcry in
the JHslricl of Columbia. Thcy certainly can
'cxcrcifo cxclnsivc legulation in all cases
whatcvcr ovcr" Iho District, and the statcs of
Virginia and Alaryland by their crssion to thc
Grncral Government havo lost all legielativc
authorily and control ovcr the samc. It would
I be prcpostcrous in thc rxtrcmota maintain that
slavcry cannot bc abolished at all in that Dis
trict, and il Uongrcss docs not posscss thc
. powcr, it cannot bc eaid to cxist.
I will ncxt state wherein I cimiof agrce witli
), abolitionists, or at lcast wilh somo of 'thcir
cn,ling wriCrs and lccturcrs.
" ... . ....
I. l cannot liclicvc tliat all tlac liolilins is
sin. O'Conncl and Garrison may slandcr tho
ch..ractcr of Washington, and olhcr grcatand
1 cnod mcn, as much or as little asthcychoose;
I liavc no (loubt, hut thoy actcd as good mcn
should ucl in tlicir circuinstanccs. All rcltoi
(ary slave holding I bclicve to be einful, and
! incapablo of jiistification. But wo must
vi ,hc cas() ne it ac:ilnJv is. Tho ptescnt
n..rnti .vt,rc , ,., nf ,B n.
. Syf l
syslein ol blavcry. I he crime n itstnlnwMc-
i tion hclonss not to them ; thc rrimo of its vol
tinlary continuancc may indctd b t heirs, nud
1 ain willing to admit, it is a fcaiful thing. Ho
who hnlds a slavo fnrgain, merrly, is doing a
fciirful wrong, but he who holds a slavo he
causu tho laws of his stato will not ncnnil him
to cniancipatc him, or becansc his slave is nut
mcnlally nor morally qualified for frccdom,
and docs all in his pnwcr lo promota tho com
fort nf his sluvc and to ch vnto his charactcr,
is only doing what duty rrquircs him to dn.
Slavcry can only bojustilicd by ncccssily,
Can any man nl ennu iiiiud, dcny that lliionu
ccssity dors not somctimcs cxist 7
2. I objcct iHfofotolhsdocliiiio of'lotal & lin-
mcdiate emancipatlon." Slavcry iatho cnliresub
(jcction ofone pcrson to thc will ofsnolhcr. The
slave may ccase to bo rcgarded as propeity that
may bo hought ti sold ; thc la w may ovcn protccl
him in his social rightsas a husband, a psrcnt
nr a child, yet if his master msy rommnnd' his
scivicrs cvcn as an npprcnticc, aud rclnin him
from runntng nt largc, I know not what othcr
nnmc lo call him than a slave. Crrlainly hc is
not afreeman. But who scriously doubts
cxccpt it he a vcry fcw crazy fnimtics that if
HicHuvc6 wcrc immcdiateiy and umvcrs.illy
lct Inoso from all rcstraint, and raiscd in law
to tho dignity cf I'reemen dcradod as thiy
aro rcprescntcd to ho by both tha ahnlitionists,
and tha defcndcra nf slavcry at tho South the
conscqucnccs must be diaastroui in Ihe cx
trcmo7 AVImt thcn is thn rcmcdy for this
grcal and alatming cvil 7 Itis no less than
the msking botli tha mastcr ond tho slave,
uviruilaiu m dccd and in trulh.
nd in trulh. It ia making
nd oblo tobefrte. Amigh-
thcm bolh willing a
ty rcvohition is necded at Iho Soulh, and llio
ofiorls or our abolitionists aro only throvving
ohstacles m llie wsy of its grogrcss.
I arn aware that io doctnno pgiinat v,iich
I am contcnding hns rccctitl bocn ciplaincil
nwny. Tctul has hcen explaincd to mcan par
tlat, and immediale to mcan gradual, but thc
motto oftho Anti-Slovcty Socioty stiilrcmains
liko a stuinbling bloclt in tho way. A good
cause cannot nccd a motto which must bc con
tradictcd in ordcr to ho sustaincd.
3. I objcct to llio cl.nm of powcr by Con
grcss (o ubolieh tho domcstic slavo tradc
Congrcsit, by iho constitution, has powcr to
regulale and regulate does not mean abolish,
any moio tlinn keep mcans to cxpunge com
incrce among tho scvcral stato. fJuvcn, by
thc sevcral statcs in which slavcry is pcrmit
tcd, arc rcgarded by thcm as propcrly, and
Congress can show no granl of powcr in thc
ronitttution to abolish or dcstroy this rijht of
proporty Tho objcct of thi scclion of tho
constitution has no conncction with slavcry in
any manncr.
4. I objcct to joinmg in any crusadc against
tho Amcrican CotonizationSocicly. May not
a colony of froo blacks be cstablishcd in Afri
ca, and ct'cn slavery bc abolished in tho Unitcd
Statcs at tha samo tiine ? Why may not thn
abolitionists lct tho colonizationists cnlircly n
lone 1 Tho objccts of both thcir socictirs aro
in no manncr inconsistcnt wilh cach othcr.
Uut tho argumcnt is, that Southcrn elavchol
dcrs arc thc advocatca of colonization. And
has it comc to this, that a slavcholder may not
bo pcrmittcd to do right, or that whatcrer ho
docs must conscquently bo wrong ?
5. I objcct to thc lormatioii of Anti-Slavcry
Socictics in the Northern Statcs ub ridiculous
and unnoccssary. For what purposc arc thcy
necded ' The grand systcm o(associated mor
al effort is both bcautifiil and sublimc ; but the
formation of unncccssary and foolish societich
has only a tcndcncy to dcstroy the inll'ienco
of those that arc necded. " But wlmt 1 Tcm
pcrancc Societics wcro nccessary to corrcct
public opinion on tho subject of tcmpcrancc,
and tlicse Sociclies arc neccssary to corrcct
publick opinion at thc North on tho snbjcct of
slavcry." But Intempcrancc was an cvil cjtiat
ing in our inidut, and Tcmpcrauci Socirties
wcrc, and still aro, ncccssary to rcmovc it
but slavcry cxists not among us, and public
opinion at the North is already ns mucli op
poscd to slavcry &s abolitionists can mulic it.
An Anti-Slavcry Society in Virginia might
possibly do somo good, but horc, in Vermont,
it falla far bclow bcing respeetablcnmxsense.
For thc Watchman and State Journal.
Who will not ciclaim against filling a shect
of papcr we mcan npon so trifling a mat
tcr as that of bestowing christian tiaincs upon
little babics? Vcrily wo say it is no trifling
mattcr. To begin we will spcak of tho prac
tice which is quito common hercabouts, and,
for ought we know to tho contrary, in othcr
parts ; to wit, tho giving childrcn doublc
namcs, or two distinct christian namcs, and
thcn invanably calling them by thc Kcond in
stcad of tho first of eaid namcH, a practico
which we aver to be utterly indofcnsible and
highly impropcr, inasmuch as it is equivalent
to inwoaucing peopic to tlie woriu unucr ine
disguise of a wrong namc. It is no unusual
occurrcncc aftcr social intcrcourse with a per
son for yrars, to discover all at once tl at his
real r.atno is difTercnt from the namc by which
you liavc always known him ; and it some
timcs happcns that the first knowlcdge a mer
chant or lawycr has of the propcr and lawful
naino of a pcrson thcy have known for a coti
sidcrablc timc, is bcfore n Juslico of thc Prace,
when one finds ho has cot a wrong nnmc in
his hook, tho othcr in his writ.
Whv cannnui
Potents, whetber thcy bestow upon thcir little
narscons two namcs or twenty. lct Ihat one
come first in ordcr which they prefer spcaking
at lcngth ? Wc would pronounce thc custom
I ncre aiiuucu to ob not mcrcly improper, but
j "iuiu"iiy aijuru, um wo unow ourruivia me
use ofauch cxprcssions ; but as wo do not, wc
shall not thus charactcnzo it.
Thc custom of bestowing a Btring of namcs
upon a child when one would ubundantly on
swcr ivcry purposc for which christian nomos
ore dcsigned, or calling thcm by thc names of
distinguishcd pcrsonagcs, wo fccl no disposi
tion to quarrcl with, as tho cxcccding wcak
ness it Ucnotcs in tlic fond Parent, has a etron-
gcr clairn upon our commiseration, than thc
custom is dcserving our reprehension. Yct
we cannot conscicntiously pas9 it by, uitliout
dcprccaling on bihalf of tho poor childrcn, a
practico wlnch will ircqucntly in altcr life cx
poso them to comparisons, which, whatcvcr
tbc doating parcnts may drcam lo tho contra
ry, will scldom be to thcir advantagc. Would
it not be moro kind and contideratc to utsig
nato a child by somo namr, which, whilc it
would not cxpose him to unfavorabln compar
isons in cnsc ho should, by somo mischancc.
disappoint thc confldent cxpcctations of his
lond parcnts, would, in thocvcnt ot lus tisin
to cmincncc, insurc lo him thc cnviabla honcr
of adding another to tho already rxistiug list
oi Mi&iinui6iieu namcs
Giving childrcn thc samc christian namo as
Ihcir fathcrs nr those ncar of kindrcd wliose
surnnmo is tho samc, is ulso au ohicclinnablc
ptaclicc. It in a mcasurc dcfcats thu object of
msliliiling clinstian namcs, which was lor thc
purposo of distingui'hing bctwecn thuioof llio
somo surnanic. When two or moro liavc bolh
Iho samc christian and surnamc, it subjccts all
who ever have occasion to spcak of cilhcr, to
Ihe ncccssily nf rcsorting lo such tnndo of de
signalion as suggcst itself at tho moiiiont, as
which John Sniilh do vou mcan 7 I mcau thc
old man, or tho younjr man, or tho futhcr, or
Iho son ; but moro frcqiiently some modu of
1.IMIUCI10H, originaiing in accnieniorwagpcry,
adhcrcs lo the namo Ihrough lifo ; as long
John, limning John, rcdhaired Jolm.clc. And
if somo of Ihrse additions happen lo ho dis
idcasinc or provokins. thoindividuslsto whom
ihey urcspplicd, have gcni'rally to thnnk thcir
aflbctinnato Parcnts, for ucccaeiong Ihe ncccs
sily of on nflix orcognomcn of somo sort, lo
diitiripuisli thcm fromothrrsofiho samunamo.
Again wo cannot rclrain from rcmonslra
ling on hchalf ol Ihe poor children against Iho
practice of bestowing upon llicm christian
namcs, which, either of tlicmsclvcs or in con.
junction wilh ccrtain surnamcs, nro liablo to
uuu up sonic luuicrous lucn, or are rcailliv sus
r j Hir01"0-1 '.C,,.,ou' l)Iarar,,r,"c' wll1,.rl,i'belonrrt'n zonernrmpal of niilliotis. or
hnlh mnrtllu nnrl irrifntn nn. nn.MiFuirn.il.. I . . ....
both mortlfy nnd itritate, nnd encourugc adis
posilion to harbor scorct ill will towords thcir
associatcs, or heget cerloin pu
pcnsitics, which it is somclim
nscious pro-
omciimcs difllcult to
Icavo bchind when thcy cjchango thcir Bchool
companionB for tho society nf men.
Giving childrcn long hreak.jaw namcs, or
namcs difflciiU of arliculalion, i almoit invo-
riably tho occasion of Ihcir rccciving nick
namcs, or whatls equivalent thcrcto, acontrac
tion orcurtailmcnt of thcir propcr namcs; so
that tho fancy or caprico of tlipir parcnts in
giving thcm namcs which a little rcflcction
would hcvo told thcm that nobody would cvcr
lake thc pains to nronouncc. is not onlv dis-
appointcd, hut must bcar tho rcsponsibility of
11:1111111" or unviug ino woriu 10 uisiinniusn
tlicir oflnpring by oflcnsivo or at lcast undcsir
ablft nicknamcs ; all of which might liavo bccn
prcvcntcd by hcsfowing on thcir childrcn in
thc first instanco, modcst, modcratc, and caii
ly spokcn namcs.
It is not unfrcqticntly thc cnse tlat childrcn
are indcbtcd dircctly to tho parcnts tlicmsclvcs
for thcir nicknamcs, ortho contraclion of thcir
propcr namcs, such as Jack, Tom, Sam, Bill,
Uob, Frank, ctc. Itprobably nuvcr occurrcd
to thcsc wiso and considerato parcnts, that
when thcy ato hcard to call thcir own childrcn
by such namcs, all fccl at liberty to do Iho
samc ; and furthcrmorc it ptobably ncver oc
currcd to thcsc long sightcd parcnts, that in
inuulging tlicmsclvcs tn calling thcir childrcn
by niiacs which pass tolcrably wcll during in
fancy and hoyhood, thcy aro indellibly stamp
ing juvcn'ilo and familiar appcllations upon
thcir manliood. Wcro parcnts carcful to ad
dress thcir childrcn on a'l occasions by their
propcr namcs, and to rcquirc all thoso undcr
thcir authonty to do thc samc, thcir conncx
ions and acquaintanccs would vcry gcncrally
folloiv thc cxuinplc, and Ihe futilc attcmpts to
rcstorc propcr namcs when ycars of pubcrty j
importancc of adhcring to propcr mtincs in
Lsi.i.r. .
addressinc cithcr childrcn or srown pcrsons is
duly eslimatcd but by fcw. Thc liabit of cal
ling childrcn by nicknamcs actually invitcs
rudefamiliarily inintcrcourso with thcm, which
thcy, vcry naturnlly, soon lcarn to rctaliatc,
whcrcas tho practico of calling thcm by thcir I
propcr namcs has
as ccrtainiy a icnucncy to
lianty. Thcrc is somcthing
chcik coarsc famil
of rcspcct und cousidcration in addrcssing a
child by its propcr namc, which unsconscious
ly strikes cvrry ono as bcing out of joint witli
coarso and impropcr lutniuariiy. incsc rc
marks will apply with grcatcr lorco to cascs
whcro tho parlics havo arrivcd at adult agc.
Who has not ohscrvcd in cascs of cithcr good
humorcd or pasi-ionatc rudciiCBs, that a nick-
namc, or a contraction of theproper namo of
thc pcrson attackcd, is almost invariablv Biib
stituted in placo of thc propcr namc itself, cvcn
whcro tho assailants aro in the gcnctal prac
tico of addrcssing the party by his propcr
namc. Ask a lad or young man why he docs
not addrcss his aeociutcs by thcir propcr
names, 'O,' ho will say, 'it is to stifl'and for
mal to say William, and Bcnjamin, and Isaac,
ctc.' Nowilistruo this manner of addros
sing playmatcs and associatcs is fclt in a small
degrco to bc formal and rcrpcctful, and this is
preciscly thc rcason which morc, perbaps, than
any olher, cnhances the importanco of tho
practice hcre advocatcd. All nbovc thc agi
of carly hoyhood, must have obscrvcd and felt
thc univcrsal tcndency of tho intcrcourse a
mongst familiar acquaintaiicc, dcgencrating
into rude, disrcspcctful, and consequcntly dis
agrccablc lamiliarity, wbich is tho vcry bane
of social cninymcnl amongst those, moro cs-
pccially in carly life, who livo on tcrms of
what is callcd intimacy ; and any chcck upon
this tcndcncy, which docs not ncccssarily op
cratc as a rcstraint upon a frcc, easy, and a
grccablo intcrcourse, amongat intimnte associ
atcs, must bo admilled to posscss high intrin
sic valiic.
Now at yourdoors, Fathcrs andiVfothers, or
Pn's and Ma's, or Dads and Marms, or by
whatcvcr othcr appcllation you tcnch your lit
tle onct to distinguish you, lies the root of thc
cvil wc have been bringing bcforo your cycs.
It bcing contraiy to ournaturc, andatvarianco
with our cstablished practice, to uso harsh
worus or say hnrd Ihings on any occasion,
much lcss when thero is no occasion at all, we
shall thcrefore cxpress cxnctly tho tytho of
what wc lecl in rclation lo Iho mallcr in lian-,
by obscrving in conclusion, that the vcry fre
quent rccurrcnce of beslowing upon childrcn
a plurality nf christian namcs and tltendistin
guishing themby the last instcad of thejirjt;
of giving thcm duplicatory namcs, ornamesof
which therc nlrcndy cxit oxact Jprototypcs;
of naming thcm aftcr cclcbrnlcd pcrsonagcs ;
ol" giving thcm hard and twistical namcs, which
fcw can wilh safiy venturc to pronounce at
lcngth ; of giving thcm ludicrous names, such
as will incvitablv brinjr upon thcm tho jokcs
and gihcs of thcir school matcs; and, laslly of
cnntractmg tlicir propcr namcs, orcallingliicm
by nicknamcs, is an cvidcncc of such thought
lcssncss, incnnsidcrotencss, weakncss, vani
ty, capricious fancy, stupidity, ctc. ctc. on tho
partof parcnts, as to givc ris'e toscrious doubts
vthclhcr many havo not assumcd tho patcrnal
offico some dozcn or scnro of ycars too eorly.
liicc Pudding. If you wont a ci mmon rice
pudding to rctain its flavor, do not soak it or
ttiil ,1 intn ltnil wlinn llin wntpr i pnlil. AVnsll
it, tin it in a bag, Icavo plcnty ol lonm for it to
scll, throw it in when thc walcr boils and lct
it boil about an hour and a Imlf,
ThoBaltimnro Chrouiclc says tliat among
Ihe members ofthe abolilion couvention rcccnt
ly hcld at Harrishnrgh, wcro a good many col
orcd pcrsons,
Tho population oftho Hutc of Missouri has
ncarly doublcd itself in lcn ycnrs.
In Paris bread is two ccnts a pound, London
thrcr, in Amcrica, Iho grcatcr t grnin growing
country in tho world, six. Why is this 7
Wc gncss more bread is catcn in Amcrica
than in Europc, comporcd wilh the populalion;
aud wo olso gucss that Amcrica manufjclurcs
morc grain into ardcnt spirits.
Tlic pathol Irutli, is n plnin nnd n safe
palli; that ol faisehood, is a perplcxiug
Falliiifr Stars. I'rnf. Arnpo, of Paris,
suggesls Ihe idea, tlmt thc 1'illing sinrs,
which have been witncsscd for ibree or four
1. I. I3il. .. I M .!,.,..
small hodies wbosc orliijfl sirike tbn planc
ot eclipttc, lowards llie point wiiuui ine
carlh occtiples beiwecn the 1 Ilh and lSih
ofNovcmber: nnd that this znnu ia a new
d anetnrv world iust eeirininir to be revca-
leil to us. This, ccrtainiy, is a very splcn-
did conceptinn
Wasiiinoton, Jan. 2C, 1837.
Sin i I rcccivrd on tho cve. of thc 24th in
stant, your lcttor covcring a copy of ccrlaln
rcsolutions, purporting to havo bccn adoptcd
by a committco of llio IIouso of llcprcscnta
tives, ofwliich you are chairman, and rfqucst
that you will Iny bcforo that committco this,
my rcply, which I lmstcn fo malio:
It nppcars by thc published procecdings of
thc Iloueo of Rcprcscntalivcs, that tho com
mitlcc of which you aro chairman, wasappoin.
(cd on your motion. The rcsolution ofTcrcd by
you, and finally adoptcd by tho Uousc, raiscd
a dircct issuc with that pntt ofmyannualmcs
sagc, in which I hcld tho following languae :
"Bcforo concluding this papcr, I tliink it due
to tho various oxccutivc departmcnts to bcar
tcstimony to the prospcrous condition, and to
tho ability nnd intcgnty with which tlicy havo
bccn condiictcd. It has hecn my aim (o cn
forco in all of thcm a vigilant and faithful dis
chargo of thc public husincss, and it is gratify
ing to mo to bclicvc, that thcro is no juat cause
of complaint, frorr. any quartcr, at tho manncr
in which thcy liavc I'ulfillcd tho objcct of thcir
Your rcsolutioti !b in tho following words t
" Ro3olvcd, That so much of tho Prcsidetil's
Mcssagc as rclatcs to tho condition ofthe vari
ous c.tccutivc departmcnts, tho ability and in
tegrity with which thcy have bccn conducted,
.l. i v..t.if.i .i'i i
iiiu viiiuiii uuu iuiiiiiui uiBcunrgo oi uiu piiu
lic business in all of llicm, and thc causcs of
which thoy havo tulfillcd tho objccts of thcir
ri;., i... ........i. i . i.
creation, be rcfcrrcd to a sclcct cominittcc, to
consist of nino members, with powcr to scnd
lor pcrsons ana papcrs, and wiCi instruclions
to inquiro into tho condition ofthe various cx
ccutivo dcpartments, tho ability and integrity
with which thcy havo bccn conducted into
mu uiuuuur iu wiiiun iiiu puunu uiisiiicbs nas
bccn dischargcd in nll of thcm, and into all
causcs of complaint from any qtiarter, at tho
manncr in which said dcpartments or thcir bu
rcaus, or ofTiccs, or any of thcir afliccrs or n
gcnts of cvery dcecnption whatcvcr, dircctly
or indireclly connccted with thcm in any man
ncr, otlicially or unollicially, in dutics perlain
ing to tho public intcrcst, havo fulflllcd or fail
cd to accomplish thc objccts of tlicir creation,
or havo violatod thcir dutics, or have injurcd
and impaircd thc public scivicc and intcrcst;
aud that said committce in its inquiries may
rcfer to such pcriods oftirnc as to llicm may
sccm cxpcdicnt and propcr."
It also appcars from tho published procecd
ings oftho Housc, that this rceolutiun was ac
coinpanied and supportcd hy a spccch ot con
sidcrablc lcngth, in which you preferrcd many
scvcro but vague chaigcs of corruptiou and
abuso in thc Excculivo Departmcnts. The
rcsolutions adoptcd by the cominittcc, as wcll
as that adoptcd by the Housc itself, must be
takcn in conncxion with your introductary
spccch, which givcs a charactcr to the wholc
procccding. When thus rcgarded, it is obvi
ous that, by thc rcsolution of Iho IIouso, nn is
suc is mado wilh tho Prcsidenl oftho U. S., os
he had allcgcd in his annual mcssagc, that the
heads ol the Exccutivc Dcpartments had ncr-
formcd thcir ofiicial duties with ability and in
tcgnty. in your spcech you dcnicu this; you
chargcd thcm wilh manilold corruplions and
obuses of truat. ob you had dono in formcr
epecches to which you referred and you dc
mandcd an invcstigation throngh Iho mcdium
of a commiltcc. Ccrtain othcr members ofthe
Housc. as appcars bv tho cubliahcd dcbates.
united with you in thcso accusatiuns, and for
llie purposc ol asccrtaimn" their truthor falsc
hood, thc committec you ucmandcd was ordor
cd to be raised, and you wcrc placed at its
head. Tho first procecding of thc invcstiga
tiug committce is lo pass a serics of rcsolu
tions, which, though amcndcd in their passagc,
wcrc, as unacrsioou, ir.iroauceu oyyou ; call
ing on tho Prcsident and the huids of depart
nients, not to nnswcrto any speciflc charsc
not to givc infurmation os to any particular
iraii&Hiuuii, uui u(Buiuuig mui iucy liavo uccii
guilly of the cl.argcs allcgcd, calls upon thcm
to fumish ciidcnce against themsclvcs.
Aftcr thc rcitcrated chargcs you liavc madc,
it was to have bccn cxpected ihat you would
have bccn prcpared lo reducc thcm to epccifi
cations, and that thc committee would thcn
procccd lo invcstignte tho mattcrs allcgcd.
But instcad of this, you rcsort to gcncralities
cvcn more vague llian your original nccusa
(ions, nnd in opcn violation of Iho constitution
and of that wcll rstablished and wiso maxim,
" that all men arc prcsumcd to bc innocent un
til ptovcn guilly nccording to the cstablishcd
rulcsoflaw." You rcqucst myscll and ihe
heads ofthe dcpartments to bccomo our oivn
accuscrs. And this call purports to bo foun
dcd on tho aulbority of that body in which a
lono, hy tlioconstitulion, thc powcr ofimpeach
iug us is vcslcd I Thc heads of departmcnts
may answcr such a rcqucst as Ihcy plcasc, prn-
viucu int-y uo iidi wiinuraw iiicir own iimc anu
ihat ofthe ofliccrs undcr thcir dircctinn from
tno puDiic uiifliness 10 tne injury incrcoi. i o
that butincss I shall dircct thcm to devotc
j tlicmsclvcs, in prrferenco to any ilh
iinronslitulional call lor information,
egiil and I
no nint-
tcr from what snuicc il may comc, nr however
nnxious Ihey may bo to inect it, For myself,
1 shall rcpcl all such attcmpts as nn invasion
of tlic priuciplcs of justicc as wcll as thc con
stitution and I shall cttccm it my sacred du
ly to thc pcoptn oflhc U. S. to rcsist thcm as I
would thc cetablishmctit of n Spanish Inqnici
lion. If, nflcr all Ihe scvcro accusalions containcd
in tho various spccchcs ofyouiaclf and your
ansociatcs, you are iinwilliug of your own ac-
tord, to bring spccific chargcs, thcu I rcqucet
your commiltco to call yoursclfond ossociulcs,
und cvcry othcr inembcr or Congress who has
innde Iho grncral charge ofcorruption, to tcs-
.tify bcforo God and our country, whethcr you
or thcy know of any spccific coiruplion or a-
buso of trust tn tho excculivo dcpartments, and
il'so, what il is. Ifyou aro ablc to point to n-.
ny caso where thore is tho slighlcEt rcason to
suspcct corruplion or abuso of trust, no nbsta-
clc, which I can rcmovc, shall be intcrnoscd to
privent Ihe lullrst scrutiny by all lcsni mcans.
Tho ofliccs ofnll Iho dcparlmcnls will beopen-
cd tn you, and cvery propcr facilily furnishcd
for this purposc,
i . .i...t i
1 uopc, Bir, wo Minn ai lasi uavo yom cuar
ges and Ihat you will procccd to investigato
lliein, not liko an inquisitor, but in tho accus
tomcil modn. If you cithcr will not makc
specific accuBalious, or if when tnade, you at
tempt to clablish them hy making frccmen
ihcir own arcuaers, you will not cxpcct mo
to countenanco your procecding. In tho
shorl poriod which rcmaina of my olTicial duly,
I shall cndeavor, as I have horetoforo cndc&v-
ored, to fulfil tho obligations of that oath of r
firn, hy which I cngagcd, " lo tlic bcst oi
ability, to prcscrvc, prnttct, nnd dcfind f
constitution of tho U. S. and for this, nntt
olhcr rcasons oftho most solcmn charactci, I
shall, on tho ouo hand, causo cvcry possiblr
facilily consistcnt to law and justicc, lo bo
givcn lo Iho invcsligution of spocific Inngjblu
chargcs, nnd, on the othcr, shall rcpudiale all
attcinplsj to invadc tho just righls of llio exccu
livo dcpartments, and ofthe individuals com
posing tha samc. If, aftcr all your clamor,
you ivill moko no spccific chargos, or bring no
proofofsuch as shall bu madc, you and your
associatcs must bo togardcd by Iho good peo
pic of tlie U. S. as Ihe authors of unfoundcd
calumnios, and the public ecrvants whom you
havo assailcd, will, iu tho csltmation of all
honorablo mcn, stand fully acquit'cd.
In the mcan timc, I cannot but cxpress my
astonishmcnt that mcmhcrsof Congress should
call for infurmation os to tho namcs of pcrsons
to whom contingcnt monoys aro pnd, and iho
objccts oftlioso paymcnts, when thero aro six
standingcommitlecs, undcr tho scvcnty-scvenlh
liilc of tho IIuusc of UcpreHCiitaiivcs, whosn
spccial dnticfl arc to cxatninc annually into all
tho dctails of thceo cxpcnditurcs, in cach of
tho cxccutivo dcpartments, Tho liko remark
is ap,)licab!e to komn othcr branches of the in
formation sought hy you; nmplo dctails in rc
spcct to which arc found in rcporls laid bcforo
Congress, and now on your filcs, nnd lo which
I rccommcnd you lo have rccourse.
very respcctfully yours,
Tho Hon. Hcsht A. Wise, Cliairiiian ol tho
Invrstigating Commiltcc in thc ubuscs and
frauds of tho Exccutivc Dcpartments char
gcd. Righls of Colorcd .Men in Au Vark.
l lic lioiisi ol Asscminy i)l tins htatc on
Saturdav laiit, hy a vulc nl 74 tn 23 dcuieil
tlic polilinn or25 colorcd men in lroy (or .
such un cxtcnsion of tlic Right of suffragc
as would enable them to voie. Al presunt
only those colorcd men arc preniiiled lo
volc who own rcal prc.pcrly lo tlie amouni
of $250, and liavc reaided ihrca ycars tvilli-
in the htate. 1 he Albany tvening Jour
nal alluding to thc dcbalc on thc putiliun
says :
'lt wasconlcnued by llinse wlio suslaincii
thc motion lo rejcct, ihat tlic pciiiion revi
vcd llie excitcment ; that ils objcct wasngi-
tation and titrmoil ; and that ils consc
qtience would be nnarchy aml distinion.
Un tlie otiier, it was urged tliat lluspeli
tion had no relatiun to, or cntincctinn witli
llie question ol Slavery or Abolition; that
it came from free, iliouah colored citizens ;
tliat it ivas n question ol'local poliey wilh
which otherStatesltad no riijbl to inicrfcre,
th.in this Siatc has lo interfore with llie
domcstic polic.y of tboie olhcr Statcs; and
tliat this pciiiion should bc rcccived and
trcaled in the Kanic tnanner that olhcr peli
tions were received and trenled.'
Wc trust Ihat thu friends ol llie colored
man nnd ol'equal riplils will ti.se all noiia
blemcaures for the accomplishment of thc
nbjcclofllic peliiioners. The question of
the rifibts of our own colored citizens is
entirely distinct from that of tbc ab
olition of slavery al the South, and it
is to bc latnentcd tlmt the two subjccts
shouhl bc ho connccted as tn injure those
for whom, as all adniit, we have a right lo
legislalc. Tc believe that thoiifands of
our most discreet citizens who disapprovc
tbc mensurcs ol tbc abolitionists, afc still in
favor of extending to the colred residents
of our own State all the rigbts and privi
It'fies of frcc white men.
1 ii our vicw thcy are farbellercnlitl'ed In
thc right of suflraf'e llian a large class ol
those who now cnjny it. In Massachupr
eversincc thc ndoption of hei- constitiin
colored men have been cniillcd not onK
vote, but to bold ollicc and cnjoy cver
cr privilege of white mcn, and v.c bavc .
hcard ihat an cxperiencc ofhiiv ycnrs 1
shown that that ancient nnd well-regtilnte
commnnwealth has ever sustaincd Irom llns
cause anv dclrimcnl. jV. York Obseiver.
Two mcn baving Kone to Bleep on a
lime-kiln, ncar Philadclphia, were found
dead the next morning.
A Hint. A little salt sprinkled over thc
icc nn stonc steps or brick side-walks, will
soi'n loosen il, so that it may he eacily dc
lached wilbout llie nccessity ol choppin,': it
wilh axes or shovels. Thus much labor
and conseqtient expense may bc saved
aud tbcKtepsand sidc-walks ivill not bc in
jurcd by removing the ice. Host. JMcr.Jl.
The licensing board of the city nf Ban-
g0r, (ftle.; Iiave comc tn ihe Ceiermination
Mo aTnnl 0y morc licenses fo.-the salu
of ardcnt spirits.
Hobinson, who was tried at Netv York,
for ihe tnurder of Ilelen Jewcit, has been
appointcd a lietilcnant in the Tcxan army.
A Frcnch writcr says that "thcmodest
deportment of ibnse ivbo arc truly wisc,
when conlrasled wiili llie nssuming air of
the ignornnl, may be compared to thc lit
ferent nppi'nronrcs ol rvhe.it, which, white
its ear is empty, hnlds up its head proudly,
butas soon ns il is flllcd with grain, beniN
modestly down, and willidraws frotn ob-scrvation.
In tlie United Stalcs tlie rale of increacc
is such as to doublc the populalion in 22
ycars. In ItuiRia, the period of dotihling
is42; in England, 52 ; in Sivedcn, 100;
aud in Krancc, 125 ycars.
DtsTANcn or the EAitTit. It is calcula
11 ihat tlie carlh is 0,754,000 nii'rs neiirer
to thc sun in the fclioriest day, iban in tlie
False Itcporf. Many of tlic distant pa
pers are circulalinir a stairment thntthe U.
Stalcs Arsrnnlnt Wnlerlown in lhi Sime,
has bccn ilesiroycit liy fire, with 70,000
siand nfnrins, at n loss nf a millions ot ilol
lars. The rrport is entirely uufntindcd.
Jioston Weekly JJcssenger.
The Hubbarton Mceting Hotise which
was tately hurnt, and supmised tn le tlie
work of un incendinry, took fire from aBlies
plwcd undr r thc ilovc in a wooden box.

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