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VOL. XXX, NO. 23....WHOLE NO. 1584.
7fy AJ. Sigourncy.
'Ooino aml lay llime liand upon hcr, and he shall
livc,' Matthtwix. 18.
Death comcth to ihe cliambcr ofthe sick !
Tlie rtiler's daughtcr.liko tlio peasant's child,
Orows palo Ai marlilr. Hntk, that hollnw innan
Wlnch nono may hrlp, andihon tho lastfaintbroath
Subsiding wilh a shudder!
Tlio loml wail
Bcspcak an idol ullcn from llic ahrino
Of a fond falhcr's licatt. A withercd flower
Is lhore,oh mntbpr, wliero lliy pruurfest hopo
Solnced itsolf with Rarlands, and beheld
.New LudJings ewty morn. Fathcr, o'er !
That voico is filonl wliich had been thy harp,
Q.uickcning thy footsleps ninhtly towards thy hojne,
TNtinglinq, perclun r, an ei:ho afl too dcop
K'cn with Iho tpiniilc-wouhip, vrlu n the soul
Shoull dcal with God alonc.
Wliat slrangcr-step
Brcakclli tlio trancc of fjricf? whoao radiant brow
In mcckncss and in mnjesty dolli bvnd
Bcsido the bed ofdcjlh?
"Sho dotli bllt ttccp ;
Tho damscl is not doad."
A Emothcrcd hiss
Contcmptuous risos from the wondcring band
Whu beat tho breasl and ralso tlio liccnscd wail
Of Judah'a niouininj.
I.ook upon tlie dcad!
Itoavcs not thc windinR-shcot? Thosolrcmblinglids,
What pocrs bctwoen thcir frmges, likr tlio liuu
Of dcwy violot? Tho blanchcd lips dinpart,
And tlicn a qnivcrinj;, lonj dr.iwn sich rostorcs
Tlicir rose-liKe btaui ! Lo, tho cliy cold liand
Grarpetli tho Maslcrs, and with sudilcn spring
That fchroudcd sloqicr, liko n timid fawn,
Hidcs in hcr mothcr'n bosom !
Faith's strong root
Was in tho parcnl's spirit, and its boon
llow bcautiful !
O mother, who dosl gazo
Upon thy daughtcr, in that dceper Blcep
Whicli threats tliosoul'ssalvation,breathihcrname
To that Uedeo.nor's ear, both when she smdts
ln all her glowing b-'auly on the morn,
And whon, at mght, her clustering trcssvs swcup
Her dowpy pillow, in ihe tranco of drcams,
Or when at I'li'asure's bcckoning sho goes (orth,
Or lo tho mcshes of an eaithly lovo
Yields her yoimg licart bo cfoquent for hcr!
'J 'ali ii nn ilcnial, lill that gracious hand
H'lncli raiscd tho ruler's dead, givc life to hcr
That bittcr life, whuto wings surmounl th tomb !
For tlio AValchman & Jounial.
1 Head, read, an 1 jou'll seo your f.iccs horo.
Look, look, how at thernselvcs they lcer!1
I'erhaps ihero is no ono class of tnpti we
say class, for of n surcly in Ihe classification
of nninials thcy will constitiitc a distinct and
most conspicuous clnss thpy, iho tobacco
yontlcnien of course we mean. Wcll, as wo
wcro about lo obsorve, thcre is no ono class of
tho auiinal crcation, wlio aro more frcqucntly
prnMHiit lo our tliouglits, than tho fraternily
for llipy aro likowioe a fraternily of tobacco
ei ttrs; a. finternity bound loguihcr by strong
cords of ' pinlnil,' and Iho wnrm sympathies
which naturally nriso from rcciprocally rcgal
ing tlmir nn?al orans from cach othcis snufT
tray-i, but whou slrongest bo.nd of union, is
thcir untiriuu pcrtcvcranco in whipping up tho
ealivary glands, nnd in tho discrninalion of
smoke and nasti.ii'ss. We say thcre is no
species of nntinals for thcy nro a distinct
species ulso more frcquontly prcsenl to our
thoughti'. If wo cnler upon a fillhy floor,
we uro insltntly rcminded ol thpin ; it upon a
clcan ono our atlcnlion is loott drawn towards
thpm. Al cvcry lurn our ears admonih ns of
thcir presence, nnd our olfactories pcrccivo
iiieiu wrcn uiar oil. wnen tliov cnlpr our
houso thcir charnctetislic salutation is addrts- jnrcsidcs, and puro atmoi'phcrc, wc calculalcd
Fed to ihp neatly swepl hearth, fullowid on j uPon finding ablo coailjulors in our ncat, lidy
tho part of inany by n most thorough fuinaga. an( '"'r country womcn, nnd rriay wonotvcu
Ikm of cvcry Ihin? not impcrvions to smukt-. Murc ,0 !10I' '',at wn 'lave nnt occ" ulto;elhpr
WJjoii Ihcy ppeak n ett of russct toctli incot, 'd'ppointed. Wo know that your abilily (o
fl Ihcy do nol dclight our eyes ; nnd tho diu- n,E'stin Uus mallcr, consifls, for tho most
gy liuo of tlic'u lipi, tclls, a's plain as lips cati , Pnr,i tho degreo of pprrnnal attraelion you
tcll, Ihat nolhing which secks nn critranco 1 thanco to posscs?, nnd wc are aware also that
within nced fcnr rejrction ; and hhen thcy uuhapnily for Iho cnuc in wliich we havo cm
whispcr in our car, Iho sccrct pcnctralcs our ,hnrkcd, you aro at tho prcscnt time, lu n con
vrry ctomacli. , sidcrablo cxtcnt shorn of thoso atlractions
Tlms wo havcattcmplcd.hyprcccntingvaii. which your srx lias from liinnimineiiioiialpo?.
iiuapha9esoflhisfratcrnily,tognardagainsttlio cd, hy that sainn inslruincnt, which has,
pocfibilily of bcing inisundrrslond ; Ihoso I "ko the bosom of dcelruction swept ovcr your
wuo no not recognizo tucir own lates nnucr (
ono aepfct, cannot f'ail to do so undrr poiiio
olher. PrrsuminT tliprforn Ihnt ilass nf
Mcings tu which therfo lincs r'ilnto, ii noiv puI-
ficicntly apparent, wo will procccd wilh our
nddrca'', nfler lir.-t puiiriiin little oil into sucli
wountla ni wo may havo nccidcnlnlly and un-
mtcnlionally in(lic'oil,byreniatking,that, inlho
torognii g atlempt lo dt'Bignato the r pccific
charactcr of llus parlicular kind of tobacco
wnrm," wo havo for tho sako of pcrspicuily
.-.1 ... 1 1 'l 1 i .
u.ju ii, iiuiu iiiiiiibi iuisapprcncimion, innuu
nsc of undrv tprnn fnr wliir.h wn dn nnt Imlil
oursrdvcs rpsponi-i'.ile, they hcing mtrelpchni. ' of comhatting this frati'rniiy of tobacco phuw
calilies usually employed in dcscribiiig ihe I crs ""d sinnkcrs, and snufirrs, and hawkrrs,
pprcic. In what f hnl) follow wo plcdgp our- '""J spiltcrs, and snepzcrs, and nuschlowcrs.
pelve lo abslain from llic u?e of nny wonl, nr ' Th press yns tho preps ; is in Ihe pay of ihe
expreswi, wnirii pnn rpasonably beauppoL'd
to he ofTi;nivu lo Iho nloiuachs of nny, ho '
ran slntiiach loliacco. And now you labacco 1
nacli loliacco. And now you labacco
gonucmon lers iiuvu al ye lliat u in n civil
way. AVhat inducud you to bccrimc chcwers,
smoUcr?, nnd snufT'rs of tobacro ? you nocd
not answcr, wo know what you would say.
Somo will prclnnil that it was tho tecili acho
which drow tlipiu rcluclnnlly into this iinbit ;
somo cram thcir nostrils wilh ila dust lo clear
tho orb of visinn ; somo usc it for tlicir slom
nch's sako, nnd somo to scaro away obcsity.
Now lliis, as you wcll know, is mcro protcuco.
Tho chirf impclling motivo was ihn pucrilo
ambition in carry yoiith lo apo Iho ciisloms of
tho adult munbors of Iho fraternity. Whnt
rcr ynu saw men do, you fancicd wnsmanly.
To bo likc mcn was your first and highcstani
bilion. And if you could no' forpo yourlioards
lo grow hcforo their appoin'lod season, or conx
into your voiccs iho haas intnnalioni of pu
hcrty, you could sticl: scgars intoyo'irnionlhfl,
nnd quids of tobacco into your chccks, And
l'iirllipr lo fritard a?iinf t mitakp. vc will stalp.
in lel's huvu at ye that u in n civil I
in.. !., , , -1
that the kmd cf tiibicco wnrmt, tn which, wo wish
It lo bo iindrrsinud, we alludr, ililfcr from tho coin
mon green worm, first, in color, luing most genor.
lly of a ycllowisli huo j next, in the onlinary posi
lion of llinr bodiej, frequenlly assumina Iho verli
cal pouiioii, tliougli many pass much of Ihcir timo
in a riciimbrnt poslure, with what nnlnro dooignod
fr thcir lower extremilies, cleraled a fuw digrces
nhovo tho lou;itudinal parjllul of llieir headi. lu
Ihpir halns Ihuy aro grrally infrrinr to Ihf green
Vliod with tho leaf thoy so well lovo to fccd on , do
not appear to fatlen (skindly ai iha laltor.
" 'iini ,ii uivniiiuit'ss . nnu nuwrvcr uuunuam r sui,
tnnny aro tlio coppcra yoti liavnspentforlinics,
ur lomons, or sottr npple., antl nuiherous nro
tho occanons ulinn vnu linvo pilfcrcd from
your motlici's sugnr lialls, to qtiict tho mtir-
mers 01 your auuscu onit tiatiscatcd ttomachs,
llow tnuch sunetiiic you voluntanlv suhmit'
tod to, how tndolutigalily you pcrscverrd, to
acquiro n pctnicious and iliegnslin" liabit t
...! IV..... II I... "Tl !!,.. I
unu iiuiii iiiu buiv rillliuiuili Ul UUII J1KCHCU
rltnto tneii. Il did not occur to vour iuvcnilo
mindt, tlmt tho grotvn tip portion of your par
ticular apccica cuuld tlo nnght cli'crcditahlo to
tho conditinn of maiiliooil. It waa an unfor
ttinato iniacoticcption of thcir truc charactcr.
lt Ims Itkcwirc proVvd to too tnany a prcina.
ttire utid latnl cxpcndituro of thoso cncryics,
whicli might havo boon bo crctlilably nnd bcri
cficinlly opplicd to, at lcaat, sorno 0110 valuablc
pursuil in altcr lifc. I'ctliupa tho incongruoui
mixluro of Iho humoroiix nnd scrious in llna
articlc, may, wilhout I'xplanation, occasion
doubta in tho niitids (if coriio whclhcr it ia
incant for amest or ia all a jokc, uo will
thcruforo honcitly cxplain, for bo it known
that vo liabitually lcan to tlio eido of lionefty.
To confess tho trulh tlicn, wo cuiinot writo
unifonnly in u soriuui etrain on Iho prcscnl
subject, Ibr Iho rujeon that O'tr indi'gnation riscs
to un uncomfurtablo hi-iht,nnd nccds that wo
occasionally iiitcrmil our S'avity, to allow Iho
subsidcncc of our rufllcd bile. Wliat wn n
in a plcasant way, olUner falla eliort, than cx-
cccus, wiint wo coniu lioncstly say in sobcr
uuiiiubi. roi scnouaiy, wc uo nol liolu that tho
habilual uao of tobacco is uttcrly indcfenaible
in nny caso in a civilizcd cotnmunily, only cx
crpting whcre it is rcconmicndcd by tho i'hy
sician na ncccssary to tho prcservalion of hu
man lifn. If wo havo passed nvcr somcwhat
lightly tho pcrnicious circcts of tho uso of to
bacco upon the lnmian constitution, it is not
brcauso we havo any doubts on that head, for
wo do belicvo il to bo excccdingly injurious,
and that in hiiicty.uino casos ont of n hundrod
whcre it is liabitually uscd for disordcrs of tlio
etutnach, its eflcct is to cxaspcrato andconfirm
hcyond all rcmcdy tho vcry disordcr itwasdc
signcd to rclicvc, atid in whicli its occasiVnal
uso tnisht possibly havo nlTordcd tcmporary
rclicf. But ono reason why wo forbear to
dwcll upon tliia part of tho objechon to tlio uso
of tobacco, i.i, that wo do nol prctcnd to hc
long to iho midical profcssion. Anothcr rca
eon is, that pcoplo appcar to bcdctcrmincd to
uestroy tneinsclvcs by nnproper indulgenco in
many othcr things bc8idc9 tobacco, and what
wo contcnu lot is, tlial il peoplc atodclermin
cd to dio by somo slow poifon, thoy ouht to
resort lo eonielhing that will kill Ihcm wilh as
little inconvcnicnco to thcir familitia nnd
fricnilt as postible. IIo whospcnds twentyor
mmjr juam III iiuieillllllg lllinsi'll Wilh tObaC'
C0, ItCCpS pcrlions tlirCC or Ibllr hnnsinu nnton.
antable, and fifty pcoplo tincomforlablc, uur
inj; tho h hole pcriod, wilh hie ctcrnal smoltinir
and chowing nnd Bpitlin", to say nothine of
i.n.n .:.! ...i. i "
... luu.vbu ciuuiiu iiiiiiiiii uiiu iiis inauppor
lable brcath. Thcse aro ohjcctions which we
Know now to apprcciato wilhout bcing a nliy.
tnriini. jinn wo wiu noro vcntura to preuict,
wilhout nny cxtraordinary prclcnsions to prc
science, Ihat tobacco will ere long bo cxpcllcd
Iho paHor or drnwing room, nnd llioso who
will slill clcavo to tho unclcan thing, must cven
lollow it. To ouppose that tho uso of tobac.
co can bo tolorated in highly rcrined socicly,
is to stipposo an imposiibility j for it would bo
totaiiy ucatrucitvc ot eome ot its csscntial cl
cments: ono of wlnch is a hipli deurpn nf
clcanlincss lastidious ncatness il you plcasc;
unuuiur io, ino enuro aoicnco 01 llio east uw.
ptranct of sclfishness j and Iho tobacco "nur-
tnani) is ol all crcaturcs tho mosl telfish pal
pably Bceking Iiis owr, enjoynicnt nt Iho cx
penco of nll who licltcr undcr Iho piumj rnof.
When wc dcclnrcd opcn liosltlitiesaninxt this
fnrmirloblo foo to clcan houfc.
"" miu nu uiuui as uare as tno pale ol u
nrw ufn infant, or nf nn old gcntletnan's of
foiir fcoro and tcn. Rnr. whrn fnshinn shnll
rclcnt, nnd rcetoro Jo soxi your brillianl and
,)C" itching trcBucs, nnd with ihcm, your won-
,f't' allraclions nnd thcir allendant powcr.may
" "ot oxpect ihat you will cxerciso that pow-
cr ln asFHiing us to punfy Iho purpons of
""0 moKy, tobacco fitaincd, snufliing, il.fl,i-
voreu gcnllcincn ; bving, as it is, an afTair
lucn moro ncarly nnd dcrply concerns vour-
c..lu. ll.nn ll l.l I..' :., J
t.. '.n un mu iuriu iirrmvn,
Thero is ono serious imncdimcnl in llmwnv
'"""ito vcnuprs anu sniill gnnilcrs ! And a
ponnd of Mncaboy,' ' Ycllow Scntch,' Vir-
o"'a ' 'g, or n uozon bpauiHli Uogars,' is
S'n'tt Fig,' or n dozcn ' Spaiiich C
ullictent douceur wilh mont Edilois lo induco
tllftin tex rAr..ar. t nl..A .... t.l t-!. .. . -
....... .u i.,u-v lu iiuuiiciiji, i'jcvcii a com
iniiiiicaiion ukc ine prcspnl, pcnncd in ourac.
cnsloincd lono of nuld rebuke, gpnllo rcmon.
slrancc, and soft persuasion ; wilh so little of
aceruny as scaiccly lo cause u ripplo upon Ihr-
uiiiobo scnnminiCB ol llio lnlinrcn enlprs.
1 ps, llio prcss n enrriiplrd ! Iilti rally corrup
lcd, by ci'Enr smoke nnd tobacco iuicpt li'i
conducfors participalo too ccnerallv in this
.o'u crime againsi sori n nnu loinnlic comforl,
in iii'i in in an aiiacK upon il, ui whal ini
inoice importance is it to civilizcd innn, Ihat
thoso cnnccrncd in the pcrindicnl prcns l-
cioan cvcry wlnl j clean, in llio full leiigih,
anu urcatiin, nnu uepih ol llio wonll
To liriug nur rcmarks lo a naiural nnd
praccfnl concliision, nnd as an rvidpncn tlm'
wo harbnr no unkind fcclings towards our lo.
bncco catiiig friendn, wo hprcwilli shakc Jhem
henrtily hy tho hanil Ihat is, so far ns we can
do so witii a llourif.il of our pen, as we utleily
pnlcst against coming, in rmlily, willrin spit.
Iing distanco of ihpni, excppling on unavoida
Iilo occaeioni'.
SATiniCUS, nEFOHM & co.
From tho Vermont Tolegraph.
Tho Third Annual Mcotina, luld arcordinc
to prpvious nnnco, was ono r,rRrcat i(.tereit.
Iho ininresfnnn mmln i.nn :..
. . , mjiuh uui curiiinuniiy
wa' na falulary, and inuit bo lustins.
It is jtut what might havo bccn anticipated.
Thcro is a largo ainount of rcpublicanism and
consciontiousncss iu our citizcns whicli only
nccdcd tho opportunity now cnjoycd, in otdcr
to tho ilevcl.ipmcnt now inanifcst. A largo
proportion ol Ihe intclliscnco and morul wortli
of tiiis viciuity aro now fully cnlislcd iu bohalf
ol trulh, juslicc, liumanilyaud iinpartial libcrty
A I1U VlIUCIilUII lo uuuui
Thu sln oftlavcry was held forlh constantly
and tho rcmcdy loo plainly pointcd out nol to
addrcss itsclf lo tho couscienco (yid coinmon
scnsc of all.
Wo liavo only room to-day for tho Sccrcla
ry's iournal of tho procccdincs. ln future
numbcrs wc slmll givo lcttcrs. ekctchcs of
spccchcs, nnd cxtracls from tho Ilcport.
Tho third Aunivcrearv of tho Vermont An
li-Slavcry Socicty, was licld at Brandon on tho
laili and IGtli ol tcb. inst.
Tho Society cnnvcncd in ths Vcslrv of tho
Uaptist Ghurch, Ucv. John Idc, ono ot the Vico
rro3iuenls m tlio Chair, and C. L. Knapp,
J5.sn. sccrclary.
On tnotion of Mr. Ilarbcr. votcd. That
co.iitnitlco of ono from cach county in tho
Stato rcprcscntcd, bo appointcd tu nominatc
oinccrs lur llio cnsuing ycar. And Alcstrs
Jaincs Drown, J. W. llalo, David Uurroughp,
E. D. Barbcr, Euoch Ilcbard, John Idc, C. L
IViiapp, james iMiiugan fi Alvah tiabin worc
appomted that committcc.
On motiori of Dr. Ilalc, votcd, Tlnta com
mitteo of thrce bo appoiuled lo rcport rcsoln
tiuns for tho considcrution nnd ndoption ot tl'o
socu'iy. Anu Alessrs. Harvey F. Licavitt, Al
vuli Subiii and J. AV. llalo wero appointcJ
lliat coinmmoe.
On inolion of Rcv. Jatucs Millizan, votcd
That a commitlco ofthrco bo nppoiulcd lo
drafl a Memorial to Congrcss to abulirh slnve
ry and tho slavc-lradc in tho District of Co-
lumbia and tcrntoncs. and hctwcen llio states
And Mcssrs. Jamcs Milliant E. D. Barbcr &
u. b. Alurray wcro appomted that committcc.
un motioii ot Mr. uordon. voted. That i
committcc of thrce bo appointcd to inako nr
rangcmcnts for the busincss and exerciscs of
tho Socielv. And Messrs. J. W. Halc. I. F
Merriam and E. Maxham wcro appointcd that
Ur. iialo Irom tho forogoing committcc
made rcport of tho ordcr of exerciscs for tho
Mr. Lcavilt from tho committco on rcsolu-
tions rcportcdtho followiug, which were adop
lcd :
ResohtJ, That whcrcas the evil of alavcry
commenccu in laying asiuellio liiblo and pros
ttating its rightcuus claims lo rogulato the re-
lations ol life: Ihcrcforo m endoavorin! to cle.
vulo tho charactcr and amcliorate Ihe condition
of tho slave, wo should bear a sacred regard lo
tho nuthorily of God as cxprcascd in Iiis word.
Rtsolved, That tho lown and county ar.ti
slavery societies of this stato bo rcquestcd lo
pouuoii our nosi oiata iegislaluro to instruct
our Scnators and requcst our llcprcscntalivcs
in Congress to use thcir most strcnuous oxcr
tions in'nccordance with tho conntitution to cf
fect the abolition of slavcry and tlio slove-trade
in ine uisirici ol uoiumbia and in tlio Ternto
ry of Florida, and to supprcss tho slave-trade
bclwcen tfio scvcral states, and to opposo tho
aniicxiuon ui x cxas m tno Union.
Mr. Milliaan from tho committco on nomin
otions mado report, and Iho followina pcrsons
wero appointcd olficcis of tho eocicly for the
cnsuing yenr :
Itcv. II. P. LEAVITT, of Vergennis.
Vict PresUents,
Hon; Asa Aldis, of St. .ilbans.
Ilon. T. Crawford, of Putniy.
Hon. J. S. Peltibono, of Manchtster.
Kev. Hndloy Ptoctor, of Rutland.
Hcv. D. Burroughs, nf Perkinsville.
Hcv. Charlcs Adams, of Newbury.
Hcv. S. ICcllogg, of Montpelier.
N. Lovcly, Esq. of Burlington.
Iiis llonor D. M. Cntnp, of Derby.
Hon. J. W. Sheldon, of Sheldon.
Hon. K. Gravps, of Concord.
Docl. J. T. Skinnei, of Barnet.
Ucv. U. C. Burnap, of Chester.
T. Gtlusha, Esq. of Jericho.
Board o Managers.
Jamcs Ballard, Huntington.
Jamcs Brown, 7miifca.
Jonathan Lawrcnce, Weathersfield.
Atnos Bliss, Poultney.
Othcmcl Jcwctt, ATctoiatteit.
Jonah AVaMiburn, H'ejJ Randolph.
William M. Pingry, Waitsfield.
Cutllon E. Milts, Jlincsburgh.
Seymour Egglcslon, Georgia.
Danicl Dodge, Johnson.
Danicl Batcs, Barton.
Jnmes Morso, St. Johnsbury.
John Dcwey, Guildhall.
Simcon Parinele, Westford.
Corrcspqnding Secrttary,
E. D. Barbcr, of Middlebury.
Benjamin F. Iluskell, of Cornwall.
Chaunccy Cook, of Cornwall.
Tho Bnurd of Manaers siihseniinntlv rlpr.
lcd tho lollowing pcrsons. Ihe Extcutive Com-
miltct) for the ensuiug ycar:
II. T. Kobineon, Ferrisburgh, Chairman.
J. A Allcn, Middlebury, Secrttary.
E. B. Goddard, Middlebury.
Josiah V. Goodhiic, Shoreham.
JopI Bnttcy, Starksboro.'
J. W. Uale, Brandon.
E. D. Barbcr, ex-oicio.
M. U. Gordon, do
ThcSncietv adiourncd to mcpl in ihnTtnn.
tift Chuich for public exerciscs, al 2 o'cloclt,
2 o'clocli. P. M
Sociely mct agrceable to adjournmint, Uev.
II. F. Louwtl. I'resideBt, in Ihe Chair.
Afler praycr, nnd siniug by tlic clioir, Ucv.
Alvah Saliin. A"cnl ol tho Amcrican ;mi.
Slavcry Sociely, uddrcssed tho iiiccling ut
Chauiicpy L. KnnriD. Esn. inlrnducrd ih
following ipsolulion, whicli ho suppoitcd al
lunglh, to wit:
llesolved, That in vicw of tho raniil ninnrMtn
of Iho unti-slavcry cnlcrprisc, wo havo aliun.
danl occasion lo thank God and tako couta"o
Mr. O. L. Shaftcr. intioduccd llio fnllnuiti
Resolvtd, That wo rcsard omancinnlion in
ihe BiitUh West Indii dopendcucirs nnd in
South Africo, as an additional stcpin tho dcm.
nnstration of llio probU-m whicli nssf-rla " tlmt
tho great pnnciple ol equulily of right may, in
all cases, bo eafcly nnd prnfitably rccosnizcd
in the govcrniiienl of mcn
Whtch was sccondcd by E D Barbcr, Etq.,
wno auurtsacu llie mccllng in its support, lo-
gmuu uiiiujuci. j a fliicn, iMr o ! uasKcii
uiiu ji ouiihi, nnu iiicsarun was auoptuu.
Adjournud to mcct at tho samo nlnro nt lmlf
-i I! i,.i.i. '
iialf tast C o'clocie.
Sociely mct ogrccablo to ndjourumcnt, llic
Prcsidcntin tho chair.
Aftcrprayor, nnd einging hy llic clioir, n lcl
tcr from Itcv. Rowlond TRo!)inson,onuoltho
Vice Prcsidents, was rcnd, and
On molion of Mr. Knapp, ordered, That tho
samo with othcr lcttcrs bo publishcd nndcr tho
dircclion of tho Excculiio Conimittcc.
Mr J CoJding, ngcnt oftlio Amcrican Anti
Slavcry Sociely, introduccd tho following rcso
lution: Resolvtd, That Amcrican Slavcry in prlneU
plt is utidcr nlf circumslanccs a flagrant sin ;
and tlmt inpractijc it is ncccssarily evil:
AVhich was sccondcd by Rov N Colvcr, A
gcnt of tho Amcrican Auli-Slavcry Sociely
both gcnllemcn nddrcsting tho mocting in its
support, ar.d it was adopled.
Tho Sociity mct after publio exerciscs, iu
tho Veslry of tho Church, tlic Preidcnl in tho
Tho Report of tho Treasurer wns recoivtd
and was ordcrcd to bo priuted.
On molion of Dr. IIolo, Resohed, That Iho
scvcral anti-slsvery ngcnls bo rcqutstpd lo
kocp a corrcct and ininulo account nl'nll mon
ies collcclcd by llicm iu this Stnlc, nnd furnisli
Ihe Treasurer of tho Stato Sociely wilh such
account, also nn account of nll snms by thern
Iransmitlcd (o tho Treasurer of tho Amcrican
On molion of Mr Barbcr, votcd, That Iho
owiiij- raiso ino cnsuing ycar, lor llio support
oftlio cause. S2.500.
Also, votcd, That fivojiundred copics ofthe
proceeuings oi ino csociely ho printed in n
pamphlct lorm, undcr tho direclion of ihe Ex
ocutivo Commiltec.
On molion ofMr. Kuapp, votcd, That nll
cditors of papers in this stalp, friendly lo nni
versal I'rctdom, bo rcquestcd lo publish llic
procccdings of this Sociuiy.
Socictj adjourned to 0 o'clock to.morrow
Veb. lGti, 9 o'c.Vcfr, .1. M.
Society mct ngrceablv to udiournment. Uev.
Jamcs Milligan, Presidcnt pro lem, in the
Dr. Allcn introduccd tho followinrr rcsolu-
tione, whicli vcro severally read and adoptcd:
Resohed, That a committuo ofthrco bo ap
pointed lo writo n circular. cxorcssive of mi
synipathy and Ihanks, to Ihe nbohtionists of
(jrcat llritan, lor Iho deup intcrest Ihcy have
laken in Ihe grcat and good cause of universal
And Alcssrs. J. Milligan, C L Knapp and J
P Miller wuro nppoiiitcd pnid conimitlee.
Resohed, That tho latc dcciaion of Ihe Su-
preme Court of Mossaciiusctts, that u slave
coming into that stato with his mastcr's per
mission, fj frte, is au evont of cungrntulalion
and cncouragcment lo all lovers of libcrlv and
Resohed, iliat Ihcclauso ofthe conatitution
oflho Unltcd iSintcs l,ii.li Uccliut-n ihat " Nu
pcrson shalllie drprivcd of Iilo, liberlyor prop
crty without tho proccss of tho law," juelly
cnlitles fugilivo shivcs to Irial by jnry ; und
that the iicni ral principlo of law. ihat hvitv
pcrssn hall be cxcludcd from giving cvidencu
. , . o n - 9- - , - !.!.. Illl.l tiiii
in his own case, otighl to bo cxtcndid lo Ihose P-an I even now recollcct him wilhout emo
slavo cases. , iii,. FQr
Mr I.cavitt, finni thc cnmmiltdo on resnlu-)
lions, ,rp,.cd the following, which Wcre read
and-doplcd: ,
Rtsolved, That n covernmcnt 0r oninion
cannot exiM, nor populur nghts hcma nlii ncd.i
cxcept by making tho pcoplo tho sourco 0f a)
. v . . i - -
powcr, and prnviding for uu cnlightnncd excr
cisc of that riower. bv stcuriin iho mnti nur.
fcct Ircedoui of invbstipation and discussiun
upon all qiicelioiiF ol urvportnnce aml iutcrust
lo tlie pulilic wclturc.
Uesolved, 1 hat Iho gnvcrnmcnt of thu Uni
lcd States is fo frarncd as lo feti llic' play of
public sentiinpnt and body forlh Ihe rublic1
opinion, sccuiing in lliis way tho rightn of iho'
peoplc, and nccomplii'hing ull those reforms
neccssary to Ihrir safety, well-bcing nnd hap- '
pincss. I
Resohed, That the public sentiini.nt can be
cnli"htenpil ori han"ed onlv bv freednm nf m.
quiiy and discusaion, and ther'e must be c-ithcr
a ttagnant, lyranical public opinion, orlhe wi
dest scope given to the frcrdoui of speech itud
oflho press.
Hesohed, l hat Irco uiscussion is Iho vital i
nrincinln in anv nooulnr .rnvprntnpnl. u'itlinni '
which nublic Mttuo, palnotism and hbeilv must
langui.h and dio.
Resohed. ihcrcforo. That lo surrrndcr ihis
right at llic dictation ol thu mob. or Iho powcr
oi ir.e govcrnincni, wouiu ue a virlual surrcii'
der ofihe ilearcst rishls of freemcii, and n rcc-
rcant . iihmisFion lo the npproachcs of ihe rnosl
odious derpotism.
Resohed, That as abolitionisls wo etand
plodgcd to tho maintenanco of this right upon
evcry siibjrctol public cunccrnincnt und Ihat
wilh it we will staml or lall.
Resohed, That Slavcry. btiri" nn iillcrsub.
version ol evcry principlc of repiiblir.inisin. n.
wcll ns n most inmplicatcd system of iniquity
in all its aspccls, demands Iho unlirui tliiiris
of cvcry rcpublicaii. philanlhropist nnd Chris-
lian, lor Hs ppccdy aml euliro ubolilion.
4lr Ivnnpp introduccd Iho lollowing rcFoIa
lions, which wcrc icad and unaniinously n
doplcd :
Rtsohcd, That the manly nml fearlcss
roursu o Ilon J Q, Adams in thu Congrcss ol
thc U. S., in vindicalion of tho sacrrd right of
pcliliou, call3 for a yratcl'ul ocknowlcdcincnl
from tho fticnds of frccdom iliruughiuil tlic
Retohed, That a comnilltce nflhrco bo p.
pointed lo cnmmuiiicato Ihis ri'nululinn lo Alr.
Aduinp, iinil o cnnvcy tu him thu Ihanks ol
Ihis Sociely,
And Mitmrs. J A Allcn, C L Knapp and E
D Uarber wero n pointcd said coinii'iltep.
Socitly mct iu ihe Church fur pnb ic excr
cisis, Uiv. Mr. Colvcr introduccd llio following
rpsnlulion, whiih ho supporli d nt lcngili, and
wlnch was adnptcd :
Htso'ved, Ihai tho nbji clions lo thc agiln
linn .,1'llwi ni.ntllnn nf a l..,lllmi. i.l fl.n TC.il. I
and tho nmancipalion ol sluvcry al ihe Soulh)l IjcI usadd lli.it ilainilton irnvc proof n
havo llu'ir orij;in in sflfibhnes and worldly cx- grcnt Migacily, nnd knowlcdge ot men. 01
prdicncy. ' ' ihe ht'cr I will give two lliH ilices. When
Sociely adjourned lo nicetutllic samc placo Wubingloii nppoiiilc'd Ainold lo tlic com
at 2 o'clock, P. M. mal,, hnponnnt lort ol West Point,
boc ely mel ngrccnbly to adjournment, Rt-v. ,,0, a VL.ry y, u ig liii.n, lie reinunslraled
John Ide.n Iho chair. . Mrongly ugainst .1. "Vnu are ino suspi-
tolTichcVCmoUurbu;in1 I ' "'c '"" W.il..
, On motioii of Mr Murray, votcd, That tlic
Excculivo Commillco bc auihotiscd lo nproint
Lxcculivo Commillco bc nulhotiscd lo nproint
ui icgntcs to tno Amcrican socicty and JNow
r.n"ianu uonvcntion
On motion of Mr. Ilaskcll. votcd. That tho
Bubjuct of Dcpoaitorics bo rcfcrrcd to the Ex
cculivo Cominittpc.
Dr. Allen inlroduced the following rcsolu
tion, which wns icad nnd ntloptrd '.
Rrsohtd, That tho ihnrksol this Sfacicty
bc givt n to Ihe Baplist nnd Congrpgntional
Socn.lies in this plnco for tho uso of thcir iiou
sea of public woiship during tho prescnt nnni
vcrsary spssion.
Socicty adjourned.
M. D. GORDON, Secretnry.
From the Corrojpondenco of the N. Y. Journal of
Washington, Feb. 20.
A rumor, "importunl, if trur," h in circu
lation lo dny. A trcaty is said to liuvo bcrn
concludcd with Gcnctal Snntu Anr.n, as Prcs
idcnl of Moxico, whilo ho was herc, for tho
tccognilion of tho indepcndcrico of Toxasand
Iho cession of that tcrrilory, wilh tho nsseritof
Texas, to tho Uuitcd States, upon certain con
ditiunf. Upon making somo inquiry, I havo ascor
laincd, from an aulhcntio sourco, that rumnr
reprefcnta fact lliis timc, and tho following
uio the terms of tho treaty.
The indrpeiidenco of Texas is to bo ac
kiiowlcdged both by llio Unilcd States and by
Mcxico. Tho boundary betwccn tho Unilcd
States nnd Mcxico, is to bo Ihe Uio del Nor
le. Tho U. S., on thcir part, iisumc the pay
mcnt of tho claims of our cilizens npon Mex
ico, eiliinatcd at two millions. Thcy also pay
Mcxico Ihe Bum of thrce millions ; und Ihird
ly, Ihey ngrco to nllow granls of lands in Tcx
us made by Mcxico, in all cases whero Iho
coiidilions of said giants havo been complicd
with j and to mako a ;iro rala nllowanco to
such grnntccs ai have, iu pnrl, complicd wilh
said condilions.
Texas, of courso, is a party on tlio wliole
arrangcrncnt. If Santa Ana ehould succccd
in resuming Iiis powcr in Mcxico, this trcaty
will bo cnrricd into cfllct. Tho Scnato will
i. .... i r - .i i i
r;,,;hitf ,,urposo 0(sab -
Ilalfpl 5 oVoct.-Thc Ilouse l.aving ob-
taiucd a nunriim havo ros,im.,l ti,n wi.Ttnpu
Irial. Thcnutslion ncndins i. wheiher nn
interrogalory pioposcd by Mr, Bcll shall bo
pui tolhol'olloiiig iflcct : ' Ilave you (Mr.
Fairfield) had any convcrsalion with Iho Prcs
ident in rehniun lo tho comiuct of Messrs.
Wisu and Peyton, during tho prescnt scssion?
Ilave you not heard the Presidcnt say that
nioso goiuicnieni - ougiu lo ue JiotuioiilrciZ
nicaning. thcrcby, ihat Ihey should be cha.;
tiscd m tho strcets ?" Scvcra incmbers nti.
jccted ,o tho question. Mr. Uoll supported it,
t,.i . ,u .,.. , i V. "
...... u,..,..w ,.urUi. lyl i.mi urina uuuui iucin i
during tho wholo sc3sion. Hosaid he could!
provc, if pcrniiltcd, Ihat ihe Prcfidcnt had rc
ijcatcdlv rccommended ihnt Ihcv s hrtlllil hn na.
saulkd in iho slrects ; nnd had uscd thc parti.
c-iilnr ICrm JotMnnfr..)."
From tho W'esicrn I'rcs'jytenan Horald.
"Dtdynucver know Alexander Haniil
tnn?" vnn nslf. Vpa I i.., i.: .....
uit ,
l no shall hil hko'Zm
, nl .. . c ' .f."
w'"r 1 " "lc CJ
ii i'tv nrti'. i L.'iinit inn i,n
, - ... ..mi m. ivua aiiiuiii;
J"-rs, nnd IciMrly cu.quired-which
is llumilton.' I wassliown a binall man, a.;conveyed lo Dubliii, and planed ovcr the
bout five lcct seven inches high, thin andirt,m8'" 0f 'be departed iioeiess. It is n
I'"''-') sitling, wmpped appeareinly
lll pro-
' louiu iimugni
"Dcco on Iiis front cn.T.ni'f.t
' Delibcration sat, and public caro,"
Aml lliis was ihe most biriking cxprcssion
of liifcoiiiitenaiice. His forehead washigli
und letreatuig, his eyen nnall and deeply
mink inln his head, overhung hy railur
heuvy nml knit eyebrows: his fealtin-s
ihic niug .mu wc-ii lornico, utio ;ne lower
p.irt of his face exprcssed sensibilitv, asihe
upper part did lortilude. When h'e arose
lo bpealt, his atiituile was dignified and his
uciioa gracelul. His voice was harmoni
ous, but not loud or strong. Ilc spake
much in the tune of cniiverbutiori. Hehad
neilher ihe vebtmeuce ol Deinosilieiie.
... 1 - II . .
nor the pump of Cicero ; ihougb, as an o
raior, he was hardly inlerior to eilhcr of
tbeni. His was as clear and keenas a dia
uiond ! his povvers of argumentaiiim never,
perbapa surnassed. Hesaid evervthin ir (in
a subjcet that otighl to be said, and nothing
iiiiiit. liLiicu ins siiec-cncs ns weu us Iiis
urilings geneially carned coiiviction.
i saw uiiu anerwarus iu various siuia-
tions ; was partinlly introduccd to him, and
rt'ccivttl froin him inarks of civihiy and
knulness. in ihe sociai circle I observcd
lliat he was ihe bmil and ceuier of the com
pany; when hu spoke, atlcnlion walched
Iiis lip. Krmn all ihat 1 buw und heard ol
Inm, 1 am convinced that hc waa oncof tlic
most nuiiable as ivell as one of ihe grcatest
iiicn ihat this or any oiher cnuuiry lias
produccd. "'Ob t he was nuld iiiul trenile."
. .. :.l . 1... , . ' II ... i " '
uiu out: uu kiicw uiiu iveu, "in inni was
uo ollcnce or uuilc ! lle wns lioble. creii.
erous and hrave, aml Eccmed to nierit the
epiiaph orig'iiially bestowed upon one who
oy no ineaiu ueservea ii,oi all nccompish-
ci'. Uut alas I imor liuiuan iiaiure as
dies a luol, dicd Ihe great Humilton !
Asn iiiii u lalleih bclore wicked iiicu, so I'ell
he ! 11c bttier'y heivnilcd his fiilly uiih
Iiis dying btcutli exprcsseil hisentire be
lief iu ilie trulh nnd imporiauce of the
Chnsiian rcligion, and h'n deep regret lliat
ht! had not before uiuilc n public proletsion
ul il. Heiook lhekiucinniont of ihe Lord's
Ktipper, and prined earnesily h:it his biiib,
:t 1 1 ci tii'CKiny iiis msi uiiu iiiosi iieiiiirtilile
s i ii , miglii lie lorgiven him. J hope and
IIMIst tlial lll' fllllllll UierCV !
iiiRion lo Iiis ymitlilul ndviser. "I dou't
like llint fbllim' Aunild 1" ws llic pitliy rc
ply. Thi'j aticcdoie may lie relled upon,
for I had it fmm Clnrlca Carroll, of Cor-
f'.'lll wlio, I nm undcr a slrmif; imprcs-
sion, lotd mi; liu was jirtsmt und licnril Ihe
dialoune. Be tliis as it rnav. it i u-oli
kmitvn that lie ucleil un importnnt part in
tlmt evcnifiil pcriod, and was lamiliar wilh
boiti Wilmington und Hamilton.
Hnn.ilion gavc anotlu-r proof of his
knovvlcilijc ol tnen, wliich alas! provcil
most flilal to liiml VVIieii .Icffiiriioii nnd
Burr wcrc candidalcs for llic two liiglicst
t:flicc3 in our goveriiincni, llamillon on
some public orca&ion, uave the fiiIlotvii)f
tnaHt: "Thc Coiisiiiuinin ofthe U. Hlatcs,
may il never I'all u nacrificc totiedream3ol"
n Cmidorcd, or ihe principles "of a Cata
line." By tlic lornicr evcry bmly knew he
meant J.Uirnn. uml. UV Hih Inller llm..
Anintimalc frieiul t.fBurr told me thathe
was wilh him when lliis loail inaue iis on-
pearance in tlic public pnuis, nml thtu hc
never mw Burr ns much nclilcd hy anv
thinjx. "I do nol, (said he) think it ii vcry
much like n sol.licr, for Geo. Hamiltoii t.i
ii'ivc tnejunt that kind of an insult ihat he
knowsi cannot nolicc. I was convinced
(addcd niy iiiliirinn .1) ihat Burr vcnnM
Kcek the firnt opportun'ny (n rnll him lo the
field t" This willexplnni vvhnlnppfarcd su
slrange to ninnv at llic timo, why Burr so
eagfily Roiiyht n duel with Ilamiltnu, when
iiis correspmnicnce, witli Inm, exlnliiied
such sliuhl jrotilids fiir such n filal cnn
tcst. The lonsi ihe roL'iioiiifn of C;iUliiii-
rankled like a burniiiu; arrow to his side.
This pointcd toast, I have reason lo helieve,
cosl ioor Hiimilton hh life! Yel evcrv
impartial jmlge wiP.ndniit Ihni it was per
fccily curreci ; ihnt Sallusi's characler of
Catuline nnght Mand by a iticic cliangc of
name, for Ihat nf Burr.
Children lfabkt. Ofairuih, we are
""'i'i'u'k " uuuui iviiciiicr ii ere art; anv
zfaz ftr- :rnly sr
" ' 1 "U,,U(0e ol Ik're ''V
PLU1 wJl.iig a little crealuif, Jiardly
ut'Kinuiiig 10 uouui wnetiier lliere are any
! l.welv- llioilllin old, liir thu Inst lialf liotir,
Alier making tniiuihs at herseif in the glaa,
uiiu iijuiy iu kio iiiTJcii sne nas exani
incd Ihe back siilp clearly m llic hope of
surpribing soniebody lliere! Hcr vcry look
shows il. She in cvitleuily tlisappoinlcd ;
hut ineans to nec ihrough "thc tnck belore
she irives il un. Tlirr.. ! Slu hoi inrnl
thc glass almosl quicl: eniiuih lo catch ihe
I. ni.ri.nl... .1.... :.. ..i i? i
a , Z?a ; i " ' " I
iw 1 thc ijoor little thiiiir aonears to have
poor little thiiiir aonears to lave
:t pam siie clasps both hands before hcr
and begins lo gruni, and grow red in ihe
face. And iiotv, her mother'.s atientiou w
attracltd by her pufling and blowing, nnd
ll;t! nosiliou of hcr hniida. Tho litile fbol l
bhe lias louiid a bluegingliatii apron, whicli
she uied lo ivear, aml holding ii last lo hcr
body wilh hoth hands, thc is iryiug to mako
itsiny thcre ! Her nioiher can hardly Le
lieve her own eyes ! It was mu pain it
was no chylic it wce only a liule womau
trymg lo accomoilaie hersell lo a new fuHh
ion. Afr. Hcmans.
A moirjineiii to perpef-
uale the memorv
of this uilied laily, has
i t,n .. ", .- - t, --- ji "
I 'HL'" cxecuted in Li.rfla.id aml will be ioon
uiiiuii -.iti.mil inuuiiicii luuici iu siaiuarv ou
u black grotind and is inscribed :
Felivia He.mans.
DiedMay ltiM,'aged 41.
To wliich ure added Ihe fnllowing lines
from her ov.-n sulemn efiiif iuti knowu a3 thu
d irge :
iaim on tue oosom ot ihy l
Fair soirit ! re-i tl.ee n .wl
E'en whilo with us thy Ibotstcns trod,
Uis seal was on thy brow.
Dust to Us narrow house bencathS
Soul to its place on high !
They that havo seen ihy look in doath,
No moro may foar lo dic."
Boston Jour.
The Lonilon Wurning Clironicle thua
speaks ofthe Uniied Slates. We areslruck
wilh Ihe extraortlinary liei, ihat ihe incr
cantile cotnmunily uf ihe United Staies
have been able lo iuistaiii themselves in ihe
face ol the surplus revenue and the specie
measurt's ol ihe Cciicral Governnicnt, tlie
like of which are wiihnul parallel in histn
ry. If ihe British Governnient had acled.
or wercnmv (o act, towards their commer
cial iiiterests lor one month ns the Ameri
cnn Governnient has done towards ihcir
nurchnnts for Ihclasi six monihs, nll Eng
lniiil would have been bniikrupt, and a gtn
eral revoluiiun would have laken place Sing
The New York Herald recconimenda
Congress to end ihe Fluridu war by ofler
ing a ihoiisand dnllnrs a head for thc Scmi
nolcs, and let evcry man be his own Gener-
al, aml fii'ht on his own hnok. It has been
nlso reecoinmeniled to lcl the War out by
ihe job, to some Kentiicky Wild Cat him-
ter. 1
Ou.. The oil ol ludian corn is used in
Cinciiinniii ns a suhsiiitile for sperm or
ivhale oil. Ii is said to nroduce un enuai
quaniiiy oflighl, lo bcquiie ns transpnrenl
uiiu iree irom insagrceante odotir. in aiiui
lion lo which il is nnt subiecl to frtezinr?.
havini; resisied the ureatt'bt deirree ol coTii
during the present senson suy 6 below
zrro. The y'eld of oil is said lo be half a
U.illnii io ihe hiisliel, wilhout dP6irnyiii" ihe
qualities ofthe uraiu for distillation.
A siuarl nhork ol nn Earihquake was felt
nt Quebec, on the Olh inst. No mulerial
ilamai;e wa'i ilonc hesides ihrowing down
some furniture. The shock extended tr
he coutiiry nll iiroiiud Qnehec. The air
wns clear, und th thcriiioiiieli'rabiiiit zero.
Thc wai.ilering piper is playingtOcrow-
ded ainlieuces iu Lextngton, Ky.

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