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VOL. XXX, NO. 24....WIIOLE NO. 1585.
(From the Gcrman A'rummacW,)
H dead and idtcnt waslho earth,
In d fprst iiight it lay, ,
ho Uiernal spako Crealion word,
And callcJ 10 being, Day.
CAor. ' slrcamcd from on Iil4h,
All reddcninjj cnd bripol,
AnJ angcl's songj wcfcom'd
Tho ncw-born litit.
tJ spike : thc murmurin!! wators fldd,
Thoy Uft ilicir deep reptisi t
Wido ovi't atching hcaven's bltte vault
: lio firmamcnt arosc
Vhor. N" sparkles abovn
llf 'ven'a glorioua Wuc,
It scnds to tho earth
Tho lighl and llio dcw.
God snakci fif bado llio wavcs divi.le ;
The earlh tiprearx licr head ;
Fmra hill, from rock,tli3 guslnns streami
1 ii bubbling toirrnts sproad.
CUor. Tho earth restcd nuiet,
And, poised In ihe air,
And heaven's bluo boaom
Lay naked und baro.
God fpaVc: the hills and plains put on
Their robo of frcshost proen
Uark forcJts in tho vallcys wave,
And buddin? trces arc scrn.
Ciur. Tho word of his bicalh
C'othes tho fore st with lcavcs,
Tlio high gifl of beatity
Tlio spring-tide rccoives.
God t pakc i and on tho new-drcss'd carth
Soft smiicd tho glowing Snn,
Thcn full of joy ho sprang alof:,
His hcavriily courso to run.
Chur. Loud shoutcd tho stars
As Ihcy shone in tho sky,
Tho Iwoon with mild atpcct
Asccnded on high.
Ood spako : tho watcrs tocra with lifc,
Tho tcnant" oftho llood,
The many color'd wingcd birdl
Dart qutckly thro' tho woods.
Char. Hijjh rusltcs tho caglo
On ficry wings,
l.ow liid in the valley
Tho nightingato sings.
God ipako : tho lion, stof f, and hoiso
Spring frnm tho moiFtcn'd clay,
'Vlitlc ronnd 'ho brcnst of mother cirth
Bcca htini, i ixl lambkins play.
Cho'. Tliiy givo life to tho mountain,
Vhoy stvarm 011 the plaiu,
11 it iheir eycs fix'd on eatth
Muat forevcr rcniain.
God sptKc: )io look'd ou carth and heavcn
Witli mild and gracious eye;
ln his oivn ir.iaje mtn lie madc,
And gavo :nm dignity.
Chor. Ho Kprings from tho dust,
Tliolord of llio carth,
Tho rhuir 8 of heavcn
Exult at his b'trth.
A'nd nnw C-eation'a work was endcd,
Man r h -d his licad, ho spoke :
The dtv tJt rcst hy God ordaincd,
Thc Sublmth inorning brokc.
No o.io of our rcaders ccttainly villsu?pect
ti8 nf any admiralion (or thc administralion
which lupircd on thu 3d ol Marcli instant, nor
of a drirn to curry favor from thc one which
has jn t commcnccd its cxistcncr1, whcn wo
pay that wo puhlish tho arliclo following thesc j
rcmarlu not wilhout somu fcclin"s bf rcluc-1
...:m .u .i i . . .
tanco i nor will tho author of it, wo trust, m.s-
approhend Ihc naluro of tlio rcluctance. In a
word, Preiidcnt Jackson, that was,i3 now Jln.
drtio Jackson simply-a privato ciliien. As a
man, wo dcsir'1 lo harbor no ill will tnwards
himj we would givo oll crcdit for whatercr
good he has performed ; nnd rxlcnd charily
hbcrally ovcr liirf rrrors. Wo think now, and
have thought, that moro of the odiuro, richly !
duo tho lale adminisliatio.1, b(.onScd to hisad-
' .
vucrs, bVh and loiv, ihan to Andrcw Jackson
mnrc, pcrnnps, In Mr. Vnn nurcr. than to ,
him. J.icI(9on li u bcen mnde tho tool
crs; posscsjing, we bclievo, honcst nnd
....v. .. ... ,u , ,,,,-vi, gvju-
drd on I y iho au.bitious nnd crafly nion aronnd
him, to madnr.js his pasfions nnd prfjiuliceti
hiv.. 1.P..M .,!,,!- t ,.. n, i r ., : ,
"-!' i" '-,
niii uiiu n acon, ana ino rcsuii is jut sucn nn
ono as was to bi-expected : his ndministralion
i.n. .11... .
has I. cen n ruhhs onc-hts coursc, as m
head, has btcn raF.h, incontiRtcnl, and injuri-
ous to Ihe cnuntiy. W do not supposo thut
he 15 to bo fcreencd from oll odium : ho has
... . .
alroady incurrcd iniicli, and thc rcnder f the
iciiors 01 x tirut-y ijuiu?," it ne is nol alrcady
un avowrd admircr of the lato Prosiilont. will
hardly find rrason to ho so
rtlUCtanCC lo
incur cvcn Ihe euspicion of wishing mclessly
tu inolcst Iho rcst of the " dcud lion," has cli
citid tl.cso rcinntk'. At tlio samo limo we
fcel that it is not mercly propcr, but ncctasary,
to rccapitulato Iho courso ol tho adminUtra.
tion for the last cight ycars. By so doing.tho
peop'o aro but lcnrning lcsaons from past cx
perienec, from which they may prnfit for thc
futurc; and if tho wholo hUtory ofthat ad
tninistraliou not only cvcry act in tho main
parts of the drnmo, but tho hy.ploye, and the
nccnes belund thc curlains could bo rcvcalcd
to the pcoplo of tho Unitcd States, we bclievo
they would bo taught a salulary Ireson which
would lead them hercaflcr to wrcet tho dcsli
nics of tho counlry Irom tho hands of hcarl
lcss deniagoguoJ. We tay, thcn to "Tlitas
hulus," -o on : you havc un stnull arqnain.
tmce wiih tho political history of the counlry,
and wo aro tonlident Ihat you mny ttao your
pon to soinc good end.
XI . I...
nltVll l i II, IMIl
As you have now rctircd forcvr from pub.
agos In your publio carrcr, inay ho ncilhor
unintcrcjtin nor wilhout inMrnctiuti. Tho
acicnco of govtrnmcn'. Iias not yct nttaincd to
so grunt pcrfcctton, hut Ihat a uril'cal cxtnniri
atiot, of tho wnrking of the tnncliine of stato
for tho last cight ycnrs, mny advancc it a Mcp
or two. It is itot, liowevor, bo much iny prc
cnt purpoao to entcr mysclf intojuch an cx
amtnalion, us it ia tu invito and sliiitutatc tho
puhlic nt largo to lake thls officc upon iteclf.
If, eir, it was ony part of your nmbitjon, in
climbing to your roccnt political elofaticn, to
sccuro your naino in that vehiclc wliicli id tlc
signcd to travtl down to rctnoto postcrity, to
wit, thc pagc of tho liiftorian, your ambition
so (ar u'ill bo gratinod. Should ynu ovcrtako
ono Hcrostrntu9. wlio was lookcd.for tho samo
journcy somc agcs bcforo you, yoti tnay juslly
uiuiiii procuuoncu ui ruim, uiasniucu ua uo un
ly mcrit consiatcd in npplying tlio torch to a
mcro gcwgaw tsnipto, wlicrcas yon can nspiro
to tlio hitherlo unutlnincil diatinclion, of liav
ing nt lcaat shakcn to ilfl loundalion, tlio niost
ciantic and eplcndid Rvpublicun Edificocvet
crectcd bv tho niiitcd wisdotn nnd cncrcy of
tnan. And lo maintain your rolativo prc-oni-incnco
yon tnay, tvithout arrogancoboastthat,
no inoro than tlcrnslralus, cliti you rcccivo
thc advcntitioiia nid of superior intollcctualcn
dowmcnls. It would cvidcnco a wnnt of fairncsi not to
ndinit tlint a conaidcrahlo portion of tho sin of
your olovaiton to your lato luh ctation, ncs
at tho doors ol your partian. At tho vcry
commcncciiicnt of tlio adtuinistration of your
immcdinto prcdoccssor, from tho putrcsccnt
and tccming bcd of political profligacy, exhal
cd an cdict, tho purport of which was that 'tlio
preseni auminiuiruuon mu.ii oa pui uown cvcn
if it was as puro os tho Angcla at tlio right
hand of tho throno of Qod.' Aa, of conrse,
thc welfaro of tho Nation had no part in this
dcturininalion, the hie( object being to ovcr
turn tho administralion o! Mr. Aiiatns, thc
main inquiry was, 'who will provo tho most
lit instruniont to compass so dcsirnbleati cnd.'
At a rccont cnnvass for the Prcsideucv it uo-
pearcd Ihat the cclat which the 'victory of
iNOW'uricans" naii atiacncu lo your namc,
mado you ali.ioal univcrsally acccptablc with
tho 'hnrrah boys.' Artd it was bclicvcd that
hy skill'olly ringing the tnultiplied changee up
on that victory, and kecping up an inccssant
dm about thc 'cxtravagance, tho 'pr0(i'Ill'ty'
and tho 'corruption' of tho cxitin'' adminis.
trat!on,you would stand tho best chanco of
s'lccccding against tho Ihen incumbcnt of thc
(jxccutivc chnir, of any otlier pcraon in tho na
tion. It appoarcd in tho Ecqucl that your lca
ditig partisans had sasaciouslr soundcd and
notcd the depths and" slialtowi of thc public
mind ; and the rircumstanco of their gaging
thcir ncts to iuakc thcm cfTicient in the laltcr
portioni only, forcibly rccals, and is curiotis
Iv coincidcnt with. an ofT-hand remark ascrih
ed to you uomo ycars ago, whcn, on bcingtold
for tlio flrat timo Ihat your namo had bcon
mcnlinnud aniong otlicrs as a candidato (or tho
Prcsidency, it 19 said that you, with the hlunt,
rocldcss, and charactcristic frankncsn of a sol
dier, ilcclarcd that ' tho pnoplo of the Unitcd
States muiit bo d' -n'd fool lo make you
Prcsidcnt.' This savin" of course could on-
ly havo rufercnco to that portton of tho pcoplo
who toiiit for you. The contingencyon which
this characlcr of tlio people of thc Unitcd
Statcs was prcdicatrd actually happcned ; a
constitutional majority of thcm mado you
Prcsident. And now commcnccd tho mot
cxtraordinary cxhibition of Fractico venuj
Profcssion, that man cvcr witnesscd in his fcl
low-man. And wcro it not for the fact that
your prolessions nro bcforc thc world in ptib-
lished lctlcrs and public documpnls ovcr your
0 wn namei anullior generation wojld oltribtitc
i nm aiiogca remniKabio mcongruity bclwccn
yollr wo'rj3 nn(J ac,;on9i ,0 thPma(?vni(,nce of
yotir encmies, and it would bo avcn diflicult
M"' J'our cotomporarics to crcditso nhnost in -
"cdib,le 0 P'lcnomena. ll actually appcarsas
iiiougii you commcnccd your udmimstralinn
wiih a prcdctcrmination td laush-consislcncy
lo scorn, nnd to show tho world by tho sclf-
famo cour6o ol conduct, both your conlempt
... r . ,w u,vv. w,
ndviscd ilr. Monroe cn his clcclion lo tho of-
fnm which you have just rctircd, to disrc
rrnn i..rig , iti .,r.iine ir. i.i. o, ,
3uur annarcnuv snc i.ooimd lo owcrs. l on
-ffl ', ' " zr". "n "V VCTi "i-
plo, and not of a party. Now, though it is
bclwccn your on i:
opooscd your clcvation lo tho ofiico of chitf
'si'fate you draw a linc of disiinction Ihe
! lnosl n!,ritcl nntI invidinus, onu that has no
seinuiance ol n parallcl in lliid llcpitbhc. In
your appoinum'nm ro oliicc you have had ro-
1 8nrJ "-clinivrly to party disiinction. You
havc swcpt tho board gcnerally of mcn who
W0I1, 0t voto aml hu.ral, for you, howcvr
hnneat and capable, and lilkd thtir placcs in
' niimerous inslanr.es wiih ultcrly inconipelcnt
i "c:e"0- Should any partieunpfyours feil
uisposcu to demur at Ihis charge, let him recal
I to rocollectinn thc disclosures in rulatjon to
"iu ucncrai i osi uiiice, wnoro ine rciormra
1 1'"118 'ltn rcn P'ncUin hund, wcre in-
1 n, ...in in il... .1,,... nf ! . 1 1 : .. ; 1.1 ..
.luv.inii w ...v u.t.jf ui ,nic niiii t IIUIIII
,ou.ri tho oincial lrnnf.HPlinn nf llifiir rirnnrl.
ment, and hang his head with shamc.
You was oipos(d to tho samo pcrsons
ling llio i'rcsidential chair two snccesnve
terms, nnd wiih a truly palriolic disinlorctlrd.
ncss avericd lothn subject afler your election
to that olfice in your aiiiiual meiisagcs lo Con
Ijrtrss, setting forth in strong lerms yuur ob
juction, and thtn, nol nnly prrinittcd your
solf to bo rc-clectcd, but in addilion to your
pmomil influice, brnught the powcrful cn
gino of Execu'ivo palronagc tobearupnnyour
own clcclion.
In your first mcssngc to Congrcss you
hroach and rrcommcnd thc principlo of 1 rola
lion in oflicc,' and proposo Ihat the tcrm of of
licc bo in general liiniled lo four )e;ir; and
concludj with Ibe dtclaralion, thst ' rotnlisn
contitties n lcnding principlein iho republican
crccd.' Yct your praclUt, during your cight
ycars of Excculivu sway, was lo respcvt this
'leailing principle' only so far as occasionlly
to appoiut a favorilo parlisan to a number of
oITiccs in 'rotation' each moro lucrative or''de
sirnblo than tho Init. Ncither you nnr your
fricnds Tor you, will prclcnd, that a faithful
ndhercnt of yours, holding olTice, was in nsin.
glo instnnro inpcrBcdt'd on tho principle advo
cnted in llietnopmge, Thntyou ncvcr designed
lo coiilinue tlio 'rotation pnnciplc' longer than
for one turn ol the whecl, nobody doubts at
This wa the langugec.fIt.M, Johnson Edi,
of ol i. Jjrunioa you-mntie no un-tiiiction hetttccn tho , he cmploy Would he speal; or tliosc who!"1""1-"" '-"I'V"""-" y". ,
nntri ' iwu iariii.r, irju onc oi wuicti supporiea, anu soizcu ine wnite pcopie as mcn-steaiers and, y - - --j-
I91" I llm ntlior nf u-hiplinnnn.r.l Mr Mnn. .-t if-n u;hr. u.n.,1.1 l. n .. .,.!, ....! I lllir. WlllCll- Wai lllt! re-OrC0nlZilll0ll ol lllC Coil-
lartisniiH antl those 'wlio ' nnd held them in s avciv 7 bibmiuihi x c11iHc1uu1.uou1.1c17. iicicupun,
this day. Dut what was (ar worsc, as though
conscious that party Imtrod and pcreonal and
party prcililcctions swsycu you in your rcmo
vals Irom, and nominations to, ollicc,you from
an eariy uay manitcsicu a DasiiiuineKS qtiitc
uut of charactcr in ynu, m aslong tho 'advtco
nnd conscnt' of tlio Scnuto to said nomina
tions. TJut pcrhaps, afler all, it wns not bnsli
fulncss; pcrhaps it was contcmpt of tlio Scn
ato ; pcrhaps you thought nliat somo noisy
anarcliist of your party, proclaimcd aloud, to
Vit, that tho Scnato was an cxcrctccnco upon
tho ConBtitulion and oii"lit to bo nulliflcd. It
is, nt any ratc, mattcr of rccord that you did
habitually rcfrain from enbmitting to thc Scn
ato unlil nonr the ctoso of tho scssion, nomin
ations to ofTiccn which you had actually fillcd
during thc last rccrss nf that hody. This, sir,
was tinusual, nnd though nn violation of the
leller of tho Cnnstitution, it was n praclite
which its framers ncvcr could havc intcndcd
to niilhorizc.
You did in many instanccs forbear to nom
inato to important oflicee which wcro actna'lly
vncant for wceks and cvcn months during thc
sitting of thc Scnato, and thcn fillcd thcm im
mr.dialcly on its adjou rnmcnt, under that clausc
of tlio Constltution hich authorisss tho Prcs
idcnt to fill vacancics during tlio rcccss'of tho
Scnato. Tlus was a palpnblo cvaston ol tlio
lctter, and as clcarly a violation of tho spirit
ol liiat tnstrumcnt.
You havo in onc inslancc, nt lcast, rrnp
nointcd to tho samo ollicc-immcdiatclv on tho
adjournmcnt n( tho Scnalc,an individual whom
you had appoinlcu during its rcccss and whom
that body had just rcjcclcd. It would bo ridi
culous to call this a raere cvasion of tho Con
slitution, it wad an outraceous violation ofthat
nnco sarrcd instrumcnt. Othcrwisc tho clausc
Trhich rcquircs the advico and conscnt of the
Scnatc, in fillinc ccrtain ofTiccrs, isamcrc nul-
lity, bccauso on your principlo a Prcsidcnt of
liie unitcu statcs may tui cvcry ollico in thc
gift of tho Gcncral Govcrnment, and rctain
tho incumbcnts in thcirofilcea duringthe wholo
tcrm of his own Excculivcship, with thc cx
ccption of one day in cach ycar, without thc
Scnatcs concurring in a sinclo uppointmcnt,
For the Watchman and Stato Journal.
Missrs. Editors: Though I havc bccomc in
f'cncral avcrsc to writinc for puhlic inurnals, I
arn inclincd to offer somc icply to a communi-
n n . .. I i
cauo.i in your pper ui J euruary ii, uy - rtin
icus Populi.' Tho writcr, lo borrow his own
laii;uac, cxhibits "much of crude and li&Mily
formcd opinion" upon the subject ofabolition.
tia appcarslo bcono ol llio many wlioarodis
poscd to ccnsuro Abolitionists without undcr
standins their viewt and plans. Pcrhaps ab
olitionists arn descrving cnough ol ccnsurc, but
it is dcsirsblo Ihat tlioso wlio administer it
would bo moro spccific and'instructivc, and
that they would particularly inform us not on-
ly what wo do and say amiss. but 'how wo
minlit do and tay bcttcr.
Amicus Populi cnjoin8l""tho languago bf
Kindncss as well asot carncstncssandlidcnty"
in epcaking ofslavcry. But what is tho lan
guapool kindncss? Thc slave-holdcr is inthe
nabit of soothing his conscienco with excuses
and palliativcs. Do kindncss and. fideltly rc
quiro ns plainly to tcll him the nature and t
normity of his crime? We arc accustomcd to
speak of theft and dishoncsty in scvero tcrrr.s.
Do kindncss and fldclity rcquiro us to speak
of slave-holding in scvercr, or in mildcr lan-
Ettase ?
Aboliuonifts bcltcve Ihat thc kidnap-
pcr onlv bteius a wrons which tho slavvliold
kt ptrptlwxlts, and that slavc-holdinc is essvn
1 tinily kidnapping continuod. Arc thcy corrcct
in lliiu bclief, and if corrcct, docs truekindnojs
rcquire thcm to j;)cac as thcy bclieve? Abo-
lilionists regard slare-holdin" as tho sum or
a ,ho wrol 8 Bnd 0UtragC3 Sliich men com-
'mit against cach othur,and h lievo it is by no
lmcans tho lcss criminal for its having bccn
long practiBcd. Aro they right in bclicving
oo, an
P. inform thcm what
they ought to bclievo and how to speak ?
Somo slave-dealcrs como into a town in
.v..-..., .. .v - ...Ui. , "
men. women it clu urcn. anu cnrrv hnm In n
soulhcrn slave-markct, wl.crc thcy aro dispo -
j scd of to tho highcst biddcr, just as blacks ate.
m, :r a p fln. ...;...i .i .i...
1 - , " .2 3 L " ..." ,
consistcntly wiih fidelity, what tcrms would1
Pcrhaps A. P. thitiks nbolitior.ists have donc
injtif tico to slavt-holdcrs hy exoggcratinj thc
wrongs ofslavcry. If so, ho migbt do on im-
, portant scrvico by slinwmg whcrcm and how
, lar they havo cxaggcralcd
Mtf. Grimke, whosc Appcal has bccn cx-
teneivcly read, was a' Carolinian, brousht up
in Ihc midst ofslavcry. After having "rca5
many nnli-slavery pamphlcts, papcrs-booke,"
, shc eays, "I atn not at all alraid to asscrt Uiat
anti-slavcry publicntions havo i,ot overdrinvn
thc inonstrous featurcaof slavery at all." Hor
mind opprnrs remarkahly gcntle, jet the calls
piovery a inonster ol iniquny."
A. V't. notion of immedinto and uncomli.
tional emaucipation is, to lct loosc all thc black
populalion of tho South, and "sufier Ihcm to
roam whrrcvcr thcy, in their folly and igno
rancc, might hoppcn lo plcasc." This surtly
would not bo givmg thc slavcs such Irccdom as
whitu pcople enjny a frccdom regulsted by
law. 'It would bo rathcr giving them up to h
ccntioiincsf, Ihan giving thcm I'recdom. It
would ho more like chauging Ihem from do
mestic bcasls to wild bcasts, than changing
Ihem from brutes to mcn. Wc ai-k for tho
slavcs imnicdiato frccdom, and we ineist liiat
they ought to havo it unconditlonatly, Ihat is,
wilhout beiug scnt lo Cibcria, and wilhout a
compctiEalioii lo tluir mastcrs. But when wo
say frccdom, vo do not mean liccntiousncss.
Our writer assertsthat " tho domcstic slave
trado may bo abolishcd, tho scparation of fam
ilica prohihilrd," &c, but tho elavo "is a
tlavo slill, so long as ho is subject tti Ihu hSII
of his mastcr," Ilcre A. P. doos not iecm to
obscrvo tho disiinction bclwcnn slavcr" and
volunlary scrvilude or apprcnticeship.' Thu
solo object ofslavcry is tlio maeter'a plcauro
or profit without regard to Iho slave's happi
ncss. Tho master's power over his slavcij
unlifnitcd, uncondilional, nnd perpctual : ho
may exact"whst he plcases withhold whal he
plcares inflict what he pleasee, and all this
ng lonu at ho nleasci-. Buttho hired setvant
or apprcnlico has tho advantago of a rompait
sccunng mulual bcnnfiis to the mattcr &. kcr-
vant. In this case tho maatcr.'s power isliniit-
cd both in dpgrec and duration, and dcpcnds
on tho pcrformance of conditions. The Jioor
slavo cndurcs oulropo nnd sc'rvos for nothing;
llio hircd sc'rvant is piotcclcd and scrvcs for a
Amictis Populi ihihks tho rcmcdy for the
grcat wrong of alavcry must bo tlio wotk of
timc. Dotibtlcss it will rcquiro timc to pcr
tundo elave-holdcrs to pcrform this work ; btit
supposo thcy wrc alrcady pcisuadcd, how
long a timo would thoy nccd lor its pcrform
ance? Tho history of cmancipalion proves
that ncgrocs will woik h(t(cr forpay than thoy
will fr thc whin. Supposo' thcn that slave
holdcrs gcncraily should tako it Into thtir
hcarts no longcr lo cxtort involuntary and un
compcnsatcd jabor, but convcrt their slaves
into hiicd icrvants ; how soon could the object
orthoir wuhes bocllcctcd? bhouiu incy ue-i
liro Ihat all injustico mijiht from Ihis momcnt i
cnasc, and tho slttvcs bo protecrcJ I in thoir I
like white pcople, what would hindcr tho
phshmcnt of thcir desire ? fho prcs-
cnl laivs forbidding cmancipalion dcrivc all
thcir forca from tho will of iho slavc-holdcrs,
and would bccomo void at onco willioul a lor
rnal rcpcal by achangc ol that will.
A.P asks : " What good object can ho cf
fcctcd by your labors in tho non.slavchnlding
statcs?" and soon after says: "But puhlic
opinicn'hcrn, cvcr sinco tho adoption of :hc
fcdoral conslitulior, to say the lcast, has bccn,
anJ full conlinucs to bo uccidcdly op
poscd to alavcry." Wilhout disputing his as
sctlion, I aek him to cxplhin how a pcople dt
cliledly oppnscd to slavcry nrlJ havingthcpow
crto abolish it in tho Diatrict of Cdlumbia,
havc sulTcrcd its oxistcnco thcro so'long?
IIow happens it that thcir rcprcscntatives in
Congrcss will not cvcn licara pctition for its
nbolition ? Why do they voto for "the admis-
Slavcry holds tho negrocs in ignorancc; and
what but tho spiril ofslavcry cxcludcanozroes
from our collcgcs? What clso promptcu tlio
strangcprocc'cdingsin Cantubtiryand Canaan?
Call it the siiiiitof slavcry or what ydu will,
facts show that Abolitionists havo something
to do in tho North. It would bo questionable
witdom for lccturers to go to the South, and,
lcaviug sucli a spirit bchind thcm, givo South
crltors a chanco to say, go home and rcform
yotir own pcoplc. Dcsidcs, nro thcy not npcr
ating both upon tho South and upon tho North?
Already somc hundrcds ol bIcvcs havc bcen
emancipatcd in conscqucnco of thcir movc
mcnts, and ono slavcholdcr has becomo thc
conductor of an anti-sluvcry journal.
Waitsfield, March 2, 1837.
P. S. Tho abovc rcply was just flnished
whcn Amicus Populi's cecund assay appearcd.
Afler reading it, I do not think it cxpediont to
offcr much more in rcply ; parlly bccauso tho
writcr cmploys tidiculc'upon his subject, which
I do not wishlo incct in any way, and partly
forother rnasons. II is to bo rcgrctted that
thc writcr hasvcnturcd tu ofllr his thoughts to
thc public without bcing'bcttcr iriformcd. Pcr
haps ho difi'crsfrom abolitionists onsomcpoinls
( nly ' for-want' of corrcct definition. .By a
8lavc,Aholitionisl3 mcan a "chattcl pcrsonal."
Thpy bclieve Uiat all elavcs who nro compc
tent to tako caro of themselvcs, should bc al
lowcd to do so, undcr such legal rcstrnints on
lv as aro imposcd on other people; and that
tlioBe who are not competcnt should like, whito
peoplo of similar capacitics, be placcd undcr
rcsponsiblc guardians. A. P. pronounccs all
rohmlary slavcholding-sinful. Oocs hc mcan
lo condcmn all'who voluntarily hold 'appren
titcs? for cvcn thc apprcnlico is a sluvc ac
cording to his notion. Ho has not studied hia
subject enitigh to bo cnnsistcnt. Onu momcnt
licsays: " blavrry is Iho twtre subjection of
ono person to the will of anolher" ; ihc noxl,
ho insisls that thc umittd suDjcclion ol an ap
prcntico is slavcry. It ho will ecnd to llia
Book Storo of E. P. Wallon & Son, or lo
somo olhcr place.furJnj's Inquiry nnd Phclp'sj
Lccturcs on Slavcry and ils Uumcdy, hcwillba
in bcttcr circumstanccs to bcnifitthc publio by
Ins wntlo'is. 1. b.
Good in Nazartth Congrtsstonal Temptr
ance bocitly. At a mcvliug ol the (Jnngrcss
ional Temperance Society.Tield in IhcCapitol,
.. w..-, v. 9 :,!,
! .r,he on; V0WIS Cu VC6,ilcn?r ,hf.S'
! c,y. H'O cl.a.r was tnkcn hy tlio Hon. i ehx
Grundv. Scnator from Tcnncsocc. ono of thc
1 ,
, Vico Prcsidcnls.
The Uov. JoUn MorMi,
Sccretary of the A-
on motion, iho Hon.Mr. lloar, Heprcscnla
tive from Mars., Hon. Mr. Grenncll, Rcpre
cenlutive from Mass., nnd tho Hon. William
Wardwcll, Bcpresentative from N. Y., wcro
appointcd a rommitlcc to prcparc ond rcport a
list of ofHccrs for iho year cnsuing.
Thn conunittco on nomination of ofTiccrs
mado a rcport, whercupon thc following gen
llemcn wcro appointed ofTiccrs for ihe cnsuing
year :
7VfsWiii-1IIon. Fclix Grundy, Senntor
from Tumit'jccc.
Yict PrtsldtnlsYlon. Gidcon Tomlinton,
Scnator Irom Conn. ; Ilon. W. C. Utvep, Sen
ator from'Vo. ; Ilon. John Itccd, mrmbcr of
Congrlsa ' from Moss. ; Ilon. Thos. Ewing,
Scnutor'fromOhio; Ilon. John Tipton, Senn
tor from lud. ; Uiiii. Danicl Wardcll, mcuibcr
ofCeragrese from N. Y. ; Ilon. J. M. 'Waync,
Judgo of Ihu Suprciiie Couit, U. S. , Hon.
Samurl Prcnliss, Scnator from Vt. ; "Hon. II.
L. Pinckncy, mcmbcr of Congrcss from South
Carolina ; Ilon. Franklin Picrce, mrmbcr of
Congress from N. II. ; Hon. Harnior Denny,
mcuibcr of Congrcss from. Pa.; Hon. Abncr
Hazcltine, mcmbcrul Congrcss fiom N, Y.
Secrflary Lewis H. Machin, Chiif Clcrk
of Iho U. S. Scnatc.
7'rfajttrfr Hon. Elisha Whiulosey, mem
bcr of CongrcsB Irom Ohio.
.ludilor John Shacl;ford,'Scrgeant-at-arms
oftho U. S.Senatc.
Exeadivt CommllltS Hon, Gco. N. Uriggi",
memberofCongrees from Mass. ; Ilon. Ben-
jamin fcwilt, benator Irom VPrniont; tlon.
Ucorge Urcnucl, mcmuer ol Congress Irom
Mass; Hon. Bcllamy'Slorer, monincrnf Con
grcss from Ohio; Hon.-Wm. Sladc, mcmbcr
of Congrcss from Vt.
On motion, adjotirned, jhif dlt.
'Glau Ware. It prohabl.v is not gencr
ally known, that glnns tnay bc tcntpcred so
as'nol to be liahlc li crack whcn fillcd with
Hot waler, wluch BlioU tl c coui whcn llio
.... .... .. .
tJ'illi8 ' Inu IL1,V"'K "
cotil gradunlly iu ihc watcr. If ihe ware is
to bc cxpnseil lo n grcalcr heat than boll-
'uig watcr it sliould be lcmpcrcd with oil.
From Campaigns iirFlorida.
This rriricil intlivitlunl isnbout SO .ycars
ofngc, 5 feut 10 inchcs liigli, ratiicr 3lcndcr
llmn Blnut but elenanlly formcil of tc-
markahlc llglitncss of lijtibs, yct capablc nf
Mid IIcrcult'H blendfJd, tif rathcr' thc cnay
pracc, tbc slcnllhlvdiep aiitl nclive sprii:'
ol thc tigcr. His grnmlfathcr tvas a
Scotchman, IiSb irrantltnnther antl ' moilicr
wcre iuii iiiuians. jiis lauicr was n
cmirFC, half brccd, and Occola ia quarlcr
bluod, or onc fourth wbilc, which his corn-
nlcxidn and eycs inuicatc, being mtich
litrhlcr than lliosc of thc Imlians Lrcnerallv.
When convcrsingon lopics agrccnblc to him
coimtcnance tnanilels mnro the dispo
slinn or1(. whi(c lian , red man Thleri
is a ireat variely iu Ihc nlayorhis fcattircs.
and when cxciled, liis lacc is lil up by a
thousand firca of passinn, nnlmalion, and
cncrgy. His nccc is Grccian at its base,
and would be pcrfccil.v 'Pliidcan, but that
it bectmics slighlly archcil. Thcrc are in
d'lniitnhlc firmncss and wilhcring scorn in
Ibe expressinn ol his rnntith though the
lips are tremulous Irom thc immcnsc emo
ttons which seem cvcr boiling up within
him. Alioul his brnw, care and thought
antl toil liave traccd their channels, antici
phting on a yotilhful lacc, ihc havnc antl
furrnw worlc'of timc.
To lliofe who havc knnwn Occola lonu.
hia famc dnes not nppear like a sun burst,
litil as ,llie ripening Iruil ofearly promised
''I'oms. 'Foryea s pasthe has enmycd
thc reputation of beinff the bcst ball nlavcr
iitld hufitcr and Ihc most cxpert at running,
wresilinji, and all oibcr activc exxercUes.
At'Bucli timcs, or when nakcd, his fi,Ture,
whence all stiperfluous'flesh is worn down,
cxliibitcs the irtnst bcahtiful develnpmcnt of
rnusclc and power. lie is aatu to be in
cxhaustablc Irmn thc ball 1 play, an cxccr-
cise sii violcnt that the strui'me for 'maslc
ry has bcen known lo catine the 'dealli of
one nfthe combalanls. Wbcn Ihis nCcurs
in a (air contesl, thc survivnr is not nun
i.-ilit'il lor niurdcr, as in all olbr casps of
taking hle. On oneocassion, Occola actcd
iiRguidc lo a party of horscmen, and fin
ding llini, at niartinr, tiiry proceded slowly,
hc cnquired the cause. On being told tb'at
It was on his account, with one nf those
smiles hc ilone can givc, badc tbem to p;o
cecil morc rapidly. They put spurs lo
their slceds, and he, a-foot, kcpt up wiih
thcmluring thc cntlrc rotit, nor did he
cxhlbit Ibe slightcs syrnptoms of faliguc,
ut the close ol'tbc day, but arrived at ihc
point prnnosed, as carly as ihe mounled bo
dy. To Ool. Gadsdcn, Biile Comniiss'roner
at Ihe Treaty ol Pavne s LanJini', Ocenla
rendered good service, at thc -head ol'SO or
-10 warnors, postecrhimsell nearer co ihe
Colonel'ii pnsition than Ihe olher 'Indians,
and saying, he was morc like the white man
than ihcy. Hc did not sign Ihe ircaty then
and ihercmadc, nor did be rclusc so'io do.
'1 hc lact is, he was ne ver asked to subscribe
liis name Ihcrcto, beinrrnt that-timc but a
TuRtcnuggc and of'liiife nolc. This' trea
ty must not he cnnfbtiiided with thc sulise
quent agrcemcni ihat Occoln finally sign
ed, and into which he is said to havc plun
ged his knifc, whcn rallcd on for his siL'iia
ttire. The nrgociatioiH at Payr.e's Lan
dinir were in the timc nl Tuckasce Kmalli-
hi,or ihe Grnund Mole Warrior, Chief of
Ibe Micasuky lrihe. Vt ihat dale it was
not known of Powell, as Cotlnn Malher
sayj ol Iloger Willianis, in his Magnolia,
ih'at "ihe who'ecminlry wns snon like to
bc nct on fire hy Ihc rapid motinii ofa winil
rnill in thc head of this onc man."
Occola actcd as ogent lor Micanope, who
i is an I
is nn imbecile, in rcducing into subjccllnn
i ','
, " .nc.rn,J P04 ).CrX i.l
and in-sunoruinaic inoe. 'lit Ins bold-
. ... , -
ncss nnd cneruy he always snecedetl in
brinini; Ibeni in lo rcccivc punishincnt for
Ihe nlltnccs commiltcu-latierly he would
hcg ilii'in olf, and frnallv went ovcr to them,
as onc ol their cbicfs. The U. S. oflicers,
ns well as the'Indians, all lnoked lo Oceola
to fccctire oflenders knowing his resolution
and prrtwess. And lor this purposc, as
well as to realrain Ihe Seminolcs within
their limits, lie had takcn morc pains, and
cndured more faligne, ihan any lonr Indi
ans put togcllier. He is ol an elevnted and
upright charncier, and was of kindly dis'o
sition llll put in irons, hich convertcd lo
II, ihe milk ol bumnn kindness in his bo
som rouscd his ficry indignatinn, un
quenchahle but by blood, and cxciled him
lo deep-sealci!, amplc revetige.
Occola's ancncv, nnd ihat of his lietiten-
nnt,Tom, in Oinalhla's death, and his kil-
lint Gcn. 1 hompson, willi ine riile pre
scnicd him by iheGcneral, inilitale against
tlio favnrable" estininie of his characleri
But that all his goodly lcclings' wcre not ut.
Icrly eradicaicd,isprovcd byan incident in
ihe'interview with' Gen. Gaincs' commatid.
On ihat nccasion, Oceola anxiously enquir-
cd attcr tiieut. Junn urauain,anu on oeing
infornictl ihat hc was wouiuled, sloully de-
nied it. On being askctl why he was so
posiiive lliat'Licut. G. Was unhurt, he re
plicd lltat he had imperalively ordered'his
pcople nevcr lo molcsi'lhailyoungman,nnd
kncw no one 'Would dare disobcy him;
none fhoultj and live-! 'It was thcn adniil
lcd that Ihmiuh'onc of Ihe hrothcrs tif Gra
ham hau" been wotinded, yet, Lieut. G.
This Gen. Thowpson was the man wlio "put
Oceola inirous, as mcnlioned above. This fact,
nnd Ihe circunutance connected wiih it, are omitted
in the a'jove4icconnt. ' Oceolx, or'Powell, at he was
called by the Mhitri,1iad a wife ito whom ho was
much allached whoso mother "as a mulatto ilavt,
wlio ran wny and was adoptud by ihe'Indians, and
married one of thcir chicft, Though IheTather was
frec, yet a children by law in tho-South, lake Ihe
iin.lit'ion if tho mother. Ocela's wife was sieied as
A slave by a person claiming hcr under (he right of
her molher'a former tnaster. Tho higli spiiited
husband attempteit to dcrend her, but was OTerpow.
ered and put in irons by Tliompion, who commandrd
Ine nsriy. 1 ne urcm w inciucuvanjr ivibicu uduiu
Thu traniarlmn hai bren
ihs war in Flor'nla.
aid tobe iho origin of
bnd escapcd injtiry; at which snlm!sidn
Occola nrcallyjnycd. It Hccms Ihat I'ow
cll has a little dnugthcrto whom Licut. G.
was vcry kind and had prcsenied wiih
froflis. in which ihe yo'ing tiirl, who nrcw
vcry fond of him, always insiicd on being
dresscd wlicncvcr shc perccived Licut. G.
(lor whom shc nflfrn lookcd oul,) coming to
visit hcr. Oceola's rnotive in spafing
Licut. G. wns gratittulc lor ntlcnlion to his
cbild, which he alsn cnticavtircd lo repay
by tcaching llm Licut. ihc Indian lan
guagc,'for lit spoke a lilllc Epglish, antl U
vcry inlclligcnt.
I'nwell has IWo wives, as is common wiih
Ibe Intlintis, but thcy nrr rarcly trigamisis.
His ttco belter halvcs livc in ncrfcct hurmrt-
ny, having one lable in common, but occii
pyinii seperale "lodces." Thcy are boih
young nnd cnmclv ; one ofihcni iu particu-
lari prctiy. liiey yicld passivc olicili
encc to his vigorous itilcllcc.t, und c:rpres
slons wliich pjrtake thc charactcr ol liis
mind. TI is words arc fcw, but appositc.
At thc cnnchisitm of thc lallc. I havc
skctchcd his lofiy Ir.ein aud manly bcar-
Ilisaddrcss is courlcnus and afHible, and
liis smileis witchery. Like most Indians,
ne Ia lond ol a jokc, the opinion ihat sava-
gcs arc nltvays gravc bcmg crronenus.
His shtikc of thc liand, like every tlun'g
from him, lcaves a lasting impression ; atid
if hcre be not a vice in his fingers, hc has a
titcioHj way nl using Ihem. Uccola is
greatly amhitious, aniT like olher indinns,
revcngful, thc lex tnlionis heading their
bloody cotlc. So that hisconducl, like Ihat
of morc civllizcd mcn, is made upofmixcd
mojives, ln ving jusf cnough ol thc salt of
patii'it'sm lopreerve tl ecTiaraclcr Irom liie
taintnf corrupiing sclfisbness.
Grarlations of Color. Thc white female
slaves arc mnstly in the posscssiiin of weal
thy Turks. The' coticubitic slavcs in thc
liouscs ol''xCgypiian' ofthe higherand mid
dlc classcs arc gsncrally Ahy(.sinians, nf a
'dcep brown, or bronze complex'ion. ln
llieir lcaturcs aa well as Ilicir complexions,
thcy appear an'intbrniediaie race bclwccn
Ihe ncgrocs arid white people; but Ihe dif
fcrencc bctwecn thcm and eithcr nl thc a
bovementioncd races is colisiderable. Thcy
Ihemsclves, howevtr, think 'that they difTer
so little from Ihc white pcople, Ihat they
cannot hc pcrsuadcd to act as servanis, witli
tlue obetlicnce, lo tlteir niasler's wives ; and
the black (or negro) slavc-girl fcels cxaclly
in the same manncr lnvards ibe Abyssirt
ians, but is perfcctly willing lo serve the
white ladies. Lane s Egypt.
.Vuste. The Arahs follow thcir carhcla
singing ; add-thc hardcr Ihey sing Ibcswift
er the animals travel; if they stopthe cnrri
el also stops. U'hc natives of ihCEast wci'e
accusu.nicd to fcpt o(it on long voyagcs ru
thc sountl ol'muBic. Plato tiupposcd that it
would Fcarccly bc possible lo' chan'ge 'llt
lashion ofmusic in a counlry, wnhout aller
ing ihe government. Thc nationai'alr3' rr
Ihc SwiiS and tlie'Scolch producca power
hil impression on thc nativcsof those coun
tricS Whcn" they arc at a dislancc Irom home.
Solnmon says, " As vinegar upon nilre, tfo
is hcthai singclh to a hcavy hcart." Mt?
sic was I'conlinual sourcc nf plcasurc'fo
ihe cclebraletrBocrbaavc. Luiiicr'wascx.
cecdiugly dclichie'd 'wiih it; he says "I
givc Ihe highest place lo mtisic ; for therc
by all anger is forgolicn, ihc dcvil isdriven
away, andmclahcholy, wiih tnaiiy triliula
lions and evil ihotiglus, are cxpcllcd ; it is
Ihe best rolacc for a snd and sarrowful
mind." Treatise on Happxness.
Sccnc in a schonl-rocm. " Wliatsttnlldc
do you intend to pursue?" said an crutliie
pcuagngue one day as Johny Kaw cntereo
hisschnulrootn. "Vliy, I bhall sludy rcad,
I spose, would'ni yc .'" " Yes, but you will
not want' to rcad iill the limc ; are you ac-
qtiointctl with figures?" " It's a piiy il
an't, whcn I've ciphercd nlcan throtigji
adoption." " Adoption ! whal rutc is thal .'"
" Wliy, its Ihe tlouble rule of l wo, you know
that twice Iwo is four, and, nccordinc (o
adoption, ftofcc four is Uco." " You tnay
lake voiirseat.sir. said ihe masler. " xtnj
may take yourn,"' said Ihe pupil, " for its a
poor rulc that won't work both ways."
Pickled Ded Bugs. The Bangor Faf-
mer slales Ihat a rdrong roltition of salt
walcr, will killhed hugs, and ndvizeshous'c
kccpers, who are to unfnrtimate as to be
trouhlcd wiih ihese visitnrs, lo apply this
pickle to thcir carc.isses. The samc pickle
we douht not, will kill nn ox, if he is thro-
ugbily immersctl in a RtifTicier.t quantily;
but Ihc qticsiion is, whelher it is not about
as well to serve thc hed bngs as you do the
neel kil Ihem hrsl, and salt them doien
Jlpple Treu.A horlicullurist in Bo
heinia has abcautiltil plantation of (hc best
sort of apple trces, which have neithcr
sprungfrom secds nor grafiing. His plan
is to lake shoots from thc choiscst'sorts, in
scrt tbem in a pntaloc.and pltinge'botb into
the grnund, leaving but an inch or two nl
the Rprnut above ihe'surfa'ce. The pota
(oe noiirishes thc shnoi, uhjlc it pushcs out
rools, nnd the shnot pradiially springs
and beeomcR a bcnuliful frce, bearing thc
bcst oflruit, wilhout rcfiuirlng to be graf
Intrcase of Pi'gs. Onc pair o pigs will
increafc in s!x ycars to 119,169, taking
ihc inrrcase at fl timcs pcr annum. A
pair ol shecp in the Ra'tne'time would hebal
Detp SnotM. The dtpih ol snow which
lcll.in Porlland diirlpgjhc mimth ,of Janu
ntv Isst was ibrce fcct inches, The av-
cragedcplhin Jsnuary for sevcraTye'ani
past was 17 inches.
Toprevcnt cditndt from Alortifuing.
Sprinklc siiar on them. The Tiirks'wash
fresh wouiids wiih winc, and sprinKle su-
gar on them. UtMiinale ulcers may he
curc d wiih sugsr dissolved in a slmhg dc-
coclionol wamuricnvcs.

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