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Vermont watchman and State journal. [volume] (Montpelier, Vt.) 1836-1883, March 14, 1837, Image 3

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ttj'V ! "d on ! fe lernl pom rnmcnt so lin
b; to abusc as thc taxmjr, powcr. Tlicmost
11 I. lULllVt UU'i U'MIi.UIWV niuivbn ,..
ni'i tisariiy givcn 10 n, uiiu u
,iblc to perlbrm thc important du-
. upon it; aml tlio laxes which
i. m commerce being concculed
- al paycr in tlic price oftlic urti-
not -() readilynttracttho atten
,ir iple as sma'ller sums demand-
. . dircctly tiy the Uixgnthcr.--.
Imposed ongoudH enhances hy
ii- ivh c f i tho commodily to the
K, i.i maii'' ol'thesc dtiiica are
m urfii'lt n i l ncessity, wliicli arc
fh U
1 p
r n
ii -
i thc qri'M uoiiy oi ihe poopie.
h n .it v 'i s-"" "y "ii,s?impfisin w ornwn
'.-Ucta. I'utiffrosB lias no ripht
v. ,) ltl
i v '
1 k
-tlic I
nd .
I'fip titution, tu lake moncy from
, utilrsn it ;. requircd to execute
"I" t'io ftpr-'illi- powers intruslcd
'ti,ininit: nml If they raisu morc
uy for urh purposee.il isim
tl power ir taxntion, nnd unjust
c. It may, indccd, liappen,
miic w;!l M'lmetimcs exceed the
.-iixin'i1 n liu thu taxcs were
. 'i, Imwn" 'b'r 18 afcertoined,
irduce t fiti ; in nuch a cnse
finlilj tu. duty t the govern
i u- tho.n, t'. r no cireumstmioes
it in asMiu.,'1.; ft powcr not u;iv
tbi; coh:. Muti 'ii, nor iti tukinj
.ney ofthc pcople, whcn it is
i tir the I iU;i.:i" wants of the
thrse piineipli;i appear
to bo,
u u i yut dnd lli . t t!n r
i.s a oonstantcf-
the G '.it:i1 Government to
lin i il -ii taxinif por.'cr,
..uoC ui)K.C'.-E''iry burdfiis upon
,ic Mnny ) nvorHil uHercsis are
u" i tv.ork ' t procorc lieavy duties
r -yre'cc, aud t' '-'vpIi llw rovenue be-
I, ii.c r al .'ccss.tii'B of ihe pulilic scr-
it ' 1 tb' countrj 1ms nlrcnd.v fflt the
iijUiious eileciaof their combincd itiflucnce.
rhcy shco'-j.'i'J in oblaininij a tasjft'ol'du-,-,
l -.ng inosl oppressivcly on the agri
fU'riral "tid Inboring clawos of society, and
roi.luciT.j a rcvenuc tliat could notbe-use-tii
' r 1 within thc rangcofthepow-
tMCjn. rre' ! upon ConnrcEB ; and, in ordcr
to 18StCl Upon Ilicpcopiu uusuiijum .uiu uii-
tom of laxation, extravagaiit
chem a of intcnial iinprovement wcre gnt
ip, n vanous qunrtcrs, to Eijatuier tue mon
ti.andto purchase ciipport. Tht!f, onc
tincansUtuHonal mcasure was intcnded to
be upheld by another, and the abuse of thu
powcr f 'axation was to be mainttined by
usurinng ' iC powcr of expcndinij thc mon
cy m intcnial improvcments. You cannot
havi forg-itcn tlioEovcreanddoubtfulstrug
tf6 ihi 'Ujfh wliich ve passed, wlicn tho
i'xecul c Drpartment of thc Government.
b )ts veto. ciidenvored to anest this prodi
ja sulicme ol injustice, and to bring back
tla lecialion of Cotigress to tlic boundaries
prcsrmicd 'y tlKiConstitiition. 1'lie good
sense and practinul judgmrnt of the peoplc,
whcn thcsubject was brought before thcin
"sustaiiicd thc course of tlic Executivei and
this plan ofunconstitutional expenditure for
the purposcs of corruptinllucncc, is, I trust,
Thc result of this dcci3ion has bccn felt in
he rapiJ cxtiiignislimentof tlie public debt,
nnd the large aicumulation ol a Eurplui in
he treaaury, notwithstanding thc tariffwas
''duced, and is now vcry far belnw the a
""iunt originall' contemplatcd by ils advo
i tt'3. Ri.t, rtly upon it, the des;gn tocol
li ftan extravanant revenue, and to burdcn
y ,ii Yi'ltaxcKbcyondthccconomicalwanis
of ihe Govrnmcnt, is not yct ubandoncd.
'I ie variou3 intcrests which have conibined
ftge'hcr to impoc :i hravy tarifT, and'to
prnluec aa ovcrflowing treasury. arc too
VTonp, ar 1 havc too much at Btake to sur
render the roniest. The corporations and
wealthv ndividual3 who are cngaged in
Isi-jre p inul'acturingeslabliahmcnti'.desirca
Ingl tanff to iiicrease their iiains. Design
nf poiit"ia's will suppori it, lo concilhatc
11 fav Ti and to obtain thu tntans of nro
fi io c xf ndit".'P, fiir the purpose of purcnas
uif ml'wn'-e m oiher quartcra; and since
thc ":' ie '.ve dccidcd that the Federal
Oijvcn"if"t cannot bepermitted toemploy
t i 'c t ii sn intcnial improvcments, cnbrts
will v 'riadc to Kediicc and mislcad theciti
zf na i '.veral Stutcs, by holding out
o hcn t.B -'eceitful prospect of benefits lo
l'C VrvP'' Imra n eurplua rcvenuc collected
'iy the Gcneral Govt rnmcnt and annually
hvidcd lTTioB ; the Statcs. And if.cncour
aed .nt'se fnllacious hops, the Statcs
Fhmtlil'1 drcjard tlie nrincinlea ofeconomv
which ug t rhnracterize every Hcpublican
Go enirient1 and should indulge in lavish
rspt-ndiiur. s exceeding their resources,
'iu v will, bei'ore long, llnd themselves op
. r 'i d iv ) debts wliieh thev are unablc
o pay, and the templalion will become ii
reBisfable tnsupport a high tariff, in ordcr
' obtain a R'trplus for dUtribntion. Do
it iP iw ' i'irwK"es, mv lellow-oiUzt'iis to
iit !u.sli-d on this Bilbjcrt. The Federal
Govrrn-ni.nl cnnnot collcct o BUiphm ibi
aiii a puro:;ei, without.violating the prin
,iples (4 thc r.onstitution, anil apsuniing
powers wb ,h hsve uotbecn grantoil. It is,
mrreover, .i sstem of injustice, and if per
Ksled in, will inevitalily lead to corruption,
,md tnust e ul in ruin. Th; surplus rcve
nuc will b drawri from the pockets oft.'ie
fieopie, Ir 'n ihe i'armer, thc mechanc and
the ilw ni. ihnsus nfgociety; but who will
ptceiveH wn -ii 'lif-liibuted ainong tho &tate6,
wlu rt is il io be dispnsed of by lcadinf.; State
iiohieianH, who have frieinls to f'uvor, aml
TOnMcnl partiuans to grntifv? It will cur
i" i y not be reiorned to thoRO who paid i',
and who have most nced of it, and nre hon
(.st ciititli-d to it. There is but one flafe
vuie aal that la, to conline the Guncrnl Gov
err"icrt rtgully withjh the Sphere ofjts a
Tir , e tintU'.. Ithas no power to raise
a T( eimr, or inipose tascs, exocpt for the
piifj oie-s enuuifiated ; and ifiis lnrome is
llii 1 'Acst.eed those wantB, it nhould bc
or''.u tl lediiced, and the burdens of the
pupic " i Ur lijihteiiea,
In reviijwiti!? thc confliclt which have tn
neti Miaco bctvvivn dilfercnt intercsts in tho
l oit d St .tt-s, und thc policy purnued s'mcc
ho a 1 ip'ioii of our nrcscnt lorm of gov
irn,"",n'. p flnd notliiiig that has produ-
""'l . dcep-scatc.! evil aa the course of
' l" ion io rt'Ialioti to thc cnrrency. The
ni 1 1 inc.ji of thc United Statea unqucs
ii ' v liitciidnl to secure to ihe pcople a
rcu'ating medmm ol gold and wlver.
Uut 'Y i tablmhtnent ol a nnt'oual bank
I y ( i ngres, with the privilegc of issuhi"
.mperr i.ney recaivable in the paynient ol'
,)ubhc aulit, and the unfortuniUc course
if lcgislaticn in theseveral States upon the
aame subi'-ci drove from gcneral circula-
n 'ic c -in-ii'.uti'jnal currency, and Eub
utf ne i f r aper In its place.
K 'or in ncii'arjcj in the
iii,iiMiiii.itM-mivttrtnwir.--rirorfwi-- 1 imMiiMiwBiiiwmiiOTiw
ordinnry purauils ol hu-.incsR, wlioso atteu-
tmn hail not Deen pnrucuiany urawniouie
Bubjcct, to tbresc.c all the cotistquences ofa
currency exrlusively of papcr; nnd we
ouglit not, on that occount, to bu surpriscd
nt thc facility with which laws wcrc obtain
ed to carry mto cirect the paper systciu.
Honrst, and cvcn cnlightcned mcn, are
sometimcs mislcd by the Bpcciousand pluu
sibtc statemcnls of thc dcsignlng. But ex
pcricnce has now provcd the micchids and
dangers of n paper currency, und il rcsts
with you to dctermino whethcr tho proper
remedy shall be npplicd.
Thu paper ayBtcm beingfuundcd on pub
lic coufidcnce, nnd hnving of ilsclf no in
trinsio value. it i3 liable to trreat and sud-
dcn lluciuations; thcrchy rendeiiiig prop
erty iimecure, nnd the wagcs of hibor un
Btettdv nnd unccrtain. The corporations
which crcate thc paper moncy cannot. nc
rclied upon to keep the circuluting mcdiuni
unilbrmin amount. In timca of prosperi
tv, whcn coiifidcncc h high, they nre lcmp-
tcu, uy tne prospcci oi gaui, or uy mc lii
lluence of thosc who hcpc to profit by it,
to extend their issues of papcr buyond thc
bounds of discretion and the rcasonable de
mands of busincs3. And whcn these issuce
have bcen punhcd on, from day to day, un
til public conlidcncc is at lcngth shaken,
tlien a rcaction take placc, andthcy inimc
diatelv withdraw the eredits they havegiv
en ; Buddenly curtail their is3iic3 ; and pro
duco an tinexpected and ruinous contrac-
tioti ol the cireuiatmg nicinum, wincn is
lelt by the wliole comniunity. The banks,
by this nieanit, 6ave themselves, ai.d (he
iniechievou3 coiwcqucnces of thclr impru
deuce or cupidity arc visiled upon the pub
lic. Nor does thc evil stop hcrc. Thesc
ebbs and ftows m thc currency, and thesc
indiscreot exU;iisuiiis of crcdit, naturally
ciigender a spiritof spectilation injurious lo
the habits and charactcr of thc pcople. We
have alrcady6een itsell'ects in the wild r.pir
it of Epeculation in thc public lands, aud
various kinds of slock, which, within thc
last ycar Or two, scized upon such a multi
tude of our citizcns, and threatened to per
vade all classes of society, nnd to withdraw
their attention Irom the sobcr pursuits of
honest muustry. it is noi uy cncouragmg
this sniril that wc shall hcst pre:erve pub'
lic virluc and promote thc trttc tntercsts of
our country. Juut 11 your currency contm
ues as exclusively naper as it now is, it will
foster this eager desiru t() amass wealth
without labor: it will multiply tlic numbcr
of dependants on bank accommodalions
and bank favors j the temptation to obiain
moncv at hiiv snoiidc.e will bccomc slron-
gcr and strongcr, und inevitably lead to
cnrruntion, which will find itsiwav into
your public cotmcils, aml dcslroy, at no dis-
tant day, tne purity ol your uovernment.
Some of the cvils which arisc from this sys
tem of papcr, prcss with pcculiar hardsiiip
upon ine ciass oi soeiuiy icasiaoic io near
it. A nortion ol this currency frcnuentlv
becomes deprccialed or worthlcss, and all
of it is casily counterfcitcd, in such a man-
ner as to rcquire pcculiar skill and much
cxperiencc to distinguish thu counleifeit
from thc genuine notc. Thcse frauds are
most generally perpetratcd in the smallcr
notes, which arc uscd in the daily transac
tions of ordinary busincss ; and the losses
occasioned by them arc couinionly thrown
upon the laboring classes of society, whosc
situation & pursuits putit out of their pow
cr to guard themselves from thcse imposi
tions, and whose daily wagcs are nccessary
for their subsistcnce. It is the duly o( ev
ery Government eo lo regulatc its currency
as'to protect this numerous class as far as
practicablc from thc impositions ol avarice
and fraud. It is morc especially thc duty
of thc United Stales, where tho Govern
ment is cmphatically thc Government ofthc
peoplc, and whcrc this respcctable portion
of our citizens arc so proadly distingushed
from the laboring classes ofall olher na
tions, by their independetit spirit, their love
of libcrty, their intelligencc, nnd their high
tonu of nioral charactcr. Their industry
in pcacc, is the sourcc of weallli ; and their
bravery, in war, has covcred us with glo
ry; and thc Government of the Unitcd
Statcs will but ill dischargc its dutics if it
leavcs thcm a prcy to such dishonest impo
silions. Yet it is cvident that their intcr
ests cannot be cfiectually protectcd unlcss
silvcr and go!d arc restored to circulation.
Thesc views alone,o( thcpapcr currency,
arc 8ufficicnt to call for iminediate rcform ;
but there is another consideration which
chould still inor? fltrtnjly nress itupon your
Kcccut event8 have provcd that thc pa
pcr money system of this country may bc
uscd as bu enginc to tmdcrminc your free
itislitutions; and that Ihose who desirc to
engross all power iu fli'c hands of the few,
and logoycm by corruption or force, arc
aware of its power, nnd"prcpnred to cmploy
it. Your bankii now furnisli your only cir
culaling mediuiu, and moncy is plenly or
scn.rce, according to ihe quantiiy of notes
issued by thcm. While llicy havc capital
not grcatly dispioportioneri to each othcr,
they are cornpetitors in husines3, & no one
of thcm can cxercise dominion ovcr thc rcsl;
and although, m thc prescnt fitatc of the
currency, thesc banls may and do opcratc
injuriously upon thu habits of busincss, the
pec.uiiiary concerjjis aud the tnural tone of
society ; yct, fioi their numbcr and dis
perseil situation, ih'ey cannot combine for
the purposcs of influcncc; 60 yhatcvcr may
bc thc uispoaitions of some of lliem, theiV
power of mischicl must necesKiirily bc con
lined to a narrow bpace, and Jclt only in
their immcdiatc tieighborhood.
13ut whon tho charier of tho bank of llio Unitcd
Siaies wasobtained from Congrens, npeifeclud the
sclitmes of the pBper syslcm and gavt lo its ailvo
cate the posilion ihey fiivo s'rugyled to maintsin
from Ihe commencenienl of ihe federal government
down to Iho preicnl hour. The iminense capital
and pcculiar privilugrs bestowcd upon H, cnablcd it
in ciercisu dt&iolic sway ovor the olher banks in
KVery iart of Ihe counlry. From ils superior
slrtngln il could scrioutly injure, if not deslroy, tha
busiiit-ss i f eveiy one nf ihem which might incur
ils rckentmont: und itopci.ly cbiimed for i'sclf the
novter of regulaling thc currency Ihroujhotit tho U.
Ktak'j. In otrrer words it assi'ited, and it undoubt
edly possfksed.lha power to make money plenly or
scarcc, at its plcasurc, at any time, and 111 any
quaitcr of the Uni m by eontrolling Iho issuos of
oiher banks, andciiculaling mediuiu uccording lo its
own will. Tho olher banking iusiliutions wcre
scnsible cf itj sirenglh, nnd they soon i iierally be
come its obcdicnt tnstrumcnts ready nt ull tinics to
execute its maudates; and ith the banks iiecescarl
ly went that numerous class of persuns iu our cum
inercialcitics,nr.o depcud alUi(!elher on bank crcdit
furiheir solvency and msans ol Ihu'iihis; and who
aro lh efiro obhged, for their own mfely, lo'propU
liale the favor of iho money uowcrby diminnuiihcd
zoal and devutian lo its service, Tlm result of the
illadvisod logiilatien which asiablished this groal
mononolv. was to concentrale iho wliole monnyed
power of the Union, with ils 1 t'andlcss means of
corruption, and ils numerous dcpendantx under Ihe
directionand commaud of one a knowUdged head,
Ihus orgamzingthis psrticular interest as one bndy,
ana securmg io u union ana ciiu eri 01 acnon
throughout Ihe l . d'Wes and onablins U to bring
fiitwnt J, upon any occmlon, Ui cnlim jaiul umllridi tl
trcngtlio mppott or ilefuit ttny nicasuroof pov
ctninenl. In thu liaml cf Ihis fonniJablu howcr.
llms pcrfuctly afganlied, wn alio placed iinlimileJ
domlnion over tbu ninuunlor iho. circuluting mtJl
um, ;irjng it tlic powcr to tcgulato tho valu of
propcrty, aml the fruiu oflaborln evcry qunrlcr of
Uniont ani to hcatow prosponty or to brlnj; ruin,
upon any cily or icciion of tlio coiwtry, a might
bctt comport witli ils own intcrctt or policy.
Vo uro not lcft to conjecluro how the moncyeil
liower tliiii orcnnizoJ, and with tuch a wrapon in
It hainU. would lo I ikely to use It. Tlio dltlreai and
alarm which pervadcd and ngitalvd tho whulo
country, whcn the bank of tlic ifnltcd Statcgwagcd
war upon the peoplu In order lo compcl them to
aubmltlo ils dcmand' , c.innot yet bo forijolteii.
Thu ruthleta and unspaiiing icmper wiih which
wliole cilics and comniunilit'a wt-ro opprcsstd, inJi
vldinln Imnovf rishcd and ruiued. anil a sccno of
clirciful proiperity cuddenly chanjcd Into ono of
looin anil uespomicncy, ougni io do inueiiiny im
prctscd on Iho momory of tho pcoploof thu Uiillod
Blatrs. If such wai ils powcr in a limo of nuacc,
what would it not havc bccn In a acajon of wnr,
wiui tho cncmy at vour dooia7- Ho nalion but thu
frcenicn of tho Unitcd Statcs could havo come out
victorioun from ucli a contcst j yut ifjyoti liad not
conquercd, thc government would liavo passed from
tho handsof tlio many to the hauds of tho few; and
thli organized raoney 'power, from ils eccrct con
clarc, would liavo dictatcd the choico of your high
et olficcrs, nnd compcllcxj. you to mako peaco or
war, as bcst suilcd tlioir own wiahos. Tlic forms
of your Rovcrnmcnl might for a limc, havc remaincd;
but ili livinu nplril wouul havo dcpartcd from it.
Tlic dislrons and sulTcrings mflictcd on the poo
plo by tho bink, aresomo ofthc fruils of that system
of policy which is rontinually slriving to cnlarae
th aulhor ty oftlic federal government beyond tho
limits fned oy tho conslimtian. Tho powcrs enu-
meiatcit in that instrumcnl do not confcr on Con
crcss 'he right to cslablinh such a corporalion as tlic
IJank ofthc U. B. ; and the evil cnnsequcnces which
I'ullowcd may warn us of iho danger nf dcparting
from tho trnerulo of cnnstrucllon. and of pcrmitting
lemporary circumslanccs, or tho bopo of bcltcr pro
moling tho public wclfaro, to indiicnce, in any dc-
groe, our rlcciiions Upon ih oxtent of tho auihority
of the gencral eovrrnmcnt. I.ot us nbide by tho
conuiiuiuin as u is wrmen, or amenu n in ino con
siitulional mode, If it is found to be defectivo.
The srvere lcssons of txpcrionce will, I doubt not,
be sulTiclcnt to provcnt Congross from again char
teiing such a monopoly, ovcn if tho constitution did
not prescnt an insuperablo objnction to it. But you
must reracinber, follow citizens, that etcrnal vigi
ilance by thc pcoplo is thc prico of libnrty ; and that
you must tiar Iho pricc t( ou wuli to sccuro tho
Llossing. It bchuvcs you, Ihciefore, to bo watchful
in your stales, as wcll as in tho fudoral government.
Tho powcr which tho monied interest can excrcUe,
whcn concenlraled undtr a single liead, and with
our prescnt syslcm of currency, was Buflicicnlly
di'iiinnstrated in thc slrnggle made by tho V. h,
bank. Uufeatcd in thc general gavornment, tho
samo ulass of intriguers and polilicians will now re
sort to the Btater, and cndcavor to obtain Ihero tho
samo organization which they failed to pcrpetuate
in the Union: and with cpecious, and dcccilfulplans
cf publio ndvantages, nnd Slatc inlcrcsls, & Stalo
pridc, thoy will cndeavor to oslablish, in tho differ
ent states, ono moniod lnstilution with overgrown
capital,fj exclusivo privilegcs sulficicnl to enablo it
to conlroltho opcralions oftheolhcr banks. Such
an inlilulion will be pregnant with tho samo evil?
produccd by thc U. S. bank, allhough its suhero of
aclion is nioro confinod ; and in tho slate in which it
ii chancrcd, the monoy power will be able to ac
complish any objoct it may wish to atlain. You
havc alrcady liad abundant evidrneo of its power Io
Inflicl iniury upon thc agricu ti r I, mechanical fc la
boring clasjcs of society and ovcr lliose who cn
gogcmcnts in tradn or spcculaiion reiider thcm dc-
jbuiuu. ui. uani. laiuiuu!!, ino uuHiinion oi mv siaie
monopoly will be absolute, and ihoir obcdionce un
llmiled. Wilh such a bank nnd a papcr currency,
Iho mon'jy powcr would, in a few years, govern tho
Btiito and ils mcasuros ; and if a suflicicnt numbcr
of states cati bo induccd to crcalo such oslablish
ments, tho timc will soon cume whcn it will again
lake the ficld againsl tho Unitcd Stales, & succced
in pcrfecling & pcrpoiuaitng its organization by a
charter fram Gongress.
Il is ono oftho scrious cvils of our prescnt syslcm
cf banking, that it cnablcs ono class of society and
that by no means a numerous one by its control
ovcr tho currency, to act h.jurioujly upon tho inlcr
ests ofall the otliur, and to cicrciso more than ils
just pro;jorlion of inlluonco in nolitical afTairs. The
agncultural, inechanical ii labonni: classes, havo lit-
tlo or no sharo n tho d rection of the rreat montcH
corporations-, and from their habils & iho naturo of
hiiwn iuiuiu mcjf mu iucapaoio oi inrming oxten
sivo combinations to act togethci with united forco.
Such conccrt of aclion rnav sometimcs be nrodiicoit
in a singlo city, or in a small dislrict of country, bv
means of pcrsonal communicalions wilh cach other'j
but they liavo no rcgular or aclivo corrcspondonce
wilh thoso who are cngagcd in similar pursuits in
uisiani iuaces : inev Iiave but little nnirnniino in
givo lo tho press, and cxercise but a smull sharo of
iiniuiiicD over ii ; mcy navo no crowu ol UcpcnUanls
about Ihem, who Iiodo to crow rich wnliont l.ilinr. hu
their countenance and favor, and who arc, theroforo,
always rcady lo execute their wishes.
'1 he planler, the larmer, the mcchanic,
nnd the laborcr, all knmv that their success
depcnuR upon ihcir own induMry and rron
omy, ano lliat tliev must nrti exncet 10
become siiddenly rich by tlic fruitf ol iheir
ion. xeiiiieie cla.trcs ol Boceiy lorm the
grcat body of ihe neoplt; of the Unixd
Statcs; they are the boiie nnd sinew ofthc
couniiy ; tnen who love libcrty, and dcsirc
iiothmg but cqual rihta anil rqual laws,
and who, mnreover. hold ihe L'reat mass
of our tmtion.il wealth, although il U dis
tribu cd i.i moderalc nmounts aniong the
milliutis ol frce tnen who possess it. Bul,
with overwhelming numbers and wealth on
tr.rtr .'-, ih.-y are in consiant danger ol
losiug their fair iniiuencs i ihe uov.rn
nictn,and with difficuliy mainiain iheir just
rights againsl the inccssani ffT.irts daily
made to eucroach upon them. Tho raischiel
springs from ths powcr which they are uble
lo coiiirol ; from a multilitde of rorpor
aiions, wiib exchwixe privilegcs, tWiich
they have Kticccci'cd in obtaitiing in the
diflernu ftalcsr nnd which are ctnployed
allogcihcr lor Iheir benefit j and n'liliss you
become more watchful in your "siales,' and
check this spirii of riionopoly and llijrst lor
exelusive pnvilcj.'es, you will in thc end
find that thc most important .powers of
governmenl have heen g-iven or barlered
mvay, nnd ihe control over your dearcst
iiiieicsts l.as pavccd inn 'he hauds of iliese
coi porullotis.
The paper moncy syslcm, nnd its tiatiml
ass"cialc3, monopoly aud excltibive privil
egcs, hav'e ulrcady simck their innu deep
in ihe soil; and i'. Will requirc all your cf-
iin-is ii c.icck ils lurtlier growtli, and o
eruilieaie Ihe evil. Thc men who profn by
lliij abu:es, and desire lo perpciuate iliein,
ivill coiif.tiue lo besiege thu halli of legis
Idiiun in thc genural oveinment n welfas
in thc Sinies, and i-jll ueek hy every arti
fice, in tninlujil and decf ive Ihe public scr
vuntn. It ib io vourselves that you tnust
look lor safely, and the means of ;iiardiiig
aud perpeluatitig your free instiluiioiis. lu
your hiindi is rightlully placcd ihe aove
reiguiy of tne counlry, aml to you every
one placed in miihnriiy is iiliiinaie'ly rcsnoii
sible. It is nlways in your powcr lo see
lliat ihe wishes of the peoplc arc oarried
inio laiihful fxecuiion, nnd Iheir will, whcn
once made knowo, inu.st nonuer ur lnier he
obcycd. And wliile ihe peoplc rcmain, as
I irust ibey evcr will, Lncjrrupieil and in
corrupllhle, aml contiuue ivaichrul and
jeiilniis of their rights, the Government is
sal'e, nnd inc eaiiseof freedom will coiiiiniit
lo triumph ovcr all its ciicinics.
Bul il will requirc steady and perscvering
cxcrliuiis on our part lo rid oursclvea ol
Ihe iuiquiiifs and miscliirls of ihe iaper
syslcni, nnd lo check llre spirit oftiionuuly
nnd nther nLusen which havc sprung up
with it,aivl of which it is ihcmatn support.
So many intereste arctiniied n rcsinl allrc
form on iIi'ib Hiihicc. ihat vo'j must no.
J Jntpe tlic COIifllct to bc a Bhurt one, Jior BUC
ce.H eusy. My hiimble eirorln havc tiol
U'cit spared, during my niliiiinisiriiiloit ol
ihe Governmenl, 10 resiore ilicr.oiisutiitiin
nl currency ofgold nnd silvcr; this mosi
dctiirnblc ohjcct. ilul cnough yct rcinniiu
lo requirc all your encrgy aml picsevcr
niicc. Thc poiver, hovvuvcr, is in your
hiiiuls, nnd thc rcmcdy nuisl nnd will bc np
plicd, ifyou dclffrin'uic upon II.
While 1 am Ihus endcavoring lo prcss
tipmi your nticnliontlic priuciplcs which I
ilccni ol vilul imporiaiir.e in ihe doiiicstic
coiicirii3 ol thc counlry, I ought nni 10
passover without nolice, Ihe luiporlatil con
siilerations which nhould goveru your poli
cy lownrds foreign powcrK. It is unqucs
tionnhly our truc imcri'Ni 10 cultivalc ihu
niost fricndly umlersliiiitling wiih every 1111
tion, nnd lo nvoid by every honorablc mciinn,
ihe ciilamilics ol war; and wc chali hcst
aliniii 11:111 otijcct ny irniiKiicKs nmi tmicen
tv in our lorcign inierconrse, by ihe prompt
nnd Inithl'ul cxtcuiiou o( Ircaiien, ond by
iuslice and impartiahly in our roiiduci lo
all. uut no nalion, howevcr desirini'j nf
nfiscc, r.11 11 hopc to cscajic occaaiounl col
lisions wilh oiher powers; and Ihe souii
dest diciatea ol pohc.v rcquire ihnt wc
should place ourselves !n a coudiiiin 10 r.s
scrt our rights, il a rcsori lo lorce nhotild c
ver become nccessary. Our local siiuatiou,
our long liue ol seacoasl iiiaenicd by nu
merous uays, wilh dccp rivets ojicning in
to ihe inierior, as wcll as our cxlcndcd and
btill inc.reasing.commorcc, pnint lo ilin na-
vy .n our iiulurnl tnciins ol tlclence. Il will
lnilie emi 11c loiiiui 10 lic tlic cneupest nnd
most elleclual ; and now ls'.lhc iiniu, 111 a
scason of peac.e, and wilh nn ovcrfiowiiig
rcvcnue, uiai wc can ycar alier ycar, iulii
to itssirengln, without iucreiMiuir the bur
dens of ihe pcople. It Is your Irtie policy.
For your navy will not oiily proiect yu-
ricli aiiil iiiiurisiiing comnicrcc in ilMlaui
sens, uut will cnaDlc you 10 reach and an-
iioy the cticmv, but will give to delciice its
arcalest cfliciency, by mecting dancer at a
ilialancc Irom hmne. It U inuossihli', bv a-
ny linc of forlifieations, lo gtinrd evcrv
p'oint from atlack againsta hnstile fotcc nif
vanciiia Irom thc ocenii nnd sclcclinir its
object ;iuit they nre itidespi.'nsublcloproteci
cities Irnm hnmbardincui ; dnnk vanls and
navai arscnals irom (leNiriiciion : 10 iive
shclter lo mcrcliant vesscls in limcof ivar,
and to single ships or weaker f-qiinilrons
whcn prc8scd by supcrior force. Forlifiea
tions oftliis ilescriiilion cj 111,01 he too soon
conplcied and armcd, aud placcd iu 1 con
diliou of thc most pcrlccl prep.trali'in.
Thc ahuiid.uit mcaiis we now nos3ess c.111-
noi he npp'icd 111 any mauiier more usiefol
lo the country ; a'ul whcn ihis is done, nnd
our tiav.il (orce suflicicnlly strL'ngtheiied,
and oui' military anned, wc neeii nol lear
that any nalion will wanlonly insult us, or
needleasly provokc liostiliiica. Wc sliull
mnrc cerlninly preserve jicacc, whcn it is
wcll uudcrstood that we are' picpajcd lor
In prei-cntiiijloyou, my fullowcitixcnt!, llicsa
parling coiuisciii, I Iirvo lironyht bi'lnreyuu tlic
lcading principlcs upon wliicli l cndunvuri'd lo
adminisler tlio govurninent in tlio high olficc
wilh wliicli you iwico honorct) mc. Knowihg
thulthu path uf frecdoin is tonlinually Ijescl by
eiiciuics, who ofion nssuinu II19 disyuiscof
fricnclf, I havc devolid thc last hours of my
public lifo 19 warn you nf tlio tUiigcrs. Tho
progrcs ofthc U. ti. under our fretTntid hoppy
instiluiioiis, has surpasscrl ihu lnnt Bniiguino
liopca 01. ihe louncKrs ol tlic rrpulilic. Unr
grovrlli has bcrn rapid licyond nll formcr
aniplc, in numbers, in wealth, in knowli'dpc,
aud all Ihe uscful arts which contriliutR lo ths
comlorts and convcnicncn of nmn j and from
thc carlicsl agcs of histury tn tho prescn
day, thero'novor havu beon 13 uiiHions of poo.
plo assnciatcd logothcr in one polilicjl body
who enjoyed so much frcodom and happiness
as the pcople ol tlicyc Uniled Statcj You 1 ive
nolongcr anycauso lo ft'ardanserfrom abroadj
your mrcnglh and powcr nre wcll known lliro
out the civilized world, ur u rll as tlio high and
j;allant bearingol joursoiif. It is froui wuli
in, ainong your?elves, from cjpidity, from cor
ruplion, Irom disappomtcd aruhilion, and inor
dinatc lliiri-t fur power, that futiiunB uill bo
loriunl nnd libcrly cmlan'jered. Il is againsi
such dcino, wlihtcvi-r disguiso tho iicloismay
ass'imo, llial you liavccspccially to guarr' your
sclvcs. You Imvu tho highust of huinan Irusts
commitlcd to your cnre. l'rovidcnco has shnw
crcd 011 this I'nvorcd Innd blcssins williout
numbcr, and lias clinscn you ai the gndrdici'
onreedom to prcsrrvc it lor the lenc Cif llio
human raco. May lic, who h-jl.l-ln hishaniU
llio dcstinics tf nitior.r, makc you woriliy of
ths fnvors hc has beitowcd, and cnablc you,
wilh purc hoarls and pure handr, aml rl splcsn
vigilancc, to guard and dcfend lo tho cnd ol
timc thc grcat chnrge hc has coimniltcd to your
kooping. .
My own r.icc is ncnrly run; advancrd nn
and fuiling henllh wam nn, that befuro long I
mu?t pas3 beyond Iho rcach of huriian cventr,
and ccaso to fucl thc viciBsitudr" of liuiiian uf
fniro. I thank God thal my lilohas becn spent
m n. land of libcrty, and lliat ho Uut givrn ino
n heart to love iny country with llio uflrclion of
a. nun. And filled witli gratilude fnr yourcon
stant and univavcring kiiidncss, I bid you t
last arld offcclionato farcwell.
Tht Inaugural srittch. All partiea probably
will bo disnppointed hy thisducuincnt. It wns
suppo.icd lliat itwnuld bovery proper for Prcs
idcni Vun Ijiitcn on thU occnsion to in.ikc a
ipecific avowal of at lcast somo of llie rr.iNct
pt.es b vliich ho would be guidcd ; that tho
subjocls oldccf cd imporl Io llio Ur ion, biicIi
as tha Tariff, thc CcnnEKCT, tho SwurLos,
and the Pum.ic Lanus, would bu worlhy a 'Ji
sing alhtsion j nnd Ihat n plcdgeoi'iiETitEScii
mcnt und tiEFOi'.u, such as Gcneral Jacknon
dceincd necessnry in '29, would beUiloacecp
tible to tho peoplo now, iuasniuch as thu lust
ciglit ycars havo beun quitc reniarkublc for tho
rapid incrcaso of extravagincc and cotruplinn.
Alas for ill who have indulgcd in such dr.'aiu
inga: they hac bccn dnomcd lo' disappoint
mcnt. Tlio cominon-placc inaugural- not
vcry rimarkablp as a lilcrary pcrfurmanco
tliough cohunns in longlh, cmilriins noihing
but a sptcific avowal ol Mr Van Burcn'a hos
tility lo Iho abolition of alavrry, cvui in tht- dis
trict, and a ger.tral indicali'in that hc is ycl
huting on to Jacksoti's coal-taill This it llie
8iim of llio wholo mattcr; and llie inattgurul
will be rcgardid us another link iu tho chain
if cveuts thnwing lliat " Mr Van Biircn aiins
to earry llie North hy I'ARTY M ACIIINE
RY, and tho South by YIELDING ALL IT
DEMANDS.1' Unqueetionably Ihe n jlition
purtgruplis wero intcnded tn conciliulc llio
South: if not, why it that thc only topie doem
cd wprthy of particular noticc? Wlictliorthc
Prceidont succ'ds in making tu-ny eonvcrts
hy tlus iiitUKru-'io u qucetioii&blc. He has j
cerlninly barred out nll ron i-tcr.t 0 tiolitiontat..
Ujt,Vf(s liavo rccuivcd the first numbcr of
Iho " Joiirnal of Iho Amcricnn Tompernnce
Union,!' publislied at Philadclphin, tnonlhly,
nnd oflcrcd to stibscribcrs at f I pur annum.
Tho Joumal is pulilinlicd under llio jJiructiorl
of thc Excculivo coimnitteo of Iho Ainerican
Tcmpcranco Union; ol courso it will conlain
niattor patlicularly inUrcsting to thc Irionds
of Tcmpcanco; tho pricc, wliicli U cxlrotnely
lo', plncrp it villiln llio rcarh of all.
In Slowo, 5ih inst., by Naihan Uobimon, Ksri.
Mi Kdwin Uhurchill lo 'ISIlss Mary Uobinson, bolh
In Moretown, Slh inst. by Joseph Bonrs, Esq. Mr
Wesley Matlhews loM'm Lnuisa Snalding,
In Uoxburv. Feb. 23d. bv Itcv. JehielSmilh.Mr
Hornco Dradley to MlsJ Iilercey Shaw,dau-ghler of
Josian ssnBw, Hiiq. v
In Middlteex, Sundav cror.ine, I'b. 26ih, by
Ilurace Hnlden, Esn,. Mr. K. W. Millcr io Mrs
C f' Sandtrs.
Tn this lown, on the 18 '1 of Julr last. Mrs TJctsey
Paiierson, aged 43 yoars. Prinlcrs in New York
aml uino are renucitcu ur.
In Berlin, of consumption, Mr Auilin Pikc, aged
18. He was a mcmbcr of the Congregational
church and dicd in blissful hope of immorlality.
Tcm&crancc JtEccltiig,
Al tlic bnck church, Tucsday cvc. Marnh
A. A goneral nnd carly attcndancc is par
tictilnrly requtfipd.
jij- jonn x rasic is renuesteU lo nct 01
ngcnt for Ihe "VVBtchman ar.d Journal, in
Uoclioatcr, Vl.
ICPAV"o would agnin rcrnind thosc imlebt
cd to us, whosu nccounls are ofa yenrMnuml
Ing or more, that poyincnl is carncslly desir--d.
ICJTn oun Agknts. Thoso ol' our ngents
who havo accounts in Ihcir honds for collcc
lion nrc earnr t'y rrqnoslcd lo collect tho samo
iinrneilintely and r"mit by matl to us, and those
having moncy in Iheir hands bclonjing lo us
u ill plcoie rcmit Iho nnmc.
Ilr.v. Solnmon Uurlbut, of GrovcIand,Toie
wcll Co. Illinois, nuknowlcdgcs the receipt of
fillly dollnrs from iho Congregalionnl church
aml Socicly of Berlin, Vl. in Augint lact, to
constitutc hini a LifeMcinber oftho Ainerican
I'orcign MUstonary Socitly.
Grovcland.III. Feb. 7, 1S37.
The Vermont Chromclc will plcaso notice
the nhovc.
1 1 MlXu office will ho open Irom eight o'clock,
J. A. M. nntil hnlf pnft ono P. M. From
" lo C, and lioni 7 lo f P M, ovory duy cxccpt
Slindaje, whon it will be opf.ned at8 A. M.
und rcnmin opcn nntil ono P. M.
All lcllera iulcndcd for Iho Woslern mail,
riiiiit bo dcpoMtcd in iho oflico or luller bos,
previons to len o'clock, A. M. All intcnded
for Ihe Eouthern and panton niuils must be do
positcd previoui to half past II, A. M. A11J
all inlonded lor ihu niails wlilrh lenve in Ihe
niorning heforc liglit, iiiust bu depositcd by S
o'clock tho cvciiing previons.
JV'o Ittttrs dclivtred unlil postagt ii paid,
except lo those Vlho Savt quarlerly accounts.
fX?"No Icttcr delivcred whilo npcning thc
mails. G. IV. BAItKER, 1'. M,
Montpelier, March, 1837.
TpROM the Bubscriber on ihe 27th ull. FI
J? LOrUSBLISS. All prrKon? are fnrbid
criiployiriE him williout boing accoiinlabla la
ine for bis w.igeE. All puiforu aro lorbU
trustin" hini 011 my ncconnt allnrthis dnlo.
Fch. 27, 1S37. 85
"BT'R-OM' Iho niibrciiber on Iho Slh injlnnt
JC ALDEN MEAD. All pcrsnns atc for
bid triuting hini on niy acrount aa I Jhall pay
no debu uf M ciUrettnK nfler Ihis datc.
Middlesex, March 6, 1S37. 95
U Ilorvcy Trncy, have rclinnuishrd (o tny
B son, WM. V. TRACY, a ininor, his
timc and scrtices unlil ho bccomos of agc. I
shall pny no dcbtftl his contrectiug uflerthif
dute, and hc is at liberly to do busincss the
samo as thoujli hc wcre now of sgc.
Tunbridge, Feb. 24, 1837. 05
STATE OF VERMONT, ? fn Frolate
Washington Dislrict, m. i Court, holih
den at Montpelier, within and for said
iJistrict, on the 4th day of March, Jl
D. 1837.
TpZEKlEL l WALTON, Executor or
lli( I.ikI ivill nlnl lnlnitipnl nl ArTms
Failey, I.i It- ol Montpelier, in said diMricl,
iH'ceuKcil, prescnis lns ndiniiiiatraiion ac
coiinl lor selilctncnt Wbercupnn, it is or
dcred that tho iatne bc referrcd lo the 7th
dav of April ntxt, nt the I'rnbate office, in
oiiiiii)uer, iu Hiuu nipirici, nn iwuiuiuu
lion und allownnce, and ih-it all couccriied
be nolified hereof hy piihlicalion of Ihis
order iu ihe Vermont' atctimnn aud State
Journal, prinlcd nt Monipclier, three
wceks Rticcessivcly, ansoon ns may bo, 'hat
they mny appear.f ilu;y sce c.ttise, at said
time ninl place. nn;i onject tliereio.
liy ihe Court.
J. LOOMIS, Rcgis'er.
S'J'ATE OF VERMONT, )In P robate
Washinulon Districi, m. j Court, hold'
en at Montpelier, mthin and for said
District, on thc Uhday of March, Jl. D.
EZEKIEL P. WALTON, Executor of
thc last will aud testamciit of Amos
i Farlcy, lalc of Montpelier, in said .listricl,'
UcceaEeo, maitCM appiicaiion iu r.aio court
lo exlcnd Ihe limc herelolore nllowcd him
io pay ihu debts aad Irypeies (rnnt ?aid cs
t.ite and seltle liis RdmmiMraiiou accounl,
unlil some future day Whereupon, it is
onleri'd by said courl Ihal said apnticaiion
bc iienrd nt ihe I'rnbate olficc in Montpe
lier, on ihe 7th dv ol April 1937, and il
W furlher orderr.l '!ml nolice hereof, be
jjivcn lo Ihc crcliUrs n said eslalc, and
lo all otheM cnnceriied, hy publishinp; thc
snb.stance of s.iid npplicaiioii nnd ordcrs
thereon, tn the Vermont Wn'r'roiin aml
Slale Journal, prinitd at M ;licr, at
least two weekn bclore the time nforcsaid
appoinicil " ' ) hearing ol BaiJapphca
tinn, hy Ihe Cnur,
9i i. LOOMlr., Regutrr
f XhlttlfffiUI
i I.ot nf prtrne f-'iiii",lrF wantcd bytho
eulcrilers in I'xclinngo t f Dno lf.
Uich's Uollow, Munlpclioi, )
MorchS, 1837. J
N ISW Slipply jil r'-ecivcrl al tlm "lr, i(
pclUr lirjokaloro, nnd lor ualo W in.osah)
nnd rtrldil.
Tu the Jkn. Vrobalc Courljor thc Ihu wt
of Orlcnnv.
WlbLIAM UOWKLL, ndmin.s'r.itir
nl the I'Hiale of .lohii 'lfr.kiir, la'C
of Plainfield In ihe coutily of Hullivau and
Slale ol New llaiipsl'irc, deccaed, res-
pcctfully reprcscc's ilmi ihe "nd J"hfi
Ticknordid in lii.-i lifo lime cnfrr uno n
ci'rlnin contrnct io writing, In m up dttle
Februarv 17th, 1830, to and wiih David
Tichnor ol Albiinv, in the tom "I Or
leans and Slale ol Vermont, liemf 1. ln
Dislrict ol'Orloan, nlorca.iid. it which aid
iinlr.nnl illm snid .lollll Ticknor il
hlnvseK. hiB hfirs, exccuioi 1
. . . s 1 '1
1 1
iilin iiis-
irainrs 10 cnnvi-Y n iiivm
sairl.n iraci oi'lmd li'-iaad
1 nor nl'rc-
i'i 1 1 A Ii tnv
bc'ing Lot No. 37 of lou 'ii sa.d
Albany, cor. lili'uud ihat ai ', p
nor would pv lo s.iid Joln 1 i
sumof thrce ln.ndred nix'y iw d'
inicrcsi on thc nmnc,rtn or befnre
lown ot
I I 10
inor ihe
l"r nnd
h- I7ih
i i.tr ol (Vhrnnrv A. U. 13313.
l'lmi the
sni'd Dnvid Ticknor has in par, pi'rloruied
Ihe condiii'in on In part an.l ii"'.v tilrads
ready lo pcrlorm in fiill: whvh -:i J ;''i
iract vas at thc dcceonc ols.iid Jolm Tick
nor und still is iinc-x' coicil.
Wherelore thc suid Wm. It i- 11 rnv3
thc Biiid Court to fjjrnnl unio him IiIhtiv
and aulhorily to dccd sa'ul linil ncnr linj?
lo the tcrms of saiJ coniracl, agreii.bly to
thc siatule in punii cnse in.ide and pt vid-
cd. W1L1.IAM ROWF.hh, Adi. r.
lrasburgb, tlb IMnrch, 1837.
District af Orleans, j.
It is nrdercd hv ihe I'rnbate Comt for
Ihe disirict aforesaid, that all pprsons con
cerned be notified to appcnr lirfuc ihe
said court nt n scssion iheicof io be holdcn
nt ihe Probnle Ollice in IraKburgli, on thc
scoond WedncMhiy of April nex', m hew
cause, if any ihcy may havc why.ihe liher
lynnd autlioriiy requcsicd in the furcgoinjr
u'pplication should n-it be granleil, niid
thatfirthal purpose ihc aid iipplication,
logeiher wilh ihis order, bc puhlWicd in
the Vermont Wnlchinan and SlsIC Jonrnul
prinlcd al Montpelier, Ihrcc wceks snccca
sively, as soon as may bc.
(tfj, In lestimiinv wiiercoi i nav.-
$?.. lipriMinni nlTixi'd Ihe wal ol Miul
t.irf n.ul biihcfriln'il tllV nninr1.
itlliBffr.. r i .. ;.. r:.
vC ai irHsiiiiriiu io "i a-'-'-'i u-i,
tliig.IlhdavolMarc.il. 1S37.
Bv ordei ol Cnurl.
GKO. NYK, Regisier.
"SyF. ihe stihscrilii'rs, heiuir appoihtcd by
' the Hon. thc Pioliuie Court l.ir iho
Diiiricl ol'OileaiK, CommiHsioitcr.i lo re
ceive, cxamine Midadjusi iillclnimsund de
mnuJs ol all persimi ngMitt ihe -wlate of
Geo. W. Marliu late ot Albany iu naid dis
tric.l ileceiiseil, rcprc-enicd iusolveni, and
aho all claiim and L'emumls exhihiled itl
offscl therclo. und cix mimihs from the 3d
dav of Ffhiiiirv. 1837. heiuir allowed !
said courl lor ihal ptnposr. We tlo there-
lore, licreoy iiivc iivlice, inat wc win ni-
tcnd lo ihe husiness ol our said nppnint.
mcnt al Ihe dwcHing hotisa ol Lcvi War
ren, in Albany, on he Itrsi baiurday ol A
uril afld firsi Momhiy ol May finm one o'
clock unlil 0 o'clock P. M. on each of sid
lays. A
IlOUACKDritKIxir., 5 siouciP.
Albany Feb. 2-4, 1837. bt
T II E stibscribcrs, havinj; bccn appnint
ed by thc hounrable wibak- Court (or
Ihe Dislrict of Orleans, ci'mniissioiuTS lo
recievc, cxnmiiic aud adjusl all clainisuful!
persons a,;ainst ihe Piiililc of Aiilhonj
Randall, late of Chefiierfield, in thc cotiniy
ol Chcshire, and S.atc ol New-H.ni iibIitc,
dcccuscd, ri'prcsentcd iiimilveut, ,..k! ;t
claims and dcmniids cxhibiicd m rfT-ct
Iheioui, nnd sis motiihs Irom ihc 25ih dy
ol Fcbruary, 1837, beinij nllowcd hy ra.i!
cour lor Ihat purpose, Do beuhy yivo
noticc that we will nlieod lo tl ' dutics ol
our fjaid appoinlnienl al Ihc dwcll:n(r.hou,'r
ol Asa Kimball, in B.irtun, in Orleans coun
ly, on the 2d AVcdncsdsy of Apjil ncxt, ui
o'ne o'clock, in ihe ulieruoon.
Barlon, Feb. 27, 1837. 81
WE tho nubscribers, bcin; nppomled bv
tlm lionornblo the Probato Coui" for Iho
district of Randolph, comiriiuiancrt to reccivc,
rxamitie and adjusl ad rlnims and dcmrmria of
all penons, agalnet tho estnte of H'jroer Cuch
man, late of Randolph, in said ditttict, decca
scd, rcprcsentcd iniolvcnl, nnd nlso all claima
and dcmands cxhibiled m otlset ti.erclo; nnd
si.t niunihn from llie -1th day of Fcbruary inst.
bting niluwed by said court lor Ihat purporc,
wo do lliercloro lierthy givc noticc, that wo
will attcnd to Ihc bufinessof our said oppoint
inenl, nt Iho oflice of Wdltuin Nuiling, in said
Randolph, on tlic 20th dy of Mnrch, S4lh
dy of July nexl, from 9 o'clock, A. M. unlil
d o'clock, P. M. on oscli of said clnyn.
WM.NUTTING, ) Commis
JOgEPH RIFOUD, i ,;o,tir,.
Fcb. 52, 1837. 81
rjtHE siockfinlders iu llio Bank of Montpe
J. Ilor are hereby nolified that an nsepjsmcnt
offive dollats on iach ebaro in said Bank is
ordcrcd by the Direaiots, pavablo on oi bcforo
thoCOlli d.iy of April n.ixt.
CIIAS. R. 'JLF.AVES, Cashicr.
Montpelier, March Ist, 1837. 8-4:3w
J4. March 1st, 18.'.. 84:3w
ono or two good journcymen
i!&OMrrrincbusiiieFa-. soori
V V ul tlic lannng& ettrryinc buslneps :
stcady and laithful workmcn will find good
oncouragctncut if appiicaiion is made soon.
Wells-RUcr, March 1st, 1837. 84:3w
lilniien wlieelf
ASUPERIOR Ktticle or nlo by
March lat, 1837. -1:6 w
CA ME into Ihe enclwurc, Fch. tbci&i, of.
I Alaueon Nye, n rcd ttecr, eiippoifd tobc
two ycars old tlm pin, uUt a li:to i-tar in
ll:o (orcli' cd.
Mrfaipchci' Mauh I8j? &i

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