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Vermont watchman and State journal. [volume] (Montpelier, Vt.) 1836-1883, March 21, 1837, Image 1

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E. P
Pvom Washington.
Mondat, Fcb. 27.
ln tlio Sonatf, Mr. Webslcr, from tlio coin
iniltcc (iii Financc, rcportrdn rcsolution, which
was ordcrcd lu lic cngtoscd, inslriicting tlio
Fccrctary of tlio Trcasury to octtlo witli llio
banh tlio U. S., 011 tho terins namcd intho
lalo ni' iiioiial of llnt bnnk. Tliu Sonnto u
nammou ly ndnptpdllinrcsolulioni.rcqucsting
tlio Fresidcnt to dcmatid a rcdrcss cf grievan
ccs from Mcxico.
Tlio llotro wai engiged In upptoprintion
tnlls for tliu civil li.t, diplonintio, Scc. and nta
bout 1 o'clock al tifgit lound ilsclf ivitlioiit n
quoruni a large nurnbcr of mcnibcis liaving
takcn tlio liberly to go liomo and to slcep,
tlimkinfc) no doiibl, tliat il was higli tiino for
honcst im'n to bc in bcd. A call ol'tholloiuo
va oiddcd llio Snrgcnl ot nrma und liis
boys wcro sciil ll'rongh tlio slreet?, nrottsing
tlio slceping lionorablcs and bringing llicm to
tlio bar ol' tlio Hoim Among tlio slccpcrs
wus H. M. Johnson, who gnvo an cxcuko tliaj
110 found n ucccssary to nbatrnct himeclf from
111 Houac in ordcr to preparc himeelf lor his
new blalion in tlu) Sonato. Somethmg liko a
dov.cn wore fincd 2 cacli, nnd at about G A.
M, tho IIouso ndjourticd.
Tucseat, Fcb, 28.
In llio iut, llio fortilieatinn bill (fi-oin llio
House) wus cuusidcrcd, llio qncstion behigon
a proposition ofMr. Wright, from the Finnnco
comniittce, lo slrikc 0:1 the claust for u distri
bution of tht surphts, wliicli liad bcen insertcd
by tlic llouic, on tnolio'i of Mr. Bt'll. Mossrs.
Wi., hi, Biichanan, Hivrs, CulLbcit, Nilcs,
Iirov. 11 and Benton (all V. n. mcn) suppnrted
tho inotion to btrikc out, opposcd by Mcssrs.
Calluiun, Clay, Crittcndcn and Ewing (ol O
lno.) Tlio aini'ndincnt vaa ndoptcd, by n par
ty votc, 20 to 19, und so llio Scnatc refuscs to
iltntribult thc turplus amoug the stales.
In tho Unuio, llio bill nuking nppropria
tiona for civil and diplomalic n.jttera was up,
and Woddy Thonipson (of S. C.) inovcd an
ilein of glO.GOO fur llio Minisler to Tex'ts,
iilun tlio Prc idirnl shall rcceivo ealisfacloiy
rvidence tliat il hua btcome nn indt pendcnt
rcpulil.c; ag.ed to, 121 to 7C.
VCDNEbDAT, Mnrch t.
rorropondrnt wrilcs as follows, ciicIob
ing thc biil Irom Suiutc rcpealing llio Trcasu
ry nrder :
" Tho in 'loscd bill li.is jml passud tho IIouso
of nt;uc'8('rilative?, by a lurgo majorily, and
only wjnt llio approval of llio I'rcsidcnt to
bc n lntv. 1 lliink ho will fign it."
From tho papcrs wo learn tliat the volo was
tnoro llian two to one in favor of thcbill, Cam
brcleng's anu-nduiont having bcen cut c(T by
lh; prtiv 10119 quuMion. Mr. Garland, from tlio
IVhitney cominittcc, madc a icport for llicma
jority, six V. B. nicn and Fcytun inado a
iin!cr rcpoit from tho minorily of tlircc
onli-V. liunn nion. The majorily report tliat
-Wlutncy ti3 cniplojcd by pomo of tho pot
banks lj givo llicm information from tho Trca
biiry Di'partincnt, and for olher servioc3. Ppy.
lon movi d that tho minorily report bo coin
iiii'tcJ to a conimittce of llio vliolo wilh iu-
slriictiunt! to rcpoit u bill to prohibit Ihotrans
misiion of si'crot inlelligonce, by tho Trenbn
ry di'partmrnl, lo llio dcpo'no or nny ollicr
ImdI;?, which conccrncd all buiiks uliko : Vcy
ton eupported llio inolion.
In IhoSinuli', llic indc'Oiidciicc of Tc.ad
Wdi clwcf inallcr of dicufinn.
C arrtspsnJtncc ofthc JS'.l'. Vnllij Ilxjircts.
Washington-, Maich 1st, cv.
The way bunnot is 1I0110 n.nv in Congtcia
5 by mcaiir and the Sccn tary of tlio Scnalc,
.ind ihu clcrli of tho Houco nrc hul luo lucom
jitives to carry bills Irom ono parl of Iho rapi
IjiI to 1 1 1 otlu r. Vuin nrc nllalli'mptfi lo k rp
up witli ituon,1 or to mako calcolatiuno. Yon
mut wait f ix Iho ond uhiidi is bojiniiing to
ie biuiiil 0 nvau tiine I wuh Iho pi oplo
ir bu l n 1 d ,-iitp conld lnok in'o llu Ilall
jfi'. ii .40 of tli'pir tintatiea .ttd oiarl; '.ho
ari 1 1 n '.i -'. ihu inovt impoitiuit meiK-urc'K
'.:i i 011 witliout curcrnnnv nmr
wii.Ii --t 1 jrm, w;,en all nlnn bclori' lliic, llnrc
wun d In. in. n.oct fury dt.butcn cvcn upoii ihu
cio1 Anr of a T.
'1 hu Diilribulinn Piinciplu vas voltd down
in tho Konato lat ui5,ht yit 27, noos 10,
Four or fivc of tho fiionil! cf llio d'nlribntion
vtre ah.piit (.iinong whom wo.s MrClny)
wnilo nll Iho V .11 Bitren iinllincbiin mun wrrc
11 1 lnind, whirh iinnud Iho tido 60 decidedly in
h a favor, Tlins llm Dill ivilh tlif ainondiiu'iil
out gar b;u.li 10 ihu ll.msic, Tho Ilouae, il
1 itai l, tvill atlV rj liiiluir nmcndniont, bnl
liic bill, a it i, as 1 ivrolo you lai nighl, tan
v r heconie u I.ih'.
1 'ijvc not limc In co.iimcnt on lhi hih-h.inui-d
cxcrrif of pouor by Iho Scnalc 115 il
dPKcrvcs. Tlif simplo fjuoMion was, "8hall
tho c urpliw lievi-nn rcmin in tho depoit
tuiiXd at Hvo in.T ocnt. pcr niiiium, orinlho
pock' ts of tlio jii oplo, wliuri) It is worlb frnm 7
ti)S0or'll) per ruitt.'" Tho Sonato ditidcd
to itn it lo iho banl.. and by a partyvolol
m tlio (Irtcrmlnntlon ol van (
Buren to havc llio use of tho public monoy ut
an nazartu nrui ine num iiiai wiu ue inui ai
liif iim lill J839, if the Land nnd TarilTl.ilU
.111 11111 ()UbV4 I1IIU IIJU M'IJIUIII"IIUII0 Ulii HUV
rinrmous, it is csliniatod, will amount lo
Thinkof thovnluoand pover of this at two
por ccnt. nmonlh! Who iIopb notstart back
from such cnrruptiqn wilh otTii"bt.
Tlio I'rcasury Ciicular Hrpeal Bill, nnd
vntHOHt Oambreleng'a dcccilful amcndmcnt,
pasard lliu llonseto-di.y by tnoro llian a con.
rtitutional majorily of lvo thirtl". C aiulirc
long'a iimcndmciit nullifiod in cfliet Iho wholo
bill. In hin encecli ho nrolcnded it did not.
nnd ho cndcavorcd to mnkc tho IIouso bclicvo
him, but tho IIouso would do no sucli thinp
Ho ia very much chagrined to bo tliu east ofK
This two-lhirdu voto pavca lliis bill from tho
"veto" but I lcarn from goud au'hotity to
day, lliat Iho l'roidcnt will pockrt it, and II1113
iiiialch it from tho aotinn of tho Ilonse, und ita
constiltilional mnjority. We eliull ecc.
TnimsDAY, Mnrch 2.
A busy day next to llio laet all ol tlic
tnosl imporlant mcasnrc of tho eosaion, wilh
hundicdq of bills of minor itnportanco on thc
toblo j of coursc, cvory lliing iniut bo ilonc,
nnd quickly doiic. In tho Scnato Mr. Morris
prescntcd abolition pctitions on tho tablc ;
appropriation billn for civil and diplomatic cx-
pcntcs .and for harhors wcro passtd. A rcso
lution, acknowleilsl"!! 'A fii(pii(iice of Tri-
as, wa patstd, 22 lo 19, last cvcning, nnd Mr.
llugglcs of Maino, inovcd n rcconsideralion,
and Mr. Walkcr movcd lo lny this inotion 011 1
llio lahlo iiegativcd, 25 to 23; und tho mn
tion to rcconeidor wad 11 ol uarricd, aycs 2-1, uoca
2-1, bo tho rcsolntion ttandi, nnd ono brauch
of Congrcss has aclually, and tho other virlu
all, ncknowledgcd tho indppcndenco ofToxus.
Tho Ilnusc haviii!; leturncd Iho Forlilica
tion Bill wilh a rcsolution disagrceing to thc
ninoiidmoiit of tho Scnntc, by which tho dis
tribulion cction was ftrickon from tho bill, 011
inotion of Mr. Wright, tho Sonato proccetled
to llie consideration of that bill.
Mr. Wriiht movcd tliat tho Stnato inaist on
its nmondment.
Mr. Clay cxprcss'd a hopo that the amond
niont rould not bo ineislcd on. Tho Lond
Hill it wm now iiPOPitaincd would not bcconio
a law, nud ollicr bills (amoug tbom tho Tur
ifl) wcro likcly lo bc in llio 301110 r.oinlition. I
Thcro woh now no doubt that Ihero would bo!
a largo surplup, ond was Ihat monoy to bo lcll
in tho Doposito Bnnk ? IIo rejoiced lo see
Ihe vhango iu tho IIoujc, lo seo light broakiug
in from Ihat tli,riom ouaiter. rcnrcsontod bv
tlioso wlio knctv tho fcclingf oftho pcoplc.
110 cuiictl tor tho ycaa anu n.iyn wlncn wcrc
Tho (jiicslion bciug ubout lo bo put, Mr.
Clay aanl thc (juost ion ia to insist,no tliat Ihoao
Sonalors who intc-nd lo voto with tlic IIouso
nnd tho pcnplo coiild vole in tho ncgnlivo.
Tho quostion was 1I1011 pnt and dccidcd in tho
afiirinalive ns follow3 :
Yeas Benton, Bl.ick, Brown, Buchanan,
Cuthbcrt, Dono, Ewing of III., Fnllon, Grun
dy, Hubbard, Kiiifi ol Ala., King of Gco.,
Linn, Lyon, Mouton, Nicholas, Norvell, Pnge,
Parker, Uivo, Bucglcs, Scvier,Sriangc, Tall-1
madge, Walkrr, Wnll, AVright 23.
Noes Bayard, Cnlhoun, Clay, Clavton.
Crittcndcn, Uavjp, Ewing of Ohio, Ilendricks,
Kcnt. Knight, McKcan, Moorc, Morris, Prcn-
1180, lLooiiins, onililinru, Dliennj, owtu, 1.0111-
linson, Wcbstcr, Wliito -22.
So thc Scnato ineitt on theiratncndmciit.
Tho Ho'iso, aficr passing a vcry largo nurn
bcr of private bills procecded to considcr tho
F0IITIFICAT10N BILL, rcttirncd from tho
acna'.o. I liat " arislocrnlic" uouy (wo gtvo
crcdit to Uivcs for tho torm,) had stricken out
the clausc providing for dulributing tho jur-
phu money amnng tho btnlop, in Jau. 183S, by
a etrict parly votr, in which Iho V. B. mon vo-
tcd to kccp tho moncy in tho pot banks, whilo
tho AVhigH rolcd lo dislribute it to tho ntiitcs.
Mr. Boll said, ho would nat now cntcr into
furtlicr dibale, bccaufo hu bcliovcd tliat nll tho
armimentn which could bo prescntcd on the
Eiibjeel wero alrcadybcforotliocoiinlry. Nolh
ing ho could eay could slrcngtlicn thvsc argu
incnle. lic intcnupil, liowcver, to auumit a
inution which, but for tho late period ol Iho
ec?ion anu Ihu va.-t uumlicr ot imnorlant bills
before tho llousn, bo shoidd not ihink cilhcr
iiropcr or cxpcdicril. Ile would rnerely ni2
CCi't Ihat U4 no additional argumcnt, wliy thc
Hot'" phould diangreo to tho onicndmout of
tho fclcnato, was lo ho found in tho fact that,
tinco il ivas aclod on horc, tho coursc which
would ha tukcii by tho lloimo in rclalion to
ll.o pubbr icvpnuo wua knnwii. Tho Land
Bill luil bi-cii laid on tho tnblc by n dcfliiito
volc. I)e movi d Ihal tlip Ilonso diiagreo lo
Iho umendiiionl of Iho .Sennlc.
The Choireaid, this mmion, i( il shmild ho
rijccled would bo iipiivalent lu u niuliou lo a.
grco to tho amcndincnt,
Mr. Mcrcer spoku in favor of Iho amcnd.
mcnl, and ciilcrcd into soinu slatUtical slnlc
rrp'iilB In sliow ihxt, unlos pomc rxtraordina
ry cxiirndilurc" fliuuld bo fiiado llioro miuld
bn a surplnt in Iho Trift'ury on thc fnsl of
next January nt arly cqiinl to that in Iho Trca
sury on tho tlret uf January Iust,
Mr. VniiJerpoul BRid, ho bclicvcd cvcry pen-J
lloinan had mad un hi.iininda, nnd ho Ihercforo'
dfmanded Ihc previoun queition.
A call ol Iho Uniisc was uemandcu and re
furd i ycus 71, nays 1 13.
Tlio prcvious quorliou was Iheii spcnudpd,
llio nmiu rincstion wni ordcrcd and Ihe
uiiiin qncslion biing, " Will Iho Ilouao disa
toe to tho nmcnilinpnt of llu Scnnle" wni Ia
kcn and dccidcd iu tho nfiirinalive : yena 111;
nays 94.
Su Ihn amprulinent of tlio Scnalo waa DIS
AGUKED TO by the Iloiue.
Tho IIouso agroed to iin unicndin"iit of tl.e
tho Seualo lo Iho nuvy bill, appropriat'm"
S100.000 lo launch tho thip ot war Punn.-jU
van'u. In the cvpning the (orlilicatiou bill u-
gain up, llio Scnalo having inshltdnn Ihestii-
kins out oftho turplns cbinsu ; bovcrul u-
iiieudiiiunls to Ihn amcndmcnU of Iho S iihIo
wero (.(Tercd, but tho IIouso REJECTEU Iho
wholo, 110 lo 72, Tho rcBolution from tho
Scnalo to scttlo wilh tho U. S. I'ank watrcon
ctirrcd in. Olhcr iiialtcrs occupii'd tho IIouso
t unlil 1 1 o'clock nt ni jlit, wlien Ihcro was ne
wli:itob.iltti1ifilecomiiicnl lo
mako on tluuo proccidinj.S! Iho H0U30 ha
! now by lArre iifj(iiie( tutet on tho aurnliu. piv.
dccidcd mujurily aiBbul tho policy of
. . , . , ., , . . ,
1 -"'.". i ucciueu maj..ruy uieo
killcd Wolkcr'a tend 61, anolhcr ndiuinistra-
' m picasura nnd elill anothor administra
j tion mcasurr, "VVrighl's tar'iJfhiU, is buiied ji
llio committco of tho wholo, wo hopo ncvorb
bo rcaliscilalcd. On Iho othcr hand, tho Sci-
ato has gono with and for thc adminielrnlin;
hrougli thick and thin. Tho Uoust tho rcr)
rcsontJtlvos of Iho pcoplc wo now hopo foi j
indccd, wo bclicvc, that llio ncxt scssioli
not closc witliout proving to Iho wotld that'.commitleo on tho part of tho llousc, returiicd, i
Mr. Van Burcn has but a m.oWt of tho tcp.rTfn'1'?! '''.C j?1.'' c"mil!c',;!la,1 "
minorily of tho rcp
rcf cntnlivcs of Iho pcoplc, us wcll ns but a
minorily of tho pcoplo thcmaclvcs to support
FniUAT, March 3.
Tho IIouso having Insistcd on ita amcnd
tncnt to Iho Fortilicution bill, for a divis
ion uf Ihc surplus, tho Senatc, on inotion of
Mr. Wtiglil, uskcd a confcrcncc, and Mcasra.
Wright, Putkcrand Wcbstor wcro npjioinlcd
tlio comnilllcc. Stcphcn Uuinlit was vnf'l
9300 fur cxtrn scrviccs. Blair &. Ilivcs wero
cluclcd printcrs to thc Scnato, 28 to 22. In
tho ovcning Mr. Wright rcportcd Ihat tho com
mlttccs of confercnco wcrc unablc t ugrco on
tho fortiflcation bill.
A mcdsago was rccciveil Irom llio IIouso
Rtuling lh.it tlio Uuuiiu adhorc to llicir disa
grccmcnt to tho amcndiiioiit of tho Sonato to
the Fotllfication Bill.
Mr. Wright inovcd that tho Scnatu ulsoad
hcro to thuir umondmcut. Tho ayc3 und uuyu
woru thcn ordcrcd.
Mr. Calhoun hoped tho Scnatc would not
adlicro. Tho Scnato would bo rcBpousiblc for
tho Iosj of thc Fortilicution Bill if llioy ucllior-
Mr. Wcbslor followcd goheilinz thc Scnatc
not lo adlicro to u voto which would dcfent thc
Fortilicatiuli Bill nnd aguiu subjcct us to tho
burdeiis of cnormaiis Surplus.
Mr. Benton said, whcncvor tho UrifTBhouM
aguiu bo brought I'orward hc would voto for
moloctlon. lu tho nresunt ctnto nl ihc bill bo
ituB ui-iuriiiiiiuu iu uuucro anu reicr mo iiiai-
tcr to llm Pcoplo. 1
.1... : l. ".II 1 . .1.. . ..
Mr.Wulkor said that ho ahould adhcro b.!tho luw, anil tramplo ovon upon
us lurilicr otu and ntmrnn tho nmcniJniciit ofl ' ' i?i!3j
tho llousc.
Mr. hwing of Ohio, said, that Iho efLct of
o dinlribuiion on llio 1st of January ""xt. I
wouiu uo lo indnco llic iSaulis lo mako tlieir
arranseiucnls in limc. so Ihat Iho withdruwal i
uf iho revcnuo dcpositcj from ihem would bo
uuunucu wun no iniury, nuu 10 uci as a rc
siraiut on accominudalious for tho bcncfit of
spcculators. IIo said tho umount of surptu3
this year would lio twcnly tmllions, nnd lio
kticiv no good rcason wliy tho incasurcshould
not bo rcpcatcd.
Mr. Clay spoko with much warmth usainst
ndliering nnd was followcd by Mr. Wright,
who animadverlcd upou thc liousc forthcpurt
llicy had takcn in introducing thcir umond
nicnt. Mr. Oulbliprt oononrnil Mr. Clav unon a
chargo of inconRlstciiPV.
Thc uuestion wai Ihtn takon on tho inotion
to adhcro and dccidcd as follows : Yous 27
nays 23.
Un molion ot lur. tluubard.ihcbcnalo pro
ccedcd to llio considcration of Execuliio busi
ncss ; nnd aftcr ubout twcuty ininutcs tho
doora wcro rc-opcnt.d.
Tho usual rcsolution was Ihcn ndoplcd to
inform the IIouso that the Scnatc was ubout
lo udjourn.
Mr. Wcbstcr having takcn Ihe chuir,
On inotion of Mr. Davis, it was
ltcsolvcd, That Ihe thanks of the Suiintc bo
prescntcd to tho Ilon. AV. II. King, Prcsidont
plo.tciii, for his faithful, impailial ond dignili
cd doportmcnt.
And nt ono o'clock tho Scnato ndjourncd
upon thc 4th of March.
In llio uouse, mr. wiso innao a rcpon irom
ihc minonty of tho invcsligating committco.
Tho Fortiflcation Bill as amcndcd by the
Scnato was then takcn up. Thc anicndiuciit
li v ihe Sennlo strikcs out that porlion nf tho
bill providing fnt a distribution of tho surplus
rcvcnue on Iho 1st ol Junuary next, among
Ihe sevcrnl Slates. This amendnient had been
ri'ici'li i! bv thu llou30 vo.'terdav. whercmi Iho
Scnntc scnt n messago to the IIouso inaisting
ou lhi. nmcndmciit.
Mr. Bcll ulludcd in strong tcrms to thc con
duci of tho Scnato in injiotiug on ihu ninpnd
menl nltcr it had bcen tojpclcd by tho llousc.
At Ihu closc of his romarka ho movcd, "that
thc IIounu insist on its disngrecinent with thc
Senatc." On inotion, hu dcmandcd tho ayc
nnd nopti.
Mr. Ilunlsmar., in ordtr to iavo tiine, mo
ved tho prnimn qucslion. On tho molion of
Mr. Bcll, Iho IIouso dctcrmincd.tlint tho prc
vioii qni;3lion bo nnw inkcn j which, bcing
pul, rcsullcd Ayes 10-1, Noes 88.
A oorninittco ol conforcnco was nppointcd
on molion ol Mr. Boll, to mecl tho cominiltcn
from thc Scnntc, on the suhjccl of tho nineud
monl to thc fortilienlion bill. Tho coimnittee
coni-isls of Mcesrp. IMI, Cambrclcng ond Lnw.
Mr. IJpII aficr n ti ne rcturnod from tho con-
forcnco rommitteo & announccd tliodnigree
, f n
tnnnt nf thc POIlltnitlPCS
IIouso adhcro lo Ihtir romicr ilecisuui. JUr.
Johnson of Tpnn., moved Ihat the IIouso rc
cciIp. nnd ofked for the yeas nnd nays.
Tho inution to recede bcing enllllPd to pri
orilv, Iho quonlion was liiken nnd dccidcd in
1110 tlOgllllvQ i t'U3 IW)
Thn nnostion was then takcn on thu molion
to adhcrc.
boiiio di tmto fullownil, ivhen ftlr, A. rtlnnn
nnivrd tliu prcviom queslion, which iIipHuiiso
epcondcd A)ci 131, Noes no! countcd.
The main quostioii was oiderod tu bc nuw
lal.cn :
And llio qucslion on tho iiiolinn to ndherc,
was takcn and dicided in tho ufiirmativo
Ycas 108, Nays 87.
Tho bill waa thcn laid nidonnd LOST.
A mossago wai rcceivcd from tho Senale,
bnnniinoiti j thrir dcli'rinin'ition to ndlicrf to
Iho rcicction of tho Fortiflcation Bill ns uir.cn
dcd. Tho fo!lowins bills from tho Scnite woro nc
lcd on in Cnmmittco ol ihe Wholo, und wero
rubpcquonlly rcad a third limo and passcd by
tllO 110113".
An act lli nddilion tn tho nct to promnto tho
prngret? of ci'.iouco and tho useful urls, passud
Julyllh, 1830.,
An nct to rcgulato tho oftica of Commission
er of Pcnsions.
Aji act nmcndatory of tho act cranling ren-
sions lo widows and orplmiiH, whono hushands ,
nnd falhora havo dicd of wounds rcceivcd in '
Iho mllitary servico of Iho U. .
Ilero cnUcd tho bminoss of tlic Twcntv ,
Fourth Consress.
.1. n - -
Tho Spcokerat nbout 12 o'clock, dolivptcd
liis vnlcdictory, nt tho tcrininntion of wliicli ho
was grcctcd wilh loud npplausc.
At 1 o'clock. Mr. Smilh. clminnon nf ihn
iku un niu i ICBIUI.IH Ul U UllllL'U OlUlt'H, in ' -,..,... uuu i Hjil Itli tu tiju II 11 y , I IIU
)Cfformanco nf llio tblly nssigncd to Ihem ; 'rcs has bccnmo the tncdiuin of promulgating
ind that thc Picsideut bad rclurncd for nn j I'rinciplca und idcaa of nocial life, aliko obsiird
Wer, that ho had no furlhcrcommunicationlo a"d ndiculous to u candid and rcasonahlo
loko to cilhcr llousc, cxcept to c.xpross atlho mind Iho pcoplc, bcwilderrd by higb sound
qjjo of liis iiflicial conncxion w'nh tho inern- I jn" titlcs, nnd pufTed up by id aa ol thuir own
lir of this Concrcss, his het wishoa lorlhoir I importanco, nro to bo lcd ulong impoiccptibly
.1 i... I .L1?I!P. ... Il ..I.... ... Ifnill nHn .t.. I. .ll.l....' '. I-
juiiputiijr in inis iue, nnu loriucircicrnoi nap- .
UIUBS ll IHU 1110 O COmC. j '
IM I'alton, of Virinia, their movcd that
lia IIouso do now ndjourn.
I And thui cndid tho proncedins' nt 20 min
jiinuica pnsi 1 A. M. upon tho 4lh of March.
UiirilK.Crallc, lSsq. latc cdilor ol'iho
1 clciirayh, ,as cstablislicd a newdnily nnd
wctkly am,c SCilt trovcrnmcni, callod
"I hc Itef(iincri a, willadvooato n lut.il
811(1 rHdical l.n.rni nf thc liilso KVslom of
Hiiverimient byliie our constil titiou has
been tniscmi 'rtu'i am violaled, tiutil llif
libert ie ol Ihc cou((ry nro ncaily nuoveit
pd. Welike'to seotlip prcE8 comint: inlo
this sound tloclrino. , Convoittinn of tho
wholo Uiiion, iind au fiinciidmoiit oflhe
constitiitioii,nnd rctrcnclicut nl'cxcnulivc
doniinaiion, can alnnc sae us from nliip
wrcck. A". Y. Star.
lloncst mon in ofllco, from Uo Pipsidcnt
doivn, who will rcgard Ihcir oaths to cupport
tho constilution assomclhiug inorc tan a drad
lcttcr,will provc bctlcr coiiscrvuiivcs oMhona-
tion. What arc conventinna or nnn niltnpnls
tq tho conslitution Worlh, whcn iho Proidcnt,
liaviiis brouaiit L'Oth Housoi ot ouarwsun.
, ...iku inb .....ifln n i'? il...! Rll!
jv, .. rrrZJ&t.
hirelin!.' clcrk. can overloap ovcrvBftKEr'-t"''
tlon ll81!i Wllh impumly ? Thafgj
decd bc a radical rcmcdy for tho'uvilfcjjrl(C
tiiiiLS but it iuusl besiu wiifi llio pcoplo Hel
, ' , , . . . . ,
lllcm ca"1 n lllu cl,ala of V1 viludf
and, no lonccr "rusping ul thc Shador of do.
inocracy or of rcpublicanism, whilu thcy lose
(tho subatancc, lct thcm wilhhold thcir support
Irom dcmngoguts and clioose, not mattcra
but strvants, to do thcir.will. Tho lalo Prc6i-
dent, or rathcr thc lato admiiiistrulion, com-
posed of Andrew Jackson & Co. hus dono
inorc to uproot tho conslitution and rovoluliun-
izo tho Hystcm cf govcrnmont than (an bo rc-
paircd in Iwcnty ycars ; and Iho only eafcly
irom n lotal subvcrsioii n lor tho pcoplo to
ubandon tho mon and tho things tcndiiig to
that fcarful rcsult. Thcro niust be n diflcrcnt
course, a difl'tirciit policy, on tho part of tho
now adminislralion entirely difl'ori-iit from
that pursucd the last cight ycars ; govcriimcnl
musl act for tho pcoplc, nnd not for Mr. Van
Burcn, tho ofliccholders andtheparty ; or elsc
tho pcoplo must actor thtmselvei.
Starvation! It is said that 1200 pcrsons iu
Troi3 Pistoles, ncar Q.ucbcc, nro in a ftalo of
actual slarvalion ! It is not this placo uloiio
that has a sufTcring population : wo have no
tnaner of douht that alniost cvcry Canadinu
via(,0 aijnUnds wilh
a population, destilutp,
not only of tho mcans to matain lifp, but of!
tho mcnns of intelligeiici! and rclijiou. Ono
rcuJoii of Iho pnvcrly in Canada is thc want
of intelliar.iitu how lo rnakn n livinc.
Wcro tho fiiriiiers uf Vi-rmont no bcltcr
. ,., .,, ii .i r ,
tU.llll llltlll .1,1. lltL IUUUIVI0 UIIU IUIIIIUI3 ul
vcruy ociicvu our popuidiioii
would soon bo ncarly ns miacrablo as our nor-
thcrn neipJibors. Another causu of much
want in thu Prnvinccs ia Iho imiuensc cmigra-
tion tnerc, and tlio ciiminal conduct ol agcnts
in Grcat Eritaiu who, by falsoand dcceptivn 1 wa, icffrri'd lo, when lo! no such Iniiguajro
stories, hurry nfT thnusanda evcrv ycar wilh- wamiscd. Nnw iuaik thc rcsult: on cal
out prcpanrg for, or cvcn knowi'ng ony thing ! Hntf lor thc nolcs of the reporlcr, Ihcfc
, '. . , ., . rn,: words weic louiio lo have bcciiullcred by
about, thc rigora of a norll.crii wiutor. rius u oii, .( piirslljnir ,ie sul.jcct, tl
ovil may bo rcmpdicd, nnd in n grcat measuro vaR aM.crlamei il:lt hc hirmcll reviscd liis
by Iho prc sscs ol Enghind, if cvcn but a few RpCcch I'nr the liiti lligcticcr aiul liad ex
or llioso prosios will daro lo lcll the Iruili. rUKOBB'.l l'is own lanptiajie iii rejjord lo
Lct' tho.,. toll Iho fani.cra a.,d laborera oflnvcry. AV P " ' ''M "Ul
Orc.it Brili.ni what Ihcy must cncountcr in
eonung lo i-onaoa, or evun i un n
atatea of tho Union a pold clunale nnu n pco
plo alrrady supplicd wilh lnborora ; lcll thcm
Uo como poniiylcs--, i. thcy will-l.ut loexpect
iouoiifni wuen .....y arr.ve,
lor un unhappy lifo bctwccn cold on tho onc J
hand, und sfnrvidinn on Ihc oll.er. j
A carriagc, mado cnlircly of tho timbcr of
iho old nhip uf war ron!ili.linn, In riconlly
luen prcicnli'd to tho Presid.;nl. AVi ro h o lo
judgc Irom (hu manncr tn uh.ch tho I'rcndoiit mU iy sia.imi, lor a ff.iod iualiy ycars
has fur elgl.t yrar.i riildcn tho G'oiuftilfoa of,., (juilc n reliufl', Weisie. Cuininiurs.
ilwi emmtrv. wo Rlinnhl nrpdict u ehoit nud u I'lfaihillUtOH Car. JV. I'. is'nr.
hard lil'o to Ihe ihiclo. Tho balllo will bo,
huwcvcr, lliikury v. ofii ; and tho oakou
(onstilulion may s.and a bcllor choncu fnrox
islcnco than tho p.i;ier ono uf cvcn th.iti " old
Hickory" liinnrlf. Ila u much hattercii.
7Wacco. Dr. .Miizzayc.liuialoathoexpcnfo
to tho U. S. rrom Iho uso or lobucco, ut 25
inillion pcr anniiin !' Ncarly 100,000 hhds.
wcro cxportcd in 1835.
Mtxlco. Ucporu now aro that Biutatnontc
is at tho hcad of nlTairs, and that Santa Anna
is cxttcmdy unpopulor. Arrangcmcnts aro
mad'i to urroet liis fricnds, atid llio Gcncral
,i,f ,;, ,,u,i t m n,
Ul 01 1,13 amval,i In "10 mcan limc'
"uuu 'op nro marcnnig lor Texas.
For tliu Watcliman and Stato Journal.
Tho principlcs of " Agrarianism" nnd Iho
much vnunlcd nnd imoginnry principlcc of
noeriy" nnu "cqunl nghta," wliicli ndiled eo
,luol' l" 'ko sanguinary liorrors of tho Frcnch
117"'. nrb?ein j bo tght in
iu ..uuuicr iinui uiuy urn inuuo
v.,rini lUinilJ lltCOIlSlblClll Wllll
Iho tnoral nnd social rclations of HTo. Thcso
remarks aro suggcstcd by jiprusing nn nrticlo
in a lalo numl"-', ''-..Vr.rmorit Pntiiot,
ncaucu niinr's aa thoy nrc." Aftcr lnmcnline
ovcr "things ns llioy aro" tho genllcninnly cdi'
Hor uri'aincs torin mo roquicin ol arislocrnrj
und tnlks about tho Irankncss, hbctality, &c.
ol llio demncrncy. IIo thon doprecnles iho
cxMloncn of "monopoly," and aniong olhcr
tlung3 which ho saya " porlend no good lo
our ceuutry und her frco instiluliori!," ho rc-
innik-i, " Wo alludo lo tlio ui'posilion so ex
tcnsivcly cnin'ccd, to obtain a livihhood and
got rich witliout nmniial lalior, nv nn, incn
tion or spcculution loavail ihcmselvcs of othnr
pcopio'S inuuiiry, 10 oo eciiuium huu jjvh.."""
und lcarn to dcupiso Iho lillors oftho soil, tho
teal uutlinrs of llio wholo woalth of Ihecoun
try." Tho influcnco of this, und liko roniaiks
uphn eocicty, is cvcr delolcrious and lasting
Ihoy hecoiuo cnsraltcd into tho puliticol and
ir.nriil itpciIs oftho innorantnnd sunerf titioui",
andcrcalc ot onco a stato ofeocioty dcplorablo
in iu condilioii and unhaDnV in ita cllscts;
SiiBiucioii bccomi'a Iho cinnd main snring uf
liuman uction, nnd tnrns tho ivcft founlain of
nciul lifr and frundly onjoympiit into th:
linli r cii.ici.t ol a'ousy nnu unworiny puju'
I co. TIk nl 'i.'i i punciplc in ltsidf, to n can.
didnnd int I ii-al nd is absurd and rulic
nlnii!. n d i' b eoiu s a inallcr of nstonisli
V-'l ... . r .1.. II .:-l.
130II1I 01 llio I II' III' i:n l-
eL.r ejs over cnii.iit lo hu
'MtwWMhWlitlMffKaWco g"v
Vnr llu. IVftlMimfctf
Ctlebralion of l!te ilh cflViroXal liit,
loKer vlllage. Accori'ing to iiiiangeincnts tho
nniinutcd chainpioiis of the "Irue domocracy,"
collcctod with tlioir usual innterials ol party
dii.scnsinn nnd sclluh tnumpli ; tlio sacnlcgc
of worlh. contcinnt of iirinciplo, tho bousts of
powcr, tho ravings of nmbilion, the chidingn of
conccit and llio lltcKcrings ot vnnity. jiltcr
soiiic huslling prcparation, ncconipamcd with
cxorhitant pubicription draft3 on tho tcarily
funds of boys, wliicli. on Ihisoccusiun, scrvtd
iu no sinall dccrro lo doprcss tho inarkct of
. .1 -: .. . 1 . . j. . ... ji -... . .. i
powdcr wns nccuinnlalcd, a purty palute
faltrlv cuilcd nalion&I of soino twcily guns
was lircd, accompaiiiod with toaslp, in which
Ihevcnerablo chadesof tho futliPrsof ourconn
try cro f circely noliced 1 Wrealhs of fariui
wero nltrrnalcly uonnd with the lnvih hand
orpaity servility iirouud Iho bro'vs of Andrew
Jackfon, Mnrtin Van Buren, Tom Benton,
William C. IUvcp, and Ilichard M. Johnson,
in ull ol which thcy must unpoctically sluck
Ihu erpnnging pcn. Many potidcroua bodiea
of patriotic oncrgy wero f-o inflaled with the
spirit of llic day, that tltey nlmost lost thtir
gravily nt lcat its center, nnd woro proba
bly itnablo lo rcmoio llicir 'depoiits'M
Barre, 7lh Mnrch, 1837.
Tho cclibration of tho 4th hcrc was not
so forinal, tliPi o bcing no guns on iho occasion,
othcr than tho eracking and popping of thc
' """e 0'"fi-
; Jl hish mindcd Virxininn. Mr ltivcs,
l Virgitiin, in u ri'cenl spcccli, said tliat
"'lie ri'uanlcd slavery iu tlio absiract, und
. I
Ua i nviQltil niiiiinrr iih. n. n irrpnl pvil.
.. soc nl nnd noliiical. nnd that if he
'. Imd thc powcr lie would nholisli il in Vir-
1 11111111 linmediatcly. Alr. UlVt'S UctllCd
Iiuviiijt tised Ihcscwiirds; thc Tclcgraph
nfliruicd that lic did. The f.pecoli ns rc-
,in. . ., ,,, i,lln:T, nce, ., xvliiir noner.
Inpircof thc liitk" i-xpnnjicr no n candulute
has shclvcd liiniicll.
;V. Y. Star.
Tliere is n good Riory froiiig tlic rovimls
Iwic in relatiin lo thc I'rcsidcnt cleci. A
, 0' " loafers," r.lerks of the l.ilclicn
cliiefly, who liuvc Iind n irnod dcnl to do
witli ihc old licro's aitnilniKtrat ion, fccnt llic
" linlc man froin Kinilciliiioli" u pold-lu-adcil
c.anc a filiy dollar lcllow whioh
the ilom'c rcfippctfiilly seut hack, with hia
cniiiprniicnls, sny'ms, in cfl'tct, Ihat lie
nIiiiuIiI iint havc nccd of a hickory siick in
his new sintir.ii iind he liupcil ne siiouiti
Gov. Doassol Missouri, und Mr. Jamc
Spcakcr ol the llousc ol' Keprrseiiin
livcs. Iuive liad a vcry fciuhis (inarrel.
Tlic GoviTiior. in cllnst'(HlcuM, of il, Iiiir
inru rcluscil lo iuldressi lns leiriflativc com
iiiiiiiiiiniiiiiH to ihc Snenkcr, niid inldri'sncd
thcm ilirrcily to ihc House. Tluil lnxly,
vi'rv nronprlv. lias lnid ihem unuii tlieluhle
hy n unanim'mis votc, nnd U dutcrniineil lo
ili.no until HiH Xxccllcncy shall we fit to
nicnd liis niaiincrH.
nbii. Thmmts II. Mitcliell.n diRlinKiiisli
cd Bon ofSuulli Cnrolina, dicd rcccnily nl
liis rcsidcncc al GetirHCloivn in that Slale.
Tho corrcspondcnt of iho N. Y. Couricr k
Lnquirer pojs
Cien, Jnckson, nflcr ninluro delibrrntion,
hns BCtllcd n great legal qucillon. Ho 1ms sol
cmnly dccidcd, Ihat Irom 12 o'clock on tho
nlght oftho 3d ofMarch, until 12 o'clock Iho
ncxt day, tho United Slolca is wilhout n Prce
idcntl Ilnving como lo this concliifioii, ho
hns cuuscil it to bo nnnounc.id, that aficr that
hour ho will sign no bill. On brlng nppcalcd
to by a fricnd ho replied, and what do you
Ihink ho icplied? Contrnct tho musclcs of
jour faco nnd hold your sidos, while I rcpcat
to yon confidintialhj, lua answer. " Why sir,"
said tho hcro, "ifl ahould sign n bill nfierthat
hour, Ithould considcr myself a usurpcrl 1 1"
Imporlant Poiitical Jtitetingtn Pcnnsyhania
Gcncrnl llarriton and the .irt(-majciij. A
highly lnlerestingnnd imporlant poiitical mcet
ing wua hcld nt Hnrrishurg, on Iho 22d ult.
H waicoinjijtfBl vJa'u'p-ia county, and'mrtnr
of tho Lcgislature, and lnany tlliz!ris
from othcr coiltities oftho cotiimonwralth. It
.fiis callcd logcthcr n3 au Anli-rnajoiiic tmet
ing, nnd Ihcdoctrinus of thar pariy tveru nlfir-
mcd in tho most positivo inatinor.
We rorot we bnve noi spaco for the c'i o
proceedings, nnd nnnwi thc concluding rrt lu
tions, logcther wilh Ihu cdilorinl noiirc (, ' ll.o
Poniisylvania Tclcgraph, in which il will c
Heen that tho cditor statosf it wns tlip ium"iit -ous
opinion of tho inccting, "thnl Cu Ilarr.
to a would oe noinlnntcd by n Ucnirai (H
tion that no other wnvld be lerinnshj t . u . .!
ofthat Ihc roice of the piuty ic is oo
known vtou the tnbjecl lo admit u uiiAf e, '(.
G, Kusolvcd, Inat n iNu lo:inl Cnn- hh
forthouoiniiiutionr.fcnniiid.il for nafi.,al
ofllccs, ia iu nccordanco i.'itli D. mociatic An-ti-masonio
iifagof, and a proper mcans by
which wo can givo confidciicf (o oin fru 'uU in
tho punty and pcriuanency of ooi p ini' i -and
paily orga.iizalion, nnd cxtond thcir i.iflu
onco througliout the Umoii.
7. Besolved, Thnt wr eorncstly r riiinond
lo Ihp spveral countio in nppnm . . di.l . s
lo tho Slnte Anti-Masomc Clonvci tum t'j b"
held in May next, lo in ii'npl l "' ' 1' nlcpi
upon thosubjcct of a Nnlionat Oonvcii'.n.i to
' nminalf cmdidatrrf lur tuo oliicp ol itppi
denl and Vice PrPb'dp'-: -.f (! ' i t d Mat'
a. Ilcsolvid, That wo sincerely nopo ihat
all yppuncn' i 1 riLt Socieiie, (hroughaut
thSlulo nnd Uni.in, wl erv.T thcv mav havn
h&ftMiJqiij, nnd lioiv. r "cntli rcd nt Iho lcit
Jittlsiitl'ctii.ii, wl. icu:nl- wilh u in
KkUMktWfiAflft f.'hi- h riral il liiflmil n? frnm
ffeHjpOTlISWl' b.rou ht us logethcri nnd
5?2wiiS;tr rsrv rancp nnd on-
to fxhilrt
i.s mmk
ai d bad,"-
J. Rc nlvettiT iSWrW'
tuous and natrfolidiofl'iWi
btandard, yct w. wlli biSrtuewl WWSt;
ments, howevcr plnuiiDidWfWOTJ?g2j?
tion or ninolgamanon I c ifd Tqsd 5Vfrt. 5J
party, or obliicrnte our p 1 1 1 1 c i pf tflj siGpi
lievo Ihat ALJa tho trcat iii.erc.stsf5iWFSKN
linn rnn nniluiljh, ludv iirrilf p.trJWrNiW?
molc-d ly iho tnump.i ot luc Anli-f
parly, but Ihnt many of those vi.al iulerUff
will be tuiMaincd by no othcr parly.
10. Rcsolved, That nny nttcinpt to funn n
new parly upon tho wrock of Anli-Mnsonry.
is calculatcd to overthrow the prtscnt Slnlo
Adminitration, and ro-osisblish the suprcnia
cy of thc Lodgp, and ousht lo be difcountn
nanccd by cvcry fticnd ofhis country. .Y. V.
Horrid Suspicion. Jolm Dclliver, u rich
selilcr at TurifT, Ohio hau linen cmiimiiicil lo
prison there, for tlic Mipposcd intirdcr (iTti
tiimily consistint; of four perMjii!', nanicd
Gurgas, in llic ycar 1S34-5, wlinse prnper
ly lic took posebsiun of, repnrtirig thcy hnij
eniifrratcd lo Misouri. Two ol thc bodiea
had hccn discovcrcd ; nnd plundcr is mip
pi'scd lo havc been the only iiicnnive lo
this outragcous und bloudy dccd. Star.
JS'txa Urcnada. Lale infoni.ation via
Ilalliniorc, Fays that Riis(d, ihc Enulinli
Consnl has bcen released I'runi jiiiMin nt
Pmamn, and wjs hotirly expecicil i,. Cai
lliafrcna, whcn he would nn doubl euccccd
iu prodiicinyan amicableairaiiicenicnt witli
Commodnre Pcyton, who was tnaiuiaiiiing
a s.rict hlockadc oljll thc porls, uith a
largo flecl.
Jllalnma Prices. A corresnoiicferil in
Alabann states ihat a Judge ihere "cets
only 81,500, while n hcad cuok ofoneiortho
princiiial hotcl.x, or ii Mewnrd on fcoard a
steamboat rcceivcs 1,750." 'lliis only
provcs thot thc good people of Ihc Golioh
Paradisc havr. inorc rcsncct fi.r llio laics of"
digestion Ihnu liir llic digestcd laws.
No Decei-tio. Sonic limc amia nro.
fcssor of Li'Kerdcmanc enieriaincd an uudi-
ence in n villagc of Scntland, which vcr
pnncipaiiy ciiinpnscrt ol colliers. Afler
"astonishmt: thc nai'ivrs" wilh various
trickti mclaniorpliosiiu; wiuc inio walcr.
Scc, he asked Ihe luan of a lialfi)eiiev from
0110 ol lllB ailiniriirs- t rnilinr ullli-o lii.
lle hesiiation handed out thc coin, wliicli
tlie jngcjler spccdily cxhibiicil, bb lie said,
iraiisliirined into i giiinca, lAn' js ihat my
bawbcc ?" exclaiincil ihe cnllier, 'Undoutii
cilly," aniworcd thejngclrr. "I.ci's sec't
suiil ihc collicr ; niid lunimg it rountl nnd
roiind lu cxamiiiation wiih nn ccslao ' ol
(lelislit, thrmUinry the juuglrr for liiu kind
ncss, nnd putiinjj; il inio" his pocket, "1'se
wnrn't ve'll no turn't iuioa bnwbce ugain.'
Gcnuine Urit.An Irishman bcing lold
that thc prirc ol bread had falleu, replied
prnniptly, "Wcll, ihat's the first time 1 e.
vcr rejoiced at llic hill of my bcat I'rietul."
"Wliai's llie rnai.er ol'your cye?" said n
trt'iilletiian Ihc olhcr day to an honcst cm't
graiii, wiu. looked as if lic liad bcen play
inpr al fisty cufi1.
"Oc.h, it Iibk bcen pm oui, knockcil ouf, .
u n n ! 1 1 i lo ' cd , tip xmged."
"How chii ihni bc 1" icpHcd tho othcr,
"Ciin't yuti see wiih il ?" j
"01. yc, l can scc with il, but fiir,ll
tliat it U cxpuntfed. Doii't you bcl'ie
black liues uioiind it..'"
Capl. Jospph W.vmnn, wdo-wan onc of
tho giinrd of Andre onthc nrlit prcvious Ut
liis cxectiiion, died nt Woburn, Mcss. late
lyl, agcd 75.

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