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Vermont watchman and State journal. (Montpelier, Vt.) 1836-1883, December 09, 1839, Image 1

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jjY E. P. WAIrON & SONS.
VOL. 33, NO 13-WHOLE AO. 1720.
nt wonDSWOtiTH.
A finipln clnld,
That liiilillv dtawa litcalli,
Arul lcclsiU lifeln ev. ry hm,
ant n lillte coltngo girl i
u uif m tliicU. wilh iiMiiy ruil,
oTk, ii It Viarsuio, Biie ruiu , .
That cuKcred rounil hcr licail.
Slio liail a jnslic wnodlnnu air,
Anl sliewas wiltlly elinl:
Ilor nyca wcro fair, and vry Kit j
Hcr licauly madc mc glad.
S'uders and broltii't, little mld,
Ilow many mny yuu cV
Hiiwmatiy! Sovon in ,nll,' flmtaiu,
Alid, wondcrin;, lookcd nt ins. '
' And whero ro lli i 1 pray )oii tcll.'
Slie nn'wcrcd, Scvcnnre i ;
And two ol iis at Conw.iy divcll,
And iwo aro gorio to ia.
Tiv, of 119 m Iho clinrcli yard lic,
My s'utor nnd my lirnllirr j
And in lliu chureh-yatd enllnyc. I
Dwoll ncnr lhim with my molhcr.'
' You jay that two at Conivay dwcl',
And two aro gons to ica,
Ycl yo nrc feveii l-I priiy ynn tc.l,
Swcet maid, liow llus may bc'
Then did iho little maid rcply,
' Sovon boys and girl aru wi
Two of us in tho ulnirch-yard I o,
B.jneath tlio churcli-yard 'rcc.'
' You rnn abotit, m? Hlllc maid,
Yonr Jimbs Ihey nrc aliv-j
II twowo intlin cliiirIi-yrd laiJ,
Tlicn y.o aro only fncj
'Tlicir'sravcs ate green, lluy may bo ccn,
The liltlu ino'ld repticd,
' Twflve ntcps or inoro from inollicr' uoor,
.Vndlhry ore sidc by fidc.'
' My stoekin'is th"rn I ..ficrVknil,
Mv k rclmf tlicre I hcin ;
And tlicre upon tlio gronnd I tit
I biI and s.ing lo'tliuin.
And nlteii nfli'r-sinucl, sir, "' -
When it i liilil nd lair, -
I tnko my littlt porr'mg'-r,
Andaejt my 'suppcr tlicre.
Tlic firsl tba'.'dicd wns little Jinr,
"' In bcd !io moaning Iny,
Till Goi(.rclpascd her of hcr pain,
And I'hmi slie wcnt awoy.
u8o.in tlie tlmrdi-yard fhc vnt hidj
whuif Iho grasf wns dry,
. ToRelhcr round hcr gravc ve I'laytil,
My hrotbcr Jolin and l.-
And vb.en Ibo grund was wliitu wilb enow,
And I cniild rurj n'fid tlldo,
My tirnlher Jolin wr.s (orctd to o,
And bo tics by lur side.'
' Hoiv many aro ymi, llirn,' said I,
If tbenj aro two in llcavcn?'
Tliojitilo maidcii.dTil fply,
' O Maslcr! w&arc nu'i n.'
Dnt tllcy arc du.id, thnie two arc dead j
Their spyils are in.Heavcn !' fc
'TAvaa llironlng wonl$ uway : for lill
Tlio liltlu muid w.nild liavn lir yjll,
.'And said, ' i'ay wo uru etvon !
OkMd .,
trom Ihl Boslon Evening Jnurnal.
A Thanksgmng' Story.
It wn&a blnck lay in tlio montli of Novcmbcr.
Tlie north wiiid liowlcil inouinfully tlirnugli tlio
lcnflfJgii trfies tho lirokon clouds fl'ntuil rniiidly
ucros3 tlininoooftho Heavciis nud the whnlu fiiois
of naiuro nsstnned nn uspcct, chewlcss und tuv
romlbrtuhlo woll culculatcd to icinintl tho mor
nlist oftho closins sconoB in.tlio creut drntna of
life nSn trauellcr. wilh wcarv sti ns, wcndcd liis
soliliirv wav tliroiich one of th'ose henutiful hain
lets which nhound in New Enslnnd nnd whicli
coust tuto tlio noJiW oiiiamontsiind cmlilemsof fra
Uom, pcacej atul hapiines3, of wlifch slio is jutly
'Fo jitilgo, froin liis costume. this traveller hulong
cd to tlie lininhlobt ranks of lifo orliad !een sing
od out as a viciim iiy ntisfortiitie. liis coarso
8tra.y hut, Hipalclied doiihlot, and his ciinvnss
trowseis, soiled liy tur in tnuny places wliile tliey
prochiimcd his occtipation und h'n poverty, Keem
cd to protct hitn froin tlio inclcmency cf tho
wcathcr. His forin was east in a noblo tuold,
tlonothig groat nctivity nnd strcngtli. Uis innnly
fcaturcs, bronzad hy.cxpostiroto the troponl biiii,
and partly conccnlctl froin view by his liixnrlunt
locks ofcoal iilack liue, eliowcd tliat lio wnsstill
in Iho dawn of nianhood. And hia eycs gcenicd
jiL'litod up wilh un intclligont snirit by a glciim
ofoxncctalion and lionu. which showcd tliat his
buinblo forttincs did tiot accord with his liumblo
iiature and thut howevcr scvcrely fute liad dcalt
wilh h)m. his Kiieraics wero Etill unnroiien - 6i tiint
mnugrc thocill northcrn blust, and tlio faiigtics
whirh it was ovidi'iit lic liad reconlly nndergono, lic
rcsolvcdio pnsli onwnrd uinil the object whicli lic
liad in viow wasuocomtilishod.
" It was nowthree years" said bctohitusclfas
ho ploddcd along tlio' road, "fitiru 1 vcry foolisli
ly !efl my liapiy liome, nrgcd liy a silly piipie,
nnd a lovo ofolifo of advcntiuu, to bravo tlio
liardsliips and pcrils of thq nccmi. Sinco thcn
my li'c Ims hccu a constnnt eciics of inisfortiines
I liavc mot with Btorms on ovcry lack. ISnt thunk
J'ovidoncc, iiltlioiigh my cnnvuss istailly rcdnccd
nnd proity wcll worn out nnd my pockets aro
de'stitiite of bnllnst my liull in iiniinpitircd nnd
my spirils aro usunbrokcu and buoyant as ovcr.
I 101111 my pnients;iro blill liviug, nnd prosjiorfiiiH
nnd happy I wus a (ool to lcnvo thcni. And tny
brothcm nnd sistcrs how liappy wo wcro togcth
cr nnd cousin Mary, ihatliriglillittlo fairy, whom
I loved with a lovo surpaKsiug that of a r.oiiniii
nnd in whosoconipnny I liavopasscd bo many rap
turows hoiirs! Oli, I wns n great fool toleavosucli
bli'sful Kccneo. And I liuliuvc, allcr all, tlio Hllln
fairy lovcd mo 1 1 know slio did,- bliu all hut lold
ino bo. 21 n t it was too latc to rutraco my Etops I
cnn ohIjt rogrct my folly. I dnro sny llio nan
and joycus young thing hns i'oigottcn Ncd VVillis,
nnd wns manicd to somo worthier follow tlian l
am long sinco. Forlier fosy nnd laiighirig oycs,
nnd su'ciit disiiosition, losoy nothing ol the iirop
crty slio wns to inhcrit wlicn elio cnino ol ngo,
nttractcd many udinirers nnd mado siul hnvop
nnionu tho lionrts of tho vouihs of this.villago
.Wellif bIio is mnrricd. theio is no inoro lo hu said
1 liave un riglit to complaiii. llnt I hopo uliu
Iias choson a good linsband. Iwillsco hcr onco
rnoro with hcr n long lifo nnd n haiipy ono
nnd nway to sen ngnin. Ilut if slio is not inarricil
." Ilo did nnt finjbh tho Hcntenco hut a
cliango camo ovei hisc.uinlcnaiico nfiho ill clad
nnd tvcntlicr ucatcn mnrmcr.uH if ho wns inilul
ging iixu vission ol rnpluro und ho voluniarily
quickencdhis pacn.
As Kdwnrd Willis journojcd onwnrd tow.ird
liis lioino anticlpatitig by turns hnppy nnd ml
verso fortuno, ho wus Htirnnsed to find that
nlthongb it wasin tho initldlo of Iho wcuk, thcru
wero no signs of labor nmong tho iiihabitiintn. All
was qiuet ovi.n tho oxcn wcro browsingconton
tcciiy in mo pasturcs tlio nehool liouscs woro
closcd, und tho mccting houecs wcro opcn tho
pvopio wiioih no niet witn wcro ncntly nrruyoil in
mcir nuniiay ciotnos .and their coiintenunccs
wero wrcatlied wilh mnilcs ol crntitude iiml ioy.
un inqinry ho learricd tlint it wns Th.inksgiving
'iu naneu ino iniormation ns a glad oinon
On tho day whcn this poor, forlom lookmg
trnvcllcr, nftcr yoars of wnndcring, was pursiniig
his way towanls Ins nntivo villngo, tlHtiuo Diirncn
lirightly on tho hcarth Btono of his parcnts. Dca
con Wiilis wasn New Knglnnd larincr a in:tn
Wlio, uy ciicrisiiiiiginc viriucs ui iiiiiusuy mm iiii
gnlily, liu l bccomo posscsscd of n luiiitlsutrlu prop-crty-and
who, eiihiying n ciiinpcuiiico in n frco
('(ittntrv. nrotcctcd nv n wisc cnVBfiiincnl, snrroun-
IICI1 liy Hllltl (lllll llllClllgClll lll'lliuuin, ilim III lliu
midst o(n hapjiy and virtuous family, ciivicd nc.ith
cr iiabohs thuir richcs, nor monnrclis their jiowcr.
I.. I I... I.?...t I !..... Ili !..!.! tt. ll.n
It was Tlinnksgivmg IJay and grunt linii iiccn
llio bustle in Dcacon S"illis' linn'dy for tho pccvi-
ous wcck, Doscended in n dircct lino froin ono
of tho cnilicst settlurs ofNew Knglniid, no con
aidcmtion conld hnvc indiicod tlio worlliy Dcarnn
to ubnto ono jotciftlia 'pninp nhd prnlo anil cir-
Riiinstanco' ol tlio rlinnksgivntgs ol tlio I'urilnns.
riiuiikegiving was rcligiously oliscrvcd by hint.ns
it liad lictn liy his fntlicrs bcloro hiin nnd (ho
gratitddo which he cxprcsscd to his Crcutor for tho
nmrcics wlncli lio iiml rcccivcd, was notn nicic
forimila ol iiiiiiicaiiing wonls, but camo dircctly
Iroiu tho hcart.
On this day his childrcii wcro collcclcd arotind
hiin nnd all anlicinatcd n ioyoiis 'rhaiiksgtvnig.
Sevcral of tliu-dislimt re.latloiiK, who wcro it so
wcll pruvided wilh tho good things of this li1o as
tho worUiy Dcncon, nlso nccojited an invimlion to
bo prcsunt. Amoiig thorio who wcro Hheltered by
his hoKpitnlilo ronf on this occasion, tho greatet
favorito sccmcd to bo Mnry Wadswoith, a bluo-
eyod diimsul, whosc lovcly and oxprcssivo fnco
told inoro nlioiit swcclncss and purity ikan t cotild
Jescribo in n fo!io voluinc. aho ivas thoonly
Jaii"htcr of a colisio of tho Worthv Deacon't', nnd
nt nu carly agc was deprii'ed of hcr psrciiM by
dcalli. llnt cncim Willis hnd hccn lo hcr a pa
rcnt his lioiiso Iwd bcen hcr homo his wifo liad
trcatcd hcr with umothor's kiiuhicss nnd hischil
drcn rcgardcd hcr ns a sistcr and n denr (ricnd.
Mrs. Willis's situation as tnistrcss of tho fotnily
wns no Eiiiccnro on tliat day. IJcr dnties wcro
vnrious and imponant- -hr jMva1 tho New Eug
laiid Holiday nnd nll Jicr i-liill as n housewife
all hcrcxccllcnco ns u munuL'cr, was put t the
icst on Tliaukssiving Day. Afler tbc fami'y rc
lurncd frotn mccting, for tlicy wcro of tho good
(iliI-l'asliioiiL'd soit. who would nluiost as tionn
lose Ihcir tlinnkHgiviiig dinnur ns to he deprivod
of their Thanksgiviiig eermon, tho tabln wns w;t in
tho Inrge front par or, which was wont to bo uscd
only on cxtraordinury occasions, und scrioiLS pro
'parations for tbo fcstival comincnccd. A good
iire, made of wnlmit nnd yelWwoak wool,burned
chccrfully in tho larc open iiro-placc, and nll tho
fomalt-B bclouging to the linusa wnro put in retui
sition to bcar tho nbiiiidnnco of tho good things
froin tho kitchen to tho nnrlor and whicli when
dcposited iu tlieir respoctivc places, mado tho ta
At ihc hcad o( the table wan placcd n portly
turkoy, clioiccst ol a largo und pnmticrcd fnmilv
at tho (arther cxtrciuity was depoaited a hain of a
size and flavqr to niako a Wcsijihnliaii ?s cyes
spurklc wilh j'ny. On iho centro was stntiotied,
piuckeu, ronsic'il, jind realy (or iliOVarving kuilc,
onc ol llioso cclciirutcd nnimnl. wliicli wlnhim
ravod froin tharavagcs of" the Gauls tho capitnl ol
Kome, and wlijcli.'in yinuar iiailance, aro ycleiied
eecso wbilo hero nud thero, Bcnltcrrd aroitnd
tlio tali o. in nnnarent ilisonlcr, uut wiiii nouoor
alo cnro aJid orocision. wcro boiled fowls, roasted
(owlfl-jellifa, KlncK-nncks, nliii pnies ni vegcin
lilos of inoro vnrioties and exrelloncotliali I would
williugly undcrtauo lo cniimcrato wlulo on tlio
kitclir.ii tnble, nrrnngcd npparetilly as acorpsde
reservc, might bc secn n Btatoly pliiiu puddiug
supponcd by sovcral onormoiis Thanksgiving
piniipKili pies, witn inincc plcs, npplc pies, squasli
pics, and ctistard pics, wilh fruits of vnrious
kinils, notiiirgciting uuis and apples, to bring up
tho rcar. As n bovcrago on ihis happy occnstoii,
iitcr was tho only aniclo providcd wntcr
hrdught from a clcar nud sparkling spring, which
biibhlt'd up n few roils from th-. lioiiso; for Vuc
nier Willis rnntcnded that wulcr was the hcst ilriuU,
nvcn on festivo occasions nud that iiilariiy aud
joy slionlif bo promoted, not by wino or strong
(lliu!; of nny kinil, liut liy sociul immuiiinn, by
n (roointcrchaugeof tlioughlB nnd idcns, by gcu
crous ffcling3, born and iiinuiri'cl in n iinhlo ho-
It was ncarly two o'eloek, long aftor their nc
customcd hour of ih'nncr, beforo tlis assembled
company wcreinvitcd into tho parlor to pnrtuko
of the good clieor whioh was so boiiutiftilly pio
viilcil. Aud as tho happy rompanv stood arouud
tho tnblc, wniting for their bfl to nsk iho Diiiuo
blcssing upon tho mcnl viliich wns placcd bo
fore thcni, u (diade fliticd across tlio good man's
brow for liiseldest sou, a noblo hoy, was ahcut.
Amoug tliojoytul laccs whicli surrouiKK'd liun,
Edward't) was not to bo secn. Ilo hnd lcft liis.,
honie, ycnrs hefore, to embi'aco n scn.furing lifo
and thu wandercr bad r.ot rcturiH'd. Thcro was
gocd rca'onto bclicvothnlho wasiiolongcriu tho
Irind ol tlio living, and allhougli tlicy stll strovo to
cherish hopcs iu each olhcr's bosoms many aud
bitter wcro tho tpars of afTection, whicli liad cui
baliued his memory.
Dcacou Willis did not intond to east n damp
ovor tho spirits of tho happy group and his
words wero but thocchocs of liis '.houghts, as hu
iiivoluntarily exclnimed, "wcro Kdward bcro, wo
should indecd ho happy."
"My poor, dearbo!" oxclainicd Mrs. Willis
"Ah, 1 mucli fear wo sliall never see his suuling
faco agam."
Mnry Wadswortli said nothing but a teur
siatled in hcr oyo and uny casual nbservfr
would havo secn at oncu that Edwurd Willis was
dcarcr to hcr tliau a cousin or n friend- nud iluil
hhoclicrishcd hiii.mcinory iu tho vcry deiiths of
licr iienrt.
Just ihenold Hose. tho house iIol', washeard to
muko somo iiiigry remonstiiiiiceston iiassiug traviL.
ellcr, which nltractcd atteutiou, iuasniiich
. .r..- i .... ..-i r
was hy uo nicans nn ordiuiiry occurreuc
ISoso wns n well iiurtuml hrutc, nud seldonrne
cosicd a well drcFfcd, gcntlcmiiiilyji(ujojingo,in a
rudo (itid iiiigry maiiner, hut lio culoattilied thu
prejudico ngtiinst llio viciims of'iuisfdgpio or iu
teiuporanco who wear tho gorb of poveTty, which
isclicriiilieil hy uotiler niunials, wlio lioast Iho ut-
trihutcs of rcason, ln truth, Hose, allhougli u
faithful dog, was a rcal aristncnit iu hisirinriiles.
Tho tinvoller, from hii appcarance, movcd iu llio
liumhlest rauk ol lifo and Uoso ovidcutly iiilend.-
ded to givo him a recepliou currcspouding wilh
Iiih sliabliy nnpcuraucc, nud wasailvancingtoward
him in a surly nianuer, and with u truciileul look,
win n ucncon willif. wlio well kuuw tlio plciii-
iarilics of his dog, told his son Jaines to go out
und protcct thu Birnngcr linm iolenee. "Uo
Bccms a suilor, too," siiid he, "aud on a day liko
this wo slinulii not n-fuso thc ritcs of hospitality to
tho liiimlilebt heiug who iias.'oi aloug tho road.
On Thnuksgiviug ilay, no iudividunl, rich orpoor,
wiilor or Iniidsmnu, bliould wiiut for u iileutifui
ineal. Ask hiin in, my son," coniiHiied thu uu
blo bcarlcd farmer, "and let iho ponr wayfarer
takoaBeni at our boiird.''
Tho striingcr cnicrcd tho parlor, nml lonni wns
mado fur hiin nt thu tahlo. Hut his nppenrancu
aud iiiiiniicr ivas sirango, aud ho sceuifd as if ho
wns hut ill.dipposed to rrqnilo his kiud hosn for
llio hospitality hu enjoyed. Uu did not cvcn
rnisu his dilnpidatcd hat from Ins head and to
tho klnd inquirics whicli wcro mndo of hiin, he
scnrcoly deigned uny reply hut as if overcoino
wilh fiitiguo, orngilnied hy conleiiding uinotions,
lio turow nimscii inm tuo nearest clialr, nnd cov
urcd hisbrow with Iilshands.
Tho wondcring group wiinessod his conduct in
silcnce. "Coino now, my good ninn," at lengtli
uxclaimud Mis. Willis, iu u kiud, mothorly touo,
"I darc Biiv you aro tircd and hungry ; tnko a scnt
at tho tahlo, and maku yoursulf nt homo. Wo
liko Bui'ors nnd would gludly do you n good tuiii
(or tho snko of ono who Ims long hocii ahsent.
Don't ery, Mary-you Bhould leiirn to reBirniu
your fcolings."
Just thon old Dose. who, when iho suilor first
cnmo in sight, was diNposed to rcgard him ns nn
unomy,nppuarcd lo havo ovurcoinu liis combatlve
propcnsitics, and tnuch to tho surpriso of tho cliil
drcn, scumod mdilenly to havo couccivcd tho inost
livoly attnclimcut to tho "poor stragglcr. lio
wnggcd his tail wilh unwnntcd clicrgy, absohllely
duuiH'd tiiouud liiin, wliiiied I'orth his joy In tho
ninst cxprcsjivo mnnncr, nnd i-oiitinucd thojmnlO'
miun by jumping into his lup nnd ntlemptiug to
lick his I'nce!
Tho Btraiigor hnrdly nttcmptcd to rcpulsotlio
aflcctionnte itiiiuuil but gcntly patting Iih hcad,
nddiosscd hiiu wilh tho cndcifiiugeplthctol' "poor
old loll,' ndilitiL'. "wou bnvn nnt forcottvll Uic."
Un thcu rniscd his bead,took his hand I'rnin his
forehcad, removi'd his hat, nnd brtishcd owuy tho
long nnd uintted locks which pnrily coiicealcd his
fcmures. Uis voiro sceincd to havo tonclicil o
chord in tho bosoms of ncrsons picscnt, which
hnd long ccnscd to vihrolo. The eycs of Dcucon
Will'u and his wifo wero turned upon him In cn
ger expcclntion. Mnry Wadsworth startcd tho
rosu on hcr check gavo ploco to tho lllly and bcr
decp-scutcd and puro lovo provcd nioro quick
pightcd thnn cvcn parcn.tal affcction. !?ho gazcd
upon him with a look in which joy und surpriso
wcro blcndcd nnd incthis glnlicc, wjiich bcaincd
with tuiiderncfis nnd rnnluro, cxprcssing tho frni-
tion of cartlily cnjoyment. Iler inaldcnly rc.icn-e'
was conqnerrd by her surpriso anil joy at nelioi
diug hcforo her u donr ono whom bIic liad long
inoiirncdas (iircvcr lost. "It is my rousin I'M
wnrd!" Biiid slio, nnd throw hersolf into liis nrins.
Tho ficcno which followcil may he iniagincd, hm
caiinot bo dcBcribpd nor bIiiiII 1 nttcmpt it.
Thcro was no lonccr anv nllnv in tlio euioynicnt
of that happy futnily -nn'd Dcncon Willis, alheit
nlways uoted !or his piety, never oflered up n
thaiiksciviim nraver wilh crcatcr fervfiiey nnd
sinecrity thaii on thisoceasiou. Afler dinner was
ovcr, Kdward hnd n long talo to tcll, lo which his
auditors listcni:d with lircuthlcss attcniion, nt thc
ncrilsund sufTcriiiL's ho hu 1 exnerienccd during
thc prcvious threo ycars. Tlio vcssel in which ho
luul sniled for South Amcrica liad lieen suspeeicu
ol cnirvtiiL' on n conlraband trndo and llio crcw
were ull condeuiued to tho inines lor li(e. Ed
wnrd, with two of his couinanions, nt tho imnii-
nent risk of his life, siiccccdsd in cfl'ectitig his cs
capc, iiml hnd woiked his passago hoino in a vcs
scl bound lo Providcni'u. Misfortuno siill pur
sncil him : the vessel was wrcckcd on lllock Is
land diir'mg a heavy gale, nud lie, nft'f ti desper
nto struggle wilh tho waves, succceded in gaiuing
tho shoro. Uc lost no limo in pn)ccdiug to
I'nividcncc iu a flshiii" cnift, whcn ho took his
land tacks on board -and wcaricd, hllligry, desli
tutotjf inoiuy and clothcs, a poor nhip wreckcd
sauor, r.uwaru Willis at lengtli rcanlicil Ins liome
"Aud ypu aro wulcoino liome, my noy, ex-
ciuimcii ins latlicr ' aud I liopo you will uover
again leavu us.''
Edward lookcd at Mary, who bluslicri likoa
"I sco hnw tho wind siis," said the worthy
Dencon "Uome liithcr Mary Wailsworlll.''
Mary with trcmliling steps approachcd hcr
'Mnry,' fnid tho Deneon Wo ninst look
you lorsccur'uy that Edwnrd will ncvcr plny tru
uut nguin."
Ilo put hcrtrcinLiling hnnd into tliat of tho son,
hihvnrd hns never heen to sea siuco. Ilo
is now n happy and prosperous fariner nnd
blessed with nn nfluclinnato wife. and llircc lovelv
childrcn, ho ovury yeor wcleomes tbc approach of
iMovcincr--nnil reads m tlio iMcrcantilo Journal,
with kecn grntificalion, ihe Govcrnor'a Proclama
tion for TiiANKsoivt.No Dxr.
Tho niincxed ifoclsion was mado by tho 'Suj)
rcmo Court at its last scssion in thiscounty.
Aj.rncD Wai.nwrioiit )
lirnnttl, .. (ttlwcrcd Ihe opinion of Ihe Courl.
Tho iuiporlant qucstion in ihis cas-o is, wliether
bills ofan insnlyciit bank, whcn paid to snti.sfy a
pivcodeiit dobt, nnd aro at the timn aud plneo of
paynient in full orcdit, aud thcpurtiesto thctrnns
nction in u cqunlly igunrant of such insolveucy
(tho bills Iiiiviug hccn ollercd to ho retiiiucd,)arc in
puiut of law a salisfnolion, if prcvious to surh
pnymeiit tho linnk hns iu fiict hecomo inolvcut,
iiikI ceased to redeeui ils bills at ils mvn counter,
bo that the bills liad ceascd to havo any currcnc.y
iu Ihu iuuuediatu viciuity of llio bank ; though
ihis was uiiknown to cither of tho partics nt thc
timo of pnyincni.
It is a priuriplonl law, too wcll cstaulishcd to
necd aulliority , that wheru n hill of cxchaugo or
noto of a third person is rt'cnivcd iu paymciit nf a
prcccdcnt dtbt, thorisl: ofiho insolvcncy of the
inaKoris upon lliu party iroiu wunni tuo lull or
noto is reccivcd, iiiile.-'s thcro is an express agree
mevl betwccn the pnrticii thut tlio risk of thc paper,
in this respect, is to bo tho rccoivcrV, or ono is lo
bo impliedfrom Ihtfm ls and circwnstancei of the
rnse;und tho grcnt qucstion is, whethcr this prin
ciplo is npplicahle to tlio cuso of nu inco pora-
ted bank. H it is true that upon tho paymcnt nf
n bank hill in salislaction of a precedcut dcbt, (in
Ihe absence of othcr facls,) thern is un implied
ngrccineut tlint wn insolvcncy ot tiioninic is nt
tho risk of thu party rcceiving the hill; ihen it
folloivs that tho nuthorilics appliciihlu to bills of
rxchnngo nnd promisnry uotcs, do not ngiply to
Ihe cae uniler considerntinu. It is tiuo tlint by
uuunnou coiiaent, hnuk bills havc for tho purpos'
es of husincss hccn trcatud ns inuiicy : hut this is
n cniiventicual legulatinn, for thocoiivciiicueo of
lusuiess,nuil not n legnl oue. no stnto is aiitlior
ized to coiu nioney, or pasi nny Inw wherchy nny
thing hut gold nnd silver sliall ho mado n legal
teiulur iu paynient of u deht. It was decidcd nt
ihe last lcrm of this Cnurt iu Rutland Couniy,
tliat n iiolo pnynuio iu iinnic lulis was not ncgotm
ble. Tliey cnn not bo recognized, in the legal uc
ccptatiou of llio tcrm, as money ; hut it is wholly
couvciiiiouiil. This couvcntiounl iindcrstnnding,
thut hunk bills aro to pnss as inonuy, is foundcd
upon tho Nolvcucy of iho hiinks, aud tho supposi'
tion that thu hills iirecquivaleiu in valuo in specie,
nudurcnotnt nuy timo conveitihio into spccio
nt the option oftho holder. Upon no othergrouud
!o bank hills pass, bj comtnon consenl, us money,
nud hciieo ihero is an iiuplied ugreemcnt of thu
puriics, at thu tinie thc hills nra pafssed, tlint they
uru eqiiivnlent to.moucy, and they uro pnid by tho
onu puriy reccivcd hy tho othcr on that eupposl
tion ; aud iiulcss this is tho caso, tho ono party does
not pny what hu Btipposes he pays, nor tho othcr
puriy miicvo what ho inteuds to recievc. From
this priucipul of common rnnscnt that bank hills
Bliould pnss ns innnney, it is tho implied iinik'i'
Btiuidiug ofiho pnrlies tlint thu rvceiver should
tnko upon him sulf the risk of nll tho faihircs of
tho bank ; hvt Ihe nrincipiil cau not hu cari'h'd
any fiuihcr tlian this convuniiuual nri'uiiguiucut
(ixlouds, nud tlint is, lo trcnt them ns money only
bo Inug as tho Imuk which issues llium roiiiinucs
ln rcdcem them iu cpccio to tha hill holder.
When thereforu u hunk Blops spccio paymeut, thu
hills thurcnf cin-iso hy this couveutiutiul arrunge
iiicut to hu llio rupiTBentutivo of money, whuliicr
tho pnnioulni- hill hulder is ajijirizt'd of thu lart or
not ; aud from tlint limo fhohills ofeuch hnuk rc
buiiiu llmir legal churaclur of promuiissory notes,
und niako &cciiritics for tho payinent of inoiioy.
If they ufierwurds pussed ou to u porson equnlly
igimraiit ofiho fniliiro of iho liank, lliero can hu
uo iniplicd ngruomcnt from this couvuntional nr
rungemcutto trcut thiini us money so loug as thev
nre cniivcrtihlo into Hpecif, that tho rcceivcr bIiiiII
sustnin tho loss which hnd then nlroady ntcrued
tn tho hill holder. It is difliuult to sco why thcru
Bhould bo ndlHtinction hctweou bank bills after
thoy ccnsci lo bu by uny convcntlonnl urrnugoincnt
tho ropreientntivo of inoney.and other proinlsory
notes. Tho law is well seltlod Iu ihis and othcr
Biates, ihat thu pa.vmcnt of u dubt in n (orgcd oi
couutorl'eit bank hill, is not u saiisfiiction. tliough
boih pnrties aru riiiully ignorant of tho f'act. Seo
2. Johnson, It. '158, Murklo vs, (iiilficld, whero
Chniviellor Kout reviows tlio miihositico with
mucli uhiliiy, Tlio puriy puyiug iiiuut BtiDtain tho
loss, or rathcr is not nurmittcd to sliifl it linon tho
other party. Tho partics in biioIi caso nct upon n
inismKo; tlio tluug piiui nyineonu, nnti recoivca
by tho olhcr, is not what thoy mtpposcd it to he j
nnd it would lio highly incquitublo that by this
iniftnko tho loss should bo shified from him who
liiii! nlrendy siistaincd it, upon ths oiher, who was
cqunllj itinorant of the fitct. In tho caso now hu
fore ihocotirt, theru wm n inutunl inihlake. Tho
parliessilirpojed tho bills whcn pnid wero then
conveitihio into specie, nnd enuiviilfiit to mnnoy,
and boih nctnd on thiHSuppositiou. Cnuimou jus
lice then foi hiih ihat this losi, already Biislatned,
should by Ihia mlitunl inislnko bo Kliiflcd from tho
defundaiit to llio plaintifr. In tho sinto of Alaba
j nir, in the fn80 0f Lowroy vs. Murrcll, 2. Portcr's
u.cu, a uiirurentduclrnie is ssiui to uu cstannsn
ed, though I havc only secn u noto nf'tlioetiso. In
iho caso of Young vs. Adams, 0. Mass. II. 48U, u
difi'orent doetrino is nlso incidcntly thrown out.
'Bjit Iho satno nucsliou hns heen boforn tho Su-
.......... ! . ' i i .i. n . ..rt? i.. tl...
liwiui; uuiirr, anil aiso mo vuun iu i-iiuis, m mu
Stnto of New York, in tho caso of Lighthody vs.
untnrio Unnk.ll. Wonilcll 9, nnd Iu. WenU. 1UI,
wherethu dccision wns in conlbrinity with tlio
viowcnf this Coui t: nuil wo think llus tho bctter
opmitai wcll fust.nued on principlcs nnd cnlcil-
imou to uo tlio most cqunl justicc.
It is not tlio husincss of tho officcr who rcccivcs
a writ for servieo to reeeive pny ou tho deinnnd.
I iu is only to eorvo tho writ; nnd if tho dehtor
pns the dctnnnd to t he ofilccr. hoholds itnsu''eut
of llio dehtor till ho pnys it to tho crcdilor. I ho
lllUIIUjr III 11113 UilSU lieiOg 'lllll UI IHU UlUllllUl Ull
tho SytluMnrch, and aficr the bnnk liad ccascd to
rcdecni its bilb, is tho sauio ns if it hnd hccn then
panl liy tlio dcutor. Tho objortinn to tlio deposi.
tionof Gcorgo II. Green, is without fouudat'.on.
Thc judgmcni bulow is thereforo nllirincd.
1. Thcro slmll ho a auprcino court uilh-
iii nnd lor this ftato, to bo hcld nt tho respoc
tivo t'uncs nud plnccs by law appointcd fnr ihat
purpnse, which shnll consist of ono chief judgo,
und four nssistant judgcs, any thrcu of whom shnll
lio u quorum, to ln: nppointcii iu tliu mnnncr pro
vided by thc coustitiitiou.
I. Whenuvcr on tlio trinl ot any causo ncloro
tho suproino court, tho judgcs prescnl shnll hu
cqunlly dividcd iu opinion, the judgiueut shnll bu
rcndercdaccordingto the opinion oftho presiding
ii. Tlicre sliall nc in cncii couniy n couniy courl.
to he hcld at bucIi t'uncs nnd places ns bIiiiII hu up
pomtcd by law for that purpose, to consist ol onu
chicfjudgc, whosh'dl bo oue of tho judgcs of tho
snnreino cnurt. to bc annualli dcsicniitcd bv llio
judgcs oftho Biipreinu court 1br eacli judicial cir-
cuit eslalilislicd lw law, nnd two ussistanl juugcs,
to bo nppointcii fbreach county, und to hold their
odiccs as providcd hy tho consiitution aud laws of
tho siate, nny two of whom sliall he a quorum.
4. Thero shnll bu flvo pidicial circuits in thu
'stnto, as follnws :
Tho first hhall consist of tho counties of lien
nington and Rutlnnd ;
Thoseconil, oftho counties ofWindhnm, Wind
sor nnd Ornnge ;
l lie third, ol thc sounltcs of Addison, Chitten
den nud Grand Isle ;
Tho fourth, ol thc counties of Washington,
Ca'eilouia und Issax;
ThohTth. of ihu coiiiuies of Fra klin, Oileans
anril Laitinille.
.,fnu juilgn oftho suprcmo or couniy court,
in tiio'disenco oftho othcrs, shnll havo powcr to
.. .: -i
opcii nud ndjourn their respectivo cotirts uutil a
quorum shnll convetie; nnd if no judgo oftho
court bo presclit, tho shurifT of tho couutv bliull
havo powcr to open and adjouru nny suprcme or
county court, from day to day, until ouo of tho
judgcs xhull bc present.
(). Thesui'i'omo court sliall havo cxclusivoju
risdiction nf all such petitiuns, not trinhlu hy jury,
as inny hy Inw hu hrought beforo such courl, nnd
sliall havc powcr to issuo aud dctcrmiue nll wiits
oferror, certiorari, iiianduiniis, prohihitiou and
quo warranto, nnd nll other wriis nnd processes to
couris of inl'erior jiirisdiction, lo corporations nnd
individuals, that shnll he uerussnry lo thu furthcr
anco ol'justico and Ihu regular executkou of ihe
laws, and shnll have pnwer lo iry nnd delermiuo
nll such qiicstious of law ns sliall he rciunvcd I'kiiii
the county court, ngreeably to thu provisions of
ihis chnptrr.
7. ISuch couniy court, wilhin ihe sovcral conn
lies, sliall have urigiual and exclusivo jurisdicliou
nf nll original civd actions, cxccpt such us oro
mndu cognizablo by n justice, und of all such pu.
litionsas muy by law he hrought be;ore such
courl, aud uppcllato jurisdiction of all causes, civil
and crimiunl, nppcalnblo lo such court, aud muy
rendcr judgmcnt thereon according to law.
8. Knch county tourt bIiiiII have origiunl jiiris
diction of nll proscctnionH for criminal ofTenccs
wilhin iho sovcral counties, cxccpt such ns nre hy
law mado cogniublo by a justicc, and may award
such Kentenco ns to Inw nnd justicc nppcrtnius.
0. In all civil causcs tricd beforo llio county
court, ciihcr party niay onco und uo inoro review
his cause lo thu nc.xt tcrm of such court; hut no
review shall ho allowcd in eithcrofthu following
cnscs :
1. Whcn thojiidgincnt is renderrd upon noii
suit or defuuli.
2. U hcn judgmcnt sliall have hccn rcndered in
any cnnso twico for tho samo party.
y. When cither party sliall havo waivcd his
roviow by entry inudo for tlint purposo.
1. ln any suit hrought agsiust a sliciifT, high
hailifl'orconstab'o fornotoxecutiiiK or iluly rctur-
tiing a writof cxccuiion to him dulivcrcd to crvo,
when a reccipt wimgion hy, ordeinundcd ofsuch
oliicer nt thu tlinu oftho dclivery ihcrecf.
5. In nuy suit hrought hy a sherifT, high bailifT
nr cnnstablo on any rcceipt i r wriling obligutory,
cxocutcd for goods or chuttels Bei.cd or tuken hy
vtiliiBof iiny writ of cxcciition or nttuchtuent, iu
wliich rcceipt or writiug iho puriy executing tho
snmo promiscd lo re-ilclivcr biicli goods orclmt
tels. 0. In nny suit hrought by nelie'rifl'nr high Imiliff
againtt his depnty, orsuretics, on nuy hond, ex
cciilcd lo inih'mnify such shcrilf or high hnililf
npiinst any nct, noglcctordel'nult ol his ilcputy.
7. Iu nny suit hrought ngaiust a Bhcrifl'ur high
bnilin'orlhosurclies ou any rfcognizanco enteml
into by such Bherifl, high bailifl'orstiroties, lor tho
fnilhful performnncoof ihuollico und duty ofsuch
shcrifl'or high hailifl'.
8. In uny suit whirh camo to said court hy up
pcali u.cu t when n roviow is nl lowell hy law.
10. No party shall bu nllowed lo roviow his
cnusu uutil ho sliall havo given suflicient security
lo thnadvcrBu party, by way of recogniaucu, iu
such siini as lliu court sliall dircct, cnndiiioiiud
tlint ho prosecutu his reviow lo efl'ect, nnd answer
und pny all iiiicrvening duuingcs occnsioucd to
ihe ndvcrsu party hy delay, vilh iidditionalcosts in
caso iho judgmcnt ho nflirmcd.
11. When n pnity haviiiL' nppealcd from tho
judgmcnt of a jusiico sliall unglect to niunr his up-
peul in the county court at ttiu leriu ol ucii couit
noxt aflcr such judgmeiit, such couniy cnurt on
thu coniplaiut iu wriling of Iho advcrso party, aud
llio productioii of n ccnifiud ropy ofsuch justico'u
judgmcnt nnd nppuul, sliall nllirni such judgmeiit,
aihling to tho damngcs, iutcrcst at tho rnti of 12
ptreeut. p rannuuifiom thu timu of rcndeiiug
the judgiueut, with adilitionul rosts.
12. Tho suproino nnd county cuurts, respectivo
ly, Blmll havo powcr tn niako all uoCffssary ru le
for llio ordorly praciico in thosevcral co'iits; and
tho iudgus ofiho suprcnio court eliull innko, adnpt
r'ld'pulilish, and may from limo to timo nlter nnd
timmid rules rogulating llio ndmission of litornics
lo Ihu praciico of Inw beforo tho suprmne nnd
county courifi, which rules nhnll ho iiiiilorin nnd
hh diug on ihosuvoml couniy coiirts.
13. Tho cuprmno niid county couris, rospcc
tlvoly, bli-) have pnwer in tho trial of tictions ot
law, on niolion and iluo notico thoreof being glv-
on, to requiro tho partics to produco books or wrl
tings in thoir possessinn or powcr, whicli contnin
evidenco pcrtincnt to tho issuo or relutivo to tho
nction, in cnscs nud ttnder clrcuinslnnces whoro
thoy in ght hu coinpclled to produco tnu satno ny
tho ordinary rules and proccedings in chniicery ;
nnd ifthc p'ariy I'nil lo comply with such nrder.lho
court muy rendcr judgineiit ngitinst such puriy hy
nonstiu. or deluult, ns lliu caso niay lie.
I I. IT, peuduig nny suil, it sliall appear to tnu
courl tliat tho Biirety nr thu siitn ol uny recogni
zanc'i fnr thu prosccution nf tho suil, or nny op
peal or roviow. or tho huil takiiii by tho officcr on
thu suit, is insuflicicnt to fccuru tho party for
whoso hencfit lho samo was tnkcu, such cnurt
may in its disrretiou urdcr hail to bc put iu, sufTi
cicnt fnr the nurnoiro uforesnld. bv such timo ns
Ihu court bIiiiII dircct, or tlint judgmcnt ho rcnder
ed ngoinst tho pnriy noliicung to comply wilh1
such ordcr.
15. No writ, decliiration, return, prnccssjudg
ment or olhcr nroccedinc in civil cnuscs in nny of
tho couris iu thisstntu, sliall bc nlntoil, arrcsled,
qunshcd, or reversed lor any dolecl or wnnt oi
fnrm; hut tho said couris, respcctjvcly, shnll pro
cccd ond givo iuilgment occordin to tho right
of tho caso aud inntlora in law. witliMit regar-
ding any iniperl'cctiniis, dclects or want of
lorni, in sueii writ.ueciaraiion or oiuer pieniiiug,
return, proccsi, judgmcnt or courso of procccding.
uxcenttlioio onlv in cnso of deinurrcr, which tho
nnrtv demiinitiL' sliall snccinllv set duwn nud ex-
nrcss. toircther with h'n demurror as tho causo
1G. Anv court may, froin timo to timo, amend
all and ovcry such imperfcction,defecls and want
of forin. olhcr tlian thoso only which thu puriy
dcmurring shnll express, ns nforesn'ul, anil may at
nny tunu purmit ciihur ol llio puriics to amciui nuy
ilelect m tlio proci'Es or plcauings upon bucii coii-
ditimis as the court slmll prcscrinc.
17. Tho judgcs nf lho county court bcloro which
nny causo bIiiiII he tried, niay, if ihey judgo Ihat
tho jury havo mistakun lho Inw or evidenco nm-
(CriUI lO IHU ISSIIU, UI IIUIU liufc iain ....n-
tion thereto, cause thcni to return to a second nnd
tliird coiisidcrntiou ol tho cnse, nnd il the jury do
not nlter or rctract their verdici, lliu,ain,sui)ll uo
18. Whcn tho cnurt liuvc conunitted nny causo
to tho considcration nf thu jury, such jury sliall he
r.onlined uniler tho care of an oliicer, nppoinicd
hy tho court, nnd mvoru lor tliul purpose, iinlil
thoy havo ngrced on u verdici, or aro uischargcd
from giving n verdici, by order of thc court
19. The iury empniinellcd for the triul of any
civil causo may find nspccial verdict agrcenbly to
tho usages ol law.
20. Tho scveral county courts sliall havo now
cr to trv nuv issuo ol fact submittcd to thc court
by ngrceinent of tho partics, iu any suit pcndiug
ui Hiich court.
21. Tlio Bunremo nnd couniy courts respectivo
ly, may, hy ngrceinent of the partics nml n rule of
court, relcr anv causo pcuding in such court, to
tho doteriuiniitio.'i ofsuch nuinber of tneii ns sliall
ho agrecd upou hy thc pnrties, aud thc- rcpoitof
such rclcrecs hciug rcturncd slmll lie nllowed und
nccepU'd by tho court gronting thu ritlc, unless
suflicient causo ho shown to lho contrnry.
22. If n rcnort of referecs i-liall not bu allow
ed and ucccptcd, or no rcport bc mnde, ihc par
tics may aguiii rg!er tho cause, or tho samo sliall
ho open lortrial ui court, us tlinugh it hnd never
heen referred. aud ihe nariv who sliall finally re
cover iu such canso sliall bo allowcd in his hill of
costs llio cost of tho fiirmer reforenco.
ii'J. 'Jho judgcs of tho suprenio nnd county
courts, whcn thc stnto of business sliall requiro il,
muy adjouru their respectivo couris withiit thc
county in which they aro usually hcld, to such
day prcvious to lho next stated lcrm as ihey slmll
think propcr.
24. The chief judgo of nny county court may,
in his (liscrolion, at nny lime order n spcciiil sea
siuu ofsuch court for lho trinl of criminal rauscs.
25. No judgo of tho Biipreme or oountv court
sliall sitin iIiq triul ofuuy causo in whioh ho shall
havc heen rclniucd or aclcd us ottorliev or coun-
sol, or is iuterested in lho uventof sueli enuse, or
is relatcd lo cither iiiirly withiu tho fourth dcgruo
of cons.inguinity or nllinlly. nor shnll ho permiticd
lo appear as nu nltoruey or hu ol couusel m nny
causo iu which ho sliall limo ncled ns judge.
20. It sliall ho lho duty of lho judgcs nf tho su
prcmo courl, orn uinjnr pait oftluun, us koou ns
cniivi'iiifiit ulU'r thoir nppoiulmi nt, lo (h'siguntu
lho judgcs who shall attlld lho scssions of ihu
siipreme couit for the eiisTilngycur iu such u miiii
uerlhnt four shnll bu assigned lo cach couniy ; aud
it slmll he thu duty of tlio lour Ihus di'signnted to
iittund lliu teriu of lliu suprumo couit iu each of
tho rountifs to which they aro assigned.
27. Ifany one or two oftho judges thus desig
natcd, sliall ho lcgallv disuunlificd to uctin the dc
cision of any cause pendingiu said courl, or slmll
ho dctaincd from court by sickness, or any un-
uvoiuauio accuient or la'ccsity, tho reinaiuuiL'
judges so designalcd f1iiiI havc powcr to trv nnd
dcteriuinu nny such causo, or hold tho court for
sueii tcnn ; hut whcn lliero aro only thrcejuilg
cs present at any tcrm oi the suprcnio cnurt. no
cnusu sliall ho dctcrmincd hy such court, unless
nu uiejiKigcs concur ui tho ilccisiou.
23. Ono judgo oftho county court may irynnd
determiuo uny cuuso pending m such court, whcn
tho othcr judgcs present uro lcgully disqunlificd.to
act on thu trial ofsuch cause.
29. Iu cnseany judgo of iho wipseme court sliall
ho uuahlo lo nttenil any tcrm ofiho couniy court
in his juilicial circuil. bv reason nf sickness, nJi-
senco oroiher causc.or hy rrnson of intercst, or
othcrwise, is disnunlilied fo nct in the tr'ml of uny
cuuso pcndiug in bucIi cuur', any olhcr judgo of
tl'QBupronio court may presiile in such couniy
cnurt during such tcrm, nr on thu trial ol'any sueii
30. Tlio suprcnio or county court sliall havo
powcr to nppniut roninihsioners to tnko nnd rc
port lo tho court lho nccouuts of nny exorutor, nd
ministrnlor or giuirdiau iu u caso nppcnltd from
tho dccision of i prohnto court ; nnd any comuiis
siouor, bo appointcd, nuiy ndiiiiuistcr ull nccessary
oaths nu lho cxuininiitiou of such nccouuts, nud
such rcport sliall hu suhject lo ihu opinion of thu
court. upon lho liirts ilierciii exhihited.
III. All writs,proccsscivk'rlurutions,indictnieuts,
pleas, answers, und entries iu the severul courts
ol'justico in ihis sinto sliall hoin thu Cuglish lan
gunge, oxeept luuhnicul tcruis.
!)2. Whcn iudgmciit shnll bo rendcred by do-
fntilt or on domurrur iu any cnurt, tho judges nf
tho court shnll havo full powcr, by thumsclves, by
tho jury in court, lho rcpoit oftho rlerk, or lho ru
port, on oathjof any person nppninled ns nu in
qucst hy tho court, to nsi-ertnin tho siuu duo.
33. Ifauy person sliall causo processtobesurv
ed onannther for any mntler or causo, nnd discon
tiuuo his suit, or bo iiousiiitthcrcin, or whcn such
suit fihall ho almted or disuiissed fnr wnnt of iu-
risdiciion, thu court to which such prnccssis malu
rcliirnuhlo sliall givo juilgmciit for tho iiuleiuinui
lo recovor rcasonahlo costs,
ill. When lho ilufuudaiit in nuy suit heiug duly
served wilh prncess, nud l uturn tlioi-cof holng du
ly mnde, sliall not appear in person orby uitorney,
his default sliall bu rccnrdcd und judgnient icn
dercd ngninM him therenn, uiilenn or beforo tho
iliird day of thu tiirm ho sliall coino into cnurt aud
niovo for n trial, in which caso hu sliall bo nduiit
(cd llicrelo, upon paying lo lho iidver.-o pariy lo
gal costs.
35. Tho dofcndant iuauy nrtion muy plend thu
goneral Issuo, &. upoii lliu trial ol'thu causo on such
gcncrnj plcu niay givo uny special maller in evi
denco iu his defunco or jusiificotion, nccurding to
tho nuturo ofihe nction, ho giving notico in wri
tiug, with iho plen of ihospcoinl mntteruii whioh
he sliall roly in such defeuco or justiflcntion, ond
no Bpecial inatKir slmll ho allowed in evidenco,
exccpt such as shnll hu particuliirly inentloned in
bucIi notico, in wriling.
3d. All Usues of law. nnd all niicslions of law
urising upon lho Irlal nf any Issuo of fiict, by lho
court or jury, and pluced upon lho rccord hy thu
nL'reciuent oftho narticB. nr the nllnwnnce nnd or-
ilor ot uny two ot tuo judges iuai aiietio
dcterinined by nny county court, mny pass to tho
Bttprf mo court for n flnal decision ; but cxcciition
shnll not of courso bo stayed tlicrchy, but may bs
staycd by order ol thc couit on considejatioii of
tho difiiculiy and importanca oftho queslion.
37. Hxcepiions to tlio opinion of tho county
court on nny queslion of law which- inay urlso ou
tho trinl of'any civil causo, sli'all bo .signcd by tho '
presidingjudgu nnd filcd with tho clurk of such
court wilhin thirly days nfter tho rislng of tbo
cnurt: nnd if thoy uro not filed witbin that timo,
it shnll bo thc duty oftho clcrk to craso any cntry
of exceptlons which may ho mado on tho dockct,
nnd issiro oxccution on lho judg-ncni ; nnu uia
timo such cntry isernscd from lho docketshall bo
decmed tlio day ou wlncli tho plaintiff is first en-
titled tn cxccuiion on tho judgmcnt.
38. Whcn cxrfcutiou shall Do staycd as aiore-
said, aud thc judgmcnt of tho county court slmll
ho nlhrmed Uy Hho suprcmo court, biicii couu
shall rendcr judgmcnt for tho atnount for which
uidgmcnt was rcndered uy tlio county couri, au-.
diug thereto iutcrcst upon tho debt nr dainngcs
during such stny ot execuiion, wnn auuiuonni
39 Whenuvcr a jury Irlal sliall becoino neces
sary in nny cnuso pending in tlio suprcmo coi-rr,
tho original fllca and papers Blinn bo rnnoved lo
thu couniy court for such ninl, nccouipnnieil w'uh n
ccitilicnlu of tho ordcr of thc stipr iw courl, (i it
such conrso wns originally coniinencod in tlrt
couniy cnurt, such court mny procecd totry nnd,
leiuler judgincnt in tlio sniuo; but if tho county
court has not jiirisdiction to rendcr judgmont upon
thu verdict iu such cause, tho verdici slmll bo ccr.
tilicd lo lho Biipremo court next thcrcafler held in
thc siuno county, which court shnll rendci' judg
meiit thereon, nr.cording to laW.
40. Whcn tho juilgment ot nny couniy coun
upon u (picstion ol law is to bo revised by lho su
prcmo court, ull the original files nnd papcrsjdinll
hu reinovcd'to ihe Biipremo court, nnd tho su
prcmc court sliall rendcr such judgmcnt thereoir
as ought to bo rcndered.
41. Anv nartv who Bhall cairy n causo from
tho county court to tho Biipremo court, fur tlio
trinl of nny quettion of Inw therein, shnll not nf-
tcrwards bo pcruuttcd to review sutli cause.
Pl'UUfitHJlvNUS JIN AUl lUovii i winu
42. In all actions brougtitto r'ccuver' tlio forfeif-
iiroann xcdlonny urtiulcsof ngrccrncnt,covenant,
hond, bond .of rccogniznnco with condiilon thereto
innexcd, contract, charter-party, or othcr speciaK
tv when the lortoiture, iireacn or nnn-neriur
J . . . . . . . , ..... - r .
inancc sliall appear ny ino trmi oi nu issnc ni inci
bv thc default or coni'ession of lho ilefcndnnt, or
upon demurror, tho courl, beforo which thc action
is pending, may render jud.'inent for tho plaiu
tifl'to rucovcr soiinuch ns is duc occording to
equiiy aud good cmncioticc, nnd whcn thu suui
for which judgmcnt ought tobe rcndered isuncer
tnin, tho samo shall, on tho requcst of eitlicv party,
ho assessodby a jury.
43. Iu ull actions hrought to recovor tlio pennl
tyor forfeiture nnnexcd to any bond of recogni-zuiit-c,
givcn or taken in nny crim nal cnuse, thu
courl hcforc which such action is pcndiug muy
lessen tho siim nf nny such hond ol rccnguizniico
nnd iciidersuch judgcinent thereon us thc unture
aud circumstar.ces of caso shall rcquire.
dl.Jln ul! actions ou hond, or fiir any pgnal sum
for tho rion-perforniancu of covenauts, or nny
ngiccmeiits in nny condition, indi'nture, docd. or
tvi'iiingcontained, the plaintitt may assign as many
brcaches as he shall choose, ond thc duuingcs shall
he ussessed for such brcaches as lho plai'.iliff shall
prove, Jirtdiho court sliall render iidginent lor thu
wholc penalty, and cxecution shall issuo fur so
tnuch only cs shall havo bcen found in datungcs,
wilh costs.
45. Ifinnuy such action thero shnll ho judg
mcnt for lho plainliffon deinurrer, default. con
fcssion or uihil dicit, tho plaintifr may assign as
many brcaches ns lic shall choose, tho truth
whereof shall ho found, nnd tho duuingcs asscss-
ed uccording tn Inw, nud o.ccution shall issuo toc
surh duuingcs ouly, witli costs.
40. A'll such iuilgnients shnll remain ns n secu-
rily to the pln'uuitl'or liis reprcscnlatives lor nny
olhcr brcnciies which he shall afterwnrds prove,
nnd ho mny from time to limo hnvo u sciru fncias
on such lUdgiuont ngnnnt tha delendnnt or his
repiescntntivc, und nssign any othcr brcaches, aud
thci-ciipou dumiigi s slmll bc nssessed aud uxecu
tion issuo for ihostuue, wilh cosls.
47. If, iu any such action, the judgmeiit shall
he rendcred for the penalty in tho Biipremo court,
thesciio I'ucinuniay bu hrought beforo tho county
court in Ihu Eamo county in which tho original
judgmcnt was rcndered.
48. When pidgmcnt shall havo heen rendered
against any shcrifl'or high ba'difT for any official
misconduct, neglect or default, and cxecution on
such judgmeiit returned unsatisfied, or the defcn
dant commitlcd tn jail thereon, tho crcdiior in
such cxecution may in his own natne aud right
suo out a writof sciru fncias, on tlierccognizanca
entered into hy such shcrifl'or high bailifl'aud his
sui'ctics, for tho faithful porfortunncc of tho dn
ties of his oflico, returnuhlu beforo tho county
coui t intho county whero such recognizauce was
49. On the return of puch writ of sciro facias,
such court, unless eatisfactory causo bo showu to
tho conlrary, shnll render judgmeiit nguiust such
shorifl orhiyh hnilifl'nud his sureties iu fuvor of
tho creditor, fur thoninouiit of such cxccutinn,
und nll cliurgcs thereon with legnl mtcrest, nuil
50. Tho dufcudnnt in snch sciro faeins niay
make any defeucu nr lake ouy ndvantugo uu tho
sciro facias that conld havo hccn iundo nr taken
liad uu nclioii of deht bcen brought ou such rccog
uizuuce. 51. Iu nll cnscs whcn tho original judgmcnt
ngninst lho shcriffor high hnilifl' wus rcndered hy
defuuli, nnd scire facias shall bo hrought as obovo
irovided, lho sureties mny inako any dcfeiico ond
tnku nuy ndvnut'ige on the sciro facias, whirh llio'
priucipul might by Inw have mado or takon in tho
nriginnl uclion.
52; Whcn nny bond, rccogniznnce, hill, noto or
olhcr conlrHct shnll havo heen executed hy two or
iiioru persous joiutly, nud ouo or inoro of them
shall rcsidu out nf ihis stutc, an action may bo
hrought nud sustaincd thereon, ngninst thu party
residiug iu thisstntu.
53. On all juint nnd sovernl roniracts exccnted
by llirecor inoro pcrsons and any of theni resido
out of this slnto, un iictiun niay bo hrought nud
suMuiiied nguiust ono or inoro of them, suggcstlng
in thu writ in nll such cnscs the porsons out oftho
stnte, ns nfuresnid.
54. Thu recovery oftho judgmont ngninst ono
or inoro of sv'rul ohligors nr prnmlsurs, ou a
joiutor jolut nnd several c'ontnvct, wiihoutsallsfac
liuu, sliall not in uny wiso dischurgo tho othcr
ohligors or promisnrs from their liabillty on such
5."5. If onoiif sovcral ohligors orpromisors joiut
ly luildcn by viituo of uny contrnct, in wriling,
shnll die, thu rcpresentntives of such doceasod
pcihon nnd lho Mirviving ohligors or promisors
mny he churgcd, hy viituo ofeuch conlrnct, ui tho
Biuno nuuiuurus ifsuoli contraot had heen joint
50. No person sliall ho coinpclled to plend to
nny iiiilictuient or liiformation, until ho Bliull havo
hceu furnislicd withn copy oftho samo at least
twiuity four hours, nud it shnll bu lho duty of tho
siaiesntinrnoy to I'urnish such copy.
57. On thotriu'.of any person on information
or indictnioiitfor nny criine, tho conviction whero
ofinduces legal iiifniny, tho court shnll order
such person into custody to bo rctaincd ln dis
clinrgo of his rccogniznnce.
53. On tho triul ofany porson for n criminal of
fonce, or on tho oxniiiinntion of nny person charged
with such oflitnce, beforo n -justic, it shall bo iho
duly oftho court, on tho request of tho prosccu
tlng attorncy or the puriy accused, to havo tlio
soveral witnesses exaniinsd separate nnd np'
from each othor.

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