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Vermont watchman and State journal. (Montpelier, Vt.) 1836-1883, December 16, 1839, Image 2

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to norttons ofthe nwwle. who mlclit be ilenrlreJ
to tlnyh-riiililf, tlio fwxVcr sliould ba reserved to
this llouse to jtidgo of tlicso innttcrf, nml to licnr
ton tyipcul Irotn lliego who clnliiicct to Imvo becn
itijiirud Iiy nn iuipropcruxcrciso of power. Tliis
wng n question nffecting llio grent Intcrcsts of tlie
couniry, nnu uiu priticipics 01 otir goVRrnment.
To fiim this wns no purty nucallon : to hlm it inat
tered not wlio wns Sncakcr or Clerk. If he linil
his nwn will, Im would l)o disposod to ntlviso llie
Oltpositioil tiot to linvn tlmir Snenker. II tlicv conld;
liut to let llie Ailmlnistrnlioii nartv elect their
tiian, ghoiv thcir IihikId. nnd tnko thu rcfponsiliili
t of their own mensures. Ilo ndvcrtcd to this,
mply to show tlmt in wlmt liu snid he wns not in
Uuenccd hv nartv coiiiderntiotii.
liu rciie.-ttud, then, tlmt nccortlingto thc politicni
mw whicli rcgtiiftted llio iiitcrcotirso oi nll indc
pcndeiit couuiunitie, thu autlioriiy delegntrd
throiigh tliu coiistitiitionul orgnu tlicreol must lio
rcspectud hy nll otlicrs. Would tlio gonllnnnii
from Now York, (Mr. Vnudcrpoel) conicml tlmt
it wns niit cotnpotont tor nml tliu titity ot llie
Statcs to nppoiut juiti'ea of nlectinu, oleiks nml
ciiciiii.-, iu ureci n iriiuiuni ucciuu wno wns iu
gnllynnd conslitulionully 'clccted ? Tlio genllo
mnti wnuld not nssutiic 1111011 n positioii--nll nil
initted its corrcctncss. Wcll, tlio tribunnl thus
nropcrly noiistitutcd rn the slnto of New Jersey
linu, upon nn cxamiualiou ol llio vntcs nml ro
turns, nml cvery tliinu so far ns lio kncw, dcinr
iinncd llint ccrtnln individuids, si.v in htiuihnr,
wcro legully clccted, nml had given tlicmn pntcnt,
, n certificiito, (or whuiuvcr it inight lio cnllod) uu
derthc gielit.sci.l of tliu Stnte, cluthingihcm with
tho nuiliority to c.uno liero nml lcgisluto.
l)id not tliis decision Ptotnl in fbrco lintil fc
, pcnlcd 111 tlio propcr wny? And thut could only
uo done by tlio po.ver reservud tothis House by
tliti Constitutioiioftho Uuited Slntes, whioh gnvc
tiic llkiise tlio power to dccide ouitherclurus nml
qunlifications of its nioinliers. If tlicro hnd bsen
crror, nlntsc, or fraud, 1111 upncnl lny to tlic Uotisc,
Wns tlicro nny otlier modo, Nntiomd or Stnto ?
Ho Imd bcen n long timo a wiiticss of. nml imiti-
cipator in tlie proccedingsnf lcgislativo bodies, in
hia own State nud.heic, bnt tliis wns tliu firxt tiiuc
in liis lil'o Imliad evcrsncn n cnso occur in wliicli
objection wna tnndo to nn individtiol Imving rcpi
lar crcdcntials, or pntcnt, or powur of uttorncy,
irotn uic constituteu orgnns ol Iim fetntc, tnkmg
lils Eeat.
Mr. P. did not donbt tlmt tlio niRinbers of tlie
llouoo Imd n riglit to voto ; bnt tho qticstion was,
wlio wito the nicinburs? wlio were t'iititlcl to
Yote ? nml bv what oxercisc of nrbitrnrv nowcr
would ginilcinen detcriiiino lliatthe stnto ol New
Jtrsoy hiioiild not voto? Tliis wns n n cntion
wlindi must bo scttled, nnd tho Houso miibt lic
clt'nreil of iillbut tho constitutionnl number. How
uin iiMiy nsseniuioiiiNti.-' ab nntlemen : not 10
jilny ony low gnine of pnrly. They wcro boniid
to look nt the ccrliricnto of liis eli'Ction, -nnd 11s
lionornlde nnd candid mcn, they wero bounil to
rccognizo liim a-i 0110 of their hody, if abey wcro
fntiHficil hia cerlificatc was right.
This wns a state of tlnngs cnlctilated to nln in
tlio Irieiuls of caiiftitntiomil liberty nnd cipinl
rights.- No statoshould he slint out from its re
resentalirin ; nnd.iti evcry point of viewin wliicli
tlie iiiatturprcscnted itselflohis mind, lic wns of
opin'mii tlmt n voto must bo lakcn; nnd it ought
to Le.decided tlint 110 onc biiouM tnkc his 8cnt nn
lcse bo rntno with credt'titinls nccorditig tn thu
laws-of tho Stnte. He wns rrady 10 net his part
independcntly, nnd to.ilo jnstico to nll.
Jlr. I'.conclud:d hy protesting(wit)rotitfien;on
nl disrcspect) against llio Cleik liuinj! pcrmitted to
rcnd or uiake ony explanation or protest: nod
ngainst the nicmbers from MnfisachiiscttsorSKcii
tueky lieitig drivcn from their se.its by th"intrii
eionofan iiiiuonstitutioiKilntiinber, nnd bcingthus
lefl without a chnir or 11 slool.
Mr. Ayerigg 1010 nnd nslied tho Clcrk to s'nlo
whethcr, wliun he ml his collengues presented
their creilenthlla to liim, he did not ncknowledge I
.unu umy were iu 11, lornni, atnl silllinent, nml
siiclinshad uniformly entitled nienibers from New
Jewey to tuko their seats.
MrCave Johnson obj-cted to the Clnrk's nn
BWiiring to tliiti qnestion, unkss ho wns perinitteil
to niako 11 full stntcnient.
Somo confusion nrose, wbich rcndcrcd it nl-
niOSt illipOSSible tO lleiir wlmt wnu gr'inniu.
Mr. Jenil'erinsisted tlint the Clerk nught to nn
swcr the intuirrogntory. It wns me to whicli no
tran bnt hitnself conld icspond to; nnd nn innn
ofhonorbo oti(jbt to nnsweHt. Ilo(MrJ.) Imd
no personnl fneling togratify in this matter. ilis
intercourso with the Clerk, bowevcr slight, had
bcen 8iieh ns to imprcss liim very f'nvornbly with
that gcntleinnn nnd tho object he (ftlr J.) had in
view wns to relenvo tho Clcrk from tho responsi
bility whicli his friunds Imd jilnccd upon liim. It
wns not the opposition party, htit his own friend?,
wlio had placed liim in this nnenvinble situution.
It wasan nttemptto prejiidgo the cnse.
Time fails iistartherto continue,-tortho rDscnt,
thereport of tho day's debate. Those whoapoke,
nfter Mr. Jenifcr wero ns follows :
Mr Weller of Ohio, strongly ngainst recogni.
zing the NewJerscy menibcrf: he wns followetl hy
MrThonipson of Soiitb Carolinn, who briefly
expressed his viows of this question, nnd of the
danger if not tho impossibiliiy, ofdepsrting from
the ustulilished usaga of giving -full crodir to llio
certilientus of eleution issued by Goveniors of tlio
Mr.i Rnndolph of New Jersey, who vindir.ntod
Govornor I'ennington, of his state, in his clmrac
tcr as the recognized nnd npprovetl orgnn of tlre
poople of New Jersey, from imputa'.ions east up
onhiui by Mr. Weller
l!y tliis timt-(tliu dny being heavy nnd lowcr
Ing) niglit ngnin ltiade its approach percepti ilc,
Biij a gcnernl bntconfiised call for niljourninent
drowncd tho voices ot uiorc tiian one nieinber
who wns ott Iim K'gs ititeading to address tlio
Tho Clcrk. linving Btntcd the pronoition to nd-
jonrn wns nbout to declurc it to bc curried by gen-
raiconseui: wnen
MrCitshing ohjectcd lo any adjonrntncnt with'
out n yoto of the house upon it. JUe mised tliis
objection in rcfercnce to tho decision oi the'Clerk
yenterdny, that, in tho prenent orgiitiizutiotrof tlie
LotiKR, no rofecould be tnken.
fsomc hurrieil conversnlion took place ncrors
tlio house 011 this point, in whicli Mr. Wise, Mr.
Mercer, Alr i'roflit, nnd Mr. Ctishing took part,
tlio Intter gnntlcman rcminding the moinberii tlmt,
nt the first bessioii of Congress undur the constitu
tion,.the members of tliis house inet nnd ndiourn-
ed dnily for thrco successive wceks liefore it wns
nblo to lorm nquorum uuil elect its olhcera.
i'inaiiy, 1110 uictk ueciareu inat 11 mujorily 111
liisopiniou, woroiufnvor of nu ndjouruiiient to
I'i o'clocl;, nnd so nnnoiinccd tho adiournmcnt.
" A couui! a count!'' wns called for nmid cries
cP'IVo! no! 110!" nnd tlio uipniberi lowlvrl(H
persed, oue membcr nudibly exclaitntiifi i the
miustoi tuo niiouuu, "ivow wore moli!"
Webnesdav, Uec. 4
In tho Senate nothing done.
In the House, Mr. Wue prcsciued tho following
rcsotuiinn :
Kesolved, ThntthellcpreHentativos of the Con
crcss ol thu Unitcd Statos now nssemblcd. to r.
lieve thcmsclves of the cmbnrrasment nmi difli
rultics whicli nt prescnt obstruct tho orgnnizntion
of the houso, -will nrococd, by the nctinir c crk. 10
cnll tho nimics of gnntleinuti ; nud nfter the naiiies
ot nucti mcmiiors aro nll cnlleil, nnd tietoro thoy
proceed to elect n spcnker or other offir.er, or to
organizo in nny manner, they shull, provlded thero
tie n tpioriim of sucb present, hear and decide up
on all crcduntinlti, certifieatea, or couimiiigions of
pcraons clniming seatHjiijhe houpo of icpresentn
tives undur tho consiRiition of the Uniteil States
otidtho lawaoflhorespective states,
O11 thiri, debate nrnno nnd wascontinued througb
the dny i when, on a motion to ndjourn, the clerk
resciudeil n tliiciuion of hia as to his right to put
the qiientioii of ndjourninunt -put tho motion, und
tho houso ndjottrned.
Thuhsdav, Dec. 5.
The meinbcrs elect of the houso of rcpresentn
tives liaving corne to order, tho clerk ftutcd tlmt
iliov had ndintirued lnst uveniugpending a inotion
of n geiitlmmin from Kentucky, (Mr Umlerwood,)
who Imd tbuti nnnounced tliat lie siiouiii preaeui
liimanlf ntniin 10 the not'ceofcreiitlemenUiismoru
liift, Arcordiug to courtesy nnd precedent, tlmt
genlletnfcn was novr consiiiereti aseninieuio ine
floor. Mcssrs Undorwood oud Randolph address
d the hgute, whsri,
Mr. Adaim rose nnd snid t Fellow citlzens nud
meinbers elect of tho twcuiy-frixtli Congress of the
Uilile I Slntes - I nddrcss niyself to yuu, and not
to tho clerk in tho chnir, uniler n iuiiufiil scnso ol
my own duty. Tho clerk, in tliu purforinntice of
nn oliiciai (iiuy nssigneii lo tinn liy tlio inws nnu
tlic cotistlmtion of the Unitcd Stntcs, comnienced
icndiiigtho roll ofthu meinbcrs hcro nAseuilded,
for thu purposo of cnnstitiiliug tho house of rcp
rcMenlntivcs of the 20th Congress. After calhng
tho roll, cointucncing with tho stnto Mnino, untii
ho rame to tho stnto of Njw Jersey, nnd the niem
bers wlioso n.itneslmd beeu cnlled hnvlng nnsvvor
rd, nsccrtniaiu; their presence hcrn, bo pnunoi', nf
ter cnlling one of tho iinmcn of tho mctnbcrH from
New Jersey, nud stntcd to tho house that of thu flvc
other nieiubcis from tlmt stnto tho seats wcro con
tcstod ; that lic, deetliiug hiuisclf not nuthoriscd to
ilccido whicli nfthe two pnrtius of fivo mi'inbers
wcre cutitlcd In seats, must rof'ur tho ninttur to llio
dccisiott ol tlio hnuitu ; nnd thun lintticdintcly nr
sliortfy nferwnrd!, a qm.'Ptinn nrising upon n pro
position heing prcsclilcU l the house, he ngnin iu
llio dischargucf n sulninu duty, declarcd tlint ho
could put uo question iimil the Iioiibo was orgaui
ym. Now, fellow citizciiii, I am rcduced to thc nc
cesaily of nppenliug tn you. Tho clcrk hns stiid
that hu will tiot proceeil iu tlio call, nccorditig tn
cstnhliidied ttsage nud ciistoiu. Ilo has ruf:ricil
the qm.'siion to n nuijority ol tlio houso, rtnd ilien
hu tufuses tn put to ihis hody tlmt or nny nlher
(iiicstion, with tlio i-xi'cntioii tlmt. 1111011 'furthur
cousidcnilioii, nnd ImviiiL' in llio interini coiisiilled
llio conelitutinu of tho Unitcd bliites. ho ili'rnvur
ed yi'Sti.T.lny tlint ho 1 1 1 i 11 h c iiut tho nuesiion nf
ndjotiriiment. Ilnlhereforc ptitit; but ho gavu
tiotico tlmt lio siinulil put nn otlier question
F.llow citiuiio, ht wlint predinimnnt uro wo
llius.pliiccd ? We nro fixed ns firndy nnd im
niovenhly ns tlieKo-roliiiium nromid tho Iiourc.
We rnn iicither go farward nor liackwurd, und
thc clerk tcll" lis tlint lio will nersifit iu hotli tlio
dccisioiia ho hns tnade. What then isourposi
tion? 1 hnvc wnilcd herc fotti' days (for tve nro
now drawiug lo the conchisinn ol the fourth dny)
wiih.a fixed dcterniinniion not to cutcr into tliis
voiitrovort-v. It wns nnv mlrnlion nnt to linvn
said oue-word 011 ihU question. At tlio lnst ses
s'kih of iho lnst ('onttrew". foreHecinff tlint ihu very
cnso whirli hns now occuirrd wnnld niifc, 1 ofTer-
ed n resoliition 'WilhthodtMigii of previ-nting ruoIi
nn occurrenco. It was not the iilcnsurc of the
iioiiBcto considcr it : ntid. thenfire. ns well ns for
thuprca9ons (nmong wbich in tho di'ticulty of
niiiKiiig iny.seii nnnrii, iimier wiiicn 1 imvo :nnor
ed'Riucu tho coiuineiioemuut of this ficssioii) I dn-
tenuiuud toay tiothing; and I should Imvo per
sistud in that dcterininiition if I lnnl tiot secn tlint,
nnder tliese two dcoibions of tlic clerk, it wotihl
be iiiiiiossililo nnv. tlint ihe houso ttiiizlit neut
ii'id lny hen: untii dooiii.-dny, nud not bo 11I1I0 to
orgnnize. This is our position. Now, it sccuis
to inon vrry extiuordiuarv fltnto of lliiiii;s. Iluro
is n hody nl'mcn nsscniblud tn represent the poo
ple, nud n nioro full nud i.'nuiiilete rtMire-L'ntntioii
of thu peonlu of the United Snit8 uever did ns.
scinhle, n'nl, prolmhly,.iiuver will ngnin, within
lliese wnll. Ilere wunrurnud,'ns a fiiml indiice
inent lo iuu to ndilrcss'thiii hnnse. lipro we nro nl.
eo wilder llie iiijtiuctinn of soleiiin.dulies.
1 lie utcrktold 11s tliat liu netcd uikIit tliu cou
iction of duty 1 cuncedo tho iioint. Ilo has
aoteil nml .bc hns pronouuced his two decisions
uudcr.thc convicuon of Eo'cmn duty. 1 do not
qui'siiun even whethcr thnMuusoof duty Has ror
rectly npplied iu his two decitioiw, but I wiy tliat
rve nrc plnccd iu a poiiiou, uud that trc Imvo sol
oitiu dtilies too.
Whnt is tlic first ? To oranniio 10 oruani7.i-
iu sonie form nr other. if tliere is liflioulty iu re-
Intion tonny portiou of 11s, wo iniibt do what Mr
elterson snys wns dnnu iwhen I.ord Di.uniore
ilis.snlt'ed thc Legis'iiture'ofA'irgiuin 011 11 sitddun.
Whnt did they do? They ntljourned lo a tnvern
hey.constituted thcmeelvos 11 convctilioii, uud
they neted ns thc Iiegislmuroof tln: Stnte or Cul
ony. Thuy nctually', iustead of lieiug ussfni
bled in thc pluce from whicli ikenr.t of the Guv
cjnor I1111I uxchulod tliem, mljoitriieil to nuothur
place, forined themsclvcs inlo a ciMivcnliou, nnd
.herc ncted in tho nntne of .tho slale. This wih
irri'gular. Wcll, I think tlint 011 tho 4th dny of thu
neasiou ortllC 20ili Congrws ilmt is to liu, if we cnn
evcr gut orgnnizud, it i rntber Into to make objec
tions 011 tliot-coroof irregtihirity. I uddress my
selftoyou, thcrufiirc. 1 call upon you, iu tlm iiame
of tho I'uople, lo urgunize ; for yo'u have not only
dutiesto perform, butyou. aro iimlern high rus
pnusiliility to Ihe Teoplo to perforni tliat duty.
Orcunize. Whcn you havo done that. vou can
uudoubtcdly.takc iiqucstion as heretofore.
1 now call upon the vvliolo houso lo disclinrtre
tlmt duty, nnd, in the dischnrgc ol iny duty niost
retuctaiitiy perlormeil, 1 call upon tlie niiijority
that mnjority whicli has tlio power to orgauizc
tlie house. J? ellow cilrzeim, we lwve iiecn rercnt-
Jy toht, iir llie olfieialorgan-of tlie prescnt Admiii
islrntiou, Miat fhcie wcre u mnjority iu this house,
without tho nicmbers ofNew Jersey, or rotiiitiug
tliem ns ndverse, devoted to llio Admiuistrntinn.
Anil not only has ihe ofKcinlorgniiftated this liict,
but it has given the iircc.'we iiuuiber of tlmt 111:1.
joriiy ns oiiu iiniuliud and twenty 0110 inetnliers,
nnd everv 0110 of tlteni Uere. J11u liiiiulreii nml
twcntv nnu ! Now, 1 cnll npoii thcin, iu tlie iiaine
of their. couutry 1 will not suy in tlio nanie nftlie
Adinii'iistrminn, for 1 havo 110 right lo sirnk iu
thuir nnme but'l call upon that mnjority, in thu
nainn ol tlic interest uud policy wliicli they lliiuk
is thc iuteiest nud.)olicy of their coiintry, to or
gunizQ: and I Ofler tn tliij nRsembly thu lullnwiug
resolutiou a resolution wliicli lies upon llie tnhlu
ofyotirillurk, but wliicli, likciunuy otlicrs, is theru
iu tliu limbo of vnnity nud tlio pnruilic of fools--becuuso
tlie clork hns repeatcdly snid tlint ho will
not put tlio queistiou.
A nii'iulicr, n friend of ndno from Ktniucky,
(Mr'Undcrwood,) U'v uiorning oflercd nuoth"r
resolntlini, imd tbpro nro n nniiilier 011 the tuhle
whicli uiay go 10 tlie ud of tiinu nud liu 011 tlie
tnhle- for thu clurksays he will not put the ques
tion 011 any one of tliem. Wo cnnnot control tho
clerk ho is liere n despot. Ho he hns ticted, unil
so hu will nct, tinless you by the nalivc power
whicli you possess from thu pcople of tho Utiited
Statcs, Ect asideall his decibions, uud act for your
sclves. ThisTcadutVni, of whicli thero is 11 copy on
tho ta'ble, was ofTerod yestonlny or the dny beforu
by tho gentleman from Kentucky, (Mr Gravtv.)
A mtlltitudeof rusoiutions have buen ofl'ered siuce,
but they nll went into tlio same position. It is iu
tho Joilowing words:
Resolved, Tlmt the Acling Clcrk of thin house
sludi proceed with tho cnll of tliu memhcrs from
llie difTereut statcs of tlio Union iu thu usunl tvny,
cnlling thu nniues of such members from Now
Jtrsey ns hnld Ihe rt'gtlliir und legal commissioiis
from ihe Execuiivc of thut stnte.
After reading tho resolution, Mr. A proceedcd
to rcintirk "Tiie Acling Clerk shnll proceed iu
Iho usunl way'' tlint is to sny, hu shnll do wlmt,
had it not bcen for pcculinr circumstnnces, it
would Imvo becn his duty to do.
Mr. Grnves (by peruiission of Mr Adiuns, who
yieldeil iho floor lnr thc moment) indienlcd to Mr.
A. tlint soine modification nf tho resolution scem
cd now to bc requireil. Mr. G. had uiidcrstnod
from n conversation with n iii'inber of tho house,
fiMr 1100111,1 tliat tlie clerk wasuow willtng 10 pro.
coed witii tho roll. ifit was tho will of a ninioriiv
of tliosi) gelitleinen whose seats wero uiicontrovei -
tud tlmt liu sliould do so. Under Ihis mi.retsioii,
and for ihe purposo of nscerialmng whethcr such
was iho casu or not, he had nddresKcd n notu 10
Mr Garland, of whicli tho following iw n copy :
"Ilousr. or Rr.pRESEN iATivss, 5th Dec. 183!).
Uugh A. Garland, Esq : If u niajnrity of tho
iTiemliers, wlioso seats nre ilticontioverted siguify
in vvritiug thcir dosiro tlmt you procied ruguUrly
with the cnll nf thu Nuw Jersey luenibern huldiui?
couuniBsions from ihe Exccuiivo ofihntstato, will
you couioiin to tlmt expression or their will ?
'lo this note, Mr Garland returnod tho follow
ing repiy:
" For Alr. Grarps : If 11 inniority nf tho mem
bers whose seats nro uowuucoiitruveried, siguify
iu writing their desire that I shnll proceed with
tho cnll of tho roll, ninde in the conacicntious ro.
gard 10 iny duty, nnd that I shnll thcr, present 10
tiieiiouso tne testimony 111 contested custa, 1 will
then iirocetd, I bouo Mr Gravei will sce the no-
cesaily of my proceoding in th'u way, and tlmt h
will npprcclnte my tnoilves tu ndh(WffT to ths
course. I hnucslly believo tlmt tn bo llio
course I can tnkc ; I niost soleinuly nvcr to
that I helievc no tiiirty ndvnutnuo can bo tnken
tlmt course; nnd that nono iuch is intcnded on
my part. Reapcctfully,
Mr. Grnves snid tlint, in IhU ctnta of llio cise,
thu geutlDinon from Mnumcliuscttx Mr. Aduins
rould prohiibly miggest somu course tocounternnt
tho stcp tnken by thc Clerk ; ns ii seemed tti liim
iMr G. to bo utlerly impriicticnhle lo orgnnizo n
ouso wo long ns the Ck-rk lenmined iu tho sent
wbich houow occ.iipied.
Mr. Adnms. 1 cuinmcncod thisnddress to you fel
low clti.cns, wiili the dculnrntion tlint l sliould
be under thu painfill nuccssity ot nppcnliugj from
llio Clcrk lo thu ousr, nnd 1 cnll upoii the tuu
nud thu innjority nf thu ouse to ttet nsido utilircly
liis ilrrciiiiiii uud to nct for thi'timclves. I hnvc
110 douht ol'their power to do it. Thenforo, iu
subniitiug ihis proposiiion, 1 h ive no rcforuuco to
tho Clerk, nor nny opiniou of lii. 1 prnposo tlmt
tho oiue itself sliould nct. It mny ifit plenses,
cliooso n tcmpornry Clcrk. It mny tnku whnt
rnu,ne,i tliinks propur. I put this inatter to thu
otiso, nud to the mnjority ofthe foui'i.'. nud tell
tliem llint it is thcir duty to urgnnize theinselveH,
nml tlmt 110 ilccisioii ol'tlio Clerk cnn force upon
llicin thu orgiinii'.niioii of tho fiiusu in nny itiau -ucr
ho mny think prnper. Ii is iu iho iu'wcr of
tlio 7ius to sel llm Clcrk nsidi", but it i not iu
the power of tho oiifr lo oliey his dictiili'H
ili.etwitii. tu In, tu ilftii.ttitlllil llilV Mllflll Itfi Tln
ouse, liinnk God,is not under tho iiccct-ity ol j
sutiinitiuig to iiiuiii ; nmi j can upon you to set
him itsiile,
I speuk not pi'isonidly to wardsjiim ; I peak of
his ncis nnd ol thc siiuutioii iu whicli he 1ms pln.
ced thc ouw tlint is a siluntion in whicli ft isiin
possible lor llii'iu to act so long ns hia ihfflTsinns
sliiud, Il'lio Imd tnken 11 ipicniou on thc tcsolu
linu wbich wns drawii upliy iho gentlcumu from
Kentucky, f.Mr, Ginvcs nud Inid upon the tnhle,
nnd wliicli I hue now brotlght belbro thu uiise,
I nhculd not hnvc spnkun. llut, 0110 by one, thc-.e
I'cioluiions hnvc heen la d 011 tlie lablc. Thoy
iiiiiht as wcll Im put iu the fire. The Clerk lells
11s hc cnnnot put ihu questimi upon thcm th it it
is tliu dicliitoof his duty. 1 lio;ie 119 uioro nf the
liuni'fit nf his ngcncy, nt lenst iiutil it has gone
throilgh llio proce.'ti ol reeleclioii. 1 repe.it, 1
otl'er tliid resolution iu its presum foru it is not
iniiie originally, hut it uiiswcrs my purpose, nnd
it will cfl'ei't thu urgnliizntiuu nf the house.
Tlmt is nll 1 ntU ; uud .nppealiug tu this hndy
now, 11s nn iudt'peiident boily a hody possesniug
powers cutirely iudi'poudeiit ol'llie (;ierk 1 cnll
upon thcm tn nct upon thu resnlulion iu sucb
iimnner ns they idioose. Any nieniher nmy pro
pnse 1111 miieinliiieiit : nud il ilieru nro tlioo ns
wo know llieru nro who ihiuk tlint the cnll of
Ixoiv Jersey memliers ought not to no inade, let
them proposenii UitiL'tidiiiant In set nside those
iiifinhers let 11s seo whnt tlio will of thc uinjnri
ty is. Thu Clurk,'lm'reiidered it impossihlo for 11s
toiloeo iu thu nsiial wny, by dcparting from llio
usunl lorm.
In the lirht pluce, I cnll upon you, in tho nntno
of the I'eoplo of tho Unitcd Stntcs, nnd lo snvo
tliem from the ovil, ninl I tnay ndd, iho discredit,
of our bcing lieru 11 wholo wcek, nud for nught I
kuuw, n vvliolu nioiith, wijhnut orgnnizuiioti, for
wo shnll bo hcro ocrtniidy u'ntil somo pcrson shull
nppenl from llio decision ofihe Clcrk, nud it shnll
hu set nsido I call upon you in thu nnme of tlio
Pcople of thu Unitcd States that I'eoplu from
wlioiu wu hnvc had so iu.my wuudeiftil mnnifes
tntiouti of reganl und nflection. Wlmt will they
sny? What will our coiislituents sny ? Whnt will
my coustitiicntssiiy to 1110? This hns brotlght 1110
at InM to deteriiiiuc lo nddressthc houso uccording
to my duty. Wlmt will my constitaeuts sny to iim
for siifi'eriiig tliis housu to bpend four dnys
fenselcss ilelmte, whcn the first of its duiis wns
orgiuiizc uud nt ntiiuu it wus iirpossiblu to orgnu
izu without 11 ret.orl to somo uxtruordinary meus
ure? Fcllow-citizens, I nin willing tlint the Clcrk, un
der iim seuso of duty, slionhl bo Iseld rnsponsible
to tho I'eoplo for four duys wnstcd iu idle delwile
I do not sny idle becnuso llicre husbeen uo good
sense, or wisdom, or reasouing, intlie argtiiiieuts;
but nono of thutn cnme to the one ureut point
thut is, to llie organiiition- -the nctunl, piiielicnl
orgnnization oftliu hiiiim. Tlmt wns our duty i
not to be dehatiug liore, for four days, iillo ques
lions, which ihe dieiutor iu thut chnir said hu
nevi-r would put. I suy ho isrespouslhlu for that.
I wish he mny unswer to llie I'eoplo ofthe Uuited
Slntes how liu hns wustud these four ditys. liut
1 now suy, from this time fonvnrd, thu lionso
thu imijority ofthu housu uud 1 go furthcr, uud
sny, Vi uiumhei's who Imvo beeu set down in ihe
orguii ofthu Ailuiiuisli-ntionns tho mnjority ol'llint
Admiuistrution, nre responsiblc to thu l'eo Iu uud
lo the l oiiiitry, nud to luuukind, for uny liinher
dehiy. If nny oue, ns I linvu sa'nl. ihiuKs
prnper to uiovu 1111 uiiieuduiuut requiring thu
Clerk lo omitlhe ineinbera from Now Jersey
Mr V'nuderpoel heru iuterpOAtd, und 'uid hr
I iiid such nn uineiidiiient tu propose. Loud cries
of "order."
Mr duii:s rcsumnd. Tlie guntluinaii, if hu
thiuks prnper, cnn proposu il ufier I Imve iim.ie
tho luvv runmrks which I huvu yet to ofilr. Ii
tlicro is u mnjoiity ol'llie house detcrmined to sct
nside tho livu uieinbers from New Juisey wlio
huvu prodiicnd theirjcredeuiiuls at llie tnblu cru
dunliuls preeisely siiiulur .0 tlioo of other meiii
bers who huvu beeu cnlled iu tliis Iioiim1, uud to
suy they sh.dl not bo penn ttcd to vote, aaj so,
saijsn. Let thu nmjoiii) wiy su, und they me res.
piiusiblu to thu l'l'oplu und to thu wnrld lnr that
decision. Iu my privulu npiiiiuu i beliuvu thul it
is the rights ofthu puo, Iu of New Jersey llint aru
nt ttuke liere. I ay liotlung of Siutit suvcruiguty
or tliu Govi'inor 01' thu Slnte, but of tlie t'eoplu.
Thcse fivo iueii corne heru with tlie nuih.uiiy
required Iiy thc Cniistitution nnd huws, decluriug
theinsulves ReirU3eutatives ol llie I'eople of New
Jerosy ; nud ihe Coiisfuiitinn uud Luws of thu
Uuited States, 11ml thu Inws ol'ilio Mu'.e of Nuw
Jerduy, havo s:nd that uo otlier oviduncu shull bu
ruceivedof thu will ofthu I'uople. That is thu
evidence, nud llie only eviilt'iice, llint has beeu
presenteil. Now tlmt heing m, these gentluuieii
coinu bere nud present il. You huvu nfready ro
ceived onu nieuiher preseuling it. If you ro
f'usc ihe five otht'rs, huviug tliu sarno eyidence, it
is not thu infiubers wlinui you tinn out of this
house nnd refuse tn idlow lo volo-it is not tliem
you onnage it is thu sovereign I'eople of the
State of Now-Jurscv whoui thuv ri'prescnt.
Whntuvcr nmy bo thu iillimute delcruiinntinn of
tlie houso, liert nre inen coimng liero under the
furms preserihed hy thu (yonstitutioii nud the luws
for truu Itepresentaiives of llie Stnte of New Jer
sey, iu wboiiilbii rightsof tho peotlu nl ibui Stntr,
111 e vested ; und you cuiiuot ueprivo iin.-m ol thut
right without ouirugiug thu righis ofthe peoplu of
Nuw Jursuy. Iu their persous U vested tliu right
of tho peoplu of New Jursey to ho reprt'seuted ;
And if you sny tlint it is tiot so, thut tbey shull not
bo reeeived, it is the peoplu ol Nuw Jersey ilmni
you thus deprivo of iivo-aixtlia nt iheir represun
tntion. Now, I Imvo hcard ninch of thU rcspcct for tliu
rights of iho I'eoplo of this coutcmpt for thesig
nnturc ofa Govornnr of tho Stnte, nud of her
Council uud I Imvo lieurd it said llint here is 11
coullict lietwecn the rights of thu I'eoplo nml ihe
uels nftlio Goveruor und Council. Why, the
Gnvcrunruud Council uro tliumselves llie repro
sentntivcs of tln I'eople of New Jersey ; und wlu
r.onstitiltes 11 reiimrkiiblc uuawer to tMis npeul to
ihe rightsof the I'eoplo is, ihat lougatter this
,eliu:tion Imd tn'icn plucu -long ufier thu oxercise
of iho nutliorily by wliicli ihis coiiiinisaiou wns
givcu tho Peoplu of Nuw Jersey Imvo beeu
cnlled 10 pronouneo upon this very uct, nnd Imvo
re-cleclcd ihat very Governor und Ihat very
Council !)' wlioiu tho cerlilicato wns given.
Tliis rcmnrk produced tiHich svnsutiou iu the
house, and Mr A. proceedcd :
Why, ihen, are thu iglits nftho penple outrng
ed ? Ilow uru ihey to bu respeeted ? I rcspcct
the rights nfthe I'eoplo 111 iIiumu who conio hure
wilh thut (ifliciul diiciimFUt, which is thu only one
iu which their will is iiiauifcsted. If you sny
thoy shull not vote, it is thc Peoplu whoin yuu
outrngu. You lake nwuy from the I'eople, thus
representcd hy persoiiH prcseuiiiig docuuientH to
sliow that ihey uru tlio Peoplo's Represantaiivcs
you tnkonwny tho right of fivo sixths of lliuin to
vote. And it viruck 1110 ns strungo that iny I1011
or&Uo frictid Mr Vuderrol who proposea lo
ffer an amendmant, In his appeslito the houta
Rtho riithts of thu I'eonlo. whllst in tho very
pt.'flntteriug thu l'copte, sucrificci their rights
'iid tnkes nwny Iheir rctirescnlntion becnuso. if
tho mcuihursof Now Jersey io not cnlled, tho
I'eoplo of New Jersey will not bu representcd.
They will Imvo no voicu whntever on the ull-iin-portant
question on which wo nro to vote, for so I
judgo it to bo fiom Ihu full utteudancu which wo
At nll cvcnts, tlmt voico will bo supprcsscd in
Ihe rnto of flvc-sixihs. This cost of friendship np
pcnrs tn ic likc sonicthing 1 hnvc rend of Iu tlin
good book tm occurring lietwecn two persons,
whero one nppronching the other with n smiliug
fure snid, "Art tliou 111 lu'idth, my brothcr?" nnd
immedintely puve him n stab under tho flfth rih.
This is prciusciy tho friendship ofthe geiitleinuti
from New York. Ilo proposes, us an utidciicu of
his rcspcct for tho I'eople, lu drprive thcm of fivo
sixlhs of llitir rcprrsentnliuti. Now tlin mnuifcM
tntionsnf loye nud nflection nro Mirious, und dif
ferent in diirerelil iudividunls. 1 do profesg to
hnvi; ns miich rcspcct for tho rights of thc Peo
plu nstho gentleihiiu from Nuw York, who I nn
derstnml, u to ho onool thu leudurs of this house,
niiilof whoin, ihcref'ore, I spcak with grcnl rcs
pcct nnd rovcicnce.
Histnuduol proteriing thu rights ofiho peoplu
is tn tnku nwny fivu sixtln of their repreeiitutioii
in nnu ofiho inost impurtuut Ir.nisuciions llint this
house could pi-iforui. i y modu consis'.s in let
tiug tlu'iii huve ihi'irowu; nud. ns they cu'ihnt
havo 11 doiiblo represeiiiiitiiii, lieciiuse tliu Cousti
luiinu will not nllow it, 1 give thcm n ruprcscntn
linil in thofo pei-j'oiis who have Ihe cvidence which
llie peoplu llienisclv .4 Imvo ileclnrod sliould bu
tho only evulLiicc lo ov what thcir will is.
Tlicsu nru thuriM-'ons whj 1 Imv'e otl'ured iho
resolutiou tvhieh lii)s-iu Ihu Clcrk a tahlu.
Mr A. was heru iiitcrniji'cil by lnueli eonfus
ion,nnd ihu iiiteruiiiigliug ol'umny voices duinnii
ding "Ilow shull thu questisn bu put who will
put the qucsliour"
Mr Adnms (whose voicu reachcd tlin cnr ofthe
Repnrter iibovo tlie tiiiniilt) replicd, "1 inlciid to
put thequcjtiun niyself. '
Fcllow.citizeus,"l now vvnnttOFcc wlmtmnend
metit shull ho proposcd to iho rcHolutiu.'i. After
tlmt as I Imvo tiiid.I propose, from iho neccs-ily
of lh: cnse, lo put the qtit stiou uiysell ; becattsu 1
protest ngninst the Clerk heing uildrcssed nt ull.
I nppenl 10 the housu -I iqipeul to nbody posess
ing tliu powvrtoael I nppenl to thu muurity 01
the fi"ine.
Mi Rhett roso nnd said hu dcsired to put n
question lo the Clerk.
Mr Adnms nbjccted to nny question being nd
drrssed to the Clerk.
MrRhclt snid, Docs iim Clerk detcrmitic ho
will nut put 11 question ?
Thu Clerk rising 10 reply, loud eries wcro rnised
in nll iartsofthc llull, "Answer the question ! yt-H
or no, 10 that question !"
Tlio confusion was hcro so grcat tlmt it was
"huost Impossib'c 10 nscertniii ticeurutely the pur
portof whnt wns said.
Tho Clcrk proereded to stato tliat ho consid
cred biiiiselfllio Clerk nf tho House ofKcprescu
tatives, nud not thu chniriuiiu ol'u mcetiug.
Cries 1 f "Wcll -but you cnn unswer a ques
tion, y ts or 110 suy yes or no !'
The Clerk pruceeded to stnlo thut thu Clerk of
thc housu of Rcpreseiitutive, iu nccordnncu wiili
pust tisnge, wns compelled to iunke nut n roll of
nieniliers ol the iitilh Congress, to Ihe bestofhis
kuowledgii uud ability, nud iiuiler hisowu respon
sible spiisc ofdtity. Under that cotivietiou, he
Imd made out n roll 011 cerlnin principhs, which
npponred to him tn bc trilc. Those pnnciples
lio Imd not becn permitted to slale. Ilo had not
bcen nllowed to expluin the gruuiid upon which
hu Imd ncted in pcrformiug, ticcordingto hissenso
of duty, thu delicnte ehnrgu which Imd beeu
forced upon him. This first pnrt of his duty be
ing performed, ho linil, ut llio tippoiuled hour of
V-i, proceedcd, nlso nccorditig to usugu, to call thc
roll. His duty was when thu roll wus cnlled, uud
n quoruin wus present, to put to tho house nll
questiotis nrising up to ihe limo ofiho election of
.spcnl;er. All this tho Clerk cnme preparcd to do.
In the cnll nfthe roll he wns nrrested.
Very loud cries of'"No! 110! you wcro not
Thu Clerk proceedcd : A qiiorum had not becn
ascurt.iiucil. Thu Clcrk then, of conrie, could
not proceed runlicr untii tho houso had detur
miued in their own moile what wis u qiiorum,
nud wlio weru entitled to vote or not to vote.
Unqtirstinnubly n quoruin wus pieseut ; there
migbt be tnany mnre tliere miglit bo genttemeu
who weru tiot entitled to sit liere. The Clerk
ihen did tlin: wbich hu wus liottud todo heiook
the roll ns his guide. If he Imd put n question,
nud 11 divisiou hy teller had beeu cnlli t tor, tho.-e
in thu uffirmutivo pnssed ihrough tvllers, nnd the
number wns luken ihiwu; ihen thosii who voted
iu ihe ueirutive. Thu question wus lost
Tlio Clerk wns nu'nin iiiterrupieil bv Mr Stan
ley, whu roso to put "to the Clerk ihu dfrect inter
rontory : "Who iirrcsted ynu ':"
I'hu Clerk pioeued.Ml. Whether the Clerk wns
arrcsted or not U umtler of 110 eousideration ; hu
wns nnt nllowed lo gct ihrough hi roll, nr to do
tcntiiiie wlmt wns u qiioriiin of llie house. lu
wus preveuled IV0111 purfuriiiing thut duty. Tho
geiitlemen present inigbi orgunizo theinselvcs, as
wns done i 1 the first Congress. Hn could not
now put qui'itioiisns Cleik ol'llie house, bnt, ifit
was ihu pleuMiru of the boue, h-j could put qucs
tions ns' elmiriimii nftho iiiuetiug,
Mr Rhett l on otl'cieil 11 icMiluiioii that Lewis
Willinius, Ihu 0I1I1M iiieinliei- of tliis limlv, Im p.
pginted iim "hairiinui to servo untii thu "house hu
organizeil by thu election of Speukcr.
Mr R. snid, 110 iptciion could be lakcn iinlil
"oine such stcp had heen takeu. Thu luugu of
thu lusi Congress wns, for thu Clerk to put ques
tious, uud hu (.Mr It.) Imd, on u loruier dny, rend
preccdeuts estublishing that fnet. llut Ihe Clerk
Imd now snid .hut hu wuu d not put queslioiis.
Thu result wus ineviluhle-soiiie persiin miuf bo
uppoiuled to put qtiesliuns. He hoied ihe rcso
lulion would be udnpicd,
Mr Lewis Williums objected. The proceed
ing coiiteinplnted iu llio resolution wus out of form.
He wus for ndhciiug totlie invariable llsnge of llie
Mr Rriggs snid he undorstood tho Clerk to bo
willing to put questiotis.
.Mr Uiiderwuod 10 the Clerk. Will you sir,
put thu question 011 my resolution?
Thu Clerk. I iuu willing to put nny question ;
if the prineiplo 011 wliicli I do so is cluarly coiu
preheinled j miinely, ihat I do itiu tho capacity of
cluiirinnii of llie geiitlemen present.
Mr W. Cost Johnson. I ubject, sir, to your
ptilling qitcstions us oliuiruinii.
Gicut uprour nud confusion hcro prcvniled
throughnut Ihu llnll.
Atr Rhett called lor tho question 011 his resolu
tion. Mr Lewis Williums snid, if there was to boany
order ut ull, llie resolutioim ought to be put tu the
hous,o iiecnrdlngtu priority. If thc Cleik Imd ihu
power to put thu question 011 the resolution ofiho
geutleirnn from South Cnruliuu, (Mr Rheti,) he
had cqutil nower to put it 011 tlmt of ihu gentle
111:111 from iSlnssuchtiseits, (.lr Adums.) Thclut
tcr wiih euiiiled to priority.
Mr I'rotlit, rose, nud nildressing tliu Clcrk, snid
you sny that that you were nrrested iu thc dis
churge of your diiiy. 1, us n genilemau nud a
junior iiiHinlier of this liody, huvu 11 right lu pro
tect uiysclf from ihis iillegntion. Iu thu uxereisu
of tlint right, I usk you now, ns t geiiilumun to
my who nrrested ynu,
Tho Clerk. Pr'obably I Imvo used n wronf
terin insaying I wns nrrested. 1 will now chuiigo
the form of ihu expressiou, und sny I was nut ul
lowed to go 011.
Mr Prollit. I tinderstutid you 10 retreat from
your position, und to sny you wcro not urrcsted.
Tlicn, I ask you to proceed l.cull npoti you to
proceed, nnd let uny gcntlcmun ohjcci if hu isso
disposeil. Why do you not proceed, uir? Hcro wo
am waiiiug lnr ynu. I cnll upon you to proceed.
Alr W. Thomps'in contended thut sooner or
lutcr, the houso must coinu to thu resolutiou of his
collcagne, (Mr lthelt.)
Mr Rhett then moilifiud his resolution by in
Iroducing ihu n.irno of Mr J. Q. Adams iiutcad of
tlmt ofMr Williums, Mr It. then put the ques.
lion hitnself lo thu house; und iho resolution wns
cnrrjed njipnreitlly by a lurgu niujority.
Whereupou Mr Adams was conducied lo tho
Cliair by fovural niember.
(Purlnz the pro:eedidgs tliero waa nitleh
nmso in tho llull, from vnrlous tnciiihers endenv
oring to bo hcnrd, nnd from loud ronvcrMtion pro
diiriiiif npnreut confusion j hut puothing likn In
lcnded ilisorder. Wlien Mr Adntns took Ihe
chnir, thero wns nlso a iiioinontury tiianifestntion
of feeling in 0110 of the crowded gallaries, by clap
ningof IiuiiiIj, &c. which indiiccd somo mein
bcrs to movo that tho trnllerius bu clcared, but tho
Irregulurity Inthognllery hnving ceased.tho ino
tiou was not pressed.
Mr Alcrcer then moved llmt tho rulcs of tho
lnst Congress ho ndoptcd foi tho teinporary gov
cruinentof tlio houso duriug the prchminnry pro
c.eedings, which motion was utiunimously ugreed
Mr Wiso then ofTered the following resolution:
Resolved, Tlmt llie Acling Clerk of this housu
shull fironeed with thc call of iho McinburJ from
Ihe difiiircnt Slutcs nf tho Umon iu the usunl
wuy, rulliug llio iinmcs of such memliurs from
New Jersuy ns hnld ihu regulnr nud lcgul com
inissiius from tliu Exectilivu of thut Sfiutu.
A inotion was thu mudu thut thu houso nd
journ. On which inotion, Mr Jenifer nskcd for tho
yeus uud imys, whleh being objected to, Mr J.
wilhdrcw thu cnll.
Mr IVtrikin hnvlng rntiew iho motion
Mr Hriggs rose, und snid the uintion could
not hu I'lilertuincd untii n roll of tho housu wns
first made otil, and it vns nsceilniiied who weru
thu ineiiiliers. Hn thercfure huped tlint tho geu
tlenmii would withdrnw it.
Mr Pctfikin insisting on his uintion, n divisiun
wns dcmuiidcd, nnd tellurs were appoiuted, wlien
thero nppcnrcd 103 iu tho nlliimative. nnd 90 iu
thu ncgiuivc.
Thuboine then, 011 motion of Mr V. C. John
son, ndjolirncd.
Fiiidav, Dec. 0,
rho ineniliers elect ofthu hnuso weru rnlinl in
order nt noun ihis dny by thu llon. John Quiticy
luiiina, enuseii ye.sieruuy 10 uu tneir Uliuiruinii,
wlio diructed tlmt the jouriml ofthu proccedings of
thu four dtvjrs gone by, sliould be rend, nud it wns
icad u-eordiiigly ut tho Clerh's luble.
Mr lthelt ol'Soinh Curolinn, rose nnd obscrvcd
tlmt it wns UU iiileutii.u o uiove thut llie inotion
of llio gciillomnii fiom Virginiii, (Mr U ise's, ori
ginnlly Mr Gruvu's,) which thu CliuiriiMii Imd nn
noiiuced us ihu motion pending from yusterdny, he
Inid upon thu tuhlc, wiih u view to cuublu him to
ofler tho following, wlnch ho reud, viz:
Resolved, Thut llio Housu will peocced to cnll
the tmuies of guntlemeu whoso rights 10 scnts nre
nnt disputcd or ciintcsled ; nnd nller tho numes
ofsuch members nro cnlled nnd beforu 11 Spcnk.-r
is elected, ihey shull, provided lliero ho n quoruin
ofsuch present, then henr uud adjmlgo upon elcc
tious, returns nnd qiialificntioiis of nll clniinants lo
tho sentH contested 011 this floor.
Mr Rhett proceedcd to support this rcsoluiion
und liunlly moved Ihat the resolutiou ofl'ered vcs-
terduy by thu geniloumn from Viiginiu (Mr V isu)
I... .1... ,., s' .
uuil ii,un iue iiiuiu, 10 nnorn liim nu opportu
nity to inovethc resolution he hud read.
Tellers wuro deiunnded.
Thu Chuir nppoiuu-it Mr Dnvics of PcnnRylvn
uiu, uud Mr. Dioingoole of Virginia, to uct us tel-
Mr Dromgoole ohscrvcd to tho Chnir thut he
had becn appoiuted In nct ns one nf the tellers,
111111 wus rcudy todncliurgo the duty nssigned him,
but desired first to bo instructud by llie Chuir how
ne wns to periorm it. lie nnderstood theru weru
tuu gentle'ncn clniming a right 10 sents ns Repre
sentntivcs from New Jersey : which ofthem wns
ho to nilmit 10 puss betwecii tho tellers ? Ho wus
whnlly uiiviilhng 10 tuko thu respnnsihility upon
hitnself of dcciding botwcen thc chiiiuunts.
Mr AdninJ replied (if correctly lieunl bv ihe
Reporler, for ho spuku iu n low lono of voicu)
111111 iuu nair coiieeiveu 1110 ruie to uo tliat such
persons as possessed eoinmi'sions in conforrniiv
with tlm consiiiution nml luws of New Jersey,
weru ciiiuieci 10 voie as mcmuers 01 the house,
nnd tlmt 110 othcn) wero entitled. This wns his
own opiniou : and ho expressed it with the nioru
cuiifidencn becuusn he had openly asserled llio
sutne opiniou yesterdny, immedintely beforu the
house had placed him 111 tho station ho now oc
cupied. Mr Dratngoole said he was ignorant who thc
Kcntleiiien were wlio possesscd such commissions :
ho liudsecii noue of Uic papurs ofthe cliiimauts,
und did not kuuw what they were. Wus he to
nihiiit all whnsnid ihey Imd commissions uccor
ding to ihe Inws of their "Mnte?
Mr Adams replied. nml was understood to sny
that ll Imd heen smteil by In; Cierk thut tho rom
nii'ioiHof fivu mln r 'ViiuVmett, wlioiu hu iiumed,
weru in ihu s.iuie.nds with thutofMr Rnn.
dolph, whom ho hn.r itcognised ns n nii'iiiber.
Mr Vniiderpoel tuok'aii nppenl from ths decis
ion ofthu Ch iir, wliicli lio proiiuuiieed un net of
tisurpitiou. Crie of -'Orojpr' oihcre ol "Gn
011 ! go nn !" It wns virlutjly dcnluriiig that the
genllemeii from New Jersey shmild vote in their
own cnse, when u rulu nf onler wus stnring the
Chuiruinn in Iho fuce, which declared direclly thu
cnntrury. I le nppcalcrl from snrh n decision.
Mr lthelt reml lo tutlni Chuir thu riileof order
referred to, wloi-h is iu thu words following:
'No lucmberrliidl votu 011 nny question in tho
event ol wliicli he is immediately und parlicular
ly ititerested."
Thu Clmir replied that thc rulu did nntnpply to
the present cnst., hoc.nnso it wus not the Itepiescn
tutives trom Nuw Jersey who were conceriied,
but iheir cniiKlituents nud Iheir vUe. h WM (
lliesoiudivi.hluls' own cusb.'iwus thu cnseof their
District.mid oflhe Slute of Nuw Jersey.
Mr W. Thomp'oii of South U'lniliimuouieiid
cd Ihat n rneiuher Imd ns lnueli right tu voto nn
this question ns uu uny other. When it nmii
hrought n regulnr (oiiimissnii fiuin lns Slate, he
was cloihed with nll thu riithts belon.'iiiL' in nnv
otlier iiieiiiberuf the liuusi'. und. iImiiil'Ii r T.
nhniild iu such 11 euse, declino voting, yet if ihese
L'entiemeu chnse lit votu. thev h id a elenr imd in.
dUpiitnhlo right lo do s ,
Mr Merccr snid ihut geiitlemen were confbuii
diugtwo disiinct propositions nnd trenting ilieni
ns if ihey wero hut one. The first proosilion wus
tho nppenl tuUen liy thu gentlemr.n from New
York, (Mr Vmulcrpoel j) tlie uther wns built un-
on 11, viz. whether those who hnld reL'ulnr coin.
inisainns from the Govumorof Nuw Jersevshould
ue iiiiowru 10 voto 1111 nmi nppenl
1. 1 .... . ... . "
MrStnnly wishetl tn sny u fuw words in repiy
to the geiiilcnmii from Nuw York. I Mr Vniulur.
poel,) 1 whohnil nlrendy, beforehu had beun threu
diijsin'thu house, lieon rolern-d to ns 0110 ofthe
leudurs ol his pntiy. Tho geutleiimu had volun
tecrcd heru us the advocnlu of order und ileeen.
ny, und Imd now imiluitnken to rend to the gen.
llemen ffom New Jersey u lecturo uu tho shnck-
ing enurmity of v.itui!.' iu iheir own cnsu. Tlie
Chatr, huwever, had very justly deeided 10 votu
nsto iheir right to thc seuta Ihey claiined wns t;m
to vote iu their own easc. but iu thu cuse of their
cotntitueuis, whose rights wero nt i-tnko 111 this
coutrovcrKy. The gentleman Irom New York
was especmliy indiguuui ut thu thought of thu
vinliilion nf urecedtnt whicli Ihu decision of tliu
Clmir would siuictiou, lmleed! And nruv
when hud this nu-born zeul ol lns for precedent
nriscn in iho geiitlciiiuu's hosnui?
Ilud unt tho getitluiiinu beeu ull nlotiff rais'uiL-
Ilis roaring voice nguinst th.-doctrine ol precedent ?
Hud hu not seotitod thu wirv idcu of rerorihnr 10
such n lliiug ? llut now hu wns shoeked con-
vulsed with horror at tho thought that precedent
is tn bu violnied ! Tlio geutlei'mn hud just retur
ned from nn Eiiropeun tour hu wns frush Irom
llio CniKt of Vicinrin hersulf, uud wns of eoursu
wcll prepnred to lecturo us riiilo Americntis 011
tho lawsnf decency, uud to innlruct Ihu Chuir in
the principles of order. Fnr 0110 Mr. S. wns ipiiio
iiruparvd 10 trtist thu course of iho guntlemeu
jroui Nuw Jersey tu ihcmselves, lf ihey voicd,
it would not bu in their own cnuse, but in thu
entisu of their Slute, their cotistitiients, nnd thu
CoiiMllttiioti ol Ihuircouniry. Sliould ihey provo
reiTuuul ut such 11 nionieni, they would heunwor
Ihy of thu Stutu whu'h guvo thcm birlh Stnte,
whose soil, u-i onu nf theinselvcs hud iruly snid,
hud tieun "drinrhcd 10 amiro with thu best blood
of her chiMreu,"
Mr. Uriiri!s cnlled fnr the rcndiiic or iheClcrkV
tnituite,Binting theileiiisinlifroiii which uu uppcid
wus tnken, nnd it wns reud ucenrdingly.
He then exnr. escd his liopo thut gentlemen
would not eonfoiind tho uuestinus beloro theni.
but ihat they would proceed according to thu
rulei of order and right reasan, and dlicuw only
iho qiicition bcforo Iho houso. Tlio true question
wns, whether men duly cotiimissioned from their
Stntcs woro or wero not entitled tu votu nn Iwr
Itcpresontetives ; that was Iho iiiction, tho only
qucsiion j nnd Mr. II. again Invited llio geiitlemen
to wnlk up and mcct it.
OATVRDA Y, Dtc. 7.
Tho joitrnnls huving heen read, variotis atnend
meiits thercto wcro proposcd, und 0110 wasadopt-
ed, by a vote of tho Houso; in which iho fivo loco-
focos from New Jersey, did not ofler to vott.
They uru consciotis. it scems. that thev havo no
Imsinesi tonctiu tlio House.
Tlm debato wns then continued, nficr a concil-
iatory spcech fro.n Mr Adams.
Mr Cnvo Johiisnn ofTelin. tn Vnn llurnn mniil
nrose, nud proposcd n comprtnnlse betwecii thu
conleinliiig pnriies, whicli souuded very well at
first, liut wns ovidently dcigued lo nvoid thu di
ri'ft question ofthe New Jersey cnso, nud le tliug
Ihu Whigs ofrupon n new traek, deluy tho orgnu..
izaiiou of tho house, nud give thu udiuiuisiruiion
timo to deviso somo new expedient In eflect tlieir
ohject. Ilis proposiliou wns that 11 Coinmiltcc of
the old discreet iiieitihers, (I usu his cxnct words)
consirting of threu Vnn Ilitren men nnd threu
Vlii", slionlil ho cliosen lo lako tlic wholu oub-
jectol thu New Jersey cnso into eoiisiJerntiou, nnd
report somu piuu upon which thu tnciuuers nught
titiilc in orgntiizlug the Hollsc.
Mr I'rofiit of linliuiis, imtncdin'.ely rose nnd
cullcil fnr llio previout quttlion on the nppeal of
nlr Vunderpoui, tyesterduy) Irom llio decision of
thu Chnir. This call wus iiiteriupleil by nc.vcral
ineniliers who uow now rose 10 speuk.
Iilr ltrnwn ot 1 enn. rend n resoliiunn wlnch ho
proposcd to olVur fiir thu considerutiou of tlm
Conver.lioii. Lries of "110 no !' from ull imrts
ofthu linil.
Mr Dunctm of Ohio, who was entitled to thc
floor ihis uinriiing, nud hud heen on his feet somu
tune. now coiiiiuelicoil spenkilig, but enve wuy
fnr Mr Diekcrson, one of the Vnn lluren men
from New Jersey, who nlso rose, nnd utleinuted
ftlr Jcnder nl Aid., (n Wlug) moved thnt Mr
Diekcrson nf New Jersey, be permilted to address
Ihe Coiivenliou by cuurtesy.
Mr Vanderpoel ofN. Y. snid ho sliould vote
ngninst llint motion. Mr Diekcrson hud ns miich
right tu address the meeting as any genlleman
from New Jersey ihen present.
,ur Wise ot Viri'inm, snid if alr JJickcrsou ner-
sisted in nddrcssing thu members, he sliould call
for his crtdtnliali, Ifhe could bIiow the legal
uud coiislitulionnl evidenco ofnieinliersliip. fiom
1110 uovernor 01 .uw Jersey, ho might speuk,
but if lie could not, he protcsted ngninst graut
ing him llmt privilego! This wus decidudlv a
pnser, und Ihe geiitlemnn from New Jersey iiiiine-
diatety sat uowu, uuu hns kept his muutn elosed
l)r Diiucnn then went on with his speech, nnd
occupi' d thu floor, untii the meeting ndjuumed ;
bu cnlled for tho reading of the pnpers relating to
tho New Jnrscy cuse, which were furiiished by
Weseott, the Secrutury, and other pnrtisntis, tus
taiti tho claims ofthe coutestiiig meinhers, inteml
iug to introducc tliem ns a part of his spcech. Tho
Clerk uccordingly coiniiienced rcuding tho docu
uieiits. Mr White of Ky., rose to a question of order.
Ho asked whelhcr the depnsitions which tho
Clerk was reading, had heen lakcn upon duo uo
tice, and by tho leirnl, authoritics. He roso 10
nmko ohjectinn, uuless they were takeu iu con
foruihy wilh luw. W heru was Ihis to cnd? Ho
held iu his halid u whole book of evidenco tnken
iu this case, by thu friends of ihe legul nienibers,
upon duo nolice, nnd by tho proper aulboritie.
He could call for a reading of ihat book, aiid of
piles of dociiments on his desk, nud ofpilea upou
the Spcnkur's tnhle, if he clioose.
Mr Wbite's friemls, hoivever. stu.'i'ested that hs
had betier let the Clcrk so on. and ho did not
press his objection.
nirjiynumot N. C, cnme out with a violent
speech ogaiust Whitc,nud whi'o he wussereaining
at tho top of his lungs, with n voico that resoiu-
hles the cry ol an owl 111 ihe night.a niouon wa
inudu to ndjourn, nnd suctnineil hy a lurge ina-
joriiy. bo the house udiutirned, Dr Duucuii bav
ing tho lloor.
Tho steamer Liveroool hns nrrived at New
York with udviccs from Eurone fourteen dav
laterthnu pr'evious dales.
lu tho coitoii mnrket there 1.' adecided innrovu-
ment uud inoney maiters were ruther rnurc eu-
1 ho dincultics in tho h,as'. have becn settled by
a irenty.
A lurmiilaulc conspirncy fms becn discovered
111 1'nns, l runce. It occnstoiied considernble ux
citemeut. A grcat riot has occurred in Encl.ind: tlio fol
lowing ncccouut is taken from a New York
Kiot ymd Loss or Lirft at NEwroRT. On
thu 14th ull, 11 dreadful not occurred at Newport.
Montnnthsliire, iu which a number of tho rioters
were killed, nnd soine ol tho special constubles
unil snlilieri, employeil in dispersin tliem, wcre
seiinnsly wounded. Thu immedintu cuusn of
tlin renuwed otiihrcak is not very cvident. I ho
rioters, 10 thu number, it is stnled, nf iicarly 6000,
entcred Newp'rt iu thu moriiiitg, from the ueigh-'
iiouriiig hills, wneru ihey iiMii'uiiileil under tho
cnniiiiuud nf Mr. Kmt-t, thu Clmrtist niii''itriitc.
who wns receiitly disehurgcd from llie cumiuissiou
f ihu pcace, in eonsequeiice of his ntleudiiig
ChiirliHt iiii..i:tiugH
rflle liist ohilf!t nf ntttu.k wn llirt inn nt ivlitpli
tlio Mainlratcw wero niuieiiihlHd. hut wilh ihi
vigor with which thev ncleif. xna ihn tntMtna nf
quickly dispnising the nssuilanu. Tlie soldiers
wero iiumedintely cnlled out, und ordeied lo lire
on thu riolurs; weii- five of them were killed.
nml sevcral olhcrs mortally wounded. The Cbar
tists were mauy of ihei'i urmed with guns, wiili
whieh thuy leturiied the hre ol thu militury ; but
wero sooii rnuted, anil iu flight threw uwny their
pikes nud other wenponi. It wns funred. howov.
er, llmt ihey would re.isscinhle in the ueighbor
huod, nml tlmt nnotlier assnult would bc umile nn
ihe mwn in Ihu night. Tho 45th regimtut put
llio Chartists to fiightin ull ilireclions ; they we o
su discnmfltted ns tn throw nwnv many nf iheir
wenpons, butween 200 nnd 800 oi which, consist
ing of pikes, muskrts, &c. hnva heen picked up.
Frosi, tho ringlender, wns cnptured, nud severul
others. Duriug tho wcek, the ciiy was in cxpec
latiuii of n renewal ot thu nttuck, but nonu Imd
becn subveqtienily ntieiupted.
Enghiud Ims refusedto recognnize theindepen
denee ol'T ezas, wilhout a gunrnulce for the ubo
lltiou of Slnvery. Good!
The unntinl City Etectinn (Ims) resultctl in tho
clioicuof JONATHAN CHAI'MAN, Esq. the
regulnrly noiiiiunied Whiif catididate, byn nnijor
ity of iJGlovernll npposiug cnndidules. llrnd
fnnl Siimmcr, Loeofoco, reeeived V000 votes,
which iimubiir is nbout tho eulire streugth of hia
pnrty iu tli'n ciiy. '
The St. Augiistino Now of th 10th ult. gives
the puriiculiirs rcspeciing thu wound intlicied on
Assistnut Quuiter Master Senrle, on tho 2oth, of
which we had n briof necount 011 Wednesdny.
Ilu was in tho inuil-wni!on, nnd wns shot nl hy
somo unteen person. Thu young innn who wui
killed ut (ho'i-niiio time wns n I'ole, iinmcd l'oz
imulzky, nnd was riding bchind tho wagon, on
On ihosnmodny, Mr Philip Wendmnn, Senr.
wns killed, ubout 4 inilcsfrom St. Augustine. He
was goiiiL' iu on opcn wagon, with his 1011. a lud
ol'M, iu iho fort nt the 1 1 inilo post, formerly his
own rcsidunco, Irom which hu hud heen driviii hy
ihe Iiidinii.i. As Ihey wero riding ulong ihey
were fircd upon fioni llie swauip the father
killed 011 tho epot nnd the noil severely wouiuhd.
Thu liidiaus uppearcil, nnd wero nbout coiuple
tiug thu mlli'dcr ol thu lud when an expre-s riiler,
Irom iho fort uppcnred iu stght and thu ludians '
Theso evcnts hud caused luucli alnrm at St.
Augustine. A'. J'. Chm. 1J

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