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by k. p. walton & SONS.
VOL. 33, No 14-WIIOjLE AO. 1731.
ron vicr. ritr.fiinr.sT,
From the jYulional Intelllgrncer.
It is well ktiown to our rcndors ihutotiroun
preferencu, for ihc lirst ollion in tlio Govcrumcnt,
iiiclincd lo uuothor citizen, yielding, ns all will nl
low, to noiii) in fitness or doscrt ono whoin for
ihirty vcurs wo Imvo socn lalioring ttnccusingly in
the snpjiort of tlio liidepcnilcnce, iho Unnn, nnd
tlie Glorv of his Country onc whosc tiutnu nnd
famc aro" indclibly imprcsscd cm tlio brighton
pages of hct annala. Hut wo opirovcd of tlio call
of n National Convctition for thc purpoo ofpro
seuiiiigCnudidatus for tlio first nnd secotid olli
ccs in tlie govcrnuiont, nttcl wc, in coinmon wiili
our hrethrcn of tlio Wlng narty throughoiit
tlm iriiion. nlrilL'cil ourse vcs to Biilmiit
i.ll iinliviilinil nrcferunccs to tliu dccisinil of
tlint Convontion, nnd to Mippoit tlie caudidnteB
whum, on fnll eonsiderntion, it slioiild prescnt to
us. This plcdgo wo biuiiiI prepnred to rcdcem,
nnd to yicld to tlio distinguisheil citi.cnson wlinni
tho choice has fallcii our earnest support. Nor,
in doing so, sliull wts put any furccupoii our in
cliiiatious. Thu biipport wliich wo shall rondcr
to lliu i.-nmlidutu for tlio first ollicu will tie tlio moro
rnr.l'ml lilllt KillCfl'u frOIII Otlr OWIl UtlO wlcdlM of
his ehuraeter, liis piilriulism, his long ainl uinineiit
servicrs, lns matiiio exporieticc, aml lns ropuiiii
caii priuciples.
With rcgard to tho (listiugiiit-liuil citizen of Vir
ginia, wlio lnw bcen noininait'd for tlie sccnnd of
fino. Iiu lias heen so recciitlv andsneoiispiouoiiidy
cngaged in the cnuncils ol tlio uation as woll as in
thoso ol his Nntivo Stato lilling willi lionor tlm
oflico of her Cliief Alngislratc tliat all intclligont
citW.uris aro acuuaintcd witli liis cliaractcr atiil
nbilitics. tiotli of which uunlify lim to discliaigu
wiihnbility nnd lionor tlio trust wliii'h ho is invi
tcd to acccpt.
from the A". Y. Cnurier Knquirer.
Tlie Whiu Nntional Convcntion wliich as!-cin
hlcd nt Hmrishurg on Wediicsdny last, aml tlio
nrocccdiucs of which Imvo hecir watehed with
brealhless nnxieiy by thu liomtst, iinbisiight freo
inen of tho Unileil States, has tcrininatod its tln.
ties, aud prescnti-d for tlio aiiflriigcn of tho Whig
Party. WILLIAM M. UAKKlSiUlN, ot Uluo, miil
JOHN TYLl-:K, ofVirgini.i.
Ou a full nnd lair consiilcration of all tho cir
cutusitmces in tho casc, with a eareful comimrisou
of tliu strcngth oflhecnndidutes prcsoiitcd forihcir
Biiffragcs, iho Convmitiou,by n-larKi! iiinjority, and
eiiiMiiiiiiiy iiiiiiaiiM04i8l3', have bolcctci! iho cinin
cntcivihnn anu foIiIici. wlioso poiiuiarlry wun sn
eignally dcvclopud nt tho last l'rcsidential clcc'-
' Takon up on iho vcry cvo of tho conteit, nnd
in spito of iho divisions and coiiscquuut wuaknci?s
of tlio party, ho dcsilayod n strongth with tho
Pcnpli-, wliich nstoundcd liis cnuiniue, and mir
pa'sed oven tlio inosisanguine cxpcctatinns ol his
friunds. In viuw ofthc Burprising rcsults acliiuv
:d by 'Gcn. Haumson liis Inrgo nwjoriiics in
Ohio, Indiana, KcntucUy, ftlarylnnd, Delowaro,
New Jersey nnd Vermont nnd liisimmensopop
ular vothJn Pennsyania wo cannot cntcrtain
n donbt riiat if ho had bccti tlie only Whig randi
dute in tho fiuld, and the party had rnllied with
tho assiirfliico tif siicccfs which tlioy wonld havc
derivcd frotn n knowleilgoof hinstrongth, ho would
Imvo heun ekctrd to tlie Pnsidtnaj ul the lasl fjcc
. jtionby atriumphant tmajority. And it wns douht
less undef a fnll ronvirtion of his gront populari
ty with tlm pcoplc,coinbincd with grcnt si.Tvirc.,
epotlcis oharacter, nnd' unqiii'i-tioiiablo nlulitiL's,
that tho.lteprcsuntativcs of tho I'coplo nssetnblt'd
nt Ilarribliurg, have ngnin placcd his nanio hcloro
tho coinitry mra stiimblc catididnto for tlm cordiai
and titiltcd BUiport of tho frcnds of tho Constitu-.
W'c nccil not tcll our icnders tlint personnlhi, ttir
prefciencts weroforjilr.CLW.whosuideutity with
thf jtadingincasurcsoftlio Whig party, nnd whose
clninis ovcr nll conipctitors for thcir grutefulcon-f-iileratioi',
havc overbeun nnd aro now chucrfully
nihnittoil 5y Gcn. H'AnntsoN liimself. Uiit thosu
. tq whoui tho L'eojTle dclogatcd tho important titift
of dcicrmiiiing upon.tlio camlidato best calculatcd
. trfiijiite o tlm olumcntsof otmosition to tho tircs-
ont disorganizing and unprincipled ndininistrntion,
nnil iiinc-tfii.tlis oj'whom wero (icrsnnally in favor
ol'Mr.'Ci.AT, Imvo gravuly detcruiinod that Gcn
cial Harkison is the l'non.E's rAVontTn ; aml
liaVing hcrotolbro expressed our confidcnce in tho
wUdom, uxpericnre, and palriolic fcrviccs of that
distinguisbud citizen, aud duringiho I'rcsidrntial
cnnvnss of 18;8, givun hiin our -cnlous support,
wo do not hoiiitato todcclaro our c.ordinl nppioba
tion of thc uoiiiination, as ono wliich cannot fuil
' to lecoivo tho u.miividf.I) surron'r ofiho Whig
pnrty, aild iiisuro to it u brilliaut nnd triumplmut
" wFuw nicn Imvo descrvod moro. or rcccivi-d lcss
ot tlie hnmlM of hiscotiiitry. thiin Gvu. IIauiiison ;
nor is thi'iu any ono who is moro ccrttiii. to rnlly
in liis biipport tlm notii'Kt, rigiit-lliiiiKiim, warui-
1 hiMirlf'd vi'otuiuirv of tho coiiiiim'. A Virijiti tnn
by birth, hoii of a FiguiT of our incinoi'idilo Dn
ci.aiia iio.n or I.Nnr.i'K.NDnMOK, ho onti'rod nt 1111
early ago tho turvico of liis couiitry. Wo fiud
hiin a mere boy, jn th'o ariny of tho frontier nt a
pcriod wluiu tho niiirderous inciirsions ol tho In
dinnswcfo iiuuiliilatiiig our wt.-Morn seiilfinenii,
nnil wticro ho so couiniciiiicil linnsolf by his ac
tiviiy and vnlor to tho nfl'cotioii of tho millnnt
Wavnk, that ho was soon seluctud by liiin as his
confid.i'lilial Jlid-dt Camp, At tho cloco of liii
cnrly niilitary carocr hu wns Mint it Dclcgnio to
Uotigrcss frorn tho North Wwtern Turrilory j thfii
ntilioiiitcd Governor of tho Torritorv aml ican-
pomtcd hy thu oldcr Adams, Jkkj krbon aml iUn
ison: iIicii Coitiuiatidor of thu North Western
Ariny, Mctnbc.r of Congrobv, Senator of thu Uni-
tcd atnCcH, and u Alinister I'lt'tiitiotniitiiiry to CoU
tiinhin fouil liually, tho Wliltr Cnudidiito for tho
J'rcsidency in 1830, nnd now ngain sflcctcd or tlm
laviirito nl tho pcoplo for tho sauio lugli stution
uui wiiii iittio it any (loubt ol micccss.
Iucac.h nnd nll of tho liiili aml rosnniisihlo ttu
tloim hu has licen rnllod tipon to fill, lmhas nobly
iiiMiimrgcn iiis uiity to tho rouniry.anil provuil liini'
Self llllllhlllld. nslll! Iin irlilv inri'lil llin liniwir,
obln diMiiictiou nhout to bo cnnlerrcd on hiin hy
tllO FIMIniL'CS Of II rwi-M . , I ,,, ..,.,...1..
His hfij hns hoen ns blnnmlcss as it has Iwoii ouiin-
ontiy iisniii 10 ino couniry , nnd wo hail liis iioni.
innliou at llus iicriod, as uviili iu-n frit. l,r.n
nnd spirit ol conciliaiion which porvadrs tho ranks
of tho Whig i'nrty, which prontpta thom to n po
hloKacrifiroofneraoioi proililuction nnd scctionol
feeling at tho uhrinoof conBiitiitioiml ficcdom. nnd
on tlm nll
Of tho succcssof tho Wliic tmrtr tindonhe Imn
ner now unfurled, wo Imvo nlrciufy oxprobsod our
firtn conviction; nnd wo will hcro briefly cxhihit
our eBtininto of tho votes iu tho Presiduntinl con
test. Harrisen Maesachtisetts 21, Vermont 7, Con-
iicuin;ui o, uiiouo ismnii a, now York 42, New
jRrsey 8, Marvland 10, Dclnwnrc!), Olil3J, ,Kw.
tucky 15, Intliano S), Louisium 5, llliuois 5, Mtclii-
n Z 'I'nlnl 1KA '
i 1U U 1 1 J
rrtiiJiittii Maino 10, New llainpshiio 7, Vir-1
ginia 23, North Carolin.t 15, South Corolitm 11,
Georgia 1 1, Tenncssoo 15, Alississippi 4, Alalminn
7, Missouri 4, Arkausa? 3-.Totn! 110.
Vo ubtful Pni i nsy I va n in 30.
If tho reader will cnrefully cxnmlno tho forego
iii", ho will pcrcvivc that tlmro is little, If'nny dnttht,
that thc Whig candidato is coiiaiii of 151 elucto-
rial otes 148 being nccwsnry fnrn chuico aud
this too, without claiiiiitiL' Pcimsvlvania or I'cnucs-
scc, which iu all prolmhiliiy, partmularly thnfurmcr,
wui ira loiiiut nrrayeit on tlio sntc ol tho GniiMitu
tion nl the coiuiug conti-sl.
To our Whig iriends then, hcro nnd oleowhcro.
wo mv, bo of L'ood rhccr. Now York will civo n
clenr whig inajority of fificen thousaiid in 1840,
aml with tlns lact iiowplacudbeyoml nll quefl lon,
w ho fiin for n inouictit (loulit tho triiiinph of tho
Wliig cause iu tho cnining cniilest. Our cnnilt
dato is ninv f'nirly 4n tho liclil - our hnuncr is now
iinfiirlud and (tiigyery honcst W liiy, us Im aliics
tho Cntistitution, lu'st'uutioiis, nnd the Lnwsnfour
cnuntry, proniplly rally uiiilcr its hrond folils, wilh
tho full aud hi'nrtfclt conviction, that wo not only
liierit, but aro destiiied tu acliiuvo n glorious vic
tory over tho baml of despcntc and iinprinripled
politicinus who have not only iiiincil thu L'rcat iu-
terestsol thc counti v, hut who nront this very limi',
suiviug iu puipuuiiiu u iuusi uiiiieani iiniiu
aL'ainst tho riuhts of a bovurt'ii:n Htate aud tho fun-
damcntnl priiicipleu ol our Govni'iiiiicnt. Lct all
nerioiml nnil seclional (eeluigs bo loi'KOttcu, and
let us iinituiu threo glorious checrs for thc llr.no
1 Tiitaconoi:, which rIiiiII bo recchoed frotn
thc North tn tho South nnd from tho Kust to thu
West, tintil tho L'lad tiiliiiL's ol'a wliolu nconli) re-
joiciug in tho tienr prospi'Ut of a untioii's freeiloin,
shati penctrnto tlio inuiost iuccs.ies ol tho i'alnce,
aml niiiiso tho supplc tool of n fiirtiou, to iiiingiiio
iu overy voice thu oiiiuioiis wonls, meite, mcnc, te-
kcl, upliarsin.
From ihc j Y. Commcrcittl Jtdverltscr.
Tlio anticipationsofthis pnp rnfSaturday, Imvo
bcun renlicd in tho nouiimilion, by tho uiiaiii
inoiis voii'o of tlm Nntional Cniivrnliiiu nt Ilnr
rirhiirg.ofGHN. WILL1A.M llliNUY 1IAIIUI
.SON for tho oll oi- ol' 1'rei'iilr.iit ol tho Unitod
Statns. GOV. TVlililt,of Virgiuia, was tiouiin
nti'd liir.Vico I'rosident.
Wo Imvo iiuilher timo nor spaco for coniinent
to day, upon this-uiitil Satnrday iiucxpoctod,
hut not iiuwelconie rcsiilt. lliu illowin'oxtnu't
Ironi tho ('orrcHiiouik'lii'e of the Exnrcfs, bIiows
that it was iu the end cnrdi'dly aud cutliusiasticnl
ly sanctiiinud hy tho uiianiinoiis voice of thu con
vcntion :
" Wbcn tho noininatniu of I'rosident was final-
lyacteil upon, thero was a siiotitaneous rising of
the whnlo coiiveiitioVi,aiid iiino cliours litirs-t fnrth
without oven thu i-fTm t of n call. Never was theie
a belter feoliug. Nevnr did trying aud doubtfiil
$cenes end so wcll. Novcr was tbcrcaiiioiig sucb
a hody of nicn such nco;iviclinn of cimiing suc
ccss sucli n univcrsality of bclief, tlint the couii
try hy n victory would latify whal had hceu donc.
llarrhurg linil been illuujiualed thc uigbt before.
Wo parted, aml were pnrting nll fricmls aud all
brothcrs." Thero was not n word of icproacli.
NounkiHii fcjuling was ituhilged in.
Thus havo wo escapcd lliu tcrrihlo ?cylla nnd
Charybdis,. I havo.lrcuihlcd to sail by;"nd now
wo iivl- nfioii tho cleurbcn, ho bt up on tho topiiuiM
ofyonr ExpreES tlmstarspanglcd baiiuiT that Uar
rison has alwnys led to victory whcievcr Iiu has
boino it aguinsUhoadvorsnries'ofhis couiitiy."
,'Jrrom re'.V. V. slmcrican.
Thc rcsult ofjthu delilicratious of iho Coriveu
tion is certainly'iiuiixpected to us, as wo prrsunic
it "n to u crent 'nnjority of tho citizens of thisSlate,
who preferred, as ivudid, aud hoped for tlionom
iiiation of Gcn. Scoll. Hut he con 'bidu his time,
for his cliaractcr, liku his scsviccs, is of smn'iliat
will endurc. It "is n solid frnhric, aud will sup
port thu Inurcls tlint adnrn it."
Ilaving, witli good faiih, coniinitted ourcnuso
tn tho Convention, wo wil', with good faith, nbido
by ira decision and will yicld to tho candiiliites
it picscnts to thc nalion out; full aud zenlous sup-
Wo havo thc 6amo odious principlcs lo contfiid
ogaiiiBt, tlm same corriipling nliuses of powcr, tho
snme indiirercnce to thu pulilic wcl 'nro-nud nl
lliongh wo go not into thu battlo iinder tho Iradcr
of our choice, wo go into it with confuleuco ibut
the ohobcu of such a coiiveiilion biiuselfol tiird
inetal will laid us on to iriuiiiph. Wo enlist,
tlierefore.fortho war.iindcr WILLIAM U.IIAK
From the A. Y. Gaztllc.
' Tho Whig Natiomil Convcntion has closed its
labors at Hiirri4iurg,aud tho rcsult is thu beluction
of ll'illiam H. Ilarrisnn as thu party cnudidn.u
for tliu Prcsidcncy. It bccoincsiis to bequiut iui
der uvery dispensation of I'roviiluncu nnil ofpoli
tics, ond wo nrc fo. Gcneriil llarrison is a good
man, nnd comtictcut, wo trust. to fulfil any duiics
ho niay ho unlled tipon to dischurge. Ahovo all,
wo, iu comtiiou with all others, iu coiiscnting to go
into a Nntional Couvcutinn fur tho sclcctioii of a
ranilidato, ai;rceil to abido chccrfully by thc ilc
cision o! thnt lioily. lluuvcn grautiug us graco wo
ohall ilo m).
Now, ns thd best tejt of our own sincerity on
thissubjuct, wuhero bny, that Gen. llarrison was
not hy any mcans oui choice; wo rnpeat that wu
leul ihsappoiuteil, nnil rcgret tlint Im is tho choice
or rntber thu resnrl ol' lliu C'onvt-iitini; ; but hu
lieving ns wu lenlly do, that Wilmam He.vrt
iiaumson is iiu honunt miil couipi.'lulit uiaii lor
tlm btatinu, nnd nbooall, iniudliil, as incii of lion
or iiiu-t Ih, of tho obligatious impoM'd upon us by
gooti laiiu, wu say, again, 1 1 uz.n ! lor llarrisout
llo is iiu lioiii'iit uiaii, a iiiiiii ol I'lliiratiou aml rn
lilical oxtiurieuco, aml a uallaiil boldiir. Abovc
all, he ho'dsto political priin-i dtirt thu very ruwiau
oi inoso acii.'ii upon i y lliu mt'ii now In puwcr-
iiicn wuo navo icil this I'fpuhllc to tliu liriuk 1 ru
iu, nnd to displaeo whoui is thu first duty ol'ovc.ry
well wisher of his country. Nothing is lell us,
ihcii, f'cllo w citizens, luit to uiiitu au ono iiiiiii itpoti
Iho onni man wnicii oircuuisiani'es neriuit us to
avnil oiirselvcs of iu tho strngglu betwecn aood
goverumctitniid bnil,
From the JV. Y. Slar.
Gencrnl llniTison is ngnin tho Whig Caudidnto
for l'lcsidcnt. His first canvnss Fiirpriscd uvery
ono who wnsncciiMoiued to refli-cton tho rhancu
ol'succcss ntlciiding im oppos.tiou to iho eutirc
tiower oftlm Geui.'inl (lovcniiiient. Hu wns oni-
jihatically thc choico of thu peoplo- tho choicu of
Iho yeouuuiry, tlio tarinur, tho lalioring man, aml
thu uicchanic. Ilndhohceu rqually thu ulioicu
ofpolitical lcudurs, ho would, at this ilny, havo
beeu thu (.'lilul' Magistratf, nnd tho country heen
bappy, prnspiTOUK nnd tiatiquil. That his nanio
was unt I'oiitinued as tlm whig caudidnto lo this
day arosu from apprchuiibious that thu wuno li'ad
ing bigs who hait duclnrcd that nothing hut ilo
feal was to bocxpeclud with Gu-.i. Ifarrison, would
ngnin ikfviit hiin on niiotlmr "uoininatiou ; nnd it
wns nlso nppnront thnt Virgiuin, North (Jiiroliiin,
nnd other Southi'in SlatcH had oxpressed a prtt
fernco for Mr. Clay, whilo Ohio, Indiaiia, nnd
I'liinsyUniiia thu Hrong llnriisoii States had
joini'ii iho Aiiniinisiratioii (orces. Thesu were
consideratiinis tlmt divided tlm Whig pnrty on tliu
quebliou of iinlividual prefcrflnro, nnd not from
tho w.iut of conhdencc iu tho pntriotiym, ubiliiy
nnd lonir tried scrvlccs of Gcn. Hnrrisuii
Ilo is now tho cnuilidato of tho Whig pnrty, nnd
wo nro boiind. not only from dtttv but from in
cliuntion, disposition aml confidcuco, to iiflord him
ovory possiblo Biipiioit. This paper wna tho first
to sustaiu, nnd tho last toiihaudon, him. VVohnd
every cnnfidenro in his purity of clinrncter-his
greai exprriciicoin vnrious rivil btations, and his
hlgli clamis on tho grntiliido of his country. Wo
bolil tn tho Ramo oninions now: nnd nerfcrt un
ion nnd organiation oftlm Whlit nnrlv. throiiL'h.
.'!! 'ho country, will insuio tho jucccbh of tho
vuig ticKet ueyonu nny Uouht.
From the IJoslon Allai,
Ifatiydouhta of tho cxcullcnco and policy ol
tho nomlnntio'i hy Iho Harrishtirg Convention
Imvo cxisted in tho itiinilHof nny, thoy must all ho
ruinovud hy tho surprisiiig nny, wliolly unexpcc
tud --unnnitiiity of feeling nnd dcvotcd cnthusinsin,
with which it hasbecn liniled by tlio Whig press
ihroiighoul tho country. So fiir ns tho inlbrina
tion ofthc choico has bcun rccclvcd, but ono feel
ing pcrvadcs thc wholo, nnd Olay mcn now vio
with Scott mk.v, who shall nvinco tlm grcatest
ruadiuu'fl to acqitiesco in iho decision of tlint ho
dy, to wlioso sclcctinnn'l good Whigsstund pledg
cd, not lueruly to Eiih'iiit, hut ino-st heaitily to ac
ccdu. We havo sniil thc univcrsal unanniiiy of Fonti
ineiit wns inost niiuxnccted. It is, theroforc, tho
irioro grotifyinj! to nll, nnd nfTords nilditional ovi-ilfiico--of
whnt inauy wero doiihtlcssnlready con
vincod - tlmt tlm cntiro Whig pnrty nro sjncero iu
thcir pntrioiic dovolion to principlc, wliich thcy
Imio over professcd. It provcs, if proof weio
wiuiting, tlint nlthough they iiiny Imvo heen iiiilu
ced to indiilgo in personal preferennns, by higb
polilind servici's aml grcnt merit, yet that they
havo nuveroiico lost Bigbt of thc cntiso to wliich
they nro pledged, iiud that they wi'l nevcrconsont
to peril tlmt holy cnusc, by nllowing too grent n
wcight to mcrn iinlividual or local cla'uns.
It'was ni havc becn expected tlmt tho nominn
tion would ho liniled with nccliunations by such ns
Imvo declared thoir prefercnco to tlm ' CiTizn.w
Sot.Dir.n;'' but whero ndccided prefercnce tothc
cliiimsofotliors had bcun hilhurloopcnly declared,
it was bardly to be hopeil that this choiio would
hu receivi'd wilh au enliio nnd pcifcct cordialiiy.
Hut, without oxception, such is, iiniversally, th"
casu. And this very I'nct provcs inore clearly thnn
nny lliing elsu r-nli, tlm judiciousiiess of lliu selec
lion. It cliovvs that Gcn. Iliirrts-on was tl.u scc
witb nll to whoin his claiins diil not
.......... i-ilm Rii-niiL'. st. And. nhovu all.il nllbids
firni and abiiling groiind for thu hope, tlmt nll
patts of thu IJuion will tuanifest ns strong u du
teriifumtinn'io cnrry into oflcct tho wishrs of the
c.ouventimi as they now do a readiiicss to nc
knowedgo tho exeelleneu of thoir rlioice.
'l'l,. i.ii.ss in New Voik sneak outits ono llian
in siiimoit of thc caiididatfof tho Convention, nnd,
without cxecptiuti.joiri iu ihu(lcter'ninatiou,evcry
wbuic cIidwi), tn know now but onc Whig candi
datc lor the Prcsiilency.
Iu I'hiladelphia tho samc feeling evory whcrc
exists. Andiu Wa-hitigtoti, the inanneriii wliich
tho noniinatioii is icceivcd gratif)iug beyoiul
nll oxception, ns will he sjimi from tho following
extract from a lelter to tho New York Aincricau :
"The iioininnlion of General ll-jmsnii is wcll
receivcd ln io by all the Oi posiliun. Tlio Whigs
in (ougress will np; rovo it npenly nt n uieeting
ihis wuek at which Alr. uiay wui appcnr amt nit.
druss tlio asseinblage, and Judgo White will pro
"The friends of Mr. Clay go cordially into tho
eiiminrt of General Ilamsou. and thoso i't ucn
Scott will tie IiKhind no others iu activo cllorls to
rlcpt hiin. nnd wu shall succeed.'
Tliu Washington corresponilencc of the Now
Yoik fctar, says:
Thu uewsof the iioininnlion nt Ilarrishurc rench
cd this city last cicuiiig. Alnny of tho delegatrs
aro bi're, and ninoip; tlieiu I hnd tho plcasiiru of
FcuiiiL' Governor 1 ylerand iir. l.uigli, ol Virsui
i,i. They givo thc best po.-siblu nrcouut of tho p'o
ceuditigii. Thu Wlngs hcro will go iuto tho lidd
lii.uifully, nrdently.lcd on iu tho good work hy Mr.
Clnv, who bays rntljf, kai.lv. IlAI.LY to thu
stnnilurd. I hero will hu a inculiuglicto iliisicel
lirolmbly tomorrow cvctiuig, lo respoml lo thu
nomiuatioii. " Huzza ! for thc hcro of Tippccan
oo !"
From thc mnny cxccllcnt nnd patriotic eflusions
iu behall ol thu Wluc caiiihdatc, wlncli wo overy
whtrc inect, wo solect thu following ns exnmplcs
ol tlmt praiswortby spirit to which wo huve reler-
rcd. Thcy nre, vithout exeeptioii, from papors
uhieh havo not given to General llarrison their
nreierenco. Tho Alexandria Gazettc, an ahlc
whig papcr, biiys :
Eor ourBclves.alihouah wonrcferrcd Mr. Clay
nnd hoped'hc would havo lu-cn choscn, wo cordi
ully accept nnd upprovo thc noniinatioii.
General Hnrrison has tlicso rccoinmcndation
in his favor
Ho isiiii honcst man.
Ile isn nuro iiatriot.
Hn is n veieran soldier who has fought for his
lio is au cxiicrienci'd aintcsman.
ilo is pledged to servo but onutenn, iftlected
thusbruaking up thu system ol l'resuieniiai eicc
He is a w.dl rrad scholar, as wull ns a ninn of
cxcelleut tiractical coinmon suusc.
His priuciples aro bound on thu luadingqucs
tinns ol thu ilay.
Ile is uot too violuntn pnrti7.an, aml has nn par
ty prejudices or rurientmeuts.
Ho is otic ofthc puople, nnd is for tho pcoplu
From the JV. Y. Imerican.
Much of our pnpcr today is givcn up to n, bkctch
o! tli'i wholo proccedings ot tho uouvcntioii.
is intcrestini: inalter, lor ino (U'Cismii nero arnv
cd at and tho hnrmoiiy nnd -zenl m inifestcd on nll
hands will, in our Jiiilyiiient, mako illinm II
llarrison tliu nuxt I'rcsidi-nt oftlm United Stutcs.
Our huiublo but zenlous co-operatiou in such
good wnrk shnll not be wautiug.
Tho nominatioii of Williuui II. Hnrrit-on i
Mlicrever wu yet havo a reliiniing voice, refcivcd
with lU'clamatiou.
From the U. S. Gaztlte.
OfWilliani Henry llniri.-on. it isnot neccsarv
t'X'pi-nk niui'li iu rniunn'lidntiiui j hu is kuowu to
tho citl'rus ol thu L llion, auil has ouco liei u thu
caudiilati) oi thu big iiity, with n votc that Mir
irisfd bolb friends and loes by its strent;th. Mr,
llnrrisoii is a Biiccerslul Genurnl, aml in nll thu of
lices ofoivil trust lo which ho has heen callcd, hu
lias oxhitntcd n readiui'ss, atnlity, aud devoiion
thnt Nci'iireil lo liini thu r htiect ol Irieud nnd (tw.
nnd whilu millinns of ilolliirsof public. moiiey have
nasscd through his hands, lliey i,ro eleau fioln
piillulinn bonest poverty buing tlm cvidences of
hoiiehtty iiisc.harging duiies; uor has nliuost un
controllcd powcr ovur heen used hy bliu to ac
cuinulatu wealih, to rcwnrd partiznn frirnds, or
pum-li panizau lous. Ho is prcsuntud as nsouud
pohiicinn, a trieii stntesiuau, mm au iiroprnncha
tilo pntrint oue who U iiledeed by uvcrv nrinci
plo of his lifu, todischargu thu dutics ofofltcu fur
thu uatiotrs good.
From the Hcrkimer Journul.
Wo nnnoiuico to our ruaders with nrido nnd
plcnsure, us the reai.lt oftlm Nntional Convention
nt llnrrishurir, tho nominnti m of WILLIA.M II
HAItltlSON of Ohio, lor I'rosident of tho Uuiled
Kitiicn, miil tlmt of JOIIN TYLEIt of Viru'imit
for Vieo l'rcnidi'iit. Tliu nnniiuntioua wero mudu
on thu (Jth nnd 7th. nlier n full nnil Inir cnuvnes of
lliu I'lniiusof thu scvrriil candiiliites, and an: donbt
luhS tho best that could liuvu becn innde, Wi
iiredii't thoy will ineet tlm heiiriy npprov.il untoii
ly oftlm Whig party, hut ofa inajority of lliu peo
ii'j oi iuu uiinuii miuns.
From the Albany Journal.
Wo congrotulntotho Whigs of tho IJnion upon
iiiu ii-Biiii. uui hii iiuw iiuiiiiiuii, (iiki uuiicr
tho nanio nt tno vuncrntiio piitnot whuso whok
lifu hns bcen dui-ntud In thu sorvico ofhisroiinti-y
it uoiinii wuiiiunu uiiiiiiiiuy, nilll WO (1011111 not SUC
r.ugsiuiiy, to tirivo irom ihoir placcs tho ndmiiiis
inuiunui niiiruii rnu iiuroil.
From the Ilvdson Iliver Chronhlc.
Jitst oottr iianer wn9 iroins to nrcss. wo rn
cclved tho proccodingsoftho llnrrisburg Convon
U o nnil tho hnnner, lnscribed wllh tho namcH
of Harrison nnd Tyler, to thu mast hond. They
cnn druw upon old Wesehcstor for 400 inajority
-. . ' II - .. .1 . I. r- . r. . . nn nnni'
iioai ion, nuu upuu iiiu iMlipiru oiaio ior o,wui
SATUnnAr, Dec. 7, 1830.
Convcntion tiict nursuant to adiottrnmcnt.
A prnycr tvns on'ered tip hy lliu Ucv. W. It. l)n
Witt of llarrithurgb, when
n.v nniiKs ot Kentuckv roso nnd saul, tlint io
delegato from Kutitucltv hu had como huro to
ncquicsco in thu decision of thii Convention i hu
howcd heforo its iletcriuiniition, and ho could ns
siiro thu convcntion that tho noniinatioii tnade Inst
ovcniug would reccivc tho liearty support of his
constltlietlts -nt leant it wnnld ntil hu his fnult il'
did not. Tlio sittmtion of tlm Kentuckv dele-
atioti had, Iiu snlI, heen ono ol'peculiar responsi-
llliy tliuy had t heir first elinir.n. hut lbov cnino
herutosiisiain thu iioiiiiuatiou when tnadc, aud on
their part ho ussurcd tlm convcnlion thoy would
iIojo. Almuighis roti-tituuiits, Mr 11. sniil tho
(lomtttation wouM bo reeuived ns it duservnl.
lliuynro lincomiiruiniKitiir in tlnir ilnteriiiiei'il
hostihty to ihe nilmuiistratioii of iMartin Vnn Hu
ron. In his own diMrict ho could nEsure tho
Convcntion Gnn. V. II. llarrison would rcceivo
ns lnlge n votu usMi-Clnv. Mv l.'i.lliiw.Ciii?..-!..
saul Mr II. prefer Mr Clay, but they lcfl ine un
instrtictcd, which I tognrded ns n lihcfal spiri' ;
nnd tho cultivntioii of biicIi n spirit in nll our ro-
lalions caniiot hut Imvo n salutnry cfTcct.
iuu miifaui inu aiato oi iiciiiucKv, saut air
arofinrero in tlieir devotion tu Heiirv Olnv
not on his uwn acconnt nluno: for tho uieasuru nf
his famo is ulrendy full, hut becnusu thoy belicvo
un 10 ni; inu iimii oi ius country. Jiut KcntucKy
iu noi pmvo uiiworihy ol tlio man wlioso laino
but Aiiother iiauiu for liur irlorv. Sho lovcs tho
country moro tlmti sho lovcs Clay ; and hr-r dclo
gates have met beri-, as hor peoplo will iucetnt thc
naiMii-noxu-, ou iuu nroad plnt torui of detnrniin
ed boslility to iMnriin Vun IJuren. Sidu by sido
ith their liruthii.'ii Irom ot hur '&?Aa. tho whis.s
f Keuluck.V will coiiteiul for the reliirniaiion of
thnsu ahiiM:s which now thrcntcii tlm liesltuction
I our boloved couiitry: and strivo lo mako her
wlmt prescnt it!crs will not prosperotts und
Mr Kcvr.nly Jrihnaou of Marvland said thnt
Maryland's choicu wns wcll I nowu it wasunnc-
css.iry n-jw tn iiionli' n tlm uiilivnlual. The del-
egalion had uplicld tliat choice to tliu Insc. I'ut
fatibficd. ou cousultalinn with tho delecntes from
thcr scctions ol tlio Utiiou, tlmt tliu choico of
Alaryland wonld not bo thu choico of this con
vention, nml that Iu thu niuuinu ol n matntity oi tho
dulcgatus theio was iinothcr name that could carry
dismay into tho riitiki of thu cnetny hu propos
cd, on tho part of lliu delegaiion from ALiryland,
to oilur a rcsolution that thc rcsult ol thu ballot
ins ho uimnimotisly conllrmcd, nml that Gen.
Willintn llcnry llarrijnn bu presented to tho
imericnii peoplo witli thc sauctum ol lhi3 Con
Uuiicr his hannor eaul Mr .1.. wc cnn. wc must.
and wo WILLTHIU.MI'II ; aud Iu ordertonfl'ortl
linm lor thu report of tho I'otiitiiiiicu ns to thu
canilidnto fiir tlm Vicc I'rcHiluitcy, ho jn-oposed
iii.ii uio '""mu.jii uinc nrucusr ior naii au itour,
atid he feltsiitislicd that n tmtitu would ho IM'Osl'h
lcd in coimeciiun with tlmt ollico n:i which thc
fneiiils ot llarrison nnd Scott could iiuiio witli thc
satnc 1 1 1 1 : i 1 1 1 1 1 1 i t y that prevails aiuong tho friunds
of Clay and Scott in rcgard to thu iioiiiiuatiou of
Hnrrison. (luuncnsc miiilausc.)
Alr Clmiry, of Norih Carolina. said that tho
Statu hu reprc.sented hnd remnincd comparalively
quiet iu tlm su.'ection of thu nominec. Sho hail
herfurrchoicu as wcll ns othcr States: but sho
had too long fought agniust iho sti'iilors not tn
know her duty, nnd ehe would stand by hersister
States in thu prescnt contcst, by giving Gen. Win.
II. Hnrrison u iletermined siiipnrt ; aud when
tho clectiou iciiiru.s cnmuiu.saiil Alr C.tlmv will
show thnt ' OLD UII' IS WIDE AWAKE
AGA1N! ! "
Alr I'rostnn, of Kentuckv. Fnid tho couvcntinii
had ulrendy lu-cn eorrcfitlv as.sured that tho delu-
gation fiom liis slate camo hero for conciliati.nt
nnd compromise Imrmony aud couccssion nml
no wns certain that tlio rcsolution ho was nhout
to proposo wns ono tlint would mcct tho oppro.
bation oftlm Cnnveniion. It might nnturnlly bo
thought, said Alr 1. that KentucKy stauils herc iu
tho mtittulo of ono di.-appoimod of her fuvoritu
choico. llcr peoplo it was truo had thcir prefer
cnco ; but they were Whitis and would sustniu
thcir country : aud to nrovo tlmt their first choico
will fiiibtain thn.in in that cnursc. said Alr 1'.. I will
statu that thero is now a letter in this Convention.
from tlm llon. II. Clay, that if rcad will displuy
the bpirit tliat auiinntes him in reunril to Gen-
llinrison. Ilo moved tliat Alr Cnmhs of Kentuck-
y, in whn'io posscssion tho letlcr was, bu rcquus-
ii:u iu rr.iii ii.
Tlio Convention hy ncclamnlion ilesircd lho
letlcr to bo rcad.
Alr Coinhs said that his coilcn'ues hnd trulv
represented their Slatf. If, said hu, tho heart ol"
liontiicliy is bruised. it is uot brokun ; Keutucky
ivaa born n Whi-' Stato. sho has livcd a Whiir-
Slatc, nnd 1 hopo lo God shu may diu n Wliig-
Slalu! 1 he Iiiu ol berbou, Henry Clay, said Alr
C.isbisciilogiuiii nml tho hisioriaii iniist ilo biiiiu
iMr L,oinlis tbcn rcud u letlcr from Mr Clay,.
itrgiug upon thc dclegntes from Keutucky, tliu
importauco ofuniou uiiioug thu elumeiits of oppo
binou to Vnn Ihireiiism, urging llicm to ilisregard.
his own pn-iiioii, aml pa)iugii uierited compli
niunt to Gen. Harrisuu, whoui he stylcd thu "dis
liiiKuislin! rilizen of Oliiti."
On moiiiui ihu letter wajordoied to hu cntcreill
ou ihu joiiruals.
Gov. llarbour, of Virgin'v, I'residcnt of iho Con -veiiliou,
baid hurejoiceil tho letter from Alr Clay
liad heen rcad. For his own part.tifier thu rep ir't
ofiho Ciuumittcolast ov-ning, from itiiuors which-
u heard Imhad beeu iucliued to thiuk that otlmr
uctioii might bo takcn. As regards thu disiutcr
ested subjecl of the propoed actioti, Baid Gov. II.;,
dlingiiilu'd hy thu great crisis when this Uninii
sccmcd to bu tbreatened, I would say n word or
two witli your pciinis-iun. When ilanger pnr
tondecl it was lns patriotism nnd superior gunius;
thnt wcathcred tho Btorni. I nicd uot eulogiMi
MrClny. llu will occupy through nll timo ono
ofthu faiiust pagrs of our conntry's historyv
When ilan cr has thiTutciird, Henry Clay has ul
wuys heen thu forcmo&t to avert it, aud piitriatisut
nnd firmuess ou all occasions, will iMiibahii his
mumory iu thu lienrls of lliu Ainericaii puople.
Htit bcyoud thu cousiderntiou witli whicli I, ns n
cltizcu ol'tlio Itupuhlic, regard Alr Cliiy,said Gov.
11., thero aro othrr reasous for iny urdent ultnch
mentlo him. I havo kuowa hiin from my iu
liincy, nml iu tliu ititcrcoursu miiler tlio guaril of
bnuorahlu confidouco aud pnvato friumlship, ou
no oc.cnsion Imvo I over Imard a eentiineut from
Henry Clay which wns uot that of an nrdcut pat
riot nnd ih'votcd friuml of his country. Tlicru
is no selfishness nhout hiin- no pctty bchniuing;
for his own ailvanccmeut. And had it buen your'
pleastiru, gentlemeii, In noiniualo him toihu IVes
deiiey, his ulcctino would havo opcnud a new
epocli iu the history oftlm country. llu ivould not
havo heen ihu little, ditty, putiy tool of a pnrty;
hut would havo clcaiuuil tho Augean stalilo und
mnduiiM u huiipy peoplo.
llut noiwiihsinnding my feclings for Alr Clay,
said Gov. It. nml thu hopo I eutettnined liini ho
would receivo your iioniinntion, I Imvo como lo
tlm concluiiion thalso furnsmy votu and inlln
cucogo, thoy shnll siiHtnin tho hariuouy of Ihis
Convcuiioii, und 1 slinll ihoruloio votu fur tho
unnniinnus lrnminntion of GENEKAL WILL
Mr II. W. Lolgh, of Virginln, Biiid thnt ho cnti
ctirrcd Iu tho ncntiiiiunta of his colleouguo, (Gov.
llarhour,) aml would juiu him In his voto for tho
iiiiauimous entry nf lliu iioiniuntloti nn tlm juur
unl. Tho lelter of Alr Clay wns nn cvldenco tlmt
in his henrt disiiitcrcsied pntriotisni wns superior
to nll other fueling. Ilo Alr L could not ihlnk
thnt the nmhitlon of such a lnan ns llcnry Clay
could bo grnlllied by belng nimlu I'rrs'nlent.
Ho haa olrcad" vcoured a fumo that Wll live as
long ns jiuru govcrnmcnt n rciiown thnt will
Bttrvivo tlio innrhlo monumcnt tlini will covur his
gravo -and a rcnown moro vnlunblo in his Mr
L sj npuuoii thnt nny statiuu, bowcvcr lugli nmi
oxnltcd it inny he.
Mr L.CICH snid Iluit ono ot tho pitrposcs ior
wliich thu Convcnlion had met had hceu (tccoiti-
plislicd, nml ho for onu would givu his henrt titiil
liund lo crowu its lahors witli succcss.
MrLuiirli nlso said tlint ho (oo hnd had corrua-
pomletico corrcspoudcnco with his iutimntc, old,
pcrsnntil fricnd, Gcn. Winfiuld Scott, ond hu could
nssuro thu Convention that ho tno would saction
(heir proccedings, witli his voto nnil iiifluencc.
Alr J. A. Kinc of New York, said tlint as a rep
rcscntativn of New York, ho rcgrettcd that thc
choico of his Stato hnd uot prevniled in thc noui
mnltoii ; tmt, suul Mr lv , wo Imvo burrcndered
him witli rnauly firiiiiicss, hecnuso wo kncw that
tho choico could uot hut fall upon nn iinliviiliinl
worthy of iho support of Atucricnn fruemun.
Our votes Imvo hceu cnst Iu thc convcntion will
illtimately carry. Wo hnve prescuted to tho peo
plo u nanio uns'ulliud by any spot of rivil or niili
tary delimpieui'y. Wo havc givon this distin
guislied imlividual our unhcsitating support. Wc
did not prefer Gen. Scott becnusu wu helieved
Imn m bo orsoimderprinciplesihuii huu lo whoin
n havo thrown our votes, but for locnl rcasons.
Tho choicu oftlm Oonvuution shall receivo cqunl
nnnnr at our hanils.
Alr K. said hu wonld not detnin tho convention by
n spccch, hut would merely remark that iu tho ficlil
ueil. llnriisoii hns din avetl enua valor witli
Gen. Scott and ho was crrtnin tho lnlter would
respond to the Convcntion "God prosper your
lecisioii God hless yau nll."
Mr Dudluy .Suldcn, ol New York, said ho wns
ono ofthu irinority, who fnrnicd one-third of tho
delegaiion frotn thnt Stntc, nnd wenl with the
reprcsentntivcs ol Keutucky nnd Virguua in tln.
sulection ofa candidatc. Thcy had uursucd thnt
object till succcss hecamu hopoless ; but whatover
may havo hoen our nrolcrcnces, Baid Mr a., wo
coiicur hennily iu snirying out tho decision of
iuu imivcntion.
Alr Jntiaihnn Ilohcrts.ol Pennsvlvunia.adilrcss
cd thc Lonvcntimi in favor of tho uomination.
lio said hu had bucn in favor ot tho iinmiiiation of
MrG'ny; hut huini; out. yotcd. wonld not only
acnuiescc but would ituilc bcartily in the suiinoit
ofGen. W. 11 llarrison, and would do nll in his
power tn lurtbor lns ek'ction.
Alr It. Johnson, of Alnrylaud, thun ofTurud Iho
following resolution :
Ilesolvud, Thnt this Convention iiuniiituoiisly
'vcomumnil n the penplc of tho Unitod States
Gen. William II nry llarrison of Ohio, as n c.in
dnkite for I'esidcnt, and Jolin Tylcr, of Virgiuia,
as n cainlidato lor Vicc I'resideut.
iSefure ilie (tuestion wnstnUnn, Gov. Owon of
North Carolina, snid tho ballotini; committoo
were ivndv to report on ho Mihjcct of tlm Vico
rrcsiilencv: That 231 votes had heen east lor
Vicc I'rosident thu voto of Virgiuia not Invinc
hoen east, aud thnt thc 231 votes had all hucn cnst
fiirJu hn T lcr. of Vir&inin, who was necnrdins:
ly rcporteil hy tho (ouiniittfC as tho cnndidato for
Uo vico I'resiiloiioy,
Alr H. W. Luigh of Vinjinin, thon stn'ed thnt
tho voto of VirL'inia had not heen east bocuuse it
was nnderstood that Alr Tylcr, onc of the delc-
L'ntinii, would m nll urnbability receivo tho nom
innlion, nnd dolicacy tliurcloru forlmdu their par
Col. Swift of Pennsvlvania. hricny oxpresscd
his oriL'inal 'nrefcronco for tho ilistiuguishcd
Smtesmnii of Kentuckv Ilunrv Clay aud con
cludi'd by declnriug hiiyletcrtninotion to yiejil his
prefercnco, nnd lu-nnily nml cnrilhlUy to p&B his
Riiiinni-i tothu nomiuatinn oftlm Convention, nnd
return to his Con.-titucntsuiul recouimcud to tlicni
tn ilo so likowise
Alr Spragus of Alassachusctts, nnxt rosc, ond
congratulateil the Convention to tlio bappy rcsult
which wns nhout to crowu it libors. iio relur-
redto tho f'uctlhat tho delegates camo hero, tiiitch
divided in oniniou. nnd to tho hooes cntortuincd
hv our cncmios tlmt they wonld bo divided in tho
hulectiou of n cnndidato. inppily thcy have lieeri
lis.iiuiniuted. ie ulltided to tbo clmrncter nnd
wortb of Alr Clny, his dibiinguishedservico to the
country, and his hig udmirntioii of him. AlnBsa
('husells,he satd, nlso hnd Iit 1'ivorito bon, bnt
t-he hnd yelded up her prclcrcnees aml yielded
theni early lor thu snko ol coiicihation nnd suo-
rcss. Sho hnd madu thu Bacrilicu Irccly--conb-nlly
nnil sho would now rally tiudur tlm haunur
of W. . arrison with thu satnc zoal, und thu
snmo certniuty ol succcss ns witli hur oavii, favor-
itc BOII.
Alr Chnnihers of Pennslvnninr wns not only
willin? lo support' tho res 'lutiou.of llm gentlumau
from jVnryland, but to dti po cordially and with
all lns hntrt. llu was rcady to rally iinder tho
haunerof W. . arrisun, nnd support thnt han
ner with nll thu inllucucu thnt God uud itittttru
had given him.
Alr Simoiis oflthodo Island mid in bolinlf of
hunsell and lns delegntiou, that though last to
y ield tfeir preferencea, they would bo nmotlg tho
urst 10 respomi to ino nomiuiilinu.
Alr Vosoot Mnuie, wiirm'v rcspondcd to the
Jud''o ISurnett of Ohio next nddrcsscd tho
Convciitioii at soniu length. After n brief ou
logy ol'Alr Clay, ho referred to iho early history
ol Gen. llarrison, aml his inlimnto iicipiiiintanee
with him, nml lestilied to thu higli estimutioii ui
wliich he wns Imld by all who kncw hiin. Ili
c.oucluih'd by recommund'uig tlm uiifurling thu
Uuion Flag, with tlm niotto of Mr Wise of Vir
giuin. "Unionforthesnke of the Union !" Do
this, snid he, aml all will ho well.
Alr Livingston of N. Y. rosu ucxl. Ha com
mcnced his rcmarks by nskiug tbo qucslion
where aui I ?- whal has brought tno bcre? and
answcrod wjilt tho einplmtic respousc, fore of
CrtiiHlry .' a wi.ib toi-eit the powers that ln el
li'cliiniry inostiated. aml thu countrv rud'ccmcd
Irom thu hamls nf tho stioilers. Hn iilluilcd to his
old age nml foebleuess, slating that cven then ho
wnsbcnrculy iblu lo proeeed; hu said bo had lieen
n demoerat all his lifu, had nuvcrhccii outof thu
harne.si. llu ovcr hnd aud over wonld nilhorc tu
tho principlo that iho inajority goveru. When
that pnnciplo wns lost sight of thero iniist hu un
end ofthu Uepiiblic.
Alr L. briefly oulogizod thn clmrac.tcr of .Mr
Clny. The woihl hu said would do him justice.
is fumo would Im; adinired by nfier genentiions.
Nuxt hu advuried totho chararter of Gen. Jlar.
rison. I lo said ho hkcd his cliaractcr. Ho know
him well, aml nothing hnd bcen Kiid in his praisu
that was not strielly true. Ohio, ho snid would
go for him hv ncclaiiiation, nml ho was persundcd
Irom what Im lunl lcnrned that llm Kuystoue
would yet bo tho nrch of tho Union. Ilo then
druwu vividpicturoof Alattiii Vnn IJuren, nml
refcrrcil to thu (lownwnrd tenilcncv of il
xry uuilitr Imh rnliiiiiilrtiiiticn wliiriijio tuifri. Iiuil
I'mniu rupiiiino rauicauy wrong, liuilui had every
confiiluncn that wo would soon get rnilicnlly riglit.
tvueu nu uaii rcnhzud this belier, he would ile
Bccuil tn thu tomb huppy nnd contoiitcil.
Gov. Aiutcnlfof ICuntucky wnspariiculnrly hnp.
py in his rumarks. Kuntiicky's favoritu son hu
said, had lost thu uouiiuntion, hut hnd ho hiinself
becn bern, Ifu would Imvo ilonu prucisely whnt
tho dulegati m from thnt Statc are prepared to ilo
-entorhenrtily into thu Biipport of tliu nominn
tion. Sueces3 is, und ovit hus bocn his first ob
ject. 1 ho muii whn unn best secitre tlint success
to tno party, is tlio mmi ,u would rnlly utnler
- so will his friend. As regnrdcd hiiiisoll, Jie did
not bncnfico so miieh ns did nmny other of the
IncndsofAIr Clav: I
of ono tiohle fricnil. In lnkn liin Klnnil firinli'liv llm
sido of nnother aud no less nohlo iHcnd. Thu
country Iiud notdono Gcn. Hnrrison justice.-llo
ijns uonu innro lor lns country nnd receivcd lei's
for his sorvicos thnn nuv innn livinc. Ilo nng.
sessed bnth clvil nnd military cnpacitles ot tho fiist
ordor, which hould ontitlo him to tho aduilrution
ol ihu proplc. Gov. Al. fnid ho cnmu hero iu fa
vor ol Kentucky'u ravorito son, bchoving liini to
bo t lio cuDilidnlo inokt hkely to eucrecd. Sinc
ho had jiccnhero; hn hnd lntcrchnnged scntl
mcnts with thedelegntea frotn tho Vflriotia Slntcs,
nnd had como to thu conclusion thnt hu wns rnis
tnkcn. Ilo wns now prepared to go for tho
s'.rongcst ninn to ovcrturn thu noworfuf despotistu
under which wo wero nnwKufrcring. Let not tho
songof ilemocracy chcat tho pcoplc. Ilo had
evcr becn u demoerat noi ono of the democrnts
of tho prescnt d.iy - ho was un old-lusliionud
demoerat. llu verily helieved that thu iiumc of
democrncy had cheiited hnlf tho pcoplc out of
their Bcnses. Ilo hcio tlrew n v'nid iiicturo of
tho corruptinn nf thu prescnt powers that be, nml
thu euoruiitius commitlcil under tho nanio of du
mncracy. Ilo rcgardeil it ns hia duty, hu Baid, to
wnrn tho propln ngninst biicIi icmocracy. Ilo
Impcd, hu caid in conuhtsion, for tritimph. Tho
"Hitntcrs of Keutucky," will bo fuiind truo to tho
great Whig party of tho IJnion.
Alr ilonrdmnu, ol Connecticut, carncstly suppor
tcd tho nominntiou.
Gcn Wilson, ofNow Hnmpshirc, wns vcry hnp
py in his rcmarks. Ilo oxpresscd tho helief thnt
liis stnte, though her prospucts hnd hceu dnrk nml
gloomy, would respond to tho nomiiiniiou of Hnr
rison uud Tyler, iu n spirit of oiiiluisinsm whicli
would unubluhcr to triumpli ovcr tfie picseutcnr
rnpt party in powor. Ilo rclatcd several anec
(Iok.'b uud npplit'd tlicni vcry happily.
Alr. Ililliard, uf Alahamn, said tlint ho rcjoired
to liear tho Miico of eougrntul.'ition fduiiiling nll
roiiud him, and tlmt hu cntcrtnined llm vviw p;r
tnntiu leeiings as llu geniieman wno hnd preco
ded him. His own profcrenccs, hufiiiiil, liml bcun
rdcnt fir Clnv, hut ho would slnnd or fall with
thu iiomiucc of this convention. Ha was resolvrd
to sucrilice aml risk cvcry thing for tho good of
llm cause ; aud ho felt ussurcd that tho delcirates
would all l'o homc with nn nccoiint of their nro-
cccdings that will iiiip-irt a corresponding cnihii
siasm in tlie bosom of llieir constituctits.
Alr. Alerrill, of Peiinsylvania, supported thurcs-
ltltiou in n fuw exncllent rcmnrks.
Alr. Tnniier, of Alississinni, snid thnt tho .lissis-
sip)i delegntiou hnd east thu voto of tlmt stntc for
eury Clay, nnd pcrhaps tbo lngs ol thc stato
will bo dissapoinled iu tho rcsult of our delihera.
liotis: but thcy will go for (he nominec ol this
couvcntWm, aud thu laml of Poinilextcr aud I'rcu-
tiss, as hiio had donc helorr, will ilo heriluty snll ;
nml from tho h.irmony of this convention, nml tho
unthusiasm manifestril by the tnenibers, bo felt
satislied sho could bu resciicd from tho spoilurs
iimler the hanner oftlm hero of Tippcrnnoo
Alr. Whitelieml, of New Jorsey, said ho too hnd
had his tirst choice. u hnd becn over rultd by
thu mnjiuity, hut he did unt cnmplain : und would
chccrfully nhide by thu dce'ion ofiho Coiivcutiou.
1 Im noiiuneo had oiice lieloro receivcd tlio vrto
of Nuw Jersey, aud he was asstired he would do
so niiaiii.
Alr. Kus-iul, ofMissotm, convnenci'd UU r"
tnarks by jtntiug tliat hocamefroiii thc rlate'of tliu
greut ixpimger. Dnrk clouils hnd long lowcrcd
ovcr that slate, but lighl is now lireukitig through
tlmm. Therc ate ttill somu green spots on wliich
tlm eyc lovcs to rest. is first choico hail not
bcen sulcclcd, but wc lcavc hiin in tlm hamls of
lns country, with tho wreath ol lamu covermg lns
Thu Whics ofMissnun, said Alr. 11. will nup-
port tho nomineo of this Convcntion, Gen Han i
son, and if their decision eliould fall in the lattcr,
llmy will Iiomj to be rejoiced by the sliout of vic
tory from ibeirsibtcr states.
Thero aro considerations in Alissoun.tlrat mnko
tlio naino of Gen. Harrison n tower of strength.
Ho isrieh iutlie nfTeclions of IiH coiintryinun.and
tho Whigs of Missouri will do their best will
diu in tho ln?t ditch.
Mr. Gruhnm,of Louisnnn, said thnt bc nml Iho'
Whigs ofthu stato Im lepresented, Iiud their first
choice. Piitt thcir prnyers will- bc oflercd up for
tho success of the ticket,
Alr. UriggH of Vermont, nddrcs'd tlie Conven
tion. llo t-aid thu Whigtof that slate would nev
er Biirrondur till the gates of the White Honse, at
VVashington, nro dematidcd nnd Bccured Ul tho
nrtbe nnonlo of this irreat Renublic.
!lr. iNow.on, oi virguua, saiu wuii ino owuu
which had tho lionor to bu tlm hirtll plnce of tho
first saviour of his cr,untry-,-wiU pmyu to bc tho
hirth plaeu ofthc secbnd saviotirof h'ts country .J
He said tho vharmitcrof Gen. Hnrrison iJ now
much tMisiiuderstood, nml when better undcrstoou
will llo better nppreciated.
' M)v lintes, nf Alichigan, Baid lio likcd thc t-4-ccntrib-
Crockot's motto ho FUro jnn'ro nght,
then go nheniL With Gonoral llnrrison,-said Alr
B: wo aro riglit, und I cnn ussuro tho Coavctition
we will "go alioad;"' ,
Jmlgo lluntingion of hidiana, snid tlmtlfln
Smto hus heen n whig-and is nhig Jn thu core
Hu was certnin slio would givo Genornl J"Inrrion
a lurgo inajority iu 1810. liis. hiinself n1' llt
t'ort tlaivisnn, und ho knox thero was no ii.'1111
thero who supported thc G.qiprul. in 183G. when
tho Stnte gavo himSOOO major.ity,, wJto would uot
do so ngain.
Tlm Jmlgo rcftrrcd" to. thc coursu orG'encrar
llarrison iu Congress in refercnco tn llu public
lands und tbo eurly seitlurs, who instcnd of au cn
cmy ns thcy feared, fouud him their best friend.
Honlso reft'rrio thu dcelaratioii of It. AI- John
1 ,r f. -1 I ".I...
son thnt Gen Hnrrison hns fought moro hattlcs thnn
any man intlie country, and " no'vcr lost n battlc. '
I hu Jmlgo snid ho was Miru ho nuver will loso
nbatile, and ihat his iioniiiiaiiou will bo receivcd
in thu wcbt with n hurst of unthusinsiii iicvcr. be
fore kuown in thc country.
The ipiesliou wns then taken nn tho resoluLittn.
of Alr Johnson, when it was UNANIMOUSLY
A rcsolution wns then ofiered nnd ailopteil.coi.-.
gratulatiiig tlio i-nnstituents nf the Coiiveiilion qdi
thn rcsuli of its deliberntioiis, nml rccomnieudingr
tliu snmo harimuiy nnd enthtisinsin ninong theiiie
tlmt havo characteriscd tho proccctlitigs of tliov
Alr. Preston of Keutucky ofiiircd a reiolutioiv
rclativo to thoailnilion ofnn nddresa to tlio peopler
of thu United States.
Alr. II W. Leigli opposed tho motinn, believingr
no aihlrrfs iircessnry. Ho caid hu bliould bu iu
lavor ofleiiving thu humhmtion to its nvn weight
llo was not for ncting nn tho defensivu hut on thoi
ofieiisive. llu wns forcarrying tho wariuto f-ricti-
fnr tirrnigning the Hpoilurs berore ihe har of
tlm Adit'ricnn peoiilu foc higli crimi'H nnd nnsde-iiicatiors-when
lliey will receive iho piiuishineul
duollii'iii, und thu only tiuuishnienl thny cau e
cuivo ttuiler our iwlllutlohs- disinVsal from ot
flro uow uud forcver.
Alr. Pemllclon, of Ohio, in.ulo omo rcintnks
which Hti rinilil uot henr.
Alr lturiifll nl Massai'husetts,s-iid thcrc wosno
ni'cd of nu nddiciij.. If thu voicu ol tlm west rol
lilig ilon n frmn ihc, inountuins aud alung llut vnl
ley ofthu Atlautip bu uot bcttev thun nll thu nil
ilrcbseslhat cver ivero issiied. tlicn imli.,.il n mim
elo hns becn wrougbt.
Alr Preston's resolution wns withdrnwn.
Alr. Penilloton.of Ohio, stated thnt it wns tho
nll "' Gull,,n,l Hnrrison, nnlv Kikcrvo hut ONE
l EflM, if electud to tho Prcsiilenoy.
A resolution wns ihcii anhmittcd hy Alr It. John
son of Mnrylnml, uud agreed tn, rerninmendiug
thu friends of correot jiiiuoiplcs in llm dillercnt
Siates, to hold Coiiventionsou tho 22d ol Fcbruary
lioxl, or such day ns may hu ngrecd upon, for thd
purposu of iiQmiuutiiig elcctoral tickets, nnd fren
ornl orgiui?utioii.
On mntion of Gov. Owcn of North Cnrolinn, a
coiniulticu of ono from each ilulegatlou wns np
Doiutedto Inforui thu nnmincea of lliu convnniinn
of their noiiiiiuuion.
Alr. Ilornor ofNew Jcrsov. snid thnt in confor..
intty with tho reconiuiendation ofiho Suto Con-
voniion ol tlmt btnte, he ollured tlio folloning:
Iteiolvcd. Thnt this convcnlion recnuiiucml in
tho Whig YnungMi'ii nf tho sevoral states in us.
seinhlo in Wnshiugton clty oiithe first Alondny of
Alay nuxt, for tho purposu ol udvuncing the cuuso
ol vnuiid principlea.
J Im rcHoiullon wns ngrcril to oltcr tlio eubsti
tuto of Baltimore fnr Wusbingion.
A reooliitlon waa pukicd tendoring tlio thauks of

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