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Vermont watchman and State journal. (Montpelier, Vt.) 1836-1883, December 23, 1839, Image 3

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Tlio Vtrvxonl dcltgaUon, on ilio four first bnllots,
vr.lcd for fii'H. Scntt. Wlmt doca lliis mcnii, Mr
AViitcliiMini ? WUj wna Gencrul Ilarrisun, yaur
spccinlfavoritc, Gen. llarriion, llius imsscd l)y till
Uir Inst gnsp ?
Cotnc, cxplaln. f't. Patrkt.
Tho Pntriot Iin3 so loiig licon in tho Imbit ol
working in tho barnet, nnd obcying lnilicitly
tho behcsts of nmstcrs, who nronstyrnrinicnlovur
thcir pnrty slnvcsns over llio cotmiry, tliat it sccms
to lmvo 110 idca of such thlngs ns itiilcpcn
dcnco ninl pntriolistn. It cnnnot iinngino how or
wiy iiicii shoiild ho pcrinillcd to cxcrciso thoir
own jtidgmcnt; or how thcy rnn confidu to otli
crstho privilegc of nctitig nt discretion ; iiiurIi
less r.iui it soc how principlcs cnn lio of moro liti
portmico tlian mtti. Let llie editor of tlmt pnpor
lenrn tlmt tlio Whig of Vermont lmvo nnt so lit
tlo confidonco in ho iiicii of thcir own choiec, ns
to hind thom hniid nml foot ; thoy iinposed upon
their tlelogntcs 110 shncklcs they Itado thom nct
indcpcndently, bucntiso thcy had confidcncc in
lhcr jiulgmcnt nnd iheirpnlriotisin. For instiinrc:
nt ihc meuting of the Whigs of tlio fifih ilislrict,
to noiuln.ito n ilelegntc to tho iintionnl convctilion,
thcy votcd, whhotu n disscnting voicu, for IIariii-
so for Prcsidcnt. On this vnto bcing dc:laml,
nnd n (lclcgnto bcing nppointcd, on inotion of tho
cdtor of tho Wutclunnn, it wna iiiianiinonsiy ro-
eolvcd that thc dclognto elect should ttsc his own
discretion in his nction in tho convcntion, nnd stts
tain such n noininalion ns protniscd hcst lo nc
complish tho triiimph of Wltig principlcs.
Wo nro perfcctly satisficd, then, with (heconrsc
of Messrs. Hriggs, Foinc, llcnry, Tcnncy nnd
Ilolloy, tho dctcgution of Vormont in tho natioiml
Altlmnj:h tho Watchman wns tho first pross in
New Etiglnml, nml oiie of tho first in tho ITnion,
to rniso tho Harrison llngfor this Presidontial con
test, our tinly nim wnsto sceure tho succcss, not
of Harrison tho man, hut of tho principlcs nnd
mca&nrcs with whirh ho is idi'iuified. Ilntl, then,
n nmjority of our politicnl hrcthrcn dccidcd that
the distingtiishcd man, nt first supported hy thc
Vermont dclc"ntion, would bcst cnrry ont thosc
principlcs nnd incnstircs, wo shnuld lmvo coino in
to his support witli nll tho 7,ca nnd nll thc nbility
we possess.
Wo Iicg tho Patriot toborrow no troulilo on onr
ncconnt: it bccomcs it rathcr to prcparc forde-
IMnssns. Ebitohs : I cnnnot conscnt to letthc
lectnro of Mr. Tnylor, who rcccnlly nildrcsscd n
lnrge nnd dclightcd nudienco in onr villngu on tho
snhjcct of cotniiion echools, pnss nwny nnd be for
gotten liko that of tho tnnny itinurnnt lecturere
who, with dificrcnt ohjccts, hnppcn nmong us.
To complimnnt Mr. T. for tho grcnt nbility, tho
tiovohv nnd the tmtli hc displayed in his nd-
dress on this snhjcct, is no part of my prcBcnt
nnrnosc: hut it is to cnll tlio nttcntion of thc
fricnds of common schools lo n fcw of'tho propo
titions whicli Mr. T. luid down nnd provcd, ns I
believc, to thc satislhction of mostof his nuditors.
And firfct
ls it true, ns he cflirms, tlmt Vermont, with nll
her gonornl intclligenco nnd unqncstioncd ptiblic
spirit, is hchind New York, bchind fllassnchusetls
nnd behind Mnine, in tho marcli of improvemcnt
in common schools?
ls it truo that our iarmers nnd citizcns genornl
ly pay thcir hired men n grenler sum in propor
tion to tho servico nnd tho cxpcnso of qualifying,
than thcy do thcir teaclicrs ? Is it truu tliat the.y
less cncnurngo tho lattcr, in tlieir operntions, hy
their prcsense and siiiervision lcss cnro for tlieir
capacitics for thcir husincss, nml thtts virtnnlly
stnmp tho husiinss of cdticniiug thcir childrcn ns
n lcss honornhlo cnlling than rcnring thcir cattlu
nnd fitting tlieir hogs for tnurkct?
Is it truc that, in this matincr, wc nro driviug
our hestnnd nhnost only qualificd common scfiool
instructors into othcr stutcs for nu einploymcnt
which will afibrd nn ndequato compciisation for
their service ?
ls it true tlmt our scliool houscsare gcnernlly so
misernhly constructcd so cold in wintcr for tlio
foot, nnd, hy tho itijtitlicious position of stovcs nnd
jiipes ih plnces so hot, ns to rendcr pupils too un
casy to study nnd sericusly endnnger thcir hcalths ?
And isit true, nlso, that our school houscs hnvc
no contrivanccs for vcntilation, cithcr hy nn npcr
ture through tho cciling, which cntihe opcned dnd
shut nt plcasurc, or by dropping the uppcr sash of
tio witnlows to lct ofTtho foul nir no such con
trivances, whilo our childrcn nro compcllcd to
brcnthe ovcr nnd over the contnminntcd nir of a
thickly crowdcd school room,nnd grow palc, sick
cn nnd dic,in tho vnior tlius gcnorritcd, moro poi
sonous than the ininsmn of a Mississippi swnmp?
Is all 1 Iiis truo ? Is it not truo even, to tho lct
tcr, in tight out of tcn cnscs throughoiit nll Ver
mont? lf so, is it not indced tiinc for us to be
looking to tho hcst modes ol rotncdyiiig thu dis
gtnccfitl nj1, dixgtuceful evils?
ftlr. Tnylor is tlio cditor of n niontlily periodi-
cal cntitlcd tho Common Schnol Jlssislant, puhlish
cd in tlio city of New York, by nn nssocintion
formed for tlio mlvancemcnt of commnn schools.
Andsohigli isthoicputo ol this work, that thc
stato of New York, nt public expense, hns mih
scribed for 20,000 copies for grntuitous distribu-
tion nmong hcr pcoplc. It is tlcsigncd tobccomo
tho mcdiuni of laying heforo tho pcoplo of tlio
Unitcd Statcs nll thc improvcincnls -of tho dny
connectcil with common schools. Tho prico is
btit Sl pcr ycar, nnd wero I callcd on to bcstow
on tho peoplo of Vermont by ordinnry niuniic,
inai iiiecsing wnicn woulil c inlcr llio grcalest
oventunl good on her commnnity, I would throw
n copy of this, or n sunilar woik, into evcry fami
ly in the Mntc. 'f,
Chevnlier, tlio Frcnch trnveller, (wIioho lctcrs.
pnys iiio nn.sinn journni, wo nnvn meminncii ns
just isHiicd bv Wcuks. Jorilnu & CiA oviihmtlv
thinks thnt our pu'ilio chnrncturs.nud espccially our
.,,....,...,1 . .:. !.. ..n i. ' i i
t.itiuiini iiiurtiuuiirit;Bf ilio hiiivh ui bjjuuu fiiiu
bu ppnnt in ilieir coiinty's servico, rnllicr mnrc thnn
is citiier nntito nrjust. Ho nllows thcm touo"ser
vantn ol tlio people. hut thinks thny uro not tren
tcd hkoother nienials. As niight bo oxnccted, hu
would huvo n nystcni of iciiring pcusions. On
this silhtect he snvs: -
1 hni! nlrcndy scen tho lllustrsous Gnllatin nt
incw xorK, wtion.ter Iiuving prown old in the
servico ol llio rcpuinic, nfter Imving becn for for
ty ycnro n legisintor, n niinister nbroiid, nf.
wi jiuvmg iiiHuii nu uuitvn pari in overy wisc
nim gnoii mcnsuro ol tlio ! odonii Govornmcut
whh (Jisinistfud withnui nny provistnn, & would
nnvn tcrminntcd Iiis Inliorious cnrocr in pnvcrty
hndnothis fricnds ofTcrcd Iilui llie placo of pres.
ii ent oinnu oftho bnnks in Now York, Tlm
Uistress ol I'rcsident Jcfrersou iu his old nco
well liuown, nml tlmt ho wns reducrd lo tho nu
CfSflly of nfkillC I'onnlrBlnn nl'ilm Virninlti I.k
pislntnrc, todipost .il'hin cstain hy loitrry: whiht
Prwideiit Mourne.mill iimni dcBtiluto. nflrr linviiic
spt'iii nn pntriiiiniiy in Uiu STnti-, wnsc.instrnincd
to lllinlnre llio RniniinsHinn nf P,..,rUD. ..,i
ijnwn nrtj tliu men to wlinm llioir roumry nwcn
Gen. Hnrrisflii's cnso strikcs hlm ns nnothor of
tho sntno class. llo uncouutcrod that gentlo-
man nt Cincinnati, nnd gives tho following coni
niont: " I had obscrvcn nt tho hotcl fnhlo n limn of
nlinut thc inudiiim liuighl, siottt nnd inuscular,
miiiI of uhotit tho ngo of stxty ycnrs, yot with
tlio nctivo stcp nmt livcly nir of yonih. I had
hccn ftrnck with his ojcn nnd chcL'rfnl cxprcs-
siiin, tlio nincnuy ot iiis tnoiiners, nml ecrtmn
nir of t'ninmanil, whicli uppciircd throiigh his
liliiin drcss. 'llmlis,' said my Inond, '(icncr
nl Ilinrison, Ulerk of tlio Cincinnati Coint of
Coiinnon l'lcns.' ' hat ! Gciiernl Ilnrrison of
Tippoiuuon nnil tlio Thninca?' ''J'ho siiinu;
tlio cx-geniirni, tlio conipioror ol I cciimpscli nnil
rrnetor ; tho nvungnr ui our l i.tstcrn on llio
Itniiiin nnil nt Detioit; tho ox-yuvornor ol tho
Trrilory of liidiaiin, thu ox'sunaior in CongrciM,
thi' (!-iniMitur ol'tho Unitcd f-liili's w onoof tho
Siintli AiiK'ricnn Ki'pnhhcs. llo hns grown old
in thoscrvicoof his ooniilry. ho Ims iiussud twcniy
ycnrs of his lifo in thnso ficrno wnis with llio In-
(liniiH, nnvliicli llicro wns lcj-s glory lo lio woli,
lint moro dntigi'rd to no oncoiinlcrcil lliiui nt
Itivnli nnd Aiisictliiz. llo is now pnor, with n
litniicrolis fnmily, noglcctcd hy lliu l''cdcral gov
criimonl, nllliui'igh vigoionc, liccimsc ho liiui thu
indcpi'iiilunui! to thitik for hiinsolf. Asthu oppo
sitiun is in tho imijiiriiy hcru, liin fricnds lmvo
hcthoiight thcnihclvos oj'coininu lo his ndicf by
iTinoving llio Glerk nf tho Conrt of Coiiimini
I'lca.o. who wiih n Jncksou man, nnd Kivinu hiin
tho plucc. whicli is n hicurmivo onc, iis n eort of
.. ; ll:.. r-! 1 .1... !.... ...il. ..r
rciinng puiisiun. m iriuinio iii uiu ju.m iuih ui
making liiin I'rcsidcnt of (ho Unitcd titntci.
Mcnnwhili' wo huvo mndc hiin clcik of un inlcri
or cotirt."
Col.Johnson, in his ppccch in CotiL'rcss nsks,
" Who is tieii. Hurrison? Tho son of ono of
thu signcra of tlio Dcclnriition of liidcpcndcnco,
who pcnt tho urcntcr part ol his Inrgn foriniic. in
rcilccmiiig tho pledgo ho then gavo, of lihi'fur
tnne, lifo, nnd vncrud hunor,' to sccurc tho lihcr-
ttcs ol Iiis cotmiry.
" Ol lliu carccr ol Uen. Jlarrison 1 nccd not
spcnk tlio liistory of thu West, is his liistory.
For forty ycars ho hns hccn idcntilicd with iis in
terosls, its iicrils. nnd iis hoiics. Univorsnllv lio-
lovcd in tliu wulks of ponee, nnd dtatttiri)i-.tiu.1 hy
his iihilily in thu cotinuils of his couiiiiy, ho hns
liccn yut moro illustriously distingiiistlicd in thu
" Uiiring lliu lato wnr, ho wos dmgcr in nctivo
serv'tce than nny othcr CJciicral Ofliccr ; ho wns
pcihnps ohcnuriii nction ihuu nny ono of thcm,
utul ncvcr sustnincti n ciclcnt.'
The Globc of Fridny niht unnounccd thnt Gen
Hcott had imiloubicdly liccn nomiuntcd nt Jlnr-
nsburg, iu conseqiiciico ol lliu lngs ol lliu New
York dclugatioii, cigbtccu iu nuiiiiicr, holdiug n
cuiicus, nnd writing to the Nuw Yoik mcnihuis
ol tho iliirrishurg Gonvcntion n formal luttur ro-
L'oniiiictidiii" thu uoiiiiuntion ol thnt (listiuutlishcd
ciii.tn. And then witli n viuw of uxciliug thu
inuiuis ol ticn. llnriisiui ngainst the supposud
iioniinnuon oi ocott, tnuliuj tliu lollowmg ntlnus
eion nml niinctil :
" Gcncral Harrison, icith tchal mockcry have yiu
berntrcated! It'hcn thcre tvas a battlc to iirlit tiaur
jmnyiuoK ru wr us itaaer. nue culnry icas
. . i ......
prrcnuiif on us unnncrs, you wcre lo ue uncei cmnn
tously llmtsl usule to nwke tvay for Mr. Clay. Jlnd
nnw, wficn thcy haue onother bult.'c to fight, behold,
ih co.NTF.sirr of voun iorui.AniTv, your devo
nnn and your ff.eli.ngs, they musl Itave a new
leadcr in the person of anothcr mililary chicfiain ."'
" Hul iclial un.Non or nciNtsTV is thcre m a var-
ijj xchii h cun sj rtadily abandon its pri.ncii'les and
" This is not a movement nf the pcoplc compris-
ing onc qf our grcat potitical partics, but of cerlain
polilkians. ll d ts nnt cmannlejromnur FAnMEns,
sir.ciiAMCs or jiEiiclu.NTs; Jr. m our vai.i.cvs, nur
l'L.ii.NS, or our cities : but from a little band of
polilkians; from a caucus roi.m al Washington'."
" n ill nol all gooa ll Mgs obty the mandale, tuh.n
hat u buaulilul iiduiiNiiou is hero! lielmld
tho org.ni of llio Admiuistrniioii no sonuer iinn
giucs ticott nnniinatt!il,thaii it ndmits tlm patnotic
"devotiok" of Gbiiend llariiMin, nnd thnt his
uoniiiiation is dcsiri'd hy tho " l'i'iiiu,'' nnd il
inmlu would Imvu cmanaltd from mr FA ItM Elfv
VALI.EY,onr PLAINS, and our GlTlES ! ! !"
And llicu ngaiu, the pcniilu nrii to bu cnlii'd uiiou
to lum nfc.iiif, tehul abuul, andjump Jim Crow!"
II I I.- i: I l . l . i
iiinv iiuuiiiiiiu, nuw luuncu, nui uiumicni. nim
withal how truo?
For once Mr. 5200,000 Glcbe vou lmvo cnlou-
latud withuut your host. Thu Peoplu lmvo not
liccn nskcil to " tttrn nbout ;" liut llio Hamsburs
Couvciitioii has haiil to thuni ' In 18.'i(i, wilhout
orgnni.ntiou or cnucert, you, tliu i'coplu, hrought
tortli Liencrnl Ilnrrison, and williout nn cttort
rnmo witbin n fu w votcs of dufeating thc Tory
cnndidato for tlio Presiilency ; we now placo bu-
loreyou thu snuio velcrnu llcio nnd btatesumn lor
your suflrngcs, iu thu full conviciiou thnt his iiom-
i... .i . r. .1
iiiaiiuii ii tiuumiLiuii ny "uur jcarmrrs, juccnumcs
and Merchants ;"' nnd thnt it is loudly cnllcd for hy
n voicc which cnnnot bu mistnkcu, " from our VaU
leys, our Plains nnd our Cilies." JV. Y. Cnur.
Serious Jltcidenl.On Tucsdnv tho 10 inst. n
little son ol Mr Stevcns, of Danville, nycd
7 ycars, wns nmiii'iiig liimself with thu inovemcnts
iu u iuiuMiiii iimi-iniiu wiiicii vu3 iii ujicrmiuii ui
Iiis intiicr s iiaru, linil lus right uriii uccnlently
cnugbt in ihu ninchine, hrenkiug in u most thock'.
ing uiiuiiier, tho bnncs ol tho fingurs, hnnd, wrist
nud nrui inoiu than half thu distance lioni tlic
wrist to tho ulhnw. Thu UqiiiI, wrist nud nrui
wero heru lorn oft'cntirely, nnd tho tcudniiH cou
neclcd with thu seimintud hnnd nud nrui wcru
dritwii out ncnrly iiii to tlin elbow. Undcr tbcso
.iiv.iiiii3iuiii;t;?, uiii)iiiiiiiiuii iicu.iiuu imuspuiiKaiiiy
necei'sary, und it wns ner oruifd in n workiuun.
likonmnncr hy Dr. E. Aluxnmler, ussisted hy some
oi uiu lacuiiy ironi tliu iieigiiDonng towus. Vaie
donian. ,
Small Pox. This loathsotnu discaso wo nroin-
foi liicd byonc ofour nhvsicians, hns nnncarcd in
uiu iij'iguDoriiig town ot wuiurlonl. ono cnsn
only is yet known, but others lmvo bccu exposcd
to tlio iiijeclion llyconlnct witli the iuiJivldunl ul-
H'cteil. 'I lio f ulijcct ol tlio discnso is JMr. Itos-
wcll Sliles, who latcly rcturued from n lonrncv to
JUiston, whcru thu discnso pruvnils lonti nliirmiug
extcut. runplu, old nud yuuiig, cnuuut too soou
npply tho proper nud only proventativc vacimi
lioii lor thu Kiml iiock. lo.
Mtlancholy Suiridc. Ycstcrday inoriiuiL'nn nn
preuiico nt UioGliair ."laniiliii'turiiig Iiiimiicfii iu
this pliico rnriiud on hy K. Evnns Co. whoso
iinuio was I'hilip S. Davis, nml son of Giinrlcs
Dmvih, hfn.ol Uauvillf, Vi. nued 20 vwirii. liut
nn ciul to his lil'o by (iilling histhroat. Thu dced
wns iioiiu iu nu out iHiiiiiing, nfier wiiudi hu wnlk
d intn tho house nmf diuif soon uftur biirgical nid
wns iillbrdcd hilll. lltl liinl liun.i nnwnll Ihr Hiu'.
ernl ihiys proi'inus to couimitiing tho nct, nud wns
pioimii w iaim,ly iiisniiu ut tliu timu. Concord
i.Ji.juouner, l)ec. Ul.
fi--..i...j i. ..
. y ,,u pcoplo, ono or two htindrcd
.iNi.i.M.n .,, ,u ,jUur currency which Gcn. Jnclc-
i"" u ix ycnrs ngo.
Tho Innds of W. P. Ilarris.of Misia!.,; .!
fhitlter to tho iituotint of!j(CO,0(IO, wure luiuly levi
ci! ll nnil Thnv wero fBliiii'.ii.,! n, ni'n ,
snld nt SJiOO, ii lossof $35,700. A hicnro'co IVIhihI
hccninii the puroliriser ; jif cotirHo tho Itmds went
hack iiistniitlv into llnrris' iiushcnMinn 'pi
. , 4 ,,,, i, u
tcndcil snlo wns n mcro maiiccuvre of tho nilinin.
iirniiou m umiiiii) tho iieinuiiur to coiniroinisu
Wo runlly douht whuther llio wholo luctory of
llm .willll....! .....1.1 . .1. f 1 . .
..... )...,, iiuii ixii iu, uiKi'ii iroiu iii'guimiig ui I'liu
iiuiiisniiniiifr vnsu ol liovcruiiiniit curriim on
mi oprn, t.n iinlpnhli!, so Ihigrnui, m sliiiuichis ns
llllt l.flMt III IV. r. IIIHTIS, TlllH IIIMII WIIHIIIipoiU
tu.i uecoiverol tliu I'uhliu Monirs nf Mihsippi,
nnd ns his sinmtinn vnvo ,, ,,n )lM ,)nii,
opportunity of spcruliiijnu in 10 .m,j(. lin,H ,
jiumo.lmlcly bcgim to npply thu fun Is in his
Kcoptiig to timt olijoct, Thu Govcrumout know
lio wns 8ten1ing tho public money, but stlll lio wns
not retnovcd. Tho Sccratmy of tho Ti cnsury nd
driisscd lo him, eightecn or twcnty lctturs, heg
ging him iu tlio most oliscquious tcrms, to pny tip
tlio nmottnt nf his defnlcntioiiB, yet ntill he wns
purmiltcd to rclnin hisoflico for moro tiinn n ycnr
nftcf tho discovery of his dcfnlcntions ; nnd du
ring tho wliolu of thnt timu, hu uontinticil to mnku
nn ucllvo tiso of his fingcrH, cliitchlng tho pub
lic tnnnny ns fnst ns it cnmo into his citstody
nud uxpcnding it in thu purchnsu of huids, tiniil
his indchtrdncss tn tho Govo niuuiit iimnuiitcd to
$(it),000. Even llion hu wnsuotturucd out of ol
ficc, but guflorcd In rtsign, in thu full nnd quict ios
seasion of nll his spoiln. Slibscipiuntly his brond
Innds, purcbasi'il with thu slolcn inouoy, wcre nd
vcriiscd liirsalu by thu Govctumem, lo pny tho
nmoiiut of his dufalciitious, nud tho scquul is stn
tnd iibnvu, 'I Iil niattcr hiin hccn so mnnnged,
thnt his lauds in pursuniico of thu Govcruun.'iit
udvcriisumuut hnvu bcun s ild for SUOtl to Iiis con
fldcutiiil liifiid, or iu othcr words to himself, nud
now ho will hu nhlo, nftrr pnying thnt paltry sum,
lo ruvul hku u princo iu tho cnjoyincnt of'ihu vnst
Aiu liut sucli thlngs I'tiough to fill the hcart of
eycry iiigii.minucd Auicnciin withrngu uuii iu
(lignntion nud slmtuo? Lnuisville Jour.
From the Easlern Jlrgusllcvivcd.
Politicul iinwcr ofic itinics, like n whcel scpnr
ntcd fVom iis nxlu, will maiuiain soinethitig liko n
rcgular moliou lor n Benson hcyonil tho coiitinu
nncu of thoso cnuscs which first gave it bciiig r.nd
iiupetiis. Hut with the ilccliuc ol'principle, polit
cal fowcr soiiii heL'ins lo fccl its itimulus wctikcn
cd,nud of n certuihty comcs to n dcnd stand induo
Thuru is n tnornl - nn ominoiis tnornl to ho tcnd
in tho paiit liistory of thu ivirtv uow holdini; thu
ndiuinistrntiou of thu Fi-dcriil Govurnmcut in tlieir
hnuds, ns dcvclopcd in thcir pu.-t control ovcr tliu
Honso of Itcpresentnlivcs, nnd compnrcd witli llio
prusunt prubnhle t-trcni;tti oftlml body.
In 18211, whcn tho 21st Congrcss wns convnncil,
tlio .strcugtn ot tho jacKson party in thu iiotisu
was so ovcrwhi;luiinr, that tho Oiinositiou eould
scarccly rally to support nny miiii for Spenkor
: m.. i- .i . .i.. ... . . i:
iimnai mr cii;vuiiS'iiu uiu KiiriiuiMruiiuii ruiiiu
diduio. Ofll)4 ballois.hohad 151 nll hut 40 !
Iu 1831, nt thu orennizntioii of tlio ncxt biic-
ceding houso. tho Admiuistratiou wcre so slrong
ns to rnn scvernl caiididates for Spunkr.r, bnvmi
only to contcud niiiuur themsulvcs. J!ui Mr btn
vcnson wns rcelectcd without nny party opposi
tion. At tho opcnins oftho 23d Concrcss in 1633, thc
opposilion hcgnn to rnlly ngnin, hut of thu total of
the votcs thrown, 21B, Mr. Slevuiuou, tho ndinm.
islrntion cnndidntu, rcccived 142, hcing n tnujority
of 32 ovcr nll cnndidatcs.
Iu 1835, nt Ihc opciiing of thc 24th Congrtss, of
Wii votcs, IMr l'olk linil 132, heiiii: Iil miiioriiy.
In 19.J7, nl tho opcning of tho Extrn Scssion,
so rapid had licon tho ilccliuo ofpolitiral strength
of'tlio pnrty' in tho ii'Miular hronch nf Conarcss,
ttiat of 224 votcs, Mr. I'olk had hnilKi nnd 1 13
heiug ncceosnry tn u clioico. it nindo him bui 3
tnniority ! And iu his uluction. nll thu Coiiscrvn
tivu llupuhlicans uftliu honso votud for him, or
thu adniiuistrntion could not Imvc elcctcd n Spcnk-
cr nt all.
Iu H39, tlio nctunl tnajority rcturued hy thc
pcnpie is irnm 4 tol) Mrnug nganift tlji; nilinmis
trntion ; nml if iiicii do but nct un to their couviu-
tiuus of iliit v, it is impussiblufor nn uduiinistrntion
Bpenknr to huulccted.
Is ihuru nut iu llns ili'clino of nnrtv strenpth. nn
ohvioiis diHuroticu bclwcen Jacksonism ns it wns
in lb-W nnd up to 18313, und Vnn llurenism ns it
lias neon Irom lsyti to 1B.TJ?
Ifas nnt tho one most obviouslv Inst thnt sirnmf
bold upon lltu pnpular coufidunco which thu oth
cr pnssesscd ? ls not thu band writiiiL' nnon ilii
wnll dcclarntory oftho npproachiiig downfall of
uiupiiiiiicai uynasiy timiuow Uoars wny nt Wnsh-
iiigiiui r
No. 4. Ordained, Thnt it shall ho nml is unlaw
ful lor nuy pcrsiiu Imving n tuam ol oxeu or hnous
undcr his chargc, tn ulliiw or punnil tho snuio to
g iu nuy lrlet, highwuy nr comintiu withlu thu
1 1 ii i its ot thu villa")!, iiiiai:cuuipnnii.'d hy n drivur
Aud fnr i-acb, nny, uuii overy violalinti of this by-
law, ihu persuu (illiiiidiuhliall lorfcituud uy three
uoltitrs lor thu lisu nl the curiinrnliou.
Ni-. Ii. Ordained, Tlmt nu hiirse, or nnimal of.
thu hureo kiiul, ihnll ho nllowud huiculicr lo run
nt lnrge nu nny slreet, highwny orcomiunu, williiu
thu liinitsof ihu villuge, ut nuy yuusou ol ihu jcar ;
nml in cnsu nny owiicr or posstssor of nny hursu
or nuiiual of thu horsu kiud, slmll peimit or suflur
thu snmu to rnn nt lnrge iu violntlou of ihis regu
l.iliiui, such pi r.son sliull fmfuit nnd pay for cncli
(tiul ovury such ofTuncu tho euni of'iicc dollars lor
thu iisc of tho coriiorution.
No. 7. Ordained, Tlmt no ox or cow, or nnimal
of thc ox hind, slmll hcrenfter bc nllowud to run ut
lnrgo on nny strcct, higliwiy or common, williiu
tho limits of thu vill,:ge, in tho night tinio ut uuy
bcusoii of tho ycar. And in cnso nny owncror
)iscssi)r of nny ox,cow, or nnimal oftho ox kiud
shnll pcriuit orsull'er liiesnmo to ruiiut Inrgoin vi
olaiion. of this rugulation, tucli pcrsou slmll forluit
nnd pay for cach nnd overy such ofl'ence, thric
dollars for thc usu nf thu corporatiou.
No. 8. Ordained, Thnt no ox or cow, or nnimal
of thu ox kiud slmll hcrenfter bu nllowcd to run nt
largu in thu dny timu, on nny highwny, Mrcct or
cuiiiinon williiu tho limits of thu villiuc, belwceu
tho first day of Deceniber und the first Uuy of April
following of cncli nud evcry ycnr. Aud iu cnso
uuy owui'r nr posscssor of nny ox, cow, or uniinal
of tho ox kiud slmll lerinit or sull'er the snmo to
run ut lnrgo iu violation of this hy-luw, such jier
sou shall forfcit nnd pay thu sinn of thrte dollars
for uaub aud evt-ry sucli ofl'cucu, for tho uso oftho
No. !). Ordained, Thnt it slmll bo tho duty of
cnch hailill to purchuso nt thc expeuso ol thu vtl
luge, nud kecp coustautly on haud nud umler covur
nt Ihu most cuutrnl und couvciiicnt plnco Withlu
his ward, thrcu ladders, onu of 40 fuet iu lungih,
onu ut HU lcut, nnil thu othcr ot M leut, tho laltcr
witli irou hoohs ; nnd no person slmll ho ullnwed
or pcrmiltcd to tnko or removo uuy hiddcrso pur
clncd nud belouging tn tho villugo from its place
of deposir, nt nny timu or for nny purpose, utilcss
on the cry of fire. And in cnsu nny person bhull
tnko or rciuo ve, or nssist in tukiug or retuoving nuy
sucli ladder from its plnco of duposit, in violation
of thisrugiilation, hu slmll forfcit nml pny forcach
nud overy such ofl'enco five dollars for llie uso of
Ihu corporulinu.
No. 10. Ordained, Tlmt it shall bo Ihu duty of
eai'h Imilifl' over) year to visit und inspect evcry
biiildiug williiu his wnrd, iu whicli fire is nt uuy
titno koj'l, (leuvu nf thu occupnut thureof being
fir.-'tohiuiueil; iu refcreueu lo iis salcty or cxposurc
from fiii'.
Iu liraiinri'cj, uu ihu 25thilt., Hcv. Ainou Nii;li"l, Mr
Junt's II. II tvkrll ,!' ilis. ',
. AUry V. Tluvur. Imdi ofU.
"'lill llymeii lirouiht lu lovv.ili hghlt'il honr,
1 nere iiwuii no joy u uiien rimy uowcr.
In Calais, 8ili ult.,liy Hcv Eluazcr Smilli, ftlr Janms L.
Gray.nfliii town, iu Mis Sjrah 'I'. Munliull, of Ualau.
lnHcilimun the JUtli 'nst., ly Kuv. H, W, Smnli.Mr
Ciilns Hniicroli,Mcrcliaiit, M nlpvlier, to ftlary K.,daujli
cr ir Odl. Jyiuv lolinnuii,
In Waitfitl,l, Nov.30ih, Mn Hannah Kargo, agcd 72
joiri. I'rmlcrn iu Mainu anJ Connecticut, art reipii-ited
In Watcir'inl,Kov. SSth, AmandaGofi, niid 18 vcar
aml 7 iiioniln,
Altu, in WuHMfonl, Dtc. 2, Dauiel Piko. Exi., acrj 93
ycars, a levuliiiiuii ii) anld r.
Aln, iti Wau-rlunl, Dee 7, Mrs I'lulo Ouck, agcil 00.
Iu llailon, Nuv 15, IMr l.omuel Sluucvant, a mvi.hili..ii
aiy (irnaionrr hbciI 83 cts. A widow, 7 rhildren, 60
.ir.iliil l.llil.M.i ur.il If. U....I, iiran.l .t . '
b'""" " s-.". wii, uii-n survivi ii iii.
Iii Jl.H'giiio, Nuv 27, Mr J.UIKS Ncloii, uej OG onu of
,,,' (ll. I ncii- u ivf.'y'v.
In Wnrci'nlpr, M. Orc 6, Mrs MaryS. nurbanli, wile
ornlrO S, lluilwnk afcil29.
Iu O.ilrniilMiijli. N Y Mr Julin Ch.iiln, agd 100
yi."il, G iiiuiitlia nnd 18 d.iys
EVl'0'a l'AiNACh V, t nui i.uiihn ullUe
bloud, lunalu by 13 UUHBANIt Jr.
HIUGHTON M A It KUT Monduy Doe. 10.
ncpoRTEo ron tiie tankee FAnMen.
At tnutkcl, 8S0 Uocvo,12S itotcn, 00 yoko wotk.
In Otcn,SI cow nnd calvcs, 1 1 50 nliccp und Umb.1,
380 Mvinc
l'mcF.s Bctf Firsl qnallty wc qnoto nt $6,25 a
D,iO. Hnroliii" cnllle SS.50 for mos.
Btof es Wcic old old lower than at formcr tnar.
Co.vs nnd Calvcs $2S, 35, 38 nn! '12.
Hi cpnn.l Lainlu SI.H7J 2,00, 2,25, 3,85.
titi'ino At rclnil, troin 1 tu C cciil. Tlio Intn nt
markct wero unsalcalilc.iind llo grcater part wern (a-
ucii ni rcuuccd price..
Uoitok, Dcc. 17. Ntw YonK.UtcU
HoAn", whilo,
1,02 tu 2,00,lUrco,7 HusliU, 15 to 18.
45 tn 35
28 to
7 to 10
8 to 9 1-2
0,50 It) 0,75
0,10 lo 0,02
8 lo
7 l,
&.S7 lo
5,87" lo
13 lo
15 to
10 ts
10 l-2lo
55 lo
nour tvcstcrn
llniis lMstn'39.
a iu iu
10 to IS
8 to 0
10i,i 11
Wool, Satuny flccce 58 lo 00
cumiiMii 40 lo 45l
PltfCE iciliitcil, mjiiio un low ns $3 nnd $7, l.iluy
opmid at Huirr. und Lando.is. Dcc I8:3lm2
TUST rcrrivvd l.j bTOItllS k LAiNGDONS. nail
I KuiR Hninr I ron und isliiic Slnipra. Dra 18:2m
AUo Tickuig, jiisl rucunccl ui STORKS LANG
DOXS. Dicl8'3ll
WAIIM clolhiiigcDiiilucos inucli to tlicnbovc pnr
po'C u llicrcforc oll'tr u luwinnrn Htavcr
I'.lnt Clodi9, I'orcoat nnd ov rconl?, vury clicun,
f) c 10:ilm2 STOUUS & LANGDONS.
DY STOllRS ft LAiVGD'WS. 3000 liuMuls
J Oat, 200 do. Flaxeccd. 200 do II. G. Hccd,
lflOO lln. Glover S.-ul, lOOO do Dripd Applc,
10,000 lo Uiiilcr, 1000 do Tullon, 600 do lurtl,
1500 do I'.nillry, 200 Woi from 250 ln -100, nnd
2000 Stici-p Oi:c 20:3lm3
TUNS clo.iu folla ol' lye nnd 1000 IiihIicU
nl nslicc, unnti-d at tlieir nrarl nsliliv Stoi'.io
Lanouo.sv. Dcc 19
SIIJ3 Kl 1
lo JONATHN SllliP-
fffilO lcl nr iull. Applv
Moiiipi licr, U(.c 19, 1839.
ALL imkblcd to l'in subcribur I'or ncwspapcrs
uic rclplcl(,d o maku pu)ini'nt by Ihc I.U Jun.
or thc occuunld will bc lodgid uilh nn otKinn-)' lor
cullcctioii. JAME3 RIDER.
D.c 19, 1839 31
UALIiS 4-4 hro Siiiuluii', 10 do 3-4 Slnrt
12 do Ttcking, fnrsalc ICT"'' Hoa.on
pric a, hy VIL VS, LOO.M1S CO.
niirlinlnn, Nov 19, 1839
"T UAbKS Knlitli und Aiin.ni.ftii I'nntr, 5 do
Ol Mc.iclied aliucting aml Sliiitiii;, 2 du Bruad
clollis, jn.t receivcd and mr eulc by V1LAS, LOO
MIS'CO. Nov 19, '39
WHOLEALEiIlmIi.tm in fnrcign and doniPSlic
Dry Gundd, Tin Plati-, Slirct Irnn, Coppcr k.
Wire, niiiiuifjctiiiers ol comli, liu nre, flieut iron,
Sn: P.'url SlriTt, I!iirlinj;ton, Vl,
ANTED, ot llie iloiii)i lu'r I'apnr Fnrtory.
" o lnirn ii," Miid a mislilior. Wliv not
burn jour hay ? Tliat ia worlh liut S5 or fC a ton
llio low h worlli S 10. Instuail of liurnin jour low,
b-in; it to llie pupcr nidl, nnd gi.t pnpvr and Iiooks
for thc cducalion ol your ulii'drcn. Tho tow ii nn:
cd iniiiu-ihaltly. AI ntpchcr, Oeo 20, 1839.
Fur tclicf
cure of hcr
tnn. Tliia
id a beaull
ful inslru-mcnt,adap-tcd,
uitli a
lillle vaiia
lion, lo ev
cry kind of
niyliip", nnd is oilmirably calcnlalrd to sopcrsedo
nicifl Iniffc? now in uo llii liilily ricnminciidcd
liy niany ciiuiiiiiit riirgi'aii in New England 19 bt'inj;
vcrv wny ralculntcd, nnt oolv toalloru rchtl, liut lo
cure u trotibli'ioiric coniphiint. It is coulidcntly hc.
hcvcd lo coinbino nll llio?': ipiahtirs wtnrli reiidor it
irnriliy of genciul uac. l'or.'alc hy h.. U. PHh.N-
TISS. iMiinlpchcr, D.c 10. 1839:31
I)i-lricl ol R.iudulph,
At a Proliato Cnuit, liolilcn al Chelsea, tvitliin and
for aid disliicl, on ihe I llll day of Dcocnibcr, A.
D. 1839,
AN instrumrnt purpnrling lo bc llie lnt will and
lcstanicnt ol DANIEL WATERMAN, lalc of
Oiangc in said dislricl, dcceaed, hcing preacnlcd to
ihu CDiirl hero by Lewis Watcrman, thc eiccutnr
llicrcin nauied for prohitc ; il is ordtrcd by fnid cotul,
hat all pcrious coiicerncd thcrein, bc notifiid lo'ap
prar a' a Fcsrion of said cotirt, tn he hcltl al thc hoiifo
nf Cnlvin Blodgclt in Chelsea, in snid lUtrict, on llio
3d Wediiesclav in Juuunry ncxt, nnd shcw canc, if
any they mny huvo, ngainnl tlic probalc ot (nid will,
for which purposu it is fiirthrr ordcrrd, that a copy of
llie rtrord ef ihi" ordcr bc pnhlislitd lluco eeks rue
cctstvcly in thc Vtrinont Wnlcbnian fc Slalu Journal
printcH at Montpelier, ns soon as niay bc.
A tpic copy ol' record.
51 A'lerl.CALVIN HLODGETT, Jiidse.
Wa'lunglan IJislriet, ss.
IN Probalo Court holden at Montpelier, wtthin and
lor snid District, on tho I7lh day ol Deccinbcr, A.
IX 1839.
NATIIANIEL JONES, Execnior of Reuben
Siiulli, lalc nl Norlhfiir'd in fnicl diitiicl, deceas.
il, pri's-jnti. Iiis ndniinislraiinn accounl lor sclllcnuiit.
Wlierenpon, it ii orilercd that tho ramo be rcferrrd Iu
'liu 7ll d.iy of January ne.it, nt llio Probnta Oflicein
said'Mnntpcli'r, forexauiiuatinn and allowance, nnd
tliat all concemed bo iinnfied herenf, by thc puhlica
t'ton ol thu ordcr iu the Vermont Walchmon ty Stato
Soiirnal, printed al said Monlpelier, llitcc wccUji mc
cessivi ly, as sonn ns may bc, that lliey ni.iv appcar,
nl said liino and plaec, ll lliey co cnusu, und objcrt
By otucr of Court,
31 J. T. MARSTON, Rei-isKr.
TOWN Si W I T H 12 R 13 1 I. ,
HAVE jiut ncciV'd a spltudnl uuniiiiiieut oi slull
euiiib, cnnsisling in part of pl.iln nml rougli shle,
luck nud neek Cnintis, puff nnil Iwitt do. Frcnch eidu
do. Ivory U horn dri'ssing dn., wire leetli back do.,
Ivury Uuirl do., Wulking slicks uud canc. ol all
kind, Hhalcbonu tip for wlups, lvory siiiiIT boses
hned v.iih i-licll, Wuoilcn tohacco hoe, &c. ll of
wlllcll will besold al the lnrl prices.
OILAS ltUIIUANIC Jr. has received largo and
O pleniii aiisorlliit'iil ofnlicll rt.iiib, cnnsialin in
parl ufpluhi und wtoiijjhl iid, hst k, neck.twist and
piill'iniiilis, ivory and hnrn diesflug dn. Iln and iron
'ln. which dl he old i lienp, Oct, 2.
BK JvVlTiCvN i P1L.OT O1.0TIIS, u lirst
ruli ur lclu I'.i i nu r io.Ua wcil Hduilul tn this
I'liuule, 10 pk uss'd Col'il aud niiahty, inst renelr 9.
Oct 11 1839, dicopw4m
AliT. Uock nll by llio bag or bushsl, Wes
Itrn do. coatso and linc, bcit daifv do. at
Nov. 29-4wli JEW ETT, HOWEb k Co.
ll ANJ ATliAS 1 1 Juat rccuvcd, and furanle
at the Montpelier Uookatore, hy llie liundrcd, dnzcn,
or sinclc, a new nnd larc sunply ol this dcscrvcdli
populat fcliool luok, dccidcdly llie bcit work ol tho
kiud how pubhshcd, Ita exccutlun ls cxccllent, nnd
lliu arconipaiung map a vcry gnnt iinprnvcmcnl.
Mercliants, and all others, lupplicd on bboral tcrnn,
in cxciinnoiorcaiin nr rnfia. iMov. 20, 1839. 2B
I iIiKGANT OltOCICUIlY this day receivcd
UJT LtiL1jrLJJ1 Ky H IWUtllli rttJVt tO,
. ORTO IUCOand New Orlnans Sui-nrii. itiat
recrived fromNi'W Yoik iind uill bo oM vrry low for
cusn ny uil.iis u uws. jnuv. 22, 1839. 27
lUUGS rf MKUICINHS.-For hxIfj bv S.
U P. REOFIELD, eant ciid Hrnnch Hndne.'nlso
i iini's ui inosi Kinin, Erecn auu u:ncK 1 cas, linucut
chewinznnd siiiiikingTobacro, Lnnp Oil ordiflcrunt
kinds, OouT-o.Iticr', luinu, loalanil brown Susar. iMo-
iacs, oniin, npico., coaro ana tine Sall, jcllow nnd
wliih'Soap, Glass, N.ula and Pjlly.Coitfiali.Salnion,
.iiacisrrfi, iierrini:, uaitins. ami. ris. i aiiiarinui.
D.ilca, Conffclioiiary, Sbuo Dliicking aud Uiujlicn of
au Kinuo, i aplncn, aago, ltisli Moss, l'rcacivcd Cii
ron, nf chrap as can bo lion;lit in llio place.
Montpelier, D.'c. 12, 1839. 30
l.Ifl MISTiVKR All llll ,lm,i,l. tl.nl ar
not liroviniiilv Mcltled. will lm nnt in pnllrttnr.
ou uiu i.'iiii ui jauuarv ncxiloli.lv mv creui nr. wil h
oul hirlher notice. IIAIIIIV IUCIIAUDSON.
Miiilpoller. Di'O. 13. 1&39. 30 31
IIE Biib'crilieroH'urs for salc, on tliu innst hberal
'erun, llio Ulack jinilhing Eslubhlirnent, in Wclh.
llivrr Vil(p, OraiiK"! County, Verniont, iccer.tly
i i... 1 1 . i. t. i t..i ' '
KU'lfllLll uy UUII . illlll',
Tlio nbove lniul is one nf Ihc vcrv bert ln tlic ronH
irt, filuatod ui a flourislnn vlla"o on tlio creat Ibor"
nii;lif.irrs from I'ortsinontli, lhnlon and Unrtlotd lo
U.unula, conuuanihn" a arca! ainount of cuslnin work
in n subttnnlial and paying corninunily, aud nflordin"
iiicn.li-5 lor llio tnannlnatiirc ol Ldgc I ools and otu
cr wnrk nu nn uxlrniiivc rcalc.
Tlio flnnJ conairln ol twn liiiildingsol brickj ono
ftl ny ju loei, cnniainlng livo I'orges and a Triphain
ner, with a Cunl lloiifo undr the samo roof scnara
'ud by a p.ulition of lirick, and a tlicd attachcd for thc.
purpnc of nliociiig llio othcr, 30 by Inficr, two
lorica lii;h, eontjiniii n Grind Slonc, I'olishing
Works.a Sloro I'omri nbove and be oiv, nnd a Coun
'ing Rooni. Tho Mndimriry H propellcd by walcr,
of which thcre ia a good privilegc.
a i, s o
i Dwelhng Ilome, conveniently silu.iled to accom
niodalu thc shop, new nd in good rcpair with n gar
' lcn spot. For (urtlicr parliculata npply lo tho sub
i cribcr on thc prciniscs.
Wcllf River, NTov. 30, 1839.
N. B. The nbovo preinise.i mut nnd will posi-
ivi ly bc sold, Ihciefore those wialung a good Incalion
n ill do well lo npply oon. 30 Al
''pAVJEUN KBEPERS can be lurniiht.i ith
X nl! ncccs.iry cnrdulsjujuors, elc., for theirBars,
-hcaperut I. CUTTING'S. Cubol. Vl. than at nnv
olher I'lncfi in tho Siiilc. No iulalnke. Dpc.10.30lf
EIjIXER lorcough, colds and coiistnnp
tion, Rlieimialic Linimcut for cure of rheunialisni,
ind Natute's Asaijtant for purifying the hlnod,jusl
receivcd and for salo by F. P YVALTON U SONS,
at llm MnntpelinrBnnlnlorc. Dee. 14.
ESTRAY IIORSU. Cnme inlo Ihe enrlos.
I nre ol lliu siibscnbcr on llio 2jtli June lasi a
hluck fo'ir ycar old maie, switch tail, no thoes.
The owner is rerjiicslid to pro'e prnptrly, pay
eharges und tnko herawny.
Rnndnlph, Dcc. 4ih 1839.
ri CASE FRENC11 MERINOS, I do Engluli, 1
fc33 ifo embroidertd, I du Alpines, jmt received ln
VAILS LOOMIS tyCn. Bnrhnaion, Nnv 15. 27
lliL-il H.til itlain tB'lertlo,
f-.ir ...ito vcry clinap by VILAS, LOOMIS & Co.
Biulins'o'i, Nov 15,1839. 27
Jm J lory pnecs, lor rale hy
HOl'OiALS lor printing the Rcvised Slntutes of
i ho Stnt or Vermont will bu receivcd by cillicr of ths
iindi'reigncd, coiniuillcu of revision, until tlic 30ili diy
of Deeeinber uift.
For llio siio of type, sin of papcr and quamily ol
niattcr ou e.cli pagc, lliu Revised Slntutes of Massa
clinsells will botakcn as a sauiple. Tho work musl
bu duneon new tpc anJ paper ol n gooJ quality, ac
curatcly descrihiii by eamplc or ntlicrivisr.
Thu propotals may cmbraeo llio following proposi
.llius :
1. For prinlins and binding, ready for dtlivsry on
ho fiffl dny of Juno next, fnur thuusand copies of
llie work ; tho prieo ol prinling, ucr pnge, nnd thu
pricn oriiinding to he itated, and thc bid tn stato par
iieularly, the enle aud nianncr tn whicli tlio work is
opoM'd tn bo iixi'culed.
2. For prinlmg aud binding, rjady for dehvcry, on
he said irt day o. Junum xi, an i dilionnf thn work
itillicicMt lo supiily tho public dcmanil, not lusj than
j ki ur thnii'and copie, the enlirrrdilion tu bo llie prnp
j -rly nf thu publisht'r, cxci'pl two liundrcd cnpics
! printed cn lineu papcr of the hct quahty and sub
I lun(ially bouiul in cnll binding, which shall bo de ns
i lcd ui llie slalc hbrary, anJ beloug tn the statc. The
)iu iiiiisi feijic uiu ijuuiny or iiiuinies oi puper on
which llie work is to lm printed, in nianncr as ahovc
itatcd and Ihe ih'srnplion of binding, and tho price
or prices if propoted lo be printed on dilfcrcnt quali
ies of pupcr und dilFircnlly hound at whicli tho cop
ies will bu sold bv tha pubhilicr oi hisngenls, Cop
ies tohe depmited for sale in at leaH two towns in
.acli county.
Woodstock, Dec. 3, 1839. 29
. i:.:.. r
Jv Selts plain nnd swaycd silver Tallu Spoons,
150 dn do do Ten Spoons, togcther H ilh a general
asfoilinent ol Crenni Ladle, Sugar Tons'i Sall
Spoons, .c. for i-'ile lo llie tradc at nianulaclurcrs'
prices, by VILAS, I.OOMIS aud Co.
llurliiigion, Nov. 15. 1839. 27ll
'dtUU' Hojoj TIN PLATHS I.SXcxtra sitcs
and moit appruved br.uids. 35 buinlles shccl Iinn
tl,G,2llo 27, 100 do iron Waro as.nrlcd from G
lo 18, 500 Ui.'. shccl 'iiio, 500 do linncd shect Cnp
por. 500 do shett Lcad, 230 fqr fcet wiro Vellum, lo
Si.thcr wilh a nvrnl ussnrlineiit of Tinners' arlicles,
all ol which will bn rnld u loiv prices for cash, by
VILAS, LOOMIS ty Co. Biirhnton, Nov. 15.
i)f PS. Bmck Gro ile Swis fcilks, 10 ps. eol'd
v Gro du Naplrs, 20 ps. Pongee do. just re
cuvid by VILAS, LOOMIS and Cn, Nov 15-27
f DOZEN Rodgers'and Anderson's ScMM.rc
4 10 do do Sheurs. 20 do Poeket Knives, 50 do
Rozors, just receivcd by VILAS, LOOMIS nnd Co.
miriinjiinn, nov. ia, idjD. -a
tZfi Dozen Spoul Threud, 100 iln Collon lapes,
tjVJ 50 do hnrn do. 100 ro Slay Laccltr, 10 do
Slay Bjcks. Just received hy iVILAS, LOOMIS
and UU. IJurUnatnn, IVoV. 15. 27
'U"IO THU AFFI,ICTK11. Thoso mictcd
a. wuh a iliit'iine uf ihu Lnn", Cuimhs, Colds, Dvs
ncp.ii nnd Liver Cniuplainls, will fiud ui I1AL-
n sovcreign remedv. From the uhundaiil leiMiinon)
ol its wouderfiil i H'ects in rac of llm utinvo kiud), i'
may salcly ba said lo be deciilcdly llio best nrliclo ev
cr nlliired to tho pulilic. Tho oppcralion ofilns rnedi
cino is neculiar indd and salo. Tl.oso uful svniii.
loint whicli indicalo diseased huis rcai'ily yirhl In
ihu ccrlain rciiH'dy whon leasnnntiiy rriprted to, nnd
rrsliires Ihe palicnl to lhl bodily vigor which cor.
sii'nplion if lefiln il nalural opcraltnn surely deslrnys.
TIiih luhiablornedijino inuv bo had by apphcalion al
tlm Bouksture of E P. WALTON ty SONS, Sole
Aaenl" lor llii viciniiy. Oe.l. 21. 21.
RIUS TOOTH WASII-lor cluiiiu." nnd
K' preserving lliu Ii elli aud jjuins and purlfying Ihe
bn ith, prupared outiru'y from vegelable iibsluiiccs
aud is hlnhly approvcvl nnd rccoininem.'cci uy nnysic
ians n ni deiiiii of thn (iist rcspccialnlily. lorsale
hv SILASBURI1ANIC. Monlpe.liir, Jnn Ifi, 1839
P1LLS, celebiBled fur llm rt hnf ofthildrrn ol
leeble halni, and r'prcially Ibo'o sflliitril wilhlhe
IIK'RETS. For salo at llio Montpelier Bookstore,
and al Newbury, Vi. hy Metirs. Keycs.
Montpelier, July 1839. 10
Snte Strtet, Jtiontpiller.t'trmont.
J . 12 . lUBOUll. AN1) HOW.
UAVE tlns ?ay rrceivrd into partner'liip Mr.
DAVII) PARTR1DGE and ll.e 1,,,.,,.. it
iho old stand, will in futuro bo condttcled uudei llio
utm of
jvho havo on tiand, and will cnnaiaiilly kecp (or alo
Uala, Caps; Fur, Sutpendcre, Gloves, Ilosiery, 5-e.
inty wuuiu i. iutn incir ihnnUa lo the cilitcns o!
Montpelier nnd vicil'.ltv for tlm lihernl nalrnnnnn
hcrclolore exlcnded (o lbi cslablislunonl, and sollcit
a continunnco uf llie farno.
N. R. Merclianti stipplicd with llatf. of all Waii.
at cily prices.
All penons indtbtcd to llio lato firm of J. E,
BA DGER & SON, arc rtipjestcd to call and ictlls,
.ind innke pnyincnls.
ftlonlpchrr, Ucl. 7 1839. wsd
UFFALO IIOUES.-S balcs Nurlhwenorn
9 Bnllalo ltobci, all selcctcd ekin inst trcctvcd
and for salu ut. priccs liut r..innot IqiI Iu euil ptircliaa
erabv IIJ1YLU1H GOSS. Nov, 9,-23
W. SAUIN, will pay culi,nud Ihu luglictl
prii'os lor all kindii nl Slitimiiic Furs.
Mnnlpehci, Oet. 28, 1839. 21
L door uest oftho wholcsalo tlorc ol Mcssri. Storra
and Lanpdonr, havo just ree'd fiom New York a
iplendnl asorltn"nt ol Fur Caps of evcry fualitj and
price Irom 50 cts lo $20. Roas and Fur Collara
nheapcr than can be boulil clscwbcrc In this villngc,
Nnv 9, 1839. 25.
JJMJR CAl'S at l.ANciooNs U. Wbiohtj.
j Montpolier, Nov. 9, 1639. 25.
5 Bales No I Buiralo Itobcs ; 1 large Ruasia Dog
Itobe for cuffc and Collars; ricli Ottvt Scal Nutra ty
flair Seal Caps; Boas & Necktics. All chenp (or
snlo al Ihc Cash Sloro of Sfaldincs & Fostik.
Montpelier, Scpl. 23 1839.
ITtUItS! FURSIi-A splcndid lot of Futa may
J bu found al DAY AND PIERCE'S Slore,
Northfield, nmong which aro snperiorOller Cnpi from
12 to 25 dollars. Sbeiland and Fur Scal, Nulro and
Mtik, Oltcr, Men and Boya Hair Seal Caps.
Brush and Beavcr Ilals, new stylc,
Coininnn ditto
Fur Coll.irs, Cupes, MntT.', Boas, Cloak TrirT,.
mings and Ncck Ties in any quahty. All ol whicli
will hosold vcrv low. Oct, 10 22
of splemhd Oiler Cps for talc, alao, Fur, Scal,
Nuira nnd Ilnir Scnl, all vcry chcap.
Morth Montpelier, Oe.t 11, 1839. 22
J1AL.ES RUFFA IO ROBES, lor sale by
.Montpelier, Nov. 5, 1839. 25if.
ANGDON U WRIGUT have jiisl re.-cived an
invoiccof Fur Caps, uhich thty offer fnr less than
the Bonton priees by Ihc dozen for cah. Dee. 2.
F1NE Oller, Seal ond Netilra Caps, & Boa-.
cood assortnient int rrcividnt
Nov. 29, 1839.
JUST receivcd at the Hat und Fur Slore of BADG
ER ty PARTRIDGE, opposiie tlie Villago Ho
nlon Stato slreel a new anJ splenilid nsjorlment of
Hat of varioiis discriplions, viz: Brueh, Plain, Molc
Skin, Nnlria, and common Naps. ALSO Ot
tsr, Nitria, Seal and Cloth Caps ol the most np-p.-nvedlaihions.
Fur, Seal. Nutrin, and Russia Dog
Collurs, BuirdloRobcc, Boas, MuffsNccklies.Stocks,
Dickiis, Bossoms rulllu and plain, Suspniders,
Glovcs, Umbicllas, Capvisiuns, Pantaloon Slraps,
&c. Ladicsand gcr.'lemen pleaso give us a call.
Oct. 23.-23. BADGER & PARTRIDGE.
Dec 5
11700LI WOOL.'.
BAYL1ES it GOSS will
VV purchuc Mod FLEECE SVOOL,i'iochango
for gnoils or dcbis, ll di livtred soon.
Dec 5
J. IIE bnoks fnr th" bnbi'criplion to Ihe Capital
Slnrk ol Ihe Bank o.' Mnn'peher, will ho npeiicd at
MaIud Cnttrdl's, in Ihu Vi'lagc ofMonlpehir, on the
firfl Monday of Jannary ncxt nl 9 o'elock, A M. and
there contintie npen for llie spncc oftcn days under
the stipci vision of llio subicribors, thc eomniiisionets
naincd in thccharlrr (nrlhnl purpose.
Monlpelier. Dec. 3, IS39 29
JL IIE Meinbers of Ilio Verniont Mutiial Firc In
ur.incu Co. whoic actpncts rcnain iinpaiJ, and
rnorc pnrlicul.irly llio-o residiny in Washington cnun
ty, aru liercby iiolificd tliat lf lliey do not nltend lo
ho ( n y 1 1 1 c 1 1 1 oflhus.imc furthwith, suitr willbo rom
ine.nciil and tlic mIioIl ammint of their Prriuium notcs
co Ircled, wuhuui lurihir nniicc, no uiutake.
Uy order ot llio IJiri rtQrc,
IIARRY VAIL, Trcasurcr.
Montpelier, Dec. 4, 1839. 29
ANCUUFT i R1CU have received troin Bolton
their new stock of Goodain adilition to their Inrmer
slock, niaking our assortnient niuch moro exteusivo,
which wo aro now ollcring lower lor cash than wo
havo ever olfered bclorc, Purcliascra are carneally
infitcJ to call and exaininc our prices and quahty,
and judgo (or thenisclvcs.
Payment is earneilly rcqucttcd and must bo mado
nn all noto and book nccnimtj which havo hi'como
duc, previnus lo llio n of February ncxt. B. & R.
riaintli'lcl, INov 11, '3U. 2U-3m
.Vo. !, Jlcrchants Raio,
n a v e ron S A L K ,
000 Gallons Winterttuinid Spcrm Oil.
5 000 du Sprius do do
5.000 do lighlcolored Winter WhaleOd.
500 krgPow
100 lihdi. Molaiscs.
150 boxcs nquaru liand Toliocco.
50 du. old Cavendish do.
100 kcs Fig Tobacco.
100 dozen Cusl Steel Shovels.
50 carks Suleratus.
Suguu, Tcas, CnlTiC, Rice, Pcppcr, Pimcnlo, Nut
meg, Cloves, Ginger, Slaich, Indigo, Raisins, mus
latd, PepperSaucc, Pipes, Soap, fvio Salt, Shol, Co
coa, Chocolale, Bed-cortU, Clolhcs.hner, Sntitl', Let
ter Papcr, Wtapping Paper, tyc. Stc.
Alio, n largo aseoriincnt of
Thu nbovo good will bo sold on as favorable lerrni
as can bo botight in tli city, and warrantcJ ol'llio
bcst qnalil y . Ciunlrv Trndeis, and llie fonncr cns
tomcrs ol Ltach, Paige ty Gihnore, are invitcd lo
call bcfora purchasing.
Boston.Oct. lst, 1839. 20:3niiH
Pi S, J. L. ty Co. will sell lorlheir regnlur cus
toinera, (freo frmii nny expense lo ilieni) all kindi of
cnunlry producc, ill lake Ihe innio in CMlungo for
Vxllagt llottl.
THE stib'ciiber would res
pujil'nllv inforiiihi" (riends und
Ihi) publio in geiiernl, Ihut ho
1 I I
n mi' ' nns coinnienvrii uiu nvriv uus
Inoss at th.t t.ihle, in "lio rcar nf Ihu Yilluei llntel,
whero all 'hose who fei I thspjsed lo favo j, him with
their pnlronago, will liml overy ntlcmion puid them
at Ihe siiortol nolicc, ou thc most ronsonal.lo lerm.
Pleaiuro partivs can bc furnishod with tho best
of horso and caniagcs.
Monlpnlior, Nnv. 28 1839.
a siincrmr niiuiuv anu con.tuntiy on lianil ana
(or anlc by ihu ub'crihcr, at Jeduthan Loumis' Brick
Yord, in Monipeher ViIlst,o.
TILE. A f'w Tile inilsble fnr pirlour luorlhi,
lor salo by DAVID WHITTEN. nov 15 lf
ul.oby J. LOOMIS,

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