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Vermont watchman and State journal. (Montpelier, Vt.) 1836-1883, January 06, 1840, Image 1

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BY 13. l WAIiTON & SONS.
VOL. 33, NO 1G-WIIOLE JVO. 1733.
P 0 E T 11 Y .
Tlio IV.Iuwing nniient picce was intetidccl for a previcm
papcr, liut vas crowJeit out.
I sing llio liirlli wns tiorn In ntrflil
Thu Amlior bnlli of lile nml light j
Tlu'Hnil dul souivl it,
Aii'l liU llio ravlah'il iliirp'erih sa'ul,
Who mw llio liglit. nnrl wcrc nfraid,
Yct tciruhM and Ituu tlicy fuuml it.
Tlio Sonno of Ood, lli' Ktcrnid King,
Thnt did in nll salvnlion brins,
AnJ frceil lliojoulo trom dnngcri
Hcc wiiuin llio wliolo world could not taHC,
The VorJ, which Ilravcn and Katlli did makr,
W'at now lai'i in a mingcr.
The F.uIut's wiednm wi'l'd il so,
Tlio Snnne'a olidlit'nee kncw no no,
Bolh wilU woruin ono rtaturo ;
And ai tliat wiscdomo had ilccrccd,
Tlio woid wm nuw niado llesh inJccu,
And tookn oii lnm our iinlurc.
Wlial comfiirl bv liim doo wco viniiu7
vi'liu mado hinnclfo tlio pnco t,( inne,
Tii m iko Ui licircs of filory 1
Tu sce tlm hal'tuill innoccncu;
A niattyr boinu In ur ilcfence ;
Can man fufget tliis stnricj Ueji Jonson.
From Lighlt and Shadows ofScoltish Life.
Tis only from the bcliof of tlio goodncs- nnd
wisiloni of ti Supifcinu Heing, tliat our culuinities
ciiii l& borne in thnt mnnnur which becomts
niiiti." Hcnry Mackcnzic.
In summer thcro is licnuiy in llio wildcst inoors
ofScotland, nmlllio wnyfaring iiinli wl.o sitsdown
1'ir nii hour's r nt besido somo littlo spring llmt
'ows ntiliciiril tlirpugh tlio brightunud tnoss tinil
itor cresses, feels his wcnry hcart rcvived !y llio
bilunt, soro. c, timl solitary prospcct. On cvcry
side sweet suntiy Hiots of vurdiiro siinlu townrds
liim from nmong tlio inelanoholy hcather tiucx
pcctcdly in llio nulitnuu n stray sheop, it inay lic
witli ils lamb-?, stnrts l.nlf nlarmed at his motioti.
lcssfiguroiusoctslnrgi', brightnnd boatuifiil.cotiic
cnree?ing bv liim throttgb tlio desert nir uordoes
tlm Wilil wiint it) own son3trs, tlio grny liiinot,
fnnil.nf tho b ooniinu Itnzc, anil tlow aiut tlicn llio
lurk inoiintitig np to Huavpn ubovo tbu Biiinmits
of llio iecn iiastoml liills. Dui ing Fticli a Miti-
Hli'niy lumr, tltc louoly cottngo 011 tlic wasto socttis
tostaiij in n puiailiso ; and ns lio rises to pursim
imiiriov. tlic trnvellor looks back and blesses
it witli a uVuiglcd utnotion of dulight and unvy.
Tlicre, tliiiiks lio(abido tlio cliildrcn of Imioconeo
nlfd Coiitclitnmiit, tbo two mostbcliign spirits tliat
watcji over huttinti lil'c.
Utit othcr tliouglits ariso in tho mind of liim
who iiuiy clianco to joiirncy throngli llio snmo
srpnn in the dcsolntioii of Wintcr. Tho c.old liloak
sky girdlcs tho moor as witli n belt of ico lilo is
frozen in nir and on curth. Tho silcnco is not of
rpposo but extinct'nm -and shottlil a solitary liti
tiian Jwulling eatch his cyc, hnlf buricd in thu
snow. Iil- is itid lor the sako of thctn whoso ilcsti-
ny it is to nhi Jo far from tho chcorful haunls of
'incn, bhrouiled up in inHanclioly, liy poverty hold
in tlimll, orpiningaway in unvisiicu anu unuuciiu
cd dlscasc.
liut, in good triith, the hcnrt of huninii lifo is
liut iMiperjbctly tliavnvnnui frnnt. itH t'Olintcllilllcot
and licforo wo can know what tlic sniiitiicr, or
what tlic wilder yiulds for cnjoynent or trinl to
our conutry's ii:nsantry, wo tnust havo conversed
witli thcni in thcirfiuld and liy thcir fncsidesj
nml innkc onrpclvcs ncqiiaiulcd witli the power
ful niiniflry of tho Scnsons, nolnvcr those ohjurts
nlono thnt feod thu nyeand iiiingination, btit ovcr
all the iiii'idt-'iits, occiipations.and ijvuntstbatmod
ifv or coiistiiute the existcnco of tho poor.
"I havo a short and sitiiple Ktory to tcll of the
wintur lifo of' tho niorclinid cottai:er a btory of
btitonc uveiiing with fw uvmits nnd no signnl
catastrnphy liut whicli inay haply pleao tboso
iieaits whosu dolight it is to tliink on iIil- huiiiblu
under-plots tliat aie earried on in tho great Drama
ofLife. ' . .
Two cottngors, liusband npd Wiib, wcrc sitting
by thcir chciM ful p'cat firu ono wintor cvcning, in
a stnall lonely liut on theedgo of a wiile moor, nt
soine niili-s' distntice fiom any othcr habitiition.
TlieroJit.il been.nt tmc t'mic, sevcrnl hutsofthe
siiiiQ kind ciccted closu togethcr, aud inhabited
by fUui'dics bf tho pntiicst class of dny laborcrp,
wbofoimd work ainong the distant farm?, and nt
nigtrt 'ciiirncd to dwcllings which weio rcnt-fico,
wiib thcir littlo ganb.'ii won from tho wnstc. liut
ono' family nfier aiiother had dwindled awny, and
the tt'iff-hu'dfjiuls hnd all fidlcn inlo ru'ms, cxcupt
ono thnt hnd alwnys stood in tho cenlio of tbis
littlo solitary v'dlage, witli its guuimcr wnlls cuv
ercd wuh tho richift-t honey-sucltles, and in the
niilslof the brightcst ofall lliogardeiis.. It nloue
now "sunt u) its siuoke into tlic clciir wintcr eky
and-its littlo cnd window, nowlighted np, was ihe
only Rround" htar tliat s'tono towards thu bcltitcd
travollcr, if any such vniiturcd to cross, on n wiii-ti-r
nighi, n sccuo so drcnry nnd dcsolatc. The
nffnirs of tho stnall houschold wcro nll airnnged
for thu night.' Thu littu lough poncy tliat had
drnwn in n sledgo, Irom tho hwii t of thu lllack
Mpsi, tlii) fitcl by wlioce bln.o the rottnrs wcro
now fcinin ehcerUy, nnd tho litilo Highlnnd cow,
wlinso" imlk cnnblcd thein to livu, wcrc ntanding
nmi'cnlily tog'thi'r, iindcr cover of n riitlo shcd,
of wliich ono bido was formcd by tho ppat ntat'k,
nnd which was nt onco byic, mkI slnble, nnd hcn-vbc-t.
vWHIiin, the rlock tickcd clicnrftdly ns tho
firo-light renelurd itp old oak wnod-ciisu ai'rosstho
ycllow windcd floor -nml n small round tablo
atjiod bctwcen, com'iciI with n enow whito.color-
ed'cloth, on which wcrc mill; anil oat oitKes, tlic
tnorning, uiid-ilay, nnd cvcning nical of thcsc fm
id.uujl Cdiiti'nttd 'otti.'rSf Tho spados nnd tlic
initHocks of ific- laboifi- wcro ool.'ccted intn ono
corncr,'aiid showcd th.it tho siircccding day wns
tho blcfaed &'ahliath whito on ihe wnodcti chini
nuy pieco was scen lyiug nn opcti liiblc, icatly
for funiily wurship. "
Tho fnthcr and mothur wcro sitting lojfuilinr
witliout opcning thuir lip, but with thcir.'heart.s
o'verflowing wilh hnppineM, for on this Saturduy
nigiit, thcy wcro, ovcry iuiimtc, cxpucting to hcar
nt tliu la'cli tho liand of tlivir only daughtur, n
tnnidcn of nliojit fittccn ycnrs, who wns at snrvicc
with a fai'incr ovur the hiHs. This dutiful child
was. ns thev know. to brins hoino to ihom " hcr
sair-wom ncnnv fcc.'' n nillnnce which, in tho
buauty ol hcr girlhood, shu carned singiug nt hur
work, and wliich in tho lienlgniiy of tliat b'uiIcss
tlmo, sho woiild pour wilh le.us inlo tho bosonis
ehe so dearly loved. Forty BhiHings a ycnr wcro
nll tho wnges ot swcct llaunnli Lcu nut tnougn
s' o woro at iier iiinor n.tortoise snuii couiii iii uor
tuilmiu utiir, nml Ihough in tho kuk nono wcrc
moro becomingty nrraycd tlititi sho, ono half, at
IcastuOf her naruiiiKS wcro to bi! rcscrvcd for tho
noblcet of all ptirnosc!, biid Jicr kiud iiinocuiil
henrt was glndilcucd whun chu lonked on thu lil
tlo nurau thnt wnf. on thu loti; exnuctcd Saturdnv
iilgllt, to bo takcn from hcrbnsoin, nml put wilh n
l.l ....!... .1... I I I 1 .1 . '
iitcKsiug, iiiiu iuu iiiiiiii ui uur luiucr, now grow
'hil' old nt his dnily toils,
Of such a child tho happy cottersworo thiuking
in thair silcncu. Aud wcll iudoud might thcy bu
cnllcd happy. It is at thnt swcct seasou thnt lilial
piety is mo$t bciiiitilul. Thcir own Ilnnnnh had
. tust oulL'rotvn tho inuro lllllhlllking glndness ol
chijdhnod, but hnd notyct rrachcd thnt tiiiii, whcu
lticvitaiuu Bciiisinii'hH iuixcs witli lliu pnro ruiTciit
(it'tavo. She had Iicl'iui to thluk oii what hcr nf-
fccTTnunto hcnrt hnd lcft bd Ioiil' : and wlicri ntio
lookcd on thu pnlu picc nnd bliiidin friimu of hcr
. inoilicr.on tho decpcnliig wrinklcs nud wjiito ilnginigiily ol Ml liviug thmgs, tT.rgct ihilr own fcar in
hnlrs of hur fnthi'r, oftcn would sho i'u wecplng
lor tlieir snkcs on hcr inidulght bod nud wish
thnt she wero besldo thoin na thcy slopt, thnt tlic
inighl knecl down nnd kiss iheiu, uud nicntiou
nioir nnmcH over nnd ovcr iiunin In her nrav.
hcr oxnnmllns licarl now nlso vcucrntcd. With
"iiphliigtciidermiBS wns now minglcd n holy fcnr
nml an uwfiil rcvercncc. Sho had disccrncd the
nilatioii in wliich clic, on only child, stood to hcr
imor pnreiit'). now thnt thov wcro L'olliuL' old. timl
thcro wnS not u ims-ngo in Scriptnro thnt spakc ol
pnrcnts orofcliililrun, from Joscpli sold inlo elnvo
ry, to Mnry wecpiug holow tho Cross, thnt was
noi wrmcn, tiovcr to tio oblitcratctl, on Iier tincor
ruptcd hcnrt.
The fathor roso from his scat, nnd wcnt to the
(iooi, to iook out into tlia uijibt. J lio stnrs wcrc
ui thousnnds-and tho full moon wns risci:. It
wnsnlmostnshght nsilny,nti(I tlmimow.thntsocn).
cd Clicrtlstud wilh dilimomh. wns so linrdcncd bv
tho frost, thnt hisd.iiightcr's homcwnrd fcct woiild
lcnvo no njnrk on its surfiicc. Ilo liail bccii toil-
ing nll dny npmng tho dislnnt Cnstlowoods, nnd
stiH'nud wcnricd ns ho now wns. lio wasnhnost
tntiiplcd to go niid incct,his child--but his wifu's
kind voicc dissundcd-lmn. nnd rctiiriiitiir to tlic
fSrcshlc, thcy hcgan to talk of her, whoso iniage
uaii ucen so loiig pnssjug uuloro tiiom ui tlieir hi
'Sho is growing up to bo n bonny lassio,' tnid
tlio mothor; 'hcrlong nnd wcnry nttcndancc on
iiio diirini: iny fuver Inst snrinir kcnt hcr down
nwhilo; but now hho is sprotning fmt nnd fair ns
n niy, nnil may tlic tiicssing ol Uoil licnsiiew nml
sttiishine to our swcct flowcr all tho ilays slic
bloometh tipon this cnrth.' ' Ay, Agucs,' rcplicd
tlio latncr, wo aro not vcry old yct lliounli wt
are gotting oldcr-nud n fcw ycnrs will bring hcr
to womairs cstatrs. nnd wiiat t nut: on tliis cnrtli.
tliink yc, liuinan or hrtitc, woiild cver think of in-
itiriiiK hcr? Wliv. 1 wns sticnlim;nboiit hcr vcs
u;iii.ijr in iuu iniuisicrns ne wns riuing uy, nmi no
told mu tlintuonc aiiswcrcd nt thu cxniiiinntiou in
tho kirk so wcll as Haniinli. I'onr ililtn? 1 wcll
tliink b'io lins nll thu liiblu by hcait ; iudccd, slic
hns reail liut little olsc -only somo Morics, tootruu
01108, of tho blcsscd mnrtyrs, uiid somo o' ihc nuld
sougs o' Scotlnnd, in which thcro is nothiiig but
what is good, nnd which, to bu suroshcsings, Gml
i.... i ii
dicsh iier, swcctcr tlian any Inverock.' 1 Ay
wcrc wo both to dio this vcry night sho would bo
happy. Not thnt she wotild forget lisnll llicdays
oi ncr luc. liut hnvu yoti not sccn, liiisbnnil, llmt
Ood alwnys ninkcs tho oriihun hapiiy ? Nono so
little loiicsoinu as thev! Thcv coino to mnke
fricmls o' all thu bonny and swcct ihings iu tlic
worltl arounil tlicm, nml nll tho kiml bcnrts ui tlic
world mnkc fricuds ofthcm. Thcy como to know
llmt (joiI is iuorc cspccially tlic fathcr o' thcni on
carlli wliosu parcuto liu lias lnkcti up to linavcn:
nnd thcrclbro it is tliat thev, for wlioni so many
hnvc f-nrs, fcnr not nt all for thcitisclvcs, but go
(laiviiig aud singing along liko childrcu whose
pnrcnts are Ixitli alivu ! Would it not bu so wuh
our dcar llannah ? So dotico and thotighlful n
ciiiiii liut ncvcr tnit or miscrable rcady it is
truo to shcd tcurs for little, but na rcrtdy to dry
thcni up aud brcnk out into smiles ! 1 know not
pvhy it I, Imsbniid, but this niylu my hcart warms
townnls Iier hcyouil iisual. The moon aud stars
aro this iuoincut l'okiug dowu iipon her, nml she
looking up to thcni, ns she is glittcring hoiiiuwnrd
ovcr tho snow. I wish she wcro but hcre, nnd
tnkiugthc coinb out of hcr bonny hair nnd lcttiiig
it nll I'u II down in clustcrfi bcforu the firo to iuclt
away tho craiircuch."
Wlulu tlic pnrcnts wcrc thits sneakinsof thcir
dntightcr, n lotul sugh of windcamesuddciily over
the cottagc, nnd thu lenflcss nsh trcu under whose
bbcltcrit stood, crcnkcd und gronncd (lisinally ns
it pnsscil ny. l lio Intlicr startcil up, and goiug
ngain to thc door, saw tliat n sudden chniiL'o haii
con: stvar 'iirn o'tliM iiialit. -'Iliu niouii Jiuil
ucnrly disaiMicnrcir, nnd was iust visible in a dim,
ycllow, glimmeiing dcn in the sky. All tho re-
moto stnrs wero obscured, nnd only ono or two
faintly glcnmi'd iu a tky tliat half au hour befuru
was pcrtcctiy clomllcas, liut tliat wns now driviug
with rack, uud n.i.-t, tuiil slect, tho whole ntiiiou-
phcru bcing in commotioii. 11c stood fornsiii(lu
inonicnt to ohscrvo thi dircctiou of this tinforc
scen hionn, nnd thcn hastily iiikcd for his stnff.
' 1 thoML'ht 1 hiitl bccn iuorc wcathiT wiso n
storm is coiniug down from Cairiilirnc-luiM -i '
wu shatl hnvu noiliing but n wiM night.'
Ilo tl'cn whisilcd on hirido" - nu old shccpdo''.
too old for its formcr Inbor.- nnd fft oll' to mcct
his ilnughtcr, whu tuight thcn, for nught he kncw,
bc crnssiug tho lilack-iuoss. The inothcr ticeom
pauicd hcr litibhaiid to tho door, und took along
frighicned Iook at tho nngry sky. As shu kcpt
gn.ing it becoino still inuru tcrriblu. Tho laet
shrcd of bluo was cxtiuguishcd the wiml wcnt
whirhng in roaring cddics, nnd grcnt llnkcs ol
snow circlcd about ui tlic miiidic nir, wnctucr
driftcd up fiom thc grouud, or drivcn down from
the clotids, tho fcar Blrikcn inothcr knuw not, but
sho nt Inst kuew, thnt it sccmcd n uightof daugcr,
dcspnir, nml dcath.
' l..ril linvo mcrcy on us Jnmcs, wliat will be-
comu or'our poor bairn !'
Jlnt her liuslmnd hcnrd not hcr words, for ho
wns nlrcady out of si"ht in tho snow-slorm, and
llu was lcft to tho tuiror of hcr own soul iu tliat
foucsomc cilingc.
Litllu llannah l.cu hnd leftforher falhcr's hoiisc.
soiin ns thu rim of tho grcnt moon wns scen by
hcr cycs, thnt hnd bccn loiig anxiously watchiug
it from thu wiudow, rising, liku n joyful dicam
ovcr tho rloomy mountaiii tons; nml all by her-
st'lf she trippcd along hcitcath tho bcauty of tho
silent hcavcn. fclill as bhe kcpt nsccnding nml
(liscciiding tho kuollsthnt lay m llio Iiihoui ol thu
ylcu,slic sung to liersclfnf'Otig.n liy iuu, or it pMilm,
wiihnut thc nci'ompauuucutol tlic sticams, now all
silent in thofrot ; and cvcr aud annii shu stoppcd
to try to Kiunt tho stars thnt l.iy iu somo moro
hcautiful pnrt of tho sky, or ga.ed on thc constel
lations tliaislic kucw, nnd callcd thcni, iu licr joy,
by the iiaiiii'Stht.y lioru aiuongth.' hhcphcrds.
Thcro wcrc nono to hcar hcr voici or tec hcr
smiliH, but the car and cyo of I'rovidcnco. As
soou ns bhe ghdcd, nnd toolt hcr looks Irom licav
vn, slic snw hcr own littlo firoido hcr pnrcnts
wnitmg lor hcr nrnval tliu liililo opcncil lor wor-
ship -hcr owudittlo room kcpt so ncatly for hcr,
wuh its mirror limigiiig ny tliu wuniow, m wiucii
to braid hcr hair by tho uioriiing ligh. her bcd
propared foi' hcr by hcr triothcr'sliand the prim
roscs in hiir gaulcn pcciing thrnugli tho fiiow
old Tray, who uvcr wclcoincd hcr homo wilh his
liui white uyes Iho poncy aud thu cow: fricnds
nll, uud iuuiatcs of ihat happy houschold. So
stcppcd shunlong whilo thc snow diuinouds glit
lcrcd nrnuml hcr fcct,nml the frost wovon wrcaih
of hicid pcnrls nroiiml hcr furchcad.
blio und now rcurlicd tlic cilgo ol tliu lllacK-
moss, wlucli luy liull wny lictwocu Iier inaster s
nud hcr luthcr'ti dwclliug, whcn blio hcard a luud
uoiso comiug down lilcu Scrao, nud in u fuw suu
ouds sho fclt nn her fiico hoiiio flula'3 ofsiinw.
Shu lookcd np thu glcn, aud saw thu stiow-htomi
comiug dowu as last n fluoil, Shu foit no fcars,
but bhu ccascd hcr Eoiig;ntid hnd thcro bccn n
humnu cyo to Iook tipon her tlicre, it might hnvu
bccii n shndow tin hcr fiico. Shu coniiiiucd hcr
coursc, und lclt boldcr nnd boldur ovnry stup thut
hroiiL'ht her nciu-cr to hcr. finrent's liousu. liut
tho snow-slorm hnd now rcnr.liciltho liluck-nioss,
und tho hrotid liuu of light tliai hnd luin iu thu di-
rcctioi! ol Iier liotnn iis hooii swnllowud up, nud
tho child wns iu utturdurkiiuss. ShosnwnothiiiL'
but the flakcs olsnwy, inteiininably intfrminglpd,
anil furioiisly wnftcd iu thu air, close to Iut hcnil ;
sho licard nntliiug liutonu wim.licrcc, fitlulhowl.
Tho cohHiccuniu intcnsc, nml hcr litllu fcct nnil
linuds wcro fast bcing bcmiuibud into iiiscmihility.
It is n fcnrful changc, niuttered thu child io
hcrsulf; but still slic did uot fcar, forHhu had licou
borii hi u inoorliitiiLuottni), nml livcd idl hnrdnys
nuitiug Hio huriUhips of thu liilk 1 What will bu
coiuu of thii poor bh.ccp !' thotight she, but still
sho Bca'rccly thou"ht of hcr own ilancr. furinuo.
ccncc, aud youth, nnd joy, uro slow to ihiuk ol
......I.. ...,:i l...r..n: T.i ., ...i i.
I allfrllt vil bffnMillf. tlinikui,llriiu 4nn.l llitliblllir lin
ihrlr pity4br iuhcrs"Horrow. At bt sho could no
lougur iiiiuBnni nnigiu nmrK on-tlio snow, uitliur
of litininu stcps, nr of shcrp.truuk. or tho foot
pr'urt of a wildlowl., Suddenly, too, shu fell out
of brenth nud oxlimisttyl, - itud ishoilding tcurB fur
It wns now thnt her hcnrt hcgan to qunkc with
fcnr. Sho rcmetnbcrcd storics of shc)herds lost
iu tho snow,-of n mollier nnd child frozen to
dcuth on thnt vcry tnoor,--ntid, iu n inomcnt, bIio
kncw sho wns todio. Uittcily did tho poor child
wuup, for licnili wns tcnihlo to her, who, thougb
jioor, cnjoycd tho hright littlo world of youth nml
liinoccncc. Thu skics of hunvcn wcro dcurcrthan
Jie kncw to hcr,- so wcro tho flowcrs of cnrth.
Sho hnd bccn happy nt hcr work, hnppy in hcr
slcup, hnpi 'iu llio kirk on Sabbath. A thoti
ennd tlioiightH hnd tho solitnry chihl,-nnd in hcr
own hcart wnsn spiing of hnppiness, pnro nnd un
disltirhcd ns nny fotiiit thnt spnrklesunscen nll the
ycnt throiigh iu goino quici nook nniong tho pns.
torid hilk Jiut now thcro wns to bo nn end of ull
tliis, tho wns to bo frozen to dcnth nud lie llicro
tillihothaw inight roinojnnd llien hcr fathcr
would fiud hcr body, nnd carry it awny to bo bu
ricd iu thc Mikyard.
Tho tcurs wcro frocn on hor chccks tn soon ns
shcd, and scarccly had hcr htllo hands s'rcnglli
lo clasp thcni togethcr, ns tho thotight of nn over
ruling and iiicrciful I.ord caino ncross hcr heart.
Thcn, iudccd, thc Icarsofiliisrcligiouschildwr.ro
calmcd, uud shu hcnnl witliout tcrror thu plovcr's
wuiling cry, nud thu dcep booin of tho bittcrn
sounding iu tho moss. ' 1 will ropcnt the l.ord's
1'raycr.' And drawing hcr nlaid inoro'closcly n
roiuiil hcr, sho whlspcrcd licncnlh its iucffcctu
nl cover: 'Our Fnthcr which nrt in Ilcnvcn, hal
lowed ho thy nuinc, thy kingdoiu comc, -thy
will bo douo on enrlh ns it is iu llonvc'n.' Und
htimnn nid bcon within fifty ynrds, it could have
bccn of no nvnil oyu could not sue hcr-carcould
not hcnr her in that howling dnrkness. IJut thnt
low praycr wns hcard in thc centrc of ctcrnity,
ns tliat littlu sinlcss child was lyiug in thu snow,
benenth tho ull.sceing cyo of God.
The tnuidon hnvin'g prnycd to her Fnlher iu
llcaveii thcn lliought of hcr fathcr on carlh.
Altis! thcy wcro not far separntcd ! Tho fnther
wns lyiug hut a short distnncc from thc child j he
too hnd siink down in the driftiiigsnow,afterhav
ing, iu lcsstliannnhotir, oxhnustcd nll thi'strcngdi
ol fcnr, pity, hopc, dcspair nml rcsignution, tliat
could risu iu n liitlioi's hciut bliudly Fcckiug to
rcscuu his only rhild froni dcnlh, thinkilig tliat ono
do.pcralu oxcrtion might cnable thuiii to perish in
cach othcr'surms. Thcro they Iny, within nstouu's
throw ot cach othcr, whilo u liugu snow-drift wns
cvcry uioincnt jiiling itself up into a more insur
inounttiblo bnrncr butwccu tho dyiug parcnt und
his dying child.
Thcro was ull this whilo n blnzing firo in tho
cottngo a wluto sprond tablo and bcds prcpared
for thein to lio down in puar.c. Yct wns sho who
cat thcrciu moro to bo piticd thau tho old innn nnd
tho child struichul tipon tho snow.
'I will not go nnd scck thein tliat would ho
toinpting 'rovidcnce nnd wilfully putting out
Ijic lamji of lifu. No! I will abidu hcro and prny
fur thcir souls!'
Tlicn, ns sho kuolt down, looked sho ut tho usc
lcss (iro jiurniiig nwny so chccifully, when all sho
loved inight he dyingof cold und, iinnblu to bcnr
thc thoiiLdit, shu shrickcd out a nraver. as if shu
inight picrco tho sky up to to tho vcry throtio of
r...i i . i.i . i , i .
uuii, iiiiu bcmi ii whu ncr oivn imseruiiiu boui iu
plcad buforc liim for tho delivcranco of hcr child
uud husbaud. She thcn full down in blcssed for
gcifulucbs of all troublo, in the midt of tho soli
tnry checrfulucss of llmt hright-burniug hcnrih -nnd
iho liiblc, which bIio hnd bocn trvmg to read
in thu puuscs of licr ngony, rcmnincd clnsjicd in
hcr huud.
Rcmainder nexl wtck.
J. Okvilli: Tav.ok ad Town's Srzt.x.ino
IIook. Alr. Tnylor hns luiely dclivcrcd Lccturcs
un Hilnciilioii in severnl of our villngcs. Ilo is
cditoi' of ,iho "Coninion Suhool Assistnnt,'' for
whicli hcprocures subscribcrs. Hu ulso cndcuv
orslointrodiiceTovvn'sSpelling Hook, ol which,
iudccd, wo hcliovo he is tbu puhlUhcr.
Tho tjpcHing.liook we beliovc to bo corrcctly
dcscribed in tbo " Coninion School Joiirnnl," (a
papcr cdiied by tho Sccrctnry of tho Mns.-uchu-sctts
Hourd nf'Educntiou,) ns " precmiueiitly tho
worct Spclling liook cvcr prcpared." " We be
liovc," thc ed'uoradds, " such a (pianlity of litern.
iv crrorisno wherocUotobo foiind bciwccii two
c'nuirK. Tho wcighticst allegation ngiuust othcr
S.ulliug liooks hns bccn, thnt thcy taught nothiiig
bcsidcs words. Thc whole scopu nnd druft of
this, nre to tcnch orror ; uot gencral crror only,
but poriiciilar crror." " Thu mischief of putting
htich a hook into tho hands of our childrcu would
he unspoakublc."
Thu hook is brought bcforo the puhlic with thc
highcsl prctcnsious, aud hns by somu nieaus got
thu rccommeudation of distingiiishud jiaincs.
liut it is wuro thai poor, it is a had hook.
u huvo not room this wctk to say nioru. Tho
npiuiou of Alr. Alaun is enougli to put parcnts and
tcachers ou thcir giiard.
Whcn tho publication of tho " Cominon School
Assistnnt" wns first comincnccd, scciug it liigli
ly rccouinicnilcd, wetouk pains to procuro it, with
tho iiitcniion of promotiug iis circulatioii in Ihe
btntc. liut wiib ull our prcposscssions in its fn
vor, wu wcro obliged to givo it over ns n hnd pa
pcr. Wo wcrc pnrticularly Btruck with itscntiro
nlonfncs bciug publishcd in iiChristian luud -f
i-itii nll rcligious und evcn from ihohighcruiornl
considcrutioiH. Othcr rndicnl faults wo iutciid to
Bpcrify ntunothcr tinic.
Mr.Taylor bccins to have mnde nn impression
favourable lo his iieculiar vicws in somu placcs.
Wo rnuiiiit thcrcforo crowdctl ns wo aro this
wcck -dcfcr, with n good coicicncc, this brief
word of cauiion rcspccting tho two pritici; nl in-
striimcuts tliat hu uscs to inllticuce comiuon
I'arliaps we" oiight to aihl thnt wo have not
bccii Jlr. Inyloi's napcr latuiy. wncn no was
herc, ono of our clergynieu lcquebtcd thc privt
Icl'o of cxamiiiing it.--which Alr. T. rol'uscd, du
clariug it tobu tho first time lio had cvcr bccn
nskcd lorn bix'cuiicn ' I Anoiiier rcnuest to sno
u cony wns trcatcd iu iho samu wny. Our oti u
ion, thercfoiT, is ucccssarily fouudud ou ulint wc
saw somo tunu ngo.
iiir. iny lor ii'iircbcuicd ino scuoois oi inis
htntu to bu iufuriur to thosu iu Nuw Vork nud
uImiwIicic. Wo havo oftcn licard Kcntluiucn wcll
iiiforniL'il ou the Biibjnct cxpress n vcry diffcrcnt
oiiuiioii. Ilow uiucli Alr. J nylnr inny linvo scen
ofour bchoold, wo canuot tcll. Wo know thnt
hcrc, u incmbur of tlio comtnitlieu cnllcd ut his
lodgings und iiivitcd liitri to vi.sk tho schools; und
thnt bu rclusud to do it. rermont CVirontc.e.
Jin imvorlant decissinn conc(rning Slave prnptr
ly hns hern mndo by tho Fcderul Couri nt
JnckFiiu, Mibsissititu, JuiIl'o Qholson. nrcsidini;.
Thu Nntche. Frco 'i'liider pnys it wns dci'idcil iu
tho ciisu of " lliukuinu vs. Kosc," by which thu
iloclriuu is cstnblishcd, thnt all contmcls for ne
ltocj brought into Ihe Slale of Miisissuipi and
sJd " as Mr.nciiAMJise," tubsequcni to thc firal
day oj May, in Ihc year lfilil), are illcgul, and
na Jtltrk nrf. ti, nml l?mV. 'Plin ilccisioll
niiil, it is snid, nf ucccssity, huvu un iniporinnt
bcaiiiiL' on jMississitiiii dubts to norlheru ncgro
tniilur.", io thu auiount of nt lecst livi vtiltions "J
This ilccisiion iu bnscd nn tho sccond scction
of ihu nrliclu iimlcrtho hend of "Elavcs," ,,ul
nuicudcd coiisiitiitinn of thu Statuiu thcsu words:
Suc. '. Tho iutioduciion nf blavcs into the
Slnto as merchandise or fpr ta e, eholl bu prolun
iicd from nnd nficr tho fiit dny of Alny IB'M
I'rovided.'l'lml tho actiinl sclllcr bIiiiII not bu liro
hihitcd liotn purchnsing in nny Slntuin this Umnu,
uini iiriiigiugtiiuui into tliis Ktnto lor tneir owu
individual nsu, until tlie ycnr 18-15."
Avaiul'i:, llow nbRiird is uvaricu in nu old
innn ? It is liku u uinii scrnpiug iiioucy uuxioiisly
togethcr lo puy his tutnpikcs, aftor ho lins got lo
thu uud of thu ruad.
Let youricpuinilnu bo fruiucd, yotir crcilitruis
cil, nud yotir iiff'nirs bc put in onlcr whilo yoti aro
young. 1 11 n lnitiro benson of lifu it imist ho moro
From the Louisvilte Ku.) Journal.
l'cllow Whlgs-luok nl tho hcad of this col
iimn. Thcro stnnil tho iwmcs of llnrrisoti nnd
Tylcr, nnd thcro thcy will stnnd until aftiir tho
It is well known thnt wo linvo bccn tho ndvo
cnto of tho noiniiintion of Hcnry Clay for tho
I'rcsidcncy, hut lt is cquully wcll known tliat wo
havo unifnrinly declarrd ourdetcrinination togivo
our Biipport to tho noinineo of iho Nationul Con
vcinion. In good faith wo hnve giveu tho plct'o,
nnd ui good f'uitii wo nienn to rcdojm it. Wu
blinll givo to thu vutcrnn wurrior nnd stntcsinan of
Ohi'i, no rcluctnnt or stintcd Biipport i wo shnll
throw our Whole hcart into his cniisc, for it is thu
cnusc nr tho counliy, of tlio constituiion, nnd of
Ilaipily, tho senson of division in the nrmy of
Itcforin hns gono by. Ono of tho wisest nnd
wciulitiost Couvcntions thnt cvcr nsseniblcd iu
tho Unitcd Statcs, hns, nfter n enrcful compurison
of opinions. tinnnimously noniinntcd Gen. Il.irri
soii for tho Chiof Alngistrucy, nnd now ovcry gcn
tjinu Whig, cvcry professcd Whig who is not a
dii'grncc to tliat glnrioui nnme, will rush witli nll
tho glmving tirdor of kindrcd patriotism, to the
support of thu noiniiiatinn. (ncral llurrison is
thc samu hero, thu sauio pntriot, tho same 5tntes
inan, tho sniuu virtuous citizcu now, timl ho was
in 1830; if, thcrcforc, tho Whigs siipporlcd liim
with cntlittsiasin ngaiust Alurtiu Van liurcn theu,
witli much grcater cnthusinsni will they support
liim now ngainst thut iinscrtipulous dcuiagoguc,
who, iluriiig his tcrin of ollicc, has bccn guilty of
oiitrugcs, which, four ycnrs ngo, wero undrcnincd
of ovcn by his most violcnt ciiemics.
From the Cincinnali Gazclle.
Wo hnd in this city, on Alondny cvciiing, n fiuo
cvidence of thu innriucr iu which tlio.Vci'Tig's of
the puoplu respoiid to thu nctioli ol tho llarrisbug
Convfiition. Scvcral dnyn belorc, u niccling hnd
bccn cjilled of thu Tippccanou Club, for thu pur
jioso of inaking nrrnngcmcnts for u coiinty ineot
ing, to respond to thc doings of thst body ; but
whcn thu titno catnu, iustcad of tho membcrs of
thc Ulnh nicrcly, reprcsentativcs of ull classcs of
our eiticns pourcd inlo tho nlnco of tnccting by
fives, tcns nnd twcnties, till tlie Club wcre Inirly
corncred, und crowdcd from thcir room. An nd
journnicut thcu took plncc from Iho Unrrison
llotiso to Enginc Ilall, whero thcro were n ccup
le of spncious rooms which it wns lliought would
nccommodnto nll who inight bc likcly to nttcnd n
moro liusincss mccting. Thesc, howevcr, wcro
soon fillcd to ovcrflowing, tho stnirs lending to
thcni crowdcd, nml tho pavcment nnd strcet in
frdnt covercd with persons nnxious to mniiifcst,
by thcir prcscnco nud voices, tho ititercst thoy fclt
in Iho tnattcr wliich had convcued tho Club. A
liolhcr adjourmncnt was soon loudly cnllcd for,
uud the ollicers wcic compclleil, by thu puhlic.
will, ngain to lcavo thcir sni.g quiirtcrs. They
this timo movcd down inlo the strcet, ono of tlm
cngincs wns run out upon the pnvcmeu:, und Wil
liani Southgatc, Ktq. of Cnvington, heing obscrv
cd umong tho crowd, was uioitntcd upon this by
acclumntion, and nddrcsscd the uiultitude briefly,
but " to tho vcry poinr."
Alr Soutliguto'said he felt nuthorizcd, hy his po
silion nnd tbu voica of Iii fiieiuls nnd iicicbbnrs,
to plernjho etrcnglb nud Ihe nciivitv ol" Kcn
tucky to tho cnuso of tho pcoplo nml " 'Old 7Vp."
Ilo proclaiincd thnt thcro wns nut n citizcn of Kcn
tm ky, who a montli ngo wnsnn cnrncstClay innn,
hut what was now n warm friend ot tho old Fur
irier of North licnd, nnd snid tliat, in Ihe cauvnss
now bcginuiiiL', amonir those who would trv tho
strcngth of thc strongcst in thc rnnks of the nd-
inmistration, would bu found the Clnv nirn of
Kcntucky, who with n mnL'iiuiumitv trulv admir-
ublc, hnd but lcft thc side of ono noblo liicnd, to
rank thcniselvcs hy tho sMo of nnother, ns noblj
und dcscrving of ihcir support. " Kcntuckinn-','
said hc, " fiist ralled llarrisnn to thc ficld to fight
ngiiinsl tlio cncmics of our country ; and thiuk yo
tmit tlicy wiii nu D.icKwarii in cuiistuig uuilcr lns
linuner agaiu, now thut he iscoiui; forth to warn-
gninst those who nro sappingtho lounilaiions of
our liliertics? No! iu the front rnnks of tho
coining contcst will you timl tlicm,doiug tlieir du
tien ns incn us frccincn.''
Alr Souihgaie's iilcdgo for "Old Kentuckv."
wns rcccived wilh loud checriug, whcn Mr Stor-
cr was callcd lor, nnd nddrcsscil n low reinnrks to
tho people, urging thein to tinanimiiy of nction,
modcraiion of lonc, nnd that argumtni which
shoiild nitirk thccontrovcrsiesnf culightcned tueii,
iustcad of thu abusc so chnrnctcristic of rcccut tio.
i e 1
iuicni wuiiurc.
From thc Xorfolk ( Virginxa) Ikrald.
Tho Conveniion, in dccidiuir upon Wm. ii.
Unrrison, hnvu dono so with all thc propcr liiihts
uud convictions to lend thcni to a corrcct iud''-
incnt, nnd cntircly tininfliicuced bv thcir own nnr-
tiuliiics; aud thc fricuds ot Mr Cluy, following
ius tiotiic nuu inagnniiuuouB cxnmpic, canuot
pausu fur n inoincut in giving to the iiouiiuntions
of tho llnrrislmrg Cunvcutiou, n zealous support.
As u pmriol nuu n slatcsmnu, Ijcu. llurrison is
witliout rciironch. Iu his politicul coursc hu has
shnwu nu cvidciicc of a deviation from those priu-
ciplcs wiucii coiibtiiutu tlic liiiimlatiou ol u purc
ly rcpulilican govcniiniint ; foriinthingofthu kiud
is or can bu chargcd ritiiiiiibt liim. From such n
iiinti wo may cxpcct, witliout fcur ol disappoiut
ment, what wus oncc piomhcd but from causcs
not now ncccssury to rccapiiulatc. ncvcr rcaliscd :
ati hontsl and uprighl admmislralion of Ihe Gencr
al Govcrnminl.
From the llaleigh,.Yarth Carolina, Ilcgisltr.
Tliohroad baiincr of IIAKUISON, LIItKH.
TVand thu CONSTITUTION is now lltuig to
tho hrci zc, iiisi'ribcd with t u inspiriug jnotto
From the Eastern Jhgns llevxved, Conscrvative.)
Thu labnis of thu Nutiounl Couvciniou nt llnr
risbtiiL', havo bccn most propitiously consuiumu
tcd. Likc uicn of high aud honoruhlo purposcs
like iatriots, risiug ubovo all local, scctionul uud
perbonnl fcclings nnd prcfurcnccs, nud siuking nll
ininor cousidcrntinns in u pnruuiouut rcgnrd for
ihu triumph ol principlu nnd lovo of country, thu
membcrs of thnt impnrtnut nsscmbliigu hnvu int't,
compnrcd viuws nnd opinions, nud huvo proclnhu
cd to tlio nntiim ns ihu linnl nnd una.nimous rc
sult of nll thcir dclihcrntinns, tho nnminntion of
Gcn. Williain 11. llurrison, of Ohio, for t' o I'res
idcncy, uud of llon. Jolin Tylcr, of Vlrginiu, for
thu Vieo IVcsidoncy.
W'o do not hulicvu thnt ntrnusfur could hoinndo
to moro lioncGt, nud well dispnscd, nml wcll quul
ified humls, ihnn thc noininntioiis lluis tnnde pro
poc. From tht Lancasttr Unian,
Nutional Canrtntion. Thu tidiugs of ihonoin
iuntion, hy which nll thu diffcrcnt bruiichcs of thu
opposition will ho brought lo uci iu conccrt, will
no dotilit spreud u glooui ovcr thu inmnti's of thu
Wliito llousu ut VVnsbiugton. Thu iiominniion
of Unrrison is to Van lluicn nud his ollico hold
iug dcpcndiiutH, whnt thu liand wriiing ou thu
wull wus to thu impious llclshazzar. The timo is
npiioiutcd whcn thu corrupt liU'lion which now
iiilcs with u rod of Irnu thu dcstiuics of uur fair
country, shtdl bu wciuhcd in thu baluuco nnd found
wautlng. Tho Old llt-ro of tho West who nuvcr
'lobt n b'utllu,' will agnin bu vietorlous. Tlm pco.
plc, iu biiitu of iho I'cderal cnlumny, novui wcro
uugrntcful, nnd iho wur-woni vetcinn mtist boiri.
umimnntly clccteil
Somo of tho supportcrs of tho Fcdernl Ailmin
islrntlon nffcct lo bc ignornut of tho clnitns of tho
Whig Cnndidate for tho I'residcncy to the grnti
tttdo of his cuuntryiucu. They nro cspucinlly unx
ious, too, to tnnko nut tliat his servincg iluring tho
Inst wnr wero llghily rcgnrdcd by thoso whoshar
cd with liim tho toils uud dangcra of thu froutiei'
fltruggle. A few oxtrncts Irom cotcinpornry puh
licntlons, will cnnhlo our renilcss to sntisfy thein.
solvos un hoth of thcso points. Thu first is from
n letter written bv Col. R. AI. Johnson, now Vico
I'rcsidcntof tho buitt-d Statcs, to Gcn. llurrison,
dntcd July lth 1813.
" Wo would not havo cngngcd InWfco servico
witliout fiiich a prospcct, whcn wo rccollculcd
whnt disnstcrs havo nttcndcd us lor thu wunt of
good Gcneriils. Wo did not wnnt to sarvo tindot
cownrds, drunknrds, old grnuuies, nnr trnitors, but
linder onetcho had proved Itimitty to be wisc, pru
dent and braec. The ofli ccrs ot tho luotintcd rcg
inicnt hnd somo idcn of iiddressing you on thcir
anxicty to be a parl of your army in tho c.impuign
airuiust Cunada, nnd of giving you n statcincnt of
thu lmportnnco of hnving nu opporluuity to inuko
the rcgimeut cdicicnt for such n cuitipnigu hy ro
cruitiug tlieir horscs."
Next i.j a proclnmntiou issucd by tho Mayor of
Richmond, Va., on thc rcccipt of tlic intclligcncc
of Gen. Harrisnu'ssignal Iriumph on tlinThuincs:
Fem.ow Citi.ens Agnin " by tlio blcssings
of Providence," wu nru victorious. The complutu
victory obtaincd ovcr tho combined Indian nnd
liritish fo'ccs, undcrihc coinmand of Gen. I'roc
tor, who hns himsclf doubtlebs cro this grncod tlia
triuniih of oui most gnllant Ocneral Unrrison,
will givo nsentiro possessioti of tho Cannilns ; und
opcrnto moro powcrfully to tfis resior.uion of pcuce
tlian the incdintiou of nny power on cnrth. Givo
vnnt to your fcclings -tliink of Unrrison, whoso
intrcpid valor has thus so nobly iicchievcd tho
victory. I,ct nu illuiuinution guucrally tnko plnco
tliroughouiotir city on thu cvcning of tomorrow,
uudcr this rcstricliou only, thut by tcn of tho cvu
mng thcy he all ovtinguislied tiio sufety of tho
city rcqiiircs that 1 eliouhl urge this precntiiion:
wlicn it is most nrdeiilly wishcd thut cvcry cilizen
will rctiro with gratcful heurls to thcir rcspcctivo
"Douhtless cycry pntriotic sontimcnt will lend
our citizcns to concur in this rccouiuicndution.
liut lct the liouscs of nbscntecs. or orphnns, &c.
which niiiy uot bo lightcd on tliis mciuorinhlo oc
cnsiou, be rcspcctcd.
Mayor,s OJfice,
Sunday even'.ng, 10 P..M."
Siineon Suydcr, tho I'utriotic Dcmocrntic Gov
crnor of I'cnnsylvmiin, thusoxpresscd his admira
tion of Gen. Unrrison in hisnnnua! inessago to tho
Lesislnture, Doc. 10, 1814.
"Thc blcssings of thousands of womcn and
children roscucil from thu sculping kuifo ofthc
riilhlcss snvuge ol tho wildcrncss, uud from tho
still moro snv'ugo Proctor, rcK on Unrrison nnd
his gnllent nriny.''
Finally, the Genernl Ordnr issued hy llurrison
on tho dny iho American iroops dubnrked ou ihe
Connda shnres, will shuw that vnlor, tempcred hy
mercy, tnught liim whcn to striku und whcn to
"Ifead Qitarlcrs, on board thc Mel.
iseplembrr,U7, 1813.
Thn Gcnerul entrcats his bruvo tioops lo reniem
ber thnt ilioy nro sons orslrua whoso famo is im-
mortal : Thnt they nrc to light (or the ,.'J-&S&Pjt
tlieir insiillcd coiiulri'. u liiNl iliiirniinnncniitnninT
but for tho iinjust pre'.cn-jions of ainnsicr."
''Kcntuckian j rcuicmhcrthe river Rnisin! but
romeinbor it only whilst thc victoty is suspended.
The ruvengo of a soldier cnnnnt be grutiticd upon
n fnllnn cnemy. Oct. 30, 1813."
Cnn the prcscnt iinworihy' incumbent of thc
I'rcsidcutial Chair honst of n single tcstitnonial
uwurded by his countrymcn in the linnr of dilR
cultj nnd daii''er? If not, lct his parliznus bhisb
nt thcir basu aticmiits to pluck from tho brow of
his gullant compctitor thu laurels plarcd lliere by '
n graieuu country. Albany Jiaetrliscr.
From the jY. Y. Frprcas.
The division on Wiso'a ri'snluiinn tl.n Hn..i.
of Reprcsentntivcs. cnabh-s us to dcfine the posi-
. : .. r .1... ., t..i.. i . 1
nuu ui iuu iiuiiuiiiii iiiumncrs m vongress.
Those who votcd wilh tho Whigs, iu the mi
nority of 1 15, nro as follows :
nir oampticii, ot boutli Uarohna.
Alr llunicr, of Virginin.
Alr Shcnard, of N irth Cnrnlinn.
All (!' wllOlll W(ru cIimiiipiI tv llm ni,.l.n na A .1.
ininistrntion nien, iu ihe tnnjoriiy of 118, (to ex-
cimiu ino now ucrsey incuiDersi nre :
P.icmr tif llliiwiiu ..i i :.. .. im.t. t-.
.... ui .Mllilio, UIULII.-U iu u Jll jjis.
Alr Fisher, of North Curoliun, do do.
Alr Wick, of Indinnn.
On the nbovo vote on .Mr Wise'u resnlutlon, 0
WlliftH Vn Iltl4iflf . Vl'f !1r llniina 11.. I...
" ' .... . .... a, ui ftsvilllUI ,
llopkins, of Vu., nud Kcmpshall, of New York.
Thu btlltU Of lltirlics lll llio llnnsn mnu llw.r..r.rn
be sut down us follows:
Aduunistrntion (inchiding 3 doubtful,) 118
Whigs (iiicludiug 3 doubtful,) 1 18
New Jcrsey membcrs, 5
Vucuticy in iMnsjachusctts, 1 121
Premonilory Symplits. The indinnlions nro
nuiuerous that Vun IJiiienisin is upprouchiiig its
end. The iiner discomfiluro of tho Administru-
tion iu tho ck'ctiou (or Spcnker nnd tho numhcr
ol Irngmcnts into wiucii "tho party'' was broken
ou tho linnl hallot plaiuly foretokcu itssncedv dis.
solntion. Ai if anticipating suuh a cutuimophc,
thn nrigiual New Era thus prcparcs itsclf uud its
rcudcrs lur a oo:i. -.'HUuwj ,'ldv,
n .i.i i . i - . . .
ino (iciiiocrucy oi new xorlt, ns wo
wull know, uud ns tho Picsidcni wcll knows,
nro n nmsi iiunicd nud tiiitlinclimg pco
tilo, hut wo shnll not follow liim unv longer thnn
ho rcprcscnts our I'liiiciples. Wo ure prepnr
od for tho nsscrtion of our hclovcd Iruili, though
crror shull hnve crupt into our mnst secrct cuhiu
cis. Tho truth, hnncstlv snokcn, is thut Alr Van
liurcn iiiust havo thc democracy und tho Stnto of
iScw Vork, or Iu; must do witliout us. If ho hns
said, und if ho fccls, iu tho sccmitv of KJ-bis
lirussels carpct cnlculaiinns,cj that ho cun do
wi'hout us, why, so lio it ! 7e cniu nothiiiL' bv
his policy uitliur ono wny or tho othcr j wo nro ns
ludcpcmient ot XMr Vun liurcn ns bo is of us, und
wo vniuu inm uot n struw uut ns tlio rcpresuntu-
uvu oi u priucipie,-
t-cry uooa. mr ricKcns, oi aoutn uuroiina, in
n rccuut Hpcccli, llttercd thu following I'wulesa uud
just rcuiarks:
Thnt, for thn last tuu yenrx, thcru hns becn too
strong Exccutivo nction in this Governmcnt, aud
it is time thnt thu Reprcsentntivus of the Pcoplu
bhotiid assurt iiidcnciidencu nml trntnplo on tho
limcs of party looking only i tho good of ihe
country, to thc snnctiiy of llio Constiiutlon, nud to
tho pcscrvniion oftheirowu honor nud indcpon
(lencc. If thcro bo one subjeet moro dcur to me
llinn anotbur, il is tlint 1 inny pco thui llutiso rn
ilccmod uud icgcncrntiil llmt I inay scu il brcak
loosu from its mihserviaucy to thnt Alonsler God
ol Pnny, which is rcnrcd up on cvcry sido, und
which ulnims fiom its vicliuis n husc, ilcvoted nud
bliud ulolatry.
I know thu ilulicnoy of my jiosiiion ; I scorn to
Buppi ewi my scnthnents. I would not wenr tlio
proudcst dinduiu that over snt upon a inoiinrcli's
brow, if I could nut war it unshuckled nud frco.
1 nik no politlcnl fnvor: I dcslro no Biipport ox.
cept upon lioncst principlcs priuciplcs whicli I
uvow lioldly nnd apunly. 1 hold no Kuiiiimunu in
my closct wldrh I will not nvow lo tho world.
Iu iny opiuionuit Is dun to tho digniiy of llio
llousu to nieet this questiati boldly nnd to dccide
it. I am rcudy to votC.
For plniu mon why Wm. Heury Unrrison should
bu electcd Prcsident of tho United
lst. lie is n tricil repnbtican of tho Old School.
who hns served tho country fnithfully in pcnco
nnd wnr. nml I1.19 itin I,.fT....;n.. .....!.!.'.
onu:u-"ho is honcst, cnpablc, nnd faithful to thc
2(1. Wim fnr ftvntvn vnnra r?,..,- ( r
ilmnn, nnd nt llio enmo titno perlortncd tho du-
I ,td nf I.wi:.... t 1 ... 1 .1
iiuiuii nuiii. iluring iiiifl perioa iniii
10113 ot tho puhlic niouuy paescd tlirottuli lns
linililfl. OVnrv nuttt nf ml.:,.!. I. .. - 1
nnd hu Itdt tho puhlic servico pttro nutl poor.
t)d. hnnrVif mvnalml tuilK ... I. ...1 . -
, w , x . iiiivsivii 11111 IUTi;i) viiuiiijr
m penco or in war, thc Supremacy of tlie
aw was sustnmed. Ho nevcr challcngcd his f'el.
.ow mnn to singlo conibnt-but oficn ns ho met
tho mcs of lns country hu proved tho victor.
4th. Ho is a umn ofhubstnncc, notofshow
plnni in lns dress nnd manners.a practical farmcr:
WOrks Wltll hia i.ivn l,ni,,tu .,.! '
st man as Ius cipml.
.nn . 110 is plcilgcd lo servo but ono tenn, nnd
lins pledgo ho will rcdecm witliout rcquiritigan
altciation of tho constituiion.
(ith. Ho Wnlllil rrmni'l il.o vill ,fr
all mnttcrs of cxpediency, nnd would only uso
...w ,uiU ,iuii;i ,viin ino nct Euumittcd lur Ius
npprovnl cnino inconflict with tho constiiution.
7th. Ilo would rcgnrd tho Sennto ns Imving
iho snmo nght n himself to judge of appoint
ineuts to oflices nnd if tho iiominniion of ono
"uoble friend" should bo rejcctcd, ho would
send 111 nnother not less noblc, witliout heing in
nny degreu (iffundcd by thu rejectiou of his (irst
nnmcd friend.
81I1. Ilo hns not hcen in puhlic lifo for the tnst
twclvo ycnrs nor iningled in tho party strifo of tho
dny ; ho would ihcreloro be tho Presidont of thu
Wholo Peoplc, nml would come into olRce with n
(hsposition to lessen Exccutivo power nnd pntron
ugc, nnd to rciluco the exiravngunt cxpRiulitures
ot the Fedcrul Governmcnt to a wholesome
Oth. Ho is the Father of thn pressnt ndmira
h!c system of disposing of the puhlic Inmls, which
ha-i been so perfectcd thnt n poor man who caa
mako up SIOO, may becoino unindependentFrce
holder. This inensura hns carned for liim tho
title which he receivcsin the West, of tho "Poor
Alan'a Friend.''
10th. Although n wnrking man, nnd not n
Lawyer, ho hns talcnts of n high order.is "uschol
ai nnd n ripo nnd good one," is ono of tho hcst
rend in tho country nnd thinks wcll.spenks wcll,
wntcs well, nnd lights wcll. Baltimore Chroni.
The icay Sub-Trcasuryism to.irki, One of tho
lcuding fcutures of tho Sub-Trcnsury biil which
is now proposcd-thu spcciu clause, ns it is cnllcd
is tho collection of thu revenues ot tho Govvrn
ment in spccie. This fuaturc, nlthough Ihe IJill
is not yct tho Inw of tlio Innd, hns bccn ncted up
on nnd the debts lo tho Govcrnincnt collected, in
nnrt. in s-neciu nt luast nnnii'rli m-ntinlili. i,..o
collected to pay tliu oflico liolders. How these
omce noiuersure HKeiy 10 prolit liy tlio Sub-Trens-ury,
when it bucomes thc luw, muy bu lenrned by
tho following trunsaction. Tlicse nre splendid
Sub-Treastiry timcs the fiirmcr gets (i cents a
pound lor his pork, und a correspondiug price for
othcr nrticlcs ho inny hnvo for salo-tho nicchauic,
can witli ililiiciiltv rnlli.pt i,.i,,o .. .1:.
the fruits of his industry, cvcn for p'aper money
While tho custom house Kcntleinen; nnd the Poin
uciiiuh?, iiiegioriuers 01 van uuren nnd tlieSub
Treasury.draw spcciu from the Trcasury und scll
it for 10 pcr ccnt or more, prcniium, nnd pny
thcir oivn debts iu pnper. Tliis is what is meant
by the plnasc, "gold nnd silvnr for thu olticu ho...
ders, nud raus for the iig.imI' 'I'l II f-tnt !J i!mnn
ollho piuciplusof &iib-rreasiiryism nro now in
in 11 uiL'miiiiii-uii) uiiucts ot wnicli ovcry dcpart
ment ofimluslry is now renlizing, iu a modernto
dcgrec, in coinpnrison with what may be cxpect
led when the odiotis bill shnll go into n more gen
ernl opcintiou. liut what care Van Uuren, llen
ton. uud othcrs. fur tliu Innipnini
so loiig ns they cnn get thcir saluriesin spscieand
f.i;i.,iiuiu ii,uii iuu iuu raie 01 siuu lor cacu
Correspondence ofthc JY. Y. Mverliscr.
Washington, Dec. 7, 1839.
Thero is a little riicrrimpnt nmntti. n. iu?, nmu
at the expense of my lionorcd friend, T. II. Ben
ton, of Alissouri. Ho recoived, it secms, a anecte
clicck for ono ihousnnd dollars, for his mileu"o
iiuui 01. 1.01113 10 ino cupmii, out sucli wus lns
sudden unaccountnble detcstution of tho spccie fea
turo iu tho check, hc tuslauily sold it lo a broker
iu this city, for F.levcn hundred in thu papcr of
uur siispcuueu uaiiKs, anu is now, as l uudcrstnnd,
mecting his current cxpenses with these bnnk
rags ! Verily, truth is stranger ihnn fiction. Ho
who but abhort time sinco duzzled and hedizcned
tho wholuunlion with thu 8iler.dor ofhis goldcn
drcnms, and rollcd tbu A ississippi bnck to its
foiiutuiu hend n solid column of virgiu gold, now
barters nwny even tho reality ofhis visiuns for tho
rngs of a Biispcnded bank ! G. H.
One Tenn. Wo nre glad to sce that tho " ono
tenn " doctrino, in regunl to thc Picsidency, is
guiuiug gruund ; nnd thnt ineu of nll partien uro
comiug out in fnvpttr of it. In tho earlier peri
od of our Coustitutional carecr in tho bctier
days of thn Repiiblic iho incnvcniencu of thu
two tcrm pyst. 111 wns srarccly fejt. Iu ihoso
days ull mcii took ollico, cvcn tlieiiiglioM, tosoivu
tlieir country ; nnd there wns ihcreloro no inducc
mcuts,siipposing nriuciple out ufthe way, to np
p'y the power nnd patronage cnjoycd iluring thu
first term, tu the "basu" uud venal use ol sccu.
ring n reelcctinn. liut liow is it now ? A chango
Iuu iHiilouliteil:y como ovcnhespirit of our coun
try, or iucumbciits of ollicc, s ucn ihosu days.
Aud it is cviduut to tho wholu Union that, from
the day whcn n party I'residcut nssumes tho
Exccutivo chair nnd heconies dispenser of "rc
wprdsto his friends," und n "punishmcut to his
oppomints" from thnt dny, until thu end ol his
lour ycnrf'torm of ollico a leuding ohjcct witli
himselt und his buboidiunlo oflicc-holilcrs is to
to ordcr affairs, nml to Etrengthcn his hands, cs
tosecurothis power for nnother tcrm. Who can
dciiy llmt this is so! ThcTnct is beyuud denial,
aud is notorious.
Herc theu is ono great rccommcndatinn 10 tlio
honcst man und tricil patriot of North Hend it
will bon strong nnil just rccoinmundntinn ot liim,
to hoiicot mun of nll purties, thnt Gcnerul Harrison
hnsnpcnly dcclurcd und plcgcil liiiusclf in fnvour
of one tcrm. If eleeted, thereforc, liu will he the
Prcsident -not ofour pnny, hut tho country, nnd
will retiro from ollicc, with n good coiibcience nnd
clenii hunils,nt thucndofthoirjlieiin - Baltimore
Pali iot,
I'uMie Land). Thu mnchincry isnt work. Tho
eluciion of Prcsident npproachcsi nml thu pnrty
of Alr. Van Uuren nro preparinglo bribotho Wes
lcrn Bintcs to his supporl. Alr. Wnlkcr of Allssis
sippi, uud Alr. Clay of Alnhnmn, hnvu cach giveu
notico of ihuir intt-niion 10 bring iu bills conteni
plntiug tlio rcductiou of thu priccs of Publio
Tliis sucrifico of tho rights of tho old stutes, for
tho purposo of bribiug thu new, will inobably bo
eupportfd, by nll tho Vnu lluren mciniicrsof Oon
gress from thu old statcs. Thcro nro (wo Scualors
111 .Maine, two iu Nuw llnmpshiro, ono In Connec
tir.ut, tmo in New Jersey, niul iwo in PcnnsylVn.
nla, who, withoiu going nny further south or wcbt,
nro Biiflicieut to cIiuuko tho majoriiy in thnt house,
uud Bnvo thu rights of tho people of tlieir statcs
10 thu lauds.
It is Eiild thnt Guorge AI. Dnllas.of Pensylvjinia,
lute Alinlstur to Rusin, is to succued Alr. Grimdy
US Attolliuy ueiicriu, liuu uini nu. v.. v. vnu-
broleng will bo ponniiuled na minlsler to utissia.

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