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Vermont watchman and State journal. (Montpelier, Vt.) 1836-1883, June 29, 1848, Image 3

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tcntntloua Ronttcmnnly man. Tlioro is no prii'c,
nor foppery, nor alra nbout hiin. Ilo possesses
tlio utinoFC sitnpllcily of clmrnclcr. When in
tho army lio fnrcd just ns liis soldiers fercd nto
mo sumo looil slept under his lent and under
went similar fitticua-forfiflecn months inMex
ico, never slceninir in n liouso one ninht. His
humanity, kimlncM, nnd simplicity of clmrnctcr,
lind won for hint tho lovo of his soldiers. They
could approach him nt nil times. Ho never kept
n gunru nro'inu ma tent, or any pomp or partinc.
Ho trusted his soldiers, nnd "thev triislnl nnd
loved him in return. Not n drop of his soldiers'
blood wns shed by him dutinjr tlio campaign.
AM the blood shed under Ills direction wns shod
in battle wo henr of no mllilnry executions, no
judicial shedding of blood. His heart moved to
liutntiii woe, and ho wns careful of tho lives of
ins soldiers, nnd liumano to the crrine, nnd to
uir vanntiisiieu loo. no is kind, nobln, gener
ous, feeling a friend of tho masses thero is
no aristocracy about him ho is n true Demo
crat. Ho willndorn tho White House, and shod
nuw light over tho fodinu nnd false Democracy
of I ho day. which has pone far into ils sero nnd
yellow leaf ho would b ing in atruo, vigorous,
vcrunnt, rci resiling democracy.
opinion's SAKE.
Ho is n good nnd trno Wlilg, but ho will pro
scribes no man for mere difTerpncn nf nninmn
Ho holes, loathes proscription. Ho loves tho
tree, independent utterance or opinion. Ho ha
commanded Whigs nnd Democrats on tho field
of battle has witnessed their patriotic devotion
and invincible courage, while standing together,
shoulder to shoulder, has seen them fight,
bleed and die together: nnd God forbid he should
prescribe any man on account of n difference of
political sentiments. He would as soon think,
i.t . i. . r a . .
uiu win spenKur, oi running irom a Mexican!
Some cbject, tuiil tbo suenker, to Gen. Taylor,
becauso ho is from tho South and a slaveholder.
Aro o not one people? Do yon not love the
Union;- Have 1 not the satnn rinrit pb n If en.
tuckian, to all tlio benefits of our glorious Union,
miui jnu uavo as rciinsyivntii.ins? We nre one
people, from the Atlantic to the Pacific j from
our most Northern line to tho Hio Grnudo, wo
lire ono people-it is all my country-it is all
yours. There is no country, ihero never wns a
country, like this. Romp, in her miyhticst days,
never possessed so vast and splendid a country
os this so grand, so great, so glorious. Our
deatiny is as clorions as our country, if wo hold
together, and do not suffer sectional prejudices
to divnlo us wn speak one languago-our iden
tity is the same wo are ono consolidated peo
ple, and uur success hos hitherto boon glorious
uud unprecedented. Shall wo then divide in
feeling? No, no I No matter "hero our man
is (ruin, il ho is an American. General Taylor,
in (us feelings, knows no South, no North, no
East, no West. He is nn American. Where
lias he lived? In his tu fur forty years. His
iiomf. for forty year has been under tho Amer
ican llag-lho Flag o; his whole country. Ho
Id a national man; ho has lited evenuhere,
wherever lliu fijg waves ! Ho is not a Southern
man ho is an Ajikmcan ! Ho prescribes no
man either of tho North or South ; nnd will you
proscribe him for tlio nccident of birth nnd homo ?
He condemns no man foi the institutions of his
Slate. Will you condemn him ? Ho is a kind,
generous, noble old uian a true American in
ar.N. tayi.or's habits.
Ho is a temperance man ; he never drank a
bottle of spu ltd iu his life. His habits aro ex
emplary. cif.n. taylor's im-lex-iuili'i v or character.
r'mally, said tlio speaker, lie is a man you can
not 6m a man you camml sell a man you can
not scare, and a mm who never surrenders !
Grf.at Taylor Meeting in Augusta, Me.
Correspondence of the Boston All.
Gentlemen: Tho Whig (ires are burning
brightly, the Whig spirit is up ! On Friday eve
ning a ratification meeting was called to meet
nt the Capitol, and nobly did tho people respond.
No language of mine can describe tho cnthusi
nsiii of that occasion. Taylor men, Clay men,
Webster men, all came together, like a bandoi
brothers, to pledg.i their vows of fealty to the
great cause, and give in, most enthusiastically,
their adhesion to the nominations of the Nation
al Convention.
Union Hall, a very Choacions nlace. was.
nt op. early hour, crowded to us utmost capacity.
Large numbers of the people filled tho streets,
unablo to get into tho place of meeting. The
vatt assembly wns addressed by Hon. Luther
Severance, delegate from Kennebec to tho Na
tional Convention, Hon. George Evans, Hon.
John Otis, .Messrs. I'aino and Uarncs, of the
Itninr. i,f llnn,,,,n, I, VI ,
Hollowell, and Col. Dumont, of tho Senate of
The meeting, about half nasi Inn. nilinnrnnil
to the street, and it procession was immediately
formed, which, accompanied by u splendid band.
marched to tlio Stale-House. It was loudly
cheered in its progress. Tlio Democrats (so
called) aro greatly alarmed. They cannot hold
the rank uud file together. Tho namo or olJ
Zjch has alarmed and terrified tho leaders.
Laroe Ratification Meeti.no in Lowell.
The Whigs and other friends to General Tay
lor assembled in large numbers, in tlio city, in
Lowi II, on Monday night. It was tho largest
neeiing ana one ot tlio best meetings that we
VU nan III lrfllY. Jinn IVO hailn onnn n nrnnt
iiunv. .miner iiarueu, asq. presided. A series
tunc rMi.1,1 1 - l " i
- 7, I "vuitu Ullllli I4UIH 4OIM-
V DHIIIHIT. linn I innrtm I iml I... Aot
ittsiMi ifi utacu . unn i r. n inn inr ni nn
Ni soate, the jjnller.es und the aisled, were fil-
A, ..,,!,.. I., mi. .
i . i n.n
, "luvni LJIllJU HJCUia U
UV1UT Ul ill V II IlllUrp. A rrrn.n iiinnun.imr.nrnta
wo learn, will vote theTiivlnr lickiit this fall in
AflWPtl. Jllifl wn fihr.nM ,., l.rt B,..n.a.l .1
I .aw PIM M l?.i ,1 IIIU
lintntv ? J 3
G7 The Nowbnrypnrt Herald ujys that the
ray lor ratification meeting1 in that town on Tliura-
1 a V eVPnUHf Wm I'uru Urirn UnnnL.n ,
nude by Hon. Geo. l.nnt, and Mitior Guinea, of
VV. I Ion. Khptirvwr fir A H,. f.. ..-1.. o i.
j y (wi iiim wMrn
r flf I in llmiitn (trnai.lu.l nn ..
- -j j. . . . v. w.i uiu uvvuniuiu
Oen. Tatlou in Connecticut. Tho Wlii"s
- - xijiui i.iivj iiiniwig
iad a great meeting on Wednesilav nitHit. Tho
liril' r I I'iil.ln.juKn U T . I. .... I
1H.nvil. MIU jiuigc, Ollll liUl"
ico iinui wo luougnts mum scenes ot Is 10."
J'hcMayor of tho city presided -speeches were
nado by Hon. U. W. Itockwell and others,
ff?" Thcro was a larL'0 nitM-tinnmrtlin Whina
. - i, ...v .
h C.Mlrn t 11 l..t , :
Pd. ititv. Jnnfa t.rF 'i.nn f-.... i i. ..r jr..
ind Judge Conrad, of La.,cnlertoined the uudi
:nco till a very late hour. It is estimated that
(E?" 1 he "Syracuso Journal" in the li?art ot
he timp'uo Slate, thus speaks right out :
"Tho masses, Hie bono and sinew of the Whig
4 4 .wiouiu ,11 tfliu OllltU
tnltiiiin In lltn kiinmrl nf Hnl... n.n
- . umui UIIU 1 I I 1UIL'.
ucv uro mi nressou wit i lee iiun-n m ihr.. r,..
hat itispiru tlicin to action liko tliuso which
irompted their leader in tho contests at Ilcsaca
ln I., n.l rt u: ... . . i
u ilk I uiiiiu unn minim v iHin. pnriiiin iiii, .nnin.
y "ill bo won. Talk not to us about bnliin"
ho ticket in Central Now Vork. The idea is
irepobterous. The Whiysof Onondaca Counlv
ro miuy iu pieugo iouu majority lor l ayiorouu
llllnnrn. niul if liinrn ia .Irxairm I I tin him.na. .uill
.. ! l !. ! :. .. .. .
1111 LUllllUCIlL.t?. 11UV1II'. IUHL HflUll) iv I ir Md I n n.
ho county, There isbut one impression among
nem, aim mat is a ucliel mat our ticket will
uccced by n greater majority than was ever ob-
uys of Locolor.oism. Such aro tho feelings
1LI1 1TII11.11 11IU IVIIIl'II UltUIIL Ullll IllllirilVf, lilt.
ucisioii oi uie nigiiesi iriuunai oi tlio party.
Wisconsin. Movements aro in nroL'ieds in
Viseuusin, to call a Convention in concurrence
riii. ,1... rt...ni. ........ n.n...nr.....n ir. M... V.. -I.
oinination of Mr. Wentwurth for re-election,
Iter coming out in strong terms against the
ominecs of tho I! jltimoro Convention, is regard
d us u virtual ondurscinonl of his viows by his
nnirrRi.111111111 1 insirmr.
Kentucky. Tho Lexington (Kv.) Atlae, a
aper thai has devoted all us energies to tho
jpport oi its illustrious townsman, eays:
Tho nomination ofTaylornnd Fillmnro seems
to havo filled tho Whig party, as (ar os wo havo
Heard, with a universal sensation ot joy, anu a
cntilidcnt hopo that tho day ot our country's ro
demotion ia not far distant.
Gkn. Lf.si.if. Coombs, and his noon Exam-
ri.K. Gen. Coombs is tho personal friond of
Henry Clay but ho ia now doing all ho can to
secure tho election of Gen. Taylor. Having
spoken in JVowark on ftlonday evening, In Ilrook
lyn on Tuesday evening, he nnd Gov. Jones go
now to speak in uonneciicut. ucn. uootnus, in
tho course of his speech at Newark, speaking ol
Gen. Tavlor. said l
" Fellow citizens, if you know this nld man
as 1 Know mm, yon would wondor how any otn
cr man could tail to lovo and honor him. Here
minds mo more of Cincinnatus. whom Hume
called Irom tho field to save her, than any other
man ot ancient story, lio is my beau ideal ol a
Guncral C. vouched for him ns o patriotic
wing. 1 saw a letter to Henry Ulay, received
tho day beforo I loft home, in ivliich tho old pat
riot says ' If you aro selected ns tho candidate
you havo no friend in America who will gito you
u more fervent support than I will.'
fjy Tho New Orloins VVhig papers arc in
ccsucics at tlio nomination ot Ucn. Taylor.
ExTnr.MEs Meet. Whilo ono or two papers
at the North aro professedly hostile to General
Taylor, bccatiso he is a elavehulder in fuel, some
of tlio Southorn papers object to him because he
is not a slaveholder in principle. The Mobile
Register accuses him nf being an abolitionist,
while tho Charleston Mercury, or rather a cur
respondent of that paper, accuses him of not be
ing so sound on tho subject of Hlaxery ns Gen.
Cass, ami intimates: that Gen. Taylor reirards
Blavery as a sin and an evil, whilu Gen. Cass
does not so regard it.
It is not enough that Gen. Taylor is n slave,
holder, to suit the disciples of Calhoun, butlhey
must havo sun.o assurance that a candidate be
lieves il to be Binful not to hold slaves, before
they will givo their votes for him. Tlioext.ome
pro-slavery men of the South nre not more nu.
meroiis, however, than extreme nnti slavery men
ol tho North. They about counterbalance each
other, and it is not a litlle remarkable, that both
agree in ono Hung, namely, in believing it to be
their duty not lo vote for the ('residential candi
date of either the Baltimore or l'hiladelphia Con
ventions. .V, Mirror.
Cass iicno in Ekfiot. Tho Reading Jour
nal publishes a letter from William GraefTjr., a
Sergeant in the Pennsylvania, volunteer, from
which wo toko iho following extract. Tho let
ter is dated San Angel, Mexico, April 2G, 1818.
Now let me tell you how Senator Cass was
treated by the volunteers. You will recollect
that we, (or the volunteers) were mustered under
Ihu act of May, MO, by which wo nere allowed
Stf.iiO per inoiiih for clothing, and in a circular
dtted August 7th, '47, were again assured of re
ceiving the same. But it seems that Mr. C.iss,
with n good, economical heart, offered a bill " to
cause tho volunteers to bo furnished with cloth
ing in kind, at tho same tutus according to grade,
as is provided for tho troops of the regular army."
Thus you see ho lias reduced our pay for cloth
ing from S3,.ri0 to S2,j0. This, I suppose, is the
compensation wo get for fighting our way to tho
Capitol. As soon aa tho 1st I'eiinsylvaniaus re
ceived news that this famous bill had pissed,
they extended a rope across the main road leading
to the City of Mexico, and iiuno in EFFiav roon
Lewis Cass! Some officers, touched by their
politics, ordered it to be cut down, but the bovs
had him in his just position again soon after,
where lie hung till evening, when ho was taken
do v n and doomed to the slake !
Jcmpino the TnACEs. In Now Jersey, the
Locos havo ns much as lliey can do to keep
down spontaneous combustion in favor ol Gen.
Taylor. Their committee of vigilanco lor Bur
lington county havo deemed it necessary to is
sue an uddreas, urging their own partisans not
tosupport Old Zack. Tho New Brunswick
'rimes, a Loco jpaper, begins n, long leader in
this lugubrious strain:
"We have heard that a few of our friends in
the country havo nxoreaicd a determination to
vote for General Taylor. Reports to this effect
are now circulated; and, among others, several
Dcinicrats of influence uro named us being in
favor of Taylor. Wo do not believe half "the
atones which are aftoit iu relerenco In promi
nent men of our party ; but btill think it proper
to refer to the subject at this lime, for tho pur
pose of bringing it fairly beforo our readers."
A Goon One. At a late Convention in
Maine, n Taylor Hag was suspended, displaying
most prominently the initial 'A to tho gaze of an
udmiring multitude. A s'x foot lumberman from
the interior, looking up to it exclaimed "There
now, hi I'd like old Zack, egz.ictly ! can't be
vpsol! Turn il which way you will, it's a Z
uud tain't nothing else. Hurrah for old Rough
and Ready !"
Monday, June If).
Senate. Mr. Webster presented a memorial
from tho Committee appointed by iho Chicogo
Convention, which wasrelerred loa Solcct Com
miltee and ordered to be printed.
On motion of Mr. Dickinson, the bill amend
ing the naturalization laws, so that a temporary
absence from tha country will not vitiate tho
right of those who have declared their intention
to becomo citizens, was taken up for considcra
A debate ensued, in which tho participants
wero Messrs. Dickinson, Calhoun, Westcott and
Berrien, after which the bill was read n third
time and passed.
House. The House assembled at tho usual
hour, when tlio Clerk announced that Mr. Wm
throp, iho Speaker, was indisposed. Mr. Ash
mini confirmed the statement, nnd said that Mr.
Wihlhrop's physician thought lio would not be
able to attend Iho sessions of tho House until
Mr. A sliiuun moved that Mr. Burt act ns
Speaker pro tent ; and the question being put by
the Clerk, it prevailed.
Mr. Burt then look the Chair, and called the
House to order.
Mr. Wentworth presented tho memorial of the
Chicago Convention, f.ivoriug internal improve
menls. On motion, 1 lie consideration uf Iho sub.
ject was deferred until Wednesday. The vote
on the postponement stood, yeas f!vJ, nays 50.
Andrew Stewart moved lo suspend the rules
in order that ho might offer u resolution instruct
ing tho Com uittoa of ways und ineini to report n
bill increasing Ihu duties on luxuries of all kinds,
and on such foreign manufactures as como into
ruinous competiou with American lubor. Tho
motion to suspend tho rules was taken by yeas
and nays, und decided in I lie negative, two tliirds
not voliug for it. Tho vote tiood yeas 80, navs
82. (I'robnblo a party vote.) '
The Vattemaro bill, providing for tho ex
change of Natioiml Document, wus passed.
On motion of Air. Stevens, tho House resolved
to uiocl in future ut 10 o'clock A. M,
Tuksday, June SO.
Senate. Mr. I'elch ol Mich, presenlod the
credentials of Mr. Fitzgerald, tlio nowly appoiti
ted Senator to fill the vm-nneir ni.ffiuif.nn.1 1...
tho resignation of Gen. Cass, who was introduc
ed, duly qualified, and took his seat.
Thu Huuso bill, on motion, was then takon up,
respecting exchanges of bouks on Mr. Valle
mare's plan, which was read tho third timo and
On motion, tho Houso bill allowing farther
"mo ior n.itiHiying claims lor bounty lands, was
Intnl. .n i j . I . I
"I', iuau u mini iiiuu anu udsguu.
Mr. Dix. nf M v ,,. ,i,n f.,.,tin
Commerce, reported iho Ilonso bill in favor of
i"-'""u iu importation ot uduucraioii drugs
On motion nl Mi. a .1. ........ r M n .i. i,i.
... ula uviiutiuil U il. f. illU illUI-
on A'JDrunriutiun Iml uu ..?... ..... i. n..uu
1 1I.U1I HI', .HI. 11I.IID
amendment being in ordsr, respecting lha piy-
lllllllt llP ll.il nv....... ..l .' . . .r
....... w. v.,...ca unu suusisioiico oi me
Cherokees, on account of their removal from
iiuiiu ouruuna.
Mr. Bell said that the amendment ho had of.
rerod was intended simply as an act of ju.tico lo
the Chcrokees romovod Irom North Carolina.
Ilo said that thoy had been deprived of their
lauds, and that thov lnnl n rh.ht t., !. ...u . .
them. A tedious debate sprang up of several
hours duration, when tlio previous quoation on
tho amendment wus called for, and decided in
the affirmative. The bill was then ordered to
be engrossed and read a third time. Adjourned
till tomorrow.
House. Tho House assembled at 11 o'alock,
when tho Clerk rose and announced tho indispo
sition ot tho Speaker.
Mr. Mr. King of Mass. ofiercd a resolution in
favor of appointing Mr. Burt of S. C. temporary
chairman for tho week, which was agreed to.
Mr. Burt then took Iho chair, when tho journal
was read aud approved.
Mr. King from tlio Library Committee, report
ed n joint resolution in favor of authorizing tho
Library Coinmitltcc to erect n Granite Monu
ment to tlio Memory of tho Into Hon. J. Q.. Ad
mm, in tho Congressional Burying Grounds.
Mr. Henley ol la. and Mr. Bowliu, of Mo. ap
proved tho Resolution, and said, that lio(Mr. II.)
thought all monument!) in '.he Congressional Bu
rying Ground sliujld bo aliko. Whilo the
question was pending, Mr. Vinton of Ohio,
moved that thliu Houo resolve itself into a Com
milteo of Iho Wholo on tho Slate of the Union,
which was agreed In.
Mr. Root nf Ohio, in tho Chair; when the
Civic and Diplomatic Appropriation bill was ta
ken up.
Mr. Lincoln of III, addressed tho Committee
in fjvor of internal mprovcinonts by the Nation
al Government. When he had concluded, Mr.
Wick of Ind. read a prepared speech against the
Whig pany. Ilo was followed by Mr. Hudson
of Mass. in a speech against Slavery.
Ho wns interrupted by Mr. Sawyer of Ohio,
who asked Mr. Hudson tho following question:
"Aro your sentiments tho same ns your candi
dato lor the Presidency, Gen. Taylor'tt?"
Mr. Hudson replied by giving Air. Cass'
sj ccch at Cleveland. Great Liughter. Hn
said that Gen Cass was truckling u sUvery
that he was a dough-face, and that as such ho
would prefer to vote fur Tajlor against Gen.
Cass, as ho would then vote for nn honest man
against a hypocrite.
Ho was followed by Mr. Ficklin of III. who
asked who was tho hypocrite, he who concealed
his sentiments, or ho who showed them? and
concluded by making a sucecli in favor of inter
al improvements.
Mr. 1 1 il hard uf Ala. obtained tho floor, when
the Committee rose. Tho House reconsidered
the resolution and laid it on thu table. When
on moliuti the House adjourned till tomorrow.
Wednesday, June ill.
Senate. Mr. Fitzgerald took Ins seal lo fill
the vacancy caused hy the resignation ol Cuss.
The hill lor tho relief of Mr. Vattemaro was
passed ; and the bill for preventing tlio importa
tion of adulterated drucs&c. was reported. The
Indian Appropriation bill having been discussed,
the Cherokee omendment was udopted, and the
bill ordered to be engrossed.
The Clerk of tlio House announced tlio con
tinued illness of Mr. Winthrop, the Speaker.
A resolution was offered for allowing the clerk
to use Smith's invention for Inking tho uyes and
noes. Laid on iho tnblu. Tho civil diplomatic
appropriation bill canio up ; aud Messrs. Lin
coin, Wick, Hudson and Ficklin indulged iu po
liticul speeches.
TnunsiiAY, Jo ne 23.
Senate. A resolution to mom linrnniii.r nt il
o'clock, was adopted.
i no resolution to adjourn i.ongross on the
l7th of July was taken up, and Mr. Badger of
fered an amendment providincr that il meet ncrain
on tho 2d Munduy in November. Mr. Ilaiiuegan
proposed the Bd Alonday of October. Mr. Cal
houn opposed tho adjournment altogether, and
uiovcu 10 uy mo resolution on tho Inulo. Mr.
Berrien thought that it should bo ucted upon.
.Messrs. Atchison and Clayton advocated, and
Air. Atherton opposed tho adjournment. Air.
Foote said that the Whigs desired an adjourn
ment to nvoid the Slavery issue. Air. Alungum
replied that the Whigs "were alnuys ready to
meet any issuo which was orusented to ihom.
and there was a further debate between .Messrs.
I'uote and Aliingutii, of political character.
Mr. Miller, ot New Jersey, alluded to General
Cass's coursu upon tho Wllinot Proviso, charg
ing hiin that he iiad taken both sides at dillerent
times. Mr. Foote, in reply, staled that Air. Cass
liau advocated Ilia proviso, but, upon seeing his
error, had frankly acknowledged it. There" was
some further cross-firing between Alessrs. Alan
guui and Foote, but without taking uny question
the Suuate udjuurned.
House. A bill passed allowinc the toninorn-
ry nbsenco of naturalized foreigners, without
their losing citizenship.
J lio tluusc went into Committee of tho Whole,
Air. Rout, uf Ohio, in the chair, upon tbo civil
appropriation list. Air. Sawyer, of Ohio, snoke
nguinsl the Abolitionists, and attacked the
Whigs. Air. Duor, of New Vork replied. Air.
Crisheld, of Alarylaiid, spoke upon the rights of
territories with regard lo slavery. Air. Slinger
laud.of New Vork, advocated internal improve
ments without any action tho Huuso adjourned.
f uiDAY. rroccedtngs unimportant,
Satukiiat, June 21.
Senate. Air. Hale's resolution, instructing tho
Committee on iho District xif Columbia lo report
a bill in favor ol abolishing tdavcry in thu Dis
trict ot Columbia, was taken up; and on I he
yeas and nays being called for, it was decided
in tlie negative, by yeas 7, nays uu.
House. unimportant.
Monday, Juno 20".
Senate. Alessrs. Dodge and Walker, the new
Senators from Wisconsin, appeared and took
their seats. Air. Walker serves till 184!, and
Air. Dodge till 1831. i
The Committee on Public Lands reported a
joint resolution in fuvor of Whitney's projected
The Oregon bill wastiakcn up, and Air. Dix
mado a long speech in lavor of the ground ta
den by lha Barnburners. Air. Calhutin replies
House. Mr. Featherstono mado a speech a
jraiuat Hie Wilmot Proviso. Air. Andrew Stow.
art spoke against the Union's editorials unit Gen.
Cusas extra charges whilo territorial tlovernor.
.Mr. ClurK, uf Kentucky, followed on thu veto
power, and in lavur of Cuss's construction of it.
JTorctqn Ncm.
Fnoii EunorE. Seven days later received.
Till, lllllinil nrn L'i-Vnrimta nun. llm Analti.n.
Al Berlin tlie mob is in tlio ascendancy. No
material events in France. The Cholera is inak-
king sad havoc in Russia.
Itl-unnrn Spnvup Ivuiinnt'i.-pinw . u n..p
Spanish Island of Porto Rico. By tho Ann
Smith, from St. Thomas, wo learn that n rumor
.1 l . t.. r.i .i . .. . .
was- uiuru prevalent juno imi, inui me staves in
Gunvama had risen, and that several nersons hml
been killed. Jour. Coin.
Massacre in AIartinique. Tho brig Co
lumbus, at New Vork, brings llio following in.
tolligonce. At tlio timo of her sailing, 2d mm.,
the blacks were masfucreing the whilo inhabi
tants daily. Some thirty-six persons, including
women and children, were on ono occasion driv
en into n house, the building scion fire, and with
its unfortunates entirely consumed..
The white inhabitants were fleeing to every
place that afforded tho possibility of an asylum
from lhovii.dictivoas.iaulis of their foes. A num
ber had escaped lo Now Orleans. Somo enp
tains of vessels had declined taking any of tho
rnlugoes on board their vessels, fearing an attack
from tlit blacks.
Tho no. v Governor appointed by tlio French
Republic had not errived, but was daily expected.
The St. Lucia Jlepubtican of Alay 20lh gives
a long accuunt ol tbo insurrection, and ultcr de
scribing iho burning of a number of inhabitants
on the 23d, says :
Such wero the monstrous deeds perpetrated
on Alonday night; and, to prevent n recurrence,
tho Governor, General Rcstland, instead ul cull
ing to aid tlio soldiery and marines, who were
themselves in ihugreutesteageruossto bo called
forth, thought belter to gram tho boon of (rea
dout to tho Republican heroes and murderers;
and, accordingly, the abolition of slavery was
proclaimed iu nil tho streets of Su Pierro on
Tuesday, tlio 23d instant, und throughout tho
wholo island on the following day I
It may bo belter imagined than describod what
is Hie carousing ol tlio new eiloyent, parading
the streets on foot, or mounted on horses or mules,
with all surts of fljgs and banners, and shouting
uVivt la Liberie ! Vive liisstttel Vive Pcrri-
noil" (fc. Mr. Pcrrinon has not yet arrived.
The feiiidlu population, white end colored, were
thrown into great alarm by tho events of Mon
day night, aud a largo number of tliein, with
many men also, fled on board tho vessels in port,
which wero luckily numerous, about 28 or BO in
all, the larger snips received 200 or BOO each.
Many havo sinco returned on shore.
New U. H. Attorney General. Ex-Governor
Isaac Tnucoy of Hartford, Conn., has been
appointed, by tho President, Attornoy General
of tho United States, in placo nt Air, Clifford,
appointed Commissioner lo Moxico.
New Hampshire. Hon. Aloses Norris, Jr.
has been elected a U.S. Senator in placo of Mr.
Atherton. Tho two other candidates were
Mcsirs. Uihbard and Mr. Attornoy General
Wells. Both of tho latter labored with groat ac
tivily ond personal Importunity to get tho nomi
nation, particularly Air. Hibbard, who is sadly
(jySoo Airs. Kidder's advertisement, last col
umn third page. Our Boston agent commends
her medicines.
JULY 4, 1776.
The flpproneMn annWernnrj of Amoilcan In dependence
will lie f elolftJitctl ut Monlpellor. Tb p'opl t of Ilia county
f Vililngtiii aro hiviteil tu nttonJ. 50 QUN6 AT SUN
Tim procemlon will bo formtil nt tlie SlnU 1!mno nt ton
oVK-ck, A. M. tiy lha Mnftlial And lit Aid, and will ho in
cnrtcil by tltn Mnntpdicr Hnti nundt to the Urick Church,
when ilia O rut i on will lit pronmmcml.
All Kevulutionury tiuldieri uro pirtlculartj Invited a
Flro-wfirkt In tho cvcrilnj.
The follnwinif arc tli nfflren fur thfl day t
iMtrt.utiij ii, l H. bq. rreriut-rit
iuniki. nM.nvvitV.
WIM.IAM MARTIN. Vlco IVc-idcnli.
Iter. (IHO. II. MANrfKK. Ural or.
H. 0. COLUY, t'.n. Keudvr ul iho I) iteration ofIiidepen
(.'rncrttlS. II. "LINT, Marhj.
T. W. tlANCItUFT. )
p DAomrrr, r
Committee or AcRANacMtNri.
Jtontpeibr-O. II. tumuli, 'lmtlpi I m;in, VVIIlum Mar
tlit, J. J. Will..rJ, (;, W. Strrr. I, (Joodwii, 0. W. IUrkr.
II. riihVy, J. W. Iluwci, J. O. Nleltol, J O. Putnam, 0. W.
nmcroft. Timothy Dw, fiwioi II imme't. Clnilea ItcnJ,
Lewi Burnt nit , Amort Maori, I'rncmnn DoggoU, K. L
Low J. A. Va l.tJ. (J. n.itiriun( P.. 8. Camp, O'lhiam T.
Hurrthmn. J. T. Tl umton, (I. V. ftadtfer, II IL (Tiimp. A.
T. Keith, L. 8. .Mend, Uoi.j. P. Watkor, A. W. Wilder, Jr.
PUinJltld N.itlitntel Itimcrufu Jnifpli A. Wine, John
Lawrence, Wm V. D.im, turrit KiddiT Lafnotie Pi lit in,
.IMrfA.iTeJ sloloinoti U liilman, Chaik-a W. Dnlnnell, 8,
U. UttllHlnr.
Calais J, W. n. ni1, KM Coodcnouglt, Ira Morc, II. IL
Woodbury Ktieii' llrue , Ira McLnu l,
H'orcrstrr II. t3. Wni'on, t'j nn Ihowii.
Mdi:r.tx M,H,irrJ, Omid Uwi.jIi.
Il'a'e bury I'jiiil Dillii.gliam, Jr KcuJ P.Cou,
J)jtbini 'jtore Turner, John Towle.
yayitan-V, llrucn, J. O. (itigi,
MirHotpri Jrtrxjpli Hawver, Itulm Chpp, Danul Child.
Ilutfitld Uudviick Uicluidiuii, Ortingo Hinlth, Uron
Warren P. A. Wilght, Joieph A. Curl!, t)fnlow Up
linm far (ro, W, (Jollnmcr, Lomrd Keith, I). W. Kettti
Jloxbury Allen t?nlding. Noliilt Shaw.
fforthJitM J a tue Palmer. Geoce U, Pier en, J. W.Itrown.
J. A. S. Whilr.
Berlin Orrln Smith, V. T. Heaton, J. K. Hotwortb, J. V.
CHILIOUS PUVUIl generally br$In with ynwnlnp,
utrutchin, pain In llm Iiunca, I m'anr, (.'iddinum, a swelling
about tlit, region nf ihu sloiuach, bil.ous vomiting, and other
unptvKDiint vnifitoni.
U rislit'i Indian VppmuWo Pilly are unn of ttir bent medi
cinal for tho cunt or ftivor, hecuuxe thoy purge from tho
b tdy thuao muibid liumur which uro ihe cauio of tteiy
tnjUdy incident tit man.
In llm c.i of Tutor, friiin fuurto eljjlit of Wright'a Indian
Vcutdblo PilU thou Id be Ijken pvrry niclit, or, if the ymp
totni nre lol-tn, ni;bl and inornin;, 1 his plan, II properly
curried out will in a nlmrt time, xubduo tlm inot tinlent
ntiack of fiivot 1 Hi tho aims timn tho digetlito orjunt will
bo rfMlnretl to a beullhy tatn, and houhli and Tlur given tu
the whobt fr.iuic.
Uowiire of couutMfeit of nil kind 1 tome aro coitrd with
sujr . ntliur am mado tt reettihle In outwnrd oppcttrftnee
tho uriglnal modinine. Tho snfcut course It to purehnie ol
tin) rnjubi a;out only, ono uf whom uiuj be tuund in oicry
villiigH (hiJ town In tbo nt ite.
rPbnGou.ti-ie f.ir.ileby 9. IC. COM.TN8. P. P. RED
Pli:LInnd KAdTMAN Bt DANPURTII, Miitpclier.
NeivCnvMaiid Ollicu, PJSTrumonl l, Hoiton,
CONSUMPTION. Tbre it. purbnpMio dl.f-ne with
wblch our country l angeled, which iwerpi off annually o
muy victim, ni tb it Ml tletrnycr of the human race. Con
tumplion. Diy tiller day, vpar nflcr ear, tho iniatiiite
inoimter burric tu tlm potluU of the pold un I ullent tomb
fro ill added victim to Iia rumiucst. No walk of tifolf anrrcd
from It lilixlilin iiiflueiiLc. Aa nre ti fcmpt from ita dentb
douling ahnltsi. ThcnM, the middlo ng d and tho yi'iinj, 1 11
alike, hte fond fortius common enemy of mankind. Tho
whlt9-lmlrcd pjtrinich, wbuto hlu oftmpornnnt1 ha render
oil b. Fjitem imp rviou to tho uttncki of other l:lt, mid
w hoio good detd prepdied him for tlio enjuymtiTit uf ifuTt
fim ovenlng, finds (;ouii.i)ption failchnij in tnat upon
hi vitali, Hiid le.irm; hiin from a woild itier brlut to mind
which luok coinKcently (-hdiy woll npint.
N thero no ht-lp fir ibo hfllicied? No preventive rf the
dAnfrii uliicli bt-ift ui in contequence uf our changeable
and tit kin clunr? Wn think there u. An 1 If tho nlltiitioiia
ofthott who uro entitled to verucity may to helievod, lli'ire
la n Drnvititivo und u reinily.
WiitJi's H ulna m of Wild Cherry ! o Acted ton vuffuring
worbl nt auch. It ncrda not tbn 'jihi'Htitioiit rttd' ol a
lng string of fictltiout certiiicttoit togivt it notoriety. ft
tiu vuluo nnd in'mic rxrellcnce nre ku.licient to entitle tt
to tho confiduiiCM oftho pulilir, and to
' Willi un to lame"
the name of Iti invnttir, m tho benefactor of Ma upeciei.
Nune genuine unlea l;ned I. UUTTB on the wrapper.
Porule byS. W. POWLF., KI8 WaahlngUnii at.Hoiion.
ICrl-'or ulo hy H. P. KliliPIULl), Muiitpelitir, Vt.jaUo
by IL K. SLAYTON, Coluif, Vt. nnd ugrnu geneiallv
LIVUU COMPLAIN'!' ran bo currd without lerortinjr to
Meicury, If jou will only uao tlrowii'a baiaujiarilla mid
mato llitiera :
Tu Predfrick Urown, Proprietor of li9 SarvapaHIU and
Thia certlin that my wife wna aovtroly afflicted with the
Liver Complaint, und her health waa very aeriomly undor
mined. JUvittg trifd vnrloui prescriptions, uttboutaucceaa
h uui furtuiiatoly inducfd tu try )our Hn-ripHrillA and
Tomato Itinera ; her health aoon began to iniprnve, find the
i now much better iu healtli, und would aduo any btio in
ill health lo uao them.
Voura reiprcifulty, C1IA9 CARLC
Portland, Me. June 5, l3lt.
DCriieniember and alway buy them ut r. BIIOWN, f'8
Wmhingtoti vtreot, or lee ihn hi namo la signed to tlio di
rection which acenmpttniot iho bottle
Portia by H. P.UEUFIKLU and H K. COLLINS, and
dealers in medlclno generally.
Kri'htou Hiai'Uvt, June aa.
RciKHlcd fur tlie Button Dully AdveUlaer.J
Al Slarkol 303 IWr Callk, 15 puln Workinj Oxrn, 40
Cowt and Calv, 900 rhum nnd 660 tiwino.
TtlCEfl. Heel' Ullle .Wo reduce our qimUllonj to con
form to Kslrf. Uxlrd $6.75. brat qudliily u G,50, lecond
qua lily 6,75, ft, tliltd 5,50.
Wuiklnf Oihii ialc. ul &7?, M nnd S1I0.
Cow, and Cilvri Sale V.S7,:iO,3Jiid (37.
Sho..p Small lull it $,35,!t,50, 2,W,2,8d one 3,15.
Hivinr lAH o nitdlo 4 14 and 4 l-So for to.f,und5 1-4
and 5 I-2c for bdtruwi. Al retail flum 5 lo 7 H2i3.
ISuNton niarkct, Jnncao.
rlour Thtro f u inodmntu domand. Uiwiivo, Jiure,
cotiimoii lirnndi (5 9 1-3 a 0,00. Corn Tlio mnrkct it
quiet; )e!lov Ant cclid nt 55, Hiid wliito at 50. Nuillioru
UaU 45 a 43. II) 0 75! Jier buvliol, caii.
ASIIKS pot, 43 4, n 5. p'aila 33 4 a C
IIUWWAX ello. 3 a 25.
IUI1STI,:H Am.:i0a40.
IIUTTtlt Tiu.c family 15 a 15, itoro and iliipplnj 14
B ;'ilF.K!n-new milk, 7 u B 1-2.
IT. VrilllllS Nor. hto seem 31 a 33.
l'UIl red fox Sin a SI 40, clo.i 1 f -"ru 5 a 35, otter
gl a 4, mink Sc a li.', auliln All a 1,25. hral t) a C, fiiliar 7So
u 42,50, wild cut 10c a 76, lym $1 a 3,50, utiuili 2c a 10,
racoon 5c a 40.
tit.UC Am. 9 a IB.
HOI'S- III iorl 1847, a 5 5 12.
TALLOW Am. 7,00. 8,25, rooh 6,3iaC,50.
WOOL Baiony fltet-.i 3J a 53
Full blood 31) a
1 !) blood lo 3-4 311 a 38
Common 1.4 '.'li a Si
l.nmbf upr 3'1 a 33
do No I EB a 28
do No. S SO a 2J
do No. 3 9 a 12
Foreign C a 25
In WkiliMxIil, June4ili, by Moiei Ordway, Giq Mr. A
lonzo Ilia ir of Klrlioiood, lo Sli.t Mary cUockwiill orlV.
InChallea. Wuniljy rteuinj. Jun, Id, ly Rev. Hub'
bard. David K. Novea, K.q. of Adama, Sauk Co. VVitcontlu,
and Miaa Lucinda Uarnoi, Ju;lncr of Capl. Harry barnea
of CbaUea.
At Morriatown. June SiJd, Mil. Mary Prrl Hmith, wife of
nir i.urian u uiciiuioiim or lurtiauui vr.enu fiaugnioroi
Lewli (J. Iticbmuiid, of Moiriatown. aid 90. Piintera )u
Wotditock and Mllwaukio (Wl.) pleai notice the above.
Selling off at Cost & Freight for Cash,
COKNP.ll of Main and Harry tiircita, aro lolling oil a large
and Prima maortintnt of
West India Goods & Groceries.
BUOARS, TI!H, C01TUK, of all kind., and a imall lol
of rJianlo UllY (lOOlM, at to.i aud fillil, for Caih. If
you don't believe it, call and aee.
Kjrt-'l.OUIt. NAII.U, IUON & GLASS, whole. .le .d
retail, u. u.uil.
Monlpelivr, Jun, 8d. 1818. (7C:3w.)
A, Ellis' sup'r warranted Lamp Mack
IP Oil Bale Wholeial, uud llolallal nur I.E.VTIIKll and
June aa, 1BI8 76iC.n KEITH, FCCK & CO.
VOU Can nnd ut my CABII HTO UK, 10 doi. Barienl'a
J BUVTIIEd dirTerent kind,, bdo. VV arrtu', dcilo. and
loin, otber nukpi.
Vun Orn-iu und mm. otber makol of
II A V FOIIKiVJaudJtlnee,
UAKKS dillarenl kind..
At tho iowcil price, for ea.h or credit,
On nnd after Monday Juno 20,
AII.V rASaKNOI-.n TRAINS wlllcomm.nco runnlnt
on the VF.RMONT RIINTRAI. IlMl.nilAli n
necllon with tho NOUTIIl'.ltN ItAll.ltOAII, a. follow, t
Loavinj llctbol at 1 1 1.4 A. M. lo connect u lib '.be Nuitli.
orn noon train to llo.ton.
Hclurnlnf, leave Wc.l Lebanon at 2 I'. M.oron Ibo arri
val of Ibe tnoinlns trnln Irom llo.tnn.
tfrSlaie. will bo In roj.iinoi. at WUllo lllvor Villje,to
convey pn.Rcniroit lo Oucchco nnd Wood.lock.
ICToiage. vrlil nl.o no In readme., at lletliol. to convey
pn.engtr. tu Mnutpelier nnd Hurhngiun, and Inlf nnediate
placet, 70 JAM. MOOHF., Hupl. and Knjr'r.
Vorraont Central Clothing Depot,
HAVnju.l received tbo larso.t and be.il aetected ai.ott
mem of HKADY.M ADF. CI.OTHINII nnd Tailor.'
CLOTIIh ic TIltMMINUH over before brouslit into Ver
mont, wblcb wo aro ready lo tell at price, lower than over
beforo odernd in Ihia m,l ket. Having a Block of .otno
Six Hundred Garments
on bund, ho tiro prepiired 'o gio nettcr Ibirguhis than at any
other pi iCH ihia alile of no Ion, At
And our urranenmenta nre audi t lift I we con nunplv othori to
ell iignln, nt tlio lowett Wholeiute Price, ulth tfie addition
oftho rou nf gotlin; tho (uodi from murkM.
limadctuili Cotti Horn 60,75 to 310,00
Tweed 1,50 " 0,00
r.rminett. Cmhmarcll Cusli from U.00 " 7,00
Dnyt Tweed, Uroid Cloth nnd Cnali at all prices and
Men' PANTS inme at law m .10c a pair, and a very
good article ol Uuckakin Pant a for SJ.Ott.
Pmatl mill Jncketa and Vfiitii for Hoy.
Meu'a Veil in tiny number fiom 1 lo3 0.
AUo, nn niiortment of Wilnr Proof CLOTIIl.NQ luett
aa Coots. Olovea nod floMf.
COrAU wiabinx to buy any nrliclo ofCIothln rondy.niiido,
or Miitilna; any gnrmeriia. nmiln to otdir, enn bn ucrominoda
led on ahort nutico by calling rtt our aliup. hero ulll
perf.trm all w adtrenUp. WOOD 6c WITT.
Montpelior, June 2H, 184'. 7
f TI.MIIUIl.ol my lumber yard.
J"'-. '-Id. II.MlVnV KING.
CACKH and OVKIICOATU oflbat Gni nunlhyand cu.toni
U make, jn.t opened at KIMJM.
Juno '18. 713
JUST Hoceltcd, a .plondld lot of (ood, dolling al Bo.toii
price. !
Splendid Dress Goods of nil kinds:
Kaibroiileleit .Vlu.lin. for Hrea.p,
A largo lot uf Hinbroldcry Uood, of all Kind,
fJII Hoininvr Hbnwtl,
Unleudid White Crupe fillAWLa, fce.fcc.
Juno 10, 181975. KM.lt, WILUUIl 4c L'O.
KICII BIIAWI.B, tlliIIU.d nnd l'AtlASOt, lint re
, ccivodot KUITII & UAIIKLII'S.
Juuu Sr. 73
Wot niul Dry Groceries.
HAS renirivvd to tlio NEW STORE, recently tilted un by
CARLOS IIAN'UHOIT, fir.t door Booth of A. Walii
wright'. tltooand Tin Worohou.e. III. .lock i. laijra ami
bus boen .ilecled uilb enre, and will bo .oldor CasKor
skurl approved Creht at LOW VlltCV.S.
Hi. .lock embrace
2 l'lpe. puro Clover I.enffilNj
2 u " v Piiin Apple ibi.
2'. Uftrret. Nnw-Vntk t!u.
2 1'ipu. I'ellevoi.en rtRANHVi
2 ' A. Keljnette do.
I I'alo Oturd do.
1 " Jljrk d. do.
l.ri U.riol. New-Vork do.
2 Illid. of Ilownt-in1. 50 per cent IIUAf i
41) llnrii'l. ofMiMlfuril do.
1 1 1 bd. ft Croix do.
: llurrcl. IHO per rcnl ALCOHOL:
IU Hole. Drown Unarm HirUAU I
fi II litis. Ncw Oileau. alJUAIS:
B (it. Crola do.
ID HarreN Cru.heil and (Iiound UOARS
2 IIoto. Ea.l Uo.lon Limf do.
2 l.'n.o. I'rr.eiv.'d GINOEIl ;
2 HnrioU Rlewnrl'. fVItUl' j
rlaroinc., I'lcklen, Kilcliupt
l'OUT verv pure,
I'alo and llrown SIIEIlltV,
h. .m.ih:ki.,
fork, r.ard, Hachrrrl, Safiuoit, Coillinh.
Mitrrinif, Toharro. .tall,
Shot. M'otrdct'i
1'T.OVlt, ttc. He. .Monlplier, June, 1813 (73)
Furniture. Feathers, Crockery and
TUPTrocel.id nt tbo NEW STORE, tbo larje.t a.o-t.
ment of Ibe iilmvo arlirio. Ibi.-aido of llo.tmi, con.inl
log ol eicry variely, at Uoiton price.. Call and eo.
t , h'I.LI, WILDER ti. CO.
June 10, 1818. 7J
JuneSO. At KEITH At It Allk'Pinj
or tiis
Richest, Cheapest, and Most Durable
MAKB, can ho found at
Van Doom's Cabinet Factory,
HAVINO bad aboot forty year'a e.perlenco In thl. bu!
ne and availed biin.olf of Alnchlnery, &c. and a..o
elated hi. .on. with him under llm firm of A. VAN DOORN
t SONtl, tlie Compiuy now offer tho beat ond ino.t lunhton.
nl.le A.NTIO.IIE and .MODERN hTVI.ES, iho latent
FRENCH FASHIONS, lojolher with a veiy larso a..orl
moot ufatl kind, of
Cabluel Fnrntlnre, Chain, Norm. ire. Xc
io Iowa, to en.uio to Luier. a lavin; ol from ten lo fifty
percent. Ch ilr. a. low an 30n. Hol.i. a, low a. fc9.
CLOCKS, &.c. Alc u bole.alo and retail.
Ilratlleborn, June, 1818. 76:4n&eo3m
SIM ll07' ,,0SU k COVES ju.l received at the cheap
fJll cat .toio Ibi. aide of llo.lon.
lteinember l.t door East Uran.'h llridje.
Juno 10, 1813. 75
A-lZaJM 1'ianti llv j Lellerand Cap l'AI'Ell do
nn'ixfi'- f&H nuililie., fmmthe .uporfino Fieneh nnd
laA.tiS Eiiylub, to tbo rl.eane.t American hole I'a.
pen; Envelope., .Motto Seal., Wafer., Itieh Cut and I'luiu
tila.a Ink Stand., Ilri.lol Hoard., Drawin); I'nper, India Ink,
ruorlo'. Fancy Uoie., Drawing I'encll., Shall Caid L'a.ea,
1 erfornted Caid. and 1'uper, Ice. &c.
1000 Lithographic Prints,
300 American Veterinarian.
mer .bouhl bate a copy of tin. work.
Wo think o ran .an. IV pnrcha.er. that thl. I. at gatin
place lo pariAao at thtuhtrt. Wr aro nut lo be unXeriold
lolCa.biny. 7j E. I U'ALTON St SONS.
June II, 181?.
WANTED iu exchange for (Joods,
BUTTER. Chee.e. Grain, Lumber, Flai, ttc. 1 1 iKl. pri
ce, will be paid for Hotter and Chec.e H cxchaiii;o for
Good, at the low eat price, by ELLIS, WILDER ti. CO.. l.t
Door Ea.l Dlancb llridge. 75
IHO 1)0 of tlft cflabrdted Cat Hlool, ICJerman Jo.
i.U Hl.etr do. am) 7ommuo da.
from the beat roenufaclnrle ol New.Ensland.
The PREMIUM MOUSE RAKE (Spring Teeth,)
Htecl Sprinj Revolving do.
IVooden Revolving do.
0 Do,. Common Hand do.
23 11 l.arge Hand do tnipioved.
100 Talent SNATHS and Common do.
Improved I'ORKH.
Toii.ofFIno Scotia GRINDSTONES, and Improved
Arbor., and Roller,.
IJibon, Quinabauj and Cummin, SCYTHE STONES.
The.e .uperior ItAVINI! TOOLS ar. ollared at
Wholesale niul ltetull.
IrrOrderi from abroad aulicltcd aud promptly an.wcred.
75.3 J. W. HOWES.
DRESS maker:
MISS CbARUE rr.peclfully oirer. bar.ervic,, 10 the
Ladle, ol Moutpeliaraiid vlcinitv, in teaching the new
and much Improved ay. tern of fitting lire,.,, hy meaaure. .
Mia, C. leeU confident, that If thl. .y.teut v.aa mora gener
ally known, no Dre.a Alakar or l.ady wbu wl.lie, to do their
own Drcu Making would do without It. A book of in. true
tlona with Chart given (rati..
Hour, from nine to twelve A. M, and flora two Iu 4 P. M.
Lining, filled a. .peciineuf, If de.lred. Ml. a C will .top
for a abort lime only, at tho Union, Room No. 21.
Montpellar, JuneU, 181J. 73
Llnuui jJfciliac,o.B. PfcC nun uui mi inia .r.r.l
utv cheaper than av.r at
LOO.M13 ft OAJtl"B.
HA?AVn,p,l''h 'lnl'"d Doubt. Coll HORSE
... , v. --..-luiiiiun 10 aiiwnonav,
u.ed them. Farmcra aro Invited 10 eiumlna and it. ih.n..
Jim. IO IflfR ' - -V
.Illliu VJ, 1H1S.
HAS received atorond iiinplr of NUW (IOODS. put
h.a..1 il t Jnf.! ,...,. ..... ...II I. A ant I CtL a
lo price fot caih.
77- Airivlng ihl. wcok nt
June I7lh, 18H. 73
JUNE 5, 1848.
UAVE jn. I relumed frnm Rn.ton, nnd aro raeelvlnv their
SMico.vit vvitvit.tsu or
GINGHAMS U PRINTS a now lot ju.l received at much
lo.. price, than have boo.l lold for Oil. .ra.on by
0. W. SCO TT.
June 1074.
jl'lORnofthat puro TEA jnt received by tkt China Tea
iii Company1 1 oIh agent in Mttntptl'ur
IO tK tTt W lfPk1TI
a(UII I 9 4 J A A.
A DDITIONS to our ilork Receiving Woekly. riea.e
'V recollect lhat we h ive the LAIlUE.lT ASSORTMENT
Iron Depot, Juno 15. 71
Mniittfncturcr ot Jlncliinc for AVorkhiflf Tin
nun siieei iron.
On a JVeivand Improved Plant
ALSO, mukei to order, Knjiuo and uthor LATHES, o
Improved i'onlritctlon.
0Ail iiidem hy until, or othcrwUet will meet with prompt
aiicnnoti iiyiifidromntr
(75:3m)-18l3 A . WIIITNCY, WooJ.tock, Vt
r.loSKiVllKll r AllU iv eil l.clinnon lo llo.ton, J3,!
n vuncoril. 1.75
FREIGHT Fir.t Clj., per ton, We.t Lebanon to
. . . Uo.ton.SJSO
Second, ' " to Doalon, 4.60
Oi. nii.l nfl. nin.i,1r... T...a. Rl. 1 1 M ft
PAhHi;GKlt TRAIAS, in ronnecllon with the
Lowell, .Nutliua and Concord Railroad, will run at fol
lows, r.i
Leave Bonton for Writ Lebanon, at 7 M A. M.ond 1Q . M,
" Vel Lclnnon for Uoitnti ut 0 3-1 I 1-4 p, jj.
o neon i lur i ranxim anu ijnimn-in nt 1UA..M. and
.i i . ii., or on uie arrival oi ino can from l,eIanofi.
" i ranklin ror Concord and I!oton at 9 A. .M. and 3
1-2 I'. M, or on tlio nrrivul of tho cam from Huston.
Pancnser from Button taking tho 7 1 4 A. M. train
read, .Montpelier tlio Hin cveniti.
Numerouj iiaf connect with all parti of the road t and
on the arrival of tho fiMt train, Suget leavo Franklin for
Newellatnptuti, Plymouth, Uumnoy and ill prti in those
direcliom t leu.e Andnver. Potter PUce, for New London,
and West Andover, Tueidayi, Tliurdjyi and Saturday
far Hpnr.gfioM, Crijdon, tc.
Btne ulo leave IODanon for Haverhill, Hath, Littleton,
N. II. for Weill (tlvor. fcU. Job nib my, Lyndon. Windsor.
VVood'tock, Montpelirr, liuilington, Vt., and for all pirti of
tivn iidiii'siiiio aim vimum in nicne nireciiuna.
Concord, May 89, 1618. 75
own to ii:i:ivi;.
X and oftrr TIJCrfDAY, May 16tb. the paien-er Tralni
wm run. in co-tnicuon wiui llio l iicluui? i raint. bo-
twern Hoatonand Kccnc,at follows i
Loavo Iloiton at 7, A. M. and 1,30, P. M,
Arrivo at Kecnu 11.30, A M , and (1, P.M.
Lento Kefne at 7,30, A. M taudtf l M.
Arrive utRuittoii nt 12. M..nnd C.30. P M.
At Keonc, Hiitgn will connect wtih all the Tralnt to and
from Watpolo, Htillotvi Fall, Ckeiter, Cacnclib, Ludlow,
to HutUnd and Hurlin;ton j Piewvllle, AUtead, Charlei
tou n f5'trln;t1eld, Wcatberifield, Clarmnont, Now port,
, inu-ui, ti tiuuiiti,fc uiiu .wuiujiejicr iu iMi'tinzion.
TMa lino, in connexion w itb the 1'itclibnrg Uallroad, and
tho Htngea to nnd from Kcene, formi n direct lino f com
mimication between floJtoti und .Nurthein Vermont and
Northern New Hampshire and tho kiiorteit and uoir di
arcT uik between Southern, Middle and U'otiern Ver
mont and Weitcrn New llampshim and Uoiton j ond alio, in
comif lion ilh tho itng- a from Winchendon and ritchburs
to Worceiter, and tho Worcetlir and Providenco Railroad,
the mint direct lino bctwot n tliOo leclloni of Vermont and
.New ilainpihiro and Worcester County and tho Slate of
lutiine ivinnu t nn i in conntciinn wun itiaosironi l.tllleton
Ma,, to IjowvII, a direct cuji.inuiiictttloii iHitween tbo tame
nortioiiY of New llamnliira and VoniionLnnH I.nwtl.
Freight Trnln will run djily to und from Uoiton, in
'uiiuvviiuiim.il mr ivguiar riicimuitj 1 TBI 111.
T. M, F.HWAHI)d,Proident.
L. TILTON.Knaineci.
Keeoe, May I.'., I81d. 7Itf
YOU" can noo at the CHEAP
I II O l'!. ol Wro't HAtlAOES, llALZOItlNErf, MUS
lu" LINS, LAWNS, Oinshani Mu.lin, White Mu.lln ,
Xtc. Al.o
1 8 I Hl". Scotch, French and American OING
A O I HAMS-3 4, 4 4, ! 4, and 0 I wide, from 9 lo 25
cenia per ynru, juuopcneu and piled vp. Tlie stvle. and
price, will uit, r nulls, m KING'S Ca.h Store.
June, lots 75
LAIIUEa.iortment fiom 40 cu. to 1,25 per pair, ju.t opon
. "d!i KINO'S.
Juno 14,181?.
THIN and THICK for men and lioy. ezton.ive ua.ort
ment Ibi. diy received at KING'ri Cheap Store.
Junol4,181S. 75
Uu jnrt returned from tha different
with the
Largest V most Choice Assortment
Thl. IMMENSE BTOCK wa. bought with CASH, under
miv pie.oi:. i.iu.iuro oi .no jiuiiay .-iiaraei, Ol me .lsnuTac.
lurer., Iniimrler. and AUCTIONS, and will be (old at pri
ce, lhat defy competition.
nnoAUCLOTiis, oassimui, ks, &c.
hoots &. shoes,
CLOTllIIVG, ICciuly-JUiMlc,
with and etidlej varkty of
and SALE.
I am In Iho market, evory month, and havo an a-ent there
to.ccuro and lorward Good., o that my ai.ottioenl jj at all
iituva . uiiiJieii".
Uon't be periuided to buy unlit you eiamlno Ihia
Where all who EX AMINE Good, and nilc..,ir:i..
I will not only .ell a. LOW, but iu nrruartd lo
nil IjOWIUC than can be bounht in tin.
Thi. k.ioumou. .tock ii lioujht, and uiu.t be .old at prU
Monlpelior Villaee, June 1, 1S48. 7j
V l'AIlArOLS& I'AllASOLETTS.lhi.dtv received by
May 31. 73 LOOM IS ft CAM1 .
HAS Ju.t returned from New Vork ond Uo.ton, vlth the
larsu.t and beat a.iorlmonl uf
Eir nlTured for ule In Vermont Mr INti cnntiil In narl
of ttluck und W hits Iteaver, tllnck and White Druih, Nutra,
r.iira aioirtain, insula, i ouiioa, .iianuia, L,ejliorn, Knf
IJh Coburr China I'carl. Vc. ttc
My CAlf ure loo numeroui to particularlie. I have over
fifty different ityle i, and a better auortment cannot bo found
in me cuy oi iew urn.
Con.l.tlnjt nf SIllaTS, IUI30MS, COLLARS. CR
VATri, BTOCKB, MUSl'BNIinnH, lll.OVEs, ic. 7J
GEO. W. SCOTT l. baen appointed . ola aienl or lha
CHINA TE. COMPANY, for Monlpellor, and will
keep kupply of thl, Company', auperlor
Con.tanily on band. Tbo.o who wl.h for I'UItE TEA at
t'AIR 1'UICr.S will Cud il here.
May IIP, 1848. CI
II Ci IV l! l?T ELOWEKS. R13I10N8, fcc at
r i.iio, uuiiirtio, itc. ar
reduced price, at tha Cheap
4 a t v x.j U red
Ca.h Sloro.
1 1 1( 1 9 VUS. all wool CAItPETINGS fioro tho
- A , O 1 "wManufacluretaifrooi 48 lo85 caul, per yd.
OILt:i) CLOTH and STRAW do. 3-1, 4 4, 5 4 and 6-4
wide lu.t received. 1 defy competition.
I will ead.. tor not to b. out of an quality afiln, at tb.
VMV4l smi l-v ii"i t'.aiua
June, 184474 HARVEY KING
MAY ill.
are ibla day and week coming lo tho
Boston Notices.
itnts. r. Kiiint'N
Iiuiucdiatc nml Perfect Cure
IIEIUUTV,&c. ic.
V HERE thii all-powerful medicine I. at hand, Cholera,
'v Dy.entcry, and Chronic Diairhrra are no looser to b
erloo.ly feared, or looked upon with terror a, thl. cordial
will most a.ftitrediv cure tho di.ea.e In tbo court, of , verr
fow hour. If uken at tho commencement.
Jf boen oefore the public for more than SIXTEEN
1 LARS, and wa. Hie fir.t article mad. known lo Iho public
a, an immed'alo and peifect romody for the.e complaint..
It ha, been thorninhly le.led In every country and .very
tHT!?!.0l.?" '.',!lcx '"" ""' whe' proved th. ame,
SURL IO I.URL, oven where the ill. en. o ha advanced
10 the la.l tajo. The public may lot at.urcd thai il coo
lain, neither o nliim or mineral ,ub.uoce.,or any tlilnf Ih.t
ia in the leo.t Injurious to tho con.lllutloa.
Cholera and Common Cholera
Thl. Cordial Immediately check, the vomiting, rolleve,
the pain.,. lop. lb. Iliarrh'ra, and re. tore, the bowel, to a
perfectly roiiulir and healthy .late, however eevero tho at
tack may bo, or however low tho pjilonl may havo become,
11 invaria'ily re. lore.
Severest cases of Dysentery,
are immediatrly counteracted, Iho pln. aro allayed, tb.
bowel, healed, and not unfrenuenlly the bowel, become
perfectly tegulaiod and re.torcd In the .bort .pace of ten
or tweho hour..
Chronic Diarrhfru,
Either In Children or ndult., of month, or vear. rontinu
ance, are ino.t readily cured with Ihl, Cordial, notwith.
tmidlnt they mjy be reduced to a mere ikeleton 1 it imme
diately alrengthcni, and abortly re.torei Ibtm to perfect
Cholera Infinitum.
It liM .aved Ihe live, of many thou. and Children when
roducod to death', door by thl. complaint j it jive, them
lmincdlato relief, and they ery eoon recover.
It!, a mo.t plea.ant and de.lr.blo remdy for eea .let.
tie... It chock, the vomiting and rapidly re. tore, the pa.
lient. It invariably chock, vomiting, produced from any
cau.e whatever.
Children that arc Teething,
if Inclined to lllorrl.n'ii, should nlwiiy. lio provided wilb thl,
medicine, a It will keep the buweU regulated, and ke.pulf
llio Canker. It i, wholeomn, ,afe, uud pleasant lo the
taitn and children ale fond uf it, and will lako it without
trouble or di.like.
For General Debility nnd Dyspepsia,
It li a most excellent restorative, flvinj a liealthy tone to
both the ftomacli and bownla, and prevent! food from prei
ilnjor diitreiain; ttio lomich.
ncwnrooftlioio iinnovltiona which ato daily palmed upon
tho pulilie, Iwirinif the nam-i of my article, which U Cllni .
DIAL, which na-no ther havi borrowed. AIjo, they Imv
copied my advertiiemtnta and pcfitoiy adJifn.n, Doubt.
Itaii they have donu lliit for tho purpose of palming otT their
U'eleM and worthluin urticlei at the oxpemo and ropulatior
of tbli original aid moat popular medicino that ever cann
before tho public.
lie tutoHial you obtain Mri. H. KlDDHR'a Cholera Mot
hu'i Dyncntery and Dmrrliora Cordiu), and you will got tho
only truo and original aiticle. which haa ever been held in
the hlghett ouimatton by tho piiblic throughout the wholo
It U put up In bottlui hoMIn- noaily a rjuatl, lutendod for
family uip, and noId nt One Dollar per Bottle.
Hold hy .tilts. KIDUEK,
.Vo 100 COURT rtl'RUnr, IJOrfTON.
who ia the itnentor and tno proprietor. Druiita and a
polhecitlei lupplicd ua formerly, iu largo or laiall nuinM
P. P. RDDPIULD and a. K. COLLI.V3, Mojtpclior.
jV. BLAKC Curintli. 1
J. M UIUHARDO.V, WaitafielJ.
r.fc II. KLYL, Newbury.
Ami iv nffiier in icnulinH ecnrr.illy. TC:4mtt.
TKr.lIA'vnn cnnirw-Tnn
Bctiveeu Court ami Sliool Streets,
mlllS e.tabl..hmoni having been removed lotho.uoerb
nearly . J "e"1" Pa'i'" 'U toil ot
tin n i-l 4 .. If.r r r i. . .
ia now acknowledged to ba the mo.t v.l'oabl. on,i perrecHv
arranged in.ll'.ullon of,tho kind in Anioilca. Vh, 2 ,.
.. i. T'rf"!'' II'?'""" Fret orXaMrf.
lYth 0ir,Olv.Hety il tMmiU' '.'
aHELl.8.IlNt llALS, FOSSILS, Vc. '
from all part, of the woild, togeihel with upw.nl, of
One thousand costly l'AINTIIVGS
and raw and uluaole K.XtSR.I Vr.YOS, among which
arotiulley'a grenl Pirture of ' um"wnicn
I OR! RAl Ic" ot iho (.overnor. ol .Ma..acliu.elu and all llm
Pre.idcnt., &c. painted by ibo be.l arti.t., liniYth. i U
in .very pari, and with the unique .tatuary. Egyptian, I nd .
an .n.ly ne.l.n Relics ico .well,,,, ,o t'h'o rfuTb,, of '
Alll ILLLa, coinprl.lng overy conceivable
If AIM". .V r'lllilmta .....
vwja V KJ hj JL
that can Intere-l or nmu, and among which viiito'r.l will
alwava find omsthiuf ihM i. ,,,,lor'l W1"
Theatrical X.Ui.tlral Ptrformanctt,
con.i.iing of
Sterling and Willy Comedies,
Thrilling and Ingenious Dramas,
Soul Inspiring Operas,
Jlirlh moving Farces,
or Gorgeous Snrrlnrltt
aro enacted in the
by performer of acknowlodjed talent, aided by an Oiche.
tra uneana led In th lln.nn n.i.uii. ' ' wvt;b
. i ' .r .L41'' ocpartment be ni under
tho immediate directluii of the mont
tho pMitltnr U enabled to dfr
whether It be in regard lo Quality, Quantity or Trice.
Th. ino.t perrecilclcanline.., oilier and Ileco um ia main
,,hLn;eV,Honho'lUhe!h: UU ha. ..cured It
"KftV.is2,l..i,I'AOB op AMUSE
and in enable all I vl.itingthe eity to eiamlne not only th.
hut al.o tu wilue.a tho .plendid, cba.l. and ainu.ln, ecter
taiunieut., tlio price of
is only 25 Cents. Children half price !
On all Holiday., and particularly on the
roiirru or jui,v,
HXTie. to mm r.v.t it i .iTT u. i ctio.xs
are pre. anted, and perlom.ance.giveuol illlertal. throughout
the ent'rn day ond eienmg. 73 6w
HA3 REMOVEn to Ibo ItltgCK STORK .
Slalr Slrttl, Montpelier, Vt.
" '.I'.V;.V"! b.u. twti S'0,, oriment ol
Crockery and Glass Vnre,
f.tr.YTS, OILS, MiX'liSTVl'FS,
.Vc. AC.
Adapted to lb. teaionaod will be .old at price, to correspond,
with Iho Ibne..
Pleat, call and too that we do It, not baliavo all
thata io the paper..) "
J ri Uood. at the old aland on Main Btre.t will b. ,,U
cheap to clo.e up the coocorn. , ,
May m, I81D. Tiit""
PARASOLEtTS and BUN-81IADE3, ju.t r,celvd t,
Juno I. 78 ' J KINO."1
18 agent for th. ,al. of WXPOUlfS firait
A acylhrt. tich,nt. vupplied at Manufacturer'. prL,.
ce. AI.O, a good ei.oilinent of HAVINO TOOlJJ-iH"
khidi-for ulo ch.sp.
May 33.

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