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Vermont watchman and State journal. [volume] (Montpelier, Vt.) 1836-1883, February 27, 1851, Image 1

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BY E . l W A LT O N & SON.
lUalcljmtm & State journal.
runi.iaiir.ii nvr.nv TiiunsiiAY morning.
Tr.RJ18.-4lW'ti in ; M,Of Ifpitmtnt liriot
mail In ndtanc, inwrait ilwji cttirid from th end or
tb year.
nv a.ns. J. u. Lowrnin
lYIieo nnmj ear )r lot wai knelta-l,
Ai 1 uni.M aympuhy Uturt,
A lit(l H! from (iM-moiy wrltal,
Wt'jth Mi'Cf had tMMtbl my bilUr iWnt.
And I wip fit In to br U )va
Fmn pert.' f it mild
Th. it irifhi be u heahnt
To taal ionjp fer .tow ur gtlf f.
Aft? uur chilli1 ntnrah'd lfalh
1'p !o the pHthrr took iti ijr,
Anrfon nor anna the hle nf -lr-th
(.ilia a Nm iwi tj'tl bdbnlint .ay,
Awl Mm.4 nm rmit.il with to p,
I lor Ittito ftint' oft nmo,
This tiwff l tba Atinc hnp
Wm laid U ua tiy mm w .
TM y In ihf vilify1 ihaltanrtjt ear
Poon Cfnp tlia mi'luw' lemlof pt'flM,
Ami whan lh a, growi br.mn ami hai(
Tba ihvpbard trit to maka them climb
To (ry bUrt af pB'tuiM gtt
'I bat bwof aruttftd lb mfcUiN tWa.
Who a grata awl Aawer ti )tUir laaa,
Ami ilun ihroMjb miitf ino tutlraaiiH tola.
I ul naught ctn t' mpt tl e timid thing
Tba tp ff Jd path to tl),
1 hotijtb flWMt tho ttiHfihTii ealU and ilrf'i
Aid etrd b low the pjitura lia,
Till i" lit nn til ir lim'rt ha tak,
At& the iti if tn t,u ,
Then b 'dipt' 'f "be alt nnl tit,
i utt fi.l.uvtt 1 o'er i.n k nn.l iMtw.
A n't in tlinin pctut tVr,
)lm .Ifwcf fi thin lnn't'il mead,
Thf i.fi'UKf'! .Ini'ii hn tanitc r ct.
And ltf tad l.mlrf lurth r Iced.
ii... j. '
KM.. I,
k. Hi .1 II
i , , i- . i,
l.. act tan t.rad ll
vi lu p.'inv.fc
lli lifij;ll i. ion 'i uVr j.-M
Time wnvt ol in )
ll ll..;.r cl.rti.i ii1 ott
ilvr t lti.l-rtic IttMi'i,
I.ifs i.nnw.rd (.fli. it
I i .u i.tm.e ui .1 i.i .li'iin ;
Oli I (in imm ll
la u bunibtat f..iM.
llvy. Slid Jo) lttgttlfurt
blaiHltiig si lli gult
Tliiougb lit.'. oaiftl Bli
llljUauA UMMMtl I
with tlic pnrtrnits of nl! tlio miscrnMo men
wlio liavo ccr chtattd the. minttr!'
' Mercy on us t' cxclaiincd Mrs. Atkins.
A TIILlIllLE-FUIili OF UOMANCK, ,. ' Prny not for mrroy mnnrnfiilly siW the
litttn mminikin. ' Prav for n pontmice, Tnr
The tailor's wife hl stitehnd shioo five sterling lioncsty, and withal, lie sure audi
in tin; morning. It iv.i' now imon tlieiljy pay (he Printer.'
after Clirijtiiiiii-dny, and llicre really was i don't understand a word of it,' said
soMiulliiiig for dinner. The tailor wn from jrg Atkins; and with a resoluto hand, sl.ej
hnine the children were nut. hut it was ,100k up ,ur ihiinhlu, and turned it over and
clofC upon twehe o'clock.and in a trice they slniost uucoiucionftly hrnu);ht the tlnmblal
would he hack, eager and hungry for their jj lcr uosc Hut it dul sntrll of aul-'
mcnl. Mrs Atkins put down her work a jphur this thitnblo was the like thimble it
very handsome waistcoat of sk-hluo satin, ,vas hofore.
cprinklcd with stars and bordered, it might por lcn voars Imvc I lived in this thim
lie, wan 1110 zouiar,, iuio uoruer was so
strauoclv honutiful) clapt her thiinblu 011
tlio msntolpiece, nuu hurrica tn tun eup-, uiV took another look at the tliunblii ; ami
board. At nil events, theio wa ; 'l&gguihnii sho coigcuuly thrrrtt lief Uiimkte j
to-day ; ami noinething wemed t pr"WWlifsrerfi)rTMt"iainrnar brASs and tioSiied '
to tlie taHor's wife a brighter lime, and a lnt i,0 I ttlcs man among the holly, as much
fuller tahlo fur the time to come. as to say '
Atkins had gone to make inquiry about a ( Now yon are writ got rid of, I'll take
ship that was to sail for tlio other side ofclirc yon shan't get tn again.' i
theuorld; and though he had not at thai 'j'hc little man seemed to iinderstiind the '
time a single piece nf Queen Victoria's threat of the look, for he said, with a Ian-1
minted gold to purchase a passage lor luiu'iguid smile
woman, attend tome, for what I have to say
is worth the hearing at this moment
there aro the ghosts of not less than ten
thousand men and women excellent per
sons when alive ; the very pink of gooi!nes,
with delicate white satin feelings, as one
may say ten thousand piriw condemned
for a certain time to be imprisoned in thim
bles." 'In thimble 1' exclaimed the tailor's
' In thimbles,' repeated the miniature of
the departed Poor Man's Friend. ' And
their prison is far worse than tho brazen
dungeon in which Solomon shuU up his
aro not mocKou
hroiher then inquired if he could do any
thing for him : when he said he should like
to havo a glass of ale. Having drank this,
he appeared to he satisfied.
The fatal moment now approaching, he
devoted the remaining portion nf his time
to distributing among his friend thoc lit
tle articles he would uo longer wdnt. To
one he gave his cigar caso, to another liis
tobacco Mininer, and he charged his brother
' Iletirv with his latch key, with instructions
to deliver it after all was over, with duo so
lemnity to the landlady.
The cloak at length struck elceu, and
at tho same moment he uns informed that a
cab was at ihp door. IIo merely atd " I
self and fatuity, he nevertheless would learn
all the particulars of covi and necessary
preparation. It was a whim, ho knew ; fur
all that, it was a whim that controlled him
beyond In powers nf H'll'-urguinenl, had ho
tried to raercise them.
And ill alone, Mrs. Atkins fprcad the
table. There was a piece of beef left, and
a email ptecn of plum-pudding ; and Mill
the pudding remained small, alihough .Mr.
Atkins turned the plato that contained it
round and round half-a-dozen times, and
look lulf-a-duzeu side-long hvnks at it, as
though endeavoring to behold it in the most
unprou'd light, ilut pudding 1a not to be
thus inagriilicil.
The I .idler l.iid, Mrs. Atkins thought she
would execute a few moro cinches, tilling
up the time until Atkins and the children
Cdine. As Mrs. A thins hppriuiched the
m.ni'el-pifce, extending her fingers towards
tlie thimble, the lliimuio of its motion
fell hilt iip.tu its tiide, with one distinct,
iir.iIoiiL'fil sound, as from a silver Oeii ; Mr.
1, 1t 'i'.ift pimiu ' 1. rim I die litilrt man anil ! it mil : for lliev. at least.
Mm. Atkins mared now nt hor visitor, and! with an open cell with a promise of liber-.am ready, amt allowed himsell to li- coti-
.-! 1 ...I. .1... ,l,;.l.l . .,,.1 l nunr until I hn ntimiinfril titJHV tn'dtlCtcd tO ttlU W'lliclp. illtO whir.ll llC tfot
..... . ihiiv inn t .tiittiii;r itiu lilt; iiiniiun. , nmi j ..v.., ........ . , .... . ..
" dfitfCU ihoii B)o ooMgcuuly thrrtlt her thirrttflel ho obtained. Now the viotiunortJ4Mm
proWWltrfiHifiitTMtrriainniar brAssi' and ttaitireil ' bte may net budgu. Tfiey liavo i-mplofert
1 i . . . . .. . t. . -1 . . 1. 1 t -1 . . .. .I.
me CUe.tpcsi IIIIIUUIU tlll'll atiiu, mm hi.
chcapoit thimble is for a time their punish
ment when dead. My time is up, and my
wnumlsurc boating but huw, lor these ten
long years'
'That's just about the time not quite
Tom ami 1 have worked for'
' For my tailor that was,' said the man
nikiu. ' How, for the time, have you tor-
to do is to confess my past sins and the sulTer-1 turod mo !'
ins thev nurchased me. mid then I pass to I I couldn't do it,' cried Mra. Atknn,
You couldn't help it 'twas your duty
may confidently arrive at this conclusion I AGoonSTonr. Tho IJoston Transcript,
from what has bpen discovered. Of tho tells a good many good stories under tho
gold coast your Committee says right, when 1 head of " Dealings with tho Doad." One
they assert that ' KngUml has received al-' of these numbers he devutesto fortune-lmnt-togcther
800,000,001) of gold from Africa. ' ing, nntl amongst other illustrations gins
Liberia ta uiijaceni to iiie gniu coast." jiiii me cast: 01 a .nr. .ilcwins. 11.. wit cmirt-
I would s(ieak of what is Itetter than gold
iron. And such is the purity of the iron
ore obtained by tho natives of Africa iniine-
lialcly in tho vicinity of l.iheria, which
ing a young l.nly of some aimi-tinm ami
something of a fortune, into the b triiin.
After a liberal arrangement had bivii mado
for tho young tidy, ly hr father, Mr. Mew-
they descrihe as being abundant, that they 'ins, having uken a oirtidnUr fincv to a i it-
have no furnaces ; they need none. All lie brown marc, demanded that it should be
their rude agricultural and warlike instru- thrown into the bargain ; and upon a pi st
inents are mado by them of ore so pure that live refusal, tin' match was broken olT. Af
wheu boated it bdeomoa at ouco Milliciontly iter a couple of year, the parties accident
mallpabln to admit of lieing wrought into ally met, at a country ball. Mr. Mr. mis
any shatrc or form. They niako knivp, ' wr i me willing to renew the rngigpmrnt
' It's no matter, now : my ton years aro.
up my time's out lo-iiuy. aii 1 nave now.
1 1
in r
. t' in
1 1
A (kin's thimble, by ihe way,
-li tl 1 r 1 1 i' 11 r! ll, I'M! uf
. ill a li.u k In r tin
Ir. 111 a in lilt-, u 1 :
: r. Ill .1 nil ll.c ii. mil 1-
11. .1 I. ,1 u.i. "i Hi" In art li. An I tui-'ii,
,1-iuni-lniii.iil and terror of Mrs. At-
kun, who, ctrauge to tl, couitl not at Hint
liioinrnl re .1111. tlinujli 111 no tormer aeci
th nl 1 1. ul tlie I nkil, neu ollitrw i- deti-rm-1111
il then, Iri.in the llnnihle he 111 to punr
li.tih, lit -in ill, quick pull, smoke ol Mive
rj cle.iriufS. .Mr. Aikius dropt 111 htr
cli i.r, rind k.iI with her eyes upon the tliun
tile, slill pulling .1 shining jpor pulling
an.! puriiu, until, 111 a tew minute, tlie
romii i hl'eil as mill .1 cluud, ami every
el j. el c mi'1'ijit.d in it, -uit the miiuII br.ts
lliiiiKile lli.tl inured "like a fpeoh upon ttt
he trili In tue lu.d-t nf her terror, Mrs.
Alkint In n'!.t nf her liille h.t nl beef un I
ill' oat tilt' V eie in-'. In
pence. I've paid the penalty ol my sciusn
ness, and my unquiet ghost will cease to
haunt your brazen thimble..' I
A ghost I' cried Mrs. Atkins. ' Well, I
never thought I could bo so hold to a ghost.
Ilut than, to be sure, you're such a very lit
tle one. What was your name V j
' Nevpr mind,' said the small man. ' I 1
was called The Poor Man's Friend. And
I can tell you, Mrs. Alkuis.thut 1 have paid 1
prellv sharply fur the vanity and lexationuf
!the title '
' That i, I suppose,' ansuered the spirit
ed little woman, ' )u wasn't his friend al
all ! Only the name, like V j
' Listen 10 my story,' said the little gen-i
llemau, again shilling himself among the
holly leaies. ' I was, when 1 uas a'lve and
enjnving my proper stature, I was a man of
exceeding Health, llich indeed was Land
Arrived at the tragioal pnt, a short, but
anxious delay of some seconds took plane;
after which they were joined by the lady
with her friends. Little whs said on either
side, but .Miss Gale, with customary decor
um, shod (ears, i'liickiicy endeavored to
preserve decorum, but a s ight twitching in
his mouth and eyebrows proclaimed his in
ward agitation.
All necessary preliminaries having now
been settled, and ihe prescribed melancholy
formalities gone through, the muai question
was put " Wilt thou liavo this woman to
tho rash youth
' I mil."
lull-nooks, war cutlasses, spears, axes, lines,
fallowing on We. out of this ore, without the process ol
smelling." '
I " .'. I. .. l.n.l.n.. .1.. 1" 'I.. ...I. .Ml.
ami my late. inns, tor every suicn you 1 mj " " wmuu
tnnt I ThIi vnnr nnmlln-honil o clean inlo replied in ti distinct voiac.
what seemed my llesh. Ami my sense of He then put tho fatal ring on Miss Gala's
feeling as sharpened into spiritual suffer- finger, tho hymeiiial noose was adjusted,
ing. " For fourteen hours a day have I felt ' and the poor fellow was launched into mat-
incessantly felt the punctures of the nmony.
tormenting steel. Hundreds of thousands
of little daggers piercing me through and hXJIIOniltOll Of lllO interior 01 AfflCil.
through, anil with every stich a jerk that
seemed to snntch at every nerve.'
' Mercy on us !' cried the tailor's wife.
' Ay, mercy on us,' said the little man.
' But we ask uurcy in vain, uho have 110
mercy on others. Live and let starve was
my inner creed; it's a wicked religion,
Mrs. Atkins, mid carries its atter punish
ment. And depend upon 11, they who,
The Forost Funeral.
She was a fair child, with tresses of long
black hair lying over her pillow. Her eye
was dark and piercing, and as it mot mine
sho ftnrlod slightly, but looking up smiled.
I spoke to her father, and turning to her,
asketl her if she know her condition.
" I know that my Kedeomcr liveth," s iid
she in a voice whoso melody was like the
sweet strains of the .Iviliun. A half hour
passed in silence, then she spuko in that
same deep, rich, melodious voice :
" Father, 1 am cold, he down heiiiie me,
lady .1 , 1 ; k 1 red nut to have the sli 'lit
est ri e.ollfctitm of him.
" .-'urely you have not forgotten me'"
said ho.
" W hat nime, ir'" 'ho enquired.
" Mewins," ho repln d. " 1 h id tlio hon
or nf paying my addresses to you, about two
years ago."
" I remember a person of that name,"
she rejoined, " who paid his addresses to
my father's brown marc."
15 Jt few have both the wilt and tho means
for deeds of high benevolence, hence nunc
should forget that the cup ol cold water
was commended and written in Heaven.
while the rich man's alms, heralded abroad
laud tho old man lay down besido his dying b). ,1C sounding trumpet, bad its empty and
':r:r c::!y blazon.
being nf no ag everybody thought and at last I got my-
,1 l.i I. .1:11. so I... iery g.n.i,', ver;,
. 'it. i : j :. is it, .ii tit, I h .ii ti
' 1 111 1 1 .iii'li :i "'Hi I in dime-
t r p or 111 it. lor the lite 1 I
be'ii -
I. 1 : 1 1 1
I ll.e
ii.'. 1
Ii r -1
tu .1 ;.
in n-!,t 1
ii try pm.'
'it, niul'l'
A 1. r
-. A 1
r In
I 1
111 '
:l ,.1
. 1' '
1 il 11
hue cl ..id
, I. r. il -.-
1 h ... ,
II 1 1
neier cm1 1 li .d snllicient time to perlorm
llieui. Nun rliieles-, I could nut torbcar tn
talk 11 as so pie mailt, so easy ton; and
nil no otht r etl'irt, it made me a name
tint s ntlt amniig my p irlicular friends like
a un e mii'm nl. '
" The more .shame for you," said Mrs.
Atkins. " To gel a good name, and lue
upon it ai.d do nothing for it ; whyil's
uor' than C01111114 yis, passing bad 1110-
ne I Untiling to 1,."
Very Uue, Mrs. Atkins," ansuered the
unnilrled maunil.in. " Very truo. Vet
there's a deal ol" brassy character paiat lor
good. And it may sound ruht enoujii up
on the world's counter, but 11 won't dn,
Mr- Aikni", when the angels come to
rinj u Ii won't do, ma '1111."
"I .;io.il,-iy iioi," replied the tailor's
w ,!'.', w i'Ii w o , in'v decision.
.nl so I r, ,.ii I It 1- now, madam.
. ,1 . -"ii..' I d.ed. If Vol! doulll
without care for the comforts, the necessi
ties of the workers, will have only the
rhe.ijii -t work, lug us ihtir inrrrs u, u
s Hid, and large .1- ll.i ir prt -nice 111 I. e
w. rid in r, he their souls dut.i 1:1 a 1I.1111-bl.-.'
And hero Hip lutlo man vanished, and
the Dutch elock struck twehe, and Aikius
wall a brightened lace, with a child in ei
ther hand, and two following, came home
to dinner. Now whether Mrs. Atkins did,
nr did not, ttll her husband her interview
w uh the inannilvin, 1? not here or elsew here,
the business of Rtn ltiuiNo Hoou.
1 1. 1
..nut- v t I
I 1
-.1, nt In
1 11 t th .1
, -Ml
upon 1
uitiii 1
t r m ,
leu v '"ir- .ig ' ''11.''
11 e, Like ' .ir w 11 t
11m: 1 11, y . 11 w il. 1
is no in i-t ,i!v i.ig 11
1 hii. f. . r. 1 w 1 1 . f 1
ml ' 11.1
-i n
In in 1
- ,.
r 1 id urn 1 1
tie was the strangest of gentlemen,
, iiy perlt'Ct.
way quartern
tne cemekry. Theie,
niv iiioini:neiil. There
'11 S'leh a Irmd-ou'e
1 . e 1. 'ig'i 111 it to have kepi
d I 1 I un i v for a tiiel vi
1 . 1 .' 1 i'. fi a'l nli 1 '
1 i. u . .ml in all I "ir mi
1 ir 1 '; tni ad- is coiisiJ' r d
lu one place I am giving a
loaves in another 1 have
from tho I. "ii In. I'll' ill
This nTorriuig. lvTT'iranriiTi'ev-
rn o'clock precisely, an unfortunate young
in in, Mr. Edward 1'inckney, underwent the
evtri ine penal')' of infatuation, by epi it
i.ig Ins in iclunent to M iry A ui Gale, in
limit of the alt ir railings ol 1st. Mary's
(,'liuri h, I-lingti"i.
Il will he ui tne reeoHeetlotl of all lliosp
friends nf the parlies who were at June-'
party al Urixtoii, tun ye ns ago, that Mr.
Pinckii"V w is there, and I mmi !"i r t uitr'iduc
rd to Marv Gale, to w horn he in-t iinly be;'.in
to tlirei't parti.' 11 l.i r at leu tin, is i! me 111 g i 1
In r no le-s In 111 i v .-t 1-that ei . uuig, anil
I. Hiding lit r tiling- it supper in ll.e 11,0-1
diluted ill inner. From that iieru tl cmi'
menced the intiuiacv between them which , any time during the year
j Prom the l.ibtna A.I.. i ,t
I One of the missionaries to Liberia lately
: made an exploring tour of '-!"',! miles mi
foot into the interior. He passed through
thirty v dlages of the Goulas, Dey s, llueaks,
land Coudoes. In Ins report he says
1 " Such a country as we pissed through
, 111 thai missionary' lour, I have not seen sur
passed 111 either ol the littceu west India
Islands whicu I have visited, from Trinidad
' to Tortnla and the Virgin Island. It is .111
eleiated mountainous country. Ranges of'
mountains, running most generally parallel
.an ihe line of coast Irom Northwest to
Southwest rise up before tho delighted
eye of tho traveller, convincing him that ho
is uo longer in the land of burning sands
and deleterious swamp.', such as arc en
countered in proximity with the shores, but
111 iiuils another region. And such arc the
graduations af its surl'nco us would greatly
facilitate tho objects of agriculture. There
1 are few, if any, very steep acclivities noth
ing like the bold, precipitous mountains of
1 our Cistern States. Beautiful and exten
sile valleys lie al the base of these 11101111
1 tains, which gently slope down tu lite level
r.t.ii"tryjyinj( bclnuell lU0L
'It is a well watered country. Duriug
the eiht hours' travel which wc were fre
quently obliged to perform in a day, wc
never walked more than two hours or two
and a half at one tunc, without com.ng to
some beautiful stream of cool and very puro
waltr, either a tributary of tho St. Paul's
or some other of the many smaller rivers
w ti, eh intersect the Alrican Canaan. And
lu re 11 may be proper to add, that my atten
tion was directed lo an examination of the
adaptation ol these streams lo the purpose
of uiacluneiy, sues fur mills, iSiC. and I
hesitate not to afliiiu, that within the Gauluh
luutry especially, any number ol the most
eligible situ itious may be found, where, al
good water inav
ciiiid, and sue twined nor thin arms aruutiu 1 ,i,nri.,rP,i .,,. 5 r.r
. his neck, and murmured in a dreamy voice : '
1" Dear father, dear father !" The miscarriages of a good man, which
I "My child!" sa.il the man, "doth ihe give an ill-natured pleasure lo htile minds,
tlood soom deep lo ther !'' suggest to every great mind the most tncl-
i " Nay, father1 My snid is strong'" ancholy ideas of the weakness of human 11a-
' "Seest thou the thither shore '" mr gener.il, hut 110 spiteful vtiujinojs
... . o .t. i 1 t 1 . . n . . . ..
in augei smiles 1 ism 1 am coin, com, I'lieinori ag iinsi ins woaKtiess 111 purlieu-
cold ! Father, there is 11 misl 111 the room !
You'll be lonely, lonely !"
" Is this di alb. Father !"
" It is death, Mary !'
" Thank God !" replied the child. Iler
eyts closed she slept in the arms of .It
sus !
Sabbalh evening came, and a slow pro
cession wound through the I'orosl to the
school-house. There with simple riles the
clergy man performed his duty and 11 cut to
the grave. Tho procession was short.
There wcic hardy inon and rough, in shoot
lar. 1' ar Iroui cu imrr over his fill..
worth, he views his downfall with a gener
ous piiy. and, w rueil by it, works out his
own s illation with tiar and tremblmj.
One of t'u' conductors on thfc New Ha
ven Railroad. vvIiom-specrh, smacking of
the Ficiich or German accent, subjects him
to kii occasional quiz from ihe passengers,
was uished " A Nappy New Year" by one
of them, duriug the trip on New Year's
Day. " C)h ! tank you sare, merry Christ
mas, April fool. Fours July, and all za real."
"'- ...L 1. ..,!..
tna tackels, and some with rilles on their 1 1
shoulders; bui their warm hearts gave beauty "Mother," said Junes, "what is tho
lollicir countenances, as they stood in miir- meaning of donation ? Y'ou have been pro
tmirs, and ihu birds sang, and so wo buried ' paring all the week for the donation party,
'lcr ! laud I want to know what it means."
I saw the sun go down from tho samo spot, I "Why, Jimmy," said Johnny, "don't
and the stars wore bright hofore I left, for I jjon know what donation moans? 1 do! do
always had an idea that the grave-yard was means the oake, and nation means the pco
the nearest place to heaven on earlh ; and 1 pie, and they carry tho onko to tho tnims
wilh old Sir Thomas Urovvn 1 lovo 10 see a . tet's, M the people go lliore and oai it."
church 111 u grave-yard, for even as wo pas
through the place ol graves to the temple ol
(foil on earlh so WAinr-" ""' l'"l
tho grave lo" the tonipfo of God lug"
pooplo go I
Once upon a time, on a Sunday after-
.ntvuii 8o ,1Zy in ,is motions that
Jhe d!fiOtgeriitu-.,-ior tlTT IfifT
j congregation vvt re coming out, and he said
j to Ihe first man he met
I " What! is it all dutiei"
I SJrt " o...,l ... ... 11 n . , 1 .
I g w Inch few foreign nations have as yet "'. r 'u , ' ""' . 11 3 a ! sa" ' ru,lt
athmied either in thei? house, or lai.Lruai.es. V" ",k" 1 'lcalo..g t,mo before
1 ,,,, ' , . r . .1 im 1 I' v, 111 ue all iliine."
I his thing is " comfort. Ihe word cau-
' run well be defined ; ihe items that enter ' A certain old lady who had been famed
j into its composition being so numerous, that for s mr looks and not very sweet words,
a description would read like 11 catalougne. touching tl.e v.muus accidents of life, was
ousincdto have suddenly become very a-
Titc Kvki:y-iay M.nnii:i Ladv. The
every day married lady is the inventor of a
"V. hut happy change has come over you 1"
Said a neialih .r.
Whv," nod tho transformed. " to tell
dv v. . I'.vrraiixjK. 1
tOflfKnH.1 Hi nmlit l hi. I Jilt. booUnlM
Uii' .i".-S-k". ''Ill .-! J l" l. t .later, "Uh, ilwu I I
liuil lklu, Unj, tWrt' n. 1. m lUw.
Ilirk.U.ili.r jiw USmi ilr,
'J Ii vrina vh axsiriliix
A I. .I,i. u.'ir.i nil .lie li'ili ti. und,
H.S.si.dill), il luw,
Wi dn. tram W,in lit r
yU lb wtalu Shil .uuw.
A llllto rhiM UnVci ojn.-ttrinj
At lri'r d.1' rH nr,
Aiiltclolrliini t bur iiiIik' VimiJ,
l;ietiimeil vyah faulin( tear,
"Oli, ilo t 'it, liliirjr, rlu ihem li'itm
1'berv'f 1. In llitm, tli t"
' M'war, lull," M)'! Iliuti,' ckiU'v wll,"
ItUl U, III iMttlHI H.SO
'I pa'r r titll in m. :
M4n' vauiitHU lit.tl vrt.4l iwui eichnj;B
Yut ctl.at.otMl' livall una ycs !
Tiling n In ui tv ta tUi ;
'J l.wift.1 Hu I r.lit' wi
Awl a "1 but uur uU wuboimI liwiti
Tn itU ' aU"ljr clini,
Wu mi(Ui i. u(U vi) Iicio
AoJ Gad luicr)Uitn 1
and he was in the strangest position ! Hut taken off my own coat, and am serenely of-1
we will u-ll every Utile we know about him. fering the garment lo a beggar and the,
Measured by tailors' measure, the gentle- third " I
irun's suture might have been about six in- "I recollect. Good as a picture tu look
ches. A gentleman null a very clean and tti ul aaw it with Turn and the children j
lolly look ; his hair nil iron gray; with a ' one Sunday. Then we could get a walls on ,
few wisdom scratches made with an iron a Sunday ; and itaw it's nu walk, but for
pen the sort nf pen made out of Time's i ever stitch. La, blesn me ! and that's you'
old scythes about the corner of bis eyrs, 1 m that monument ' Well, I never I" ejac
that had a ceiling-ward look ; a look, mort- ulaied Mrs. Atkins. " And now I recol-i
over, ot tell-satielactioii. lie was vciy so-' led what a line lot ol slull theie s writ a
berly dfost in black very soheily ; and j bout you." 1
then Ins white neckerchief was while audi " Duu'i name it, ma'am," said the little
pure as a suow-wtealh. man, hastily, "even as I am, my cheek
Mrs. Aikius thought she recognised in tingles to think of it. And when I re
the miniature nun a well-known luce; one j Heel"
of those countenances that, like a royal i " Never mind reflections," cried the tai
face upon a shilling, is Ihe property of eve-' lor's wife, with decreasing deference to-
terminated in this morning's catastrophe.
Poor Piuckney had barely attained bis j
twenty-eighth yiinr; but there is reason
to believe thai bat fur reasons of a pecunia
ry nature, his singly life would have come
earlier to an untimely end. A change for
tho belter, however, having occurred in his
circumstances, the young lady's friends wero
induced to sanction his addresses, and thus
became accessories lo the course fur which
he has just suffered.
The unhappy man passed the last night
of his bachelor existence in his solitary
From half-part eight lo ten lie was en
gaged in writing letters. Shortly after, his
We all uiiderslanu however what it means,
althouirli lew ol us arc sensible nt tlie source uiiaj'e,
of the en j vn ent. A widower has very lit
tle comfort, and a bacliilm none al all
while a married man, provided his wilu be
an evciy-day married lady enjoysut m per-' you the truth, i have been all my life Btriv-
fuction. Itul he enjoys it unconsciously, ing lor a contcukd mind, and J vc finally
and therefore ungratefully ; it is a thing ol in.le up 111 iniud to sil down contented
course a necessary, a right, ol the want of with ml it."
which he complains without being distinct- . ..., v, .... r mi
was performed!.. Ihe very middle of ihe dry ,y te,isib!e of it. presence. Even when it Gm pf ' , . for
season, and yet we found plenty ot wator acquires sufficient intensity to arrest his at- Thank8,irillrr ;'.,, fnI .- ,,:
tcnl.on, when Ins leatures and us hea t rrol thoU.ble which may be new 'to some,
soften, and he looks round w ul. a half , , ( m)t fl( )f uh; rea(,(,rs . '
ion Ins face, and says : " J his is cuu.fo.i ! Jn 19 ,,,, ,, exl,rc.sly(. atgUag0
1 it never occurs to him lo iiiiuiro wheie it ..r.i. n.i.t. . 'ot ..r "
,, , ... r .. oi '- iiioic . i in- niiiier oi our aiscou-
all comes from. His everyday wifo M l- eul w t((l i Qv(jr , .
ingqutetly in the corner; .1 wa. ,. she f floii-i U come.
w lu, I.Bhtcd Ihe lire, or dressed tho d.,... . . u , . f , , .
or drew tho curtains ; and it never occurs j j
to him to think that all these, and a huu-t
dred other circumstances of the moinunt, ' A Frenchman came into I! one day,
owe their virtue lo her spiriting; and that ' stole a watch, w as arrested, tried, cnndcmti-
tho comfort which enriches tho atmosphere, cd to State Prison, and sentoll'in two hours
be obtained, fur any of the purposes which
an enterprising community, agriculturalists
and mechanics, may require. My journey
in tlio different streams.
"his a well timbered land. Through
an extensive forest fur many miles which
lay in our return route, 1 was so struck with
the gigantic lieesof immeuso height, vvhioh
reared their towering heads ami united their
luxuriant foliage above in funning above us
one dense and rich canopy, ih.it I called
lite attention nf tho colored ministers of the
Liberia Annual Methudisi Conference who
accompanied tne, to this evidence of the
llanru bmii-tiAAtl nt tlml rinhnoss of the country which God had giv-
door "when tho doomed 'youth told him to Ion to the Africans, audio which thoir e- I which sparkles in ihoembors, which broods and a half When he reached the top of tho
- . I. ., , . It .1- 1 I ......I.!... k... I li.M,.l.uii,ttiA...1...ln..lltnnn....l.ll....n....
rybndy who can poMt it. Sue had seen wards her visitor, " but come to tho story
.1... II .. I . TS I I '
a picture ni inc i ni. i iiiau h r riruu, miu
no, ll ci old not be he; u was impossible
nevertheless, the face of the mauiiiktu was
How did you get into my thim-
A Winter Sermon.
Ttiuu ilncltr.t In warm nuil cheerful horn,
Tl.y mut in tm llic lntl Miiiil UiUe.
Wlale lu.uU-a uielftw. ruurfj 111 innn.inu lom,
On liu. tih.lielllM hts.il 111 wirvolpU.b...
Tb tu4ril ii loiled h ill. '.Ii ncbeit mwAli,
O'er HlutJi UuuC)ii luit-il Ui'fuur waudsrj
HiBj tDilit li on m1ii Ihy lu.lltS eU,
Oirel on nsincull nhkli lh itinrauti iquandor.
Tbv llmlMnt inuQlcd from lh pieicin; bUil,
U'lun from lh tire.liio cutntt thou dml itll
Mny bv icarc rftf gbontlbeni cttt,
Wilb xbieh th fruit; treem toy nd d tl jr.
Thou but lofl irnilei to (reel lb kin oflnti,
Wlen lh light lep 'ciuuudi vrttbin lb ptirul j
fJuut bT no flKIMll rv II who dwelU Uov,
Jv'o rweel coiumuniuii wiih fellww morul.
Tlioo ilrit louadly ol Ui cuitl bd,
Lutl'd b tb puwr ofiuiurtm uanumtMi'il j
foal pillow on itoa 0 aching bled,
flour :la ta wtk when lb bai ilunibi'il.
Think, think orihui, twha, furnt'd of kln.lrsd clijr,
llipend tijnin th dute thy bodoty acntlerl )
And UmI Hill hnr Ihem fur iby vlfr priy
Tby t hu cbiUiiu, ibnub to iii and tntur.
woiidrouitly tike the flesh-jiid-blood good-
And (he little gentleman, though some
what uneasily, sal among a sprig nl Christ
mas holly that was upon the mantel-piece;
sat and wnli his best pains, looked secure
amid his bower of spikes.
' Hadn't you better lake a chair, sir, on
this stool V said Mrs. Atkins, as she passed
her apron over a three-legged piece of deal,
' you II be more cointi ruble, sir.
'Thank you,' said the little man; his
lace puckered as he spoko, and shifting un
easily,' thank you, but people condemned
to live in thimbles are nut allowed lo be com
fortdblu.' Poor creatures!' cried Mrs. Atkins, it
tnusi be a siruti lodging, goodness knows. I
never heard of stub a tiling.'
1 Uonightencd, darkened boing!' cried tho
little man in black; ' miserable, forlorn per
son 1' ho continued, as though IVuui a plat
form : 'did you uuver hear ol Solomon's
brazen keltles I'
Never,' said the tailor's wife, with great
' Know, then, that Solomon has at this
momenta thousand brazen kettles at ihu bot
tom of tho sea : ui.d in every kettle is a pris
oner, confined for uo good bo has done, de
pend upon it, lo hear the sea moan and roar, 1
and answer it with his groans. And as in
brazen kettles, so,' and the little man sigh
ed heavily ' so iu brass thimbles ; so in the
pens of clerks and merchants and lawyers
and authors narrow prison-houses fur all
of them who cheat the world, and fur all in
tho world who cheat litem ; and crudest ol
all, so iu tlio very interstices of the printer's
types a multitude of bouls, which no man
can number, is bound to be pricked by bod
kins, half smothered with ihu blackest ink,
and infernally squeezed at every turn of the
iron press, so that but for the airy forms
. which, Satati in. mercy gives them, every
newspaper, every pagt, would be blazoned
al once,
" Thai was my sentence that was my
dreadful punishment," cried the lutlo man.
" Punishment !" echoed Mrs. Atkins.
" Well, to be sure, little as you arc, it must
have cramped you terribly. And what's so
7ery droll, 1 never felt you."
" Ilut 1 fell you every stitch," said tlie j
maniiiktn, and ho seemed to wince at the
recollection. " However, to finish my sto-l
ry. You must know that, although I talked j
to the last day of my life about tho duties
I of the rich, and the rights of the poor al
though now and then, fur the look ol the
thing, my name sparkled in a guinea sub
scription for a Homo for Ihu Houseless, or
sume such public benevolence, I would buy
buy whme 1 might I would buy cheap,
livery new shilling saved 1 considered a
new victory over tho extravagance of trade.
It was not for mo to inquire about wages
it was no part of my economy to be assured
that the journeyman could get his shoulder
of mutton and potatoes"
' Shoulder of mutton and potatoes I" ex
claimed Mrs. Atkins, as though she spoke
of culmarv marvels of Mahomet's Paradise.
" Well, to hu suro wu bad a bit of beef
vcslerdav. but before llien"
" I cared not if you, and such as you liv
ed upun bran and water, It cheapness were
in the studies ot my coat il my nuari, my
philanthropic heart, beat beneath a waist
coat that, for economy of cost, defied com
" More shame for vou." said the tailor's
wife. 'Talkinir of waistcoats, what do
vou think I eel for that blue thing there P
' Starvation !' answered tlie manuikiii,
'fori see, lino as it is oh, I know the
sort of llmi!! iwte I see it is one of the
dories of prune cost that defy competition
A pretty breastplate of defiance,' said the
little man, ' aim wen is sucu ucuaucu puu
' Now nuiushod !' asked Mrs. Atkins
That's it that's the marrow of my sto
ry. That is the why and the wbcrelore
that I .am here. At this moment now,
como in. Un being asked wtien no meant iiieo uiuiiiren wui iiint,-.i uj m man; .
lo go to bed, he replied " Not yet." The erful considerations. I measured several
question was then put to him how he thought trees, and my juurnal, kept at the time with
ho would sleep ? to which ho answered, " I : scrupulous exactness, records tW, 21, 2."
don't know." He then expressed his de- feet as tho oircumferenco of many of thoni '
siro fur a cigar and a glass of grog. His! within six feet ol the ground. Let me re
brother, who sat down and partook of tho i mark, that iho variety and superior quality
like refreshments, now demanded if he! of Ihe wood found iu these forests, and in
wonld lake anything mure that night. He deed all along the borders and around the
said " nothing," iu a firm voice. His al- settlement of Liberia, from Grand Cape
foctionate brother then rose to take leave, ' Mount to Cape 1' almas, or Maryland, can-
when tho dovoted one considerately advised
him to taku care of himself.
Precisely at a quarter of a minute tn v.
not be excelled any where within tho Torrid
Zone. From a specios of poplar, soft and
adapted lo all tho purposes for which the
en tho next morning, tho victim of Cupid , white pine is usod tu America, up to mo
having been called, according to Ins desire, loalt, a variety ot manogany, a oeauiiiui
ho rose and nroiimtlv dressed himself. He I suee.es of hickory very abundant at Cape
had the self-control lo shave luuisolf without i Palmas, tho iron wood, the brims'.ot.o, sus-
tho tlightesi injury; fur not even a scratch oepltble of a polish Tor lurnilure ol surpass
upuii his chin appeared after tlio operation, ing beauty, and many others, an almost
It would seem that ho had devuled a long-! endless supply may bo fuunu.
cr lime than usual at his toilet. " ll is an exceedingly fertile soil. Tho
Tho wretched man was Btttred in a light immense undergrowth ol shrub and vine
blue dress coat, with frosted bullous, a interwoven around ihe giants ol tlie lorost,
white vest and nankeen irowsers, with pa-'so thick, so impenetrable, without much of
ten! leather boots. He wore around his ' Turt, and through which a footpath only
neck a variegated satin bcarf, which partly conducts tho traveller, is tho best proof ol
concealed the Corrazzo of the bosom. In this. Ilut tho grains, roots, fruits, vinos of
front of the scarf was inserted a breastpin I the tropics, all concentrate here, and may
iu the sh idowv parts ot Iho room, which lull whence the who'o village could be soon,
glows in his own full heart, emanates from he stopped, turned about, and gazing at it
( hor, and encircles her like an aureola. for a moment, at last exclaimed : "Veil, dis
i , is de smartest lectle place fur businoss, zat
,. ,,, ; i avair I did see !"
I PowBii of a Iumi Woitii. A nun was
ono day driving a cart along the street. I If tho licit would nut prepare thorns for
The horse was drawing a heavy lend, and tho pillows, and forge chains for tho hands
' did not turn as the tnaii wished him. . Tho and minds of their children, thoy should
man was in an ill temper and beat the i teach tliom, early, iho rudiments of indus
I horse; tho horse reared mid plunged, hull try.
he either did not, or wouiu noi go on in tne, SvMPAXllv. An Irish csunsel being
right way. Another man who was iu the i q,,Mtio,)e4l by jud(,e to klU),v ..flir wh,n
carl, wont up to the horse, and patted h.u. , Uo coceriloJ ropliod " I am
on the neck, a,l called bun kindly by his conccrnal my lord, fr tho plaintill', but I
name. I he horse turned his head, and fix- om,,oven by Ule defendant.
cd his largo eyes t n the man, as though bet ' . . , ,
would say, " 1 will do anything fur yoti.be-! " There is nothing," said Plato, "as
cause you aro kind to me ;" and, bending i pleasant, as hearing and spoakmg the truth:
his broad chest against tho load, turned the I For tins reason : There is no conversation
. , . i ...... ..1.1., ll.nt nf Him iumi ill llitmtrilv
narrow lane, ami ironed on nrismy as su h8icciiuio ,......,,. .,,,.,
though tlio load was a plaything.
strong is a kind word I
Oh how
of conspicuous dimensions.
Having descended the staircase firmly
ho entered the apartment wliero his brother
and a fuw friends awaited ti i in. Ho then
shook hands cordially with all present; and
on being asked how he slept, answered
" Very well ," and to the further demand
as to the stale of his mind, ho said that lie
" felt happy."
One of tho party having hereupon sug
gested that it would lie as well to takesome-
thing before the melancholy ceremony was
gone through, ho exclaimed with lomo em
phasis, " decidedly." Ilrcaklast was ac
cordingly served, when he ulo a French
oil, a large round toast, two sausages, and
three new laid eggs, which lie washed down
with three great breakfast cups of tea. In
reply to an expression of astonishment on
the part of persons present, ho declared
that tic had never felt heartier in his life.
Having inquired tlie time and ascertained
that it was ten minutes to eleven, he re
marked that it would soon be ovei, His
bo raised with a dogrco of comparative ease,
a rapidity of grow th and an abundance al
most incredible. I have stood erect under
tho branches of a cotton ireo in a Goulah
village, as they spread lorth hum tho main
trunk, laden with bolls, and suppoiled by
forked sticks to prevent Ihcir being broken
down by their own weight, and found, on
measuring, that the tree covered a space of
ten feet iu diameter. On examining tho
staple, as iho ripened bolls buret into matu
rity, it was louiiu as good and equal iu tue
fineness of its fibre to the cotton of any
country. As to coffee, I will only borrow
Iho words of Iho report as a comment on
themselves : ' Coffee of a quality superior
to the best Java Mocha is raised iu Liberia,
and can be cultivated with great ease to auy
extent.' It is a country where tobacco, that
great article of commerce, may be. culti
vated in auy quantity with great success.
" Ilut iho region in the vicinity ot Libe
ria is one of great mineral wealth. Tins
remains for Science to fully develop, but we
PiivsioAL and Morai, Imi'uovemcni'.
A clean, couiforlablo dwelling, with whole
some meals is no small aid lo intellectual
and moral progress. A man living in a
damn cellar or a L'ttrret onen to rain and
snow, breathing ihu foul air of a fillhy
room, and striving without success to ap
pease hunger on scanty or unsavory food,
is iu danger of abandoning himself lo a des
norate selli.h recklessness. Improve then
your lot. Multiply couifoits, and still more
gel wealth if you can by honorable moans,
and it do nut cost you too much. A liuu
cultivation of tho mind is fitted to forward
you iu your worldly concerns, and you
ought to use it for this end. Only, beware,
lest this end master you ; lest your motives
sink as your- condition improves; lesiyou
fall victims to the miserable passion oi vying
with those around you iu show, luxury and
expense. ciiannino.
To iniure a man's sight, sa7s the Albany
Dutchman, there is nothing worse than
sudden wealth. Let a wuod sawcr draw
ten thousand dollar prize, and in less than
a mouth ho will not be able to recognize
even tlio man thai " ued to go security
for turn."
who hoars without any intention to betray,
and speaks without any intention to do
coir." ltirds of Paradise always fly against tho
wind, and heavenly minded souls move a
gaiusi the current.
Tho proper element of man is constant
activity. The waters of human life aro like
those of tho ltothesda pool it is only when
they ato agitated that they ore healthful.
Working miracles with worsted such as .
brown rivers with orange colored btiores,
or yellowish Daniels Bleeping among greeii
lions, Willi sappiurc cuiuisu lans, 13 una ui
tho modern iiccouipiuiiuiuiiis oi juuujj in
dies. So says the Albany JJutcuinaii.
'n man has the riant to expect a good
fortune, unless ho goes to work and de
serves it.
Without contentment there isno joyof
aught, there is no profit, no pleasuro m any
thing. A man cannot run away from himself.
His evil genius will follow him, whitherso
ever ho may turn his fudtsieps.
Tho Chinese, have an axiom, and a beau
tiful truism it is, too, that when ouo person
is idle a tiugteday, without justcauoor
necessity, some ono mut stiller hj it.

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