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Vermont watchman and State journal. [volume] (Montpelier, Vt.) 1836-1883, September 04, 1851, Image 4

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microscope. Within n sqitnro inch ofj
nurfuce in certain leaves o plants n mic
rocope tins shown a hundred nnil suv
cnty thousand iirt!ninisor nionihs for re
ceiving ciirbonic ticiil f?n from ihc nir,
to form the substniieo of the plant uu
important fact for farmers.
TlicLgminatc.l universe, or living mov
ing things, c.Uiihil mechanism inexpress
ibly varied, rich, and beautiful, both in
their forms nnd motions. A fish never
moves a fin, n bird u whip, n centipede
a foot, n quadruped n hmb, or n human
being a finger, without an exhibition of
some principle or form of mcchniiism.
The infinitely inried forms of until, nl
objects, embracing animal, vegetable,
ami mineral creation, are far bnyond the
comprehension of any human being with
in the period of the longest natural life.
Abbe llauy, ol France, spent his wlmlo
life on the subject of crystallography--
the forms Mild ri'llllllins nf lli'lluirnl out. 1
un. minis uiiu reunions oi iiiiuerai stio-
stances. The most finishud human sir
chitect, either in ancient or modern limes,
.11 . I.I j .
twMn jpiiuiii.iiil; tllll3 UJ uu 1111111114:11 i
through ages, is a tnerc point, uell-niuhi
,... ... . ...i i .i .i
n uarK speck, when compared uitli tlie I
great Architect of the unhorse. Whei
compared with the vnstuess, tlio richness,
the beauty, the sublimity, the glory of
the architecture of the heavens and of
the earth the orbits of the planets and
the structure of h aves, and microscopic:
work of ins. cla human architecture is
poor indeed.
While mechanism, in the broadest
sense of the word, has a stretch too far.
nnd a division too minute, for any hu
ma'i power, during any human hie, to
comprehend, tho elements ol the whole
arc entirely within the reach of iho child
ol live, or even of three, years old. The
nio-t important element is the most sim
ple object of human observation a sim
ple three-sided figure, or equilateral tri
angle. Such a figure every pupil in an)
school of five or five hundred scholars
may form, at least approximate, any mo
ment when tho opportunity should be
afforded by their teacher, simply by pli
cing before them slin-sand pencils, with
permission to use them. .Several ol
these figures combined exhibit the snow
flake, t'ombincd in a different form,
they show the crystal of tho diamond, of
gold, of iron, of h ad, and of nearly a
hundred lorms of mineral crjstals.
The next most simple figure, the
square, is the next most rich and varied
in its combinations I'or human utu
chanisni, it is een more iniporiant than
the triangle, and scarcely lets within the
skill of tlie child.
By a short scries of short articles on
the subject of mechanism, an attempt
will be Hindu to show the importance to
every human being of a familiar acquain
tance with its elements, and its entire
fitness for practical exercies in the pri-
mary instruction ol every pupil the mo
ment he enters a school.
A Western Judge.
A paper publishnil somewhere out
West gives the following report of a
Judge's sentence lately passed on ei'un
inal. JJruuiloy was doubtless a " Imrd
casu?" but what kind of a " easu" ihu
Judge was, may best be deterii.ined af
ter reading tho following:
" IJruinley, )oti inf,iuious scoundrel!
you unredeemed villain you hain't a
single redeemed trail in jour character
your wife and family wish we had sunt
you to the Penitentiary. This is the
fifth time I've had you before me, and
you have put me to more trouble than
your neck is worth. I've exhorted and
prayed over you long enough, you s-eoun-drul!
Just go home a id take one ghmiii-u
at your family, and be oft" in short order ;
don't let us ever hear ol yuu again. The
Grand Jury have lotiud two otiier indict
ments against you, but I have discharged
vott on your own recognizance, and if I
find you in this neck ol woods lo-moirow
morning at day light, I'll sock you right
tquare in j iiland hump you oil" to J, llcr
souulle in less lhaii no tune y oti infa
mous scoundrel ! If I ever keieh yon
crooking vour finger at man. tiouiail or
child white man or nigger I'll sock
you right square in the jug ; stand up
you reprobate, while I puss uenieuco up
on you."
Charging too Much.' Julius, why
diddn't you oblong your stay ut the
Springs ?'
' Case, Mr. Fnow.dcy charge to much.'
' IlilW bo, Jiihu.s "'
' Why, de laudloid thar-jod dis ool
oied iiidiviuu.il with st. almg ihe spoons ?'
nnruK.Mni nnm new yhuk with
Su'h UHUK.dJ i Ol.nltKII MI.Kn, IIH,Ai;rx
nr.HAUt. iiiii.AUt.f, Auu..i.t:c, ; i,aih.l.ni''
'JIS:Ut:s,IUtBll rol'U.Nf, II ' . .S K'l c , I, I i I lu. r , I.a'
Jlln gj, Ifil. ug
aUEuiMtriiji3d ttr-r fr -t or irui.tuJ nwitnl! p Lir
lulled la Mwtlprlwl ill .In , n-r II.. c-oiif of Suilni.l .
oil cuucinl lull.. VI. f. mi .1 It i,ua Aiimi. Ili.ic
l. 6t. I'lLtinf ! I Mu.ill.t, ,J u u,,,,
mill lhaii ( Hlwul fun r tniU..
irilttucd.m eaoetltiD 111, ll.a mill, ltiji i ell tt,cit
IJook-Storc and Book-HlntUrj,
Wllh tlMk d Ttnylf-'lLt beit localluu id luwa, uj ib
fctily blnuerv wtlbio fwrlr ui.lir..
'lo iMi.,..i..ii.. tonoe.i n.cu will, mu.'nrtu colb c..i-
Ul.iiouc.l'unioVfinotili,IT.n.ot.l1oduciun. ,
i.M.oi.i., imoiib vi too tuuicriuer uciore
. . V,U V. M.J.
Mo.la.li.t,Aptilla 1351.
Huston Wiiolrsule Clothing House,
Branch at Wontpolier, Vt.
Main Street, Opposite Uriel; Church.
yC.tr cu.oerl.J wuhiioo ef ih. Ixii WIIOI lAl.i:
UUUTHI.N'U IllllJrtl.H m ItoMou. k.tt ill oui
eiulkl iouo(.l b.foto L.Mir ip.. . Tli.j Mill ..ot.liuok.
W Wll U laulooola II tbO f 4Uir PflC.I )OU 1IH m lt. cit,
tmiiff tho tt.ublo iDd rspfntti vl .coilin; tuff.U.tl. urij
u.oltil .ll u.d. IDi mieuii. d fiit ll.. IUi.il l i.u.
Ibf cuiiuui.i uill bo ti.fio.i llui out li.iiutal. no
ts.l lo.u, cu.lo .. ,g , ,,c.
Allilc.toi. latbotooMt) Mill liixlll lot tlitit lolett)! to
putcbilr ul HI. Oo, ,io, onibt.co. r
Three Thousand (JanuouLs,
&dOtlo.o l.iio Ca.ii 0, !,. ,ai
..,''" tltHbLMU ftonW i.au'
SiiyifSS's irrx:r'- "
400 SUMAlEll HATS,
CAPd, fol ilvU OU ilof oil .1,1...
fot Ucb Bo)C iod Voutb.
to f.c-, t Uti it. U,t, .otlutal i cr.i.d m
Jiti0"!!.?"? " '"" lU..l.lbll -HI Ol"
rZ.xz ."L:.,'J,.''4, u "u ",u "
Moltoli..jM.t, IMI.
K ITU & liAltiucir
nit ii.
131 IMI HTA XT It 1 1 U V.M I'.NT
T I'i'i-miii
Travolling West!
rrom HUSTON to
tVffra t'ntt. ltnTttlat terrtniitt, Of
ft If, t'hlmem. fiitfrtittkir, a4tkrr
tuttflrfitt fort i
to. to
Siiugtloit, Toronto Ai ItitmiUnn, T. If.
Via Ogdensburgh Railroad,
-AM ih largo and I 1 -
i, i ui; nit',
Ceuurrl lug irUli llir .lllrhltian frill nil
ttttillrotttl Iitur Irntil llnIUIo.
Tliiouch It. Clilfrtff' from linn..'. Point nlltl
UKi.tlial.itrKli lit 4 tin).!
lYorlhoiiii'i', Hay Mute, Ontario A
It.r rnntmfnrHl rtiottin. II daltv lnir lerni I i 'ortitbttrf It.
mrpl-l.) loiniij - o..b 7 ..'ilurl in Ikr
n ,tI,ii ih0 ( ,r. r,m it.m. r,nt
.Pii..ooi.f. Irum IiI'-noii. nri'l inii'Miii'.ii ile 4.nurir.an
;ut.ia, a. a'.il IhxtK Ifiun Hlntinn, I oiiintn, niitl Hamilton
O V.,i kina tin. Iitif, will lo c ifn I Hit ;h wittt comfort
.n t M..pat.ii. I li. atiiitor nr. ouim mi.ii. it. mil.toatil
pjleb UJ tltll lllll. Will (It. aiii.tacnon lo all.
tiokhts tiiicoms i
M tho towwt ml. ol Pan, t'i.r 4till Cut. I'ti.ror for
whn.c r,i.r, c. i,. i ii.u-.mi..
time.', Killrtutd 10-001,01 it tl.u um.-o 01 fi. II Allen otl
l4tMt. t)fArnUnrih.
N. tl. I in of lo-for. the f tit of Jo to vn.ulric. tb. rlr.ntet.
r l lint w ill (t-are Ortltn.har(ii iimn iter tin the nr
rivnlufllic r.r.rxnn Khih'i Tuinl. r.ito ftw hi lb)
linn will nif n op(itfNHIiy if viv iu( 1ll l't,U f .SiRgi
ra.aiiH Inn g'- ka.i.iHi . rijfi it kiq i nn.1 NiRa
m. lii h c iMfim I ..mi mi tiny whi nulr
rilKUlll I.- I.i' nil I'lWI. ,, Ijik- Kim ..ml lli.lfl
rnnc,7 H.igiifil lo Ihn Ay ni" il llu Iiun, K II Altmi iL
'fln . i isVii'nir.h, t ill In ii"i'il m all iin-Mli h.
ft. K. II' iLIIKO1 iK hM b-n . ;. ,1.11111.. i Ir.vnl'mt r,
.nrnj. r ni, iu Minim rn'ni. .re in xy 'i IimiI , ril.u, la
IIKAHI l,V i .lll.l.ll, il.i'liH(lun.
Mi IH I.- l, Ml. . l-lii l.h.i.r ,
1. I'. VVAL'I -. Jr. g'lN, M.iii'inilmr,
IIClKV H CO., II. R Hili."S, UmIoq,
FIHII V Kli'K, '
U... .. K i T r.tlKB WKf, i J.ih.Kbur;, VI.
AI.VMIi R KKH,r..n, K.i. i.li.it, VUin.
1, M. I.I I-, .v -.-, il.-.l-... mil.
II I' 8 OVUI.,,,5 l,n, I am,, t, i.u.lon.
Of n.li.it , Antil IS fJ S4:J3
Eng. Linen Thread Edgings,
. I."..
ytni uu i.n.u L.i hi 'i i ' iuit.tr. n a frtty
iitiitli) B l UKRS IM1I.II ,
I hn,,
lltlOKS SU 1.1)1. Li. KK, t HUTU U UAHKCa'S.
M.i 11. M
N 11 V .VEY &CO,
Wholesale and Retail,
WllJLIl teipoclfuilj invito itlan'-iwi to ibtlt tlutl
ut utt-t
f L 70 00 Pairs.
'"nitHif tn prt of l.miit-.' Comef. J.y l.iml mil fi
tft l.iMll'i. Irene It Kid WuliiMi ft,tv. l)Mhin !
Hti)r, White Kid nimI riiitu do, frira 50 -jpit'i l.
A1ibcb hikII hii'lrii'it r'itcy Tip'd Uttlt r hie Uiui Uui
tin Wr hllif -It 4.
(tcn'i, Uu t nl V"Ulli' l)ri't nnd f '() imm I emit timl
-H"B", I I I II' UIIU Utll') tll1ITifII (In I li Cl .
Illg tV.IHl I, II tl I Hi .lll' I lljl I Mill i. I I I IW ,l . . .IUI CI Mil,
'.nev1',i it.'r
MAVB jtn l irtun'Ml fr.m Urn tift.'.i-n tft'tnt nd
.(.intilu. lurra, with it Idri'D l It of ABLB
UUOtJS, mi. ti.iuIil wiiti - Mtiil will uu 1414 l
Wholesale or Retail,
for a trrall (ir.it, Uir nh r ym.tt rr.iht(
VV xre dnifiiiiiiii J i he. i nj 4 I irj'i 4tock autl uniform
luvt jint w, mi ittMk il ft" I Ut ii
Tin; rs;oij,:rs vroni;,
ii l lit-1 r IlitMi; to t.uy Uofi. 1 iUr
Carpotiugs, Paper Hangings,
w.ell tlio MAM'FAI 1 Itlll US Out
till U'AItR INTM, HDdtmne iir l iiatnm lUuil Trmltt
at.d lino l tin cndl-Ha 'inoitiiK-nf . m iutit uwk (
Cut am. until t
11 III! Cufiiji 1 14 fit it 'Inn' it! I,
it It ( Cl.i-.i l, ill W 11 lit.
t) Willlt III i- nil our
It'tuljr Ik nuk )m r pun li i-c
tiiMil ut uiit u tltuy Kin
KK W i; J M IK ! Umi I. lUtr's Mun. -.m I.- I he llrirk
rllUrtll, 14 lilt- 11,K.I tU tlU) IjDJl .11 .1 rrir'fl.
Li UA.t i lIMi.
KmTll & KAItKEIt
MAVi; ju.t (oI.irMP.I I'ruiM 11' 1. 1'(N 6l .NLVV-VOUK anil
i?e.9etkl wiih n 4Hif adapted tu 'h iwaveoiaad iimoK
Dres Goods.
t'J.iin Md i:tiai;aahl IVi'lim,
Cti uickhIm Ki
lii .ii tig'il lu
MnpMii 1 uMidu
1'uwUtd da
talm ! ChiM,
(I ittnati -.
I'M II llMAg-.
HfucaH' ng i tin
Umi j f Uc L.ttii4t
21 itirliKiitvr itu
I'm-i cli l.uibtiiii,
t'U-lcll lilt
1 tK ttI tin
I -in. tt ilu
CiiNiiittuuji tJu
lictltrr with n piitmli t ut tn.iu wl
Whits Goods,
AN Kl.Ctl l.r AM'iHTMb.Nl OF
IIUc. .-ilk. Hick I'Iji. T..U.1,
HhMBMo ,lv o " ILi'J do
C.h:ai.fw il... i (. wt,
lio. $ ijiiaro, I riiiiiwl Ctukuiuft du
IIiihsI.. i. ' i ,u,
ItlUll I'AItAM)!.- I'imuSU tt. (u$l.
Tlio I if. .1 i..i k ul
f-r l.-it.f n lu tutu .uttirliai, iwmt(iiiij every van
ut in vau
100 pieces Rich Ribbons.
FI-O W li II fc! A N 1) TA US,
HI' II I, V li I' W'.... lliark V,,)e- . ,Mluut(li
Wi. ti.il t ll.fri ldJ I ui4, HidtJit uudar HJ.-evL l m1
.iu'i.i.(tiU.i, htcl) llmtlti Ijirt'i, llltca lef.
,. hltt town 4a I ( 14111 ' V ii.ti, Cbild-ir Cot
AlU( oil I l IIMtH 4MHlil.ul of
l.ii 3 li.- mid Ttil.il iiia';$.
a mi Itu'-ltm mil tMi,
li. ut- it ' titl.l (,.- uuo lluitif,
ircuocivi-:. hooaiw
VyA tiliatl uuiirl', ml i' n off i (. Lr jt
vSI a.oa in ll lio aiu uuft ii mu i tt tt . k. i-.m V i.
j ci 1 1. i waul.
t iacv ' biurf iid Ten a t . W km, r., o
iiir..lwli4( raioy ni r nod RriilmU
Tlie jttt (u'lutt.i.i ..I Uki'll iMt linil.A i.. I..
AiuuJ in 5lo tiMfii r
llri'iilur ur. Mt liunlc Do.
Table Cutlery.
nousn KLiiAisni.M. iiaiiiiiV i.t;oroii Ki.iJ.,.
He 'IxKtWr Willi UJ.U, uth.l dttlClo. I.M tluiUvtnU. lU
JfiuoitttiH, wbicb will Uu i . .i ( i, ,,ntl b..b.t Ut piiet..
OI.O .MtU I'll CIMI.Milt.
l.'l"l"tw' ..I' ' I i .f", TriT
1 1 I 1 h 1111 , I A L 1 V L 1 1 I't 1 J .
l l. k o, ttcoltoU iblf .1
41 Jon Ml. i,
iRiiSi i,.m;iki..
(At the Stoic rrrriitly i.rtuj.Utl liy I.uthrr
ii' ortit fr iu ai Ur i.uwcai
I'lULl..!, a ''tiuti'li In au(tineiil of
No Mint will b tut.-i ti 4i ma I'llUhT. t;oOIS , and
!! urn bah .d tkt f art tr .ttk. HaloMa to mem
,nv ,.a.iHC t.. iC in.)! U, Utm pul,iO.
Muutfivtiaf, A pill, V, le. 3
l VlLUi, IKHlll I.HI KH, IIOOII IIAMll-llrt, Uoil"
M Ki:, KMVti KOllKH, .tivn. nTEm.VAKIlV
iiiiot r..i.uirf, nti llout, I ..u.. Mill., ii,x,u,
i.iji mti.l, u lliiuo.it, en b Iuju.I ol Hi. IVultal Ku,.
potiotu, Mil. Mrti.1. I lltilt U'Wll-t,
Muiiioli.r, Mo; SO. 7
1 1 rttt'o.t.J Ihooollto lol.toil io tbn III. 61111 of
COLI.INb . W, uut, , .eoii.uo I..
a DltLti iV AIL I) I CI NIC
L.',".i,k,"W8""' . HOII-M PMI f.OI..
"V r .'. I ''" l". ..too. otol f 'r I . lut.r
., ""' f 1 i 'o I...ii.ii, h, t'.tMi.
MooifOlinr.AuMjib.lsyl. r W6w.
Steam Bakery,
llctwrrii Mttrro A. I.attttto nnil fi, llurlmtik
Mm ,
"tONHTANTI.V tin hmiil romnmn, Hott k ,r,l Otalim
Votk.t., ln and P.ol. t'lt.M Kt'.KK ,
AUo, llurko hott, lit ihtlti, RR tlio host quality of
Mnfilpolicr, .til 00 03 f
Kl I.r ronfl.ti'l, no hind 1 i 1
full .uprilr til 1 VI 1
A W W 1 "1"
IjI.'n ii7.l.s.
ml will tviil .ii.pl.
S.MI, nOOtlS .t I!!.T.M),
t lxiw Ptlf Tut C'ii,h.
M.3,IMI. 5
Mar H.
Attonic) iiikI oiui!,(!lloi' nt I.:iv,
iStMioral l.imtl Au'iif,
Ijanfnfiar, (iranl t'ounijr, Witt ..iivir.
UMI Mtptirl B?omt,tlj to uof lAinnra. mtniit-d tn him t.t
llir Iniv ol hia ifofnuin Alau In to ! it . n i a lr n(
Itutinl LiMd Wt.fP.nl iha aataof Lan4,c nnd icfuw lo
Ihitl. !! hi Kojre. nf Vl.
ll'Hi t tinii I Vr nil, Ju if 11 f tlti, Cnurl, Vl
tlimrrm K Pi tt, E-ij. tlurlinfim, Vt,
Hewitt CUrtt, Ki.
MoHfltuf I'aitfr. tareh, PhilttlilpSta Tn.
J It J. P. Jtii Hif Jc Co. Mareh'i, M,
M tth & '''mpton,
llnnr hplllttl & ' tt Qhly
K I KICK""'"
? A V H II A ND T A 1 LOR,
'v vri: .itici,i;t,
Opposite tho Rlontpclicr Dunk,
VOI't It tito nt-tiri. lo I i. to. ..mtt, olid ll.o pu'.l r
' fru.r ill. , thai ho ha. retained ftom Now Yuil nli
footl ,.i I mrul of
hirh hi will ninkf up tu unlet m tlie tnot Kul.hii4illi Cai
Riama fnf (.nnlt-ili n
All l "luih- lft nl Ii a Jh -p to he niiUti up, oi tu Ita rut f.u
Gi U n m-the. riit.ta tu fit.
' rHnn, NttHr, M murrn, t'i!n(, noioif.
an I -r"tt K"p.rtaul New York fah niim, fur Sla,
M.)H. Kil. at
Marked Down, July, 1851.
l It M'M.ibH IIUKS'lill. ,,o, ihmwill
tto .nld itiitt ton to n.'tl ir cm lorath.lt f.o-1 I..
riu.o uu. .Hi-it sronn.-t i.Aiono.
Jm, tn, I'AI. S3
NTr ncL.
'Pllli riipa-tnMnhip hfrtilitrv ti-mn nnlf-r ihf ft"fl of
1 I tlLLINdiV rtUKCK, it ti.il uav i mutual cnnt
di.o v it.
. K. t'OI.MNF, Lf PIKUt'P
Mnni(i-lnT, A us. I(ih,t95l. 40 9v
! 6 heri'lit iritanihai a (''tiimn will Ih- irfirf"t tn the ncit
Him -ion ol Din i i-iriiiii a f(f
eli .riff i f a Pltiik U. Mil
frutn Mut.iliff Vili tvf tti IJdfiu,
An I-, Wu.
A311il.ICAiN IDU.sh
Hanover Street. Boston.
I'll! I'.
l.'i-i. I I
Mm. ,
..in ill-, i ii
! III HI ll.T an.l I
, t tI) NIL
I llfl Hill
11,11 ( liu
m liu Ii In, i
tiii rl Kl. ii !
Clpl H4t htto j
ti. iii m i-uifi-1 i, i,, . t, tl. ii
h n i ureil , rmitlur i. ttuniin.. m n, ih.rt
T ll" luriti'Uro mnile fX-iil hi r .t r, rr);iitlt1B t
cnl, uitli nri.in p'-rimtis of n, i-.j.. r-, , U x n. .f,,,,,,
Iiiuiim. h litf ii'U.ifl Ut nl Uf in... i i... ,ii lut .mil l i-t. (ul
ii.uMiloriurH 'i no rt i unit ro-inn an r u.y. nulih'
tiuuia l..r iuili .,! Ui i.t arra.ij.oil . tu uu ihcc'.n.in
ioiicit ihu ajrly hail 1 te
t.ff ilrutir iin'iit will ! ronituj-n .1 in in in fxpfptn.tni
llo miH.uiT, ,ntd tlm p;iijii(-fiii pit iljt ii , Ifttiai V
luatioatt tl. u-e lull It nut, thv I r.niin'o ll n
Jnnu.ry, 30. ,,
KVhRAI. Hnerti'iK huama tutu nf (nnil ad. I---.. t.
-J fiiiM tli lii nnil RHriuuiuliiiir rMUutioa i'mi a i . . l
r -(.(n.iM'ljr illuhiiated II1BL, and a numhar i l uti.w
t lu ti.! wir-a,
Ait-ma m Boatnn antl vicinity are mafcitif from m
$3aprrwa!( l. i,ii work, an itw.l1 pn v a r, 1 1 t!...
ami pirtnait-nl (.mplntm nt. IIimmI rulvlMiuia rquiitii.
1 or tunliffr lafiuiiiou 4i!iUei
At. ill Mlli btvwt, Itcisiou, :
MMIK .iili.itl .
uuM tmnnetliitlw inlnim kia rrlit,,U '
' and i In. i
till llini In (.! woi.i.t i-.l In I lit Htuff.
it IS llill V'tixint I
iiui u uuia on i t;t j
wlirrt ho i nnwuponrngu lirgo utid I.mI rl ati-uittiKMtt ol
Gcntlemen'a Furnishing Goods,
Cnii- Ming af i-vrry arln ln ifpiTlmoiii- 'o tli tran. wlniih
lia i.lVi'.n Ml wlmli -mUi ul ret nl it I n I tw pre i i ui l
runiiil .ii inn ilili-iiii nt in tlm C'liiitirv
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" iSTSS f"HrJUI ,""1,C"1 ,r,UM
Indian Rooto nnd Bnrks,
whir J no ulWr MXl.eino hm..w. Tho.. aro ,ho mo.l .(,,
I itrlHrro nf ll.o Hlnnil Mint nor knoun 10 rlllu-r
SarsaparHla, Yellow Dock,
tMk.. IM. Vrgt'lnlilt' UlrHrt,ti.n only tlio otmIoM lllnml
lilllllcr, 11 dw, rbt-nii..; t,L hfTr?, I t"l?,
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ItT fur u4ouUl prvuf of the fun of
BcrofiUa, Fover-Sores,
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STAT OF VI- It MONT, i Ala .Wmi f..uii UJ.t
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uio. orlieolo color, to. Llu,c tu.moij, il Mill .ir, i
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ioolj.clHl, July W, 1:51,
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ni'tj, nnl t)ln) ii a f.Mc at it In- h ttiolors fur Ibe
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at which thm have Wph 'ilTrrrd 1 ht wta mnt, Ih
fi t in ptifrf Ua.ari'l bvu ii.iw hillv rarticil mtu vx-cutmn
ihr pnijct rcuttt1itiiii( n airiinrnl ut
Ready-made Garments,
mip1tJ In fir pnanitil nil, ihtpa a nit Adll In
ihcii ciifnlt tii(x .t ll.-.t.U Hiat 1 ImtutiK. ta an inrt
nit nl cf firnl rinnip rurniliinj foi., iM.e oflha lrt
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tila ailea o' ikmIs in th. mittt'l
1'h irn..Tattri nut i tint t name litter t jiaimn it wi!(
hp exiciioVd tn iheqt u h l ii-fufr, Mtntipf lh aaHraire that
M infralaid tanta of their iatrutia will alike b cumuli J
tn in bclowH1,
New Vmk. Nm.tti, f.0. KI:I;
ATI LNf id Tsl
Sash, Blinds. Doors, Window
Frames, &c,
TUP ittTihrt i" ti iiiiif .I'turim, 'j t-nuri ly tifw Ma
rbinffT, at 1 1 i lur) , lira I tiuor nutHi ut the Arch
Hi i Jii a au rmt m u t ul
Duni'tj, Hitil,. iniluw I'r:niif,,V('.
wlilrli Art off. I l "H tint tuntl toaaiiunlilu trim..
Tho MHrhiflfft ti. r I it n.t. i .uMi.Iiiihmh rnnnot bo ti
r. Hi it, antl .1) w,.ik oil! 'm irtaiitod nl llio oioot ietlocl
km. I.
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lli.lFf.ttll hi' t. r ..-il uml ih. aturlr t.-pl fot ralo at
llit rmioif. J C ol I.. HULK MAN
Miinipolmr, Ort 1. If.'A 06
I'tit c Tons, Coffci's, Sugars, &c.
t ri"18T It ATT. urti-lotil Tom, Hiij ,t., T..hi ro, Cp.
' to.. I'lifft-i., Kt e, t.c f.f al'3 r .. ii it tin- t'ontrot
Kitii'.itiuiTi, lti" Sito, i. I.l I'llLKl Ultpt,
n,Ki .fu'im in '. o m:iv ui i:. r..t.ni-ir
Saxe's Poems
t'ot .air al W I.T' ..W HOi KSTllKK
Keith & Barkor,
MAVlXf tik.-n in utlidituii tu i!n-n in ul -inn, llio
rimiiu f.inn.-iljr urciini il y J V H'lWLl. lire
tn ikliix i kii,ivi tirrjMg.iienial'tir the a uf 11 U, WAUC
ii. .ill ita hranctiev
Th largpnt i.iitintiiit to be Coum! in Vi i.i.uul, and mot
ttu.iMnor qti i it v,
13nim- i:uil(Ui! V (i ls.
AXM, nt who)- '. .1 l i ..I
T Ti- III- f vith niholi-inil tttt ihi n innriu tn
tM'iVMtn, ni,'1 purrlitit in y m fmltli. ktlticii thpy
w.oit. and nt the luwo t ii-i fi
1 It ' 1 V III It HAM. M-.-
.ti l
Gein's Furniihing Goods.
".I : . I l.nt.il.
.... I- I.
.1 Iti ll s
'. 'I -U
.lllutlf- II I T It
11.11. Hill lll.
l.i -m Iii r
'.' I
I ti n-J l.i .t
'...i.i. h
' 1 1 . i - i . ,, i
l .1...
"N. Harvey & Go.
1 1 M I i
' INI.
ll'H I " M I V . i l I M.
It V lllli l..u.. I ,, , i . , . I. I -li i
l'fil N, t-M
ft t).K,
.i hjr
t 1. il.ir to
ni I. IL
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itriij;u oil
Is M.K hy 1 III..- y
I I.l. thai waul II... .! II K IJV il A I'U IIVRMKMHraa
' 4.l 1I10111 Hint will .int nt I.V 11 ,S 01 KI.NI.M
l'i en L'llUlllr ti. y eUlVii"Vti.T,'7 F.'.LIli'.
' "j rtul 1 4l I'tKLII.
l it h l. J7
. AIH'bH t'.il i-a! h- "-.ih! n Mirr'mnrka Jut
111 flew t u.k(
f Ol jir jwrii. by
June lit.
ti bu hi hi th vi. iuw unca
Kl OiiKri U t.ANoUoN.
PIIK HiiWiihir ha .ken K l'.KZRU DtrKPORIl
mill A.4H Zl K. ilAUVKV mtu p.iiurli And
.ll iivo hi aitutiiiu lo Uliuif ilu ib lav culuiiiai t
lit) uuatttlad 4vuuia MfitU (Mm
MilltyiAII A VEV.
tont'nliif. Aull 1 1, Ij3I 92
I'U It K TliAS.
1IW fc Ju l ft . ' I I v I , I'oto fro-h
( Tt V. ul oil
Ut. Ir.
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.III t.i itie iue.1
..oiiiii..i. iiHMio'l tutu
Oi.ll v iIVmin,
MI'll 4 NINOYllM.
A I ihu .ft ac utuiut l i i .my 1 tn 1 1 l i it . I u will inv
thil nr. (iii-pif' -i tt- u,.(it -h-ii wait. wit t ha same
dvlic.oH fliiuiud 1 E ...ti.'jf li vu bad it 1-4 1h ibau utha g
bav .nU l'f an 4rich ..ot m f u .
T i i.u-f ihu iliiu lulu ii. i trttd uui Tf "( ulcuia csll
and a,iiy tu
I'i Hi. lr: I'D (fc u.ipuiiia Hnok l'lune, Mam Birrat
l.V it,N4 Ki.Nt;
MttniMKlixr Mjy, I'!
Pure Ground rock salt, "
!?()1t ,""u"d " Uii.in.i unci., fot aale
ul'tl at lllu L'ciitrol l.iuiiouuiu ftllo lir ..I.
LUI HCIt l.'ftOiM.
llai 911, IMI.
wi ijuhb sc i...MiUU.as M4VI114 b. an r-rtwwakipait
- m h" ! r 11 !' aiMi fvpoiis iu luuir aiura. nava iuiw
UW.MitJaajBi iicai.tuf th
vl IJOtlUa tiia haw war ulftrrd, cuuttiu( q part
French A; Urrimiu CLOTHS.
lll.ACK & COI.'I) SILKS,
B()ii:Ti Jiwnuxs,
I HfcAA l.KASAtti I.A.-. -II k llMJKH,
t'BEA. II I'Ui Ll.NS. M.UtlllthAtt, UAIiAUKri,
ooii oDutber kioa. of
Crockery & Looking (J lasses,
iiioi'fili's ol All liiiitts,
And 10 fi.io e.ny iliiox Ih.i unnlii l.o rkiioclotl la a coud
tly dt-'ln, aad 0,111 b, .wufuo urn l.utv
OX 11 l RICH CAS 11 1'IllXCll'LIl.
Mi 15 2
A V U L L S UI'l'L VTj IF-
1'ltri TKl, COFKKK, M'ICKS or Mil Klutla,
Martll, taltrului, roup. Mjilu A. Midair,
i'Mlitllca, 'i'ulmtru, Dittiir,
nd all Ibu rotivltuaol bUiA LUIIi., atr ,uUl low for
L'a.b liy siul 1' li ni.l.ll.
l. M'il. ia
c j k iTl's 1 j 1 T niilsT"
Ifoll -S.io I,, CUU,.,H u fiBKt:i:.
Joiya, mil. ato.Laj.
,400 Bags BUTTER SALT. "
U. ' ..i.. . ..ul,'. l.l.w in..),.. ,0 OOV.
'JUUC!.cl,. l.i., tpoul B.ll,
10UU llu.1,.1. Iluk aiul 1 . I
do, lot liy tbt
whiilr.alo o tot. I.
Juuo 81 3J BTllllU.-llt LAN0UO.V.
4 .N'lli t. on ..bit J.il tun oj by
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' k W0-N;
V KVV Ml rf.ri. I. t.N,
, l't-Ui.l,l'l.AINtj.od
' ulh.r tlUuda o "JUS, .Now
l..j.i. rrcolrcd by
OLvlJ f 01. i'lULll.
ouuo .il.
fplIK auhariihiiti hip tl.i day re-opened tha HCVOT
STi)Kl..in U'atrhutr. rrcntiy nrru) icl ty Ot l ,
tfi, whera ihej inland tu keep, and nuw haru on bind
lare tnek nf
a'1' u iiom:ai.i: oil iu.iaii..
VI 1 1 T I and HisV Kilt ,
rjrvtlntl llui I ami l.lri-ri ool rlo. fnl ll.lry putHi,ra.
.t.lroit.d a-.oilmt.nl ttt--I
HAS l't.ttl:i, N VIIji, 111 ASf, ItttlN A HTfiKI.,
Puoata, 'Mull'.' f tlm.Hi h, tht Tii-n o, ll.rtol.
Halite (luatl. r llmrrl anil Kit 1 ,M rfcrlt t,
I'ollork anil ll.llll.ul, 1'ith & ria.lt r, io.
Pik h a trtth Inr th vhmkui ptfir nf t'liftlni.
"fi", (Imih Hitd Kuihan , II ijr and iliittarr Torkt. fln-
and Ilu n.
.Imi faw htrtfl uf IlKF.r &. PORK, hrklrd anil
Stn.ikrd II MH,
Th iti'iarrtlofit farthar Itifbrrr ihrtr fnffd ind ih'- pnh
Mr ffn"t.lly, that Ihry now hur-' tin hind, nn in-od
kipnintf, f'.i tli .irr--intntHtiiin ul all win mn find r fur
tin Ir intirit tu pi rumia tftf m, tt iliiiiHuri in itnii).r
liar Vill g. im ki dwt Nurth ut thv Rui'r.ml li-'nt, ;uuil
itor'niiit uf
W. I. (Joods and Urocerlts,
Ptn-h a. Pl.n.'R, Ti: - KltflAIIV Mill. lt !t, l M.
MUN, AiAIKEtlKI., IIHV MI'll. HAI.'l, .-M.I 1'OllK.
NAII.-. hPhRM l" XMII.Ko. ri,.n t, .r.
Oar tlumU wf r1 purrh nrl fui hut It Mt.nirwi.i t .1 Vn
trrhnr hi i. W I'RM'V.S ind w .11 - H H. ... .1 . ...... I.
advance f.ir 1 li or mu' km I- ! t - n r.m'urr Vi
f'ttirr a ran rt tin- pu' r th 'our run ' Hi" i(titm
th M'l-tiMinn n'.ttHiii if 1 11 ' m n it tl. '1 Tj il .
tr!Tl"'" 'nil 1 rv rrdurit'i In 1 m pt in 1 Iki t llir mai ki 1
Wl.t arTuid, we thai I at uli tni.t
U I'.MMlLI.Li l't
alalia 4 fTt f
C'oftuli, CnrrUr, Igit nnil Oi limttt ntnl
JVIluil linj (-iiiiili nl tho Unck t hot. h, t. t of I l. Hurl'.
.11. liu Micct, .Hiinljit llt i, I.
Ml w..i. i M. pi I. . tt .-nil. .1 t... 11 iio.nvrMiui.it.
f7 Mt .l-ll atid .. IXI.K rALNT- ... n.nl.i.. Imnl
mI lot il 111)
utli OhOCKEKY,
I - MHV tll't or 011 , I. , II .l,..t..iil-
.t til .il hl.l I II . IUI1K1 It
L. Al. WOOD,
HI Al I li I .
oi tut.
hm: I'ltlCt; SY.sTKM.
I'l.lHM-. I l-llll lll, Mi E M.M IMI Ml
I M I 1 Ml-' 'I III tl HI t..- ol o. r .Ii Tin 11..11.
Fashion Plates, Tailors' Shears,
Mi iMHt-a. I'ili.ii, .11 il Cull. 11 I' it 1.
Ami 11 (ifiifml AoiMirtniMit nt ! n-'r-ii.en'a
Furnishing Goods.
Cl.tlTlllNIl iimih. to otilot 111 id. I'llr. 1111. 01 itinjioin ol
Kh.Iiiiiii, mid all Ili'titiPfit. wnnai.tril It. M
t'l'T I I.Mi llmn, lor olhota lu iiMke, m! ifianlr.l til At,
tl Hglitlv in ni u
State Stnet, 1st floor Wat of tlnstmitn tj
Danfortk't ltuoktture,
MOM I'Kl.ll.K. VT.
1 o i- u . ,S i ; v u 1 k 1 i , a 7 1 ) " t i 1
U'uy ol' IVimUor V t.
llAII.IIOMil ll.nl HU310N IO V l;i.l. IIIVKR &
1 tl I1I HI..M. I UN, V I. I II HOI I. II I It. M.I S 1 0
'1 HA I, It 111. UK Ml.
t) MI t t I h J N. I, lf.,0,
(- 1. 1. i u-t 11 Ir, 1 t . 1 I It Iruait
V II ,...1 by WnV Kl tint!. ill Jt.m t 1,11, I It. Ii
i.,k t,., a,i 1 , 1 1 i . 1 1 1 t r .1 1 I
v 111 1 uimi ai i-li-. It. w r ni J -i. I' .V -.1
.1 i.4.1 it . .. i t 1 r W
I hi. It ti I! , .,(...(. .tn,. (' ..in.. Wit. -I
m t 1 I i . nl I j A l Mini if. iii a U .. r ui I i 4 ami
6 I J I' M
l .it. if W 1 Itivi r tl U I 'J A. M wii-t Hu.'iii2iuii i I.
I V! . M , ni I , w v tl nd-..( itrnv m i!..-t. (, .1 ti P M.
I 111 1 .vr lot -r .it 7 'ft V. 'i . m..) U IH I' M nid it
rM .i Ii, ,, a 2 1 4 n.i.t t. r M
t'tf-fiigt i-in 'I iiuin ni'w mkf 11 -.1 wttli tmi
('")) nil 11 on JuiiCl iut. tut .t 1 ,, X ,t,u K It . j ul
n . -M.t--.
i..- Iimioh Vi-l! Itivi r, -n mnt .1 f t'i,t ti.ui. liuatui.
fm lui u-'iury Miiuiti .d. IJfi.j 1.1m , t.
. 1. - Ii tit- llnrltiigiun ithuri turri'Ki Mi'id-tyt- Kcfftml,
Iff M. ir ,t,fc.i.
ni 1. I.u tfi I'urt r'f uu Tueolat.
t I. I,' 1 I'fu-tm ! Ull Iill'i IHI'1 H lUlolUM d ni
IIHii..". . HXI Wiis, upi -uhiw.. (( H.
11. ,r)i oluwu. N. II Jnn I tslMJ. t
iiOH cmiiiuci at V 1.1 t.1.11 Jutirin.n, tt'f
r . it nnd C'liiadri.t'iiiiiial und P huii; n tt itlroudt
1 t.nr.tiJ, Maiich.raifr, iNiltu , loi.Wfll Uuiun,
"Ui, VVurotitlM, nnd Nur wi t Kual mhh i
r - i uu if fiuiu iitri "t i'unooii 1, .Nu.'iifcru ' rtnunt,
A I IHIII,hHtf U B'KlUlt
-nit p.it ihiun'ti tlir CupiiaU i( New lUu.piiliiri
i ".ii t 11 1 1 v Inn1 Hint I ii..' In t u tit uny
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i 1 Ju'v Ul, Iritl t'uHf nget I rnina iti .mn rtiunwilli
1 1 , . , t. K id if vii Uimi i. trui'i tht li put ol th lwi ll
li- 1 if U". -t Le'i.,iiiii, V tt'l- Uii- r, ',,), r .i (tut
I. it. i 0 '5 il , hi t C uml l. . liM.u.l , I'J !.,
1. hi -t lifDti.iiMi tur tlitiit utvt-ll, ll.T mil. t.f ni on
Jim t ion, H tiiffst -r .iid . w ml at ? W . Al., ftnif I UU
l. l. , mitl llrutnl ut t.U 1 V, 'I , uruu'ltt trn.al nl Ida cui
frit 11 l i-li Idler nnii Uurlintiiu.
lUi-iqim Irn-ii Ihti t -ii'itil and r4Hi,ir (Kir Road vm
' olirurtt ll I .Nn.l.tij oirilw 4t tarutxil Juu! iiii'.U r
dti.l N.iw mk, h pn h .ui'! i-l( 1 i i .my ii tn 1 ri'Uf.
A ifMif 1 jt (ullln Villi- 1 1 tli 4i ti t.ti r in, i.'i'i
ev ri I uh-iI t vs. I'm ui i"t'- 1 l ti nf -.n. ,u,i
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mil. In. ni t'l.ri i' I f Mil rmi'i il - l jt 1 , 1 mid
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kill 'if ti Coif IIL) Ut I lit alp UUI t-&-t I.HKH1M. Ml it) mi Olllfcl
liN'SI.OtV .-lUUN, kgrui.
t'uncurd.N II. Jui.f. J7, cA M-itf
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Fur t unc il l I. 5 I 1 nd 1 1 A l , 3 46 .m l o Ul P M.
W.ltkam, o,S0,M0,10 j.il il A M. 1 J I, i 3 4
414 ami fi -4 P M.
F..r IV .i.-ttuoru 7 6, oml 8 15, A. M.. H II. , '.VW 4 1-4,
an.lfl 14 1' M.
Fur I., aiiiglni .t S I j A. M ,SI U nut S I P M
Uti , , liiI.No IV I I.l, UlVi: Full IIUS'J'tlN,
Frail. FilcliW. 41 7 I A. M., I-J .11., v4.liu fci,.n a.) ad
4.4U P. il.
Fiom f.nii-ind ii 7 an i 9 . M ..I i", S 1 1, .i t) . St. P M.
Fto.n Vlih.,m..l 7.U--, Jj U.25 1 II A M , 1,33, 4,
5:1 4 i..lu in 1' 11.
Ftum VVuioin.ii ji C 1 9, 8 mil 11 . M , I 3D, 3 Ilu md
U I' l.
Fiuiu l.. ini on 1 1 7, Ml id IH A. M.. h.iI I ill I' M.
I'u. fudliti JMlll. Ulali aii P , ilili. ..I. ' II .. .- I t.lli.lo
it. M. Fl.I.T'1 r-uH iiulLiiili'tit
lloa.oil, Nov. 3, Ih48. ;.U
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1 i lo.t. up llt.1' tit ii li ul uu iti.l.. Clui.ur ...ti lo.t
thnii. H'l'DUItS . 1. INtiuus
Vebiter's Unabridged Dictiona-
t i l (.'upi'-afor al al tin low prict id ftS. by
I 1. P W t.. Us A. -'. I
f rAA r.'l A and Utl04 fui hunui't in w ljlr cicw llt.ti
oh'.i, ul Kl- l l II dk ilAKKLK'.-
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.Near limit's Cornci',
'I'llfi iiiacribri wuuld uy iu .nanui itti'tr auttrally
I that bn ready lu racuivv and till umvn- l-n murt Hindi
uf wuiiU'ti lu.itbniaiy inutlt ul idu'iu-i oiHli-nn l jIM n,,
luuii impruvmt pUnat 'Vriaulail lu liu uiui liu wuKn.4n-liii
and in duruiilit tu any bull' in th .-uii i i lav w hrw.
4jrlli I IJ uu t Irun t'l.iuiox, ! al'UnidpulJou Wuik
daats aiauriiuiicid uruiuiiihl u-raus.
fiittl lN . H l.r..Sl Ut It I
DFs. Thayer & Williams
UWI2 cutatrtl i..u i.'!i-parliirt..lit, in lit. pt.i.lirc o'
Mrtltciuo auo r-utgot), .1 .Noiilit.i 111
H'i. iv. i ii vi:k.
Uil.VAHII 11 U 1L.I.I X ll
lioooatkot I.l. Iklll. Jtt,,
CLO I ll,
Doeskins, aasimeres dtVcstings
Aou a FULL ABO.tin ill.N'l- uF
ivdj: iiix isr t-rsu
ftM II.0 oowf. .old lo I.r t.tl i T oi. I ILl.li.
Mar i. Idol. i
r$7 Y SJTA I I-; A: O i TTliK
fold cb. ap lir ait'OTr ll Fil l. II.
('LA of all .nr. MArll, UUllim i Ullsun
IllJIlDkS lo. ..lo h.
SCO 11 li I ltl.ll
M.kIi lu.
Bakersfield Academical Iiiatitu
tion. 'pilUFoll Trlu. cotnm, iici .,o VVoilnrtila , Koplriuloii
I 3. A ootltao ol LiLtuio. Hill bo .i, o ou . tolut.il 1'ltl
lopliv aou i'booii.tt,.
llu.tU jt.oilofcl 37 I 9 ii r work.
Uuuka douW oiHa.li. il ul III. 1'nueinol.
J.S Sl'l I.IIIMi, A. IL, PtlMipal,
C. V. Ulolll.i:. A. A..i.laui I'tiueiiil.
.!.. J. ti. Hf.AUl.lll.M;, rtro.pl.... li J'oacUi
Ol UfOWIOf ,
Ut. W. II PAUl-ONd, A. .111. at.
.Ml.. K. ll. II. FKLT, lT , ...
Moo. AM1UOIIULUIIB, l '"' "fll.tlli
I'tof. U il, UAMsKlT,, . . ,., ,
iu. s. .m. ii r; 1 1 f if.
Ml., i:. M. UAll.NUa, 'loarhrt of I'.inliur.
Ml JAMt-H P. l.LLAMI, Toorbarol I'.om.n
it . , S-UAKL,Bocrl.t.
IHanfirlil. Aug. 6, 1S3I 37
K.VF'd mil I.Atlll K' lll.ck and Col'd Kid, Cilfc. 1.1.1. ,
Collon ano I. luui. GLuVl.K, llllrlLHt , Ulack ai..
Fancy BlU C at.l.,.1 Uo Collllol Lui,.ui.uiu, Malo dli.rl
LUIULK Llll..4.
Mot.lp.lltt, Mir 2tl, I'M. !i"
" Talnts,noiis"& Dye Stuffs
Fun uli'i cu ha fouud at tu Lioii l-u.poriuiu,
-and Ihn
rAIMI Kit's a IDT,
roil Ifa.lirtj. tlrrnh liu-HPtiy Hevtewn and nUtkwood'
Mngi.mii- , in iddi'nm 1 1 wlin-li tt.i. Imvff rtccnllr rim
tnm i d iha ruhliriiTtun of a Vnluable Agricultural Vntk,
ralli-d lh
I'atiurrS (initio to SrlruOflc :iiul
rnu ilt-iil Af;i i,n inn ot'
ltlFHV r"T I'M I P. It. iw uf Kd ich, aoihur 1
Ilu- 11 tk id tin Fi'". ' fci Nr. ai-td i, 3nhn I ,rr
tfn. M. A. mvi 11, I'ioIi Kin uf c I 11 1 1 ft c .jricuhuif
iti iila t'ut . .Vr i r
'I hm htth'; .ItmMa wotk will cinptl tu Uric roya.1
orta thtmt. rontaininx -' HlU'.wf-", wihltfur3J
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iVr. the vatittti il-fH'ttic Himiiil-m ilu ir l.fhrt ir
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Tht mtihI. In Mihllthi-d in ?eml nmntMj Nambari. nFfil
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Till. I.(1MH tll'AHTCRI.V It K IKW (tuna-malit,)
Till: NMKTII HRIIIHM HK'l.i . Churrh,)
"I UK U MIN.-TI It HLVIKU . (,,M ,n) ),,
lll.M'KWtHili! KlH tltlIR(111 ,l,(IM-i (TofT)
Auli ujt tl.i uu wmkt uto iltliti)tQtpif d by the pulitiral
l.-i 1 mute 1"d, ,n hm a inull pMiiuit uf llii-if ctil-nl 1
rl Mm -nl 1 1 .it -nitj. 1 Ii in th. n I.iifiarv rltMMrirr
wl 11 h iv 1. m h. n In ( 11 il in that lti lnnd
1 I u I 1 .1. w li ..llur Juu.-nU d than ciatt. -
I l 1 1 fc M'Mji m 1.1 1 1t uti ' r -li in --ifflv i! i.lndcr uf i HVIfl
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II It t.ll.l , UIIU-ll ll v ! . If III I III' t'l Wl.lk fit I till -
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Hi I hiM -I" n't 'J! nt
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1 " (id iii. 1 mriH'a ut whirh namer--U
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t ou. t 1 f l.ltki-Kl, ntr if to areaiaid
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a a.
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m wa
jt 3,iK par annum
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It) (4
For t'urttf r' tjutdp i in ? N ) 5,00 prt tinm.
ilti. an. I I It... - t tt.HrkWoud, 7,t0
ili. and ant 1 .1 II. piiiila. W uil
do, 11 ran 110(0 "
t'u. f. ,1 1.1 triMj
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I 7') Pulton min 1. N V.nk. Kt rune- M Outd
"I iu iu, and nee m nothing which tvlataa to man far
eljti tu my furling "
ICirVKi;M oil StM-IM t'st-i vution.
usuy CI.Mi
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T' " ll'Ul If i.ll'l I I 1 I 1 1, 1 It 11 W 1 tl
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J' i K tjf.- UK !',llU'INi:S, lUKl-tTIONV, re . fur
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t il 'ft ii.li.,, Aug. 06; I y
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1'inu 1 ui 4- ivondiii 'I ubacco, tfauil tk rm, m-fil h
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State Stroct.
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I v.d. 15 mo., wnliuu- ibc platca. feuoday ricltoul vdttluti.
b I T UHtt.
KHi !. NfS i MM'II HAPTER8 By Ur J. T.
He J j , I v.. Vi ii. j I ut'raivd, lull i loth , 1 ,0tt , jiH
8i u;i. M EN'K- AM)TH RPTKR. I.yK..J.T.
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IllMt'KV Vr MHi: Vi RHf.('Urif.9 anduattlk
I'r 'IIIK iUM)l.MJ. if. He. J 1 . lUadiav. 1
tful 1 .M.., IlUtliltld Ijll flulfeaiOCl
IU.lUjiV ti lilt. MAI. K.XKbrt. Hy Krv, J. T.
tie .11 1 ;l I3iu r-uiidjy rt.Jlw.( admoii. Jl ct
.SPU.l.t 11 r Ui-ll.N'til li:u At AH (MO.
II v Kv J. 'j. U a I t I wl I tiow, Illuattalwd. full
Clutll, l
I L' 1 Hfc.lt AMK.'I miWI.l.L. By llr J. 'l.Ile.ai y.
1 t .1 U... I.I.iairjiMl 1 .11 ...... 1
U -111 Ui AMi i-M.. 1 llhs Of Hi. J. T. Ilaadlny.
1 ..'. J-J.Du., Il.wt.'t-1), (..it rii.it,. $1.
niKPO , r nl. .L'TV Ityltov.J T. tlaall.y
I Ihuu.t llluauatud, lull Llirt i,MI (.ta., y tit ilf-, uati,
AI'IUOMMOH Ujr Ut J. T. IK-.die, I vul, Irfui".,
lu 1 r utd.Jl Cl
IIMM.U 111 V if TIIF KWHU'K All MM AMll-i
Tl.t-.r. Vth 'i jHirii mi of cit-h, cnruvi u uu at i-l, tVtth
mii I'M-iiy uu ihf l hra l. r ut n.i Aullrt, by He. J V,
IUnHf. ul, ltmu. 15 eitjr4inif, $1 ; gilt ?dgua,itra,
hn !.!. 1 vul 1-mu.f thiiaif atpd, 50 n,, jtli eu-va, vi
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J UKul'M-A tT , tttt J lit-. I LIS iKY lAHl'lIt W IU.N
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lii'itfia, '1 r uolit .I i.i U. v 1. N Kim. A at and ma
urjt e ixliin n I u . IJ uu., 4 10 pugea, ft
Ml KM , Till III. Vt .1 1 II : A 1 ALE Ol 'IHU
'llMivi Uy Al I. P"tit, 1 n uuiJ. 1 i Hiuu., ill atrUtd, AO
UIA "I" Till. V tl.LLY. llr Mr. Eltwuol.-l vol.
IC , II U3.ir.Hul, Vl. ,
JHh flMu'iKU I'.ILCIMMI iK l UK 1U',V. AH
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tin, i..f ., .11 .1 1 p( ii, Vr lutl. Ml
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f aua mmi i Ut ' n.rtnl Muatjl u," hy lW mumi
ihtii In. j 1 1 11 1.. j!u-lr to 4inl rui.tUr n.r' lik like"
ibe rw.i M.miijd i 1 11 .it i dUibx' ut ain lu atit-r-
ti d. li.c t.1,,1,1. lit. l h 1 Mi h 11 u inli 1 'Uii'ilu I'luuu-
I. .i . .nd lu I . ..in., mt ...i, i. ,.1 (ja .lull 1, uuii j..HjtHJ iM
II. IU I Wl ll llr ll,- Ul , .1. Cllltl all. I M , 14 lUUW M
ti int., lui. nl 1 ita, 1, i, iti 1 1 1 , r, piria.e I .i
ilk tliuU ,IU 4 Hiilil, I 1 I IIXi III .4U UltlMi.ltt J It tlffl 111 a
Iua liu imi w I h . n. l- tl 'i. yuud urn-' a pic (.IH u(
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th.-UIll II t.ll,S land. 1 1 . - a.jl piHgl,,,,, .lU1j V1P...IU- aif..gll
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Celebrated Gorman Bitters,
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Uy - wtlt tulhz marks of the Ctnuitic.
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chant upplittd at MauutacLurtii'a l'ticij.
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Stmt v r-imnt,
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and a j vaara I .taiuriiiifnt ui St tHWX It ti, wbub
will W old luw lur t) 1 1
Al-ichlU 17
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A t'. t(.M.Y A. 4.411 .fil:LL..Il, AM 01.1tl
IDll V 111A.C1CII,
Jfci sroifi;, vr.
li lv U Y-AI A I) U C LtiTll'G,
Carpets tic Paper Hangings,
ou.ll.tir.il HATS iM UAl'S,
A bole. . 11 ..1 1 ....I.
' O. til. I M.I I Ult.
Fouiilu'. Olui., Jll.Jf tfblll,
I oil
Nashua Locks & Trimmings.
UA VK . lull .up Ijul NAtlllUA LDI.Ke o4 Mt.N'KR
Al. K .nil-, .ml uiIili II'JUK Ii;1M.MI.M;H, uneil
Truut Iho ll.i.ulaclurot.. obich ouablca llioni 10 rll l
1 HULKS.' Lt. ei UUTAIL, l ilic relj luu t.l l llct..
lay 1,
Co-Partnership Notice,
'pill. mWi.iivi uu Uk. u ilr nlSll.ti.N lAMAN, lo'-o
1 naiuivr Inp, umier ilu aijU und iiuuuf
IdY.tlAtN A: KliNG,
for lb. I'Ul.Niau of ilulu. a eo.iVf 111 UiVfiutililt. uu.lor,. It
Iboold.l.ul. IIAIIVLV KU
liiiill..lut, Ajiril I, ltSI, W
IiMtOll llud.uu tiaj. Al.o Luill.t. llacl.r.l of .oixll"
jo .111, lur i.l. lit b'l'UUKs a. LA.NUUU.N-
ioo li ' 31.
Fire Proof, leather Proof.
BL'l-EltlOll AUTK LItof llloclal PAi.NT, al
loor price. I've aoJa t,r L'ULLtEl ot 1'lLUCt
Ju!;r,lat ' 2 Mo
Hontpthw, My SO.

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