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Vermont watchman and State journal. [volume] (Montpelier, Vt.) 1836-1883, November 13, 1851, Image 4

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ordered. Ity tho Judiciary committee In ftror of
tho bill given non residents tho eamo immuni--,l
...:..;!,..... in ffffTiril tn Mrrrst and i m -
nri.nnmont from nrocess issur.1 on contracts
L..i- .;..., in Mr iMlomf thouuht this hill
.Wild hive & nrosncctivo instead of retros-vee
five oocration. and moved tho bill bo laid on tho
tBj,c tho npes of 4 and 18, nnd ono third part in pro-
" By tlie committee on Roads in favorof Senile portion to tho average number of scholars he
l,UUn addition to an net incorroratingtho Wood- tween tho ages of 3 and 21 ; to tho committee
i. .ii..t r Me 1f 1nr,r rnm-ml tho (nil
HIUCK Uainwiu v" '
be laid oil tho uble.as he wished to propose some
amendments as lo a like bill that orgwated in
the House i the motion was agreed to. Uy the
Judiciary committee, against hill to amend sec.
43 of chapter 47 of It. S., relating to Probate
Courts ; 3d reading refused, lly tho comm:ttee
on Agriculture, to whom was referred tho hill to
amend sec -13 of chap. 47 of 0. S., that a legal
question is devolved i tho bill was than referred
to tho comtnittco on the Judiciary, lly the com
mittee on Banks, against bill to incorporate the
Cistlcton Dank ; also against the bill to incorpo
rate tho Nortlificlil bank ; both laid on the table,
lly the General committee, in favor of the bill
altering tho names of llonriotta Jerusha I'eslel,
Kllen Isabel Flint, Azro A. Vatign, Julius Clark,
Silas I!, Dennis, Mariam Augusta Withington.
Ellen Maria IJonney and Lucia .Maria Fish, and
constituting them heirs at law; also Albion La
conics Inman, Aurora Macauly. Kllon Ada Ade
laido Cross, Cnssius Komeo Rounds, David R.
Oakes, Rosnrll Davis and Charles P. Davis ; 3d
reading ordered.
Dills rejtrrttl. By Mr Graves, that tho secre
tary of ouch luilroiil corporation furnish to each
town a truo statement of the entire length and
distance of such railroad through su-li town, the
amount of capital stock paid in, which shall bp
considered the true value of such stock, and said
stocK shall be assessed alter deducting Irorn tln
total value of the stock the amount of taxes paid
by non rcsidenU ; to tho select committee on the
Grand List By i'r Gilbert, providing for an
appropriation for the instruction of idiotic and
feeble minded youth ; to tho committee on l)du
cation. By Mr Richardson of U'nitafteld, in nd
dition to chapter SI of the C S. relating to thu
collection oi taxes; fixing tho IStli of May as
the time it hen certain taxes dull be assessed;
to tho select commilteo to revise tho listing law.
By the Fame, in addition to chapter 23 of tho C
8, relating to the repairs of highways and bridg
es ; taxes provided for in the 2d mid Cth sections
(.hall bo assessed prior to tho V5th of .May, and
tho officii of surveyor shall continue ono year
from that time ; to tho committee on Roads. By
Mr Blodgctt, providing for a duplicato certificate
of votes for Electors ; to tho committee on 1'.
lcctions. Mr Adams called up Senate bill relating to
Banks, and moved the same bo recommitted to
tho committco ; agreed to.
Mr Richardson called up the resolution in re
lation to tho purchaso of tho Compiled Statutes
by the Secretary of tho Stnto, and the same whs
Tho Atlantic Railroad bill was resumed: the
vote accepting Mr Stacy's amendment was re
considered, the amendment of Mr Ron oil was
withdrawn and Mr Stacy introduced another as
a substituto allowing tho Commissioners to bring
the Pnssumpoic and Missisquoi Roads ton junc
tion with tho Atlantic. It was discussed by
Messrs Rowcll and Stacy in favor, pending
which discussion tho House adjourned.
FltlDAV, Nov. 7, A. 21.
. Prayer by the Chaplain.
Mr. Seymour moved a reconsideration of the
vote indefinitely postponing tho hill to pay Asa
T. Barron tho burn therein mentioned, mid the
motion to reconsider was ordered to lie,
Mr Iloco cnllod up the resolution rulnting to '
the eale of tho Compiled Statute, and it wan
Hills introdund and rtfirrtd. lly Mr Went
north, to incorporate thu Hockitighiim Academy;
to the coinmitteo on Kducation. From the.
House, in addition to tho bill incorporating the
Hall Mountain Manufacturing Company j to thu
coTiimitte on Manuracturea.
Utparis uf Commitltts. lly Mr Uald.vin.froin
the committeo on claims; on tho hill to pay Tap
pan Stevens tho sum therein mentioned fur pur
suing and arrcating n horse thief, in favor of pay
ing a part of the bill. Mr Mattocks moved to u-
mend by substttuling 81 1 for jai), the um nam-i
od inlho o.iginil bill, which wan ordered. 2 to
4. and nasred lo a :U mnrli,,,, n.. i. i ,.. I
from Uie committeo on Educatmn. it, ftvnr ril, 1 1
bill relating to tho Vermont Antiquarian Socio
ty ; it was amended so that tho society retains
its former name, and ordered to ita ltd reading.
UV Air t-CVinotlr. from tin, rnmtnllnu nn rtlniryu
in favor of Uio bill lo pay the Admiiiiatratnr of ,
Jobhui Thomas, with a proposal to amend redtv
cing tho turn to $V5 00.
It appears from tho statement made by tho com.
railtee, that a similar bill had been previously en
tertained and rejected. Mr lloyco raised the
question as to the propriety of receiving the bill
without a two thirds voto as required by tha rule,
and a vote being.takcn tho Senile refused to ro
ceivo the bill.
Mi Keith called up the bill incorporating the
Shoreham Marblo Company, and moved lon
mend, substituting for the third xcctiuii so that
the corporation shall not bo organized till $10,-
000 shall bo paid in, tho indebtedness not ox-!
cccd the amount of captul paid in, and in case i
of tho violation of uny provmions tho private
property of stockholder shall be liable for Uio
debtsof tho company for the amount of stock
held j reject, 'iO to 4 ; read tho :id time and order
ed to lie, on motion of Mr Goodhue.
The Senate pisicd tho bill fixing tho time of
holding tho county courts in the county of O
rango, changing the time to the third Tucsdaya !
of January und June, tho bill in amendniont of i
the charter of the Farmers' Mutuil Kiro Insur
ance Company, the bill reining the Notariw
Public, requiring the oath &x. to he recorded
and the bill to pay SargcantPiold the sum there
in mentioned. Adj.
An important error was committed in the
printing of yesterday' Journal. Tho clause,
"the amendment ot Mr Stacy was adopted,"
should not havo been inserted, and was not bo
reported. Also, the sentence, " Mr Stacy wish
cd to accommodate himself and obviate the ob.
jectiona which had been made," bhould have
. , ,
read Mr Stacy wished to accouunudato himiolf
rrd. 01: . ' Z eC,'.',0' &--'rtfr. I
cp. -ii i i . . . , '
I To all which the printer bogs leave tu mead
:i, t ,,. . i
guilty, and to observe, that ho could not conceive
how Mr t,r ,.,,1 i .' . . conceao
I " . ' . . ' "n o. .
the vote adopting his amendment," if no such
vote had trtr Utn taken. Tho printer guessed,
therefore, that the Reporter had omitted to state
that the amendment had been adopted. The
. Prayer by Her. I. D. Hust,
Hills referred, lly Mr Chamberlin of Plain
field, giving the county treasurer tho caro of
public linds in unorganized towns and gored ;
to tho committee on Kducation. By Mr Hum
ham. that the Governor of tho State offer a re-
ward of dollars to the first person who shall,
to the aatiafaetionfif a comnuttee, to be by him
ppoiated, prove tint be hu discovered the cauae
nf tho nntftfo rot ftnt)k.f
V .- H IT .
. -h,i -it tin r.r titaWtfeial snsficntioti! to
-1 '".l .
tlio committee on AericuilHr". lly .Mr l(oc, w
divide tho ecliool tnoncjs as follows, ono third
part to he divided ninonr; tho districts without re.
garil to tho number of children, one third part in
proportion to tho number ot children between
on rauueauon.
Petition rtjtrred. Of Lewis Wheelock, who
claims In have discovered the cause of, and rem
edy for tho potatoo rot, In relation to this sub
ject ; to the committeo on Agriculture.
Ilunlutions. By Mr Bridgpp, that tho Secre
tary of State, in his discretion, cnuo an accu
rate Index to be made of such books as ate with
out tho same in his office ; referred to n commit
teo of three. By Mr Hyde i f Rockingham, that
no hill be introduced after Monday next, which
was amended by adding tho clause, " except by
committers on matters referred to them, or un
lets by tho unanimous consent of the Houae,"
and the resolution was laid on the table.
The resolution providing that no bill shall be
introduced after Nov. 5th, was taken up and re
Mr Barrett called up tho resolution providing
for evening sessions from and after 'I hursday tho
Gtll hist., anil proposed to amend the samo by
substituting Monday the 10th mat.; adopted.
Uncrossed Hit's. In addition to tho act incor
porating the Ball Mouiituin .Manufrir-tiiiitifr Co.
at Jamaica ; passed. In addition to and in al
teration of chapter 0 of the Compiled Statutes,
relating to tlte grand list ; laid on the table, as
there are several propositions before the House
for the altcrnt.un of the liting law.
Mr Green requested some mio "ho had voted
against the yd reading of the bill imposing a pen
alty upon any one who shall frighten pigeons
from pigeon beds, to move a reconsideration of
the rote refusing such 2d reading. Mr Richard
son granted the request ; tho bill was read the
second time and referred to the General commit
tee. The Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad bill
was resumed. The last amendment proposed
was difbussed by Messrs Starv, Gilbert, Wood
ward, and D.ivis in favor ; by Messrs Martin of
Laudgrove, and Kellogg in opposition. Pending
the discussion the House adjourned.
Fmd.iv, 'J, r. m.
UilU introduced and rtferrtd. By Mr Hates,
relating to the distribution of the acta of the le-'
giaiaiure ; every notary I'uonc nnd ji88tpr in
Clinncery eIiiiI! receive one enpv p.icb, miles
otiicrnise entitled to one ; to the Judiciary com
mittee. lly Mr Howe, in addition to the net nutlmriz
ing the Rntl mil nnd Wlntehnll Kailrnnd Cn'.i
pany. to buiid a Ilranch Railnnrl tn hake l!om
bazme ; to the coinimtte. on Honda,.
Tho House ninendi rl th bill amending the
charter of Glnslunbury Plank Hold Company ;
the Hennto concurred.
Iltfioits of Committers, lly .Mr Miller, from
Select committee, in fnvnr of bill providing fur
tho registration uf murrinjfee, hirtln, mid ilenths,
with n iroaisal to amend mi that dintrict Clerks
shall provide thoiruelvrs with blanks; the n
inendment was ordered and the bill was refused
iia 'hi reading.
lly Mr Itoycc, from the committeo on the Ju
diuiary, in favor of bill relating to tWa righu and
competency of witueavea ; ordered to lie on mo
tion of Air Whittcmorc, for consideration.
lly Mr Keith, from committee on .Miinufuc
turea, BgniiiKt bill lo Incorporate the Randolph
House ComjMiiy ; passed to n 'M roadinir.
lly Mr Marvin, from committee on Bduvaiion,
'" f,vor ol" bi" r(,at'(.' H'O Ministerial Lmda
111 Klinore, appropriating the rrnUi to the atippurt
of achuola, passed to a third lending. Hy Mr
Seymour, from the committee on ('himia, in fuvor
of the bill to pny Win. llrudfor 1 the sum therein
mentioned, for kwseu iiieurred in dr.iwiug stune
f.ir the St.ite House. Mr Keith sxtke in favor !
of the bill, 1bo Mr Hoyce u,ti in fium of ing I
a part of tho nuni named, and niter smne im -Mi- j
gation it was hud on the table on motion of Mr 1
Mr (loodliuo called up the hill inroipurating
the Hornet Uuilroud and Muible Miiiiiif.ietiiiiiig
Co., and on Ina motion it wna mnended o th.it
C0,nPBny 18 P''"t"J Irorn incurring d.-bt,
t0 " fc'"nUr am"r,t ,lisn lh" f rol" r'.v
U,e company, aod if thu Uetolf do e:.coed the pro
Pert' hM 1,18 H'reclort uawinUn, tliereto almli
be personally liable for the (.cet, and padded to
tlia Hd rending
Mr noodhue called up the bill annexing a part
of Soinoroet tu Dover and Wardaltoro'. The
1UMtion U,,"B ll ! aoifndmejit, that all Uiree
Jl HIV ionil.1 SIK1I CCUCJH (110 1TOVU110II8 oi tne
act, wm tarried.
.Mr Goodhua then morod an amandmont that '
tha tniicting for iiceopting the act shall be held '
onorbaforo tho lot day of April, ltJ53, vhichi
was ordered. Mr Itoycu apoKo in favor of tho
p4Hge ufti ohUI. Mr Goodhue oppMcd, and
it was ordered to a :td reading, 18 to 7, and paas
od. Mr Wllittemore called up tho bill to incorpo
rate the Mechanics' bank, nnd it win amended
as recommended by the fouumtiee, reducing the
capitul at... k to 50,(JOO, liuikllig nubjert to
a"' lo,v hereatUr en n it d relating lo
ualll;si "'""g the rate of interest on lomw to
this State, and Kiased to a third natlin-.
Htporls of Committers. Ity the eoinmittfo nn
Agriculture, tiLminat the hill relnlinp; to the nrea.
ervalion of sheep ; providing f.r n forfeiture of1
rams round at largo j dismissed, liy the .elect
committee on the lining law, in favor of the bill
reletting to the collection of laics; 'M reading
ordored. lly the committee of U ays and Means,
to whom was referred tho petition of L. Dinning
with ins! ructions to report a bill, providing
for the purchase of 'MO copies of hi catalogue.
j to be distributed, one copy to each ton n, the re
in (inder to the State i :id readug ordered. Uy
I o j
(tlie Judiciary committee, to whom was rofcrred
the resolution instructing them to inquire into
tho expediency uf repealing mo much of aoclion
7 of chapter U5 of C S, ami act or JMl, as re
quirM dteds to Ue acknowledged by the v.fe n
iwrt from thu husband, in favorof tho aaino, with
a bill repealing' all aeUthst rcpure thuj acknowj.
edgtiiant i :ld reading ordered. Uy the same, a-
ouKiiie'Ki ou reauing oruereu. Uv tlie same n
mt the Hill relating to aalanJ '., J Z al
fowing the M $1 for ...tniaouiug each .ran.
"'6 " c iur iiiiiiuo each srand
i ..... .... . . . , , " uu
"u Jn"i iiiemuiiig imveja. u eerviee; rjis-
: j i. .. . .....
imod. lly the same, against the bill fixing fi.8
of lown cUAi for recordm-mortrtacM and d.s.
olwrges of moitgeges i dwiu;ud. Uy the same,
in tatorof Senate bill relaiing to the equal dis
tribution of i-alaten of dec.-ttMuJ twjiis ajtially
oinong rwudents and uon-rcldents of this state
passed. Uy the same, ag.n,.-t the bill providing
against Uio spreading of the Muiall Kixi disiuis.
sed. By tlie same, agaiiwt hill relating to pro
ceedings and remedies againsljudgine.it debtors,
and supplementary to writs of execution; third
reading refused.
lly the samo, against tho bill requiring notice
to be recorded of that portion of homestead prop
erty intended to be exempt from attachment
dUKiwed. By the nice. -agaiMlJ In e.ddi-1
Hon to chap. 10 of C S relating to poor houses ;
. . - . ...... ..
an readme reliiseu. uy tnc same, in tutor 01
.. . ... . ... . . , v. .. .
mo mil in auumon 10 cn-ip. ui oi u. rciaung
to tho duties or fenco viewers; third reading
ordered. By the committee on Elections, against
the bill relating to tho election of town represen
tatives ; laid on tho table. By the same, in fa
vor of tho bill repealing bc. 18 of chap. 1 of C.
S. third reading ordered. By the name, against
the bill, in addition to sec. lOofclnp. 1 ofC. S;
laid on tho table. By the committee on Agri
culture, agnlmt the hill repealing section) fi, 8
nnd Oof chap. W of C. S. relating to Agricul
ture. A minority rejiort wan presented and road,
and tho bill was laid on the table.
Tho Atlantic Railroad bill was taken up, and
laid on tho table, to entertain the following reso
lution of Mr Everts : " thai the delate in relation
to the Atlantic railroad question lo closed at 4
o'clockP. .V.. and no momber bo allowed to
speak tio more than ten minutes," which was
Laid on the table, mid the discussion of the afore
said bill resumed. The amendment was discuss
ed by Messrs Kellogg and Packer and lost, and
the bill ordered to a third reading.
Jliiti rrferrcd. By Mr Bridges, to incorporate
the village of St. Albans; to the Judiciary com
mittee. Fru ii the Senate, to incorporate the
Ilydeville Slate Company; to the committee on
The Chair announced the following as the
committee ordered to bo appointed by the reso
lution of Mr Ilndges, relating to the making of
of an index of reitmn books in the office of Sec
retary of Htdle, Messrs. Bridges, Goddard,
Beul l;y.
Lngrautd Hill. Altering the name of cer
tain persons therein mentioned and constituting
them heirs at law ; passed.
A . ,
L-umouimcBiioii nils receiveu irorn uic
Trrsurer of the State in rbcdicncc to a resolu-
tion requiring hi in to communicate to the House
., . e , t .
the amount ol mileage of members miring cer-
tain years; referred to t.'.o committee of Vay.
fltlfl M HflR
Air Keith nmveil a rrcoiiBtdcrntioi, of the vote
, , . , . , .
onlPnnrr to ti .M reniiinjr Atluntic railroad
bill, ns the vote was a lusty one, and th) II unse
noL V(ry full. Homo dwciHsion aroso as to the
mitler. pending Mbirh .Mr Itnrrrtt nmu-d the
HntiBC ndjourn, which whb lost yenH 7tjt n:ivs
1 Hi. The motion, atto some .Iihcuwd, was a -
tion of the vme upon the Rtnendinnnt of MrSta- ,
ey. Mr Kllntfjf moved th it the motion bo hud i
on the t ib!i nnd he made the scnl nrdor at 10 !
"''"Iwk A il t-nr.oirow, and bo consider, d tost 1
nt" afl tn the n i nf ml ii n lit ; the motion In i.r
however, n illnlr.i'i n. The motion to r ri -1 !
the Vole rrj. ( ' 1 1 ,r th'' nm.'iiiliiieiit ns nut njn .
to ye. 1- M,
lid rerdinf
nnd th lull
.1 I ,
Ciirin.-iln l.otit I'.ihtiu 1
C iiri' i r vi ill u ;nil.
Tllf s( li' lliMUIl lilt Ii I
il ftt-r. 1.1 r. 1'.
A hat 1 I tl, rtTt rl, f y il ,
hen 1I.1) lrnr e.
Ooe nl' the weights lie1. ..
st'.ilt's if Jniii'e.
The lidiidlr' iif the Itru -h n
ing the alalia iif il.o liinei.
1 , I Ii r-,
t, the t
in nut-
'PlIC ubi.rrH.f tl liitrf l,M it ay r, ., . n- ' t. . Ill ('
J 8TOIIF, m VV .i-'r'on . , f. trntt, t n tt
icr, wh r., iln-y ii.ti in Uu . i ji, un.i i . , (- t . i i , ,i
larja oiura uf
A'1' WllOI.KSAl.B Oil Ui. I AM..
Vii T. I iiimI lt. k Milt i
Uruund Koi-k .in I I I wr, ul dn. lot II .. , ,..i. .......
- I. 'iiil.tt t..,iita nl ,, .
THAU. I'Li'L I, M VII , 01 A.-- , II nS . - i f ,
tfUf'tta, Mill ..r - , H ,t,i,,,i It. li- I ,, r i-. II ,r, , I,
II I la U i in. , l: .r I ii I h.l , M , ,
I'oll t, k ,u,,l II I, i', I, l-'i.li v i , . i
KAItftlltiTOuLS :
Purti tia t- jtl,,.. .,i il a .rit.ua ,,,, . ' , ,, ,
(Ir i.-.Ot un i ii 1 I'u ' , . , 11 u.il ,.,,,(. ,
a utt Hun..
.M..., it r. ..r, . ul i.l . F &. I I ,
Hi,n.l.,-.l II A It-.
'I It. .ul it , . nrl,,, r i,,,.,r,f tl,p r . ,
It. fc. n. I ll . w .1 II.. . . H it
h- .Hi.', f, I I i, 1,1 al . , , , ,
llf .. t U - it
li, t V , 1 1 , ,, , i ..,, ,i i ii,,, ; ,, , , , , ,
ii -y. , ,i.i
V. I. (.oitii and l.i ;x ! ,
J,i ti n i i v - - i i. mi- 'i ,, . , . i
Mi is, ,. M W. I, I , 1 1 ' I !-,!, - I I , , , t,,,.!
.-. vii.-, -r.
, r .vi. ei, i.-. m.i. uu
. tlir
' I.l'
1 I tr I
I II,. I
Bakersflokl Academfoai intitu
'I'l'f. .'all T
,. i . . ,.tt IVedrr.
i tun. uill b- i i ii ,
3. A poti
I i' ,t
lo-, t,liy unit I Ii,
Htttitl ).,! . t
liuuk. CUIl tl ' I'
J h t
I 17 I '' r wr, k.
' ' il- I'.'..' .1
' 1 1 I. HI Ml. I 'I., I low- I
('. I'. I. i.-ll. I. . ,1. V.i-t 1,'t I'titi 1
I'M. - fl'M . Itl M.. I'lt t-t iiuv.. M J
nl II, hi, .
Mr. IV U IMU-fiNS, i,,i,rtl.
Hut B l II. I ' I. , , .,.
M.,n. ANitiio iii i i m:, s " ' '" t
i rui. n ii i t ...
Wr.. H l IMH-I i l,V ''inlwnl Mu.ia,
III.. V. M II H.Ni:-, i u.l ar of I'.nnlo.a.
ilr J tlfc-fet I'. I.I.L N It IV ,. In , t ! ,,
f liAK...-, Si
Rakat.fiaM A. if tl I-
llor, iHlll U'lCl'l, OJ.jlU- t. m... 1..., k I I UK.ll Motl-VthM,
1 II. .Jill.
I Ifl.iM.ti.l Iiiiim V.-VV Ylirk. llikat.ut mi.l II.. .1 e
lilt I. U'l .
f'll'l.l jlil . iU( mill 1.1,1 lnaf.it liltl.K.it nl
, uikI am t.ft kjju..! in at jt Ijj i ic
l... .lliau. V. a. t in . ..1... A
..lilteit I'm
..II' II .''1 .
I I am..
Cl .HI. .1 I 14 111 I. I l. t , J, ' .rrktil-'i. (Itl 'ill '., lljl.
I utt nf I'm.
t1 IMMI" . MRil '
II. Inua., Vl,iacia., .ton.'.. ., Ilca.li and
;tO(JO Dollnrs worth uf Mny St.itf S!l .YI,S,
Ai HuniiUutiici.' Ut'nl .i.l. I'r
ReudV Mudo Clothin tr.
UioiKirliMli l khIk, Ttii il untl ilir rrnU, all it .III let
m . .-Ul II, ,1- ll.jT .-llh 111,(1 & ,1, 1, Id V LI .
Cl ( MlM lll J I kl If,
u- .1. b. i.u t. r...-t d iii II hi. I'ba
"Ll" t'"' ,','ZS
PMUJ ll 1 1 111 J 111 111 111.. I ill ik I ml u i . ... i.l ei.l
U li .1 .u,. rhua n.id i on ii I i.t.. tn, in
ES IUU. UU 1 u ,.,4 4 4, 0 4 7 4 ...I - -Siit.
t'ts'lo . t'llllteetll'.-. Win. I I .11.1 . l( , ,, g..
J0ir.l' UtNMn 1' j. r ..imI 11 r...,,.
Pn ll fil rfc .-st i. J- , ; , 4 4 n.. 5 4 win- lnrr tf l.irod
IVai.ifJ t-tl4. BUtk !ii.p .1 .ml llrt.. i.t. mU- I'I in
..llMll '.;..,ir M..H,-. ' U I
I 1., k
i I k I lain uf !
' iih. I villi l,
1 I r-lrin In
. a. T' . I a- '
' ' '
rd (''nut- vrltln iln
I liM IIUKH '(ok..
I-. .iil-i t. Our
fOtitU fn Mil Uiujlit Willi r mil. un I liul u
ha kei Im u,. ,,r ju4pj en iln. U e w.uit . ll lu lt. 1 thul
"J'1 '' t,,,,r l'n, Un lh, mm
tw. paiu- v.1.1 .ji nti win in. 141 ibJ t KitlllllU UUr 4f
tOllllitfnl, U. Ht- d t tiltti-milltld lb4t JItXKl Iftd triC ibftll
Fa,,.,.. LYM U KI.MJ.
M'llt iiit.tl u.ian.l.a .....ttret In Uo..ipria. nay t
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Every Man tohis Business !
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Livery Establishment,
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Dr. J. S. Houghton's
Plepatarl from RCM.NET. n Ihn r.irittl. 8TC MAPI! Ot'
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row .
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J. & R, WARD,
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,T. ('.. EMERY
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FALL T il A I) i:,
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8E1 TS.
Feathers and Matttossos,
nlll fMII.I TAI'I..TRY. thin, p I., ami i mtimon lnrln
la ig' r ti 1 i --to' i hn t t r In f r k- I
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Haw arrived at
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l-.-l I ..I. , all) I I
I ( , t I ' I. -Mill
'I nl . . t'.. . t- tn
II ji .' ru 1 j j w litv"
I .
J. G-. HALL,
I . . K ..!' lit- Hr..i . f I UA ,N . III.L,
II. , . -1 fit' t. Ii ft t m I It.' I'ti'tlir I h 1 1 In- In. lat
i.t.lV i.kI M'l.t:Nllllltt..,.l..i,t of
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not) wmMwi
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t-ni it' i i I 1' I'u ' i I'll. tin' ' I' . t- i , i rl
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I fill f. .',.1.111, Vt.l'.llf, .Hi.i ,uWI1 II l,m 4 IM It
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unit jtMiil mi .i'i. ii.idttliiii.v h ili Imritna about :i4il.it
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Trains Mill leave Uoslon its
follows :
j I'.it IV It', i r.. t
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I r..i v , i , i,
I.l !,.. i i r m
: i - i.(i i..- ii . m 4 m
.iii m , .. i'i itii.i i r m.
I i, tu 4 u.l It A. St, 1 a-4, 4
.'..r W itart'.wa 7 ft, anil I I
I ami itl . P M.
A. M , I M , 9,vu 4 l-i,
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inn. . i ii i ti ii.;. i.t: h i, i uu uiiMTtiN,
I I'mhi. . tu l.ltut- it 7..' U A.M. IMI., I.Ai I l,ir., .u,
I 4.40 I'. M.
I I'-,, tu I ,.,,!, ,1 .1 at, 0 M I l", ,l nil MtPM
, Kmiiii ll'.tlil.,, u 7.J ,,n ,, '., . , i li M . J.J6, 4,
.i ( i. j r i.
.'tun l ,.la,l . . ,t t I 1 :, M ,, 1 1 . M .10, 3 3U t.
r, r t . '
Fto, , l i,i,s t ii i i 7,m h ! I. and 4 311 I' l.
t'u. iur. lie. i4il.t uur. .1 a I'ull.ltiiUi t Uatau (iuute
M. l'i.l,Tu., t.uitL'iiuiaii.1. nt
ruitt'ua, Nitv. i, laiu. it,
l. isi. wood;
Hi iul) .ritnle ttttthtng,
ci.or.1. ('Aat-iMi urn, m i: vlmiincs i
'I MI.(IUM' TKIMlll.VGS ul iv. rj 1, .rt in. n.
Fashion Plates, Tailors' hears,
Hi a.u.c. i'i 1,1 ui, and Ciltem r,tfiei,
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Furnishing Goods.
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State Street, lit tfuur I l o of I'.attwiiu 4J
Dauf'urth's llutil.'turc,
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rpIIH Propftfloni ol thu tfrldeljf Lnoivn aril popular etlih
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lie project of I'oinpK'tim an norlnif nt uf
Ready-made Garments,
adiptti. tn ftpff poiol flap, thapA an.llawtt. Aditf rf to
thfii klfj:f flock nl Ri-nil-Binili t tMn. it an iort
mrnl of Oral rmrh'a FtirnUtiing Oomli, t. oft lie I at first
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C. .1. (iAYLKK'S
Patent Salamander Safas,
OO.JOSI - i i-i;s i ;iid-st.
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fit t'i ii t Mlmm, t Linux, IIuHu ', t'tuniiiff , (? tdLU'C, ate
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N'nt Tuwil r Tiool Kiyllolti Cjicf, ttovrtit Sfinrft, &c..
IU Ufflfl.
C. J OAYI P. ft
t) Jo.'in Hlirrt, torn, r (loM Hi. 41 w.
--r- -, -
Sash, Blinds, I)oorG, Window
Frames, &c.
TU H ni'iarnbitf ur tManiffieiurln;, ay riiiftf nw Ma
r hn 1 r r . hi their Pacini , tirai ajr auitli ot lb Arcb
Bnrfa, w,i for uiialti vi
Doors IUimI'sW imlow rramM,A
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ca.n in: i'oi.'.M)
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V l I s .v lA.NTS.
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IN-parad by Sn;liru Jra. I'.tnn .ft', lata Ilr Kupiten J.artt,
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ttSSU I. IMimivIM I'lllSIUJUk-S
lu.u tun uu:i,
Uaeil nmt Itef-oitimen.te.l l.y Kinlneiit I'lty
elclnni or (lie itrvarlil .lay.
Darlte a lou and rtmUaaetl ariln M yrmthr. ha.erorttiaiMd
t Sa Ihetr utton ao,K In a ..utn apj urr ttiBitner. aarl btfeabt
aot.ri.il ni.H.ri ttosr on 1 a. au.n .1. h.'.h t.iKUJEl t
aad Cl lie .lata, urotit.ua. e4 a.tt.att lit 1 a. 11a .1 ..it. .u riaa
Th w reeoHtate-.ill It. OtariN'Ml IhllEli anA lMul. NT
laair Irterul. ra-ra tiiir t.ai.r .....inai. rem 1
No Family should be without thorn,
reft tiroa Tt. km n.M i.u let e Rai.i.a( 1 u.l. as rk-.r
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(.KKr iNit 1 ri.i.uitMi.n
The Crlebmtcil TKl'R
Health Restoring Bitters,
A Miami, rae KIKRV HKIHUN 1a IMI Vs..,
Itiaaav. aU nturbltl awretWtri.. p.irir th. Itload at., ateel tea.
.ad .tfor n Hi. 1JI...I,,, Urn,,.. UI. duaaar. Ihal already r.
I'i ' '!T "lali'M fulura dlarav, M IK Hiiwdetalr.
UBn th. tatti-.it He, ii. (rattlul t Die nt tlrlirate rlTtniaiiK.
t.iw cuaaai.il
Liver Comjjlaints, Jaundice, Dyspepsia,
Incipient Consumption,
m t.LOTII, Dt.iA.m y.,u mT A ,.PH TTor Ttl
DTOHtcii. UtivrLS, Bmkid, Livkb, tte , wUch Und to sttUilUU
Pulmonary Elixir,
rnovEo the uesi t ui on mcdicink ivkr kkow:i.
Thll Olelr raatala. m.av or th. airal hlehlv .apreved erM.h
ay eaiwetoraal iiir4a.iu.., being peculiarly ami ftatttaalei rem
Ward, and 1. trttlr ;i,,l, rful nt iu .uol n.tilu. Th' mulUluda
i5t5i '" a"' ' -"Ul nn. .1 1 i.nmo.trir. II ta be
perlar to an? ,ahrr prrparatiou In itw I ,r .irnll.r aurnnM-e P.l
Tin 1 aai , .mti 1 11 Tin. ut.itirir a. 1. k ... . auii , wine.
TH.aa ... C III.IIKrN.M the ,1. 1.v In pri-urltte . .l5il
Sore 'I'lii-onl. Aa.linin, llrni.el.llla. Crnini.
ml oilier llliea.ee of (lie Ke.tilrntory
Strengthening,- Plaster,
I ualrmall. atkiiawledfed lo be lh. b.t ukuler aw kaean,
TM. rU.Ur I. rumrtOMd t.f tuit a auntber Of .raalable .b
rruae... raetiliarl.. rtanpunndftl There art er he. bet-n, aad I. net
at tk. aieMiit tint., a Im tier plaster iiuale, rfr tl.r varHtu. parRwc.
lor a bleb ptuur. are aied ll 1. no .aptrior for r 1
tid wbeu utej in
rj area. ..rj. tearSdal ta tho.. mn.rlnf Willi ,uch coorpUlnU.
Tor farther Information refaxdlae the.. eelu.hle M.illiinri m.
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uarUr. .ill U fttuad, .mor ableh are UtUrVrrim 1
llo MARIIIALI. I' ll'll.n.H. Uo.Mei.Uau
lloa lAMEt (' Clll llCIIILt .SSaBi. lllT
a!?.."' tUA8 a '" "a.ll. V K,w Eelfcrf.
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Ji Kl U s TII.T.1.V. I'eb-rba,' N IL
CALEB 8 CAKTEIt. E.il4Ieiidl .iii
Siit!'.Ut';LUAMI' U"M' ColUetet Cuitora IIoum,
tl ILLIAM NltTIULb. E., To.aj.ad, llu.
Tor Snle. M holinilo nml Itetitll. nt PrlncU
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II. .I lea, Ut.ldln
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ditt inw 1 , t'.m. f. t-i.it t, l' .I.t el I . ll..., -
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Ntu-.brt Id, N.tl.... Km'. I. If.,,..,,, ,ft y,
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if.hrio'd.r I. -1111H1, 11, .lei 1, no 1 Ii, e. ui. in..
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I. Ill aiuJloino. i 'liiiaH. 10 u,b.l ntata.
H I if.
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riniiu upplit-.l At UitMtr.iut-i' rrtc.
s'i 1 L 17M a i cTi mTcullTC
irn.u.i;v& ooi'.vsKLL nt. xxo sonci-
Tilli l. tUAMIillv,
1 ea-'rtviiv. rr.
ONLY $23
.io I m ills Avorili iivvr Sin.utio .
0,000 LOTS, 10 lH. .iimXim... '
1110111; NOW SiiI.mi H..-i. " rt
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anH-l.i,i.,.a4i .u..Utllar,.i,l; L '"
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rl.i. ..I.I,.5I pnt,.),. ,hr,a .,. ,n3 . ' "ml"'
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.Tia in,, anil lam Hum'.a.F nf Par.in,. hm n., 1., v lr-
lara.laillnll,.... I Tl. addnhm.l 1,.,. ,. .""""
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liilkn llli), all lianh , , f, Mk' '.'""
.nine. art. luiw iuI.t re f.l. ',"i,,i bi
llni-h anlian h. t 1. .nli.if.l i.U, 35 it. Ifli,.., ,
Inj, Ihar. ot a f flM in r.iini 4 In Sll a.ii-. '.i,. ' "'
llmttnl (V pa.altir, tf. whan .lil..ri.,.,l , at
h.r,tralhf il.. i.i Ui.lnliuliun, anil Ilia lt.Unr ', , '"'"
Inalalmanl. .1. $1.
Thn litlasrn ulaala In Iha Villas r 1.AHI:, ti
l,,,nr t.lanil llriil, ri.ni.ty of nultotli, n 11 1 4 , , ' "" "
Hi,. I'm i.f ., nik. whrri. hiimt.umr r ' : " 1
nil, hi. I li Riliot.l riHnin . ninier-,,iiiy i,,,, ',r
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wi. tii.a.l It) Mt. .-' 1111111 I 'l'h',it,,i.iiti, i H. 'aii., 1
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l.ht-lan,! 1 111, 11 1- lin-,.ii ,1 i.ii th.- li ,1 ,.,. ,,f 1 1, j
land R nlru. I.wlia fa a,it. tun ., tainl 11 1, , , 1 ' '
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I'-vi-l, and 'lia aitfli.ntiilini; ruu-itrt 1. t. f,.ii i(, h v' '
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.Lie h.vinff ..i-t-nal't ,1 f..r tin.., tliau n ttu !.., h n., (l
yaati, an I wltata tiiii,,it i.ti.l. -ell ai Ifo.n 1$ i, t..i.j,,'
acra. 1
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naw lind n 1 ii,a ..land, an-, wi.t-a tH ivtail, w ill i,.A,
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jima. Witial pit at t, and ar.i rail. iW,.i in I r 1 ,'r
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lia cut nun 1 iir.l.a'HMl, for il., . w 1ik ,,;,,, , .
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lldetail ,1 i-a.h atm la un th l.lrt,l I , i,,, kti
within (an Hiilr. i.f Lab.', i.i , u,l ,,f l,,irk a , ',(,, '
T hern 1. miitcti il on the t.n.l tot aotniti,.,, f, ,1
cha.lnut -ai!, rai, be tid wnhm a I w mil 1,1 -i , , , , ,
In abundance. All l.utlilliif m 'latuli i-an tin I...I i i,i,
P.M. f Htnaklyn ait.t lirrii.nri, .1. t .t mail, (
placaa. al I Iim ti.u.,1 nl r.i t fn.a.. Tim, ,, . lf
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Ihi'toaian w rlnif. I,a. and .el, . with 11 im., ,1 , .
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I (trail
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, C llttian, Jt , l-i. IVail.tt.ai, . V J .11' f. ,
' K-'i I -r ,. V,J I- .:,,..,, I.l , , x ,, ,
it. , l.tttai I . S V., II MUtr., ..I't.tr ol II ti.,.
K.a.i ,,N V ,1 I. .atl.r i',.i.i, All,,,,, N I 1. 1
I a., pii.li. ,;,,l,u ait'l lli..it,, ,, ,0,u. , ., ,
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kt U.l. it,
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f till I I. II 1 t.-t; e, fl ,
I t J VI V h M t , I.,,-, , ,
M-. IN.N M Ull U tl.. .11 h I'r run... ,
, uf I'r..,, h
I Mi.. I.l ! I'l.M K ..A.N, T. ., !.. , , 1
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V - H 11,1 I II". I I.N.I', j h. , , ,
' K . 1. 1 I. I.. I,, .1 J 1 , I .. u ,. , , 1 ,.
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II iii en A, IIoiiIunn,
.MANfl'Ai.-TCltl.llS' v.;i,N .:,
No. 5 Pl.il; Ktrett,
I ,., , ll..
' ' - . I, , 1, I t .1 . ., ,.
s '" -. . . , 1 a . ... 1 .. ,
! T. (J. !i.iHI!0V
Steam Bakery,
Ueti.eri, Stui.a eV I.anlcdu nmt r l.uih.i.i
j JIXISI MUKI.'I, ii"!si'I l.ll.ll, l.
j 'MINI I .V .tn . ,1 ,..n, K, II v II t ' .,
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