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ocal Kcujb & Polices.
The Thaw and Storm.
Tho tliatv, uliich commenced oh Sunday, Dec.
28, continued until tlie last day of llio year, with
abundance of rain on Wednesday. IntlioMer
limack, Connecticut, ond Wliito Kivors, the ico
was gcnciully broken up. Tho Winooski, nnd
other streami in this vicinity wow broken up in
part. The damage lia not been very serious to
property, though no havo to record tho loss of
two lives.
On the t'rrviont Ctnlml HaUroad no damage
occurred, except a slight washing of onibniik
mint and tho displacement of a couple of rails,
which ii'd to 11 fatal accident on I hursday morn
ing, ns described by our Waterbury correspond
ent, in tho article bolow. On Friday tha breach
was repaired. 'I ho trains run regularly.
tin tho Xurtkrn (.V. 11.) Ilaxlioad a bridge ol
trestle-work, neur West Lebanon, was washed
out, and passengers are obliged to walk n short
distance, sleighs being prqwiod, by the way,
for tin' Indies, and for bagg.ige. A new bridge
was nearly framed on S.iturtlay. and It was ex
pectfcl t'iat it would be rawed during the present
week. In the mean tune the Vermont t entral
freight is forwarded over the Sullivan, Cheshire
and Filohburgh roads.
The Sullivan Itoad was slightly injured, but
repairs pre promptly made.
The I'trmont Valley rond is reported to be so
much injured as to be impaasable for a few days.
80 much for the railroads in and adjoining
V riiiiuif.
At Itnyaltim (centre village,) tho tlood swopt
otV tin' bridge scrim White River.
In the neighborhood nf Hello s Tails ti lad
was drownnd. Thia and the death of Mr Mer
rick are tin- only fatal accidents that have come
to our knowledge.
WATF.nBCRf, Jan I, t83'i.
Mrssas. Editors: It w truly most unex
iie 'i' -I and melsnenoiy, tliat the unit use ol my
ten tin this new year, and tho hrst occasion to
nin'tn record the non -Ut.', should be to an-
i.iiiiicp to you a most rlrwirlfni accident that oc-
g'lirrcil on the railroad iibont tour milea below
n-re, tli.s iwirimiir, at 1 oVIoek. The wood train
.1 p.s-mg ilonn to Hiehniond loaded with
.. il, 1111I 1:111 into a break in the road, catwd
ih" L'iMiiir iv of a cnivert dnrinir the niuhL
,Tl." trim wns seen by Air. Morse from the
In. u.i' nnd he saw the break jnt before the tram
C nil'' tu it, and he did all he could bv swimrirur
llH h it mid hallooing to prevent the catastro
pli '. liui all in vain. They neither saw nor
hi in! Iiiiii, and he was compelled to see theen-
u'.i ritrc 111, ith the tender tu ntilcd iiKn it.
i-nni r. Mr. Merrick, wni much iniur-
eil 'lnl he died within two hours utter the acci
dent. The lirriii.in ,i.i h My niiired, though
It i tin'" jlit not fatally. One of tin-hands, an
In 1 11.11, nm hurt, but not crv htiuu-Iv.
II.- Iwiiiv of Mr. Merrick ni il tli.. tmiinrliii
It - UN Ml "ere tiriMleht bill k Ili le 111 llir trim
fro n Niril.liilil hi( h met the truiii I nun I'tir
Ht. ' 'U .1 .1 House's I. iiit lit tin- place, and
fcri i.l.' 1. K-k tin ir ii.T--eiijii r, &-c. The wife
an ! 1 'eld of Mr. M. are here. Thev frnm
Lnr. Slw. and hae bemi 'tore onlv about
tin. . w . ekw. It is not unliki Iv that as the bus
bjin.l .ml ife (Kirted ctrlv this luortiuiL', Uicy
Win c r.lmlly hi id aflW-tioiiatrly wished each
Mb. r .1 llnir .Yew lir' Uut what a begin
ning i i'tli-. N. m Vohi it has been to them both.
To ii.m -1 sudden and dreadful death, and the
eotr 111 e iivn eternity I To her, widow hood,
def 'i'i hi, .1 broken heiirt. and a fiitherleiM child!
1". v nt Oih event, and thp fWwinmirr with
.will 11 f.i. Ii c..it,i ure liaio"iiiii7. and may be
6p . '-.I to liirinen on these rojds, my own
tho yui a-i I passed up with the wounded and
the il-td, f,ou, the scene of terror and disaster,
ws tlirtt i'.i on.- only rational course for ua all,
aad isjin ully for thi- that are every day un
4er tli-se (xculior c)ninn, is daily earnest
way. r to (iod that he would prepare their souls
Wtb vents of Ins I'loviueiice, and fur their
grai.. i ict-ting with their lino! Judge.
El"',. ',!( in th. iiuty ha tnly improved
Ithe m ' nnif. Neu r n.is 1 boitur for business.
il'ro'i 1 1 i inn roiiurk w.ll apply to 'he whole of
that nut ol Vermont which lice. 1 ut of the I
Grceii Mu'iiitaiiiii.
nmufl .lldtott linn ronmitd Im 1 Mablisliinent 1
Ito'tl." m. 1r.1t v of Ins old kMiid. lie now occu 1
spies room adjoining Walton & Son's llix.k- '
ISton . ouiiOHtu the Yillae M. td.
BVii' M.dical More. See eiK. itisrrm'iit ol
I)r. Spaldln .
Vltt I'trmont and Won Teleirranh Comoanv.
IsTroiii the Report of the Direciors, made at the
lannuil meeting at Northtield, on the II ill of'
neceinher, it appears that the company have 585
miles of Telegraphic lines 111 operation, to wit :
it. 1.
I Boston to Burlington,
2010 !
llV If 1.,., vj, 1,1 ,. ,
Ii- -pt iii-ti. hi, .u ia., , jo
Bar.inylon to ItouseV Point, 53
lUou-ie's Point to OgdeuBburg, IvSI 4Vil
wAn exieu-non from White Itiver Junction in
M5t Johnnbury will be made 111 the Spring. The
it of the lines 111 operation bus been
r,cii.-per nine. 1 lie receipts since the latt
fjeport have averaged ylOtw.Kt monthly, and tho
l W N 1..,. All.l ,SI , . .
111.11111 !. uiiAj.i; icmiiig net monthly ro
pis This rato, according to our
pircs, fchould givo a profit of something over 2
pr i ent on the capital. Instead of uiakinir n div
idend, however, the Directors used the nrnfitK rS
She lino to pay the debts ol the Coinpiny. It is
iw out of debt, and the business of the line is
;adily increasing.
r 'Montana' Canailt llailral Comaanu. The
onual meeting was holder! nt Nortnfiuld on the
Wth tilt, and wu find a niiiiin irv of iiroc..H,.lii,n.
tho following letter of the President to the
fiothe ttociholdtri of lite lei monl and Canada
j. iinrroau iompany.
Gentlemen : As so low of the shares of the
Wtf t. lw. r-.n,.4n.. I ... .1.. . ,
IS ' vvn.j.aiij , vou'-u in hum CIIV UIKlVl-
JJ.Bll)' wt'ro represented at the annual' meetine
fefjyiaid Corporation, ho 1I1-11 ut Norihfield, Vt.
Mmiie ouui uiu, t ueom it proper to state, that
?. "uareiioiuers elected the same lioird of 1).
'ftMJtors as was elected nt their last annual moet-
, "11111110 cxceptionol ur. Jolm J'eck, of Mur-
nun, miu oeciuuu a ro-cit ctiun, and that L.
.jv iinmorc, ij5(j. ol this city, was elected in
a 1 nl an.
'2trt 1 ,w niuLnuiMiicia Uiai IIIDUUUT
jSeij 0 .xjjendil m tinwhing the samt
liirMld exceed the cniutvil stock of tha fn
iph is one million of doh irs. Thereupon, the
knoiders present, liy vote, unanimously an
ised tho Directors to increase the capital
01 me company to 1111 amount kiitticient to
ho floating d.-bt of the company, finish the
blllld depots, und imv inciilen'Ml nvhni.,..
It txcecilmiT il.e .i, ,.c c-k.1 mm
lly, on the saino day, tho Directors held n
?'.' ad organized by electing President
ICIcrk.alldtlieii iidinurned to meet in lt,wO.
present week. At an adiourtuul tntpfinr if
uL.uuyt noiuen in iiosioiion mo 1st day of
Josiah Qmncy, Jr., declining a re-elcdion
reasurer of the Company; thereupon, T.H.
lit, Lsri. of this city was duly elected Treas,
pro tempore, and C O. Whituiorc, Esq. of
Citv was at tho samo timo appointed Fj
1 Coinuiittee, with instructions to make an
.settlement with the late Treasurer, nnd
joyernor Paine, tho agent for constructing
fad, and also to dispose of an amount of
ntlicient to pay tho dobtofthe Company,
to finish the road, build depots, and discharge in
cidental expenses.
Yours respectfully,
President V.&C. II. II. Co.
Uostnn, Jnn.ii, lav.
Mr Lf.avitt, the Treasurer for tho timo be
ing, is tho gentlemanly nnd efficient chief clerk
in tho Treasurer's office of tho Vermont Cen
tral Hnilroad, Boston, lly tho way, we l-appcncd
to bo in tho office on New Year's morning, and
found that nt 7 o'clock Mr Lcavitl's books for
the year 18.11 wcro all posted up, and tha bal
ance sheet completed.
The tlraltkboTo' I'hcnir, that was, Ins been
enlarged, and is now published In Urattleboro,'
llellnws Talli and Ludlow, under the title of
"Vermont Statesman." O. II. Piatt, Usi., is
still editor and proprietor.
Tht Siml-lVakhj Uagle (llraUlcboro') has pas
sed into tho hands of Messrs Cuintnings &. I'rou
ty. P. II. While, Ktt., is retained as assistant
llnrtliquakt in fermonl. Tho Inquirer states
that tho shock of an carthqtnko was felt dis
tinctly at Bradford, about 8 o'clock A. M.on
Thursday the 2.IU1 tilt. The shock was felt also
in I'airloe, Vt, and Orford, Piermont, Went
worth and Plymouth. N. II.
1'crmanl llanU. Annual meetings on Tuesday
the l-'ith inst
Notaries Public, 6tc.
The following ie a list of Notaries Public, for
Caledonia County, appointed at the lato Decem
ber Term of the I'onnty Court:
Ilirnet Joseph Potts, Hubert Harvey.
Cabot John ncl.ean
Danville Samuel I). Mattocks, Harvey T.
AInorc. Aiwr Welherbee.
Ilardwick Lewis II. Delano, Simeon Sin
clair, Jonas Carrulh, Daniel French.
Lyndon Henry S. Ilartlett, (ieorge A. Bing
ham, George W. Itoberts. A. J. Willard.
Pcacham Samuel A. Chandler.
SL Joluwbury O. T Brown, Chai. Lcland,
K. C. Itedington, Samuel W. Slade, Moses Kit
tredge, J. P. I'nirbanka, Calvin .Morrill, Ceo. C.
Barney, Jos. C. Fuller
Sutton John Ileckwith, Benj. F. Brockway,
Daniel G. Shaw.
Wheelock Wm. Chase. Salma Trusaell.
Waterford Ualph llugbee, Hufus Hurlburt,
Timothv Streeter.
WalJen James D. Bell
By the lute act of the Legislature, Notaries
are required. to lodge a eertirkateof their having
qualified, in the County Clerk's office, before they
cuii transact nuainesa.
Jail Comminiomrt appointed lm Court :
Samuel 11. InK, u. A. liurbank, II. T. Moore.
- Star.
The Htt Ihitfonl Collision Tho Grand
Jury empannelied at the present term of the
County Court, in session in this town, have pres
cnted a bill ol lndictuietit against Gordon Mills
and John Irick charging them with the crime of
manslaughter, in causing the death of Mr. Morse
of llethel. Mills and Irick were the engineer
nnd conductor of the freight train on tho Central
Boad, who, by their negligence and want of care,
made a collision with a passenger train at West
Hartford, by which Mr Morse was killed and
several perons were badly injured, on the 21th
of Sejiten,l,er lat. Mr Campbell, the cheif
Lnginerr of the road, Mr. Kimball the eonduc
tor ot the passenger train, and several other per
sons connected with the read, attentcd as wit
nceses before the Grand Jury. II oodsloek paper.
(Ty Hon. Geo. P. Baldwin, ofthis nlace,6laugh
tered two pigs a few days since, which weighed
w hen dressed 000 iM nnd the other 3 10 pounds.
They were of small bnncSulVolk breed, and were
the handsomest specimens of the swine species it
lias ever buen our pleasure to behold. I't. l'amily
Superinlendnd ef thr f'ermanl Central. The
highest eoulidence is reposed 111 .Mr. Stearns,
whose experience in the duties of his station is
very great, and his habits and moral character
moat excellent. The duties of that road are
very onerous. Four freight, and as many pas
tigor lrma pN r it ,nerv (Uy. i.
immediate connection with some half dozen oth
er roads. Bradford Inquirer.
IHndsar' County Court, Pec. term, IP51.
Ixdrlin Gvrt v. Daciil II. Clark. Action of
breach of promise of marriage. Verdict for the
plaintiff Damages $liO(,00.
.'lllxrt Storker v. Charles Jloiinlon. Action for
breach of promise of marriage. Verdict for the
plaintiff with twenty-flvn dollars damages.
John Siehbins Ksn,., of Vernon, slaught
ered t'i" on 15th nil, a two veirs old steer, which
w.'igle 1 as follows, to w it.
Hide lh.
Itou'h T.iiiow , it "
l'ore Quarter. 3!l.
Iliiidliu.irtert-, If'.' "
Toli. lb.
J'naamipgic llaiUemd. A circular to the stock
holders ot the Connecticut and Passutiipsic Itail
mad, jiiht sent out, furnishes the following
fi'iiiteini lite :
'I he cHpitxl stock of the Company, applicable
to construction, is a follows :
Kt.'iti shares of stock sl,097,(KO
Bunds ofiU.OU)
I,(M7,000 00
Construction to Wells River, 40m. $1,1 UHSIl 77
to St Johnsburv,U0 2-:i SUSA'U 18
rrtru. for cara aud engines, XJ, I tiS 20
Contingent, -1,000 00
l,71f),5IU 15
The road from White River Junction to St
Johiiluirv is (02 ;i miles lonir, vviUi side tracks
aim branches eipial to mure than live 111 length.
Tlie cmt of the etiuipaient of cars and engine
amounts to iUU'i.liO.
I he tutno cost of the road -GO 2-3 miles is
a fraction hort of '.0,000 a iniio, 'vlncll includes
buildings. oflUes, equipment, &c and also the
account fur interest paid to stockholders, (aliout
$42,M.. prior to the commencement of the ear
nings' account Dec. 1, 18-lf, and the interest
paid for loans and renewals to tho present tune.
It is announced that $35,010 have been Mined by
Mibtcnblinn, set on foot some timo mice, for tho
benefit of .Muldleburv College, Vt The first in
stalment 011 the subscription is payable on tho
liiat day of January,
Sudden Ikttlh. Arnold Porter, Ksq., one of
our most respn-tpd and eliiniDle citizens, died
v 1 v suddenly on Thursday evening of last week,
f illing 111 the Town I p., in the presence of a
l irt'e company ( f uur ciiuena who with him had
assembled to listen to a temperance address
from Rev. John I'lerpoint. dead upon tho floor.
M r. Porter was seventy-three years of nge at
the time of his death, which was a result of a
disease of the heart Isbamm ll'ig.
I'l't''"'" Uleetion. Johiwon, (Dein.) for Gov
ernor, has (1518 nnjorily over Summers, (Whig.)
Three couuties are yet to be heard from. The
house of delegates, as far as heard from, stands
(12 wings nnd 8-1 opposition.
Washington. '.U Tho National Democratic
Committee met yesterday.
Fiery State was represented. Tho Commit
tee agreed upon the first day of June noxt as
tne time, nnd Baltimore as the placo for holdui;
the National Democratic Convention.
1 he minority m tho House havo determined
to prevent 1110 pasaago or tho Kossuth resolu
tion. Kossuth's I'rosptcts. A deputation of South
em members called upon Kossuth to-day nnd de
clared that ho could not expect countenance from
tho South so lung as Sevvurd and his clique were
identified w ith linn.
Kossuth replied that Mr. Seward had always
treated him in the most friendly muriner.
Mr Clay coincides w ith the President's reply
to Kossuth. Congress, it is linnly behoved, will
do nothing for linn.
Jenny LinU's Mother Dead. Tho Agent of
jenny i.uid says tiuil in consequence ot the in
teligence received on Monday, of the sudden
death of Miss Lind's mother, she is unable to give
her proposed farewell concerts in New York. It
is presumed that Jenny Lind will leave for home
by the next steamer.
A destructive fire brokoout on the 2lfh ult, at
the Ildrntka in Quebec near the Palace gate, n.
bout two o'clock in the morning. The troops
Suartered in tho Barracks barely escaped with
icir lives. About -10,000 dollars worth of mili
tary stores were destroyed, and the building was
valued from 00,000 to 00,000 dollars. I
New YonK, Dec 29lh. The steamer Prom
cthons arrived about half past 1 o'clock, in eight
days' passage from San Juan, with dates from
California to tho 1st inst Tho Prometheus
brought $(),000 in gold dint on freight and
$500,000 in tho hands of passengers. She left
San Juan in company with tho Falcon, for Ha
vana. Tho Prometheus arrived at San Juan 111 8 days
and IG hoitrs from New York.
Tho mail for the Atlantic Mates was brought
down by tho Golden Gate, ond will be duo by
the Cherokee, to-morrow.
Tho Independence left San Francisco on the
evening of tho 1st. Tho Golden Gate arritcd
at San Francisco in IH days and (I hours from
Panama. Tho Brother Jonathan was at San Ju
an, for Chagres next day.
The California Courier, in its summiry, says
the lisws of the fortnight is nut very important.
Two valuable institutes, called the Western
World Initittite and the California Institute, had
been formed, which would prove of great use
fulness to the country. Tho mining news, es
pecially that from Alaraposu, is highly encourag
1111T, and recent discoveries arc likely to mako
the southern mines the center of immense popu
lation, activity and trade. The difficulties with
the Yuma Indinns, in the vicinity of I.01 Ange
loi, aro likely to involve tho inhabitants of that
imrtion of the State in serious trouble. The
news from the interior ia favorable to the miners
nnd to the trade. There had been great excite
ment at Marysvillc, on account of murders com
mitted, in which the ahenfl" of Yuba wos shot
Tho Vigilance Committee of Sonort are very
active again, inconsequence of horrible murders
lately committed in tho northern mines.
The ngriciltiiral interests of California con
tinue favorable.
Immense discoveries of gold Iirvo been made
, 11 V-ll.... N' !.! 1 .. ,
no" qiiuj. iioiiiiiiir ever ueiore uiscover
cd can cornpeto in richness nnd extent w ith
these diggings. Tho papers are filled w ith tho
details of thoin. The gold is exceedingly fine,
being in tho shape of inmuto rounded points, fin
er even than tho sand itself. The shads hive
been sunk .i feet, and tho deeper tho soil tho
greater the yield. Une party, in four days, took
The spot where the next Legisluturn should
hold its session continues to cause much discus
sion. I he Governor has removed the seat of
government to San Jose, on the ground tint tho
law has not been complied with by Gen. Vallo
jo s but those who construed the law for them
selves still regard Vnllejo as tho capital.
The Whig State Central Committee, at n
me ting on tho 35Ui November, iiasiod resolu
tions recommending u Slate Convention nt the
seat of government, on the 21st February next,
for the purpose of electing delegates to the Na
tional Whig Convention, to be held in 18M; al
so, to nominate a State electoral ticket for Pree
dent and Vice President of the Untied Slates.
and such other business as may come before
A lump of ffold weichinu (i!) ounces had been
taken ont of ood's 1 reek, in the southern dig
gings. The miners were averaging from (i to 8
dollars per day.
The revenue cutter Liwrence was wrecked,
on her way fron Monterey to San Francisco. No
lives were lost.
The publication of the San Francisco Morn
ing Post tins beon suspended.
The advices from Ios Anuelos pive accounts
of most serious Indian disturbances. Four A-
inericans. who hid crossed the Colorado, were
killed bv the Y tunas, and it was renorted that
the Indi.ins were forming a union, to attack and
exterminate the Americans in Los Angelos and
San Diego. Active preparations to renel them
were beintr made.
The people ol Sn Francisco are planning for
a railway connecting Ualilornia with the Atlan
tic States.
The mate of the Challenge has been commit
ted for trial. Capt. Waterman surrendered him
self on tho UOth November for trial.
A mass inceti.ig of the citizens of Nevada
was held on the letli inst, at which an execu
tive committee, on belialf of the general Vigi
lance Committee, was appointed ; a pledge was
opened and signed, to respond to tho call of the
executive committee. Groat excitement exists
at Nevada, on account of the recent murders.
A letter dated, Mokclume Nov. lath, savs:
' 1 he moat hornblo tragedy was iietpcumcj .
Camtio Seco, or Turnersville, lost n'mht about 1 1
o'clock. A party of .Mexican!, four in number,
accompanied by two Knghs hinon and ono Amer
ican, entered a tent where lived four Amcricnns,
for the purpose of rubbing them. Although the
lauer were unarmed, tney made n. desperate re
sistance, with tools and benches. Ono Ameri
can vras killed, and the rest more or less woun
ded, one of them so dangerously that he is not
expected to live. A Mexican w"s caught, and
on confessing having been accessory to the fuel,
I wa nung, uy order ol Judge Lynch.
! 1 he most ituKirtant intelligence is from the
I southern section of the State. A letter t.eak-'
1 ing of the Indian troubles says the hostile Inch -1
I a us are estimated about -1000 The U. S. troops '
I number only 20 or 25 men for duty. j
1 We have authentic accounts from the nost at '
the (iila, up to last Tuesday morning. Lieut
Murry, with 15 men sent from San Diego, to ro-j
lieve Lieut Sweeny, had arrived in safety. He '
bays it it is impracticable for Lieut Sweeny to
leave the post at present ; that the Yumas, to thoi
number ot -100 had surrounded their stockade.
ami lor .1 tticcessive nights, the troops had been
forced to fire upon the Indians to hold thorn in
A letter from a ranchero states tlmt informa
tion is current among the friendly Indians, of an
intended invasion bv the Colorado tri bos. At
. 'he latest accounts, Lleuts. Sweeny and Murrv
were both at the t olorado, with 18 or 20 men
1 from the Boundary 1 onimision.
1 A Kononau reports that Geu. Garcia Conde,
wMth eighty troops, the escort of tho liotuidary
Commission, was at Tuson, Oct 20. and would
move next day towards the Gila.
J he Division of Calirornia.-'VUe Alia Call
forma, opposing this project, says :" Tho ad
mist 1011 of nlitornia with her present boundary
wus one of the main features of tho comprom
ise. Dvery olVort w-nai made to divide her, and
tho aaino proposition was, with 'rue parliamenta
ry tactics, brought forward 111 Cungress again
and again, in ft slightly different form, in tho
hoie of finally passing it, but all would not do ;
the north insisted upon the integrity of Califor
nia, as strenuously us the south contended for
the Fugitive Slave Law, and an attempt there
fore tu disturb the present boundaries of Cali
fornia, would bo regarded as much on eflbrt to
disturb the adjustment, as an attempt to repeal
the fugitive slave law. The Stato of California
having been thu principal incident of the com
promise is bound tu stand by it; it was to secure
her rights and pro note her interests, that the
scheme of adjustment was adopted ; sho cannot
therefore be the first to seek to destroy the fab
ric erected fur her good, and for tho good of the
whole country."
OitroiiN. From Oregon we learn that tho
troubles between the whitoe and Conguillo Indi
ans havo been brought to a close.
Lieut Williamson, of tho Topographical En
gineers, is engaged 111 tun-eying a road from
Port Orford. to join the main road to the Shasta
mines, aud the prospect of success- is very flat
tering. Coal has been found ut Fort Orford in cousid
erablo qurutities.
Tho United States; Coast Survey party sta
tioned there, are determining the latitude and
longitude, and have completed a. map of the liar-
The troops under Col. Casey had an engage
ment with tho Indians, 111 which several were kill
ed, and the remainder dispersed.
Washington, Die. 31. Tho Intelligencer says
that His Lxcellency tho Minister from France,
called yesterday at the Department of State, by
direction 01 his Cm eminent, to officially an
nounce that the President of the French Repub
lic had adopted tho grout measure for the public
safety. That the Chief of the Stato owed it tu
11,000,000 Frenchmen who would have elected
him, and to the world which had received his
nomination as anew era of tranquility for France,
to preserve her from a revolution of which tho
world might feel tho recoil that btrong in his
consciousness of patriotic intention in repelling
tho dangers which threaten France and Kuropo
without end, ho invited the nation to a free
choice of a firm ami durable Government that
he appealed to the suffrage of all in a moment
so solemn to his country, and thought that the
appeal ought to enlighten Europe and the world
in regard to his object
Slavery was to be entirely abolished in the Re
public ot New Grenada, on the Ut inst.
atcot News.
t' . .!...: : I . , ,
icnincr iiianue nrnveu at new orK auoill
fa nVl.tr H.iml.v rvnnlnn. ,h f o..l J.. '
" ' . , J ' ..mj,wi0,l0
lu jt-c. A i ill.
The American packet ship Ticonderoga, from
Ixuidon for New York, was wrecked nn sunken
rockR oil Curriboit Islands, Dec. 2d. Twenty
seven of her passengers and crew wcro drowned.
The inot iinportint is the result of tho voting
111 France. The ballot closed on Sunday even
ing, they 1st, in complete tranquility.
The following was the vote in Fans: for Louis
Napoleon, l.i'.Vil.'l ; against him, 80,171.
At sit oVIoek I'. M., on tho 'A'ld, the returns
from the Departments, so far as received, wcro as
follows : for Napol con, 1,900,070$ Against him,
I he legitimists have been his chief opp
It is thought ho vvill obtain a majority of
millions votes.
The trades nnd manufactures of Paris had pro
scntcd an address to the President, thanking Iiim
for the course he had adopted.
Austria, Itussia, Prussia and the German
States have sent a noto to Fngland remonstrat
ing againet the refugees from those countries
being allowed to remain in I'ngland.
Austria resolves sho will retaliate by putting
on stringent restrictions relative to Fnglishmcn
traveling in that country.
A anm of money Bent from tandem to Hunga
ry, for revolutionary purposes, had been seized
by tho Austrian Government.
A letter from Gibraller, states that the Ktnpo
ror of .Morocco, disapproving of tho late treaty
made with Fiance, is marching on Tangier with
an army of 40 000 men.
'I he Liberals of Italy and Germany were
much discouraged by the turn of events in
France, and probably no attempt at revolution
will bo mado at present.
The King of Naples promoted the otficors who
brought Him tlie news of the coup d clat,
WjisuinoTo, Dec. 4. M. Kossuth dined
with the President yesterday. Part of the Cab
inet, Gen. Scott, Com. Morrn, and other ilistin
gui'hed persons, and several ladies were present,
as is usual at dinners ot ceremony.
M. KcMSuth has informed tlie banquet Commit
toe that he will not discuss the question of inter,
vention, finding it to bo unpalatable.
Mr. Clay is better.
Hosto.v, Jan. 0. The excitement in regard
to the Vermont Central Railroad Company has
nbated. The Courier of this morninu savs :
On Fridov. the Tressurerof tho Vermont Cen
tra! Railroad, who was indebted to the corpora
tion for nbont $150,000 assigned his property to
two of the directors, C. O. Vliitmore and J. P.
Putnam, for the benefit of his creditors. It is
said that the property is sufficient to pay the
claims upon it, and leave n lundoine surplus, al
though it cannot very well be immediately con
verted into ready money. Tho corporation
stands better with tins security than it did w ith
out it, and therefore there was no sufficient
cause for the decline which the Central slock
sustained on Saturday, at the Firat Hoard upon
the announcement of the assignment. It will be
observed that very little cash stock was sold dur
ing the day. 'I he corporation will resume pay
ment this week.
Nr w York, Jan. 1.
The Cherokee arrived this morning with tho
Pacific mails. Her dates from San Francisco aro
to Dec. 5th The trip is the most remarkable on
record, having occupied but SO days 17 hours
from dock to dock.
The Goldon Gate left San Ftancisco Dec. .I.
She had on her manifest $2,100,000 in gold, and
a large amount in the hands of passengers. A
mong the consignees are, Adams fii Co. 523 000;
Pace, Racon &. Co. 1172,(100 ; U. Davidson 201,
000: Gregory & Co. 18,000.
The general news from California U not im
portant l.xtenslve Limestone nnd Mnrulu tornmitansr
. have been discovered on tlie American- KivorU
wiiuin nutty muos ol racramenlo.
Tho snags on tho Yuba and Feather Rivers
have been removed at an expense of $15,000.
The people nre looking anxiously to Congress
to make suitable appropriations for their riv
ers. Various railroad projects are being agitated in
different parts of the State.
Snow has fallen to a considerable depth on tho
The new steamer Golden Gate, attracted great
attention on her arrival out.
.Murders in tho interior continue, though soine
what checked by the cltorU of the Vigilance
Large sized steamers went up tlie -Mayaville
river on the 20lh.
Voleanoes havo been discovered in tho Sierra
The social nnd moral condition of California
daily improvirg.
A cooiuny tiave secured the exclusive right
of steam navigation to tho Sandwich Islands,
under the name of tho North Pacific Steam Nav
igation Co. Their first Moanier was to sail on
the (ith.
Hon. Hiland Hall, California Ind Comuiis
sioner, had arrived at San Francisco.
The troubles with tho Indians in the southern
part of the State continued ; thus fur nine per
sons liave been killed by them.
The rainy season appeared to havo begun in
good earne."t.
Five indictments have been found against
Capt Waterman, thrco of which were for mur
der. The mining news is of a cheering character,
and the yield increasing.
Iliisiiieas matters were dull.
A new route has been discovered across the
Sierra Nevada, said to bo superior to any other.
Nr.w York, Jan. 2. Tho Falcon arrived this
morning from Chagres, via Jamaica ond Havana.
Sho brings advices from Kingston to the 6th ult,
ond from Havana to tho 27th. The cholera still
provails in various parts of Jamaica, especially m
St James, Hanover and Wo-tmorcland. The
number of deaths since its first appearenco is es
timated at 10,000. of whom 112,000 were engaged
in agricultural pursuits.
Important from Mexico.
.Wie Orleans, Wlh. lly an arrival from Mex
ico we have important nows.
A popular outbreak occurred in tho city, on
the Kith, against the foreigners, during which
many otores were destroyed and lives lost Tho
outbreak was caused by the reduction in the tar
lll" of provisions.
Tho defeat of Caravajal is confirmed. His
low is 4 killed and 70 wounded.
Catulriilu! Cntlli' ."HurUrt, Iter
lonoiti-drnrlhe notion Mail? Vdvenlarr.
Al lliiket Mt-' I'.nl. , abnot u40 lleerea and 20
Htorea, coo.iannc of working oxeo, coe and ealvel, jear
lit'S', two, and Ihiae ye .11 old
Vice, Maiket llei-r Kxlra (6,00 par cwt : lit Quel
ll6,Vl, got! qualm HfiO. , 3d quality Si j oldmaiy 43 a
3,73 Ilide4 a 61,50 oer mi. Tallow 8A I'alta KOo lo
$1.1 Call t-l.n. B loUo irr Ih Ve.l ('.Ilea 4 to li.
U u.iinj Oaen J7A, C4, 90. and 140.
Tauyrara old, 17, to
Mine jeata eli. olII.SS, S ai.d 36
Caai aud Cilvee al uurkel, U0.
Me-epaiid 'iniba QeCO al niaikal.
1'alcca Kalra. $1. a and 7.
II lot -8 1 ,7S, 3.11S, 9.C7 a 3,SS.
r.ie-7S. fita I
Uuwaik. The market la oreratocked aad Salea ate hard
ICriKlHon niJii'lil, Jan. 1.
Heiioitrd lor tha lloalou Dall Adrerllaei.
Ai MaikalSIOIlcer Uatlie, VOOtloci, 270 Siue aodSISC
1'aicia II. a r Cattle. Pileca of tha laattwo weekl were
1101 auaidine.l , I'.alra $G, a 650 1 pi.lqualltr 5,75 a li.ODi
aeconddo. 5 V5 a 5,75, li.il.l 4,25a 5,tJ.
Wuikii.( Han. f.l.. 71, bj, HC.'M a 95.
I.namid L'alvi'l Bale. ill. 27, 33, 37 a 40.
fl,, o,, pi,..ll iota fc'.'i, U,Oi and 3, wealliaia 4,75, 50
aod teaal $10 cacti,
H.ice .mill Ma lo I'eJdla 4 I 2a 4 3 4 foi eoa aod
512a 53-4 fur baiiowa, Al Ivlall fioul 5luCl-3.
oo.iivo mil wine oaiee ealloialag l
V3.S10 Btorea " "
163 ICO Phil n " "
41.S30 ItearCali la,
27,SiW Slwaa,
164,110 Sheep,
7d,il0 Swim,
tiataa aallmatad at
4S.4C5 Boa f Cattle. 1
I'SS&'SSX: -....Hoiktada,
W.l'WtiwIoa, )
lit UioJ.iMk,ti.,mf ni),h, l,T ihc lUt. Mr. Il.tdck,
Um Mninllt:miitMill, t t;h,!,., f , .r, Ann
VVtnlwi,tlh,J.ll,lil.r .if.Noimjo Wllluml, Kill, or (v'M.d
a I., I'.I, I. Jan. tat k. it., n i.i-. r ..c j
Mi il.-ul 1 L"' .K .' .T.T' ?.' M !'". ..f HtSdftrf,
I i-.im t.ianr ll. Alowcfi until
tin Ilia ia.hlilL In .loir-Ik, Cl. t.. ma Co N. V., Oil
1 Aliwli, rsitnfiW r .Noun CUi.nnm, nit.1 01 tn
In tlmhi. lira 13. N.nr, I!.. ir.f J...... o...... t.
t;l ,lUJhlrof i:.i Alln, lln f WnwtotMKi , t.r.l iU.
In llr.rtri.nl, l,r.t9.h, .Vl,t. r l Csllj, wife ot llaicon
JiCol, CnlSr, ;.,! fi je.r,, 4 monlhl tn.l S dull. Nsw
In P. ai-hlhl. (ire. 97. nf elf.liMlaa. I'nt IVm U-I...I.
ted Ml .......
In Alhsny, Il.f.SSth, Kmlah P Cutlor, w.f nrMsK-it).
LullM, ami liaiighlef of Aaron fimeia, of WooiUlmk, Vl.
gel &l )ai.
II AS remote frnm MAIN 8 Tl KI3T, in the Wtnm tt
1 joimnf I'.. I' VVallnai t 8n'st lltmktlnrp, onpoll tlt
Villmi. ll..iI,nnSTATK STKt:i:i.
Jimmrv I v fiJ.
1 RPkO
Groat Reduction on Clothing at
the People's Store.
VI r commence, Januarv Sth, a, !... ihn
wklch la an modi ndmiroil b all.
lUsee Coata,
fine Onclci,
luimn price, i reanni I rice.
Mln in
7 lo it
8lo it
Ala 10
Taylor Coats.
nVt Drab, tllon, Ilrnwn and firm Overcoat a, ! to 9,
now $3,41 logs. t'lneClolli Uodel' CoaU, all colon, 3S
per ctnl diacoont.
inopaltl I'.nta. allusion aiKl nmtiliol. M itimou.l.
SO " War, (W.1 rnle Hit 81,74 lo l,e7.
900 Veita nf Sailn Lailla; Uaahmerea, V'eiHie,&c I :l
40 linen Summer coata $1,93 now 03 eonla.
Rreen Jei-kela, Oieralla, Hhlrle, Ci.llari, f
Making a lar -e araoont. A our wnrliialn t, ado la nvet,
e ace dulrooa of Itl'.llUCIMl Otlll PTCN.'K al one,
and 'he prieea which thor ate marked at, n Ikink wit!
teadiljr effect nur object ir a nerion doe no' Hint a ceiat
ttl ncll y ar, l.e ehouM hnj now to a.tve Itie trral dlfler
cner. All out Clolhin; la Cu.tnm ntmle and watranted.
The at) I -i are leaaliful. All ahooli Injprova thia (.real
'j , RRMn.Mlir.lt, the rcople'a Mime, opnoelte the llllek
Churc'i 00
bA H'ltcl aaanilment ft ri'P.U MKIlIflNHH, .in pie
UWand rnmimund, may be foiled in cuin. 1 111 with I. It.
auJl'""'" Unoaitore, aotl'h i.m (.rSpal llnf'a lll.k, while
the piil.lic can Imi rutnuhed wilh whateter ,a beneficial loi
theairk. I'l.ya elaii. are incited In call and n amine r.,
them.' Ivea, in Iheir abaence ihey ma be aaaured lhal
llKlrurdera will receiee prnmnt altenllnn' tint mediclnca
ate t-enuine and will be lul l inaaonelil, for Caah ni nn a
innri alio airoveil crcoil.
.V larjte aaanrtnidit or the lieet i nrfl?.H, PUTPORT.
nun end riinirLl)i:rt nrt.vrr.s n,, ,u. 1.,.., .,.,.
will Ik; kept con.tantly on hand, and will he aoM at reduced
P'ii-e. JASIKS safALlllSd. M II.
V illngn nr Meetpelier, Jan. 6ti , liKt. ID j
RCVIAIM.Vf. In the Poil OlB, in Monl.Ilr. Vl. Ic
cemlvii 31, 1561.
IiMirrnct. irdtn
lstniQt nMM)naw K. Co.
I.itrh, ArIfiun
I.jlh r, I'ruiic
Mimiii. II n
I..n...(., Rs-v. J )
Milter, K
II (flt ,et, , ttrtttfrt
MrCnwIi'T, J iitim
Ma. I.4-II. Mr Mart
m, ot, riiBfi
Mirl, Lphii
Mn'te, Lrtaia
Mimit, IInwi.ttl
M .1, I.U
Mf l'irtiri 9
Mad nan, Join.
MtkWi', IIirlninNnn
Ma.M4htta, Mry
.yr, Mrt I. D
Mii Sylvia C
MelMW J 1)
Oim.tend, lit Mr.
ivmtrtii, ajii n u
l'rwriMif laaac
rad.l.hrk, Jin II
PiUffii, Mitnuel
IVjck.CaUip l
ttnll.1. JmiulliAn
lUiirrr, Mi .Mri.in A
r, .VhwIwi
Itedway. AUaaaii
Uaaic), 1 1 anal.
Itlebardaon. J M
tlaaser. Miaa Marlam
Hiebctdaon, Vilas l.ydia
ffal'lin;, I ' .'
fo.itt. A ;
Pi'caie, Croline
K'inrI nr. )lra I oetnda
rHn.it. Mi.a Narr M
,81 Hi.. JUl, P
Cmitli, Tiii'i
f mill., A II 3
8i. .,.., Mn, llannahS
hli t'l.ll'li, l-'ll- ,.rk
h'taikey St llnwaid
r'. I.. II, Oilindo
Mew.ii , ilmui
.,Ht,. j '.
Hnii'li, Mi-. .1 C W
floitn, VV I
11 ml. 1 1 1.', ,M,a. Mam
f. o kin, Vlr. Mary II
r-'mlli , J P
Hninl , VI .. Una. una
H. ration, i,i a V
t ir .'ur, l.ambeit
Thonne, U 1
T.nkliam, lieira of Ilea, klah
Tlioiu i. J.ii.ii
Turill, II Hailiy
Ta in,, M l"
Thoinai, dauiai W
Wiar, lilhor kl
Wat.iui, IJi-o V
U'hreloi, (l-o II
Wilaoa, aVheoler
WaM.iii, A U
White, i-arak M
IV oud, Dej, I ara
Willie. na, Itaua
Woud, Kiiniia
While, Joha
. oli on, Mil. Martha V.
IVt.ittt luuia, A (1
VV'alton, Miaa du-an T
Wh-rl. I, Mi.. Carah
VVheelei, Wen Sdaiain
vi. i...i,i, t: a
winir, in., u r.
Wil.ii-u., jtiea I'aaiua
Waahnum. Aahlai '
Am!, Win
Aill, Mh ll.ifS
Alcundi t. l'femti
Aihini. Ilnrri
At rniai, Omi;
r. A P
Ainswnrth, It1CT I
AL. , Mi Jlty
Ar, lllm'.i
I tithcr
IllteWr, FrxatlK
Hn.crf.fi. W C
Ilei(onv A N
Illirrtiwa, J C
St.r, 5!rs Irnnt
ltnrkrr, .N'ntkin
llrtijim.n, I'H 2
II tor.. Mr Citltn 2
!), Miti Uuer Ann
Mnrnf m, A
lUfler.S It
Cnt.urn. r n
(Vlnirn, J I, 2
rb.k, m i;
f'filf.fi c
i nttiti, Rat J K
Ctttver, Addtl.nfi II
(Vrij, liu Jofctt
rbtpiu, Cjras)
Carpmrttv, .Mry M
Cii, Mrs. lirU C
Churchill. rjmn
Dar.mr, Uwrii i
I '!, Mli Alury
Orrtiy, Glmtiaj
Iiynlaam, U II
Kmm. G I.
" filh la
1 V, D II
r'liirur, Ju4,b
Pi!', 't huniiti A
Full ni. Sum ell
r..riiiiti, llairin
I-!, T J
r itiKinj;, Micttstel -I
ni:it ll.fl.arl
flrtu n, i.iine
(i ri, Jainr It
l.norl w ii), If t
(.a'e, ElV
lid!. Mi.illi.nivl C
Itowlant, Jam
llol'efftok, Wc.rrn
Hi him, Henry
lUmtiietl, II At M 3
H (.! way, l
Ilutciiiiv, Air rVtncr SI
H.ie, I, N
IjHtriairton, Mm Arili
IluM, F &!
IIumivi Williitni
Ilulrhin, JulsH
Ilol'oyJ, ftnj
lUioh, Wnlitr M
IUI1, Alrirn II
Jftnlaint, Mifi Harnett
K.ha Mrt Miry B
Kriata, II
K le, 1ia Ilsjiitira.
Kiuf, . C
Knut',1, Mil II U
lattmiberf. 1)4. J
J.aiMia. Ciilhgf iiiti
Yoitoaii, John
rront aallitiaT fur tlie alWte nauiod Ictivra ara rixiuatleil
lo any it ala aJrtiNi,
CIIAIII.t'8 l.v U N, fiMlaaaaler.
I'.MAIMNO nl the lull Oll.ce at .Northbat.!, Vermont.
I I'etoinhar 3I.H5I. '
Ahboit. Mrs Iiht
Jurtiirfi. Larkin
AMinCh, Utmtatq
Aleia4rt Aintat W
Ailatnit, Hanuali
II..H.H, Ob
Ittticl., tlr. Auiclu
lUioanl, John
H- ant ii, l ltji
litralau. I cm
liaftjiti-a, iNo4tk
lUitey, Juaupli Jr.
Ilintich-a, lSirct4aj
HriMn. Jitaitlitia M
llKi O
IWi4Mt 1 1 trm
U-tf.tiy, liuanfl
lluxifelt, llir,H
HlfMi, Jmmt M
Co. I Iff, TlMll4 ,S
C'wIhm, AiKa 1
('nip, Il ei
Carty, .'utricle
:!,; Il
UaotiK, KUrcla A
OttimOviliN, ltiwa
( tiu.chtH, Ur I J II
I'lugtion, (ews
C'tHtg, Mary
L'ruraa. Mieliael
(.'utturu, Win
Culir( 1 euuard
Iu-itiKit, H H
IfruMrifuri, Flvra
I in lUo, Iiei.j
hrtyt Oait.Mtir.ii
l)rsavr. Altrl
l))ct.-)ooo. Maria
D'.fCiD, Juhn
Mum, bimcoa II
Kiwafda. Kiully
Farral, Koty
Fold, CaUb, Jr
FtMlti, lo I
i '11114, .Mai
FnifcralJ. Jbn
(aAvfjre, Fiitlvrick
.., Joha is
(iiufuri, I'tsitr
11.11, Wui
llulltin, libJr(ck
llutmcr, Juli
llaihack, Jcbu
JUrnafitx), Jarry
Ilcattii Ljiouu
IUiilniuQ, Danial
Hurr, Uull4 M
Ilolffiuaa. A B
J icvtM, AluaJ
KiUier. ttxi
Kii.iti, ADrt
KcfMth. Ilrldgeit
KJd J iMff
KaaiMiily, Da'inia
laaiham, 11 trt- y
ta.VflItirt!, I. II
lotiuutia, (aait'l
Miri', J ii
M-ra, afokt-uh
alaaua. Jmu Uiitiuia
Murf. J..u.c M
kUt'j; ,11, Si I lililll
Uailru, It. iir) U
aUrl'(tr, J till II
MeltatOH, Jllllll I
Mot 1 1 1, jr him ia
VI two I. IM.y
McNaiuira, iuhtt
(um! Hp, Julm
aNowitru, Mara C
iSk-l.uU, lUuHttb (i
.NucUau U. Um !
lWtMiyt Allaart
t'lualndgr, 1'tiity
I'll (f , alum, II
I'miIi orn, iulidiMu
TaUat i, Mia Jane 'V
J'uraii, al il
I'alirr, tt 1
Hica, KliWa J
(k, JwarH U
llywn, J inn-
ltiu..id., Mr
Ki-ra, II i;
llyny.lia ii
hltiwtl. Mary
hfh4jti.it?, A i:
tlli4lltca. Jduuaa
HaaUi, M
Hawiir, Kwaaoel
hwIiUg, Xiaa
&tMrM, i:-i H
HwifkWi. ilarv A
Fuaiua, Ht ItUviiiu
rliaiiua, aUtail
Muitatftitia Utwin
Sullivan, f.ujt. O
bilvtr, Alvxaudai
Tidd, Mary A nn
Tuwua, Mr
Vina, l'ter
VaujhD, Ira B
Vaiuay, Musra V
Wall.ta, l)anil
Wl.cklar, Urtana, Mi..
Wtdlaijfi, Newel
Wlnictiar. Iloract
Wlmiier, Hilly
WoodUury, Cyraoa
Wiiri, Meftati
Wttltcomb, I t
Wanlwurihi A Col
Woo.tar, lld U
Wyar. William
Ha If old. Uni.
liidlsv. I4VlJ
id V
imam, fi iv
latiltil, aUsiWftril
Jantrtl, JuvU
JobDaon, Jaiutl N
Jurdua . J a h uBua
S. IL Fviioca eillioc Tor aar ol Iba atova ntmad let la r a
will 'lf ty lhal laty ua adttrtiaed.
, 1st January, 1852,
mi.1.8 Hue Ol r.,11 w ,si(, fur .tclieery.
Witchoil'a Axe Solves
n ROOKS.' DO. l,y II.. I
tir.oot-n' nn 1,. .1.. 1' . ' ' ,,iJi '1J'i- 1
1 it-t, 1
Kl.llllan.l nrtKKR.
i hUptuont latV'M'n KBITII A. HAUKfllt ara r
'"'T If irTe( Q
Wnt.infi t.n Rnilflnro
pnttr-O'tAIt h. rmltml USUI PatnrSat, Jann.iy
ii ..."fn-iuwiwin .leanoanr iimimim la
'';.V H'tjaUII, (Oinw.it
NAinw ritmv' ,..
lldtre, tteectnb., Tl, li-r.l. ' '
Chancory Notice,
rT.yTK OF Vr.RMOM.II. fhanee,,, t,w. JulM1,
VValhlaalm, ('mini,,... I (,, i.,m!
V".f:"' A Bl'er tril.iitoeller, in lh.. ', '.
1 ' W aahtnilM, eltntaaid, h ie til d In Una Cimn t,, . b,i
orcennKlaint.alallnf la ,uh.taaen Ih.t Archibald Ken. d.,f
aeme town ttt faldocilnc tinkni.n n in the Ci.ili II inn.
(m lha 3t:h Sao of i-.Himher A II. hnln; indnl t-rf lo
the .aid laalah ilv, r. ihn oial.ir. .nil.. ...n. .rain ...a
Hi t. a piniia.arv mite lKariey due ll-nanme nih day of
Tvnl " 'i . i-u-i, piu-maini I ir Inlue ilft-litil to iay
aaadoalnmrb ,r"r.. II auni ol 3nri wllh mirio-i in. u ,11,
In or,o ). nr fri.in llio .1 nr Ihelanl, end Inotdei Ii. .ecnra lha
payment tl.eieof t n , ,, ,, , i Keiwdy,
m .enl 30il, alay i,l M-,het ,. . ajn, by hi. d-e.l of
llwr. (a je orih.it il I- wi 1, r ..n.li, im, t.f A. ,l.M,a
janeled, eiHienjrd in ...doiat.r il.e Miowil.i ib-ecribed
land em .led . Wtl,. ,ho ,t.n,, f WaahiajUa
andrtMirol Vornnni,(iit-.)
Ili linnlnf at the i.onh orner olOremel llnwe'e hnu-e lot
nn .Mi.rhante a.t. t. a i c I .v. I,. rui.,i,, V I . .v..,
t 1 nar.ll. I w.'h il.e oe.i ,rul ni...i n a,..
:he nittih ljn(. i ,1,. o,tl,,.i i v.ini u.,in...i .I.,.
wciteily milke nt.hllnna4"anid n.ilin.it finr ami ie half
rmla,ll,ri,re n..ithrily m a line onra l il wnn the f.ral, nr
lolhe eal enl of . .1 II. . ... . ..
or a.i.,1 Vl.chnii.c .trei el, thoiica ako.il fiHH ,.nd i.ne half
...,.., , u. ginnipj, owing tha aaini- plai- iteedeil
to .,i.i,K..,ied by P.,ii ll,ii,ih,ii, Auf 15, ISHt I aad
lartt-r luaylti. for a tort eli..iir. ..r .1 . .V ..i
f aai.i pri-Hiiaei.
AnJ nl.etnai h .ppe.a lh,l a.ul Arcbilnld Kmedy te
aldoi wiitenul ihta Mate, ao khnl o tHiiooeo nM.n, b.
Mi... .,,,, ton ,-,!,. m purauiiiico ol tha M.ittitc tn each
ra.e mil. In and prni.le.i:
.Nonet ia Manner linn in a.ij Anliii.ld Keondy,
and he I. hen b ti uuireit l.i .,.. . l..r.... i.... 11. ... .il...
ofihc t'.Miuh Jim. i lal Circuit ol tho rltato ot Virmoal, al
""I llno.e in ..nlielici in ami' comil v nt Waahliu
tun, on the aec-nil Tu' a ! iv ol VU.rh m.i. lM,,ne lh Set
da, nl ll.e next .t.n, l ien,, of i.i I i.uit nffli m. eiy in etd
uoiii.ii, rti,d makw nnawi lu uie h II ..f eo i.iUiut Raoceaotd,
an I ilmlii .urh oid.i, ilm , i,,i n, ,tecree iliefi-iu aa to too
aaul riinnn.llor -til. I .e. .n mpel. And tl.e i nmnlainanl in
thl. lull ia directed in tu-.ee line eriturm be tioi.l.ahad Ihreo
waet. .ii. Lai.rl. i.i i l. V. . tv'-...l il.u...
Janirn.il, printed nt Miuitp.,ci In aatd tem.it, ilea laat of
which publican ua to Se at Icaa t-arenly ilni. . ihvioui lo laid
tacnnil 'I ned.iv nl .vMr, I, ,,.i.
llat'd nt klnnipeli. f, ,,i ItmroontTof VV atlimftnd, thil
S3d d. y ol llecambcr, A. 11. IfSI.
-,J Hill ll.M.I. Will. Kl.i:K, Ll.tk.
rilllK.atxofiWr w 11 pHt iHift mnn rnl (fi l.twhel for
t tkVAit-v Uiuu4.ii.i iiU4h4iinrt,H.iiin.ii. .r.i..i....
at Mori t lit llonot wtMtm a few ek.
n i,jitnilii VvA'vys tMitir.
fiT.KTV. lF VfcHMD.M',! In lVbate. i '.ur. u.in
Ur-.lin.lon hia.rirt, WanU.itt .IIcmhImt 17, IftJI.
I -"'J'-''-qit,',tMiiir Hi the eaiuto .f ttjnjntta
Ifffr.h .if Watfrborr. in iid dilr,n, deetaae 1,
mnki ii, pHr.m.n. t.. ihn l vn hero lot an tru tttn. of
0 !!)' IlL'HJtlofofH UtloUfll It -Ml ti. M) till )l-t.t ,ld tJ4-
ci-ta hub trtWH 'il oat-iiu and alifa hia bilitiiinr .tinti
emin ii I'll tnin'T lutuic d it : U lMrruin il i orHnffd l.ttt
aattl rij.liralMn lia rH-rrftl In mrvMun ut tid Lotrl ta
hrlt ,, i I'piliai- Offlc. in n iii Mo.ttin ti. r, ..nthetlih
' f J inuart. IMW, at un i.N Un k A. V, r r lt4iHn anrt
dacn.-ii : iiud turilicr mdrrrd id -it all ,m ctmi tnt'-i ai4 b
mtiit'i ti t-nlihhrg tlie attat'iiirc nl id n iittiinii iiik)
llir (i, t!.-ij. ibtr-int ibr r-ka oi.iaialv. Iv I'tlheVtr
niO ii t'nt'limili i!il Hiiil Jt umul prim rit nl ltititrier,
nhirfft , l( i, whtrti lu u U-ti-T m I utti i I annff and
ti ri,.'i. Mini I hi a ii it j ui v .i , il Mi. , -e t nine, ..ml ulia-t
Uv tP C'oarl,
Atirt, I.VVU l.lth.i.w R-sia'tr.
true rupt il fl runt,
t..i I.V'MN PMiiC,!1 .(no
jTilRK.. Ac I.AMiDON am ntvltins
O 10011 iiu.li. ia 1 I. Cli,
' ileik l!.i-k, SO lh, , 1, 4 ..
WW " wliito Aluoi dotm trii.dmi.
SOU be,a Hotter Hall.
200 '- l.it.tKn,l lha,
41 bnrr. I, Angara, cheaper than evil.
10 Uhnate Ttaa.
10 boi-a Tuhaeco.
0 biaoeand kofa rtniaim.
10 l'aj- I'luTea.
0 holea Cuodlee.
ll of which will bo I..1.1 by thn load ar Ian n.antlty at
eeiy I .w nlcea STORKS A. I.ANUIltlN.
llocembaf Id, IgJI. 57
M too doiaal, al Utnliwi prlcea. Wariaalnd.
v iiom "n iaSv-Sri5iuC
IflCII l'aratan l Ion"., the kand.onr.1 vel.
Al..,;0ll jdi. Un Lao. Prl.ta atO.I. j,i.i rcciied
.I4. BTtillllflaad I.A.MIIION.
U i ) Ii It HI LI fPlTiT) i7s7
plluPri.Nti Aaei, llroad rt..., Aaae., Broad llalohaia,
Aao .to., l.ailnoa; l" . Khic,linj do . (.'arponleta1 ttlnvel,
M ' KKITII t B MtKRP.'.t,
' 1 I ?T Ki-ntj uiiii(J ,it
i ' S',
Ihc 3.
! Hew Orockery,
l ll.V-si WAlll'.,Hid. I.AMl'.-., II. n- Uinp. aau Sul.r do.
I 1 lu-l lei i ,,r.l .,1
1 I'" S, MSI. KEITH k llMtKP.K'n
UICII DUKSS (i()()!)S.
rilll-' iiiii-i ill,. ii, i 4 , ..ii
... Mi. i I.-1
I I'll .11 II 111
miiv be
I'ur Ihc C lire aif
Many rar t-f trial, tiiftrnil if nupnirini; I'm ( uiilie rtnfi
(Jena p m till tncdieiiifl, lu wi.fij lor itao aprt latMut a.ij
H laridy I y fur i x filing thu hkmi ch(;uiii i awilliai)f
of lit ftifBtla. Nuilntif liut it inliii,e firiuta anil I lie ui
MUftol.at.lti bnai ih i tttifrrriMt on ibruaaud t'lauflwrfiitrouUI
oriKimta and mmntotn ide n puu tun it enjufa. IVIiile ma
ny mlafior iemnii lUcuai ypai tt e wiuwuity, Iwva fall
ml and liaon dirari.ilt tftia baa iard tiiaada ly tvwj trial,
euafarrsd UeavUla tui tlia ilS eteii tltc can ttavar ttHjal.ai.J
prmlttAtMl carta lou NUMai4M nU tea rmarktU to lo lr
(oltn Win I it ia a rmul an ln puhlie t uiai)(J ibal any one
in edict o-i will l nl-Iliat mrii mil Diet a ia attuadtBl proof
ittat il.r CML'UUV PKCTOKAL doa uu oaly aancntr3l
lhm. birt aUart ihTarijbly euia tha BiaUdUaforwhicl.it
la mplfi;d.
A I'ltia uiakii tl.ttaa faala idai and bcttar kiuiwi,, thia
tnadiiim I1.11 frdu..Hy dtceann tl c lioai tnlinuea o tlia af
rt.cii'd. rmHi lilt. 1 .j c .Lttn uT tha Ananort pcaaant, 'o lha
,a '-" Kr ni Kinjc. Tl,roul.oul thia amiia cuuutr;.
in rv r, ftMia, rity, nnd tmtoi d Iim avar hMil it com
.Inn., t 1IKUIIY rtC'TllHAL ia kuoMn aa li.a t( rciaad)
iiftl.ui Inr rlinaiiaaiii of iUv ibrwat nod lung, m..f m mary
lutr-ifo r.'untfu-., it it cuniii.g tu h rileaivly ul by
I r -i uitallint (diyaiciana. la fltaal Huiaia, Fraura
i and Miiany, wliaro lit tttcdicat a.H bar taacbed
ibair hthi iwrlo uua, Oliorrjr lru-f4l t itiiit.ia;ad, aad ia
j iu -"ut mt !( id ilia uruiiai , t.i-iial, al ua k.u.i, public
, nti i utiixi., and in donirat.o protli, aa lha aur- t ihia dr
ib ir atuadmc Jiyaiciana an auipliiy fur tha a4ira d-,r;-r-
ua atfiwtitMa at lha Mtiaa. ALn, m mtUar aaea. anal it
eibl-lran it a aafa, 1 1 aM4a al tualtu ruia. U fdtM,
aoua ul tba aiut tlatlaun tt tt4Uonii.la w i. viva bv
Itaatt fiaiiuparatf nvbu ha a faaad a rtfiraetu i cmei pr
tliul uly inriuaotal tw a j Id hood
Tha ( HI-: It It V FKCrtilt . ia maauractured ). apfacti
aal t'lifmial, aad avary uunrv ul h tiadar b a ye, Hillt
tiit-Mfiabla ar curacy and earr. It ta aaalad aud inoiocted by
lai 1 1 'Mil cituiitariV ua, Oaiuaauaaatly can ba tell ilum jj
uiua wit hunt adultarktliua.
U'a bava oudvavurad bari; Ie lurnuti tho lumitiMO.iy wh
a taadtama uf auali iutflaaia auaaiwltr aad wonti ia U
aautiMiid it a If to thar raHlMl'iaiaHi ia dy n i" Mlf,
IMkiwIy and watctyal which Una baa by ri-uaai.' ri tuunt
l4a liidl road ila f tuba, and truit U graat est a ia
pfapanaf it ilb chamwal aa-eiiiaoy, u talltMiii atlCHPtb, to
atfuid ab)aMtifra a uvw ayaflt ou bteh Ury an raiy iic
lla 'etal faaatla, lud 'ba rlflieiad "ith a tctaly that wi do
fuf ibaaa all Ibai aidini ca di.
Prrpnrctl Mini audi iy Jnnira O. Aj cr, lracllral
nuil AMulyllinl UlumUt,
lum:ll9 jmss.
1'IUU) A. Ff-CK, Uuiliu-ion, ;ancral Aant lit Ninth
trn Vcru-Mii
hala ia Aioat irl.ar by COLLIN B riHICL lUUKD
FlLLDi-fJUANMHtnLohy Wiuuuu ary wbcia tbii-ujh
ul Iba euuuliy. SilXu
100 boxes German Glass,
A SHOUTED .i.e., for .ale by fOOTT . Kirt.lt.
Not. 1&.
Buckskin Mittens 6c Gloves
IPOII aale by BCOTT - I'lEU'.
STOBUX 4. I.AMIDON will roceiio a law mora Ilicb
t'ij'J I'ERWIAN- DE LANK new naltetna.
Alio. bOd je.de uf tboa. UaAdaom. tiiat colorod IMota
letl at alapenca. Callaooo ut lliey 11 ba atl foeO.
HaCliubar Ji, ISil, )
3ai52a 63 G
mmi imt.iivGK.iiBKT, issi-s.
rrs-T;,. ir -. ,i7 ; .. . .
uj " n v. o. .units gu ty tins route.
Uto.Ht Norilicrii, tmil Wctlcrn,
Jt A I L It O A D .
JXV ylu nasiii'a. 1.0WKM,, woncns
rLi., m Tnv, iiAitTroSit, U RtstiriEui
.il4iiitr!ar, tii l)t t, UKilciisliiircli
ami ih( v. cst.
I.ea' e Weteibury tt .., N iddleeei 3 OS, Mooln-ltcr 9 21.
end Northfl.lt 1 U A.M. L Windaor. IVlVwTtW,' Na.h
n, l.-ell, nica.t.r, lhlo,,, lUirbcd, f prtoafiell, and
'i .i .L' A . """" """in lwiKiaralla,ad mlnr
directly thcmijrli tba lane day,-nnlhi at Unttm at 5 V. M.
and at Aew nrk l!lie .i II nn p u
,. ""'"tb'ttr " Ml P.M. Mlit.lloin at 5.J7 and
...,,.,,, .. ,o i . ..i. inr me auorn named place,
tadtinjat .VorlhneM, and amvin the followlordiy it Bet
inn .i p j. lm jrew v,k at f. Jt. 6 '
. NoMltftiM al T.M Miamnellar 8 U. MkMtiao 8J0,
' . JairniniTaT pirn inc tni aininr
Itooio a I omt, ,a ,,, Jih,, ,ltM1J , aaoiJTdiy,
!... .a.u ..i.,.-"'"- .. .- -
A v.i.t V. a Vn 1. 11 . ',."' '(:'' 4-31, Jlld lleiet 4 W,
M. lr. i""' VOL'? """ l CrdenVbolgli In
tb ariatniNm of the rutlnwiiia d .y.
j- 1 an ina en, iiiiimt irniMjtoSk t-well atvl
iMwrenea, the Caianf the Vermont t'tnlral llaitinad paai-
J! "" rn,-r. cTere nay ( the versicmt t'entral
era at pa.a oyer tne BrnT'iN MAISP, UAILIIOAD
til 11 OH I i ail. Sklawl llaart.i. aau .1 . . . . . .
tlia ldrmH and Mlrhlmrjb
iA t mT rTt-W I rainfl dllly, atrh w.
Meter,, 1. " " lmeer.
W, I. PERillN,
(Snunritllnv ut Xniu;
tfjf'liusinrss nf all t'nrft promptly attended to.
EostxjnJDcc. 12th, 1051.
Tim i.ntiiu; .stuck or Tin:
In auvi ilirtj( off ut ti")rrt.fnii low prices ptavtoui
tnmakiaj MltrrittMi ia n dm atnr. U'n Ua. msirk..l ,lnwn
out wltult. Motk oftlio r i char ytilMttfl.atifth n Vflta, TJ
M wrll na nur anurf aieeii nl thrt Uvtr Qlitttltt
rtiiut our IIUttKI'I.art e lhal o(Tf for
$1.17 Immwr pric l,.i-l.
Itftt AMr.KH'AN IIIRKF n.VH,87 cenlf totl.O'J for
mir rifft $I,W to lti t
KLKOAN r K.NUM.II tfUrKUPlNCS,! B3 centi-fjr
mer prire $1,13.
m.i;k at tn.vj r. nfii r'i.MMOV.95 o 30
aii nr vn.VhTs, Trpd-sri.ufa bbi iuiu.-klh
nurKI.Vr.-, MATH. fcr.,w.U ill Im tTerd rauilIvUw.
AIo. our rai ff wrk oi I'AiMTJi FLOOR OLOTIIS,
aijiftf m wui.lt (rtini il(rrt ? t t.xTMrh wa nmt tell ot
move, will ho orf.-rpl at irftiiV.
iOrurrhti'rr4 uio ica;.- ttully iiiitptl to (all anI eiam
IillII ulifn era wuuM tint attention of Country
)tirrhm t irj tlidif UfJ u u ii,t tctoy of
Hats & Caps,
io, 2Q I nloii slrccf,
lld wuiill iniurm thu-o wliu . i.y tor I'aab that Ihfjr aro
I ejiaird to aeil
IH iivr fiit. J'lion)i-r ! ,:,
fian lliey can liiiy at any otb, r 1 1. to in Ibeclly. Calfaod
A. t I.U NT A. CO..
15. IL TIIsT, ,V CO.,
.MANl'I'ACTl'llEnH Of
Factory, 'J'mnont lload, llotlury.
1 IKIICMlir kiOtllllS,
.ltlM. Sli.i t, lluatnii, (I'll Stair.,)
Ul -aVIllln... W. N. .
ii. ii. i ii. r,
fun la.
J. pKINNt.ll.
1 1 ivsl i'n ,'ul
Uig anortioaat oflfca choicaal
a a
Nnw'a J....I M ..e
Cllaartn'! I'lir.n'.Sl
Pee..., Iir 1 let I
Call ,oickt Cheap.
'ItllOrCr.nr. lot IJ I -J oiul I'm in, can b bouflit of ua
7 Cents.
Dae. 3
V'OU wil. Aad thai raihionable (jooda for 1'iuta at
KKITII llAlik-l'm-l
Dee. X
I ALFirfuf adirn Skio. viimU and with iiih. ,
I 30 ho!a 1 K 3 I'.tnif, am, f.l an. I turn roWi
at wholraale Bird rlail. LVMAN't Kl.Nd
Mi crnibci I, IWI. 55
JOOII laaortuiaiil ul lUillalo CoaU, &C at LVil AN It.
Montpelier Fur store,
rtttine Martin, Filch, I.1111, (oruiitiulrrtl aod other MutTi.t
VKtorinea aii! Call'i to m.iHli at tho wbo1!!. price by
I.V1IA.V c Kl.N'd.t
llccenioni I, Is&l. Ai,,.
CASH IAll rote
Miti or sioie, i.r ni n::.M; t i.a.m;iio.v.
AT llio
31 8.
170 UK Jouriifynieu Cabiuat Matatrr. .
L HAMIP.LW d3Ctf; ;
Mofltalir, .Novumbar 2ii I aii. .
f the TArKIt MtU, Moiit,er, iiye Bttaw, Pea
' Htraw, Coin llmaa, a.id Uoli le Tow I'armeta who
bay. them ami Ida In aiMre, w ill fia I a gou.1 inarlnt, Iflhet
call aoiHi.at tb l'.i Mi l or U. 1. WALTON ia, BON. '
December 7. IttSI.
W"AL Iv El T& NVTlITE, -
Whtiltfal4 and l.cttil Dealer In
Foreign & Doincsllc DRV GOODS,
II.VI'c! AMI l Al'.-t,
Itoya'and Mrna' ItHADV M Mlt; SLOTHING,
doa' and Men.' Thick, Kinaii.l t ill' llOOTd and HIIOKtf,
Mliava' and l.ndi-' HI, 11'., apun heal'd and
I'olkaai.d Jenny l.n.u GAIl'l'.RS.
1 1 11 rl Willi', rittiir, alass, Nmiu,
I'AIM'ei aad l.un.., I. ml and li..,o.OH.3,
ll.Vf 8 I lie,
Teoe.bosaraaiiiial.il...-, . olTta lfiece, (Vfl, '-l-Caih
Mild tor, and all kii.ii. nl C&ontry 1'ioduce laiau
laaaahanira li. ttllw
HI but) i.r IVOOI.E,N 1CK8 w ml. d.
Oct. IMl. U.10 Mitel, Mnaioi liei, Vl. CI,
Cash Paid for Pork by
Noy.mhrr 1.1. IML
Hew G-oods
IlLINU III llll I 1 AIl H,M.llTO.l.V AT
.v i.ui'iiti; .stati;
Mhia-iV warn latfuirht Una wa-k in lltMioa. ai CHiIATI.Y
KMUJIIKll FKll'l, u ul ilf !u olf.fttd ut "5 nai eaat
H7at 14114 l. U'UII lriCti, aiu
.Vcit and Htautijul
Dircet from the lint STUAMEKS,
and will b. aoid al LUWEi: rilll'Ed than can be found "
el.awl.aio, 311
Tho Ladies
will find ihta j rar i buc to put-hfv ttial( StlVa, Tblhcti,
All-Wo"! M Ire I aiaoa. l'iHi(i aa Wool ito , Caabtuara,
Lyuaaaaa, A -tfa, b4Hl-t li.nutfia und Utbbont, Lafaa,
EuililuiJviM ', (j(uvui a.id ililttlj, J.r.
Ilaoi iitht r A
"liliES S" 0 O () I ) s7i C.
S TOURS Sv LANUDON lia.n Jml retoroad fioaj Uoel.a?l
i.b a taw KILKri, D. LA INS 1'IIINTS, Uc. ana.
other liode of UOOIIi, adaultd to lha .r..etil ralla. . '
MJV. L I 851.
raB m
3d Stock of Fall Goods.
STOIlHHaud LANUDON bait jaal ralurpad fioul aaaikll
with a fleiU .lock t f ' '
Tba AUtd'Mara ImUcd to call and nathaw.

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