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SriirK? iyi'K 1
lie 1ms ns little disposition as power to
render assistance. Wc wniu somemiug (
sottlml. Wo do not ask for a finality.
Wo liavo had enough of that for the
whole session. Utoly n frfiitleinaii
from Baltimore Mr. Wnlsh.J -li-ated
us out nf a very respectable enrtliriimko
wlnlr loudly calling for a finality, and
abusing tho ordinanco of ITS" : and
(rpnilninnn from Vinrinia, Mr. Bay
ly, urging a finality, pressed tho fugi
tive slave law, iter If a fugitive from jus
iinn m burrow up in tho Constitution
as the only refuge from tho avenger of
I am bound to carry out every con
stitutional law of the land, while it re
mains a law ; but I am not hound to make
it eternal. The present Congress have
done very littlo, but they have made up
in assumptions. W c seem 10 sny o
the world that mir sucfe.vsors will le
fools, and incapable of managing nfiairs
of State ; that we are tho people, and
wisdom will dio with us ; and there
fore we must settle up all the past, by
making all that is done finalities. I
suppose that there is a finality in the
natural and revealed laws of God. 1
have no expectations (and certainly no
wish) that thoro shall bo a repeal, mod
ification or amenumcnl ol tno ten cum
vwmlinents. Beyond that, I know of
no law organic or other law that
may not be changed. It is, therefore,
m keeping with general principles, that
I ask for no finality in tariff laws ;
hut I do aBk, in the name of sulk-nut:
thousands, for some system for adequate
protection of labor that may have a
reasonable and well founded hope
Teachers lor the AVosj.
Hoard of National Popular Kducition
invites applications Irom ladies to fonn its lSlh
class of teachers, to be gathered at Hartford,
Conn., on Uie 111th of August, and went to the
West on the 21Ui of September. The interven
ing six weeks will be occupied in the usual
course ofprcpamtion, under the superintendence
ol Miss Nancy Mvift, of South liadley, Mass.,
embracing, among other tlumra. lectures on a-
rious practical subjects, having special reference
10 uie preparation ol tne teachers for the nan
ami responsible positions to bu aiiaigned them at
the WesL The great vultio of Ibis ouie to
those who desire to m ike themselves useful ns
teachers, has come to be generally understood
nnd acknowledged.
Ladies desiring to join the class will addrcHB
wr.tten applications to Miss Kw ft, at South
Jlailley, liy Ihe middle of July, mtli sueenica
funis ot age. residence, religious denomination,
bruiclies which they eun teach, nnd amount ot
exjii rii nce in teaching, accompanied by tcnti
mom, ils in regard to education, capacity to tench,
nstunl pecuTiaritieK of mind nnd person, ami
moral and religious character, (iootl si use, pa
tient energy, n hopeful spirit, a decideil piety,
arc of indispensable importance. A canacilv to
sing is very important There is nn increasing
demand for instruction in music on the piano.
Applicants will have seaaonable notice of their
nccentance, or lion-accoiitniico. The accented
teacherswill boexwctud atllartford, proinptly.on
the l'tth of Aug. It is very important Unit they
Btniildgo through tho entire courso. On arriving,
they will take hacks for which but centi
am be demanded) to tho ' Orphan Aevlum" the
building prepared for their rcceptionwhoro
they will board, in common with iho Buperinten-
ociii, ui an c.cnso to tliem ol glS er week.
In cases of decided merit, when there is a mani-
lesi inability to defray tins o.vpen.e, aid will be
giv en from tho funds of the Hoard. Tho course
of instruction is cratuitons. Wo shall defrav
their travelling oxponacs to the placui of their
destination. Should they at any timo have the
ability to rofnnd this, it will bo used in sending
out more teachors. Il'c trivet them to continue
hitching at least tint years should health permit.
The teachers will'bo sent to placos whero ar
rangements will bo mado for thuir reception nnd
cniiloyment, with compensations, which will, at
b ust, civo them a resncctable Btmnort. The
knowledge wo shall have of tho places and of
ine icacuers, win enable us to assign them posi
'tions to nhich they mil bo found bett adapted,
an.! hereby they muy be most accejitablc and
The Hoard has sent out two hundred and sev-ctity-lbur
tonchera eight of whom arc in Ore
gon nnu iniiionua. rast miccess encouriiged
us 10 persevere, u e Have done aomo good, nnd
with Ood's blessing, mean to do more. We
hone for an undiminished mrmlv nf u-.-ll lni-n.
ted, Cliristian women, roady to enter tlio lields of
laoor wo may assign tliem, in lull sympathy
with the objects of our Hoard, and In the spirit
of whole-hearted consecration to the work of do
ing good. Wo trust tho l'ress will loud its aid
in couimendina our causo to nublin favor, and
that the friends of christian education w ill con
tinue to sustain it by liberal contributions.
wmcli may be auilreesml to the Treasurer of the
Hoard, Th. W. Olcott, I'.., Albany, N. Y. or
to Ika. Henry Hovt, No !), Conduit, Hoaton,
Kev. S. S. Smith, Northampton, Mass, or the
n rub rsignod at Middleburv. Vt.
Applications from the West, for toachera of
tlie next class sliould be sent to " The Committee
for selecting teachers," Hartford, Conn., or to
the undersigned, by the :20th of August speci
fying the branches in w Inch instruction is desired,
the compeiiHtion per annum beside board, and
the person to whom the teacher shall be sent.
Cur. Sfcty and lienerat slgtntoftht Hoard
Middlebury, Vt. June, .1, It52.
We extract tlio following from a letter from
Ilaltnnore, to the editor of the H'osltingtun Ttl
egroA :
' A young man named Force has been remd-
inc partly in this city and partly in Washington
lor Boma monuis past He was originally from
St. l'iin, butmrerecenlU from Texas. I learn
ujwu hat may be decim-d good authority, that
he lsabout to become dirttin.iuwheda a inoclmn
ical genius. He is said tu have inventi il and
patented a new inotnu power which bids fair to
supercede both steam and water. It is stated
that a model of the niatlune is already in ci
tenc, and that it has been intentcd with nil in
junction of tocrecy foi a eertain time. l;o cau
tious hu he betm to avoid infringement, that he
had one part of the machinery necessary to the
completion of the engine, made in Now 'Orleans,
another part in Ilaltnnore, another in Philadelphia,
and another in New York. The bcparate parts
thus corwtructed, were in duo tune, collected in
Halimi re and put together by the inventor him
self in a room into which no person has been
permitted to enter. It is said to bring Uie atiixw
jiheru into uw as anew and important agent, a
mounting almost to independent self-action j that
this new inomeiuuin can be so increased as to
propel the targost ocean Heamers, or adapted to
the delicate movements of a watch. The inven
tor w about to leave for Kurope, to have it t
tented there, and unld he returns the principle of
tho mvontion will not be mado public hero. The 1
correspondent reforrod to, says that 'if theiuvon
tion proves to bo what is claimed for it, the world
up to this ago havo never Men anything near Us
DUccvery of yetanottitr Planet. Only a few
day ago it waa announced that M. Grasparw.at
Najilos liad discovered a now Astoroid, tho fifth
seen by him, but the namo or which wo havo
liQt us yet heard. Hy tlie last steamer infonna
UQn was received that Mr Lulher, at Die Obser
vatory of Uilk, near Duaseldorf, had recently
found yet another, with a Uight Ascension of a
botit 111 hours, and a north declination of about
o degrees, which, wo believe, is ths seventeenth
plaittit new known to exist between Mors and
Jupiter, all which wore unknown fiAy-two years
ago, '
The Jhhing JVmiTIio Plymouth Hock
states that a largo addition has been made to tho
fahing fleet of that place the present scaton,
there now being 70" vessels in the business.
3)ntcl,mnn & Stale 3ouvnal.
t W VIjTOX, .lit., KOITOlt.
TIim'Ji)' Jmicill, IS.VJ.
aatioxaIj whig xomixatioxs,
ro:t vnr.Mii3",
: vici:-riti:sn
For tho Frcaldcntlnl Campaign,
Tho Watchman & Stato Journal will bo fur
nished In packet of 10 or more, to one address,
from July 1, to Dee. 31, 13,72, for 50 cents for the
six months payable in advance.
A Convention of the Whigs of tho State of
Vermont. w ill be liolden at llnrlington on Wed
nesday, the seventh day of July next, al 10 o'.
clock, A. M., for tho purpose of nominating a
ticket for State Officers, preparatory to tho next
September election, anil for tho transaction of
such other business ns may be deemed expedient
and proper, by tho Whigs of this State when as
sembled m Mini's Convention. A general and
punctual attendance of delegates from nil parts
of the State is requested.
m:itv it. stacy,
dan'Ij a. hi:am),
r Stale Central
I Commiltie.
June 11, Wl.
Whig District Convention.
Tho Whigs of Iho First Congrossioiml District,
comprising the Counties of Washington, Ad
dison, Rutland and Hennington, are hereby re
quested to meet in Convention at Middlebury on
U'ulnetday the SOlh day of June inst., at 10 o'clock
A. .11., to nominate n. representative in the next
Congress for this District, and nn Dlector of
President and Vice l'rusident, to bo supported at
tho ensuing election.
II. (,. HOOT, f Ditlrici
WM. T. 11UKN11AM, j Committee.
Juno 1, lH.-)2.
The Whig National Convention.
As our renders will sec, we have devoted a
large space to the proceedings of the Whig Na
tional Convention. The grand result is the nom
ination of (ien. Si ott for President and Wt
A. (Jbaium for Vice President It will cheer
the heart of every true Whig in the Union to
know, that after a severe struggle, the friends of
Mr. Webster and of President Fillmore, cheer
fully acquirseed in the final result of fifty-throe
ballotinga, and all tho delegates, from every part
of the country, unanimously " wheeled into lino"
by States, and gave the nominations a cordial and
hearty approval. May tho people at tho polls
givi it a like reception.
Our next Governor.
A committee appointed by tho whigs of Cole
donia County fur Uie purpose of expressing their
sentiments on Uie nomination of a successor to
Cov. Williams, who declines nnoUier election,
have expressed' their preference, in the last Cal
edonian, in favor ot Uie nomination of the Hon.
Krastus Fairbanks for our next (lovernar, and
accompany that expression with tho reasons of
their pn ference. Those reasons, m substance,
are, that in the northern part of the stato it is the
universal wish and exectution of the whigs that
the name of Mr. Fairbanks be presented to the
freemen of the State as one eminently wortbyi
and entitled to the suffrages nf tho entiro whig
party of the state that "all who have had occa
sion to transact business wiUi htm in his com
mercial relations, can but acknowledge him a
man possessed of practical good sense, unnoin
mon sagacity nnd cool, deliberate judgment; a
man of determined perseverance, considerate,
firm and indexible in Ins devotion to Wing prin
ciple" -i man consistent and unwavering in
his public and private profoMnons understand
ing Uie private wants ami interests ofcoiinnimi
tlos and individuals as well as the welfaro oftho
state n. man who lias devoted much til no and
a troll established and extensive iiillnence to the
promotion of Whig principles in Vermont and
our sister states, wiUi untiring diligence nnd
much success. These uro tho principle reasons
assigned by tho committeo, coiwisling of Messrs
15. A. CbIiooii, J. II. Dolano, C. S. Dana. II. S
HarUett, and Mordccsi Halo ; and they might
with the iiUnost propriety havo added, Mr. Fair
banks is, in the best seiute of the terms, a gen
tleman and a christian, and ill all respects qimhfl
ed for the oflico of Governor of the Whig state
of Vermont.
The Democratic Nominee.
Wo are sorry U seo some of our able and
houest whi-x editors, throning iiusitiles from tho
tip i ml of tho editorial quill into the lia'O and
eyes ol Franklin Pierce, the democratic candi
date for Prtsjideut. In our estimation it is bad
policy and in bad tnti). If (ien. Pierce has
been a little too free, occasionally, n illi the glass.
ami indiBcreit ui many other things let tlio
democrats tell of it nut the whit's. Frank
Pierce is a candidate not to be sneezed at, and
drunk or sober, the party w ill go fur him. As
whigs we shall have enough to do to heal Ui
div uiuus in our own wrty, and elect our own
candidate. We had much rather hunt up the
Iisrd sayings of the unlerrifled democracy of
New Hampshire Uian beapatler hiin with " faint
praise" in Vermont. What Isaac Hill said of
Gen. Pierce, in Uie N. II. Patriot of 18 111. is
worth more Uian a dozen ihou from hu political
opponents. Here is one of Mr. Hills opinions ofl
the man who is now the democratic candidate
fur tho Chief Magistracy of the Union :
"Frank Pierco commenced law buainess a-
bout tho year IS'-Hi, and boarded with his father
in Hillsborough, in that year ho mado tho old
gentleman so fur iiou-cumuuttal that his name
WMUum used as discountenancing tho senior
editor of tho Patriot, in his opposition to John
Qllincv Adams : heined and assisted the foilnrnl
lawyers of that day to call out Uio strength of
.... tiiui murc ug&itwi Aiiurew jacKfcon j niij
ii was not uiuu me close of tho year lb'J7 that
Uie sterling old patriot broke away from tho per
nicious influence of Ins dagenerato son,"
Tho " Union ll'hig" has ceased to print tho
laws by authority and supiwrt Damol Webster
for tho Presidency causo w hy it is dead, and
its editor for the present, is among Uie absen
tees. Kx-Gov. Henry Hubbard it the candidato for
Presidential elector in tho 4Ui district of New-Iluminhue.
, . . .
WEnsMiur. Juno 10. If.,?. 1
At n quarter brtoro lSo clock tho tonymtion
was called to order by bimcon Draper, l.i.. of'
N. V., who moved Uiat tho HoiiGcotgo Lvamof
Maine, take the chair tcmpornrilv.
Mr Kvnii having been elected by acclamation,
was conducted to tlio Speaker's stand.
On assuming tho chair, Mr B. returned his
thanks for tho honor done him by tho Conven
tion in calling him to preside over its dcliberntior
for a brief spaeo of time. Tho littlo f- rienc
ho had in presiding ovcrsuch ..hes'induced
lltlll lO UK tin: mi- .,.,.., u
Mr 1 r .-nrnhC6 of tho Comcni'.'n,
.-itS3cil the bono tliat o spirit of order,
neenrum, conciliation tsa union. tvould prevail!
so that when the Conver.'en had completed its
labors andadjouinod, tho Whig party would pro
sent an lUibrokcn front nnd present a candidate
arourj whom all tho Whigs of tho Union could
frtlly. llo said the first business in order to a
further organization of the Convention would be
tho npintrncntof Secretaries.
On motion, I. A. Upton, of Louisiana, and
Jamos W. llryan, of North Carolina, were ap
pointed Secretaries.
A motion wjib then made that a committee be
appointed to consist of one from each delegation
to select officers for the permanent organisation
. ,V0,.'vun"p?"
Mr Aerior. of Louisiana, nroso nnd said lie
noggeu to enter a protest against nil action nt
tho Convention at present, Tho hour appointed
by Uio Whig representatives nt Washington for
Uio assembling of tins body had not yet arrived.
Mr S. had come hero as a representative from
tho Stale of Iiouiaiana, beforo the hour of 1 o'
clock, and found his dolegaUon forostalled in the
organisation, only a portion ol which was pres
ont. This was not only tho enso with his own
State, but ho bel.cved several oilier representa
tives from Uie South were absent. He begged
tho Convention to desist from nny further nction
until all the delegates should be in their seats.
At twelve o'clock, the Isniisinna delegation
would bo hero. Ho was sure gentlemen would
not pursue a course which would cast a firebrand
into the Convention, and end in the final defeat
nnd overthrow of the whig pnrty. He entreated
gentlemen to do nothing until the hour of 12 had
The question was then tnken on tho motion to
appoint permanent officers for tho Convention,
nnd carried.
The States were then called by the Secretary,
and the following gontiemun wero npjiointed :
Maine, William P. Fessendcn) New Hamp
shire, Icabod Goodwin ; Vermont, Harry Hrnd
loy ; Massachusetts, Hnfus Choato ; Hhode Isl
and, Robert A. Ives; Connecticut, 1). P. Tyler;
Now York, A inos P. Granger; New Jersey, W.
J. Hates; Pennsylvania, William Jeasup ; Dela
ware, John M. Clayton ; Marvland, W. II. Clark ;
Virginia, John Jenny; North Carolina, Henry
W. Miller; SouUi Carolina, Gcorgo S. llrynn;
Georgia, Patrick 1). Connelly ; Alabama, C. C.
Langdon; Misssissippi, P. II. Starke; Louisia
na, Joseph 1 tenia rd ; Ohio, Charles Anderson ;
Kentucky, Joshua F. Hell ; Tennessee, John
Netherlands Indiana, William G. Kwing ; Illi
nois, K. 11. Washburn ; Missouri, George H.
Hmginam; Arkansas. Thomas S. King: Michi
gan, David Smark; Florida, Ldnard C. Cabell;
Texas. James Riley; Iowa, K. II. Kdbourn:
Wisconsin, Alexander L. Callin; California, Jia
so O. Goodwin
Mr Jones, of Tennessee, then movi d that a
committee of one from em h Mate be appointed
in the s.nne manner to receive and examine the
credentials ol members nnd rejiort the names ot
those entitled to sents.
On a oto being taken on this motion, icry
few of the members voti d, and several nnw to
inquire of tho Chair the nature of the iiii Mion.
The Chair slated the question.
Mr Jones said he wanted to know who were
his colleagues and who were entitled to i-onts on
that lloor.
The question was then taken and concurred
The committeo appointed to report r.flieers for
a penni.ncnt organization then retired !ur consul
tation. Tho Secretary proceeded to call the Stntes for
tho aipointtnont of a committeo on credentials,
when Uio following were named:
Maine, Win. II. Mills; New IIaiii,ihhire, G.
W. Ncsmith ; Vermont, Isaac T. Wriyht ; Mas
sachusetts, Linus Child ; Rhode Island, George
J). Cross; Connecticut, George M. Im-s ; New
York, John L. Th(impon; Now Jersey. Peter
Ilradeiiburg; Pcnnaylvania, John ('. "Kunkehi
Delaware, Caleb S. Clayton ; Marylanc', George
C. Mrrgsn; Virginia, Samuel Watt-: North
Carolina, Daniel D. llafcer; South Carolina. Wil
liam Patterson; Georgia, William P. Inning;
Alabama, lleiiiamin Gardner ; Missish.ppi, Ah x
nnderll. Arthur ; Louisiana, Joel I). Sevier;
Ohio. George H. Wade ; Kentucky, N. L.
Graves; Tennessee, Kdward Cooper: Indiana.
Robert N. Hudson; Illinois, II. S. I'.iiward-:
M issoiin, James O. Hndhead; Arkan-as, Wm.
II. King; Michigan, Henry R. William; Flor
ida, James M. H.iker ; Texas, S. S. Nichols; 1
owu, George L. Nightingale ; U iscon-ni, i il
ium W. Drown; Cnlilorma, J. II. C. MinV.
A motion was then mado ai.d carried that tin
committee man from each delegation colli i t tin
ciedcntials of the several gentlemen cuiiipoaiiig
tho delegation, and hand tliem to the committee.
Tho convention then adjourned to nn a at kix
o'clock, P. M.
The Pennsylvania delegation, accompanied bv
Gaul's brass band from Philadelphia, inarched
down to the hall about live o'clock from the Ku
taw I louse. Arrived at the hall, a splendid gold
medallion or portrait of Henry Clay, elegantly
ft allied was presented by the Philadelphia dele
gation to the whips of Kentucky. The presen
tation was made by Mayor Gilpin of Philadel
phia, who mado an eloquent and stirring speech,
which was loudly cheered hy Uie spectators.
Gen. U Coombs, on behalf Uie Kentucky dele
gation received this appropriate and beautiful
testimonial of regard in n i.oat and pertinent
speech. Tlio presentation took pluce iinmudi
ately beforo the aosembling of the Convention.
At six o'clock Uio President protein, Hon.
George Kvans called tho Convention to order.
The Chairman oftho Committee on Crcdcn
Uals arose and stated that they wero nut ready
to report, and moved an adjournment until to
morrow at ten o'clock. loud cries of " no, no."
Hure n difficulty occurred as no the propriety
of any action on the part of Uio Convention un
til the roort of this committee should bo made.
J'he I hainnan of the committee said they had a
great many contested eases to examine and that
inoy couiu not possibly report until to-morrow.
A member of the Louisiana delegation moved
that the Convention oiien with prayer.
The chair stated that ho believed the usual
custom was to open such bodies with nraver nf-
ter there liad been a regular organization by tho
i-ivi-uuii 01 a jieriiiuneni president.
.Mr Sherman, of Ohio, oll'eretl a resolution
providing that tho rules of tho House of Repre
sentatives, to fur as thev wero applicable, be
adopted as Uie rules for tlie government of this
convention ; Uiat tho majority of the deleration
from any Stato could call tor a vote by States :
1. . ' 1
uuu uiav won ciaie ue enuueti to ns many votos
on any question as it had votes in tho electoral
.Mr Morgan, of Md., said it was incompetent
iui uiu tuiiiuiiimii iu iiBcmo any question until
there wus an organization, and moved to lay tho
resolution on the table.
Mr Tyler, of Mass., hoped the convention
would take no action on the resolution until tho
committee on a iwrmauent organisation bhould
report, which ho understood would be in a few
The Chairman of tho committee said they had
come to a unanimous decision, and wero ready
to report.
Mr Jones, of Tennessee, contended that tho
committee had a right to report, but he liad a
right to acquiesco in thoir report or refuse to do
so as he should see proper. Are wo to vote m
an unorganised condition i Ho was willing to
hear Uio report road if Uiey were prepared to
vote now, but if they were not prepared to ro
port now, he moved tho convention adjourn until
to-morrow at elovon o'clock. ICnoo of " no,"
" no," " no."" yos," " yes."J
Mr Ashmun, ol Massachusetts, contended that
all who wero prima facio entitled to teats here,
had a right tovoto. llo hid no objection to con
sider this matter now. The committeo had an
nounces! that Uiey had come to a unanimous
conclusion und ho presumed there would bo no
objection to tho action of that committee. Cries
of" question," " quention."
Mr Jones, of Tennessee, said ho was as ready
w votB lor 1)10 rcPrt n 1,le t'cntlcman from
Massachusetts. Hut who had a right to vote,
md how wero Uiey to decide who had this ri"ht
to voti! fur the report of Uiat committee. "
M'ltotts smd, wo d.d,wt comr. hern n. m- , t
and democrats, to cndeAfc-"'i' h party should
get a triumph ocr.Af other, but to deliberate
and consider the best mean to be adopted for
,i, nr .i n..i.Mf.ii.s. Tlio.,, ..
parliamentary role by which a man could bo
cippDd ,,p nn,l clapped down. Iaet us proceed
M members oftho National hig party. livery
man had Ins personal preferences, but why could
they not bo cipresseil deliberately and linnnwil
ously? ' LI IT01''" intcrr',r,lc'3 Ir H, and mod
rT.-!?!1 ,,n,S - ..ch ZMica cons.dcra-
no i. ug. X v-- j Pnr.ml do-
bate loi -.C( helccn Messrs Shcrman.of Ohio,
- J9'.P,-s, of Tennessee, and others. After tho
disorder had somen hat subsided,
Mr Ashmun, of Massachusetts, said lie un
derstood tho committeo wore ready to report.
Had not much experienco in such matters, but
ho never heard of such an objection as had been
urged by tho gentleman from Tennessee. 'I ho
chairman of tho committee had announced their
readiness to report, and hu trusted tho Conven
tion would hear it, and then adjourn until to
morrow. Mr Clayton said ho hoped tho Chair would di
rect the report to bo offered for rejection or adop
tion Tho committeo had discharged tlio duty
imposed upon them. They had differed, but not
Irom any bitterness ol leoling. 1 lie gentlemen
they should recommend had been agreed on by
a majority of the committee, nnd they had de-
'i - iil,.,! tr. ,i- n,n r.i,,.m,.!!imi ,,.,nit,M.
I'hey did not consider Uio question ns to w ho
sliould bo elected so important as the choice of
n gentlcmnn who rhould have tho unlimited con
fidence of the Convention. Ho said ho would
now report on behalf of the committee, and gen
eral consent being given, tho following officers
were proposed :
President J G CHAPMAN, of Maryland.
I'l're President N D Appleton, Maine ; (J W
Nesbitt, N. II. ; Carlos Coolnlgo, Vt. ; S Spra
gue, Ma3i. ; ll D Cranston, R. I.; S D Hub
bard, Conn. ; L P Cowies, N. Y. ; Jamos Stew
art, N. J. ; John Strohm, Penn. ; C C Lnyton,
Del. ; F P Phelps, Md. ; W L Goggin, Va. ; A
H Sheppn-rtl, N. C; W Whalcy, S. C. ; S Gront
laud, Goo. ; Thomas F Drawn, Ala. ; J H Cobb,
Miss. ; J C Vanwinfle, La. ; S Vinton, Ohio ; J
S Williams, Ky. ; W II Speed, Tcnn. ; Milton
Stapp, I ml.; Rentamin Hdwnrds, III. ; J G Miller,
Mo. ; W II Gaines, Ark. ; J M F.dnards, Mich ;
J N Hermandez, Fla. ; J N Murray, Texas ; H
McKiiinev, Iowa ; J K Arnold, Wis.; Richard
W Heath", Cal.
Secretaries R II Upton, La ; J H Drvsn, N
C.;S M Dallard, Iowa; W F Stewart, Cal.; S
Colfax, Ind.; J C Kunkle, Pn.; W C Worthing
ton, Va.; N S Perkm, Con.; G U Meeker, 111.;
W Thompson, Mich ; G W Dunlap, Ky.; J S
Morrill, Vt.; G P Fisher, Delaware
Mr Sherman, of Ohio, moved to lay the report
on the table, and was proceeding to argue the
motion when be was called to order and great
confusion ensued, several gentlemen trying to
get the floor at the same time. The pertinacity
w ttl i which one member called to order induced
conidernblc hissing.
The C.i ur said he did not know of any rule
by wh.ch the gciitlennn could be called to or
der. Mr Miller, of Ohio, said the only proper course
wus to lay Uie report on the table until tho re
poit of tlie Committee on Cr dentials should be
made to tne convt iilinn.
Mr Units having intimated that there was a
lb '-ire ii inife.-tt il in ctrt.on qu.,rters tor-use
qui -tu n it th '.imnt on ot the convention.
Mr. A-.'iimin lie iIhI not come hereto
make a (,n -tion as to the I'ri "ulent ot the Cnn
M'ntmn. lie came here for no strife about there
thine. Was there not a v onli.il andgeiurcus
ros-nniiM to the motion to plan the present Pies
iili nt in t'-e chair '- and now, when Ihe report of
a coiiipi.Mee unanunnii-dy adopted is presented,
-hull we I liter and falter to see whetherwc shall
adopt it '
Cries of " Question." " Quesnrm.?"
Mr A-bmun. When we cavilled about a
tcin-oriirv organization, I thought it was wrong.
Win n l saw you placed in that chair I was sor
r) to hi ur a protest entered against it. And I
regret now that, w hen a committee is ready to
report, there should be even a seeming opposi
tion to its reception and adoption. I havo held
no secret caucus with any body hero. All I do
sire is.that we may be prt pared logo into a nom
ination to-morrow in harmony. Let us receive
and r(Kind to the reHjrt of the committee, and
then en to-morrow we shall be ready to lmlen to
iinv proposition any body may have to make.
Mr Sherman replied.
Mr Holt- said if there was any opposition to
an orgnni7ittinn he did not participate in it. He
th n oH'oicd a resolution providing rules for the
ev eminent of the convention and the manner
of voting, the same in substance as that previ
ously ottered.
He taid w ltliout these rules we cannot delib
erate. Cms oi " l object" ' question on the
The question wns then taken on the report,
anil it w lis aiiojiti d.
The presub nt eli 1 1, Hmi John (J, ChaDman,
was then coh.iiK tid tu the chair by Messrs Clay
tun and Vintuu.
On tiikine tl,e ChurMr C, snid. Gentlemen of
' the Ci mention, I ! i ir to tender vou lov orolound
I ai know ledirui' nN for the honor you have con
torted on me :u c illing me to preside over the
deliberations ol tins iliiruitn d august and patri
otic Convention. We meet here as Whigs, as
brothers bavin,,' a common object, a common
purpose to accomplish. I feci that the duties of
the position cnui I have been more ably discharg
ed by the gt ntieinan temporarily filling the chair
a gentleman in whom I recognize one of our
most distinguished statesmen, and whom I am
proud to call my personal friend. Cheers. I
admit I have sumo little cxpenenoo ill delibera
tive bodies, jet I bring to the chair but feeble
aliililn s. , 1 1 I come to it with a single eye to
the interest and happiness of the people. I mean
to discharge inv duties here without fear, favor,
or affection. We are met as brothers here I
know no North, no South, no East, no West. I
liehovo the maintenance of whig principles will
secure the happiness of our peoplo and tho honor
and independence of our country.
Let us meet in harmony and peace, as breUiren
of the great whig party, and endeavor to do our
duty to our country. I invoke jou as the con
servative party to unite here in the feeling of
harmony and kindness which has ever character
ized tho whig party. Wo may differ as to men,
but not as to principles. Our object is to carry
out Uio great principles of the whig party. 1 have
no personal preferances to subsorvo. I know no
man, but look singly to the honor of the country ;
and I havo no doubt as to tho success oftho nom
inee of this convention, if ho receives tbc nom
ination in a spirit of harmony. I havo no doubt
that ho will be elected by acclamation. I bc
sisaak your kindness and forbearance in Uns ef
fort I shall make to discharge my duty wiUiout
regard to personal preferences. The nerserva
tion oftho constitution and Uio union of the States
is pornmount to every consideration Let us bury
all sectional feelings. Again I tender yon my
thanks, and assure you I shall do my duty; and
I ask you to maintain Uiat forboarauco towards
each other necessary to the successful termina
tion of our labors.
The officers wero Uien announced from tho
stand and took thoir respective seats.
A member of Louisiana delegation then intro
duced the Rev. Dr. Stocton, of St John's Church,
who pronounced an oloquoiit and beautiful ad
dress to Uio Throne of Grace, asking Uie bless
ings ol God on Uio deliberations of the Conven
tion. The Convention then adjourned until 19. o'
clock. SECOND DAY.
TiiunsDAr, June 1721 P. M.
The Convention assembled pursuant to ad
journment at It! o'clock to-day. Rumors had
boon atloat up to that hour, variously affectin"
tho prospects of Uio several candidates. The
friends 0f Scott oamo into tho Convention full
of hope and with much confidence, while that of
Webster and Fillmoro seems not at all abated.
The galleries wero well tilled, and that appro
priated to tho ladies occupied UiroiHiout iu
whulo extent.
The medallion likeness of Henry Clay, pre
sented yestorday to the Kentucky delegation,
has been added to the decorations of the Hall.
An illustrated and very spirited sketch of tho
life of Gen. Scott was Ireoly distributed about
tho hall this morning, and seemed to engage
much attention. It is closed with a cut repres
enting a bowl of "Scott Soup," and labeled
"Fort George, Chippewa, Niagara, Vera Cruz,
Cerro Gordo. Contreraa. Clicnihn-ci-,. Mm
of which ingredients it is understood to be com-
The president called the convention tn nnln.
at tho hour appointed.
Prayers were read by Rev Mr, Atkinson, of
this city.
.,I!I'1J1"'k"!" ",,,Iiroccct1",S,,0f,J-cslcrllay was
pi 1 1 n fii 1 n nf lriri nil
read nnd amiroied.
Tho rr solution ofTereil by Mr. Wolch, orOluo.
was called lip by U,at gentleman, nnd rad to
gether with i tli-) amendment ofTe.-od by Mr.
Cabell and Mr. Hnuide-,r,i, 0r Kentucky.
Mr. olchs Tesolu!:n was as follow :
.Wife", Tlr.',, until otherwise ordered, tho I
-s ol oroccedines of the House ol Keprns-
GTiiativM of Congress, so far as npplicablo, bo
, . 11 . - c . :
nnnpicu lor UIO government oi mis wjhujhu
nml on Uio deman i of the delegation of a State,
the vote bo tnken by States, and tho delegate
from each State shall cast the voles as each de
legation may determine, according to the num
ber such Stato may be entitled to in the Elector
al College, m voting for President and Vice
Mr. Caboll, of Florida, tnovod that tho rules
of proceedings of the Houso of Representatives
be ndopted as the mips of this Convention, so
far as they aro applicable.
Mr. Cabell apjiealcd to tho convention first to
adopt rules for tho government of the conven
tion, and hoped they would adopt such rulos.
A discussion followed, in which Messrs.
Hrnndsford, of Ky., Davis, of Fin., nnd others
participated, urging, respectively, amendments
and arnumeiits. with a view to obtain order and
equality in the transaction of the business of
the Convention.
Al this staire of Iho proceedings a member of
the committee on credentials asked mat me mat
ter be passed by for a moment, that ho might ob
tain leave from the convention for the commit
tee on credentials to sit during the session of
the convention. They had been in session three
or four hours and had disposed of a considera
ble amount ol busincs. Leave was granted
resolution was finally nassed adopting Uie
rulca of tho House of Representatives, and a
regulation by whicb tlie voting ol tlio convon
ting w to bo done hy tlie States, each Stato cast
ing a vote corresponding to that ol tlio electoral
vote of the seieral States.
Mr. Duncan, of La., moved tho following:
llesohed, That a committee, to consist of one
member from each State in the Union represent
ed in this Convention, be appointed, whose duty
it shall be to drnlt a series of resolutions, ex
pressive of the sentiments of the whigs of Uie
Union on the creat doctrines cherished bv them
or otherwise a platform of principles to bo
maintained by the whigs in the coming cam
ItnolreiL That the members of said commit
tee be selected bv the delegates from each State
each Stale represented appointing its own
member ; and the committee to appoint its own
Ilcsolved That Uns Convention will not pro
ceed to ballot for, or otherwise nominate a candi
date for I'resident or Vico President, until said
committee shall havo reported and this Conven
tion shall have taken final action on said report
Mr. Van Trump, of Uhio, rose nnd objected
tu the introduction of such projiosit ions as these
at this stage ot the proceedings. He contend
ed that until the committee on credentials had
reKrted, there was no means of determining the
rightful action of this convention on this subject.
He Uiereforc moved the postponement of action
on these resolutions until Uie report of ihe com
mittee on credentials is made and adopted.
Mr. Duncan expressed his surprise at the evi
dent feeling of the gentleman from Ohio in his
objection lo uie matter proposed, lie saiu mat
the resolutions proiiused nothing determinate on
I- .1 .. ;. ...o .!..
npiMiiiit. J hey inerelv proposed to raise u com
" I ........ - w
ui.tt'-e, to uistriit-l tlntt committee, and finally to
act on the report of the committee prior to a
It whs not tirnnnf- 1 to net tliernoo hefiaro the.
report was nnnle by the committee on crcdcn
1 - I
t.als. He wanted to a-certain something of the
sentiments of tins Convention He wanted gen
tlemen to show their bunds as he and his friends
were willing to show theirs He wanted to
know if their principles were his principles ; if
they had indeed in, t tu a band of brothers, and
if not, he wanted the cup of hope dashed from
his hps.
Mr. Ashman, uf Mass., thought it better to de
lay action on the rr solutions for Uie present
not to have action upon them whilst any consid
erable portion of the members of the Conven
tion objected, at this time.
Mr. Ceo. C. Morgan, of Maryland, moved
that 111 order to permit, tune for the committee on
credentials to report, the convention adjourn till
."i o'clock.
lly request he withdrew the motion.
A gentleman rose and expressed a hope Uiat
Uie gentleman from Iouisiana would not press
the third of the series of resolutions offered by
him. To the two former he presumed there was
no objection in the convention. And as the
gentleman from Maryland had withdrawn his
motion toiidjourn, he hoped that the convention
would proceed to tuke action upon the two first
resolutions, and tint the committee would be
a,,'rr. .1.., , .. .
ivtr. v an 1 rump assentco to tne remark-, ot tlie
Mr. CiKitlvvin, of California objected to the ac-
tion on this mutter in consequence of the ab-
senco of a portion ol Ins deleg,ition,inid moved un
adjournment Th Iloue refused to atlioiirn.
I he quc.st.on vv.-is then out unon the first of
the resolutions offered bv the irciilleinaii Irom
Louisiana, ntvr rore, but upon Uie call of the af -
urinative, a vote by suites was called, and it re
sulted as follows :
Yeas New Hampshire,,'.: Vermont.".; Mas
sachusetts, i;j ; Hhode Island, 4 ; Connect cut,
; Pennsylvania, 'J7 ; Delaware, II; Maryland,
H; Virginia, l,"i;Noith Carolina, 10; South
Carolina, el , Georgia. 10; Alabama, U ; Missis
sippi, 7 ; Louisiana, ti; Kentucky, 112 ; Tounesse,
I'-i; Missouri,!); Arkansas, I ; Florida. '); Tox
as, I ; Iowa, 1 ; California, d ; Illinois, 11.- lliy.
Nays Slainc, H; New York, .15; New Jer
sey, 7; Ohio, ,'!; Indiana, IJ ; Michigan, li;
Wisconsin, C. H7.
Tho above vote exhibits a heavy vote in favor
of the adoption of a platform, and that matter
may therefore be considered as a fait accompli.
The platform published in tho Sun of this morn
ing, and introduced below, is no doubt generally
approved by this voto.
Mr. Ilotts, of Va., rose to a privileged ques
tion, and moved the reconsideration of Uie vole
just taken.
An amendment was ottered to the second re
solution as follows:
" And that in the Bind committee each mem
ber to authorized to cast Uie vote to which it is
entiUed in the electoral college."
A lote was taken on the amendment, which
was adopted as followa :
Yeus Main , (i ; New Hampshire, 1 ; Ver
mont, 1 ; Massachusetts, !1 ; Connecticut. 2 ; N.
iork, III ; New Jersey, 7; Pennsylvania, U7 ;
Delaware,."!; Ohio, 2-t; Illinois. 11: Missouri.
(i ; Michiiran, (i : Iowa. 1 : Wisconsin. 1 : Cali
fornia, !.. 1 1!.
Nays New llamneihire. 1 : Vermont, .1
Massachusetts: 10 ; Hhode Island. -1 : Cnnnoe.
ticut, 4 ; New York, 1 ; Maryland. 8 : Virmnia.
II; North C.irolin.i, 10 ; SouUi Carolina, 8;
Georgia, 1(J ; Al ibunm. ! ; Mississippi, 7 ; Lou
isiana, li ; Kentucky, VI ; Tennessee, 13; .Mis
souri, ; Arkansas, i ; Florida, U ; Texas, 4 ;
Wisconsin, Il ; California, 'A 14 1.
jnunss-N irguua, J ; Missouri, 1; Wiscon
sin, 1. 3.
Tho above vote exhibits tho objection of the
small States to the iuwer of the great States,
uu alio unariioil-jiiess 0, u,0 gjavo states to tl
low Uie whole power of Uio largo States lo hi
exerted on Uie details of iho platform. The re
solution, However, is adopted, and Uio complex
ion oi me iilallorm would seem to bo at tho
control ol tlie lareer and freo Stsirs.
On tho call of Uie Stato of Now York, .Mr
ivbiuuib oi uiat delegation stated that there were
six contested seats represented in tho Conven
tion, and asked bow those votes wero to bo lr.
tennined. The chair waived tho issuo at tho
time, and on the announcement of the vote, Mr
Kemble again rose and pressed tho question to a
decision, and moved lhat tho six votes from con
tested seats be stricken out.
After somo discuision the Chair announced
that it would savo a good deal of time, perhaps
to state that if tho six totes wero stricken out it
aaouiu noi uuer uie result.
-Mr Kemble asked, whether if they wero taken
rrom one side and put on Uio other it would not
change the result. Shouts of laughter.
Mr Kwing then roso and submitted tho follow
ing resolution aa n substitute for the second ro-s-oluuon
offered bv Mr lliiiipan r i
lltsolced, That tho committee shall' consist of
uiie uuiegato irom each state, selected by tho
delegation from tho State. '
This resolution the chair declared to bo out of
oroer, inasmucli as it was Uie samo as tho so
cond resolution. Tho mover evrtlriinpfl thn ilif.
ferenco aud the chair conceded tho point.
Pending the re. lution,Mr Morton, of Florida,
moved Uiat the Comention adjourn till 11 o'.
.clock to-morrow, wl... Ii was lest ,,V a d-ci-iv
A motion to adjourn to I! o'clock was made,
nnd carried by a vole of -!! 1 yons to S,, nays.
Tlis rontstiltnn wn s disil tn i.rilsr nt B sWisH, vrfcrn Iss
Journal si Ins rim in.' e- "I
i ie i riM!iifin .i in i ye '" " ' " n"1 " ' '' '-" " '
Ihs KhtillltA nfli n I 1 V VI i I i llij, I .r On- i ml hllmi
ur Mr. lllliisnn, nl fin i in On- I nni t i in i i ill lift , mill lie Ii
ro.oiuoon liml burn nint-in'i ii hv .1 r J. -.u.
Mr. Ilwing'n ,utmtlliii ii it li.llie.
rtsuIV'-il, 1'liRt tlm i mi Ii- .li ill i n-i-t nr.iiis tie Ii nnu-
tromrarh stnlr, tnlfi-loil In tlis ill I pit . nl .m I saul-.
Mr. Jrstup rnsred tu mitt-ml tin n full :
" Tlmt ractl mtmlw, nl axis i unnnll1ie mi riiililUnna ah ill
hs sutnl A to rots to stun, ro- aa tho Mais tie rssrrasnl.,1,
entltlrd lo la the r.lsrtnml f'tillsffs."
1 ill wa in aublam-a tin nmii. turn mi-m-nt u In. i I ill ii
atnnt-i! aa an aim mlinrni In Mr. I iim, ,,. , ,
A point nliiMler Iim Ii- i-o r mail, tlio I I. i r ili- ' ll-t
ami-mlnif nt if Vl Ji "atln lit ul iiri!r
Mr Vinlnn, of ' 'l.iu, npu ni-.l n,.,, thn ilri.inn.
M r. I soniia, of 1'i-n u v l. i ii ' i . i rgiiril nrni, t i'is il.i-i.iun
sfllia I'li-iir. Aflp. n in Ii i nnln.1,,1, thn nun nilmfnl , u
sain r"S, atsl the t'hau SsnTacil lit, .UeUlix,. (Ci iiIiiiji tie
amsnfiinrn! tu bp in utit-r.
Mr. Ji-aanp aaiS, " I ili-.iri In .la.p in a f w wunla thfl ati.
jsrl nf mr iriitoattlun. 1 tlmik tlit Intprs.la nf th great v Ittf
party nf tho whule Tnlnn am iioi.Kim! in Una auhji-st. So
mo who ktinwa ua can hu li..i-f: to duitlit the attarhmei t
uf rVnii.jl.rti in tu tin I 'i.ii.lmn i i nml tlio Cbmpruinhtoe of
the I'uii.iiniiinii, nml in n 1 1 , ,,,,,, , . ,i i. litrun laa and
Isgtalatiuti titular tltnt t 'nuMiiiti nn,. v .n.vlvqnl will never
hsaitats in iviiij hrr f imliiil nml i ni neat aupputl Ij alt L'on
litntlnnal law, iAi,-lnu i i
" I". iimjlTniiu li.nl ii nn.-. pr-asni-.1, at.,1 hrrnnn. ehs
haal.rri.iular.pt I. I r , i mi.iin-l, Mtmnl.
Ulnar Sltra-.. V ,..k il i In,, -l, ,.l 1. -a nn.rrprs.i-iit-eH,
soil the char.rli-i i I I . ,t I. j m . ,,. i n.tiitili'r.toitil. I
dealis. In the nrj ntr .1 f , i.imn, nn n i.utiun,
tu amid hart g uIVlmi it tu u- r. .l ttinn. ..t nn i-xtreme hn
actn, aurh aa may In- in.pl i. . i i-, nur pntnun nf tin- ill I.
evra tn thla mnti nlltui. 1 il. -.i , il im-nn- In liiivi. Taaulil
Iiuii. I. 'I till1 IMiuVrillti nl . m, f p . , ((,,, g19 lt
i oil in i, mi nlu.n. i..l i.ra-t-ut tu u.
ii." a ui a i-uiip Tvniivn riHin c. 111...11 u
1." a nfa r.uia rvalivp riHlu
III. Il HP f-nlil I
nil i-a. It stale
mm , in U'.u .1,
. ho'n IVInir
All affr
full, 11
ami in
. I In. . ...11 intti s, tl 11.
..I fntt, r. 'iri-.. nli il, will 1
A 11.1
11 ,1. .in-tu fni'.lu r thn mid etta 1
pnrtT. mil mi 11 auri l n.t-utuli rt nnt il,, ( iJ(t,
IVnnaylvnpia tlplen tmn, it trip? u.. ...... .
nf Hi..
... I.. .
ubjert Thn ll In, til ilip nnilip pmii.n 1,1 iha IJ.id-n nf
tup MM. a nt ilfa 1 01 a, nuiii -rel f. 1111., I, .un, ,,, 1,, .uuml
liion eaen qneation aa uur aunthrrn hip hn n rll ilrair.'.M
lliruel npinauae.1
Mr. ttolwrt ftanatil, uf Virginia, n.n.nlpn I thia amunff Ida
moat impurunt nui-at ewl.i. Ii c.hiM l,e lMniiBht h..r,.rr tlm
';unventi.n. He ma In ppjr 10 1 t uf th.- .-nanivativs rhi
artri nf the mulfUn Slal. a, 11. ill .1..) m h, t,p s , rr rr) ,
ftotn rennaylvania. II hy en t ,l,., l,om , ,,. ,
parliimentaiy rip iii-i il. ep,,, ,, , ,,f tin, cuiiiiml
le. Vim may asati II pe . .1. .,1a 111 , ,n, , 1, On. 1 mir-i'.
What wouhl he thought ul the (Hm.tr rivi n tu thmo tjcntl,
men tn raat 79 vplca. It w -i. a no i I, 11 n ym anil u pr r...
denied prunnartion l,' thn pi.nun.ttna I, nrii iiii.i I n. 1 1t, r
pommittn a have linen. I., t thn pimmm.n hn nrtrim.'-.l na
thll ptopoaeil. The ih I Jit- ft nn -t ,., y re,,,,,., ,,
hot a pnrtlnnufhia drl. 1I1011, an I ,ut r ..t t'ie voir of Iha
whole. Tl.. V. yurk ,1, ., ,,,,, up,,,, ,,,. ,, .,,,,,.
tlnn. waa 1I1, u'e I tin, niu-n, II. n.' .1. .,,1, ul 1 1 ..a .1
4 nnye, inrlu'linf an 0111: thi- yi tia all the 1 unlt-el, il aeata Of
tlm OieritB nf lln-. innl. .tniiH, In Kmm .tliinfC , hul ll W".
pnaailih. that ll.n l,,,li, . , 1, , ,,t. I 1 1 ,. m.itiui n't ha
eai-luileit, and ail u'le r. aim am, ,,,, ,, .0,j ,p
led. Thia wouhl tri.ika a i h nin. uf rn. In- v.,i..
Independent of Una. lur ,.i,, ham im, ho prmlnpril hr
the prnpuaed rouiae ufnlaeliof the lummimo, which wniill
be moat likely tn prialueu I ,-ntiuny lo rive narh ...wr.-.n!
stale a rujht to tn- h nrd m, , cp,,,,,,,,,, p ,,r , p,,e to 11 ,
thfee delpfalea of e ien lni . o,. ,,ur r In . w a lloi. uo a .u.-h-lf
dutan amallp, St o,... tApitiuael Hi. appeale.i In .,11
ll hll Ofall parU I.I the In out r,pe in.n, them.nl.n.
dan;emtia ami nnprperlp,,,,,! ,,,., (!,, ,,( ,
aent.d ta hen the ullior 1 nmntitlpi a worn 1 huano, ami ant
anooia 11 now I tip t onvputi ,1 wna nvi t.n p ired now In any
hu waa rntttlnd In ante on tin. i.r 1. t.v nth. r pmpo.11 ion ,
Iherafote hu o,o,e.l lhat the wht.ln auluptt be laid 00 the ti
bia. lie withdrew Ihe motion ut tlm
Dewei It, of tieurpia.
.,upt nl I'm lion. IVni. V.
Mr. Itawann aaut, m the run., of In. rpm .rka, " I hope all
will apeak wilhuul pipik nu-nl aiJ va 1 1 1, ih-lihoration. I e
with my fttanil f.oni I'mmn, that the mn mp. ia made tu eon.
fart thia country into thn wIMnat ton nf ih-morrary the itn
morracy ofninnbria. Km the In. I time, the large Stalee pre-
atiinetor ml Ihe aot pri-ieiil. of in- .nii'l SI., p.. I hp
principle p.niti.p.ln.l f ,r ,. ,l pIO,,, , ,.iir . ..n.liiutiun ami tlie
aorroiiii chai-iPt. ml Mat... , hp nm-tian ,1 10 numlx-r. -(App'auae.)
The he In Mm, ,1!, t,. ,,,l ,. pmiiI.-.I In 1 1 n
aatoe power, in tuliip nl hp, M, ,.fll, 1. . ill,, rot thru-, 't
SlateaofNee Viuk I'nin., li ama ur t'l.10 , nn.l ti-t thn i ..11-
. he ,m, ;nj ,i, ,,
aetTinoe party 01 tl.p rnuntfT epii..r.'tl t tniti.l 1.1. .hall
I knoia tlm
i rl "' not ifn
I I'M ntlP.lnm ul 1
'fla ,
I Ii
' I II
aal.it; p.1.1
Pr .hu
hnisnce I..
. the 1
"I a r jj, I 1, I
,, nf th
i. At. , I
SI itna anil tl n I'
pri pl'iim it on.. , 1
npp apptiu,, nf tu,
Itoaalinn uf ,l p.
Sralra arp ffua-rrr p
' '.!'. 1
riled ... 1. I,
v no'ii i
, winf part,, l-pp
BttHI'1 UO pf ll 1 l .l
I,.t tu ,'pa. Tl Ii,- 1 n 1 ,1 .
ioupll-d. IVliPti it i. -r. 1'
I avi.l jhan.t.an 11. It aa- 1.
Will he winMrtl i.a 'In ,1, 1
ri-eojriiaei! hv the ri. -Itiu'i
t.r t
l.t ll -
t Hi nl,
m to hue
r tints Iran, it and
lite jicut ?-t a.
vl .New urk.
I HHflt to I I
't t' t utmn tlt
W Ine " nirifri ,i . t , JtMI, . !,.
pMCHet ninknil i-'iPtrnr ttif ifn
tti'U 10 ) Ut l'"i Ui ttl iii. I
Ot-nr). cmiisj to . r In ,jVt
fun! tie ."'
1 t 1'irmf th- ( I
r-'ti til t .I,) To,,?,!
11 Of It. I MF fti, mill
llii ir nt i in nt) u- t.Hie
A N-w oik i!p n g itc h ri Vi ) h thi r 'f fiti urr
rpref nlrd ih tin ir MftMtorul u sVt 1) ui t ,cMtttive tn
punt. Mr D tn "'.'rnni l
The diijtt'' fniin tnil n(.," t It, e tSuve our
two lrrnlaaDil dfj't j; i tftiu: yiur I m i."
Mf lliiwp,...-"! h 5 1t j,,,., (, t,,tiiltw f
QMft, I f kiKwl .! 'tl ihr- iff iiit . f (,,, StHlr uf New
Vrk. but her fnifn I i gt. tmJ r U r ri' i.l.jfon nrr i ot
r"si1r itiuvn tt.A t.IU ..I 1.,.,, ,.- ' ,. ssitl) t(lf
worrl for tl-hnn . i i..u . i.,h Om.ditiun .f
rtni.Miiut.t.ti.tl n ;!,!., i s ,M,,i ,,( , ,,t j,.. ,luUoi MI lt
l;ifsciun in si ,t nntntw iMfAirtii I I . scvit n U J.i
whcti mini .era tii-Iii
il hi
tl .
tu the "tl poo a ' tl,, IV I ,
he pi.oai n.i t vi u 1 .
three a'e .1 at u - 1 1 . 1,
iiuiu'.ri. .jai.,.1 11. .an
aiw the IV I. 1 mi . 11
ataa or ol luirn' pi. , I 1
ar-il In V toy i'..,a u , 11 ,1
litnw it ir ... Iru. 11, , .
nf ii in, .p ... -in. I ' p . .
coi .1 . ." I. . 11 t , .
Ml l.li nn,, . , 1 -I
tl H t i
-.1 n.hr.,
l'.l .t Im
i a .
t ' '" " "
,,i ui, .', ,'.,'
"""" "
!!!,'.'" n '.
c""t n
-I .1 ll ,
V It .
i until tl t
11 11 ml
I "' 1
an! h 1
.1, Vi
i n'.'.'l
1 1""1 " ''- "v
1 1 1
linn a- Oi m vie ia 1
itn'lier tnm , n ij -in
clnpk "
'I hia ava. arei i t
waa num. 01 1 ,,, a..,,
volo hy statu.
r. l.-i 1 !,
, ail Ittll a'
tl 'ftniffin ,i
i,' 'ill'ilj Iui
Till lib i)
Th Convention wttealll to i,r!,-,
by Kv. i)r. IIkidiu i.
, luiio 18.-1 P. M.
ml III luck. I'M).-
Tha i.M.rt.e.linjf .,t thn (vsjoh.5 MHtiutivf vcslrdif w.mo
read ttttd ttppruwil. 3
he utUn-ti friruU, It hud t.a. n . f", r.-d (., tM. s. ,
''' u,nf ,tho "''H' J"" f -"I U I. ,i (m.U-M. ili.a
it would not KPcurni. it id it o i It w , th.trsw
'I hf Krtitu nl h,f. tvn H ..ti.et, ,njio, .u r..eini,
n I cuiti. d. it n tl th n-iol.p ,n 1B ,in.,d, . j t ' i, ,ted,
A mutimi w tli- ii mrtdit Im tho uiiMi..tinPiit of the I o-n-miilr
oq thv jilaiil.Hiii. siiid (.,!, uv.d. Hw Matrn
UwrtuponrnllBd iiit).e MmirntUtf on.-iiumd trn folluH :
Main Ua. W. 1. Kei)t!en,
Kw lUupftlnrvlioii. Thim. FiwMl.
ermont Hon. I 'aiiui t 'ou!..",
MucliUMtti;rj Asili.iaun.
Ithadv Iltnd iut Ilrrtst.
Connecticut Col, . ii. IJ7zard.
Nw York A. B. ! . knii.on.
New Jery IJri. W. I.. lUvtiin.
Piti04yIvH lion. W. r. J .(1iton.
iUwr Hun. J. M. 'la ion.
Mrylnnd Hon. V m. . Ufk,,..
VifgitiiH Hotmii K. ..tt.
N'irtfi t'a'ultiiri -Hoti. .td'!. lojj i
BwtiU Cttftulma iu, ivin,
(ieofgu lino. V r. "uli
AluhniDB t '. Liiy i, i,
MMn.if,. Gt n. . It. lifudtutJ.
Lhiuuimiiu H U, hum an
OhMt-J. A. Il.irtt..
Kfetiturejr Orlmtilu lln.w n
Tttutivteu lien. K, uiUKdiU
IndiiDui. i Nchiii (
lllmuu Iou. D.ivui h. Haki r.
Stlacuur, A. li. fliiin,!.. r-
Alk'intatSl tilifl. 'I b'a, f JallHsl.
Mi'-I.ijun tn;o t. I'll,,,,;,
rnnda in 11. It ,
Tn ti Hon. John H. -t.t.
!,, V. bnllnr.l.
Wlnron.in th-. .-j.-l I i,j
Caiihiriiid VV. Kiaitst ( a Irt
(n mo(uri.th..,u'oit ,lJd tUtl mftiTlilf. ,lf ,j(U
B.ulhf rn d.lfjatioii. ,t.. ffc). d l tfie cummut ju.t ui.
A aurie. of r.lut..np. oir.-rcl h a gv.Miemm frua. jri-i,
iu, Mcfe llui reli rrrd to li.o gaiue ruiiimilUsj.
S 4 '!' 'Ji n-'idia,: ol ilium wiiicnud Uuwn bj the uuiud
no, "no'ol thf fimviMitiwiu
A . ..t l.u V i. i t
,.' " u.,rSum,u uuia ma them m
i.r who offered tolitun to hf- I ..t utrt. ,i. ruinmitl.-.
iI!rr.l,MJm '''' '-iiMe fu,
Mr. lUheoek.urN.V. mox oA th.it all riaulut.ui,- on th.
tvtr u ii taaulutiuust,
Mi. U. . M, !,,
wiiioiiii d i(u. ii.m AduiH, ,.
the cutFotion Hill -
",m""u f- button tu the effort th.t
Pruia... u 1. ...7 ' wM'ut or
1'ltl Ullsdc, l.ul tudlldU 111 laj-JilO il of
HWI,ut V t. u!i
t.Uf. H,llu0umM,u,U au,,.mu,.V two mt m,o ,IV
iti niiiiuujtiiJii.
'i it. irj!ii, .1 it .0ut
lilt lltlllli if Hint M ill
.1 Millidiatan, aJ tlia
!ailrt.',J.10"'' " ' UOiiaoooon,
b.Ar'.-idllo .VilJf bT "' cred..u,.l. vaoold
."i"!1 c''""""' of'tli' onioi.tlo oo ciolsLlub ao-
Sf!f!'.l"'4,?1"" "-' atiluuu. ao tl, a ,,J .uoio
W tlio Iloat, nl lli.ii 1,, ,. '
aa . ' u" u ' ' ' oiuoiiicali..n I
U a.lnnjio,,, , ,,,,,, nail d i..
Uw uk maj Ih, a,u,i.,.
1 lie ColiiUIUOUallun lit..! ie.iiluii.nl aa,-.,. (
ra id 'I licjl aro to Un lull aan ..,il
'J he rAimniuuicatlaHl an i.il. il 1. 1 i 1 1 1 ,i
oc ufcitiMoa of Waalui.niui.. IJ. ( . i i
101 llial r
tielegutoa fiuio lUat city.
lint Itaolaillotoa )oouuia.eiMl il .1 il i,.,,, , l , (
tomu wnl.m Ua, bar of to. coitoi.u.., aa.,,t, ... .ouoa.,1
lly cao.ral cooaoal.tuU pooioo o!' Ola n-uo,, of tkaTuiu.
lolttM laUlltw to noaliauutv.l !i..
Tl. NMllln rfuou, in lofiri.o'c.to t,. W roojraaaiimal
kin. in hating itrutt4
, . tlllW) oul nl tlm In, ward,
Uie. ia antltUd to ae.il in tlna cunri i
'HlltUtllly Hut C14
lliar loitu, Hail,, , I. , i i, ,, M (,.
( ol V. r.
...wU. .va,s,j ao iu ufagpa t ti
Od liUl 1.0 la Uall Uicltlwa ,011.1
s 1'nitv or th .t ui,
a suatin tlti vava
Tho,ln.,:,lv,0:,,ilD:.,o " XMi
9.1? d,.,wVJvUv M'' V,,U" ,Mm 10 "
ronJV.! '."a'oX ''ttlul tl;ud,snd bun conn tous
rowlaawu U Tat al 11. utnciil duly .aurncd a daH
tt.ls from that in,uii,
II 1 . 11. Ul Sen ,k ,
I of PO i. jnifjs, . ,
I ll
oti Ifi, J. nihil r 1 1 1 , , . ... -,n.l flee a J,a
01 mn .1 n-uiinr "i iiu-in nn oii,ipoia Saait. I,,,
'"a. p-"-i . "". u who ine pn.,1,,
onr tote in all r ia, a 111 whirh ih. j can irrn. T
1 hat f'hatlea A. rtanitnll, philmiAff In he eler,, 1 f
flTlh dUtrlPt of Npw Votk, l tho ptnpe, ,,pnt,
1 i'"'1 ".r 1 " '. I nol entitled lo a .r,i ,"',";
(.. e, 1 nil. r nf tl.p
- illattirl nrthe atats ,,r , ,
f h . .iNiinllpi- ri-M.il tn I 1
- n in inn eialoia nf AIL. ,, , ,
V . I nns, 1 1
iiptl.ati.l aicn'.-l tlin.p nl v.t',tne.
Thai tlm ii ur ppnopnipn niweiw aa alternatea fm e ,,
U l,p rut tl. .1 t" aaita ,, Ih. Ann, crihe ron, ', T '
nntlilp.l 1 . inn-. ' '
A ci nth titnn inovnil Ihp adoption of the report
A fptilleman In.in Ppiiliaylaania ohjprted, un 0,,.
that a mtn.iitty r port. Cf 1
The nilnnrit, rrHtrt ili.ajrraed with that of o,p m
arli eaao, and saetihed the aeeta reactiv, I, , '
I. -t ...la. " "
Or. "abetl, mnved Ihe adoption of the malum. 1. .,
a. minute the ireioini ntip.iin- '"'
lr. Vist n, of Ohio, S-.inaed.ld a ,ote by Statna n-i -oml
ii. ihe prrWotte queatton.
Mr Kwmf nf Ta., naked the .napenalon i.f t,(,
rjnp.ti 1 1 lhat hn mlfthl addreaa n iltraatrnn to ih. , i, ,', '
Ids pnmmlt eeoti ereilpntiala, and that waa nh, ,1 ,
pmtiui of the rpsirt nut rp-nl, thp rnmmittrp h ,1 , ,
Ihp t ilea not folly rppreateited here, thnir full , ,
Tin rhalrtttrut of the committee alaleil il,n, .1lT ,
con. nt. r that Ihuy had nnrthmrl to do aa it h e. ,t
Thn q"ation waa then d.-raandpi! hy Hinln. ,,,,
vioua qiteation, and re-olti d na fulluw. : A,,.. t
The report nnd reaotlltion, oflhn tnajiirita i.r th ,
wero then adopted
Mr. I7ahell moved to rePonalder the ante aal,, 1 i,
hppn tnken and to tav flip motion un Ihp i-,l.l.
Thr motion w ia ndopt il.
motion waa ntadp to adjourn ttnitt Sip m ..
o'p'n-k, waa m ids, nml 1 a u'e ha StalPa ih m , . , , 1
I .ii'ialilntn waa ufT.-r. il lhat th" Puiiapiil 1..11 11 .
Ian lint I'ur Pindolol tnr rr-.tipnt and I 1 n P,,
t nt .t saeina.
11 p t'hair iIpi i-I- t II. au'i.tttuto out nf ur.t. r
m 1, I tkeii on Ih, !ii',.,irn,ii.-t,-, nt foltnaaa :
I ,
Mr. Fenn.. nf M ,lne.
r. ".nftorl, tlaat in, ,
ill . . wiillr! nut (a,
pr r. lap I liat tin 1 in.a 1 ,
Ill til" 1 001,1 ill "i. I'll fi'.nlir too. Iiait tr pom. 1
II,. y 1. .11 .1 1, I '.. rt. .1 I.. ,
j 1, 1. nr.. II. aa..,i!.l thrtr-L.ti- moa 1 lliillli. r ,
,i.... (in th it 1 1. .. .
inaitlOO Iii mljouin U'Ull 5 nVliwk wnti.r.,i
I riad
j Speech of Gen. Leslie Coorr,;
1 on the Kcception of the
Clay Mcdullion.
' The Piny Mednllion, presenfed !,
of IVnntylvanii and I'hiUd lihn r v ,
nesdiy afternoon, to the Kentucl.v A. ' ,
nut only nn admirable Byi'iin. n . !
mo't accitnite likeness of that 1 J - a - , .1
, 111 in Tin- ndiln -t nf Mavnr lii'poi
' I'.'n, ! Spiila'-ll of by thorn- aali.l
! niot neat, appropriate, und touchm;.', , , '
gret our inability to pres nt it t i o i r
' A friend has kindly furnihed ii' v.: i ,
of (ien. Islie Coombs' reply :
1 Mr. Mayor, and (ientlemen . C I', r .
I have been deputed by the Kentei k . . .
to 1 rea to you Uteir profoiitid .
nn ntM fur the honor you have d, ne tli ,
1 i 'ion in piesenting to them t!, .
liken'" "f their venerated and inn-i 1
fe lon-ritisen. Henry Clay; and ti. 1
I tint no word" tit their coniiimnil c in p
eottey lo you the deep emotioin wl, , ,
j their hearts.
If Mr Clay were in the inernl,
and power, Ihe envious and malign in'
' predate tho value of such an net '
1 nnit regard; hot, prostrate as be i, hi i
! with no power, no patronage, no p , .
I stow, we all Know lhat nothing I u'
ingH of grtttcfii! antl generous h..,r
1 miii'ite such un 111 1 on your purt, nn1
. toiichni otns iipit di 1 ply.
I It H to the riling attn of pn! t,c 1 1
'men nre sometimn found ditoi il 1
prr-innt bini;i.Hnf tin' kucr. t11' t ,r
'.. titvrin.'." Hut when tli"
clrt!, I'eirth'' newt i till" l.i-' m
ihti r .'lb' i!i votinn tn tiie e.ip. ..t 1 1
iit'n 1 thrill of rr,ti ''nl .., K11 v
v inn h..i h' I't ' iriiold itii"! 1
wll,, lite v-r 'I'illi r.-.l to Ins I, "
'nriii and jr.-hni''- . .-oiii..tiiiiea v
1 fniiin! among the f uthless."
I o'litlenien. tin rr. i a I'rm nb n
jallwioand overruling thn! ol, -I
niea of men anil inttious Mure t'
lury ago it took an orphan buy 'i t
I by the hand, in the Slashes of II r,
l"d bun on from pinniele to pine
Srrent deed of self-detolion loaimi'i
I he stands on an einiiM nee of hum ,n
' er than Chimbora.w' lortiit ,, .ik
I Olympus piled tion 11, and then. '
! history. shall do him justice. In.
lever while ibe pi 'ty lander r '
only find them-eh " dishonontb1'' l'
'cavr and porfes at tlie bin-
I (lentlenien. we will benr bin-!, u 1
lucky Ibis hint token of our !"M .
1 11 in the cBpitol, lonu' to be In. , .
teirfiil eye nnd llirntilnii',' hetrt-i 1 v
tin I our children's 1 liih'rcti'- '
re. ol of tlie grout mil pitriotic mhi
Ci.at. linn Hitrdi d n tin v h im
pr 1. notion ti) the In.'l.est otliee in t' .
litt In ci.
A 'inn we return mi our ih'it'i - '
Ii in .r, nml be-. .-u to pr.-M tit t'n ,
t. 1 ur friftiili" i I " r in-v 1 a. : 11 . h
,t. Antl ' 1 1 1 v.. , i i 1 11 tlili d 11'
turn, tn ,1-Mire t'. 1,1 tii 1! I'm e;r -nt
lb r CiiV In- 1'. toted III- lit, .
t 'i .1 mn! r.' ,1 .ot, il !i, the hirim"
ti ,11 oiirili M" r if 1 1 'ia on tin- n,..-'
... ' 1-on t.'i it ihe '..nslitiition In-,
pn int and the I' io Sail
It i- a fact, which the I. tier 1.
1 veoni.inry of Verm ml should 'i
tint the man, who hot done 1 mn1 '
, m ill living or ih' nl to aih.tnce m .
1 weihli unl institutions, by urgu :
j 11:1 1 improvements against the in. '. 1
tmri and habit, litis been most aim,,. '
by jealous olllee seekers, and ril.ni- '
, been led on hy thorn.
I No man can look back mi ye.r-.
, upon what Vermont was Uie 11, in.
to-day with i.li her oignul nnproe,.
, fei ling impressed th it very iiritnlle o
I Ins been mido in the happiness n' I
1 her people by tho introdurtinn nt K
I We then had no direct commiimc i' "
'oci iin; or lull:) und vsllies had mn '
1 with the stcuiii whistle, we hud hut: '
1 capitslis's to make a large Mocia
our produce w :ta tubject tu de'nv 1
before getting to market, and nur '
, seemed in a measure hemmed in I
1 birners. while our sister States,
ft cttng Uieir internal improvement'' '
ocean, lakes and rivers, ill one cut
of inland coiiimunication. Ilow ta
be found, who believed that it con ' '
protitable or practicable, to attempt t
a railway among those snowy iiiouii' ' '
along Vermont winter. The tp'r
an untried one, and none of our Jul - - "
' ever have become pioneers in such an 1 1
I A man for tho emergency w us al luii.l. '
Charles I'amii, will be liiion, tis in,'
. inn, it has a inline, as the great matin
I perhaps the only otio Uiat could ev er 1. 1 1
ed so great and Iwzirdoiia a work. II 1
into the work with his Whole ooul. an 1 1 -'
secured for the corporation a reptit.iti 1
city capitalism, so great, that the - '
' rclddy taken, ami soon as practical). i 1 1
1 was completed.
i There muy have been inistal.es 1 " "
. the enginoers in locating the road it -
stances, as Uiere aro in locating '"J
there may have been slight errors in - " '
linancial nrfairs of the cuiiiny. At
I to be deprecated, that a complex cou.l
circumstances has eventually bri'ii"i'' '
j of tho Company down to about one ti.
, original cooL Ami the unrelenting '
! tho road and of (Jov. Paine (and m
as well say of the State ri b.ivc -these
circumstances, and trumpet1 il t
'charges throughout tho country, wn '
I ont design of bringing the road un .'
trol of fur less wortliy hands. Tin'
Contra! Hadroad has dono too iiiUl i ! i
! tercst of all clauses, by giving us r. i
nicalioii with a profitublo market-"
' produce always commands a living pn
reauily solo lor cash, uy virtually
one hundred imlos nearer to our pi m.
ports, and by placing uaoncquiil tern s v
sister competitors, to warrcnt them '",u '
injj opprobrium upon it, and all its
It is truly unfortunate that so many i '
earned dollars of out citizens are o- 1
lost by investing capital in this road, "
but lltUe uppearanco of anything to b- tt.
condition until after tho report of Uie 1 1 1,1
of investigation has boon made. It m!l
worse then than it now stands. Admni- r
it is j wo cannot fellowship any meusur-a "
wholesale abuso of Gov. Paine. ('""
fain JEgit. '
Gen. Horaco Ghv. a democrat Irom R1!' '
to tho democratic national couventioa, o-tJ
ui tiis
Laltimorc ou Tliursday,

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